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Surgery: kinesitherapy

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12/18/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140371637 - Skincare apparatus: A skin care apparatus using ultrasonic vibration is disclosed. The skin care apparatus includes a main body, a vibration unit separably installed on the main body, and an ultrasonic generation portion installed inside the vibration unit to generate vibration, wherein the vibration unit includes a skin contact member provided with... Agent: Bomtech Electronics Co. Ltd.

20140371636 - Ultrasonic transducer with shock pulsing masses: What is presented is an ultrasonic waveguide for the transmission of ultrasonic vibrations that establishes a plurality of node and anti-node positions that are each along the ultrasonic waveguide's central axis. The ultrasonic waveguide comprises a waveguide tube, which has both a proximal end and a distal end; a waveguide... Agent:

20140371638 - Method for setting massage pattern of thermotherapy device: The present invention relates to a method for setting a massage pattern of a thermotherapy device, and more specifically, to a method for setting a massage pattern, wherein the movement of a moxibustion device is patterned according to diseases so as to allow a bone of the spine associated with... Agent: Ceragem Co., Ltd.

20140371639 - Thermal therapy massage roller: A thermal therapy massage roller includes an elongate substantially cylindrical rigid sleeve defining an elongate cavity proportioned for receipt of a rechargeable battery having an electrode and charging adaptor at a base of the battery; a layer of insulation secured about the rigid sleeve; a circumferential heating element secured about... Agent:

20140371640 - Training device for human walking movement: A walking movement device is provided for producing a walking movement of a human being with two controlled foot guiding units, each having a foot plate for placing a foot thereon. The foot plates are alternately movable forward and backwards in opposite directions to stimulate the walking movement. The foot... Agent:

20140371641 - Foot massager for massaging feet: A foot massager comprising a motor and a human foot receiver holding assembly comprising at least one human foot receiver for constraining at least one foot therein wherein the motor is provided for driving the human foot receivers such as to massage feet in the human foot receivers holding assembly,... Agent: Martine Vlaeminck

20140371642 - Hydromassage chair for swimming pools and the like: A chair having a backrest, a seat and a footrest, and also a headrest with a rear plate for resting on an edge of a swimming pool, there being holes for the expulsion of air and/or water impelled by one or more pumps located on the headrest, distribution being achieved... Agent:

20140371643 - Oral mouthpiece and method for the use thereof: An oral device, or mouthpiece, for delivering a fluid to the mouth or oropharynx of a user includes an intraoral portion and an extraoral portion, which may be integrally formed. In various embodiments, the oral device may be configured with ear loops. The intraoral portion generally includes at least one... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140364775 - Systems and methods for delivering ultrasonic energy to a bodily tissue: A coupler includes a first portion and a second portion, and defines a passageway configured to fixedly receive a proximal end portion of a transmission member. The first portion is configured to be coupled to an ultrasonic energy source. The coupler is configured to transfer at least a portion of... Agent: Med-sonics Corporation

20140364774 - Ultrasound neuromodulation for clinical effects: Disclosed are methods and systems and methods for non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound to treat Traumatic Brain Injury including Concussion, Compulsive Sexual Behavior (sometimes called Compulsive Sexual Disorder), meningitis, and also provide for the elicitation of emotional catharsis. The neuromodulation can produce acute or long-term effects. The latter occur through Long-Term... Agent:

20140364776 - Ultrasound energy barrier for avoiding energy accumulation in bone region during tumor treatment: An ultrasound energy barrier for avoiding energy accumulation in a to-be-protected region during tumor treatment has a barrier element and a positioning element. The barrier element is attached to a body surface of an animal outside a to-be-protected region and a to-be-treated tumor in turn, the barrier element has an... Agent:

20140364777 - Modifying humidity and convection to glabrous tissue to control metabolism: Systems and methods for affecting metabolism, such as the treatment of metabolic syndrome are disclosed. A method for treating metabolic syndrome can include one or more of the steps including identifying a region of the patient comprising glabrous tissue; positioning the region of the patient comprising glabrous tissue into an... Agent:

20140364778 - Fabric based device having features of vibration, heating and light: A fabric based device (100) having features of vibration, heating and/or light emission. The fabric based device comprises layers of fabric (104) and soft, washable power and signal cables (102), which are encapsulated in fabric layers (104). The power and signal cables (102) provide power to the vibration modules (106)... Agent: Sentrix Technology Limited

20140364779 - Device for the medical care of a patient in an emergency: A device (1) for the medical care of a patient in an emergency which comprises an item of clothing (2) which may be worn by the patient on the body and monitoring devices (8, 9) arranged on the item of clothing (2), which may monitor at least one physiological function... Agent:

20140364780 - Non-invasive device for lowering intraocular pressure: The present invention provides devices and methods for non-invasively lowering intraocular pressure. In particular, some non-invasive intraocular pressure lowering devices of the invention comprise an oscillating element having a proximal end and a terminal probe. Typically, the terminal probe of said oscillating element comprises a substantially non-abrasive material that is... Agent:

20140364781 - Chair type massage machine: A massage machine includes a seat portion, a backrest portion and a rocking mechanism center where the backrest portion reclines at a back portion side of the seat portion about a reclining center. The rocking mechanism portion swings the backrest portion and the seat portion about a rocking center, and... Agent:

12/04/2014 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140358043 - Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method of ultrasonic probe: An ultrasonic probe transmits vibration along longitudinal axis from the proximal toward the distal end, including: first area including proximal and distal end portions, a center axis parallel to the longitudinal axis, the first area having a vibration antinode position at the distal end, wherein maximum distance from the center... Agent:

20140358046 - Device for applying a pulsating pressure to a local region of the body and applications thereof: The present invention generally relates to a device for applying a pulsating pressure to a local region of the body and applications thereof. The device may be used to increase the blood flow in a local region of the body, and in preferred embodiments provides a device for regulating the... Agent:

20140358045 - Massage device: A hand-held massage device is provided for soft tissue treatment, the device operable to be applied with variable amounts of force to the body surface of a patient or subject. The device includes a central portion operable to be gripped by a user, with multiple treatment heads extending from the... Agent:

20140358044 - Normothermic maintenance system and method: A normothermic maintenance system sand method for maintaining patient normothermia, during surgical intervention is disclosed. The invention will reduce patient morbidity during surgical intervention while beneficially expediting patient flow in the hospital environment. The application of heat, via advantageously independent systems and methods, is an objective of the invention which... Agent:

20140358047 - End-tidal carbon dioxide and amplitude spectral area as non-invasive markers of coronary perfusion pressure and arterial pressure: End-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) measurements may be used alone as a guide to determine when to defibrillate an individual. Alternatively, ETCO2 measurements may be used in combination with amplitude spectral area measurements as a guide to determine when to defibrillate an individual.... Agent: Resqsystems, Inc.

20140358048 - Selective post-shock transthoracic pacing: A medical device can include a housing, an energy storage module within the housing to store an electrical charge, and a defibrillation port to guide via electrodes the stored electrical charge to a person in need of medical assistance. The medical device can also include a processor to perform a... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140358049 - Method and device for mechanical chest compression with optical alignment: Optical alignment for piston driven chest compression devices optimizes the application of chest compressions to a fixed location on a subject's chest and provides information regarding the depth and frequency of chest compressions. The targeting system records and may display some telemetry corresponding to any movement or “walking” away from... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140358050 - Therapy device, and method: The application depicts a therapy device, and also depicts a method of providing therapy that incorporates the inventive therapy device. The device includes a first and second rolling means mounted on a bar. The method includes the steps of using a therapy device that has a first and second rolling... Agent:

20140358051 - Method and device for scar management: A device for scar management includes an applicator head including a recess having a rotating means therein, a reservoir containing a silicone composition fluidly connected to the applicator head, and a metering valve fluidly connected to the reservoir. The composition has viscosity of 3,000 to 8,000 cps, and consists of... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140350438 - High pressure ballistic extracorporeal shockwave device, system and method of use: The present invention relates to a device, system and a method for extracorporeal Shockwave treatment and in particular, to such a device, system and method in which a Shockwave is produced by a high pressure ballistic device utilizing a regulated high pressure energy source for generating an initial ballistic collision... Agent: Hi Impacts Ltd

20140350439 - System and method for focusing of high intensity focused ultrasound based on magnetic resonance - acoustic radiation force imaging feedback: A system and method for focusing ultrasound into a target tissue is disclosed. The method calculates a pressure field for an array of transducer elements to generate an unaberrated pressure field matrix and causes the transducer elements to apply focused ultrasound to generate a respective aberrated pressure field at a... Agent: General Electric Company

20140350440 - Range of motion device: The present disclosure provides an orthosis for stretching tissue around a joint of a patient between first and second relatively pivotable body portions flexing tissue about an arm joint of a wearer. The orthosis includes a first arm member affixable to the first body portion and including a first extension... Agent:

20140350442 - Facial massager: Disclosed is a device for face for forming a relatively high potential difference between power terminals of different polarities without a voltage booster circuit to make a lot of current flow through human skin such that function of iontophoresis may be remarkably improved and simultaneously for driving electrically-driven modules of... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140350441 - Vibratory neural stimulation: A vibratory neural stimulation (VNS) system is provided to help relieve pain by applying preprogrammed or user defined patterns to the region having pain. The VNS system comprises of plurality of miniature vibration disks installed in a flexible material forming a vibration mesh. A programmable control unit (PCU) controls the... Agent:

20140350443 - Devices and methodologies for physical therapy and well being: A device for use in physical therapy is provided. The device includes an axis, and a plurality of balls which are rotatably mounted on the axis. Each ball is equipped with a shaft through which the axis extends. The surface of the shaft is equipped with a plurality of spaced... Agent:

20140350444 - Device and method for applying pressure to a mammalian limb: A therapeutic pressure strap for applying pressure across a muscle or muscle groups on a mammalian limb is described. The strap is particularly well suited for treating “tennis elbow”. The strap contains an adjustable fastening means for securing and tightening the strap around a limb. The strap also possesses a... Agent:

20140350445 - Massage arch: A massage arch including a central member; first and second grip members in a bending or an arc shape, where the first and second grip members respectively extend from two ends of the central member so that the grip members and the central member constitute an arcuate structure, and two... Agent:

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