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05/28/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090137859 - Passage expansion device for patients: A method for opening a portion of a passageway of a patient is disclosed. The patient has a first metallic structure attached to a portion of the patient's neck. The method includes obtaining a second magnetic structure, placing the second magnetic structure proximate the first metallic structure attached to the... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20090137860 - Biomedical device for treating by virtual immersion: The invention relates to a biomedical device comprising computing means, immersion means for dipping a patient in a virtual intelligent environment, an interface for controlling the computing means, operating the immersion means and for collecting results of related medical means and different means for obtaining said results. The inventive device... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090137861 - Apparatus and method for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: An apparatus and method for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. The apparatus includes a suburethral sling having an adjustment member for adjusting the tension of the sling both during the procedure and post-procedure. The method includes using a needle to simultaneously implant the sling and to deliver a local... Agent: Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva. PC

20090137862 - Adjustable tissue support member: The present disclosure relates to implants having two arms and a support portion configured to support a body tissue, such as a urethra. The implants are anchored in soft tissue with tissue anchors having a plurality of barbs. The tissue anchors contain an aperture through which a portion of arm... Agent: Rutan & Tucker, LLP.

20090137863 - Heart wall tension reduction apparatus: An apparatus for treatment of a failing heart by reducing the wall tension therein. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a tension member for drawing at least two walls of a heart chamber toward each other.... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090137864 - Method and apparatus for treating pelvic organ prolapse: A method of treating pelvic organ prolapse is provided. The method generally includes the steps of establishing a first pathway between the external perirectal region of the patient to the region of the ischial spine in tissue on one side of the prolapsed organ, followed by establishing a second pathway... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20090137865 - Tissue stabilizer and methods of use: Devices and methods are disclosed for stabilizing tissue within a patient's body during a surgical operation to provide a relatively motionless surgical field. The devices involve tissue stabilizers which provide superior engagement with a tissue structure to be stabilized, for example the beating heart. The tissue stabilizer may have one... Agent: Law Office Of Alan W. Cannon

20090137866 - Medical or veterinary digestive tract utilization systems and methods: Systems and methods are described for implementing or deploying medical or veterinary utility modules (a) operable for mooring at least partly within a digestive tract, (b) small enough to pass through the tract per vias naturales and including a wireless-control component, (c) having one or more attachment protrusions positionable adjacent... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20090137867 - Endoscope treatment system: An endoscope treatment system includes: an endoscope; and a treatment tool that has a sheath that is inserted in a channel of an insertion portion of the endoscope, in which projection portions that project outward from the sheath in the radial direction are provided, and engagement portions that engage the... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090137868 - Endoscope system: An endoscope system of the invention includes: a first endoscope capable of picking up an image of a subject; a first illuminating section capable of emitting first illuminating light; a second endoscope capable of picking up an image of the subject illuminated by the first light from a direction different... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090137869 - Self-advancing device: A device which includes an elongate body with a movable mass arranged for sliding movement within the body is disclosed. The element is arranged to decelerate toward an end of the body in order to impart forward movement thereto, via momentum transfer, and is further arranged to accelerate away from... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090137870 - Transparent dilator device and method of use (end-900): A medical device for use with an endoscope is provided. The medical device can include a tube with a first channel for receiving the endoscope. A transparent segment can extend from the distal end of the tube, and the transparent segment can have a first outer diameter sized for providing... Agent: Philip S. Johnson Johnson & Johnson

20090137871 - Radio observation device: A radio observation device which transmits information on observation subjects has a first coil, an oscillator, a first frequency controller, a frequency-measuring device, and a transmitter. The oscillator generates signals flowing through the first coil within a certain range of frequencies. The first frequency controller is connected to the oscillator,... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090137873 - In-vivo information acquiring system and body-insertable apparatus: An in-vivo information acquiring system includes a body-insertable apparatus that transmits a wireless signal containing an in-vivo image, and a receiving apparatus that receives the wireless signal. The body-insertable apparatus includes an imaging unit, a selecting unit, and a transmitting unit. The imaging unit captures in-vivo images. The selecting unit... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090137872 - Method and apparatus for controlling endoscopic instruments: An apparatus for the control of endoscopic instruments includes a control module mountable to a standard instrument port of an endoscope. The control module includes separate drive mechanisms for a sheath and a tensile cord of an endoscopic tool having an end effector. Driving the sheath and the tensile cord... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20090137874 - Polymer microvalve with actuators and devices: The present invention relates to a microvalve having a valve plug, connecting legs, anchors and actuators, allowing the valve plug to move vertically to open or close the valve. The valve plug can contain magnetic materials, and be operated by an actuator.... Agent: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

20090137875 - Endoscope insertion portion: An endoscope insertion portion includes an inside tubular member (28a) shaped substantially a cylinder, and extended over at least a bending portion (20), an outside tubular member (28b) shaped substantially a cylinder, provided over an outside of the inside tubular member (28a), and extended over at least a bending portion... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20090137876 - Diagnostic capsule with peripheral imaging: A diagnostic capsule is disclosed having at least one light source; a rotatable substrate having at least one optical bench; at least one photo-sensitive region; and a circumferential window having an axis substantially parallel to an axis of rotation of the rotatable substrate. Related systems for use with a diagnostic... Agent: Heslin Rothenberg Farley & Mesiti PC

20090137877 - Tissue retractors: Methods and devices are provided for performing surgical procedures using tissue retractors. In general, a surgical retractor device is provided that includes a flexible fabric tissue retractor configured to support tissue. At least one grasping element can be coupled to a perimeter of the flexible fabric, and the grasping elements... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery/nutter, Mcclennen & Fish LLP

20090137878 - Flexible, selectively rotatable tissue retractor and method for using the retractor: A retractor for manipulating an object, the retractor includes a retractor body with proximal and distal ends, a retraction device with a head connected at the distal end of the retractor body and flexible needles of a shape memory material having a memory shape, the memory shape of the needles... Agent: Mayback & Hoffman, P.A.

20090137879 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A method for making the surgical access device includes the combining of a gelling agent with an oil, preferably in a molding process. A method for using the device includes steps for creating an opening with the instrument. In a particular process, an organ can be removed from the body... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20090137880 - Determining the risk of breast cancer for a woman: A method (100) of determining cumulative absolute risk of breast cancer for a woman is disclosed. The method (100) assists women and doctors to make informed decisions about the additional risk of breast cancer from HRT use. The disclosed method and the implementation of the methods as software such as... Agent: Mcdonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

20090137881 - Linked animal-human health visual analytics: Coordinated animal-human health monitoring can provide an early warning system with fewer false alarms for naturally occurring disease outbreaks, as well as biological, chemical and environmental incidents. This monitoring requires the integration and analysis of multi-field, multi-scale and multi-source data sets. In order to better understand these data sets, models... Agent: Maginot, Moore & Beck Chase Tower

20090137882 - System and a method for detecting an endemic or an epidemic disease: This system of detecting endemic or epidemic diseases includes an analysis center connected by a computer network to a number of health booths in which health data can be measured and stored with the conditions under which the measurements are taken. The analysis center generates an alert automatically if an... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson, P.C.

20090137883 - Capsule medical system and biological information acquiring method: A capsule medical system is provided with a capsule medical device to be inserted into a subject, at least one electrode pad having a plurality of receiving electrodes, a receiving electrode switching unit, a control unit for controlling operations of the receiving electrode switching unit, and a position detector. The... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090137884 - Methods and apparatus for repeated ischemic conditioning treatment of hypertension and other medical conditions: Methods for ischemic conditioning treatments of a chronic medical condition are provided. Baseline disease-related parameters of a patient with a chronic medical condition are measured. Ischemia is induced in the patient by occluding and releasing arterial flow in one or more extremities of the patient. Post-ischemia parameters in the patient... Agent: Wong, Cabello, Lutsch, Rutherford & Brucculeri, L.L.P.

20090137885 - Pulse oximeter access apparatus and method: Access is provided to certain pulse oximetry systems utilizing a keyed sensor and a corresponding locked sensor port of a restricted access monitor. In such systems, the keyed sensor has a key comprising a memory element, and the monitor has a memory reader associated with the sensor port. The monitor... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090137886 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090137887 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090137889 - Subcutaneous glucose electrode: A small diameter flexible electrode designed for subcutaneous in vivo amperometric monitoring of glucose is described. The electrode is designed to allow “one-point” in vivo calibration, i.e., to have zero output current at zero glucose concentration, even in the presence of other electroreactive species of serum or blood. The electrode... Agent: Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20090137888 - System for monitoring of patients: A patient monitoring system implemented by a service provider for users via recording a patient's analytes measurements by non-invasively interrogating a skin patch placed upon the patient's skin surface. The system includes an input module to provide a device to measure analytes from a patient, such as a measurement of... Agent: Levine Bagade Han LLP

20090137890 - Devices to monitor glucose levels and ischemia: The disclosure relates to systems, methods, and devices for monitoring a patient's blood and cardiac condition. Patients with diabetes oftentimes wear diabetes management equipment (e.g., a glucose monitor, an external insulin pump, or a device having dual functionality). Such patients risk silent myocardial infarction. Herein described is regular cardiac ischemia/infarction... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20090137891 - Portable electrocardiograph with a neutral electrode: A portable electrocardiograph, characterized in that a clamping cover which tends to close automatically is provided on one end of a housing; a finger hole is provided between the clamping cover and the housing; a lower half of the inner wall of the finger hole is defined on the housing;... Agent: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20090137892 - Skin sensor device: The present invention relates to a sensor (10) for measuring parameters from a skin surface. The sensor comprises a compressible base (3) having an electrode (12) arranged for contact with the skin surface. The compressible base (3) is resiliently deformable and hence can easily match the contours of the skin... Agent: Gauthier & Connors, LLP

20090137893 - Adding imaging capability to distal tips of medical tools, catheters, and conduits: One or more scan illuminators and a plurality of light receivers are provided on the distal end of a tool or other component, so that a plurality of images of a site can be provided in response to output signals from the plurality of light receivers. The output signals from... Agent: Law Offices Of Ronald M Anderson

20090137894 - Breast measurement device and bra fitting system: A breast measurement device and method of accurately measuring a bra for a woman by submerging the woman's upper torso in a body of water that allows the buoyancy of each breast to lift and re-conform the breasts to their natural shape. A scanning machine is then used to measure... Agent: Dean A. Craine

20090137895 - Real-time diagnostic system employing non-invasive method to analyze electro-magnetic field radiated from a subject and the variation thereof: The present invention relates to a real-time disease diagnostic system employing a non-invasive method capable of analyzing of an electromagnetic field and variations thereof radiated from a subject. The disease diagnostic system detects a micro electromagnetic field and variations thereof radiated from bio-action potential of the living tissue, such as... Agent: Jhk Law

20090137898 - Arrangement to transmit digital signals in a magnetic resonance apparatus: An arrangement for transmission of digital signals in a magnetic resonance apparatus has a local coil that has reception antenna connected via an amplifier with an A/D converter so that a magnetic resonance signal received via the individual antenna is amplified as an analog signal and is converted into a... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090137896 - Magnetic resonance device and method: The invention relates to a device for MR imaging of a body (7) placed in a stationary and substantially homogeneous main magnetic field, with an RF transmit antenna (6) for radiating RF pulses towards the body (7), which RF transmit antenna (6) has different resonance modes. In order to improve... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090137897 - Method for magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging: A method for performing spectroscopy using an interleaved readout for at least two species. A B0 field is applied. A first spatial-spectral (SPSP) position resolved spectroscopy sequence (PRESS) excitation with a sufficiently narrow band to excite a first species without exciting a second species is applied. A first readout that... Agent: Beyer Law Group LLP

20090137899 - Devices, systems, and methods for locating magnetic injection fill ports: Devices, systems, and methods provide accurate and consistent identification of the center of a magnetic infusion port.... Agent: Ryan Kromholz & Manion, S.c.

20090137901 - Method and system for registeriing a medical situation associated with a first coordinate system, in a second coordinate system using an mps system: System for registering a first image with a second image, the system including a first medical positioning system for detecting a first position and orientation of the body of a patient, a second medical positioning system for detecting a second position and orientation of the body, and a registering module... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20090137900 - Methods and apparatus for locating body vessels and occlusions in body vessels: Methods and apparatus employed to locate body vessels and occlusions in body vessels finding particular utility in cardiac surgery, particularly minimally invasive cardiac surgery to locate cardiac arteries and occlusions in cardiac arteries are disclosed. An elongated vessel lumen probe incorporating a lumen probe element at or near the elongated... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20090137902 - Intraoperative imaging methods: Described are methods for intraoperative imaging of anatomical structures using fluorescent compounds, e.g., compounds that fluoresce in the invisible light (IL) region of the spectrum, i.e., above 670 nm. An exemplary compound is methylene blue.... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20090137903 - Transmit apodization using a sinc function in an ultrasound system: The present invention relates to transmit apodization using a sinc function in an ultrasound system. The ultrasound system includes: a transmission unit operable to generate transmit pulse signals with transmit apodization applied by using a sinc function; a probe operable to generate ultrasound signals based on the transmit pulse signals... Agent: Jones Day

20090137904 - Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and ultrasonic imaging method: An ultrasonic imaging apparatus captures a plurality of B-mode images of a same cross section respectively by a plurality of linear scans with different directional ultrasonic beams and creates and displays a compound image from the plurality of B-mode images. The ultrasonic imaging apparatus includes a device for capturing an... Agent: Patrick W. Rasche Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090137905 - Ultrasound probe: An ultrasound probe for locating with respect to a surface of a target object. The ultrasound probe has a face suitable for receiving the palm of a hand of a user, allowing the user to accurately move, hold and/or grip the ultrasound probe using their hand. At least a portion... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090137907 - Imaging diagnosis apparatus having needling navigation control system and a needling navigation controlling method: An ultrasound imaging diagnosis apparatus and a method for supporting safe and exact puncturing operation into a target region in a living body of a patient are provided. In the ultrasound imaging diagnosis apparatus, a regions setting unit sets a target tumor region for puncturing and blood vessel regions and... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090137906 - Ultrasonic piercing needle: A puncture needle capable of clear imaging even if an angle to the irradiation direction of a detection wave such as an ultrasonic wave of an ultrasonic probe is small. According to one embodiment, a ultrasonic puncture needle (1) that conducts puncturing while observing a puncturing condition by means of... Agent: Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, P.C.

20090137909 - Method for imaging and treating organs and tissues: The present invention provides methods and compositions for detecting and treating malignant tissue, organs or cells in a mammal. The method comprises parenterally injecting a mammalian subject, at a locus or by a route providing access to the tissue or organ, with a composition comprising an antibody/fragment that is tagged... Agent: Dla Piper LLP (us)

20090137908 - Multi-spectral tissue imaging: Apparatus and methods are disclosed for multi-spectral imaging of tissue to obtain information about the distribution of fluorophores and chromophores in the tissue. Using specific spectral bands for illumination and specific spectral bands for detection, the signal-to-noise ratio and information related to the distribution of specific fluorophores is enhanced as... Agent: Brosemer, Kolefas & Associates, LLC

20090137910 - Organ oxygenation state monitor and method: One aspect of the invention provides a patient tissue state monitoring system with a light source; a light detector; a probe adapted to be inserted into a patient to transmit light from the light source to an organ tissue site and to direct light from the organ tissue site to... Agent: Karen Drexler

20090137911 - Electrode positioning: In a method and device for positioning a linear array of electrodes mounted on a distal end section of an elongated flexible member in a patient's respiratory airways at the level of the patient's diaphragm, a length of the elongated flexible member pre-determined to position the linear array of electrodes... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20090137912 - Blood pressure measurement apparatus: A blood pressure measurement apparatus includes: a detector, operable to detect a first pulse, a second pulse prior to the first pulse and a third pulse prior to the second pulse under the same pressure; a first distinguisher, operable to distinguish whether waveforms of the first and second pulses are... Agent: Kimble Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

20090137913 - Non-invasive electronic method and apparatus for measuring blood pressure: Provided is a non-invasive electronic method and apparatus for measuring blood pressure, in which the data is processed with an algorithm of non-linear fitting for recovering trend envelope of an oscillating PW by a firmware, so that the trend envelope of PW amplitude can be recovered accurately, and the obtained... Agent: Mindray C/o Stoel Rives LLP

20090137914 - Portable hydraulic sphygmomanometer: The present invention provides a portable hydraulic sphygmomanometer comprising: a manual hydraulic belt, a pressure sensor for detecting the pressure of hydraulic belt, and a compute device for calculating the blood pressure.... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20090137915 - Method and apparatus for facilitating physiological coherence and autonomic balance: Method and apparatus for determining the state of entrainment between biological systems which exhibit oscillatory behavior such as heart rhythms, respiration, blood pressure waves and low frequency brain waves based on a determination of heart rate variability (HRV) and an evaluation of the power spectrum thereof. Entrainment reflects a harmonious... Agent: Crowell & Moring LLP Intellectual Property Group

20090137916 - Electrocardiologic device for assisted diagnosis for the diagnostic of brugada syndrome or early repolarization syndrome: Electrocardiologic device for assisted diagnosis, preferably for the diagnosis of Brugada syndrome or Early Repolarization syndrome. This device allows characterizing the ventricular repolarization wave of an ECG signal collected from a patient. Extracting out of the ECG signal, for each heart beat, an ST segment is constituted of a successsion... Agent: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLPIPProsecution Department

20090137917 - Central venous catheter assembly for measuring physiological data for cardiac output determination and method of determining cardiac output: The central venous sensor assembly comprises a catheter body with several proximal ports. The catheter portion placed in the vena cava superior is equipped with a proximal flux measurement unit, and the catheter portion placed in the vena cava inferior is equipped with a distal flux measurement unit. A first... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20090137918 - System and method for diagnosis of bovine diseases using auscultation analysis: A system and method are provided for diagnosis of bovine respiratory diseases using auscultation techniques wherein the acoustic characteristics of a recorded spectrogram is compared with existing data enabling a caregiver to make a diagnosis for a diseased animal. Lung sounds are obtained by use of an electronic stethoscope, and... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

20090137919 - Lung volume monitoring method and device: A method for determining functional residual capacity (FRC) of a patient while ventilating the patient. The system may include a medical ventilator which provides inhalation and exhalation from the patient, a sensor which measures a fraction one or more gas components of the inhalation and a fraction of the same... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20090137920 - Breath sampling device: There is provided a breath sampling tube comprising a deflector adapted to reduce liquid intake into a sampling inlet. There is also provided a breath sampling tube including a deflector adapted to deflect liquid droplets present in breath to reduce liquid at the sampling inlet. There is also provide d... Agent: Empk & Shiloh, LLP C/o Landon Ip, Inc.

20090137921 - Device and method for detecting an epileptic event: The invention discloses an epileptic event alert system, capable of detecting and analyzing whether motions sensed by at least one motion sensor of the system, are related to an epileptic seizure event. The system may be utilized for detection of additional motion-related pathologies. A detection method is similarly disclosed, as... Agent: Naomi Assia Law Offices C/o LandonIPInc.

20090137923 - Electroencephalography based systems and methods for selecting therapies and predicting outcomes: A method and system for utilizing neurophysiologic information obtained by techniques such as quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG), electrode recordings, MRI in appropriately matching patients with therapeutic entities is disclosed. The present invention enables utilization of neurophysiologic information, notwithstanding its weak correlation with extant diagnostic schemes for mental disorders, for safer and... Agent: Medlen & Carroll, LLP

20090137922 - Method for anti-stress training: The method is for reducing a stress level of a user. The user is provided with a sensor (23) of a headband (20) for measuring brain wave frequencies of the user (28). The user (28) moves a unit (24), such as a ball, on a surface (32) or in a... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20090137924 - Method and system for meshing human and computer competencies for object categorization: The subject disclosure relates to a method and system for visual object categorization. The method and system include receiving human inputs including data corresponding to passive human-brain responses to visualization of images. Computer inputs are also received which include data corresponding to outputs from a computerized vision-based processing of the... Agent: Amin, Turocy & Calvin, LLP

20090137925 - Impedance spectroscopy cervix scanning apparatus and method: In one particular aspect of the present invention, an electrode clip is provided. The clip has a pair of lobes having opposing surfaces, and a stem extending from a side of each of the pair of lobes. A pair of tetra-pole electrodes is provided on each of the opposing surfaces.... Agent: Middleton & Reutlinger

20090137926 - Apparatus and methods for repetitive microjet drug delivery: An active, transdermal delivery system includes a support structure and a fluid reservoir within the support structure configured to contain a fluid to be delivered transdermally. There is also at least one exit orifice defined in the support structure that is in communication with the fluid reservoir. The orifice has... Agent: Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky And Popeo, P.c

20090137927 - Biopsy apparatus with vacuum relief: A method of relieving vacuum of in a biopsy apparatus that comprises an outer cannula defining a first inner lumen therethrough and a tissue-receiving opening in communication with the first inner lumen; an inner cannula slidably disposed in the first inner lumen of the outer cannula, wherein the inner cannula... Agent: Hologic Cytyc-suros Division C/o Rader, Fishman & Grauer, PLLC

20090137928 - Biopsy device with fluid delivery to tissue specimens: The invention is directed to a system and method for separating and collecting one or more tissue specimens from a target site within a patient and flushing the specimen to remove blood, debris and the like before the specimen is removed from the biopsy device. The flow of flushing fluid... Agent: Edward J. Lynch Patent Attorney

20090137929 - Quick cycle biopsy system: A biopsy apparatus includes a cannula having a closed distal end. An orifice is located on a circumferential surface of the cannula. The orifice is configured to receive a tissue sample into a lumen of the cannula. A cutting sheath is slidably and coaxially disposed over the cannula. The cutting... Agent: C. R. Bard, Inc. Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

20090137931 - Lancet integrated test element tape dispenser: A lancet integrated test element tape includes a plurality of lancet integrated test elements. The lancet integrated test elements each include a lancet configured to form an incision in tissue and a test element configured to analyze body fluid from the incision in the tissue. A cartridge includes a supply... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090137930 - Tissue penetration device: A tissue penetration device includes a magnetic source that produces a controllable magnetic field in a magnetically active region adjacent the magnetic source. A magnetic member is disposed at least partially in the magnetically active region. A permanent magnet is disposed at a proximal end of the magnetically active region... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20090137932 - Heart tracking device: A vessel tracking device for use with a pressure source has an elongate introduction element configured for introduction into a vessel of a human body, the introduction element having a proximal end and a distal end, and the distal end having a flexible distal end portion containing an internal cavity... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090137933 - Methods and systems for sensing equilibrium: Systems and methods for monitoring equilibrium of a user are presented. A stability monitoring device in a shoe insole area utilizes pressure sensors to measure pressure information in real-time. The pressure information is transmitted over an RF network to a device for analyzing the pressure information and calculating postural state... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

05/21/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090131735 - Implant comprising radioactive seeds: The present disclosure relates to an implant comprising at least two sheets of a biocompatible material, and at least one radioactive seed disposed between said sheets of material. The disclosure also relates to a method for treating a patient, comprising fixing to the tissue of the patient at least one... Agent: Patti, Hewitt & Arezina LLC

20090131734 - Implantable medical marker and methods of preparation thereof: An implantable medical marker, the marker comprising a marker body adapted for insertion via a needle and adapted to define a volume with a smallest dimension larger than an inner diameter of the needle; and a radiation source—characterized by gamma emissions sufficient to exit the human body.... Agent: Martin D. Moynihan D/b/a Prtsi, Inc.

20090131737 - Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use: Lumen-traveling biological interface devices and associated methods and systems are described. Lumen-traveling biological interface devices capable of traveling within a body lumen may include a propelling mechanism to produce movement of the lumen-traveling device within the lumen, electrodes or other electromagnetic transducers for detecting biological signals and electrodes, coils or... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20090131738 - Lumen-traveling biological interface device and method of use: Lumen-traveling biological interface devices and associated methods and systems are described. Lumen-traveling biological interface devices capable of traveling within a body lumen may include a propelling mechanism to produce movement of the lumen-traveling device within the lumen, electrodes or other electromagnetic transducers for detecting biological signals and electrodes, coils or... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20090131736 - Spinal injury imaging by magnetically levitated sensors: A system for detecting a spinal injury region containing injured spinal nerve cells may include a swarm of nanosensors that are configured to detect chemical signals released by the injured spinal nerve cells, and are coated with a magnetic material. A magnetic field generator may controllably generate a magnetic field... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20090131739 - External magnetic field stimulation of the spg: Apparatus is provided for treating a condition of a subject, including a coil, which is configured to be positioned in a vicinity of a site selected from the group consisting of: a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG), a greater palatine nerve, a lesser palatine nerve, a sphenopalatine nerve, a communicating branch between... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20090131740 - Cardiac assist system using helical arrangement of contractile bands and helically-twisting cardiac assist device: A cardiac assist system using a helical arrangement of contractile bands and a helically-twisting cardiac assist device are disclosed. One embodiment discloses a cardiac assist system comprising at least one contractile elastic band helically arrangement around a periphery of a patient's heart, where upon an actuation the band contracts helically,... Agent: Tope-mckay & Associates

20090131741 - Methods of making aortic counter pulsation cardiac assist devices with three dimensional tortuous shape: Disclosed herein are methods of making aortic counter pulsation cardiac assist devices for assisting cardiac function of a patient. The methods can comprise performing at least one medical imaging procedure on an aorta of the patient, selecting at least one active segment of the aortic counter pulsation cardiac assist device... Agent: Young & Basile, P.C.

20090131742 - Round window driving transducer for easy implantation and implantable hearing device having the same: The present invention relates to a round window driving transducer for easy implantation and an implantable hearing device having the same. The round window driving transducer is implantable in the round window of the cochlea in the middle ear cavity, and has excellent high frequency characteristics, which can assist patients... Agent: Emerson, Thomson & Bennett, LLC

20090131743 - Low friction delivery tool for a cardiac support device: A delivery device for efficiently delivering a cardiac support device of the type having a jacket. The device includes a body, a deployment mechanism and an actuating mechanism. The deployment mechanism is for releasable connection to a cardiac support device and movable within the jacket between retracted and extended states... Agent: Faegre & Benson LLP Patent Docketing - Intellectual Property

20090131744 - Sexual aid device: Disclosed is a sexual aid device comprising an inner region, and an outer region, wherein at least the outer region is fabricated of a molded, lofted foam material that is non-porous, wherein the outer region is configured for use with at least one of an orifice, genitalia and erogenous zone... Agent: John Pattenden

20090131745 - Prosthetic device with protrusions for girth: A prosthetic device comprises a column formed of resilient material. The column comprises external protrusions that vary a girth of the column. The protrusions are separated by valleys that reduce bulk.... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20090131746 - Capsule endoscope system and method of processing image data thereof: The present invention relates to a capsule endoscope system and method of processing image data thereof and is suitable for capturing the inner parts of human body using a capsule endoscope having an internally-usable capsule size and receiving to display image data generated from the capturing. By the present invention,... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090131747 - Instrument and method for remotely manipulating a tissue structure: A retractor and a surgical tool are positioned within a cannula, and a dissection cradle of the retractor is positioned at the distal end of the cannula. The retractor includes a dissection cradle that is resiliently supported along an axis skewed relative to the axis of the cannula. The dissection... Agent: Fenwick & West LLP

20090131748 - Ligator: An apparatus applicable for the ligation of internal tissue in a created or natural cavity in animals or in the human body fx varicose veins in the gullet or a duodenal diverticulum by means of an elastic band (19) while observing the legations through an endoscope comprises: an automatic trigger... Agent: James C. Wray

20090131749 - Tissue removal system and method using reinforced loop: The present disclosure provides a system and method for removing a tissue that extends from a tissue layer, such as a polyp, lesion, or organ. The disclosure provides a medical loop that can be tightened around the tissue extending from the tissue layer by using a one-way anchor and a... Agent: Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP Attn:IPDocketing

20090131750 - Action display system and endoscope system: An action display system includes an action instruction signal generating portion configured to generate an action instruction signal for instructing an action of an acting portion in response to an input to an input portion, an action control portion configured to control a drive portion such that the acting portion... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090131751 - Anal surgical instrument guides: A surgical instrument guide configured to be at least partially inserted into a natural orifice of a patient to allow a surgeon to access a tissue treatment region with multiple surgical instruments during the course of a minimally invasive surgical procedure. In various embodiments, the surgical instruments can be inserted... Agent: K&l Gates LLP

20090131752 - Inflatable artificial muscle for elongated instrument: An inflatable artificial muscle for manipulating a flexible elongated instrument such as a medical endoscope that advantageously utilizes fluid pressure to facilitate insertion into a tortuous passage and maneuver of the instrument is described herein. The inflatable artificial muscle comprises a hollow cylinder-like bladder with a lumen or a plurality... Agent: Ampacc Law Group

20090131753 - Pulling apparatus and endoscope system: A pulling apparatus includes an input portion configured to be operated, a braking portion configured to apply a braking force to the input portion to generate a resistance force against to an operation to the input portion, a pulling portion configured to pull a pulling member, a pulling order generation... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090131754 - Surgical access apparatus and method: A method for making the surgical access device includes the combining of a gelling agent with an oil, preferably in a molding process. A method for using the device includes steps for creating an opening with the instrument. In a particular process, an organ can be removed from the body... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20090131755 - Retractor for minimally invasive surgery: A surgical retractor comprises an elongate member having a coupling region disposed at one end thereof. The retractor is adapted to engage a base of a head of a pedicle screw. The coupling region of the elongate member has a filament-receiving hole adapted to receive a filament which captures the... Agent: Moetteli & Associates Sarl

20090131756 - Mechanical system: When consumable part such as pressure-resistant cover (300) is installed on a chemical solution injector (100), consumption degree data is read from storage means such as an RFID chip of the consumable part and temporarily held. If the consumption degree updated according to the use of the consumable part exceeds... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090131757 - Multi mode patient monitor: A multimode patient monitor is disclosed herewith. The patient monitor comprises: a display, wherein the patient monitor operates in a normal mode wherein monitored patient status is displayed using normal display characteristics of the patient monitor and also operates in a night mode wherein monitored patient-status is displayed using modified... Agent: Peter Vogel Ge Healthcare

20090131758 - Self-improving method of using online communities to predict health-related outcomes: The invention is directed, in part, to method of using self-reported health data in online communities to predict significant health events in life-changing illnesses to improve the lives of individuals and to improve patient self-management. The invention provides a method for providing real-time personalized medical predictions for an individual patient.... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090131761 - Device providing spot-check of vital signs using an in-the-ear probe: A portable physiological monitoring device (12) includes a receiver (22) that wirelessly receives physiological measurements from each of a plurality of in-the-ear probes (14) upon entering a communication range of one of the in-the-ear probes (14). The portable physiological monitoring device (12) farther includes a display (30) for presenting the... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131759 - Life sign detection and health state assessment system: A wearable platform embodied in a belt or patch provides physiological monitoring of soldiers during field operations or trauma victims at accident sites and makes health state assessments. The platform includes sensors for heart rate, body motion, respiration rate and intensity, and temperature and further contains a microprocessor and short... Agent: Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman PC

20090131762 - Medical device synchronization system for use in cardiac & other patient monitoring: A system provides synchronization between different medical signal (e.g., EKG and ICEG signal) acquisition and processing devices. A system synchronizes multiple different patient medical parameter processing devices, using a master clock generator. The master clock generator is adaptively programmable to provide synchronization clocks having frequencies compatible with multiple different medical... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090131765 - Method and system for measuring pulmonary artery circulation information: Minimally invasive systems and methods are described for measuring pulmonary circulation information from the pulmonary arteries. A transbronchial Doppler ultrasound catheter is advanced through the airways and in the vicinity of the pulmonary artery. Doppler ultrasound energy is sent through the airway wall and across the pulmonary artery to obtain... Agent: Broncus Technologies, Inc. C/o Levine Bagade Han LLP

20090131763 - Method for improving in-home patient monitoring: The invention is a method to improve in-home care for patients who require supplemental oxygen. Built around an intelligent portable oxygen concentrator which can acquire and store patient data and make the data available over the internet, the method allows a physician to access the data over the internet in... Agent: Mark Rodgers

20090131766 - Method for monitoring a patient and system for implementing said method: The invention concerns a method for monitoring a patient suffering, for example, from a nervous disease such as epilepsy, characterized in that it consists at least in the following steps: recording continuously video images of the patient in a buffer, determining the occurrence of a seizure of the patient at... Agent: Faegre & Benson LLP Patent Docketing - Intellectual Property

20090131760 - Morphograms in different time scales for robust trend analysis in intensive/critical care unit patients: A patient monitoring system that simultaneously analyzes physiological signals from at least one patient monitoring device (4) to detect unstable conditions includes a frequency component extractor (6) that separates each received signal into a plurality of frequency components over different time scales; a generator (8) that provides mappings of physiological... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131764 - Systems and methods providing en mass collection and centralized processing of physiological responses from viewers: Embodiments described herein enable “in situ” sensing, which collects and analyzes physiological responses from a large group of viewers/audiences who watch a same media instance together at a single venue. Each of the group of viewers is fitted with physiological sensors with communication capabilities to communicate with a signal collection... Agent: Courtney Staniford & Gregory LLP

20090131767 - Body-associated fluid transport structure evaluation devices: Implantable devices for evaluating body-associated fluid transport structures and methods for using the same are provided. In some instances, the implantable devices include an elongated structure with at least one hermetically sealed integrated circuit sensor stably associated therewith and a transmitter. The devices find use in a variety of different... Agent: Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20090131768 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090131769 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090131770 - Conformable physiological sensor: A sensor for measuring physiological characteristics includes a circuit assembly, at least one material layer, and an adhesive layer that extends beyond an outer edge of the circuit assembly. The at least one material layer forms an adhesive edge around the perimeter of the sensor.... Agent: Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20090131771 - Apparatus for denaturating bilirubin and bilirubin dialyzer: The present invention provides a bilirubin reducing means which can minimize a risk such as the onset of an infection or the occurrence of blood coagulation and can reduce physical, temporal and economical burdens imposed on a patient suffering from liver dysfunction. A bilirubin denaturating apparatus includes a dialyzing portion... Agent: Jordan And Hamburg LLP

20090131772 - Medical device: A medical device (1) is in the form of a flexible tube (1) having a first end (2) and a second end (3) each adapted for insertion at separate points through the skin (4) of a body into a blood vessel (5), such that the tube (1) defines a conduit... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131773 - Sensor for detection of carbohydrate: A sensor for sensing analyte concentration comprises at least two different variants of an appropriate competitive binding assay, the sensor being capable of sensing accurately a required range of analyte concentrations by means of the variants of the assay each being capable of sensing accurately a part only of the... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090131774 - Single use pulse oximeter: A single use, self-contained, self-powered disposable oximeter, in the form of a patch or a bandage strip, has mounted thereto a light emitter and a light sensor that together measure at least the SpO2 of the patient. Mounted to an electronics layer of the patch is an application specific integrated... Agent: Louis Woo Law Office Of Louis Woo

20090131775 - Carbon dioxide and activity monitoring: An implanted heart monitor includes sensors that measure various aspects of the heart failure patient's heart. A remote heart monitoring system connects the implanted heart monitor to a care provider, such as a physician. The data provided by the implanted heart monitor permits the care provider to obtain valuable data... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/bsc-crm

20090131776 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090131777 - Analyte sensor: Systems and methods of use for continuous analyte measurement of a host's vascular system are provided. In some embodiments, a continuous glucose measurement system includes a vascular access device, a sensor and sensor electronics, the system being configured for insertion into communication with a host's circulatory system.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090131778 - Devices, systems, methods and tools for continuous glucose monitoring: One aspect of the invention provides a glucose monitor having a plurality of tissue piercing elements, each tissue piercing element having a distal opening, a proximal opening and interior space extending between the distal and proximal openings; a sensing volume in fluid communication with the proximal openings of the tissue... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20090131779 - Applanation tonometer: A device (2) for determining an intraocular pressure of an eye comprises a measurement arrangement with a measurement body (44), attached to a measurement arm (40), for applanation of the eye and a rotary knob (10) which is attached to a shaft (6) and can rotate about a rotational axis... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090131780 - Arm positioner for diagnostic procedure: An arm positioning system for a diagnostic procedure such as an MRI can include a positioning block and a retention device (such as a thumb strap). The retention device and the positioning block can be coupled together (e.g. by hook and loop fasteners) to allow them to position a patient's... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090131781 - Determination of susceptibility-induced magnetic field gradients by magnetic resonance: The invention relates to a device for magnetic resonance imaging of a body (7). The device (1) comprises means (2) for establishing a substantially homogeneous main magnetic field in the examination volume, means (3, 4, 5) for generating switched magnetic field gradients superimposed upon the main magnetic field, means (6)... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131782 - Device for heat treating moving biological tissues and related method: e

20090131783 - Methods, systems and computer program products for positioning a guidance apparatus relative to a patient: A method for positioning a guide device for placement of an interventional object in a body, the guide device having a guide axis, includes: determining a target point in the body and a reference point, wherein the target point and the reference point define a planned trajectory line (PTL) extending... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20090131784 - System and method of in-vivo magnetic position determination: Systems and methods for position detection of a in-vivo sensing device. A magnetic field generator generates magnetic fields which are measured by an antenna. The position of the in-vivo sensing device is determined from the magnetic field intensity values.... Agent: Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, LLP

20090131785 - Variable occlusional balloon catheter assembly: Embodiments of the present invention relate to inflatable balloon catheters and methods for deploying an inflatable balloon catheter. For example, one embodiment is directed to a catheter assembly that includes a catheter comprising proximal and distal ends and at least one longitudinal conduit extending between the proximal and distal ends.... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20090131787 - Adaptive image filtering in an ultrasound imaging device: The present invention relates to an ultrasound imaging device. The ultrasound imaging device includes: a data acquiring unit for acquiring 3-dimensional ultrasound image data based on receive signals formed based on ultrasound echoes reflected from a target object; a filtering unit for determining a size of a filtering mask of... Agent: Jones Day

20090131786 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus system: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus body having a console interface device that permits changeable connection of a plurality of consoles of different types, a console identifying device that identifies the type of the connected console and an operation mode control device that so performs control as... Agent: Patrick W. Rasche (20459) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090131788 - Quantification and display of cardiac chamber wall thickening: An ultrasonic imaging system and method are described for quantification and display of myocardial wall thickening. The endocardial and epicardial borders in an image sequence are defined over a heart cycle and changes in the distance between the borders are tracked at specified locations around the myocardium over the heart... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131789 - Device for x-ray brachytherapy, and method for positioning a probe introduced into a body for x-ray brachytherapy: In a method and a device for x-ray brachytherapy, a probe is inserted into the interior of the body of a subject, the probe carrying at its distal end an x-ray source that radiates x-rays into an exposure area in the body of the subject outside of the probe. The... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090131790 - Systems and methods for deploying echogenic components in ultrasonic imaging fields: Systems and devices according to the present invention providing a needle deployment and visualization device, which includes: a shaft; an ultrasound imaging transducer extendable along at least a portion of the shaft for providing an image within a field of view; and a needle coupled and deployable from the shaft... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20090131792 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus includes an image display device for displaying an image generated based on ultrasonic echo signals received from an subject on a screen, a trace pointer display device for displaying a trace pointer on the screen on which the image is being displayed during a trace measurement,... Agent: Patrick W. Rasche (20459) Armstrong Teasdale LLP

20090131791 - Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with spectral and audio tissue doppler: A spectral tissue Doppler processor for an ultrasound system produces Doppler phase shift estimates of sequences of signal samples from a sample volume with a short-lag autocorrelator. The autocorrelation products are summed and an arc tangent taken of each sum to produce angle estimates. The angle estimates, which are proportional... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090131794 - Method and apparatus for quickly determining an imaging region in an ultrasonic imaging system: A method and apparatus for quickly determining an imaging region associated with the current transmission in an ultrasonic imaging system includes determining a profile of the imaging region to be processed and, in turn, boundaries of that imaging region according to characteristics of the current transmitted sound field and the... Agent: Mindray C/o Stoel Rives LLP

20090131793 - Portable imaging system having a single screen touch panel: A portable imaging system is presented. The system includes a single panel display, where the single panel display includes a first portion configured to display an image and a second portion configured as a touch-based user interface. A method of imaging using a portable imaging system, where the portable imaging... Agent: Peter Vogel Ge Healthcare

20090131795 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes a probe that transmits ultrasound beams to a body of an object to be examined, and receives echo signals from the said object, a reception unit that receives the echo signals from the probe, a store which stores the received echo signals, readout-range setter which... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090131796 - Apparatus and method for modifying ultrasonic tissue harmonic amplitude: An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and imaging method for harmonic enhancement or suppression are disclosed. A fundamental transmit signal and a 3f0 transmit signal are combined to emit as an ultrasonic pulse signal. For harmonic enhancement, when the phase of 3f0 transmit signal is adjusted relative to that of the fundamental... Agent: Kirton And Mcconkie

20090131797 - Ultrasound diagnostic device having transducers facing each other: The present invention relates to an ultrasound diagnostic device. The ultrasound diagnostic device comprises a pair of transducers operable to transmit/receive ultrasound signals. The transducers are arranged to face each other. The transducers may be an array transducer including a plurality of elements, which are linearly arranged.... Agent: Jones Day

20090131798 - Method and apparatus for intravascular imaging and occlusion crossing: This invention describes an occlusion crossing apparatus for creating an opening in occluded tissue at a target location in interventional and surgical applications with simultaneous or nearly simultaneous intravascular imaging. In particular, the present invention is concerned with a magnetically guidable occlusion crossing apparatus and methods of using same together... Agent: Bryan K. Wheelock

20090131799 - Bone density measuring device: A small and inexpensive, noninvasive bone density measuring device is provided. A measuring part of the bone density measuring device is constituted by a light emitter 120, which emits near-infrared light, and a light receiver 130, which receives light via a bone of a measuring subject, arranged in a holder... Agent: Rader Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20090131800 - Multimodal imaging system for tissue imaging: An apparatus for obtaining area images and optical coherence tomography (OCT) image of a tissue comprises an image sensor, a first illumination means providing broadband polarized polychromatic light, a second illumination means providing narrow-band ultraviolet light, a third illumination means providing Near-Infrared light, an optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging apparatus,... Agent: Carestream Health, Inc.

20090131802 - Contact sensor for fiberoptic raman probes: The present invention relates to an optical contact sensor for a spectroscopic probe. The sensor detects contact of the distal end of a fiber optic probe to a surface being measured. The system can be used to correct Raman spectral measurements of tissue.... Agent: Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Lebovici LLP

20090131801 - Systems and processes for optical imaging of luminal anatomic structures: Exemplary embodiments of an apparatus for obtaining data for at least one portion within at least one luminal or hollow sample can be provided. For example, the exemplary apparatus can include a first optical arrangement configured to transceive at least one electromagnetic radiation to and from the portion. A second... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney LLP Intellectual Property Department

20090131803 - A sleep monitoring system: A sleep monitoring system includes an ECG device (2) and a respiration inductance plethysmogram (3) which monitor cardiac activity and physical (ribcage) respiration respectively and feed representative signals to a digital data processor. Operations (5-9) process the beat interval data, while in a second thread, operations (20-24) independently process the... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20090131806 - Apparatus and methods for non-invasively measuring a patient's arterial blood pressure: Improved apparatus and methods for non-invasively assessing one or more hemodynamic parameters associated with the circulatory system of a living organism. In one aspect, the invention comprises an apparatus adapted to automatically and accurately place and maintain a sensor (e.g., tonometric pressure sensor) with respect to the anatomy of the... Agent: Gazdzinski & Associates

20090131804 - Method and apparatus for determining central aortic pressure waveform: A method is provided for determining a central aortic pressure waveform. The method includes: measuring two or more peripheral artery pressure waveforms; analyzing the signals so as to extract common features in the measured waveforms; and determining an absolute central aortic pressure waveform based on the common features.... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090131805 - Patient monitoring: A hemodynamic monitor and corresponding method for determining the requirement for, and if required the nature or extent of, and for monitoring the response to, an intervention by a carer for a subject in order to improve the hydration level and hemodynamic status of the subject during a period or... Agent: Andrus, Sceales, Starke & Sawall, LLP

20090131807 - Blood pressure value display device, blood pressure measuring instrument, and blood pressure value display method: It has a blood pressure display panel 24 having a circumferentially-calibrated scale, and includes: a systolic blood pressure indicating unit for providing a systolic blood pressure indication based on a state of systolic blood pressure; and a diastolic blood pressure indicating unit for providing a diastolic blood pressure indication based... Agent: Mathews, Shepherd, Mckay, & Bruneau, P.A.

20090131808 - Sphygmomanometer and chip card therefor: A sphygmomanometer and a chip card for use therein. The sphygmomanometer includes a measuring device for determining blood pressure data and a control device. The control device has a chip card reader operable to read an insertable control chip card. The chip card includes data which is read by the... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20090131809 - Respiration sensor: The present invention discloses a respiration sensor, which is attached to a testee and comprises a triaxial acceleration sensing unit, a microprocessor, and at least one alarm unit. The triaxial acceleration sensing unit detects the respiration-related movements of a testee and output a detection signal. The microprocessor connects with the... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090131810 - Breath test device and method: There is provided a method of evaluating a liver condition of a subject, the method includes computing a fluctuation parameter from a liver breath test based on at least one of a percentage dose recovery (PDR) curve and a delta over baseline (DOB) curve of an isotope labeled methacetin, or... Agent: Empk & Shiloh, LLP C/o Landon Ip, Inc.

20090131811 - Comprehensive integrated testing protocol for infant lung function: A Comprehensive Integrated Testing Protocol (CITP) incorporates precise measurements of the dynamic and the static lung volumes and capacities at V30 for routine infant lung function testing. The static functional residual capacity (sFRC) in infants is measured after a short hyperventilation induces a post-hyperventilation apnea (PHA) that abolishes the infant's... Agent: Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP

20090131812 - Body composition measuring instrument for recognizing body site used in calculation of composition component: A body composition measuring instrument for measuring a body composition of a whole body of a subject includes a detecting section for detecting a plurality of potential differences at each of a plurality of body sites including a whole body, both hands, and both feet by using hand electrodes and... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20090131813 - Method and apparatus for augmenting nerve stimulation and response detection: a compression mechanism for applying a force to the shaped protrusion so as to cause the shaped protrusion to press the electrode against the underlying tissue and compress the same, so as to move the electrode closer to the nerve and thereby augment nerve stimulation and response detection.... Agent: Mark J. Pandiscio Pandiscio & Pandiscio, P.C.

20090131814 - Method and process for weight management: A weight management method and system measures and utilizes an individual's specific body composition and metabolic rates to provide a nutritional plan designed to the individual's specific weight management goals, including weight loss, weight gain or weight control. The system is composed of four primary components: 1) body composition testing;... Agent: Dowell Baker, P.C.

20090131815 - Marker deployment device: A marker deployment system is provided, including at least one cannula, a site marker and at least one wire. The cannula has a tubular side-wall and a distal opening. The cannula defines at least one aperture extending through the side-wall. The wire is selectively interposed within the cannula, and a... Agent: Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20090131816 - Engagement interface for biopsy system vacuum module: A biopsy system includes a biopsy device, a vacuum canister, a vacuum control module, and a plurality of tubes. A first tube is configured to provide an axial vacuum to the biopsy device, while a second tube is configured to provide a lateral vacuum. A third tube is configured to... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131818 - Biopsy device tissue sample holder rotation control: A biopsy device includes a cutter defining a cutter lumen and a tissue sample holder for collecting tissue samples. In one example, the tissue sample holder includes a rotatable manifold, and has a plurality of chambers that are each configured to separately hold tissue samples. A tissue sample holder rotation... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131817 - Deployment device interface for biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a tissue sample holder and a cutter defining a cutter lumen. In one example, the tissue sample holder has a manifold, a plurality of chambers that are configured to separately hold tissue samples, and a cup configured to cover the manifold and chambers. The tissue sample... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131819 - User interface on biopsy device: A biopsy device includes a probe and holster that may be coupled together. The probe includes a cannula with a transverse opening and a cutter within the cannula. The holster includes a mechanism that is operable to rotate and translate the cutter within the cannula. In one example, the holster... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131821 - Graphical user interface for biopsy system control module: A biopsy system includes a vacuum control module, a cannula with a transverse opening, a cutter within the cannula, and a rotatable tissue sample holder. The vacuum control module includes a speaker, a vacuum source, and a graphical user interface for controlling the biopsy system. The graphical user interface includes... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131820 - Icon-based user interface on biopsy system control module: A vacuum control module for use in a biopsy system includes a user interface that presents buttons and icons to control operation of a biopsy device. The icons may indicate, e.g., the position of a cutter relative to a transverse opening, whether the system is in a view sample mode,... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131824 - Biopsy device with fine pitch drive train: A biopsy device includes a cutter and a probe body. A cutter rotation and translation mechanism may include a sleeve that is secured to the cutter, a nut that is secured to the body, and first and second gears. The sleeve includes portion having external threads and a portion having... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131823 - Biopsy device with illuminated tissue holder: A biopsy device includes a probe portion and a holster portion that may be coupled together. The probe portion includes a rotatable tissue sample holder that is configured to hold tissue samples. One or more portions of the tissue sample holder may be formed of a transparent or translucent material,... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131822 - Biopsy device with sharps reduction feature: A biopsy device includes a cannula, a cutter disposed within the cannula, a needle hub having a gear for rotating the cannula, a mechanism for rotating and translating the cutter within the cannula, and a body portion. The cutter rotation and translation mechanism includes a first component that is secured... Agent: Frost Brown Todd, LLC

20090131825 - Imageable biopsy site marker: A biopsy site marker having at least one small marker body or pellet of bioresorbable material such as gelatin, collagen, polylactic acid, polyglycolic acid which has a radiopaque object, preferably with a non-biological configuration. The at least one bioresorbable body or pellet with a radiopaque object is deposited into the... Agent: Edward J. Lynch Patent Attorney

20090131826 - Obtaining a tissue sample: A device with a sampling portion configured to engage, sever, and remove tissue from a body can be used to obtain one or more tissue samples from the body. The device can be used to obtain multiple tissue samples simultaneously.... Agent: Cooley Godward Kronish LLP Attn: Patent Group

20090131827 - Apparatus and methods for tissue disruption: Apparatus and methods for tissue disruption are disclosed where a tissue disruptor may have various configurations extending from the distal end of a flexible aspiration cannula. The devices can have aspiration and/or irrigation systems configured to provide aspiration pressure and/or irrigate with fluid at the distal end of the cannula.... Agent: Levine Bagade Han LLP

20090131828 - Vacuum sample expression device: A body fluid sampling device is used to sample a bodily fluid from an incision in skin. The device includes a housing that defines a sample cavity with one open end that contacts skin. The device also includes a lancing mechanism that forms an incision in the skin. A vacuum... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090131830 - Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue: A body fluid sampling system for use on a tissue site includes a single drive force generator. A plurality of penetrating members are operatively coupled to the force generator. The force generator moves each of the members along a path out of a housing with a penetrating member exit, into... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20090131829 - Tissue penetration device: A tissue penetration device and method of using same. The tissue penetration device may optionally include sampling and analyzing functions, which may be integrated. An embodiment provides control of a lancet used for sampling blood. Electric field coils or solenoids may drive the lancet using electromagnetic force. Advancement and retraction... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20090131831 - Variable stiffness guidewire systems: A variable stiffness guidewire comprises a outer body including a plurality of coil windings that are oriented in a first direction. The outer body has a proximal end and a distal end and a hollow interior therebetween. A tension element is positioned within the hollow interior and has first and... Agent: Nixon Peabody LLP

20090131832 - Electronic syringe with safety system for spinal injection: A device for locating an epidural space. The device includes a connector for forming a hermetically sealed connection with a needle. An air vessel is formed by an air tank, a diaphragm, and a space in the needle when the needle is attached to the connector. The device includes a... Agent: The Eclipse Group LLP

20090131833 - Fetal head monitoring device: A monitoring device (1) for internal vaginal examinations during labour to assess descent of the fetal head through the maternal pelvis. The device (1) comprises first (2) and second (3) sections mounted together so as to be co-axially extendable and retractable relative to each other to vary the distance between... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090131834 - Ergometer suitable for use in a magnetic resonance apparatus: The present invention relates to an ergometer which is particularly suitable for examining a test person or patient in a magnetic resonance apparatus. It comprises at least one drive means which is provided essentially movably and at least one pneumatic piston/cylinder array. The drive means is provided at the piston... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20090131835 - Patient temperature response control system and method: A system and method are provided that employ a monitoring device to monitor at least one patient physiological response to a change in temperature of the patient (e.g. pursuant to induced hypothermia therapy), wherein a monitoring signal is provided by the monitoring device. In turn, an output (e.g. a visual... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20090131836 - Suspicious behavior detection system and method: There is provided a suspicious behavior detection system capable of specifying and identifying a suspicious person exhibiting abnormal behavior. A suspicious behavior detection system is a system to detect suspicious behavior of a monitored subject, by using images captured by a stereo camera. The suspicious behavior detection system has an... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

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20090124846 - Anchor seed cartridge for use with brachytherapy applicator: In an embodiment, a brachytherapy device includes a cartridge adapted for use with a brachytherapy applicator. A plurality of anchor seeds are stacked parallel to one another within the cartridge. Each anchor seed includes a radioactive seed that is at least partially encapsulated by a polymeric material. Additionally, each anchor... Agent: Fliesler Meyer LLP

20090124845 - Methods for asymmetrical irradiation of a body cavity: The disclosure describes devices and methods for asymmetrical irradiation at a body cavity or site, such as after removal of tissue, e.g. biopsy or cancer. One device includes a lumen which is off-set or off-settable from a longitudinal axis to increase the intensity of radiation received from a radiation source... Agent: Edward J. Lynch Patent Attorney

20090124847 - Combined endocardial and epicardial magnetically coupled ablation device: A device for automatically aligning bipolar electrodes on opposing sides of operative tissue is provided for performing minimally invasive RF ablation. The device includes complementary magnetic electrode assemblies, each having a permanent magnet mechanically coupled to and electrically insulated from an electrical conductor. When positioned on opposing sides of tissue... Agent: Snell & Wilmer LLP (oc)

20090124848 - Receptacles for implanted device control magnets, and associated systems and methods: Receptacles for implanted device control magnets, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. A system in accordance with one embodiment includes a magnet receptacle that in turn has a first portion with a first magnetically conductive material and a second portion with a second magnetically conductive material. At least one... Agent: Perkins Coie LLP Patent-sea

20090124849 - Spanning connector for implantable hearing instrument: Provided herein are various connectors that allow for translating the axial movement of an implantable hearing transducer 108 from a first direction to a second direction. In various arrangements, these connectors form a spanning connector 200 that extend across a portion of a tympanic cavity of a patient. One end... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20090124850 - Portable player for facilitating customized sound therapy for tinnitus management: A portable player for facilitating implementation of customized sound therapy to a patient. The PSP is designed to producing sounds at fairly low listening levels, wherein in order for effective habituation to occur. The PSP generates frequencies covering the entire audible range (about 20-20,000 Hz) at low distortion. The PSP... Agent: Liu & Liu

20090124851 - Corrugated expansion-constraining sleeve for an inflatable penile prosthesis cylinder: An inflatable penile prosthesis cylinder of the present invention includes an inflatable chamber and a constraining sleeve of fabric. The inflatable chamber is configured to expand in response to an increase in pressure within the chamber. The sleeve of fabric constrains the expansion of the chamber, however, the sleeve of... Agent: Ams Research Corporation

20090124852 - Endoscope device: Incision forceps that are used by being passed through a forceps channel of an endoscope, comprising: a flexible tube that is inserted in a body cavity via the forceps channel; a long guide member that is disposed at a position projected from the distal end of the flexible tube; a... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090124853 - Capsule blood detection system and method: A capsule for determining the blood content of living tissue in vivo in a patient to detect tumors. The capsule includes a light source and a light detector for directing light onto the tissue and for receiving interacted light therefrom. By analyzing the interacted lights a determination can be made... Agent: Gibbons P.C.

20090124855 - Endoscopic system: An endoscopic system of the present invention includes an endoscope having an input portion, a monitor which displays an image taken with the endoscope, and an observation apparatus which is detachably attached to the endoscope, and which, when connected to the endoscope, automatically displays on the monitor a setting view... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090124854 - Image capturing device and image capturing system: Provided is an image capturing system comprising an image capturing device. The image capturing device includes a plurality of first light receiving elements that receive light in a first wavelength region and a plurality of second light receiving elements that receive light in a wavelength region having a penetration depth... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090124856 - Endoscope insertion portion: An endoscope insertion portion of the invention has a distal end portion, and includes first image pickup means for obtaining a normal light observation image; second image pickup means for obtaining a special light observation image; a first objective optical system for condensing first photographing light incident on the first... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090124857 - System and method for rigidizing flexible medical implements: A flexible steerable device comprising a plurality of interconnected segments configured to pivot relative to each other, each of the plurality of segments having a cavity disposed therein. The device also includes a flexible tube disposed within the cavities of the plurality of segments. The flexible tube includes at least... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20090124858 - Introducer device with locking adaptor: Introducer Device comprises (a) Housing including (1) Housing Lumen sized and shaped to slidably receive a visualization device therein and (2) Slot sized to receive therein a projection extending from visualization device received in Lumen radially away from Lumen; (b) Sheath extending distally from handle and being sized and shaped... Agent: Fay Kaplun & Marcin, LLP

20090124859 - Methods of use of an exchange system for soft tissue access pathway: Disclosed are surgical tools, tool sets and methods for percutaneously accessing and preparing treatment sites within the spine for subsequent treatment procedures. The treatment site may be an inter-vertebral motion segments in the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine. The tool set may comprise introducer tools and bone dilators... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090124860 - Surgical access system and related methods: A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative... Agent: Jonathan Spangler Nuvasive, Inc.

20090124861 - Push-button activated grasper for surgical retractor: A grasper for a surgical retractor is provided. The grasper has a grasper body, a push-button activator and a holder to releasably retain a connector head of, for example, a retractor blade. The holder is configured to move from a first position, located at least partially in the opening to... Agent: Mcdermott, Will & Emery LLP Attn:IPDepartment

20090124862 - Endorectal trocar: An endorectal trocar provided with body (1) for endorectal introduction that defines open internal channel (21) and leak-tight barrier (2) that extends across internal channel (21) and exhibits passageways (9, 10, 11, 12) for rectoscopy instruments, wherein the body (1) and the leak-tight barrier (2) are two distinct assemblies that... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090124864 - Information and pneumatic architecture for a patient care and treatment device: There is provided a central control network for a patient care and treatment device comprising data and power networks with data and power ports, respectively. A power receiver is in electrical communication with the power network and receives power from a power source. A control unit is in electrical communication... Agent: Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker

20090124866 - Intelligent personal health profile: A data processing system adapted to display a three dimensional representation of an individual patient's body, key functions, and current conditions, and to advise of options for improving wellness is disclosed. The system can be used, for example, to display a three dimensional image of a patient's body in a... Agent: Cozen O'connor, P.C.

20090124863 - Method and system for recording patient-status: A method and system for recording patient status automatically is disclosed herein. The method of recording patient-status comprises: monitoring the gestures of a patient continuously using a video imager. From the monitored gestures a patient-status corresponding to at least one clinical factor is identified and the patient-status is automatically recorded... Agent: Peter Vogel Ge Healthcare

20090124865 - System and methods for stress release and associated nitric oxide release for treatment of pain in specific parts of the body: This invention provides unique technology, systems and methods of treatment of stress induced afflictions in the musculoskeletal system, the vascular system or the nervous tissue. More specifically, the systems comprise diagnosis of a stress-induced consistent tightness on the right side of the cranial, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral spine, referred herein... Agent: Rashida A. Karmali, Jd Phd

20090124868 - Lightweight portable trauma treatment and patient monitoring device: There is provided a portable, lightweight, trauma treatment and patient monitoring device. The device comprises a base having a top surface and a pair of housings each having an inner surface. The housings are in pivotal communication with the base to enable selective articulation between a closed orientation and an... Agent: Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker

20090124869 - Medical apparatus capable of recording physiological signals: The present invention related to a medical apparatus capable of recording physiological signals, which uses a EEG detecting circuit to detect the human brain and produce a EEG signal, a ECG detecting circuit to detect the human heart and produce a ECG signal, a microcontroller circuit to receive the EEG... Agent: Sinorica, LLC

20090124867 - Method and device to administer anesthetic and or vosactive agents according to non-invasively monitored cardiac and or neurological parameters: A method of and a device for non-invasively measuring the neurological depressed state and the hemodynamic state of a human patient and involving steps and units of non-invasively measuring EEG, cardiac cycle period, electrical-mechanical interval, mean arterial pressure, and ejection interval and converting the EEG into a neurological index as... Agent: Knoble, Yoshida & Dunleavy

20090124870 - Patient monitoring system for the real-time detection of epileptic seizures: A patient monitoring system for the real-time detection of epileptic seizures suffered by a user of the monitoring system. The system comprises control means for receiving measuring signals and, conditional upon the measuring signals, generating an alarm signal, at least one hart rate sensor for measuring the heart rate of... Agent: Peacock Myers, P.C.

20090124872 - In-vivo information acquisition apparatus and in-vivo information acquisition apparatus system: There is provided an in-vivo information acquisition apparatus capable of detecting high-accuracy in-vivo information substantially at the same time in a plurality of different examination sites in a body cavity and an in-vivo information acquisition apparatus system capable of introducing a plurality of in-vivo information acquisition apparatuses into a patient... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090124871 - Tracking system: A tracking system of the invention comprises a fixed part (30) and a consumable sensor capsule (1) the location of which is tracked in real time as it moves through the GI tract. The fixed part emits (31) acoustic signals, and the capsule receives these signals and in turn generates,... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20090124873 - Biocomponent concentration measuring device: To provide a biocomponent concentration measuring device capable of determining which organ in an ear cavity is in condition for a measurement, the biocomponent concentration measuring device is provided with an infrared ray detector 108 for detecting an infrared light irradiated from an organ in an ear cavity 200, and... Agent: Mcdermott Will & Emery LLP

20090124874 - Blood content detecting capsule: A capsule employing components for detecting blood content or hemoglobin concentration within tissue forming a lumen in vivo advantageously permits screening or diagnosis of certain diseases. In one embodiment, the capsule includes a light source for intermittently illuminating a region of tissue and a light detector for receiving interacted light... Agent: Gibbons P.C.

20090124875 - Implantable creatinine sensor and related methods: Embodiments of the invention are related to implantable creatinine sensors and related methods, amongst other things. In an embodiment, the invention includes an implantable creatinine sensor including a sensing element. The sensing element can include a creatinine deiminase enzyme covalently bound to a substrate and a pH-indicating compound in ionic... Agent: Pauly, Devries Smith & Deffner, L.L.C.

20090124876 - Needle integrated biosensor: There is a needle integrated biosensor, including: a biosensor including at least two electrodes, and a puncture needle to collect a body fluid by piercing a skin of a person to be tested, the biosensor and the puncture needle being integrated, wherein a soft material is attached to the front... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090124877 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090124878 - Systems and methods for replacing signal artifacts in a glucose sensor data stream: Systems and methods for minimizing or eliminating transient non-glucose related signal noise due to non-glucose rate limiting phenomenon such as ischemia, pH changes, temperatures changes, and the like. The system monitors a data stream from a glucose sensor and detects signal artifacts that have higher amplitude than electronic or diffusion-related... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090124879 - Transcutaneous analyte sensor: The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for measuring an analyte in a host. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for transcutaneous measurement of glucose in a host.... Agent: Knobbe, Martens, Olsen & Bear, LLP

20090124880 - Removable energy source for sensor guidewire: A transmitter unit with a detachable energy source is provided for a sensor guidewire. The transmitter unit is adapted to be connected to a proximal end of a sensor guidewire provided, at its distal end, with a sensor to measure a physiological parameter inside a patient. In some embodiments, the... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090124881 - Electrode structure: A protective electrode structure comprises a middle protective electrode which resides between an outer protective electrode and the skin electrodes during a measurement. The middle protective electrode and the outer protective electrode are insulated from each other. Additionally, the middle protective electrode may be coupled to a virtual ground of... Agent: Hoffmann & Baron, LLP

20090124883 - Airway bypass site selection and treatment planning: This invention relates to systems and methods for site selection and placement of extra-anatomic passages altering gaseous flow in a diseased lung.... Agent: Broncus Technologies, Inc. C/o Levine Bagade Han LLP

20090124882 - Osseo classification system and method: An osseo classification and digital modality modeling system includes a computer with a digital memory adapted for storing patient densitometry information, an input and an output. An input subsystem includes a pair of source/receptor units mounted on a signal positioning subsystem, which is adapted for moving the source/receptor units through... Agent: Law Office Of Mark Brown, LLC

20090124884 - Control of magnetic field homogeneity in movable mri scanning system: A patient imaging system includes a patient support table and an MRI system including a cylindrical magnet. The magnet defines a cylindrical bore for receiving the patient on the table where the magnet is mounted for rotation about a vertical axis on a slew ring carried on rails allowing longitudinal... Agent: Ade & Company Inc.

20090124885 - Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method: A apparatus includes a collection unit which collects a magnetic resonance signal, a unit which controls the collection unit in such a manner that pre-scan is executed in regard to pre-scan slices determined as some of main scan slices, a calculation unit which calculates correction amounts based on data concerning... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090124886 - Method for developing test for neurosychiatric disease: A method for generating classifiers for identifying neuropsychiatric disease includes acquiring functional neuroimaging data. The acquired functional neuroimaging data may be registered to an atlas of the brain. A discriminative mask is generated based on the registered functional neuroimaging data and the generated discriminative mask is applied to the registered... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090124887 - Device for radiation therapy under image monitoring: A device for radiation therapy implemented with image monitoring has a magnetic resonance device and an exposure device. The magnetic resonance device has a magnet and primarily serves for image monitoring an examination object of a patient in an examination volume of the magnetic resonance device. The exposure is fashioned... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090124888 - Wing design for rf coil for mri imaging: The present invention relates to a housing for a radiofrequency receive coil for magnetic resonance imaging. The housing is designed for a coil wherein the patient lies on top of the coil in the prone position. The housing includes a base portion, a body portion and at least two wing... Agent: Ulmer & Berne, LLP Attn: Diane Bell

20090124889 - Vertical field mri breast coil: The present invention relates to a design of a radiofrequency (RF) receive coil (also commonly referred to as an imaging coil) for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a vertical field MRI system of a patient's breast region. The design described herein generally includes a housing that includes two coil cups.... Agent: Ulmer & Berne, LLP Attn: Diane Bell

20090124891 - Image guided surgery system: An image guided surgery system is disclosed that includes a position detection system which measures the position of a surgical instrument and displays the surgical instrument in its corresponding position in a CT-image or an MRI-image. The position detection system is provided with an indicator system which shows a region... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090124890 - Method and a system for assisting guidance of a tool for medical use: A system for assisting guidance of a tool manipulated by a practitioner relative to a portion of the human body. The system includes elements for making a three-dimensional first image of a first scene including the human body portion and a first reference associated therewith, elements for making a three-dimensional... Agent: Young & Thompson

20090124892 - Method for measuring cardiac perfusion in a patient and ct system for carrying out the method: A method and a CT system are disclosed for measuring the perfusion in vessels and/or muscles of the heart (cardiac perfusion) in a patient. In at least one embodiment of the method the patient receives a contrast agent bolus, the patient is scanned for a scan period of a plurality... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090124893 - Apparatus and method to perform stereotactic treatment of moving targets: In accordance with an embodiment, an apparatus determines the location of landmarks inside a patient. The apparatus includes imaging units containing two-dimensional imaging arrays capable of emitting and receiving signals to obtain three-dimensional images. The imaging units are attached to the patient's body and their location is established with a... Agent: Alexander Schlaefer

20090124894 - Markers for use in brachytherapy and other radiation therapy that resist migration and rotation: In an embodiment, an implantable marker, which is adapted to be implanted into patient tissue using a hollow needle, includes a marker body including a radiopaque material and a polymeric material that encapsulates at least a portion of the marker body. In an embodiment, an outer surface of the encapsulating... Agent: Fliesler Meyer LLP

20090124895 - Imaging system for medical needle procedures: A method for planning a needle path is provided. The method includes displaying a restricted region on a display, the restricted region being defined by spatial limitations of an imaging system and a location of a selected target point; and selecting a skin entry point outside the restricted region.... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20090124896 - Method and device for planning and/or monitoring an interventional high-frequency thermoablation: In a method as well as a device for planning and/or monitoring an interventional high-frequency thermoablation, 3D image data of a region (1) of interest of a body are acquired with a tomographical imaging apparatus and are presented on an image display device. In the method, a database is provided... Agent: Schiff Hardin, LLP Patent Department

20090124897 - Light-directed method for detecting and aiding further evaluation of abnormal mucosal tissue: In a light-directed method of identifying abnormal mucosal tissue, any suspect sites revealed by a light that selectively aids in visualizing abnormal tissue are marked with a dye facilitate further evaluation of the suspect tissue.... Agent: Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro, LLP

20090124898 - Method and apparatus for quantifying the behavior of an administered contrast agent: A method for quantifying contrast agent behavior of an administrated contrast agent within a region of interest, comprises: obtaining a time sequence of measurements, I(t), of contrast agent concentration starting before the contrast agent enters the region of interest and a time sequence of measurements, J(t), of the contrast agent... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP 111 E. Wayne Street

20090124899 - Methods and devices for crossing chronic total occlusions: The present disclosure is directed to a method of facilitating treatment via a vascular wall defining a vascular lumen containing an occlusion therein. The method may include providing an intravascular device having a distal portion and a longitudinal axis and inserting the intravascular device into the vascular lumen. The method... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20090124900 - Three-dimensional time-of-flight pet with course angular and slice rebinning: In a time-of-flight positron emission tomography (TOF-PET) imaging method, three-dimensional time-of-flight line-of-response (TOF-LOR) data are acquired. Each TOF-LOR corresponds to a line-of-response with time-of-flight spatial localization. The TOF-LOR data are slice-binned into a plurality of two-dimensional TOF-LOR data sets based on the time-of-flight spatial localization. At least some of the... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090124901 - Imaging method and device using shear waves: The inventive imaging method consists in generating a mechanical wave having shearing and compressional components in a viscoelastic medium and in determining the movement parameter of said viscoelastic medium at different points during the propagation of said mechanical wave. Said method comprises a correction stage when the movement parameter is... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20090124902 - Method for in vivo tissue classification: The invention relates to a method for the classification of tissue from the lumbar region, using an ultrasonic transducer array comprising a control device, at least one light source with a small spectral width in a wavelength range above 500 nm, at least one light detector, and a process computer... Agent: K.f. Ross P.C.

20090124906 - Three dimensional mapping display system for diagnostic ultrasound machines and method: An apparatus, system, and method where the ultrasound transducer position registration is automated, calculates the position of each pixel in the ultrasound image in reference to the predetermined anatomical reference points (AR) and can store the information on demand. The graphic interface associated with the ultrasound image allows for the... Agent: Robert L. Knechtel, M.d., J.d.

20090124903 - Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying ultrasound image: An ultrasound diagnostic apparatus comprises an unit 7 for forming tomographic images on times series on the basis of a reflection echo signals received by ultrasound probe 2, an unit 8 for obtaining the elasticities of portions in the body tissue on the basis of the reflection echo signals and... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090124904 - Ultrasound system and method for forming bc-mode image: The present invention relates to an ultrasound system. The ultrasound system includes a control unit, a transmit/receive unit and an image processing unit. The control unit generates first and second control signals for a B-mode scan and a C-mode scan. The transmit/receive unit transmits ultrasound signals along a plurality of... Agent: Jones Day

20090124905 - Ultrasound system and method for forming bc-mode image: The present invention relates to an ultrasound system. A control generates a first control signal for a B-mode scan and a second control signal for a C-mode scan. A transmit/receive unit transmits ultrasound signals along a plurality of scan lines set in a target object and form receive signals based... Agent: Jones Day

20090124908 - Method and apparatus for detecting ultrasound contrast agents in arterioles: A method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging of microbubbles of a contrast agent in arterioles while all microbubbles of the contrast agent have been eliminated in the capillaries of a patient and tissue signal response to ultrasound imaging is suppressed. This method and apparatus permits ultrasound imaging for detecting coronary... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090124907 - Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system and method for detecting lesions of the liver: Significant liver growths such as HCC lesions are detected during a contrast agent ultrasound exam by their early reception of contrast and brightening following a bolus injection, as compared with surrounding normal tissue and benign growths. A pixel classifier looks for and identifies pixel or voxel regions where this early... Agent: Philips Medical Systems Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090124909 - Medical system and method for visualizing regions being monitored in a medical system: The invention relates to a medical diagnostic or therapy system comprising a system controller and at least one moving apparatus component, comprising a contour detecting unit which is constructed for detecting the position of components of the diagnostic or therapy system, and at least one projector that is decoupled from... Agent: Siemens Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090124910 - Method for processing of continuous pressure-related signals derivable from a human or animal body or body-cavity: This invention describes a method for processing pressure signals derivable from locations inside or outside a human or animal body or body cavity. Different aspects of the invention relate to a method for optimal differentiating between cardiac beat- and artifact-induced pressure waves, a method for obtaining new and improved information... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090124911 - Sphygmomanometer capable of adjusting a viewing angle of a display screen: A sphygmomanometer capable of adjusting a viewing angle of a display screen includes a housing, and the housing includes a lower casing and an upper casing. The lower casing includes a pivotal axle and a position limit mechanism. The upper casing has a containing space for containing a rotating body,... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090124912 - Tourniquet apparatus for measuring limb occlusion pressure: Improved tourniquet apparatus for measuring a patient's limb occlusion pressure includes an inflatable tourniquet cuff for encircling a limb at a location and to which a tourniquet instrument is releasably connectable. The instrument includes pressure sensing for producing a cuff pressure signal indicative of the level of pressure in the... Agent: Hancock Hughey LLP

20090124913 - Blood pressure measuring apparatus enabling accurate blood pressure measurement: A blood pressure measuring apparatus includes a plurality of mechanisms compressing a cuff, and the mechanisms are separately controlled. Therefore, a stable measurement attitude is maintained irrespective of a circumference or a shape of an upper arm. Compression degrees are separately controlled, whereby a pressure can evenly be applied to... Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP

20090124914 - Analysis system and a method for pulse diagnosis in chinese medicine: The present invention relates to an analysis system and method for pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine, which analyzes quantitatively the variances of pulse condition, and in particular analyzes the “pulse POSITION”, “pulse PACE”, “pulse FORM” and “pulse DYNAMICS” elements in pulse condition with remarkable increase in the accuracy of pulse... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090124915 - System for relocating catheter-supported electrodes on segmented model: Guidance to an operator to more accurately position electrodes upon a segmented heart model (SGM). The SGM is included in a map panel on a display screen. A catheter advanced into a beating heart supports one or more electrodes. During a single beat of the heart, an image is obtained... Agent: Leason Ellis LLP

20090124916 - Acoustic physiological sensor: This document describes, among other things, a body having at least one acoustically detectable property that changes in response to a change in a physiological condition, such as ischemia. The body is positioned with respect to a desired tissue region. At least one acoustic transducer is used to acoustically detect... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/bsc-crm

20090124917 - Advanced patient management with environmental data: Systems, devices and methods for using environmental data to manage health care are disclosed. One aspect is an advanced patient management system. In various embodiments, the system includes at least one implantable medical device (IMD) to acquire at least one IMD parameter indicative of patient wellness, means to acquire at... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/bsc-crm

20090124918 - Apparatus for spectroscopically analyzing a gas: The invention relates to an apparatus for spectroscopically analysing a gas, said apparatus having at least one radiation source (1), at least one detection apparatus (12; 20), at least one sample chamber (13) and a system of optical elements (4; 5; 6; 7; 9; 10; 11; 18; 19) which is... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20090124921 - method for monitoring attentiveness and productivity in a subject: This invention provides an EEG-based method of determining whether a test subject is sufficiently alert to perform a predefined task. The non-invasive method permits continuous monitoring of the individual's EEG signal, producing a set of real time frequency bands that indicate their state of wakefulness. When the frequency bands begin... Agent: Cooper & Dunham, LLP

20090124920 - Biofeedback devices, systems and method: Biofeedback devices, systems, and methods for training enhanced performance are provided. A subject's EEG activity can be measured and analyzed, and a feedback signal can provide ongoing, continuous information regarding the subject's success in maintaining the brain's activity within a predetermined, desired state of enhanced performance. There are specific EEG... Agent: Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P. A.

20090124919 - Low power hardware algorithms and architectures for spike sorting and detection: A neuronal recording system featuring a large number of electrodes and a portable wireless front-end integrated circuit for signal processing for low-power spike detection and alignment. The system is configured as a Neuroprocessor and introduces hardware architectures for automatic spike detection and alignment algorithms. The Neuroprocessor can be placed next... Agent: Edward Langer C/o Shiboleth Yisraeli Roberts Zisman & Co.

20090124922 - Method for real tima attitude assessment: This invention provides an EEG-based method of determining whether a test subject possesses a sufficiently positive attitude to perform a predefined task with a second subject who is known to the test subject.... Agent: Cooper & Dunham, LLP

20090124923 - System for seizure monitoring and detection: Systems and methods for the detection of pathological conditions in a brain analyze signal properties of the brain electrical activity recordings. The pathological conditions to be detected include the occurrence of a seizure event. The systems and methods calculate a seizure susceptibility index (SSI) for real time brain function monitoring... Agent: Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP

20090124924 - Method for diagnosing a disease: A method to determine presence of a disease condition in a medical patient by evaluating conductivity information. Point-attributes values obtained from highly accurate conductivity data-sets taken as a function of time, over a period of time, are compared to previously determined threshold values. Z-scores may be determined to combine a... Agent: Brian C. Trask

20090124925 - Vein identification technique: A technique for identifying a vein in a patient is disclosed. The technique involves the application of a thermochromic ink to a venous area on the skin of a patient (e.g., human or animal). The thermochromic ink comprises thermosensitive color-changing microcapsules that contain a proton-accepting chromogen and a desensitizer. The... Agent: Dority & Manning, P.A.

20090124926 - Environment control device, environment control method, environment control program, and environment control system: Comfortable sensation of living bodies is estimated, considering individual differences in biological information on the living bodies staying or residing in a common space, and stimulation contents is properly controlled. A stimulation generator 300 generates a stimulation to be applied to users. Biological information acquirers 101a and 101b acquire time-series... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack L.L.P.

20090124927 - Endoscopic system for lung biopsy and biopsy method of insufflating gas to collapse a lung: An endoscopic biopsy system comprising a means for drawing a sample to be sealed, separated, and/or collected towards an instrument, such as a structure that includes one or more of: an extendable wire, an extendable mast, an extruded tube with at least one opening and a vacuum therein, a pivot... Agent: Katherine N. Addison Esq.

20090124928 - Apparatus for circumferential suction step multibiopsy of the esophagus or other luminal structure with serial collection, storage and processing of biopsy specimens within a removable distal cassette for in situ analysis: A circumferential suction step multibiopsy apparatus for performing a medical procedure has an elongated flexible member with an aperture extending longitudinally therethrough and an actuator positioned within the aperture. The open tube shaft is connected to a side arm for suction or irrigation including radiopaque contrast and dye staining. There... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20090124929 - Feminine urine sample collection device with screw-on led and detachable support and handle: The invention provides an improved urine sample gathering device specifically for women. The device permits a woman to position the device with ease, control and comfort, ensures that the urine will sanitarily and effectively collect in the sample bottle and prevents any actual contact with the urine. The device is... Agent: Assunta Rossi

20090124933 - Lancet protective cap: A unique technique for maintaining the sterility and integrity of a lancet tip. One or more lancet tips are sandwiched between a first web and a second web of material to protect the sterility of the lancet tips. The first and second webs are heat fused together to form a... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090124931 - Lancing unit and lancing apparatus: A lancing unit (U1) includes a lancing member (2), an auxiliary part (3) which is separate from the lancing member (2), and a supporter (1) detachably supporting these. Preferably, the lancing unit (U1) further includes a cap (29) which covers a needle (21) of the lancing member (2) and which... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson, P.C.

20090124932 - Method and apparatus for penetrating tissue: A tissue penetrating system has a housing member. A plurality of penetrating members are positioned in the housing member. A tissue stabilizing member is coupled to the housing. A penetrating member sensor is coupled to the plurality of penetrating members. The penetrating member sensor is configured to provide information relative... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Attn: Patent Administrator

20090124930 - Pulsating expression cap: A body fluid sampling device includes an expression member placed around an incision in the skin of a user, a compression member to contact and traverse the expression member, and a housing configured to contact the skin near the incision. The expression member is configured to repeatedly move from a... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20090124934 - Guidewire torque device: In accordance with the present invention there is provided a guidewire torquing device configured to be readily attachable and detachable from a guidewire.... Agent: Workman Nydegger

20090124935 - Bicycle seat sizer and positioning device: A device for determining the distance between protruding anatomical features of a user includes a first portion having a volume of displaceable material and a second portion having at least one scale attached thereto. The displaceable material is configured to be displaced when subjected to a pressured loading to create... Agent: Boyle Fredrickson S.c.

20090124936 - Multi-section limb and ligament evaluation apparatus and associated methods for using same: A method and apparatus for reliably positioning a 3-segment limb, such as a leg or arm for imaging and medical analysis, which can accommodate for the patient's “natural alignment”. The apparatus positions the limb in such a way that the position of the proximal segment is controlled while an known... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20090124937 - Visualization of values of a physical property detected in an organism over time: A system for visually indicating, in real time or post hoc, values of a physical property detected over a period of time along a dimension of an organism to a user on a temporal plot and a profile plot, either individually or concurrently. The detected values may be visually indicated... Agent: Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C.

20090124938 - Gait analysis system: A gait analysis system for training or rehabilitation has an endless belt with pressure sensors underneath the belt to sense a person walking on the belt and an analyzing unit for analyzing the gait of the person. The system further includes an image display system with stored data for displaying... Agent: Central Coast Patent Agency, Inc

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20090118568 - Implantable counterpulsation cardiac assist device: A hollow tubular element is inserted in the descending aorta. The caudad end contains a pressure sensitive passive or preferably, hydraulically or electrically activated, unidirectional valve. A flexible diaphragm situated in a rigid shell affixed over an opening in the element wall divides the shell interior into first and second... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20090118567 - Purge-free miniature rotary pump: Methods and systems are provided for the circulation of blood using a purge-free miniature pump. In one embodiment, a pump is provided that may comprise a housing including a rotor and a stator within a drive unit. In this embodiment, the pump may establish a primary blood flow through the... Agent: Lowrie, Lando & Anastasi, LLP

20090118569 - Premixed counseling and sound therapy matrix for single media players: A matrixed and premixed counseling and sound therapy program format for single media players, which provides, and enables user-selection among, a multiplicity of differing music or other sound therapy tracks each separately premixed with a common, or substantially equivalent or redundant counseling track. The system may be applied to more... Agent: Tran & Associates

20090118570 - Apparatus and method for minimally invasive implantation of heart assist device: A method and related apparatus for the minimally invasive implantation about a heart of at least a deployable device such as a heart assist device or cardiac compression device. The method comprises the steps of performing a left thoracotomy or subxiphoid incision; obtaining access to the pericardial sac; making a... Agent: Michael Cameron, Esq.

20090118572 - Controllable gastric band: The invention relates to an adjustable stomach band with a rigid back and a chamber, arranged on the stoma side of the back, for control of stoma constriction by means of introduction or removal of fluid from the chamber. According to the invention, such a stomach band with a preferably... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090118571 - Method and implant for curing cystocele: An implant for the treatment of cystocele, having a thin and supple structure, comprises a support body (2) from which extend at least two anterior suspension straps (3) arranged on both sides of the sagittal plane (S), two posterior suspension straps (4), arranged on both sides of the sagittal plane... Agent: Coloplast A/s Attention: Corporate Patents

20090118574 - Panty for heightening sexual experience during coitus: A panty includes a panty body defining a waist opening of the panty body, the panty body including a crotch portion that extends between and connects a front portion of the panty body with a rear portion of the panty body so as to define two leg openings of the... Agent: Tillman Wright, PLLC

20090118573 - Vacuum suction cup: A vacuum suction cup made of silicate gel instead of conventional hard plastic material for boosting breasts and enlarging penis includes multiple massage grains arranged as desired on inner surface of the cup. The cup entirely indents and attaches to human skin to deliver massaging and kneading functions when the... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

20090118575 - Endoscopic system, treatment section operation check instrument for the same, and treatment section operation check method: An endoscopic system includes an endoscope, a cartridge, and a treatment section operation check instrument. The endoscope includes a treatment instrument channel. The cartridge stores a treatment section and a treatment instrument insertion portion introduced into the treatment instrument channel. The treatment section operation check instrument includes a chamber. The... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090118578 - Endoscope apparatus and image processing apparatus: A normal light CCD 11 is driven via a normal light CCD control section 25 by a timing signal from a timing circuit section 29 of a video processor 20. At the same time, a fluorescence CCD 12 is driven via a fluorescence CCD control section 26. Then, an image... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090118580 - Image-type intubation-aiding device: An image-type intubation-aiding device comprises a small-size image sensor and a light source module both placed into an endotracheal tube to help doctors with quick intubation. Light from light emission devices in the light source module passes through a transparent housing and is reflected by a target and then focused.... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090118579 - Medical capsule: A medical capsule having a capsule configuration of size permitting introduction in a body, adapted to be at least partially dissolved over time by remaining in the intestines for a predetermined time or more. The medical capsule includes an inner casing provided at both ends with a discharge outlet and,... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090118577 - Medical device made with a super alloy: A medical device with a shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end having an operational interface, the distal end having a working element, and the shaft may include a super alloy. In one example embodiment, the shaft may include a cobalt base alloy. In another... Agent: Ganz Law, P.C.

20090118581 - Method for activating an image collecting process: A method and system may activate an in-vivo capsule to perform image collection while the capsule is outside a body and held in a cup, the cup having a mark on its inner wall. A processor may attempt to identify the mark, and terminate the image collection if the mark... Agent: Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer, LLP

20090118576 - Portable medical apparatus storage holder and capsule endoscope medical care system: An object of the invention is to eliminate unstable behavior of a drawn cable connected to a portable medical apparatus, which is of a storage target, to prevent cable jam or looseness and cable disconnection. A bundling member (13) is an example of a constraint member which constrains paths of... Agent: Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, P.C.

20090118582 - Medical instrument, endoscope and endoscope device: A medical instrument of the present invention comprises a spiral shaped portion provided at an insertion portion main body, for generating a force at the insertion portion main body to advance/retreat in a subject by a contact with a body wall of the subject, a balloon provided so as to... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090118583 - Switching mechanism for altering operation with light: A switching mechanism is used for altering the operation of an electronic device. The switching mechanism has a memory comprising a plurality of memory cells. Each memory cell undergoes a change in binary data upon receiving more than a specific amount of light having a specific wavelength. The operation is... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090118584 - Insertion tube for endoscope and endoscope: An insertion tube for an endoscope includes a braid tube, the braid tube includes fine line portions arranged in a braided manner and intersecting portions where the fine line portions intersect with each other, and the fine line portions is restricted with each other in the intersecting portions.... Agent: Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, PC

20090118585 - Body-insertable apparatus: In a capsule casing 16 as an exterior case that includes end cover casings 16a and 16b and body cover casings 16a and 16b, planar portions 16f and 16g are formed at portions of a circumferential surface of the body cover casings 16c and 16d, and imaging units 14a and... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20090118586 - Surgery accessory and method of use: In laparoscopic or thorascopic surgery, a trocar is used to provide an passage into the body cavity of a patient for injecting an inert gas to inflate it. A laparoscope or thorascope is passed through a sealing membrane of the trocar so the patient may be observed without releasing a... Agent: G. Turner Moller, Jr.

20090118587 - Manifold for laparoscopic seal assembly: A laparoscopic seal assembly includes a seal cap having a seal with an access opening. The seal cap also includes a manifold connection for attachment of a functional apparatus. The seal assembly further includes a retractor.... Agent: Welsh & Flaxman LLC

20090118593 - Determining a demographic characteristic based on computational user-health testing of a user interaction with advertiser-specified content: Methods, apparatuses, computer program products, devices and systems are described that carry out specifying at least one of a plurality of user-health test functions responsive to an interaction between a user and at least one advertiser-specified attribute; and transmitting at least one demographic characteristic of the user based on at... Agent: Searete LLC Clarence T. Tegreene

20090118589 - Health management support system and recording medium: A health management support system capable of showing the change in biometric information in a form which can be easily understood is provided. The health management support system includes: a storage unit for storing a measurement value of biometric information such as a body weight in association with the measurement... Agent: Jerome D. Jackson (jackson Patent Law Office)

20090118592 - Medical system comprising a sensor device: A medical system is provided comprising a sensor unit and a receiving unit is provided, the sensor unit being adapted to generate sensor data indicative of a time-dependent characteristic of a subject, and transmit data to a receiver at intervals determined by an analysis of time-dependent changes in the generated... Agent: Novo Nordisk, Inc. Intellectual Property Department

20090118591 - Method and apparatus for collecting data from household medical devices: Disclosed is a communication protocol for collecting data from household medical devices, the protocol including the steps of: transmitting an initialization packet in order to detect a household medical device capable of communication, and receiving a reply packet including device type/id information from the device; asking the device for a... Agent: Lahive & Cockfield, LLP Floor 30, Suite 3000

20090118588 - Method and system for providing adaptive rule based cognitive stimulation to a user: A method and system for providing evolving, highly variable, long-term on-going cognitive stimulation over a broad spectrum of cognitive domains. The user is presented with a series of entertaining audio/visual activities customized for the user, based on the user's life experience and cognitive level, each activity providing stimulation in one... Agent: Malcolm J Romano

20090118590 - Multi-sensor system, device, and method for deriving human status information: The invention is a wireless communications device, such as a cellular telephone, having sensors to generate data indicative of a physiological or contextual parameters of a user. A processor on the wireless communications device is adapted derive physiological state information of the user from the contextual or physiological parameters. The... Agent: Strategic Patents P.C..

20090118594 - Smart parenteral administration system: The invention provides methods and systems for evaluating a fluid transfer event between a parenteral fluid delivery and a patient. The evaluation of the fluid transfer event can be prospective real-time and/or historic, as desired, and take a variety of different formats.... Agent: Proteus Biomedical, Inc. Bozicevic, Field & Francis LLP

20090118599 - Collecting activity and sleep quality information via a medical device: A device, such as an implantable medical device (IMD) or a programming device, determines when a patient is attempting to sleep. When the device determines that the patient is attempting to sleep, the device determines values for one or more metrics that indicate the quality of a patient's sleep based... Agent: Shumaker & Sieffert , P.a

20090118598 - Medical sensor and technique for using the same: A sensor may be adapted to provide output to indicate when the sensor experiences abnormal forces or pressure. The forces may be outside forces, or the forces may be generated by patient motion. A sensor system as provided may also be adapted to correct for such forces when calculating measurements... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20090118596 - Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring the condition of a patient: A patient monitoring system provides enhanced functional capability relative to known systems and provides a wireless communication link between a patient monitoring device, worn by a patient, and a local hub. The patient monitoring system is adapted to monitor various patient physiological characteristics, such as blood pressure, pulse rate, blood... Agent: Mcandrews Held & Malloy, Ltd

20090118597 - Neural signal processing: A method of monitoring neural signal activity with an implantable monitoring device implanted in a living subject includes amplifying a neural signal having a signal bandwidth of at least 1000 Hz. The method also includes processing the amplified neural signal to produce a reduced-bandwidth derivative neural signal representative of gross... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20090118595 - Sensor for acquiring physiological signals of a patient: The present invention suggests the use of independent, wireless, smart and therefore self-contained sensors (3, 4, 5) in a patient monitoring system (1). The sensors (3, 4, 5) provide their own communication system for transmitting acquired signals to a patient monitor (8) etc. Furthermore a patient identifier (26) is associated... Agent: Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090118600 - Method and apparatus for skin documentation and analysis: A system and method for documentation and analysis of dermatological aspects of a human body. The system has a predetermined arrangement of at least three image sensors selected from visible light sensors, ultraviolet (UV) light sensors, infrared (IR) sensors. Each of the image sensors has an effective normalized focal length... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20090118601 - Ir spectrographic apparatus and method for diagnosis of disease: A method for detecting disease in a patient includes providing infrared (IR) light and coupling the IR light through direct lens coupling or through a first group of one or more optical fibers. IR light is reflected from a portion of the patient and collected by a lens arrangement or... Agent: Ratnerprestia

20090118602 - Disease diagnosis support system: There is provided a system for supporting the assessment as to which disease group the subject to be examined falls in or what position in the whole disease group the subject is in. This support system comprises the data storage part which stores feature values of optical bio-measurement data of... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090118603 - Optically aligned pulse oximetry sensor and technique for using the same: A physiological sensor is provided that includes an emitter and detector disposed on a frame such that the emitter and detector define an optical axis. The frame includes one or more pair of flexible elements disposed generally symmetric relative to the optical axis. In one embodiment, the emitter and detector... Agent: Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC Attn:IPLegal

20090118604 - Analyte monitoring system having back-up power source for use in either transport of the system or primary power loss: An analyte monitoring system includes a biosensor for detecting an analyte concentration in blood. The monitoring system includes first and second power sources, each selectively couplable to the biosensor for providing power to the biosensors. A sensor may be associated with the first power source and senses the output thereof.... Agent: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation

20090118605 - Surface-enhanced raman nanobiosensor: The present invention relates to biosensors, in particular to surface-enhanced Raman biosensors for detection of in vivo and ex vivo analytes. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods for the in vivo detection of analytes such as glucose.... Agent: Casimir Jones, S.c.

20090118606 - Medical imaging system: An autonomous medical imaging system includes at least one autonomous imaging subsystem and at least one autonomous detection subsystem. The autonomous detection subsystem is configured to communicate with the autonomous imaging subsystem, and the autonomous imaging subsystem is configured to communicate with the autonomous detection subsystem.... Agent: Cantor Colburn, LLP

20090118608 - Methods and apparatuses for estimating the elliptical cone of uncertainty: A magnetic resonance imaging scanner acquires diffusion-weighted imaging data. A reconstruction engine reconstructs the acquired diffusion-weighted imaging data into diffusion-weighted image representations. A diffusion tensor engine constructs a diffusion tensor map of an area of an interest of a subject. An eigenvalue/eigenvector ordering engine obtains and orders eigenvectors and eigenvalues... Agent: National Institutes Of Health C/o Venable LLP

20090118607 - Mri apparatus: An MRI apparatus has a waveform setting unit, an applying control unit, a reconstructing unit, and a display control unit. The waveform setting unit sets an asymmetric RF pulse Waveform. The applying control unit controls an application of a pulse in accordance with the RF pulse waveform. The reconstructing unit... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20090118609 - Method and system for performing ablation to treat ventricular tachycardia: A system and method of treating tachycardias and similar syndromes by the use of catheter ablation of tissue is described. A computed tomography (CT)-like image of the heart is obtained and processed to segment the various types of tissue. Papillary muscle areas are identified and displayed differently from the other... Agent: Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

20090118610 - Mri-guided localization and/or lead placement systems, related methods, devices and computer program products: MRI compatible localization and/or guidance systems for facilitating placement of an interventional therapy and/or device in vivo include: (a) a mount adapted for fixation to a patient; (b) a targeting cannula with a lumen configured to attach to the mount so as to be able to controllably translate in at... Agent: Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec

20090118611 - Coils for magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging of human breast: System(s) and method(s) for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, and magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) are provided. A unified heteronuclear coil system includes a volume coil tuned to detect a first nuclei and a butterfly coil tuned to detect a second nuclei for simultaneous detection of both the first nuclei... Agent: Amin, Turocy & Calvin, LLP

20090118612 - Apparatus and method for vascular access: In an aspect, embodiments of the invention relate to the effective and accurate placement of intravascular devices such as central venous catheters, in particular such as peripherally inserted central catheters or PICC. One aspect of the present invention relates to vascular access. It describes devices and methods for imaging guided... Agent: Shay Glenn LLP

20090118613 - Method for volume determination and geometric reconstruction: A method for determining a volume of ablated tissue includes the steps of supplying energy to tissue, indicating an axis within the tissue, and simulating slicing of the tissue substantially perpendicular to the axis to obtain a plurality of simulated slices. Each of the plurality of simulated slices has a... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20090118614 - Medical imaging system and method: In a medical imaging system including plural imaging section, detection accuracy and examination efficiency for breast cancer are improved by setting appropriate imaging condition. The system includes: a first imaging section for imaging an object to be inspected by using one of radiation, ultrasonic waves, nuclear magnetic resonance, positron, infrared... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090118615 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus: In an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of the present invention, an ultrasonic reflected wave transmitted from an ultrasonic probe 13 and reflected by biomedical tissue is input to a computing section 19 by way of a receiving section 15, a delay time control section 16, a phase detection section 17, and... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090118616 - Three dimensional ultrasonic scanning with a steerable volumetric region: A three dimensional ultrasonic imaging system produces a live steerable 3D image of a volumetric region of a subject. The system includes a user control which is continuously adjustable by a user to sweep the displayed 3D volume between the limits of left and right beam steering angles of an... Agent: Philips Medical Systems Philips Intellectual Property & Standards

20090118617 - Ultrasonographic device and ultrasonographic method: In an ultrasonic imaging device having an image synthesizing unit, correlation between images to be synthesized is computed for balancing between an improvement in contrast resolution and an improvement in spatial resolution, and an amount of displacement between the images is computed. When the amount of displacement is large, the... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

20090118618 - Connectorized probe with serial engagement mechanism: A connectorized ultrasound probe includes a distal section that is configured for insertion into a patient's body and a proximal section configured to interface the distal section with an ultrasound system. The distal section is easily attachable and detachable from the proximal section using at least one set of connectors.... Agent: Proskauer Rose LLP Patent Department

20090118619 - Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic diagnostic method: c

20090118620 - System and method for tracking an ultrasound catheter: A surgical navigation system including an ultrasound catheter is disclosed herein. The ultrasound catheter includes a flexible catheter housing defining a distal end, a transducer array disposed at least partially within the catheter housing, and a motor coupled with the transducer array. The motor is configured to rotate the transducer... Agent: Peter Vogel Ge Healthcare

20090118621 - Transesophageal ultrasound probe with an adaptive bending section: When transesophageal echocardiography is used to obtain a transgastric short axis view of the left ventricle of the heart, the best place to position the transducer is in the fundus of the stomach, aimed up through the left ventricle. The probes disclosed herein facilitate placement of the transducer in the... Agent: Proskauer Rose LLP Patent Department

20090118622 - Apparatus and method for widefield functional imaging (wifi) using integrated structured illumination and laser speckle imaging: An apparatus for wide-field functional imaging (WIFI) of tissue includes a spatially modulated reflectance/fluorescence imaging (SI) device capable of quantitative subsurface imaging across spatial scales, and a laser speckle imaging (LSI) device capable of quantitative subsurface imaging across spatial scales using integrated with the (SI) device. The SI device and... Agent: Myers, Dawes, Andras & Sherman

20090118624 - Device for oral cavity examination: Described herein is a device used to perform examinations for detection of abnormal epithelial tissue, the device includes a handle portion, a housing and a mirror assembly secured to an end of the housing. The housing has first and second ends and is detachably connectable to the handle. The housing... Agent: Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro, LLP

20090118623 - Instrument and method for high-speed perfusion imaging: A high-speed laser perfusion imaging instrument including a laser source, a detector, a signal-processing unit, data memory, and a screen to display results. A section of a sample surface is illuminated with laser light; reemitted light from the irradiated surface is collected by focusing optics on a 2D array of... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090118625 - Method for measuring flow rate and head of centrifugal pump, apparatus thereof, and apparatus for evaluating circulatory state of pulsating cardiovascular system: In centrifugal pumps 10, 30, 60, 70, and 80 having a rotating centrifugal impeller 14, the flow rate and head of the pumps are estimated on the basis of transverse force applied to the centrifugal impeller 14 during rotation of the centrifugal impeller 14, and evaluation is also made for... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090118626 - Calculating respiration parameters using impedance plethysmography: A method of determining a value for a respiration parameter in a test subject can include capturing—using a fully implanted system that includes a wireless transmitter and at least a first lead wire having a first electrode disposed thereon and a second lead wire having a second electrode disposed thereon—information... Agent: Fish & Richardson P.C.

20090118627 - System and method for evaluating cardiac performance relative to performance of an intrathoracic pressure maneuver: A system and method for evaluating cardiac performance relative to performance of an intrathoracic pressure maneuver is described. Blood pressure is indirectly sensed by directly collecting intracardiac impedance measures through an implantable medical device. Cardiac functional changes to the blood pressure are evaluated in response to performance of an intrathoracic... Agent: Pauly, Devries Smith & Deffner, L.L.C.

20090118628 - System for measuring blood pressure featuring a blood pressure cuff comprising size information: A system for measuring blood pressure is described that includes a blood pressure cuff with a sizing indicator. The sizing indicator presents size information indicating either the size of the blood pressure cuff or the size of a patient's arm within the blood pressure cuff. The system also includes a... Agent: Wilmerhale/triage Wireless

20090118629 - Rapid method for analyzing bio-signal instantaneously by phase space difference and its device: The present invention relates to a method for analyzing bio-signal instantaneously by Chaotic Phase Space Difference (CPSD) operation and its measure analyze device. This method includes time-delay procedure and rebuilt phase space matrix to calculate chaos of phase space matrix and diagnose the bio-signal. This method can also be used... Agent: Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts

20090118630 - Method and apparatus for cardiac arrhythmia classification using sample entropy: An implantable medical device includes an arrhythmia detection and classification system that classifies an arrhythmia episode based on an irregularity parameter and/or a complexity parameter. The arrhythmia episode is detected from a cardiac signal. The irregularity parameter is indicative of the degree of cycle length irregularity of the cardiac signal... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner/bsc-crm

20090118631 - Apparatus and method for breathing pattern determination using a non-contact microphone: A method is provided for analyzing respiration of a subject (20). Using a non-contact microphone (22), a raw signal indicative of airflow sounds of the respiration is generated. The raw signal is analyzed to determine a first set of one or more parameters of the respiration. An algorithm is applied... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20090118632 - Effort-independent, portable, user-operated capnograph devices and related methods: An effort-independent, portable, user-operated capnograph device for evaluating a pulmonary status of a user. At least one baseline measurement is stored within a memory of the capnograph device. The identity of a user of the capnograph device is verified to prevent miss-use. Concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled by the... Agent: Lathrop & Gage Lc

20090118633 - End-tidal gas estimation system and method: An apparatus and method of using an end-tidal gas value taken from an non-intubated patient that includes measuring a plurality of gas concentration values, determining an end-tidal gas value from the gas concentration values, and reporting the end-tidal gas value for a breath as the greater of either: (a) a... Agent: Michael W. Haas Respironics, Inc.

20090118634 - Regional oxygen uptake/perfusion measuring device and method: To assess regional oxygen uptake and/or perfusion in a patient, a volume of air inhaled by the patient is determined and, according to a method of electrical impedance tomography, a first regional lung volume is measured at a first time point of a breathold procedure. The first regional lung volume... Agent: Baker & Hostetler LLP

20090118635 - Automated 3d brain atlas fitting using intra-operative neurophysiological data: A method includes storing in memory preoperative brain atlas data. Neurophysiological data is obtained intra-operatively for a plurality of known sites in a brain of a given patient to provide corresponding intra-operative neurophysiological data for at least a portion of the sites. A constrained optimization is performed to fit the... Agent: Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino L.L.P.

20090118636 - Multi-channel, multi-variate whole-head normalization using live z-scores: A method of whole-brain EEG neurofeedback training of a trainee using live Z-scores from 4 channels of EEG signals to acquire 248 Z-scores from 6 simultaneous interconnectivity paths. The feedback system is endowed with the ability to establish training targets and to use derived metrics to produce feedback of an... Agent: Roetzel & Andress

20090118637 - Methods for measuring cross-sectional areas and pressure gradients in luminal organs: The present disclosure comprises a system, catheter and method for measuring the cross-sectional areas and pressure gradients in any hollow organ, such as, for example, blood vessels. One embodiment of such a method includes the steps of introducing an impedance catheter into a treatment site, providing electrical current flow to... Agent: Ice Miller LLP

20090118638 - Device for performing an allergy test: The invention concerns a device (1) for performing an allergy test. Said device (1) comprises a container assembly (2) including several containers (3) designed to receive the allergens, and a mark transferable onto the skin which is used to associate specific allergens to specific allergy sites on the skin of... Agent: Kolisch Hartwell, P.C.

20090118639 - Active stylet safety shield: A bone needle assembly has a cannula and a stylet including a shaft received in a cannula shaft. A stylet safety shield is carried by the stylet to cover a sharp tip of the stylet shaft when removed from the cannula shaft after the bone is penetrated. The stylet includes... Agent: Tyco Healthcare - Edward S. Jarmolowicz

20090118640 - Biopsy planning and display apparatus: Systems are provided for managing, planning and displaying the location of biopsy core sites across multiple same-patient visits or other stored biopsy plans to increase the confidence and accuracy of biopsy results. The systems may allow the operator to fuse multiple predefined and/or automatically generated biopsy core site plans in... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20090118641 - Devices, methods, and kits for a biopsy device: Provided herein are biopsy devices each comprised of a tissue collection element having a distal end and a proximal end connected to a drive mechanism. In one embodiment, the tissue collection element can be formed from a material having a first constrained configuration when positioned within the outer needle prior... Agent: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

20090118642 - Urine stream collection unit: A urine stream collection unit. The collection unit includes a receptacle cup, having a wall surrounding a fluid containment portion. An elongate handle structure extends away from the receptacle cup. The elongate handle structure includes a platform segment disposed at a distal end of the elongate handle structure. The platform... Agent: Leydig Voit & Mayer, Ltd. (rockford Office)

20090118645 - Guide wire for catheter: A guide wire (10) for a catheter carrying an implant includes alternating radio-opaque zones (16) and radio-transparent zones (18) formed from a granular material at a portion of the guide wire (10) just proximal to a flexible tip (12). The granular material is compressed within a sheath formed by the... Agent: Cook Group Patent Office

20090118644 - Medical device for crossing an occlusion in a vessel: The invention provides design, material, manufacturing method, and use alternatives for medical devices. An example medical device includes an elongated core member including an outer surface, an intermediate member disposed about at least a portion of the outer surface of the core member, and a coil disposed about at least... Agent: Crompton, Seager & Tufte, LLC

20090118643 - Sensor and guide wire assembly: The invention relates to a sensor and guide wire assembly (21) for intravascular measurements of physiological variables in a living body, comprising a core wire (22), a first coil (23), a jacket (24), and a second coil (25). The jacket (24) comprises a first end portion (24a), which is crimped... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20090118646 - Human cavity gas measurement device and method: A device and method for gas measurements in body cavities are provided. These may be any body cavity containing a free gas, where there is an interest in detecting and/or measuring the concentration of said free gas by means of a non-invasive or minimally invasive method. According to an exemplary... Agent: Inskeep Intellectual Property Group, Inc

20090118647 - System and method for visualizing ground reaction forces on a human body: The invention relates to a display system and method for measuring and displaying ground reaction forces of a human. The system comprising comprises a measurement plate having at least one sensor device for detecting ground reaction forces, which is connected to an evaluation device connected to the measurement plate and... Agent: Faegre & Benson LLP Patent Docketing - Intellectual Property

20090118649 - Apparatus and method for evaluating a hypertonic condition: An apparatus and method for evaluating a hypertonic condition such as spasticity in a movable extremity are described. The apparatus includes an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a sensor-adapted for quantifying force or pressure. The apparatus further includes a data communication device adapted for transmitting data signals obtained from the accelerometer,... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20090118648 - Living body inspection system, living body inspection apparatus, and living body inspection method: Motion of fingers of a subject is dynamically analyzed to provide an estimation index in a hardness of a muscle used in the motion of the fingers. A processing part calculates a speed and acceleration of two fingers on the basis of the motion data of the fingers obtained by... Agent: Antonelli, Terry, Stout & Kraus, LLP

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