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Surgery March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110077574 - System and method to regulate ultrafiltration: A medical device system including a physiological sensor and ultrafiltration unit senses a physiological signal in a patient and computes a fluid status measurement of the patient using the physiological signal. Ultrafiltration therapy is delivered to the patient according to a therapy delivery control parameter established in response to the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110077575 - Blood treatment device: This invention relates to the field of blood treatment devices having a blood purification element (1) which is divided into two chambers by a semipermeable membrane (3). Such devices are used as hemodialysis machines in artificial kidney therapy. This invention improves upon such a blood treatment device to the extent... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland Gmbh.

20110077576 - Apparatus for making extracorporeal blood circulation available: An apparatus for providing an extracorporeal blood circuit control includes a base module having a control device and a patient module releasably connected to the base module and having blood-conducting components of the extracorporeal blood circuit. A pivot system is also provided at the base module and at the patient... Agent:

20110077577 - Medical catheter having a design providing low recirculation and reversibility: The present disclosure relates to a medical catheter including an elongate catheter member defining a longitudinal axis and having a proximal end, a distal end, an outer wall, and first and second internal lumens. The outer wall of the catheter member includes a first opening in fluid communication with the... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110077578 - Method of treating urinary incontinence: A method for treating urinary incontinence includes the steps of inserting into the woman's vagina a first disposable device, removing the first disposable device, and inserting a second disposable device substantially identical to the first disposable device. The disposable devices have a working portion with opposed working surfaces to provide... Agent:

20110077580 - Bio-medical unit and applications for cancer treatment: An in vivo cancer treatment system includes a plurality of bio-medical units, a communication control device, and a wireless power source device. A bio-medical unit of the plurality of bio-medical units includes a power harvesting module operable to convert a wireless power source into a supply voltage; a communication module... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20110077579 - Cochlear implant with localized fluid transport: An apparatus for providing fluid communication with a cochlear lumen, the apparatus includes a delivery-tube configured for insertion into the cochlear lumen. Delivery-tube orifices on the delivery-tube provide fluid communication between a lumen defined by the delivery-tube and the cochlear lumen.... Agent:

20110077582 - Intraocular iontophoretic device and associated methods: The present invention includes methods and devices for non-invasively delivering an active agent to the eye of a subject. In one aspect, for example, a device for delivering an active agent to an eye of a subject may include an ocular lens-shaped housing configured to contact a surface of the... Agent:

20110077581 - Targeted cellular delivery of nanoparticles: The various embodiments of the present disclosure relate generally to compositions and methods for the targeted cellular delivery of nanoparticles. More particularly, the various embodiments of the present invention are directed to the cellular delivery of nanoparticles tethered to a ligand by way of a poly(ethylene glycol) linkage, wherein the... Agent: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

20110077583 - System and method for pulsed ultrasonic power delivery employing cavitational effects: A method and apparatus for delivering energy during a surgical procedure such as phacoemulsification is provided. The method and apparatus include delivering energy during a surgical procedure, including applying energy at a level and for a time period sufficient to induce transient cavitation, and reducing applied energy after applying energy... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110077584 - Access port including rotatable seals: A surgical access device includes a housing; an access member extending distally from the housing and being dimensioned for positioning within tissue, and defining a longitudinal axis; and a seal assembly disposed within the housing. The seal assembly includes first and second seal components respectively having first and second seal... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110077585 - Apc dual mode theraputic balloon dilator: A multi-mode therapeutic balloon dilator capable of stent placement, argon plasma coagulation (APC) and monopolar electrosurgery. The device comprises a housing or base having a mechanism for moving a wire within an elongated flexible tube, a balloon port, an injection portion, a monopolar connector, and an argon gas connector.... Agent:

20110077586 - Peritoneal dialysis therapy validation: A peritoneal dialysis device displays on a graphical interface a plurality of parameters and any values currently assigned to the parameters, and in response to a user selecting one of the displayed parameters, allows the user to input a value to be assigned to one of the parameters. A value... Agent:

20110077587 - Method and apparatus for managing joint irrigation during hip arthroscopy: a pressure-sensitive valve in fluid communication with the lumen of the access cannula, the valve being connected to the lumen distal to the septum.... Agent:

20110077588 - Administering device with blockable actuation element: An apparatus for administering a fluid product, including a housing, an administering mechanism accommodated in the housing, an actuation element for actuating the administering mechanism, a receptacle for holding the fluid product, and a lock for releasably locking the actuation element, wherein the receptacle is rotatable relative to the housing... Agent:

20110077589 - Medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to medicament delivery device comprising a generally tubular distal housing part (19); a generally tubular medicament container holder (16); a medicament container (18); a plunger rod (32); resilient force; an actuation means (34) comprising flexible locking means and an activation button; a release means (40); and... Agent:

20110077590 - Interface for actuating a robotic manipulator from a remote position for manoeuvring steerable catheters in the human cardiovascular system: Interface for actuating a robotic manipulator (B) from a remote position for manoeuvring steerable catheters (C) in the human cardiovascular system, comprising a casing (1) with controls which are actuated by an operator in order to remotely control said manipulator, characterized in that these controls comprise a shaft (102) with... Agent:

20110077591 - Telescopic guide device for catheters to facilitate their insertion into the human cardiovascular system: Telescopic guide device (7) with an adapter (10), for mounting on catheters (E) to facilitate their insertion and movement in the human cardiovascular system by a manual procedure or by means of a robotic manipulator, characterized in that the telescopic guide assembly (7) is provided at its other end with... Agent:

20110077592 - Puncture needle assembly and medicinal liquid injector: A puncture needle assembly has a needle tube, a protector capable of moving between a first position at which the protector covers the tip of the needle tube and a second position at which the tip is exposed, a body for movably supporting the protector and having an elastic deformable... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110077594 - Special purpose fluid dispenser: A compact, nonelectric fluid dispenser for use in controllably dispensing beneficial agents such as propofol and dexmedetomidine hydrochloride to patients. The dispenser includes a fluid flow control assembly that precisely controls the flow of the medicament solution to the patient and embodies a collapsible drug container that can be filled... Agent:

20110077593 - Special purpose fluid dispenser with pre-filled reservoir: A compact, nonelectric fluid dispenser for use in controllably dispensing beneficial agents such as propofol and dexmedetomidine hydrochloride to patients. The dispenser includes a fluid flow control assembly that precisely controls the flow of the medicament solution to the patient and embodies a collapsible, pre-filled drug container that contains the... Agent:

20110077595 - Brake for injection devices: A brake mechanism for an injection device for generating a braking action on a moving, e.g. rotating, part or component of the injection device.... Agent:

20110077596 - Apparatus and method for separating and concentrating fluids containing multiple components: An apparatus that allows for separating and collecting a fraction of a sample. The apparatus, when used with a centrifuge, allows for the creation of at various fractions in the apparatus. A buoy system that may include a first buoy portion and a second buoy member operably interconnected may be... Agent: Biomet Biologics, LLC

20110077597 - Low profile instrument access device: A low profile surgical access device includes an elongated cannula having an opening defined at a proximal end thereof including an inner peripheral surface dimensioned to facilitate passage of instrumentation therethrough and an outer peripheral surface configured to operatively engage and removably secure to tissue via, e.g., fixation ribs, adhesive,... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110077598 - Vascular access to closure sheath and methods: An insertion sheath and related methods include a tube member and a shape memory feature. The tube member defines an insertion lumen. The shape memory feature is positioned at a distal end portion of the tube member. The shape memory feature provides a monofold shape in the tube member when... Agent: St. Jude Medical Puerto Rico LLC

20110077599 - Injection device: An autoinjector is provided with a magnetically operated “injection complete” indicator. A moveable magnet (44) associated with the drive piston (38) is kept at one end of a recess by a soft iron keeper (46) until the drive piston reaches its formal position where the moveable magnet (44) is attracted... Agent: Owen Mumford Limited

20110077600 - Needle assembly:

20110077601 - Quadraglide syringe: A syringe assembly may include a syringe barrel, a plunger rod to cooperate with the syringe barrel, a deformable seal member having a deformable depression and a lobe member to cooperate with the syringe barrel. The lobe member may be a corner lobe member, and the syringe assembly may be... Agent:

20110077602 - Injection needle assembly and medicine injection apparatus: An injection needle assembly includes a needle having a needle point to puncture skin, a needle hub including a first member which holds the needle, and a second member in which a discharge part of a syringe is to be fitted, and an elastic member disposed inside the second member... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110077603 - Nasal rinse tip: A device for nasal lavage is described. The device ejects a gentle flow of fluid under pressure. The fluid stream provides a high quantity of fluid at low pressure. The low pressure fluid stream is more comfortable for a user than a high pressure fluid stream that are delivered by... Agent:

20110077604 - Reduced pressure treatment system: A wound treatment apparatus is provided for treating tissue damage, which comprises a fluid impermeable wound cover sealed over a site for purposes of applying a reduced pressure to the site. The apparatus also includes a cover with protrusions on its surface for purposes of monitoring pressure at the site.... Agent: Bluesky Medical Group, Inc.

20110077605 - Pump system for negative pressure wound therapy: A pump system for applying negative pressure to a wound, including a flow monitor capable of detecting a deviation from a reference airflow rate provided by a controlled leak to determine whether the system is operating normally or abnormally, and a flow status annunciator to indicate a normal operating condition... Agent: Boehringer Technologies, L.p.

20110077606 - Male urinary incontinence device: A male urinary incontinence device is provided which includes a body, the body having a shell, and the shell forming a cavity adapted to hold male genitalia. An absorbent, suitable for absorbing urine, is at least partially disposed within the cavity and a moisture barrier is positioned adjacent the body... Agent:

20110077607 - Slight-incontinence sanitary napkin structure: A sanitary napkin structure, particularly for a slight incontinence, said sanitary napkin structure comprising a first substantially permeable sheet, a second substantially impermeable sheet and an absorbing pad enclosed between said first and second sheets, characterized in that said absorbing pad comprises an absorbing pad layer including a flexible cotton... Agent: Corman S.p.a.

20110077608 - Cushioned adhesive bandage: The present invention relates to an adhesive bandage for use on wounds placed under compressive force, which includes a support layer having a top side and an opposing bottom side, an adhesive layer deposited onto the bottom side of the support layer, a substantially sealed cushion pad associated with the... Agent:

20110077609 - Wearing article: A wearing article having front and rear waist belt members that include waist elastic members attached thereto and spaced one from another in a longitudinal direction Y. On non-contractile regions, these elastic members do not overlap graphics on respective heat-sealable sheets or exert contractile force thereon. The non-contractile regions are... Agent:

20110077610 - Male incontinence absorbent pouch: An absorbent pouch used for collecting urine for those males that are unable to get to a toilet is provided. The absorbent pouch has at least two optional elastic bands and a pouch for collecting the urine. The absorbent pouch can be worn comfortably by a user in a manner... Agent:

20110077611 - Reusable diaper: The present disclosure provides reusable diaper devices, systems, and methods. One diaper embodiment includes a diaper body layer, a first casing formed from one or more layers of material and positioned on the diaper body layer, a first channel is formed by the casing proximate to a first leg opening... Agent:

20110077612 - Tampon pledget for increased bypass leakage protection: There is provided a tampon pledget that includes one or more enhanced features that result in the pledget exhibiting increased bypass leakage prevention. These enhanced features may include, but are not limited to, geometry, absorption, and any combinations thereof. There is also provided one or more methods for constructing a... Agent: Playtex Products, Inc.

20110077613 - Absorbent article: Three-dimensional gathers that have a body fluid excretion portion and a buttock side portion having different cross-sectional views and that fit to the body shape of each portion and have highly comfortable fitting feeling are formed by a pair of three-dimensional gathers disposed on either side. In the three-dimensional gather... Agent:

20110077614 - Device and method for patient activated bolus administration: A device and method to accept a setting of a maximum volume of a drug that is introduced into a subcutaneous channel upon a patient's direction, while retaining a pre-designated flow of the drug to the channel over an extended period after accounting for such maximum volume.... Agent:

20110077615 - Pen needle tip: A needle tip assembly includes a needle tip, a needle tip cover structured and arranged to facilitate installation of the needle tip onto at least one of a pen needle, a pre-loaded syringe, and an injection device, and a slot arranged on a sidewall of a body of the needle... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20110077616 - Methods for guiding heart failure decompensation therapy: An implantable medical device system and associated method for use in guiding an acute decompensated heart failure therapy set an optimal fluid status measurement level. A physiological sensor signal sensed by an implantable medical device is used to compute the fluid status measurement. A target rate of change of the... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110077617 - Device for implanting objects into animal tissue: A device for implanting an object into animal tissue and a method for using the same device is provided. The device includes a cannula having a longitudinal axis, a passageway extending therethrough, a proximal end, and an opposite distal end that is insertable into tissue and defines an exit aperture... Agent:

20110077618 - Methods and compositions for treating post-cardial infarction damage: Methods and compositions for treating post-myocardial infarction damage are herein disclosed. In some embodiments, a carrier with a treatment agent may be fabricated. The carrier can be formulated from a bioerodable, sustained-release substance. The resultant loaded carrier may then be suspended in at least one component of a two-component matrix... Agent:

20110077619 - Vascular filter with improved strength and flexibility: Apparatus for treating a patient having an obstruction in a first blood vessel through which blood normally flows in a given direction, at a location downstream of a branch point where the first blood vessel and a second blood vessel branch off from a main blood vessel. The apparatus includes:... Agent:

20110077620 - Guide catheters: High performance guide catheters are described as suitable for neurovascular access. They are constructed using a machined core, in which the core includes transition features from a proximal to distal-most section of the device.... Agent:

20110077621 - Locking mechanism for a medical device: A locking mechanism for a medical device to selective lock a first elongate member from longitudinal movement relative to a second elongate member of the medical device. The locking mechanism includes a flexible tubular member disposed in a bore of a handle assembly of the medical device, and an actuator,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110077622 - Delivery system having stent locking structure: A drainage stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medial device, a drainage catheter or stent, and a locking mechanism for selectively coupling the drainage stent to the elongate shaft. The drainage stent is selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft such that the proximal... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110077623 - Implantable bio-medical unit with electro-mechanical function: A bio-medical unit includes a power harvesting module, a communication module, a processing module, and a micro electro-mechanical functional module. The power harvesting module converts a power source signal into a supply voltage that powers the other modules. The communication module converts inbound wireless communication signal into an inbound symbol... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110071455 - Method and apparatus for suturelessly connecting a conduit to a hollow organ: P

20110071454 - Power generator for glaucoma drainage device: A glaucoma drainage device has a tube shunting the anterior chamber to a drainage location. A power generator has a rotor coupled to a micro-generator. The power generator is configured to generate energy from aqueous flowing through the tube. The force required to drive the rotor can be controlled to... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110071458 - Glaucoma drainage device with pump: A glaucoma drainage device may comprise a main drainage tube with a first end configured to be located in an anterior chamber of an eye and a second end configured to be located in a drainage location. A bypass drainage tube is fluidly coupled to and in parallel with the... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110071456 - Lumen clearing valve for glaucoma drainage device: A glaucoma drainage device has a housing with an open outlet end. A tube is in fluid communication with the housing. An actuator is located in the housing. An actuation arm is located at least partially in the housing and is coupled to the actuator. A tapered arm is rigidly... Agent:

20110071457 - Method and apparatus for controlling intracranial pressure: A regulator system and method are provided for controlling intracranial pressure (ICP) of a patient in a manner that permits continuous control of ICP to keep it on any clinically desired path over time. A nonlinear feedback control scheme for a CSF drainage valve embodies a relationship between intracranial pressure... Agent: Northwestern University

20110071459 - Power saving glaucoma drainage device: A glaucoma drainage device has an active valve configured to be located between an anterior chamber of an eye and a drainage location, a power source coupled to the active valve, and a controller coupled to the power source. A first pressure sensor is located in fluid communication with the... Agent: Alcon Research, Ltd.

20110071460 - System and method for modulated surgical procedure irrigation and aspiration: A method and apparatus for performing modulated fluid delivery and aspiration during a surgical procedure such as phacoemulsification is provided. The method and apparatus include delivering fluid and/or aspirating fluid in a modulated or pulsed manner during a surgical procedure, including applying fluid and/or aspirating fluid in connection with ultrasonic... Agent: Abbott Medical Optics Inc.

20110071461 - Carbon dioxide external administration device: The present invention provides a carbon dioxide external administration device according to which assured cosmetic and medical effects can be readily obtained. This administration device comprises a sealing enclosure member capable of sealing a body surface from the outside air, a supply means for supplying carbon dioxide into the inside... Agent:

20110071462 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A surgical access device is adapted for performing laparoscopic surgical procedures with at least one instrument passing through the surgical access device and through an incision in the abdominal wall of a patient with the abdominal cavity pressurized with an insufflation gas. The surgical access device is adapted to provide... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110071463 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A surgical access device is adapted for performing laparoscopic surgical procedures with multiple instruments passing through the surgical access device and through a single incision in the abdominal wall of a patient with the abdominal cavity pressurized with an insufflation gas. The surgical access device is adapted to provide instrument... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110071464 - Semi-closed loop insulin delivery: Subject matter disclosed herein relates to a semi-closed loop drug delivery system. In particular embodiments, an amount of insulin to be administered to a patient may be calculated based, at least in part, on one or more blood-glucose measurements obtained from said patient, and an alarm may be initiated in... Agent: Medtronic Minimed, Inc.

20110071465 - Fluid volume determination for medical treatment system: A volume of fluid moved by a pump, such as a pump in an APD system, may be determined without direct measurement of the fluid, such as by flow meter, weight, etc. For example, a volume of a pump chamber (181) (having a movable element that varies the volume of... Agent: Deka Research & Development

20110071466 - Highly efficient breastpump and system for expressing breastmilk: The present invention provides a breastshield for use in a breastpumping system for expressing milk, the breastshield being of such a construction that substantially limits the amount of air between the breast/nipple and the breastshield surrounding the breast/nipple, and most preferably virtually eliminates any air at least in the area... Agent: Medela Holding Ag

20110071467 - Probe for fluid leak detection with multiple layers: A disposable medical probe for detecting a leak of physiological fluid comprising: a support layer, a conductive layer on top of the support layer, the conductive layer comprising two conducting electrodes both placed exclusively on each side of a longitudinal axis, a hydrophilic layer on top of at least a... Agent:

20110071468 - Systems and methods for applying a selected treatment agent into contact with tissue to treat sphincter dysfunction: Systems and methods apply a selected treatment agent or agents into contact with tissue at or in the region of a dysfunctional sphincter (in the case of GERD, fecal incontinence, or other dysfunctional sphincter disorders) to affect improved sphincter barrier function and/or to disrupt abnormal nerve pathways. The treatment agent... Agent: Mederi Therapeutics, Inc.

20110071470 - New safe latching type self-destroying syringe: The present invention relates to a new self-locking self-destroying safety syringe, which comprises a hollow barrel, a push rod sliding within the barrel, a rubber plug in front of the push rod, and a needle seat in front of the barrel. The push rod is provided with a round platform,... Agent:

20110071469 - Single use retractable infusion or transfusion needle: A needle assembly (10) has a hollow tubular housing (12) and a needle sub assembly (14) including a needle (18) slideably mounted therein. Two diametrically opposed legs (30) extend radially outwards and backwards from the needle shaft (16) and engage the rear end (42) of the housing (12) surrounding an... Agent:

20110071471 - Reversible cap for pen needle outer cover: A pen needle assembly includes a cap for covering the non-injection end of a needle of a pen needle. The needle is received by a hub, which is disposed in an outer cover. The cap is adapted to be connected to the outer cover in a first or second position.... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110071472 - Systems for anchoring a medical device in a body lumen: A system for securing a device in tissue, having a sheath having a plurality of side openings; a rotatable element disposed within the sheath; and a plurality of curved projections extending from the rotatable element, wherein rotation of the rotatable element within the sheath pushes distal ends of each of... Agent: Abbott Laboratories

20110071473 - Surgical port feature: A robotic surgical system is configured with rigid, curved cannulas that extend through the same opening into a patient's body. Surgical instruments with passively flexible shafts extend through the curved cannulas. The cannulas are oriented to direct the instruments towards a surgical site. Various port features that support the curved... Agent: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

20110071474 - Organ fixture and gastric fistula catheter set: An organ-fixing instrument 10 is structured by a transversely elastic, cylindrical sheath 12, and a body surface installation part 11 attached to the base part of the sheath 12. In the body surface installation part 11 there are provided a through-hole 13 communicating with the sheath 12 and a pair... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110071475 - Outer cover of a pen needle for a drug delivery pen: A connecting member removably connects a plurality of pen needles together, thereby providing a convenient way for a patient to carry multiple pen needles. The connecting member may be integrally formed with the outer cover of the pen needle or may be a separate member that removably receives the pen... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110071476 - Safety syringe: A safety syringe adapted consists of an outer casing that supports a conventional hypodermic needle and an inner casing which supports a blunt cannula that is disposed inside the inner lumen of the hypodermic needle. The inner casing is keyed to the outer casing by one or more pins that... Agent:

20110071477 - Device for a medicament delivery device: The present invention relates to damper for a medicament delivery device, which device comprises a container containing medicament, a stopper arranged in said container and movable for expelling said medicament through a dose delivery means, a plunger rod having opposing proximal and distal ends and capable of acting on said... Agent: Shl Group Ab

20110071478 - Methods of manufacturing drug-loaded substrates: Described are methods for modifying a substrate by exposing the substrate to a densified fluid. The substrate may be a polymer or a metal alloy, and the densified fluid may be carbon dioxide. Uses of such substrate modification include impregnation of the substrate with one or more drugs, impregnation of... Agent:

20110071479 - Blood vessel access instrument with vessel entry indicator: A surgical instrument for administering fluids and having a vessel entry indicator to confirm proper placement of the surgical instrument within the vessel includes a vessel access member adapted for accessing a blood vessel and having insertion and trailing ends. The access member defines a primary lumen for administering fluids... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110071480 - Spinal cannula having liquor detection: A spinal cannula with a needle hub having a transparent area for observing the liquor flowing through a hollow cavity of the needle hub. A means for refracting or reflecting rays of light is provided in or at the transparent area of the needle hub. The means for refracting or... Agent: B. Braun Melsungen Ag

20110071481 - Noninvasive lacrimal canalicular occlusion device and method: A device enables a patient to perform non-invasive punctal occlusion by applying firm pressure to the skin external to the lacrimal canaliculi during the administration of eyedrop medicine, for the purpose of prolonging the medicine retention time. The device of this invention may be adjusted to fit the nasal aspect... Agent:

20110071482 - Devices and methods for signaling when action is due in relation to a medical device: Methods and devices for signaling to a subject or subject's care giver the occurrence of at least one event selected from: a) expiration or impending expiration of a predetermined time period and/or b) a change in a physiological or device-associated variable, associated with a medical device that is positioned on,... Agent:

20110071483 - Apparatus: A method and apparatus for alerting a user of topical negative pressure therapy apparatus to a full waste canister condition are described, the apparatus comprising a device having vacuum pump means and a waste canister connected to the device and the waste canister operably connected to a wound dressing by... Agent:

20110071484 - Vacuum sealing drainage device for bleeding wound tissue: A vacuum sealing drainage device for a bleeding wound tissue, includes a multi-hole foam cushion (1) contacted with the bleeding wound tissue, a drainage pipe (2) with a side hole, a sealing film (3), a connector (4), a duct (17), a drainage container (5), and a vacuum source (6). The... Agent:

20110071485 - Adaptor for ostomy coupling: An adapter is disclosed for an ostomy coupling. The adapter provides a floatable coupling characteristic to an ostomy body fitment that has a non-floatable coupling part. The adapter comprises a first coupling part for attaching to the non-floating coupling part of the body fitment, a second coupling part for releasably... Agent: Convatec Technologies Inc.

20110071486 - Absorptive article and method of producing the same: An absorbent article comprising at least a liquid-permeable sheet, a liquid-impermeable sheet, and an absorber sandwiched between the liquid-permeable sheet and the liquid-impermeable sheet, wherein the absorber comprises a first absorbing part and a second absorbing part formed nearly on the center part of the first absorbing part and smaller... Agent:

20110071487 - Shape modification of absorbent portion and crotch area of adult male disposable undergarments to improve comfort in adult males suffering only minor incontinence while reducing cost to manufacture: This patent is for the protection of a proposed redesign of disposable undergarments for adults and even children, to correct years of design changes that have basically encompassed only changes in manufacturing process, or materials in order to utilize developing technology for improved performance. This proposed design is primarily for... Agent:

20110071489 - Pants-type wearing article: A pant-type wearing article configured so as to prevent a lateral zone of a front waist region and an associated lateral zone of a rear waist region which should remain fastened together from being needlessly disengaged from each other. In the pant-type wearing article an outer surface of a base... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110071488 - Disposable absorbent wearing article: A disposable absorbent wearing article having an absorbent chassis and an annular elasticized waist panel. The elastic waist panel includes a front waist panel and a rear waist panel. A rear waist panel has a dimension in a longitudinal direction that is greater than that of the front waist panel... Agent:

20110071490 - System and procedure for placing a medical device proximate an ostial lesion using a catheter assembly: A catheter system and method 10 for placing a medical device proximate an ostial lesion. The catheter system 10 has a guide catheter 14 with a proximal end 16 and a distal end 18. A sheath 22 with an internal lumen 24 surrounds the guide catheter 14. The sheath 22... Agent: Kassab Interventional Devices, LLC ("kids")

20110071491 - Current concentration system and method for electrokinetic delivery of medicaments: An electrokinetic apparatus to apply medicament to a treatment site of a mammalian user, the apparatus including: a flux concentrator including an active electrode and a counter electrode adapted to be applied to the surface of a toenail or fingernail of the user, and a medicament matrix adjacent the active... Agent: Nitric Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20110071493 - Flow-induced delivery from a drug mass: Drug solutions (or other combinations of vehicle with entrained drug) are prepared by removing drug from one or more masses of a solid form of the drug. The solid form of the drug may be sparingly soluble or insoluble in water. Examples of devices for holding solid drug and facilitating... Agent: Neurosystec Corporation

20110071492 - Hub assembly having a hidden needle for a drug delivery pen: A hub assembly for a pen injection device prevents a patient from seeing a needle of a hub assembly during an injection. A hub is connected to the pen injection device. A needle is received by the hub. A compressible member is connected to the hub and is compressible between... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110071494 - Intradermal delivery device: A system and method is provided for an injectable substance delivery device comprising a limiter, shoulder or post, that controls how deep the needle is inserted into the tissue. The limiter is sized in proportions that control the maximum insertion depth of the needle into the tissue without excessively restricting... Agent:

20110071496 - Biologics infusion system: A system for moving particles suspended in a first fluid, and for infusing them into the stream of a second fluid, includes a catheter with a multi-lumen distal tip. The tip is formed with a plurality of parallel lumens, wherein each lumen has a predetermined diameter. Importantly, the diameter of... Agent:

20110071495 - Shape memory embolic particles having a high packing fraction: An embolization system having a high packing fraction of embolic particles for use in occluding the flow of body fluid through a body vessel and a method for using such an embolization system are described. The embolic particles, which are made from a shape memory material, exhibit both a collapsed... Agent: Cook Incorporated

20110071497 - Balloon fixated catheter: A balloon catheter for the delivery of a medication comprises a balloon fixation portion and a medication infusion portion. The balloon fixation portion comprises an expandable balloon at the distal end of a tube, the balloon inflatable to a size sufficient to retain the catheter within the area of placement,... Agent:

20110071498 - Free-standing biodegradable patch: Methods and apparatus for a free-standing biodegradable patch suitable for medical applications, especially intravascular, minimally-invasive and intraoperative surgical applications are provided, wherein the patch comprises a free-standing film or device having a mixture of a solid fibrinogen component and a solid thrombin component that, when exposed to an aqueous environment,... Agent:

20110071499 - Free-standing biodegradable patch: Methods and apparatus for a free-standing biodegradable patch suitable for medical applications, especially intravascular, minimally-invasive and intraoperative surgical applications are provided, wherein the patch comprises a free-standing film or device having a mixture of a solid fibrinogen component and a solid thrombin component that, when exposed to an aqueous environment,... Agent:

20110071500 - Branched catheter tip: A venous access device comprises a catheter portion extending longitudinally from a proximal end to a distal end, the flexible shaft defining a lumen therein in combination with a plurality of branches separated from one another and extending distally from the flexible shaft.... Agent: Navilyst Medical, Inc.

20110071501 - Medical device manufacturing method and medical device assembly: A medical device in which a part to be secondarily shaped comprises a molded silicone rubber article is subjected to heatless shaping by irradiation with electron-rays. The irradiation with electron-rays enables shaping and, furthermore, sterilization under some conditions. In a medical device comprising a part in which at least a... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110071502 - Catheter retaining tool: A catheter retaining tool comprises a piercing tool, a guide wire and an operation device. The piercing tool includes a Y-hub, an outer needle, an indwelling needle and a syringe. The Y-hub includes a main port, an obliquely connected side port, and a hemostatic valve for keeping the side port... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110071503 - Catheter for coronary artery and engaging method therefor: A catheter for a coronary artery can include a distal end for being introduced into an opening of a coronary artery from an artery of an arm. The catheter can, include a catheter main body including a main body portion having a substantially linear shape in a natural state and... Agent:

20110071504 - Connection device for medical tubing: A coupling device for releasable connection of a medical tubing, such as a catheter, is disclosed. The coupling device has no coupling parts being inserted into the lumen of the medical tubing, and is consequently very advantageous for use with medical tubing with soft walls and/or small internal diameters. The... Agent:

20110071505 - Intraocular pressure sensor with external pressure compensation: An intraocular pressure sensor system has a first pressure sensor located in an anterior chamber of an eye and a remote pressure sensor located remotely from the first pressure sensor. The remote pressure sensor measures or approximates atmospheric pressure. A difference between readings from the first pressure sensor and the... Agent:

20110071506 - Balloon catheter: A balloon catheter having an elongated catheter shaft defining a fluid drainage lumen and a balloon inflation lumen. The balloon catheter includes a fluid drainage port disposed about the distal end of the catheter shaft in fluid communication with the fluid drainage lumen, and a balloon inflation port disposed about... Agent:

20110071507 - Flushable catheter and method for producing such a catheter: b

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110066097 - Systems and methods of microfluidic membraneless exchange using filtration of extraction outlet streams: A device, system and method for exchanging components between first and second fluids by direct contact in a microfluidic channel. The fluids flow as thin layers in the channel. One of the fluids is passed through a filter upon exiting the channel and is recycled through a secondary processor which... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110066098 - Non-invasively adjustable drainage device: The device comprises at least an inlet tube for the passage of fluid to be drained, said tube being connected to a chamber wherein said chamber comprises rotating means for adjusting the flow rate in said tube.... Agent: Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

20110066099 - Delivery device with invertible diaphragm: A method and device are disclosed for delivering items into the body of a subject. The device is elongated, and includes a flexible diaphragm having a proximal face and a distal face. The diaphragm is inverted into the device to form a receptacle that holds an item to be delivered.... Agent: Rivercoach Wellness Investment Partners

20110066100 - Methods for iontophoretically treating nausea and migraine: Methods for treating nausea and migraine by iontophoretically administering triptan compounds are provided.... Agent:

20110066101 - Non-invasive ocular drug delivery: The present invention is drawn to a pharmaceutical compound for the treatment of posterior retinal diseases through topical application of the compound. The compound includes an effective amount of a therapeutic compound, and at least one additional agent that helps to prolong the residence time of the therapeutic compound within... Agent:

20110066102 - Irrigation device: An irrigation device for irrigating a body cavity, such as an ear canal, is disclosed. The irrigation device comprises a hand-held pumping device and an irrigating tip. The hand-held pumping device includes a liquid reservoir and a pumping mechanism, which may be in the form of a spray bottle with... Agent:

20110066103 - Micro-dialysis probe: A micro-dialysis probe extending longitudinally between a proximal probe opening and a distal probe tip and having a supply line and a drainage line for a drip-feed solution. A tube may be provided for supporting the drainage line. A dialysis section, wherein the flow channel for the drip-feed solution experiences... Agent:

20110066104 - Device for needleless transdermal delivery of medication: The invention relates to a device for needleless transdermal drug delivery. The device according to the invention comprises an actuator (104) and a support (102) which has a support stiffness. The actuator (104) has a driver part (108) and a support part (106), which support part (106) is connected to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110066105 - Steerable kink-resistant sheath: A steerable kink resistant access device is provided having an elongated body and a steerable portion; methods for manufacturing the kink resistant device are also provided. The access sheath has an outside diameter sufficiently small so that it may be inserted into a body cavity or conduit. The access sheath... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20110066106 - Medical guide wire, a method of making the same, an assembly of balloon catheter and guiding catheter combined with the medical guide wire, an assembly of microcatheter and guiding catheter combined with the medical guide wire: In a medical guide wire 1, a flexible core wire 2 is made of austenitic stainless steel wire treated with a solid solution procedure, and drawn with a whole cross sectional reduction ratio as 90%-97.6%. Each time when the core wire 2 is subjected to a series of mechanical procedures,... Agent:

20110066107 - Needle protective device: A needle protective device is provided for reducing inadvertent needle sticks. A tubular member of the needle protective device is mounted on a needle hub and extends about a needle. The tubular member is selectively axially movable between a relaxed position and a compressed position. An end cap defining a... Agent:

20110066110 - Medical device system: A first portable medical device is adapted for use in an interlocking system for interlocking the first medical device to a second medical device. The first device includes a housing having opposite sides, a selective element, a blocking element, and a clamp mechanism. At least one of the opposite sides... Agent:

20110066109 - Medical device with an energy supply having at least two energy sources: According to one embodiment, a medical device may include an energy supply. The energy supply may include a lithium-ion polymer battery including at least two battery stacks and a control unit. One of the at least two battery stacks may be a backup energy source. The control unit may monitor... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110066108 - Micro-fluidic chambers for use in liquid medicament delivery systems: Micro-fluidic chambers for use in a liquid medicament delivery system, include a bottom substrate and a top cover, the top cover being spaced from the bottom substrate so as to define a height of the chamber, wherein, one or more walls or fillings are positioned in the chamber, the walls... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110066112 - Reduced volume formulation of glatiramer acetate and methods of administration: A method for reducing frequency of relapses in a human patient afflicted with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) comprising administering to the patient 0.5 ml of an aqueous pharmaceutical solution of 20 mg glatiramer acetate and 20 mg mannitol.... Agent: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

20110066111 - Stable co-formulation of hyaluronidase and immunoglobulin, and methods of use thereof: Provided herein are stable co-formulations of immunoglobulin and hyaluronidase that are stable to storage in liquid form at room temperature for at least 6 months and at standard refrigerator temperatures for 1-2 years. Such co-formulations can be used in methods of treating IG-treatable diseases or conditions by subcutaneous administration.... Agent:

20110066113 - Label for placing on a syringe body, and syringe body: A label for placing on a syringe body has a first foil portion, which can be wound around a syringe body, a needle-receiving means for protecting against injuries by the syringe needle, having at least one second foil portion and a shaped plastic part that can be pressed on laterally... Agent: Schreiner Group Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110066114 - Safety needle assembly: A safety needle assembly for an injector is provided herein which, in a first aspect of the subject invention, includes a needle having a distal end formed for injection, a carrier for supporting the needle, and a shield for selectively covering the distal end of the needle. The shield includes... Agent:

20110066115 - Safety syringe: The present invention provides a safety syringe which resolves a problem in the prior art whereby the needle assembly does not engage the plunger properly due to limitations in the syringe protrusion molding. The syringe of the present invention comprises: a cylinder which has a space therein to contain fluid... Agent:

20110066116 - Pre-filled active vial having integral plunger assembly: A pre-filled vial assembly adapted for dispensing and delivering a fluid includes: a body member having a distal end, a proximal end, and a sidewall extending therebetween defining an interior; and a transitionable stopper disposed within the interior of the body member. At least a portion of the body member... Agent: Becton Dickinson France S.a.s.

20110066117 - Large volume enema: An enema comprises a bottle, and at least 150 ml of a solution in the bottle. The solution comprises water, 5.00 to 8.00 grams dibasic sodium phosphate, and 15.00 to 21.00 grams monobasic sodium phosphate.... Agent:

20110066118 - Infusion set comprising a data display and method thereof: Included are embodiments of an infusion set for administering a liquid. One embodiment includes an infusion head to be placed on the tissue of a patient, a coupler for connecting the infusion head to an administering device, and a cannula that is configured for connection to the infusion head. Some... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110066119 - Anti-drawback medical valve: A medical valve includes a housing having an interior forming an inlet and an outlet. A longitudinally movable member is secured within the interior of the housing. External to the movable member and within the interior is a fluid path. Movement of the movable member controls fluid flow between the... Agent: Np Medical Inc.

20110066120 - Transdermal delivery system, method for manufacturing the same, and transdermal delivery method using the system: Disclosed is a transdermal delivery system of multiple adhesive layers having a drug-free adhesive layer as an intermediate layer to control drug delivery rate. The transdermal delivery system enhances transdermal delivery rate in the early stage after application on skin and provides sustained control of the drug delivery rate in... Agent: Samyang Corporation

20110066121 - Systems and methods for providing an antiseptic applicator: An antiseptic applicator device having a reservoir for storing an antiseptic agent, the reservoir being coupled to an applicator pad, and a defeatable membrane being interposed between the reservoir and the applicator pad. Embodiments of the device further include opposing handles, wherein an interior lumen of each handle houses a... Agent: Becton, Dickinson And Company

20110066123 - Medical dressings, systems, and methods employing sealants: According to an illustrative embodiment, a system for treating a wound at a tissue site of a patient comprising a reduced-pressure source to supply reduced pressure, a drape adhering to the tissue site to cover the wound where possible leak passages between the drape and the tissue site may occur,... Agent:

20110066122 - Removable suction assembly for medical handpieces: A system and method for more efficient cleaning and sterilizing of surgical handpieces by using a removable valve assembly. The valve assembly is removable to provide access to a first suction passageway and a second suction passageway for cleaning purposes. The valve assembly has a protrusion that engages with a... Agent:

20110066124 - Multilayer medical sponge: A multilayer medical sponge resists damage from medical tools such as spinning drill bits and medical lasers while remaining compliant and producible in small sizes. The multilayer medical sponge includes an absorbent layer and a resistant layer. The resistant layer may include a drill-resistant material, a laser-reflective material, both types... Agent:

20110066125 - Disposable pants-type diaper: A disposable pants-type diaper with the innermost sheet member interposed between a liquid-pervious inner sheet covering a bodily fluid-absorbent structure and the diaper's skin. The innermost sheet member is formed with a front opening and a rear opening communicating with a body waste retaining space defined between the inner sheet... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110066126 - Stretch laminate, method of making, and absorbent article: A stretch laminate includes a first layer including an elastomer film, the first layer having a surface, and a second layer including a nonwoven material, the second layer having a surface that is attached to the surface of the first layer. The tensile behavior in the transverse direction of the... Agent:

20110066128 - Absorbent product: In a standing part (342) of each side wall part (34) in an absorbent product (1), an inwardly bending part (3423) is formed between a first elastic member (35) and a second elastic member (36). When the absorbent product (1) is worn, the inwardly bending part (3423) where no elastic... Agent:

20110066127 - Disposable absorbent wearing article: A disposable absorbent wearing article constructed with an absorbent core that may be deformed to form absorbent barriers against body waste and thereby an absorbent chassis that includes the absorbent core may be kept in contact with the wearer's torso with good fitness to improve appearance of the article put... Agent:

20110066129 - Wearing article and method of making the same: A wearing article configured so that hook elements of a mechanical fastener can be firmly attached to a chassis and the hook elements can be held in engagement with loop elements of a mechanical fastener tightly without correspondingly increasing a manufacturing cost. The wearing article has front and rear waist... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110066130 - Abuse potential reduction in abusable substance dosage form: The potential for substance abuse involving residual amounts of abusable substances remaining in used skin-worn patches is reduced by the provision of a system and method for combining the abusable substance with a separate anti-abuse substance agent as part of a removal or disposal procedure.... Agent: Travanti Pharma Inc.

20110066131 - Cartridge insertion assembly for drug delivery system: A cartridge insertion assembly including apparatus with a pathway formed therein, a cartridge insertable into the pathway, the cartridge including a cartridge coupling element connectable to an activation mechanism disposed in the apparatus operative to cause a substance contained in the cartridge to be metered out of the cartridge, and... Agent:

20110066132 - Internal dry powder delivery system and method thereof: An internal dry powder delivery system through a working channel of an endoscopic cannula for directly applying the powder form medication to an internal tissue/organ site, includes an elongated tubular delivery channel and a powder supply device for producing pressurized gas mixing with the dry powder for feeding to form... Agent:

20110066133 - Intracranial catheter: A catheter having an outer profile which is formed such that a path length along an outer surface of the catheter is greater than the corresponding length of the catheter, and to a method for determining the shape of a catheter, and wherein the elasticity and/or conductivity of the tissue... Agent:

20110066134 - Controlling drug transport and current in iontophoretic onychomycosis treatment: Pharmaceutical drugs and formulations suitable for iontophoresis thereof that provide enhanced iontophoretic delivery of an anti-fungal drug to at least one body surface, such as a nail, are described. Also described are pharmaceutical formulations suitable for iontophoresis comprising terbinafine and methods for administering terbinafine to a body surface via iontophoresis.... Agent: Nitric Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20110066135 - Sinus delivery of sustained release therapeutics: The invention provides biodegradable implants for treating sinusitis. The biodegradable implants have a size, shape, density, viscosity, and/or mucoadhesiveness that prevents them from being substantially cleared by the mucociliary lining of the sinuses during the intended treatment period. The biodegradable implants include a sustained release therapeutic, e.g., an antibiotic, a... Agent:

20110066136 - Use of pump to deliver a solution to reduce snoring: A method of delivering a fluid to a pharynx area through a nasal cavity includes bringing a pump to a nasal passage of a nose at an angle of approximately −90 to 130 degrees relative a horizontal ground plane, and pumping a jet of the fluid through the nasal passage.... Agent: Tanner Medico A/s

20110066137 - Applicator for applying powder formulations and uses thereof: The present invention relates to applicators for applying powders to the vaginal mucosa.... Agent: Osel, Inc.

20110066138 - Lacrimal filler: A biomaterial mass is inserted through a punctum into a canaliculus in the lacrimal outflow system with a syringe. The mass has an outer cross section that is less than the inner cross section of the canaliculus. The mass absorbs liquid to swell to form a lacrimal filler or sealing... Agent:

20110066139 - Insertion facilitation device for catheters: Devices that facilitate insertion of tube-like structures, e.g., catheters and other medical devices, into passages in mammalian bodies, e.g. in the human body. Devices according to various embodiments of the invention provide greater stiffness and/or rigidity to elongated tube-like structures. According to some embodiments, a portion or the entire insertion... Agent: Urovalve, Inc.

20110066140 - Low profile chest seal: A chest seal for treating an open pneumothorax that is low profile and thus unobtrusive so that the chest seal can be effectively maintained in position to seal a chest wound while allowing the pleural cavity to vent.... Agent: H & H Associates, Inc.

20110066141 - Implantable medical device having an anti-gastric distress agent: Medical devices, and methods of use therewith, suitable for at least partial implantation within the gastrointestinal portions of a body and having at least one anti-gastric distress agent are provided. The anti-gastric distress agent can include antacids, H2 blockers, proton pump inhibitors, or any combination thereof. The medical device can... Agent: Cook Incorporated

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110060263 - Medical devices and methods for assisting in sub-scab access: Device and methods for separating a scab from a vascular access site are disclosed. The devices include providing a scab separation device having a point for initial separation of a portion of a scab from a patient's flesh, and a series of inclined surfaces leading from the point to lift... Agent:

20110060264 - Device and method for vascular access: Vascular access systems for performing hemodialysis are disclosed. The vascular access system contemplates a catheter section adapted for insertion into a vein and a graft section adapted for attachment to an artery. The catheter section may have metal or polymer wall reinforcements that allow the use of thin-walled, small outer... Agent: Hemosphere Inc.

20110060265 - Implantable shunt or catheter enabling gradual delivery of therapeutic agents: An implantable catheter or shunt for draining fluid from a body cavity. The catheter or shunt body has a wall structure that carries one or more therapeutic agents in a manner enabling release of the therapeutic agent from the wall structure in situ after surgical implantation of the catheter or... Agent: Wyeth LLC

20110060266 - Enhanced stem cell therapy and stem cell production through the administration of low level light energy: Methods of enhancing stem cell therapy through the administration of low level light energy are provided in several embodiments. Some embodiments comprise irradiating stem cells before or after implantation at a target tissue having loss of function due to damage or disease, with a resultant increase in the efficacy of... Agent: Photothera, Inc.

20110060269 - Method for killing cells using photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles: Photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles are disclosed having improved dispersibility into an aqueous solvent not only under neutral physiological conditions in vivo but also over a wide pH range, and improved cell affinity and cell uptake property. The photocatalytic titanium dioxide particles comprise particles comprising photocatalytic titanium dioxide and a cationic... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20110060268 - Nail treatment device: Provided is a nail treatment device including an active delivery device for disposing on the nail and for promoting delivery of an active agent into the nail to treat a nail infection; and at least one means for preventing delivery of the active agent to the skin. Further provided is... Agent: Power Paper Ltd.

20110060267 - Ultraviolet irradiation to treat corneal weakness disorders: Methods of strengthening the biomechanical properties of the cornea by exposing the cornea to ultraviolet light in the presence of a photoinitiator are described. These methods can be used to treat keratoconus. They can also be used to treat ectasia following a surgical procedure, or to strengthen the cornea prior... Agent:

20110060271 - Creating, directing and steering regions of intensity of wave propagation in inhomogeneous media: Known time reversal methods consist of three steps which may be listed as (i) the recording of signals and (ii) the time reversing of the recorded signals, and (iii) the transmission of the time-reversed signals. The first and third steps of the above process are retained, but the second step... Agent:

20110060270 - Microporation of tissue for delivery of bioactive agents: A method of enhancing the permeability of a biological membrane, including the skin or mucosa of an animal or the outer layer of a plant to a permeant is described utilizing microporation of selected depth and optionally one or more of sonic, electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal energy and a chemical... Agent:

20110060272 - Apparatus for preventing cross contamination by sterilizing an insufflation device: An insufflation device connects to a disposable tube set for providing gas to fill an abdominal cavity of a patient to enable surgical procedures. The insufflation device has an ultraviolet light source to provide ultraviolet light for sterilizing a flow control valve system therein. A filter provided with the insufflation... Agent:

20110060273 - Peritoneal dialysis system: A dialysate regeneration system for removing contaminants from spent dialysate according to this invention includes a dialysate circulation flow path including a pump that pumps spent dialysate through the dialysate circulation flow path, a first cartridge adapted to remove contaminants from the spent dialysate, including a first cleaning solution inlet... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20110060274 - Two-chamber injection device having gas-permeable membrane: The invention relates to a two-chamber syringe device comprising a cylinder element (2), a closure element (6), two plungers (3) and (4) and optionally an intermediate plunger (3a), wherein one or more fluid-tight, gas-permeable membranes (8) and optionally valve membranes (15) are arranged in the wall of the cylinder element... Agent: Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh

20110060275 - Drug eluting balloon: There is disclosed a drug eluting balloon catheter assembly provided with a balloon formed of an inner balloon member of non-compliant material and an outer balloon member of a compliant material and which is provided with holes therein for eluting a drug or other fluid. In use, the outer balloon... Agent: William Cook Europe Aps

20110060276 - Balloon catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent: Catheter balloon assemblies (10) for delivering a therapeutic agent to a body vessel are provided, as well as related methods of manufacturing and methods of treatment. The catheter balloon assemblies may include a concentrically disposed dual balloon assembly at the distal portion of the catheter having an inner balloon (44),... Agent: Cook Incoporated

20110060277 - Varicose vein treatment: Methods for treating an undesired varicose or spider vein in a venous system of a patient generally includes substantially emptying the vein of blood between its proximal end and distal end; introducing a medically acceptable adhesive into the substantially emptied vein; and applying pressure to the vein to cause the... Agent: Jean-pierre Lilley

20110060278 - disposable self-destruction safety syringe without fluid residua: A disposable self-destruction safety syringe without fluid residua comprises a syringe tube (1), a push rod (2), a needle mount (3) and a needle (4). The push rod (2) and the needle mount (3) are mounted in the syringe tube (1). A plunger (5) slidably fitting with the inside wall... Agent: Shantou Wealy Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

20110060279 - Reduced volume formulation of glatiramer acetate and methods of administration: A method for reducing frequency of relapses in a human patient afflicted with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) comprising administering to the patient 0.5 ml of an aqueous pharmaceutical solution of 20 mg glatiramer acetate and 20 mg mannitol.... Agent:

20110060280 - Adhesive skin patch with pump for subcutaneous drug delivery: In various embodiments, a drug-delivery device includes a skin patch with an integral delivery vehicle adherable to a patient's skin. An exterior surface of the patch defines an envelope within which is disposed a programmable drug pump including a reservoir, a cannula for conducting liquid from the reservoir to the... Agent:

20110060283 - Implantable pump with reservoir level detector: An implantable pump includes a base plate and a can that are parts of the pump housing. The base plate bottom divides the housing into a first electronics chamber and a second chamber. A bellows mechanism is connected to the base plate and is disposed within the second chamber. The... Agent:

20110060282 - Medical device with an energy supply carrying a reservoir: According to one embodiment, a medical device may include an energy supply. The energy supply includes at least two battery stacks, a control unit and a reservoir. The at least two battery stacks include a backup energy source. The control unit may monitor and control the energy supply such that... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110060281 - Medical infusion pump with power source voltage logging and method for logging a power source voltage in a medical infusion pump: A medical infusion pump and a method for logging a power source voltage of a medical infusion pump are disclosed. The medical pump may include a power source, a processor, and a voltage supervisor which responds if a voltage (VDD) drops to a response voltage level which is above a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110060284 - Compact peristaltic medical pump: A compact medical pump includes a linear peristaltic pumping mechanism driven by a motor located within a periphery of a belt of the pumping mechanism. The motor drives a gear set that drives a driving pulley which engages the belt having the rollers. A battery for the pump is positioned... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110060285 - Needle assembly for use in delivering precise dosages of proteinaceous pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use of same: The needle assembly of the invention is a quad-partite system for use with an arc-center stereotactic headframe that allows a clinician to deliver recombinant expression vectors through the needle assembly to targeted sites at exact depths in the brain. Methods for use of the needle assembly with a rube insert... Agent: Ceregene, Inc.

20110060286 - Indwelling needle assembly: An indwelling needle assembly comprises an inner needle secured to an inner needle hub, a hollow outer needle in which the inner needle is positioned, an outer needle hub secured to the outer needle and having a projection at the proximal end, and an elastic protector which has a connection... Agent: Termumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110060287 - Insertion devices, insertion needles, and related methods: Insertion devices for installing insertion sets to a user, insertion needles, methods for loading insertion devices with insertion sets, methods for installing insertion sets, methods for instructing others how to load and/or install insertion sets, and certain aspects of insertion sets, including insertion needle hubs.... Agent: Patton Medical Devices, Lp

20110060288 - Flashback chamber visual enhancement: Featured is a medical infusion device for vascular access with enhanced flashback visualization that includes a hub assembly having a flashback chamber. The hub assembly includes a proximal portion, a distal portion and a substantially transparent window section intermediate the proximal portion and distal portion. A needle is coupled to... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110060289 - Integrated package: The present invention generally relates to skin-mountable devices. A device in accordance with the invention comprises a first skin-mountable unit having a mounting surface comprising adhesive means for adhering the unit to the skin of a subject, and a second handling unit releasably attached to the skin-mountable unit. The handling... Agent: Novo Nordisk A/s

20110060290 - Stabilized protein compositions: Stabilized compositions of specific binding agents to RANKL, specific binding agents to TNF, and/or specific binding agents to IL-1R1 in containers are provided. Methods of making and using such compositions are also provided.... Agent: Amgen Inc.

20110060291 - Device for injecting into an eyeball a sterile liquid selected from amongst perfluorocarbons: Device for injecting into an eyeball a sterile liquid selected from amongst perfluorocarbons, comprising a tubular container body (3) having a first dispensing end (5) and a second end (6), and an adapter (4) for connecting a thrust fluid feed tube (6) to the second end (6). A first stopper... Agent: Al.chi.mi.a. S.r.l.

20110060292 - Pen needle storage device with integral removal and/or installation system: A device for at least one of storing, installing and removing pen needles. The device includes a body configured to store at least one pen needle. A first end of the body is configured to install a pen needle on an injection device. A second end of the body is... Agent: Stat Medical Devices, Inc.

20110060293 - Valve connector for medical lines: A valve connector for medical lines includes a tubular body having a male inlet fitting with external luer cone, which can be coupled to a female tubular fitting with internal luer cone, wherein the inlet fitting includes an internally threaded external tubular element for screwed engagement with the female fitting,... Agent: Industrie Borla S.p.a.

20110060294 - Needle safety device: The invention relates to a needle safety device for a medical device, the needle safety device comprising: a base portion having a bore extending in an axial direction therethrough for receiving a needle; and first and second opposing jaws extending from the base portion generally in the axial direction, wherein... Agent:

20110060295 - Method of reducing infections and/or air embolisms associated with vascular access procedures: A method of reducing infections associated with vascular access procedures. A powder containment device (PCD) is preferably adhesively attached to a skin area, the PCD having a hole formed centrally therethrough adapted to completely surround the catheter wound site. The open cavity formed by the PCD being attached to the... Agent: Biolife, L.L.C.

20110060296 - Wound covering and method for treating a wound: A wound covering is described herein and which includes a flexible substrate having first and second portions which are affixed together, and moveable one relative to the other, and wherein the second portion is, at least in part, optically transparent, and permits the viewing of a wound site on a... Agent:

20110060297 - Compact portable urinal apparatus, kit containing the same and methods of using the same: A compact portable container apparatus holds urine or other fluids safely and hygienically. Specifically, a container is provided that traps urine or other fluids when deposited therein. The container has one or more seals that allows the container to be sealed after use so that leakage of the container after... Agent:

20110060298 - Tissue imaging and extraction systems: Tissue imaging and extraction systems are described herein. Such a system may include a deployment catheter and an attached imaging hood deployable into an expanded configuration. In use, the imaging hood is placed against or adjacent to a region of tissue to be imaged in a body lumen that is... Agent: Voyage Medical, Inc.

20110060299 - Automatic urine disposal apparatus: A detector unit in an automatic urine disposal apparatus has a urination detector 102b and a defecation detector 102c. The urination detector 102b comprises a pair of first electrodes 218a, 218b and the defecation detector 102c comprises a pair of second electrodes 143a, 143b. The pair of first electrodes 218a,... Agent:

20110060300 - Aspiration system for removing liquid discharged by the body, and liquid sensor therefor: An aspiration system is disclosed for removing body liquid (e.g. urine or a secretion) discharged by the human body. The aspiration system comprises a body interface device with a liquid sensor, and an aspiration unit coupled to the body interface device. The liquid sensor comprises a temperature sensor and/or a... Agent: Conva Tec Technologies Inc.

20110060301 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article comprising a liquid-permeable sheet, a liquid-impermeable sheet, and an absorber sandwiched between the liquid-permeable sheet and the liquid-impermeable sheet, wherein a recess part is provided in the liquid-permeable sheet, at least a portion provided with the recess part has a colored layer in contact with the back... Agent: Unicharm Corporation

20110060302 - Method and system for alerting the occurrence of wetness: System and method for alerting the occurrence of wetness on a skin area under a cover layer, comprising detection means for detecting the occurrence of wetness on the skin area under the cover layer, exposure means for exposing at least part of the skin area to a temperature having a... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurweren -chappelijk

20110060303 - Absorbent article including an absorbent core layer having a material free zone and a transfer layer arranged below the absorbent core layer: The present invention generally relates to absorbent articles and in particular to an absorbent article including a liquid permeable cover layer, a liquid impermeable barrier layer, an absorbent core arranged adjacent to the cover layer, a transfer layer arranged between the core and the barrier layer, the absorbent core including... Agent:

20110060304 - Disposable pants-type diaper: A crotch region of a disposable pants-type diaper includes a bodily fluid absorbent structure comprising a liquid-pervious inner sheet, a liquid-impervious outer sheet and a bodily fluid absorbent core and, in addition, a body waste retaining space formed by the inner sheet and the innermost sheet member interposed between the... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110060305 - Wearing article: A wearing article includes front and rear waist regions joined together. A joint strength of joint arrays along the front and rear waist regions is generally uniformed. A chassis is formed along front waist region's side edges and rear waist region's side edges with the joint arrays. A liquid-absorbent structure... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110060306 - Pants type disposable diaper: The present invention aims to provide a pants type disposable diaper free from noticeable gathers formed on the innermost side of the crotch region. In the crotch region of the pants type disposable diaper, the bodily fluid-absorbent core is sandwiched between the liquid-permeable inner sheet and the liquid-impermeable outer sheet.... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110060307 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a void space between a separator sheet and a liquid-absorbent structure. The separator sheet has opposite lateral zones extending in a longitudinal direction, a middle zone via which the opposite lateral zones are contiguous to each other, a front through-hole formed on the side of a... Agent: Uni-charm Corporation

20110060309 - Implantable device for controlled drug delivery: Implantable devices and methods for delivery of lidocaine or other drugs to a patient are provided. In one embodiment, the device includes a first drug portion which has a first drug housing which contains a first drug formulation in a solid form which includes a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of lidocaine;... Agent: Taris Biomedical, Inc.

20110060308 - Methods and implants for inducing satiety in the treatment of obesity: A method for inducing satiety using the steps of inserting an elongated device into a patient through a natural orifice and into a stomach of the patient, placing a distal end of the elongated device adjacent a treatment site within the stomach, and delivering at least one space occupying member... Agent:

20110060310 - Intracutaneous injection: The delivery of biopharmaceutical and other therapeutic agents parenterally to an animal via a minimally invasive, low pain administration is provided. The agents are delivered to the patient via, e.g., the epidermal, dermal, or subcutaneous layer of the skin in a concentrated fours of injectable paste of slurry.... Agent:

20110060312 - Connection system for connecting a fluid line to a fluid reservoir: A connection system for connecting a fluid line to a fluid reservoir located within a device by way of a cannula and a method thereof are disclosed. The connecting system may include a cannula holder, a movable cannula cover, and lock for the cover. The system may further include a... Agent: Roche Diagnostics International Ag

20110060311 - Implantable reel for coiling an implantable member: An implantable spool is used for spooling the excess wiring associated with a lead that extends between at least one electrode and a pulse generator of an electrical stimulation implant system. The present invention also has application to providing a spool for coiling tubing of an implantable drug delivery system.... Agent:

20110060313 - Substrate surface modification utilizing a densified fluid and a surface modifier: Described are methods for modifying the surface properties of a polymer substrate by exposing the substrate to a densified fluid and a surface modifying agent. The densified fluid may be densified carbon dioxide and the surface modifying agent may be one which reduces the surface tension of the polymer substrate,... Agent:

20110060314 - Devices and methods for treating tissue: Described herein are devices, systems and methods for treating target tissue in a patient's spine. In general, the methods include the steps of advancing a wire into the patient from a first location, through a neural foramen, and out of the patient from a second location; connecting a tissue modification... Agent:

20110060315 - Multi-size convertible catheter: The present invention relates to a multi-size catheter for use in biliary endoscopic procedures. The multi-size catheter comprises an outer diameter defined by a plurality of superimposed peelable layers. The peelable layers allow the multi-size catheter to function as a single operator exchange catheter without the need, and additional expense,... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20110060316 - Tipped ribbon integrated guidewire: A guidewire having a longitudinal axis includes an inner ribbon coil wound in a first direction, an outer ribbon coil wound in a second direction opposite the first direction wherein the inner ribbon coil is coaxially arranged within the outer ribbon coil and configured to prevent the inner ribbon coil... Agent:

20110060317 - Catheter with customizable connector: A catheter, and preferably a urinary catheter, is disclosed, comprising an elongate shaft with a catheter insertion end and a flared connector connected to the elongated shaft opposite to the catheter insertion end. The flared connector forms a catheter connector end. Further, a gripping sleeve is fixedly connected to the... Agent:

20110060318 - Methods and systems for providing metered doses of a compound to an individual: An implantable pump for providing metered doses of a compound to an individual is described. The implantable pump includes a chamber for storing an individual dose of the compound, an inlet valve fluidly coupled to the chamber for controlling a flow of the compound into the chamber, and an outlet... Agent:

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20110054377 - Nose cleaning device: A nose cleaning device comprises first and second buds, each bud at the end of a shaft, and the shafts connected together with the buds biased apart in a tweezer arrangement. The inner faces of the buds are flat, and each bud comprises a depth limiting stop for limiting the... Agent:

20110054378 - Methods and systems for measuring and verifying additives for use in a dialysis machine: The present application discloses a portable dialysis system for conducting a dialysis treatment. The portable dialysis system has a controller unit that includes a display, a scale, a bar code reader, and a memory storing a plurality of programmatic instructions. Upon execution, the instructions generate a first graphical user interface,... Agent:

20110054379 - Hemodialysis catheter with thrombus removing device: The present disclosure provides apparatus and methods for removing thrombus outside of a hemodialysis. The hemodialysis catheter comprises an elongate shaft comprising a plurality of lumens. A first lumen has a first distal port. The first lumen is configured for the flow of a fluid in a first direction. A... Agent:

20110054380 - Method and apparatus for removal of gas bubbles from blood: A system is disclosed for removing gas bubbles from blood during circulatory assist procedures. Such bubbles are generated, along with particulate matter, in an extracorporeal circulatory bypass system by the pump, oxygenator and other components. Filters are used in the line to remove particulates and bubbles from the blood before... Agent:

20110054381 - Biliary shunts, delivery systems, and methods of using the same: The application discloses devices, delivery tools, systems, and methods for treating biliary disease. Device comprise, for example, a component configured for deployment between a gallbladder and location within a gastrointestinal tract of a patient which has a proximal end and a distal end with a lumen extending therethrough. A method... Agent:

20110054382 - Cerebrospinal fluid evaluation system having thermal flow and flow rate measurement pad using a plurality of control sensors: A method and device for testing for the presence, absence and/or rate of flow in a shunt tubing implanted under the skin by using a measurement pad having a plurality of temperature sensors, one of which is aligned with the shunt and the other sensors being symmetrically displaced on either... Agent:

20110054383 - Instrument for continuous discharge of anesthetic drug: The present invention is directed towards instruments and methods for discharging an anesthetic drug on a continuous basis for use as a nerve block. In accordance with the present invention, a catheter assembly is provided that comprises an electrically conductive wire, a protective sheath and an inflatable balloon. The inflatable... Agent:

20110054385 - Ophthalmosurgical system: The disclosure relates to an ophthalmosurgical system that includes a first irrigation fluid source. The system also includes a first irrigation fluid line connected to the first irrigation fluid source at a first end and open at the other end. The system further includes an aspiration fluid line, by which... Agent:

20110054384 - Sonic device for use in capsule of eye: This invention relates to an improved procedure for polishing the interior of the lens capsule after the lens is removed. The procedure includes removing the phacoemulsification instrument from the eye after the lens and cortex material have been removed and then placing a novel sonic tip over or within the... Agent:

20110054386 - Vibrating anesthesia device: The hand-held vibration anesthesia tool of the present invention includes a housing in which a battery, vibratory motor, switch and light source are enclosed. A switch turns the motor and light on and off. A tip extends from the housing for touching a patient's skin. When the motor is actuated,... Agent:

20110054388 - Apparatus and methods for controlling tissue oxygenation for wound healing and promoting tissue viability: A non-invasive tissue oxygenation system for accelerating the healing of damaged tissue and to promote tissue viability is disclosed herein. The system is comprised of a lightweight portable electrochemical oxygen concentrator, a power management system, microprocessors, memory, a pressure sensing system, an optional temperature monitoring system, oxygen flow rate/oxygen partial... Agent:

20110054387 - Oxygen supply for implantable medical device: A method for replenishing gas in a subcutaneously implanted medical device containing functional cells comprising: inserting at least one needle, adopted to penetrate the skin and connecting a subcutaneously implanted medical device; connecting said inserted at least one needle to a gas replenishing apparatus; extracting gas from a gas reservoir... Agent:

20110054389 - Method and apparatus for cleaning a nasal passage: A portable device for cleaning a nasal passage is disclosed that includes: a first receptacle having a first opening and a first stop, a second receptacle, a power driven motor operable to deliver an adjustably continuous flushing pressure to the first receptacle and to provide an adjustably continuous vacuuming pressure... Agent:

20110054391 - Analyte sensing and response system: Electrochemical systems for measuring an analyte concentration, and correcting any surplus or deficiency in the measured concentration. More specifically, systems for measuring an analyte level in a fluid with an implantable sensor, processing the measurements with a front-loaded delivery algorithm having a fluid delivery period and a refractory period, and... Agent:

20110054390 - Extended use medical device: Provided is an extended use self-contained, wearable medical device. The device is preferably configured with an infusion deployment mechanism for variably inserting and retracting an infusion needle to different depths, or completely retracting the infusion needle from the infusion site and then re-inserting the infusion needle after a predetermined period... Agent:

20110054392 - Implant material based on a polymer system and the use thereof: An implant material on the basis of a polymer system has a first component and a second component that react with one another when mixed to form a polymer-based solid. The first component is a paste that contains at least one biocompatible polymer powder and a starter component for initiating... Agent:

20110054393 - Selectively flexible catheter and method of use: Catheter assembly including an elongate shaft comprising a thermoplastic polymer such as a thermoplastic shape memory polymer having a pre-selected glass transition temperature (Tg) and a means for heating the thermoplastic polymer, wherein the thermoplastic polymer is in a rubbery state at temperatures above the glass transition temperature and is... Agent:

20110054394 - Bonding sleeve for a medical device: A medical device delivery system comprises an inner tube, a medical device disposed about a portion of the distal region of the inner tube, a medical device sheath disposed about the medical device, a medical device sheath retraction device extending proximally from the medical device sheath and an outer sheath... Agent:

20110054395 - system and a method for inflating an inflatable element with a liquid inflating medium and a balloon catheter inflated by the system and method: A system for inflating a balloon (8) of a balloon catheter (4) with a liquid inflating medium which removes air during inflation of the balloon (8) comprises a vertically mounted syringe (36) containing the liquid inflating medium for inflating the balloon (8). Air in the system is displaced into a... Agent:

20110054396 - Balloon catheter devices with drug-coated sheath: Medical devices comprising a balloon and a therapeutic agent disposed over the balloon. In one embodiment, an expandable sheath covers the balloon, and the expandable sheath is coated with the therapeutic agent. As the balloon is inflated, the sheath expands and causes the coating of therapeutic agent to break apart.... Agent:

20110054397 - Medical liquid injection device: Medical liquid injection device comprising the following distinct elements: a container (1), an outlet channel (14) and a pumping unit (5); said container (1) comprising a rigid wall on which said pumping unit (5) is rigidly fixed; said rigid wall furthermore including a passage (4) which forms a direct fluid... Agent:

20110054398 - Medical syringe with retractable needle: A piston in a syringe barrel has a cavity that opens toward the distal end of the barrel. A needle assembly has a hub, a hollow needle fixed in the hub, and a spring seated between the distal end of the barrel and the hub. A membrane is between the... Agent:

20110054401 - Device for injecting veterinary products to poultry including a contention member having an anatomic form with means for bracing a detectable bone: The invention relates to a device for injecting veterinary products to at least one bird by intramuscular injection, wherein said injection(s) can be carried out in the area of at least one muscle in the vicinity of a bone having a detectable shape in the body of said poultry, said... Agent:

20110054399 - Insertion device systems and methods: A first device housing may be configured to be operatively engaged with and disengaged from a base carried by a user and may include a first carrier body arranged for movement at least between a refracted position and an advanced position. The first carrier body may support a piercing member... Agent:

20110054400 - Insertion device systems and methods: A piercing member for piercing a membrane may be arranged within a housing and supported by a compliant that may be for allowing articulation of the piercing member relative to the housing in a case where the piercing member is in the membrane and moved relative to the housing.... Agent:

20110054402 - Indwelling needle assembly and method of using the same: An indwelling needle assembly, including an inner needle having a sharp needle point at a distal end thereof; an inner needle hub which is fixed to a proximal portion of the inner needle and which has a proximal end face; a hollow outer needle into which the inner needle is... Agent:

20110054403 - Indwelling needle assembly and method of using the same: An indwelling needle assembly, includes an inner needle having a sharp needle point at a distal end thereof, an inner needle hub fixed to a proximal portion of the inner needle, a hollow outer needle into which the inner needle is inserted, and an outer needle hub fixed to a... Agent:

20110054404 - Medical instrument: An indwelling needle assembly has a hollow outer needle fixed to an outer needle hub, an inner needle in the outer needle and fixed to an inner needle hub, and a protector. A step section of the outer needle hub serves as a speed reducer that reduces the speed, in... Agent:

20110054405 - Hemostasis valve with iris seal: A hemostasis valve is disclosed herein. The hemostasis valve may include an inner bushing, a rotation sleeve, an elastomeric sleeve, and a biasing element. The rotation sleeve may extend about the inner bushing and be rotationally displaceable relative to the inner bushing. The elastomeric sleeve may include a first end... Agent:

20110054406 - Vasculature entry confirmation mechanism: A vascular entry confirmation mechanism that produces a signal when a cannula and/or catheter is properly placed in a blood vessel is described herein. Generally, the confirmation mechanism comprises a cannula (such as a venapuncture needle), a signaling element, a power source, electrical components to electrically connect the signaling element... Agent:

20110054407 - System including access port and applicator tool: The present invention provides a system for attaching a fluid access port to a patient. The system generally comprises an implantable access port and a tool for attaching an access port to a patient. The implantable access port may include a plurality of anchor assemblies composed of two different materials.... Agent:

20110054408 - Delivery systems, devices, tools, and methods of use: A covering for delivering a substance or material to a surgical site is provided. The covering, with substance provided therein, may be referred to as a delivery system. Generally, the covering may be a single or multi-compartment structure capable of at least partially retaining a substance provided therein until the... Agent:

20110054409 - Medical line strap securement system: A securement system is provided for use with a medical article. The securement system includes a retainer and a securement strap. The retainer comprising an elastomeric gel and a longitudinal channel configured to retain at least a portion of the medical article. In some embodiments, the securement strap may be... Agent:

20110054410 - Liquid formulation of fsh: The present invention relates to a liquid pharmaceutical composition comprising a follicle stimulating hormone polypeptide and benzalkonium chloride and benzyl alcohol as preservatives. The composition further comprises optionally one or more other pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. In one embodiment, the composition contains methionine as an antioxidant. The composition shows a good... Agent:

20110054411 - Patient-contact activated needle stick safety device: A device that is used in conjunction with a needle-based medication injection device (e.g. a prefilled syringe) that prevents needle stick injuries after the medication has been injected into a patient. The used needle is shielded by a cylindrical needle guard that surrounds and extends beyond the needle tip. In... Agent:

20110054412 - Dual-function spring: An injection device for dispensing a product, the injection device including a moveable element which is moved for a dispensing operation, a spring, a product container holder and a product container, wherein the spring pushes against the moveable element to move the moveable element to an initial position after the... Agent:

20110054413 - Pin for hygienic and/or medical use in the anal region: A pin for hygienic and/or medical use in the anal region includes a first section extending from a predetermined end of the pin in the longitudinal direction thereof, and a second section that is offset from the first section in the longitudinal direction of the pin. The first section is... Agent:

20110054414 - Automatic injection device: Exemplary embodiments provide a syringe plunger formed of a polymeric material. The syringe plunger includes a pressurizer disposed at a proximal end, and a distal end bifurcated into a first plunger arm having a first conical surface and a second conical surface, and a second plunger arm having a first... Agent:

20110054415 - Valved catheter: A valved catheter is provided which includes a slit that opens readily in both directions either when a fluid is caused to flow from the interior to the exterior thereof or when a fluid is caused to flow from the exterior to the interior thereof, and that prevents inadvertent closure... Agent:

20110054416 - Material control device for inserting material into a targeted anatomical region: An extractable device is used to insert a flowable material into a vertebral body. The device comprises a filling member and a flowable material. The filling member is made of a flexible wall which includes a holding portion and an injection port via which the flowable material is injected into... Agent:

20110054417 - Bioactive agent release coating and controlled humidity method: A coating composition in the form of a one or multi-part system, and method of applying such a composition under conditions of controlled humidity, for use in coating device surfaces to control and/or improve their ability to release bioactive agents in aqueous systems. The coating composition is particularly adapted for... Agent:

20110054418 - Methods and apparatus for pulsatile release of medicaments from a punctal plug: This invention discloses methods and apparatus for providing pulsatile release of active agents via a punctal plug inserted into a punctum. A tube is provided which may be inserted into a cavity of a punctal plug. One or more pulsatile delivery units are arranged in a generally linear fashion within... Agent:

20110054419 - Volume reducing reservoir insert for an infusion port: An access portal is provided including a housing, a body defining a fluid reservoir, and a septum enclosing the fluid reservoir. A stem in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir extends from the fluid reservoir. The access portal also includes a reservoir insert disposed within the fluid reservoir, in which... Agent:

20110054420 - Reduced-pressure wound dressings and systems for re-epithelialization and granulation: Methods, apparatuses, and systems for promoting re-epithelialization and granulation as an aspect of wound healing are presented. A method and system for promoting granulation and re-epithelialization of a wound at the same time involves using a reduced-pressure treatment dressing and applying a moist, water-sensitive barrier to promote re-epithelialization and to... Agent:

20110054422 - Re-epithelialization wound dressings and systems: Methods, apparatuses, and systems for promoting re-epithelialization as an aspect of wound healing are presented. A re-epithelialization dressing for use with reduced pressure has a moist tissue-interface layer, a manifold member, and a sealing member. The moist tissue-interface layer has a plurality of apertures. The moist tissue-interface layer is for... Agent:

20110054423 - Wound cleansing apparatus in-situ: An apparatus for cleansing wounds, in which wound exudate is removed from a wound bed and selectively cleansed and returned to the wound. The cleansing means removes materials deleterious to wound healing, and the cleansed fluid, still containing materials that are beneficial in promoting wound healing, is returned to the... Agent:

20110054421 - Wound dressing: A method and apparatus are disclosed for dressing a wound. The apparatus comprises a sealing layer comprising at least one orifice, an absorbent layer over the sealing layer, absorbing wound exude and a liquid impermeable, gas permeable filter layer over the absorbent layer.... Agent:

20110054424 - Sanitary protection device: A sanitary protection device intended to be placed in the user's vagina (7). Distinguishing features of the sanitary protection device are that it includes a shell-like basic element (1), that the basic element (1) has in its height direction (H) a shape which narrows both upwards and downwards from an... Agent:

20110054425 - Ostomy bag: The invention provides an ostomy bag assembly including an outer bag and an inner bag secured to one side of a flange. The inner bag is removable to facilitate disposal. The flange has a polymeric backing film and a layer of bioadhesive for securing the ostomy bag assembly to the... Agent:

20110054426 - Female portable urinary collection device: A female portable urinary device including a contour funnel, a tube, and a collection pouch. One end of the tube is connected to the contour funnel and the other end of the tube is connected to the collection pouch. The contour funnel includes an outer surface that conforms to the... Agent:

20110054428 - Male urethral retention device for absorbing liquid discharge: A flexible sheath used for absorbing and retaining liquid discharge from a male penis, and in particular, for male urinary incontinence and for use after intercourse. The device comprises an opening, a single interior cavity, an upper elastic band, and an inner fluid absorbent material. The opening allows for insertion... Agent:

20110054427 - Male urinary incontinence device and method: A male urinary incontinence system includes a first portion that fit over a penis and has a distal end with a fluid opening. A urine collection vessel having a proximal end removably attaches to the distal of the first portion, thereby allowing a user to urinate through the fluid opening... Agent:

20110054429 - Textile composite material for decontaminating the skin: An absorbent textile composite material for decontaminating the skin. The absorbent textile composite material comprises a flexible carrier layer and an active layer connected with the carrier layer. The active layer comprises a nanofiber nonwoven filled with a superabsorbent to absorb and retain noxious substances from the skin. The absorbent... Agent:

20110054430 - Absorbent articles comprising a peroxy compound and an organic zinc salt: An absorbent article, such as a diaper, panty diaper, sanitary napkin or incontinence device includes a liquid-permeable topsheet, a backsheet and an absorbent core enclosed between the liquid-permeable topsheet and the backsheet. The absorbent core includes a peroxy compound and an organic zinc salt, in particular zinc ricinoleate. The combination... Agent:

20110054431 - Heating array holder: A heating array hold such as a garment is described having a heating device, and a monitoring device that may include a focused antenna. The garment may be used to heat and monitor internal tissue and/or fluid in an individual in a non-invasive way.... Agent:

20110054434 - Disposable pants-type diaper: A disposable pants-type diaper includes an innermost sheet lying between a liquid-pervious inner sheet covering a bodily fluid-absorbent core and diaper wearer's skin and attached to the inner sheet to form a body waste retaining space. The innermost sheet is formed with a front opening allowing the passage of urine... Agent:

20110054433 - Web for retention of internal bodily secretions: A flexible retention web designed to be introduced into a vaginal cavity, said web being provided with means of removal and being made of a non-expandable or minimally expandable atraumatic material, the dimensions of which are designed in such a way as to be able to retain and/or slow down... Agent:

20110054432 - Absorbent article: An absorbent article includes a rear waist region provided with a waist region elastic member attached thereto under tension. The waist region elastic member is formed with a plurality of slits each extending in a longitudinal direction and extending through the elastic member in a thickness direction thereof. The waist... Agent:

20110054435 - Fastening system having multiple engagement orientations: A fastening system has a first fastening member and a second fastening member. The first member has a retaining element and a substrate element. The retaining element includes a proximal edge and a distal edge and is attached to the substrate element along a line of attachment. The second fastening... Agent:

20110054436 - Method and system for maintaining aseptic conditions in the storage of biologics: Technologies are generally described for the storage of biologics and other fluid materials while maintaining aseptic conditions. A system may include a storage body providing a reservoir for containing the materials. A cap may couple to the storage body forming a fluid-tight seal. A port may be provided for transferring... Agent:

20110054437 - Device for conserving, extemporaneously preparing, and administering an active principle: The invention provides a device (10) for conserving and extemporaneously preparing at least one active principle prior to administration, the device comprising: a body (12) that is constituted by at least one compartment for containing at least one volume of pharmaceutical solvent (22) that is less than 5 mL; a... Agent:

20110054438 - Stent delivery at a bifurcation, systems and methods: The present invention provides systems and methods for delivery of a stent or scaffold at a blood vessel or body lumen bifurcation. A method can include positioning a scaffold at a bifurcation of a main lumen into first and second branch lumens using a first expansion catheter, inflating a main... Agent:

20110054439 - Bolus dose determination for a therapeutic fluid dispensing system: Disclosed is a medical device to treat diabetes. The medical device includes a bolus calculator to determine an insulin bolus based on, at least in part, a glycemic index value associated with an intake to be consumed by a user, the bolus calculator further adapted to determine the insulin bolus... Agent:

20110054442 - Cell membrane translocation of regulated snare inhibitors, compositions therefor, and methods for treatment of disease: Compositions and methods of modulating cellular function and treatment of disease in mammals comprising locally administering a regulated SNARE inhibitor and a translocating agent to the mammal. Regulated SNARE inhibitors include clostridial neurotoxins, tetanus neurotoxin and their free light chain portions and IgA protease. Translocating agents include acids, encapsulating vectors,... Agent:

20110054440 - Disinfecting male luer connector caps: A system and method for disinfecting an exposed portion of a female luer connector is disclosed. A male luer connector coupled to a male luer connector cap is provided where the male luer connector cap has a chamber containing a disinfectant and a sealing member for sealing the disinfectant in... Agent:

20110054441 - Methods, devices, and compositions for intravitreal injection: Methods of treating disorders of the eye are disclosed. One or more substances are injected into the vitreous humor of the eye using a syringe. A needle of the syringe is inserted into the eye such that the tip of the needle is positioned inferior to the visual axis. The... Agent:

20110054443 - Balloon catheter devices with drug delivery extensions: A medical device is provided for dilatation of a vessel and delivery of therapeutic agent to a wall of the vessel. The medical device comprises a catheter, a balloon located at a distal end of the catheter, and a drug delivery extension. The drug delivery extension is configured to extend... Agent:

20110054444 - Myocardial injector with spring loaded protective array: A system is provided for performing injections in the ventricle of a patient. The system includes an injection catheter with a proximal and distal end. Importantly, a flexible array is mounted at the distal end of the injection catheter and is moveable between a protective configuration and a flared configuration.... Agent:

20110054445 - Devices and methods for treatment of eye disease: Methods, systems, and apparatus for delivering drugs for treatment of eye disease are described. For example, the methods, systems, and apparatus can be optionally used to treat wet age-related macular degeneration. In some examples, an eye disease is treated by implanting a device comprising a sealed container into the diseased... Agent:

20110054446 - Catheter with multi-functional control handle having linear mechanism: A catheter for use in a patient's heart, especially for mapping a tubular region of the heart, has a catheter body, a deflectable intermediate section and a distal a mapping assembly that has a generally circular portion adapted to sit on or in a tubular region of the heart. A... Agent:

20110054447 - Lockable drainage catheter: A drainage catheter includes a shaft having a flexible distal portion to be anchored in a cavity of a patient and a proximal portion attached to a hub. The hub includes a side port with a deformable sealing insert having self-sealing passageways for tensioning members, such as nylon filaments, passing... Agent:

20110054448 - Medical device containing catheter anchoring feature: An indwelling drainage catheter is disclosed that is configured to include spiral, helical or radial geometry on the external surface that allows the catheter to be introduced and locked into the anatomy via threading, linear indexing or similar action.... Agent:

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