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04/10/2014 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140097302 - Cable catcher: A cable catching device, for installation on a crane boom to catch at least one cable, suspended above at least part of the device when the device is deployed by the crane boom, in the event that the cable falls downwardly, the device having: a base operable with connectors to... Agent: Mammoet Canada Holdings Inc.

20140097303 - Medical fluid line alignment devices and related systems and methods: A medical fluid line alignment device that includes a base that is attachable to a support member and a fluid line organizer attachable to the base. The fluid line organizer includes a plurality of access ports that allow fluid lines to be connected to the fluid line organizer. The device... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140097304 - Slanted bolstering device for pipe support system: The present invention is a pipe support system including a slanted bolstering device or arrangement, which receives and supports at least one exposed pipe, so as to isolate the pipe to prevent transmission of movement, sound or heat. Embodiments of the slanted bolstering device are designed to be attached to... Agent:

20140097305 - Sprinkler transferring apparatus: A sprinkler transferring apparatus is provided for a flexible sprinkler drop on an irrigation supply line. The sprinkler transferring apparatus includes a lifting tool and a sprinkler component support body. The lifting tool has an elongate body with a first contact portion and a handle spaced from the first contact... Agent:

20140097306 - Adjustable mounting clip and system using same: An adjustable mounting clip for an electronic device, such as a cellular telephone or smart phone. The mounting clip may be adapted to be supported by a flexible support apparatus, such as a tripod. The mounting clip may support a variety of electronic device types with an automatically adjusting variable... Agent:

20140097307 - Manually-operated crane assembly with control handle: A control handle for mounting on a forward end of a tail section of a crane having a crane pivot axis includes a normally-engaged brake mechanism thereon for maintaining the control handle in a fixed position until disengaged by an operator, the control handle when disengaged being rotatable about a... Agent: Thomas L. Mckay

20140097308 - Platform for suspended sensor stabilization: A sensor stabilization platform and method for installation in an enclosure is described, wherein the platform can be lowered into the enclosure from the enclosure's entry way (without requiring a person to enter the enclosure) and properly oriented to provide the structural support/securing capabilities needed for a sensor that is... Agent: Hadronex, Inc.

20140097309 - Leg device in musical instrument stand, musical instrument stand including the leg device, and support fitting for use in the leg device: To provide a leg device in a musical instrument stand that is further adjustable on setting of the musical instrument to avoid stand legs from being an impediment to the setting and avoid a stand main body from being unstable even if two stand legs are provided.... Agent: Sakae Rhythm Musical Instrument Ltd.

20140097310 - Decorative ice structures, methods, and production equipment: The present invention is directed to methods, materials, and devices for making and displaying globe ice lanterns and other ice structures. In a first implementation of the invention, an ice globe is produced. The ice globe can be produced with an insulating base that prevents the bottom of the ice... Agent:

20140097311 - Height adjustable supports with the capacity for multiple orientations for use with tabletops, chair seats and similar surfaces: A height adjustable support for tabletops, chair seats, or like objects, consisting of two parts, a rectangle-shaped component and an L-shaped component. A fixed block at the top of the L-shaped component allows for multiple orientations when the assembly is attached to the underside of a surface. Height adjustability is... Agent:

20140097312 - Quick attachment bracket for securing a first item to a second item: A quick attachment bracket that permits a tool holder to be quickly secured to the sidewall of a cart is disclosed. The bracket snaps onto the cart and locks the tool holder in position without the use of any mechanical devices.... Agent:

20140097313 - Portable canister holder with a collapsible body: A portable canister holder is disclosed. The portable canister system comprises a collapsible substantially cylindrical, non-rigid body assembly comprising a plurality of vertical support rods configured to support a plurality of horizontal support restraints. The vertical support rods are able to pivot along with the horizontal supporting restraints, thereby collapsing... Agent:

20140097314 - Apparatus for securing components to substrates: An apparatus for securing a component to a substrate. The apparatus includes a backing and a retainer interface. The backing includes a bonding element on a first surface and the retainer interface on an opposing second surface. The first surface of the backing is applied to a substrate to which... Agent: Klipstik LLC

20140097315 - Swivel cover assembly: A swivel cover assembly includes a mounting plate with an opening and a door closing the opening for supporting a swivel hanger. The mounting plate forms a socket for suspending the swivel hanger. The door is hinged to the mounting plate to pivot downwardly from the mounting plate about an... Agent:

20140097316 - Auxiliary support device for flip touch screen: An auxiliary support device for flip touch screen includes a main body and an upper cover having a touch panel. The main body is preformed with a cavity for assembling with a base seat. The upper cover is preformed with an elongated recess corresponding to the cavity. A slide rail... Agent: First Dome Corporation

20140097317 - Lock mechanism for seat track slide device: Seat tracks each include a lower rail, an upper rail, a lock lever, and a handle. When a handle is operated, the lock lever is set in a locking state or an unlocking state by engaging and disengaging the lock lever with and from lock recesses in the lower rail.... Agent: Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.

20140097318 - Linear bearing: A bearing race arrangement on a composite structure having a first coefficient of thermal expansion includes a recess formed in a surface of the composite structure for receiving a race element, at least one bearing race element disposed in the recess, the bearing race element having a coefficient of thermal... Agent: Quality Vision International, Inc.

20140097319 - Tablet computer stand: A stand including a base and a platen assembly. The base includes: an end protrusion extending from a top surface and including a first distal end; and a plurality of adjustment protrusions extending from the top surface and including respective second distal ends. The platen assembly includes a platen and... Agent:

20140097320 - Rearview mounting device: A rearview device mounting assembly includes a bracket having a windshield engagement surface. The bracket further includes a neck with a ball. The ball has at least one of either a knurled patch or a striation and the ball is configured to engage a socket in the rearview device. The... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140097321 - Portable multi-purpose mast for rapid, secure attachment to unsteady, inclined and irregular surfaces: A portable mast capable of supporting a payload that can be fastened to and detached from an unsteady, inclined or irregular surface of attachment. The improvements include a tensioning cable which exerts pressure on the base of the mast in opposition to the surface of attachment, a guide protecting the... Agent:

20140097322 - Assembly securing arrangement: An assembly securing arrangement, in particular for securing a transmission in a motor vehicle body, includes an assembly support and at least one assembly bearing for the vibration-damped mounting of an assembly, wherein the at least one assembly bearing is a load-bearing component of the assembly support.... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140097323 - Vibration isolation mount for an electric motor: A mount for an electric motor that is formed of an elastomeric material and includes a sleeve around which ribs are formed. The ribs include first ribs and second ribs, and the first ribs project further from the sleeve and are more compliant than the second ribs.... Agent: Dyson Technology Limited

20140097324 - Supporting, retaining, and protective apparatus for extracorporeal heart and/or lung support systems: The invention relates to a supporting apparatus for devices for maintaining blood circulation, in particular for a heart-lung machine, comprising a plurality of retaining units arranged on the device side for retaining blood-conducting and/or blood-treating devices and control units, and comprising at least one fastening unit arranged on the patient... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Regensburg - Anstalt Des Oeffentlichen Rechts

20140097325 - Portable electronic device mounting system: A system for mounting a portable electronic device may include a mount, a holster, and a clip. The holster may be configured to secure to a portable electronic device and the clip may engage with the holster. The clip may have top and bottom portions. The top clip portion may... Agent: Wimo Labs LLC

20140097326 - Rafter hook for fastening tool: A fastening tool rafter hook system supporting a power tool includes a power tool round section proximate to a tool handle. The round section has multiple pairs of indexing apertures, each positioned incrementally from a successive pair. A two piece rafter hook system includes: a first piece having a rafter... Agent: Black & Decker Inc.

04/03/2014 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140091182 - Clamp: A clamp for attaching a pipe with a narrow width portion to a support member, includes a first member including a first concave portion adapted to be connected to the support member; and a second member whose base end is hinge-connected to the first member and whose front end is... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20140091183 - Multi-positional mount for personal electronic devices with a magnetic interface: A stand assembly for holding handheld electronic devices in a multitude of positions or locations having a first section with a curved end magnetically attached to second section having and indented surface. The first section also attaches to a surface, the second section either is contiguous with a portable electronic... Agent: Nite Ize, Inc.

20140091184 - Clip for providing light to a spa feature: A clip and system for providing light to a spa feature, having a clip for holding a light emitting device and a spa feature having a housing connector, the spa feature and the housing connector being manufactured at least in part from a clear material and having a connector allowing... Agent:

20140091185 - Field post: An adjustable height field post includes an inner shaft and an outer tube configured to receive and slidably engage the inner shaft. A clamp body is provided at one end of the inner shaft such that the field post can be securely attached to an operating table. An adjustment mechanism... Agent: Flexbar Machine Corp.

20140091186 - Self-leveling platform hook: The present invention relates to a self-leveling platform hook for use in supporting an object. In one embodiment, the hook includes a frame, means coupled to the frame for attaching the frame to a support surface (e.g., a table, countertop, a wall, etc.), and a saddle including a pair of... Agent:

20140091187 - Flexible mount apparatus and system: A flexible mounting system and apparatus, the system comprising a horizontally collapsible frame and one or more vertical mounting rails coupled to the horizontally collapsible frame. The horizontally collapsible frame is comprised of two horizontal rails, a first side rail pivotally mounted to the two horizontal rails, wherein the first... Agent:

20140091188 - Connection system for connecting an electronic device, in particular for an aircraft, to a test unit: Connection system for connecting an electronic device, in particular for an aircraft, to a test unit. The connection system includes a fixed portion, which is fixable to said test unit, and a movable plate which is capable of receiving the electronic device to be tested and is displaceable linearly with... Agent:

20140091189 - Stabilizer pad and handle apparatus: A stabilizer pad and handle apparatus is provided having a substantially C- shaped handle, or U-shaped handle with ends of the handle inserted into seating holes extending inwardly from the side walls of the pad. An anchor hole and anchor means may be provided extending downward through and perpendicular to... Agent: Richard And Carolyn Koberg Living Trust

20140091190 - Archery target stand: An archery target stand having a pair of vertical supports adjustably attached to a horizontal platform, an elastic retaining means for securing block targets to the platform and a pair of base members adjustably attached to the distal ends of the vertical supports to provide axial adjustment for the target... Agent:

20140091191 - Piano seat with automatic height adjustment: Piano seat that has a structure for raising and lowering that is formed by two pairs of “L”-section profiles arranged in a facing manner, two at the bottom and two at the top, which are connected together by individual pairs of scissor-type mechanisms, or assemblies in the form of an... Agent:

20140091192 - Mobile device holder: A mobile device holder includes a holding portion having a pair of opposed holding portion arms, a lower edge at a base of the holding portion, an upper pivot assembly affixed to the holding portion and configured to pivot about an upper axis extending through a plane defined between the... Agent:

20140091193 - Holder for books and electronic devices: A device for holding a book or electronic viewer on a platform in which a clamping mechanism allows mounting to a supporting structure such as a piece of furniture. The clamp includes a V-shaped piece able to be fit to a corner of the furniture piece and securely engage a... Agent:

20140091194 - Grow-with-me easel apparatus: An adjustable easel for configuring into multiple positions is described. The adjustable easel includes a work surface, an accessory tray, and a frame having a first and second pair of frame members that are selectively adjustable into a plurality of positions. The plurality of positions includes a first position, where... Agent: Crayola LLC

20140091195 - Latching device: A first link (20) rotatably supported at a base member (10) of which a rotational motion is imparted by a pull member (e.g., wire 70), a second link (30) rotatably supported at the base member (10), a latch (40) including a hook-like portion (43) engageable with a rod-like portion (91),... Agent: Ts Tech Co., Ltd.

20140091196 - Shock sensitive transport stabilizer: A transport device for shock sensitive packages maintains an object in a near zero gravity spatial orientation to reduce or eliminate potentially harmful mechanical shock and or vibration to a body, object or device needing protection. This device has active impact cancellation, and is controlled by a computer via attached... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140084116 - Retractable container support and a vehicle containing the retractable container support: A container support for holding a container has a lower base and upper holding member. The base receives the container which bears on the base in a bearing direction. The holding member has an opening for receiving the container. The holding member is connected to the base by a connecting... Agent:

20140084117 - Retractable dumbbell support: A dumbbell support system is provided and includes a support structure, a biasing article and a system support, wherein the system support is securely associated with the support structure. The system support includes a barbell support having a barbell support shaft and a dumbbell support shaft guide. The system support... Agent:

20140084118 - Mounting: The present invention provides a mounting for attachment to a substantially vertical surface, comprising a fixing member (1), having an adhesive layer (4) for contacting and bonding to a surface, a rotatable member (10) comprising a substantially helical or wedge shaped surface (22) engaged with a corresponding substantially helical or... Agent: Croydex Limited

20140084119 - Magnetic mount: A panel insert comprising an external body having an open end, said body having a central bore, a magnet received in said bore and having a smooth surface facing said open end of the body, said magnet being affixed to said body.... Agent: The Young Engineers, Inc.

20140084120 - Method and apparatus for mounting a vision system: A vision system for mounting an imaging assembly to a helmet through a helmet adapter and a mounting assembly. The mounting assembly includes a receiver for removably mounting an imaging assembly. The receiver is coupled to a cross-slide assembly providing fore-aft and side-to-side movement of the imaging assembly relative to... Agent:

20140084121 - Clamping mechanism with easy assembly and antenna device therewith: A clamping mechanism includes a clamping member, a first fixing member, a second fixing member, a shaft, a first adjusting member, a second adjusting member and a handle. The clamping member encloses a supporting tube. The first fixing member and the second fixing member are connected to the clamping member,... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140084122 - Compression mount for window coverings: A compression mount assembly is provided for securing a window covering to a window frame by compression forces between vertical sides of the window frame on opposite sides of the window. A housing is coupled to the window covering and a slide translates linearly within a cavity in the housing... Agent: Shades Unlimited, Inc.

20140084123 - Overhead storage system: An improved storage system, with a mechanism for easily mounting and detaching containers has been developed. The mounting mechanism consists of mounting rods attached to a storage container, which engage in suitably-shaped slots in hangers that can be attached to an overhead structure. The hangers can either be attached to... Agent:

20140084124 - Length-adjustable chain carrying device: A length adjustable chain carrying device includes a base member having a fixed length. First and second adjustment members are positioned on an upper surface of the base member and configured to move linearly thereon. An actuator is rotatably mounted to the base member upper surface and situated intermediate the... Agent:

20140084125 - Guard for surface mounted tether device: Tether guards are disclosed herein. An embodiment of a tether guard includes a plate configured to contact a surface. The plate has a hole extending therethrough, wherein the hole is adapted to receive a securing mechanism that secures a tether to the surface. The tether guard also includes a cover... Agent:

20140084126 - Electrical accessory and method of providing same: Some embodiments disclose a coupling device configured to couple to a surface. The coupling device including: (a) a first housing; (b) a rotational dial with a first aperture and mechanically coupled to the first housing, the rotational dial comprising a cam mechanism adjacent to the first aperture; (c) a support... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20140084127 - Bridging mechanism for connecting a supporting tube and a holder and antenna device therewith: A bridging mechanism, for connecting a supporting tube and a holder, includes at least one positioning portion, a bridging member, a connecting member, a handle and at least one positioning structure. The at least one positioning portion is formed on the supporting tube. The bridging member is used for bridging... Agent: Wistron Neweb Corporation

20140084128 - Anti-theft/safety hanger: An anti-theft/safety hanger is provided with a plate body having an U-shaped wedge portion. The wedge portion includes a wedge corner portion on one of sidewalls and is connected to the plate body via a connecting edge. The wedge corner portion is movable between a first position and a second... Agent:

20140084129 - Assembly for mounting a turbine engine case to a pylon: An assembly for mounting a turbine engine case to a pylon. The assembly includes a beam and a shackle. The shackle includes a plurality of side segments, and an intermediate segment that is engaged rotatably to the beam. Each of the side segments has a fastener aperture and a slot.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140084130 - Gearbox positioning device: A gearbox positioning device to position a gearbox relative to an engine case of a gas turbine engine. The positioning device has a first and second part, with the first part having a connecting cavity of predetermined shape and being secured to the engine case. The second part has a... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20140084131 - Apparatus including multi-jointed arm and gravity compensation method: The present inventive concepts relate to an apparatus having a multi-jointed arm. The apparatus having a multi-jointed arm may include a body; a multi-jointed arm having a first link rotatably combined with the body at a first joint and a second link rotatably combined with the first link at a... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140077041 - Damping device for cover of cable organization box: A cable organization box includes a box with two side panels, a cover, at least one link unit and at least one damping device. The cover is mounted to the box. The at least one link unit is a Z-shaped unit and located between the side panels and the cover.... Agent: Legend Office Co., Ltd.

20140077042 - Fiber optic cable protection in a mining system: A chain link assembly, a cable chain assembly and a mining system. The cable handler individual links may include an enclosed section for the fiber optic cable separate from other services for the machine. A flexible material or other structure may assemble the fiber optic cable in the cable handler... Agent: Joy Mm Delaware, Inc.

20140077043 - Firestop collar: A firestop collar including a support band made of sheet metal and an intumescent strip that runs along the support band and is connected to it. The support band is provided with several pre-defined cutting zones which are at a distance from each other in the lengthwise direction and which... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20140077044 - Connection mechanism: A connection mechanism between two components may use one or more metallic pins that are magnetically extended when the components are engaged, and a sloped groove that retracts and unlocks the pins when the components are rotated. The components are locked in place by the pins during engagement. Disengagement may... Agent: Otter Products, LLC

20140077045 - Testing fixture: A testing fixture is provided, which is adapted to adjust the position of an object to be tested and includes a first translation mechanism, a second translation mechanism and a height-adjusting mechanism. The first translation mechanism is able to move along a first axis, the second translation mechanism is disposed... Agent: Askey Computer Corp.

20140077046 - Mailbox mounting system: A system mounts a mailbox to an upstanding post defining an upper portion of the post. The system includes a plate adapted to mount the mailbox and defining a lower surface and an upper surface of the plate, the upper surface being adapted to support a lower surface of the... Agent:

20140077047 - Grill light holders: Disclosed is a device comprised of a one-piece fabricated light holder structure attachable to a variety of cooking grills. The disclosed light holder comprises a rigid, symmetrically-bent channel member, at least one horizontally-oriented attachment arm culminating in a fastening tab, and at least one pre-drilled hole in each fastening tab,... Agent:

20140077048 - Support apparatus for display devices and other objects: A support apparatus includes an arm assembly attached to a support assembly such that the arm assembly is positionable adjacent to an article of furniture such as a desk or work surface. A mounting device is attached to the arm assembly that is sized and configured to retain a display... Agent: Knoll, Inc.

20140077049 - Portable and adjustable display support arm: An adjustable support arm supports a suspended work piece. The adjustable support arm includes a locking hinge mechanism, a sliding member, and sling suspension assembly for supporting a work piece. The adjustable support arm can be secured by placing it between a wall and various objects, furniture, or any suitable... Agent:

20140077050 - Lifting device: A lifting device adapted to bear an object is provided. The lifting device includes a body, a sliding member, an elastic member, an adjusting member and a connecting member. The sliding member is slidably disposed at the body moves along a first axis and stays at any position between a... Agent:

20140077051 - Support for suspending balloons: The present invention relates to a support for suspending balloons (5). It is characterized in that it is formed by: a body (1) substantially cylindrical whose outer and inner parts are threaded, the lower end being fully open and the upper end being closed; two adjacent holes (3, 4) on... Agent:

20140077052 - Projector lift: According to the present disclosure, a projector lift is provided to raise and lower a projector from the ceiling. The projector lift includes a first mount normally coupled to the ceiling, a second mount supporting the projector, a driver configured to raise and lower the second mount and projector, and... Agent:

20140077053 - Projector mount: A projector mount is provided, which includes a foundation, a base, a Y axis translation unit, a rod, an X axis translation unit, a telescopic element, a Z axis translation unit and an angle adjusting unit. The base is connected to the foundation. The base is moved in the Y... Agent: Delta Electronics, Inc.

20140077054 - Support ultraportable multifonctions: Ultraportable support (A, B, B′, C, D, E), comprising at least two feet (2) attached by means of hinges (3) allowing rotation of said feet (2), a locking system (5) of the hinges (3) allowing to maintain the feet (2) into different angular positions, the support further comprises at least... Agent:

20140077055 - Bracing assembly: The invention includes a solar canopy a brace assembly for stabilizing a foldable solar canopy structure including: a first brace clamp comprising a first U-shaped body removable attached to a flat body; a second brace clamp comprising a second U-shaped body removable attached to a flat body, wherein the second... Agent: Chevron U.s.a Inc..

20140077056 - Clip mounted holder for article: An article holder is disclosed. The article holder includes a mounting clip with a top and bottom member pivotally attached to one another and spring loaded so as to clip mount to a base element. In certain embodiments, the mounting clip includes a groove in a top surface adapted to... Agent:

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