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02/05/2015 > 26 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20150034774 - Device for mounting a unit, notably a radio, in a motor vehicle instrument panel compartment: To mount a unit in a compartment in a vehicle instrument panel including an opening for inserting the unit, the unit includes two tenons that are compressible in a heightwise direction and can be guided in two fixed parallel longitudinal lateral slideways that include an entry zone and a closed-end... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150034775 - Collapsible floral plaque for casket and/or headstone and methods of production and use thereof: A collapsible plaque for holding floral objects and methods of production and use thereof are disclosed. The collapsible plaque may be used with a casket and/or headstone for display of a floral object thereon.... Agent:

20150034776 - Line management device: A line management device includes a body with a slot for receiving a tube and a base adapted to mount the body to a support surface. The base is configured to adapt to a non-planar surface without affecting the shape of the slot.... Agent:

20150034777 - Paint brush holder: The paint brush holder is a device allowing the user to keep paint brush, when not in use, attracted by magnetic forces to a magnet and keeping brush bristles away from the device to prevent it from soiling and allowing the remaining paint drip back into the can. The paint... Agent:

20150034778 - Holder stand: A holder stand includes an adjustable support arm assembly, a holder member pivotally connected to one end of the support arm assembly by a ball-and-socket joint for holding a mobile electronic device, a base member defining a position-limited groove and two retaining holes at two opposite sides of the position-limited... Agent: Chen-source Inc.

20150034779 - Saddle adjustment system: A saddle adjustment assembly comprising an adjustable height saddle post, the adjustable height saddle post comprising a first support and a second support, the second support configured to slidably move relative to the first support between at least a raised position and a lowered position, the first support configured to... Agent:

20150034780 - Adjustable stand for televisions and monitors: This disclosure is of a stand including a base, a fixed arm, wherein the fixed arm is operatively connected to the base, and an extendable arm, wherein the extendable arm is adjustably attached to the fixed arm, wherein the extendable arm has a first end and a second end, wherein... Agent:

20150034781 - Portable foldable cradle: Disclosed herein is a portable foldable cradle. A rear plate is rotatably coupled to the front plate to enable the rear plate to be unfolded from the front plate. A support mechanism is in between the front plate and the rear plate in which a first end of the support... Agent:

20150034782 - Component arrangement on an aircraft structure, and a method for the installation of a component into an aircraft structure: A component arrangement on an aircraft structure, in particular on a fuselage structure of an aircraft, with at least one mounting structure connected with the aircraft structure, and at least one component to be assigned to the aircraft structure, in particular a measuring device. At least one component carrier is... Agent:

20150034783 - Attachment clamp: Various apparatuses to attach a first medical device to a second medical device are described that allow the physician to grasp only a single device while the other device remains securely attached to the one being grasped. The apparatues, once they are attached to the first medical device, are designed... Agent:

20150034784 - Supporting an object at a window of a building by applying opposing forces to an interior surface and an exterior surface of the building: An apparatus for supporting an object at a window of a building comprises a first member, a second member, and a third member. The first member extends along at least a partial width of the window and abuts an interior surface of the building. The first member is configured to... Agent: Nation Wide Products, Inc.

20150034785 - Microwave antenna adjustment apparatus: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a microwave antenna adjustment apparatus, which relates to the field of communications technologies and is invented for resolving a problem that an existing adjustment apparatus has a low horizontal adjustment precision and is costly. The present invention is applicable to adjustment of a microwave... Agent:

20150034786 - Sheet metal bracket with reinforcing core rod: The present disclosure relates to a securing element for securing objects, such as vehicle seats, or for clamping loads, such as luggage, to a bodywork component and a securing system having a securing element. In order to confer increased strength on the securing element and furthermore to be able to... Agent:

20150034787 - Propane tank porter: Propane Tank Porter simplifies and solves the transit problems associated with domestic propane tank(s). Normally people carry propane tanks in their Car/Truck/SUV trunks. During the transit, they roll due to the motion/breaking of the vehicle and damage the trunk. This causes driver distractions, due to its rolling and bumping actions... Agent:

20150034788 - Rotatable frame for a lithographic apparatus: A projection system, configured to project a radiation beam onto a target, includes a rotatable frame (8) configured to rotate about an axis defining a tangential direction and a radial direction, wherein the rotatable frame holds a lens configured to focus the radiation beam in only the tangential or radial... Agent:

20150034789 - Quick mount connector: A quick mount connector allows for easy rotation of an object, such as an antenna. The connector has a base, a coupling member and an object mount. The base is configured for connection to a surface and includes base teeth around an inner circumference. The coupling member is configured to... Agent:

20150034790 - Support appartus and rotational postion return apparatus: Provided is a support apparatus including a support tube, a support column inserted in the support tube, and a rotational position return mechanism provided between the support tube and the support column to return the support column rotated relative to the support tube to a reference position in response to... Agent:

20150034791 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a tower rail, an upper rail, a memory base arranged above a bottom wall portion of the lower rail, a restriction piece holding the memory base so that the memory base is restricted from moving, a memory pin attached to the memory... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150034792 - Painting support board: A painting support system has a painting support board for holding smaller artist's panels or canvases that is colored so the area surrounding the panel or canvas mimics the frame for the finished painting. A reference line grid are scribed on the painting support board more accurately draw and observe... Agent:

20150034793 - Foldable lectern assembly: A foldable lectern assembly includes a reading material support surface pivotedly connected to a case. A support bar is arranged to support the reading material support surface in inclined and horizontal positions. The foldable lectern assembly has a table top configuration and a standup configuration.... Agent:

20150034794 - Construct for items to be wall mounted and methods of mounting: An improvement in an item having a rear surface to be mounted facing a wall, the rear surface having a mounting structure including: (a) a rest surface that, in use, rests on a support structure affixed to the wall, and (b) a feed opening that serves as a guide for... Agent:

20150034795 - Pneumatic suspension and vibration isolation system employing low friction cable isolators: The present invention provides a suspension and vibration isolation system having cable isolators. The cable isolators employ low-friction air-bearing pneumatic cylinders and cables to isolate a suspended payload from vibrations of a carrier or to isolate the carrier from vibrations of the payload. Using such air-lubricated cylinder to piston interfaces... Agent: Vale S.a.

20150034796 - Affixable belt clip for a phone incorporating an adjustable kickstand: A combination clip and table top supporting device for use with any of a smartphone or other portable electronic device. The device includes a body having opposing and extending ends and which is constructed of a resilient and biasing material. The attachable electronic device is adapted to secure to a... Agent:

20150034797 - System and method for managing noise and vibration in a vehicle using electro-dynamic regenerative force and vehicle having same: A system for managing noise and vibration in a vehicle includes a housing defining an internal cavity. A compliant member is attached to the housing and further defines the internal cavity. A magnet is operatively fixed to the housing in the cavity and has a magnetic field. A coil is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150034798 - Method for assembling a modular support structure of an item-processing machine and modular structure of an item-processing machine: Method for assembling a modular support structure of an item-processing machine comprising hubs for bearing respective shafts of moving members, and a plurality of link elements fixable at hubs, the method including: a) providing a toleranced jig plate with means defining the definitive boss position of hubs, b) providing fixing... Agent: Sidel S.p.a Con Socio Unico

20150034799 - Magnetically supported clipboard having dry-erasable writing surface: A clipboard is defined by a planar support having a back surface that retains at least one magnet, thereby permitting releasable attachment of the clipboard to a metallic supporting surface. A dry-erasable steel surface is secured to the front of the support and a hinge clip attached enables at least... Agent: Intelpropolist LLC

01/29/2015 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150028166 - Panel attachment system: The plurality of hangers are positioned in length-wise alignment, with the first end portion of each hanger being attached to the second end portion of an adjoining hanger, the attached first and second end portions being secured to the casing, and the centre portion of each hanger being secured to... Agent:

20150028167 - Crash pad upper mounting bracket: The present invention relates to a crash pad upper mounting bracket which is installed between an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) to which a connecting duct of a vehicle is connected, and a crash pad, the crash pad upper mounting bracket including: a base which is installed at a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150028168 - Multi-conduit coiled tubing assembly: A coiled tubing assembly for use in a wellbore includes at least two continuous coiled tubing members which are joined by clamp assemblies at longitudinally spaced positions such that the tubing members are adapted to be collectively spoolable on a common drum. Each clamp assembly has a central portion spanning... Agent:

20150028169 - System and apparatus for the support of optics: An optics support system and apparatus are provided. The optics support system may comprise a first member, a second member, a base, and a support strap. The first member may be attached to a top rest at one end, and the base at the other end. The second member may... Agent:

20150028170 - Clamping apparatus: A clamping apparatus is provided, including a base unit, a movable unit, a carrier unit, a clamping element located on base unit and two stop elements located on carrier unit; wherein the base unit includes a placement surface for placing an electronic device; the movable unit partially extends into base... Agent:

20150028171 - System for mounting video/photographic equipment on a support head: A system (1) for mounting video/photographic equipment (2) on a support head (3), the system comprising a mounting plate (4) which can be fixed to a lower part of the equipment and a seat (20) which is formed in a body (21) of the head and which can house the... Agent:

20150028172 - Suspension device: A suspension device for suspending a display unit comprises a fixation element for securing the suspension device to a support surface, and a plurality of suspension members for removably receiving the display unit and suspending the display unit from the fixation element.... Agent:

20150028173 - Canopy assembly organizer: A canopy organizer for organizing objects on an elongated and vertical support is provided. The organizer comprises a first fabric wall and a second fabric wall. Both walls are in contact with each other along the edges so as to form a pocket. Then, a filling is within the pocket... Agent:

20150028174 - Camera mounting bracket: A mounting bracket for a device having at least one planar mounting shoe surface comprising a pair of parallel conventional T-slots each having a lengthwise T-shaped cavity formed with a wide base and a narrow opening communicating with the mounting shoe surface between parallel rails spaced apart on opposite sides... Agent:

20150028175 - Apparatus for holding portable devices: An apparatus comprises a device cradle being configured to removably retain a portable device. The device cradle comprises a u-shaped frame being configured to receive and hold at least three peripheral sides of the portable device. An easel is in engagement with the cradle. The easel comprises lower attachment points... Agent:

20150028176 - Lightweight carrier structure, particularly for optical components, and method for its production: A carrier structure (100), particularly for optical components, includes a carrier body (10) which is formed from ceramic with hollows (11), and at least one cover layer (21, 22) which is formed from glass, arranged on at least one surface of the carrier body (10), and is connected to the... Agent:

20150028177 - Trailer jack stand support: The present invention relates to a jack stand and safety support comprising: four sides that substantially form a pyramid; two of said four sides being opposite each other including cut outs and handles; a top including a three tiers basin that includes an optional drainage channel extending across all tiers... Agent:

20150028178 - Gutter mount: The present invention relates to a gutter mount which is particularly for use on outbuildings and temporary structures, such as sheds. The gutter mount comprises an adjustable retaining member for receiving the guttering, allowing the guttering to be retained in the correct position independent of roof angle, and a means... Agent:

20150028179 - Vibration damping receptacle device: The invention relates to a vibration damping receptacle device for receiving a motor (1) on a fan housing wall (2) having a motor support element (3) on which a plurality of attachments (4) are formed, a plurality of receptacles (6) disposed directly on the housing wall, and a plurality of... Agent: Ebm-papst Landshut Gmbh

20150028180 - Engine mount assembly and mounting system for a vehicle: An engine mount assembly is provided for mounting an engine to a vehicle frame. The engine mount assembly includes an elastomeric material snubber element having a generally elongated configuration with axial end faces and a coaxial bolt passage defined therethrough. A tubular sleeve has an inner shape sized for sliding... Agent: Cnh America LLC

20150028181 - Vibration-absorbing type of street-lighting pole using silicone and mass: A street-lighting pole incorporates a vibration-reducing means on the upper end part of a pole provided standing vertically, wherein: the upper end part of the pole is formed so as to have a silicone receiving part of which the upper part is open in such a way that silicone oil... Agent:

20150028182 - Coreless engine mount and method of manufacturing the same: A coreless engine mount, and a method for manufacturing a coreless engine mount, may include a mount bracket that has at least one bolting hole for bolting and houses a mounting bush, and combines with the mounting bush, and a coreless support bracket that has an extension integrally extending from... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150028183 - Support system for an equipment item on a contrete slab: A support system for an equipment item on a concrete slab includes at least one raised block relative to the slab and of a single piece with the slab. The block includes a metal belt delimiting the vertical walls of the block and a metal support fastened to the belt... Agent:

20150028185 - Integrated magnetic tablet stand: Novel stands for tablet computers and other electronic devices. A stand for a tablet may comprise a body having one or more attachment mechanisms at one location and a crossbar at a second location. The crossbar may comprise a portion of a first material disposed to magnetically interact with a... Agent:

20150028184 - Utensil holder: A utensil holder has an enclosure having a hollow interior. An insertion point is formed in the enclosure for inserting a utensil into the hollow interior of the enclosure. An indentation is formed on a back surface of the enclosure for supporting the utensil when the utensil holder is positioned... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150021446 - Conduit hanger: The hanger member for supporting a conduit or bundle of wires is provided as a one piece unitary member. The hanger member has a planar first leg with an open recess extending inwardly from a first side edge of the first leg and a second leg coupled to the first... Agent:

20150021447 - Pipe brace: A pipework brace comprising a first pipework engaging member and a second engaging member. A first tubular strut and a second tubular strut are provided and the first tubular strut is attached to the first and second engaging members by connectors located at each end of the first tubular strut.... Agent:

20150021448 - Pivotal support frame and transport device for ceramic cookers, grills, and smokers: A ceramic cooker support frame and transport device for holding, loading and unloading a ceramic cooker, smoker, or grill having a egg, cylindrical or spherical shape which includes a cooker holding pivotal frame with a freely swinging cooker basket and a detachable hand truck in order to maintain the cooker... Agent:

20150021449 - Portable bicycle stand: A stand for a bicycle having a wheel, which stand holds the bicycle in an upright position of use on a horizontal surface. The stand comprises a trough having an upwardly open receptacle which is dimensioned and configured to receive the wheel in close cooperation therewith. One or more feet... Agent:

20150021450 - Gondola shelf system displaying both signage and product: A gondola shelving product and signage display system allows both product and the signage to be projected into the store aisle for potential customers to view and purchase. The signage is placed at about 90 degrees to the aisle pathway, making it difficult for customers to miss. Product is prominently... Agent:

20150021451 - Camera mount with spring clamp: A camera system is configured to detachably couple to a camera mount, which in turn can be attached to an apparatus. The camera mount is a spring clamp including two arms, each include a handle component and a jaw component. The spring clamp can be attached to an apparatus when... Agent:

20150021453 - Collapsible support structure: A collapsible support structure that can transition from a folded position to an unfolded position can include a plurality of poles, a plurality of support members connected to a plurality of sliders, and a bottom supporting portion. The collapsible support structure can be configured for a variety of purposes, including... Agent:

20150021452 - System for adjusting a pallet for delivery on a rooftop: The present disclosure relates to a system for adjusting a pallet to an inverted V-shaped rooftop. The system comprises two adjustment assemblies for resting the pallet on the inverted V-shaped rooftop. Each adjustment assembly is adapted to rest on one of two sides of the inverted V-shaped rooftop. The system... Agent:

20150021454 - Autonomous remote anchor system: An autonomous remote anchor system for providing an anchor connector to a surface, such as a ground anchor for an unattended ground sensor is disclosed. An inflatable positioning structure is inflated and configured to orient an anchor assembly in a vertical orientation with respect to the ground or surface upon... Agent:

20150021455 - Turbine engine support part of hybrid structure: A turbine engine support part including a main structure made of composite material and a reinforcing secondary structure made of metal and integrated in the main structure, the secondary structure presenting a geometrical shape and dimensions configured to impart mechanical strength to the support part in event of the main... Agent: Snecma

20150021456 - Adhesive joint construction for the frame of a food-processing machine: A food processing apparatus has a frame assembly in which frame members are joined using adhesive, such as an epoxy. The frame members are comprised of stainless steel and the adhesive is applied so that exterior surfaces of the stainless steel frame members are free of any adhesive residue. Adhesive... Agent:

20150021457 - Angle adjusting apparatus: An angle adjusting apparatus for adjusting a supporting angle of an electronic device includes an inputting member defining a sliding slot, a sliding member slidably received in the sliding slot, a hinge rotatably connected to the sliding member, and a supporting arm rotatably connected to the hinge. When the supporting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150014489 - Fastening clip: A fastening clip comprises a base body and at least one holding portion which is integrally but flexibly connected to the base body, the base body as well as the holding portion comprising at least one receptacle for an elongated member. The holding portion is reversibly movable with respect to... Agent: Trw Automotive Electronics & Components Gmbh

20150014490 - Clamp-integrated wiring harness protector for assembling and method for producing the same: An object of the present invention is to provide a clamp-integrated wiring harness protector for assembling, in which a man-hour for assembling the protector is unnecessary, and workability upon assembling with a wiring harness is satisfactory, and the wiring harness is protected after assembling, and the protector can be produced... Agent:

20150014491 - Pipe support: A pipe or like support moulded as a unitary item having a region of concertinaing, serpentine or otherwise longitudinally variable nature between end regions, for example having a longitudinally extensile linking region extending between at least a pair of the end regions the linking region can be of a concertina... Agent: Lake Products Limited

20150014492 - Vial gripper: A vial gripper and gripper assembly having a base and a clamp extending therefrom made from an elastomeric material. The clamp adapted to retain a vial, ampoule, or other containers therein typically used in the hospital or clinical setting. The gripper assembly includes an elevated body having a guide wherein... Agent:

20150014493 - Display elevating device: An improvement of display elevating device comprising one supporting portion, a retraction portion and a base, wherein, the supporting portion contains a front panel and a spherical pivot head for fixing a display, wherein the front panel is provided with a spherical clamp for fixing the spherical pivot head, wherein... Agent:

20150014494 - Dispenser assembly: A dispenser assembly secures an object, such as a bottle of nail polish, within a tilting repository at an orientation and angle efficacious for accessing the object with one hand. Pressure applied to the repository tilts it to a desired angle for facilitated access and manipulation of the object. After... Agent:

20150014495 - Lid holder system: A system for holding lids is provided. The system illustratively includes a base that comprises a utensil rest. The system also includes a stand connected to the base such that the stand is perpendicular to the base at a connection point and further wherein an axis is also perpendicular to... Agent:

20150014496 - Apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic module: An apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic module is disclosed. The apparatus includes a first support member, a second support member, a ballast support structure, and brackets. The brackets each include a first leg and a second leg, where the first leg includes a hook-shaped portion at a distal end of... Agent:

20150014497 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus for mounting a mounting bracket to an enclosure includes a sliding member, a resisting member, and a pushing member. A fixing hole is defined in the sliding member. A pressing portion partially covers the fixing hole. The mounting bracket includes a flange portion. An extension slot is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150014498 - Air spring fastening: An air spring fastening including a positioning element, a radius arm unit, and an air spring unit, wherein the radius arm unit and the air spring unit each having a fastening section, the positioning element having a first engagement section that can be brought into engagement with a first fastening... Agent:

20150014499 - Holster rest: The purpose of the Holster Rest is to provide a secure mounting location for a holster and hand gun when the holster is not attached to a belt or clothing. The design and function allows the user to easily install and remove and relocate quickly to another location. The Holster... Agent:

20150014500 - Fixing bracket: A fixing bracket is used to fix a plurality of storage devices in a housing. Each of the storage devices has a first sidewall and a second sidewall opposite and respectively having plurality of fixing holes. The fixing bracket includes a frame body and two pivotal members. The frame body... Agent: Quanta Computer, Inc.

20150014501 - Slide lock for a roller blind fascia: A slide lock to releasably secure a roller blind fascia to the end plate of a roller blind. The slide lock comprises a lock body slidably received along an interior surface of the fascia. The lock body has an engaged position, where the lock releasably secures the fascia to the... Agent:

20150014502 - Mounting device for mounting an object to a vehicle: The present disclosure provides a mounting device for mounting an object to a vehicle. The vehicle has a tailgate and the mounting device comprises a mount for mounting the object to the mounting device. The mount comprises a rigid member on which the in use the object is mounted. Further,... Agent: Porteside Pty Ltd

20150014503 - Strut mount: A apparatus and method for mounting an object are provided. The apparatus includes a clamp configured to attach to a strut, and a bracket coupled to the clamp. The bracket includes a first arm having a first end disposed proximal to the clamp and a second end disposed distal to... Agent:

20150014504 - Photovoltaic panel racking assembly for use in connection with roof installation of panels: A photovoltaic panel racking assembly (60) includes a cylindrically shaped standoff (70) cooperatively adjoined to a specially formed toggle (80) through an all thread rod (100). A nut (101) is sized and shaped to operatively engage with the toggle (80) to fix the relative position of the toggle (80) and... Agent:

20150014505 - Hardware assembly: A hardware assembly is provided with a base for mounting to a support surface, the base having a longitudinal axis. A receiving member extends outwardly from the base along the longitudinal axis, the receiving member having an aperture. A hardware component is mounted to the receiving member in a plane... Agent: Liberty Hardware Mfg.corp.

20150014506 - Folding keyboard height extender: A folding keyboard height extender with a top plate, a bottom plate, and a right and left side hinged side arrangements. Each hinged side arrangements has an upper plate and a lower plate that are hinged to each other and between the left and right side edges of the top... Agent:

20150014507 - Vibration isolation apparatus, method of isolating vibration, lithography apparatus, and method of producing device: A vibration isolation apparatus includes a support unit that elastically supports an object to a mounting surface, a measurement sensor that measures a displacement of the object relative to the mounting surface, a drive unit that drives the object, and a storage unit. The storage unit stores data indicating a... Agent:

20150014509 - Clamp and trolley system: The invention provides a clamp and trolley system for moveably attaching a power cable, hose or tube (104) of a lifting apparatus to a guiding cable or track, the clamp 100) comprising: a first clamp component (102) having a first engagement surface (106,116) adapted to engage with the power cable,... Agent: Hong Kong Turbo Trolley Limited, No 1636690

20150014508 - Frame, system and/or method for deploying a skid: A frame, a system and/or a method deploys a compact skid. The compact skid has a storage position and an operational position. The compact skid has an inner shell, an outer shell and a bladder. In the storage position, the inner shell is positioned within the volume of the outer... Agent:

20150014510 - Support module for lithography system: The invention relates to a support structure and support module, for instance for use in a lithography system, comprising a frame and a support for supporting a load, wherein said support is moveable relative to said frame, said support structure further comprising a force compensation spring assembly connecting said support... Agent:

20150014511 - Stand base for a surgical microscope: The stand base is for a surgical microscope. The stand base is for setting up on a floor configured as a planar surface and includes at least a first weight module; a base body defining an underside and accommodating the first weight module; a support arrangement connected to the base... Agent:

20150014512 - Axle brake bracket for thin-wall axle: The invention relates to a brake component mounting bracket for an axle/suspension system that includes a continuous window weld to join the bracket to the axle, which enables the use of a thin-wall axle, desirably reducing the weight and the cost associated with the axle/suspension system. The axle brake bracket... Agent:

20150014513 - Support element for a wiper drive: The invention relates to a support element (105) for a wiper drive (100), comprising a receiving portion (130) for attaching the wiper drive (100), a bearing point (135) for fixing the support element (105) to a surrounding structure (110), and a predetermined breaking point (140). A specified gap (150) lies... Agent:

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