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Surgery April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110094506 - Fluid product dispensing device: A fluid dispenser device comprising: a body (10); a reservoir (20); a dispenser member (30), such as a pump or a valve, that is mounted on the reservoir (20); and a lateral actuator system (40) that is secured to said body (10); the device further comprising a ring (50) that... Agent: Valois Sas

20110094507 - Inhaler: A passive inhaler (1) for delivery of a powder-form inhalation formulation from a blister strip (2) with a plurality of blister pockets (3) is proposed. The inhaler comprises an impaction element (31) onto which the air stream can impact together with entrained inhalation formulation for better deagglomeration. Alternatively, the inhaler... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim Gmbh, Cd Patents

20110094509 - Method and arrangement for controlling narcotic effect value of breathing gas: A method for controlling a narcotic effect value of a mixture of at least two narcotic agents of a breathing gas is disclosed herein. The method includes setting a target value for a desired narcotic effect of narcotic agents and measuring a breathing gas concentration of each narcotic agent of... Agent:

20110094508 - Nitrous oxide anesthetic administration system: The present invention is a method and system for administering nitrous oxide. The system includes a fluid control system for controlling the flow of nitrous oxide and oxygen to the patient. A nitrous oxide and oxygen supply, vacuum source, a breather bag, and a nasal delivery interface system are fluidly... Agent:

20110094510 - Inhaler: An inhaler comprising a housing to receive a strip having a plurality of blisters, each blister having a puncturable lid and containing a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user, a mouthpiece through which a dose of medicament is inhaled by a user, a cap to cover the mouthpiece... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20110094511 - Method and apparatus for ventilator safety enhancement: A device for protecting a ventilated patient from the adverse consequences of disconnection within a ventilator circuit can be used within ventilator circuits found in either the bedside vent environment or a surgical setting requiring anesthesia. In a bedside vent environment, this device secures joints in the circuit from the... Agent:

20110094512 - Autotitrating method and apparatus: An apparatus and method of controlling the delivery of therapeutic gas delivered to a patient undergoing positive airway pressure therapy is described. The method includes providing a flow of gas to a patient's airway at a pressure, obtaining information from the range of 0 to 25 Hz of the frequency... Agent: Fisher & Paykel Heathcare Limited

20110094513 - Oxygen mask: An oxygen mask comprises an oxygen supply unit and an attachment unit which is to be attached to a periphery of a nose or a nose and a mouth of a patient. The attachment unit includes an opening which communicates with external air and which is formed at a position... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20110094514 - Patterned chemical sensor having inert occluding layer: A sensor 40 that detects a chemical such as an organic vapor. The sensor 40 includes a film that has a film body 58 that includes a detection layer 48 and that is responsive to the presence of a chemical by providing a color change. The film also includes an... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110094515 - Filtering face-piece respirator having parallel line weld pattern in mask body: A respirator 10 that has a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that is joined to the harness 14. The mask body 12 includes a filtering structure 16 that may contain a plurality of layers of nonwoven fibrous material 58, 60, 62. The layers of nonwoven fibrous material 58,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110094517 - Forehead support for facial mask: A pad for a forehead support includes an outer wall having a first side configured to engage a user's forehead and a second side having engaged surfaces configured to rest against engaging surfaces of the forehead support; at least one retaining wall provided between the first side and the second... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110094516 - Respiratory mask including an adjustable forehead abutment member: An adjustable respiratory mask includes: a mask body including a rear side, and a front cover having a connecting hole and projecting upwardly; an adjuster housing formed on top of the front cover, and having a sleeve that extends within the adjuster housing in a front-to-rear direction and that has... Agent: Hsiner Co., Ltd.

20110094518 - Methods, systems and devices for non-invasive ventilation including a non-sealing ventilation interface with a free space nozzle feature: A system for supplying ventilatory support may include a nasal interface configured to communicate with a patient's nose while allowing the patient to breathe ambient air directly without flowing through the nasal interface. A nozzle may be associated with the nasal interface at a distance from a nose. The nozzle... Agent: Breathe Technologies, Inc.

20110094519 - Contraceptive devices and methods: Contraceptive devices that provide substantially immediate and permanent sterilization are described herein. Systems and methods for transcervically delivering the contraceptive devices are also described herein. The contraceptive device may include an expandable implant. The implant includes hydrogel to provide substantially immediate sterilization, and tissue in-growth fibers to provide permanent sterilization.... Agent:

20110094520 - System and method for treatment of snoring: A system and method for abatement to snoring and snoring disorders which tones and strengthens soft palate muscles is disclosed. The method comprises inserting a tube into one's mouth; pressing the tube up to the hard palate; holding the tube in the mouth at the hard palate using the tongue;... Agent:

20110094521 - Surgical drape and system having a barrier for preventing the start of a surgical procedure and methods for using same: A surgical drape, system and method of using comprise a surgical drape having a fenestration to be placed over a surgical site of a patient. The surgical drape includes a barrier removably attached to the surgical drape and adapted for placement over a portion of the fenestration to prevent the... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20110094522 - Dental appliance and methods of using the same: Described herein is a dental appliance including a right piece adapted for simultaneously covering a plurality of back teeth of a right side of a lower jaw and a plurality of back teeth of a right side of an upper jaw of a mouth, and a left piece independent of... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110088689 - Device for dispensing a fluid product: A fluid dispenser device comprising: a body (10); a reservoir (20) containing fluid; a dispenser member (30), such as a pump or a valve, for dispensing the fluid contained in said reservoir (20) through a dispenser orifice (45); and a cap (50) that is adapted to cover said dispenser orifice... Agent: Valois S.a.s

20110088690 - Nasal delivery devices: A nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering substance to a nasal airway of a subject, the nasal delivery device comprising : a mouthpiece (519) through which the subject in use exhales to cause closure of the oropharyngeal velum of the subject; a nosepiece (517) for fitting to... Agent: Optinose As

20110088691 - Nasal devices: A nasal delivery device for and a method of delivering a substance to a nasal cavity of a subject, the delivery device including: a nosepiece for fitting to a nostril of a subject; a substance supply unit for supplying a substance for delivery through the nosepiece; and a delivery prevention... Agent:

20110088692 - Discharging device: n

20110088693 - Humidification apparatus having rfid tag sensor at patient end of gas pathway: A breathing circuit for delivering heated, humidified gases to a patient for medical purposes is described, comprising a humidifier chamber holding a quantity of water, a blower unit that delivers a pressurised gases stream to the chamber inlet, and a control system that adjusts output parameters of the breathing circuit,... Agent:

20110088694 - Integrated, extendable anesthesia system: The specification describes anesthesia systems with an integrated, extendable clinical center and clinician/anesthesia office that accommodates for physical separation of clinical and clerical functions. The disclosed anesthesia systems allow for a portion of the system to be brought closer to the patient such that clinical controls can be accessed while... Agent:

20110088695 - Protective sheath for use with ventilation bag: In accordance with one embodiment of the present invention, a protective sheath for use with a manual ventilation bag that is associated with an anesthesia apparatus includes a sheath body that is intended to surround the manual ventilation bag. The sheath body has a plurality of removable overlying sheath layers,... Agent: Mount Sinai School Of Medicine

20110088696 - Disposable breathing assistance device with manometer: A disposable breathing assistance device with manometer for monitoring the pressure within the device. The device is capable of providing CPAP and may include deflection means to prevent injected jets of supplementary respirable gas from directly striking the patient's mucosa. The invention further optionally comprises a safety pressure relief valve... Agent:

20110088697 - Mechanical ventilation system utilizing bias valve: A portable mechanical ventilator having a Roots blower is configured to provide a desired gas flow and pressure to a patient circuit. The mechanical ventilator includes a flow meter operative to measure gas flow produced by the Roots blower and an exhalation control module configured to operate an exhalation valve... Agent:

20110088698 - Patient contacting seal and mask using same: A seal and a respiraoty mask having a seal adapted for confronting engagement with a surface of a user to form an interface therewith. The seal includes a first portion defined by a gel substance. In one embodiment, the seal includes a selectively formable substance adapted to be molded from... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20110088699 - Cushioning structure: A cushion assembly for use with a respiratory mask includes a bladder filled with the combination of a gel having a first indentation hardness and a gel having a second indentation hardness.... Agent:

20110088700 - Mask attachment assembly: A strap for use in a mask attachment assembly. The strap includes a hook pad provided on a first portion of a surface of the strap located and having a first width extending perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis of the strap. The hook pad includes a plurality of hooks. Loops... Agent: Ric Investments, LLC

20110088701 - Custom-molded oral appliance and method of forming: A method for forming a custom-molded oral appliance for positioning a user's jaw proximate to centric occlusion is disclosed. The method includes heating a thin sheet of material comprising a polycaprolactone polymer. The thin sheet of material is positioned within the user's mouth. The user's jaw is positioned proximate to... Agent: Airway Technologies, LLC

20110088702 - Surgical drape with control mechanism: A disposable sterile surgical drape configured for establishing a sterile field around a surgical instrument such as a limb positioner includes a control mechanism associated with the drape in the sterile field that interfaces with, and controls, the surgical instrument. The control mechanism includes a switch and a communication interface... Agent: Tenet Medical Engineering Inc.

20110088703 - Custom mouthguard: A custom mouthguard has a resilient U-shaped body with an anterior wall and a posterior wall. A post dam on the posterior wall forms a seal with palatal tissue to increase retention of the mouthguard in a wearer's mouth. The increased retention allows a wearer to speak and open mouth... Agent: Smartguard Mouth Guards, LLC

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110083665 - Vial multi-access adapter: A multi-access adapter operable to dispense doses of a medicament in succession from a bulk container, such as a vial. A preferred adapter may be used alone, or in combination with various discharge devices. A first preferred combination includes the adapter paired with a needle for injection of the medicament... Agent: Wolfe Tory Medical, Inc.

20110083666 - Discharging device: m

20110083667 - Dispenser and method for entraining powder in an airflow 537: The invention relates to a method for entraining in an airflow a medicament powder contained in a cavity having a cavity opening. Large airflow vortices are provided, for instance, by means of an obstacle in a flow passage. The airflow with large vortices is arranged to by-pass the cavity opening,... Agent: Astrazeneca Ab

20110083668 - Sealed capsule including an integrated puncturing mechanism: A sealed self-piercing capsule for storing and delivering a substance, such as a medicine, comprises one or more barrier layers forming a sealed chamber for containing the substance. An internal puncturing mechanism is disposed within the capsule chamber for puncturing a barrier layer to release the substance from the chamber.... Agent: Manta Devices, LLC

20110083669 - Gas flow diverter for respiratory monitoring device: A gas flow diverter for increasing the turbulence of an incoming respiratory gas flow through a respiratory gas sensor is provided. The diverter is positioned at a patient or inlet end of a tube section of the sensor in order to divert the respiratory gas flow from the patient generally... Agent:

20110083670 - Breathing apparatus and associated methods of use: A breathing apparatus including a mask body adapted to sealingly cover at least a portion of a face of an individual, a securement member for operatively associating the mask body with the face of the individual, at least one inlet port providing communication of fluids into mask body, and at... Agent:

20110083671 - Nano filter structure for breathing and manufacturing method thereof: In a nano filter structure for breathing and a manufacturing method of the nano filter structure, a semiconductor process technology is used for manufacturing a nano filter structure comprising a top gate, a bottom gate, a plurality of sidewall gates and a plurality of supports. The sidewall gates include a... Agent:

20110083672 - Tracheostomy tube having a cuffed inner cannula: A tracheostomy tube for use with a neck plate having an aperture. The tracheostomy tube comprises an elongate outer cannula having a lumen and configured to extend through the aperture; an elongate inner cannula having a lumen and an inflatable cuff, and configured to extend through the lumen of the... Agent: Vanderbilt University

20110083673 - Method and apparatus for endometrial ablation in combination with intrafallopian contraceptive devices: Systems and methods for treating a female reproductive system are disclosed. An intrafallopian device, which may be at least partially non-conductive, is delivered to a fallopian tube. A subsequent uterine ablation may be performed. The ablation element may include insulators at portions of the ablation element contactable with a fallopian... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079220 - Detection system and method for aerosol delivery: An apparatus comprises a detector, a pressure sensor and a processor. The detector is operable to detect light that is scattered by an aerosol that is associated with a pressure. The pressure sensor is operable to measure the pressure. The processor is coupled to the detector and to the pressure... Agent: Deka Products Limited Partnership

20110079221 - One-way valve devices for anchored implantation in a lung: An intra-bronchial device placed and anchored in an air passageway of a patient to collapse a lung portion associated with the air passageway. The device includes a support structure, an obstructing member carried by the support structure that reduces ventilation to the lung portion by preventing air from being inhaled... Agent: Spiration, Inc.

20110079222 - Broad-band, low frequency, high-amplitude, long time duration, oscillating airway pressure breathing apparatus and method utilizing bubbles: It has been discovered that high amplitude, low frequency, broadband spectrum pressure oscillations of sufficient time duration can help stabilize lung volumes and improve gas exchange in a patient receiving ventilation assistance by helping to recruit and stabilize alveoli. A novel device is presented which can produce pressure oscillations having... Agent: Seattle Children's Hospital D/b/a Seattle Children's Research Institute

20110079223 - Ejection liquid, ejection method, method for forming liquid droplets, liquid ejection cartridge and ejection apparatus: An ejection liquid capable of being stably ejected based on a system using thermal energy even if the liquid contains at least one selected from the group consisting of proteins and peptides, and a method and an apparatus for ejecting the liquid containing at least one selected from the group... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110079224 - System, apparatus and method for maintaining airway patency and pressure support ventilation: An assembly for modifying airflow into a nasopharyngeal airway or trachea of a patient. A valve assembly having an inlet and an outlet attaches to a traditional airflow generator. A valve seal within the assembly is operable by a solenoid and is adapted to cycle in response to a programmable... Agent:

20110079225 - Personal respiratory filtration apparatus: A personal respiratory filter apparatus, having a substantially planer main body and a filter dependent thereon, functioning both as an article of every-day clothing in a scarf form, and as a support system for the breathable, treatable filter.... Agent:

20110079226 - Cervical occluder: A device for occluding a cervix has an elongated conduit sized and shaped to extend from a proximal end outside the vagina to a distal end near the cervix. A loop sized to fit around an exocervix is provided at the distal end. The loop is sufficiently flexible to be... Agent: Eastern Virginia Medical School

20110079227 - Pressure regulation mechanism for inflatable in-ear device: An inflatable in-ear device incorporates a pressure regulating mechanism, for example a simple length of tubing or a relief/unloader valve, at the inflow or outflow from the inflating sheath inserted within the ear canal, thus allowing pressure regulation of the settable compound being injected for inflation of the sheath while... Agent:

20110079228 - Sealing assembly for inflatable in-ear device: An inflatable in-ear device includes a core member with a platform provided with a sealing assembly in the form of a locating recess for the registration of a retention ring formed around a defining opening of a sheath arranged in close circumjacent manner around the platform attached to the core... Agent:

20110079229 - Settable compound delivery device and system for inflatable in-ear device: A method and apparatus for filling an expandable in-ear device having in-flow and out-flow canals including a plurality of chambers with elastic membranes in which the components of a settable polymer are held under high relative pressure. The component chambers are connected to a common mixing element which mixes the... Agent:

20110079230 - Method for treating an asthma attack: A method for treating the lung during an acute episode of reversible chronic obstructive pulmonary disease such as an asthma attack. The method comprises transferring energy to an airway wall of an airway such that a diameter of the airway is increased. The energy may be transferred to the airway... Agent: Asthmatx, Inc.

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