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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage

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09/04/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140249459 - Support dressing: A support dressing comprises a conformable material that is capable of conforming to a body part when secured thereto; an adhesive for releasably securing the dressing to said body part; and at least one resilient component that has greater stiffness than the flexible material. It is particularly useful in preventing... Agent: Flo Back Limited

20140249460 - Ankle stabilizing apparatus having a dynamic cuff and stabilizing strap system: The invention relates to an ankle stabilizing apparatus for minimizing inversion and eversion of the foot, and more specifically, to a body member having at least one cuff member positioned against a cuff portion of the body member, wherein the cuff member defines at least one opening for receiving at... Agent:

20140249461 - Portable spinal decompression device: The present invention is a portable device for administering spinal decompression therapy. The device features a compact size and an innovative tension control mechanism to facilitate, in particular, a therapy for imbibition. The use of fabric for a sling and a platform adds comfort features while reducing weight.... Agent:

20140249462 - Dressing with ion-carrying composition: A wound dressing comprising an open-cell foam substrate infused with an ion-containing composition in a water-dispersible carrier is provided. The composition includes citric acid or a salt thereof; salts of potassium, rubidium, and zinc ions; and a carrier comprising two or more polyol components, at least one polyol component being... Agent: 3m Innovatative Properties Company

08/28/2014 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140243719 - Neonatal splint: A Neonatal set of splints has a set of splints wherein each one is shaped according to the member to be immobilized: A hand splint, an arm splint, an external right foot or internal left foot splint, an internal right foot or external left foot splint.... Agent:

20140243720 - Cervical collar with cable adjustment system: A cervical collar having a vertically adjustable chin support, the collar including a chin support adjustably connected to a collar body, the collar body defining an elongate slot; a cable located on the collar body; a cable stop connected to a distal portion of the cable and connecting between the... Agent: Deroyal Industries, Inc.

20140243721 - Myoelectric hand orthosis: The present invention relates to an orthotic glove intended to be worn by a human hand and be used for assisting or controlling movement of one or more fingers of the hand, the thumb, and/or the wrist in response to an input signal and methods related thereto. The finger is... Agent:

20140243722 - Knee brace: A knee brace for use by athletes or others requiring protection and support of the knee. The knee brace includes a base and a spider member. The base is comprised of elastic material and configured to closely fit around portions of the knee and adjacent leg portions. A spider member... Agent: Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.

20140243723 - Knee support: A knee support comprising a support main body for covering a knee joint, and a strap to be wound around and attached on an outer surface of the support main body helically while being pulled in the direction opposite to an inner rotation direction of the joint, wherein a projection... Agent: Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.

20140243724 - Ankle stabilization/sprain prevention in a shoe: Embodiments relate to shoes with ankle support elements, typically including a foot support element and a leg support element which are joined together via a joint to allow the leg support element to pivot with respect to the foot support element. The joint is typically located behind the ankle bone... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140243725 - Antimicrobial medical dressings and protecting wounds and catheter sites: An antimicrobial medical dressing provides a combination of antimicrobial agents in various concentrations that protect against microorganisms, absorb exudates, and promote healing. The antimicrobial agents may include compositions of ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and/or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid.... Agent: Hyprotek, Inc.

20140243726 - Hemostatic and biodegradable bandages and bandage implants: In one embodiment, the present invention is a multi-layered bandage including a wound-contacting first layer which is porous, fluid-permeable, biodegradable, and capable of accelerating hemostasis and wound healing, and a second layer formed from an absorbent material which is releasably secured to the first layer. The first layer includes a... Agent: Orthovita, Inc.

20140243727 - High-viscosity silicone gel adhesive compositions: Provided in various embodiments are high viscosity, shear-thinning silicone compositions that can be pattern coated directly onto a substrate. The silicone compositions may be prepared by mixing at least one organopolysiloxane, at least one SiH-containing organopolysiloxane, at least one emulsifying agent, a hydrosilyation catalyst and water. The silicone compositions may... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20140243728 - Adhesive wound dressing: A wound dressing comprising an adhesive layer having a skin-facing surface and a non-skin-facing surface, the non-skin-facing surface being provided with a backing layer, the dressing comprises a central portion comprising an absorbent adhesive, and an border portion surrounding the central portion, wherein the skin facing surface of edge portion... Agent: Coloplast A/s

08/21/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140236061 - Method, apparatus, and high intensity focused ultrasound (hifu) system for generating ultrasound that forms multi-foci via medical image in region of interest: A method of generating therapeutic ultrasound that forms multi-foci by a therapeutic ultrasound probe, the method including: obtaining a medical image including anatomical information of a region of interest in a subject; calculating, by using the medical image, characteristics which influence traveling of therapeutic ultrasound with respect to tissues included... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140236062 - Blood flow conducive brace: A limb brace used to promote blood flow is provided. The limb brace may be made of a semi-rigid skeleton made of a plurality of intersecting ribs. A padded lining may surround the skeleton for comfort. The limb brace may be tubular, may be attachable to a user's upper arm.... Agent:

08/14/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140228724 - Protective cover: P

20140228725 - Adjustable brace: An adjustable brace includes a first portion for supporting one surface of a patient and a plurality of adjustable portions that allow the internal cross section of the brace to be adjusted. When a limb is injured, a patient may have a swollen limb and the adjustable brace can be... Agent: 3d Systems, Inc.

20140228726 - Hip orthosis, method for preventing the dislocation of a hip and use of a hip orthosis: A hip orthosis, provided with a trunk engaging part and an upper leg engaging part which are intercoupled by coupling means, wherein the coupling comprise at least one resilient element for operatively preventing an adducting movement of an upper leg engaged by the upper leg engaging part by means of... Agent: Ossur Europe B.v.

20140228728 - Apparatus and method for spinal distraction: A device and a method of using and assembling a device configured to treat a spine of a patient are provided. The method of assembling includes providing a support article configured to be connected to a torso of a patient, wherein the support article includes a front portion and a... Agent: Bonutti Research, Inc.

20140228727 - Lower spine brace: A brace comprises one or more panels having an aperture or slit that is at least partially defined by a first portion and a second portion. Each panel can couple with a lateral support that is configured to wrap around a portion of a wearer's body. One or both of... Agent:

20140228729 - Knuckle stretcher: A method and apparatus for stretching the knuckles at the base of the fingers to relieve pain in the hand. This is achieved through a molded polymer splint, worn on the center two fingers, provides spacing and rigidity between the finger bases at varying degrees of separation and compression. Product... Agent:

20140228730 - Phalangeal deformity ring splint: A ring splint that includes a first loop, a second at least partial loop, an elongated support and optionally a third at least partial loop, the first loop and the second at least partial loops being attached to the elongated support such that the elongated support contacts the ventral surface... Agent:

20140228732 - Pneumatic compression bandage: Disclosed herein are compression bandages that include one or more fluid bladders (such as an air bladder) disposed in or on a bandage, such as an elastic bandage. In various embodiments, the one or more bladders may be adapted to apply focused pressure to a wound site, for example where... Agent: Revmedx, Inc.

20140228731 - Radially tensioned wound or skin treatment devices and methods: Devices, kits and methods described herein may be for treatment to skin, including but not limited to wound healing, the treatment, amelioration, and/or prevention of scars or keloids. An applicator and/or tensioning device may be used to apply a dressing to a subject. The applicator and/or tensioning device applies and/or... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

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