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09/27/2012 > 22 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120241567 - Multimedia device stand: In an illustrative embodiment, a device stand including a holder, a holder mount, and a base is disclosed herein. In this illustrative embodiment, the holder includes a central support, a plurality of arms extending from the central support, and a gripping portion configured to grip a corner of a device... Agent:

20120241568 - Method and apparatus for adjusting heights of objects: A leg adjusting assembly has a housing, a rod that moves through the housing, a foot mechanism, and a biasing member. The rod moves through a hole in the housing and a hole in the foot mechanism. The biasing member moves the foot mechanism against the rod and prevents the... Agent:

20120241569 - Stabilizing device used under a table leg, chair leg, or similar related product that requires slight adjustment to create a solid connection to the floor: The present invention relates to a relatively simple, reliable and inexpensive leveling and stabilizing device used under any object that needs balance on any surface; and more particularly to a device used under a table leg, chair leg, or similar related product that requires slight adjustment to create a solid... Agent:

20120241570 - Apparatus and method for temporary mounting of a hangboard: According to one embodiment a removable assembly provides for mounting of a hangboard including a first unit and at least a first bracket for connecting the hangboard to the first unit. The first unit may include a first member configured to be placed over a door opening on a first... Agent:

20120241571 - Connector system for medical device: A connector system for connecting a medical device to a patient support device having first and second support members with a patient support panel disposed therebetween, wherein the connector system includes an anti-rotation arm connectably linked between the medical device and a support member connector connectable to the second support... Agent: Thornhill Scientific Inc.

20120241573 - fastener: An apparatus comprises a closed loop member comprising a round loop being configured to be operable for supporting a material inserted into an interior space formed by the round loop. The round loop comprises a segment being configured to be operable for opening and closing a portion of the body... Agent:

20120241572 - Seatback-mountable holder for a portable electronic device: A holder for removably attaching a portable electronic device to an elongate support such as a tray table latch on a seatback with a stowable tray table comprises a clamp frame, a spring compression lever slidably attached to the clamp frame, a flexible band for suspending the clamp frame from... Agent:

20120241574 - External material clamp and external material clamping structure: The external material clamp comprises the fixed plate fixed to the foundation of the wall of the building, the horizontal plate extending forwardly from the center of the fixed plate, the upper support plate projected upwardly from the front end of the horizontal plate to support the upper side external... Agent:

20120241575 - System for supporting an evaporable getter or vacuum gauge: System for supporting an evaporable getter, which can be installed in any type of solar power receiving tube and which is mounted using a method that is much more automated than that used until now. Unlike the known prior art, this system consists of a clip-type supporting element having a... Agent: Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.a.

20120241576 - Mounting support assembly for suspending a medical instrument driver above an operating table: An adjustable mounting assembly, includes a load distributing plate configured for resting on, and being supported by, a top surface of a patient table; a first clamp assembly adjustably coupled to a first side of the load distributing plate and configured for removable attachment to a first side rail of... Agent: Hansen Medical, Inc.

20120241577 - Adjustable angle bracket: The adjustable angle bracket of the present application includes a plurality of tangs configured to engage a mounting device such that a top shelf support surface supports a shelving unit and provides a desired angle for the shelving unit. The device further includes a plurality of shelf coupling apertures compatible... Agent: Process Retail Group, Inc.

20120241578 - Adustable display mounting bracket assembly: An adjustable display mounting bracket assembly includes a mounting bracket, a linkage unit, and a fixing plate. The mounting bracket includes a main body, at least one first connecting member, at least one second connecting member, and a support body. The first and second connecting members are pivotally connected to... Agent:

20120241579 - Suspension device: A suspension device (101) for suspending objects (102), such as light fittings, at a distance from a ceiling (103). The suspension device comprises at least one rod member (104) and one flexible suspension line (105), wherein the rod member (104) is longer than 250 mm. The rod member has at... Agent: Bo Fastening Ab

20120241580 - Apparatus for holding handheld devices: An apparatus for holding handheld devices is provided, including a receiving base, an upper cover, a locking unit, at least a resilient unit and at least a weight allocation unit. The receiving base has a shell forming an accommodation space with an upward opening, and at least a concealing space... Agent:

20120241581 - Support stand: A support stand includes a first casing, a rotary mechanism, a second casing and a holder. The rotary mechanism is disposed in the first casing and has a first gear and a threaded rod coordinated with each other. The second casing is connected with the rotary mechanism. The second casing... Agent:

20120241582 - Angle rotation controlling device: This invention provides an angle rotation controlling device including a main pole, a left arm and a right arm which are rotatable around the axis of the main pole are assembled on the main pole. A vertical rod is assembled at an end of the left arm and right arm,... Agent: Maquet (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120241583 - Picture hanger: i

20120241584 - Formed tube with formed wire rivet: A method performed and apparatus formed to fabricate an Isofix latch wire arrangement bends an elongated strip about an open profile to form an elongated tubular member, radially penetrating the member with wires across the open profile, and forming enlarged portions on the legs. The enlargements engage opposite sides of... Agent: M & C Corporation

20120241585 - Wastebasket with floor anchor: An anchoring device for a wastebasket includes a locking plate that adheres to a hard surface (e.g. a floor) using Command™ adhesive strips or other comparable means of adhesion. The locking plate includes a tongue and a rail. A bottom outer surface of the wastebasket includes a corresponding groove and... Agent:

20120241586 - Clamping device for rod-shaped profiled elements: The invention relates to a clamping device for rod-shaped profiled elements with a substantially circular cross section and with a central axis (R) of the profiled element which axis runs along a longitudinal direction (L) of the rod-shaped profiled element. The device has at least two centering clamps distanced from... Agent:

20120241587 - Adjustable vehicle seat suspension: An adjustable seat suspension for a vehicle seat that includes a linkage arrangement disposed between a seat frame and seat base whose collapse is opposed by a spring lever arm linkage arrangement supported on a fluid powered spring actuator carried by the base that has a plurality of pivotable spring... Agent: Milsco Manufacturing Company, A Unit Of Jason Incorporated

20120241588 - Support for blender blades: A device used in home appliances like blenders, food processors and the like, commonly known as volcano (3) or support assembly (3) of the blades (1), equipped with an elastomeric bushing (2), which provides the support assembly (3) of the blades (1) and, consequently, to the household appliance, a quieter... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120234987 - Coupler for cable trough: Couplers for a cable trough system including a spacing defined by first and second guiding surfaces, the spacing being sized to receive the terminal end of a trough member into the spacing. One or more springs are carried on the couplers and may be at least partially disposed within the... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120234988 - Structure for mounting cables to a device: A fixing structure for fixing a device onto a casing. The casing includes a first side, a second side and a first hole. The first side is opposite to the second side. The first hole penetrates the first side and the second side. The device is inserted on the first... Agent: Aten International Co., Ltd.

20120234989 - Apparatus for collecting leaves and other items for removal: An apparatus for collecting such items as leaves, debris or hair is constructed of an outer channel and an inner hoop frame. The outer channel frame and the inner hoop frame permits a trash bag to be attached between the two frames so that the apparatus is contoured to, envelopes... Agent: Happy Go Leafy Products, Inc.

20120234990 - Barrier apparatus for supporting a flexible banner: Banner apparatus (10) for supporting a flexible banner (16), the apparatus comprising a spindle and an attachment element attached to the spindle and arranged to enable the flexible banner to be releasably coupled to the spindle.... Agent:

20120234991 - Furniture coasters: The invention relates to a frame for pads for pieces of furniture, in particular furniture legs, wherein the frame comprises a first floor contact layer on a first side and can be mounted detachably on the pad, wherein the frame comprises a second floor contact layer arranged on a second... Agent: Wagner-system Gmbh

20120234994 - Back frame module: A back frame module includes a base plate, two locking plate members, a cable organizing plate, and a stowage plate. The base plate is adapted to be provided on a rear face of a display. The locking plate members, the cable organizing plate, and the stowage plate are selectively connected... Agent: Aopen Inc.

20120234993 - Device for attaching a handle to an appliance door: A device is disclosed for attaching a handle to a compartment door for a home appliance. The device includes a stud with an annular groove mounted on the front of the compartment door and a bracket attached to the handle. The bracket is secured to the stud by means of... Agent: American Trim, LLC

20120234992 - Mast mounting system: A mast mount system for mounting accessories on a mobile elevated pole or mast comprising a pole mount assembly including a mounting collar comprising a pair of hingedly coupled pole mounting clamp members to secure the mounting collar to the elevated pole or mast and an accessory mount assembly coupled... Agent:

20120234995 - Spring support and method for producing the same: A spring support, particularly for a spring hanger of a motor vehicle, comprises an annular retaining element made of a thermoplastic material and a spring support element made of an elastomer material applied to the retaining element. The retaining element comprises at least one closed hollow space. A method is... Agent:

20120234996 - Systems and methods for attaching barrier sheet material to extensible pole assemblies: A foot assembly is adapted to be detachably attached to a pole comprising a shaft portion and a ball portion. The foot assembly comprises a foot member defining a first body cavity and a clip member adapted to be detachably attached to the shaft portion of the pole assembly. With... Agent: Fastcap LLC

20120234997 - Crossarm bracket: A crossarm bracket suitable for use with crossarms constructed of various materials, including wood, fiberglass or other similarly-constructed composite crossarms. In some embodiments, the crossarm bracket comprises a top bracket comprising a first attachment point and a second attachment point and at least one flexible compression member having a first... Agent: Sherman & Reilly, Inc.

20120234998 - Module purlin clamp: The present invention is a solar module purlin clamp includes a bent bracket with a top and a bottom that matches and accommodates a width of a supporting purlin, a clamp portion that tightens the module purlin clamp to the supporting purlin and a bolt stack fastener that controls spacing... Agent:

20120234999 - Restraining belt for children in a shopping cart: A restraining belt for children in a shopping cart is disposed in a housing. The housing is fastened on the shopping cart. A fastening element is provided by way of which a lattice bar of the shopping cart is enclosed in a U-shape. The fastening element has clip-like protrusions extending... Agent:

20120235000 - Variable height arm structures, systems, and methods: Enhanced variable-height mounting arms comprise structures that allow any of improved cleanability and/or improved adjustment of height or counterbalancing. An exemplary enhanced variable-height arm comprises an upper shell structure that substantially extends over the upper and side regions of the mounting arm, forming a four-bar linkage. A lower cover is... Agent:

20120235001 - Adjustable holder for electronic devices: An adjustable holder for an electronic device includes four pivotally attached telescopic arms. The left, right and bottom telescopic arms include an elongated sleeve and an extendable arm that moves in and out of the sleeve. Each extendable arm has a forward projecting fin with a raised edge. The top... Agent:

20120235003 - Lid holder: A lid holder for holding a lid above a pot or cylindrical vessel is herein disclosed. The lid holder includes lid support, which includes a central body, and one or more support arms extending from the central body. The lid support further includes a lid stop, on which an edge... Agent:

20120235002 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a tray, a mounting member, a latch member, and a locking member. The tray can receive a data storage device. The mounting member mount is mounted to the tray, and a chamber is defined in the mounting member. The latch member pivotally engages to the mounting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120235004 - Corner protector: A corner protector comprising a guard, strap, and plate or rod are disclosed. The second portion and third portion of the guard are substantially orthogonal to the first portion, and to each other. The second portion and third portion meet to define a corner protrusion. The guard has interior extending... Agent: Rhoost LLC

20120235005 - Apparatus for holding portable devices: An apparatus for holding portable electronic devices of different sizes is provided, including a receiving base, a first clamp unit and a second clamp unit, wherein the receiving base has a flat shape, with two opposite surfaces for receiving area and positioning area respectively. The positioning area forms a plurality... Agent:

20120235007 - Locking device, seat moving device, vehicle seat, motor vehicle, and method therefor: A locking device is provided for locking and/or releasing a longitudinal movement of a seat, in particular a vehicle seat, which includes, but is not limited to at least one unlocking device for locking or unlocking the seat, and at least one actuating unit, which is operationally linked to the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120235006 - Seating system for a motor vehicle: A seating system for a motor vehicle includes three sets of rails mounted to the floor of a motor vehicle. Each set of rails is configured to receive two seats that are capable of sliding in a longitudinal direction on the rails. The motor vehicle also includes storage spaces for... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120235008 - Portable configurable support device: The stops are formed in the bottom panel for enabling the edge of the support panel that is opposite to the second hinge to be positioned therein, to thereby enable the base panel to be positioned at a desired angle of incline with respect to the plane defined by the... Agent:

20120235009 - Door mirror base: A door mirror base including a base main unit for holding a vehicular door minor and a gasket disposed between the base main unit and a vehicle body. The gasket includes a hook protruding toward a vehicle body side and to be hooked onto the vehicle body. The base main... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20120235010 - Combination hold-down clamp and expansion guide apparatus for cable trays: A hold-down apparatus (10) for holding an associated cable tray on an associated support rod member includes a main body portion (100), U-shaped expansion and fixed clamp portions (102, 104), and first and second indicia (330, 332). The expansion clamp portion (102) is configured to loosely engage hold an associated... Agent:

20120235011 - Seat track fitting: Described are track fitting assemblies having a main body with at least one plunger aperture, at least one button aperture intersecting the at least one plunger aperture, and at least one disengagement recess, at least one shear plunger assembly having a plunger, a shear pin, a plunger-spring, and a button... Agent:

20120235012 - Stand for a vertically extending object having a pole-like bottom portion: A stand for supporting a vertically extending object includes a base defining a recess having a center axis for receiving a bottom portion of the vertically extending object, and defining at least one slot. The stand further includes at least one wedge portion comprising an inward facing side, and the... Agent:

20120235013 - Instrumented platform for vibration sensitive equipment: A platform that includes a vibration sensor located within an inner core of a table. The table may have a first plate that supports a vibration-sensitive payload. The first plate may be separated from a second plate by the inner core. The sensor can be located within the core directly... Agent: Newport Corporation

20120235014 - Locking device for camera platform: The invention provides a camera platform locking device, comprises: a housing, for preventing the components from exiting; in said housing from the top down are configured: a sphere, for providing a support to the camera; a lower damping assembly having a inclined or spheric bottom surface, arranged underneath said sphere,... Agent: Zhongshan Sirui Photographic Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.

09/13/2012 > 30 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120228437 - Articulated cable protection and guide apparatus: There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely and stably guide a large number of cables, can assure durability of articulated supporting members that operate between straight and bending postures for a long period of time, and can be easily disassembled and assembled at a... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20120228438 - Part clamp and nailing machine: A part clamp is temporarily held in a short cylindrical portion provided on a contact arm of a nailing machine and is nailed to a building body or the like by the nailing machine. The part clamp is provided with a base portion having a through hole at its center... Agent:

20120228439 - Support structure for protective wear: A support apparatus has a base having at least one portion positioned to rest on a solid surface, at least one vertical support extending upwards from the base, the vertical support having a lower fixed portion and an upper adjustable portion, at least one horizontal support extending outwards from the... Agent:

20120228440 - Adjustable support apparatus: Support apparatuses and methods of operating support apparatuses are provided. In one example, a support apparatus includes a support member including a longitudinal central axis extending in a z-direction of a three-dimensional coordinate system including an x-direction, y-direction, and the z-direction, a body coupled to and movable along the support... Agent:

20120228441 - Flexible and retractable support arm for electronic devices: The Flexible and retractable support arm for electronic devices with optional electrical connection is an apparatus to be used in a very comfortable position allowing the user to interact with the device attached to it, to position it in a way that fits perfectly his or her viewing needs, extending... Agent:

20120228442 - Portable modular monopole tower foundation: A portable and modular foundation that can be utilized to support a monopole a central hub and a plurality of legs. A proximal end of each leg is removably attached to the central hub. A mounting bracket is removably attached to a distal end of each leg and connecting members... Agent: American Resource & Energy, Inc.

20120228443 - Support device and electronic device using same: A support device for supporting an electronic device, includes a pull box, two elastic threads retractably mounted in the pull box, a housing assembly comprising two first support housings, each of the first support housings is detachably mounted on the pull box by one of the elastic threads. A string... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120228444 - Hand operated mount: A hand operated mount 100 is disclosed which can be mounted into the roof of a vehicle, vessel, or building and used to accurately control from inside the vehicle, vessel or building various types of devices that can be externally mounted on it, such as spotlights 127, cameras 110, heat... Agent:

20120228445 - Mounting structure: In a mounting structure for mounting an external wall 21 of a chassis 20 made of metal on an internal wall 11 of a panel 10 made of resin, abutting portions 13 to 16 are arranged in positions separate from corners 12 of the internal wall 11 of the panel... Agent:

20120228447 - Gondola upright mounting device: A mounting bracket assembly for a gondola upright that includes a mounting bracket having a mounting detail and a substantially flat portion, and a wire hanger configured to be attached to the mounting bracket. In a particular embodiment, the mounting bracket assembly wherein the mounting detail is configured to fit... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20120228446 - Hardware for mounting a curtain rod: The inventive concept is directed to hardware in the use of a changeable curtain system. The system consists of two parts. A first part is a receiving part permanently mounted on a wall where a curtain is to be hung in front of a window. The second part is a... Agent:

20120228448 - Mechanical snap retainer assembly for weatherseal: A one-piece retainer assembly comprises a first retainer portion that operatively couples to a second retainer portion. The first retainer portion includes an outer show portion that extends from a first base portion, a retaining flange that protrudes from an inner surface of the show portion, and a first mechanical... Agent:

20120228450 - Hook assembly: A hook assembly comprises a body, a securing portion, a hanging portion, a connection portion and a pair of arc-shaped wings. The securing portion and the hanging portion are respectively extending from two opposite sides of the body. The securing portion comprises an extending portion and a hook portion parallel... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120228449 - Rotary hanging tag: A rotary hanging tag comprises a hanging plate and a support frame. The hanging plate includes a principal plane of a curved surface formed by bending a front end of the hanging plate towards an internal side of the hanging plate, and the hanging plate passes through a slot formed... Agent:

20120228451 - Expansion card mounting apparatus: An expansion card mounting apparatus includes a side wall, a support plate, a slot cover, and a retaining member. The side wall defines an expansion card slot. The support plate is connected to the side wall and located above the expansion card slot. The slot cover includes a cover body,... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120228452 - Over-the-door game hanger system: An over-the-door game hanger system having a pair of first and second hooks capable of receiving a top edge of a standard door. An attachment plate is removably attached between the first and second hooks. A game support strap is operably secured to the attachment plate at one end and... Agent: East Point Sports, LLC

20120228453 - Telescopic arm for a pc table: Rotating telescopic column that includes an outer sleeve (7) with a number of interior cams, a telescopic sleeve (11) located inside the outer sleeve (7) and that has a corresponding number of outer slots (15), as the cams in the outer sleeve (7) is designed to intervene in the slots... Agent: Ekornes Asa

20120228454 - Adjustable stop mechanism for rotatable connection and a rotatable joint comprising the same: The present invention provides a rotatable joint (1) comprising: a first joint member (10) for connection to a reference frame; a second joint member (20) connected with the first joint member (10) and configured for rotation relative to the first joint member (10) about an axis (13); and an adjustable... Agent: Ondal Medical Systems Gmbh

20120228455 - Fastening element for fastening frame element to mounting plate, frame element and installation facility: A frame element of an installation facility is fastened to a mounting plate of an electrical installation by a fastening element having at least two holding elements, arranged adjacent to one another in a shared plane, that can be elastically deformed relative to one another and each including at least... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120228456 - Balancing article suspension device: A device for supporting and suspending objects from a balance point on a surface. The device includes a balance contact, a retainer region, a display body, and a display surface. The display surface of the device may be configured into a design representing a particular figure or logo, or may... Agent:

20120228457 - Balloon holder with locking fingers: A balloon holder includes a stem for locking a balloon tail in place. The stem includes an inner channel for receiving the balloon tail. The inner channel is located between side walls of the stem, and pairs of locking fingers extend from the side walls into the inner channel. The... Agent: Anagram International, Inc.

20120228458 - Fastening device and attachment part having a fastening device: A fastening device having equalization elements, which are movable in the longitudinal direction of a receiving sleeve for adjustment to different diameters of oblong fastening elements such as coarse thread bolts, which hold the fastening element substantially without play in the receiving sleeve in dependence on the diameter of the... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

20120228459 - Automatic robotic holder: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a simple and low-cost device for providing a useful function to a user in a manner that is also entertaining, and more specifically, to an automatic robotic holder, such as a holder for business cards.... Agent:

20120228460 - Driving apparatus: A driving apparatus (100) is provided with: a base part (110); a driven part (130) capable of rotating; an elastic part (120); and an applying part (140) for applying to the base part microvibration for rotating the driven part around an axis along one direction (Y-axis) such that the driven... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120228461 - Antenna mast arrangement: There is provided a top section (6) for attachment at an upper end of an antenna mast body (4), wherein the top section (6) or the antenna mast body (4) comprises an attachment structure (24), to which at least one antenna is connectable. The top section (6) comprises at least... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20120228462 - Anti-theft device for system able to be attached to a wall: A front module is affixed to a carrier module able to be attached to a wall. The device features an anti-theft facility embodied such that the front module and the carrier module are able to be fixed to one another by the device, and that the anti-theft facility is able... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120228463 - Tension adjustment mechanism and method: Embodiments of the present invention are related to tension adjustment for a tension spring in a flex arm. Example embodiments include a tension adjustment mechanism comprising a handle, a collar, and an adjustment nut. The adjustment nut is centrally threaded and engages with a threaded shaft. The adjustment nut is... Agent: Dental Components LLC

20120228464 - Vibration isolation brackets for roller blinds: There is disclosed a support for mounting an end of a roller blind to a structure such as a wall, ceiling and window frame. The support includes a first plate for mounting to the end of the roller blind and a second plate adjacent the first plate. The second plate... Agent:

20120228465 - Mounting apparatus for fans: A mounting apparatus includes a mounting bracket fixed in a chassis, and a number of base members respectively attached to a number of fans of different sizes. The base members are mounted to the mounting bracket at selected positions of the mounting bracket. Each of the base members defines a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120228466 - Foundation system for receiving the load of a housing or of at least one housing module of a self-service machine: The invention relates to a foundation system (2) for receiving the load of a housing or at least one housing module (13, 13′, 13″) of a self-service machine (1), comprising at least one base element (14, 14′, 14″), which has at least one support surface (16, 16′, 16″) for a... Agent: Keba Ag

09/06/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120223192 - High density cable management bracket: A bracket for routing cables in a cable management system that has a mounting portion which is used to mount the bracket to the cable management system and is provided on a mounting end of the bracket. The bracket also has a holding portion that has a plurality of apertures... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20120223193 - Support stand apparatus and methods of use: A support stand having a stand base, mounting a tool support. At least first and second stand base legs extend parallel to each other below intermediate locations of the legs, and converge on each other above the intermediate locations. The parallel portions are readily pushed into soil/ground using an adult's... Agent: Masterpiece Outdoors Inc.

20120223194 - Support stand for electronic device: A support stand includes a first support assembly, a second support assembly, a first connecting assembly connecting one end of the first support assembly and the second support assembly. A second connecting assembly connects the other ends of the first support assembly and the second support assembly. The first support... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120223195 - System and method for mounting a badge on a vehicle: A system and method for mounting a badge to a component of a vehicle is provided. The system comprises a mounting base including first and second fastening apertures defined therein, and a trim ring coupled with the mounting base having an opening defined therein. The badge is adapted to be... Agent:

20120223196 - Apparatus and method for securing mobile devices: An apparatus and method for securing a mobile device for quick and easy access is disclosed. The apparatus is removably mountable to handlebars, steering wheels, and other locations to allow the user to maintain the mobile device in a conveniently accessible location. Additionally, the apparatus comprises a flexible mounting bracket... Agent:

20120223197 - Side bracket: A side bracket for holding a housing in a rack is provided that includes a profile section with a vertical mounting plate that can be used to attach the profile section in a rack. The profile section includes a horizontal slide plate attached to the mounting plate, upon which slide... Agent:

20120223198 - Electronic storage device mounts: In one example, a mounting device includes a single piece screwless cradle for mounting an electronic storage device to a mounting plane. A method for tool-less installation of an electronic storage device is also provided. The method includes placing an electronic storage device into a single piece screwless cradle and... Agent:

20120223199 - Adjustable holding apparatus for an endoscope: An adjustable holding apparatus for an endoscope or other medical device having a proximal end and a distal end, the adjustable holding apparatus having a device for holding an endoscope or other medical device that includes a number of arm segments between the proximal end and the distal end, a... Agent:

20120223200 - Keyboard mounting apparatus: A keyboard mounting assembly includes a base having a body portion with an edge, and a keyboard tray having a support portion configured to engage a keyboard. The keyboard tray further includes an edge-engaging portion configured to releasably engage the edge of the base for pivotal movement between a first... Agent:

20120223202 - Mounting apparatus for storage device: A mounting apparatus includes an enclosure and a mounting device. The enclosure defines a mounting hole. The mounting device includes a receiving member, an engaging member, an engaging rod, and a drive member moveably received in the receiving member. A positioning slot and a cutout are defined in the receiving... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120223201 - Mounting assembly for storage device: A mounting assembly includes an enclosure, a mounting device and a resilient member. The enclosure defines a mounting hole. The mounting device includes an engaging member, a drive member, and an engaging rod. A positioning groove and a clipping groove are defined in the engaging member. The drive member includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120223203 - Apr plate device: A strip-like protrusion and a corresponding strip-like groove are respectively configured at a first holder and a second holder of an APR plate device, such that as an APR plate is clamped by the first holder and the second holder via their clamping surfaces, the strip-like protrusion and the strip-like... Agent:

20120223204 - Mounting apparatus for disk drive: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket receiving a disk drive, a locking member and a first resilient member. The bracket includes two first sidewalls and two second sidewalls. Each first sidewall is connected to the two second sidewalls and defines a number of through holes. The locking member includes two... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120223205 - Locking mechanism for portable device cradle: A cradle assembly for a portable device is provided. The portable device may have details for engaging the cradle assembly. The cradle assembly may include a cradle body and a locking mechanism. The cradle body may support the portable device, while the locking mechanism may be configured to trap the... Agent: Perceptron, Inc.

20120223207 - Shaft support structure, clip, and metal mold for shaft support structure: A clip can fix a linear member, and is integrally molded by a base body, a bearing portion, and a locking lid. In the base body, the locking lid is integrally molded on one end to be freely rotatable. The bearing portion extends from one side of the base body,... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120223206 - Vehicle jack stand: A jack stand for a vehicle includes a plurality of walls joined together to form a body, the body being hollow. A base is formed by lower edges of the walls and a top surface joins top edges of the walls. One of the walls includes a wall opening and... Agent: Jackpoint Jackstands LLC

20120223208 - Reservoir coaster: A beverage coaster includes a hollow main body having an open end. The beverage coaster also includes a top plate with an outer surface and a plurality of apertures formed therein. The top plate is disposed on and covers the open end of the hollow main body to define a... Agent:

20120223209 - Portable podium: This invention provides to a full size convenient folding portable podium which folds together as a single unit and thus requires no assembly or disassembly.... Agent: Berrien Metal Products, Inc.

20120223210 - Exhaust system component: In order to improve the durability of the component (1) even with small wall thicknesses, at least one stiffening element (3) can be provided, which is fastened to and arranged on the housing (2) such that it counteracts an internal pressure (Pi) that is above the ambient pressure (Pu) induced... Agent: J. Eberspaecher Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120223211 - Device for vibration-damping mounting of a fluid assembly and associated fluid assembly: A device for vibration-damping mounting of a vehicle brake system fluid assembly in a receiving opening includes a stay bolt, an elastic damping element in the form of a sleeve through which the stay bolt passes, a clamping sleeve guided by the stay bolt, and a screw element having an... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

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