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11/13/2014 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20140332636 - Method and apparatus for energy chain installation: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for installation of an energy chain system onto equipments at an operation site. A base fixture is provided at a preparation site which is independently operable from the operation site. A drag chain assembly and an auxiliary fixture are attached to the... Agent: Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre Pte Ltd

20140332638 - Backplate for a utility box: A backplate for installation between a utility box and an exterior surface of a building has a plate body having a first side and a second side. A moisture dam on the plate body extends outward from the first side of the plate body. The moisture dam defines a receptacle... Agent:

20140332637 - Support structures for electrical and plumbing systems: A support apparatus configured to support free lengths of parallel components in residential implementations comprising a rectangular section and connection flaps. The rectangular section defines support holes and includes a rectangular section width that matches a width of two standard adjacent studs in a residential implementation. The support holes are... Agent:

20140332639 - Milking hose support: A milking hose support comprising a frame adapted for supporting a milking hose, the frame having a hose coupler located on a side and adapted for supporting a milking hose; a hinge assembly, wherein the hinge assembly includes a hinge and connects the frame to the hinge; and a first... Agent:

20140332640 - System and method for mounting aircraft system components in the crown area of an aircraft: A system for mounting aircraft system components in the crown area of an aircraft comprising a first longitudinal carrier element, a second longitudinal carrier element and a bridging element which connects the first longitudinal carrier element to the second longitudinal carrier element. The system is mountable in the crown area... Agent:

20140332641 - Support for circular objects: An object support includes a clamp, and a base for receiving the clamp, with the clamp securing an object, such as a pipe, to the base. The base may have a trapezoidal shape, with a rectangular bottom surface that is larger than a rectangular top surface. The top surface may... Agent: Erico International Corporation

20140332642 - Brush support device and cover: Cosmetic brushes are often transported within bags, purses, etc. To ensure long life of the same, cosmetic brushes should occasionally be cleaned and allowed to dry prior to next use. A brush support device may provide protection of bristles of cosmetic brushes during transportation, be configured to hold the brush... Agent: Hct Group Holdings Limited

20140332643 - Rotary unit apparatus and rotation supporting apparatus: To provide a rotary unit and a rotation support used for television, etc., with a simple structure, which can generate an adequate friction torque and has a strength enough to prevent an escape and fracture during its use, even if it is made of aluminum die-cast material or synthetic resin... Agent: Kem Hongkong Limited

20140332644 - Handy drink holder:

20140332645 - Decoy and camera stake: A stake which can be screwed into the ground to hold a device such as a water fowl decoy or a trail camera in position primarily for use out doors. The stake includes a helical coil at one end for fixedly and removably attaching that end of the stake into... Agent:

20140332647 - Coupling device: A coupling device includes a first member and a second member. The first member has a first base and a first conjunction, wherein the first base has a first end and a second end; the first conjunction has at least two first surfaces facing each other, and a distance between... Agent: Accton Technology Corporation

20140332646 - Universal holder for bottles, bowls, pacifiers, toys and merchandise: the universal holder comprises a base and stand with arms to hold a baby bottle, cup, bowl, teether, toy, game or other merchandise within reach of a seated infant or child.... Agent:

20140332648 - Jewelry holder: A jewelry holder may include a shaft having a first section and a second section. The first section may include two spaced members defining a gap. The spaced members may be configured to receive an item. The second portion may secure the first portion.... Agent:

20140332649 - Supporting a recycling bin on a garbage container: Arrangements described herein relate to supporting one or more recycling bins on a garbage container. A hanger includes an elongated structural member comprising an upper portion configured to insert through a downward facing aperture defined on a garbage container proximate to a side of the garbage container, a hook extending... Agent:

20140332650 - Equipment mounting bracket for steel truss: The truss mounting bracket simplifies installation of electronic type equipment below fabricated trusses commonly used in warehouse and other buildings. The mounting bracket includes a housing having at one end thereof a structure for connecting with an electrical conduit section. The opposite end of the housing is adapted to allow... Agent:

20140332651 - Trivet system: A trivet system comprises a first trivet and a second trivet coupled to the first trivet. The first trivet and the second trivet are moveable relative to one another between a position in which the second trivet is disposed within a perimeter of the first trivet, and a position in... Agent:

20140332652 - Gas strut support: A gas strut support can include a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The first end of the gas strut support can be configured to attach to a first portion of a gas strut, and the second end of the gas strut support can be configured... Agent:

20140332653 - Display positioning apparatus and method: Embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for positioning an electronic display. The apparatus can be combined with an existing work surface to provide a multi-position workstation. In some cases the apparatus includes a mounting portion configured to support an electronic display and a keyboard. The mounting portion may be... Agent:

20140332654 - Movement unit for a machine tool and machine tool with such a movement unit: A movement unit for a machine tool comprises a supporting structure movable in a first direction for supporting a functional unit of the machine tool, with two longitudinal guides extending in the first direction which are offset relative to one another in a transverse second direction. A guide unit is... Agent: Trumpf Sachsen Gmbh

20140332655 - Fishing gear holding apparatus: An apparatus of the present disclosure has a frame, which has a receiving shelf and horizontal support beam respectively coupled to opposing ends of a vertical center beam and at least one leg coupled to the frame adapted such that when the leg is actuated, the frame stands upright and... Agent: Reel Deal, LLC

20140332656 - Adjustment arrangement for a motor vehicle seat: An adjustment arrangement for a seat of a motor vehicle including a rail which is mounted displaceably in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle relative to a frame of the vehicle, a seat support which forms a retainer for the seat, a connecting element which mechanically couples the seat support... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140332657 - Multi-use tool tables: Multi-use tool tables configured to support table tools and allow selective rotation of the table tools between an upright position and an inverted position are described in the present application. The multi-use tool tables include: one or more rotatable plates having a first surface for receiving a first tool and... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 17 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140326836 - Cable fixing clip for preventing reverse-assembly: Disclosed therein is a cable fixing clip for preventing reverse-assembly. The cable fixing clip includes: a body having a cable assembly receiving portion formed at a lower portion; an elastic support connected to the body in such a fashion that a fitting recess to which the bracket is inserted is... Agent:

20140326837 - Methods and arrangements for securing cable to a roof: A system for securing one or more heating cables to a roof and having one or more apparatuses, each apparatus including a metal base panel and a continuous metal C-shaped channel integrally-formed with the base panel. The channel includes a pair of opposing continuous channel walls creating and surrounding a... Agent: Hot Edge, LLC

20140326838 - Apparatus, system, and method for photovoltaic-related wire management: A flexible wire clip dimensioned to be snapped into a side groove on a photovoltaic module frame, wherein the wire clip flexes during installation such that a catch moves away from a frame-receiving slot and slides upwardly against a side edge of a photovoltaic module frame so that a frame... Agent: Zep Solar, Inc.

20140326839 - Support for positioning an article in a free standing manner: An apparatus for supporting an article in a free standing manner so that the article can be used in a hands free manner, i.e., without an individual supporting the article or the support apparatus. The apparatus includes a support having a body and a plurality of appendages. The support is... Agent:

20140326840 - Adjustable and portable mounting system for a tablet computing device and solar based charging system: An adjustable and portable mounting system for a tablet computing device and solar based charging system is described. An example mounting system for a tablet computing device includes a tablet enclosure with a plurality of gripping portions adjustable to hold tablets with different sizes and shapes, and each gripping portion... Agent: The Mitre Corporation

20140326841 - Utility accessory/tool carrier system: A transportable tool and accessory carrier for use on aerial lifts is disclosed. The system comprises a carrier portion configured to mount on an upper rail of an aerial lift, and moveable legs to permit the carrier to be secured to a lower rail as well. In some cases the... Agent:

20140326842 - Oil tank mount with stiffeners: An engine has an oil tank mounted to an engine wall with clevis ears formed on both the oil tank and a mount bracket secured to the engine wall. A link connects the mount bracket clevis ears to the oil tank clevis ears. The link has a pair of spherical... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140326843 - Apparatus for securing a walking assist device: An apparatus for securing a user's accessory or walking assist device is disclosed. The apparatus includes a base and at least one hook extending outwardly from a rear surface of the base and adapted to secure the apparatus to a support. The apparatus further includes a first gripping arm extending... Agent: P.u.f. LLC

20140326844 - Ceiling hook: A ceiling hook includes a base and a hook. The hook is pivotally connected to the base. The base includes a recess that is sized and shaped to laterally receive the head of a separate screw. The screw is secured to a ceiling structure so that the screw head resides... Agent:

20140326845 - Device for holding an electronic apparatus: The present invention relates to a device for holding an electronic apparatus comprises a body and a mounting means, the said body comprises a supporting structure adapted for receiving the electronic apparatus, the said mounting means adapted for being moved between a first and second positions of the said body... Agent: Portia International Trading Limited

20140326846 - 360 degree rotatable easel: e

20140326847 - Magnetic tablet computer stand: The invention is a stand for anchoring a tablet, phone, GPS or other device at a user configured optimal viewing angle using shape, gravity and friction to anchor to multiple planes. The planes can be upper or outer surfaces, objects or structures. The proximal end of the rode length has... Agent:

20140326848 - Offset hanger for minimizing space between frame and wall: A picture frame hanger includes a member stamped of thin sheet having a thickness on the order of 0.05″ and includes a lower flat depending portion arranged in a first vertical plane. At least one connecting portion or tab is provided that is horizontally offset from the depending portion and... Agent:

20140326850 - Anti-vibration unit: An anti-vibration unit, which enables a reduction in man-hours to be achieved during manufacturing and a reduction in the number of parts, is provided. A boss member of an anti-vibration device is pressed into a press-fitting section of a second bracket so as to be firmly fixed. The omission of... Agent: Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

20140326849 - Superelastic alloy structural geometry for ultrahigh mechanical damping: A mechanical structure is provided with a crystalline superelastic alloy that is characterized by an average grain size and that exhibits a martensitic phase transformation resulting from a mechanical stress input greater than a characteristic first critical stress. A configuration of the superelastic alloy is provided with a geometric structural... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140326851 - Frame for holding an ironing board: The invention relates to a frame (1, 100) for holding an ironing board (2) comprising a floor element to be positioned on a floor and a clamping means (7, 8; 107, 108) provided on said floor element for clamping cooperation with support legs of said ironing board (2). A first... Agent:

20140326852 - Electronic device holder with repositionable stand and systems and methods thereof: Holders for electronic devices and systems, methods, and methods of making thereof. Electronic device holders include a base and a support rotatably coupled to the base. The support includes a base, a coupler, and a stand and is rotatable to a plurality of different or same orientations. The stand is... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140319287 - Utensil rest: A utensil rest includes a main body having a first sidewall and a second sidewall. The first sidewall and the second sidewall are connected and define an edge of the main body. At least one of the first sidewall and the second sidewall have at least one utensil receiving portion... Agent:

20140319288 - Cable track for scanning head of paper machine or other system: An apparatus includes a cable track configured to be coupled to a moveable object and to be pushed and pulled by the movable object without buckling. The cable track is also configured to transport at least one signal or material to or from the moveable object. The cable track has... Agent: Honeywell Asca Inc.

20140319290 - Corrosion reducing minimum contact clamp for supporting and securing tubing: Tubing clamps having a minimum contact area between the tubes and the clamps supporting surfaces are provided for minimizing the collection and retaining of liquids at the supporting surfaces. A predetermined minimum spacing is maintained between the tubes supported by the tubing clamps while maintaining sufficient ventilation between the tubes... Agent:

20140319289 - Mounting system: A mounting system (1) for mounting tubes of a climatization device comprising a section (2) and a mounting element (3) for fixating the tubes to the mounting system (1) wherein the mounting element (3) is turnable, substantially parallel with respect to the bottom (12) of the section (2), from a... Agent:

20140319291 - Wire holding structure: Provided is a wire holding structure including: a wire; a member, on which the wire is arranged in an arranging direction, and which includes an arranging surface on which the wire is arranged and at least one pair of standing surfaces including a first standing surface and a second surface... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20140319292 - Element for a work surface, and an arrangemen: There is provided an element for a work surface and an arrangement including one or more elements. The element comprises opposite faces and the element is being arranged to be installed in a first position with respect to the work surface and in a second position with respect to the... Agent: Ergo Unit Oy

20140319293 - Computer mounting device having an articulated counterweight arm: A mounting base for a computer display device is disclosed having a counterweight that is coupled with one or more articulating arms configured to both maintain a center of mass of the base assembly with the display device to minimize a likelihood of toppling when the display device is pivoted... Agent: Myerchin Enterprises, Inc.

20140319294 - Heavy load support mechanism and heavy load loading apparatus using the mechanism: In supporting a heavy load with a spring member disposed between a fixed frame and a support frame, provided are a follower member that transfers a spring force of the spring member to the support frame, first and second cam surfaces that regulate motion of the follower member, and a... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20140319295 - Flexible and extendable hanging device: A hanging device having a plurality of plates pivotally connected to one another. Each plate has at least one ball that extends outwardly from an edge of a plate and is received in at least one aligned socket in the edge of an adjacent plate. The ball frictionally engages the... Agent:

20140319296 - Stations for portable electonic devices: A station for at least one portable electronic device includes a base having a substantially vertical and forward facing wall and at least one suction cup secured to the wall to temporarily secure the portable electronic device to the wall in a position that the portable electronic device can be... Agent:

20140319297 - Aerial-lift-platform accessory: An aerial-lift-platform accessory (10) comprising a container (30) for holding items, a hanger (40) for hanging the container (30) on an upper safety rail (25), and a brace (50). The brace (50) is convertible between a bracing condition whereat its arm (51) braces the container (30) against a lower safety... Agent:

20140319298 - Stake hole assembly for device attachment: An attachment mechanism is described for attaching accessories to a stake hole in the sidewall of a cargo area of a vehicle, such as a pickup truck. The mechanism comprises of a base plate with a grove formed in the top of the base plate having the shape of an... Agent:

20140319299 - Fastening device for a component on a motor vehicle: A fastening apparatus for a component on a motor vehicle, in particular for a receiving aerial for a tire control device, including a receptacle for the receiving aerial and a holder for fastening the receptacle to the motor vehicle in the vicinity of the wheel, the holder which is connected... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140319300 - Panning slider: A rotating and sliding device is provided with a linear rail and a guide rail. A carriage with a rotating table travels along the linear rail. A second pivot point on the table is attached to an arm that travels along the guide rail. When the guide rail is askew... Agent: Kessler Crane, Inc.

20140319301 - Container holder device including a leaf spring, and a container treatment installation including such a device: A device for holding a container comprising a stationary jaw and a movable jaw mounted on the stationary jaw to be movable between a closed position for holding the container and an open position for releasing the container. A resilient element connecting the two jaws together to urge the movable... Agent: Serac Group

20140319302 - Pallet and wrap therefor: A pallet includes a deck and a plurality of supports below the deck. The pallet includes at least one frame extending upward from the deck. The at least one frame is pivotably secured to the deck, such that the at least one frame is pivotable from an upright position to... Agent: Rehrig Pacific Company

20140319303 - Support device: A support device includes a support base, an adjustment member, and a latching assembly. The support base defines a receiving groove, a cutout, and an operation hole. The cutout and the operation hole communicate with the receiving groove. The adjustment member is rotatably received in the receiving groove. The adjustment... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319304 - Supporting device for electronic device: A supporting device for an electronic device includes a supporting base, a guiding element, an adjusting element, and a latching assembly. The supporting base includes a sleeve portion. The adjusting element includes a first body and an adjusting portion. The adjusting portion is mounted on the sleeve portion. The adjusting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319305 - Fender mirror mount: A mirror mount that mounts a mirror to a vehicle fender. The mount can include a base that faces a vehicle fender exterior without extending upwardly and under a hood of the vehicle. A support arm extends from the base and includes a distal end that joins with a mirror.... Agent: Hadley Products Corporation

20140319306 - Anchor: An anchor comprises first, second and third flanges. A surface of the first flange facing the second flange defines a plane. A contour of the first flange projected onto the plane extending beyond a contour of the second flange projected onto the plane. A base connecting part includes the third... Agent:

20140319308 - Hoist pull-limiting device: A hoist (19) pull (P) limiting device (11), comprising: a first bearing element (14) to which the hoist (10) is fastened; a second bearing element (18) fastened to the bearing structure (24) on which the pull strength (P) acting on the hoist (10) is unloaded; a butt hinge (16) connecting... Agent: Next Hydraulics S.r.l.

20140319307 - Thermal expansion compensation apparatus for mounting solar panels: Disclosed are devices and a system for compensating for thermal expansion and contraction of rail mounted solar panel rooftop systems. In one aspect, a floating end clamp that secures a solar panel in slidable captive cooperation with a mounting rail. In another aspect, a rail splice bridges two mounting rails... Agent: Sunmodo Corporation

20140319309 - Outboard motor lock: In one embodiment, the outboard motor lock comprises an outboard motor lock bracket and an outboard motor lock securing mechanism. The bracket comprises a back plate, side plates and a lip, and may be attached to a boat hull or other surface through bracket attachment holes. The securing mechanism comprises... Agent:

20140319310 - Radiator bushing:

20140319311 - Plate-like member mounting device: A plate-like member mounting device 1 supports a front panel 14 with use of panel supporting portions 23 and a damper 12 of a base panel 11. The damper 12 is subjected to first-level deformation with a small thrust in the vertical direction, and after that, is subjected to second-level... Agent:

20140319312 - Mounting device for hard disk drive: A mounting device for mounting a hard disk drive (HDD), includes a number of retaining members each including a neck portion and a head portion, an elastic latching member including a stop portion, and a number of vibration attenuation members fixed on a bottom wall of the HDD. Each vibration... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140319313 - Instrumented platform for vibration-sensitive equipment: A platform that includes a vibration sensor located within an inner core of a table. The table may have a first plate that supports a vibration-sensitive payload. The first plate may be separated from a second plate by the inner core. The sensor can be located within the core directly... Agent: Newport Corporation

20140319314 - Base of vending machine: A base of a vending machine for holding a main body of the vending machine includes first holding poles, second holding poles perpendicularly connected to the first holding poles, and installation members secured in right corners between the first holding poles and the second holdings poles. The installation member includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140319315 - Stabilizer pad and handle apparatus: A stabilizer pad and handle apparatus is provided having a substantially C-shaped handle, or U-shaped handle with ends of the handle inserted into seating holes extending inwardly from the side walls of the pad. An anchor hole and anchors may be provided extending downward through and perpendicular to the seating... Agent: Richard And Carolyn Koberg Living Trust

10/23/2014 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140312182 - Support channel: A support channel for a pipe comprises a plurality of basic channel bodies having an elongate form with an arched channel wall seen in cross section. The support channel furthermore comprises at least one interconnecting channel body that is arranged between the end portions of two of the basic channel... Agent:

20140312183 - Cable tie for mounting cables against a panel: A cable tie with means to form a loop in order to mount cables against a panel or a marking badge. The cable tie has an integrated panel anchor having an elongated body in an area where the cable tie has an elongated cross-section and changes direction at least one... Agent:

20140312184 - Bag holder: A bag holder that has a lower frame member with a curved surface that substantially conforms to the curvature of a first circle. An upper frame member has a curved surface that substantially conforms to the curvature of a second circle, with the radii of the circles being substantially the... Agent:

20140312185 - Portotrash (portable personal garbage storage/disposal unit): The Portotrash garbage disposal unit comprises a hollow ring forming a mouth of the garbage disposal unit. Legs capable of connecting to and supporting the mouth and allowing the unit to stand in an upright standing position are provided. A bag that fits over and is kept in place by... Agent:

20140312186 - Freestanding foldable headrest: A contractible headrest is provided. The contractible headrest includes a first leg stand having a top end and a bottom end. The bottom end is configured to rest on a surface. The present invention further includes a second leg stand having a top end and a bottom end. The top... Agent:

20140312187 - Test adapter: A test adapter for an electronic product to be tested includes a support structure and a product stand supported on the support structure for the product. The product stand is supported to the support structure by a guide structure that controls the vertical movement of the product stand. The product... Agent: Pkc Electronics Oy

20140312188 - Devices for application and load bearing and method of using the same: Gecko-like adhesive application devices suited for dynamic applications are disclosed, where the device can be easily applied to target substrates, exhibiting a firm hold, and subsequently released therefrom. Gecko-like adhesive application devices that are suited for sustained holding after easy application (e.g., on vertical or inclined surfaces or ceiling) also... Agent:

20140312189 - Mounting apparatus for input/output device: A mounting apparatus includes a securing plate and a mounting tray. The securing plate defines an opening and includes a bottom surface and a top surface opposite to the bottom surface. The mounting tray is used to secure input/output devices and includes a positioning portion and a resilient portion. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140312190 - Mounting structure for power supply: A mounting structure includes a casing for receiving a power supply, a connecting member, and a fastener. The casing includes an end wall defining a mounting hole and a positioning hole below the mounting hole. The connecting member includes a connecting plate defining a through hole, and a hook. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312191 - Oar carrier: Oar carriers and methods of carrying oars, for example, rowing blades or sculls used by competitive rowing crews. The oar carriers include a panel, through holes in the panel sized to receive a shaft of an oar, and slots in a peripheral surface of the panel providing open access to... Agent:

20140312192 - Medical device system, medical device and floor-mounted frame for a medical device: A medical device (10), for use in an operating room, has a basic body (20) with a mechanical ceiling interface (22) for mounting on a mounting bracket (210) of a ceiling mounting system (200). The basic body (20) has a mechanical frame interface (24) for mounting on a floor-mounted frame... Agent: Dr&#xe4 Ger Medical Gmbh

20140312193 - Attachable mobile coaster: A beverage coaster that attaches itself to a beverage of choice, (glass, can, or bottle) enabling the coaster to be mobile while keeping the condensation from communicating with furniture, clothing, and tabletop items. The beverage coaster consists of an inner and outer layer such as 100% cotton. The two layers... Agent:

20140312194 - Particulate collecting pad: A portable pad. The pad providing a surface having a raised portion to barricade particles disposed thereon. The pad includes a clip configured to hold a document on the surface.... Agent:

20140312195 - Stem disc: A disc for supporting a stem of a stemmed container may include a disc body defined by a periphery. The body may define a center opening and a slot extending from the center opening to the periphery. The slot may be configured to receive the stem of the stemmed container... Agent: Wine Widgy LLC

20140312196 - Sterile indicator for a sterilization container: A sterile display for a sterile container includes a thermally actuatable display apparatus for the display of a first and a second sterility condition of the sterile container. The display apparatus includes an adjustment mechanism having an actuator element which can be transferred, by means of external heating, from a... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20140312197 - Fixing element for hard disk drive: A fixing element for hard disk drive includes a frame and a hard disk. The frame includes a bottom plate, a front plate, a rear plate and a side plate. The front plate has a flange extending horizontally and backwardly from the front plate. A first elastic element is formed... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312198 - Isolators including damper assemblies having variable annuli and spacecraft isolation systems employing the same: Embodiments of an isolator are provided, as are embodiments of a spacecraft isolation system employing a number of three parameter isolators. In one embodiment, the isolator includes a damper assembly and a thermal compensator external to the damper assembly. The damper assembly includes, in turn, a damper housing and a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140312199 - Adjustable gib shim: An article of manufacture includes a first member configured to be attached to a first support structure, a second member configured to be attached to the first member, and an externally threaded dowel configured to engage an internally threaded hole in the second member. The externally threaded member is also... Agent: General Electric Company

20140312200 - Support apparatus: The present disclosure relates to shelving systems and methods that are adaptable to a number of applications, including building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (“HVAC”) systems, shelving units for holding children's games and toys, closet organizers with hangers and shelves, storage systems in a garage or workshop, storage shelves over... Agent:

20140312201 - Assembly for mounting a component centered to an opening: A rigid mechanical self-centering assembly for a component mounted relative to an opening. Variable radii cylindrical components are accommodated by virtue of variable-length, rigid, structural stays, and flexible mounts with curved faces for flush abuttal to said component, such as a motor or pump. A high efficiency assembly for electrical... Agent:

20140312202 - Storage and charging station for electronic appliances: A support for an electronic appliance comprises a hollow profile 1 for disposing one or more electronic appliances 10 thereon. Within a first channel 4 which has a cylindrical basic shape, a similarly cylindrical connection plug may be positioned for connection to the electronic appliances 10, so that the connection... Agent:

20140312203 - Vending machine supporting apparatus: A vending machine supporting apparatus includes a frame and a supporting assembly. The frame includes two first poles and two second poles connected between the two first poles. Each of the two first poles includes a first top piece and a first bottom piece parallel to the first top piece.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

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