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05/31/2012 > 26 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120132759 - Cable and other element securing method: The method includes the utilization of clips or hooks or other securing elements of any configuration or means of attachment that may be affixed to the body of a gutter guard for the purpose of receiving and securing heating cables and/or other cables or elements. Additionally, the method includes the... Agent:

20120132760 - Track type supporting mechanism and supporting system: A track type supporting mechanism for supporting at least one machine is disclosed in the present invention. The track type supporting mechanism includes a base, at least one linear guideway disposed on the base, at least one sliding block slidably disposed on the at least one linear guideway, and at... Agent:

20120132761 - Conduit clip: A cable mount 10 defines an aperture for receiving an electrical or fluid conduit, and has upstanding ribs 15 which define a circular track 14 for a cable tie. The ribs also define flat mounting planes to prevent rotation of the mount with respect to a substrate. An additional attachment... Agent: Cable Manageement Products Ltd.

20120132762 - Wedge retention assembly: A cable wedge assembly that can streamline installation of cabling assemblies upon trees and other structures is provided. For example, the cable wedge assembly need not require specialized tools for installation. Rather, the unique features and functions of the assembly attach to a cable merely by inserting a cable through... Agent: Preformed Line Products Company

20120132763 - Material organizer: An infant care organizational aid including a vertically extending and multi-sided body with a plurality of extending legs engaging a floor location. A plurality of clips extend from surface locations of the body and are configured to receive end extending portions associated with each of a plurality of individual holders... Agent:

20120132764 - Apparatus for securing a device in a viewable location: An apparatus for securing a device in a viewable location which obviates the need to hold viewable devices in a viewer's hand comprising a clamp 1, the claim further comprising an upper clamp portion 3 interference fit to a lower clamp portion 5 and a ball 7 associated with the... Agent:

20120132765 - Elevating mechanism for projection apparatus: An elevating mechanism for a projection apparatus includes a bottom cover, a resetting element having a first elastic member, a sliding mount, a screw stud sleeve, a screw stud, and a second elastic member. The sliding mount is disposed on a first side of the bottom cover and leans against... Agent:

20120132766 - Article holder adapted for being supported by a fence: A fence hanger apparatus is generally comprised of two vertical hanging support brackets. The two vertical hanging support brackets each have an upper portion terminating in a U-shaped hook for hanging the apparatus over the top rail of a fence, and a lower portion. A vertical member has an upper... Agent:

20120132767 - Device for connecting a table to the side wall of a vehicle: A device connects a table for groups of seats arranged transversely with respect to the direction of travel to the side wall of a vehicle with an upright supporting structure disposed below the table top in the vicinity of the side wall and the lower end is fastened to the... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20120132768 - Harvester with an attachment for a support wheel and a method for storing a support wheel of a harvester: A harvester has an attachment, for rotatably supporting the support arm of the support wheel to the frame of the header, that includes a first bearing device with a substantially horizontal axis for rotatably supporting the support arm of the support wheel to the attachment, so that the support arm... Agent:

20120132769 - Fastener for shield plate: A clip for mounting to a vehicle a shield plate arranged on the inside of a fender panel. The clip can be adapted to different vehicle models by changing the shield plate used with the clip. The clip comprises a shield plate insertion slot for inserting a shield plate, and... Agent:

20120132770 - Adjustable attachment for an applicator box: An adjustable attachment for an applicator box to attach a handle, the adjustable attachment including a mounting plate for attachment to the applicator box having raised portion defining an enclosure between the raised portion and the application box, the enclosure accessible from at least one side, and attachment portion to... Agent: Tape-pro Drywall Tools Pty Limited

20120132771 - Adjustable support apparatus: The present invention relates to an adjustable support apparatus comprising a support rod, a chassis, and a connecting seat. The two ends of the support rod are provided with the chassis and the connecting seat via a U-type connecting unit, and the hollow rod of the support rod is able... Agent:

20120132772 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus for mounting a circuit board to a bottom plate includes a positioning member, a mounting member and a maintaining member; the mounting member is mounted to the positioning member and adapted to removably mount the positioning member to the bottom plate; the maintaining member defines a top... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen City) Co., Ltd.

20120132773 - Table edge supporting apparatus: An apparatus for supporting and hanging purses, handbags, jackets and the like from the edge of a table, desk or other elevated platform. A support hook is pivotally coupled within a housing into which the support hook may be stored. The housing comprises first and second planar panels in parallel,... Agent:

20120132774 - Bracket assembly and method of use thereof: A bracket assembly is provided for use in one example for joining a kitchen plinth to an end panel of a kitchen unit. The bracket assembly includes a first bracket part and a second bracket part. The first bracket part has a recess defined therein in which a protrusion member... Agent:

20120132775 - Device mounting base: A device mounting base comprises a main mounting unit (6) for mounting an apparatus, and a front panel (9) made of a resin material and installed on the main mounting unit (6) in a position in front of the main mounting unit (6) with a plurality of movable devices, wherein... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120132776 - Suction device for electronic components: A suction device includes a suction cup, an operating member, a sealing member, an elastic member, and a stopping member. A gas hole is defined in the suction cup. A through hole is defined in the operating member, communicating with the gas hole. The suction cup is fixed to an... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120132777 - Lock mechanism for seat track slide device: A seat track slide device includes a pair of seat tracks. Each of the seat tracks has a lower rail, an upper rail, a lock lever, and a handle. Through manipulation of the handle, each seat track 3 is capable of switching the associated upper rail to a locking state... Agent: Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.

20120132778 - Lock mechanism for seat track slide device: A seat track slide device includes a pair of seat tracks. Each of the seat tracks has a lower rail, an upper rail, a lock lever, and a handle. Through manipulation of the handle, each seat track 3 is capable of switching the associated upper rail to a locking state... Agent: Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.

20120132779 - Umbrella holder system for docks and decks: A system and method for supporting one or more umbrella poles on a sunning platform such as a dock or deck includes providing a plurality of pole supports and mounting the base of each pole support to the platform. Each base is mounted to the platform so that an upper-most... Agent:

20120132780 - Base for a transportable mast and a mast assembly comprising such a base: The invention relates to a base for a transportable mast comprising a plurality of superimposed tubular mast elements, the base comprising a guide shaft with an opening for guiding the displacement of the tubular mast elements, legs connected to the guide shaft, for positioning the guide shaft at a distance... Agent: Secobel

20120132781 - Antenna mast system and mounting apparatus: An antenna mast system (100) comprising a base (102), a plurality of selectively securable modular mast bodies (104), and an antenna mount (106). The base is aligned to a datum and each part of the system is aligned to the base to provide an accurate and repeatable antenna positioning system.... Agent: Fasmetrics Limited

20120132782 - Support device for the gun sight of a military vehicle: The invention relates to a support device for the gun sight of a military vehicle, incorporating a head to which the gun sight is fastened and a foot which is integral with the vehicle, the head being integral with a column with a vertical axis which is introduced into the... Agent: Nexter Systems

20120132783 - Mounting bracket for motor: A mounting bracket for a motor, including a hoop structure and a plurality of mounting feet. The hoop structure includes a wall surface. The wall surface of the hoop structure includes the mounting feet formed by punching the wall surface of the hoop structure so that a plurality of grooves... Agent: Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Co., Ltd.

20120132784 - Ambulatory intravenous (iv) transport and delivery device and method of use thereof: Provided are device, system, and method for storing and/or transporting a fluid-filled pouch for ambulatory intravenous (“IV”) transport and delivery of IV solutions to a fully mobile patient, wherein the IV fluid pouch is maintained and constantly infuses the patient from a constantly elevated position relative to the insertion point... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 25 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120126067 - Cable routing device: Device for routing cables, more particularly intended for routing and distributing electric cables having an elongated shape (1) with a U-shaped cross-section including an assembly of two side posts (3) forming the arms of the U and of a base (2) forming the bottom of the U. The side posts... Agent:

20120126068 - Handle for retaining a cable of an electronic device: Apparatuses that include a handle for retaining a cable of an electronic device are provided. In one embodiment, the handle includes a handle body that has first and second opposed ends, wherein each end of the handle body is fastened to the electronic device; and a plurality of cable grips... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120126069 - Bracket with improved cable management: A system according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises a base for attachment to, for example, the right side of a rack. The system further comprises at least one swing arm hingedly attached to the base. A cable support may be attached to the swing arm. The swing... Agent:

20120126070 - Plate for protecting a cable along a stud: A plate for protecting a cable along a stud is provided that prevents damage to the cable when screws or nails are inserted through drywall and into the stud. The plate comprises a channel for receiving the cable and a flange which is attached to the channel for mounting the... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20120126071 - Center armrest supporting structure: A center armrest supporting structure for supporting a swivelable center armrest in a vehicle has an arm support which can be swiveled about a swivel axis into a lower use position and into an upper rest position. Console parts of the vehicle are connected to the arm support by bearing... Agent:

20120126072 - Height-adjustable table stand: The present invention relates to a height-adjustable table stand (1) comprising a height-adjusting arrangement for adjusting the height of the table, wherein the height-adjusting arrangement comprises at least one leg (2), each leg having an inner tubular member (3) and an outer tubular member (4) arranged for telescopic movement relative... Agent:

20120126073 - Wiping bar quick clamp: A clamp device for mounting a rail device onto a railroad rail includes a clamp body having an upper section and a lower section. The clamp body defines a recess portion between the upper and lower sections and a bore extending through the lower section of the clamp body. A... Agent: Portec Rail Products, Inc.

20120126074 - Device support for a stringed instrument: A support for temporarily securing a device to a stringed instrument comprises a pair of laterally extending plates coupled together and each having, on one of their sides, at least one layer comprising an elastomeric material. The plates are adapted to be mounted in a clamping arrangement to the portions... Agent:

20120126075 - Mounting device providing a pivotal interface for attachment of emergency equipment thereto and a method thereof: A mounting device which provides a pivotal interface for emergency equipment and a method of attaching the emergency equipment to a rescue transport, e.g., a foot of a litter, are disclosed. For example, the mounting device is releasably attachable to the litter and includes a fastening device operably attached to... Agent: Ferno-washington, Inc.

20120126076 - Supporting device for display apparatus: A supporting device to a display apparatus to prevent a wire from separating from a wire hanger. The supporting device to fix the display apparatus to a wall includes a wire part coupled to the display apparatus, a wire hanger mounted to the wall, the wire hanger to hang the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120126078 - Wall mountable holder system: A substrate-mountable holder system, comprising a base having a hook, a first front surface and a second front surface with a groove therebetween, wherein the groove includes a rearward facing face having a step. The system also includes a second portion for operatively engaging the first portion, the second portion... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120126077 - Wall mounting bracket: A wall mounting bracket assists in mounting equipment to a wall. The wall mounting bracket includes a plate, a post, and a sliding nut. At least a portion of the post extends outwardly from the surface of the plate. The plate is coupled to a stud or other mounting device... Agent:

20120126079 - Bedrail clamp: A bedrail clamp is provided for attaching an accessory to a bedrail of a surgical/medical bed at a desired location without having to slide the bedrail clamp from an end of the bedrail until the accessory is in the desired location. The bedrail clamp can include a clamp housing, an... Agent: Acist Medical Systems, Inc.

20120126080 - Mounting apparatus for heat dissipating member: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket, a mounting member and a handgrip. The bracket receives a heat dissipating member. A positioning post is located on the bracket. The mounting member, attached to the bracket and rotatable relative to the bracket, is adapted for abutting a portion of the heat dissipating... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120126081 - Mounting system for digital media players: An apparatus and a method that allow users to mount digital media players.... Agent: Innovelis, Inc.

20120126083 - Article holding device: The article holding device (9) of the present invention includes a base (1), a holding member (2) capable of sliding along a grip width of gripping an article (K), and a locking device (4) for holding in a position after sliding and adjusting the holding member (2), wherein the locking... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120126082 - Holding device for apparatus having the same: A holding device comprises a first accommodation portion, a second accommodation portion, an elastic portion, and an actuating portion. The elastic portion includes a first end contacting the first accommodation portion and a second end contacting the actuating portion. The first accommodation portion includes at least one aperture. The second... Agent: Apex Biotechnology Corp.

20120126086 - Motorcycle restraint device: A motorcycle restraint device is provided. The motorcycle restraint device comprises a base assembly, a catch assembly and a catch pin assembly. The base assembly comprises at least one base mounting box, at least one front ramp and at least one rear ramp. The catch assembly is mounted to a... Agent:

20120126084 - Plumbing fixture shim and sheet thereof: A shim for placement under plumbing fixtures is made of a series of shim members aligned according to height, whereby they form a wedge-shaped member. The shim is inserted between a plumbing fixture base and installation surface until one of the shim members supports the fixture. The shim members are... Agent:

20120126085 - Versatile lift for chair, recliner or objects: A lifting fixture accommodates loads with wide variations of undercarriage types and uneven floors or platforms, and provides a minimum manufacturing cost. The lift especially accommodates loads such as chairs and recliners designed for comfort or for infirm individuals and lifts those loads by an amount that enables safe, convenient... Agent:

20120126087 - Universal portable device stand and holder apparatus: An apparatus that securely supports and displays for adjustable viewing of portable electronic devices where the apparatus can be frictionally engaged into any accessible material seam as well as being supportable on flat surfaces.... Agent: C & C Designs Technology, LLC

20120126088 - Wall calendar stand: A stand, which includes a body portion comprising a relatively flat panel; a pair of angled support legs attachable vertically to a back side of the body portion; a slider arm mountable to the back side of the body portion of the stand, the slider arm having a means for... Agent:

20120126089 - Umbrella and anchoring device and method for using same: An umbrella anchoring device comprising a support dowel and a generally truncated cone shaped umbrella stop, with two opposing surfaces, an angled wall connecting the outer perimeter of the surfaces, and a hollow passage through the vertical axis thereof which is complementary to the cross section of the support dowel,... Agent:

20120126090 - Vibration isolation device: A thinned thickness portion 54 is formed to each of separating walls 42 that configure two second main liquid chambers 40 along an axis-orthogonal direction. The thinned thickness portions 54 extend from the thickness direction center of the separating walls 42 to the first main liquid chamber 28, such that... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20120126091 - Device for suspending an oscillating load, particularly for an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a device for suspending an oscillating load, particularly for an exhaust gas system of a motor vehicle, having an elastomer body sealed in a ring shape and comprising two receptacle openings located opposite one another for accommodating one longitudinal suspension bolt each along a longitudinal axis... Agent: Sgf Sueddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik Gmbh & Co. Kg

05/17/2012 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120119037 - Pipe support base: To provide a pipe support base light in weight and with good workability, to which loads may given according to need. This problem may be overcome with a hollow cylindrical body with a rectangular cross section and with four sides. A through passage is provided in the center portion thereof.... Agent: Advance Co., Ltd.

20120119038 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes a securing board and a cable management tray. The securing board has a securing arm extending upward from the securing board. The cable management tray is hung on the securing arm and includes a base and a door rotatably secured to the base. A hook... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120119039 - Device for aiding in infant care: The present invention relates to a device for aiding in infant care. The device for aiding in infant care includes an upper body support unit that supports the upper body of an infant, a lower body support unit that supports the lower body of the infant with the legs of... Agent:

20120119040 - Edge mount positioning apparatus, system, and method: Embodiments include an apparatus for positioning items such as an electronic display, a keyboard, and/or a work surface. The apparatus can be attached proximate an edge of a generally planar support member to provide a multi-position workstation. In some cases the apparatus includes a display mount coupled to a support... Agent: Ergotron, Inc.

20120119041 - Bracket structure in electrical junction box: A junction-box bracket structure preventing vehicle-oscillation induced oscillation of the box comprises one bracket and the other bracket each attached to one wide-width surface and the other wide-width surface of a box body. The other bracket is engaged with the one bracket upon brackets-surfaces attachment. The one bracket is slid... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120119042 - In-ceiling, in-wall one button installer: An installer is installed in a hole in a ceiling or a wall and includes a speaker frame and two connective units. The speaker frame may fix down a speaker and has a circumferential edge. The two connective units are provided on the speaker frame and either connective unit has... Agent: Meiloon Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120119043 - Locking mechanism for trays: A bracket assembly for coupling a merchandise display member to an associated upright support member includes a bracket member and a lock moveably mounted to the bracket member. The bracket member includes a first body having a first generally planar surface and a first tooth extending from the first body.... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20120119045 - Method and apparatus for use in management of medical intravenous pole assemblies: There is set forth herein a method and apparatus for use in management of medical intravenous pole assemblies. In one embodiment, an apparatus can be provided that is adapted for connection to a plurality of intravenous pole assemblies. The apparatus can be connected to a group of intravenous pole assemblies... Agent: Wildcard Enterprises LLC

20120119044 - Strap-on-hunting-hanger: A hunting equipment rest for use in a tree stand allows the hunter quick access to a weapon, thereby avoiding excess movement. A rigid member is affixed to the tree by a cinch strap. The apparatus is initially positioned such that a first trunk rest, fixed to the rigid member,... Agent:

20120119046 - Wall mounting bath accessory assembly: A wall mounting bath accessory assembly contains a fixing member including a contacting fence with a recess and two engaging portions, and the engaging portion including a shoulder arranged on an upper end thereof; a retaining member including a body, an first hook, and two second hooks; the first hooks... Agent:

20120119047 - Electronic device holder: A device used to support an IPad™ or similar for use by the operator to have their hands free and to be able to position the device in the desired location for best use.... Agent:

20120119048 - Ramp bracket for curtain airbag: A ramp bracket for a curtain airbag is constructed so that an open space between a front and a rear is divided into two portions, that is, an upper chamber and a lower chamber by a partition, and the front and the rear are separated from each other at an... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20120119049 - Device for rotatably mounting at least one medical apparatus on a floor and a method for slowing down and/or locking a rotary unit of the device: The invention relates to a device (10, 38) for rotatably mounting at least one medical apparatus on a floor. The device (10, 38) comprises a floor unit (12) which can be firmly connected to the floor and a rotary unit (16) which is connected to the floor unit (12) rotatably... Agent: Maquet Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120119050 - Adjustable supporting stand: An adjustable supporting stand includes a main body with a receiving room, a slidable module disposed in the receiving room, a supporting holder assembled on the slidable module, a gear set connected to the supporting holder, and an elastic member disposed on the main body. The gear set has at... Agent:

20120119052 - Function element, method for producing a function element: Some embodiments of the invention relate to function elements for fixing in seat rails of aircraft. The function element according to the invention may include: a fixing rail with a web running in the x direction and a multiplicity of extensions which protrude beyond the web in a y direction... Agent: Telair International Gmbh

20120119051 - Manually longitudinally adjustable motor vehicle seat: A manually, longitudinally adjustable motor vehicle seat having a lower rail secured to a vehicle chassis, and an upper rail longitudinally displaceable in the lower rail and secured to a seat component. Locking mechanisms released by release mechanisms secure the rails, and assume a release position when the backrest is... Agent:

20120119053 - Mirror device for a vehicle: Accuracy of positioning of a turning body to a mounting member when the mounting member and a support member are separate components is improved. In a vehicle door mirror device, a stand of a housing device is mounted to a base by being fastened with mounting screws. Axial directions of... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Tokai-rika-denki-seisakusho

20120119054 - Stake system and method for soft material: Systems, devices and/or methods of a stake system configured to be used in substantially loose material to anchor a stake-down object are provided. In one embodiment, the stake system includes an elongate member and a flexible line. One end of the flexible line is configured to be coupled to a... Agent:

20120119055 - Clip: A clip includes a first member and a second member, forming a cylindrical body by mutually engaging together. Each of the first member and the second member includes a printed-substrate holding portion for holding a plate-like printed substrate, an antenna-element holding portion for holding a cylinder-like antenna element attached to... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120119056 - Beam for suspending a turboshaft engine from an aircraft structure: A beam for suspending a turboshaft engine from an aircraft structure, including a first attachment mechanism configured to be secured to the aircraft structure and at least one second attachment mechanism configured to be secured to the engine. The beam is at least partially made from a metal-matrix composite material... Agent: Snecma

20120119057 - Compact support system using low aspect ratio composite tensile support bands: A support system comprising a number of racetrack-shaped tensile support bands held in tension between a supported article and a supporting article, respective curved end portions of each tensile support band being retained by respective mounting points mounted on respective surfaces of the supported article and the supporting article, respectively.... Agent: Siemens PLC

20120119058 - Mounting system for a gas gun: A mounting system for a gas gun, for mounting a motor, is disclosed. The mounting system includes a cylinder, a rigid carrier for carrying the motor such that the motor is disposed through the cylinder and is floatingly movable along an axis, a fixing member, fixedly arranged at an end... Agent:

20120119059 - Bracket-active grille and actuator: A modular a bracket which forms a cavity such that the bracket surrounds and supports an actuator. In one embodiment, the bracket is made of multiple pieces and also connects together without the use of fasteners. The pieces are connected together through the use of several attachment features, with a... Agent: Magna International Inc.

05/10/2012 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120112012 - Decorative arrangement holder: The invention provides a stand for holding decorative elements that includes a first and a second sleeve. The first sleeve has an outer ring and an inner ring. The first sleeve is adapted to receive a first group of essentially longitudinal decorative elements that are passed between the first sleeve... Agent:

20120112013 - Floral easel: An erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object is disclosed. Methods of using a floral easel, methods of storing a floral easel, and methods of placing a floral object on a floral easel are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120112014 - Cable clamp: A cable clamp includes a single metal plate shaped along an outer periphery of three cables that are triangularly arranged when viewed in cross-section, a mounting flange portion formed with both end portions of the metal plate overlapped each other, and a cable support member inserted between at least two... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20120112015 - Structural duct bearing system: The present invention is related to a duct bearing system, more specifically to a duct bearing system for specific use in tunnels, and aims at solving the problems and difficulties that arise when using traditional methods for mounting duct bearing system in tunnels. The system is modular and essentially comprises... Agent:

20120112016 - Conduit harness: A conduit harness has an inner part and an outer part which are snap-fitted together to provide redundancy in the event of failure of either part.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20120112017 - Self-centering cable strap: A self-centering cable strap centers items such as cables, wires and tubes, or bundles thereof, on a bed of the strap. A cinch strap extends from one side of the bed and abutment figures extend from a side of the bed opposite the cinch strap and project laterally and axially... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120112018 - Magnetic-electric toothbrush holder: A hygienic magnetic-electric toothbrush holder capable of suspending one or more electric toothbrushes, without prejudice to brand or housing style. The present invention is based on the fact that all electric toothbrushes internally consist of parts which are made with iron, steel, or alloys of these metals, which attach through... Agent:

20120112019 - Modular beverage holder: A beverage container holder adapted to hold a wide variety of containers including cups, bottles, mugs, and tumblers. The device preferably includes a base, an upright extending upward from the base, and a receiver near the top of the upright. The receiver includes a cup holder which is preferably made... Agent:

20120112020 - Portable device support and organizer system and method: A system for supporting a portable electronic device atop a surface includes a planar back side having a top and a bottom for resting on the surface in use, a front side having an upper edge connected to the top of the planar back side, forming an angle between the... Agent:

20120112021 - Agricultural machine linkage arrangement: An agricultural machine including a linkage arrangement for moving an attached device. The linkage arrangement includes a first linkage having a plurality of mutually coupled connectors, a secured part, and a pivotal part. The linkage arrangement includes a second linkage having a plurality of mutually coupled connectors, a first pivotal... Agent:

20120112022 - Wall mount hanger: A wall mount hanger includes a hanging section and a sleeve section. The hanging section is protrusively disposed on a wall surface and has a first arc surface and a stop portion. The first arc surface has plural protruding teeth, and the stop portion is protrusively disposed on the first... Agent:

20120112023 - Suction fixing: A suction fixing comprising a base unit (23) arranged to be fixed to a surface and to releasably engage with an article (44) to be fixed in place by the base unit (23), the base unit (23) comprises: a suction pad (28); an actuation mechanism to distort the suction pad... Agent: Bb Ipr Limited

20120112024 - Clamp holder for attaching a display means to a base: The invention relates to a clamp holder for attaching a display means to a base. The clamp holder comprises a holding element. The holding element is provided at one end with a first clamp member for fitting the display means and at a second end with a second clamp member... Agent:

20120112025 - Mounting system for an electronic teaching board: The invention relates to a mounting system (1) for mounting an electronic teaching board (2) on a surface, comprising four legs (4A, 4B, 4C, 4D) which are mutually connected such that the position of the electronic teaching board can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical direction and arresting means... Agent: Teachyou B.v.

20120112026 - Apparatus for supporting an assembly of conflat-connected ultra-high vacuum modules: An apparatus for supporting UHV modules and attaching accessories thereto without welding and without obstructing any conflat ports includes a bracket attachable to an attachment feature without loss of vacuum. Embodiments permit arbitrary UHV module reorientation. In some embodiments, a supporting circular groove or series of groove segments is provided... Agent: Kimball Physics, Inc.

20120112027 - Fastening device for bicycle seat pad and seat tube using the same: The fastening device of the present invention includes a base, two pawl shanks and two positioning rods. The base is formed with two hook portions and two base positioning holes. Each pawl shank is formed with a pawl positioning hole, and each pawl shank includes a pawl section and a... Agent: Yeu Chueh Industry Co., Ltd.

20120112028 - Cutting pallet: A cutting pallet is provided that can prevent works held in a carrier device from interfering with a supply pallet, when a plurality of works arranged at even intervals is supplied at uneven intervals. The cutting pallet (6) in which a plurality of works (W) to be carried by the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120112030 - Adjustable leg support: An adjustable leg support for providing support to and stabilizing a leg of a table, chair or similar article that is shorter than the other legs to prevent the article from wobbling. The adjustable leg support includes a screw-threaded rotatable base that is detachably coupled in surrounding engagement to a... Agent:

20120112029 - Stand for board sports equipment: A stand for a sports board includes left and right upright monolithic skids. Each skid includes a base portion having a base bottom surface, and front and rear lobes extending upward from the base portion. Each lobe includes an uppermost surface. There is a left recession between the left front... Agent:

20120112031 - Portable electronic device case accessory with camera protection: Case accessories including protection covers for portable electronic devices having image capturing systems are disclosed. In some embodiments, the case may include a holder configured to secure the portable electronic device and a selectively positionable protection cover configured to protect the integrated image capturing system. In certain embodiments, the selectively... Agent: Targus Group International, Inc.

20120112032 - Roller mount for seat: A top plate is mounted on the carriage to support the seat. A second track, allowing a wider seat, can be mounted on the base plate spaced apart from the first track. A detent locks the seat in the selected position. The detent has conical collars biased by a spring... Agent:

20120112033 - Method for keeping a transportable mast upright during erection or retraction thereof, and mast assembly: t

20120112034 - Panel mounting system: In general, implementations of the present invention include devices, systems, and components for mounting and/or displaying panels and panel structures with one or more post modules. The post modules, according to the present invention, can include a post, which can secure one or more panels, and covers that can conceal... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20120112035 - Height-adjustable pedestal: The invention relates to a height-adjustable pedestal comprising a height adjustable pedestal platform, a spring device that provides a spring force according to a corresponding spring characteristic, and a lever mechanism that is interconnected between the spring device and the pedestal platform in such a way that the spring force... Agent: Tever Technik Vertriebs-und Beteiligungs-gmbh & Co. Beratungs Kg

20120112036 - Bwr jet pump inlet-mixer main wedge with inserts: Disclosed are various wedges that may be used in a restrainer bracket of a jet pump assembly. The jet pump assembly may include a restrainer bracket having an upper bracket and a lower bracket connected to an inlet mixer. A wedge may be provided between the upper bracket and the... Agent:

05/03/2012 > 40 patent applications in 33 patent subcategories.

20120104185 - Portable computer holder: An apparatus and method for ergonomically and securely holding a portable computing device and standing the portable computing device at least partially upright on a flat surface are disclosed. The apparatus and method include a holder base with a front face and a rear face opposite the front face, the... Agent:

20120104186 - Wire harness clamp: A wire harness clamp with at least a pair of tension members that afford for harnesses having different sizes to be held securely by the clamp is provided. In addition, the wire harness clamp can have a length that can protect wire harnesses held within the clamp from proximate objects... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20120104187 - Hanger device and method of producing the same: A hanger device for detachably securing at least one cord, or one or more hanger devices with one or more openable gates, to a body. The hanger device includes a flexible hanging member having an undeformed shape of a sling and a plurality of different deformed shapes, and a locking... Agent:

20120104188 - Bag support system: A bag support system is designed to universally support plastic shopping bags with integrated loop handles in an upright and open position for re-use as trash bags or receptacles to store and/or sort other materials or components.... Agent: Red Eagles, LLC (a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company)

20120104189 - Mother's third hand systems: A hands-free baby bottle holder for holding a baby bottle in various positions comfortable for feeding a baby comprising a sleeve which can be removably wrapped around a baby bottle and which secures to itself via at least one fastening device. Four rings are coupled to the sleeve. Two of... Agent:

20120104190 - Support pole with a prefabricated engaging thread and method of using the same: The present invention generally relates to a support pole with a prefabricated engaging thread and method of using the same. The support pole is especially suitable for use with mailbox posts, birdhouse posts, volleyball posts, fences, or the like. The support pole may be securely inserted or removed from the... Agent:

20120104191 - Stand assembly: A stand assembly includes a base comprising a seat and a pivot pole rotatably mounted to the seat, and a support used to support a notebook computer. The support is mounted to the pivot pole, with a height of the support on the pivot pole being adjustable.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120104192 - Telescopic supportive apparatus: A telescopic supportive apparatus includes an external tube, an internal tube, a mount, a toothed wheel, a handle, a first detent and a second detent. The internal tube is telescopically inserted in the external tube and formed with a series of recesses. The mount is secured to the external tube.... Agent:

20120104193 - Quick coupling structure of leg for table or chair: A quick assembling structure of leg for table or chair, wherein connecting rods are provided with female formations respectively, and a coupling member having assembly cavities being provided into which the connecting rods can be inserted such that the ends of the connecting rods are pressed against the snap fasteners... Agent:

20120104194 - Stand structure and display device: A display device includes a body, a supporting member and a fastening member. The body has an accommodating portion, and the supporting member assembled to the accommodating portion for supporting the body is in the first state or the second state. The supporting member in the first state is switched... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20120104195 - Fixing support for a portable electronic device, corresponding dashboard and motor vehicle: A fixing support is provided for a portable electronic device, in particular in a motor vehicle. The fixing support includes a fixed base for receiving the electronic device, a retainer movably mounted on the fixed base between an idle position to place the electronic device on the fixed base and... Agent: Faurecia Interieur Industrie

20120104196 - Quick release, adjustable bow and arrow holder for a tree stand: An adjustable holder for a hunter's tree stand provides support for various bow sizes. The holder may comprise: a mounting plate; a bow support arm pivotally attached to the mounting plate to be moveable in discrete increments; a locking plate being slidably mounted in relation to the support arm; a... Agent:

20120104197 - Remote control unit wall docking system: A detachable magnetic docking system for a handheld device comprises a docking plate having a major surface and a shell for the handheld device having a reverse surface. The major surface and the reverse surface are contoured to mate when adjacent one another to align the shell over the docking... Agent: Jenesis International Inc.

20120104198 - Magnetic organizer: A magnetic organizer is provided that includes cooperative magnetic members, one generally planar member and one support assembly having a magnetic member, and including one or more horizontally-extending protuberances on the generally planar member.... Agent: Penn United Technologies, Inc.

20120104199 - Fastening system for fastening a plate within an enclosure: A fastening system for fastening a plate within an enclosure for electric installations includes an elongated holder and a support member arranged to be fastened to the holder with snap-in fastening device. The snap-in fastening device is arranged to fasten the support member detachably to the holder in a direction... Agent:

20120104201 - Bow holder: A bow support for holding an archery bow relative to a support structure is provided. The bow support includes a support structure mount for mounting the bow support to the support structure. The support structure when mounted to the support structure may be removed from the rest of the bow... Agent: Hunter's Specialties, Inc.

20120104200 - Self-supporting cantilevered mounting system and methods of installation thereof: A mounting system, in one embodiment, includes two support ears, each support ear adapted for securing an electronic component to a rack. Each support ear includes a planar portion which includes at least one hole for receiving one or more fasteners for coupling to a side of the electronic component... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120104202 - Cladding rail, cladding fixing system and method: A mounting rail for mounting a cladding panel in a lapped formation on a wall includes an elongate body shaped in cross section having a vertical upstanding rear flange mountable to a wall, a downwardly extending front flange and a sloping web portion extending from the rear to the front... Agent: Cladding Systems International Limited

20120104203 - Wall mountable holder: A holder having a baseplate with a tang extending rearwardly therefrom, a plurality of openings for receiving fasteners and a plurality of legs extending from the baseplate, the tang having a Rockwell B hardness of between about 80 and about 110 proximate the baseplate. The tang may be being heat... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120104204 - Adjustable display screen hanging device: An adjustable display screen hanging device has a tilting assembly and a rotating assembly. The tilting assembly has two lever sets respectively mounted on two sides of a seat and two sides of a tilting base to make the tilting pivotable relative to the seat. The rotating assembly has an... Agent:

20120104205 - Adjustable flat panel display mounting system: A flat panel display mounting system includes a wall plate and at least one monitor arm assembly. The monitor arm assembly includes a monitor arm mountable to the wall plate, and a leveling assembly coupled to the monitor arm and arranged within an opening of the monitor arm. The leveling... Agent: Bell'o International Corp.

20120104206 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus comprises a shell, a positioning member, a rotating member, and a connecting member. The positioning member is secured to the shell; the connecting member is adapted to secure a camera module. The rotating member is secured to the connecting member, and extends out off the shell. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120104207 - Test bracket for circuit board: A test bracket includes a base board and two position poles. The position poles are perpendicularly and slidably mounted on the base board opposing each other. Each position pole defines a groove opposing the other position pole. A distance between the position poles is adjusted through sliding the position poles... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120104208 - Apparatus with a rotating body: An apparatus includes a supporting body, a rotating body assembled with the supporting body and rotating at least between a standard position and a deployed position through an intermediate position, and a biasing device for applying a biasing force to the rotating device in a direction of returning the rotating... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120104209 - Fixing apparatus for flat panel display devices: A fixing apparatus for a flat panel display device includes a frame having an open cavity. First and second positioning sidewalls extend from the frame and are located above and parallel with the open cavity. A movable stop block is mounted in the open cavity and below the first positioning... Agent:

20120104210 - Hand operated feeder: A hand operated feeder for feeding humans and animals, the feeder having an elongate main body with a handle portion with at least one arm portion. A plurality of holders for holding a plurality of fluid and/or solids is located substantially at an end of said arm portion securing a... Agent:

20120104211 - Screw-operated clamping mechanism and method of using the same: A screw-operated clamping mechanism comprises a clamp body, a shaft attached to a side of the clamp body, a movable pawl which is slidably attached to the shaft, a knob which is allowed to slide and turn relative to the shaft, an I-shaped nut which is rotatably screwed onto a... Agent: Rectron Co., Ltd.

20120104212 - Holding device: A holding device has an elastic locking piece having an extending part extending to the outside from a locking claw part. The contact part of an unlocking operating piece contacts the outside of the extending part to reduce the unlocking force of the unlocking operating piece. A sawtooth-form part is... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120104213 - Carbon nanotube film supporting structure and method for using same: A carbon nanotube film supporting structure is provided. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure is used for supporting a carbon nanotube film structure. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure includes a body and a number of voids. The body has a surface defining a support region. The voids are defined... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20120104216 - Carbon nanotube film supporting structure and method for using same: A carbon nanotube film supporting structure is provided. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure is used for supporting a carbon nanotube film structure. The carbon nanotube film supporting structure includes a substrate and a number of protruding structures. The substrate has a surface defining a support region. The protruding structures... Agent: Beijing Funate Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

20120104215 - Drum protector and stacking device: The present invention relates generally to an apparatus which provides protection for percussion instruments and more specifically to device that protects the underlying musical drum instrument and its components, such as drum head and drum rim or hoop and parts of individual drums, when the drums are stacked one upon... Agent:

20120104214 - Stabilizing device: A device for stabilizing and supporting a receptacle or spherical object, the device comprising first and second support elements. The first support element comprises a frusto-conical support portion defining an annular rim at an outer periphery thereof, an inner surface and an outer surface on opposite sides thereof. The first... Agent:

20120104217 - Suction cup: A cup body of a suction cup includes a flattenable curved disc portion made of a first elastic material, and an elastic cup portion made of a second elastic material and having the disc portion embedded therein. The first elastic material is stiffer than the second elastic material.... Agent: Free-free Industrial Corp.

20120104218 - Slide structure of seat for vehicle: A slide structure of a seat for a vehicle positions a cushion seat in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle has a stationary outer rail which extends in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and a substantially C-shaped cross section, an open portion which is oriented to be inner in... Agent:

20120104219 - System and method for shock isolation in a launch system: A system and method for providing a munitions launching system with dynamic shock isolation in which a spring plate skirt having an integral spring arrangement is provided between a munitions frame and a munitions extension, the spring plate skirt defining an opening that provides for the uninterrupted flow of expelled... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corpration

20120104220 - Hose support with radial cradle: A truck tractor trailer hose support for hoses and cables extending there between, including an adjustable vertical support member; a tubular hose support cradle member radially angled to approximately 90°, mounted on the vertical support member; and a mounting assembly which allows the vertical support member to returnably pivot at... Agent:

20120104221 - Seat adjustable assembly: A bicycle seat adjustable assembly includes a fixing member connected to a seat and a lever is pivotably connected to the fixing member. An outer tube is connected between a bicycle frame and an inner tube is located in the outer tube. The inner tube is connected to the fixing... Agent: Kind Shock Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

20120104223 - Aerial cable ground clearance device: An adjustment device that compensates for changes in location of the connection point of an aerial cable to a main cable. The device deflects under varying tension in the cable to maintain the cable at a desired ground clearance.... Agent:

20120104222 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a bracket, a plurality of shock absorbers positioned between the data storage device and the bracket, a plurality of fasteners, and two elastic members. The bracket includes a bottom plate, and two sidewalls. Each of the plurality of shock absorbers includes... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120104224 - Method and device for fastening an exhaust gas converter module: The invention relates to a method for fastening an exhaust gas converter module (1) to an internal combustion engine (2) of a motor vehicle, wherein the exhaust gas converter module (1) is first connected to a pipe section of the exhaust gas system arranged upstream in the flow direction of... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

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