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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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04/16/2015 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150105701 - Therapeutic energy systems: Optionally, the energy generator is a generator of ablation energy or heat energy (e.g. RF generator) and the control instructions comprise instructions for controlling the output of the energy generator. Optionally, the control instructions comprise one or more parameters of energy output or an algorithm configured for controlling the energy... Agent:

20150105702 - Apparatus and method for stimulation of biological tissue: An apparatus for generating focused currents in biological tissue is provided. The apparatus comprises an electric source capable of generating an electric field across a region of tissue and means for altering the permittivity of the tissue relative to the electric field, whereby a displacement current is generated. The means... Agent:

20150105703 - Therapeutic micro-vibration device: A system includes a therapeutic module including a module housing. An electric motor including a shaft is contained within the module housing. At least one magnet is coupled to the shaft in an offset manner. The magnet is rotatably driven about a centerline of the shaft by the motor to... Agent:

20150105704 - Medical device: A device for dilating an artery or other blood vessel or modifying a blood AGE (Advanced Glycation End) is described. The device comprises a dilation stimulation transducer configured for application to the human or animal body and a driver for the dilation stimulation transducer. The driver drives the transducer to... Agent:

20150105705 - Method and device for performing alternating chest compression and decompression: A plunger adapter and a detachable compression pad for piston driven chest compression devices optimizes the application of chest compressions to a fixed location on a patient's chest. The detachable compression pad may be removably secured to the patient above the patient's sternum to ensure that the compression pressure from... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20150105707 - Method and system for fluidized lower leg protection: The present invention relates to a fluidized lower leg protection and support system and method. The system can include an inner positioner. The inner positioner can displace and contour three-dimensionally as though it was fluid to the sides and top of the leg while not having flow characteristics that would... Agent:

20150105706 - Method for calming a person: The present invention relates to a method for reducing stress or promoting relaxation in a person is disclosed herein. The method includes the use of a deflatable cushion which has an attachment for a vacuum pump and includes positioning the person in need upon the cushion so that the cushion... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150100001 - Method, system and use for therapeutic ultrasound: The described embodiments relate to methods, systems and uses for therapeutic ultrasound, and in particular, to methods, systems and uses for therapeutic ultrasound for treating or alleviating eye conditions. The described embodiments relate to methods, systems and uses that involve an ultrasound device configured for treatment of an eye condition,... Agent:

20150100002 - Skin care device with multiple functions: The present invention provides a skin care device with multiple functions. The skin care device includes a main body having a first connecting terminal formed on the upper portion thereof; a plurality of skin care heads individually and detachably combined with the main body, the skin care heads each having... Agent:

20150100003 - Enhanced therapeutic stimulus system and methods of use: The present invention relates to a therapeutic system and methods of using the therapeutic system. In particular, the present invention relates to systems having hardware, software, and appliance components for assessing and entraining a neuromuscular pattern or behavior in a patient. The methods include configuring the hardware and software systems... Agent:

20150100004 - Tremor reduction system and device: A tremor reduction device is disclosed. The tremor reduction device has a mechanical flap having a flap portion arranged to apply pressure on part of an inner arm in order to reduce tremor. The pressure can be manually adjusted by moving a rod in a channel in the tremor reduction... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150094623 - Deep vein thrombosis assembly and method of use: A system is presented which includes a pressure redistribution mattress which includes a Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”) system positioned therein. The pressure redistribution system contains a plurality of air chambers which are independently controllable. In addition the mattress articulates. The mattress also has a cavity in which a DVT system... Agent:

20150094624 - Chest compression device: A chest compression device includes a piston to apply compression to the sternum and incorporates leaf springs simultaneously driven by the piston to apply lateral compression to the thorax during chest compressions. A motor in the chest compression device provides motive power to cyclically extend and contract the piston to... Agent: Zoll Circulation, Inc.

20150094626 - Electrode package with fold out liner: Methods and systems of applying treatment to a subject experiencing cardiac distress. In one example, a therapy electrode package includes a first therapy electrode disposed within the package, a second therapy electrode disposed within the package, and a CPR assistance device disposed within the package. The first therapy electrode, the... Agent:

20150094625 - Universal defibrillation electrode pad assembly for adult and pediatric subjects: A defibrillation electrode pad includes an electrode section and a CPR administration section. The electrode section and the CPR administration section are positioned in the defibrillation electrode pad relative to each other such that the CPR administration section is located above a sternum of an adult subject and the electrode... Agent:

20150094627 - Massager with symmetric massaging structure: A massager with symmetric massaging structure includes first and second casing assemblies coupled to a connection belt each and connected pivotally by first and second movable sleeves, respectively. The casing assemblies, whose included angles are adjustable, have therein power sources for driving first and second transmission members connecting with and... Agent:

20150094628 - Compression garment ventilation: A compression garment includes fluid-impermeable bladder layers defining an inflatable bladder. A ventilator is at least partially disposed on an inward side of the inflatable bladder. The ventilator at least partially defines at least one passage between the wearer's skin and the inward side of the bladder and in fluid... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150094629 - Compression garment controlling: A controller assembly for delivering pressurized fluid to a compression treatment device includes a first pump assembly including a first pump unit and a first electrical contact. The first pump assembly defines a first pneumatic passage configured for fluid communication with the pump unit. A second pump assembly includes a... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150094630 - Support surface system providing simultaneous alternating pressure and low air loss therapies: A support surface system provides alternating pressure therapy and low air loss therapy simultaneously using a single pump. The system includes a plurality of cells. Each cell has a foam-filled lower chamber and an upper chamber. Fluid communication between the lower and upper chambers is controlled by a normally closed... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150088039 - Device for therapeutic treatment and method for controlling a treatment device: A device (1) and a method for therapeutic treatment comprising an acoustic treatment transducer (2) able to emit high intensity waves (HIFU) toward a target (3) in order to treat the target. The high intensity waves have a focal point. The device com-prises at least one detector (15) for detecting... Agent:

20150088040 - Method and system for treating stretch marks: Methods and systems for treating stretch marks through deep tissue tightening with ultrasound are provided. An exemplary method and system comprise a therapeutic ultrasound system configured for providing ultrasound treatment to a shallow tissue region, such as a region comprising an epidermis, a dermis and a deep dermis. In accordance... Agent:

20150088041 - Head cover for massage chair: A massage chair with a head cover is disclosed. The massage chair has an inner hat body, an outer shell and a lighting element at a front end of the outer shell. The lighting element can generate four frequency bands α, β, θ, δ, and the combination thereof, so when... Agent: Afar Usa LLC

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