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Surgery January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/11

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01/27/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110017205 - Inhaler: A passive inhaler (1) for delivery of a powder-form inhalation formulation from a blister strip (2) with a plurality of blister pockets (3) is proposed. The inhaler comprises a metallic piercing member (7) with two piercing elements (25) extending parallel to each other and inclined to a lid (27) of... Agent: Michael P. Morris Boehringer Ingelheim Usa Corporation

20110017206 - Apparatus and methods for direct inhalation of scents and medicines: An intranasal tab may provide temporary, controlled and direct inhalation of scents and/or medicine into the nose, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness and velocity of impact that scents and/or medicine may have on the mind and/or body. The tabs may provide increased convenience, speed, comfort and effectiveness of mobile aromatherapy... Agent: Greg Fisher

20110017207 - Bronchial flow control devices with membrane seal: Disclosed is a flow control device for a bronchial passageway. The device can includes a valve member that regulates fluid flow through the flow control device, a frame coupled to the valve member, and a membrane attached to the frame. At least a portion of the flow control device forms... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew LLP /pulmonx 017534

20110017208 - Device for positioning tracheostomy tube: A device for positioning tracheostomy tube includes a tracheostomy tube and a tracheostomy tube protecting membrane. The tracheostomy tube protecting membrane includes a tearing line portion formed at two sides of the tracheostomy tube protecting membrane. The tracheostomy tube protecting membrane is used for mounting in a trachea of a... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20110017209 - Apparatus and methods of providing diatomic oxygen (o2) using ferrate(vi)-containing compositions: Method of generating oxygen (O2) are described which ferratel (VI) is combined with an acid. Apparatus for utilizing this method is also described.... Agent: Kremblas & Foster

20110017210 - Dose counter with lockout mechanism: A medicament dispenser, in particular a metered dose inhaler, which is able to count the number of time the dispenser is activated and then disable the device, which then prevents any additional medicament from being dispensed. Additional embodiments include a medicament dispenser which are adapted to display either the number... Agent: Map Pharmaceuticals, Inc. C/o Morrison & Foerster LLP

20110017211 - Anesthetic breathing apparatus having improved monitoring of anesthetic agent: In an embodiment an anesthetic breathing apparatus is disclosed comprising a first gas analyzer (200) arranged to provide gas measurement data related to a first sample point (190) to a control unit (65) that is arranged in a servo or feedback control system configured to adjust delivery of a vaporized... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20110017212 - Breathable gas apparatus with humidifier: A respiratory treatment device comprising a flow generator and a humidifier adapted to receive a supply of air at positive pressure from the flow generator and deliver it to an air delivery tube, wherein the humidifier includes a base, a humidifier lid, and a water tank, and the water tank... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110017213 - Surgical and anesthesia conduit cover kit and method: A disposable anesthesia conduit cover kit that includes a dispenser and pre-measured, or cut to length tubing segments with fasteners to secure each end of the tubing segment. The dispenser may be wall mounted or lay flat and alternative dispenser configurations are provided. The tubing segments protect the anesthesia conduit... Agent: James W. Pravel Pravel Intellectual Property Law, PC

20110017214 - Automatic control system for mechanical ventilation for active or passive subjects: A method and an apparatus for controlling a ventilator to automatically adjust ventilation assistance to an active or passive subject. The method includes determining volume and flow rate of gas to the patient during inspiration on an ongoing basis, and generating control signals in proportion to the volume and flow... Agent: Sean D. Burdick. P.e.

20110017215 - Portable compression chambers: A compression chamber is formed by two end walls (10) and a flexible tubular member (11) extending between the end walls (10). The flexible tubular member (11) is formed from an inner tube (12) of air impermeable material and an outer tube (13) of a braided material. The inner tube... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20110017216 - Method of separating and distributing oxygen: Disclosed is a method of providing oxygen rich gas. Oxygen is separated from ambient air with an oxygen separator in discrete pulses, one pulse at a time. The start of the pulse is synchronized with the beginning of an inhalation of a person. The oxygen rich gas in each pulse... Agent: Kinney & Lange, P.A.

20110017217 - Medical apparatuses incorporating dyes: The invention provided medical apparatuses incorporating dyes to facilitate proper positioning in patients, and methods for their use. The apparatuses can be, for example, tubes, catheters, or needles. In some embodiments, the dye is a near infrared fluorescent dye.... Agent: Blank Rome LLP

20110017218 - Treatment system: Treatment of a pneuomothroax or other condition wherein unwanted fluid is present in a pleural cavity is achieved using a system comprising a chest device (1) and a mouth device (3). The chest device comprises a catheter having at least one opening and a one-way outlet valve arrangement. The mouth... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20110017219 - Intrauterine deposit: An intrauterine system (1) for the retention of a biologically active compound within the uterus of a female mammal is formed by a frame (16) defining an interior space (20) for receipt of a deposit of the compound (22). The frame has an open structure (18) allowing access to a... Agent: Organon Usa, Inc. C/o Merck

20110017220 - Self-titratable mandibular repositioning device: The present technology provides a mandibular repositioning device (MRD) which may be self titratable. The MRD may be repositioned relative to the maxilla, e.g., the mandible may be brought, via the device, to a position forward of a neutral resting and/or bite position. The MRD allows for adjusting the maintained... Agent: Carr & Ferrell LLP

20110017221 - Methods and apparatus for reduction of cortisol: Oral apparatus 60 and methods for the reduction of cortisol levels due to psychological stress are disclosed. The oral apparatus 60 include at least a first bite pad 62 and a second bite pad 64 configured to be positioned between at least one of the molars of a user to... Agent: Clise, Billion & Cyr, P.A.

20110017222 - Unipolar magnetic carrier for 3d tumor targeting: With externally applied magnetic fields, we will push and concentrate in vivo diamagnetic Bismuth particles or unipolar magnetic particles as a confined locus, cause the locus to move to a tumor, shape it to the tumor, then use near IR to heat the particles so to destroy the tumor by... Agent: Huan-chen Li

01/20/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110011392 - Olopatadine nasal spray regimen for children: A methodology for administering topical formulations of olopatadine for treatment of allergic or inflammatory disorders of the nose in children is disclosed. Moreover, an ophthalmic product is provided for practicing the methodologies.... Agent: Alcon

20110011393 - Atomizer: An atomizer for a fluid, in particular, a fluid for medical aerosol therapy. In order to allow simplified operation and improved safety in use, the atomizer has a counter device for counting the number of operations of the atomizer and the number of containers inserted. The atomizer is locked against... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20110011394 - Delivering aerosolizable food products: Aerosolized food products can be of sufficient size to deposit in the mouth without easily entering into the respiratory tract and of small enough size so as to allow for suspension in air. An apparatus (110) incorporating an aerosol generating device and food products can allow for the aerosolization of... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C. (bo)

20110011395 - Ventilation circuit adaptor and proximal aerosol delivery system: An adaptor for delivering an aerosolized active agent to a patient with concomitant positive pressure ventilation includes an aerosol flow channel having an aerosol inlet port and a patient interface port, and defining an aerosol flow path from the aerosol inlet port to and through the patient interface port; and... Agent: Caesar, Rivise, Bernstein, Cohen & Pokotilow, Ltd.

20110011396 - Atomizer and electronic cigarette using the same: An electronic cigarette includes a container for storing a tobacco flavored liquid, a container for storing a tobacco flavored liquid, an atomizer connected to the container to atomize the tobacco flavored liquid by an electric heating, a battery tube to power the atomizer, and an actuating film movably positioned in... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20110011398 - Concentrator for increasing the particle concentration in an aerosol flow: A concentrator for increasing the particle concentration in an aerosol flow is described. The concentrator comprises a sculptured acceleration plate with a number of slit-shaped and radially extending acceleration channels and a sculptured deceleration plate with a number of slit-shaped and radially extending deceleration plate channels. Acceleration channel exit openings... Agent: Alexander R Schlee SchleeIPInternational P.C.

20110011397 - Multiple chambers mask: The present invention provides methods and apparatuses for gas delivery, in particular, a mask including at least one porous barrier defining at least two chambers in gaseous communication. The porous barrier may include a plurality of pores, which define a tapered shape. The mask may include a pliable nasal cushion.... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20110011399 - Analyte monitoring device and methods of use: An analyte monitor includes a sensor, a sensor control unit, and a display unit. The sensor has, for example, a substrate, a recessed channel formed in the substrate, and conductive material disposed in the recessed channel to form a working electrode. The sensor control unit typically has a housing adapted... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20110011401 - Oxygen delivery system: Disclosed are apparatus and method for delivering oxygen from an oxygen supply to a person in a convenient, sanitary and organized manner. The oxygen delivery system includes a rail attached to a surface of the room and a sliding trolley attached to the rail. An oxygen supply tube is attached... Agent: Cochran Freund & Young LLC

20110011400 - Wireless, gas flow-powered sensor system for a breathing assistance system: A breathing assistance system for providing breathing assistance to a patient includes a gas delivery system configured to generate a gas flow, a patient interface configured to interface with the patient, a connection system connected between the gas delivery system and the patient interface and configured to communicate the gas... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20110011402 - Distinguishing between closed and open airway apneas and treating patients accordingly: Methods and apparatus for determining the occurrence of an apnea, patency and/or partial obstruction of the airway are disclosed. Respiratory air flow from a patient is measured to give an air flow signal. The determination of an apnea is performed by calculating the variance of the air flow signal over... Agent: Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman PC

20110011403 - Crew mask regulator mechanical curve matching dilution valve: A demand regulator with air dilution regulates the pressure and flow of a respiratory gas with an outlet leading to a respiratory mask. A dilution valve controlled by a Bourdon tube varies the ratio of atmospheric air to oxygen in a crew mask based on ambient pressure. The Bourdon tube... Agent: Richard William Heim

20110011404 - Filtration mask: A filtration mask has a collapsible air guide and two filter supports connected at a hinge. The filter supports are movable between a storage position and a deployment position in which the angle between the filter supports being less in the deployment position than in the storage position. In an... Agent: Mcgarry Bair PC

20110011405 - Elastic tubular device and inflatable head harness for aircraft breathing mask: An elastic tubular device comprising—an inner tube (23) made of an elastic and gas imperméable material; and, —an sheath (21) surrounding the inner tube and made of a woven cloth of flame résistant meta-aramid yarns, wherein the tubular device has a longitudinal extension of at least approximately 1,4 when inflated... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20110011406 - Valved fenestrated tracheotomy tube having outer and inner cannulae: A tracheotomy tube apparatus includes an outer cannula having first and second ends, and a fenestration along the length of the outer cannula between the first and second ends. The apparatus further includes a first inner cannula sized for insertion into the outer cannula. The first inner cannula has a... Agent: Barnes & Thornburg LLP

20110011407 - Apparatus and method for pelvic floor repair in the human female: A prosthesis for addressing pelvic organ prolapse in females comprises a frame fabricated from a shape memory material that supports a thin, flexible mesh sheet in a stretched condition when the frame is unconstrained. The mesh sheet is formed with two finger receiving pockets proximate its posterior periphery to be... Agent: Nikolai & Mersereau, P.A.

20110011408 - Extremity surgical support debridement platform: The present invention provides a surgical support debridement platform for extremities of a human or mammal to assist a physician in treating such extremity. The platform generally includes a body member and a cover member. The body member includes a bottom end and at least one side wall. The body... Agent: Barlow, Josephs & Holmes, Ltd.

20110011409 - Titspamm: Provided is a new and unmatched solution to preventing ear pain caused during the ascension and descend part of air travel. This product is one of a kind and is very unique. It is an air tight ear capping device called TITSPAMM.... Agent: Garrick Atkins

20110011410 - Surgical procedure: A surgical procedure is carried out on any suitable hollow organ, such as a gall bladder located beneath an abdominal wall. In a first step of the procedure the hollow organ is inflated by air or water through an inflation line so that the organ swells up. A scalpel is... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

01/13/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110005517 - Atomizer, and filter: Disclosed are an atomizer for a fluid, especially for medical aerosol therapy, and a filter for said atomizer in order to prevent germs from spreading. The atomizer comprises a protective device for preventing germs from infesting the preferably preservative-free fluid. Particularly the filter can be used as a protective device.... Agent: Michael P. Morris Boehringer Ingelheim Usa Corporation

20110005518 - Methods and unit dose formulations for the inhalation administration of aminoglycoside antibiotics: A patient suffering from an endobronchial infection is treated by administering to the patient for inhalation a dose of less than about 4.0 ml of a nebulized aerosol formulation comprising from about 60 to about 200 mg/ml of an aminoglycoside antibiotic, such as tobramycin, in a physiologically acceptable carrier in... Agent: Novartis Corporate Intellectual Property

20110005519 - Floater and snorkel comprising the same: A floater for used in a snorkel is provided. The floater is a porous structure with a plurality of pores for reducing the density of the floater. The density of the floater is substantially less than 1.1 g/cm3 so that the floater can float up easily when immersed in water... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20110005520 - Quiet nasal respiratory devices: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20110005521 - Dispensing device: A medicament dispensing device for dispensing metered dosages of a medicament includes an actuator housing having a longitudinally extending cavity and a container disposed in the cavity and having a cylinder with a first outer diameter. The cylinder is adapted to hold the medicament. The container is reciprocally movable relative... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20110005522 - Device for providing a breathing gas: The invention relates to a device for providing a breathing gas, in particular to a device for conditioning a breathing gas for stimulating weight reduction of a breathing creature. The invention provides a device for providing a breathing gas, comprising gas supply means and gas conditioning means. The device provides... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20110005523 - Pharmaceutical polypeptide dry powder aerosol formulation and method of preparation: Dispersible powder compositions suitable for inhalation are disclosed, the compositions including a human interleukin mutein (mhIL-4).... Agent: Dla Piper LLP (us)

20110005524 - Pad for a mask: A cushion pad for a mask worn by a patient, comprising a first side to contact skin of the patient, and a second side, opposite the first side, to contact or face the mask. The pad has a main body portion having a central portion shaped to cover a portion... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110005525 - Method and apparatus for therapeutically supporting the arm of a patient: Apparatus for providing physical therapy to a patient, the apparatus comprising a therapeutic support comprising a waist belt and a limb support, wherein the limb support is adjustably securable to the waist belt.... Agent: Mark J. Pandiscio Pandiscio & Pandiscio, P.C.

20110005530 - Methods of treating a disorder by inhibiting expiration: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20110005529 - Methods of treating a sleeping subject: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20110005528 - Nasal devices with respiratory gas source: Described here are devices for altering the flow of air in a respiratory cavity such as the mouth and nostrils of the nose. These methods and devices may be useful for affecting a physiologic benefit in patients suffering from a variety of medical diseases, particularly those that may benefit from... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20110005527 - Orthodontic appliances: An orthodontic appliance comprising a generally u-shape tooth positioning shell (6,8) adapted for mounting on teeth of the upper or lower arch (2,4) of a patient. The shell (6,8) has a geometry shaped to receive and resiliently apply pressure to one or more teeth to reposition them and at least... Agent: Steptoe & Johnson LLP

20110005526 - Therapeutic mouthpiece for treating sleep disorders: An upper tray adapted to receive a wearer's maxillary teeth. A lower tray adapted to receive the wearer's mandibular teeth. A first upper ridge is carried on a maxillary occlusal surface of the upper tray. A second upper ridge is carried on the maxillary occlusal surface of the upper tray... Agent: Mcnair Law Firm, P.A.

20110005531 - Shock absorbing dental appliance: A dual arch dental appliance including a body which contains a pair of impact absorbing members located in molar regions of the arches. The impact absorbing members are selected from plastic material that exhibits high impact absorption coupled with low resilience or rebound. The result is an appliance which transfers... Agent: Archer & Greiner, P.C. John F. Letchford

20110005532 - Method and system for improving a subject's sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanisms via auditory, tactile or visual stimulations: The present invention relates to a method and a system for improving sensitivity of a first sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism of a subject by stimulating a second sensory, reflex and/or motor mechanism of the subject. For that purpose a noise is applied to the second sensory, reflex and/or motor... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

01/06/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110000480 - Administration of interferon for prophylaxis against or treatment of pathogenic infection: The invention provides compositions and methods for the prophylaxis or treatment of diseases or disorders in a subject (e.g., a mammal, such as a human) including, e.g., diseases or disorders caused by biological agents, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. The compositions include a delivery vector (e.g., a viral vector, such as... Agent: Clark & Elbing LLP

20110000482 - Laboratory animal pulmonary dosing device: A laboratory animal pharmaceutical testing device comprising a substantially closed animal holding cell, having a dry powder generator communicating through a wall of the cell, and one or more filtered inlets for permitting exchange of fresh air into the cell.... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20110000481 - Nebulizer for infants and respiratory compromised patients: A pediatric nebulizer is described.... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20110000483 - External nasal dilator: A nasal dilator with improved functionality by virtue of a resilient element comprised of at least three resilient bands, a first outer resilient band that is secured to run along the length of the nasal dilator truss member, a second outer resilient band that is spaced apart from the first... Agent: Glaxosmithkline Global Patents -us, Uw2220

20110000484 - Vascular therapy using negative pressure: System and methods for applying vascular therapy to a body vessel using a chamber capable of negative and/or positive pressure relative to ambient are provided. The chamber includes one or more pressure-isolated chambers. A pressure and/or vacuum source is connected to the pressure chamber, and is configured to provide distinct... Agent: Buchanan Nipper LLC

20110000487 - Nebulising device for use in a cpap-system: The present invention relates to a modified nebulizing device for generating a nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and addition of nebulized drug which can be carried out simultaneously and in synergy without loosing a substantial amount of nebulized drug. Further, the present invention also discloses a nebulizing device and... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20110000486 - Valve for an aerosol device: The invention relates to a valve for an aerosol device. More specifically the invention relates to a valve for an aerosol device for a Metered Dose Inhaler. The valve assembly (60) is receivable in an opening (68) provided in a container (66) of the aerosol device (76) to close said... Agent: Dykema Gossett PLLC

20110000485 - Ventilating tube and stylet system: A ventilation system and method with a ventilating tube, a stylet removably disposed within the ventilating tube, and a proximal housing. A proximal housing includes a proximal end that connects to the ventilating tube, a distal end that connects to a ventilating machine, a lumen between the proximal end and... Agent: Niall Casey

20110000488 - Regulation of delivery of multiple anesthetic agents to a patient from an anesthetic breathing apparatus: In a method and system of regulating multiple anesthetic agents in a breathing circuit of an anesthetic breathing apparatus is disclosed, a primary anesthetic agent added to the breathing circuit is regulated to a set desired value of the amount of the primary anesthetic agent, and a secondary anesthetic agent... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20110000489 - Control unit, method and computer-readable medium for operating a ventilator: To set trigger conditions correctly in pneumatic mode, a ventilator is controlled to obtain a measurement value of a bioelectric signal representative of the patient's breathing function, determine, based on the bioelectric signal, at least one point in time at which the patient starts inhalation, obtain a measurement value to... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20110000490 - Aircraft breathing system using obogs: A device for delivering a breathing gas to an on-demand breathing mask (23) comprises—an Onboard Oxygen Generator (1) comprising an oxygen-rich gas outlet end; —compressor means (7) comprising inlet means (6) and outlet means (12), said inlet means being connected to oxygen-rich gas outlet end of said Onboard Oxygen Generator... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20110000491 - Mask with integral cushion and forehead piece: A respiratory mask has an adjustable forehead support member that is simple and inexpensive to manufacture. The forehead support member may be adjusted by rotating a forehead pad about an off-center bore or by bending an angular adjustment beam. The mask has a mask cushion with an accordionate membrane having... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110000492 - Foam respiratory mask: A patient interface for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a foam interfacing portion adapted to provide a nasal interface to contact under and around the patient's nose in use and including an orifice adapted to surround both the patient's nares in use, and a positioning and stabilizing structure... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20110000493 - External penile prosthesis, combination of prosthesis and loose-fitting condom, and method of using condom: To use a loose-fitting condom, a penis or prosthesis is covered loosely with a condom having a loose-fitting portion. The loose-fitting portion is twisted so that the loose-fitting portion closely covers the penis or prosthesis. The loose-fitting portion is then secured in the twisted state. An external penile prosthesis is... Agent: Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, P.C.

20110000494 - Medical positioner having immobilizer function: Provided is a medical positioner having an immobilizer function. The medical positioner includes a vacuum pad allowing air to freely flow in and out through ports and regulating movement of beads, and is configured to firmly fix positioning lock bars to an outer surface of the vacuum pad. Thereby, when... Agent: Cantor Colburn LLP

20110000495 - Device for mandibular advancement: A device for advancing a lower jaw relative to an upper jaw in a mouth, the device comprising an upper member arranged to be positioned behind the upper front teeth in the upper jaw and configured to extend back towards the upper molars on either side of the upper jaw,... Agent: Welsh Flaxman & Gitler LLC

20110000496 - Systems and mehtods for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes: The present invention provides systems and methods for treating wounds in patients who lack the innate ability to regulate glucose (e.g., diabetic patients). In one aspect of the invention, a method includes positioning an internal bypass device within the duodenum to inhibit contact between chyme passing therethrough and an internal... Agent: E2 LLC 51 Gibralter Drive

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