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09/04/2014 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.
08/28/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140239129 - Disconnect device for suspended lines: A disconnect device for suspended lines has: (1) a ground member that provides a supporting structure for mechanically grounding and/or tying the device to a supporting pole and (2) a disconnect member to which a suspended line or cable is attached that is movable or rotatable for detachment from the... Agent:

20140239130 - Fluid control device: Provided is a fluid control device which can shorten an assembling time by facilitating positioning of a line support member and can suppress the increase of a height of a portion which supports fluid control equipment. A base member is formed in a rectangular frame shape by an upper lateral... Agent: Fujikin Incorporated

20140239131 - Ladder rung bracket assembly: A bracket assembly is disclosed to secure a cable bundle to a ladder rung. The bracket assembly includes a metal bracket and protective grommets. The metal bracket has a first member, side walls and second members. The first member of the metal bracket is parallel to the second members of... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140239132 - Music stand microphone mount: A microphone mount for a music stand is provided. The microphone mount may include a clamping portion. The clamping portion may be used to releasably secure to a music stand shelf. A gooseneck may releasably connect with the microphone mount. The gooseneck may include a microphone clip which releasably secures... Agent:

20140239133 - Universal stand for monitors: A universal flat screen TV stand, comprising a foot, a leg connected to the foot, and a bracket connected to the leg and configured to attach to almost any monitor.... Agent: Atlantic Representations, Inc.

20140239134 - Modular beverage holder: A beverage container holder adapted to hold a wide variety of containers including cups, bottles, mugs, and tumblers. The device preferably includes a base, an upright extending upward from the base, and a receiver near the top of the upright. The receiver preferably includes a cup holder which is preferably... Agent:

20140239135 - Draining soap dish: A soap dish is disclosed, the soap dish comprising a tray having a drain, a floor surface, and at least one rib projecting upward from the floor surface, the floor surface being angled in a direction extending towards the drain, the drain defining an opening in the tray so that... Agent:

20140239136 - Modular portable stand: A modular portable stand that can be quickly and easily assembles and disassembles by one person without using any tools or hardware. Unassembled, the stand includes two base members, two side members, and four legs. Interlocking the components at each corner provides a stiff and sturdy perimeter frame when assembled,... Agent: Ip Holdings, LLC

20140239137 - System for mounting a photovoltaic module to a surface: A system for removably and adjustably mounting a device on an object is provided. The system for removably and adjustably mounting a device on an object, according to the present invention, includes an apparatus and method useful for removably and adjustably mounting one or more photovoltaic modules on an object... Agent: Unirac, Inc.

20140239138 - Adjustable mounting shoe and related methods thereof: An adjustable mounting shoe and related methods is disclosed. The adjustable mounting shoe includes a shoe body. A middle portion of the shoe body has a pocket formed therein. A pocket insert is positioned at least partially within the pocket. The pocket insert has a raised edge, wherein the pocket... Agent: American Creative Machine Enterprise, LLC

20140239139 - Video display system and method for assembling: A video display system having a plurality of portable video support structures. Each of the portable video support structures includes at least one base support assembly and at least one lift support assembly having a lifting device configured to lift a plurality of video display subcomponents and a retention device... Agent: Tait Technologies Bvba

20140239140 - Vehicle seat sliding apparatus: A vehicle seat sliding apparatus includes: an upper rail configured to freely support a seat thereabove; a lower rail supporting the upper rail in a relatively movable manner, a locking mechanism capable of switching between a lock state where the relative movement of the upper rail with respect to the... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239141 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes: a lower rail freely fixed to a vehicle floor and having a pair of first vertical wall portions, a bottom wall portion, and a pair of first flanges; an upper rail fixed to a seat having a seat cushion and a seatback,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140239142 - Multiple footprint stand for a tablet computer: In a tablet computer stand for supporting a computer shaped as a tablet on a support surface, at least first and second footprints joined at an angle are provided. At a front end of the first footprint, a receiving surface is provided receiving an end of the tablet to support... Agent:

20140239143 - Mounting bracket for a mirror: A mounting bracket is disclosed for mounting a mirror on the passenger side of a vehicle in a manner such that the driver of the vehicle will be able to directly view the mirror through the front windshield of the vehicle as opposed to the passenger window of the vehicle... Agent:

20140239144 - Antitheft device: An antitheft device includes a cover, a base plate, and an adhesive element. The base plate is located in a receiving space of the cover and is adapted for a controlling element to connect thereto to release or lock the cover and the base plate. The base plate is able... Agent: Lintex Co., Ltd.

20140239145 - Retaining structure for information recording device and image forming apparatus including retaining structure: A HDD retaining mechanism includes a frame and a vibration isolator. The frame includes a through hole in a prescribed position. The vibration isolator includes a smaller cylindrical portion formed so as to be fitted in the through hole. The smaller cylindrical portion includes projecting portions formed by splitting one... Agent: Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

20140239146 - Optical device mounting apparatus and related methods thereof: An optical device mounting apparatus and related methods are disclosed. The apparatus includes a base plate with a first fastener positioned through a hole in the base plate, wherein the first fastener is removably engageable with the optical device. A first wall is connected to the base plate and extends... Agent: American Creative Machine Enterprise, LLC

08/21/2014 > 19 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140231596 - Floral vase anchor: The floral vase anchor is preferably formed from a single strip of plastic or metal, and includes a tri-planar surface, wherein the central portion includes a series of notches on either side, and upper and lower sections extend at obtuse angles away from the plane of the central portion. The... Agent:

20140231597 - Cable mounting assembly: A cable mounting assembly that may include a ball fitting having a hole that receives a cable assembly. The ball fitting may be disposed in an abutment and may be received in a bracket that may be disposed on the abutment.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140231598 - Suspension clamp for cables having preferential bend: Suspension clamps for fiber optic cables having a preferential bend are disclosed. The suspension clamp includes a body having a clamping region with a first radius R1 adjacent to the clamping region and a second radius R2 adjacent to the first radius R1 where the first radius is greater than... Agent: Corning Optical Communications LLC

20140231599 - Attachment collar for elongate elements: The present invention relates to an attachment collar for elongate elements, the collar comprising a belt portion suitable for being fastened on a support, the belt portion being open and defining an inside space suitable for receiving the elongate element. In order to close the belt portion and thus retain... Agent: Aplix

20140231600 - Adjustable support stand for an electronic display device: Disclosed is an adjustable support stand for an electronic display device. The stand comprises a central hinge rod, a bottom receptacle for receiving a bottom edge of the device therewithin, the bottom receptacle hingedly coupled to the hinge rod, a rear leg member hingedly coupled to the hinge rod, a... Agent:

20140231601 - Tripod with adjustable leg: A tripod includes a platform, a connecting element, a leg element, and an operation element. The platform includes a bottom surface, and a first bevel gear extending downward from the bottom surface. The connecting element includes an upper end, a lower end opposite to the upper end, and a side... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140231602 - Work bench frame: A work bench including a frame foldable between an in-use position and a closed position. A table surface is connected to the frame. The frame includes two sides, the two sides connected to each other with a latchable bar and one or more fixed crossbars. The work bench also includes... Agent: The Stanley Works Israel, Ltd.

20140231603 - Culinary appliance: A culinary appliance comprising attachable and detachable components may be in the shape of a person, icon, avatar, animal, an inanimate item, a product, or the like, or any appropriate combination thereof. The detachable components may comprise utensils, wares, or the like. For example, the culinary appliance may be formed... Agent: Buddie By Rdh, LLC

20140231604 - Tool-less reusable hinged wall hanger: A reusable wall anchor device comprised of an upper and lower panel held together by a hinge connection for facilitating the suspending of articles from wallboards without requiring a hollow void behind the wallboard. A load bearing shank extends from the front face of the lower panel for supporting an... Agent:

20140231605 - Multi-functional clamp: A multi-directional clamping device having a clamp body, a mounting block and a mounting slide is described herein. The clamp body has a first and second arm forming the C-shaped clamp body. The mounting block having a conical receptacle therein is attached to the clamp body such that the base... Agent:

20140231606 - Removable hanging device: A removable hanging device configured to be retained within one of a lattice fence and a chain-link fence is disclosed, wherein the hanging device includes a retaining element having a substantially square cross-section configured to be received in a square opening formed in a fence, a hanger body configured to... Agent:

20140231608 - Adjustable beverage holder: A beverage holder for receiving vessels which includes a coupling device capable of being attached to flat horizontal surfaces such as, but not limited to, bleacher seats, tables and lawn chairs. The beverage holding device has a cylindrical shaped “cup” or “Basket” that allows the user to place a beverage... Agent:

20140231607 - Container holder with adjustable depth: A container holder has a base, a container holding top positioned above the base, and a floor which is horizontally slideably mounted between the base and top at an intermediate position above the floor of the base and movable between a first position in which the sliding floor forms an... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140231609 - Base beam for supporting a self-propelled derrick rig: Improvements to base beams and self-propelled derrick rigs are described. The base beam can have two or more stabilizer arms which can be deployed. The base beam is also designed to support the derrick rig. An optional counterweight assembly can be connected to the front of the rig. The self-propelled... Agent: Black Hawk Energy Services

20140231610 - Vehicle seat sliding apparatus: A vehicle seat sliding apparatus includes: a first rail fixed to one of a vehicle floor and a seat and having first vertical wall portions, a first connection wall portion connecting base ends of the first vertical wall portions, and flanges; a second rail fixed to the other one of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140231611 - Picture display: A picture hanging system includes a picture joined to the front side of a backing by a spacer, wherein the spacer spaces the picture from the backing. A hanger is joined to the back side of the backing to mount the backing to a wall. The hanger includes an anchor... Agent:

20140231612 - Antenna mounting assembly for a vehicle with a sloped body panel: Embodiments are provided of antenna mounting assemblies and vehicles that include such assemblies. In one aspect, an antenna mounting base for supporting a vehicle antenna with respect to a vehicle body panel that defines a panel aperture comprises: an antenna mounting portion; a flange extending from a surface of the... Agent: Nissan North America, Inc.

20140231613 - Post stabilizer: A stabilizer which has general purpose use but which is particularly well suited for use with temporary real estate signs has an elongated body adapted for pivotal connection with a post for vertical swinging movement. A plurality of flanges or wings are spaced apart longitudinally at an opposite and free... Agent:

20140231614 - Foldable mobile electronic device stand: A mobile electronic device stand has at least two interconnected elements, each element being elongated in form along a longitudinal axis. The interconnection includes at least a pair of adjacent interfacing end surfaces connected so as to be rotatable about an axis between the end surfaces from an iconic elongated... Agent: Logitech Europe Sa

08/14/2014 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140224942 - Conduit bracketry, systems and methods: A bracket stores and separates conduits. The bracket includes two interchangeable halves having an engagement extrusion extending from an inner face. Each half has a corresponding receptive slot disposed in the inner face. The bracket half includes at least one conduit receptive channel defined in the inner face. The halves... Agent: The Gates Corporation

20140224941 - Line guide for working vehicle implement: A line guide assembly constrains the movement of working lines, such as hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical lines, that connect an implement attachment, such as a mulching head, to the main power and controls of a working vehicle, such as a skid steer loader. In one form, the line guide assembly... Agent: Deere & Company

20140224944 - Articulating grasshopper arm: An articulating grasshopper arm includes a cable tray. The cable tray is pivotably coupled to a drilling rig by at least one pivot point. The pivot point is adapted to allow the cable tray to pivot upward and downward as well as laterally right and left relative to the drilling... Agent: Nabors Drilling Usa

20140224943 - Articulation festoon cabling beams: The cable handling apparatus includes a trolley beam, where the trolley beam is adapted to allow a cable trolley to slide thereon and an articulating arm. The articulating arm is hingedly coupled to the trolley beam, and the articulating arm is hingedly coupled to a piece of wellsite equipment. The... Agent: Nabors Drilling Usa

20140224945 - Wire harness exterior body: A half-pipe main body is formed so as to extend in the axial direction, has an area for installing a wire harness therein, and has a semi-circular structure in terms of the cross-sectional shape of the outer circumferential surface perpendicular to the axial direction. An anti-rotation section having a... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140224946 - Cable retaining apparatus: A cable retaining apparatus for holding high voltage cables is disclosed. The apparatus has a pair of cable retaining members that are hingedly connected to each other and engage around one or more cables. A clamping device connects the ends of the retaining members that are not hinged together thereby... Agent:

20140224947 - Electronic device holder: A holder for an electronic device includes a head with elastically flexible portions configured to removably receive the electronic device with a snap-fit interlock, a neck for supporting the head relative to a surface, and a ball and socket connector coupling the neck to the head, the ball and socket... Agent: Aspire Innovation, LLC

20140224948 - Stand for a guitar: A stand 10 for a guitar 100 comprises a support member 18, ground engaging means 16 depending from the support member 18, engagement means 22 for engaging with a strap button 102 of a guitar 100 to be supported, and resilient support means 14 provided on either side of the... Agent:

20140224949 - Track guard: The invention provides a device for mounting to the bottom of a garage door track to prevent the garage door from being pried open with a pry bar. The device comprises a bracket having a squared “Z” configuration comprising a garage wall mounting plate, a buttressed elongate portion and a... Agent:

20140224950 - Sensor mounting for a sensor for object detection: A sensor mounting for a sensor for object detection includes a housing for the sensor, a holder on which the housing is pivotably held, an adjusting device for an angular orientation of the housing and an angular gear mechanism for controlling the adjusting device. The angular gear mechanism includes a... Agent:

20140224951 - Flying platform with visually transparent flexible support members: A suspended flying system having a load suspended by a plurality of flexible support members. The plurality of flexible support members are attached to a first rotational element attached to the load and a second rotational element attached to a support. The system also includes a motor operably connected to... Agent: Tait Towers Manufacturing, LLC

20140224952 - Slidable, rotatable, platter support apparatus and method of use therof: A slidable, rotatable, platter support apparatus and method of use thereof, wherein the platter support apparatus comprises a single ring having a U-shaped channel therewithin with bearings disposed within the channel, and wherein the channel opens to the bottom portion of the ring. The ring further comprises a gripping material... Agent:

20140224953 - Adjustable display monitor stand: A display monitor stand device and method of operating a monitor support are disclosed. A display monitor stand may include a first support, a second support rotatably attached to the first support, and a monitor affixing part to attach to a rear face of a display monitor. The monitor affixing... Agent:

20140224954 - Seat track: The present invention relates to a seat track comprising a fixed rail of a channel structure having laterally inner walls which extend vertically and have recesses; a moving rail sliding along the fixed rail and having laterally vertical walls which face the inner walls of the fixed rail and have... Agent: Austem Co., Ltd.

20140224955 - Vehicle seat sliding device: A vehicle seat sliding device includes: a lower rail adapted to be fixed to a vehicle floor; and an upper rail adapted to be fixed to a vehicle seat, and coupled with the lower rail in a relatively movable manner. A projection is arranged in the vicinity of the rear... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140224956 - Anchor for vertical uprights: An anchor for vertical uprights includes a spring, the spring having a mounting spike integrally formed therewith for insertion into a soft, outdoor surface, and the spring allowing the post to fold over upon impact; and at least one laterally extending flange connected to the mounting spike at a point... Agent:

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