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04/26/2012 > 28 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120097804 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes a bracket having a post, and a clamp mounted to the bracket. The clamp includes a support plate, a binding member to accommodate cables, and a latch member. The binding member and the latch member are positioned on opposite sides of the support plate, respectively.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120097805 - Medical conduit organizer and methods for securing and organizing a plurality of medical conduits: A medical conduit organizer is provided along with corresponding methods for securing and organizing a plurality of medical conduits. The conduit organizer comprises an elongated base comprised of a flexible material, a plurality of areas on the base each of which is adapted to receive a medical conduit, and at... Agent: G Force Braces, LLC

20120097806 - Attaching member for electric wiring of a vehicle seat: An attaching member is provided. The attaching member attaches an electric wiring on a body member of the vehicle seat. The attaching member integrally incldues: an attaching part to be attached on the body member; a protection part which covers an edge of the body member; and a holder part... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120097807 - Solar panel support system: A solar panel support system, having extruded thermo plastic rails, with channels formed along such rails, mounting legs of thermo plastic or metal, and attachment devices for attaching the mounting legs to the channels in the rails.... Agent:

20120097808 - Self-supporting story pole: A self-supporting story pole eliminates the need to build leads with a level and improves on current systems by using a self-supporting base that only needs to be anchored at one point, rather than two, and can preset the block height and plumb of the wall by using the mounting... Agent:

20120097809 - Collapsible adjusting funnel stand: A collapsible adjusting utility stand that folds flat for convenient storage and deploys quickly. The stand can be used to stabilize one object over a base surface and hold a second object in a desired orientation relative to the base while adjusting and fixing the vertical elevation of the second... Agent:

20120097810 - Stand for a two wheeled device and method of using same: A stand to engage at least one wheel or tire of a device is provided. The stand may include a base having a plurality of legs and a tower extending upward therefrom. The stand further may include a holder having a tire plate coupled to the tower, wherein the tire... Agent:

20120097811 - Resilient foot: The resilient foot has a rubber tubular member to provide a resilient support and an insert of solid material within the tubular member to limit the travel of the resilient foot under load. The insert is disposed in a bore of the tubular member and is inwardly spaced a small... Agent:

20120097812 - Magnetically placeable strap: A magnetically placeable strap, particularly adapted for use in pickup trucks having beds or panels of a ferrous content. The magnetically placeable strap includes a spool-like base having an elastic strap extending therefrom with a hook at an end of the strap. The base consists of a pair of parallel... Agent:

20120097813 - Bracket coordinating device: A bracket coordinating device includes a rubber disc having a bottom surface capable of being fitted with a curved or planar surface, a compressing disc disposed on the rubber disc in a manner facing a top surface of the rubber disc, and an actuation device, a shaft member being connected... Agent: Steelmate Co., Ltd

20120097815 - Clip: A clip includes a fixing portion and a holding portion. The fixing portion includes an elastic piece elastically abutting against a front surface of a panel; a support pillar extending toward an attachment hole from the elastic piece; a clamping piece protruding from an end portion of the support pillar,... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120097814 - Telescoping assembly for a cpu holder: A telescoping assembly for use with a CPU holder including a mounting track with mounting holes for securing the mounting track to the underside of a generally horizontal surface such as a desk; runners disposed in the mounting track; a telescoping track, adapted for insertion into the mounting track and... Agent:

20120097816 - Combination mounting and grounding clip: The interlocking nature of the mounting clips provides a secure fit between photovoltaic panels and requires less mounting hardware. Additionally, the interlocking nature of the mounting clips allows for security and stability of the photovoltaic panels during the mounting process, allowing a single installer to mount a number of photovoltaic... Agent: D Three Enterprises, LLC

20120097817 - Fastening structure for lamp holder: A fastening structure for a lamp holder is disclosed, which includes a main body, a mounting unit and a first securing unit. One end of the main body has an assembly hole and a second securing unit, and the other end of the main body is extended with an engagement... Agent:

20120097818 - Furniture leg floor protector: The present invention relates to a furniture leg floor protector. The invention is an improvement over the prior art in that firstly it has a flexible upper sleeve which is stretchable and adapted to receive a leg of many dimensions. This overcomes previous problems with floor protectors which after a... Agent:

20120097819 - Holder for a cylindrical article: A holder for a cylindrical article such as a gas cylinder has a base, a support member extending from the base for receiving a base of the article, and, spaced from the support member, at least one clamp device, including first and second jaw elements, extending from the base and... Agent:

20120097820 - Suction cup apparatus for attachment to porous and nonporous surfaces: A device for attachment to both porous and non-porous wall surfaces includes a suction cup having an elastomeric core and an elastomeric outer layer that is substantially softer than the inner layer. The outer layer includes material that fills pores within a porous surface against which the suction cup is... Agent:

20120097821 - Suction cup apparatus for attachment to porous and nonporous surfaces: A device for attachment to both porous and non-porous wall surfaces includes a suction cup of a first type having an elastomeric core and an elastomeric outer layer that is substantially softer than the inner layer. The outer layer includes material that fills pores within a porous surface against which... Agent: Zoya, Inc.

20120097822 - Seat suspension arrangement and method for prestressing a guide assembly: A seat suspension arrangement includes an upper structure for receiving a seat and a lower structure for mounting the seat in a work machine or vehicle. The tipper structure and the lower structure are interconnected by at least one intermediate structure and displaceable towards and away from each other. The... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment

20120097823 - Hardened data recording system for drilling rigs and other drilling equipment: A system for recording data associated with a drilling rig is disclosed. In one embodiment, such a system includes one or more hardened memory devices and a memory interface unit to receive one or more data streams containing drilling data. The memory interface unit is configured to extract the drilling... Agent: National Oilwell Varco, L.p.

20120097825 - Base isolation table with damping mechanism and base isolation table unit using the same: Provided are a vibration isolating table (1) with damping mechanism having initial rigidity so that a vibration isolation subject is not swayed under a state in which no vibrations act, and configured to function in a case where vibrations act so that the vibration isolation subject can be protected, and... Agent: Thk Co., Ltd.

20120097824 - Hydraulic center bearing: A hydraulic bushing having at least two chambers and at least one channel connecting the chambers. The bushing is made of a high durometer rubber or other polymer to increase durability. The bushing further includes a center bearing press fit in the center of the annular bushing. The bushing is... Agent:

20120097826 - Noise attenuating and vibration dampening pedestal for an access floor assembly: A pedestal (10) for an access floor assembly (34) has a stand portion and a head portion. The stand portion has a base plate (12) for resting upon a sub-floor, and a metal stem (14) extending upwardly therefrom. The head portion has a platform (16) for receiving thereon an edge... Agent:

20120097827 - Holding device for a bearing of an axle stabilizer: p

20120097829 - Earthquake-resisting support device for object: A sphere is attached to a holding table receiving a load of an object. A friction contact surface taking the shape of an internal surface of a sphere which comes in contact with the sphere is formed on the holding table. The friction contact surface is formed between a circular... Agent: Antisismo Co., Ltd.

20120097828 - Resilient foot: The resilient foot has a rubber tubular member to provide a resilient support and an insert of solid material within the tubular member to limit the travel of the resilient foot under load. The insert is disposed in a bore of the tubular member and is inwardly spaced a small... Agent:

20120097830 - Adjustable support frame with manifold: A support frame attachable to a pressurized gas cylinder pallet is disclosed. The support frame includes an adjustable first support member having a first brace and a second brace and a second support member having a third brace that extends from the first support member. The first support member is... Agent: Rexarc International, Inc.

20120097831 - Display device case, stand and accessory system: A sleeve system for a rectangular electronic device enables adjustment of the electronic device from landscape orientation, wherein the longer side of the electronic device is horizontal, to portrait orientation, wherein the longer side of the electronic device is vertical, while the electronic device is engaged with the sleeve system.... Agent: Lollygig LLC

04/19/2012 > 25 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120091290 - Lock structure for wire harness protector: In a lock structure including a main body and a lid for a protector, a reduction in insertion force is achieved while maintaining gripping force. A female lock part is provided in which both side frames protruding from the outer surface of a lateral wall of a protector main body... Agent: Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

20120091289 - Wire and catheter retention device: A device for organizing wire or tubing comprising a base having top and bottom surfaces; at least one retention member associated with and raised above the plane of the base. The retention member has a first side, second side, and an upper surface, a slit defined between the first and... Agent:

20120091291 - Wire-guiding element: A wire-guiding element (60) includes a lower part (40) and an upper part (50). The lower part (40) is formed in the longitudinal direction (L) with guides (46), which are formed between guide webs (45). Clamping ribs (47) are arranged on inner sides of the guide webs (45), and have... Agent: Adc Gmbh

20120091292 - Shift cable holder and method for mounting shift and selector cables on the holder: A shift cable holder is provided for a transmission. In addition, a method is provided for mounting shift and selector cables on the holder. The shift cable holder has a base region. At a distance from the base region at least one retaining profile is provided for receiving at least... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120091293 - Fastening device for a cable: A fastening device for a cable, in particular for an electrical cable in a motor vehicle, includes a sleeve that can be retained in a holder and surrounds the cable at least partially in the axial direction. The sleeve is fastened releasably by way of a contour in a receiving... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20120091294 - Universal heavy bag hanger: The universal heavy bag hanger is used to secure a heavy bag to an overhead horizontal support member. The bag hanger includes a flat pad that has a length along a length direction to wrap around a support member. The pad includes a slip resistant material that engages the support... Agent:

20120091295 - Film-dispensing cassette and rimmed bag for waste-disposal unit: A film-supporting device is used with a waste-disposal unit. The device comprises an annular body. The annular body has an annular wall. The inward radial surface of the wall defines a central opening of the body. The outline of the central opening in a transverse plane of the device has... Agent: International Refills Company Ltd

20120091296 - Adjustable supporting apparatus of object holder: An adjustable supporting apparatus of an object holder includes a body including an upper seat mounted on an upper end thereof for receiving an object, and a plurality of support elements, wherein each of the support elements has one end axially connected on the upper seat of the body by... Agent:

20120091297 - Support for solar panels: A solar panel support formed of a single integral one piece moulded plastic body, having a bottom wall, two side walls and front and back walls, defining a hollow open topped box-like shape, the front wall being lower and the back wall higher, and the two side wall upper side... Agent: Solar Power Products Inc.

20120091298 - Supporting structure for display device: The present invention is to provide a supporting structure including a main supporting element and an auxiliary supporting element. The main supporting element has two sides adjacent to an end thereof each provided with at least a projection securely and removably inserted into assembly holes formed on a rear side... Agent: Hannspree, Inc.

20120091299 - Adjustable roller leg: An adjustable roller leg assembly, in a first embodiment, has a mounting cylinder, a housing cylinder, a bearing assembly, and a bearing engagement cylinder. The bearing assembly has a stem affixed to the housing cylinder, leaving the bearing protruding beyond the housing cylinder end. The bearing engagement cylinder is threadably... Agent:

20120091300 - Wheelchair back mounting assembly: An adjustment apparatus (100) for a wheelchair back that can be used with various backs, that can be adjusted in a plurality of ways using a single adjustment point (104), and that can be adjusted without the use of tools. In another aspect, includes a support mechanism (200) for mounting... Agent: Roho, Inc.

20120091301 - Mounting systems: Drywall mounting systems for accessories are shown and described. In one example, In one example, a system includes an accessory adapter plate, a fixation plate, a drywall fastener, and a second fastener. The drywall fastener is used to secure the accessory adapter plate to the drywall. The fixation plate is... Agent:

20120091302 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a mounting tray accommodated in the chassis, and a securing member. The chassis includes a bottom plate and a rear plate connected to the bottom plate. The mounting tray is secured to the rear plate. The securing member is located between the bottom plate... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120091303 - Diameter acceptance mechanism for cup holder and cup holder using the same: A diameter acceptance mechanism for a cup holder has a base, a contact member, and an urging device (for example, one torsion coil spring). The contact member has at least a hollow first flap member supported movably into and out from an open part of the base and having a... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120091304 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device includes a first fixed member, a second fixed member, a torsion spring, and a positioning member. The first fixed member includes a first bottom plate and a first sidewall. The first bottom plate includes a pair of first convex tabs. The pair... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120091305 - Attachment clips for support structures: A mounting clip and structures to support the mounting clips. A clip may narrow in width and thickness to facilitate firmer mounting and to facilitate ease of clipping into a mating receiver. The clip may have different sections along its outer rail of different thicknesses and different widths.... Agent:

20120091306 - Projection device: A projection device including a turntable module and a projection module is provided. The turntable module includes a first turntable and a second turntable. The first turntable is disposed on a surface. The second turntable is disposed on the first turntable and connected to the first turntable, and rotates relative... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20120091307 - Stand and method for hands free reading and viewing: p

20120091308 - Larue's two-clip double sided clipboard: The present invention discloses a two clip double sided clipboard. The two clip double sided clipboard may comprise a flat clipboard with a clip on each flat surface of the clipboard. The clips may include pads for resting on the flat surfaces of the clipboard.... Agent:

20120091309 - Beam clamp: A beam clamp releasably securable to a flange of a beam. The beam clamp comprises a clamping member connected to a base. The clamping member includes a latch. The latch has an engaged and a disengaged position. When in its engaged position the latch securing the clamping member to the... Agent:

20120091310 - Flexure mount for an optical assembly: A flexure mount for economically producing pure translational motion with no arcuate or error motion in the vertical direction utilizing alignment pins and parts reducing structures including monolithic springs. A low profile embodiment utilizes a compound monolithic spring. The flexure mount may be used to translate a mirror or retroreflector... Agent: Ftrx LLC

20120091311 - Compliant tool holder: A compliant tool holder is provided for use with robots, unmanned ground vehicles, and the like. The compliant tool holder is characterized in that it involves the use of means for compliance, such as springs, rubber, plastics, metals, composites, shock mounts, vibration mounts, or similar means for permitting compliant movement... Agent: Re2, Inc.

20120091313 - Holder and user interface structure for handheld mobile device: Various embodiments of user interface structures for handheld mobile devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, the user interface structure can include a frame surrounding a carrier portion which secures a mobile device. The shape of the frame can be related to an intended use or application of the mobile device.... Agent:

20120091312 - One-handed, back-based support for a hand-held object: The present disclosure is directed to a protective support device that includes a planar unitary elastomeric body having a central portion and at least two end segments extending from the central portion, each end segment having an opening formed therein, each opening structured to engage with opposing corners of a... Agent: One Hand Clapping Ltd.

04/12/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120085872 - Attachment apparatus for an external power supply: An attachment apparatus is described herein. The attachment apparatus includes a band and a mounting member that extends from the band. The mounting member is adapted to couple an external power supply to the attachment apparatus. The attachment apparatus further includes a fastener member that extends from the band. The... Agent:

20120085873 - self-stabilizing support assembly for an item of furniture: A support assembly for an item of furniture has an elongated support structure with a first pair of feet fast with the support structure at its lower end; a passage defining arrangement defining a guide passage fast with the support structure and extending lengthwise; a support member displaceable with respect... Agent: Hedera Ab

20120085874 - Device for fastening a connector piece to a carrier piece and fastening arrangement having such a device: To connect an add-on part (3) to a carrier part (43), a bracket part (1) and a securing part (2) are provided. The securing part (2) is displaceable relative to the bracket part (1). The bracket part (1) comprises a carrier part receptacle (20, 21) that receives an edge region... Agent: A. Raymond Et Cie

20120085875 - Mounting system: A mounting system including a plunger system wherein the sides of the plunger are utilized to engage a stud and the side of the plunger has a plunger cam that can have virtually any desired cam angle and/or configuration to produce a desired pull down and/or locking action.... Agent: Jergens, Inc.

20120085877 - Loop pin: The loop pin of the present invention comprises an insertion head portion 5 provided with a first rod section 52, the diameter of the rod there of being smaller than the maximum diameter of the head section 51 of the insertion head portion 5 and a second rod section 53,... Agent: M.i.t. International Co., Ltd.

20120085876 - Removable device configured to secure an instrument and to be mounted on a platform: The present teachings relate to a device configured to secure an instrument and to be removably mounted to a platform. The device can comprise a mounting base platform, a guide rod plate, and a securing means. The guide rod plate can be slidably secured to the mounting base platform, and... Agent:

20120085878 - Device for supporting at least one cosmetic article and associated method of use: A device for supporting at least one cosmetic article, and its method of use, including a base, and a body mounted to be movable in rotation about an axis of rotation relative to the base between a retracted position and a deployed position. An articulation assembly including a pivot is... Agent: L'oreal

20120085879 - Dual-layer sucking disc: A dual-layer sucking disc includes a sucking body capable of adhering to a smooth surface. The sucking body has an annular closing surface which is a plane and disposed around the periphery of the sucking body. The sucking body has a concave bottom to form a sucking chamber. An inner... Agent:

20120085880 - Footing for boat cover support: A footing for a support, such as a pole. The footing includes a generally flat and flexible base, a support receiver formed on the base, and a slit through the base and extending inwardly toward the support receiver from an outer edge of the base.... Agent:

20120085881 - Assembly for an aircraft, the assembly including at least one vibration damper: f

20120085882 - Lifting machine base assembly for a machine tool: A lifting machine base assembly for use in a machine tool includes a machine base and a lateral wheel set. The lateral wheel set includes two lateral wheel frames respectively pivotally connected to two opposite sidewalls of the machine base, and a wheel shaft rotatably inserted through the machine base... Agent: Rexon Industrial Corp., Ltd.

20120085883 - Fan holder and fan holder module: A fan holder and a fan holder module are provided. The fan holder module includes a first fan holder and a second fan holder, wherein the first fan holder has a first body, a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion. The first connecting portion and the second connecting... Agent: Giga-byte Technology Co.,ltd.

20120085884 - Adjustable pintle mount adapter bracket: The Adjustable Pintle Mount Adapter Bracket is a device capable of attaching a pintle and a weight distribution shank at varying heights. The pintle and weight distribution shank are attached on opposite sides of the bracket. The unique adjustability of the design is accomplished through a series of holes and... Agent:

20120085885 - Tilt foot mechanism and projection display including the mechanism: A tilt foot mechanism adjusts a tilt angle of a case by adjusting a length of a protruding portion of a foot protruding from the case, and the tilt foot mechanism includes: a base into which the foot is inserted, wherein the base guides a protruding direction of the inserted... Agent:

04/05/2012 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120080565 - Cable tray and organizer: A cable organizing device which mounts to an underside of a desk or to a wall, such that cables from computers and other equipment can be quickly and easily wrapped around the device, thus taking up the slack in each of the cables and keeping them off of the floor.... Agent:

20120080566 - Cable securing device: The subject of the invention is a cable securing device comprising a base, a housing having an interior and an exterior surface and two spaced-apart edges allowing a plurality of cables to be inserted into the said housing, and a tongue connecting the two edges so as to hold the... Agent: Airbus Operations Sas

20120080567 - Base plate: A base plate 1 for fixing an object 2 to an installation surface, comprising a plate-like base body 11 having a mounting portion 11a on its upper surface for mounting the object 2, and a fixing piece 12 having bolt-fastened portions 15 which are to be fastened onto the installation... Agent: Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

20120080568 - Hose trolley for pneumatic tool: A hose trolley includes a support unit (3) and a connection unit (4) mounted on the support unit. The support unit includes a spool (30) and a hose (31) wound around the spool. The connection unit includes a control box (40) mounted on the support unit, a connecting pipe (41)... Agent:

20120080569 - Bag mouth holder and opener: A device for keeping lawn waste or other flexible refuse bags open while filling. The device is made of a resilient and flexible material so that it can be squeezed and easily inserted into the top opening of a refuse bag. The device has a generally-rectangular frame, a pair of... Agent:

20120080570 - Beverage presentation device: A beverage holder in one aspect is comprised of a spherical ball, supported by a pedestal that is attached to a base that the unit can be supported by.... Agent:

20120080571 - Telescopic support with internal brake: The telescopic support with an internal brake provides a telescoping tube with a selectively actuable and adjustable internal braking mechanism. At least one lower opening is formed through a lower end of a sidewall of an inner hollow tube. A mounting plate is secured within the inner tube adjacent the... Agent:

20120080572 - Chair base: A chair base including a support body and a plurality of foldable assembly legs is disclosed. The support body has a plurality of supporting legs. The plurality of foldable assembly legs is movably coupled with the foldable assembly legs.... Agent:

20120080573 - Brake system component axle mount: A brake system component axle mount for a vehicle axle/suspension system includes an axle having at least one depression formed therein. A sleeve is formed with at least one depression and disposed about the axle so that the axle depression and the sleeve depression matingly engage one another to form... Agent: Hendrickson Usa, L.L.C.

20120080574 - Method and apparatus of attaching a stringer between a pair of posts: A method and apparatus for attaching a stringer between a pair of posts includes a removably attachable bracket for supporting and aligning one end of a stringer between a pair of posts. The alignment bracket attaches to a post with compression clamping arms which are easily repositioned to adjust one... Agent:

20120080575 - La reyna: Are you tired of seeing your delicious baked foods fall off the aluminum containers due to their faulty structure? We have the right solution for you. La Reyna is a steel base that was built to support oval or rectangular shaped aluminum containers in order to prevent the spilling of... Agent:

20120080576 - Restraint device for a tire: A restraint device for securing a tire to an apertured surface and which fits in a safe space under a vehicle includes a base, a support, an abutment and an activation system. The base secures the restraint device to an apertured surface. The abutment, which is attached to the support,... Agent: Holden America, Inc.

20120080577 - Apparatus for holding a portable device: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for supporting a portable computer appliance. The invention may comprise rotating a computer appliance to convert between mouse-based use and a touch-based use, or other orientations and applications. The apparatus may be attached to a microphone stand or similar mechanism to aid... Agent:

20120080578 - Six degrees of freedom motion platform: A motion platform includes a base, a platform, and a suspension supporting the platform above the base. Strings preload the platform toward the base while the suspension pushes the platform away from the base. Actuators pull and release the strings to manipulate the platform in multiple degrees of freedom.... Agent: Varian Medical Systems International Ag

20120080579 - Air-assisted heavy equipment support stand: A heavy equipment support stand is provided have a piston therein for air pressure assisted raising and lowering of the support and having an insert support pin guide connected to the stand to direct the movement of a support pin into and out of the stand.... Agent: Gray Manufacturing Company Inc.

20120080580 - Easel adaptor - stretched canvas holder: An easel adaptor and canvas holder that enables an individual to handle and/or remove a first freshly painted canvas or other material from an existing easel without coming into direct contact with the freshly painted work, thereby enabling another to use the easel before the first painting is completed. The... Agent:

20120080581 - Rotary reading stand: A rotary reading stand contains a fixed plate; a bottom panel fixed on the fixed plate at a predetermined angle and including a recessed area and a plurality, of positioning members arranged around the recessed area, and the recessed area including a first orifice formed at a central position thereof;... Agent:

20120080582 - Spigot-type fastener provided with at least one means for measuring the force generated by an aircraft engine: The invention relates to a spigot-type fastener (1) for an aircraft, designed to be interposed between the structure of the aircraft and an attachment structure of the aircraft engine, said fastener being designed to absorb the force generated by the engine along two orthogonal axes (OX) and (OZ). According to... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)

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