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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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07/10/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140194784 - Methods and devices for thermally induced hepatic neuromodulation: A system for treatment includes a focused ultrasound energy source for placement outside a patient, wherein the focused ultrasound energy source is configured to deliver ultrasound energy towards a blood vessel with a surrounding nerve that is a part of an autonomic nervous system inside the patient, and wherein the... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20140194785 - Methods and devices for thermally induced hepatic neuromodulation: A system for treatment includes a focused ultrasound energy source for placement outside a patient, wherein the focused ultrasound energy source is configured to deliver ultrasound energy towards a blood vessel with a surrounding nerve that is a part of an autonomic nervous system inside the patient, and wherein the... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20140194783 - System and method for tattoo removal: A combination device for applying a treatment of light and ultrasound on a tattooed area of a patient desiring tattoo removal. The device includes an ultrasound and a LED light source. The ultrasound source produces high-frequency ultrasound waves. These waves are applied directly to the tattooed area for a first... Agent:

20140194786 - Method and system for tissue modulation: A method of modulating tissue of an internal organ in vivo, includes: fixating the tissue on a shaped device; and focusing radiation on the fixated tissue using a radiation-emitting system so as to modulate the tissue, wherein said radiation-emitting system is non-local with respect to said shaped device.... Agent: Kona Medical, Inc.

20140194787 - Infrared heating apparatus with foot massage functions: The present disclosure relates to an infrared heating apparatus. The apparatus comprises a housing having a hollow internal space, the housing comprising an opening through which a user's legs and feet may be inserted into the internal space of the housing. The apparatus comprises one or more heating panels located... Agent: Globe Healthcare Corporation

20140194788 - Methods and apparatus for therapeutic application of thermal energy: Apparatus and methods are provided for treating a human condition by providing an appendage chamber having a thermal exchange member. A vacuum may be applied to the appendage chamber to maintain vasodilation of an appendage when placed within the appendage chamber. The appendage may be heated or cooled at the... Agent: Avacen, Inc.

20140194789 - Treatment apparatus using high frequency waves and method for controlling same: The present invention relates to a treatment apparatus using high frequency waves, and to a method for controlling same. The treatment apparatus using high frequency waves comprises: a high frequency wave generating unit; a plurality of needles for providing, into the skin of a user, high frequency energy transferred from... Agent: Lutronic Corporation

20140194790 - System and method for treating skin and underlying tissues for improved health, function and/or appearance: Systems and methods for treating facial soft tissues of a patient in a healthcare or cosmetic treatment environment such as, for example, a spa, clinic, or a medical practitioner's office are presented herein. The facial treatment system includes a facial stimulator instrument and/or an acoustic oscillator to deliver therapeutic stimulation... Agent: Sigma Instruments Holdings, LLC

20140194791 - Personal massager: A personal massager configured to be worn on a user's finger. The massager includes a housing, and a motor operable to vibrate the housing. The housing defines an opening configured to receive the finger. The housing extends partway around the circumference of the user's finger when the user's finger is... Agent: Gs Design Hk, Limited

20140194792 - Swallowing air pulse therapy mouthpiece and method for the use thereof: An oral appliance for administering a stimulus, such as a substance, to the mouth of a user includes a flexible tube having an inlet portion, a first curved portion forming an ear loop connected to the inlet portion, a second curved portion forming a lip bend connected to the first... Agent: Trudell Medical International

20140194793 - Systems and methods for non-contact multiparameter vital signs monitoring, apnea therapy, apnea diagnosis, and snore therapy: Aspects of the of the disclosure relate to a non-contact physiological motion sensor and a monitor device that can incorporate use of the Doppler effect. A continuous wave of electromagnetic radiation can be transmitted toward one or more subjects and the Doppler-shifted received signals can be digitized and/or processed subsequently... Agent: Kai Medical, Inc.

20140194794 - Massager with touch-sensing head: A massager includes a massager head with a capacitive sensor. A controller uses the capacitive sensor to sense capacitance changes that indicate a human body is in close proximity or in contact with the massager head. Responsive to activating the capacitive sensor, the controller activates a massager motor in the... Agent: Lelo Inc.

20140194795 - Compression device for the limb: The invention provides a compression device for the limb of a mobile patient. The device includes an inflatable sleeve adapted to surround the limb; a conduit attached to the sleeve for delivering fluid to the sleeve; and a portable, wearable controller attached to the conduit that generates and controls the... Agent: Swelling Solutions, Inc.

20140194796 - Heel protector and corresponding rehabilitation systems and methods for using the same: A device (900) includes a leg engaging section (101) and a foot engaging section (102 intersecting at a heel receiver (103). The leg engaging section and the foot engaging section defining a leg insertion aperture (104). A first compression wrap member (301) and a second compression wrap member (302) extend... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20140194797 - Steam physiotherapy apparatus: A steam physiotherapy apparatus includes an open-topped physiotherapy chamber having a door, a steam generating unit, and a steam pipe for conveying generated steam into the physiotherapy chamber. Tourmaline tiles are attached to an inner surface of the physiotherapy chamber, a steam inlet pipe is provided on a bottom of... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140188015 - Energy-based tissue tightening system: Systems and methods for noninvasive tissue tightening are disclosed. Thermal treatment of tissues such as superficial muscular aponeurosis system (SMAS) tissue, muscle, adipose tissue, dermal tissue, and combinations thereof are described. In one aspect, a system is configured for treating tissue through delivery of ultrasound energy at a depth, distribution,... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20140188011 - Focused ultrasonic transducer navigation system: A focused ultrasonic transducer navigation system attaches to a patient and includes a housing that contains an ultrasonic device. An alignment system moves the housing, and moves the ultrasonic device within the housing, so a focal point of ultrasonic energy from the ultrasonic device is aligned in x, y, and... Agent: Brainsonix Corporation

20140188013 - Method and apparatus for applying neuromuscular electrical stimulation: A method and apparatus for applying neuromuscular electrical stimulation to an agonist/antagonist muscle pair to move a limb about a joint includes generating a first pattern of neuromuscular electrical stimulation pulses for output through a first channel to a first pair of electrodes and generating a second pattern of neuromuscular... Agent: Encore Medical Asset Corporation

20140188012 - Ultrasonic probe: An ultrasonic probe includes a first coupled vibration member and a second coupled vibration member each of which extends along a longitudinal axis between a first anti-node position of an ultrasonic vibration and a second anti-node position of the ultrasonic vibration located to a distal direction side of the first... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems, Corp.

20140188014 - Ultrasonic surgical apparatus: A treatment portion includes a treatment region which treats a treatment part with a liquid which has flowed out from a distal end opening portion and with ultrasonic vibrations while the treatment region is in abutment with the treatment part. The treatment portion further includes a hydrophilic region which is... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140188016 - Compression belt system for use with chest compression devices: A compression belt cartridge for use with chest compression devices. The compression belt cartridge has a double-oar shaped belt and a cover plate through which the belt is threaded. The cover plate is provided with hooks and snap latches that fit into a belt drive platform. The cover plate is... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140188017 - Sexual stimulation devices: A sexual stimulation device is provided. The stimulation device includes a first pad dimensioned for placement against a pubic area and a second pad dimensioned for placement inside a vagina. The stimulation device also includes a first vibrating motor. The stimulation device further includes a first connecting member and a... Agent:

20140188018 - Massage cushion assemblies: A massage cushion assembly for providing a massage to a user resting on the massage cushion assembly is provided. The massage cushion assembly includes a body supporting portion having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface, a base portion defining one or more slots extending longitudinally... Agent:

20140188019 - Neck massager: A neck massager includes two massaging members and a connecting member connected between the two massaging members, and an upper case and a lower case being engaged to form a U-shaped housing; the two massaging members and connecting member ace disposed in the U-shaped housing; each of the two massaging... Agent: Shenzhen Breo Technology Co., Ltd.

06/26/2014 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140180174 - Energy based fat reduction: Methods for non-invasive fat reduction can include targeting a region of interest below a surface of skin, which contains fat and delivering ultrasound energy to the region of interest. The ultrasound energy generates a thermal lesion with said ultrasound energy on a fat cell. The lesion can create an opening... Agent: Guided Therapy Systems, LLC

20140180175 - Hand activated ultrasonic instrument: An ultrasonic surgical clamp coagulator apparatus is configured to effect cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue by cooperation of a clamping mechanism of the apparatus with an associated ultrasonic end-effector. The handle of the apparatus is configured to permit hand activation for cutting, coagulation, and clamping of tissue during surgical... Agent: Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

20140180176 - Image-guided high intensity focused ultrasound and related apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods are described that include ultrasound imaging devices, which may operate in a transmissive ultrasound imaging modality, and which may be used to detect properties of interest of a subject such as index of refraction, density and/or speed of sound. Devices suitable for performing high intensity focused ultrasound... Agent: Butterfly Network, Inc.

20140180177 - Image-guided high intensity focused ultrasound and related apparatus and methods: Apparatus and methods are described that include ultrasound imaging devices, which may operate in a transmissive ultrasound imaging modality, and which may be used to detect properties of interest of a subject such as index of refraction, density and/or speed of sound. Devices suitable for performing high intensity focused ultrasound... Agent: Butterfly Network, Inc.

20140180178 - Methods of providing dvt prophylactic therapy using a passive motion machine: There is provided a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine with integrated mechanical deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis for providing simultaneous CPM therapy and DVT prophylactic therapy to a human patient. The passive motion machine may include a base, at least one motor, one or more hinged frame rails, one or... Agent: Continuous Motionflow, LLC

20140180179 - Portable physical therapy and exercising device: A physical therapy and exercising apparatus comprising an upper surface configured to fit a person's foot or hand, and a bottom surface, wherein, when the apparatus is placed on a flat surface, only a portion of the bottom surface touches the flat surface, such that low-friction gliding on the flat... Agent:

20140180180 - Mechanical cpr device with automatic suction cup attachment: A suction cup on the end of a piston of a mechanical CPR device can be automatically attached to a patient's torso. The mechanical CPR device can extend the piston until a first position at which the suction cup comes into contact with the patient's torso. The piston can be... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140180181 - Methods and devices for treating hypertension: Devices, systems and methods are described which control blood pressure and nervous system activity by stimulating baroreceptors. By selectively and controllably activating baroreceptors and/or nerves, the present invention reduces blood pressure and alters the sympathetic nervous system; thereby minimizing deleterious effects on the heart, vasculature and other organs and tissues.... Agent: Sympara Medical, Inc.

20140180182 - Knitted compression garment and knitted fabric: A therapeutic medical garment having a variable pressure profile along its length and includes a knitted tubular body and a knitted anti-slip portion formed proximate one end of the tubular body with an inner surface adapted for residing against a wearer's skin. The knitted anti-slip portion includes at least first... Agent: Bsn Medical, Inc.

20140180183 - Modular compression device and method of assembly: An apparatus for applying pressure to a body part comprising multiple interconnectable bands of compressible or noncompressible material. Optional spine to further interconnect the bands. Interconnectable pieces designed for covering specific body areas. Modular arrangement of the individual components. Customized or off-the-shelf availability of the apparatus.... Agent:

20140180184 - Neuroplasticity vertigo treatment device and method: A neuroplasticity vertigo treatment device for subjects who suffer from a balance disorder that limits the ability to stand or walk without holding onto an external support. The device is characterized by a wearable body prosthesis or harness with gyroscopic stabilization that either selectively locks or produces a torque in... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140171835 - Back treatment apparatus: A back treatment apparatus (10), constituted of: a support member (50) arranged to support a lumbar region (130); a translation mechanism (210); and a control circuitry (100), the control circuitry arranged to control the translation mechanism to translate the support member along a plurality of paths and rotate the support... Agent: Radiancy, Inc.

20140171836 - Methods for wound protection and therapy: Method and apparatus for protecting and treating wounds are provided. A housing is adapted to be adhesively secured over the wound of an injured or infected person. The housing has an opening for access to the wound, and is further provided with inlet and outlet ports for the application of... Agent:

20140171837 - Vacuum cast (\"vac-cast\") and methods for treatment of plantar wounds: A combination of four wound care products include (1) a wound vacuum dressing providing a more sterile cover over the wound to prevent infection, provide a closed system to prevent maceration and soiling from drainage to the surrounding skin and peg insole pad, to introduce and maintain negative pressure, to... Agent:

20140171838 - Adaptive exoskeleton, control system and methods using the same: Exoskeleton technology is described herein. Such technology includes but is not limited to exoskeletons, exoskeleton controllers, methods for controlling an exoskeleton, and combinations thereof. The exoskeleton technology may facilitate, enhance, and/or supplant the natural mobility of a user via a combination of sensor elements, processing/control elements, and actuating elements. User... Agent:

20140171840 - Cardio pulmonary resuscitation device with means for initial setup: Initial setup of a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation device (100) is to be accomplished so that a contact pad (102) of the device makes the correct contact with the chest before the device starts giving chest compressions to the patient. Thereby situations where the contact pad is not in initial contact... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20140171839 - Chest containment system: A chest containment system utilizes a thoracic cavity belt circumscribing a patient's chest for supporting a compression device in contact with the chest. Buckles are provided to tighten the belt. A supplemental strap is positioned over the top of the compression device and is releasably secured to each end thereof... Agent:

20140171842 - Gss missile: An adjustable personal vibrating stimulator includes a main handle portion, a middle portion connected to the main handle portion, a movable handle portion, a cylinder-shaped member connected to the movable handle portion, and a tip connected to the middle portion. The main handle portion is movable relative to the movable... Agent:

20140171841 - Vibrator: A device is disclosed. The device contains a housing with a power source, and a removable massaging head with a vibrating unit, wherein the vibrating unit is powered by the power source.... Agent: Sos Novelties, Inc

20140171843 - High frequency chest wall oscillation system: A therapy system is operable to deliver at least one respiratory therapy to a patient. For example, therapy system may be operable to deliver any one or more of the following therapies: a high frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) therapy, a positive expiratory pressure (PEP) therapy, a nebulizer therapy, an... Agent: Hill-rom Services Pte. Ltd.

20140171844 - Mobile water/ aquatic therapy vehicle equipped with hot tub for various water physical therapy provided door-to-door at residential/patient home/nursing home or other living/nonliving facility- a new way of doing business and providing therapy: The Mobile Water Therapy Vehicle Equipped with Hot Tub for Various Water Physical Therapy Provided Door To Door At Home, Nursing Home or Other Living, Non-Living Facility is a truck fitted with a hot tub with multiple jets designed to provide water therapy with a walk-in and wheel chair accessible... Agent:

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