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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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08/07/2014 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140221877 - Pressure-assisted irreversible electroporation: A method for pressure-assisted irreversible electroporation of tissue cells, including placing one or more electrodes near tissue cells to be treated, positioning a pressure source operable to apply pressure pulses to the tissue cells, and applying to the tissue cells a combination of electrical pulses through the one or more... Agent:

20140221878 - Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method of ultrasonic probe: A manufacturing method of an ultrasonic probe includes analyzing a first lateral vibration which is superposed on a longitudinal vibration because of an asymmetric shape of a distal asymmetric portion when the ultrasonic probe is longitudinally vibrated. The manufacturing method includes specifying a bending position to bend a proximal-direction side... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20140221879 - Breast building and waist shaping device: A breast building and waist shaping device includes a pad body, whereon are disposed a pillow, a breast building unit and a waist shaping unit. The breast building unit includes a base body with two slot parts. A plurality of bulges, malaxating parts, massaging parts and heating parts are disposed... Agent:

20140221880 - Therapeutic appliance: A therapeutic appliance includes a water pack, at least one massaging finger, a recirculating water system and a thermoelectric device. The massaging finger has a vibrator disposed on the water pack to exciting liquid in the water pack for massaging a body portion to be massaged. The recirculating water system... Agent:

20140221881 - Device for repetitive spine extension at selectable lumbar levels for stimulation of vertebral segments: Devices and related methods of use for providing repetitive spinal extension exercise. The device includes a frame extending between a foot end and a head end, a footrest member at the foot end of the frame, and a horizontal seat member between the foot end and the head end of... Agent: Better Back Technologies, LLC

20140221882 - Beam mechanical compression device: A mechanical CPR device includes a back plate, a first tower removably attached to the back plate, a second tower removably attached to the back plate, and a beam releasably connected to each of the first tower and the second tower. The first tower can include a first linear motion... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140221884 - Cpr assist device: A system for performing chest compression for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The system includes a motor, drive spool and associated couplings which allow for controlling and limiting the movement of the compressing mechanism and includes a control system for controlling the operation and interaction of the various components to provide for optimal... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20140221883 - Fixation of device to back plate: A mechanical CPR device can include a back plate, a first tower, and a second tower. The back plate can have a first side and a second side. The first tower can include a first foot and the second tower can include a second foot. The first and second towers... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140221885 - Underwear assembly incorporating a vibrator: An underwear assembly has a front section, a rear section, side sections that connect the front section and the rear section along the sides of the front and rear sections, and a crotch section that connects the front section and the rear section at the bottom of the front and... Agent:

20140221886 - Massage appliance capable of synchronous kneading and tapping: A massage appliance capable of synchronous kneading and tapping includes: a power-driven vertically-moving device, including an outer portion having therein a sliding channel, and a vertically-moving rack disposed alongside the sliding channel; a device capable of synchronous kneading and tapping, including a housing portion having therein a power source for... Agent:

20140221887 - Positioning structure of plastic disk of massaging device: A positioning structure of a plastic disk in a massaging device may include a massaging unit, a connecting unit and a locking unit. The massaging unit has a protruding block that has a through hole. One end of the connecting unit has a receiving space that is used to receive... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 11 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140207026 - Method and apparatus for treatment of pathogens including viruses and bacteries: A method for disrupting or destroying selected pathogens located within the body of an organism the method including the non-invasive administration to pre-selected locations on or in the organism of an amount of low intensity ultrasonic energy, effective to disrupt or destroy the selected pathogens but not deleteriously affect the... Agent:

20140207027 - Wound cover apparatus and method: Various embodiments of a wound cover apparatus are provided. In one embodiment a wound cover apparatus includes a treatment enclosure and a vacuum seal that is external to the treatment enclosure. The vacuum seal includes a vacuum passageway and a vacuum port in fluid communication with one another. In another... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140207028 - Self-heating massage stone: A pocket-size self-heating massage stone includes a first receptacle having a rim portion, an interior recess and being made of ceramic slip, porcelain or stoneware slip and a second receptacle having a rim portion, an interior recess and being made of ceramic slip, porcelain or stoneware slip. A heating element... Agent:

20140207029 - Device and method for the reduction of pain associated with needle sticks: A device that is used to reduce the pain of a needle stick to a person, the device having a casing containing a vibratory device and a temperature reducing device, and a method for using the device to reduce the pain of a needle stick by applying both thermal and... Agent: Mmj Labs LLC

20140207030 - Knee rehabilitation device with measurement element: In one example, a rehabilitation device includes a first element having first and second spaced-apart, generally parallel elongate members having proximal and distal ends. A second element is rotatably coupled to the first element and includes first and second spaced-apart, generally parallel elongate members having proximal and distal ends. One... Agent:

20140207031 - Support structure for administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation: The present invention relates generally to a support structure for fixating a patient to a treatment unit, and especially to a support structure for fixating the patient to a cardiopulmonary resuscitation unit. An embodiment of the support structure comprises a back plate for positioning behind said patient's back posterior to... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140207032 - Pulsation system and method: A pulsation system and method includes a pulsation device that generates pulsation patterns and ancillary therapeutic techniques, such as music, images, and aromatherapy. A communication device operates the pulsation device. The communication device transmits signals to the pulsation device through cable or wireless connectivity. Pulsation patterns and ancillary therapeutic techniques... Agent:

20140207033 - Vibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses: A vibration device includes a vibrating element positioned to stimulate the paranasal sinuses of a user when the user is wearing the device. The device includes a control assembly for powering the vibrating element, the control assembly including at least one battery, a control switch for varying the voltage supplied... Agent:

20140207034 - Adjustable orthostatic intolerance system and garment: An adjustable orthostatic intolerance garment formed of a knitted spandex powernet construction in order to provide compression when on the leg, and including legs and a torso portion that extends upwardly into the abdominal area below the pectoral muscles; and a respective pair of elongate panels that are retained in... Agent: Bsn Medical, Inc.

20140207035 - Myofascial release apparatus and method: A myofascial release apparatus which is adapted for use by a user in a vertical position is disclosed. The myofascial release apparatus comprises a post member, a post affixing element and at least one release member. The post affixing element is operatively coupled to the post member at a first... Agent:

20140207036 - Garment detection method and system for delivering compression treatment: A compression treatment system is provided that detects the number of and type of garments connected thereto. The system includes a plurality of ports, valves connected thereto and a number of garments having one or more bladders. The bladders are in fluid communication with a fluid source in a pneumatic... Agent: Covidien Lp

07/17/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140200487 - Portable electronic therapy device and the method thereof: The present disclosure relates to an electronic therapy device including automatic controlled application of energies along with feedback control using sensors for improved synergistic effects and further the device is configured to be used for longer periods of time for improved and optimal therapeutic results without causing any adverse effects,... Agent:

20140200489 - Method and system for tissue modulation: A method of modulating tissue of an internal organ in vivo is disclosed. The method comprises: fixating the tissue on a shaped device so as to shape the tissue generally according to a shape of the device; and focusing radiation on the fixated tissue using a radiation-emitting system so as... Agent: Perseus-biomed Inc

20140200488 - Method of cooling ultrasound treatment apparatus and ultrasound treatment apparatus using the same: An ultrasound treatment apparatus includes a transducer configured to irradiate ultrasound waves onto an object, and a membrane disposed in an irradiation direction of the ultrasound waves and to form, with the transducer, a space in which a cooling fluid circulates. The apparatus further includes a first temperature sensor configured... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140200490 - Post knee surgery physical therapy device: A physical therapy device including a vertically elongated lever arm turned to project medially on the upper and lower extremities to form repetitive thigh and ankle bearing rods and further including an elongated crank.... Agent:

20140200491 - Fail-safe system for exoskeleton joints: An orthotic system includes a controller, a joint and a fail-safe system for the joint. In a preferred embodiment, the orthotic system is an exoskeleton, the joint is a knee joint and the fail-safe system is a normally engaged brake that is controlled by the controller. The brake is engaged... Agent:

20140200493 - Electric module for stimulating skin: Disclosed is an electrically-driven skin stimulation module for forming a relatively high potential difference between power terminals of different polarities without a voltage booster circuit to make a lot of current flow through human skin such that function of iontophoresis may be remarkably improved.... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140200492 - Foot orthosis: A foot orthosis includes at least one pressure sensing switch, at least one vibrating member, a controller and a power source. The pressure sensing switch is activated as the wearer walks and applies force to the switch. The switch activates the vibrating member, which sends a vibrating pulse to stimulate... Agent: Midwest Orthotic Services, LLC.

20140200494 - Compression garment: A graduated compression garment is disclosed that includes a plurality of longitudinal fuzzy wales arranged to form a fabric with a plurality of transverse elastomeric threads under variable tension connecting the adjacent longitudinal fuzzy wales to deliver a first level of elastic compression distally on a limb and a gradually... Agent: Compression Dynamics LLC

20140200495 - Massaging system and method: A massaging system and method that includes a base carrying a massager head, carriage and drive arrangement resiliently biased by a massager suspension arrangement formed by part of a resilient deformable person support disposed between the massager head and a person supporting surface upon which a person being massaged by... Agent: Innovative Standards, Inc.

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