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Surgery March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073106 - Dry powder inhaler: An Inhaler for delivering an aerosolised dose of a powdered drug for inhalation by a user is disclosed. The inhaler comprises a drug entreinment device to a receive a package having a piercable lid containing a dose to be delivered, the device including a drug outlet tube terminating with a... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20110073107 - Controlling and communicatng with respiratory care devices: Disclosed are methods, systems, apparatus, and products, including a method for operating a respiratory care device that includes collecting at a respiratory care device data representative of operation of the respiratory care device, and communicating to a computing-based device external to the respiratory care device at least some of the... Agent: Sequal Technologies Inc.

20110073108 - Portable sedation apparatus and related method: Various embodiments of the invention may provide a breathing and/or anesthetic unit that is portable, compact, inexpensive, and convenient, and which may expedite medical procedures by allowing a health care provider to quickly sedate a patient. Such a unit may be ideal for minor medical procedures needing mild or moderate... Agent:

20110073109 - Apparatus for humidifying a respiratory gas: The invention concerns an apparatus for supplying a respiratory gas, a humidifying apparatus, a respiratory gas tube and a connecting apparatus therefor. The apparatus of the invention includes a blowing device for delivering the respiratory gas, a housing device which has a bottom region, a top surface region and a... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110073110 - Compact low noise efficient blower for cpap devices: A blower includes an electric motor having a shaft, a housing having a housing inlet and a housing outlet between which is defined a flow path for gas, a first impeller having a plurality of blades adapted to accelerate gas tangentially and to direct it radially outward, and a stationary... Agent: Resmed Motor Technologies Inc.

20110073112 - Broad-band, low frequency, high-amplitude, long time duration, oscillating airway pressure breathing apparatus and method utilizing bubbles: It has been discovered that high amplitude, low frequency, broadband spectrum pressure oscillations of sufficient time duration can help stabilize lung volumes and improve gas exchange in a patient receiving ventilation assistance by helping to recruit and stabilize alveoli. A novel device is presented which can produce pressure oscillations having... Agent: Seattle Children's Hospital D/b/a Seattle Children's Research Institute

20110073111 - Mouth piece for a breathing apparatus: The present invention relates to a mouth piece for a breathing apparatus, a breathing apparatus and a method for adjusting a valve trigger mechanism arranged on a mouth piece for a breathing apparatus. The mouth piece according to the present invention comprises a housing comprising a mouth piece breathing part... Agent:

20110073113 - Kink resistant endotrachael tube: A kink resistant silicon endotracheal tube includes an inflatable cuff for positioning the endotracheal tube in a patient's trachea. The cuff is folded over onto itself to provide a cavity for accumulating bacteria and secretions that are then removed by suction. The cuff in the lower part of the endotracheal... Agent:

20110073114 - Multiple channel tracheal tube placement device and technique for using the same: According to various embodiments, a tracheal tube may employ sensing techniques for determining a distance between the inserted tube and an anatomical structure such as a carina. The distance information may provide an indication as to whether or not the tracheal tube is properly placed within the trachea. Because a... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110073115 - Tracheal cuff for providing seal with reduced pressure on the tracheal walls: According to various embodiments, a tracheal tube may include a cuff assembly that relies on mechanical pressure rather than inflation pressure to form a seal against a patient's trachea. Such cuff assemblies may include cone or umbrella-shaped structures that may form seals at substantially lower pressures than traditional inflation cuffs.... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC

20110073116 - Applicators for a nasal cannula: The invention relates to an applicator for a nasal cannula, comprising a body (11) enclosing a hollow space (22). The applicator further comprises tube connections (20, 21) for supplying a respirable gas into the hollow space (22). The applicator further comprises prongs (18, 19) for administering the respirable gas into... Agent:

20110073117 - Lubricated condom: A condom, including a non-porous sheath member, having an open end and a rounded end, and shaped to cover the glans and body portion of a penis, and at least one rib having at least one outer portion and at least one inner portion, wherein the at least one outer... Agent:

20110073118 - Bistable magnetic holding device: A bistable magnetic holding device, which includes: a nonmagnetic support casing in the form of a channel with a rectangular cross-section; a magnetic core including a base and three legs set perpendicularly to the base, the two outer legs and the base forming a “U”; a permanent magnet in the... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110073119 - Negative pressure oral apparatus: This invention provides an oral apparatus and method capable of alleviating or curing snore and obstructive sleep apnea by applying a negative pressure through a mini oral interface to the oral cavity. The mini oral interface creates a secure connection between the interface and mouth or teeth and prevents the... Agent: Somnics, Inc.

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110067695 - Slave wheel counter mechanism useable with an inhaler: A counter mechanism useable with a dry powder inhaler is disclosed. The mechanism features first and second indicator members rotatable about a central axis. The indicator members have counting indicia visible to indicate inhaler doses remaining or dispensed. A coupling transmits rotary motion from the inhaler to the second indicator... Agent: Aventis Pharma Limited

20110067696 - Powder inhaler: The powder inhaler of the present invention includes: a housing having a port; a storage member located in the housing for storing a powder medicament; a medicament-delivery member provided in the housing, the medicament-delivery member comprising at least one concave portion for receiving medicament, and capable of taking, relative to... Agent: Otsuka Techno Corporation

20110067697 - Method and device for administering oxygen to a patient and monitoring the patient: A method for administering a gas containing oxygen to a patient. The method includes: measuring an oxygen-dependent physiological parameter in the patient; determining an optimal gas delivery parameter based on the oxygen-dependent physiological parameter; and administering the gas to the patient in accordance with the optimal gas delivery parameter. In... Agent:

20110067698 - Handheld device for delivering continuous positive airway pressure: A hand held CPAP device for providing a continuous positive airway pressure where pressure is generated by a flow of gas from a demand valve by the interaction of an adjustable compression spring compressing the demand valve actuating diaphragm.... Agent: O-two Medical Technologies Inc.

20110067699 - Respiratory secretion retention device, system and method: An apparatus, system, and method for managing respiratory secretions and fluids in sections of artificial airways. In an embodiment of the invention, a respiratory secretion retention (RSR) device configured to fluidly connect to an artificial airway can be provided. The device can include a housing that defines a passageway for... Agent: Mergenet Medical, Inc.

20110067700 - Flat-fold filtering face-piece respirator having structural weld pattern: A flat-fold filtering face piece respirator 10 that comprises a mask body 12 that has a transversely-extending line of demarcation 22 and a longitudinal axis 34. First and second weld patterns 32a, 32b are disposed above and not traversing the line of demarcation on each side of the longitudinal axis... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110067701 - Horizontal flat-fold filtering face-piece respirator having indicia of symmetry: A horizontal flat-fold, filtering face-piece respirator 10 that includes a harness 14 and a mask body 12 that has a front surface, a first perimeter 24a, and a longitudinal axis 34. A nose clip 30 is secured to the mask body 12 centrally and adjacent to the first perimeter 24a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110067702 - Looped tether for medical ventilating and aspirating devices: There is provided a looped tether to prevent the over-withdrawal of a suction catheter from a connecting fitting in a closed suction catheter respiratory device. The looped tether is made from a single thread or strand that is looped or doubled in length with the two loose ends connected together... Agent:

20110067703 - Medical device with antimicrobial layer: A medical device includes a conduit for a fluid. The conduit has a wall formed of a hydrophobic polymer with a hydrophilic polymer layer extruded over it, and an antimicrobial substantially dispersed within the hydrophilic polymer. The antimicrobial compound may be a predetermined amount of phosphorus-based glass having a predetermined... Agent: Mallinckrodt Inc.

20110067704 - Unobtrusive interface systems: An apparatus for delivering a flow of breathable gas to a patient for the treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) that is less obtrusive includes a nasal cannula, cannulae (2a, 2b), prongs, or pillows and may be sealed or unsealed with the nares of the patient in use. The cannula,... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110067705 - Fertility regulator incorporating vas deferens implanted open/close bypass in combination with a hand held controller for wireless power transfer: An on/off fertility regulator device in the form of a male vas deferens or female fallopian tube bypass mounted device incorporating an open/close valve actuator. A separate handheld controller is positioned above the skin and in proximity to the previously implanted regulating device. Wireless energy transfer receiver circuitry is built... Agent:

20110067707 - Lubricated condom: A condom, including a non-porous sheath member, having an open end and a rounded end, and shaped to cover the glans and body portion of a penis, and at least one rib having at least one outer portion and at least one inner portion, wherein the at least one outer... Agent:

20110067706 - Male sheath ejaculation cap: The Ejaculation Cap is a containment chamber and receptacle for semen from the penis resulting from sexual activity. The device is tubular with a closed end and an open end with the body of the device to covering the length of the penis. The closed end can be flat, circular,... Agent:

20110067708 - Nasal devices for use while sleeping: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent:

20110067709 - Nasal respiratory devices: Described herein are nasal respiratory devices and methods for treating a variety of medical diseases including snoring and steep apnea through the use of such devices. In general, these devices include an airflow resistor, such as a flap valve and a holdfast for securing the device in communication with the... Agent:

20110067710 - Night time dental protector: A dental appliance for preventing the grinding of teeth associated with bruxism and including a bite tray that includes opposing first and second posterior sections for positioning between upper and lower posterior teeth of the wearer and anterior section disposed between the first posterior section and the second posterior section.... Agent: Dentek Oral Care Inc.

20110067711 - Night time dental protector: A dental appliance for preventing the teeth grinding associated with bruxism that includes a bite tray having opposing first and second posterior sections for positioning between upper and lower posterior teeth of the wearer and an anterior section disposed between the first and second posterior sections. The posterior sections can... Agent: Dentek Oral Care Inc.

20110067712 - Method and apparatus for deploying a shape memory polymer: Methods and apparatus described herein may utilize activation of an SMP material to install medical devices with respect to a surgical site. Activation of the SMP material may be performed with the use of a triggering force and/or a constraint applied to the SMP material. Activation using a triggering force... Agent: Medshape Solutions, Inc.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110061646 - Drug dispenser: One aspect provides a drug dispenser device comprising a housing; extending from the housing, an outlet for insertion into a body cavity of a patient; provided to the housing and moveable with respect thereto, a drug discharge device having a longitudinal axis and comprising a container for storing a drug... Agent: Glaxo Group Limited

20110061647 - Patient monitoring, diagnosis, and/or therapy systems and methods: Systems and methods involve an implantable device configured to perform at least one cardiac-related function, a patient-external respiratory therapy device, and a communication channel configured to facilitate communication between the implantable device and the respiratory therapy device. The implantable and respiratory therapy devices operate cooperatively via the communication channel to... Agent:

20110061648 - Wireless medical gases management system: The present invention generally provides methods and systems for managing a medical gas system by using wireless sensors located at the point of use. In one embodiment, a wireless sensor is fixed to a gas outlet, and is configured to measure gas flow, and to detect whether the gas outlet... Agent:

20110061650 - Anesthesia device and process for operating an anesthesia device: An anesthesia device and a process are provided with which a breathing gas, which is present in a breathing circuit and which is especially enriched with an anesthetic, can be removed rapidly and in a cost-effective manner. The breathing circuit comprises an inspiratory breathing gas duct and an expiratory breathing... Agent: Drager Medical Ag & Co. Kg

20110061649 - Device and method for treating respiratory and other diseases: A method and device to prevent and cure body diseases caused by infection factors such as: bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites as well as preventing fat accumulation in body blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol level in the blood and destroying body organs cancer cells is done by inhaling vapors... Agent:

20110061651 - Formoterol superfine formulation: A metal container and a method of preparing a metal container for a pharmaceutical formulation where the active ingredient is formoterol, a stereoisomer of formoterol, and a physiologically acceptable salt of formoterol, in a solution of a liquefied HFA propellant.... Agent: Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.a.

20110061652 - Blister for inhalers: The invention relates to a blister for charging an inhaler with a pharmaceutical preparation, characterised in that the blister is at least partially manufactured from a dehydrating plastics material. The invention also relates to blisters according to the invention which are filled with a pharmaceutical preparation.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110061653 - Dispenser for pulverulent substances contained in a separate pack: The invention relates to a dispenser for pulverulent compounds contained in a separate pack, in particular compounds contained in a blister pack, wherein the pack has a container part and a tear-off container cover, wherein, furthermore, an air flow aspirated after removal of the container cover from the container part... Agent:

20110061654 - Oxygen mask which facilitates a pateint to breath oxygen: The present invention discloses a structural improvement of an oxygen mask which covers a nose without covering a mouth, wherein a respiration tube faces upward, an air inlet tube is located at a center of an exterior side of the respiration tube and an inner tube of the air inlet... Agent:

20110061655 - Breathing mask and regulator for aircraft: The auxiliary breathing flow channel apparatus for an oxygen mask for pilots and crew of an airplane includes a flow control device with closed and open positions to regulate flow through an auxiliary channel. A pressure sensor such as an aneroid capsule automatically closes the auxiliary channel upon a decrease... Agent: B/e Intellectual Property

20110061656 - Face mask with seal within seal and optional bridging seal: The present face mask may have a double seal, a triple seal or a quadruple seal, with distinct spacing between each of the seals within a set of seals. Each of the seals within a double seal, triple seal, or quadruple seal may stand alone or may be interconnected to... Agent:

20110061657 - Face mask with seal within seal and optional bridging seal: The present face mask may have a double seal, a triple seal or a quadruple seal, with distinct spacing between each of the seals within a set of seals. Each of the seals within a double seal, triple seal, or quadruple seal may stand alone or may be interconnected to... Agent:

20110061658 - Oropharyngeal devices for use in ventilating patients: An oropharyngeal device, for example, an endotracheal tube or a laryngeal mask airway, intended for insertion into a patient includes a tube portion defining a lumen which permits flow of a ventilating gas to the patient who may be under anesthesia for performance of surgery. The device includes a reinforcement... Agent:

20110061659 - Minimally invasive delivery devices and methods: Transcervical pathway systems and methods are described. The system may include a delivery sheath having a first longitudinal opening and a second longitudinal opening. A visualization system, such as a hysteroscope, is deliverable through the first longitudinal opening of the delivery sheath. An implant delivery system is deliverable through the... Agent:

20110061660 - Minimally invasive delivery devices and methods: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for delivering a contraceptive device to an ovarian pathway. The contraceptive device is within an enclosure in a first position. In a second position, the contraceptive device is positioned at the ovarian pathway, by actuating a first actuator. The contraceptive device... Agent:

20110061661 - Purr pillow: Purr pillow with a microprocessor chip, a flat speaker, a power supply, an on off switch, a frequency selector switch, a random selection switch, a volume control, a standard amplifier circuit, a PC board and a housing. The microprocessor is programmed to produce purring sounds at frequencies ranging from 20... Agent:

20110061662 - Apparatus and method to limit exposure of a body area to radiation: An apparatus for limiting exposure of an underlying body area of a patient to radiation. The apparatus includes a mask defining a void. The mask is contoured to substantially conform to the underlying body area. A radiation barrier is positionable within the void to facilitate limiting exposure of at least... Agent:

20110061663 - Infant sleep system: The invention provides an infant sleep system that can deter, reduce or eliminate several risk factors affecting infants while sleeping, including, but not limited to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), skull flattening, toxic gas theory, acid reflux or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux (GER), colic, and injuries resulting from falls.... Agent: Beautiful Ideas Corporation

20110061664 - Stocking for feet with bunions: Stockings for feet with Bunions, the stocking including two sections, the first section being a cavity in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped shape for inserting the big toe or hallux, and the second section being a truncated pyramid-shaped cavity for inserting the other toes; in addition, the stocking has... Agent:

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110056488 - Inhaler: An inhaler for producing an inhalable aerosol of powdered medicament is disclosed. The inhaler includes an aerosolising device having a chamber of substantially circular cross-section, inlet and outlet ports at opposite ends of the chamber for the flow of drug laden air through the chamber between said ports and, a... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20110056489 - Respiratory treatment delivery system: Embodiments relate to systems and methods for delivery of oxygen or other treatment gases to a patient without requiring physical contact or enclosure of the patient. Embodiments can include a delivery hood, sensing components, and a gas distribution system including one or more gas delivery ports. Gas delivery ports may... Agent:

20110056490 - Anesthesia system: An anesthesia system is provided including an anesthesia apparatus, an anesthetic dispenser with an anesthetic reservoir, at least one dispensing parameter detection means, a contactless interface between the anesthesia apparatus and the anesthetic dispenser for transmitting data, especially the dispensing parameters, and for supplying the at least one dispensing parameter... Agent: Dr&#xc4 Ger Medical Ag & Co. Kg

20110056491 - Electronic anesthesia delivery apparatus: An electronic anesthesia delivery apparatus for mixing a carrier gas and first and second anesthetic agents comprises a chassis having an electronic vaporizer, the vaporizer having a first anesthetic chamber and a second anesthetic chamber retaining the first anesthetic agent and the second anesthetic agent, a carrier gas input port... Agent:

20110056492 - Effective delivery of nanoparticles and micrometer-sized pharmaceutical aerosols to the lung through enhanced condensational growth: Methods and devices for inhalation therapy to deliver and embed (deposit) particles less than about 1 μm in diameter in the lung. High humidity treatment of the lungs causes condensational growth in particle size upon entering the lungs. Increased particle size is conducive to particle embedment (deposition) in deep lung... Agent:

20110056493 - Sleep apnea vapor inhaler adapter: t

20110056494 - Blister strip coil forming: A method of coiling a strip of blisters for insertion into an inhalation device is disclosed. The method includes the steps of taking a preformed strip of blisters in which each blister contains a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user, manipulating the strip to impart a continuous curvature... Agent: Vectura Delivery Devices Limited

20110056495 - Exhaust assembly: An exhaust assembly (1) adapted for use in a respiratory gas delivery system comprises an exhaust vent, an exhaust gas flow passage, a primary gas flow passage, and a moveable member. The exhaust gas flow passage communicated a flow of exhaust gas from a first end of the exhaust assembly... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.v.

20110056496 - Integrated belt and plenum powered air purifying respirator: A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) assembly and kit therefore has an elongated hollow belt body having open first and second ends and multiple inlet openings along its length for mounting one or more filter canisters, one or more filter canisters for mounting in the inlet openings for supplying purified... Agent: Avon Protection Systems, Inc.

20110056497 - Cushion for mask system: A mouth cushion for a mask system includes a side wall, an undercushion extending away from the side wall, and a membrane provided to substantially surround the undercushion and adapted to form a continuous seal around an exterior of a patient's mouth in use. The side wall includes spaced-apart prong... Agent: Resmed Limited

20110056498 - Forehead pad for respiratory mask: A forehead pad for use in a respiratory mask with a forehead support, which includes a base portion to contact a user's forehead, a support post connected to the base portion, and a head adapted to connect the support post to a forehead support. A pair of forehead pads may... Agent: Map Medizin-technologie Gmbh

20110056499 - Sealing nasal devices for use while sleeping: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent:

20110056500 - Balloon catheter for respiratory tract: Disclosed herein is a balloon catheter for the respiratory tract, which serves to widen the lumen of the respiratory tract when stricture or stenosis of the lumen occurs and is configured to enable a patient to breathe even during catheterization. The catheter includes a tube unit having a double structure... Agent:

20110056501 - Intrauterine system: The present invention relates to novel intrauterine systems and to methods for manufacturing these systems. An intrauterine system according to the invention comprises a reservoir and a continuous, closed and flexible frame.... Agent: Bayer Schering Pharma Oy

20110056503 - Ergonomic support apparatus and method for assisting sleep: The present invention relates to the field of assisting sleep, including apparatus and methods for assisting sleep. In one form, the invention provides a postural support apparatus comprising a first supporting means (5) adapted to support the head of the user, a second supporting means (15) adapted to support the... Agent:

20110056502 - Intubation pillow: An intubation pillow formed by a base cushion that forms a torso-support portion and defines a recess sized and shaped so as to provide proper alignment of the oral, pharyngeal, and laryngeal structures forming a person's airway. A head-support cushion that is positionable within the recess is provided so as... Agent: Woodlark Circle, Inc.

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110048414 - Circumferential aerosol device: The present application discloses devices and methods for delivering a therapeutic compound to the olfactory epithelium of an animal or human. The device having one or more channels for imparting a circumferential and axial velocity to the discharged fluid, and an outlet that discharges an aerosol spray having a circumferential... Agent:

20110048415 - Nebulizer: A nebulizer having an insertable container and a monitoring device for counting actuations of the nebulizer is proposed. The monitoring device is mounted in a detachable housing part and directly detects movements of container during a nebulizing process, an air supply current in the region of a mouthpiece, and/or the... Agent:

20110048416 - Respirator system including convertible head covering member: A headgear article includes a head covering member that has an opening formed therein. A panel is disposed over the opening and is removably attached to the head covering member. A respirator system is also disclosed that includes the headgear article and further including a visor and defining an interior... Agent:

20110048417 - Method and apparatus for collection of waste anesthetic gases: In an apparatus for collection of waste anesthetic gases, and a method of using such an apparatus, the apparatus has a gas collection chamber with an input port to be connected to an exhaust of an anesthesia delivery system for receiving a first gas flow therefrom that contains a waste... Agent:

20110048418 - Dispensing apparatus: A dose counter for counting activations of a pressurised dispensing container comprising: a hydraulic system; and a counter; the hydraulic system comprising a hydraulic cylinder with a primary piston, a secondary piston and a working fluid, wherein the secondary piston is coupled to, or otherwise operates the counter and the... Agent:

20110048419 - Device for dispensing a fluid product: A fluid dispenser device comprising: a body (10); an elongate flexible strip (20) supporting a plurality of reservoirs (21) each containing a dose of fluid or powder; reservoir-opening means (30) for opening a respective reservoir on each actuation; first displacement means (40) for causing said flexible strip (20) to advance... Agent:

20110048420 - Inhaler: An inhaler is disclosed. It comprises a housing to receive a strip having a surface and a plurality of blister pockets depending from said surface. Each blister pocket contains a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user. The inhaler has a blister strip drive mechanism including a blister strip... Agent:

20110048421 - Carrying system for breathing apparatus: A carrying system is provided for use with breathing apparatus. The carrying system includes a backplate and a plurality of straps adapted to hold the backplate on the back of a user when the carrying system is worn. The backplate includes at least one plate of a plastics material. The... Agent:

20110048423 - Valve system for use with a flexible gas supply tube extending to a patient: Low pressure oxygen or other breathable gas is supplied from a tank or other source to a patient or other person through a flexible plastic tube, and a safety valve system is connected between the source and the tube. The valve system includes a valve member having a tubular outlet... Agent:

20110048422 - Variable exhale scuba mouthpiece: A mouthpiece for use in underwater Scuba application, exhibiting a variable-position exhaust flow valve, controllable by the user. The user alters the size of the valve opening during exhale, in order to more easily maintain and control the air pressure within the respiratory system. This increased control reduces the need... Agent:

20110048424 - Hyperbaric apparatus with storage compartment: A hyperbaric apparatus with storage compartment is provided comprising a chamber for housing a patient and administration of hyperbaric therapy, a moveable patient support platform for receiving the patient and for transferring the patient into and/or out of the chamber, and a base comprising a storage compartment for stowing a... Agent:

20110048425 - Respiratory mask including an adjustment unit: A respiratory mask includes: a mask body including a mask shell, and a mask cushion connected to a rear side of the mask shell; a front cover disposed in front of and hinged to the mask shell, and having a support arm extending upwardly; a forehead support unit having a... Agent:

20110048426 - Flexible cpap mask: A respiratory interface device includes a respiratory mask that interfaces with a face of a patient. The respiratory mask comprises a body portion that forms an enclosure around a nose of a patient and at least one set of headgear strap flanges. The body portion is substantially entirely manufactured from... Agent:

20110048427 - Method and apparatus for blocking fluid flow in an intubated trachea: Disclosed are systems, kits and methods for facilitating intubation of a patient. In some embodiments, a system includes an ETT tube that longitudinally traverses the interior of a sleeve. Preferably, the sleeve is outwardly biased, includes a fibrous skeleton, and is covered by an elastic, substantially-liquid-impermeable coating. Some embodiments relate... Agent:

20110048428 - Arm stabilizer for elbow surgical procedure: A device for stabilizing a patient's arm during a surgical procedure including a base configured to fit on an operating table, the base having an upper side with a rail. A support arm having a foundation with a groove shaped to match and fit over the cross-sectional shape of the... Agent:

20110048429 - Patient positioning apparatus: A patient positioning apparatus includes a support member adapted for positioning beneath a patient and having an expandable material therein. The expandable material is adapted for transition from a first initial condition to a second expanded condition in the presence of an activating agent to facilitate support and stabilization of... Agent:

20110048431 - Anti-snoring device: An anti-snoring device for positioning within the mouth cavity of a person is disclosed. The invention is characterized in that a displacement member (9) is provided with a shape and size suitable for placement within the mouth cavity between the bottom of the tongue and the musculature at the bottom... Agent:

20110048430 - Nostril inserts: Methods of use of a nasal insert to support smoking cessation, and methods of use of a nasal insert to reduce or eliminate snoring, and a method of use of a nasal insert to reduce the severity or to eliminate obstructive sleep apnea, and a method of use of a... Agent:

20110048432 - U-wraped examination drape: An new Improved Medical Examination Drape Designed in the shape of a pair of pants, a garment used in Hospital's, Clinics, and Doctors office's, to provide privacy, and coverage over the female patients entire lower body portion from the waistband down covering, the legs, hips, thighs, and stomach, has a... Agent:

20110048433 - Method for forming an interventional aid with the aid of self-organizing nanorobots consisting of catoms and associated system unit: A method for forming at least a part of a preferably endovascular interventional aid with the aid of self-organizing nanorobots consisting of catoms and an associated system are provided. A form of the required interventional aid is determined from at least one 3D image data record of a target region.... Agent:

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