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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage

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11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140336553 - Active knee orthosis: A knee orthosis includes two parts, upper and lower, each provided with at least one attachment means linking supporting parts, suitable for attaching said upper and lower parts respectively to a thigh and to a leg. Both parts are linked via bi-centric articulation means suitable for enabling each of said... Agent:

20140336554 - Orthopedic device having a dynamic control system and method for using the same: An orthopedic device and method for using the same are provided for applying a dynamic load on a leg of a user. The orthopedic device has a rigid or semi-rigid frame including lower and upper frames, and a hinge assembly connecting the lower and upper frames. A dynamic loading component... Agent:

20140336555 - Posture correction reminder: A wearable apparatus is configured to be worn by an individual and includes left and right shoulder loops which are connected through intermediate strap segments to at least one connector. The wearable apparatus further includes at least one bottom strap connected to the at least one connector and configured with... Agent:

20140336556 - Posture support garment: Disclosed is a posture support garment. The posture support garment can be designed to use an elastic tension fabric that provides tension on the left sleeve and right sleeve of the posture support garment. The tension created can pull the back of the left sleeve and the right sleeve inwards... Agent: Therachic LLC

20140336557 - Biopolymer multi-layer multi-functional medical dressing and method of making same: The Technology described herein applies to medical dressings designed to heal wounds in the area of advanced wound care, inclusive of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), and describes novel wound healing absorbent scaffolds and dressing based on natural and naturally-derived material and fibers, preferentially poly (lactic) acid fibers and alginate... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 12 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140330181 - Systems and methods for treating human joints: A brace includes a closed loop feedback system that provides electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to a joint of a human patient in response to feedback from the joint and surrounding muscles. In one aspect, a brace for treating a human joint of a patient is provided. The brace includes one... Agent:

20140330182 - Modular shoulder external rotation wedge system and method: A modular sling and pillow system for setting an appropriate abduction angle and external rotation angle in a shoulder joint. The patient's forearm is secured in a sling. An abduction pillow is fastened to the patient's side, just above the waist and facing the elbow contained within the sling. An... Agent:

20140330183 - Orthopedic cast and method to manufacture same: Provided herein is an orthopedic cast and a system and method for manufacture of same. The orthopedic cast comprises a substantially rigid inside wrist portion having a palm support adapted to engage with a palm of a wearer and an inside arm guard adapted to engage with the inside of... Agent:

20140330185 - Orthopedic device for use with an orthopedic cast: The present invention is generally directed to an orthopedic device for use with an orthopedic cast, which can alleviate the itching sensation that can develop when a patient wears a cast, among other advantages, such as cooling the skin below the cast, reducing the moisture in the region between the... Agent:

20140330184 - Pneumatic knee brace with removable stays: A reconfigurable knee brace which is particularly suitable for cold therapy. The brace includes a large wrap which fits over the front of the leg and wraps around the knee. Two or more securing straps are provided to hold the wrap in place. Once in position, an internal air bladder... Agent:

20140330186 - External sensor-based control of active torso support: An active torso support is described. The active torso support may be, for example, an active back brace, and may include one or multiple force applying elements that apply force to localized regions of the torso of a subject. Force applying elements are controlled based upon detection of posture or... Agent:

20140330187 - Scoliosis brace: A brace comprises a belt and removably attachable vertical strut(s). Each vertical strut can comprise one or more of a strut(s), thoracic pad(s), hip pad(s), lumbar support pad(s), chest support pad(s), de-rotation pad(s), or any other component suitable to assist or restrict movement of a wearer's body, reduce or apply... Agent:

20140330190 - Adjustable wrist orthotic: An adjustable wrist orthotic suitable for the treatment of wrist fractures and similar injuries. The orthotic preferably includes a top panel joined to a bottom panel. The top and bottom panels are preferably joined by a radius connector which spans a “radius gap” between the top and bottom panel. An... Agent:

20140330188 - Wrist orthotic including adjustable ulna gap: An adjustable wrist orthotic suitable for the treatment of wrist fractures and similar injuries. The orthotic preferably includes a top panel joined to a bottom panel. The top and bottom panels are preferably joined by a radius connector which spans a “radius gap” between the top and bottom panel. An... Agent:

20140330189 - Wrist orthotic with taper adjusting binding strap: An adjustable wrist orthotic suitable for the treatment of wrist fractures and similar injuries. The orthotic includes a panel which encircles the hand, the wrist, and a portion of the forearm. An adjustment break is included to allow the adjustment of the circumference of the orthotic. The adjustment break is... Agent:

20140330191 - Ankle supportive sock: A pair of ankle supportive socks where each sock comprises a tubular body, where the tubular body includes a foot portion, a rise and an opening; an ankle brace attached to a backside of the tubular body; a pair of wings extending from the ankle brace, where the pair of... Agent:

20140330192 - Dressing for application to a wound or burn: A dressing for application to a wound or burn is provided. The dressing includes a substrate and an amount of therapeutic healing compound applied to the substrate. The therapeutic healing compound includes a sugarcane plant extract, a gelling agent including at least one of xanthan gum and hydroxyethyl cellulose, and... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140323935 - Device for supporting at least a part of the body of a person and method for adjusting such a device: P

20140323937 - Knee brace with adjustable bolster: A knee brace which allows the same bolster pad to be used for either the right or left leg, is adjustable to compensate for the differing angle between men and women and allows individual adjustment for each patient's comfort and brace rotation for proper fit and joint alignment. These characteristics... Agent: Townsend Industries, Inc. D/b/a Townsend Design

20140323936 - Multi-fit orthotic and mobility assistance apparatus: A multi-fit orthotic structure including an attachment system for coupling the orthotic structure to a wide variety of subjects without requiring a custom fit. In one embodiment, active mobility assistance is provided via an orthotic system capable of integrating a linear actuator and linkage system to deliver torque to the... Agent:

20140323938 - Cervical collar brace with cable adjustment: A cervical collar brace including a main body collar, a first chin side support pivotally mounted to the main body collar, and a second chin side support pivotally mounted to the main body collar. A cable adjuster adjustably secures the first and second chin side supports to the main body... Agent: Optec Usa, Inc.

20140323939 - Toe orthosis: An orthosis configured to stretch tissue around a toe of a patient and methods for using the same are provided. The orthosis includes a foot plate, a toe assembly and a drive assembly. The toe assembly can include a first member including a first extension member and a second member... Agent:

20140323940 - Epithelialization methods, dressings, and systems: Methods, dressings, and systems for promoting epithelialization of a wound or other tissue are presented. The methods, dressings, and systems help form simulated rete pegs. In one instance, an epithelialization dressing is disclosed that may include a dressing body having a plurality of projections. A plurality of apertures is formed... Agent:

20140323941 - Skin contact material: A substrate based skin contact material formed from a hydrocolloid having a silicone based component extending over regions of the substrate surface. The adhesive is formed non-continuously over the substrate to provide areas devoid of adhesive to allow appreciable moisture transfer between the skin and substrate and improve the skin... Agent: Convatec Ltd.

10/23/2014 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140316315 - Protection member and contact tool: A protection member which protects at least a portion of the body of a person or an animal, includes: an impact relaxing portion which is changed according to the shape of a part of the person or the animal to be mounted and absorbs an impact; a deformation suppressing member... Agent:

20140316316 - Total contact cast: A method of constructing a total contact cast, that includes the steps of wrapping a lower leg with foam from above the malleoli to mid-calf, covering the foot and lower leg with stockinette; covering the foot and ankle with cast padding, and applying cast tape to the leg over the... Agent: Bsn Medical, Inc.

20140316317 - Orthotic device for treating knee flexion contracture: A double upright knee brace for treating knee flexion contracture includes upper and lower sections, each section having a pair of leg members and an anteriorly disposed integral thigh and shin cuff. A pair of hinges is intermediately positioned to the upper and lower sections. Notches formed in the upper... Agent: Medical Alliance S.a.

20140316318 - Dynamic logarithmic spinal decompression table and method: A cervical-head harness has a cervical support collar has two pair of attachment points. When the cervical collar is in place on a user, attachment points of a first pair of attachment points of the collar lie on either side of the user's head below the user's mandible and between... Agent:

20140316319 - Pelvic compression positioning device and method of use: A pelvic compression positioning device and method are provided. The pelvic compression device comprises an extension handle, a friction shield attached to the extension handle, the friction shield being releasably connected to a bracing portion of an orthotic device, wherein, the extension handle and the friction shield are slid underneath... Agent:

20140316320 - Mobilizing musculoskeletal structures: A device for enclosing a finger includes a protective shell having an opening for receiving the finger. The protective shell defines an interior cavity that is sized and shaped to allow extension and flexion of the finger within the shell.... Agent:

20140316321 - Ankle brace: A ankle brace for use by athletes or others requiring protection and support of the ankle. The ankle brace includes a base and a tension member. The base is comprised of elastic material and configured to closely fit around portions of the ankle and adjacent foot and leg portions. A... Agent: Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.

20140316322 - Wrapping apparatus: A wrapping apparatus for wrapping a sheet of a covering material from a roll onto an outer surface of a surgical site. The wrapping apparatus includes a handle and a body portion having a housing, a first end, and a second end. The housing and the first and second ends... Agent:

20140316323 - Device, use thereof and method for reducing scarring of wound: A scar reducing device for stretching skin having a closed wound therein is provided. The device is for reducing scar formation. The device comprises first and second fasteners removably attachable to skin regions located proximate to the wound. The device also comprises an extension mechanism cooperating with said first and... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learn Ing/ Mcgill University

20140316324 - Fluid absorbent adhesive articles: A fluid absorbing pressure sensitive adhesive composition and adhesive articles including the fluid absorbing adhesive that have particular utility in the medical field, and in particular, for use with wound dressings is provided. The adhesive composition has superior fluid handling capacity, moisture vapor transmission and skin adhesion. Also described are... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

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