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Supports July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120187255 - Bionic posture correcting frame: A bionic and posture-correcting backrest for study, including a bracket body disposed at the rear of a desk via a mounting rack. An adjustable element is provided on a frame between the chest/abdomen and the desk edge as well as between the chin and lower part of abdomen (slightly above... Agent:

20120187256 - Cam balance mechanism systems and methods: Embodiments include a balance mechanism having a first cam and a second cam configured to convert a variable force exerted by the energy storage member into a substantially constant force applied to a mounting portion. The balance mechanism may be useful for balancing forces such that a user can set... Agent: Ergotron, Inc.

20120187257 - Tablet pc stand: A computer accessory for provides a fixing stand for tablet PC or other e-book products such as “ipad®” comprising: a base; a height rod, which is vertical to the base; a metal hose, at which one end of the hose is fixed to the top end of the height rod;... Agent:

20120187258 - Multi-function hopper gun stand/tool holder/work platform: An apparatus includes a frame having a generally trapezoidal shape with a front side and a back side. The frame includes two pairs of legs in which each pair comprises a top joining rail. A base bar joins the two pairs at bottom ends on the front side. The top... Agent:

20120187259 - Supporting mechanism and device using the same: A supporting mechanism for supporting a device includes a rotating member rotatably coupled to the device, and a supporting member rotatably coupled to the rotating member and being foldable on the device. The rotating member is capable of being rotated from a first position to a second position. When the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120187262 - Display device: A connecting portion 21 (31) includes a hole portion 22 (33) and a shaft insertion portion 23 (34) that is cut in from an edge of an arm 2 (3) to the hole portion 22 (33) by a width smaller than a diameter of the hole portion 22 (33), and... Agent:

20120187260 - Mount for personal electronic device: A mount assembly for a personal electronic device includes first and second separate mounts, each mount having a generally planar back face having a rear, wall mount surface and a forward surface. A planar front face extends parallel to the back face. A side face extends between the back face... Agent:

20120187261 - Spring loaded device that opens up when force is applied and closes when released: A spring-loaded bracket resiliently moves an item out of the way of an obstruction and reset its position back to its original position once clear of the obstruction. The bracket includes a first plate adapted to attach to an object, such as a boat transom, and a second plate that... Agent:

20120187263 - Frame assembly for coupling an implement to a vehicle: A support frame assembly for supporting a plow, or another front-mounted implement, on a small vehicle such as an all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) is provided. The frame assembly comprises a front portion and a rear portion. The front portion is typically raised with respect to the rear portion, allowing the plow... Agent:

20120187264 - Display mount for corner installations: The invention provides a corner mount system for mounting a flat screen display at a corner seam within a corner region in order to efficiently utilizes space within that region. The corner mount system comprises a corner bracket with a right plate and a left plate, each having a side... Agent:

20120187265 - Detachable umbrella, walking stick/cane, crutch holder for use on mobility vehicle such as but not limited to electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs and walkers: A device that easily attaches and detaches to brackets which have been attached to a tube be it round, square, or rectangle, found on a mobility unit such as but not limited to an electric scooter, electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair, walker, or other similar vehicle, to temporarily secure, attach, or... Agent:

20120187266 - Reversible ladder-mounted support and tray: A reversible ladder-mounted support and tray has a bracket designed to be removably affixed to the combination of a rail of a ladder and over a rung just adjacent to the rail. A first fitting is provided that overlies the rail and a second fitting overlies the rung. Concerning the... Agent:

20120187267 - Adjustable mounting bracket for a photovoltaic panel frame system: A bracket assembly for use with a photovoltaic panel frame system. The bracket assembly has an L-shaped member and a base member. A foot portion of the L-shaped member has a lower surface with an arcuate configuration and a plurality of teeth. The base member has an upper surface with... Agent: Jac-rack, Inc.

20120187268 - Fixing device for power module: A fixing device includes a casing and a power module fixed in the case by fasteners. The casing includes a bottom wall, a front wall perpendicularly extending from the bottom wall, and a plurality of first limiting blocks and a second limiting block. The first limiting blocks and the second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120187269 - Beverage machine: A beverage machine (1), in particular a fully automatic coffee machine has an adjusting device (2) for height-adjusting a cup platform (3). The adjusting device (2) encompasses two parallel, vertical toothed belt/chain drives (4, 4′), which are connected to one another in a torque proof manner at an upper/lower end... Agent: Wmf Wuerttembergische Metallwarenfabrik Ag

20120187270 - Mounting device for dishwashers: A mounting device for mounting a dishwasher or similar appliance into a space, comprising a base permanently fastened or affixed to a flat surface, such as the underside of a countertop, and means for removably and securely attaching a mounting bracket, tongue or strip on the dishwasher or other appliance... Agent:

20120187271 - Articulated cable protection and guide device: There is provided an articulated cable protection and guide apparatus that can securely and stably guide a large number of cables and can assure durability of articulated supporting members operating between straight and bending postures for a long period of time. The articulated cable protection and guide apparatus comprises articulated... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20120187272 - Wheeled collapsible stand for a power driven machine: A wheeled collapsible stand for a machine includes first and second frames pivotally connected to each other, a wheel unit mounted on a fulcrum region of the first frame, and a tabletop bracing member pivotally mounted on a pivoted end of the second frame and a weight end of the... Agent: P & F Brother Industrial Corporation

07/19/2012 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120181395 - Modular raceway system for electrical components: A the Modular Raceway System For Electrical Components is provided that includes horizontal members (10) to accommodate the attachment of trim (30), the attachment of vertical members (20) containing slots (22) for connecting the attachment brackets (40) and other brackets used to secure electronic devices (26) or other objects. Used... Agent:

20120181396 - Modular pipe-shoe, pipe-support system: A modular system for supporting, on an underlying framework, and at plural pipe-underside locations, an elongate linear pipe. The system includes (a) for each such location, a shoe anchorable to the pipe's underside at that location, (b) for one pipe-underside location only, an anchor securable to the framework for receiving... Agent: Conxtech, Inc.

20120181397 - Apparatus for displaying a bicycle on a post: A display assembly includes a post, a first shackle provided around the post, a second shackle provided around the post, and a suspension unit pivotally connected to the second shackle. The second shackle is elastically connected to the first shackle so that the first and second shackles are normally pivoted... Agent:

20120181398 - Portable section remote camera tower: A portable section remote camera tower is an apparatus that used to elevate a camera off the ground. The apparatus is constructed from thin structural pipes, which makes the apparatus relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to assemble. The apparatus comprises a center support, a plurality of ground plates, a plurality... Agent:

20120181399 - Tilt mounting system: An improved adjustable mounting system for mounting a flat panel display to a surface. A mounting bracket is configured to attach to the surface, while an adapter bracket is operatively connected to the mounting bracket and is configured to operatively connect to the flat panel display. At least one carrier... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20120181400 - Holding device for a displaceable sensor: A holding device for a displaceable sensor is provided. The holding device has two or three motor-rotatable rings for accommodating a sensor, and the axes of rotation of the two or three motor-rotatable rings are oblique with respect to one another. The axes of rotation intersect at a virtual pivot... Agent:

20120181401 - Device for displaying objects such as photos and sheets on laptop and video monitor surfaces: A display device and method for displaying objects at a front or rear face of a screen display or frame of a computer or video monitor or laptop or other framed structure may have flexible, lengthwise deformable band(s) with corner-engaging loops. In another embodiment, one or more flexible bands are... Agent:

20120181402 - Adjustable bushing assemblies, panel mounting systems, and methods: Adjustable bushing assemblies for mounting panels to a support surface include an upper bushing and a lower bushing. The upper bushing is configured to be secured to the lower bushing and prevent over tightening of a fastener secured through the upper and lower bushings. In addition, systems of at least... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20120181403 - Hanging device: A hanging device includes a holding set including a loop to hold an object and a fastening structure extending outward from one side of the loop. A supporting assembly includes at least one post, one end of which is axially coupled with the holding set by using at least one... Agent:

20120181404 - Thin-sheet metal member mounting structure: A thin-sheet metal member mounting structure includes a body member having retaining grooves spaced around the periphery thereof, and a cover member made of a metal material comprising a base portion attached to the top wall of the body member, a wing portion extending from the border of the base... Agent:

20120181405 - Bottle mounting system including separable bottle and clamp: A bottle mounting system includes a bottle holder and a clamp. The clamp can mount to a variety of support members to provide a clamp mount extending either from a vertical surface of the clamp or a horizontal surface of the clamp. The bottle holder has both a rear mount... Agent:

20120181406 - Clamping apparatus for firearm rail mount: A mounting component for engagement of a scope or other component to a firearm mounting rail. A base of the mounting component features first and second translating halves which can be drawn toward each other by rotation of a lever operating a cam to translate a cross member communicating between... Agent:

20120181407 - Locking mechanism for a frame: A locking mechanism provides a base connected to a column. The base, generally square, receives the round column. The base has feet and an opposite lower plate. Within one foot, a pedal extends into the base and engages the column to raise it. Upwardly from the lower plate, the column... Agent:

20120181408 - Vehicle seat slide mechanism: A vehicle seat slide mechanism via which a seat assembly is slidably mounted on a vehicle floor is provided with: a lower rail that is mounted on the vehicle floor; an upper rail which is slidably attached on the lower rail and on which the seat assembly is attached; a... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120181409 - Vehicle slide rail apparatus: A slide rail has an opening allowing insertion and extraction of a slider. The slide rail has an opening. The cover member has an opening which overlaps opening. An open side corner surface of an inner peripheral edge portion of the opening of the slide rail is formed such that... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120181410 - Stand for portable electronic device and folding method thereof: A stand for supporting a portable electronic device is constructed by a foldable body. The foldable body includes three parallel fold lines dividing the foldable body into a first supporting portion, a second supporting portion, a connection portion, and a bottom portion. One end of the first support portion is... Agent: Chi Mei Communication Systems, Inc.

20120181411 - Isolator having push and turn mounting: An elastomeric assembly is disposed within an aperture defined by a supporting structure of a vehicle. The elastomeric assembly is movable between a first position where the elastomeric assembly can move axial within the aperture and a second position where the elastomeric assembly is prohibited from moving axially within the... Agent: The Pullman Company

20120181412 - Isolator having socket mounting: An isolator assembly includes an elastomeric assembly which is disposed within a socket defined by a supporting structure. The socket defines a transition portion, a retention rib and a stopping rib. The elastomeric assembly is positioned in the socket by sliding the elastomeric assembly through the transition portion so that... Agent: The Pullman Company

20120181413 - Mounting system for insulated installations: The present invention relates to a system for fixing installations with thermal and/or sound insulation exhibiting easy mounting and fastening, being suitable both as system providing pre-insulation as well as for being used on readily insulated installations, the manufacturing of such system and the use of such system.... Agent: Armacell Enterprise Gmbh

20120181414 - Rotor support mechanism and image formation apparatus: A rotor support structure includes: an operable unit including a rotor and a casing rotatably supporting the rotor; a support member includes a support member main body configured to accommodate therein the operable unit, and an attachment part to attach the support member main body to a base; and a... Agent: Oki Data Corporation

20120181415 - Projector mount: The invention relates to an apparatus (30) for mounting a projector (2) to an overhead projector support, comprising: a. a first mount portion (6) including a first pivot means (20) and a first fixing means (24); b. a second mount portion (8) including a second pivot means (18) for cooperating... Agent: Promethean House

07/12/2012 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120175469 - Floral easel constructed of hollow wire and methods of production and use thereof: A hollow wire and method of using the hollow wire to wrap or support a flower stem or floral grouping, and/or use in construction, crafts, hobbies, or other uses in need of wire products, is disclosed.... Agent:

20120175470 - Cable management system: A cable support apparatus includes a flexible spine formed from a single piece of wire stock and a plurality of support members extending along a length of the flexible spine. Each of the support members is formed from a single piece of wire stock. The plurality of support members cooperate... Agent:

20120175471 - Removable device for running a cable in a cycle frame: It also comprises a clamping member (7) mounted by screwing onto the body, the said clamping member being able to be deformed during screwing between a first, undeformed, rest configuration corresponding to a position in which the clamping member is inserted into the opening of the frame and a second,... Agent: Look Cycle International

20120175472 - Vertical cable manager: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a bracket for mounting a vertical cable manager to a rack. The bracket includes a first portion extending in a first direction, a second portion extending from the first portion in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction, and a third... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120175473 - Tube holder: The present invention relates to a tube holder comprising a main body part and a part for clamping a tube. The latter is a semi-enclosed structure, a first end of which is in rotary connection with the main body part and a second end of which buckles into the main... Agent: Duraflex Hong Kong Limited

20120175474 - Electronic device holder: A holder for an electronic device includes a head with elastically flexible portions configured to removably receive the electronic device with a snap-fit interlock, a neck for supporting the head relative to a surface, and a ball and socket connector coupling the neck to the head, the ball and socket... Agent:

20120175475 - Rotatable table leveling disk: This invention is directed to a uni-body constructed leveling device used to shore and stabilize a furniture leg. This leveling device may include three primary components. First, it has a bottom disk having a first surface and corresponding second surface which is essentially flat and circular. Affixed to the second... Agent:

20120175476 - Monitor support arm: A monitor support (1) is disclosed and comprises a primary support member (4) for attachment to a post, wall or other mounting surface, a rigid link arm (6) extending from the primary support member for rotation relative to the primary support member about a first pivot axis (27) in a... Agent: Colebrook Bosson Saunders Products Ltd.

20120175477 - Mounting apparatus for slide rail: A mounting apparatus for a slide rail includes a post, a mounting bracket, a fixing plate, and two fasteners. The post longitudinally defines two positioning holes. The mounting bracket is capable of being connected to an end of the slide rail. An end plate is formed on an end of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120175478 - Slide cover mounting structure: Used in an electronic device comprising a cover panel and a base member, a slide cover mounting structure includes two hinges bilaterally mounted on the top wall of the base member, two sliding rail holders respectively connected to the pivot shafts of the hinges, two sliding rails bilaterally mounted on... Agent:

20120175479 - Cantilever assembly: A cantilever assembly includes a cantilever arm having a pair of longitudinal fastening channels with a corresponding pair of slots in communication with the fastening channels. An attachment bracket features a connector portion and a pair of spaced leg portions defining a seat there between with each leg portion having... Agent:

20120175480 - Lift apparatus: A lifting device is disclosed. The lifting device, which includes a bracket installed on a wall, a moving part movably coupled to the bracket, a winding part coupled to the moving part, a wire being wound on the winding part, and a driving unit winding the wire so that the... Agent: Sentronix Co., Ltd.

20120175481 - Clip holder: The invention relates to a medical or surgical clip holder, comprising at least one holding device for holding at least one medical or surgical clip, the at least one holding device comprising at least two holding surface areas movable relative to each other for holding the at least one clip... Agent: Aesculap Ag

20120175482 - Hanger assemblies and cabling management systems and methods including the same: A hanger assembly for mounting an enclosure on an elongate support includes a body, first and second arms, and first and second attachment devices. The body is configured to be secured to the enclosure. The first and second arms each have opposed upper and lower ends. The lower ends are... Agent:

20120175483 - Ladder storage assembly and method: A ladder storage assembly including at least one support member defining an interior, together dimensioned and configured to removably receive and support a first end of a ladder in and between an access orientation and a stored orientation, and a mounting member securing the assembly to an upper surface of... Agent:

20120175484 - Dual-layer suction cup: A dual-layer suction cup includes an outer body, an adhesive soft inner body and an elastic unit. The outer body is made of a hard material. The adhesive soft inner body can be attached to a smooth airtight surface and a rough airtight surface, providing an adhesion effect. The elastic... Agent:

20120175485 - Suction apparatus and method of use thereof: Suction Apparatus is provided including a body portion having at least a first suction surface for attachment to a suitable surface in use via suction. An aperture or channel is defined in said at least first suction surface.... Agent: Asque Ltd

20120175486 - Adjustable panel mount and method for making the same: A panel mount includes a support structure, a strongback coupled to the support structure, and an adjustment assembly coupled between the strongback and the support structure. The adjustment assembly includes a lift mechanism configured to adjust an angle between the strongback and the support structure.... Agent:

20120175487 - Music stand device: A music stand device is disclosed. A score panel (SP) is aligned to a top plate (TP) when it is laid down. Position accuracy of the SP relative to the TP is enhanced. An accommodating member and a guide member are installed to a lower surface of the TP. When... Agent: Roland Corporation

20120175488 - Cord fastener: The present invention relates to a cord fastener, which is used in cooperation with a cord and for fixing rod-type or columnar components. The cord fastener comprises a main body part having a first surface for leaning against the rod-type or columnar components, and a part for fixing a cord... Agent: Duraflex Hong Kong Limited

20120175489 - Vibration isolating device: A vibration isolating device for isolating an object from at least one of vibration and shock from an external source. The vibration isolation device comprises such features as a mounting structure where the object is mounted to, at least a plurality of first springs coupled to the mounting structure to... Agent: Drs Tactical Systems, Inc.

20120175490 - Suspension system and method for suspending an inner vessel inside an outer vessel of a cryostat: A suspension system for a cryostat includes a coupling mechanism, a fixation body, and a pin. The coupling mechanism is joined to an outer vessel and coupled with a strap. The fixation body is joined to an inner vessel. The fixation body extends between a front side that faces the... Agent: General Electric Company

20120175491 - Rfid tag holder: The present invention relates to an RFID tag holder, which comprises an RFID tag carrier used to carry an RFID tag, and a base having a circular surface, a holding portion and at least one magnetic component disposed therein. The shape of the circular surface matches that of the disposing... Agent: China Steel Corporation

07/05/2012 > 33 patent applications in 32 patent subcategories.

20120168570 - Portable electric cable support tower: A support for electrical cables having a nonconductive telescoping pole. A frictional locking collar couples sections of the telescoping pole to one another. The bottom end of the pole fits into a round conical base formed of recycled tires. The top end of the pole is affixed to a nonconductive... Agent:

20120168571 - Endotracheal tube holder: An endotracheal tube holder is provided. The tube holder allows adjustment of the position of an endotracheal tube during use. In some embodiments the tube holder comprises a body portion, wherein the body portion is elongated and comprises an elongated opening. The tube holder also comprises a tube grasping mechanism... Agent: Dale Medical Products, Inc.

20120168572 - Garden hose guide: The garden hose guide includes a spiral stake member terminating at a lower end in a sharpened point. A hose support and guide define an upper portion of the stake member. The hose support and guide includes a roller, a first support arm and a hose guide arm disposed perpendicular... Agent:

20120168573 - Positioning device for production line of large and soft infusion bag: A positioning device for a production line of a large and soft infusion bag comprises a driving cylinder (4) and a locating fork (5). The telescoping end of the driving cylinder (4) is connected to one end of the locating fork (5), and the other end of the locating fork... Agent: Truking Technology Limited

20120168574 - Tarp bag anchor system: A cylindrical tarpaulin bag that provides a means to maintain its opening while placing contents in its interior cavity. The bag comprises an open first end and a closed second end. The opening includes a plurality of grommets for securing the rim of the opening to a ground structure using... Agent:

20120168575 - Wrist pad: A wristpad that is adapted to slide on a first surface while supporting a user's wrist on a second surface. The wristpad includes a material that molds itself to the user's wrist.... Agent: Ergowerx International LLC

20120168576 - Integrated portable stand, power supply, and control panel: A portable stand with an integral power supply and controller, a mast for supporting a functional device and a stabilizing leg assembly comprises a main housing for a power supply, and connected to the main housing are retractable and extendable support legs and an extendable and retractable mast. The mast... Agent: Air Systems, Inc.

20120168577 - Shell for electronic device: A shell includes a main body, a first supporting member and a second supporting member. The first supporting member is pivotally coupled to and foldable on the main body. The second supporting member is pivotally coupled to and foldable on the first supporting member. When the first supporting member is... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120168578 - Fixing device for circuit board: A fixing device for circuit boards with different thickness includes a base board, a number of posts protruding from the base board, a number of resilient brackets for mounting to the posts, and a number of fasteners inserted through one of the circuit boards and the resilient brackets to engage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120168579 - Overhead mounting bracket for tabbed accessories: An overhead slatwall mounting bracket that has an anchoring surface and a biasing surface. The anchoring surface attaches the mounting bracket to a generally horizontal installation surface. The biasing surface may either define or provide one or more elongate slots. The mounting bracket is capable of securely supporting slatwall accessories... Agent:

20120168580 - Closed cell foam suction device: A suction device formed by cutting, molding or heat stamping a shape into closed cell foam material.... Agent:

20120168581 - Holder for electronic device: A holder is provided for holding an electronic device on a supporting surface. The holder includes a main body, an attaching member, and a connection arm. The main body includes a support member for supporting the electronic device and a restricting mechanism movably connected to the support member for stably... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120168582 - Corner bead magnetic bracket: A corner bead magnetic bracket has a support portion with at least one magnet embedded therein. The support portion magnetically adheres to a metallic portion embedded in a wall. To increase the magnetic holding power, a washer is placed between the support portion and the magnet. The corner bead magnetic... Agent:

20120168584 - Fixing device for circuit board: A fixing device for circuit boards with different thickness includes a base board, a number of posts, and a number of fasteners extending through the circuit board and engaging with the posts. A number of fixing holes are defined in the base board. Each post includes a first threaded portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120168583 - Wall mounting bath accessory assembly: A wall mounting bath accessory assembly contains a fixing member including an inner wall, an outer wall, and two side walls; the inner wall including at least one recess and a retaining fence; on a connecting corner of each side wall and the outer wall being fixed a first resilient... Agent:

20120168585 - Vehicle bed raingutter bracket for rack system: A mounting bracket for securing a raingutter-mountable roof rack system to the bed or cargo management rail of a pickup truck or SUV. The bracket comprises a simple device with a minimal number of parts required for removably clamping the bracket to the side member of a vehicle bed. The... Agent:

20120168586 - Ceiling mountable hanging apparatus: Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus employing two or more members arranged in a mounting configuration to pierce a ceiling and reconfigurable into a deployment configuration to suspend a load from the ceiling.... Agent:

20120168587 - Mount to accommodate an oblong medical instrument: A mount to accommodate an oblong medical instrument for computer-assisted surgery, has a clamp bracket with a variable cross section for clamped fixing of the instrument, and a localization device rotatable relative to the clamp bracket for detection of the spatial position of the instrument.... Agent:

20120168588 - Object support retainer: An object support retainer, which allows object supports to be supported stably for automated dyeing processes and at the same time the uncontrolled drainage of reagent by means of capillary currents to be prevented. The device has at least one bearing surface (3) including a longitudinal web (4) and a... Agent:

20120168589 - Method of adjustably mounting a device to a firearm rail interface and mounting apparatus therefor: A mounting apparatus and method for adjustably mounting, for example, an optical device to a rail interface of a firearm. The apparatus includes a base, a ring assembly configured to surround and grip the device, and at least two spacer members configured to be disposed and secured between the base... Agent: Gamo Outdoor Usa Inc.

20120168591 - Container mixing stand: A container mixing stand including a base plate, and a first wall and a second wall connected to the base plate, where the first wall is spaced from the second wall for receiving a container between the first and second walls. A tensioning mechanism independent of the first wall and... Agent:

20120168590 - Support for portable electrical device: A support includes a base frame, a rotatable frame, an adjusting knob assembly and a spring element. Each leg of the base frame has a through hole formed with a protrusion and an L-shaped sliding groove. The rotatable frame pivotedly coupled to the base frame through a first shaft, which... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120168592 - Perimeter pedestals: Pedestal assemblies configured to support first and second pavers positioned adjacently against an elevated periphery and methods of making the same are provided herein. Preferred assemblies include a cap, base, and at least two towers configured to be sandwiched between the cap and base. Kits can be sold with just... Agent: Applan Way Sales Inc.

20120168593 - Kinematic platform: The kinematic platform is a spherical-prismatic-spherical kinematic platform providing six degrees of freedom with controlled braking at each joint. The kinematic platform includes a base and an upper platform plate, with the upper platform plate having opposed upper and lower surfaces. The upper surface thereof provides a mounting surface for... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20120168594 - Vertical linear actuator mechanism: A vertical linear actuator mechanism for positioning a load at a desired elevation above a support surface. A vertical linear actuator is comprised by a pair of gas spring cylinders interconnected together and secured inside a telescopic pedestal and extends and retracts the pedestal. An actuable lock mechanism is engageable... Agent:

20120168595 - Sliding easy entry release mechanism with rest in full rear position: A seat track assembly for moving a seat assembly includes a fixed track and a movable track. A first slide member is slidably coupled to the movable track and slides between first and second positions. The first slide member slides from the first position to the second position in response... Agent: Magna Seating Inc.

20120168596 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat configured in such a manner that vibration occurring in the seat body can be suppressed without adding a special device such as a dynamic damper. A vehicle seat is configured in such a manner that an upper rail (26) connected to the seat body is slidably supported... Agent:

20120168597 - Portable stand for general purpose use: A portable stand designed to be used with standard 2-inch diameter polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and fittings that can be configured to accommodate a number of general purpose uses. The portable stand is a hollow plastic shell, which resembles an upside down bucket. The diameter of the circular base is... Agent:

20120168598 - Umbrella attachment for a car: The device is a portable umbrella attachment used to mount on the frame of any glass embedded automobile door. It is equipped to support the weight and torque of an umbrella during adverse weather conditions. The device extends the functionality of an umbrella to allow it to serve as a... Agent:

20120168599 - Assembly for hanging a vibration-generating member attached inside an axle of an automobile running gear: The invention relates to an assembly for hanging a vibration-generating member (8) attached inside an axle (3) of a running gear of a vehicle, in particular an automobile, said member (8) being attached to the axle (3) by at least one first (9A), one second (9B) and one third (9C)... Agent: Peugeot Citroen Automobiles Sa

20120168600 - Cable fixing bracket and manufacturing method thereof: A cable fixing bracket includes: a fixed section fixed to a supporting body; a connection section integrally extended from one surface of the fixed section; and a cable supporting section folded from the end section of the connection section to be integrally extended towards the other surface of the fixed... Agent:

20120168601 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a mounting pin having first and second ends, and a support having first and second sides. The support includes a passage between the first and second sides for receiving the mounting pin so that the first end of the pin protrudes from the first side and... Agent:

20120168602 - Mounting apparatus for fans: A mounting apparatus for a fan includes an accommodating member, a bracket rotatably received in the accommodating member, a latching tab contractively exposed through the bracket, and a torsion spring. The accommodating member defines a latching hole for the latching tab. The torsion spring is connected between the accommodating member... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

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