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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150144744 - Line pipe tray: A line pipe tray for supporting a line pipe has outer sidewalls operatively coupled to outer end walls, inner sidewalls operatively coupled to the inner end walls, and a bottom surface extending between the inner sidewalls and the inner end walls to form a basin. The tray can further include... Agent:

20150144745 - Conduit apparatus usable with electrical enclosure apparatus: An improved conduit apparatus in accordance with the disclosed and claimed concept includes one or more conduits that each enclose therein an electrical conductor that carries a phase of a multi-phase electrical supply. The conduits are connected to the walls of the electrical enclosures with an attachment apparatus that extends... Agent: Eaton Corporation

20150144746 - Medical line organizer: A device and associated method for organizing lines comprising a base structure forming a channel with two sides, the two sides having a plurality of tabs and slots between the tabs for locating and supporting medical lines, the device including a cover structure for captivating the lines and further including... Agent:

20150144747 - Attachment plate and system for pipe-support interface: Attachment plates and systems for pipe support interfaces are disclosed. According to one embodiment, system for pipe-support interface, having a pipe, a pipe support, and a low-friction surface between the pipe and pipe support, includes an improvement comprising a plate in an interface between the low-friction surface and the pipe... Agent:

20150144748 - Accommodating device for a removable filter in a domestic appliance: The invention relates to an accommodating device for a removable filter in a domestic appliance, having an accommodating opening for accommodating the filter at least in part, and having a seal which, with the filter inserted, seals the accommodating opening in relation to the filter. In order for fluff, hair... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerategmbh

20150144749 - Multi-partite article: The present invention provides a multi-partite article 20 comprising a plurality of frame members 12 detachably engageable to a plurality of support members 14 to form an article frame 22 in which the plurality of frame members 12 are disposed coaxially and are spaced apart from each other to define... Agent:

20150144750 - Support structure for and method of using plastic bags: A collapsible support frame has a top opening and open sides to allow a plastic bag to be received through the top opening. Anchoring members protrude outwardly from the frame to engage the top of the open bag after it is folded over the frame. The anchoring members are dimensioned... Agent:

20150144751 - Solar tracking bearing and solar tracking system employing same: An solar tracker bearing comprising a pair of stationary outer bearing races attached on either side of a bearing support element and a rotatable inner bearing race held by the pair of outer bearing races, the rotatable inner bearing race having an beam slot for seating a torque tube beam... Agent:

20150144752 - Multi-functional holders for bath and shower products: The present invention relates to a solution for shower organization products. In one embodiment, the shower piece has a holder with a platform that has a suction cup on the back, a retainer attached to the front of the holder, wherein the platform has a hole, wherein the holder is... Agent:

20150144753 - Jewelry holder: An improved jewelry holder having a body with a flat back surface that is adapted to releasably attach to a chosen surface, and a front surface including a primary curved surface and an attached flexible hook member having a secondary curved surface within close proximity to one another whereby the... Agent:

20150144754 - Apparatus for securing a mobile device to a steering wheel: The subject matter discloses an apparatus for securing a mobile device to a steering wheel, comprising: a main flap connected to a rear surface of the mobile device, said main flap is made of a rigid material; a holder attached to the main flap, said holder secures the mobile device... Agent:

20150144755 - Holder for portable electronic: A holder includes a holding member, an attaching member, and a connecting structure. The holding member is configured to hold the portable electronic device thereon. The mounting member can be attached to an object, such as a user's arm or wrist. The connecting structure includes a first connecting member and... Agent:

20150144756 - System and method for hanging picture frames: A system and method for hanging a picture frame on a wall, comprising the steps of providing a picture frame with a hanger, for receiving a nail therein and a marking device temporarily secured to the picture frame and disposed near the void for receiving the nail; pressing the picture... Agent:

20150144757 - Installation frame for heat exchanger: An installation frame for a heat exchanger, in particular for a heat exchanger in particular for installation in an air-conditioning system for motor vehicles, having frame elements that encompass the heat exchanger at the short sides thereof arranged parallel to the air flow direction, whereby the frame elements are connected... Agent:

20150144758 - Apparatus and method for accurate and precise positioning of cellular antennas: An antenna mounting apparatus (10) in which an antenna bracket (32) can be rotated relative to a mount (20) in an azimuth direction and is selectively, automatically locked in position.... Agent:

20150144759 - 3d image photographing device: A 3d image photographing device is disclosed for producing a 3D image with enhanced stereoscopic effect. The device includes a first track, a second track, a slide carriage and a driving module. The first track couples with the second track. The first track includes a first slideway in an arc... Agent:

20150144760 - Clamp with external support: The present disclosure describes a clamp used for adherence and securement to a desired object. The clamp has an upper half and a lower half held together by hinges. Opposite the hinges there is a locking mechanism which can be loosened or tightened as necessary. The clamp further has a... Agent:

20150144761 - Apparatus and system for positioning of equipment: Embodiments of the present disclosure include apparatuses and systems used for the positioning of equipment. An apparatus according to an embodiment of the present disclosure can include a height adjustable table; a platform coupled to the height adjustable table; a tilt adjuster coupled to the platform, the tilt adjuster being... Agent: General Electric Company

20150144762 - System for monitoring condition of adjustable construction temporary supports: A system for adjustable construction or demolition temporary supports is disclosed. The adjustable construction or demolition temporary support includes a plurality of sensor devices for measuring load on the support and signal detection and communication device that being in communication with the sensor devices. The communication device further comprises a... Agent:

20150144763 - Damped engine suport: An engine support system may have a support structure for supporting an internal combustion engine unit. The support structure may have a top section with outer mounting sections and a counterweight section. Each outer mounting section may have an upper face and a lower face. A mass of a counterweight... Agent: Caterpillar Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150144764 - High bandwidth linear flexure bearing: A system and a method are disclosed for a high bandwidth linear flexure bearing, which may be particularly useful in high end accelerometers and high-precision linear servo mechanisms. Certain embodiments may apply to sensors that measure motion in one dimension. Such embodiments may substantially improve the off-axis performance of the... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150144765 - System and method for improved fixation of flats sequencing system linear actuator: A system of mitigating force in a mechanical system, the system comprising a frame member, a first rail connected to the frame member, a second rail connected to the frame member and extending along the frame member in parallel to the first rail, an assembly movably engaging the first and... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 28 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150136915 - Riser glove, enclosure glove and strain releasing connectors: A riser glove for shielding and/or sealing cables extending from a riser conduit includes a wrist portion sized for a sealing fit over the riser conduit, and a plurality of finger portions extending from the wrist portion. The finger portions taper from a widest section adjacent the wrist portion to... Agent:

20150136916 - Bracket for electronic device: A bracket for an electronic device includes a supporting plate and a base. The supporting plate comprises a supporting member and two mounting blocks mounted to the supporting member including two supporting poles. One end of each mounting block is supported by the base. The supporting poles can be mounted... Agent:

20150136917 - Refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal: A refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal is provided with a top part (33) and a bottom part (35) which dips into the molten metal in the inner mould space (6) during the casting. A refractory deflection element (35) is integrated in the funnel-shaped or... Agent:

20150136918 - Storage system for a portable iv-stand: The present invention relates to a stand (1) for Iv bags (2) including at least one pole (3), at least one base support device (5), at least one first suspension device (4) on which at least one Iv bag is intended to be hung up, and at least one second... Agent: Tarsus Products Ab

20150136920 - Arrangement for mounting a directional antenna in an adjustable inclined position: An arrangement for mounting a directional antenna (10) in an adjustable inclined position to an approximately vertical supporting member (11) comprises a separate upper antenna bracket (12) and a separate lower antenna bracket (12). The two antenna brackets (12) are formed equal to each other and each comprises a first... Agent: Cue Dee Ab

20150136919 - Buckle device for seat belt of vehicle: Provided is a buckle device that fixes a seat belt mounted on a 2nd-row seat or a 3rd-row seat to the vehicle body floor in a vehicle. The buckle device may include a buckle bracket having an upper end with a hole for connecting with a seat belt and a... Agent: Samsung Industries, Ltd.

20150136921 - Accessory holder for stackable chair: The present invention is an accessory holder for an upholstered stackable chair, comprised of (1) a molded outer shell open at the top and partially closed on the bottom with one inset slot offset from the top and the left and a communion cup shaped recessed area in the upper... Agent:

20150136922 - Suction system with reversible dome spring: A suction system includes a sucker having a working face and a dome spring attached to the sucker. The dome spring has a convex dome position and a concave dome position relative to the sucker and is configured such that, when the top of the dome spring is pushed inward... Agent:

20150136923 - Fence post mountable for displaying flowers, plants, and the like: An apparatus for releasable mounting to a fence post is provided. The apparatus includes a leg portion, a basket portion, and a mounting portion. The leg portion defines a first end and a second end. The basket portion is coupled to the leg portion at the first end of the... Agent:

20150136924 - Bracket and wall standard assembly: A bracket and standard assembly comprises a standard having a plurality of spaced apart holes. A bracket comprises a support body having an elongated portion extending along a longitudinal axis. A connector end comprises at least one hook projecting rearwardly from the support body and passing through a hole in... Agent:

20150136925 - Retention bracket for steering column member: There is provided in a preferred embodiment a retention bracket for coupling a steering column member to a vehicle cross-support member. The bracket includes a mounting shoe and a reinforcing rod. The mounting shoe has gusset plates integrally joined by a forward end plate, and a lowermost flange extending inwardly... Agent: Van-rob Inc.

20150136926 - Surgical holder: A surgical holder is provided, including a base unit, a first positioning unit, a second positioning unit, a connecting unit, a first orientating unit, and a second orientating unit. The first elastic element, the second elastic element, the plurality of third elastic elements and the plurality of the fourth elastic... Agent:

20150136927 - Extendable/retractable support column: An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections. The linked sections include a plurality of individual sections linked end to end. As the linked sections are extended, each of the individual sections of the linked chains engage individual sections of adjacent linked chains to... Agent:

20150136928 - Stowable computer workstation: A stowable computer workstation (“SCW”) for a workplace within a vehicle is described, where the workplace has an inner sidewall of the vehicle. The SCW may include a video display mount assembly and a deployment support attached to the video display mount assembly. The deployment support is configured to deploy... Agent:

20150136929 - Expansion joint bracket: An expansion joint bracket retains an expansion joint board in a concrete installation. The expansion joint bracket may include a base member having multiple nail holes for securing the bracket to the earth (or sand or gravel put down prior to pouring concrete there upon). First and second board support... Agent:

20150136930 - Trailer lift and storage apparatus: A lifting and storage assembly for a trailer includes a pair of spaced parallel rails disposed on a surface. The rails support an axle of the trailer wherein the wheels of the trailer are lifted above the surface removing a load on the wheels. Each of the pair of spaced... Agent:

20150136931 - Jack stand support: Disclosed is a jack stand support that is adapted to be positioned under a standard jack stand. The present invention includes a base member having a defined outer and inner perimeter. In one embodiment, the base member is rectangular in shape and includes a rectangular central opening. The outer perimeter... Agent:

20150136932 - Photoluminescent cupholder illumination: According to one aspect of the present invention, an illuminated cupholder assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises an upper portion comprising a lower mating portion forming a first diameter and a base portion comprising an upper mating portion forming a second diameter. A light ring is disposed substantially between the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136933 - System and apparatus for mounting a handheld electronic device: A device for selectively and releasably mounting a handheld electronic device to a surface. The device includes a mounting plate and a base plate. The mounting plate includes a top surface having a female connector. The mounting plate may be secured to the surface. Alternatively, the mounting plate may include... Agent:

20150136934 - Locking device and a vehicle seat: The invention related to a locking device (1), particularly for a vehicle sent, which comprises a retainer region (5) for receiving a counter element (6), a catch (3) which can be pivoted between a locking position that locks the counter element in said retainer region, and an unlocking position, and... Agent:

20150136935 - Gas turbine engine stand: A gas turbine engine stand (38) comprising an engine frame (48) and a base frame (46). The base frame (46) has a slide rail (51) to enable axial translation of the engine frame (48) relative to the base frame (46). A load transfer arrangement (54) engages with a part (50)... Agent:

20150136936 - Support for constructing a moveable office: A support for a moveable office wall is disclosed, the support including but not limited to a plurality of support sections, wherein the plurality of support sections are connectable to form the support, where in each of the plurality of support sections comprises an inner connecting surface for joining with... Agent:

20150136937 - Method for controlling structural acoustic transmission on basis of combined-type vibration isolation device: A method for controlling structure-borne noise based on a combined-type vibration isolation device includes the following steps: S1: determining a combined-type vibration isolation device as required according to parameters of a mechanical device to be isolated, and installing the combined-type vibration isolation device on a horizontal bearing surface; S2: vertically... Agent: State Grid Corporation Of China (sgcc)

20150136938 - Supporting unit structure of vehicle seat: A supporting unit structure of a vehicle seat includes: a rubber elastic body; a seat-connected member; and a floor-connected member. An inner peripheral portion of the rubber elastic body is fastened to either one of the seat-connected member or the floor-connected member by a fastening member that penetrates the inner... Agent:

20150136939 - Support system: A support system (1) for substantially isolating an object (100) from abrupt movement of a foundation. The support system (1) has a frame (3) operatively attached to the foundation and a cradle (11) for supporting the object (100). The support system also has a horizontal isolation component (5) and a... Agent:

20150136940 - Siesmic mount: Seismic brackets for retaining an article during an earthquake or other vibration. The seismic brackets comprise at least one fastener component for anchoring the bracket to a stabilizing support structure, one or more connecting member and at least one fastener component for affixing the bracket to a support structure. The... Agent:

20150136941 - Assembly for mounting shades: The present embodiments provide for a system of fastening devices, e.g., mounts, brackets, and assemblies for installing roller window shades. In one embodiment, the fastening device system comprises two one-piece, disk-shaped mounting brackets, one for each end of a shade tube, wherein the mounting brackets are configured such that, in... Agent: Geigtech East Bay LLC

20150136942 - Holder: A holder, in helix form, has an opening in communication with a helix interior. The helix may he capable conforming to the shape of an article to be carried at least partially within the interior. Applying a strain to the helix causes the helix to grip the article. The gripping... Agent: Kul4u, Inc.

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