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07/10/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140191092 - Pipe mounting structure in work machine: A pipe mounting structure of a work machine that has a lightweighted structure and is able to stably mount many pipes thereon includes a structure for mounting pipes to a work machine such as a demolition machine. The structure includes at least a pair of protruding portions formed by upwardly... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20140191091 - Pipe-to-pipe brace assembly: A pipe brace assembly includes a main clamp body that can be secured to a brace pipe. A cable, or other flexible tensioning member, can be wrapped around a braced pipe and secured to the main clamp body. The pipe brace assembly includes a method or mechanism for tensioning the... Agent: Cooper B-line, Inc.

20140191093 - Adjustable weight supporting apparatus and method: An adjustable weight supporting apparatus is provided with a horizontal member, an optional vertical member, an optional adapter, and legs. The weight supporting apparatus may be used to support the weight of an automobile or other object. The horizontal member may be placed on a lifting device, which may be... Agent: Rennstand, Inc.

20140191094 - Mounting device: A mounting device typically used for mounting line-of-site equipment, the mounting device including leg members that can fold into a trough like body of the mounting device, and further including a strap spool connected to an end portion of the mounting device. A strap on the strap spool can be... Agent:

20140191095 - Systems and apparatuses to support an electronic device: Mounting apparatuses, electronic device holders, and components of electronic device holders are shown and described herein. A mounting apparatus is removably connected to an object and the electronic device holder. The electronic device holder is configured to hold an electronic device and has one or more of an adaptor, a... Agent: Zerochroma, LLC

20140191096 - Magnetic device mount: A mounting system for mounting a personal navigation device to a surface comprises a base assembly, a socket, and a mounting coupler. The base assembly includes a base, a mounting ball, and an arm connecting the base to the mounting ball. The socket may be integrated in the personal navigation... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20140191097 - Support assembly: A support device is provided. The support device includes a support assembly with an elongated first body defining a cantilever mounting and a support surface.... Agent: Penn United Technologies, Inc.

20140191098 - Adjustable mounting assembly: An adjustable mounting assembly has first and second mounting portions. The first mounting portion has an engagement arm with an adjustable end having first engagement teeth disposed about a first axis of rotation. The end portion has an adjustable second portion rotatable about the first axis of rotation, and having... Agent: Qsc Audio Products, LLC

20140191099 - Mobile holder: The first embodiment of the present invention presents a mobile device holder that is comprised of four components: a single finger holder, a single finger tensioner, a base platform; and an adhesive pad. The single finger holder and tensioner are permanently attached to form a first assembly, and the base... Agent:

20140191100 - Adjustable equipment mount assembly for an overhead support module: An adjustable equipment mount assembly is configured to be adjustably secured within an overhead support module that is configured to be secured to a structure, such as a ceiling of an enclosed room. The overhead support module is configured to deliver air to the structure. The assembly may include an... Agent: Huntair, Inc.

20140191101 - Recumbent trike lift and storage mechanism: A lifting and storage mechanism for storing a recumbent trike in a garage using the energy of a counterweight or motor is disclosed. The lifting and storage mechanism includes a pulley system that securely holds the trike in a horizontal balanced position while lifting and lowering the trike and while... Agent:

20140191102 - Adjustable stand holder: An adjustable stand holder includes a stand base including a base frame, an axle holder and a guide track arranged at the base frame at right angles, a cover member including a cover frame pivotally coupled to the axle holder and a smoothly curved stop flange raised from a front... Agent: Chen-source Inc.

20140191103 - Support for variably positioning a holder platform for books or electric devices: A support for a variably positioning a platform which is adapted to hold a book or electronic display for convenient viewing, the support having a pair of swing arms pivotally connected together end to end and to an upright standard, with the platform connected to an outer end of one... Agent:

20140191104 - Vibration isolator with low elevation seismic restraint: A vibration isolator with low elevation seismic restraint comprises a support member, at least two vibration isolating members, a top plate, a seismic snubber and a snubber limit plate. The vibration isolating members, are seated on the support member opposing end portions. The top plate has a middle portion and... Agent:

20140191105 - Engine cradle with deflector device: A cradle for mounting an engine in a vehicle has left and right side members, and a rear cross member and front cross member extending between the left and right side members. The cradle has left and right front body mounts. Left and right deflector devices are mounted respectively on... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140191106 - Systems, methods, and apparatuses for supporting electronic devices: An electronic device holder has a movable stand and is configured to be removably connected to one or more different mounting apparatuses that are connected to corresponding objects or directly to a plurality of different objects to support the electronic device holder and thus an electronic device held or supported... Agent: Zero Chroma, LLC

07/03/2014 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140183305 - Bracket for mounting cables: A bracket includes a side plate and a retaining member. The retaining member is located on the side plate. A receiving space is defined in the retaining member for receiving a cable. The retaining member includes a bent portion and a retaining portion. The bend portion is substantially parallel to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140183306 - Cable management arm assembly: A cable management arm assembly includes first and second arms, a cable base pivotally connected between the arms, a plate fixedly connected to the cable base, a supporting base, first and second supporting members, and a sliding base connected to the plate and slidably connected to the second supporting member.... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

20140183307 - Multi-stage thermal isolator for focal plane arrays and other devices: An apparatus includes a first interface platform and a second interface platform. One interface platform is configured to be coupled to a support structure, and the other interface platform is configured to be coupled to a device that operates at a temperature different than a temperature of the support structure.... Agent: Raytheon Company

20140183308 - Bracket supporting apparatus: A bracket supporting apparatus includes a side plate, two fixing brackets, a first mounting bracket defining a first through hole, and a second mounting bracket defining a second through hole. Each of the two fixing brackets includes a connection portion defining a fixing hole. Two supporting portions extend from two... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140183309 - Holder: A holder is provided. In one embodiment, the holder includes a holding portion, a hinge portion and an engagement portion. In one embodiment, the engagement portion is configured to couple to an object in an environment. In one embodiment, the engagement portion is pivotally displaceable relative to the holding portion... Agent:

20140183310 - Structure for fixing electrical junction box: A structure for fixing an electrical junction box is provided which makes it possible to fix the same electrical junction box, irrespective of the sizes, shapes and the like of batteries, and to commonly use the electrical junction box. The structure includes a bracket including a junction box fixing part... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140183311 - Tree planter harness: The Tree Planter Harness is an apparatus which supports and holds in an elevated or ground level position a planter or planters around and adjacent to the circumference of an upright tree trunk for the purpose of growing or retaining plants.... Agent:

20140183312 - Shelving system and components: A shelving system including brackets and shelves suspended by straps from various types of shelving. One bracket for hanging shelves from straps from a solid surface shelf is provided. The bracket includes first and second legs and a connecting portion defining an opening for receiving the shelf. Another bracket for... Agent: Rubbermaid, Inc.

20140183313 - Seatback-mountable clamp assembly: A clamping apparatus removably attachable to an elongate support such as a tray table latch on a seatback with a stowable tray table includes a pair of opposing hand grips slidably coupled to a clamp frame. Each hand grip includes a clamp jaw protruding from a back side of the... Agent:

20140183314 - Cradle apparatus and method for rotating and linearly displacing an electronic device: A case construction encases an electronic device and enables a user to rotatably and linearly displace the electronic device relative to a select surface of the case construction. The case construction includes a case with a cradle-receiving surface, a cradle sized and shaped to removably receive an electronic device, and... Agent:

20140183315 - Magnet holder for use in a throttle position sensor, a magnet holder for use in an angular position sensor, and methods for manufacturing them: A magnet holder (10) for use in an analogous or digital throttle position sensor for sensing the angle of a butterfly valve in a fuel supply unit of an internal combustion engine, said magnet holder (10) including a throttle lever member (11) adapted to be fixed to a shaft of... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20140183316 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket and two latching structures. The bracket includes a base and two clipping structures located on the base. The base defines a receiving space configured to receive a data storage device. Each of the two clipping structures includes two guiding rails and two clipping pieces... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140183317 - Mounting device for expansion card: A mounting device for an expansion card includes a chassis, a supporting member, a resilient member, and a locking member. The chassis includes a bracket. A sliding way is defined in the bracket. The supporting member is located in the bracket and is movable in the sliding way. The resilient... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20140183318 - Adapter for supporting molds: An elastic adapter for supporting baking molds. The elastic adapter may include an inner wall including a plurality of extruded inner projections extending radially inward and made of an elastic material. A mold may fit within and be secured by the inner projections. The elastic adapter may fit within a... Agent:

20140183319 - Synthetic laminated mat: An improved laminated mat which comprises synthetic materials are provided for herein. Embodiments may include a plurality of synthetic boards disposed adjacent to each other to form a top surface. Such a top surface may be configured such that individual boards are replaceable in the event of defects, wear and... Agent: The Modern Group, Ltd.

20140183320 - Apparatus for variable supporting foot of robot: An apparatus for a variable supporting foot of a robot includes a guide groove formed in a foot module of the robot and having an open end. A support plate is disposed in the guide groove and can slide out of the open end of the guide groove. A power... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140183321 - Holder for portable electronic device: A holder for supporting a portable electronic device and includes a pedestal and a supporting board. The supporting board includes a resisting portion and at least one resonator portion. The resisting portion is mounted on and has a predetermined angle with a top surface of the pedestal. The resonator portion... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20140183322 - Movable support device: A support device for moving an item on a surface. A main body includes a panel and a sidewall. A handle assembly engages the main body and includes a first transportation mechanism. The support device includes a resistance portion on the main body for engaging a surface and resisting movement... Agent: Wilton Industries, Inc.

20140183324 - Apparatus for holding and displaying articles: An assembly for holding and displaying books, or items having a book-like structure includes a book attached to a hinged book-holding device, which displays the book in various positions. The hinge allows the book to move in at least two positions, a first standing position and a second, inclined position.... Agent: W.w. Grainger, Inc.

20140183323 - Portable desk: A portable, lightweight desk designed for comfortable performance by being simple, compact, and designed to provide easy adjustment to a desirable angular position for the work surface during a task of reading, drawing, or even painting, while pertinent equipment and supplies are available within an enclosed storage space. The portable... Agent:

20140183325 - Apparatus for hanging an article: A picture-hanging device for hanging an object such as a picture or mirror that allows a picture to be adjusted vertically after securing the picture-hanging device to a wall. The device has an elongated adjustment member, an adjustable locking head that slideably engages with the elongated adjustment member, and a... Agent:

20140183326 - Halloween pumpkin/jack-o-lantern display stand: A Halloween pumpkin/jack-o-lantern stand having motorized platform able to rotate jack-o-lantern. A base with legs comprising of front display housing motion sensor which activates several functions including rotating platform, exterior profile lights, interior jack-o-lantern light, moving appendages and audible device. Jack-o-lantern is secured onto platform with extruding prongs.... Agent:

20140183327 - Utility vehicle: In an exhaust system of a vehicle including at least: an engine; a transmission arranged on a rear side in a vehicle traveling direction relative to the engine; an exhaust pipe connected to the engine and discharging exhaust gas; and an exhaust muffler connected to a downstream end part of... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140183328 - Mounting apparatus for fan: A mounting apparatus includes a fixing board defining a vent, two fixing members, and first and second plates. Two through holes are defined in an upper portion of the fixing board at opposite sides of the vent. Upper portions of the fixing members extend through the through holes and engage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140183329 - Power tool holder: The invention concerns a power tool holder which includes at least two clamping parts mutually movably connected to each other by at least one adjustable connection part, the at least two clamping parts each having a clamping surface which face each other and have a clamping space formed between them,... Agent: Atlas Copco Industrial Technique Ab

06/26/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140175230 - Conduit hanger and support apparatus: A support assembly for supporting a conduit includes a support, a clamp, and a hanger. The support has a partial-cylindrical shape including a first section having a first diameter and a second section having a second diameter that is greater than the first diameter. In one aspect, at least one... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

20140175231 - Apparatus for supporting cables: An apparatus for supporting electrical cables includes a first block having a bottom portion attachable to a cable tray and a top interfacial surface comprising a set of guide-receiving features extending from the first side to the second side of the apparatus. The apparatus also includes a second block having... Agent: Cox Metalworks Inc.

20140175232 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a first bracket securing a first data storage device, a second bracket securing a second data storage device, and a rotating member secured to the first bracket. The second bracket is rotatably mounted to the rotating member, so that the first data storage device can be... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20140175233 - Cable clamp: A cable clamp includes a clamp member for clamping cables, and a fastener. The clamp member defines a fixing hole. An annular first gear portion is formed on an inner sidewall bounding the fixing hole. The fastener extends through the fixing hole to engage in a motherboard, to mount the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140175234 - Panel supporting device with elevating function: A panel supporting device with elevating function includes a supporting frame, a supporting sleeve, a guiding cover member, a driving block, a lead screw and a positioning liner. The supporting frame includes a plurality of guiding posts. The supporting sleeve is disposed between the guiding posts and connected to the... Agent:

20140175235 - Portable support device for electronic devices: Devices and methods described herein relate to support stands for supporting electronic devices having a display. The support stand is a modular support stand. The support stand has at least one supporting surface with a releasable interlockable mechanism configured to interlock with other support stand components comprising a releasably interlockable... Agent: Zoomstand, LLC

20140175236 - Frame assembly structure: A frame assembly structure includes two lateral panels, a corner post, and a positioning element. The positioning element has an elongate body portion. A. shoulder portion extends from each of two ends of the body portion. An included angle is formed between the shoulder portion and the body portion. The... Agent:

20140175237 - Extension/retraction device: An extension/retraction device includes a cylindrical stationary leg section having a base at the upper end thereof, a cylindrical movable leg section in which the stationary leg section is fitted so as to be slidable in the longitudinal direction, an engagement tube having an upper end formed in a stepped... Agent:

20140175238 - System and method for installing aftertreatment bricks: An aftertreatment brick can be installed in a brick compartment of an aftertreatment module with a releasable securing assembly. The releasable securing assembly includes a first bracket, a second bracket, and a band clamp. The first bracket is installed in the brick compartment proximate a port. The aftertreatment brick is... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140175239 - Sports ball holder: OPERATION: The entire sports ball holder mechanism will be spun into a wall stud and mounted in the horizontal position. The built in screw-type fastener will strongly secure the sports ball holder to the wall. An individual sports ball can now be placed on and off the sports ball holder... Agent:

20140175240 - Bracket for louvered roof systems: A louvered roof includes a drive mechanism securely fastened to a pivot arm via a gear pin, a plurality of louver roof panels configured to rotate about a center axis via a corresponding plurality of pivotal pins, a track section, and a track bar securely mounted to each of the... Agent:

20140175241 - Guitar holding rack with an adjustable interval: A guitar holding rack with an adjustable interval comprises a first brace arm, a second brace arm corresponding to the first brace arm and an interval adjustment unit hinged between the two brace arms. The first and second brace arms have respectively a holding sections spaced from each other to... Agent: Reliance International Corp.

20140175242 - Low wavefront distortion optical mount: An optical mount is disclosed having at least one restraining element for an optic having at least one contact point with a first surface of the optic and at least one force element having at least one contact point with a second surface of the optic, wherein each contact point... Agent: Thorlabs, Inc.

20140175243 - Display board hanger system: A board hanger system includes at least one hanger element defined by a body, including a center receiving hole, enabling the hanger element to be secured to a fixed supporting surface, said hanger element being rotatable about the center receiving hole and including an engagement portion on one side. The... Agent: W.a. Krapf, Inc.

20140175244 - Connecting components for photovoltaic arrays: The invention includes an apparatus for mounting a photovoltaic (PV) module onto a structure where the apparatus includes a base portion, a stud portion, and a coupling portion. The coupling portion includes a male portion that acts as a spring under load and a clip portion that penetrates the PV... Agent: Zep Solar, Inc.

20140175245 - Portable clamp for hockey equipment: A clamp assembly configured for holding hockey sticks and hockey puck comprises an adjustable bracket having a generally square-shaped cross-section, the bracket being configured to hold shafts of four hockey sticks, and at least one puck clamp coupled to the adjustable bracket, the at least one puck clamp being configured... Agent:

20140175246 - Automatic locking guitar holding rack: An automatic locking guitar holding rack comprises a brace arm, a first movable lock device and a second movable lock device separated from the first movable lock device. The first movable lock device has a first movement portion located on the first holding section, and the second movable lock device... Agent: Reliance International Corp.

20140175247 - Exhaust pipe tether: An exhaust pipe tether includes a body defining a first end and a second end and at least one end piece removably engaged with at least one of the first and second ends. The body comprises a dimension, db, measured through a longest portion of the body along a central... Agent:

20140175248 - Adjustable support device: A support device for adjusting the orientation of a robotic arm or other movable object includes a base, and a support plate defining two threaded holes. A connecting member has a first end connected to the support plate, and a second end which is connected to the base as a... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140175249 - Rail guide for a longitudinal adjustment of a motor vehicle seat and method for producing such a rail guide: A rail guide that has at least one rail pair consisting of a floor rail (22) and a seat rail (24). The seat rail (24) has means (30) for fastening a seat frame to be arranged above the rail pair. The rails can be moved relative to each other in... Agent: C. Rob. Hammerstein Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140175250 - Connection arm for coupling a rear view mirror to a supporting element fixed to a windscreen: A connection arm has an elongated shank, which is made of plastic material and is provided with a first terminal portion having a joint to be coupled to a rear view mirror; moreover, the elongated shank is provided with a second terminal portion fixed to an interface, which is made... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20140175251 - Solar module array pre-assembly method and apparatus: An apparatus is provided for pre-assembly of an electrically connected array of solar panels for a solar canopy including: a substantially planar base member for resting on a horizontal surface; a substantially planar support member for horizontally aligning supporting a plurality of solar panels; a track member disposed proximate a... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20140175252 - Compact hoist system: A hoist system having a drum primarily self-contained within a batten, for raising and lowering lighting, sound equipment, curtains and the like in a performance environment. The hoist system may be adapted with safety mechanisms including an overload sensor and/or a slack line detector. The system may be provided in... Agent:

20140175254 - Boom apparatus and concrete pump vehicle having same: In one aspect of the invention, a boom apparatus used for a concrete pump vehicle includes multiple booms, where the multiple booms comprise a first boom hinge-connected to a turntable of the concrete pump vehicle and a second boom hinge-connected to the first boom. When the boom apparatus is in... Agent: Hunan Sany Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd

20140175253 - Frame stand for a display panel: A frame stand includes a board, an interface plate and a supporting rack. The board is mounted on a display panel. The interface plate pivotally connects the board by a first shaft. The interface plate rotates in parallel with respect to the board and form a first rotate angle. The... Agent: Syncmold Enterprise Corp.

20140175255 - Vibration isolation device: f

20140175256 - Method for preventing overturn of trestle: Means to Solve the Problem: Provided in a portable pedestal 1 for supporting a transfer conveyer 3 are the same number of vibration-damping pads 6 as that of the feet 5. The vibration-damping pads 6 include an adhesive layer on the top and bottom sides of their gel elastic body... Agent:

20140175257 - Engine mounting structure for reducing vibration: Disclosed herein is an engine mounting structure for reducing vibration. In particular, an engine having a mass is mounted to a damper pulley or a drive plate thereof to form an outer balancer. A roll mount is positioned on a virtual yaw axis after the virtual yaw axis is set... Agent:

20140175258 - Mounting apparatus for fan: A mounting apparatus for fixing a fan includes a chassis and two fixing members. The chassis includes a fixing board defining a vent and forming two L-shaped hooks at opposites sides of the vent. Each fixing member is pivotably attached to opposite sides of the end board. The fixing members... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

06/19/2014 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140166824 - Adjustable support: An adjustable support may have one or more screw piles at its base. The bottom side of a bottom plate may be welded to the screw pile. A top plate may be positioned on top of the bottom plate. A threaded stud is then placed over a nut/bushing affixed to... Agent: Concrete Alternatives & More, Inc.

20140166823 - Cable clamp: A cable clamp includes a clamping member for clamping cables and a space-infilling board mounted to the clamping member. The board includes a number of detachable portions to provide adjustability of the overall size of the board, and to allow for the creation of additional cable slots if any are... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140166825 - Clamp: A clamp has a function of attaching a pipe harness in which electric wires are inserted into a metal pipe to a vehicle body, and a function of externally fitting and fixing a grommet to the pipe harness. A first portion and a second portion having a pair of semicircular... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140166826 - Latching mechanism and display device using the latching mechanism: A latching mechanism includes a base, a sliding member, a rotary member, and an elastic member. The sliding member can be moved down and up along the base, and includes a first limiting element and a second limiting element. The rotary member is pivotally secured to the base, and includes... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140166827 - Novelty wine bottle holder: The invention disclosed herein provides an apparatus, system and method for supporting a bottle of liquid on a flat surface at an angle so as to prevent that liquid from leaking out of the bottle. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an... Agent:

20140166828 - Storable intravenous stands: The present invention is directed to a base member for a portable intravenous stand. The base member includes a plurality of segments configured to facilitate the close nesting or alignment of multiple portable intravenous stands; and thus reducing the amount of space required for storing the portable intravenous stands when... Agent: Maxtec, LLC

20140166829 - Wall mountable storage assembly with articulating connection: A wall mountable storage assembly including a storage device, at least one mounting plate, and at least one double-faced adhesive. The storage device includes a coupling bracket forming a first engagement feature. The mounting plate forms a second engagement feature. The first and second engagement features have a complimentary construction... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140166830 - Gate hugger - stabilization platform/equipment mounting bracket(s): Gate Hugger—stabilization platform and equipment mounting bracket(s). A new concept to enhance equipment applications used in conjunction with a pickup truck. A durable platform of welded steel components affixed atop the extreme rear of a pickup open tailgate. Anchoring chains at near corner locations on the front and rear faces... Agent:

20140166832 - Holder with handle for mobile computing device: A holder for a mobile computing device, such as a tablet computer or the like, can include a handle that is positioned laterally from a device space in which the mobile computing device is held within the holder. The handle can be angled relative to the mobile computing device and... Agent:

20140166831 - Tripod head: A tripod head includes a shell, an adjusting member, a supporting member, and a locking member. The shell defines a receiving space and an adjusting opening communicating with the receiving space. The adjusting member includes a spherical adjusting portion and a connecting portion connected to the adjusting portion. The adjusting... Agent:

20140166833 - Resin bracket and bracketed vibration damping device equipped therewith: A resin bracket including a mounting unit and a plurality of attachment units integrally formed using synthetic resin, and a plurality of insert members arranged on the respective attachment units such that each of the attachment units is configured to be attached to a member constituting a vibration transmission system... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140166834 - Bracket, attaching system, paper pattern, display apparatus, and television receiver: Disclosed is a bracket that allows a target object to be attached easily and prevents it from being detached unexpectedly after the attachment. A bracket (10) for attaching, to a wall surface, a television provided with locking pins (30) fixed thereto includes a back board section (11), an upper board... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20140166835 - Multi-dimensional extending protective arm: An extendable protective arm is disclosed. The arm may protect an air, fuel, oil, or electrical conduit from harsh environments or the atmosphere during use. The arm may also connect the conduit between a moveable structure adapted to reciprocate relative to a fixed structure. The arm may extend in any... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140166836 - Suspended architectural structure: A suspended architectural structure includes a plurality of fin support members configured to couple with one or more architectural structures, e.g. ceiling structure. A plurality of flexible fins, with each flexible fin including a plurality of attachment points that is configured to be coupled to the plurality of fin support... Agent: Arktura LLC

20140166837 - Latchable clamp hanger: A latchable, clamping hanger for hanging an exercise mat from an external support. The hanger has a clip with a jaw which can be opened by a user pressing with one hand on the clip. When the clip reaches its ‘open’ position it latches in place, freeing the user to... Agent: Digital Display Innovations, LLC

20140166838 - Bucket lock: The present invention includes a bucket anchoring device that limits or prevents a bucket from rotating when mixing thick, heavy, or low-viscosity materials within it. The anchoring device includes a ring having a plurality of removable, flexible engagement members extending from an inner circumference of the ring. The bucket is... Agent:

20140166840 - Substrate carrier: A substrate carrier is provided. The substrate carrier includes a base for supporting a substrate. A plurality of support tabs is affixed to a surface of the base. The plurality of support tabs have a cavity defined within an inner region of each support tab of the plurality of support... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140166839 - Enclosure supporter: An enclosure supporter includes a mounting member and two sliding members slidably mounted to the mounting member. The mounting member includes a panel body and a gear pivotally mounted to the panel body. Each of the two sliding members includes a rack engaging with the gear. The two racks are... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140166841 - Variable angle mount for attaching a mast to a structure: Mounting systems and apparatus are provided for attaching a mast to a structure at a desired orientation. The mounting apparatus includes a base support and a ball mount. The base support can be rigidly attached to a portion of the structure. The ball mount receives a ball associated with the... Agent:

20140166842 - Close out bracket: The present invention relates to a close out bracket for securing a seat mounting structure to a support rail in a floor of a vehicle. The bracket has a generally flat center portion that is rigidly engaged between the seat mounting structure and the support rail. The bracket also has... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20140166843 - Adaptive velocity tracker: The disclosure is directed to a high precision two axis tracking system having adaptive angular velocity comprising: a pedestal coupled to a foundation; a slew drive comprising a modular velocity rotation driver operably coupled to the pedestal; an azimuth yoke operably coupled to the slew drive and hingedly coupled to... Agent:

20140166844 - Frequency altering brace for an electric motor: A support brace for a motor enables altering the stiffness and reed critical frequency of a motor system without removal of the motor from a motor stand or support structure. The support brace includes a first flange configured to mount to an electrical motor housing, and a second flange configured... Agent: Nidec Motor Corporation

20140166845 - Modular double adjustable chock: An adjustable chock (100) of a modular design comprises a first element (102), a second element (108), a center element (104), and a center stud (106). In operational use of the chock, the first element engages with a piece of machinery (101) and the second element engages with a support... Agent:

20140166846 - Extrusion roll with selectable skew capability: A support system through which a first extrusion roll is operatively mounted upon a frame. The first extrusion roll has a shaft that has a first operating axis and axially spaced first and second ends. A first support assembly at the first shaft end has a first housing. A second... Agent: Processing Technologies International, LLC

20140166847 - Adjustable holder of a hydraulic brake device for a bicycle: An adjustable holder of a hydraulic brake device for a bicycle which is assembled on a steering tube and is located between a stem and a head part includes a holder, a first adjusting member and a second adjusting member. The holder has a fixing portion and a fastening portion... Agent:

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