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Surgery: splint, brace, or bandage November USPTO class patent listing 11/07

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11/29/2007 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20070276306 - One piece brace liner having multiple adjustment zones: A joint protecting brace includes a cuff member. The cuff member includes a pair of upper lateral and lower lateral tightening portions positioned on opposed sides of a cuff longitudinal axis. The cuff member further includes a liner disposed between and coupled to the upper lateral tightening portions and lower... Agent: Stetina Brunda Garred & Brucker

20070276308 - Hemostatic agents and devices for the delivery thereof: A hemostatic agent comprises diatomaceous earth in particle form. Devices for promoting hemostasis comprise diatomaceous earth in particle form and a receptacle for retaining the particles therein. The receptacle is defined by a mesh having openings therein. A hemostatic sponge comprises a substrate, diatomaceous earth disposed on the substrate, and... Agent: Michaud-duffy Group LLP

20070276310 - Therapeutic sleeve for applying compression to a body part: A therapeutic sleeve for applying pressure to a body part, having: a tubular semi-elastic body; at least one seam extending along the tubular semi-elastic body, the at least one seam defining a region of narrowed thickness of the tubular semi-elastic body; and an access opening through a side of the... Agent: Gordon & Rees LLP

20070276302 - Medical bandaging product: A medical bandaging product fabricated of a rib-knitted fabric constructed of synthetic yarns selected from the group of acrylic, polyester and polypropylene yarns. An elastic yarn provides elasticity to the fabric, and an effective amount of a water repelling treatment is applied to the fabric for imparting water-repellent characteristics. The... Agent: Adams Evans P.A.

20070276304 - Apparatus for preventing or minimizing tendinitis: An apparatus and method for preventing the development or exacerbation of tendinitis is provided. The apparatus includes a first pad made of a resilient material that is configured to be carried by a digit of the user. The first pad has a palmar face and an oppositely disposed dorsal face... Agent: Gold & Rizvi, P.A.

20070276303 - Gripping device and method: A device designed to assist individuals who have limited use of their hands, the device including a motor-controlled clamp for gripping objects, a microprocessor coupled to the motor-controlled clamp for actuating the motor, an input transducer coupled to the controller to receive input commands from the user to initiate action... Agent: Seed Intellectual Property Law Group PLLC

20070276305 - Joint orthosis: A joint orthosis including an upper member, a lower member operably connected to the upper member by one or more swivel axes at a joint mechanism, and a pad attached to the joint mechanism and positioned between the joint mechanism and the body part, wherein the joint mechanism includes a... Agent: Faegre & Benson LLP Patent Docketing

20070276307 - Adaptable compression orthosis: A highly adaptable compression apparatus to apply a compression force to an extremity of a user. The apparatus includes a removable compression overlay to selectively adhere to a compression sheath surrounding an extremity of a user. A plurality of independently adjustable straps may be coupled to the compression overlay. Tightening... Agent: Nelson & Nelson, P.C.

20070276309 - Systems and methods for wound area management: Systems and methods for capturing and digitizing an image of a wound and/or a wound trace from a patient and determining there from a degree of change in the characteristics of the wound. A first embodiment includes a transparent/translucent film onto which a dark outline of the wound is traced.... Agent: Legal Department Intellectual Property Kinetic Concepts, Inc.

20070276311 - Leg wrap: A leg wrap is adapted to wrap around a limb of a person. The wrap includes an elongated flexible body having a first end and a second end opposite the first end along a length of the flexible body. A first fastener is positioned on the flexible body proximate the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

11/22/2007 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20070270728 - Adjustable neck brace: An adjustable neck brace worn at a human neck for fixing a cervical vertebra includes a cover panel and an adjusting device fixed onto a surface of the cover panel, and the adjusting device includes an adjusting rod, a limit member and an adjusting knob disposed on a surface corresponding... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20070270729 - Easy install hinge connection: A lever connection comprises a lever having a cable end and a spring end and a pivot point therebetween, and a cable having a cable end fitting attached to an end thereof. The cable end fitting comprises a cable clamp and a frame, the cable clamp being adapted for attachment... Agent: Husch & Eppenberger, LLC

20070270730 - Polyurethane foams for wound management: The invention relates to a process for producing polyurethane foams for wound management. These polyurethane wound dressing foams are prepared by a process comprising frothing and drying of a foam foaming composition, which comprises a polyurethane dispersion and specific coagulants.... Agent: Bayer Material Science LLC

20070270731 - Band with hidden pocket: A band adapted to be worn on a limb of a person or animal includes a fabric member and an elastic member attached to the fabric member. A first half of a fastening system is attached to an inner surface of the elastic member, and a second half of the... Agent: St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens, LLC

11/15/2007 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20070265556 - Impact-protection slip-plate structure and methodology: Impact-protection slip-plate structure and methodology involving (a) a generally planar, plural-layer, outside-jacketed, shock-absorbing barrier assembly positionable relative to the human anatomy in a location adjacent a body zone to be protected, and (b), disposed within that assembly, a generally planar, friction-reduced slip-plate organization including a pair of facially confronting, generally... Agent: Robert D. Varitz, P.C.

20070265557 - Articulated orthosis providing lift support: An orthosis having at least one adjustable joint for articulating two hinged parts of the orthosis, the joint comprises a tensor for carrying the load applied between the two hinged parts. Compression surfaces coupled to the hinged parts are constructed to apply compression forces to a compression element when the... Agent: Saltamar Innovations

11/08/2007 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20070260165 - Combined bandage and fastener system: A combined bandage and fastener system includes a flexible bandage having a first end and a second end; at least one end brake attached to a surface of said flexible bandage and disposed proximate to the first end; and a plurality of brakes attached to at least one surface of... Agent: Cahn & Samuels LLP

20070260166 - Integrated wound dressing system: An integrated wound dressing system and method including a bandage and a self-contained receptacle that stores treatment material for the care and treatment of wounds. The treatment material is easily accessible and can be removed from the receptacle through an exit. The treatment material can then be used to control... Agent: Cahn & Samuels LLP

20070260163 - Apparatus and method of inhibiting perianal tissue damage: A perianal support device is provided that is configured to inhibit the formation and/or progression of tissue damage in the perianal region of the body. A method is provided to apply the perianal support device to patients during childbirth to inhibit the formation and/or progression of tissue damage in the... Agent: Haynes And Boone, LLP

20070260164 - Device and method for treating foot with adustable bladder: A device and method for treating a foot and ankle with a splint and an adjustable bladder. The method includes providing a device including a rigid splint that maintains a heel of the foot and at least one adjustable bladder provided underneath only a front of the foot; adjusting an... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20070260167 - Wound protector: This invention relates to a protective spacer for protecting a wound, such a lumber spinal fusion incision, from detrimental contact or rubbing with foreign objects such as a cast surrounding or at the wound.... Agent: Janil W. Heart (ms.)

11/01/2007 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20070255189 - Safety cast: Safety cast compositions for the prevention of thermal injury are provided basically comprising a curable casting material, a flexible substrate coated or impregnated with the casting material and a thermochromic material. Methods for using the safety cast to prevent cast burns in patients in need of immobilizing a body member... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20070255190 - Exoskeleton system for a proportional movement biological segment and exoskeleton assembly of a said systems: The subject of the invention concerns an exoskeletal system with: an exoskeletal weight-bearing structure composed of a reference structure and at least one mechanical segment, resources for acquiring movements and movement intentions, composed of resources for time related measurement of the effort coming from at least one biological segment and... Agent: Clark & Brody

20070255191 - Cycling device for controlling the mutual position between the leg and the foot: A cycling device, particularly for sport cycling, for controlling the relative position of the leg and the foot, comprises a base, which can be associated with an item of footwear or a pedal of a cycling vehicle, a rod-like element, which has a first end articulated so that it can... Agent: Modiano & Associati

20070255192 - Wound dressings with anti-microbial and chelating agents: A wound dressing includes one or more layers containing a first anti-microbial agent and at least one of: a chelating agent, and a second anti-microbial agent.... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20070255193 - Wound dressings with anti-microbial and zinc-containing agents: A wound dressing includes one or more layers containing a first anti-microbial agent and/or at least one zinc-containing agent.... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20070255194 - Wound dressing and method for manufacturing the same: A method for producing a wound dressing wherein a curable silicone mixture is extruded onto a generally planar molding surface. The silicone mixture defines a first surface adjacent the planar surface and a second surface opposite the first surface. The molding surface is heated at a curing temperature sufficient to... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

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