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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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04/10/2014 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140100488 - Muscle therapy system: Some embodiments provide a system for treating diminished muscle function that includes an electrical member that delivers electrical energy to a portion of a mammalian body having a dysfunctional muscle; a joint motion assembly that couples to the body and provides joint motion to a joint to which the dysfunctional... Agent: Robotic Integrated Technology Development Corporation

20140100489 - Method and apparatus for delivering low power optical treatments: An apparatus is disclosed that uses at least one low power optical radiation source in a suitable head which can be held over a treatment area for a substantial period of time or can be moved over the treatment area a number of times during each treatment. The apparatus, a... Agent: Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

20140100490 - Inhalant delivery system for massage apparatus: A inhalant delivery system for supplying oxygen or another harmless gas to a user positioned on a massage apparatus such as a massage table or massage chair. A plenum having exit openings conforms generally to the inner periphery of a headrest of the massage apparatus such that the exit openings... Agent:

20140100491 - Lower extremity robotic rehabilitation system: To achieve “ecological” robotic rehabilitation therapy, the present invention provides the system capacity of training of patients in different ambulatory tasks utilizing motorized footplates that guide the lower limbs according to human gait trajectories generated for different ambulatory tasks of interest. A lower extremity robotic rehabilitation system comprises an active... Agent:

20140100492 - Motion assist device and motion assist method: There is provided a motion assist device including a jth link worn on a jth portion of a user, an ith joint unit connected at one end of an ith link in a freely rotatable manner, a (j+1)th link worn on a (j+1)th portion of the user, an (i+1)th joint... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140100493 - Bipedal exoskeleton and methods of use: A bipedal exoskeleton configured to be worn by a human user. The exoskeleton includes a soft “backpack”-style harness that interfaces primarily with the user's waist, back, and shoulders. A chassis is provided to mount two positively-driven legs. Each leg includes features that are analogous to a human leg—a hip joint,... Agent:

20140100494 - Smart gait rehabilitation system for automated diagnosis and therapy of neurologic impairment: The present invention describes a Smart Gait Rehabilitation System (SGRS). The present invention is capable of performing a quantitative analysis of human movements based on the simultaneous measurement of within-subject stride-to-stride changes in gait using accelerometers, gyroscopes, goniometers, and electromyography (EMG). The system described in the present invention is based... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140100495 - Speech therapy device: A speech therapy device configured to be placed in a mouth of a speaker. The speech therapy device includes a first bite plate and a second bite plate disposed opposite the first bite plate. The speech therapy device further includes at least one connecting member disposed between the first bite... Agent:

20140100496 - Devices and methods for performing cpr while standing up: In one embodiment, a manual CPR device, also known as a CPR derrick, includes a frame that is put close to a patient who is on the ground. The device also includes a piston that can be moved up and down, and is aligned to be over the patient's chest.... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140100497 - Method of controlling defibrillator with function of analyzing electrocardiogram, and defibrillator: A method of controlling a defibrillator with a function of analyzing an electrocardiogram, includes: dividing an electrocardiogram of a patient into a plurality of analysis zones; executing analysis of the electrocardiogram in each of the divided analysis zones; based on a result of the analysis of the electrocardiogram in each... Agent: Nihon Kohden Corporation

20140100498 - Unknown: Device (46) for activating the muscles of the mouth and/or lips, comprising a mouthpiece (48) which can be inserted between the lips and the teeth of a user. To simplify the use of the device and improve its effect, the mouthpiece (48) is configured as an active vibrator (56) generating... Agent:

20140100499 - Method for calming a person: The present invention relates to a method for reducing emotional dysregulation in a person is disclosed herein. The method includes uses an inflatable cushion which has an attachment for a vacuum pump and includes identifying a person having emotional dysregulation, placing the emotionally dysregulated person upon the cushion so that... Agent:

04/03/2014 > 10 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140094720 - Methods and devices for modulating cellular activity using ultrasound: The present invention comprises methods and devices for modulating the activity or activities of living cells, such as cells found in or derived from humans, animals, plants, insects, microorganisms and other organisms. Methods of the present invention comprise use of the application of ultrasound, such as low intensity, low frequency... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20140094718 - System and method for tattoo removal: A combination device for applying a treatment of light and ultrasound on a tattooed area of a patient desiring tattoo removal. The device includes an ultrasound and a LED light source. The ultrasound source produces high-frequency ultrasound waves. These waves are applied directly to the tattooed area for a first... Agent:

20140094719 - Ultrasound neuromodulation treatment of schizophrenia: Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound to treat schizophrenia. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects. The latter occur through Long-Term Depression (LTD) and Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) via training. Included is control of direction of the energy emission, intensity, frequency, pulse duration, pulse... Agent:

20140094721 - Device and method for knee rehabilitation: A device for increasing the range of motion of a patient's knee joint comprising of a longitudinal track frame, having a sitting platform at one end and a movable leg and foot platform at the other end, driven back and forth by a foot actuation mechanism in a flexion-extension motion,... Agent:

20140094722 - Waterproof hand-held electric breast massager: A waterproof hand-held electric breast massager includes a casing, a driving motor, a power supply element and a massaging member. The sealing cover is disposed at one end of the tubal body and at least one a protrusion at another end of the tubal body. The bottom body further has... Agent:

20140094723 - Kit for rehabilitation apparatus: A kit for assisting a disabled person in rehabilitation is disclosed herein. The kit includes a frame. The kit also includes at least one loop mounted on the frame. The loop defines a first opening. The kit also includes a flexible elongate member extending between first and second opposite ends.... Agent:

20140094724 - Method and device for performing alternating chest compression and decompression: A plunger adapter and a detachable compression pad for piston driven chest compression devices optimizes the application of chest compressions to a fixed location on a patient's chest. The detachable compression pad may be removably secured to the patient above the patient's sternum to ensure that the compression pressure from... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140094727 - Compression device pumping: A compression device includes a compression garment positionable on the limb of the wearer and having an inflatable bladder for providing compression treatment to the limb. A pump assembly is supported by the compression garment. The pump assembly is in fluid communication with the bladder for pressurized fluid delivery. The... Agent: Covidien Lp

20140094725 - Residual pressure control in a compression device: A method of controlling a compression device controls a vent phase of a compression device having an inflatable bladder capable of being pressurized for applying compression to a part of a subject's body. The method includes delivering pressurized fluid from a source of pressurized fluid to a first inflatable bladder... Agent:

20140094726 - Vascular compression system: A vascular compression system includes a compression garment and a controller for compressing a body part of a person. In some embodiments, the compression garment is a foot cuff or a leg sleeve. The controller inflates compression garment apparatus includes a compression garment and a pressurizer. The pressurizer has instructions... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140088463 - Methods and devices to treat nasal airways: A method is described for modifying at least one property of a tissue of or near a nasal valve of a nose, without using a surgical incision or an implant, to decrease airflow resistance or perceived airflow resistance in a nasal airway. The method may involve contacting a treatment element... Agent: Aerin Medical, Inc.

20140088464 - Ultrasonic treatment device: An ultrasonic treatment system includes a probe which transmits ultrasonic vibration. In the system, a first energy generator generates treatment energy suitable for treating a living tissue in accordance with an instruction from a first instruction part. The probe is made ultrasonically vibrate with the first amplitude. A second energy... Agent:

20140088462 - Ultrasound neuromodulation treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders: Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound to treat gastrointestinal motility disorders. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects. The latter occur through Long-Term Depression (LTD) and Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) via training. Included is control of direction of the energy emission, intensity, frequency, pulse... Agent:

20140088465 - Extracorporeal pressure shock wave devices with reversed applicators and methods for using these devices: A shock wave applicator includes a shock wave generator and an asymmetrical reflector portion in a housing. Asymmetry of the reflector portion is combined with one or more wave generators to produce a variety of focal volumes and wave fronts for medical treatment.... Agent: Sanuwave, Inc.

20140088466 - Knee rehabilitation apparatus: A foot cradle is mounted on tracks on a base for reciprocal motion for passive knee flexion or resistance knee flexion in either direction along the axis of the rectangular base. Resistance is supplied by resistance bands connected at both ends of the base and connected to the foot cradle.... Agent:

20140088467 - Mechanical chest compression plunger adapter and compression pad: A plunger adapter and a detachable compression pad for piston driven chest compression devices optimizes the application of chest compressions to a fixed location on a patient's chest. The detachable compression pad may be removably secured to the patient above the patient's sternum to ensure that the compression pressure from... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140088469 - Method and apparatus for treating pelvic pain: A hand-held internal therapeutic massager includes a rod having a first portion that defines a curve and a second portion that is substantially straight. The first portion of the rod is adapted to be inserted into a patient's body. A curvature of the curve defined by the first portion of... Agent:

20140088468 - Methods and devices for fluid driven adult devices: A device for use by an individual for sexual pleasure varying in form, i.e. shape, during its use and allowing for the user to select multiple variations of form either discretely or in combination and for these dynamic variations to be controllable simultaneously and interchangeably while being transparent to the... Agent: Obotics Inc.

20140088470 - Vibratory actuator and device for sexual stimulation: A device for sexual stimulation includes: a support structure defining a centerline; a first vibratory actuator including a first motor, a first output shaft, and a first eccentric mass coupled to the first output shaft, the first vibratory actuator elastically coupled to the support structure opposite the first eccentric mass... Agent: Crave Innovations, Inc.

20140088471 - Apparatus, system, and method for testing and exercising the pelvic floor musculature: An apparatus (100) for testing and exercising pelvic floor musculature, the apparatus comprising an elongate housing (101) adapted for a pelvic floor aperture. The housing (101) accommodates an oscillator (120) and an accelerometer (130) connected to a signal processor (140) configured for communicating signals representative of values read from the... Agent:

20140088472 - Automatic patting mechanism: A patting mechanism includes a support base for support a user, a driving device mounted to the support base and having a pushing unit, and a patting device having a rod pivotally connected with the support base, a patting member fixedly connected with the rod, and an elastic member connected... Agent: Joong Chenn Industry Co., Ltd.

20140088473 - Massage device: A massage glove that overcomes the limitations and drawbacks of conventional solutions, while providing a device that is relatively inexpensive, self-contained and easy to use is disclosed. In one example, the message glove includes a glove having a palmer side, and a plurality of massaging elements disposed on the palmer... Agent:

20140088474 - Foldable and expandable pressure point mat: A mat section can be connected to one or more additional mat sections to provide a desired size combination of the mat sections. One mat section can be interconnected with an adjacent mat section by use of a flexible hinge member such that the adjacent mat sections can be folded... Agent:

20140088475 - Proprioceptive topical leg gear and methods of use: A topical leg gear for enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury. The topical leg gear and kits preferably comprise a flexible sleeve and a lateral foot-ankle buttress, malleolus bone buttresses, and a peroneal longus buttress. The topical leg gear is designed to be worn during periods of physical... Agent: Topical Gear, LLC

20140088476 - Intermittent pneumatic compression device: Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices for facilitating fluid circulation in a body are disclosed. The disclosed devices provide compression by alternating between a higher pressure and a lower or no pressure in an associated inflatable cuff. The devices are configured to have a source providing air at a pressure less... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 5 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140081183 - Lip suction device and related methods: A lip suction device. A rigid hollow form has an opening at a first end of the rigid hollow form and a cavity therein extending from the first end to a second end of the rigid hollow form. The rigid hollow form has an outer surface and a thickness at... Agent:

20140081185 - Hip harness: This application discloses a hip joint apparatus, or hip harness, configured to align with the femoral head of a user's hip joint for application of pressure, while maintaining proper anatomic position of the femoral head—i.e., aligned behind the actalum—which in turn helps reduce the incident of labral tears and irritation... Agent:

20140081184 - Kneed-a-hand: Kneed-A-Hand is a practical device strap worn over the knee that enables its user to lift/raise their leg(s). Kneed-A-Hand measures approximately fourteen inches in length and three quarters inch in width. This strap comprises a main strap that is circular in design to keep the knee at the center. It... Agent:

20140081186 - Exercise device with full range of motion handle: The present invention relates to an exercise machine for setting exercise in six degrees of motion. In particular, it exercises the shoulder more thoroughly and quickly than previously available.... Agent: Adaptive Therapies LLC

20140081187 - Compression integument: A compression integument for applying controllable intermittent sequential compression to the limbs of a user comprises an elongated fabric body sized to encircle a limb of a user, one or more compressible pads affixed to a surface of the fabric body facing the limb when the fabric body is wrapped... Agent: Recovery Force, LLC

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