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06/28/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120160970 - Conduit hanger with a load-distribution plate: A conduit hanger with at least one bracket element to receive a pipe, with a load-distribution plate that is placed into the bracket element, and with a fastening device for fastening the load-distribution plate to the bracket element. The fastening device has at least one catching element to grip the... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20120160971 - Bag spreader for re-sealbale bags: A bag spreader apparatus has an upper portion of a first length comprising two parallel upper side rails defining a substantially horizontal plane, a handle element at one end spanning and joining the upper side rails, a first jaw element at the opposite end spanning and joining the side rails... Agent:

20120160972 - Keyboard with wrist support: A keyboard includes a support. The support includes two magnetic portions and a plurality of protrusions. The support massages and promotes blood circulation in the hands and wrists of the user.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120160973 - Support stand for supporting electronic device: A support stand includes a base; two support rods rotatably mounted to the base; a positioning rod retained on the base, the positioning rod can remain in a bent state after being bent by itself; and a support board removably positioned above the base by the corporation of the support... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120160974 - In-vehicle device mounting structure: An in-vehicle device mounting structure includes a plurality of brackets through which the in-vehicle device is mounted to an installation member of a vehicle. Each bracket includes a device mounting portion to be fixed to a surface of the in-vehicle device, a vehicle attachment portion to be fixed to the... Agent: Alpine Electronics, Inc.

20120160975 - Modular bracket system for window treatment: A bracket system for window dressing includes two brackets configured to be attached to an architectural member, such as a window well, a wall or a ceiling and receive the ends of window dressings. The brackets have edges adapted to receive a fascia designed to hide the window dressing. Preferably,... Agent: Rollease Inc.

20120160976 - Mounting apparatus for heat sink and fastening assembly of the mounting apparatus: A fastening assembly includes a connecting member, a mounting member mounted to the connecting member, and a sliding member. The mounting member includes a first fixing portion. The sliding member is slidably received in the mounting member and the connecting member. The sliding member includes a first end exposed out... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120160977 - Multipurpose hook: A multipurpose hook having a fragmentary breast member, a head integral with and extending upwardly from the breast member, the head having a face portion, a beak extending outwardly from the face portion, the beak having an upper member and a lower member, the upper and lower members separated by... Agent: Umbra LLC

20120160978 - Mounting apparatus for pci card bracket: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a first fastener, a bracket, and a second fastener. The chassis includes a bottom plate. The first fastener is secured to the bottom plate and defines a through hole and a positioning slot in the inner wall of the through hole. The bracket configured... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120160979 - Clamping device for hard disk drive: A clamping device for clamping a hard disk drive includes a supporting frame and a spacing member. The supporting frame includes a connection board, a fixing arm, and a spacing arm. The fixing arm and the spacing arm extend from opposite ends of the connection board in a direction away... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120160980 - Video camera support device that can be operated in two different manners: A support device includes a platform, a connecting rod connected with the platform, a main support unit connected with the connecting rod, a weight member connected with the main support unit, two opposite clamping boards each pivotally mounted on the weight member, a swivel mechanism swivelably mounted between the connecting... Agent:

20120160981 - Slide rail device for vehicle seat: A slide rail device which includes a lower rail, an upper rail which is freely slidably engaged with the lower rail, and balls which are installed between the lower and upper rails. The lower rail includes a lower-rail bottom wall, a pair of lower-rail side walls, a pair of lower-rail... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20120160982 - Slide rail device for vehicle seat: A slide rail device which includes a lower rail, an upper rail which is freely slidably engaged with the lower rail, and balls which are installed between the lower and upper rails. The lower rail includes a lower-rail bottom wall, a pair of lower-rail side walls, a pair of lower-rail... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20120160983 - Rod stiffener: A rod stiffener for stabilizing a hanger rod comprising a formed washer, a nut and an elongated stiffener member. The washer has a hole or a cut for the rod and a bended arms or shoulders, embracing said stiffener member from outside and maintaining the rod inside the stiffener member... Agent:

20120160984 - Gravity compensation apparatus: A gravity compensation apparatus is provided, including a force output device, an axis and an arm with the axis as rotational center. The present invention is to output a force via the force output device to the arm when the arm contacts the force output device. When the arm rotates... Agent:

20120160985 - Damping bridge: The invention relates to a damping bridge (6), characterized in that it includes two substantially parallel diaphragms (8, 9), an arm (7) extending perpendicularly to said diaphragms and connecting said diaphragms to one another, and a structure (10) connecting said diaphragms together over at least a portion of the outer... Agent:

20120160986 - Holder for attaching an assembly: The invention relates to a mounting element for attaching an assembly, in particular a pump 10, to a mount 12. The mounting element 1 comprises a bracket 11 and a damping element 13. The damping element 13 comprises a first recess 131 for receiving the assembly. The damping element further... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120160987 - Winch mount: A mount for supporting a winch or for supporting a pulley for a winch. The mount is attached to a truck in the cargo area of the truck. An upright element supports the pulley or winch and is attached in the front of the cargo area to support the pulley... Agent:

20120160988 - Foldable electronic device having height-adjustable keypad: A foldable electronic device includes a base defining a chamber, and a cover pivotably connected to the base. The electronic device further includes a keypad including a first end pivotably connected to the cover, and a second end moveably received in the chamber. During opening and closing of the cover,... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120160989 - Eyewear mounting device: In an eyewear mounting device, a pressing surface portion is formed at an end of a frame, a pair of supporting arms is provided on the pressing surface portion at an interval, a shaft around which a tightening band is wound is provided between tips of the supporting arms. An... Agent: Yamamoto Kogaku Co., Ltd.

06/21/2012 > 29 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120153090 - Roof mounted air hose and electrical cord holder: A roof mounted air hose holder is provided which is adapted to be mounted on roofs having different pitches. The air hose holder may also be mounted on a flat roof. In a modified form of the invention, one of the air hose reels of the air hose holder may... Agent:

20120153091 - Apparatus for cable management synchronized with telescopic motion: Disclosed herein is an apparatus for cable management synchronized with telescopic motion. The apparatus is configured such that cables for transmitting power or signals to a manipulator provided on a lower end of a telescopic tube and for receiving signals therefrom are wound or unwound in response to expansion or... Agent: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

20120153092 - Bicycle brake cable hanger: The invention relates to a stop, or hanger, for a brake cable of a bicycle. The lever and caliper of a bicycle brake are connected by a Bowden-type cable, with an inner wire and an outer housing. The invention describes a stop for the outer cable housing that mounts underneath... Agent:

20120153094 - Cable fixing structure and automatic teller machine: There is provided a cable fixing structure which improves actuation reliability of a device and facilitates decision of a wiring layout. The cable fixing structure A for fixing cables including a group of signal cables and a group of power cables includes: a support member; a first cable clamp which... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20120153095 - Conductive floating pipe assembly clip: An isolating clip for holding tubes, fluid lines and the like is provided with a rigid outer shell and a flexible insert. The insert includes an outer body and a tube seat suspended from the outer body by flexible connectors. Bumpers can be provided in the space between the outer... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120153093 - Electrical cable routing method: A cable routing device for segregating and environmentally protecting electrical power cables and control/communication wires. The cable routing device includes a base portion, a first and a second side wall portion that define a channel along with the base portion, an interior insulating wall separating the channel into a first... Agent: Mi-jack Products, Inc.

20120153097 - Modular clamping system: Disclosed are modular clamping systems and methods for use. A modular clamping system may be configured to mount a variety of accessories to a portion of tubing. The modular clamping system may utilize multiple strap clamp portions having different clamping diameters in order to mount an accessory to tubing of... Agent:

20120153096 - Sprinkler irrigation stand: A sprinkler irrigation stand for use with an irrigation pipe has a base placed below the pipe for being stabilized by the pipe. The pipe freely rests upon the base so that it may be lifted freely off the base or may inflate freely upwards in the case the pipe... Agent: Netafim, Ltd

20120153098 - Portable table support: A portable table support that connects a collapsible table and capable of provide support of a stationary table. The portable table support includes a lower support structure, a platform disposed on a top surface of the lower support structure, and a pair of adjustable end supports. The a pair of... Agent:

20120153099 - Threaded stake system: A threaded stake system to be drilled into the ground to support construction form boards when erecting a frame. The threaded stake system comprises a stake including a shaft having a sharp tip on a first end, a polygonal shaped head on a second end, and at least one thread... Agent:

20120153100 - Leg structure: A leg structure supports in an upright position a container having a piping port in the bottom of the container. The leg structure is provided with fixed legs fixed or removably mounted to the container, a movable leg capable of moving relative to the fixed legs so as to approach... Agent: Smc Kabushiki Kaisha

20120153101 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus for an expansion card includes a chassis, a mounting frame, a hull, and a mounting member. The mounting frame is secured to the chassis and is adapted to secure a first end of an expansion card. The hull is secured to the chassis, and is adapted to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120153102 - Article support device comprising a rotatable connection: Herein is disclosed an article support device capable of being attached to a mounting surface using a stretch-releasable adhesive tape, the device comprising a base and a support body that is rotatably and non-detachably connected to the base, wherein the support body is rotatable relative to the base, between a... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120153103 - Magnetic mounting apparatus: A magnetic mounting apparatus, comprising a first modular support member having an interchangeable first module configured to slide onto a second module, and a second support member. The first module includes a first receptacle having a first channel of a first width and a second channel of a second width... Agent:

20120153104 - Mounting appratus for slide rail: A mounting apparatus to be selectively connected to a first, a second and a third rack columns. The mounting apparatus includes a mounting bracket, two threaded pin secured to the mounting bracket, and two positioning pins respectively capped on the threaded pins. Each of the positioning pins includes a first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120153105 - Bracket assembly: Described are bracket assemblies having a bracket, a first insert, and a second insert, each insert including a mating surface. At least one lateral aperture is formed when the mating surfaces of the first insert and the second insert are coupled to each other and is configured to at least... Agent:

20120153106 - Bracket for mounting expansion card to different slots: A bracket for mounting an expansion card to different slots of enclosures is disclosed. The bracket includes a base for attaching the expansion card thereon, a pair of rails attached on the base, a sliding element being slidably connected between the rails, a connecting element fixed to the sliding element... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120153107 - Telescoping hanger: A hanger assembly has a first hollow tube for disposition behind a barrier and a second hollow tube mounted for telescoping motion within the first tube. The second tube has an indentation in its shaped outer surface. A body is rotatably mounted within the indentation and has a hanger mounted... Agent:

20120153108 - Device for hanging an object on a wall: There is provided a device for hanging an object on a wall. The device includes a wall mount and an object mount. One mount has a first bracket portion and a second bracket portion each being u-shaped and configured to receive the other mount. The bracket portions have a space... Agent:

20120153109 - Hang tab and product tag assembly, and method of use: A hang tab and product tag assembly comprising a first panel, a second panel, and a third panel. The first panel includes an aperture configured to engage with a retention mechanism, the second panel includes an aperture that is configured to adjust to different dimensions.... Agent: Bedford Industries, Inc.

20120153110 - Apparatus for transferring optical element including brake: An apparatus for transferring an optical element, the apparatus including: a support portion for supporting the optical element; a guide portion for guiding the support portion to move in a rectilinear direction; a brake disposed between a first position that contacts the support portion and restricts a movement of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120153111 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a bracket, a position member slidably accommodated in the bracket, a support member pivotably mounted to the position member, and a locking member. The locking member includes a fixing pole, a first pivoting portion extending from a first end of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120153112 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a bracket, a support member slidably mounted to the bracket, two first and second locking members, and two clamping members. Each first locking member includes a first hook detachably locked to the support member, and a fixing pole to clamp the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120153113 - One-piece plastic clamping device for holder for beverage containers: A one-piece clamping device for a cup holder retains beverage containers in an automotive vehicle. The cup holder comprises a container receptacle with a base and an outer casing. The one-piece clamping device comprises retaining jaws which may be radially pushed away and which protrude through the outer casing into... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20120153114 - Support for electronic device: A support includes a base, an upper cover connected to the base, a support plate, and a base. The upper cover includes a recess for receiving a bottom of an electronic device, and two openings defined in a bottom of the recess at two opposite ends of the recess for... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120153115 - Cranium stand: A stand for supporting an object, for example a human cranium, includes a base, rods, and a pivotal joint. The base contains a plurality of stabilizers, a plurality of mounting blocks, and a means for connecting said stabilizers to said mounting blocks. The rods connect to the base at one... Agent:

20120153116 - Convertible case for a tablet computer: The second panel is defined by an interior face having a fabric layer covering a substantial portion of said inferior face with an opening adapted to receive a user's hand, such that when a user's hand is placed in the opening, the user's hand is snugly held in place between... Agent:

20120153117 - Articulating monitor arm with chain and spring: The present application teaches an extension arm including an articulating portion that approximately counterbalances the mass of the articulating portion and any objects connected thereto, for example an electronic device, throughout the positional range of the articulating portion, via the operation of a counter-balancing mechanism. In some embodiments according to... Agent: Innovative Office Products, Inc.

20120153118 - Mounting plate for a machine base: The disclosure relates to a mounting plate for fixing a machine base. The mounting plate comprises a slot in a second region, said slot comprising a first narrow section and a broad section for enclosing the machine base.... Agent: Multivac Sepp Haggenmueller Gmbh & Co. Kg

06/14/2012 > 44 patent applications in 35 patent subcategories.

20120145835 - Stand with hands free wire management: The present invention relates to apparatus and methods for a stand for portable electronic devices, including electronic devices with built in displays, such as mobile telephones, media players and tablet computers and e-readers.... Agent:

20120145836 - Brake system for architectural arm: An arm is pivotally coupled to a support structure at one end and a patient care equipment support, such as a service head, is pivotally coupled to the arm at the other end. The arm has a first portion and a second portion coupled to the first portion for extension... Agent:

20120145837 - Cable management apparatus: A quick-release cable management apparatus includes a securing board and cable management clip. Cables can very conveniently be secured in the clip, or removed from the clip, and the clip itself can be detached and remounted elsewhere very quickly. The securing board defines a securing hole. The cable management clip... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145838 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes a securing board and a cable management clip. A clipping portion and a securing portion are located on the securing board. The cable management clip includes a mounting base and a pressing clip pivotally attached to the mounting base. A cable may be locked between... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145839 - Clamping cam tube support: A support arrangement, operable to clamp a cam tube for a drum brake assembly in position relative to an adjacent vehicle component, includes a first jaw having a first pair of arms, each of which has an one opening in an inclined end section, a second jaw having a second... Agent: Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC

20120145840 - Movable arm pad: Horizontally movable arm pads are useful for, among other things, their ability to be ergonomically positioned. An arm pad comprises a pad cover and a pad pan and is attached to an arm support. In one embodiment, a pad is laterally movable with respect to the arm support. In another... Agent:

20120145841 - Flat panel display including a hinge assembly: An apparatus for a flat panel is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a flat panel assembly and a hinge mechanism coupled to the flat panel assembly. The hinge mechanism is adaptable to an industry standard mount and a non-industry standard mount. A system and method in accordance with the present invention... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120145842 - Pen and pencil holder: The invention is a thin strip of material to which pens and pencils are affixed by the clip attached to pens and pencils. The invention holds the pens and pencils for easy storage and easy access. The art is new in that other pen and pencil holders rely on a... Agent:

20120145843 - Support structure of a digital device: A support structure of a digital device contains a holding unit including a tray member to place the digital device, the tray member including a circular hole disposed on a central portion thereof, a plurality of retaining recesses arranged around the hole on a front end of the tray member;... Agent:

20120145844 - Mechanism for regulating length, particularly of furniture legs: A mechanism for regulating length, particularly of furniture legs, meant for use in various legs of tables, desks, cupboards, spreaders, frames, supports, and other structural elements of furniture, in which it is desirable to quickly and easily regulate length, characterised in that it is made in the form of interacting,... Agent: Ekopan Oliwia Glowi&#x143 Ska

20120145845 - Brackets and associated components for drawer and tray slides in cabinetry: A bracket for attaching a drawer slide to a cabinet wall includes: a main panel having front and rear surfaces, upper and lower edges, and opposed side edges; an L-shaped upper flange mounted to front surface of the main panel; an L-shaped lower flange mounted to the front surface of... Agent:

20120145846 - Hanger apparatus for vehicle and changer comprising the same: A hanger apparatus for a vehicle and a changer comprising the same are provided herein, which are configured to correspond to a multitude of vehicle components (e.g., bodies or panels) of different shapes and sizes according to vehicle type and are commonly applicable to various types of vehicles by utilizing... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120145847 - Hook: A hook comprises an adhesive body and a hook body attached to the adhesive body, where the adhesive body comprises a base layer and an adhesive layer. The adhesive layer is a thermoplastic elastomer with an intrinsic adhesion. The hook body and the adhesive layer are respectively attached to two... Agent: Dong Guan Ren-river Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

20120145848 - Pier cap cleat: A pier cap comprises a support rail engaging surface and a mounting cleat disposed on the support rail engaging surface. The mounting cleat comprises a substantially round-shaped section coupled to the support rail engaging surface and a substantially wedge-shaped prong section elevated above the support rail engaging surface. A notched... Agent:

20120145849 - Panel jig apparatus for vehicle: A panel jig apparatus is provided which has first moving units that are respectively installed at the left and right sides of a base frame, and selectively reciprocate a first sliding plate provided on top of the base frame leftward and rightward on the base frame. Likewise, the second moving... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120145850 - Mounting apparatus for slide rail: A mounting apparatus for mounting a slide rail to a bracket with through holes includes a retaining member and a locking member fixed to the retaining member. The retaining member includes a positioning portion, and defines a through slot. The locking member includes an engaging portion and an operating portion... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120145851 - Adapter for under bed hitch mounting system: An adapter for mounting an accessory to a fixed feature positioned below a load bed of a vehicle is described. The adapter may include a mounting member, an aperture positioned on the mounting member, and a locking member capable of being inserted through the aperture, where the locking member is... Agent:

20120145853 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a bracket, two slide boards, and a number of fasteners. The data storage device includes opposite sidewalls each defining a number of fixing holes. The bracket includes two mounting arms each defining a number of through holes. The slide boards are... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145852 - Positioning device for battery box: A positioning device includes a battery box having a first connection base and a second connection base on two ends thereof. The first connection base has two first positioning members on two sides thereof. A first fixing base includes a first reception space for receiving the first connection base and... Agent: Joy Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120145856 - Guide rail having a quick fastening device: A guide rail configured to be mounted on bars of a grid side part of a household appliance or furniture. The bars run horizontally and are bent at an angle in bent end regions. The guide rail includes a quick fastening device including two mounting elements attached in end regions... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co.

20120145855 - Mounting device for fixing peripheral device to server: A mounting device includes a clamping device, a spacing device, and a receiving device. The clamping device includes an upper clamping element and a lower clamping element. The upper clamping element includes a first side plate and an upper clamping plate, the first side plate defines a guiding element and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120145854 - Wall-mounted support assembly for bathroom accessories: A wall-mounted bathroom accessory support assembly for supporting a bathroom accessory and adapted to be affixed to a bathroom wallboard. The support assembly includes: a mounting bracket; a fastener assembly adapted to affix the mounting bracket to a wallboard; and an accessory post assembly including an accessory post and a... Agent: Waxman Consumer Products Group Inc.

20120145857 - Device for fastening a fixture to a fastening structure of a vehicle: A device for fastening a fixture to a fastening structure of a vehicle including: a base comprising a first clamping jaw which can be positioned in a clamping direction (Z) over the slot and pressed in the clamping direction (Z) with respect to the fastening structure, a second clamping jaw... Agent: M&#xdc Hlenberg Interiors Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120145858 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a mounting member, a mounting tray and a securing member. The mounting member secures an expansion card and includes a flange. The mounting tray is received in the chassis and includes a top panel, a front panel and a retaining panel connected to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145859 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus for expansion card comprising a chassis, a mounting frame secured to the chassis and located in a first portion of the chassis, a hull secured to the chassis and located in a second portion of the chassis opposite to the first portion, and a mounting member. The... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145860 - Hanger for window drape and slide assembly including hanger: A hanger includes an elongated member having a rod with a plurality of positioning portions spaced in a vertical direction. An engaging portion is formed on a bottom of the rod for engaging with an engagement portion. A coupling block includes a connecting head. The coupling block further includes a... Agent:

20120145861 - Vehicle instrument display support and storage apparatus: A vehicle instrument support and storage apparatus for a vehicle driven by a human driver who occupies a driver's seat of the vehicle provides a frame having a plate configured for attachment to a selected vehicle. The frame has a plurality of docking station positions. A rotary bearing is attachable... Agent: Textron Inc.

20120145862 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a bracket, a support member, and a clipping member movably mounted to one end of the support member. The bracket includes two side panels each defining a slide slot and a locking slot. Opposite sides of the support member are slidably... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145863 - Supporting structure for portable electronic products: A supporting structure for portable electronic products is disclosed. The supporting structure includes a main body and a first supporting unit. The first supporting unit has a first finger portion and a second finger portion. The first supporting unit is disposed on one end of the main body. The first... Agent:

20120145864 - Quick clamping apparatus for optical devices: A quick-release device for clamping a quick-change plate of an optical device in a guide on a baseplate, the quick-change plate and the guide comprising complementarily formed guide surfaces, the guide comprising first and second mounting elements adjustable relative to each other, and a device for fixing the quick-change plate... Agent:

20120145865 - Pot and utensil rest: The present invention provides a pot and utensil rest, comprising a first generally planar support for holding a pot; and a second generally planar support attached to the first support and having a recess formed therein for holding a utensil. The second support is movable between a stowed position wherein... Agent: King's Flair Development Ltd.

20120145867 - Seat adjustment device and aircraft or spacecraft: e

20120145866 - Seat slide device: A seat slide device of the present invention comprises a lower rail (102) and an upper rail (101). The lower rail (102) has a bottom wall (102b) and includes a foreign-object catching member (1). The foreign-object catching member (1) has an elastic body (2). A height of the elastic body... Agent: Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20120145868 - Seat sliding apparatus for a vehicle: Disclosed is a seat sliding apparatus for a vehicle, the apparatus provided with a pair of lower rails fixed to the vehicle floor and a pair of upper rails fixed to a vehicle seat. The seat sliding apparatus causes screw shafts supported at the upper rail to rotate relative to... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120145869 - Slide rail device for vehicle seat: A slide rail device which includes a lower rail, an upper rail which is freely slidably engaged with the lower rail, and balls which are installed between the lower and upper rails. The lower rail includes a lower-rail bottom wall, a pair of lower-rail side walls, a pair of lower-rail... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20120145870 - Easel for binder: A folding display easel having left, right and center panels, the right and left panels being foldable toward the center panel. The center panel has a plurality of engagement elements for engaging with rings in a binder for easy storage and removal of easel from the binder.... Agent:

20120145871 - Vehicle outside mirror device: It is important to mount a mirror assembly on a shaft in such a manner as to enable tilting without a backlash. According to the present invention, an inner circumferential face of a cylinder portion 20 of a notch member 15 of a clutch mechanism 8 comes into contact with... Agent: Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.

20120145872 - Kinematic mount: The invention relates to a kinematic mount having a base part (8) and a bracket part (7), which is positioned on the base part (8), and which is tiltable relative thereto around at least one tilting axis. The invention provides that the mount has at least one pivot lever (22,... Agent: Toptica Photonics Ag

20120145873 - Television safety strap: A safety strap for securing flat panel displays to a support structure to prevent the flat panel display from tipping forward or side-to-side.... Agent: Milestone Av Technologies LLC

20120145874 - Method and apparatus for mounting rack components on racks: The invention pertains to a system for mounting components to a rack comprising brackets that can be mounted to the rear of the rack through the opening in the front of rack before the component is inserted into the slot, which brackets fit into mating sleeves running along the sides... Agent: Tyco Electronics Coproration

20120145875 - Vehicle vibration device for vehicle seats or vehicle cabs: The invention concerns a vehicle vibration device for a vehicle seat or a vehicle cab with a lower part and an upper part sprung mounted in relation to the lower part by at least one damper device, wherein the upper part is mounted suspended on the lower part so that... Agent: Grammer Ag

20120145876 - Protective casing: A protective casing includes a main body and a bracket. The main body defines two sliding grooves. The bracket for supporting the main body includes two support legs, one end of the two support legs pivots on the other, and the other ends of each support leg is capable of... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120145877 - Mounting apparatus for fan: A mounting apparatus for a fan includes a mounting frame adapted to mount the fan, a chassis, a handle, and a positioning assembly. The chassis comprises a side plate. The handle is rotatably attached to the mounting frame and defines a slot. The positioning assembly is mounted to the side... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120145878 - Multi-purpose positionable support for accessories such as portable digital devices: An accessory support device includes a carriage unit and a plurality of manually bendable leg assemblies. Each leg assembly includes an inner section, a middle section, and outer section, with the sections being interconnected by pivot joints. The pivot joints are bendable by hand and substantially retain the position to... Agent:

06/07/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120138753 - Hook terminal for vehicles: A hook terminal is disclosed, the terminal including: a hook unit formed with an upper side-opened fixing groove into which a cable of several strands can be inserted; a fixing unit integrally formed with a bottom side of the hook unit and fixed to a main body; a cable disengagement... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20120138754 - Universal frame for flat panel displays: The present invention provides a universal flat panel display frame which includes a supporting arm system, a universal head system and a fixing pedestal system. The universal flat panel display frame applies a translation mechanism with dual connecting rod supported by a spring force, and a crosshead universal head system,... Agent:

20120138755 - Leveling feet for household appliances dual fan convection performance divider: Leveling feet have embedded castors (3) that allow the leveling of a household appliance with a plastic thread. The castors are positioned relative to the floor to allow for movement of the household appliance upon the castors. The leveling feet have a base, that is preferably metallic, and that is... Agent: Electrolux Do Brasil S. A.

20120138757 - Shock absorber mounting bracket reinforcing structure: A shock absorber mounting bracket reinforcing structure is provided, which includes a shock absorber mounting bracket provided at a rear wheel house inner panel, and left and right reinforcing members which are provided on left and right sides of the shock absorber mounting bracket to support the left side and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20120138756 - Weight adapter bracket: A weight adapter bracket is provided for a drawbar support frame having a cylinder coupling member for coupling to a hydraulic cylinder. The coupling member has a slot for removably receiving an end of the cylinder. The adapter bracket includes a lug which extends from a flange. The lug is... Agent:

20120138758 - Fencing bracket system: A fence bracket that attaches to a fence post and rail wherein the rail includes a raised notch on its surface is provided. The fence bracket includes at least one panel and a flange portion. The at least one panel is configured to wrap around at least a portion of... Agent: Digger Specialties, Inc.

20120138759 - Rail attachment structure of electric device: First fitting portions (9a and 9b) and second fitting portions (9c and 9d) are arranged in a hook shape on the bottom (3a) of a housing to face each other. The first fitting portions are fittingly engaged to one rail edge (2a) of a rail (2) in the width direction... Agent: Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.

20120138761 - Corbelled-support apparatus: A corbelled-support apparatus includes a support which has a horizontal surface and a vertical surface, a corbel which has opposed top and bottom ends, and a platform positioned concurrently on and supported concurrently by the horizontal surface of the support and the top end of the corbel. The corbel is... Agent:

20120138760 - Universal clamp assembly: A shaped clamp member having a symmetrical four section bent flat plate configured to fit the round surface of the rod and configured to fit the surface of the square spindle, a shaped abutment member having a symmetrical three section reversible bent flat plate configured to fit round surface of... Agent:

20120138762 - Device and method for utilizing a surface for a variable function: The present invention relates to a device for utilizing a surface, such as the surface of a floor, outside wall or roof, for a variable function, comprising a first functional element with an active surface area the size of at least a part of the surface, at least a second... Agent: Sublean Group B.v.

20120138763 - Versatile camera support mount: A compact and portable, multi-function camera support device. The modular and variable plurality of components provide alteration of the device's configuration, build size and structural attachment to respond to locations physicality and user requirements. A self-supporting device that can be orientated and attached in various positions upon any structure, vehicle... Agent:

20120138764 - Clamp for a plate element, especially for a photovoltaic module: A clamp for at least one plate element, with a first clamp part and a second clamp part, the clamp parts adjustable relative to each other between an open position and a clamping position for the plate element, and with at least one elastomer profile that is arranged between the... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20120138765 - Workpiece-carrier: Improved workpiece-carrier in the form of a high-temperature-grating 10 assembled from mutually engaging elements consisting of carbon-fibre-reinforced carbon-composite-board-strips comprising comb-shaped elements, having a frame surrounding a horizontal grating as well as at least one workpiece-support (40) which is inert in relation to the supported workpiece and provides a workpiece-support-area (50)... Agent: Gtd Graphit Technologie Gmbh

20120138766 - Supporting frame for flat electronic device,: A supporting frame comprises a bottom plate; two lateral plates capable of being installed to two lateral sides of the bottom plate; and two supporting plates capable of being installed two ends of the bottom plate; and a free end of one supporting plate being resisted against another supporting plate.... Agent:

20120138767 - Method of precisely supporting a component, particularly an optical component: An optical component (12) such as a mirror is supported by a device (17) comprising two levers (3, 4) for example articulated by flexible strips (9) such that their centre lines (13, 14) intersect at a point (15) defining a pivot and located beyond the end (2) of the device... Agent:

20120138768 - Load-bearing plate and method for supporting a bulky device of medical engineering and method for producing a load bearing plate: The invention relates to a load-bearing plate for supporting a bulky device of medical engineering, especially a magnetic resonance imaging device. Said load-bearing plate comprises a flat hollow body which is filled with a high-density filler, said filler being cast to give a rigid composite by means of a solidified... Agent:

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