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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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05/28/2015 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150148713 - Interface apparatus for stimulation of biological tissue: An apparatus for interfacing between tissues being stimulated is provided. The apparatus includes an electric source capable of generating an applied electric field across a region of tissue and/or a means for altering at least one electromagnetic characteristic of the region of tissue relative to the applied electric field and... Agent:

20150148711 - Method, system and use for therapeutic ultrasound: The described embodiments relate to methods, systems and uses for therapeutic ultrasound, and in particular, to methods, systems and uses for therapeutic ultrasound and contact lenses for treating or alleviating eye conditions. The described embodiments relate to methods, systems and uses that involve an ultrasound device configured for treatment of... Agent:

20150148712 - Systems and methods for producing and delivering ultrasonic therapies for wound treatment and healing: One embodiment is directed to a non-contact, medical ultrasound therapy system for generating and controlling low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound therapy system includes a treatment wand including an ultrasonic transducer, a generator unit, and a cable coupling the treatment wand to the generator unit. The generator unit generates electric power... Agent:

20150148710 - Ultrasound modulation of the brain for treatment of stroke, brain injury, and other neurological disorders: A method for ultrasound modulation of the brain for treatment of stroke, brain injury, and other neurological disorders or the improvement of cognitive functioning in patients. The method may include identifying a stimulation site of a brain, where the stimulation site is associated with a brain disorder, applying ultrasound to... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20150148714 - Range of motion device: A device for moving a knee joint in a body of a patient is provided. The device includes a first arm member coupled to a first leg support configured to support an upper portion of a leg of the patient, a second arm member coupled to a second leg support... Agent: Bonutti Research, Inc.

20150148715 - Device for passive body mobilization: A device for passive body mobilization is described which allows the body to be stretched out and the body's axis to be moved, inducing the lateral flexion and extension of the abdomen by means of a movable platform (20) that performs a horizontal movement between the sides of the base... Agent:

20150148716 - \"system for assisting rescuers in performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (cpr) on a patient\": Systems and methods related to the field of cardiac resuscitation, and in particular to devices for assisting rescuers in performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are described herein. In some aspects, the system includes a chest compression sensor providing movement information during a plurality of manual chest compressions performed by a rescuer... Agent:

20150148717 - Automated chest compression apparatus: A system applies cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to a recipient. An automated controller is provided together with a compression device which periodically applies a force to a recipient's thorax under control of the automated controller. A band is adapted to be placed around a portion of the torso of the recipient... Agent: Johns Hopkins University

20150148718 - Massage device: A massage device includes a substantially cylindrical housing, and arranged within the housing, electro-mechanical means for generating mechanical vibrations, electronic means for driving the means for generating mechanical vibrations, and a power source is connected to the means for generating mechanical vibration and to the electromechanical means, wherein the means... Agent:

20150148719 - Device for stimulating capillary conditioning: A device for stimulating capillary conditioning by using the force of gravity and exercising the capillary vessel is described, comprising a base with a horizontal area (10) and a vertical projection (20) from the posterior face of said horizontal area (10), where horizontally spaced straps (30) are fastened, said straps... Agent:

20150148720 - Discreet sexual stimulation apparatus: A device for discretely providing sexual stimulation, the device being in the form of a plush animal having a head portion, a body portion, at least one appendage wherein the head portion includes a face region formed at least in part from an impermeable flexible material, the face region having... Agent:

20150148721 - Muscle therapy device: A muscle therapy device that can be used for self-myofascial release is disclosed. In some embodiments, the device includes one or more ellipsoids configured coaxially around a rigid axle, the axle including circular wheels fixedly attached at opposite ends. In these embodiments, the one or more ellipsoids extend radially from... Agent: Trigger-pin! LLC

20150148722 - Device and method for massage therapy: The present concept is a device and method for providing massage which addresses the problem of practitioner injury while at the same time allows for the provision of a better massage. The device allows a massage practitioner to deliver to a recipient a spectrum of beneficial physical contacts in a... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150141875 - Compositions and methods for non-invasive detection and treatment of hypoxic cells in vivo: Compositions and methods used in the non-invasive detection and/or treatment of hypoxic tissues in vivo are described. Compositions including microbubbles functionalized with one or more hypoxia targeting agents and one or more therapeutic compounds, methods of preparing the functionalized microbubbles, and methods of using the functionalized microbubbles for diagnostic and/or... Agent:

20150141876 - Method for providing directional therapy to skeletal joints: An ultrasound therapy system and method is provided that provides directional, focused ultrasound to localized regions of tissue within body joints, such as spinal joints. An ultrasound emitter or transducer is delivered to a location within the body associated with the joint and heats the target region of tissue associated... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20150141874 - Multi-beam ultrasound device: A multi-beam ultrasound device with intersecting beams is presented for use in medical therapy and industry. Multiple ultrasound beams interfere constructively and destructively depending on their phase at the target tissue, and this device and its methodology uses phase control for intensity enhancement at the beam intersection. Two among many... Agent:

20150141877 - Led and shockwave therapy for tattoo removal: A tattoo can be removed from a subject using extracorporeal shock waves and light. The extracorporeal shook waves (ESW) can have an energy level of less than 0.27 mJ/mm2 and be administered to an unaltered tattooed region of a subject for approximately 10 minutes. A continuous, non-pulsing light of a... Agent: Inrexrem Inc.

20150141878 - Method and apparatus for providing deficit-adjusted adaptive assistance during movement phases of an impaired joint: A method is described for providing deficit-adjusted adaptive assistance during movement phases of an impaired joint. The method includes determining, on a processor, a current movement phase for a compound joint function based on sensor data. The method further includes determining, on the processor, a respective robot state parameter trace... Agent:

20150141879 - Device, system and method for reducing headache pain: A device for stimulating at least one cranial nerve and/or spinal nerve is described. The device includes a vibratory motor, and an earpiece, wherein the earpiece is molded substantially to fit within the external ear canal and contacting the concha of a subject's ear. A method of reducing migraine headache... Agent:

20150141880 - Methods and devices of providing mechanical stimulation to the body: A device for treating pain. In some embodiments, the device includes a housing, the housing having a proximal end, a distal end defining a volume therebetween, the housing further including a first surface and a second surface; a driver member disposed within the volume of the housing; an energy source... Agent:

20150141881 - Seating apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of diagnosing and curing urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and defecation disorders: The present invention relates to a seating apparatus for the diagnosis and treatment, and more particularly, to a seating apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of diagnosing and curing urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and defecation disorders which enables to diagnose symptoms of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and defecation disorders by measuring... Agent:

20150141882 - Cranial device with rotary tilt sensor: The invention relates to an improved cranial device with a rotary inclination detector, including a container box which can be secured to the cranium of sleeping person and which contains an electric motor and an eccentric counterweight coupled thereto, forming a vibrator. The device also includes a battery or a... Agent:

20150141883 - Sexual stimulation devices: A sexual stimulation device for a female user is provided. The stimulation device includes a first pad with a first width dimension configured for placement against a pubic area of the user and a second pad with a second width dimension configured for placement inside a vagina of the user... Agent: Lover Health Science And Technology Co., Ltd

20150141884 - Device for massaging and the application of a cosmetic composition: The present invention relates to a device (1) for massaging and the application of a cosmetic composition, comprising: —an end-piece (5) comprising a base (6) and elements (4) upstanding from this base, said elements (4) defining at least one first area (1) of elements (4) having a first hardness and... Agent:

20150141885 - Hand-held massage device: Described is a massage tool for use with animals or humans, and particularly adapted for use with horses. The tool includes an elongated bar that can be linear or curved. The elongated bar has a first end and a second end, wherein each end includes a massage member thereon. The... Agent:

20150141886 - Muscular strength assisting apparatuses and methods of controlling the same: A muscular strength assisting apparatus may include: a wearing unit configured to enclose a part of a user's body; a tightening unit configured to pull the wearing unit in one or both directions; and/or a control unit configured to drive the tightening unit to tighten the part of the user's... Agent:

20150141887 - Electromagnetic valve system: Provided is an electromagnetic valve system for carrying out a compressed air supply to and evacuation from a plurality of air chambers of massage instruments of an air-type massage device, comprising: a plurality of first electromagnetic valves which are connected to each air chamber via supply tubes; a second electromagnetic... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150133826 - Medical apparatus for heating a heating volume defined by a surface: The invention provides for a medical apparatus (300, 500, 600) comprising a high intensity focused ultrasound system (302), a memory containing instructions, and a processor. Execution of the instructions causes the processor to receive (100, 202) surface data (342) descriptive of the location of a surface (322). The surface data... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150133827 - Method, apparatus, and ultrasound system for increasing temperature of region of interest by using wearable ultrasound irradiation apparatus: An ultrasound irradiation apparatus includes first transducers configured to irradiate first ultrasound energy upon an object with respect to a potential diagnosis and to receive an echo signal which corresponds to the irradiated first ultrasound energy, second transducers configured to irradiate second ultrasound energy upon a region of interest which... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150133828 - Exercise training apparatus: An exercise training apparatus 10 attached to a trainee who performs a body exercise training, includes movable bodies 11, 12, actuators 13, 14, change detecting means 15, 16 and a controlling means 25, the movable bodies 11, 12 having fixed members 11a, 12a which a part of a trainee's body... Agent: University Of Occupational And Environmental Health, Japan

20150133829 - System for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy: A system for monitoring and controlling negative pressure wound therapy includes a microcontroller that controls means for maintaining reduced air pressure based on a pressure signal from a pressure sensor. The means for maintaining reduced air pressure may include a vacuum pump and valve. The system includes a mobile communication... Agent: Deroyal Industries, Inc.

20150133830 - Pneumatic somatosensory stimulation device and method: A device for providing tactile stimulation of a subject via a pulse of compressible fluid, typically for medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The device preferably includes a high pressure fluid source and a low pressure fluid source. A pressure valve selectively connects the pressure sources to an outlet conduit. The... Agent: Epic Medical Concepts & Innovations, Inc.

20150133831 - Foot rest, method for the manufacture thereof, device including the foot rest, and therapeutic method using the same: A foot rest including: a foot receptacle, the foot receptacle including a first portion and a second portion, and wherein the first portion intersects the second portion; a cross-member disposed on a first side of the first portion; and a bucket connector disposed on the first side of the first... Agent:

20150133832 - At-home light-emitting diode and massage device for vaginal rejuvenation: A light emitting module and massage device provide vaginal rejuvenation. The device exposes collagen in the vaginal area or mucosa to temperatures elevated over normal body temperature to cause the collagen to reversibly or irreversibly denature while simultaneously applying vibration. Once thermally-induced collagen denaturation has occurred, both neoelastogenesis and neocollagenesis... Agent:

20150133833 - Vibrator: The present invention is directed to a vibrator using an oscillating motion and shaped tip with wings provide greater sexual stimulation, that is configured with a secure locking mechanism, that is configured not to stall the motor when pressure is applied to the tip, and which has no exposed parts... Agent:

20150133834 - Massage office chair with the movement which can be assembled and disassembled easily: An office chair allowing removing and mounting of massaging mechanism comprising a seat pad, a back-rest chair pad, a left armrest and a right armrest. There is a cavity inside the back-rest chair pad; a massaging mechanism is fitted inside the cavity; the massaging mechanism comprises a massaging head assembly... Agent:

20150133835 - Massage system: A system is provided for a three-part self-massage system including three massage devices configured to be removably coupled and assembled inside one another. Additionally, the three massage devices may include zones of varying densities of foam and shaped to include contours and projections including nodules, knobs, bumps, grooves, and/or ridges,... Agent:

20150133837 - Myofascial roller wrap: The present invention provides in some embodiments, a cover for an exercise roller. The cover can include an elongate tubular structure defining a generally cylindrical elongate lumen extending through the length of the elongate tubular structure. A wall of the cover can have an inner face surrounding the generally cylindrical... Agent:

20150133836 - Therapeutic support for being worn by a subject: There is provided a flexible therapeutic support (32, 35, 40, 48, 54) for the prophylaxis or treatment of the accumulation of a fluid in the body of a subject in need thereof. The therapeutic support has a plurality of protuberances (14) for respectively applying localised pressure to an area of... Agent:

20150133838 - Device for scratching the back: A device for scratching the back comprises a scratcher from which bands extend on opposite sides of the scratcher. The bands are of sufficient length to allow the user to grasp the bands in front of the user while the scratcher is positioned on the user's back. The user can... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 7 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150126910 - Calculating the ultrasonic intensity estimate using an incoherent sum of the ultrasonic pressure generated by multiple transducer elements: The invention provides for a medical instrument (300, 500, 600) comprising a high intensity focused ultrasound system (302) comprising an ultrasonic transducer (306) with multiple transducer elements (400, 402, 404, 406, 408). The medical instrument further comprises a memory (334) containing machine executable instructions (350, 352, 354, 520, 522, 524)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150126911 - System for promoting elongation and relaxation of muscles: A therapeutic apparatus is provided for periodic isotonic stretching of one or more muscles of a person or animal. A first orthotic brace is attachable to a first body part such as a leg or forearm and a fastening mechanism secures this brace to the body part. A second orthotic... Agent:

20150126912 - Negative pressure on neck to treat obstructive sleep apnea: Systems and methods to treat obstructive sleep apnea draw soft tissue of the front of the neck of the subject, in particular at or near the oropharynx, into a cavity by applying negative pressure. The opening of the cavity is formed by a rim of a body that is configured... Agent:

20150126913 - Method and system for skin treatment: A method of skin tissue (1) treatment is provided which comprises the steps of: determining a treatment zone (9) within the skin tissue below the skin surface (3); modifying an electrical conductance property of at least two first skin tissue portions (11) present on opposite sides of the treatment zone... Agent:

20150126914 - Systems and methods for preventing, managing and/or treating peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, cellulite and other conditions: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for preventing, managing and/or treating peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease in a patient. The systems and methods include measuring, optimizing transmissibility and coordinating the delivery of pressure (e.g., sound) waves that are delivered using higher frequency RF band energy in a pulsed manner... Agent: Sigma Instruments Holdings, LLC

20150126915 - Neuromuscular release therapy device, system and methods: Disclosed are neuromuscular release (including myofascial trigger point) therapy devices, systems, kits and methods. The therapy tool comprises a body, wherein the body includes an outer surface, an inner surface, a tip defined at the upper-most portion of the body, a base, a stop surface defined in the body outer... Agent:

20150126916 - Flexible vehicle seat: A method for selecting and controlling massage functions of a motor vehicle seat having a control system comprising the steps of: switching the system to a selection mode and starting the selection mode; providing a menu list having options for querying the user's requirements during the massage; selection of an... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

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