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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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11/13/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140336540 - Cleaning and massaging system: A cleaning and massaging system includes a water resistant housing having a top surface and a bottom surface; a display and one or more buttons coupled to the top portion; a processor inside the housing; and a vibration generator driven by the processor to vibrate on user command.... Agent:

20140336541 - Ultrasonic wave heating instrument: A ultrasonic wave heating instrument includes a housing inside which a ultrasonic wave emitting circuit in electric connection with a power source and a ultrasonic oscillating sheet in electric connection with said circuit are configured, and a ceramic massage head is configured on the housing. The ultrasonic wave generated from... Agent:

20140336542 - Limb rehabilitation and training system: A limb rehabilitation and training system includes a horizontal position adjuster movably mounted at a bottom side of a base, an expansion rotary member mounted at the horizontal position adjuster, a shoulder joint traction mechanism linked to the expansion rotary member through a first arm segment robotic arm and a... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140336543 - Non-surgical torso deformity correction devices and methods related thereto: Aspects of the invention include devices and methods for correcting a torso deformity of a patient. The devices include a suction chamber for placement around the torso deformity and to provide negative pressure to the torso deformity; and a measurement component coupled to the suction chamber. The measurement component is... Agent:

20140336545 - Acoustic therapy device: The present disclosure provides a system for treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis. The system includes an appliance configured to secure to a portion of a body of a user and a plurality of energy units, coupled to the appliance, that provide energy inside the body of the user to at... Agent:

20140336544 - Hot/cold recovery clothing: An apparatus for heating and/or cooling as well as compressing parts of the body. The apparatus includes one or more heatable freezable gel pads and an article of compression clothing or sleeve wherein the gel pad attaches to the compression sleeve using hook and loop closure. Used together, this apparatus... Agent:

20140336546 - Time-varying chest compressions: Various types of chest compressions may be performed on a patient during a single resuscitation event. In embodiments one or more compression time parameters may be changed during the event, potentially optimizing blood flow for one side of the patient's heart, then the other. In some embodiments the event includes... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140336547 - Device and method for auditory stimulation: A device and method for desynchronizing a patient's neuronal brain activity in which the neuron population is firing in a pathologically synchronized manner. The device includes a stimulation unit that generates an acoustic stimulation signal that includes both a first tone and a second tone. The first tone is provided... Agent:

20140336548 - Vibration analgesia injection apparatus: The present invention presents a hypodermic injection apparatus and methods to introduce an agent to a human body in a less painful way by activating inhibitory mechanisms for pain perception. The apparatus comprises a vibration assembly that encircles a needle penetration site, a removable and disposable barrier device that isolates... Agent:

20140336549 - Massage apparatus: A massage apparatus includes an upright support frame and a moving seat. Each of the support frame and the moving seat has a U-shaped cross-section. The support frame has a middle main wall formed with an elongated groove, and two side walls extending rearwardly away from the main wall. The... Agent:

20140336550 - Rolling ball massager: The invention is an improved rolling ball massager that employs two opposing bearing rings a fixed distance apart to enable free rotation of the housed ball in all directions and under all ordinary massage conditions. A cap over the ball may be adopted to allow the user to apply more... Agent:

20140336551 - Implantable device for pulsatile compression: A method of treating venous insufficiency and lymphedema in an individual by placing pulsatile, localized pressure or compression on deep veins and subcutaneous tissue by inflating and deflating volume-changing members implanted within the individual. A method of potentiating venous circulation, by placing pulsatile, localized pressure that compresses the deep veins... Agent:

20140336552 - Massaging apparatus and method: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for creating a massaging and heating/cooling operation with a closed-loop circulation system for working fluid, and in particular, a closed-loop circulation system that includes a controlled leak adjacent a pump for the working fluid to inject and release the working fluid.... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 7 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140330174 - Method of acoustic shock wave treatments for complications associated with surgical mesh implants: The method of treatment for vaginal tissue inflamed or damaged by complications from the use of a surgical mesh implant in the vagina of a patient is disclosed. The treatment has the steps of activating an acoustic shock wave generator or source to emit acoustic shock waves; and subjecting the... Agent:

20140330175 - System and method for coupling and depth control for ultrasound: An ultrasound system includes a sheath having a distal end and a proximal end. The distal end may include an opening configured to allow the passage of a fluid between the sheath and a chamber in a patient. The proximal end may include one or more ports configured to allow... Agent: Sonacare Medical, LLC

20140330176 - Method and apparatus for immobilizing subjects undergoing mechanical cpr: The apparatus for immobilizing and treating a subject includes a suitable apparatus for performing mechanical CPR secured to an immobilization casing. The airtight flexible casing is secured to the apparatus for performing CPR, the casing having variable rigidity which varies as a function of the amount of air within the... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140330179 - Apparatus for physiological mechanism activation and the method comprising the same: The present invention is related to an apparatus for activating electrophysiological mechanism and the method for configuring the same, which are based on diagnostic codes comprising at least more than two codes selected from a group of code classified by hue contrast to temperature differences according to heat distribution of... Agent:

20140330177 - Therapeutic device: A therapeutic device includes an elastomeric outer shell configured as a human hand and defining an interior area, the outer shell having a finger end opposite a wrist end. The device includes a pocket in the interior area, the pocket being defined by an inner wall. An endplate is coupled... Agent:

20140330178 - Urinary incontinence device and method and stimulation device and method: A method for treating urinary incontinence is provided. The method includes providing a device having an expandable portion having an outer surface, a first electrode, and a second electrode, the first and second electrodes coupled to the outer surface of the expandable portion and configured to cause a contraction of... Agent:

20140330180 - Pouch containing liquid with therapeutic effect: A pouch containing liquid with a therapeutic effect may include a main body and liquid. The main body is made by soft materials and having a receiving space used to receive the liquid. A carrier is used to dispose on a human body and includes a receiving section to receive... Agent: Taiwell Tech. Co.,ltd.

10/30/2014 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140323926 - Connection mechanism for ultrasonic-vibration generating/transmitting unit and production method for ultrasonic-vibration generating/transmitting unit: A connection mechanism includes a first member, a second member and a cylindrical third member which connects the first member and the second member to each other. The third member includes a protrusion portion and a second connection portion. A held portion of the second member is inserted from the... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140323925 - Methods of delivering energy to body portions to produce a therapeutic response: The invention relates to methods of applying energy to various body portions to produce a therapeutic response. According to embodiments, the applied energy is ultrasound and may be delivered by an ultrasound focusing device deployed in the body, for example, by using an endoscope. The energy may be used to... Agent:

20140323924 - Targeted optogenetic neuromodulation for treatment of clinical conditions: Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for methods for neuromodulation of deep-brain and other neural targets in mammals using optogenetics to treat clinical conditions or achievement of a physiological state. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects. The latter occur through Long-Term Depression (LTD) and Long-Term Potentiation (LTP)... Agent:

20140323927 - Device for skin care and massaging: A device for skin care and massaging includes a main body, a galvanic current applier, a massager, a massaging pointing portion, and a massaging serially-protruding portion. The galvanic current applier is provided in the main body and configured for applying galvanic current from a first portion of skin of a... Agent:

20140323928 - Compression depth monitor with variable release velocity feedback: A system for facilitating the effective administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by providing feedback regarding release velocity, which is the velocity of the chest while resiliently expanding during the upstroke of a CPR compression cycle. The feedback is provided, indicating whether the CPR provider has substantially released the chest, through... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140323929 - Trainer g-vibe: s

20140323930 - Treatment of lymphedema using proteolytic agents: The technology relates to the use of a proteolytic enzyme, for example hyaluronidase, for the treatment of abnormal protein collection in a patient's lymphatic system. In addition, the present technology provides a composition and a combined preparation each comprising hyaluronidase and at least one further proteolytic enzyme, and a method... Agent: Advanced Healthcare Consulting, LLC

20140323931 - Vibrating device for treating nasal congestion and sinusitis symptoms and method thereof: A device for treating nasal congestion and/or relieving sinusitis symptoms in a patient comprises: means for generating vibrations, attaching means configured attach said generating means to a location adjacent to the patient's nasal cavity, nasal passageway or sinuses and means for generating a fluid stream and delivering the fluid stream... Agent:

20140323932 - Garment for therapeutic treatment: A medical compression suit has first and second elongate openings and first and second fasteners for releasably closing the first and second elongate openings respectively such that releasing the fasteners allows the openings to be opened, facilitating the donning and doffing of the suit by a wearer, the first and... Agent: Jobskin Limited

20140323933 - Massaging system and method: A massaging system and method that includes a base carrying a massager head, carriage and drive arrangement resiliently biased by a massager suspension arrangement formed by part of a resilient deformable person support disposed between the massager head and a person supporting surface upon which a person being massaged by... Agent: Innovative Standards, Inc.

20140323934 - Medical support and compression stocking: In order to improve the use of a medical support and compression stocking, it is proposed that the stocking (10) shall comprise a woven- or knitted-fabric-type base element (20) that is substantially tubular and that can be pulled over the lower leg of the wearer. Moreover, the stocking comprises at... Agent: Msr Electronics Gmbh

10/23/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140316306 - Ultrasound treatment device and methods of use: In some embodiments, an ultrasound treatment system can comprise: a ultrasound transducer comprising a subdivided surface comprising a plurality of electronically isolated pieces; a power source coupled to at least two of the pieces, wherein the power supply is configured to independently shape a temporal delay or a spatial delay,... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20140316307 - Method and device for making silicone rubber cupping appliance: A device for producing a silicone rubber cupping appliance is provided. The device includes a nozzle, an internal mould core, a separable slide comprising at least two separable slide blocks; and a blowing-demoulding unit. A mould cavity used for moulding the silicone rubber cupping appliance is formed between the slide... Agent: Green Island International Tcm Group Limited

20140316308 - Upper limb rehabilitation robot for meal assistance or meal rehabilitation training and method thereof: Provided are an upper limb rehabilitation robot including: a sensing member that is mounted and fixed to an upper limb of a user and captures motion of the upper limb according to a movement intention of the user; a motion control unit that is electrically connected to the sensing member,... Agent: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

20140316310 - Nasal stimulation devices and methods: Described here are devices, systems, and methods for treating one or more conditions (such as dry eye) or improving ocular health by providing stimulation to nasal or sinus tissue. Generally, the devices may be handheld or implantable. In some variations, the handheld devices may have a stimulator body and a... Agent: Oculeve, Inc.

20140316309 - Wearable device for improving tactile sensitivity: A method increases a tactile sensitivity of a fingertip of a user with a wearable device. The wearable device includes a vibrating element, an actuator for receiving user input, and a control circuitry. The method includes positioning the vibrating element on one of a user's arm, wrist, hand, or proximal... Agent:

20140316311 - Therapeutic method and apparatus using mechanically induced vibration: A sleeve that provides mechanical stimulation to the arm to prevent bone density loss. A primary goal of this product is to prevent bone density loss that occurs during extended space travel. For one embodiment, only the predefined frequency specifications had to be met (between 40 Hz and 60 Hz).... Agent:

20140316312 - Compressive circular knit for pulling over an articulated extremity: s

20140316313 - Spring-driven foot compression system: Methods and systems for dynamic compression of venous tissue enable improved blood movement in the extremities. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a pressure pad provides a compressive force to a portion of the human body. The pressure pad is successively withdrawn and re-pressed against the body. In this manner,... Agent:

20140316314 - Compression device: Described are improved apparatus and devices for intermittently and sequentially compressing a body site and methods for using said apparatus and devices, especially for site specific treatment to achieve a desired temperature of the underlying tissue. The apparatus includes a first segment cooperative with a fluid chamber, the fluid chamber... Agent:

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