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Supports August inventions list 08/12

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08/30/2012 > 21 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120217352 - Length profile device: A long, hollow, multiple sided profile device where at least one of the sides is provided with a bolthole, and where at least one of the sides of the profile is provided with a bolt opening.... Agent: Oglaend System As

20120217353 - Attachable grommets for hanging pipes: A plastic, polymeric or silicone grommet used as a dampener or insulator for round and/or hex style tube, pipe and conduit hangers, and particularly to a grommet having a channel portion and a rounded edge portion which directly surrounds the edges of hanger brackets used as pipe supports. Each flat... Agent: Syntiro Dynamics LLC

20120217354 - Clamp for a pipe or cable: A pipe or cable clamp for attaching a pipe or cable to a support structure, comprises a base to be mounted to the support structure, and a strap. The strap comprises two legs interconnected by a clamp portion. The base has lateral walls being provided with outwardly extending teeth and... Agent: Raywal Holding Sas

20120217355 - Oval fir tree mount: Disclosed is an improved mounting and securing device. The device provides for attachment at least one elongate object to a surface and includes a diaphragm spring and an oval fir tree mount. The device is secured to and prevents rotation in an oval or slot shaped hole in a mounting... Agent: Hellermann Tyton Corporation

20120217356 - Broadband monitoring camera: The present invention relates to a broadband monitoring camera and comprises: a main camera; a plurality of auxiliary cameras which are installed around the main camera to photograph a blind spot which is not photographed by the main camera; a rotational mount for providing a loading space in which the... Agent:

20120217357 - System and method for monitoring condition of surface subject to wear: A method of and system for, monitoring the condition of a surface of a crushing zone (17) within a crusher (8) having an inlet through which material for crushing is delivered into the crushing zone, the method comprising: positioning a scanning device (31) at a first position to scan a... Agent:

20120217358 - Built-in home appliance: A built-in home appliance includes a rear leg group having a nut and a leg rod which advances on the nut in a vertical direction while the leg rod rotates, an adjustment shaft which rotates the leg rod of the rear leg group and extends with substantial rigidity. The adjustment... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

20120217359 - Upright adapter for shelving systems: An upright adapter for attaching an otherwise non-compatible fixture, such as a shelf assembly, to a shelving system upright featuring a number of slots separated by a number of dividers features an adapter tube. The adapter tube also features a number of slots separated by a number of dividers. A... Agent:

20120217360 - Apparatus for supporting and displaying paint color cards: A bracket for supporting and displaying a planar object comprises an elongated body member including a planar web and a front wall and a rear wall extending from the longitudinal edges of the web. An end wall extends transversely with respect to and engages the distal ends of the web,... Agent: Benchmarc Display, Inc.

20120217361 - Mounting apparatus and mounting apparatus assembly: A mounting apparatus seats a card on an element. The mounting apparatus includes a fastening member mounted on the receiving element, a latching member extending through the fastening member to be mounted to the element, and an elastic member fitting about the latching member. Opposite ends of the elastic member... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120217362 - Drapery rod bracket and cover plate: A bracket assembly, including a mounting bracket and a cover plate. The mounting bracket has a wall portion and an extension portion. The wall portion includes a first end and is operatively arranged to be mounted to a substantially planar surface. The extension portion is integral with and extends outwardly... Agent: Umbra LLC

20120217363 - Methods and structures for attaching an ornament: An ornamental fixture having a support structure and a plurality of ornaments mounted to the support structure in a substantially completely spherical arrangement of ornaments. The ornaments may be glass crystal ornaments, for example, octagonal glass crystals, and a light may be mounted within the fixture. The support structure may... Agent:

20120217364 - Device and method for positioning shell parts: Device and method for the mutual positioning of shell parts. Such shell parts can be used for constructing a large cylinder, for example a silo. The shell parts are provided with end flanges which extend at right angles thereto. Once the shell parts have been brought into the correct position,... Agent: Jansens & Dieperink B.v.

20120217365 - Surface mount clip: A surface mount clip includes: a bottom portion having a flat surface; clip spring portions which extend from parts of the bottom portion and are provided in a standing manner, in a pair facing each other so as to form a gap therebetween, and which are configured to clip a... Agent: Kitagawa Industires Co., Ltd.

20120217366 - Elongated track support arrangement: A system for supporting a display arrangement from an overhead support, comprising: an elongated support rail having an elongated open upper channel for receipt of an overhead support member; an elongated lower channel for receipt of a lower display support member; and an elongated middle channel disposed between the upper... Agent:

20120217367 - Fixing member for handheld electronic: A fixing member for handheld electronics is disclosed. The fixing member includes a fixing seat, a slot disposed in the fixing seat, a rotation axis set on the fixing seat, a one-way rolling member pivoted in the fixing seat and part of the one-way rolling member exposes on inner surface... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20120217368 - Fastener device, a seat provided with said device, and a vehicle: A fastener device (10) for fastening a load to a rail (4) that is provided with a slideway (4′) defined by a bottom wall (5), two side walls (6), and a top wall (7) including a succession of wide slots (8) and of narrow slots (9), said fastener device (10)... Agent: Eurocopter

20120217369 - Support apparatus: A support apparatus includes a support member having at least one thread, a collar attached to the support member that is moveable along the one or more threads of the support member and at least one arm assembly attached to or positioned on the collar. The one or more threads... Agent: Knoll, Inc.

20120217370 - Device for locking a vehicle seat: A device for locking a vehicle seat comprises a locking pawl which may be pivoted about a first pivot between a closed position in which it engages a fitting part and an open position free of the fitting part. A locking element pivots about a second pivot axis to lock... Agent: Progress-werk Oberkirch Ag

20120217371 - Merchandise display security tether including releasable adhesive: A merchandise display security tether includes a mounting base, a releasable adhesive for releasably attaching the mounting base to an article of merchandise, and a housing configured to be positioned over the mounting base and a releasing portion of the releasable adhesive. The housing is secured to the mounting base... Agent: Invue Security Products Inc.

20120217372 - Assembly for holding the interface of stationary outer structure of a nacelle and housing of a jet engine: The invention relates to an assembly for holding the interface of a stationary outer structure (15) of a nacelle (3) and housing (27) of a jet engine (5), said assembly including: a first raised element belonging to the upstream end of the stationary outer structure (15); a second raised element... Agent: Aircelle

08/23/2012 > 28 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120211609 - Cable support and methods of supporting cables: A cable support has a bed provided with a flat support section and a curved support section for supporting one or more cables on the cable support. The curved bed support section has a curvature which is greater than the curvature at which damage to a computer cable occurs when... Agent:

20120211610 - Post mounting system and device: A post mounting system includes a post and at least one device for mounting to the post. The post includes a first elongate flange and at least one other elongate flange projecting from a proximal edge of the first flange. A portion of the first flange is deformed to facilitate... Agent: Onesteel Wire Pty Limited

20120211611 - Clamp structure capable of preventing a plank thereof from bending: A clamp structure capable of preventing a plank thereof from bending is disclosed in the present invention. The clamp structure includes a clamping portion, two planks connecting to two edges of the clamping portion, at least one fixing component set passing through the planks for closing the two planks, a... Agent:

20120211612 - Movable and adjustable cooler stand: The present invention discloses a stand for a cooler containing cooling solution. The cooler further includes an attached flexible tubing outlet for draining the cooling solution through the flexible tube outlet into a medical cuff for reducing swelling of injured tissue. The stand further comprises a cylindrical container with a... Agent:

20120211613 - Holder for portable electronic device background: A foldable holder includes a foldable cover, a supporting assembly attached to the cover. When the holder is unfolded, the supporting assembly is maintained in a substantially planar form. When the holder is folded, the supporting assembly form a three-dimensional structure that will not collapse under a weight.... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120211614 - Balloon holder caddy systems: A balloon holder caddy system designed to simulate the look of Helium-filled balloons, to reduce the safety hazards associated with traveling with Helium-filled balloons in the passenger compartment of an automobile, and to eliminate repeated trips to a base location and back (a product use location such as is common... Agent:

20120211615 - Water meter mounting bracket system and method: A bracket system and method to retrofit a subsurface water meter enclosure with a mount so as to provide secure positioning means suitable for components related to a water meter such as water-usage monitoring equipment. The system is only removable from the water meter enclosure via disassembling the water meter... Agent:

20120211616 - Method and apparatus of an adjustable scaffold shelf: A method and apparatus of producing an adjustable scaffold shelf. The adjustable scaffold shelf is produced from a platform support of an existing scaffold by specific cuts. A middle support and a pair of mount supports are created from the existing platform support. The pair of mount supports is fastened... Agent:

20120211617 - Clamp assembly for mounting panels to i-beams: A clamp assembly is provided for securing a panel or fairing to an I-beam, and comprises a pair of side blocks and a clamping block, together with a single bolt to secure them in place. Each of the side blocks as an inclined wedge surface, and the T-shaped clamping block... Agent: Laydon Composites Ltd.

20120211618 - Clip for providing light to a waterjet: A clip and system for providing light to a spa, having a clip for holding a light emitting device and a waterjet housing structure manufactured at least in part from a clear material and having a connector allowing the attachment of the clip to the housing structure, the clip having... Agent: Custom Molded Products, Inc.

20120211619 - Apparatus and kit for supporting inclined structures: The present invention relates to an apparatus and kit for use in supporting inclined objects and structures. Specifically, the present invention relates to an apparatus and kit useful for extending platforms on a roof in which scaffolding can be built upon. More specifically, the apparatus relates to an interconnected anchoring... Agent:

20120211620 - Offset weight supporting slide: An appliance is provided that includes a storage compartment with a shelf within the storage compartment. A support apparatus is configured for supporting the shelf The support apparatus can include a first support, a second support, three track surfaces and three bearings. The first support is configured to be attached... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20120211621 - Apparatus for fixing an insulation panel of a cargo and insulation panel thereof: An apparatus for a cargo insulation panel and an insulation panel using the fixing apparatus are provided. By providing a fixing apparatus of a cargo insulation panel and an insulation panel using the fixing apparatus, which include a fixing plate adhered to one face of the insulation panel, a plurality... Agent: Samsung Heavy Ind. Co., Ltd.

20120211622 - Bed organizer: An apparatus that facilitates storage of items for convenient access while in bed is provided. The apparatus offers a new and improved way to address the special needs of this type storage by utilizing a foam body portion having a variety of specially designed cavities therein. The body is held... Agent:

20120211623 - Beverage container holding device: A beverage container holding device comprises a beverage container receptacle having a cavity for receiving a beverage container and a mounting bracket or attaching the holding device to a support member. A pivotal joint is provided between the beverage container receptacle and the mounting bracket, allowing the beverage container receptacle... Agent:

20120211624 - Adjusting mechanism for adjusting rotary angle and antenna system therewith: An adjusting mechanism for adjusting rotary angle is disclosed in the present invention. The adjusting mechanism includes a bracket. The bracket includes a base, a first supporting portion disposed on a first lateral side of the base, and a second supporting portion disposed on a second lateral side of the... Agent:

20120211625 - Retaining plate for a vacuum cleaner filter bag: The invention relates to a retaining plate for a vacuum-cleaner filter bag comprising a through-passage opening and a closure flap for closing the through-passage opening, wherein the closure flap comprises a first region comprising a first material of a first hardness and a second region comprising a second material of... Agent:

20120211626 - Holder for electronic device: A holder for holding an electronic device on a wrist includes a band which can be connected around the wrist and a case connected to the band for holding the electronic device securely. The case includes a first receptacle and at least one second receptacle. The first receptacle is used... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120211627 - Clamp structure: A clamp structure is disclosed in the present invention. The clamp structure includes a clamping component for clamping a tube, and at least one bridging component disposed on a lateral surface of the clamping component. A pivoting portion is disposed on the bridging component, and the bridging component pivots with... Agent:

20120211628 - Equipment movement system, process, and article: An equipment positioning system includes a reel apparatus, equipment and a control system. An equipment positioning apparatus is secured to cables forming at least three angled parallelograms extending between the reel apparatus and the equipment positioning apparatus. The cables are for positioning the equipment positioning apparatus and the equipment based... Agent: Ftsi, LLC

20120211629 - Holder for beverage containers: A beverage container holder comprising a base and at least one structure projecting upwardly from the base, wherein the at least one structure projecting upwardly from the base releasably holds a beverage container inserted into engagement with the at least one structure, wherein the base comprises portions projecting horizontally beyond... Agent:

20120211630 - Three-dimensional oblique microstructure with press down and engagement mechanisms: A three-dimensional oblique microstructure with press down and engagement mechanisms. A pair of corresponding first lugs is disposed on the both sides of the oblique body, and the bottom part of the oblique body has a first push pad. A pair of corresponding second lugs respectively disposed on the inner... Agent:

20120211631 - Holder for portable electronic device: A holder is for supporting a portable electronic device, including a foldable layer, a supporting assembly attached to the layer. When the holder is unfolded, the supporting assembly can be maintained in a two-dimensional structure. When the holder is folded, the supporting assembly forms a three-dimensional structure that will not... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120211633 - Connection mechanism for support apparatus: A connection mechanism is used for rotatably connecting a first object and a second object. The connection mechanism includes a positioning member capable of being inserted in a first fixing hole defined in the first object and the engaging hole defined in the second object for connecting the first object... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120211632 - Supporting pedestal and related antenna system: A supporting pedestal capable of adjusting an azimuth angle of an antenna system is disclosed in the present invention. The angle adjusting mechanism includes a main body and a tube. The main body includes a base, a first board and a second board. The first board and the second board... Agent:

20120211634 - Supporting pedestal and related antenna system: A supporting pedestal capable of adjusting an azimuth angle of an antenna system is disclosed in the present invention. The angle adjusting mechanism includes a main body and a tube. The main body includes a base, a first board and a second board. The first board and the second board... Agent:

20120211635 - Object holding device: In an object holding device, it is possible to prevent loosening of a cord-like body for holding an object without requiring any user's special operation. The object holding device includes a fixing belt (3) wound on a plastic tank (2), a male buckle (9) provided at a fixing belt, a... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120211636 - Adjustment device and system: The invention includes an alignment device and system having a guide member, a support member and a connector which engages the guide member and the support member. The guide member may be a relatively flat piece attachable to and edge of a frame. In one aspect the guide member includes... Agent:

08/16/2012 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120205498 - Cable protection and guide device: There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely guide and cables between a machine frame-side fixing end area and a machine movable-side moving end area without scattering abrasion powder of the articulated supporting members and the cables to the outside and that can be easily... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20120205497 - Method and apparatus for storing and recharging electronic devices: An organizer and method of use is disclosed, wherein the organizer includes a plurality of movable and repositionable walls, and securing devices for movably and repositionally attaching the divider walls to a support to accommodate different sizes and shapes of electronic devices to be stored and recharged. Routing devices position... Agent: Spectrum Concepts, Inc., A California Corporation

20120205499 - Flexible hose drop securement system and method: A flexible hose drop securement system is provided having a support bracket and a hose retainer. The support bracket is configured to mount to an elevated water supply pipe of an irrigation device adjacent a hose drop coupled at an entrance end with the water supply pipe. The hose retainer... Agent:

20120205500 - Vertical cable support structures and methods: Apparatus for supporting one or more cables in a generally vertical orientation comprises a support structure extending along a generally vertical direction and a plurality of support blocks positioned along the vertical support structure. Each of the support blocks has one or more cable openings defined therethrough. The support blocks... Agent:

20120205501 - Pipe bracket for vehicle: A bracket for carrying pipes on an underside of a vehicle includes a molded body laterally spanning a recess in the underside of the vehicle. The molded body can have an angled forward face for deflecting underside road debris. The bracket can additionally include an integrally molded carrying structure extended... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120205502 - Support apparatus for supporting utility cables and utility transmission line including same: Embodiments provide apparatus for supporting at least one utility cable for spanning above ground, the apparatus comprising a centrifugally cast prestressed concrete pole, a structural adapter, and a cable support structure including an open lattice frame.... Agent:

20120205503 - Tablet computer holder and support: A foldable support for a tablet computer or other object is an upright, self-standing or anchorable device. A base having foldout wings is adapted to be rotated in place and anchored under the legs of a person in a seated position, or under the person's torso for a reclining or... Agent:

20120205504 - Basket holder: A pot or basket holder comprising first and second frames each having top portions, wherein the top portions of the first and second frames are hingedly connected to allow the holder to be deployed in an upright position or a folded position; and a third frame hingedly connected to the... Agent: Sun Hill Industries Inc.

20120205505 - Magnetic device for controlling door movement and method thereof: An exemplary locking or coupling device includes a plurality of magnets each having a direction of magnetization. A plurality of pole shoe members are positioned between selected ones of the magnets. A moveable support supports some of the magnets and some of the pole shoe members. The moveable support is... Agent:

20120205506 - Portable lock mounting assembly: A portable lock mounting assembly including a body defining a lock retaining mechanism and a contact surface. A strap having first and second ends is attachable to the body such that a loop facing the contact surface is defined by the strap. A cam member is supported by the body... Agent: Ingersoll-rand Company

20120205507 - Attachment structure: An attachment structure 1 includes: a plurality of attaching legs 5, 6, 7 projected from an outer surface of a box main body 2 as the object and overlapped with a vehicle attaching portion 3 as the subject; a washer 8 fixed to the vehicle attaching portion 3 together with... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120205508 - Spring clip: A panel array support assembly has lower support joists supporting varied panel rails, to which are connected panel holding device or clips. The panel clips are spring-based and configured so that the length of each clip extends in a direction along the length of the panel rails. The panels are... Agent: Northern States Metals Company

20120205509 - Operating table: An operating table has a movable base which is provided with four casters, wherein the casters are each pivotable via a pivot lever. The pivot levers are connected to one another by a common drive and a linkage.... Agent: Berchtold Holding Gmbh

20120205510 - Simultaneously unlocking telescopic stand device: The invention relates to brake systems for telescopic stands, the lugs (11) of which for supporting same in the unfolded position are simultaneously disengaged by pressing the control trigger (3) to achieve unfolding and folding without any untimely locking of said telescopic stands. In the unfolded position of the telescopic... Agent:

20120205511 - Seat rail for motor vehicle seats: A seat rail for motor vehicle seats includes a lower rail 1 and an upper rail 2 which is displaceable relative to the lower rail 1. The lower rail 1 includes holes 4, 5 for screws or other fastening structure for fastening the lower rail 1 to the vehicle floor... Agent: Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Coburg

20120205512 - Sliding device for a vehicle: A sliding device for a vehicle, comprising a lock member received and attached within a section area of one of a first rail and a second rail mounted movably relative to the first rail, to extend in the rail axis direction of the one rail for locking the relative movement... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120205513 - Ergonomic support panel: An ergonomic panel is provided that is used for writing or drawing on sheets of paper, the panel comprising depressions that rest on the user's arm and abdomen. The panel may be used by a right-handed or a left-handed person.... Agent:

20120205514 - Vibrator isolator system: A vibration isolator system for attaching a payload to a supporting base is provided, the payload having a center of mass and the system consisting of at least three vibration isolating pods. Each pod has two associated, non-parallel, elastic struts. A first end of each strut is attached to the... Agent: Drs Rsta, Inc.

20120205515 - Reinforcement element for absorbing forces in concrete elements which are supported by support elements: A reinforcement element for absorbing forces in concrete elements that are supported by support elements includes a longitudinally stable, flexible longitudinal element. This element is placed in recesses in the concrete element which are disposed in such a way that in the region of the support element the reinforcement element... Agent: F.j. Aschwanden Ag

20120205516 - Tripod head: A tripod head, in particular to hold a film or television camera, includes a first body and a second body, wherein the first body can be pivoted about at least one pivot axis relative to the second body, and a damping device to damp the pivoting movement of the first... Agent: Vitec Videocom Gmbh

08/09/2012 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120199703 - Spiral wire retaining device and method of using the same: A retaining device for retaining at least one medical line adjacent to a supporting surface comprising a spiral-shaped holding portion defining a peripheral edge, loading channel and internal holding area, the internal holding area dimensioned to accept the largest medical wire the device is destined to be used with; and... Agent:

20120199704 - Retaining device and method of using the same: A retaining device configured for retaining at least one medical device adjacent to a supporting surface. The retaining device includes a plate shaped holding portion defining a peripheral edge, a slot extending from the peripheral edge defining a loading channel, and communicating with an internal holding area. The internal holding... Agent:

20120199705 - Item support stand for use outdoors: An item support stand comprising a central support bar extending an entire length of the item support stand, where the central support bar includes a main body and a lower portion; an end at the lower portion of the support stand, where the end sticks into a ground to enable... Agent:

20120199706 - Display stand: A display stand has a base, a vertical pole having a lower end fixed to the base. The pole includes two sections having a stem projecting upward from each section. A bearing is coupled each stem of the pole. A pair of racks, each having a central tube with a... Agent:

20120199707 - Tray stand: A modular portable stand that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled by a solo user without the need for any tools or hardware in a very short time. In its disassembled condition, the stand includes a first and second base frame, a first and second side frame, and... Agent: Ip Holdings LLC

20120199708 - Wall mountable storage: A mounting component for a wall mountable storage arrangement includes a plurality of elongate brackets that are fastenable to a wall. The brackets are connected end-to-end in a consecutive manner and are detachable from one another to permit variation of the number of connected brackets. Each bracket is configured to... Agent: The Garage Organisers Pty Ltd

20120199709 - Tile-ready structural support ledge for ceramic tile shelves: A corrosion-resistant self supporting ledge of a pre-formed shape, to which a bonding agent and ceramic tile is applied, in order to produce wall shelves for the purpose of storing or displaying objects. The base unit (1) connects to vertical surfaces by fasteners through mounting holes (3) which penetrate the... Agent:

20120199710 - Paint can and accessories holder with magnets: The disclosure and claims herein are directed to a paint can holder for attachment to a ladder, the paint can holder comprising a shaft having a first end, a second end, a top surface with a first friction area at the first end of the shaft, and a bottom surface... Agent:

20120199711 - Display screen mounting structure: A display screen mounting structure includes a mounting frame unit comprising a base member for mounting on an upright support, a forked support arm extended from the base member, a connection rod member vertically pivotally mounted in the front end of the forked support arm and a connection plate affixed... Agent:

20120199712 - Cap display apparatuses, systems and methods: Embodiments of the cap display apparatuses, systems and methods allow various products and goods such as caps, hats and other fashion and sports accessories to be mounted and displayed without having the mount primarily visible relative to the product being displayed. One cap display embodiment includes a housing with a... Agent:

20120199713 - Support bracket and method of use: An improved support bracket is provided which may include a channel having spaced top and bottom walls and a connecting wall having a first and second end. The bracket may include at least one engagement member for releasably engaging a structural member, such as shelving, and a guide to facilitate... Agent:

20120199714 - Pot rack hook: The novel hook of the present invention comprises a hook having a hook portion at one end for use in securing pots and pans and then extending axially to its opposite end wherein it has a C or U shaped bend and then extends down towards the hook portion while... Agent:

20120199715 - Portable urinal holder: A holder for a bedside urinal may include a closed loop of flexible material and a rigid spacer surrounding a portion of the closed loop. The holder may be attached to a bedrail by placing the flexible closed loop and spacer assembly around the bedrail with a first end of... Agent:

20120199716 - Method and system for luggage connector: A luggage connector that may be used with a baby stroller or wheelchair to transport rolling luggage is disclosed. In a particular embodiment, the connector includes a first arm and a second arm. Clamps are disposed at a distal end of each arm. The clamps are used to secure the... Agent:

20120199717 - Ultrasound scanner support devices: Ultrasound scanner support devices and associated methods are disclosed herein. In various embodiments, an ultrasound scanner support device can include a body having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface. The ultrasound scanner support device can further include a recess having an interior surface between the... Agent:

20120199718 - Riser disc for loading rolled goods: A roll riser for supporting rolled goods during shipment is formed as a doughnut from a recyclable material such as corrugated paper or foamed plastic. The weight of the roll riser is selected in consideration of the size and weight to the rolled goods.... Agent:

20120199719 - Seat slide device for vehicle: A plurality of rolling members, which are retained by retainers between sidewall-portion inside operating surfaces formed on inside surfaces of sidewall portions of a lower rail and sidewall-portion outside operating surfaces formed on outside surfaces of sidewall portions of a first upper rail, roll in contact on the sidewall-portion inside... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120199720 - Antenna mounting bracket: An antenna mount attaches an antenna to a commercial vehicle. Often, such vehicles do not include antenna mounts for items such as a CB or satellite radio. The antenna mount may permit such antennas to be installed, interconnecting with an existing spot mirror attachment point. The antenna mount includes a... Agent:

08/02/2012 > 23 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120193485 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes a cable support, and a coil spring. The cable support includes a first support and a second support. A rail assembly includes an outer rail and an inner rail slidably attached to the outer rail. The first support is rotationally attached to the inner rail... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120193486 - Swivel stand: c

20120193487 - Adjustable vacuum suction bottle support rack: An adjustable vacuum suction bottle support rack includes a stand, which forms at least one engagement slot; at least one suspension bracket, which has an end forming a mounting block receivingly engageable with the engagement slot of the stand; an anti-sliding seat, which is arranged on the stand for fixing... Agent:

20120193488 - Computer support device having an angle adjustable function: A support device for a notebook computer includes an upright post, two connecting arms pivotally connected with each other, a lifting member mounted on the upright post and pivotally connected with a first one of the connecting arms, an adjusting member pivotally connected with a second one of the connecting... Agent:

20120193489 - Mounting apparatus for slide rail: A fixing apparatus includes a mounting bracket secured to a slide rail, a latch member, and a holding member. The mounting bracket includes an inserting pin extending into a through hole of a rack post. The latch member includes a slide bracket, and a positioning pin forming a plurality of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120193490 - Shock mount support assembly for heavy-duty vehicles: A shock mount support assembly for a shock absorber of a suspension assembly of an axle/suspension system includes a shock support bracket formed with an opening. A fastener is disposed through the opening in the shock support bracket and an eyelet of the lower end of the shock absorber to... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20120193491 - Structure having a mounting means: A structure for removable attachment to a substantially vertical surface for example of glass, glazed tiles or metal. The structure includes a suction disk for sealingly contacting a surface, a pulling member attached to the suction disk for drawing a part of the suction disk away from the surface, so... Agent:

20120193492 - Clamp: The subject invention is a clamp that has two halves of an annular ring hingedly connected at one end and capable of being securely fastened to each other at the opposite end. The annular ring is sized to fit tightly around a vertical support post. An upper surface of the... Agent: Playcore Wisconsin, Inc.

20120193493 - Rail vehicle having an installation housing secured by means of a bracket: A rail vehicle with at least one installation housing secured to a car body of the rail vehicle by a bracket is provided. The bracket is secured to the housing in a height-adjustable manner.... Agent:

20120193494 - Telescopic clamp: r

20120193495 - Image reading system using an angle adjustment device: An angle adjustment device, include a fixed portion; a movable portion; a connection portion which rotatably connects the movable portion to the fixed portion; and an elastic member which is arranged between the movable portion and the fixed portion and restricts rotational movement of the movable portion with kinetic friction... Agent: Nec Access Technica, Ltd.

20120193496 - Holder for handheld electronic device: A holder for being placed by a handheld electronic device is disclosed. The holder includes a board having two long holes and two fastener assemblies separately corresponding to the long holes. Each of the fastener assemblies has a post penetrating the long hole, a bracket and a supporting pad. The... Agent:

20120193497 - Clamp: A clamp is provided. The clamp comprises a frame and a movable structure. The movable structure is detachably connected with the frame to define a receiving space for receiving at least one substrate. After sliding along a surface of the frame to a suitable position, the movable structure is adapted... Agent:

20120193499 - Projecting apparatus having adjusting function: A projecting apparatus having an adjusting function includes a projector having an adjusting side; and an adjusting device disposed at the adjusting side and including a rotatable base pivoting on the projector, a moving mechanism disposed on the projector, a fixed mechanism comprising a fixed base, and a fixed component... Agent:

20120193498 - Deployable antenna: A deployable antenna which has a larger aperture diameter by four-side links provided in at least three stages and which includes: six deployment link mechanisms (20) arranged radially from a central shaft so as to support an outer edge portion of a flexible reflector mirror surface; and one deployment driving... Agent: Nec Toshiba Space Systems, Ltd.

20120193500 - Electric suction cup: A suction cup assembly has a housing with an actuator in the housing. A flexible cup is coupled with the housing. The actuator movement causes the flexible cup to move between at least two positions. In a first position, the flexible cup moves into an increased volume position. In a... Agent: Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.

20120193501 - Booster structure of legs: A booster structure of legs contains a support plate including four posts disposed at four corners of a bottom end thereof respectively, wherein each post includes a plurality of recesses having a vertical sliding section and a number of horizontal retaining sections perpendicular to the vertical sliding section; a plurality... Agent:

20120193502 - Modular panel mounting systems: A variable angle panel mounting system can include at least one variable-angle panel mounting member, which in turn includes an elongate support member and an angularly-adjustable mounting plate adapted to secure an end of the elongate support member to a plurality of mounting surface angles. In some embodiments, the variable... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20120193503 - Base support: A support for supporting an object on a surface, the support comprising a base, the base adapted to be attached with or extend from the object. The base has a cavity extending therein, the cavity having a key portion. The key portion is adapted to engage with a foot inserted... Agent:

20120193504 - Optical element holder and optical pickup provided with same: An optical element holder comprises a placement face on which an optical element is placed, the placement face obtained using one face of a sheet of metal; a positioning wall used for positioning the optical element placed on the placement face, the positioning wall being a stepped portion obtained by... Agent: Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

20120193505 - Vibration isolation system for rooftop mounted hvac equipment: A vibration isolation assembly for mounting a vibration source, such as a rooftop mounted condenser, includes a bottom tray and having a pair of flanges and a top tray adapted to support the vibration source thereon and having a pair of flanges. At least one vibration isolator is located between... Agent:

20120193506 - Substrate processing apparatus, substrate transfer apparatus, substrate clamp apparatus, and chemical liquid treatment apparatus: The present invention relates to a substrate processing apparatus which can improve a tact time of substrate processing. A polishing apparatus as the substrate processing apparatus includes plural polishing sections each for polishing a semiconductor wafer (W), and a swing transporter for transferring the wafer (W). The swing transporter includes... Agent:

20120193507 - Smoke ejector hanger: A smoke ejector hanger is disclosed herein. The hanger includes a flexible pad. Hook and loop fastening means are affixed to the flexible pad for selectively retaining the flexible pad in the form of a tube. A pair of straps is affixed at the midpoints thereof to the flexible pad... Agent:

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