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Surgery October categorized by USPTO classification 10/10

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10/28/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100269818 - Semi-automatic emergency medication dose nebulizer: A conventional respiratory nebulizer has an emergency medication dose storage system delivering the stored medication dose directly to the nebulizing chamber with a single impulse of manual force to a simple mechanical delivery system, thereby making the nebulizer useable in two steps: (a) opening the medication capsule with a simple... Agent: Alfred M. Walker

20100269819 - Human powered dry powder inhaler and dry powder inhaler compositions: In one embodiment, a human-powered dry powder inhaler comprises a human-powered compressible component operable to discharge an air pulse at an outlet at a pressure of about 1-40 psi; an inflatable reservoir operable to receive an air pulse discharged from the human-powered compressible component to provide an aerosol of a... Agent: Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP Intellectual Property Group

20100269820 - safety system for a breathing apparatus for delivering an anesthetic agent: A safety system for a breathing apparatus for delivery of an anesthetic agent having an anesthetic agent vaporizer having a reservoir for containing a liquid anesthetic agent has a reservoir for containing a liquid medical agent, a port for filling the reservoir with the liquid anesthetic agent, and a sensor... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100269821 - Patient ventilation system with a gas identification unit: A patient ventilation system has a flow regulating and gas mixing arrangement connected to an inspiratory channel of the system from which a gas mixture containing oxygen and at least a second gas is delivered to the system's proximal tubing. The proximal tubing further is connected to an expiratory channel... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20100269822 - Quick release connector: A quick release connector joining a snorkel and a strap is provided. The quick release connector comprises a first fixing member and a second fixing member. The first fixing member comprises a fixing ring and an embedded portion. The fixing ring is adapted to encircle the snorkel. The second fixing... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100269823 - Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge head device: A liquid discharge head includes an energy generating element which generates energy to be used to discharge a liquid; and a plurality of discharge ports which is formed for each energy generating element and allows the liquid to be discharged therethrough. The plurality of discharge ports have regions where the... Agent: Canon U.s.a. Inc. Intellectual Property Division

20100269824 - Respirator and/or anesthetic device: A respirator and/or anesthesia device having a display, a computer, at least one memory and a program and at least one input unit, at least two different user profiles being provided in the memory, depending on the type of user and retrievable as needed, having a determining effect on the... Agent: Gibson & Dernier LLP

20100269825 - Inhalation particles comprising a salt of 8-hydroxy-2-[[(1r)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1-methylethyl]amino] ethyl]-2(1h)-quinolinone and a corticosteroid: Crystalline particles wherein each particle comprises a combination of a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of 8-hydroxy-5-[(1R)-1-hydroxy-2-[[(1R)-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-1-methylethyl]amino]ethyl]-2(1H)-quinolinone (carmoterol), and a corticosteroid in a pre-determined and constant ratio are effective for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory or obstructive airways diseases.... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100269826 - Liquid-evaporate delivery device: The present application relates to a liquid-evaporate delivery device which relies on the efficient use of air currents to deliver liquid evaporate to airspace around the device. Efficient air currents may be provided by rotating the air currents around the wick, by providing a helical channel for the air to... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100269827 - System and method for circuits to allow cpap to provide zero pressure: A system comprises a respiratory delivery arrangement adapted to cover at least one respiratory orifice of a patient. The system also comprises a first conduit having a first end and a second end, the second end connected to the respiratory delivery arrangement. A positive pressure is provided to the respiratory... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20100269828 - System, method and apparatus for removal of volatile anesthetics for malignant hyperthermia: Systems, methods, and apparatus for removing volatile anesthetics from an anesthesia or ventilation system to minimize the effects of malignant hyperthermia in susceptible patients. According to one aspect of the present invention, a system for removing volatile anesthetics is provided. A first filter component placed in fluid communication with an... Agent: BatemanIPLaw Group

20100269829 - Slot valve for use in the pneumatic switching circuit of a respirator: A slot valve (20) for use in the pneumatic switching circuit of a respirator, wherein said slot valve is designed to act bidirectionally and to pass over into the opened state to make possible the flow of a fluid at different pressure threshold values depending on the direction of flow... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20100269830 - Fluid removing apparatus for respiratory tract: A medical apparatus for removing fluid accumulated along a respiratory tract of a patient, and particularly around an endotracheal tube, is disclosed. The disclosed apparatus may include a tube defining a lumen extending between a distal fluid port and a proximal fluid port, wherein the tube forms a self-supported, three-dimensional... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100269831 - Breathing mask: A breathing mask (1) with a mask body (2) comprising a filter material and with an exhalation valve (5) penetrating the mask body (2) is described here. In order to protect such a breathing mask against the collection of condensate, the invention suggests that a condensing surface on the exhalation... Agent: Charles H. Schwartz Moldex-metric, Inc

20100269832 - Complex respirator: A complex respirator is provided that includes a first shell, at least a first filter layer and a second filter layer. The first filter layer is replaceable and arranged on an outer side of the first shell while the first shell is disposed on an outer side of the second... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100269833 - Breathing mask with oxygen reduced consumption: A breathing mask for aircraft crewmember comprising an on-demand regulator, said regulator comprising an inlet connected to a source of breathing gas and an outlet to exhaust the breathing gas, said outlet having an aperture controlled by a movable valve (18) having an open position when the crewmember breathes out... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20100269834 - Systems, methods and apparatus for respiratory support of a patient: Spontaneous respiration is detected by sensors. An additional amount of oxygen is administered to the lungs via a jet gas current at the end of an inhalation procedure. Breathing volume, absorption of oxygen during inhalation, and clearance of carbon dioxide during exhalation are improved. If required, the exhalation procedure of... Agent: Patton Boggs LLP

20100269835 - Oral appliance for treating a breathing condition: In certain embodiments, an apparatus for treating a breathing condition includes a body, a threaded member, a hook, and a receiver. The body comprises a front stop, a rear stop, and a guide extending between the stops. The threaded member couples between the stops and rotates relative to the body.... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100269836 - Composite oral appliances and methods for manufacture: Oral appliances adapted to for spacing the occlusal surfaces of the teeth of a user are disclosed. The oral appliances have an integral retention band interconnecting a first bite pad and a second bite pad. The first bite pad can include a first spacer and the second bite pad can... Agent: Clise, Billion & Cyr, P.A.

20100269838 - Magnetic particles for delivering therapeutic agent to a target location: A system for delivering therapeutic agent to a target location in a body in accordance with one embodiment is provided comprising a plurality of magnetic particles, each magnetic particle carrying a therapeutic agent, and a magnetic device for attracting the magnetic particles to a target location. The magnetic particles may... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100269837 - Monitoring of implants and other devices: The present invention generally relates to implants and, in particular, to systems and methods for monitoring the condition of an implant within a subject. In some embodiments, an implant may be prepared that contains a tracer. After implantation, the tracer from the implant may be determined within a subject using... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

10/21/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100263663 - Manufacture of components for medicinal dispensers: Use of ceramic powder injection molding for the manufacture of a ceramic component of a medicinal pressurized metered dose dispenser, in particular a metered dose inhaler.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100263664 - Portable oxygen delivery device and method for delivering oxygen to a mobile user: A portable oxygen delivery device for increasing the oxygen content in the air inhaled by a user. The device includes solar cells that harvests energy over longer period of time and power instantaneously an electrolysis unit on user-demand for purpose of oxygen refreshment. The oxygen gas produced by the electrolysis... Agent: Nokia, Inc.

20100263665 - Dose counter mechanism: An apparatus for counting doses of a dispenser (12) is provided which includes a housing (14) for releasably attaching to the dispenser; and, a dose counter (30) operatively connected to the housing. The dose counter displays indicia relating to doses of the dispenser. The dose counter may be manually adjusted... Agent: Merck Patent Department (k-6-1, 1990)

20100263666 - Test substance administration system for animal experiment: The system includes a respiration monitoring device 2 that monitors a respiration state of an experimental animal detected by a respiration pick-up device 1 to thereby measure a timing upon switching from an expiratory phase to an inhalatory phase and outputs a trigger signal T at that timing, and an... Agent: Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

20100263668 - Device for dispensing fluid product: A fluid dispenser device comprising a body (10) provided with a dispenser orifice (15), said device further comprising: an elongate flexible strip (20) supporting a plurality of reservoirs (21) each containing a dose of fluid; reservoir-opening means (80) for opening a respective reservoir on each actuation; first displacement means (30)... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100263667 - Medicinal inhalation devices and components thereof: A medicinal inhalation device having applied to a surface thereof a composition comprising a multifunctional polyfluoropolyether silane.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100263669 - Anti-asphyxiation valves: An anti-asphyxiation valve is disclosed, which is adapted for incorporation within a breathing circuit including a ventilator. The valve comprises one or more apertures for enabling passage of gas between the breathing circuit and the atmosphere, and a valve member deformable between an open configuration in which the one or... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP - Patent Group

20100263670 - Resuscitator: A resuscitator with a rigid top plate, a rigid bottom plate and a rigid bottom plenum assembly. The top plate is hingeldy joined at its forward end to the bottom plate. A flexible accordion member is located between the top plate and the bottom assembly forming a standard air pump.... Agent: Richard Pearce

20100263671 - Respirator system including removable head suspension: A respirator system is disclosed that includes a foldable head cover assembly including a face seal portion. The respirator assembly further includes a visor assembly attached to the head cover assembly and a head suspension system removably attached to the visor assembly. The visor assembly and the head cover assembly... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100263672 - My personal clean air: A liquid container and a battery operated blower. The container with blower will go across the shoulder with any available strap. Blower will deliver the air in the container at the bottom of the liquid. Clean and decontaminated air will rise and exit through nasal cannula tube and deliver the... Agent: Nand Kishore Acharya Apt. 104-335

20100263673 - Respiratory half-mask: The invention relates to a respiratory half mask with side straps (4) attached to a head support (3) and forming a single loop, a strap guide part (2) that is connected to a mask body (1) being held on said straps during an usage position on the face or in... Agent: Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer

20100263674 - Kit for levator avulsion repair: Kits for treating pelvic conditions such as levator avulsion, by placing an implant between an anterior incision and a posterior incision to support the levator tissue are described. A kit comprises an implant (70) comprising a support portion and two end portions extending from the support portion, two insertion tools... Agent: Kagan Binder, PLLC

20100263675 - Condom with localized active agent: Provided are condoms and methods of making and using the same, the condoms having an elastomeric layer and a low melt wax bead which comprises an active ingredient mixed therein, wherein the bead is affixed on the interior surface of the elastomeric layer in the tip of the condom. Active... Agent: Diehl Servilla LLC

20100263676 - Oral appliance for treating a breathing condition: An apparatus for use in treating a breathing condition includes a first dental arch, a second dental arch, two bodies coupled to the first dental arch, and two receivers coupled to the second dental arch. The first dental arch is configured to receive at least some of a wearer's teeth.... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100263677 - System for coupling an oral appliance to a medical mask: In certain embodiments, an apparatus for treating a breathing condition includes an oral appliance, a mask, and a tensioning device. The oral appliance is configured to receive at least some of a wearer's teeth and a mask. The mask is configured to deliver gas to the wearer. The mask includes... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100263678 - Patient warming drape: A patient warming device includes a gasket coupled to an interior surface of a base film to define a target region that is attachable to a body surface of a patient. The base film extends from a perimeter of the gasket to provide a surgical drape. An evacuation port is... Agent: Nicholas R. Baumann

20100263679 - Apparatus to mitigate the spread of infectious material caused by coughing or sneezing: Apparatus and method to mitigate the spread of infectious material caused by coughing or sneezing are disclosed. The apparatus includes a bottom, a peripheral first duct and a peripheral second duct, and a top. The bottom has a first side and an opposing second side. The peripheral first duct is... Agent: Hoffmann & Baron, LLP

20100263680 - Adjustable length litter strap assembly: A litter strap that is easily adjustable to any length while simultaneously secure under tension includes an elongate strap extending between first and second parts of a two-piece buckle. The strap may be threaded through one of the buckle parts and manually slidable therethrough for adjusting a length of the... Agent: Stoel Rives LLP - Pdx

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