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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage

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07/10/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140194798 - Reconfigurable shoulder and arm orthosis and method: A shoulder and arm orthosis assembly for supporting at least one of a shoulder, arm, wrist and hand of a user in a desired position. The orthosis assembly provides a reconfigurable sling with a reconfigurable shoulder strap, a reconfigurable wrist/hand orthosis, and a reconfigurable pillow support to hold the arm... Agent: Elizur Corporation

20140194799 - Pronation/supination orthosis and method: An orthosis for supination and/or pronation of a forearm of a wearer, the orthosis including a base, an upper arm support coupled to the base and configured to secure an upper arm of the wearer, a rotation assembly coupled to the base and including an output member rotatable relative to... Agent: Bonutti Research, Inc.

20140194800 - Grooved grip: Disclosed is a grooved grip having a body configured to be grasped by a hand comprising a channel configured to relieve pressure on a median nerve on a palmar surface on a hand.... Agent:

20140194801 - Orthopedic device and method for securing the same: An orthopedic device has various frame elements concealed by a sleeve defining pockets into which such frame elements are located. The orthopedic device includes a strap tightening assembly adapted to secure a plurality of straps simultaneously. The frame may include flexible edge features located along a periphery thereof... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140194802 - Protective bandage device: The present invention relates to a protective bandage device and to methods of use thereof.... Agent:

20140194803 - Wound-healing compositions and method of use: A composition and wound dressing for treating a skin wound is disclosed. The composition and dressing comprise a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier; an effective amount of an active ingredient of inorganic solids comprising a potassium salt, a zinc salt, a calcium salt, and a rubidium salt; and an antimicrobial biguanide compound... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

07/03/2014 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140188020 - Sealskin application system: A system for providing a protective covering for a human on non-human animal comprising a supply of dispensable plastic stretch film having a predetermined thickness and width and a dispenser-applicator for dispensing a predetermined length of film from the supply thereof and applying the predetermined length of the film to... Agent:

20140188021 - Orthopaedic splinting system: A composite material in the form of a linear structure having a width, a length and a thickness, comprising a composite material with a first component formed by a polymer and a second component formed by a reinforcing material, wherein the first component comprises a thermoplastic polymer selected from the... Agent: Onbone Oy

20140188022 - Traction hip brace: A traction hip brace which provides a traction force to the femur, pulling it out and away from the acetabulum. A knee brace element secures around the lower thigh and below the knee at the upper shin using two shells with adjustable straps. An articulating hinge allows bending of the... Agent:

20140188023 - Adjustable circumferential length lumbar sacral brace: An adjustable length brace includes an elongate body encircling portion having a free end having an adjustable length; and an end portion releasably attachable to the free end of the body encircling portion. The length of the brace may be adjusted by adjusting the length of the body encircling portion... Agent: Deroyal Industries, Inc.

20140188024 - Device and method for applying pressure to mammalian limb: A therapeutic pressure strap for applying pressure across a muscle or muscle groups on a mammalian limb is described. The strap is particularly well suited for treating “tennis elbow”. The strap contains an adjustable fastening means for securing and tightening the strap around a limb. The strap also possesses a... Agent:

20140188025 - Acupuncture point stimulating compression garment for treatment of musculoskeletal and joint pains: This invention is directed to an easy-to-use, convenient, and economical device and method for treating musculoskeletal and joint pain using acupuncture principles. An embodiment of the invention provides a compression support garment with an inner and outer surface, the garment being designed to be worn over a part of a... Agent:

20140188026 - Ankle stabilizing device comprising an above-the-foot body member and integrated flexible non-stretch ankle belt: An ankle stabilizing device is designed for use on an ankle and foot of a wearer. The ankle stabilizing device includes an above-the-foot flexible body member designed to substantially encircle the ankle. The body member has an open upper end adapted for extending to a point above the ankle. An... Agent: Medical Specialties Incorporated

20140188027 - Portable cervical traction device: The portable cervical traction device includes a brace having at least a pair of shoulder hooks configured to be worn over the shoulders and on the back of a user. A traction control mechanism is attached to the brace and includes an L-shaped traction bar. A plurality of hooks is... Agent: King Abdulaziz University

06/26/2014 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140180185 - Use of additive manufacturing processes in the manufacture of custom orthoses: A method for manufacturing a custom orthosis, such as an ankle brace, includes use of scanning processes. A digital model of a surface may be applied to a digital orthosis model to define a custom digital orthosis model. The digital model and, thus, the custom digital orthosis model may include... Agent: Cropper Medical, Inc.

20140180186 - Posture-dependent active torso support: An active torso support that controls force applied to one or more portions of a torso of a subject in response to detected posture of the subject is described. The active torso support includes one or more elements for applying force to the torso of the subject, positioned on the... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140180187 - Wound care product: A wound care product having buffer substances and a wound cover. The wound cover has a foam. The pH value of the buffer solution obtained when the buffer substances are dissolved in demineralized water at 37° C. is between 3 and 7.... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140171845 - Orthotic brace: A brace for supporting a biomechanical joint includes first and second surface regions disposed relatively distal to the joint on a first side of a limb and a third surface region disposed substantially adjacent to the joint on a second side of the limb so that by applying forces between... Agent:

20140171846 - Shoulder orthosis: A shoulder orthosis is utilized to effect relative movement between bones in a body of a patient. The orthosis includes a base section which is connected with a trunk of a patient's body, an upper arm section which is connected with an upper portion of an arm of the patient,... Agent: Bonutti Research, Inc.

20140171847 - Finger orthosis: A finger orthosis for moving a joint and configured to move a joint is provided. The finger orthosis includes a hand cuff and an actuating mechanism coupled to the hand cuff. The actuating mechanism comprises an actuator member, an externally threaded member and a frame. Methods of using the finger... Agent: Bonutti Research, Inc.

20140171848 - Clay-based hemostatic agents and devices for the delivery thereof: A hemostatic device for promoting the clotting of blood includes a gauze substrate, a clay material disposed on the gauze substrate, and also a polyol such as glycerol or the like disposed on the gauze substrate to bind the clay material. When the device is used to treat a bleeding... Agent: Z-medica, LLC

20140171849 - Device for the rapid closure of wounds and surgical incisions: A wound closure system having first, second and third adhesive pads with a pair of strap members fixedly secured to the first and third adhesive pads. The pair of strap members are slidably received within the second adhesive pad. When the third adhesive pad is displaced, the first and second... Agent:

20140171850 - Heat and anesthetic pack: A heat and anesthetic pack comprising an instant heat pack, where the instant heat pack includes a front side and a back side; an occlusive dressing attached to a central portion of the front side of the instant heat pack; a central blister pack attached to a center portion of... Agent:

20140171851 - Patterned silicone coating: A method of applying a patterned coating of a silicone adhesive to a substrate sheet, comprising the steps of pattern coating a silicone precursor composition onto the substrate, followed by thermally curing the precursor composition coated on the substrate. The precursor composition is a viscous fluid, and the pattern coating... Agent:

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