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12/04/2014 > 29 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20140353436 - Clamp for securing pipe: The subject matter relates to a clamp for use in disengagably locking together a pair of cylindrical tubular joints of pipe, such as oilfield drill pipe or casing, to convert them into a non-rotatable flat beam. The clamp includes a pair of jaws that are formed to closely conform to... Agent:

20140353435 - Direct rooftop mounting apparatus for solar panels: Disclosed is an apparatus for mounting solar panels and other rooftop objects to a shingle roof or other roof structures. The apparatus includes a panel-mount and a base-plate. The base-plate is securable to the roof structures. The panel-mount can be secured to the base-plate and intermediary flashing plate. The panel-mount... Agent:

20140353437 - Adjustable frame structure for golf bag: An adjustable frame structure for golf bag includes a body frame unit including a bottom frame having a plurality of upwardly extending and equiangularly spaced plug holes and a top frame having a plurality of downwardly extending and equiangularly spaced plug holes, the plug holes of the bottom frame and... Agent:

20140353438 - Man-machine interface with pointer means and an armrest, and a vehicle: A man-machine interface (10) for a vehicle (1), the interface (10) has pointer means (40) and comprises a base and a support (20) extending in elevation from said base (15). A notch (30) is formed in a side face (22) of said support (20) in an elevation direction (Z) and... Agent: Airbus Helicopters

20140353439 - Apparatus for hanging plants: An apparatus for hanging plants allows a user to create 360 degree displays using potted plants. A support structure includes a support pole and a base. The base stabilizes the support pole in a position normal to the resting surface of the base. The support pole is cylindrical and can... Agent:

20140353440 - Golf club stand: The invention relates to ergonomically-correct golf club stands that prop up putters, other clubs, fishing poles, and plants. The stands also have attachment points for accessories. The stands protect golf clubs by keeping them off the ground and visual. This helps keep them clean and avoids inadvertently leaving them behind.... Agent: Just Believe International Inc.

20140353441 - Castor apparatus for a chair base and a chair base with a castor apparatus: A castor apparatus having a body, a first wheel, a second wheel and an impact dissipation device. The castor apparatus can be positioned at the end of an arm of a chair base. The castor apparatus includes an impact dissipation device that redirects force transmitted through the arm and the... Agent: Royal Technologies Corporation

20140353442 - Hanger bar: A hanger bar is provided for suspending and securing an electrical box between ceiling joists. The hanger bar is comprised of a main tube section, a box support bracket, a box which attaches to the box support bracket and two end plates which are attached to the main tube section... Agent: Thomas & Betts International LLC

20140353443 - Load bearing structure for a large-scale vehicle: A load bearing structure for a large-scale vehicle includes a base and a return unit. The base includes a mounting seat and a side-skirt connecting member which has a pivot portion pivoted to the mounting seat. The pivot portion includes a first contact portion, a second contact portion and a... Agent:

20140353444 - Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive: A fixing apparatus for fixing a hard disk drive includes a first frame, a second frame, and a latching device. The first frame includes a first mounting arm and a first connecting arm. The first mounting arm includes a number of fixing columns for inserting into fixing holes of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140353445 - Suction device: A suction device includes an elastic base and a release structure connected operably to the elastic base. The elastic base has a peripheral portion for to hermetically contacting a contact surface and defining a vacuum chamber therebetween when a predetermined external force is applied on the elastic base, thereby mounting... Agent:

20140353446 - Paint can shelf for extension ladders: A paint can shelf attaches to a sliding extension ladder fly section. The shelf includes two parallel arms which reach through hollow rungs of the sliding extension ladder fly section, whereby the shelf is raised and lowered with the sliding extension ladder fly section. Slides are attached to the arms... Agent:

20140353447 - Supporting device: A supporting device includes a holding module and a locating module. The holding module includes a rear shell and a front shell which have a bottom positioning shell and a top positioning shell covered to define a receiving chamber therebetween. The locating module is movably disposed in the receiving chamber... Agent: Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140353448 - Cushion clamp support with positioning feature: Embodiments include a cushion clamp support and assembly and related method. In one embodiment the cushion clamps support includes a support base and a support bracket for receiving the support base. The support base and the support bracket are substantially flat in selective corresponding areas that align when disposed adjacent... Agent:

20140353449 - Apparatus for cushioning corners and related methods: Generally disclosed are apparatus and related methods for blunting sharp corners or otherwise reducing the force of an impact with sharp corners. In one embodiment, the apparatus may generally be in the form of a creature with at least a torso and four appendages defined internally by a skeleton of... Agent:

20140353450 - Modular combination skid: A combination skid for supporting a plurality of skid-supported loads comprises a base having a longitudinal axis and a plurality of docking stations, each to receive a skid-supported load along a loading directional axis. The loading directional axis of the plurality of docking stations is oriented substantially perpendicular to the... Agent:

20140353451 - Pivot arm stand for digital microscopes: According to the invention the pivotal movement may be blocked by a high torque magnetic brake arranged about a rotation axis (DA), which consists of a simultaneously pivoting part (MS) and a fixed part (ML), whereby the blocking may be suspended for the duration of a touch of a button... Agent:

20140353452 - Extendable pillar: The present technology provides an extendable pillar having a lower section with a base column, and an upper section with an upper column. The base column includes a ratchet mechanism that operates with a fastener rod in the upper column. When the ratchet mechanism is in a locked position, the... Agent:

20140353453 - Adjusters to control lower joints and upper joints: An adjuster is to control operation of a lower joint and an upper joint. The lower joint couples a base to an arm, and the upper joint couples the arm to a mount. The adjuster controls the joints according to a first mode and a second mode. The first mode... Agent:

20140353454 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a lower rail, an upper rail, a lock member, a stopper portion, a lever member that rotates in a release direction in association with a forward folding of a seatback, and a memory link being released from the lever member in a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140353455 - Removable wall decoration kits, systems and methods: Systems and kits for decorating walls include a plurality of décor assemblies and a plurality of complementary fastening structures. The décor assemblies include a décor element and a releasable fastening structure providing first fastening elements. The complementary fastening structure includes a base, a pressure sensitive adhesive disposed on the base,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140353456 - Stand: A stand for a Christmas tree or the like is adapted to cooperate with a base portion of a pole such as a tree trunk to provide a stable support for the pole with its base spaced above a support surface such as a floor. The stand comprises a plurality... Agent:

20140353457 - Mounting structure for casing of occupant protection device control unit: A casing for housing an occupant protection device unit is composed of a metallic base with its plate surfaces facing upward and downward, respectively, and a main body that is put on and mounted on the surface of the base. A bracket formed integrally with the base is composed of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140353458 - Shock isolation cage: A shock isolation cage including a bottom plate, two side plates, a top plate, and two shock isolation members is provided. Each of the side plates is fixed to the bottom plate. The top plate is fixed to the side plates. The bottom plate, the side plates, and the top... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140353459 - Fan bracket assembly for a slanted surface: A fan bracket assembly for supporting a fan assembly from a slanted surface. The fan bracket assembly includes a main body having a peripheral section, an open area sized to hold wiring of the fan assembly and an extension. The fan bracket is affixed to a slanted surface. The fan... Agent:

20140353460 - Fixing assembly: A fixing assembly includes a fixing frame, a fixing member, and a fastening member. The fixing frame includes a frame body and a guiding wall portion. The frame body is disposed between a circuit board and a heatsink. The guiding wall portion is connected to the frame body and has... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140353461 - Cabin air compressor support bracket: A support bracket for a cabin air compressor (CAC) assembly includes a CAC mounting portion with a plurality of CAC mounting holes distributed in an arc configuration along a CAC mounting hole circle radius. A support portion includes a ramped face that transitions to an upper lug portion and a... Agent:

20140353462 - Cabin air compressor support bracket: A support bracket for a cabin air compressor (CAC) assembly includes a CAC mounting portion with a plurality of CAC mounting holes distributed in an arc configuration along a CAC mounting hole circle radius defined from an origin. A support portion includes a ramped face that transitions to an upper... Agent:

20140353463 - Rotating equipment modularization: A module for an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project is described. The module comprises machinery disposed on a baseplate. The baseplate is coupled with a support structure via adjustable, self-leveling chocks. The chocks maintain a level baseplate surface regardless of whether or not the underside of the baseplate and... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140346288 - Method and apparatus for suspending duct by inserted corner members: A unitary support assembly for connecting an air transport duct to a support includes a body portion, a duct connecting means integrally formed with the body portion for selectively securing the support assembly to the air transport duct, and a support connecting means integrally formed with the body portion opposite... Agent: Jbt Steel Industries, Inc.

20140346289 - Cable tray assembly: A cable tray structure includes a first section that includes a first number of sidewall members connected to each other, a second section that includes a second number of sidewall members connected to each other and one or more members coupled to the first section and the second section to... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20140346290 - Sliding type clamp and clamp unit: A sliding type clamp includes a clamp fixing part adapted to be fixed to a stud bolt, and a clamp body adapted to clamp an objected member. The clamp fixing part and the clamp body are integrally formed. The clamp fixing part has a first sliding structure which slides along... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140346291 - Cable guidance system: A cable guide or cleat for a cable, comprises, in one embodiment, a pivot mounting, a base section on the mounting and an upper section that, when fastened to the base section, a cylindrical guide with clearance for a cable to be passed through the guide for installation, and an... Agent: Ellis Patents Holdings Limited

20140346292 - Holding mechanism for a display device: A holding mechanism of a display device includes a first arm, a second arm and a damper. The first arm and the second arm hold the display device in such a manner that the display device is capable of being displaced between a first disposition in which a lower edge... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140346293 - Combined dish rack: A combined dish rack for feeding pets includes a main body and legs. The main body has two dish setting openings for positioning dishes. The main body and legs are detachably attached to each other. The main body on a bottom thereof has a plurality of protruding members. The legs... Agent: Jiangsu Zhongheng Pet Articles Joint-stock Co.,ltd

20140346294 - Compact antenna mount: An antenna mount is provided with a bracket with an azimuth slot, an azimuth pivot hole and a boss hole. An azimuth adjuster with an extension portion passes through a boss seated in the boss hole. An offset portion of the azimuth adjuster has an azimuth fastener aperture spaced apart... Agent: Andrew LLC

20140346295 - Holder for helmet: Disclosed is a holder for the helmet, in which an suction band is formed by directly applying an adhesive soft material or by attaching a molded adhesive soft product to only the other portion of a pad except a center portion so that a vacuum state can be generated in... Agent:

20140346296 - Rotating electronic display adapter: An assembly includes an adapter portion configured for attachment to a rear surface of an electronic display device and a base portion configured to be mounted to a fixed structure in the cockpit of an aircraft. The adapter portion has a cylindrical barrel portion having a plurality of circumferentially disposed... Agent:

20140346297 - Ratchet-governed television stand: A ratchet-governed television stand mainly consists of a wall panel (1), a left rack (2) and a right rack (3). The left rack (2) is hooked on a left side of the wall panel (1) and is fastened with a screw, the right rack (3) is hooked on a right... Agent:

20140346298 - Hard disk securing structure for an industrial computer and tray thereof: A hard disk securing structure for an industrial computer is disclosed. The industrial computer includes a case, the hard disk securing structure is served to accommodate a hard disk and includes a securing member and a tray. The securing member is installed in the case and includes a buckling unit;... Agent: Aic Inc.

20140346299 - Apparatus for mounting accessory equipment to tow hooks: A device for adjustably and removably mounting accessory equipment to tow hooks of a vehicle without alteration to the bumper or surrounding fascia components. The device includes two angle brackets a mounting flange and a clamping plate. Each bracket has holes that align with the other bracket and with the... Agent:

20140346300 - Gutter wedge: A gutter wedge with improved performance comprising an attachment member and a support member is disclosed. The support member and the attachment member may comprise indentations that are capable of being nested. The configuration of the support member and the attachment member provide additional strength and stability with respect to... Agent: Senox Corporation

20140346302 - Cabin air compressor cross-support bracket: A cross-support bracket for a cabin air compressor assembly includes a mating portion having a first group of apertures at a first end and a second group of apertures at a second end. A reference line is defined between a lowermost primary aperture of the first group of apertures and... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140346301 - Cabin air compressor support bracket: A support bracket for a cabin air compressor (CAC) assembly includes a CAC mounting portion formed substantially orthogonal to an access portion and a structural support portion. A cross-support bracket mounting portion is formed at an angle relative to the access portion. An upper lug portion is formed at an... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140346303 - Ultrasonic wave device: An ultrasonic wave device includes a holding member designed to be fixed to an inner surface of a bumper as a vehicle outer panel, and a body block designed to be connected with the holding member. The body block includes a head designed to be inserted in an exposing hole... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140346304 - Linear motion guide: A linear motion guide includes a guide rail disposed on a floor, a block movably mounted on the guide rail, a height adjustment module disposed between the guide rail and the floor, where the height adjustment module includes a support disposed on the floor to support the guide rail and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140346306 - Adjustable, amorphous apparatus for positioning screened devices and method for the use thereof: An adjustable apparatus comprises at least one amorphous, elongated armature having a length, a first end and a second end, the amorphous, elongated armature configured to be adjustable and positionable, and the adjustable apparatus also comprises at least one first mating connector thereon. The first mating connector may be a... Agent: Gui Global Products, Ltd.

20140346305 - Multi-layer paper structures and processes of producing the same: Multi-layer paper structures and processes of producing the same are described. A method includes moving a backer web within an in-line process and die cutting the backer web associated with a backer web roll to define a support structure, the backer web comprising a front face and a back face.... Agent: R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company

20140346307 - License plate retention system integrated with vehicle aperture: A license plate holder system 100 may comprise a license plate frame system 300, swivel attachment rod 300, expansion fastener 200, end screw 365 and other components. A pair of swivel clamps 350 provide pivotal attachment along a Y axis upon a horizontal adjustment bar 435 and pivotal attachment along... Agent:

20140346308 - System for strengthening poles: Disclosed is a system for strengthening a pole comprising a support element for supporting the pole; and fastening means for securing the support element to the pole; wherein the fastening means comprises a pair of mutually engaging fastening parts, including a bolt part and a corresponding nut part adapted to... Agent: Babcock Networks Limited

20140346309 - Anti-spin mounting pole and method of forming: An anti-spin mounting pole for holding a communications device mounted thereon generally stable relative to a desired position when the lower end portion of the resultant pole is installed in a concrete base, such anti-spin mounting pole formed from an elongated pole having a generally uniform cross-sectional configuration defining a... Agent:

20140346310 - Picture frame hanger: Present invention discloses a new upper-hook-section and lower-anchor-section hanger that overcomes the drawbacks of conventional upper-anchor-section and lower-hook-section hanger of prior art, as well as the drawbacks of upper-hook-section and lower-anchor-section hangers of U.S. Pat. No. 7,222,833 previously issued to author of present invention. Present invention also discloses a new... Agent:

20140346311 - Portable electronic securing and locking device: A securement device is provided to secure a portable item from unauthorized movement or theft. A first bracket engages a first portion of the item, second bracket engages a second portion of the item, and an elongated member spans the portable item to attach the first bracket to the second... Agent:

20140346312 - Methods and apparatus for force management in fall protection apparatus: Methods of force management for a force management anchor (FMA) include apparatus between a post and a base plate that resist post rotation under fall loads, the apparatus resisting said rotation at a constant torque. A peak constant torque is less than a torsional “tear-out” capacity of a surface for... Agent:

20140346313 - Sensor mounting attachment: A mountable attachment for positioning a sensor in an environment, like a combustion chamber of a gas turbine is disclosed. The mountable attachment includes a mounting member having a hollow elongated configuration for incorporating the sensor therewithin. The attachment further includes at least one primary resilient member disposed within the... Agent:

20140346314 - Height safety anchor: A height safety anchor for fitment to a building support structure, the height safety anchor comprising: first attachment means for fitment to the building support structure; second attachment means remote from the first attachment means for attaching safety equipment; and shock absorbing means having a deformable region extending between the... Agent:

20140346315 - Cabin air compressor support bracket: A support bracket for a cabin air compressor (CAC) assembly includes a CAC mounting portion formed substantially orthogonal to an access portion and a structural support portion. A cross-support bracket mounting portion is formed at an angle relative to the access portion. An upper lug portion is formed at an... Agent: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

20140346316 - Chest mounted worker's support: A body support device adaptable to support the weight of a user is presented. The body support device comprises a padded support member having a front surface and a rear surface. A plurality of connecting rods is attached with the padded support member. The padded support member is fastened to... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 20 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140339375 - Non-conductive roller assembly: A pipe roller assembly includes a roller base; a roller shaft mounted to the roller base, the roller shaft defining an outer shaft surface; a roller defining an outer roller surface and an inner bearing surface, the roller mounted on the roller shaft; and an non-conductive barrier mounted between the... Agent:

20140339376 - Wire harness routing device for sliding seat: The present invention includes one harness rail having a straight line shape, the harness rail extending in a front-back direction adjacent to a lateral surface of a seat rail of a sliding seat mounted in a vehicle; and an extra length accommodation case linked to a front end of the... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140339377 - Freely stopping medical supply units: Disclosed is freely stopping medical supply units comprising a tank, a manual control mechanism for controlling the location-movement or location-locking of the tank, a horizontal arm, an elbow joint part for flexible connection of the horizontal arm and the vertical arm, a vertical arm, and a rotary shaft for flexible... Agent:

20140339378 - Post mounting system and device: A post mounting system includes a post and at least one device for mounting to the post. The post includes a first elongate flange and at least one other elongate flange projecting from a proximal edge of the first flange. A portion of the first flange is deformed to facilitate... Agent: Onesteel Wire Pty Limited

20140339379 - Bag stand: Disclosed is a bag stand including at least three side panels, each side panel having a top end, a bottom end, a left end, a right end, an inner surface, and an outer surface, each side panel having two adjacent side panels, each right end of each side panel connected... Agent:

20140339380 - Accessory mounting system: An accessory mounting system comprises a vertically aligned bracket configured to mate with a top corner block and a bottom corner block disposed below the top corner block of a pre-configured shipping container. A shaft may mount to the vertically aligned bracket and may have a first section slidable into... Agent: Sport Scope Inc.

20140339381 - Apparatus for supporting an electronic device: An apparatus for supporting an electronic device includes a primary support member. Secondary support components at each end of the primary support member may rest upon spaced apart parallel upper surfaces of a device such as a bath tub. An assembly for receiving an electronic device is mounted on the... Agent:

20140339382 - Mobile camera point of view mount: For a mobile camera POV mount, a rotational stabilizer is in physical communication with the surface. The rotational stabilizer may have a length in the range of 15 to 40 centimeters. A rotator is disposed on the rotational stabilizer. The rotator holds a stalk such that the stalk may be... Agent:

20140339383 - Mast: This disclosure relates to a mast having an elongated arm movable between a deployed position and a service position. The elongated arm is attached by a rotatable hub. A receiver is spaced from the hub and configured to selectively prevent rotation of the mast.... Agent: V.i.t. Products, Inc.

20140339384 - Anchor system for extruded columns: An anchoring system for extruded columns which is useful in supporting structures in a way that does not require drilling OF screwing into the column structure. The anchoring system is comprised of brackets which are mounted against extruded columns by inserting a bracket blade into place between a gasket and... Agent:

20140339385 - Rotating electronic display mount: An assembly is disclosed for mounting an electronic display device to a supporting structure within the cockpit of an aircraft which includes a circular adapter plate configured for attachment to a rear surface of an electronic display device, the adapter plate having a central alignment aperture with an axially extending... Agent: Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

20140339386 - Adjustable accessory hook and method of use: The invention could be an adjustable accessory hook comprising a first L-shaped attachment member comprising a hook, a first rectangular plate connected by a first common end to a second rectangular plate in a perpendicular orientation, the second rectangular plate further having a lengthwise channel, a hook for supporting container-based... Agent:

20140339387 - Non-penetrating securing device system and use and method of making: An exemplary system for securing objects to a substrate with a non-penetrating securing device. The non-penetrating securing device is a non-destructive device that allows objects of a variety of sizes (large and small) to be securely mounted to or on fragile substrates.... Agent:

20140339388 - Reversible viewing display mounting: In an example embodiment, a mounting structure for mounting a display monitor to a panel. The mounting allows the display monitor to be rotated so that it can be seen from either side of the panel.... Agent:

20140339389 - Method, device, and system for hanging an item:

20140339390 - System and method for supporting and leveling a light fixture: A system for supporting and leveling a light fixture having a fixture body supporting one or more light sources, and connectors on the fixture body, and a pair of V-shaped hanger rods, where each hanger rod has an apex area and first and second ends, and the first and second... Agent:

20140339391 - Movement device having a stewart platform: A movement device having a Stewart platform has a supporting body disposed on a horizontal plane, a movable platform, and four extensible links rotatably connected between the supporting body and the platform. The extension directions of the upper extensible links are in parallel with one another. When the movement device... Agent: Yuan Ze University

20140339392 - Gearbox bracket and power seat sliding device: A gearbox bracket and a power seat sliding device are provided at low cost. A base part 351 includes a main body part 353 configured to support a gearbox 331, and a first protruding part 355 and a second protruding part 357 continuously connected to the main body part 353... Agent:

20140339393 - Towel and blanket anchoring device: Disclosed is a towel and blanket anchoring device. The device includes an ornamental top portion with a clip disposed along its lower surface, and an elongated, vertical stake having a pointed lower tip. The pointed lower tip enables a user to easily secure the device to the ground, while the... Agent:

20140339394 - Small frame crawler system: A method and apparatus for performing an operation on a structure. In one illustrative embodiment, an apparatus comprises a tool system and a movement system. The tool system is configured to perform an operation at a location on a structure. The movement system is configured to move the tool system... Agent: The Boeing Company

11/13/2014 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140332636 - Method and apparatus for energy chain installation: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for installation of an energy chain system onto equipments at an operation site. A base fixture is provided at a preparation site which is independently operable from the operation site. A drag chain assembly and an auxiliary fixture are attached to the... Agent: Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre Pte Ltd

20140332638 - Backplate for a utility box: A backplate for installation between a utility box and an exterior surface of a building has a plate body having a first side and a second side. A moisture dam on the plate body extends outward from the first side of the plate body. The moisture dam defines a receptacle... Agent:

20140332637 - Support structures for electrical and plumbing systems: A support apparatus configured to support free lengths of parallel components in residential implementations comprising a rectangular section and connection flaps. The rectangular section defines support holes and includes a rectangular section width that matches a width of two standard adjacent studs in a residential implementation. The support holes are... Agent:

20140332639 - Milking hose support: A milking hose support comprising a frame adapted for supporting a milking hose, the frame having a hose coupler located on a side and adapted for supporting a milking hose; a hinge assembly, wherein the hinge assembly includes a hinge and connects the frame to the hinge; and a first... Agent:

20140332640 - System and method for mounting aircraft system components in the crown area of an aircraft: A system for mounting aircraft system components in the crown area of an aircraft comprising a first longitudinal carrier element, a second longitudinal carrier element and a bridging element which connects the first longitudinal carrier element to the second longitudinal carrier element. The system is mountable in the crown area... Agent:

20140332641 - Support for circular objects: An object support includes a clamp, and a base for receiving the clamp, with the clamp securing an object, such as a pipe, to the base. The base may have a trapezoidal shape, with a rectangular bottom surface that is larger than a rectangular top surface. The top surface may... Agent: Erico International Corporation

20140332642 - Brush support device and cover: Cosmetic brushes are often transported within bags, purses, etc. To ensure long life of the same, cosmetic brushes should occasionally be cleaned and allowed to dry prior to next use. A brush support device may provide protection of bristles of cosmetic brushes during transportation, be configured to hold the brush... Agent: Hct Group Holdings Limited

20140332643 - Rotary unit apparatus and rotation supporting apparatus: To provide a rotary unit and a rotation support used for television, etc., with a simple structure, which can generate an adequate friction torque and has a strength enough to prevent an escape and fracture during its use, even if it is made of aluminum die-cast material or synthetic resin... Agent: Kem Hongkong Limited

20140332644 - Handy drink holder:

20140332645 - Decoy and camera stake: A stake which can be screwed into the ground to hold a device such as a water fowl decoy or a trail camera in position primarily for use out doors. The stake includes a helical coil at one end for fixedly and removably attaching that end of the stake into... Agent:

20140332647 - Coupling device: A coupling device includes a first member and a second member. The first member has a first base and a first conjunction, wherein the first base has a first end and a second end; the first conjunction has at least two first surfaces facing each other, and a distance between... Agent: Accton Technology Corporation

20140332646 - Universal holder for bottles, bowls, pacifiers, toys and merchandise: the universal holder comprises a base and stand with arms to hold a baby bottle, cup, bowl, teether, toy, game or other merchandise within reach of a seated infant or child.... Agent:

20140332648 - Jewelry holder: A jewelry holder may include a shaft having a first section and a second section. The first section may include two spaced members defining a gap. The spaced members may be configured to receive an item. The second portion may secure the first portion.... Agent:

20140332649 - Supporting a recycling bin on a garbage container: Arrangements described herein relate to supporting one or more recycling bins on a garbage container. A hanger includes an elongated structural member comprising an upper portion configured to insert through a downward facing aperture defined on a garbage container proximate to a side of the garbage container, a hook extending... Agent:

20140332650 - Equipment mounting bracket for steel truss: The truss mounting bracket simplifies installation of electronic type equipment below fabricated trusses commonly used in warehouse and other buildings. The mounting bracket includes a housing having at one end thereof a structure for connecting with an electrical conduit section. The opposite end of the housing is adapted to allow... Agent:

20140332651 - Trivet system: A trivet system comprises a first trivet and a second trivet coupled to the first trivet. The first trivet and the second trivet are moveable relative to one another between a position in which the second trivet is disposed within a perimeter of the first trivet, and a position in... Agent:

20140332652 - Gas strut support: A gas strut support can include a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The first end of the gas strut support can be configured to attach to a first portion of a gas strut, and the second end of the gas strut support can be configured... Agent:

20140332653 - Display positioning apparatus and method: Embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for positioning an electronic display. The apparatus can be combined with an existing work surface to provide a multi-position workstation. In some cases the apparatus includes a mounting portion configured to support an electronic display and a keyboard. The mounting portion may be... Agent:

20140332654 - Movement unit for a machine tool and machine tool with such a movement unit: A movement unit for a machine tool comprises a supporting structure movable in a first direction for supporting a functional unit of the machine tool, with two longitudinal guides extending in the first direction which are offset relative to one another in a transverse second direction. A guide unit is... Agent: Trumpf Sachsen Gmbh

20140332655 - Fishing gear holding apparatus: An apparatus of the present disclosure has a frame, which has a receiving shelf and horizontal support beam respectively coupled to opposing ends of a vertical center beam and at least one leg coupled to the frame adapted such that when the leg is actuated, the frame stands upright and... Agent: Reel Deal, LLC

20140332656 - Adjustment arrangement for a motor vehicle seat: An adjustment arrangement for a seat of a motor vehicle including a rail which is mounted displaceably in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle relative to a frame of the vehicle, a seat support which forms a retainer for the seat, a connecting element which mechanically couples the seat support... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140332657 - Multi-use tool tables: Multi-use tool tables configured to support table tools and allow selective rotation of the table tools between an upright position and an inverted position are described in the present application. The multi-use tool tables include: one or more rotatable plates having a first surface for receiving a first tool and... Agent:

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Thank you for viewing Supports patents on the website. These are patent applications which have been filed in the United States. There are a variety ways to browse Supports patent applications on our website including browsing by date, agent, inventor, and industry. If you are interested in receiving occasional emails regarding Supports patents we recommend signing up for free keyword monitoring by email.

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