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08/07/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140217244 - Clamp: A clamp has a configuration in which a first portion and a second portion having a pair of semicircular inner surfaces are coupled with a thin-walled hinge, a locking portion and a locked portion are provided on free ends of the first and the second portions, the locking portion and... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20140217245 - Remote manipulator for manipulating live multiple sub-conductors in a single phase bundle: A manipulator for separating sub-conductors in an energized single phase bundle includes a rigid support member and first and second actuators mounted on the support member, wherein each actuator is independently actuable of the other. Insulators are mounted on each actuator. A selectively releasable coupler is mounted on each insulator... Agent:

20140217246 - Fastening clip and fastening assembly: A fastening clip has at least one seat for a line, and at least one hermaphroditic coupling section for connecting the fastening clip to a second fastening clip of identical construction. The first connecting structure has a groove that widens away from an oblong opening and is open in the... Agent: Trw Automotive Electronics & Components Gmbh

20140217247 - Bag support assembly: A bag support assembly comprising a frame (20) that includes a pair of beams (22) and a plurality of tubes (38) that extend perpendicularly between the beams (22). Two pairs of vertical rails (50) are supported by disposition in the beams (22). A plurality of bags (62) present an opening... Agent: Hms Mfg. Co.

20140217248 - Antenna apparatus: An antenna apparatus which has the centroid close to a base and which has a less constraint for placement of a counter weight. The antenna apparatus includes a base fixed to a moving object or a structural object, an antenna unit disposed at a side of the base and supported... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140217249 - Collapsible stand assembly: The present invention relates to a collapsible stand assembly. The stand includes four sets of strut members wherein each set of struts are rotationally connected at a midpoint and the lower ends of the strut members are rotationally connected to feet and the upper ends of the strut members are... Agent:

20140217250 - Switch plate adapter: Switch plate adapters comprising a body, at least one aperture and at least one hook for permanent or temporary attachment to existing switch plate covers are provided.... Agent:

20140217251 - Wall hanging mechanism: A wall hanging mechanism is set on a shell of an electronic product for hanging it on the wall. The wall hanging mechanism includes a top cover, a bottom cover and a hanging plate. The edge of the top cover is provided with an opening. The bottom cover is mounted... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140217252 - Variable configuration shelving apparatus and methods: A variable configuration shelving apparatus including shelf-supporting reversible beams. In one position, beam top edges are flush with a shelf thereon. In another position, the beams form upstanding lips about a shelf. Beam structure is included.... Agent: Edsal Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20140217253 - Standing seam roof clamp: A clamp for attaching solar panel grids to standing seam roof structures. The clamp includes opposing clamp halves having inter-engageable projections and recesses. One or more fasteners engage the halves to draw them together. A first set of recesses on one clamp half receives a first set of projections on... Agent: Atkore International, Inc.

20140217254 - Medical monitor mounting system: A monitor mounting system is provided. The monitor mounting system includes a supporting structure configured to be mounted at a location and to support the system and a frame formed by two first bars and two second bars. The monitor mounting system also includes a side bar with a sliding... Agent: Maquet (suzhou) Co.,ltd.

20140217255 - Securing eye and securing system: A securing lug having a bolt and a securing ring which is connected pivotably to the bolt, as a result of which the pivoting-angle range of the securing ring is limited to less than 180°.... Agent:

20140217256 - Cup carrying device: A cup carrying device is provided. The cup carrying device may include a cup ring that is made of either a rigid or semi-rigid material. A basket may extend from the cup ring so that the cup ring forms an opening to the basket. The basket is sized to fit... Agent:

20140217257 - Support structure and related assemblies and methods: A method is provided for producing a support structure including an at least partly reversibly deformable base body with a cut-out. A component can be held in the cut-out by friction. The method includes machining the base body in the braced state, wherein an opening is introduced into the base... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20140217258 - System for moving operating units of a wrapping machine, wrapping method and wrapping machine: The invention relates to a movement system that is associated with a wrapping machine for wrapping a load with a film including at least one operating unit for performing operations on the load or on the film. The system includes shuttles that are movable for supporting and moving the operating... Agent: Aetna Group, S.p.a.

20140217259 - Mounting interface for a housing of a filtration module: A mounting assembly is described that has an interface designed to increase the stress margin of at least the module side of the assembly, for example in a liquid filtration module, and to increase ease of assembling its mounting components. The interface reduces the failure of the mounting assembly at... Agent: Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

07/31/2014 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 15 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140203150 - Adjustable mounting assembly: An adjustable mounting assembly for attaching an attachment end of a first beam member to a second beam member. The adjustable mounting assembly includes a first bracket attachable to the first beam member; a second bracket attachable to the second beam member; and a point of attachment where the first... Agent: Geotek, LLC

20140203151 - Support stand with receiving channels: A stand moveable between an open configuration and a closed configuration. A plurality of legs is rotatably coupled to a connector and are rotatable between a closed position, in which each the plurality of legs is substantially parallel, and an open configuration. When the stand is in a closed configuration... Agent:

20140203152 - Universal bipod mount for personal digital assistants: A bipod mount for positioning a PDA device for ease of use by a recumbent person comprises a rigid post with slidably adjustable clamping jaws thereon for engaging upper and lower edges of the PDA device. The rigid post is held in a structure including a pair of friction hubs... Agent:

20140203153 - Wall-mounted fixation device: A wall-mounted fixation device comprises a support device (11) and a fixation bracket (13) detachably disposed on the support device (11). The support device (11) comprises a hook (113) disposed on a wall. The fixation bracket (13) comprises two fixation rods (131) and a stop member (139), a hook pressing... Agent:

20140203154 - Support apparatus: A support apparatus is provided, including a suction unit, a support unit and an engaging unit. The support unit includes a support frame and a locking element. The engaging unit is adjustably engaged to one end of the support frame. The support frame has a shape of a curvy board,... Agent:

20140203155 - Bracket: A bracket device is disclosed that is designed for providing support and stability for bed frames and other suitable furniture. The bracket device comprises a slat receiving member and a shelf, which are preferably cast as an integral piece. The shelf further comprises two side components which form a dovetailed... Agent:

20140203156 - Apparatus and method of manufacture of stand for supporting an electronic device: A stand for supporting and retaining a personal electronic device may include a base and a unified frame having a curved shape between a first end and a second end. The first end of the unified frame may be coupled to the base. A support member may be coupled to... Agent: Wild West Investments, LLC

20140203157 - Vehicle seat sliding device: A vehicle seat sliding device includes: a first rail adapted to be fixed to one of a vehicle floor and a seat; a second rail adapted to be fixed to the other one of the vehicle floor and the seat, and coupled to the first rail in a relatively movable... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20140203158 - Support stand: A stand moveable between an open configuration and a closed configuration. A plurality of legs is rotatably coupled to a connector and are rotatable between a closed position, in which each the plurality of legs is substantially parallel, and an open configuration. When the stand is in a closed configuration... Agent:

20140203159 - Grasp/portable technology device handler: The Grasp/Portable Technology Device Handler is a tool designed to enable easier handling/usage of portable technology devices such as tablets, E-readers, etc., through the utilization of the four-finger gripper, while additionally offering shock absorption for the devices should they be accidentally be dropped, banged, etc. This manual technology is unique... Agent:

20140203160 - Configurable coaster for holding a mobile device: A method and an article of manufacture are disclosed for making and using a configurable coaster to support a drink cup on a table and also to use as a stand for a smartphone. In various embodiments, a sheet material, such as cardboard, plastic, laminates, and the like is used... Agent:

20140203161 - System for wall-mounting of objects: A system for wall-mounting an object for viewing comprising a wall hanger having lugs extending therefrom, and a one-piece back plate formed to mate with the wall hanger via keyhole openings. An optional pre-formed frame may be receptive of the object and the back plate, may be formed of wood,... Agent:

20140203162 - Trolling motor stabilizer mount: This disclosure is generally related to a support device for a trolling motor while in a retracted position. More specifically, this disclosure provides a trolling motor stabilizer mount for reducing vibration and bouncing of a trolling motor shaft/arm while a boat is underway.... Agent:

20140203163 - Mounting device for mounting motor installation plate in vending machine: A mounting device includes an installation plate for securing a motor, a chassis, a bracket, and a locking member. The chassis includes a locking piece. The bracket is secured to the chassis. The bracket holds the installation plate. The locking member is locked into the installation plate and the locking... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140203164 - Anti-theft structure for a socket display hanger: An anti-theft structure for a socket display hanger contains a socket display hanger and a fitting seat extending outwardly from a bottom end of the socket display hanger. The fitting seat has two flexible retaining pieces fixed on two sides thereof, two locking projections mounted on two outer walls of... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140197282 - Adjustable height pipe support: A pipe support for supporting pipes on a building surface comprising a strut vertically movable on supporting rods for changing the vertical spacing of a pipe above the building surface and spring clips connecting the strut to the rods, the spring clips having a locking position securing the strut in... Agent:

20140197283 - Pipe crib-block: A pipe crib-block for supporting a portion of hose or pipe in an elevated disposition. The pipe crib-block comprises a body portion causing a generally flat lower support surface and an upper surface defining a generally wedge-shaped trough in a central portion thereof. A pair of engagement keys project upwardly... Agent: Western Oilfields Supply Company

20140197284 - Angled pipe clamp: A pipe clamp with a first piece matingly connectable to a second piece where the first piece and the second piece have first ends configured for insertion into a channel and second ends configured to be connectable to each other where one of the second ends has a hole therethrough... Agent:

20140197285 - Vehicle hydraulic brake hose assembly: A hydraulic brake hose assembly includes a suspension component, a brake hose connected to the suspension component, and a support bracket connected to the brake hose and the suspension component. The support bracket includes a base having a forward edge portion, a rear edge portion and opposite side edge portions.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140197286 - Crib cup holder: A crib cup holder that includes a generally round shape base cup holder with a top outer circumference, the base cup holder contains a Sippy cup or a baby bottle, a plurality of connecting devices wrap around the base cup holder and one or more o columns of an infant... Agent:

20140197287 - Clothes stand: A clothes stand is described including a main body adapted to be attached to a vertical surface, and a support element, for hanging a dress thereon, which is coupled to said body so as to be able to move from a first retracted position to a second position in which... Agent:

20140197288 - Heavy-load suction cup device: The present invention generally relates to the field of suction cups, and more particularly to a rotatable multi-cup suction device. The heavy-load suction cup device includes a cup body that is directly contactable with an adhered surface. The cup body is provided thereon with a cap that defines, together with... Agent: Universal Trim Supply Co., Ltd.

20140197290 - Bracket assembly: A bracket assembly includes an elongated plate that has a first end, a second end, a front side, a back side, an upper edge and a lower edge. A first coupler is attached to and extends away from the back side. The first coupler is positioned adjacent to the first... Agent:

20140197289 - Support arm: A support arm includes a support mechanism, a wall-mounted mechanism, and an arm mechanism. The support mechanism includes a support plate having a first pivot pillar and a first pivot base having a first eccentric rod and sleeving the first pivot pillar. The wall-mounted mechanism includes a wall-mounted plate detachably... Agent:

20140197291 - Light fixture support assembly: A mounting assembly for securing a fixture in a desired orientation. The assembly includes a fulcrum and an opposing structure each secured with respect to the fixture and positioned to receive a support member therebetween. The fulcrum defines a fulcrum plane and is positioned to pivotably engage one side of... Agent: Cree, Inc.

20140197292 - Under-hood tool bar: A tool bar for securing under a hood of a car during repair and maintenance is disclosed. A rigid member spanning a substantial portion of the hood is flexibly secured to hooks. The hooks engage edges of the hood and may include a compliant covering. The hooks may secure to... Agent:

20140197293 - Steering column support construction: Provided is steering column support construction that together with eliminating strong rubbing between the bottom surface of a vehicle-side bracket 23a and the top surface of a column-side bracket 22a, and keeping the absolute value and fluctuation in the break away load small, more completely protects the driver during a... Agent: Nsk Ltd.

20140197294 - Hanger: A hanger for hanging an article from a supporting surface is described. The hanger comprises a base body which includes a vertical axis which, when the base body is disposed on the supporting surface, extends substantially perpendicular to the supporting surface; a catch configured to catch a portion of a... Agent: Global Shopping Network Pty Ltd

20140197295 - Impact barrier for a storage rack: An impact barrier for a storage rack support structure includes an arcuate outer wall having opposed first and second ends, the first and second ends being spaced apart to form a gap therebetween. The impact barrier further includes a first deflection element, a second deflection element, and a third deflection... Agent: Southwest Agri-plastics, Inc.

20140197296 - Dual function base support cover: A base cover provides a body portion that fits over a base support to protect an object from a base support, and detachably joined support member that protects a ground surface from the base support, such as a furniture leg. The body portion is substantially cylindrical shaped. The body portion... Agent:

20140197297 - Boom sprayer and boom raising and lowering device: A boom raising and lowering device that is configured to raise and lower a boom includes a raising and lowering mount that is provided so as to be able to be raised and lowered with respective to the working vehicle, a roll mount that is provided on the raising and... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20140197298 - Pedestal structure of cash register display: A pedestal structure of a cash register display is disclosed, including a base, a supporting arm, a retaining shaft lever, at least one extension spring and a display loading plate. Multiple retaining grooves and an inclined slide walls are arranged on each of two side plates of the base. The... Agent: Posiflex Technology, Inc.

20140197299 - Vibration isolation system: A vibration isolation system, including a housing and a first isolation member which further includes a receptacle to receive an outer body of a motor, a first plurality of compliant arms, and a second plurality of compliant arms. Each compliant arm of the first isolation member has a first end... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

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