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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage

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12/04/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140358052 - Shoulder and arm restraint: A therapeutic orthopedic device is described. The orthopedic device serves to restrain and limit movement of a human arm and shoulder. The device comprises a torso pillow, a padded forearm support attached to the pillow and a shoulder strap that traverses the clavicle region of the opposite shoulder. The pillow... Agent:

20140358053 - Power assisted orthosis with hip-knee synergy: A power-assisted orthosis is shown and described. The power assisted orthosis may include a knee orthosis adapted to be secured to at least one of a user's knee joint, a hip orthosis adapted to be secured to a user's hip joints, and a first actuator attached with the knee orthosis,... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140358054 - Straps for devices and methods therefor: According to an embodiment, a system for tightening an article about a limb includes a reel based closure system having a tension member that is guided about the article and tensionable to close or tighten the article and a reel based tightening mechanism that is configured to tension the tension... Agent:

20140358055 - Elbow brace: An elbow brace for use by athletes or others requiring protection and support of the elbow. The elbow brace includes a base and a tension member. The base is comprised of elastic material and configured to closely fit around the elbow. A tension member having upper and lower pairs of... Agent: Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.

20140358056 - Lace-tongue attachment for ankle stabilizing device: An ankle stabilizing device having a lace-tongue attachment includes a body member, a plurality of eyelets extending along the front edges of the body member, and a centering lace. The centering lace is secured to the ankle stabilizing device between the pair of eyelets at the toe-end of the device... Agent: Medical Specialties, Inc.

20140358057 - Toe walker orthosis: An orthosis worn on the human foot to restrict foot flexion to correspondingly limit the ability of the orthosis wearer to walk on the toes.... Agent:

20140358058 - Wound dressing formed with a two-sided adhesive band: A wound dressing and method of forming the same. In one embodiment, the wound dressing includes a two-sided adhesive band conformable to a surface of a person. The wound dressing also includes a removable bandage configured to attach to an upper surface of and seat over the two-sided adhesive band,... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140350446 - Achilles tendon stretching device: An Achilles heel wedge can include a single member having an anterior portion and a plurality of layers integrally connected at the anterior portion. A plurality of slits can differentiate the layers. Each slit can include a terminal end in the anterior portion having a perforation with a dimension greater... Agent:

20140350447 - Gel-side cushion: An orthopedic device for correcting malpositions of toes comprises a flexible splint extending along the foot's inner side. A corrective force towards the inner side of the foot can be exerted on the big toe by the flexible splint for medializing the big toe. The corrective force is influenced by... Agent: Hallufix Ag

20140350448 - Device for correcting ingrowing foot nails and a method for cosmetic correction of ingrowing foot nails: A device for correcting ingrowing foot nails. It comprises a base (101; 201; 301), on which there are mounted means (111, 112; 211, 212; 311) for immobilizing the toe with respect to the base (101; 201; 301), means (121; 221; 321) pressing the middle portion of the nail towards the... Agent:

20140350449 - Hemostatic compositions and uses therefor: The present invention relates generally to the field of hemostasis, including methods, compositions, and devices that can be employed to achieve hemostasis at an increased rate. More specifically the present invention relates to hemostatic compositions that achieve a hemostatic effect at a distance from the site of application of the... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140343469 - Orthopedic cast cover: An orthopedic cast cover is provided. The present cast cover provides a removable, sleeve-like device that securely fits over an orthopedic cast to protect skin, clothing, furniture, and other articles from being damaged by the hard, abrasive surface of a plaster or fiberglass orthopedic cast. The present cast cover may... Agent:

20140343470 - Hip spica cast and undergarment for use with hip spica cast: An undergarment for use with a cast tape to form a hip spica cast, such as a pantaloon-type hip spica cast. The cast includes at least one layer of a 3D spacer synthetic padding material formed into a fabric of monofilament yarns and fabricated into an anatomically correct undergarment structure... Agent: Bsn Medical, Inc.

20140343471 - Surgical cast venting device and material: A surgical cast venting material comprises a waterproof, flexible substrate made of a plastics material and having first and second sides. The first side has a plurality of shallow, concave recesses distributed over the substrate and spaced-apart from one another while the second side has a plurality of protrusions distributed... Agent:

20140343472 - Elastic brace assembly and methods of use: Example embodiments of the brace assembly utilize an elastic cross strap attached to mounting facilities about a joint to provide progressive resistance to the extension, flexion or other movement of body parts about the joint. In some embodiments for a knee joint, the brace assembly provides a progressive resisting force... Agent: The Lonnie And Shannon Paulos Trust (as Amended And Restated) F/k/a The James Dizikis Trust

20140343473 - Carpal tunnel glove: A glove is for the treatment and/or prevention of repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome includes an exterior fabric portion fabricated from synthetic polymeric material, and an interior fabric portion fabricated from pure metallic silver yarn joined to the exterior fabric.... Agent: New Hampton Creations, Inc.

20140343474 - Foot ailment support and cushion apparatus: A foot ailment support and cushion apparatus configured for supporting an ankle and a plantar on a foot. The apparatus comprises an ankle strap and a plantar strap assembly. The ankle strap comprises a generally curvilinear band having an inner surface, an outer surface, two longitudinal ends, a minor edge,... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 5 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140336553 - Active knee orthosis: A knee orthosis includes two parts, upper and lower, each provided with at least one attachment means linking supporting parts, suitable for attaching said upper and lower parts respectively to a thigh and to a leg. Both parts are linked via bi-centric articulation means suitable for enabling each of said... Agent:

20140336554 - Orthopedic device having a dynamic control system and method for using the same: An orthopedic device and method for using the same are provided for applying a dynamic load on a leg of a user. The orthopedic device has a rigid or semi-rigid frame including lower and upper frames, and a hinge assembly connecting the lower and upper frames. A dynamic loading component... Agent:

20140336555 - Posture correction reminder: A wearable apparatus is configured to be worn by an individual and includes left and right shoulder loops which are connected through intermediate strap segments to at least one connector. The wearable apparatus further includes at least one bottom strap connected to the at least one connector and configured with... Agent:

20140336556 - Posture support garment: Disclosed is a posture support garment. The posture support garment can be designed to use an elastic tension fabric that provides tension on the left sleeve and right sleeve of the posture support garment. The tension created can pull the back of the left sleeve and the right sleeve inwards... Agent: Therachic LLC

20140336557 - Biopolymer multi-layer multi-functional medical dressing and method of making same: The Technology described herein applies to medical dressings designed to heal wounds in the area of advanced wound care, inclusive of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), and describes novel wound healing absorbent scaffolds and dressing based on natural and naturally-derived material and fibers, preferentially poly (lactic) acid fibers and alginate... Agent:

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