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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage

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10/02/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140296758 - Conformable cervical collar: A neck collar with a first shaped condition adequate for application to the patient's neck, mold and conform to the patient's neck configuration, retain and recall that configuration following removal and reapplication to the patient. A second shaped condition for storage. The collar is achieved by a unique piece of... Agent:

20140296759 - Orthotic device and method of making an orthotic device: An orthotic device (10) that may be particularly effective in the treatment of scoliosis comprises a torso section (20) and a resilient reinforcement (40) attached to the torso section. The reinforcement extends diagonally across a front and/or a rear portion of the torso section between a first attachment point (51)... Agent:

20140296760 - Carpal tunnel brace: A brace for relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome employs a strap element having a thumb aperture proximate a first end and a slot adjacent a peripheral edge of the strap element to receive a fifth finger. The strap element extends from the thumb aperture to be received in a central... Agent:

20140296761 - Walking movement aid: Provided is a joint movement aid, which has a simple structure and is lightweight and which a user can easily put on and take off, and which has a novel structure capable of safely supporting a walking without impeding a user's autonomous fall-preventing movement even in a case of a... Agent:

20140296762 - Shock absorber insert for an orthopedic walking boot: An orthopedic walking boot, including a base to support a user's foot; a support assembly extending from the base to support the user's lower leg; an outer sole; and a shock absorber insert arranged with the base and the outer sole to provide shock absorption to the user's foot.... Agent:

20140296763 - Devices for protecting vulnerable sites on patients from liquid contamination and related devices, systems, and methods: A protective device configured in accordance with a particular embodiment includes a cover including a first region that extends over a vulnerable site on a patient and a second region that extends over an area on the patient peripheral to the vulnerable site. The first region of the cover is... Agent: Cenorin, LLC

20140296764 - Use of a semi-occlusive flexible flat wound dressing for treating wounds in animals: The invention relates to the use of a semi-occlusive flexible flat wound dressing having a wound contacting layer consisting of an elastomer or a thermoplastic elastomer component in which hydrophilic polymers are embedded, for treating contaminated wounds in animals, in particular in the region of the body limbs.... Agent: Dr. Kenndoff Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140296765 - Monomer-grafted fibers and uses thereof: Wound dressing articles comprising a nonwoven web comprising a plurality of fibers having grafted pendant hydrophilic groups, methods that use high energy irradiation for making a plurality of fibers having grafted pendant hydrophilic groups, useful for making wound dressing articles.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

09/25/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140288474 - Supporter: A supporter includes a body section having a back-contact section, a first auxiliary band section of which one end is fixed to the top end of a left side of the back-contact section and the other end is fixed to the bottom end of a right side of the back-contact... Agent: Advancing Inc.

20140288475 - Ankle-foot orthoses: An ankle-foot orthosis for resisting plantarflexion of a patient's foot, the orthosis comprising: a first resiliently flexible part (1) that comprises a first portion (3) and a second portion (5) set at an angle to said first portion (3), said first portion (3) being configured to lie against and along... Agent:

20140288476 - Cranial cap: Cranial caps designed to serve as an infection barrier and that can easily be placed on and removed from a patient's head are provided herein. Preferred cranial caps include an aperture that can be opened and closed that allows medical personal to easily inspect and/or treat the wound while the... Agent:

20140288477 - Vented emergency wound dressings: A wound dressing provides a tenacious occlusive seal against the skin of a wearer, even in the presence of excessive blood or heavy perspiration. The preferred embodiment combines an adhesive backing layer with a hydrogel island providing superior hydrophilic gel adhesion. The product performs under extreme temperatures (i.e., 32-140° F.),... Agent: Medical Devices, Inc.

20140288478 - Bandage package and method for using same: A new bandage package having a loosely packaged carrier material with a plurality of bandages attached. The package allows the bandages to be kept sterile when opening the package by allowing the carrier to fall freely to a sterile surface without the user touching the carrier.... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 29 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140276298 - System and methods for treating or supporting human joints or a portion of the human body: Disclosed is a system including a good comprising a sensor in contact with human tissues of a patient and configured to obtain a power dissipation reading of the human tissues. The good also includes a storage medium for tangibly storing thereon a program for execution by a processor. The system... Agent: Cymedica, Inc.

20140276297 - Systems and methods for treating human joints: A brace includes a closed loop feedback system that provides electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to a joint of a human patient in response to feedback from the joint and surrounding muscles. In one aspect, a brace for treating a human joint of a patient is provided. The brace includes one... Agent: Cymedica, Inc.

20140276300 - Orthopedic sleeve and method for producing the same: The invention relates to an orthopedic sleeve (1) for placing against a body, having a flexible basic body (10) with at least one plastics-material stabilizing element (20) arranged thereon, wherein the stabilizing element (20) has regions (21, 22, 31, 32) which have a cross section reduced in relation to the... Agent: Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

20140276299 - Strapping system for securing an orthopedic brace to the body: A strapping system for retaining a rigid support member of an orthopedic brace in a desired utilitarian position on a body of a wearer is provided which includes a strap having a first strap end, a second strap end and an intermediate strap point between the strap ends. The strap... Agent:

20140276301 - Modular system for an orthopedic walking boot: A base for an orthopedic walking boot having a foot bed configured to support a plantar portion of a user's foot, a section extending from the foot bed configured to surround a portion of user's foot, and a connector assembly matable with each of a plurality of different types of... Agent:

20140276302 - Biased support for hinge joint: A support for an area of a body that includes a hinge joint includes a flexible, elastically stretchable framework comprising an integrally molded network of interconnected, elastomeric segments defining a plurality of permanent openings; a structural hinge mechanism affixed to a first side of the framework, and a secondary hinge... Agent:

20140276304 - Friction-based orthotic impedence modulation device: The present invention relates to an impedance modulation device for an orthotic application. The device includes a high-stiffness loading spring, a low-stiffness return spring, a shaft having an output connector, and an engagement mechanism. When the engagement mechanism engages the shaft, the device exhibits a high stiffness at the output... Agent: Yale University

20140276303 - Orthotic system and method utilizing hydrostatic compression of soft tissue to unload the knee and/or heel up to 100%: An orthotic system and method for a knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) or ankle foot orthosis (AFO) capable of removing up to 100% of the weight-bearing forces at the knee and tibia and/or ankle and heel. The KAFO and AFO of the present invention utilize a fully adjustable compound closure... Agent:

20140276305 - Anti-twist mechanism for a mechanical advantage tensioning device on an orthosis: An orthosis is provided having a mechanical advantage tensioning device with an anti-twist mechanism. The anti-twist mechanism includes first and second anti-twist members which have a reduced degree of pliability to resist twisting of the orthosis about the mechanical advantage tensioning device.... Agent:

20140276308 - Distraction and mobility back support: A back support device is provided herein. The device is configured to support a portion of a burden or load that would otherwise be borne by a user's spinal column and abdomen. The device includes an upper component that is dimensioned to be worn around the torso of the user,... Agent:

20140276307 - Orth0pic belt with magnets: An orthopedic pad for wearing about the lumbar region of a user and comprising a smoothly contoured body having a template surface bounded by an upper margin and a lower margin. The orthopedic pad includes a central trough portion extending between said upper and lower margins for accommodating the spinal... Agent:

20140276306 - Physical therapy support device and harness: A harness assembly for suspending a user. The assembly includes a support. The support includes a back plate having a shape corresponding to a user's back for supporting the user's back in a predetermined configuration. A torso connector is fastened to the support for engaging the user's torso and releasably... Agent: Retrainer Inc.

20140276309 - Compressible braided mesh finger splint and therapeutic uses thereof: A finger splint and method of providing support for a finger is disclosed. The finger splint can include a braided mesh folded over itself to form a hollow tube having a double wall and having a longitudinal axis. The folded over braided mesh can have a first open end that... Agent:

20140276310 - Overmolding for an orthopedic walking boot: An orthopedic walking boot including a base to support a user's foot; a support assembly extending from the base to support the user's lower leg; and an outer sole overmolded to the base.... Agent:

20140276311 - Extension limiting strap for a hip brace: A hip brace is provided having a waist belt, waist cuff, longitudinal support assembly and hip joint extension limiting strap. The waist belt is secured around the waist of a wearer and the waist cuff and longitudinal support assembly are positioned on the side of the body adjacent to the... Agent:

20140276312 - Combinatorial therapy for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee: Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to methods of knee rehabilitation. Embodiments generally include the use of viscosupplementation delivered intra-articularly in conjunction with rehabilitative therapy and an unloading knee brace. The injection of the viscosupplementation is guided such that the entire dose is delivered to the joint and can... Agent: Rmg Rehabilitation Management Group, Lp

20140276313 - Knee brace devices and systems and methods of using the same: Knee brace devices and systems and methods of using the same. In an exemplary embodiment of a knee brace system of the present disclosure, the system comprises a knee brace configured to fit around at least part of a user's knee, and a strap having an optional strap connection portion... Agent:

20140276314 - Ankle foot orthosis (afo) and method of making the same: The present disclosure provides a custom or pre-fabricated ankle foot orthosis providing tri-planar control of the ankle foot structure. The ankle foot orthosis comprises a brace body comprising a polyolefin elastomeric material, foam material and a closure mechanism.... Agent: Bracemasters International, LLC

20140276316 - Ankle-foot orthosis: An inventive ankle-foot orthosis which transfers a portion of a wearer's weight normally applied to a wearer's foot and ankle to a wearer's calf thereby removing weight bearing stress from the wearer's foot and ankle.... Agent: Scott Orthotics, LLC

20140276315 - Joint support apparatus and related methods: An ankle support includes a flexible, elastically stretchable framework configured to generally surround a wearer's ankle when the support is worn, and an anchor band configured to be secured about a lower portion of a wearer's leg. The framework comprises an integrally molded network of interconnected, elastomeric segments defining a... Agent:

20140276317 - Orthopedic walking brace having a curved sole: Described herein are systems and devices for providing an orthopedic walking brace having a housing and a sole with a curved distal surface. The housing is configured to encompass and immobilize a patient's ankle against flexion. The distal surface of the sole has a posterior region, a mid region, and... Agent: Djo, LLC

20140276319 - Orthopedic support system: The present invention relates to devices for relieving soreness, pain and/or discomfort of the foot arising from a variety of painful conditions and/or injuries. The devices of the invention provide support for the foot, are affordable, minimally visible, do not interfere with the fit of normal footwear, and are easily... Agent:

20140276320 - Orthosis, system and methods for addressing foot drop: A drop foot brace includes a support configured to be secured to a leg of a user, a foot-receiving member and a tensioning component. The tensioning component may include an elongated element a rotatable tightening member for adjusting a tension in the elongated element and two or more engagement elements... Agent:

20140276318 - Orthotic device, system and methods for addressing foot drop: A drop foot brace includes a securing member configured to be secured to a leg of a user, a foot-receiving member and a tensioning component. The tensioning component may include an elongated element a rotatable tightening member for adjusting a tension in the elongated element and two or more support... Agent:

20140276321 - Sock with integrally knit support: A support sock having a support structure integrally knit therewith. The sock has a toe area, an ankle area, and an intermediate area for covering a wearer's instep, ball and sole. The integrally knit support structure has an arch wrap defining at least a portion of the intermediate area. The... Agent: Richter International Ltd.

20140276322 - System and method for treating leg ulcers: In one aspect, a wound treatment system includes an inner layer comprising a foam material impregnated with a zinc oxide containing composition with or without calamine and/or ichthammol and in the presence or absence of antimicrobial agent (inorganic and/or organic). An optional outer layer comprises a short/long stretch compression bandage.... Agent: Andover Healthcare, Inc.

20140276323 - Wound or skin treatment devices with variable edge geometries: Devices, kits and methods described herein are provided for treatment to skin, including but not limited to wound healing, the treatment, amelioration, and/or prevention of scars or keloids. A book-like packaging, applicator and/or tensioning device can be used to apply a dressing to a subject. The packaging, applicator and/or tensioning... Agent: Neodyne Biosciences, Inc.

20140276324 - Wound or skin treatment devices with variable edge geometries: Devices, kits and methods described herein are provided for treatment to skin, including but not limited to wound healing, the treatment, amelioration, and/or prevention of scars or keloids. A book-like packaging, applicator and/or tensioning device can be used to apply a dressing to a subject. The packaging, applicator and/or tensioning... Agent:

20140276325 - Clothing article with protective cup: An article of clothing including a protective cup for protecting the groin area of a user. The article includes an upper portion having a front and a rear, and an interior and an exterior, for receiving the waist of the user. A cup sleeve having an apical portion is disposed... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 18 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140257155 - Kinesiologic tape: The present invention relates to a kinesiologic tape which is provided with at least one molded body, said molded body comprising metal, healing stones, wood, ceramics and/or combinations thereof.... Agent:

20140257156 - Systems, methods, and devices for automatic closure of medical devices: According to an embodiment, a brace may include a motorized tensioning device, a tensioning member operationally coupled with the motorized tensioning device to tighten the brace about the limb, and a control unit communicatively coupled with the motorized tensioning device to control adjustment of a tension of the tensioning member.... Agent: Boa Technology, Inc.

20140257157 - Casting apparatus: In a casting apparatus for external skeletal and joint fixation, a plurality of articulated segments may comprise a plurality of cuboid members threaded on a continuous cord having distal ends connected to actuators. The cuboid members may be disposed between guide members threaded on the cord. Actuation of the actuators... Agent:

20140257158 - Configurable subshell components in orthopedic devices: A coupling device for an orthopedic brace includes an anchoring member for securing to a frame and protruding therefrom, and a subshell arranged to connect to the frame by the anchoring member. The subshell has a locking element for selectively positioning the subshell on the frame at a plurality of... Agent: Ossur Hf

20140257159 - Variable tension glove: The present disclosure provides a variable tension rehabilitation glove including a glove body configured to receive a hand of a user, a wrist band surround the wrist portion, and a plurality of tension bands connecting distal portions of finger portions to a movable tension device for varying the tension of... Agent: The Kelly Clientele Group, LLC

20140257160 - Lower exoskeleton: The invention relates to a lower exoskeleton intended to be worn by a user and comprising: a pelvic element (1) provided with means for securing to an upper part of the user's body; two lower supports (2) which are provided with means for securing to the user's lower limbs and... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20140257161 - Ankle splint: The present disclosure provides for a splint that is placed onto the lower extremity of the human body in the event of a bone fracture. The present disclosure partially encloses the lower extremity that is injured due to the bone fracture, as a means of providing the injured area ample... Agent:

20140257162 - Ankle-foot orthosis element and a manufacturing method therefor: The disclosure is related to an ankle-foot orthosis element and a method of manufacturing therefor and provides for stability in a lateral direction as well as in a front-rear direction of an ankle-foot orthosis element. Moving or sliding of the orthosis in relation to the shoe is prevented. In one... Agent:

20140257163 - Lower-leg orthosis: A lower-leg orthosis includes a splint for immobilizing the muscles of the lower leg. The splint comprises a lower-leg cuff and of a foot rest connected to the lower-leg cuff. A foot device is arranged under the foot rest, and the foot rest is supported on the ground via this... Agent: Deutsches Zentrum Fur Luft- Und Raumfahrt E.v.

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