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10/25/2012 > 26 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120267483 - Cable support and method for using same: Embodiments described herein comprise a cable system. The cable system has a plurality of cables and a plurality of cable hangers. The cable hangers are configured to support the plurality of cables in a building. The plurality of cable hangers have one or more cable supports configured to hold at... Agent:

20120267484 - Device for fastening heat transfer medium lines to a container: A fastening device for heat transfer medium lines comprising a strip-shaped carrier element (10) and a plurality of claw-shaped retaining elements (12) which in each case comprise two side parts, one end of which is firmly joined to the upper side of the carrier element (10), it being possible to... Agent: Basf Se

20120267485 - Bottle caddy: THE BOTTLE CADDY was conceived while watching parents struggle trying to feed their babies while caring for other siblings at the same time. The multi-tasking while caring for children(s) is a fact of life and if there are alternatives they should be explored. With that in mind, the idea to... Agent:

20120267486 - Adjustable flower pot support: A flower pot holder includes a collapsing frame assembly that moves between two configurations; an open configuration and a drawn-in configuration. In the first configuration, the frame assembly is spaced from a central axis, over which a flower pot is disposed. In the second configuration, members of the frame assembly... Agent: Ames True Temper, Inc.

20120267487 - L-character stand: There is provided an L-character stand. The L-character stand is provided with columns supporting one electronic product; a base combined with the columns like an L-character; one fixture provided on the columns; and another fixture provided on the rear face of another electronic product, wherein the one fixture and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120267488 - Adjustable support device with multiple rolling elements: Adjustable support devices with multiple rolling elements are disclosed. An adjustable support device includes a base that includes a plurality of rolling element receiving cavities, a plurality of rolling elements that interface with the rolling element receiving cavities, and an external sleeve coupled to the base for adjustable vertical positioning... Agent: George Fanourgiakis

20120267489 - Connector mounting apparatus with emi shielding clip: A connector mounting apparatus includes a hollow receiving member, and a securing bracket. The receiving member is used for receiving a connector interface. A securing opening is defined in the securing bracket to receive the receiving member. The securing bracket includes a first resilient contacting tab extending from a first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120267491 - Locking device: A locking device (10) comprising: locking members (20) to releasably engage with a locking surface (31); an actuating member (11) operatively connected to the locking members (20); hinges (201) to pivotally connect the locking device (10) to the stand (200); and a raised lip portion (23) defined on at peripheral... Agent:

20120267490 - Trapezoidal rib mounting bracket: A mounting bracket (220) for a trapezoidal rib (204) is disclosed. The mounting bracket (220) includes an upper wall (224) in the form of a flat surface for supporting various types of attachments. An attachment may be secured relative to the mounting bracket (220) using a mounting hole (226) on... Agent:

20120267492 - Railroad coupler mount: An improved railroad coupler mount for attaching equipment, such as an end-of-train device (EOT), marker light, test gear, etc., to a railroad coupler. The mount is comprised of a pivoting lever with brace (a V- or U-shaped notch) that grips the rib between vertically spaced coupler coring holes and a... Agent:

20120267493 - Mounting bracket for electronic kitchen faucet: An electrically non-conductive mounting assembly is disclosed for coupling an electronic faucet to a sink deck. The mounting assembly includes a spout insulator configurable to attach to a delivery spout and a mounting bracket configured to attach to an underside of the sink deck.... Agent:

20120267494 - Enclosure clamps and clamp systems: Enclosure clamps and clamp systems are provided for fastening a cover to an enclosure body to provide an explosion-proof container, while minimizing the number of bolts used over conventional systems. The enclosure clamps and clamp systems create a sufficient force so as to provide a flamepath between the cover and... Agent:

20120267495 - System and method for holding an optical rod: A system for holding an optical rod, contains an optical mount having a hole traversing throughout a body of the optical mount, wherein the optical mount is a c-shaped collar clamp. The system also contains an optical rod having a circumferential area and a split sleeve encompassing the optical rod... Agent: Excelitas Technologies Led Solutions, Inc.

20120267496 - Locking arm pedestal system: The locking arm pedestal system includes a clevis assembly pivotally attached to a plurality of pivotal arms. One of the arms is pivotally attached to a telescoping arm housed in a base, the telescoping arm setting the desired height of the clevis assembly. The base is adapted to be mounted... Agent:

20120267497 - Articulating monitor arm with cable and spring: An extension arm including an articulating portion that approximately counterbalances the mass of the articulating portion and any objects connected thereto, for example an electronic device, throughout the positional range of the articulating portion. In some embodiments according to the disclosed inventive concepts a spring coupled to a cable is... Agent: Innovative Office Products, Inc.

20120267498 - Fastener: The invention relates to a fastener. The fastener includes: a lower fastening base, in which a pivoting plate is disposed upward on a back end of the lower fastening base and concavely disposed with a limiting groove, an upper fastening plate, disposed on the lower fastening base in a covering... Agent: Lotes Co., Ltd.

20120267499 - Carrier apparatus for an operating room: A carrier apparatus for a medical device in a medical treatment facility includes a device holder that is configured to hold a medical device and a container that is configured to receive the device holder with a medical device, such that the device holder can move between an upper resting... Agent:

20120267500 - Foldable fixing apparatus for hard disk drive: A foldable fixing apparatus for fixing a hard disk drive includes a handle and two collapsible arms. The handle includes a sidewall. Each collapsible arm includes a fixing arm and a pivot arm. First ends of the fixing arms are rotatably connected to opposite ends of the sidewall. The pivot... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120267501 - Retention device for data storage module: A retention device includes a first holder and a second holder. Two locking members downwardly extend from front and rear ends of the first holder. Each of the locking members and the first holder defines a guideway. An engaging portion extends from a side of the first holder. The second... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120267502 - Apparatus and method for elevating and supporting an air flow measuring device: Apparatus and method for elevating and supporting an air flow measuring device to enable hands-free air flow measurement.... Agent:

20120267503 - Self-leveling, gravity-stabilized, sliding and tilting support for a chair: The self-leveling, gravity-stabilized, sliding and tilting support for a chair is a gravity-powered human stabilization device for use on moving craft such as boats, ships, cars, trucks and aircraft. This device belongs to a family of human stabilization devices often referred to in the past as “gimbaled chairs.” Similarly purposed... Agent:

20120267504 - Motion platform system: A motion platform system for displacing the top frame in three degrees of translational freedom and three degrees of rotational freedom along and about the three axes comprising a base frame, a middle frame, a centre column and six actuators and; wherein said base frame is connected to said middle... Agent: Zen Technologies Limited

20120267505 - Vibration damper of a vehicle and method of reducing vibration: In a vehicle an auxiliary machine (13) such as an air compressor is physically associated with the vehicle battery (12). The battery provides for substantial additional mass which resists transmission of noise and vibration from the small machine to the vehicle structure (11). The small machine (13) may itself form... Agent: Land Rover

20120267507 - Fixing element for a cable system: Vibration is transferred through components that pass from an engine compartment to a passenger cell in a vehicle. One such component is the transmission cable (7). An inner cable provides the mechanical movement between the gear shifter and the gear box, and an outer conduit houses the cable. An abutment... Agent: Hi-lex Cable System Company Limited

20120267506 - Three parameter, multi-axis isolators, isolation systems employing the same, and methods for producing the same: Embodiments of a three parameter, multi-axis isolator configured to limit the transmission of vibrations between a mass and a base are provided. In one embodiment, the three parameter, multi-axis isolator includes an isolator housing configured to be mounted to the base, opposing bellows sealingly mounted within the isolator housing, and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120267508 - Mounting apparatus for fan: A mounting apparatus for a plurality of fans includes a mounting bracket, a base and a stopper. The mounting bracket includes a mounting piece and a limiting post. The base, for securing the plurality of fans, includes a mounting portion, and a side of the base is rotatably mounted to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

10/18/2012 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120261525 - Sink outlet modular panel: The front side has a pre set locating holes for water and drain outlets, locating the pipe outlets securely in a precise desired location for installation. Building installation “Standard” of eight inch to the center of drain, or optionally four inch to the center of drain. The panel has mounting... Agent:

20120261528 - Device for securing pipes having various diameters: A device for vertically holding pipes for elevator systems on oil drilling platforms has a basic element with a pivotable door element. A closing movement for forming a cylinder liner is carried out by a lockable adjusting cylinder. The cylinder liner is formed by interchangeable cylinder segments to form a... Agent: Blohm + Voss Repair Gmbh

20120261526 - Frame-like holder for a solar panel, with a cable holder: A frame-like holder for a solar panel includes a substantially L-shaped profile having at least one first leg that is orthogonal relative to the solar panel in an installed position of the solar panel and at least one second leg that adjoins the at least one first leg at an... Agent: Solon Corporation

20120261527 - Wire harness installing structure: The wire harness installing structure has a wire harness, which includes a cylindrical protection sheath that holds a plurality of wires in a bundled state, wired across two structures, by making the wire harness stride over a movable linking part that links the two structures in a pivotable state. A... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120261529 - Apparatus and systems for mounting an electrical switching device: Described herein are mounting plates which facilitate securing of the electrical switching device to an object. The plate mounts to an object and is configured to secure one or more electrical switching devices. The mounting plate includes a planar surface having a plurality of first through holes configured to secure... Agent: Dish Network L.L.C.

20120261530 - Collapsible light: A collapsible device has a main body surrounded by a collar whose position is adjustable along the longitudinal axis of the main body. Pivotally connected or hinged legs are attached to the collar and to the main body with struts. When the collar is on one position, the legs deploy... Agent: Pelican Products, Inc.

20120261531 - Vertical flip-top menu display: An independent, vertical card display stand, constructed such that display cards are exhibited and securely affixed to a vertical supporting member via a slanted slit or gap in a cylindrical mount. The present invention functions to preserve the integrity of the flipping menu or cards, as well as ensure their... Agent:

20120261532 - Ready to assemble chair base: A ready to assemble chair base includes three leg components. First and second leg components each include two of the five legs, and a third leg component includes a single leg. A hub portion of all three components includes a portion of the central tapered hole. The hub portions of... Agent: Whalen Furniture Manufacturing, Inc.

20120261533 - Mounting system for under-mount sinks: A system for mounting a sink to the under-side of a countertop, the sink having a bowl and a laterally extending flange emanating from the bowl, comprising: a pair of rigid side mounting rails adapted to engage the underside of the flange and adapted to engage a side wall of... Agent:

20120261534 - Electrical machine component mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a channel assembly having side members defining opposing channels, a first mount block member slidably engaging the opposing channels, a second mount block member slidably engaging the opposing channels, a first end member disposed at a first distal end of the channel assembly, and a second... Agent: General Electric Corporation

20120261535 - Non-penetrating mount for an antenna: A non-penetrating mount for an antenna having a base having a first side with a first planar surface, a plate having a second planar surface wherein the plate is configured to reside within the base and wherein the plate is configured to lie in a plane that is parallel to... Agent:

20120261536 - Compliant bearing mount: A compliant bearing mount for mounting a bearing relative to a support structure. The bearing mount assembly of the present invention is adapted to absorb a force applied to the bearing mount. A force translating element translates a component of an applied force to a shear force absorber, which absorbs... Agent: Flywheel Energy Systems Inc.

20120261538 - Clamshell housing for dispensing tube of metering dispenser: A housing for a dispensing tube of a metering dispenser comprises a mounting half and a strike half carried by the mounting half. A channel for a dispensing tube is defined in the mounting half, and a plunger aperture is defined through the channel. The strike half pivots, relative to... Agent:

20120261537 - Mounts for containers: In one form of the present disclosure, a mount for a container is provided. The container comprises a recessed bottom surface at least partially surrounded by a wall extending therefrom. The wall comprises a projection extending therefrom in a direction transverse to a plane of a side of the wall.... Agent:

20120261539 - Cushion pad apparatus: A cushion pad apparatus according to the present invention comprises a cushion pad having at least a receiving surface and a bottom surface; and an insertion frame selectively is contoured on said receiving surface. The insertion frame has an insertion well, and the insertion frame is disposed at a prescribed... Agent:

20120261540 - Module unit: A module unit includes a receiving element formed from an extrusion profile and configured to receive at least one circuit board. The receiving element includes at least two recesses. Two lateral elements are each configured to be received, in a respective one of the at least two recesses so as... Agent: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120261542 - Stand device for mobile terminal: A stand device for a mobile terminal is provided. The device includes a body and at least one slope unit. The body has a seat and a lower side. The seat seats the mobile terminal thereon. The lower side of the body is curved so that the body may be... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120261541 - Angle adjustable support device for placing and supporting an electronic equipment on a table: A support device for a 3C electronic equipment includes a fixed board, a movable board pivotally connected with the fixed board, and an angle adjusting mechanism mounted between the fixed board and the movable board to releasably lock the movable board onto the fixed board. Thus, the movable board is... Agent:

20120261544 - Connection structure of vehicular engine mounting and front plate of front wheel cowling: A connection structure of a vehicular engine mounting and a front plate of a front wheel cowling is disclosed. The engine mounting includes a damper assembly, an upper mount bracket and a lower mount bracket. One end of the upper mount bracket corresponding to the front plate of the front... Agent: Chongqing Lifan Efi Software Co., Ltd

20120261543 - Structure for mounting transmission to vehicle body and bracket for mounting transmission to vehicle body: A structure for mounting a transmission to a vehicle body may include a transmission mounting bracket coupled both to a transmission casing of the transmission and to a rear cover coupled to the transmission casing, wherein the transmission mounting bracket may be coupled to an insulator, and the insulator may... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

10/11/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120256058 - Tilted module for assembling network distribution device: A tilted module adapted to assemble a network distribution device and disposed between a frame and at least a panel of the network distribution device, characterized in that the tilted module having a casing adapted to allow a protruding portion to be disposed at a front of the casing of... Agent: Hsing Chau Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120256059 - Interchangeable self-locking spring loaded quick connect apparatus for wire rope cable and the like: An interchangeable, self-locking, cable gripping and adaptive anchoring apparatus comprising a gripping component and adaptor component. The adaptor component comprises a receiving side for a fitting or anchoring device, and connector side to engage with cable or the like. The gripping component comprises a housing having a cable receiving end... Agent: Feeney, Inc.

20120256060 - Jack system for wall displays: A jack system for supporting and transporting display arrangements, such as wall displays in commercial as well as residential settings, is capable of positioning between a movable load-bearing position and a stationary position. The jack system includes a display support adapted for supporting a wall display or vignette and at... Agent:

20120256061 - Scale model wildlife trophy display system: Scale model fish and wildlife replicas are mounted on rectangular shaped bases and can be displayed individually, attached to one another by using a dog-bone clip or pin, or slid into a vertical, or wall mounted base unit capable of holding 5, 10, or more replicas. The top and bottom... Agent:

20120256063 - Arrangement for positioning suspended profiled elements in dry construction: The invention relates to an arrangement for positioning suspended construction elements in dry construction consisting of at least one metal suspended element (2) with a receiving area (2.1) and one metal construction element (3) received in a receiving area (2.1) of the suspended element (2). Advantageously, the suspended element (2)... Agent:

20120256064 - Flush mount panels with multiple aligned receiving brackets: A panel with multiple openings and brackets can be used to flush-mount multiple components in a wallboard. The panel is installed flush with the wallboard and the junction between the panel and the wallboard is plastered or drywalled to create a uniform appearance. Wall-mounted components can then be installed into... Agent: Dana Innovations

20120256062 - Method and apparatus for supporting a grease gun: A method and apparatus for supporting a grease gun is described. The method involves attaching a barrel of the grease gun to a body having one or more magnetic elements and then magnetically securing the body to a work piece in proximity to a grease nipple using the one or... Agent:

20120256065 - Portable panel for adding utility to a fencing material: The teachings provided herein are generally directed to a portable, utility panel for adding a utility to a fencing material. The panel comprises a vertical base panel including a front surface having a utility and a back surface, the back surface positioned parallel, or substantially parallel, to a fencing material... Agent:

20120256066 - Device substrate attachment structure: In a device substrate attachment structure, when a substrate including a terminal holder attached to an end portion thereof is attached to a frame made of sheet metal, the substrate is attached to the frame via the terminal holder without using a screw fastening structure. The terminal holder is attached... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120256067 - Golf club towel assembly: An assembly is provided for carrying a golf towel, the assembly comprising a hook, a hanger and a connector connecting the hook and the hanger. The assembly can be removably attached to the shaft of a golf club. The methods of making and using the assembly are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120256068 - Electronic device supporting base: An electronic device supporting base including a supporting bracket and a fixed base is provided. A first pivoting portion for being pivoted to the fixed base is disposed at one end of the supporting bracket, a second pivoting portion for being pivoted to a positioning plate is disposed at the... Agent:

20120256069 - Adjustable support bracket: A height-adjustable support system, comprising a vertically elongated mounting bracket adapted to be attached to a support surface and said mounting bracket including a vertically elongated support track having a top end and a bottom end and a plurality of parallel channels extending between said top end and said bottom... Agent: Mediamounts. Ltd.

20120256070 - Non-locking substrate support system: An apparatus that supports substrates that requires no locking of the support members as the support members move up and down and conform to the underside topography of the substrate. The apparatus is especially suited for underside support of printed circuit boards during assembly processes for printing, pick-and-place operations and... Agent:

20120256071 - Universal projector interface having at least one arm assembly including an elongate arm member and a shiftable coupling portion with sustainable alignment: A universal projector interface including a mount interface portion with a plurality of elongate arm assemblies coupled thereto. Each arm assembly is selectively rotatable and translatable relative to the mount interface, and includes a coupling portion. The coupling portion of each arm assembly is selectively shiftable between a first position... Agent:

20120256072 - Attachment apparatus for studio equipment and the like: Mounting brackets for mounting microphones, lights, video, audio and photographic tools and accessories utilized in the audio/video industry to a variety of support structures or fixtures. This invention provides quick and effective attachment of numerous audio/video devices and other paraphernalia onto a wide variety of fixtures. Convenient clamping and mounting... Agent: Quicklip LLC

20120256073 - Table guard assembly: A guard system for a furniture element includes a rail spaced apart from the furniture element, and a support member connected with the rail. The guard system also includes a bracket configured contact at least two surfaces of the furniture element. A resilient connection member is attached to the bracket... Agent:

20120256074 - Spacer piece and section piece for slide rail of automotive vehicle seat: Reinforced section piece comprising a metal section piece and a reinforcing spacer piece, said section piece having a generally U-shaped cross-section with a base portion, said section piece comprising side wings extending perpendicularly on each side from the transverse ends of the base portion, with inner surfaces facing each other... Agent: Faurecia Si&#xe8 Ges D'automobile

20120256075 - Method of producing split outer shell cradle mount with rate plates: A cradle mount assembly for use in vehicle is provided including at least two inserts having at least two rate plates connected to each respective insert. The rate plates connected to the inserts by means of a connection or structural portion. A mold provided to mold plastic, polymer or other... Agent: Trelleborg Automotive Usa, Inc.

10/04/2012 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120248262 - Bag supporting apparatus: A bag support apparatus has a first support member, a first arm slidably received in the first support member so as to be movable between a retracted position and an extended position, a second support member, and a second arm slidably received in the second support member so as to... Agent:

20120248263 - Computer work desk: The purpose of this invention pertains to monitor mounting device that allow more flexibility and support for large-format, thin, flat, touchscreen monitors. This mount offers the solution to use these monitors as the computer interface, along with a standard keyboard and mouse platform mounted below for more traditional input options.... Agent: Touchwerk, Inc.

20120248264 - Built-in home appliance: A built-in home appliance includes a panel, a rear foot group having a foot shaft, an adjustment shaft which rotates the foot shaft of the rear foot group, and an adjustment mechanism having a movement transfer mechanism to transfer a rotational movement of the adjustment shaft to the foot shaft.... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20120248265 - Chair base and methods for the manufacture thereof: A chair base includes a hub having a longitudinally extending interior bore and an exterior surface. The bore includes an upper portion having a first interior wall and a lower portion having a second interior wall. The lower portion is positioned below the upper first portion. A stop feature is... Agent:

20120248266 - Support for supporting a structure on a surface: A support for supporting a structure on a surface, comprising at least one support element, each support element comprising a piston, a cylinder in which the piston is moveable, and a brake for maintaining the piston in a position that is stable relative to the cylinder, wherein the piston and... Agent: Flat Pty Ltd

20120248267 - Device for attaching electronic components to flat-screen television: Bracket for attachment to a flat-screen television having a support platform for positioning electronic components below the television. The caddy comprises top support brackets which hook over the top of the television or over the television wall mount bracket and has a horizontal member abutting the top of the television,... Agent:

20120248268 - Magnetic hold devices and systems: The invention provides compositions and methods for holding systems, devices, apparatuses, or portions thereof in a retracted, extended, or intermediate configuration. In particular, the invention provides permanent magnets and/or magnetizable materials configured to hold systems, devices, apparatuses, or portions thereof in retracted, extended, and/or intermediate configurations.... Agent: Raffel Systems, LLC

20120248269 - Medical device mounting system: A medical device mounting system is disclosed for connecting a medical device suite to ceiling support structure. The system includes a plurality of portions connected to form a box beam structure that has high strength and high rigidity to withstand substantial bending loads associated with heavy medical device suites. The... Agent: Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation

20120248270 - Mounting device: A mounting device capable of mounting two objects of different sizes is disclosed. The mounting device includes a mounting member including a first end, a second end opposite to the first end, a mounting portion, a securing piece between the first end and the second end, and an installing plate... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120248271 - Panel lock solar clamp: A clamp is disclosed for attaching a solar panel to a grid system. The clamp includes an upper end clamp, a clamp plate, a channel nut; and a fastener connecting the clamp, the clamp plate and the nut. A head of the fastener engages the upper end clamp and a... Agent: Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation

20120248272 - Purse hanger: Disclosed herein are purse hanger comprising a housing (1) having a bottom surface (14) and a locking cavity (20), wherein the bottom surface being adapted to rest upon and frictionally engage a flat surface; a first link (3) and a second link (2) pivotally linked to each other; a connection... Agent:

20120248273 - Mounting system with adjustable height and load carrying surface: In a mounting system suitable for mounting equipment to a wall, through a use of a mechanical advantage, a range of loads available to be accommodated by a single spring is expanded.... Agent:

20120248274 - Fastening system for attaching retainers to elastomer components: A retainer for accommodating an electronic component, in particular a sensor, including a main body or a main body element, which comes in contact with the electronic component, and is composed of a main body material. The retainer further includes a transition layer, which is connected to the main body... Agent: Rema Tip Top Gmbh

20120248275 - Washer-retaining bracket configuration: The present invention provides a bracket configuration for retaining a washer within a washer case which has an opening for inserting the bracket therethrough so that the washer case is mounted to the bracket from above the washer. The bracket configuration specifically includes a hole configured to dispose the washer... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120248276 - Suspension device and suspension system: A suspension device for a connecting component (5) to which a dynamic load is mountable and which forms at least one eye, the suspension device comprising an axis (2) fixed to a carrier (1), a roller (3) rotatably mounted on the axis (2) and having a circumferential groove into which... Agent:

20120248277 - Holder for tablet personal computer: A holder for holding a portable electronic device can be changed between a folded position and an unfolded position. The holder holds the portable electronic device in the folded position. In the unfolded position, the holder has its supporting board, front holding board, rear holding board, side holding boards, bottom... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120248278 - Rotatable drive connection that reduces chatter: A rotatable drive connection is provided for transmitting torque. The connection includes a first component having an aperture with a plurality of corners. The connection further includes a second component having an end portion with a plurality of edges. The end portion of the second component is smaller than the... Agent:

20120248279 - Portable tool stand: A portable tool stand assembly includes a pair of wheels that are mounted on an axle that is received in a bracket plate. The bracket plate defines a J-shaped slot that has a mobility position in which the wheels are lowered relative to the tool stand assembly to permit the... Agent: Van Mark Products Corporation

20120248280 - Multi-angle and multi-position reprographic copy stand: Various methods and devices involving reprographic copy stands are described. A reprographic copy stand may include a first support element configured to support a first cover of a book at a first plurality of angles. The reprographic copy stand may also include a second support element configured to support a... Agent: Operations Inc.

20120248281 - Standardised monopole strengthening: A monopole hollow strengthening tower is provided comprising stages that each comprise a pair of half-pipe sections that fit around the monopole. Each pair of sections is connected to the stage below and to each other. A first stage is connected to the footing of the monopole, a second stage... Agent: Crown Castle Australia Pty Ltd

20120248282 - Shock-isolation structure: A shock isolation structure for mounting a radar system to a supporting surface on board of a vessel includes a platform on which the radar system can be attached, six strut-like damping elements operating in both tension and compression between the platform and the supporting surface. The damping elements are... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20120248283 - Burglarproof license plate fastener: A burglarproof license plate fastener has a bracket, a burglarproof bolt, a cover and an RFID chip. The bracket has a bracket recess and an elongated mounting hole formed through the bracket recess. The burglarproof bolt is slidably mounted through the mounting hole. The cover is securely connected with the... Agent:

20120248284 - Supporting structure for thrust reverser, in particular having cascades: The present invention relates to a supporting structure (200) for a nacelle of a jet engine, in particular provided with a thrust reverser device, including at least one base body (201) made of a composite material, characterised in that the base body has a transverse section which is essentially open... Agent: Aircelle

20120248285 - Eccentric clamping bushing: A clamping bushing which, due to the particular eccentric geometry and composite materials used to manufacture the same, comprising elastomers (14, 15) and metal sheets (10, 11), is suitable for the reduction of principally vertically acting vibrations and structure-borne sound which can arise in machines/gearboxes and, in particular, in wind... Agent:

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