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05/28/2015 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150148723 - Decorated braces, bandages, and clips thereof: Decorated braces, bandages, and clips thereof are provided herein. More specifically, provided herein is a support brace comprising a fabric material formed in a cylindrical shape to provide support to a body part, the fabric material defining a top opening and a bottom opening, and one or more decorative elements... Agent:

20150148724 - Enhanced thermoplastic materials for orthoses and prostheses: An improved thermoplastic material for orthoses and prostheses. This material comprises at least one resin layer of polymeric resin, optionally reinforced with multiple layers or internal fibers, designed to be compatible with vacuum thermoforming, with thickness between 3/64 inches and ¾ inches. The material additionally comprises at least one and... Agent:

20150148725 - Ankle/foot orthosis: The invention relates to an ankle/foot orthosis with a foot part, which has a sole for receiving a foot, and with a shin part which, when fitted in place, bears on the frontal aspect of a shin and is connected to the foot part via a medially extending spring, wherein... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20150148726 - Knee brace assembly: A knee brace assembly includes a first brace assembly configured to be secured to a first leg portion of a leg relative to a knee and a second brace assembly configured to be secured to a second leg portion of the leg relative to the knee, the second leg portion... Agent:

20150148727 - Low-profile, postural corrective garment for therapeutic relief of low back pain and mechanical lumbar disorders: Postural corrective device including a flexible back support system incorporated into a body suit that trains self-corrective habits through proprioceptive feedback, offering gentle reminders to create awareness of what the wearer's body is doing.... Agent: Activaided Orthotics LLC

20150148728 - Isolated orthosis for thumb actuation: An orthosis system includes an orthotic device adapted to be worn on the hand of a subject that includes at least one brace component coupled to one or more fingers of the hand and including at least one joint permitting movement of one or more fingers. One or more actuators... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

05/21/2015 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150141890 - Dynamically responsive brace: One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a dynamically responsive brace that includes a flexible member sized and dimensioned to cover a target body region. At least one variable resistance element is associated with the flexible member. The at least one variable resistance element is configured to become exponentially... Agent:

20150141888 - Hinge for an orthopedic brace: A hinge for an orthopedic brace includes: a pivot shaft; a lower leg plate pivoted to the pivot shaft; an upper leg plate; a catch plate having a toothed peripheral edge; and two position adjusting units, each of which includes a rotatable limiting seat, a limiting pin, and a slider... Agent: Plus Meditech Co., Ltd.

20150141889 - Joint protection apparatus and control method thereof: Disclosed are a joint protection apparatus and a control method thereof. The joint protection apparatus includes a support unit, to which different support frames are coupled via a hinge, a fastening adjustment unit coupled to the support unit to provide fastening force required to fasten the support unit to a... Agent:

20150141891 - Body support capable of sensing tension applied thereto: A body support includes a binder and a fixing segment. The binder has a left band, a right band, and an adjusting strip between the left and right bands. The left band includes a first fastener. The right band includes a second and a third fastener. When the second fastener... Agent:

20150141892 - Orthopedic device for treatment of the back: In an embodiment, an orthopedic device in the form of a lumbar support includes first and second elongate belt members, an anatomically shaped plate, and a closure system connecting the belt members to the plate. The closure system is arranged to move the belt members relative to the plate, and... Agent:

20150141893 - Clubfoot orthotic: Devices and methods for treating clubfoot are disclosed.... Agent: University Of Iowa Research Foundation

20150141894 - Systems and methods for decompression and elliptical traction of the cervical and thoracic spine: A traction device comprises a frame, a first bladder portion, a second bladder portion, a spacer, and a pump. The first bladder expands in an outward direction a distance greater than in a transverse direction. The second bladder expands in an angular direction. The second bladder is positioned generally below... Agent:

20150141895 - Medicinal product for the care of an individual: The invention relates to a medicinal product (10) for the care of an individual having at least one injury such as a burn wound or a skin abrasion, in particular with a large surface area, said product comprising at least one functional surface (12, 12′, 14) to at least partially... Agent:

20150141896 - Bandage and method of producing the same: A method for fabricating a bandage comprises the following steps: preparing multiple complex yarns each comprising chitosan fibers and rayon fibers; (b) weaving solely the multiple complex yarns to form a preformed bandage; (c) immersing the preformed bandage in an acid alcohol, and then washing the preformed bandage by alcohol... Agent: Coreleader Biotech Co, Ltd.

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