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04/16/2015 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20150102179 - Bracket to mount aftercooler to engine: A bracket to mount an aftercooler to an engine with an engine block includes a base portion connected to the engine block and a mount portion to mount the aftercooler to the engine. A first Y-shaped portion and a second Y-shaped portion extend substantially paralelly between the mount portion and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150102180 - Post support: A bracket including a foundation portion and a post leg portion. The post leg portion may include a plurality of tabs for engaging a strap member. The strap member is configured to engage and support a post member.... Agent:

20150102181 - Furcated eye bolt assembly: A furcated eye bolt assembly includes a bolt with a head having a plurality of openings defined by a corresponding plurality of rings.... Agent:

20150102182 - Power-supplying system: An objective of the present invention is to provide a power-supplying system that can restrain an increase in size thereof with a spring equipped therewith. A first end of a rolling spring projects inwardly, and a first locking section is formed on a primary shaft of a turning member, the... Agent:

20150102183 - Wire harness fixture and method of producing wire harness with fixture having wire harness fixture attached thereto: A wire harness fixture includes a base having a clip projecting therefrom; a winding band extending and winding around a wire harness from a first end portion of two end portions of the base; and a plurality of engagement portions on a surface of the winding band. The base has... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20150102184 - Folding hose storage rack: A folding hose storage rack is disclosed. The rack includes two spaced apart support members with each support member having a vertical member configured to rotate about a vertical axis, an upper arm extending outward from the vertical member, a lower arm extending outward from the vertical member, where the... Agent: Vac-tron Equipment, LLC

20150102186 - Panel support structure: A plurality of support structures that may be secured to a surface and may support panels, such as solar modules. The support structures may include a first side that forms a channel and a second side that forms a support flange. A first edge of a panel may be placed... Agent:

20150102185 - Support device for monitor or display: A support device includes a stationary base having an upwardly extended protrusion and having a screw hole formed in the protrusion, a supporting arm having a compartment opened downwardly for engaging with the protrusion and having an orifice aligned with the screw hole of the protrusion for supporting a carrier,... Agent: Oxti Corporation

20150102187 - Retention and rotation assembly and method of using the same: A retention and rotation assembly includes a first support having a first bore that extends along an axis AA. A lug is received in the first bore and is rotatable relative to the first support about the axis AA. The assembly includes a second support having a second bore. An... Agent:

20150102188 - Braking mechanism and load support mechanism: A brake device 122 includes, at tips of brake arms 141a, 141b, 142a, and 142b that are paired in an up-down direction and are provided in such a way as to freely rotate across a first brake rail 31, brake pads 145a, 145b, 146a, and 146b, which engage with a... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20150102189 - Adjustable flashlight holder: A holder for a flashlight includes a base from which a flexible shaft extends. The base has a permanent magnet for attaching the holder onto or adjacent to the workpiece. The shaft has a first end attached to the base and comprises an elongated, flexible metal core that preferably is... Agent:

20150102190 - Hanger for displaying floor mats: A hanger for displaying floor mats includes a main body portion and at least one post extending from the main body portion for receiving at least one floor mat. The hanger further includes a locking member hingedly coupled with the body portion and selectively movable between a first configuration disengaged... Agent:

20150102191 - Plug-in module bottom rail system and method: Bottom mounting rails are used to secure a double wide plug-in module or two full wide plug in-modules into a double wide bay of an electronic device. This allows the size of the electronic device to be minimized. Further, the space adjacent to the sides of plug-in modules is left... Agent: Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

20150102192 - Portable suspension device for gym accessories: A portable suspension device for workout accessories comprising a backing, where the backing includes a front face and a back face; a hook attached to the front face of the backing, where the hook is attached to the backing with a fastener; a magnet on the back face, where the... Agent:

20150102193 - Magnet fixing structure and electronic device having the same: A magnet fixing structure includes a bottom wall, stopping units, a top wall and an elastic arm. The stopping units are connected to the bottom wall. The top wall is connected to the stopping units. A containing space is formed between the bottom and top walls. The elastic arm disposed... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150102194 - Solar panel rooftop mounting and grounding device: Disclosed is a device for securing, mounting, aligning, and grounding solar panels to a roof mounted rail. The device in combination with a t-bolt, a nut, and a solar panel end-clamp or mid-clamp, secure, mount, align, and ground the solar panels to the roof mounted rail. The device can be... Agent: Sunmodo Corporation

20150102195 - Adjustable nail polish bottle holder: A liquid applicator bottle holder that retains any size of a fingernail polish bottle. The holder has a spring loaded top capture ring that is slidably mounted within a tilting, lockable arm that allows the fingernail polish bottle to be stored or used in an angled configuration, The upper surface... Agent:

20150102196 - Stand assembly and electronic apparatus: Stand assembly includes base and first and second stand units. The first stand unit includes first body and extending portion. The first body has first and second ends and first shaft. The extending portion connects the first body and has first shaft hole having first hole portion and second hole... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150102197 - Electronic device stand: A stand for holding a device comprising: a base; a first support member oriented in a vertical direction in operable communication with the base; a second support member oriented in a horizontal direction in operable communication with the first support member; wherein the second support member comprises at least one... Agent:

20150102198 - Remote controlled moving platform for a camera: A moving platform for use with a camera and track assembly, and comprising a platform body having a hollow rectangular shape with five mirrored exterior sides and one open bottom side. Within and attached to the platform body is a drive wheel, an electric motor and a gear box adapted... Agent:

20150102199 - Longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat: Longitudinal, adjuster (27) having an outer and an Inner rail (50, 51), characterized in that the outer rail (50) has a structural element (53) which absorbs vertical forces and has a flexible element which biases a rolling body (52) against the inner rail (51).... Agent:

20150102200 - Load support mechanism: A load support mechanism 1 includes a fixed support section 2, which includes a fixed cam 8; a movable support section 3, which receives a load and can move vertically; a horizontal cam groove 13, which is provided in the movable support section; a cam follower member 15, which can... Agent: Nisca Corporation

20150102201 - Load support mechanism: An article supporting device 1 includes a base member 2, a supporting member 3, a spring member 4 which is a compression coil spring, a spring force transmission member 5, a cam member 6, and a cam follower member 7. The cam follower member is pressed against a downward-facing cam... Agent: Nisca Corporation

04/09/2015 > 16 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150097088 - Mobile electronic device cord holder: A mobile electronic device cord holder for securing device cords is provided. The cord holder includes a body with a channel extending lengthwise between the ends of the body, an access slot open to the top of the body and having a width whereby at least one electronic device cord... Agent:

20150097089 - Wire harness mounting assembly: The present teachings provide for a wire harness mounting assembly including a first retention member, a first guide member, a second retention member, and a second guide member. The first retention member and the first guide member are each configured to be spaced apart from the second retention member and... Agent: Denso International America, Inc.

20150097090 - Portable holder for an electric vehicle charger with an inline electronics module: A portable holder for an electric vehicle charger with an inline electronics module. The holder includes or defines a cavity, a first extension, a second extension, and a slot. The cavity is configured to receive the inline electronics module through an opening in the cavity. The first extension is arranged... Agent:

20150097091 - Gravity hamper laundry center: A hamper support system herein includes a single horizontal support bar, and at least one anchor hook that has an upper and a lower section. A hamper bag frame may also be included, which can be selectively engaged with and disengaged from the horizontal support barvia the anchor hook to... Agent:

20150097092 - Bi-directional tilt mechanisms and methods: A tilt mechanism for an electronic display including a torsion spring, the torsion spring providing a spring torque to balance a monitor torque due to weight of the monitor. The tilt mechanism allowing an electronic display to be positioned at a variety of tilt angles within a range of tilt... Agent:

20150097093 - Supporter assembly and related display device: The present invention provides a supporter assembly and a related display device. The display panel includes a first connecting portion. The supporter includes a first body and a second body. The first body includes a first inclined surface and a second connecting portion pivotably connected to the first connecting portion.... Agent: Top Victory Investments Ltd.

20150097094 - Gun holder with brush: Embodiments of the invention are directed to a gun holder assembly comprising: a plate; a rod comprising a first end detachably coupled to the plate and a second end configured for insertion into a gun barrel; and an engagement member detachably coupled to the second end of the rod and... Agent:

20150097095 - Flat angled bracket: “FLAT ANGLED BRACKET”, this patent discloses a flat angled bracket which, in accordance with its characteristics, enables the formation of a flat angled bracket (1) with a unibody structure suitable for and specific to the type which is mechanically extruded with a folding rectilinear profile through a pair of single... Agent: Codiflex Ind&#xfa Stria E Com&#xe9 Rcio De Manufaturados Ltda.

20150097096 - Window support and method for room air conditioner installation: A bracket for mounting an air conditioning unit in a window has a base plate having a front edge and a rear edge and a pair of support legs connected to the base plate and extending from the rear edge, each support leg having an end face that faces in... Agent:

20150097097 - Hook arrangement device and method of use: The present invention discloses a hook arrangement device for hanging items along a rack or bar comprising: (1) a body portion adapted to securely attach to the rack or bar wherein the body portion is locked into a position along the rack or bar; and (2) at least one hook... Agent:

20150097098 - Steel coil protection structure: A steel coil protection structure supports a steel coil stably, keeping it from dropping to affect road safety or endanger lives of operators. The protection structure includes a bottom seat, foundation units, side seats and carrier blocks. The bottom seat is a quadrilateral plate and each end side thereof is... Agent:

20150097099 - Telescopic pumpable props: A single use grout fillable telescopic mine prop has self-supporting walls with plastic properties to withstand a much greater vertical displacement before failure. The prop has a unique installation fitting and a unique grout filling tool is provided to enable the prop to be quickly and safely filled. The prop... Agent: Cougar Can Company Pty Ltd.

20150097100 - Apparatus for suspending fixtures, said apparatus including a resilient plastic top hat portion: A bracket having a flange defining a through hole; a fastener having a pointed end, the pointed end being dimensioned to pass through the through hole, the other end being dimensioned to not pass through the through hole; a resilient plastic top hat having a cylindrical portion and a flange... Agent:

20150097101 - Display location: A method and apparatus are disclosed for locating a display of a Self-Service Terminal (SST) at a desired viewing angle. The apparatus comprises a display support that supports a display of a Self-Service Terminal (SST) and that is pivotably mounted at an edge region thereof to the terminal; a variable... Agent:

20150097102 - Television monitor combination stand and wall mount: A combination television monitor stand and wall mount is presented. The combination stand and mount has an assembly of parts that can be assembled into two different configurations. The parts assembly includes a base plate, brackets, screws, and a stand cover. In a stand configuration, the described apparatus functions as... Agent: Bby Solutions, Inc.

20150097103 - Fuel gauge holder: Fuel testing gauges used in preflight checks of an aircraft are typically straw-shaped cylindrical elements which tend to accidentally slip through a fuel tank opening and become lost in the tank. A fuel gauge holder which resiliently engages the outer surface of the gauge and extends laterally from a central... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150090845 - Medical device supporting apparatus: A medical device supporting apparatus for use in a medical environment to releasably secure a medical device to a support structure, the medical device supporting apparatus having a base member configured to releasably mount the medical device supporting apparatus on the support structure; and a medical device mounting assembly including... Agent:

20150090846 - Support apparatus: A modular stand system is adjustable in the transverse direction and height and is adapted for HVAC system components that need to be elevated above a support surface. In certain embodiments, the modular stand systems herein are advantageously used to support HVAC variable refrigerant flow (VRF) units.... Agent:

20150090847 - Safety chain tie down apparatus: A tie down apparatus for securing an item is shown and described herein. The tie down apparatus may include first and second body members, where the first body member is configured to be located and rotated about a first axis within a first receiving member and the second body member... Agent:

20150090848 - Support device: In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an inner support member having an outer surface and an outer support member rotatably coupled to the inner support member and having an inner surface configured to matingly engage the outer surface of the inner support member. One of the outer surface of the... Agent: Steelcase Inc.

20150090849 - Medical device supporting apparatus: A medical device support apparatus for use in a medical environment to releasably secure a medical device to a support structure, the medical device support apparatus having a base member configured to releasably mount the medical device support apparatus on the support structure; and a medical device mounting assembly including... Agent: Covidien Lp

20150090850 - Segment of an articulated arm and articulated arm comprising said segment: Segment of an articulated arm made of composite material, with an elongated shape defining a longitudinal axis, and having a box-like cross section. The segment includes a first end portion, configured for the pivoting of a further segment, a second intermediate portion configured for the pivoting of an actuation member,... Agent:

20150090851 - Support device: A support device for detachably supporting a portable electronic apparatus includes a base body, a support column member standing from one end of the base body, a flap axially supported in the support column member turnably clamp the portable electronic apparatus between the flap and the support face, conical rollers... Agent:

20150090852 - Support device: A support device is configured to receive an electronic device. The support device includes a base, a holder rotatably mounted to the base, a semi-gear engaged with the holder, an eccentric gear including an shaft inserted into the holder, a wheel module selectively to drive one of the semi-gear and... Agent:

20150090856 - Conveyance seat: A conveyance seat includes: a pair of lower rails; a pair of upper rails, each of which is slidably assembled to the corresponding lower rail; an electric drive mechanism; a pair of brackets, each of which is assembled to an upper surface of the corresponding upper rail; and a pair... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150090853 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes a slide rail. A cap provided in a lower rail or an upper rail integrally includes a base portion adjacent to a longitudinal rear end of the lower rail or the upper rail provided with the cap, and a first deformation prevention portion extending into a... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150090854 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes a slide rail that has a lower rail and an upper rail, and a cap that is provided on an end portion in a longitudinal direction of at least one of the lower rail and the upper rail. A base portion that is adjacent to and... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150090855 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat includes: a slide rail; and a slide lock mechanism. The slide lock mechanism includes a locking member and an operating member; the locking member includes a first biasing member that maintains the slide lock state of the locking member in an elastically biasing manner; the operating member... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20150090857 - Pole mounting system: A pole mounting system comprises a support mounting and a pole base. The support mounting has a receiving aperture that tapers conically inwardly from a receiving aperture, and at least one helical guide channel is formed in a wall of the receiving recess and extends axially away from the receiving... Agent:

20150090858 - Systems and methods for mounting electrically powered devices to ceilings and other structures: Embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for mounting an electrically-powered device to a ceiling or other supporting structure. The electrically-powered device can be, for example, a ceiling fan, a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture, or a lighting fixture.... Agent:

20150090859 - Device for supporting domestic appliances: A device (1) for supporting a domestic appliance and for bringing the appliance to a working height. The device being manufactured from a water-resistant material and including four legs (6) connected together such that the four legs (6) can be under the four corner points of a domestic appliance and... Agent: Ener S.a.

20150090860 - Foundation system for receiving the load of a housing or of at least one housing module of a self-service machine: A foundation system for receiving the load of a housing or at least one housing module of a self-service machine includes at least one base element, which has at least one support surface for a housing or for at least one housing module of a self-service machine. The base element... Agent: Keba Ag

03/26/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150083870 - Connector hub and modular work system: A connector hub assembly usable as a standalone module or as a component in a work space system. The connector hub assembly optionally includes features for connecting one or more arms of a support frame for supporting a modular workspace system including desk space, cabinet space, view screens, electronic equipment,... Agent:

20150083871 - Adjusting device for making x-y adjustments from a single point: An adjusting device for making x-y adjustments of a repositionable member from a single point includes first and second extendable members each defining an extension axis and including an extension rod, an extendable portion operatively attached to and adjustable relative to the extension rod along the extension axis to an... Agent: Morrison Timing Screw Co., Dba Morrison Container Handling Solutions, Inc.

20150083872 - Seat mounting structure: Provided is a seat mounting structure which enables stable mounting of a seat frame. A seat mounting structure is provided with right and left support members which support a seat frame of a seat within the floor of a vehicle, and a coupling member which is hung between the right... Agent:

20150083873 - Drywall attachment device: A drywall attachment device includes an elongated general resilient member having an elongated slot and a plurality of small holes disposed along a central axis. A plurality of drywall fasteners are secured onto the member, and a series of scored lines function to bend the device to engage drywall of... Agent:

20150083874 - Mounting bracket: Disclosed is an apparatus for mounting vertebrate skulls using a skull foramen magnum cavity and a skull cleft, the apparatus including a body; an at least one upper tine extending from said body and being configured for insertion into the skull foramen magnum cavity; and an at least one lower... Agent:

20150083875 - Antenna assembly mounting system: The invention relates to a satellite antenna assembly and a mounting assembly to allow the satellite antenna assembly to be mounted to a support means which may be located on the vertical support surface of a wall of a building. The mounting assembly allows initial engagement of first and second... Agent:

20150083876 - Folded beam clamp: A clamp for overhead assemblies has a clamp portion including a frame with first and second spaced apart side portions connected at respective ends to a top portion. The first and second side portion can have first and second openings therethrough to form a clamp opening. A plate is disposed... Agent: Unistrut International Corporation

20150083877 - Support for flat rigid objects: A drop in receptacle for generally flat and rigid objects that is particularly useful for supporting electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. The support includes corner catches for at least two corners of the device. The corner catches include rotating latches and cornerpieces. The rotating latches are shaped and... Agent:

20150083878 - Wall fastening, or wall or ceiling hook, or eyelet for a hollow wall, and method for fastening same: A wall fastening is disclosed for a hollow wall, which includes a first section forming a hook configured to remain in front of the hollow wall and a second section which extends through a bore in the hollow wall and configured to fasten behind the hollow wall. The second section... Agent:

20150083879 - Loft block with aligned sheaves: A lift system configured to lift an article (e.g., a batten). The lift system includes a first cable configured to be coupled to the article, a second cable configured to be coupled to the article, a drive mechanism coupled to the first cable and the second cable and operable to... Agent:

20150083880 - Novelty wine bottle holder: The invention disclosed herein provides an apparatus, system and method for supporting a bottle of liquid on a flat surface at an angle so as to prevent that liquid from leaking out of the bottle. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an... Agent:

20150083882 - Easy entry adjustable end stop: A seat adjuster may include an end stop bracket and an adjustable end stop lever. An adjustable end stop lever may be configured to rotate between a first position in which the adjustable end stop lever engages the end stop bracket and prevents movement of a seat from a comfort... Agent:

20150083881 - Positively engaged latch for seat adjuster assembly: A seat track assembly includes upper and lower tracks slidably coupled together. The lower track includes a locking window and the upper track includes a first aperture. A locking mechanism includes a mounting bracket fixedly secured to the upper track. The mounting bracket includes a second aperture. At least one... Agent:

20150083883 - Four bar linkage imaging stand assembly system and method: A four bar linkage boom arm imaging stand assembly system and related methods are provided. The stand includes a height-adjustable imaging platform. The imaging platform is configured for holding a scanning device. The stand is configured to be mobile. The stand is also configured to be stable while moving a... Agent:

20150083884 - Hook and lock: A secure mounting hook comprises a screw portion configured to be screwed into a surface, a hook portion configured to hold a piece of equipment, and a latch configured to close around the piece of equipment. At least one hole of the latch and at least one hole of the... Agent:

20150083885 - Securing apparatus for portable electronic devices: An apparatus for securing a portable electronic device includes a base section configured to be supported on a surface, and a main body configured to engage the portable electronic device to secure the portable electronic device to the apparatus. The main body is adjustably attached to the base section so... Agent:

20150083886 - Adjustable hair dryer holder: Disclosed is a hair dryer holder for supporting a hair dryer in a fixed position. The hair dryer includes a handle portion and a blower portion. The hair dryer holder includes a base portion for securing the hair dryer holder to a surface and a retainer portion for holding the... Agent: Next Future LLC

20150083887 - Modular set-up winch for a crane: A set-up winch for a crane, in particular for a mobile crane is designed as a transportable, modular unit. Characteristically, the winch's mounting element for mounting the winch to the crane comprises a securable quick-acting mounting system. Embodiments have a hang-in mounting system with a hang-in bolt and a safety... Agent:

20150083888 - Drilling rig equipment platform: An aircraft-transportable platform component for supporting a drilling rig includes a buoyant body supported by a frame and lifting members coupled to the frame for engagement by an aircraft. A portion of the frame protrudes from an underside surface of the frame for anchoring the platform component in unstable ground.... Agent:

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