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05/21/2015 > 28 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20150136915 - Riser glove, enclosure glove and strain releasing connectors: A riser glove for shielding and/or sealing cables extending from a riser conduit includes a wrist portion sized for a sealing fit over the riser conduit, and a plurality of finger portions extending from the wrist portion. The finger portions taper from a widest section adjacent the wrist portion to... Agent:

20150136916 - Bracket for electronic device: A bracket for an electronic device includes a supporting plate and a base. The supporting plate comprises a supporting member and two mounting blocks mounted to the supporting member including two supporting poles. One end of each mounting block is supported by the base. The supporting poles can be mounted... Agent:

20150136917 - Refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal: A refractory casting tube for a mould for continuously casting molten metal is provided with a top part (33) and a bottom part (35) which dips into the molten metal in the inner mould space (6) during the casting. A refractory deflection element (35) is integrated in the funnel-shaped or... Agent:

20150136918 - Storage system for a portable iv-stand: The present invention relates to a stand (1) for Iv bags (2) including at least one pole (3), at least one base support device (5), at least one first suspension device (4) on which at least one Iv bag is intended to be hung up, and at least one second... Agent: Tarsus Products Ab

20150136920 - Arrangement for mounting a directional antenna in an adjustable inclined position: An arrangement for mounting a directional antenna (10) in an adjustable inclined position to an approximately vertical supporting member (11) comprises a separate upper antenna bracket (12) and a separate lower antenna bracket (12). The two antenna brackets (12) are formed equal to each other and each comprises a first... Agent: Cue Dee Ab

20150136919 - Buckle device for seat belt of vehicle: Provided is a buckle device that fixes a seat belt mounted on a 2nd-row seat or a 3rd-row seat to the vehicle body floor in a vehicle. The buckle device may include a buckle bracket having an upper end with a hole for connecting with a seat belt and a... Agent: Samsung Industries, Ltd.

20150136921 - Accessory holder for stackable chair: The present invention is an accessory holder for an upholstered stackable chair, comprised of (1) a molded outer shell open at the top and partially closed on the bottom with one inset slot offset from the top and the left and a communion cup shaped recessed area in the upper... Agent:

20150136922 - Suction system with reversible dome spring: A suction system includes a sucker having a working face and a dome spring attached to the sucker. The dome spring has a convex dome position and a concave dome position relative to the sucker and is configured such that, when the top of the dome spring is pushed inward... Agent:

20150136923 - Fence post mountable for displaying flowers, plants, and the like: An apparatus for releasable mounting to a fence post is provided. The apparatus includes a leg portion, a basket portion, and a mounting portion. The leg portion defines a first end and a second end. The basket portion is coupled to the leg portion at the first end of the... Agent:

20150136924 - Bracket and wall standard assembly: A bracket and standard assembly comprises a standard having a plurality of spaced apart holes. A bracket comprises a support body having an elongated portion extending along a longitudinal axis. A connector end comprises at least one hook projecting rearwardly from the support body and passing through a hole in... Agent:

20150136925 - Retention bracket for steering column member: There is provided in a preferred embodiment a retention bracket for coupling a steering column member to a vehicle cross-support member. The bracket includes a mounting shoe and a reinforcing rod. The mounting shoe has gusset plates integrally joined by a forward end plate, and a lowermost flange extending inwardly... Agent: Van-rob Inc.

20150136926 - Surgical holder: A surgical holder is provided, including a base unit, a first positioning unit, a second positioning unit, a connecting unit, a first orientating unit, and a second orientating unit. The first elastic element, the second elastic element, the plurality of third elastic elements and the plurality of the fourth elastic... Agent:

20150136927 - Extendable/retractable support column: An extendable and retractable column which is formed from at least three linked sections. The linked sections include a plurality of individual sections linked end to end. As the linked sections are extended, each of the individual sections of the linked chains engage individual sections of adjacent linked chains to... Agent:

20150136928 - Stowable computer workstation: A stowable computer workstation (“SCW”) for a workplace within a vehicle is described, where the workplace has an inner sidewall of the vehicle. The SCW may include a video display mount assembly and a deployment support attached to the video display mount assembly. The deployment support is configured to deploy... Agent:

20150136929 - Expansion joint bracket: An expansion joint bracket retains an expansion joint board in a concrete installation. The expansion joint bracket may include a base member having multiple nail holes for securing the bracket to the earth (or sand or gravel put down prior to pouring concrete there upon). First and second board support... Agent:

20150136930 - Trailer lift and storage apparatus: A lifting and storage assembly for a trailer includes a pair of spaced parallel rails disposed on a surface. The rails support an axle of the trailer wherein the wheels of the trailer are lifted above the surface removing a load on the wheels. Each of the pair of spaced... Agent:

20150136931 - Jack stand support: Disclosed is a jack stand support that is adapted to be positioned under a standard jack stand. The present invention includes a base member having a defined outer and inner perimeter. In one embodiment, the base member is rectangular in shape and includes a rectangular central opening. The outer perimeter... Agent:

20150136932 - Photoluminescent cupholder illumination: According to one aspect of the present invention, an illuminated cupholder assembly is disclosed. The assembly comprises an upper portion comprising a lower mating portion forming a first diameter and a base portion comprising an upper mating portion forming a second diameter. A light ring is disposed substantially between the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150136933 - System and apparatus for mounting a handheld electronic device: A device for selectively and releasably mounting a handheld electronic device to a surface. The device includes a mounting plate and a base plate. The mounting plate includes a top surface having a female connector. The mounting plate may be secured to the surface. Alternatively, the mounting plate may include... Agent:

20150136934 - Locking device and a vehicle seat: The invention related to a locking device (1), particularly for a vehicle sent, which comprises a retainer region (5) for receiving a counter element (6), a catch (3) which can be pivoted between a locking position that locks the counter element in said retainer region, and an unlocking position, and... Agent:

20150136935 - Gas turbine engine stand: A gas turbine engine stand (38) comprising an engine frame (48) and a base frame (46). The base frame (46) has a slide rail (51) to enable axial translation of the engine frame (48) relative to the base frame (46). A load transfer arrangement (54) engages with a part (50)... Agent:

20150136936 - Support for constructing a moveable office: A support for a moveable office wall is disclosed, the support including but not limited to a plurality of support sections, wherein the plurality of support sections are connectable to form the support, where in each of the plurality of support sections comprises an inner connecting surface for joining with... Agent:

20150136937 - Method for controlling structural acoustic transmission on basis of combined-type vibration isolation device: A method for controlling structure-borne noise based on a combined-type vibration isolation device includes the following steps: S1: determining a combined-type vibration isolation device as required according to parameters of a mechanical device to be isolated, and installing the combined-type vibration isolation device on a horizontal bearing surface; S2: vertically... Agent: State Grid Corporation Of China (sgcc)

20150136938 - Supporting unit structure of vehicle seat: A supporting unit structure of a vehicle seat includes: a rubber elastic body; a seat-connected member; and a floor-connected member. An inner peripheral portion of the rubber elastic body is fastened to either one of the seat-connected member or the floor-connected member by a fastening member that penetrates the inner... Agent:

20150136939 - Support system: A support system (1) for substantially isolating an object (100) from abrupt movement of a foundation. The support system (1) has a frame (3) operatively attached to the foundation and a cradle (11) for supporting the object (100). The support system also has a horizontal isolation component (5) and a... Agent:

20150136940 - Siesmic mount: Seismic brackets for retaining an article during an earthquake or other vibration. The seismic brackets comprise at least one fastener component for anchoring the bracket to a stabilizing support structure, one or more connecting member and at least one fastener component for affixing the bracket to a support structure. The... Agent:

20150136941 - Assembly for mounting shades: The present embodiments provide for a system of fastening devices, e.g., mounts, brackets, and assemblies for installing roller window shades. In one embodiment, the fastening device system comprises two one-piece, disk-shaped mounting brackets, one for each end of a shade tube, wherein the mounting brackets are configured such that, in... Agent: Geigtech East Bay LLC

20150136942 - Holder: A holder, in helix form, has an opening in communication with a helix interior. The helix may he capable conforming to the shape of an article to be carried at least partially within the interior. Applying a strain to the helix causes the helix to grip the article. The gripping... Agent: Kul4u, Inc.

05/14/2015 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150129722 - Outlet cover wall dock: An outlet cover comprising a face plate 6 with at least one outlet opening to fit over an electrical wall outlet; and a flat ledge 1 above and perpendicular to the outlet opening, wherein the ledge 1 has an opening 3, such that a mobile device and/or tablet fits securely... Agent:

20150129723 - Wire holder: A wire holder includes: a holder body attachable to a tubular body; wire passing holes formed in the holder body; and second locking parts provided on a periphery of the holder body and engageable with respective first locking parts of the tubular body. The holder body is divided along an... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20150129724 - Support device, attachment, and method of supporting electronic device: According to one embodiment, a support device configured to support an electronic device. The electronic device includes a first face and a second face including a recessed portion or a projecting portion. The support device includes a first member and a second member. The first member is configured to support... Agent:

20150129725 - Clamp and clamp assembly: A clamping assembly includes a plurality of clamps for fastening hoses or cables on a frame structure. Each clamp has a cube-shaped body which surrounds a cylindrical hollow space or bore which extends through the body. The body includes a first and a second body part. Each body part has... Agent:

20150129726 - Modular retainer for cables: A modular retainer assembly for electrical cables is disclosed. The modular retainer assembly includes a base having an upper surface and a lower surface. The upper and lower surfaces of the base define a thickness of the base therebetween. The modular retainer assembly also includes a plurality of divider walls... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150129727 - Automatic transmission filter retaining bracket: An automatic transmission oil filter retainer includes a base portion; a riser portion extending from a side of the base portion; and a retainer portion extending from a side of the riser opposite the base portion and at right angle to the riser portion, the retainer portion extending parallel to... Agent: Precision International

20150129728 - Aircraft interior bracket: A bracket that includes a main body portion having a first portion and a second portion that form a first angle therebetween. The first portion includes opposing front and rear surfaces and the second portion includes opposing upper and lower surfaces. The first portion includes a fastener opening defined therethrough,... Agent:

20150129729 - Board mount: A board mount which can be utilized to position a board relative to a building element. In various embodiments, the board mount can include a holder for receiving at least a portion of a drywall board and, in addition, a flexible member which can be inserted intermediate first and second... Agent:

20150129730 - Peg hook staple: A peg hook staple is used in conjunction with at least one peg hook and a perforated wall board so that the at least one peg hook can be firmly secured to the perforated wall board through a first extremity and a second extremity of the peg hook staple. A... Agent:

20150129731 - Swivel base for a training aid: A swivel base for use with a training aid having a top member and a bottom member, the top member for receiving a training aid and the bottom member for receiving a holder or stand. The top member is coupled to a ball bearing and a mounting member fixedly coupled... Agent:

20150129732 - Utility hook apparatus: A utility hook supports free-standing objects. The hook includes an arm member having two ends with one end connecting to an open-ended catch and the other end connecting to a shoulder member. A hook member is connected to the arm member via the shoulder member. A band engages with the... Agent: Propersi Productions LLC

20150129733 - Apparatus for mounting a flat screen on a surface: The invention regards an apparatus for mounting a flat screen on a surface wherein the flat screen comprises at least two fixtures. The apparatus comprises, two mounting members adapted to be attached to the fixtures on the flat screen and a wire with one end connected to one of the... Agent: Selek Holding A/s

20150129735 - Walker docking station: A walker stabilizing platform including a movement restrictor assembly for assisting a user of a walker in transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position wherein the movement restrictor assembly automatically moves from a position of engagement with the walker to a position of disengagement with the walker, and... Agent: Bard Tech, LLC

20150129734 - Foldable tray: The claimed subject matter provides a folding tray that includes a hygienic surface within the internal portion that is shielded from contamination in a folded configuration. The folding tray includes two symmetrical halves joined by a spine that allows the folding tray to close. The folding tray can include one... Agent:

20150129736 - Storage device: Position-indexed storage device comprising a support and a basket installed on the support, the basket comprising a plurality of compartments distributed around a longitudinal axis, the basket comprising a central passage with a longitudinal axis, the support comprising a shaft with a longitudinal axis, the shaft being housed in the... Agent: Areva Nc

20150129737 - Vehicle seat slide device: A vehicle seat slide device includes: an upper rail including a bracket support having side walls and an upper wall connecting upper ends of the side walls; a lower rail supporting the upper rail so as to be relatively movable; and a bracket fixed to the bracket support. A cutout... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150129738 - Adjustment device for a pivotable carrier plate, particularly for receiving a motor vehicle mirror: An adjustment device for a carrier plate which can be pivoted about two mutually orthogonal axes and is configured to receive a motor vehicle mirror, includes one motor per axis for moving a non-rotatably and non-tiltably guided linear drive, which is in engagement via a socket with a joint ball... Agent:

20150129739 - Construction safety handrail support bracket: A versatile handrail and toeboard safety system that provides flexible solutions for the implementation of improved construction site safety barriers using specialized brackets to mount standard wooden members. The brackets of the handrail and toeboard safety system is formed of multiple orthogonally arranged plates creating spaces to receive and secure... Agent:

20150129740 - Cane clamp for walking aides: The cane clamp is a device for securely clamping a walking cane to a table, chair or any conventional, sturdy surface that is up to five inches thick. The cane clamp consists of a body configured to securely hold a tubular device such as a walking cane, a bracket which... Agent:

20150129741 - Arm support apparatus: In an arm support apparatus, a grippable member is connected to a longitudinal mount and is located such that a part of the grippable member is grippable by a hand of an arm when a part of the arm is mounted on the longitudinal mount. The hand is located to... Agent:

20150129742 - Vibration damping device: A vibration damping device including: first and second mounting members; a main rubber elastic body elastically connecting the two members; and a bracket member fit into the first mounting member. A projecting part projects outward from a circumference of the first mounting member, and includes a locking groove whose inner... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150122955 - Telescoping extension arm for supporting a monitor: An arm for supporting a monitor comprises a telescoping arm assembly, a support member and a cord storage device. The telescoping arm assembly has at least first and second telescoping members telescopingly movable relative to each other, a distal end configured to support a monitor and a hollow interior through... Agent: A-dec, Inc.

20150122956 - Retention unit to grasp a flexible hose and clamp onto bed sheets and methods of manufacture and operation thereof: A retention unit that grasps a periphery of a flexible hose and that clamps onto bed sheets to prevent relative movement of the hose and bed sheets where the grasping and clamping takes place. The retention unit includes a grasping portion, a fixing portion, a rising portion and a fixing... Agent:

20150122957 - Pipe clamp: The invention relates to a pipe clamp (60) for coupling a pipe to a mesh reinforcement, provided with two co-acting arcuate parts (11, 12). The pipe clamp comprises a hinge (13) coupled to respective first ends of a first and a second arcuate part, and a divided closure, wherein the... Agent: Q-clip B.v.

20150122958 - Base assembly for office chair: A base assembly of an office chair includes a mounting member, multiple extensions and a bottom disk. The mounting member has multiple installation slots located evenly along the periphery of the mounting member. Each extension has a connection member at the first end thereof so as to be engaged with... Agent: Innova Materials Company Limited

20150122959 - Amr/ami pit lid antenna bracket: An RF antenna bracket for placement through and under a utility meter pit lid for use in an AMR or AMI system that includes a transmitter bracket cap for placement in a hole disposed in a meter pit lid; a cylindrical threaded neck disposed under and depending downwardly from said... Agent:

20150122960 - Guitar display frames: I am inventing my Guitar Display Frame because I would like to hang a guitars in a fine frame on a wall, like art. Frames will be custom made. Depending on the size of the guitar. Whether it be an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or a electric bass. With a... Agent:

20150122961 - Suspended tool holder and modified tool: A sponge holder includes a mount that has a mounting fixture and at least one mounting connector. The mounting connector is configured to fix the mount to a surface. The sponge holder further includes a suspension arm extending from the mounting fixture, and a connector disposed at a distal end... Agent:

20150122962 - Floating mixing chamber for reclaiming machines: A support assembly for supporting a mixing chamber of a reclaiming machine having a frame includes a rod member pivotally mounted on the frame at end portions, a stop member, and a L-linkage attached to the rod member. The L-linkage is further attached to the mixing chamber. The stop member... Agent: Caterpillar Paving Products Inc.

20150122963 - Movement unit: Provided is a moving unit that enables a movable body to be smoothly moved along guide tracks for guiding the movable body across joints between a plurality of track rails arranged in series so as to serve as the guide tracks. The moving unit includes: the pair of guide tracks... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20150122964 - Medium-supporting device and medium-processing apparatus: Provided is a medium-supporting device that is lightweight and can be formed at a low cost and with high precision even when a medium-supporting surface has a large area, and a medium-processing apparatus equipped with the medium-supporting device. As a solution, a medium-supporting device (10) according to the present invention... Agent:

20150122965 - Commercial lifting device-jack stand: A jack stand for use with a power unit having a slide forward bridge for positioning by the jack stand; and having a pair of leveling pads with inner roller bearings thereon for engaging an upper lifting plate of the jack stand, and a bottom plate having openings therein for... Agent:

20150122966 - Locker strap system: A system for use with a locker door having an upper divider and a lower divider, the system including a strap including a first portion, a second portion, and a body portion extending an entire length therebetween. The first portion of the strap is adapted to be secured to the... Agent: Acco Brands Corporation

20150122967 - Drum type washing machine and tilting method of the same: Disclosed is a drum type washing machine, including a housing; a tub in the housing and having an opening; a drum in the tub; a rotary driving member in the housing configured to provide motive power to the drum and/or to rotate the drum; a tilting driving member between a... Agent: Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation

20150122968 - Multifunctional stand: A multifunctional stand includes a main rod; an adapting platform arranged at the upper end of the main rod and adapted to fix photographic or video shooting equipment; and a supporting seat arranged at the lower end of the main rod and used for supporting the main rod; at the... Agent: Zhongshan Sirui Photographic Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.

20150122969 - Seismic isolation structure for heavy objects, and seismic isolation method: [Solution] In a seismic isolation structure 11 for a machine 1, plastically deformable support bodies 16 are embedded in a gel-like elastic body 15 of a vibration-damping pad 12. A bottom-surface adhesive layer of the gel-like elastic body 15 is bonded to the floor surface, and a pressurizing plate 13... Agent:

20150122970 - Compact vertical-motion isolator: A vertical-motion vibration isolator utilizes negative-stiffness-producing mechanism which includes a plurality of compressed flexures, each having a particular length in the compressed direction of the flexure and being oriented in a horizontal direction, wherein the plurality of compressed flexures are positioned relative to each other such that the length of... Agent: Minus K. Technology, Inc.

04/30/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150115110 - Monofilament line holders for grass trimmers: A device for holding lines in a holder secured around and object such as a shaft of garden equipment. The device comprises a hollow body having an outer surface and an inner surface, two opposing end surfaces; a plurality of longitudinal bores passing through the body from the end surfaces,... Agent:

20150115111 - Hose support device: A hose support device is provided for connecting to a hose along its length and securing the same against a ladder while the hose is being utilized by a user thereon. The device comprises an elongated interior member having two distal end rounded members extending outward therefrom. The rounded members... Agent:

20150115112 - Multifunctional accessory for portable device: The present invention relates to a multifunctional accessory for a portable device. According to embodiment of the present invention for providing a multifunctional accessory for a portable device having a simple configuration and can be variously applied, the multifunctional accessory comprises: a main body comprising a coupling means to be... Agent:

20150115113 - Water jug attachment: The water jug attachment is an essentially rectangular support device wherein the rectangular device is supported by three legs, wherein the single rear leg is mounted in the center of the back of the rectangular device and operates as a jack in order to lift and support the rear of... Agent:

20150115115 - Attachment clip for horticulture cage: A horticultural cage includes a mesh enclosure attached to a frame by clips, with each clip including a portion that is released without damage from the frame, the mesh, or another portion of the clip, when the force applied by the mesh to the clip reaches a threshold limit, so... Agent: Harrod Uk Limited

20150115114 - Weapon holder for tree stand: A weapon holder device is provided for releasably securing a variety of hunting weapons to a variety of tree stands. The device includes two weapon clamps made of an elastomeric material which secure a variety of hunting weapons on their longitudinal ends, and two brackets which rotatably attach the weapon... Agent:

20150115116 - Reinforcement bracket for a trunk handle: The reinforcement bracket provides structural integrity for the trunk handle of an automobile, in particular the Scion tC. The bracket includes first fastening interface, a second fastening interface, a handle support structure, a first planar brace, a second planar brace, and a web. The handle support structure includes a planar... Agent:

20150115117 - Retainer system for a mobile-telephony antenna and a mobile-telephony component: The invention relates to an improved retainer system for a mobile-telephony antenna and a mobile-telephony component, which is characterised inter alia, by the following features:—said mobile-telephony component (MK) is secured, on the carrier side, by a retainer system which is separate from the retainer device (11, 7) for said mobile-telephony... Agent:

20150115118 - Radiator core support: A vehicle radiator core support, includes: a support main body including upper and lower support portions, and paired side support portions connecting right and left ends of the upper and lower support portions; and a center brace connecting intermediate parts of the upper and lower support portions. At least the... Agent: Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

20150115119 - Cantilevered support system: A cantilevered support system is provided. The cantilevered support system comprises a vertical support pole and longitudinally extending upper and lower support arm assemblies that are securable to a wall.... Agent: University Health Network

20150115120 - Expansion card securing mechanism and expansion card connecting module comprising the same: An expansion card securing mechanism includes a rail component, a sliding unit and a fastening component. The rail component extends in a sliding direction, is connected to an insertion side of an expansion card connecting device, and is pivotable about an axis that extends in the sliding direction. The sliding... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150115121 - Surgical sponge distribution systems and methods: A surgical sponge dispensing system facilitates the accurate counting of surgical sponges used in a medical procedure. An elongated flexible strip of material carries a plurality of surgical sponges, each attached to the elongated flexible strip of material at a respective fixed location. Demarcations on the elongated flexible strip of... Agent:

20150115122 - Devices and systems for improved traffic control signal assembly: Methods and apparatuses are provided for improved traffic control devices including a continuous central hanger support system that is integral to the traffic control device and provides a central load path. In an embodiment of the invention, the terminal housing and traffic signal housing of the traffic control device can... Agent:

20150115123 - Foldable and portable music stand: A foldable and portable music stand (100) comprising: a music platform (102) for placing a music score and a music book; a pole comprising a main pole (106), a second pole (108), and a third pole (110); a foldable arm; and a support stand. The second pole (108) is sleeved... Agent:

20150115125 - Flatbase bracket: A flatbase bracket includes a body and a support component arranged in the body. The body includes a first shell and a second shell rotatably coupled to the first shell. The support component includes a first support element and a second support element rotatably coupled to the first support element.... Agent:

20150115124 - Multiple viewing angle media support: For multiple viewing angle media support, and apparatus includes three support sides. Each support side includes a back support and an edge support.... Agent:

20150115126 - Rear mounted vehicle seat suspension: A seat suspension system for a vehicle comprising a system frame, an elongated seat bracket having one end pivotably mounted to said system frame and the opposite end adapted to support a seat, and a dampening device attached between said system frame and a location on said seat bracket between... Agent: Sears Manufacturing Co.

20150115127 - Vibration isolating table: A vibration isolating table is adapted to be disposed between a vibrating body, which vibrates with the playing of a musical instrument, and a floor for suppressing vibration or shock generated by the vibrating body from transmitting to the floor, wherein the vibration isolating table includes: a rigid plate including... Agent: Roland Corporation

20150115128 - Trailer jack support: A trailer jack support comprises a receptacle for receiving a jack post of a trailer jack and a mechanism such as an insert therein for limiting the depth of insertion of the jack post into the receptacle. As a result, the jack post engages the insert with a more limited... Agent:

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