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10/02/2014 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20140291455 - Fluid line clamp: A fluid line clamp includes one or more blocks with holes for receiving fluid lines therein. The fluid line clamp further includes a first backing plate, a second backing plate, and a shielding plate. The first and second backing plates are spaced apart from each other to receive the blocks... Agent: Solar Turbines Inc.

20140291456 - Cord support bracket: Sleeves are attached to a bracket bar to support multiple chords. The solid sleeves are mounted to the bracket bar in a substantially parallel orientation. The sleeves are configured to receive and support cords. Clamps may be attached to the sleeves and may secure the cords within the sleeves.... Agent:

20140291457 - Articulated jib for moving a camera during the production of a motion picture: An articulated jib for moving a load is supported on a base and comprises a first jib arm pivotably connected to the base. The first jib arm functions as a bascule and is pivotable about a first axis. There is a first counterweight disposed on the first jib arm. A... Agent:

20140291458 - Multidirectional support structure for tablet display apparatus: A multidirectional support structure for tablet display apparatus includes a support member having a first end section and a second end section opposite to the first end section. The first end section is pivotally connected with an angle adjustment seat. The angle adjustment seat is further pivotally connected with a... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140291459 - Detachable hook and clip with a view angle adjuster for hanging an electronic device: A detachable hook or clip with view angle adjuster can be used for hanging an electronic device in various settings. The device includes a flexible hook or clip and a view angle adjuster that may be made of, for example, plastic or metal. The flexible hook or clip may be... Agent:

20140291460 - Hanger apparatus and method of hanging: A hanger apparatus (10) comprises an anchor (12), hook (14), fastener (16), second fastener (18), exterior casing or shell (20) and secondary fastener (22). The anchor (12) is attached to a vertical structure such as a wall by a series of the second fasteners (18). The anchor (12) includes an... Agent:

20140291461 - Systems for hanging articles: A system for the display and support of apparel includes a support arm which is attached to an horizontal surface such as a clothing bar or shelf The support arm extends perpendicularly relative to the horizontal surface such that hanging apparel hung from the support arm is displayed with its... Agent:

20140291462 - System for mounting solar modules: A system for mounting solar modules comprising a plurality of racks and clamps. Each rack has an inclined upper mounting surface to support one of the solar modules and an inclined lower mounting surface to support one of the other solar modules. Each upper mounting surface and lower mounting surface... Agent:

20140291463 - System for mounting solar modules: A system for mounting solar modules comprising a plurality of racks and clamps. Each rack has an inclined upper mounting surface to support one of the solar modules and an inclined lower mounting surface to support one of the other solar modules. Each upper mounting surface and lower mounting surface... Agent:

20140291464 - Removable base for the vertical elements of street furniture: The device includes a base for supporting one or more vertical elements of a piece of street furniture (such as a lamp post, a traffic sign, an advertising post, etc.), wherein the base can include two parts or pieces nested together, one over the other, with a lower part anchored... Agent:

20140291465 - Mobile device universal mounting apparatus: A universal mounting apparatus for a mobile device is provided. The apparatus includes a base member, a moveable member operatively coupled to the base member and a biasing member. The base member includes a channel portion, a first device engaging member coupled on one end of the channel portion, and... Agent:

20140291466 - Low profile rotary platform: A rotary platform includes a rotating top plate rotatable about axis and a stationary base plate fixed in relation to the axis. A plurality of bearing elements is disposed in a cavity defined, at least in part, by the base plate and the top plate. The top plate is supported... Agent: Centricity Corporation

20140291467 - Carrying device: A carrying device comprises a sliding rail, a support stand and a plurality of rods. The sliding rail comprises a fixed rail and a withdraw rail. The withdraw rail is configured for moving back and forth relative to the fixed rail. The support stand has a top surface. The sleeve... Agent: Ulike Corporation

20140291468 - Vehicle seat: A longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat, has a pair of seat rails, with a first seat rail which is fixed on the structure, a second seat rail which is guided in said first seat rail and is connected to the vehicle seat, and a releasable locking device with at... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co., Kg

20140291469 - Universal tablet and smartphone holder: A universal tablet and smart phone holder includes an enlarged soft core, an upper tip section; an elongate spine element extending at least partially through the soft core and to the tip section. A flexible cover is disposed about the soft core, spine element and tip section. The spine element... Agent:

20140291470 - Over-the-door hanging apparatus: An apparatus for hanging an article from a door. In one aspect, the inventive apparatus can comprise a mounting system that can be used to hang a mirror, piece of art, or other flat article to a door without the need for a screw driver or any other tools.... Agent:

20140291471 - Hook with holding means and method for holding down underground tank with a strap: A hook, a hold down strap and a method for holding down an underground tank. The hook includes a base portion connectable to the hold down strap; a curved portion extending from the base portion and defining a concave receiving area having an entrance sized and configured for receiving an... Agent: Pultrusion Technique Inc.

20140291472 - Stand with inserts: A system for mounting decorative objects, such as Christmas trees, is disclosed. The system can include a base and a plurality of inserts. The base can comprise a plurality of feet that have a retracted position for ready storage and a deployed position for supporting a tree. The base can... Agent: Polygroup Macau Limited (bvi)

20140291473 - Seat track end cap and travel stop seat position sensor: An end cap for a seat track assembled between a vehicle seat and a floor of a vehicle. The seat track includes an upper track attached to the vehicle seat and a lower track attached to the floor that receives the upper track in a sliding relationship. A seat position... Agent: Lear Corporation

20140291474 - Means for locating and accessing an object from one side of a partition: This invention relates to a means for locating and accessing an object on one side of a partition from the other side of the partition, for the purpose of easy and convenient access and inspection of the object.... Agent: Make Safe Pty Ltd

20140291475 - Seismic isolation systems: Improved isolation flooring systems, and methods for their use are disclose for protecting a payload, such as heavy or delicate equipment (such as laboratory or computer equipment), from damage due to vibrations, such as seismic vibrations. In preferred embodiments, the invention is drawn to methods of isolating heavy and/or sensitive... Agent: Worksafe Technologies

20140291476 - Footpad and carrying apparatus having the same: A footpad and a carrying apparatus having the same are provided. The footpad can be applied to an electronic device to serve as a support for the electronic device. The footpad being disposed on a lower surface of the electronic device includes a hollow elastomer and a spiral structure directly... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140291477 - Supporting apparatus for monitor: A supporting apparatus includes a protective enclosure configured to receive a monitor, a stand secured to the protective enclosure, and a latching structure rotatably secured to the stand. The stand is rotatable relative to the protective enclosure between a first position and a second position. When the stand is in... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

09/25/2014 > 17 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140284432 - Releasable securing mechanism: A line retention device configured to releasably retain one or more lines therebetween. The device has a retention bracket with a female detent on a first end portion and having a receiving aperture defined by a primary opening and a keyway. A male detent is on a second end portion... Agent: Kirkhill-ta Co.

20140284433 - Downspout extension ground support: A support device for a downspout extension is provided, comprising a molded assembly having a U-shaped upper portion and an elongated ground stake lower portion. The upper portion comprises a first and second upright member forming a substantial U-shape, wherein the distal ends thereof include an inward tab extending therefrom.... Agent:

20140284434 - Bag-supporting frame apparatus which is mountable on a substrate, and method of using same: A bag-supporting frame apparatus is removably mountable on a portion of a substrate. The apparatus includes a gripping portion for contacting the substrate and holding the apparatus in place on the substrate. The apparatus also includes a bag-supporting portion configured to support an open end portion of a flexible plastic... Agent:

20140284435 - Monitor stand: A monitor stand for supporting a screen unit is provided. The monitor comprises a supporting unit, a mounting unit, at least one contact wall and at least one brake unit. The brake unit includes a resisting block capable of moving between a first position and a second position. A lower... Agent:

20140284436 - Balloon centerpiece: A balloon-supporting centerpiece having several tubes molded to a base with a central aperture. A tube can be secured into the tubes of the base and provides a channel for holding sticks having balloons attached thereto. The tubes can be secured beneath the base when not in use. The preferred... Agent: Rubie's Costume Co., Inc.

20140284437 - Device for supporting blinds: A device for supporting blinds has at least two components each having a holding part extending in a longitudinal direction and having a front surface forming a longitudinal receiving channel for receiving a part of a blind, an attaching part connected of one piece with the holding part, extending from... Agent:

20140284438 - Article mounting system: An article mounting system for non-destructively mounting sheet articles such as posters and other paper items to a mounting surface such as a wall, includes a clamping plate which is pivotable. A resilient compressible member holds the plate in a normal down position such that a portion of the plate... Agent:

20140284439 - Retractable article holding device: The invention provides an improved device for holding a towel or equivalent article for use in the bath or shower so to provide a means of wiping eyes free of irritants. A retractable article holding device encases a retractable reel mechanism in a water tight housing unit, which is suction... Agent:

20140284440 - Magnetic display unit: A shelf display unit having one or more magnetic connectors allowing the display unit to be releasably attached to a shelf for the display of products.... Agent:

20140284441 - Load bearing and spring loaded quick attachment arm for use with a vehicle hoist: A quick attachment arm for securing to an elevated and structurally supporting location. A multi-sided and compressible band is constructed of a spring-loaded material. The band is open at its outer end and adapted to permit the band to be attached around a perimeter of the supporting location. An elongated... Agent:

20140284442 - Mounting system for use with audio/visual devices or the like: A mounting system for attaching an audio/visual device to a surface via a surface mounting member. The mounting system includes a support attachment bracket configured to operatively connect to the surface mounting member, a display mounting bracket configured to operatively connect to the audio/visual device, an adjustment mechanism configured to... Agent:

20140284443 - Portable shopping cart beverage carrier: A portable, compact and easy-to-install beverage carrier for shopping carts that also has space for marketing/branding/personalization. A portable beverage container apparatus is provided having a clamp portion movably connected to a beverage carrier portion that defines a container-receiving space. The clamp portion is movable between an extended position and a... Agent:

20140284444 - Rotatable easel with adjustable arms: An apparatus for supporting and/or positioning two-dimensional objects is described. In some examples, the apparatus is an easel configured to position a canvas in front of a painter in any orientation within three-dimensional space. Such an easel enables a painter working with the canvas to adjust and/or orient the canvas... Agent:

20140284445 - Method, system, and device for manipulating a detachable object mounted with unrestricted viewing field: A method, system, and device for manipulating of surveillance cameras and the like mounted on top of utility poles. The system comprises: a multi-link articulating mechanism connected to a base, having a distal end, and configured to change positions of said distal end between over the base and cantilevered beyond... Agent:

20140284446 - Platform for whole body vibrator unit: Disclosed is a platform for a whole body vibrational apparatus. The platform is powered by a centrally located iso-linear drive system incorporating elastomeric bushings that support the cover of the platform and impart the oscillatory motion from the motor to said cover. The use of the bushings reduces noise and... Agent:

20140284447 - Carrier platform: A device for carrying high-voltage equipment in an electrically-insulated manner includes electrically non-conductive support insulators that are configured for mounting a carrier platform, which receives the high-voltage equipment, on a foundation in an electrically-insulated manner. Each support insulator extends towards the foundation from a bearing connected to the carrier platform.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140284448 - Portable pumping unit base: A portable pumping unit base for receiving and anchoring a pumping unit thereto is disclosed herein. The disclosed base generally comprises a body made of a rigid polyurethane foam system, said rigid polyurethane foam system comprising an isocyanate component and a polyol resin component. Additionally, the disclosed base made of... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 76 patent applications in 63 patent subcategories.

20140263865 - Floor stand system for mounting an electrical box: A floor stand system for mounting an electrical box above a floor includes an electrical box mount having a mechanical interface thereon. A set of substantially interchangeable floor supports have mating mechanical interfaces at their upper ends for connecting to the mechanical interface on the electrical box mount. The set... Agent:

20140263866 - Modular, bypass track and carriage system for overhead- mounted lights and other devices: A track and carriage system including a mounting plate, a first track removably secured to the mounting plate and receiving a first carriage movable therein, a second track removably secured to the mounting plate and receiving a second carriage movable therein. The first and second tracks are positioned adjacent and... Agent: Dental Equipment, LLC

20140263868 - Adjustable trough-couplers: A telecommunications infrastructure includes first and second trough members for routing signal-carrying fibers. Latching members may be used to adjustably couple coupling members adjustably coupled with a trough members. Support members may also be used to adjustably couple trough members together with coupling members.... Agent: Telect Inc.

20140263869 - Casing system with cable retainer for electronic device chargers: The present disclosure is directed to systems and components for covering charger assemblies. In one embodiment, a casing system comprises a colored or decorative cover for an AC adapter (also known as an AC/DC converter, adapter block, or transformer block) and an extension for fastening the cable portion of the... Agent:

20140263867 - Pipe holder and support: A support for pipes uses a telescoping strut slidably holding an elongated insert with a threaded post extending outward from the insert, through a slot in the C-shaped cross-section of the struts. A bracket fits over the post and abuts supports opposing edges of the strut. A nut on the... Agent:

20140263871 - Gangable conduit hanger assembly: A conduit hanger assembly that supports at least one conduit is disclosed. The conduit hanger assembly includes a first member and a second member extending from the first member. The first member has a U-shaped clamp that engages a building structure to support the hanger assembly. The second member has... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140263870 - Spacer and/or spacer damper: Among other things, a spacer unit for spacing apart a bundle of cables is provided. The spacer unit comprises two or more spacer assemblies which are adjustable to provide for various sized bundle configurations and/or to provide for various degrees of spacing. Respective spacer assemblies comprise a housing apparatus and... Agent: Preformed Line Products

20140263872 - Apparatus for use with decorative lighting: An apparatus for use with decorative lights is provided. The apparatus includes a mounting bracket having a rear wall, a side wall, and at least one lip. The rear wall, the side wall, and the at least one lip form a mounting bracket channel. The apparatus further includes a stud... Agent: Shaffarne, LLC

20140263873 - Grip-type locking device for terminal: Disclosed herein is a grip-type locking device for a terminal. The locking device includes a body. Two grips are connected to opposite sides of the body, respectively. An interval adjusting pin adjusts an interval between the two grips, thus locking or releasing the terminal interposed therebetween. A cable is connected... Agent: Kum Oh Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140263874 - Universal mounting clamp: A mounting clamp for securing a conduit to a surface is disclosed. The clamp has a strap and a clampback. The clampback has a conduit support on one end portion and a curved section on another end portion. The strap has a first strap portion facing the conduit support and... Agent: Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.

20140263875 - Wire management clip for structures such as solar racking systems: A wire management clip formed of an elastic material to clip onto a structural element. The clip is formed to include an area for supporting a wire or wire bundle. Preferably, the clip includes holes formed on opposing sides to allow a strap attachment, such as a zip-tie, to hold... Agent:

20140263876 - Water-bearing domestic appliance, in particular domestic dish washer: A freestanding domestic appliance includes at least one mounting aid which has at least two functional parts arranged on its front side, wherein a first functional part is configured as a hose holder, wherein a second functional part is configured as an upwardly open hook for mounting additional parts and... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20140263877 - Retrofit hygeinic toothbrush holder: A toothbrush holder that slides over an existing wall mount toothbrush holder and holds a diversity of toothbrushes. The toothbrush holder comprises top and bottom horizontal sections that are connected to each other by side walls forming a sleeve, enabling it to slide over an existing wall mounted toothbrush holder.... Agent:

20140263878 - Wrist support: A support device for supporting a hand and a wrist of a user includes a body having a hand support portion, a first raised support portion extending from the hand support portion, a second raised support portion spaced apart from the first raised support portion and extending from the hand... Agent: Acco Brands Corporation

20140263880 - Bicycle service kits: One bicycle service kit includes: a main body; at least one slot formed at an upper end of the main body; and at least one cable positioned in the slot, the cable including a head portion held within an interior of the main body, the head portion having a dimension... Agent: Everlast Climbing Industries, Inc.

20140263879 - Compliant bearing system with a rigid support structure: A translational support system is provided that includes a first wall and a second wall, a first support bracket mounted to the first wall, a second support bracket mounted to the second wall, a bearing rod, a base, a bearing carriage, and a rigid support. The bearing rod is mounted... Agent: Gilson, Inc.

20140263881 - Adjustable mailbox post: An adjustable mailbox post comprises a vertical support member rotatably attached to a cross-member. The cross-member extends through a transverse channel in the support member, such that a forward arm of the cross-member extends from the forward side of the support member, and a rear arm of the cross-member extends... Agent:

20140263882 - Stand for dinnerware: A stand for dinnerware that can be easily adjusted for an enhanced presentation of food and drink. The stand includes a base, a pillar, and one or more holders. The pillar is configured for positioning on the base. Each of the holders is configured for adjustable positioning on the pillar.... Agent: World Tableware Inc.

20140263883 - Machine tool: A tool holder. The tool holder is mounted to a platform (9) and comprises a plurality of legs (1) extending from respective positions on the platform (9) for connecting the platform (9) to respective positions on the workpiece. Each leg (1) has a first joint system (8a) at its platform... Agent:

20140263884 - Swivel mount: Some examples of a mounting post to support a housing of electronic equipment include a swivel base having a first end and a second end. The first end is configured to mount to a surface about which the mounting post swivels. The mounting post includes A swivel post having a... Agent:

20140263885 - Interlocking support foot: An interlocking support foot and a container assembly including the support foot permits the support foot to be threaded onto a container but resists loosening of the foot by reverse rotation of the support foot once installed onto the container. The support foot is preferably molded of synthetic resin as... Agent: Snyder Industries, Inc.

20140263886 - Sand foot: A foot for use on soft surfaces has a concave cavity facing downwardly from a mounting bracket. The foot may be used in combination with a cart, dolly, trailer, chair, table, stool, platform or the like.... Agent:

20140263887 - Elevator pad hanging apparatus and method: A system for protecting an elevator including a plurality of wall panels. The system includes a first plurality of hangers each having a suspension portion and a hanger portion. A protective sheet having a plurality of holes along an edge thereof is fastened to the suspension portions by a plurality... Agent:

20140263890 - Fixture mounting assembly and method of using same: A fixture mounting assembly comprises a track; and a fixture mount on the track and configured to engage a fixture, the track being pivotable between a generally upright orientation and a generally horizontal orientation where engagement of the fixture mount and fixture is facilitated.... Agent: Smart Technologies Ulc

20140263888 - Hanging shoe holder: A hanging shoe holder (10) is disclosed for a single pair of shoes, for applying to any vertical surface; such as a wall or door. The invention's function is to be a convenient, space saving device to store a pair of shoes. The hanging shoe holder comprises of two adjacent,... Agent:

20140263891 - Holding device for an adjustment drive of a motor vehicle seat: A holding device for an adjustment drive of a motor vehicle seat, having at least one connection flange formed from plastic material for fastening the holding device to the vehicle seat. A fastening clip having at least one holding clip, which can be adjusted between a locking position and an... Agent: C.rob. Hammerstein Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140263889 - Surgical table magnetic instrument holder: A instrument holder is disclosed that is adapted to be attached to a side edge of a surgical table in an operating room and that includes a magnet by which metallic instruments are attachable to the holder for staging during performance of a medical procedure in the operating room. The... Agent:

20140263893 - Ball holder: The present invention relates to a ball holder designed to hold and display a single ball. The holder has a configuration of an arm/spine/arm, whereby each of the two arms have cut outs and project from the rear spine. This configuration enables the ball holder to hold a ball in... Agent:

20140263892 - Fixture mounting systems for counter tops: Exemplary embodiments of fixture mounting systems are disclosed herein. An exemplary fixture mounting system includes an upper fixture mount, a lower fixture mount and a plurality of connectors extending between the upper fixture mount and the lower fixture mount. The lower fixture mount has a first portion and a second... Agent: Gojo Industries, Inc.

20140263894 - Sucker with optimum suction attachment effect: A sucker includes a sucker body having a rough suction layer which includes a plurality of protrusions which are juxtaposed to each other closely, and a plurality of grooves defined between the protrusions. When the rough suction layer presses an attached face and is disposed at a negative pressure state,... Agent:

20140263895 - Magnetic bracket and method: A magnetic bracket includes a base and at least two posts at opposite ends of the base. The posts bend upwards from the base such that at least two clips are operable to attach at the posts at opposite ends of the base. The posts have a notch between the... Agent:

20140263896 - Bracket and hook accessories for boltless shelving units: Bracket and hook accessories configured to be detachably connected to a shelving unit having a plurality of openings are provided. In one embodiment, the bracket includes a body portion having a front surface, a rear surface, and an upper edge, at least one interlocking member extending rearward from the rear... Agent:

20140263897 - Ladder accessory: A ladder accessory device for insertion into an opening in a prior art ladder rung, wherein the ladder accessory device provides an elevated work environment that is out of the path of an individual ascending/descending the ladder. The accessory device is preferably comprised of a rung insert, a rung insert... Agent:

20140263898 - Fence post platform attachment device: A fence post platform attachment device fits on top of a T-post has a top platform portion that allows objects such as birdhouses, signs, sprinklers, lockboxes, etc. to be secured to the T-post. A cross-shaped body portion is formed by bending a sheet of steel into a hollow cross shape... Agent:

20140263899 - Apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic module: An apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic module is disclosed. The apparatus includes a mounting member and an engagement member attached to the mounting member. The engagement member is longitudinally fixed on the mounting member and the engagement member is moveable with respect to the mounting member.... Agent: Unirac, Inc.

20140263900 - Wallmount system and method: A mounting system includes a mounting rail, a mounting rail receiving mechanism configured to selectively receive the mounting rail and to attach to a vertical surface, and a mounting tab configured to attach to a rear of a flat panel electronic device and positionable along the mounting rail.... Agent: Ergotron, Inc.

20140263901 - Compression limiting clip for a bracket assembly: A bracket assembly includes a polymer bracket that has a first side, a second side, and an opening that extends between the first and second sides. A compression limiting clip includes a plate portion coupled with the second side. A member borders at least a portion of the opening and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140263902 - System and method for mounting photovoltaic modules: A support structure for orienting and supporting at least one solar panel includes a lock rail and a support rail that are engaged together through a locking mount. The locking mount has a retaining pin that permits the locking rail to be connected to the support rail without tools. The... Agent: First Solar, Inc.

20140263903 - Concrete anchor: A concrete anchor for securing the lanyard of a workman's harness to a fixed position on a concrete surface includes a cylindrical housing having an outer wall with openings therein and a rod that extends above the housing to which a harness can be attached. Hard metal balls within the... Agent:

20140263904 - Mse wall guardrail system: Guardrail support brackets for use in securing safety guardrails during the construction of MSE wall systems. The guardrail support brackets include a clamping portions that secure the support brackets to the top of adjacent wall panels, vertical support posts that are coupled to the clamping portions in such a manner... Agent: Heritage Research Group

20140263905 - Monitor mounting apparatus: The instant disclosure relates to a monitor mounting apparatus for disposing on a working surface. The mounting apparatus includes a base, an adjusting unit, and a tilt bracket. The base is arranged on the working surface and has at least one guiding member. The adjusting unit includes at least one... Agent: Syncmold Enterprise Corp.

20140263906 - Collapsible sports board support assembly: A collapsible sports board support assembly for removable attachment to a support structure, which can be mounted onto boats and other support structures, for supporting wake boards, snow boards, surf boards and various other sports boards. The apparatus includes at least one foldable board support fork hingedly attached to the... Agent:

20140263907 - Hard disk drive mounting bracket: A hard disk drive mounting bracket allows for attaching multiple hard disk drives to a chassis and uses pre-existing chassis hardware, resulting in more efficient user of chassis space. A hard disk drive mounting bracket includes a base sheet. The base sheet includes a front region, a rear region, and... Agent:

20140263908 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus and system and method for making the same are provided. The mounting apparatus allows an object to be mounted to a mounting surface via magnetic attractions between different planes of engagement. Through the movement of planes of magnets, an object that is brought in proximity to the... Agent:

20140263909 - Pump dispenser bottle hanger: A pump dispenser bottle hanger that fits different pump dispenser bottle neck dimensions includes a hanging board and a fixing board. Two surfaces and two ends of the hanging board are defined as top and bottom surfaces and front and rear ends, respectively. The hanging board has a clamping slot... Agent: Jyin Sheng Co., Ltd

20140263910 - Drawing instrument holder: The present invention provides a combination drawing instrument holder for holding a plurality of drawing instruments that comprises a support for securing the holder, and a concave receiver extending outwardly from the support wherein the concave receiver includes a plurality of arcuate receivers each of which include a central aperture... Agent:

20140263911 - Rotary actuator driven vibration isolation: An active vibration isolation system for isolating a suspended platform from vibration input to the vibration isolation system base includes an exoskeleton which supports the suspended platform relative to the base. The exoskeleton includes first and second scissors mechanisms with main links of unequal length. The main links pass through... Agent:

20140263913 - Stabilizing cup holder: The invention is a stabilizing cup holder comprising a circular or elliptical shaped holding member to prevent a beverage container from tipping. The holding member structure is attached to a bottom member. The invention being of substantial weight such that a beverage container may be easily lifted from the device... Agent:

20140263914 - Multi-layered absorbent napkin: A multi-layered napkin is provided that is designed to protect a tabletop from condensation that develops at the bottom of a beverage. The multi-layered napkin comprises three separate layers that are stacked and connected to each other. The upper layer is adapted to contact the bottom of a beverage container.... Agent:

20140263912 - Cold flow machine anchoring: A leveling pad for stabilizing a device is provided. The leveling pad comprises a metal base having a socket configured to receive a portion of the device and a liner coupled to the metal base and being configured to cold flow into a profile of a floor surface when a... Agent: Haas Automation, Inc.

20140263915 - Rapid deploy manually operated extendible strut: A rapid deploy, manually operated, extendible strut device that combines an axially rotated friction mechanism to lock a pair of telescoping tubes in a deployed position, with a linearly operated magnetic mechanism to retain the tubes in a retracted position.... Agent:

20140263916 - Head attachment and temporary support pole assembly with hinged door retainer for securing flexible partition material: A temporary support pole assembly including removable head attachment is disclosed. The head attachment includes a pivotally movable retainer selectively positionable relative to the head between an open position and a closed position to retain and secure a flexible partition material thereto.... Agent: Surface Shields, Inc.

20140263917 - Small-sized portable vacuum-holding device: A vacuum-holding device includes a nozzle body and a vacuum generating device. The nozzle body defines a first air channel. In the vacuum generating device, a piston head received within the first air channel, a piston ring is sleeved on the piston head and making an air-tight seal between the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140263918 - Novel display stands: A novel display stand is described. The display stand includes: (i) a housing; and (ii) a supporting frame retractable from the housing; and wherein when the supporting frame is retracted from the housing, and in an operational state of the display stand, the supporting frame contacts the housing and is... Agent:

20140263919 - Multi-functional slats for use in various support structures: An improved slat is disclosed with enhanced functionality and versatility. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, each slat provides multiple vertical positions for receiving brackets. In addition, such slats may include an optional decorative characteristic that can be incorporated into other display devices, such as tables and shelves... Agent: Tripar Intemational Inc.

20140263920 - Seat-track assembly: A seat-track assembly is provided and may include a first track member having a series of locking features and a second track member slidably supported by the first track member. The seat-track assembly may also include a locking mechanism having at least two locking pawls movable between a locked state... Agent:

20140263921 - Longitudinally adjustable vehicle seat: A longitudinally adjustable vehicle seat, having at least one pair of seat rails (10), has a first seat rail (12) fixed to the structure, a second seat rail (13) guided in the first seat rail (12) and connected to the vehicle seat (1). Balls (14) are arranged in ball holders... Agent:

20140263922 - Artist's easel attachable to a door: A space saving, door-mountable artist's easel with a framework adapted to receive and hold an artist's canvas, art panel, clipboard, or some other item that would normally be affixed to an easel with a mounting bracket attached to the frame so the entire device may be hung on a door.... Agent:

20140263923 - Detachable front license plate mounting system (sto n sho): One bracket assembly constructed of aluminum; however any metal, modern plastic or composite material may be substituted. Bracket assembly consists of a front mounting plate (FIG. 2) and a base mounting assembly or plate (FIG. 3). The base mounting assembly or plate contains a pull pin (FIG. 3, 15) locking... Agent:

20140263924 - Hanging system for installation on an interior surface of a frame: A frame hanger including a substantially planar fixed section, wherein a portion of the perimeter of the fixed section defines a substantially linear mounting guide edge. A single arm is rotatably mounted to the fixed section between a fully extended state and a fully retracted state. While in the fully... Agent:

20140263925 - Anti-tipover and seismic securement system: A tipover prevention and seismic securement system for securing furniture and appliances from tipping over. The system employs mounts which are engaged to a surface of an article to be secured. A planar belt having apertures therein provides a tether between the mount through an engagement with projections on the... Agent:

20140263926 - Adjustable mount and umbrella: An umbrella mount, and optional adaptor, a receiver for an umbrella pole and at least two pressure points that at least one strap and fastener can urge against a base support to securely position the mount.... Agent:

20140263927 - System and method for foundations for roadside signs and structures: A ground screw anchor foundation for a roadside sign comprises at least one elongated soil screw defining a longitudinal axis. The soil screw includes a barrel section having an upper end and a lower end and a substantially circular cross-section of a first diameter. A point section is connected to... Agent: Champion Ground Connections LLC

20140263928 - Sucker with pressure early warning detection function: A sucker includes a sucker body, a pressure sensor, a control circuit board, and a warning member. The sucker body has an attachment surface. The control circuit board and the warning member are combined with the pressure sensor. The pressure sensor, the control circuit board and the warning member are... Agent:

20140263929 - Latch and bezel system for device enclosure: One example of a latch and bezel system for a device enclosure can be implemented as a system for mounting electronic equipment. The system includes a support structure. A head unit is configured to receive electronic equipment, and to connect to the support structure. A bezel is positioned in the... Agent: Lilitab LLC

20140263930 - Stand for electronic apparatus: A stand for an electronic apparatus is provided, which is configured to support a rear surface of the electronic apparatus at different inclining heights. The stand includes a base section composed of a plate member having a first edge and a second edge, and the plate member is configured to... Agent: Wacom Co. Ltd.

20140263931 - Holder for portable electronic device: A holder for a portable electronic device, which includes a base and an upper cover, wherein the first adjustment element is used by the base to link up the first clamping arm and the second clamping arm for synchronous adjustable motion, and the first release button is provided for spacing... Agent: E-lead Electronic Co., Ltd.

20140263932 - Rotary actuator driven vibration isolation: An active vibration isolation system for isolating a suspended platform from vibration input to the vibration isolation system base includes an exoskeleton, a rotary actuator, and a drive mechanism separate from the exoskeleton for providing force output from the rotary actuator to the suspended plant. The rotary actuator may include... Agent:

20140263933 - Seat suspension: A seat suspension for boats and other vehicles having a seat support, a base and a suspension assembly positioned between the seat support and the base and permits relative movement between the seat support and the base. The suspension assembly has a first fluid container, a second fluid container, and... Agent:

20140263934 - Method and apparatus for positioning automated processing systems: Apparatuses and methods for positioning an automated processing system, coupled with a track, are disclosed. The apparatus includes an automated chassis having drive, steering, elevation, and track-gripping components actuated by an onboard controller to permit the chassis to carry a processing system together with its track from one location to... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140263935 - Automotive engine support stand: This present invention provides a supporting device to be used in lifting and supporting an automotive vehicle engine during repair of the engine. The support device has a middle plate having a threaded aperture extending through the middle plate. The middle plate is above a lower base and the middle... Agent:

20140263937 - Frame for power machinery: Disclosed is a frame for a power machinery such as a pump, a motor, a generator, etc, and the frame comprises a machine frame formed by connecting a plurality of tubes; two roofs installed at upper ends of the tubes and having a plurality of latch bases disposed on inner... Agent:

20140263936 - Machine heat dissipation device: The present invention is an apparatus designed to improve the ability of a machine, particularly a laptop computer, to dissipate heat by separating the machine cooling fan discharge from a nearby impermeable surface. In its broadest form, the inventor now presents the apparatus comprised from a base member that is... Agent:

20140263938 - Mounting structure of movable manufacturing device, fixing structure and movable manufacturing device: Mounting structure to allow a production line made up of movable manufacturing devices to be rearranged quickly, safely, and reliably. The mounting structure according to the present invention includes a fixing structure installed on a floor and a leg portion installed on a bottom plate of the movable manufacturing device.... Agent: Design Network Co., Ltd.

20140263939 - Phone camera tablet bipod support system: The present invention is directed to a compact and pocketable camera support that attaches to an outer separate case or directly to the camera, tablet or phone body. This system uses one or more legs and/or other support features that fold away from the base of the invention and support... Agent:

20140263940 - Supporting mechanism for portable electronic device: A supporting mechanism for holding a portable electronic device includes a main body, a supporting member, and a supporting assembly. The main body is configured for receiving the portable electronic device and defining a number of guiding slots and a central hole communicating with the number of guiding slots. The... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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20140252176 - Tie rod support apparatus for large pressure vessel piping: A tie rod support apparatus for a large pressure vessel system. The tie rod support apparatus comprises a tie bar, an upper bearing unit, a bottom bearing unit and a tie rod support base. The upper bearing unit is coupled to a pipe section or other component in the large... Agent:

20140252177 - Multiple intravenous line organizer and method for using thereof: A multiple intravenous line organizer for managing multiple intravenous lines which provide a mechanism for labeling each line, prevent the lines from tangling, and place the injection port in an accessible position thereby preventing errors associated with simultaneous multiple intravenous drug infusion.... Agent:

20140252178 - Building strut system: This invention allows attachment of strut channels 2, pipes, conduit, and mounting of equipment to the interior of buildings and other structures. Attachment to structures such as I-Beams, channels, structural angles, purlins and truss structures are improved. Extended use of self tapping screws 28 and commonly used metal strapping are... Agent:

20140252179 - Device for fixing the hydraulic piping of construction equipment: Provided is a device for fixing hydraulic piping to prevent the hydraulic piping from sliding down even when the bolt for coupling a clamp which fixes the hydraulic piping is loosened by the vibration generated during operation. The device for fixing the hydraulic piping of construction equipment includes: a piping... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20140252180 - Screen supporting device: A screen supporting device includes a shaft, a bracket, and a torsion adjusting structure. The bracket and the torsion adjusting structure are pivotally on the shaft. The torsion adjusting structure has a limited washer and a torsion spring. The shaft passes through the limited washer and the torsion spring, and... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140252181 - Screen supporting device and torsion adjusting structure: A torsion adjusting structure, which is installed on a shaft and a carrying member pivoted on the shaft, includes a gear, a pair of friction washers, and a linkage assembly. The shaft passes through the gear and the friction washers respectively abutted on two opposite surfaces of the gear. The... Agent:

20140252182 - Apparatus and systems for mounting an electrical switching device: Described herein are mounting plates which facilitate securing of the electrical switching device to an object. The plate mounts to an object and is configured to secure one or more electrical switching devices. The mounting plate includes a planar surface having a plurality of first through holes configured to secure... Agent: Dish Network L.L.C.

20140252183 - Sensor hoop storage and transport apparatus: A hoop support device (202) supports a hoop assembly (100). The hoop assembly comprises a structural hoop (102) and a plurality of wires. The hoop support device comprises a pedestal (206) having a mounting feature (224, 226) for mounting the hoop and a cover (208 pivotally mounted or mountable to... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140252184 - Trap clip: There has thus been outlined, rather broadly some of the features of the invention in order that the detailed description therefore can be better understood. There are additional features of the invention that will be described later and that will form the subject matter of the claims. The invention is... Agent:

20140252185 - Mounting bracket for a plurality of support structures: A bracket for mounting a device to support structure has (i) a first side and (ii) second and third sides that extend perpendicularly from opposite edges of the first side in the same direction, such that the second and third sides are parallel to each other. The bracket supports a... Agent:

20140252186 - Mounting rail for the interior construction of a switch cabinet housing: The invention relates to a mounting rail for the interior construction of a switch cabinet housing, said mounting rail comprising a mounting section that has a clamping section at its first end and a support section at its second end opposite the first end, characterized in that the clamping section... Agent: Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140252187 - Modular mounting system using picatinny-type rail: A system for mounting one article to another article incorporates a clamp having a base configured to interlock with a Picatinny-type rail. In one form, the clamp has a quick-connect device serving as a platform for quickly attaching different articles to the clamp, and in another form a coupler joins... Agent:

20140252188 - Camera mounting system: A mounting system for mounting a load on a structure, comprising a first strap having a distal end and a proximal end, a first clamp body for supporting a load, the first clamp body including a catch mechanism for engaging at least one end of the strap, the first clamp... Agent:

20140252189 - Adjustment assembly for use in audio/visual mounting systems or the like: A device mount for supporting an audio/visual device may include a first mounting portion configured to couple to the audio/visual device, a second mounting portion configured to couple to the first mounting portion and to a mounting member, a puck disposed between the first mounting portion and the second mounting... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20140252190 - Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly: Reinforcement devices and systems for holding a traffic control assembly in compression are provided. The traffic control assembly includes a traffic signal disconnect hanger and/or a traffic signal and a first span wire positioned above the traffic control assembly. In some embodiments, the reinforcement device includes an upper support device... Agent:

20140252191 - Lifting device for umbrella: A lifting device for an umbrella includes a base, a plurality of fixing seats secured on the base, a plurality of movable members each movably mounted in the respective fixing seat, a pressing module movably mounted on the base and pressing the movable members, a threaded rod mounted on the... Agent:

20140252192 - Supporting assembly: A supporting assembly for a solar cell lamination includes a frame member, a column member, and an adapter member. The frame member includes a first flange, a second flange, and a first wall. The second flange is substantially parallel with the first flange. The first flange, the second flange and... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140252193 - Device and method for supporting a melon or other fruit in an upright position: A device for elevating and securing a melon is provided. The device includes a ring defining a height, and three support members extending from an upper facing surface of the ring in an equally spaced-apart arrangement. A related method for supporting and elevating a melon using the device is provided... Agent:

20140252194 - Trailer stabilizing jack: A jack for stabilizing a semi-truck trailer with improved maneuverability that can be coupled to a trailer kingpin without a need for the user to crawl or crouch under the trailer floor.... Agent: Safety Jacks, LLC

20140252195 - Solar equipment mounting system: A solar equipment mounting system may include a solar mount cap. The solar mount cap may include a pipe having a lower side and a top end, with the lower side of the pipe having at least one hole. A plate may attach to the top end of the pipe.... Agent:

20140252196 - Music stand and rack, pedestal and hinge therefor: Disclosed is a music stand that includes a column with a first segment having at least one positional slot and a second segment having a protrusion configured to be received in each of the positional slots. When the protrusion is received in one of the positional slots, the protrusion can... Agent:

20140252197 - Systems and methods for vibrational isolation of information handling resources: In accordance with these and other embodiments of the present disclosure, a method may include forming at least one supporting section and forming at least one attachment member mechanically coupled to the at least one supporting section and configured to mechanically couple to a chassis, such that when disposed in... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140252198 - Support structure with dissimilar metal welds: A support structure for a gas turbine exhaust system having an exterior shell, an interior liner, and insulation therebetween, the support structure including a support bar welded to the exterior shell, wherein the support bar weld includes a first filler material including a carbon steel filler material. The support structure... Agent: General Electric Company

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