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03/29/2012 > 25 patent applications in 22 patent subcategories.

20120074268 - Multi-purpose cable support having bendable stem: A cable support has a body formed from a strap of self-supporting material, with a hook portion having a free end and an opposite attachment end. A stem is formed by the attachment end and includes an end segment movable relative to a main segment between a first, linearly-aligned position,... Agent:

20120074269 - Adjustable golf bag stand: A golf bag support for releasably retaining a golf bag having a longitudinal axis includes a base, a foot, and a pair of arms. The base has a bottom for contacting a surface. The foot is connected to the base and movable between a first position and a second position,... Agent:

20120074270 - Combined guitar stand, repair station with wall mount/ display feature: A guitar support structure for standing a guitar on it's end (a basic stand), for supporting a guitar in a prone position (for repairs and service) and for displaying a guitar (via wall mount feature) or other string instrument. It can be crafted from fine wood (or plastic or metal)... Agent:

20120074271 - Electronic book, tablet computer and smart phone stand: A stand which holds an electronic device such as the electronic book such as the “Kindle” manufactured and sold by Amazon, a tablet computer such as the “iPad” manufactured and sold by Apple or a smart phone such as the “iPhone” manufactured and sold by Apple, and maintains said device... Agent:

20120074272 - Electronic device holder: In some embodiments, provided is an electronic device holder including a body and one or more securing members coupled to the body. The securing members, during use, couple the body to an electronic device such that relative movement between the electronic device and the body is inhibited. The electronic device... Agent:

20120074273 - Height adjustment mechanism and assembly method for electronic device using the same: A height adjustment mechanism includes a fixing member, an adjustment member rotatably engaging with the fixing member, and a standard member having a standard surface. The adjustment member defines an engaging hole. The standard member defines an alignment hole through the standard surface corresponding to the engaging hole of the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120074274 - Mounting apparatus for disk drive: A mounting apparatus includes a drive bracket, a maintaining plate and a mounting bracket, the drive bracket includes a bottom plate, a first side plate and a second side plate, a receiving space is defined among the bottom plate, the first side plate and the second side plate, the receiving... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120074275 - Releasable hanging system: A releasable hanging system having a loop fastener component and a hook fastener component. The loop fastener component includes a flexible patch carrying a field of engageable fibers exposed on a front side of the patch and an adhesive on a back side of the patch. The hook fastener component... Agent: Velcro Industries B.v.

20120074276 - Adjustable, retractable ceiling and wall hanging system: A hanger, application cup, and an adjustable, retractable hanging system releasably mountable to ceiling or wall. The hanger, housing a take-up reel and a retractable cable, offers various embodiments to meet the needs of differing types of ceilings. The hanger affixes to a ceiling or wall by means of a... Agent:

20120074277 - Bi-fold hingehook method and apparatus: A hinge hook has a pair of rotatable hooks that are mounted coaxially and side-by-side that move independently of each other.... Agent:

20120074279 - Fixing mechanism for storage device: A fixing mechanism for storage device includes a frame, and a detent component. One sidewall of the frame has a latch member. The detent component is movably disposed on the sidewall of the frame, and has a pressing component and an operating component. The operating component is disposed with at... Agent: Silitek Electronic (gz) Co., Ltd.

20120074278 - Fixture mounting structure and interior article mounting structure: A fixture mounting structure is provided with a base combined with fixtures and having an insertion section for insertion into a mounting hole in a panel, a lock member movably contained within the base, and an operation member slidably assembled to the base. An open section is formed in a... Agent: Nifco Inc

20120074280 - Assembling construction of clip to mountable member: An assembling construction assembles a mountable member to a support member by holding a head portion of a clip on a mounting seat of the mountable member while securely fitting a leg portion in a mounting hole in the support member, the mounting seat has an instruction groove and guide... Agent:

20120074281 - Mounting bracket: A mounting bracket includes an end plate perpendicularly extending from a side plate and having an elongate hole. A pin assembly includes a pin, a protrusion and a fixing member, wherein the pin is connected to the protrusion and contacts the end plate. The protrusion is located in and movable... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

20120074282 - Panel mounting assembly: A clamp, assembly and method for connecting a panel to a vehicle including longitudinally opposed end portions that are initially snap-fit in a loose slip-fit orientation to a vehicle support in order to adjustably fit the panel and finally coupled in a non-slip-fit orientation about a periphery of the contour... Agent:

20120074283 - Clip: A clip, which retains and fixes an attaching member and an attached member while being provided between the attaching member and the attached member, includes a first engaging portion, a second engaging portion, and a coupling device for coupling the first engaging portion and the second engaging portion. In the... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120074284 - Flexible support structure: The present disclosure discloses a flexible support structure, which is applied to a portable electronic device and comprises two support members having flexibility and respectively installed on two sides of the portable electronic device, wherein each support member has a pivotal end whereby the support member is pivotally coupled to... Agent: Hannspree Inc.

20120074285 - System and kit for adjustably mounting an article: Ground and roof mounting systems for mounting an article, such as a photovoltaic panel, comprise an adjustment assembly for easily changing the position of the article by adjusting a handle which is pivotally connected to a panel support holding the article. The roof mounting system is securable to the roof... Agent: Fabrack Solar Inc.

20120074286 - Foldable support base: A foldable support base includes a first board, a second board, and a third board. The first board has an edge forming a positioning section. A surface of the first board and a surface of the positioning section of the first board are provided with a first pad for protection... Agent:

20120074287 - Adjustable seat track having track engagement structure: A seat adjustment apparatus includes a first rail and a second rail each having a plurality of openings that extend along a longitudinal axis, the openings being defined by spaced-apart locking surfaces. A locking mechanism having first and second locking portions is configured to engage the first and second rails.... Agent: Lear Corporation

20120074289 - Seat track mechanism for vehicle: A seat track mechanism for a vehicle, includes a lower rail mounted to a vehicle floor; an upper rail supported by the lower rail and slidable relative to the lower rail; and spherical rotators held between the lower and upper rails, the spherical rotators rolling via a sliding movement of... Agent:

20120074288 - Slide apparatus for vehicle and rolling element circulation unit for the same: A slide apparatus for a vehicle includes first and second rails and a rolling element circulation unit including first and second cases and a plurality of rolling elements accommodated within a receiving portion that includes first and second annular receiving portions accommodating the rolling elements annularly arranged in a rolling... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120074290 - Leg device: A leg device that is capable of simultaneously releasing three extendible/contractible legs from a locked state with a single action is provided. A tripod, which is a leg device, has a base. A tripod head is attached to a tripod head attaching portion of the base. A middle extendible/contractible leg,... Agent: Velbon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120074291 - Support structure: A support structure includes: a base, having an accommodation slot; a support portion, having a first end and a second end, in which the first end is connected to the base and the second end is received in the accommodation slot; and an elastic part, located at the first end... Agent: Dongguan Techsoon Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

20120074292 - Adjustable bearing foot: An adjustable bearing foot assembly for installation in a base plate, for example a base plate of a crane sub-assembly, including a threaded nut comprising an inner thread; a bearing foot having an outer thread; and a securing element with which the bearing foot can be fixed, rotationally secure, in... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120068023 - Cable tray apparatus for a people mover system: A cable tray apparatus is provided a people mover system such as a Sky Train or the like. The cable tray apparatus is made up of a plurality of identical cable trays which are secured together in an end-to-end relationship. The cable trays are selectively laterally horizontally adjustable with respect... Agent:

20120068024 - Expansion joint for a cable tray apparatus for a people mover system: An expansion joint is disclosed for a cable tray apparatus for a people mover system. An expansion joint is inserted or positioned between a pair of generally rectangular electrical cable trays having first and second ends. The cable trays are connected in an end-to-end relationship. The expansion joint has first... Agent:

20120068025 - Computer mouse cradle: A mouse cradle that provides a computer user with the optimal position for operating a computer mouse. The mouse cradle allows for ergonomic placement of the mouse near the thigh of the user by attaching the mouse cradle to the user's chair. The present mouse cradle can be used on... Agent:

20120068026 - Telescopic tube locking structure: A telescopic tube locking structure includes a telescopic tube including at least a upper tubular part and a lower tubular part; an eccentric camshaft having a lower portion fixed in the lower tubular part and a upper portion being inserted into the upper tubular part, and, an opening cam having... Agent: Foshan Nanhai Chevan Optical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120068027 - Device for holding packages: A device for holding one or more dispensing packages includes a rear wall and a pair of retaining elements. The rear wall of the holder may be selectively adjusted to vary the distance between opposing retaining elements. In one embodiment, each retaining element may include a curved portion corresponding to... Agent: Cnd Products LLC

20120068028 - Beverage holder for pool noodle: A beverage device comprising a beverage holder having an upper end and a lower end with the lower end having a beverage holder connector. A beverage holder support has a connecting end and a locking end. The locking end has a protruding portion having an outside diameter sized to fit... Agent:

20120068029 - Snowboard holder: A snowboard holder with a horizontally disposed rigid elongate member, a vertically disposed mounting bracket member, a pair of resilient wheels, a pair of wheel shafts and a pair of wheel retaining bolts. The mounting bracket member is centrally and fixedly attached to the horizontal elongate member. The wheel shafts... Agent:

20120068030 - Removable attachment system: A fastener system for releasably fastening a dispenser member on a reservoir neck, the system having a fastener ring including flexible axial tabs for fastening around the reservoir neck, the tabs separated by axial slots; and a locking sleeve engaged around the fastener ring to lock the tabs in engagement... Agent: Valois Sas

20120068031 - Mounting kit: An embodiment of a mounting kit has first and second rails connectable to a frame and first and second spacers respectively connectable to the first and second rails. The first and second spacers are configured to engage an object therebetween when the first and second rails are connected to the... Agent:

20120068032 - Metal hooked utility bracket assembly: A metal hooked utility bracket assembly which includes a plurality of metal hooks for removably mounting the bracket assembly over, onto and around a vertically-oriented unobstructed structure of corresponding depth, width and height. A number of metal horizontal cross member(s) are permanently attached to the attachment hooks perpendicularly; the cross... Agent:

20120068033 - Systems and methods for providing modular personal accessories: Systems and methods for providing personal accessories that are selectively and interchangeably used. A personal accessory system is provided having a base member for receiving an accessory item, the accessory item being coupled to the base member via a fastener.... Agent:

20120068034 - Floor protectors for furniture legs and casters and methods of making and using same: To facilitate installation of a floor protector to a furniture leg or a caster for movable objects, shrinkable tubing, for example heat-shrink tubing, is used to secure the floor protector to the leg or caster. A tube of heat-shrink material may have at normal temperatures a predetermined unshrunk cross-sectional size... Agent:

20120068035 - Free ball bearing, support table, carrying equipment, and turntable: A free ball bearing includes a retainer ball-pressing ring, the retainer ball-pressing ring including a substantially cylindrical pressing member inserted in an internal space between the semispherical recessed surface and the main ball toward the base end; the retainer ball-pressing ring being moved from a pressing position to a standby... Agent: Iguchi Kiki Co., Ltd.

20120068036 - Pressure-applying telescopic spacer: The present invention relates to a pressure-applying telescopic spacer in which the improvements can be applied, being formed by two tubes (1 and 2) telescopically coupleable to one another with a manually operated blocking element between them, its ends having supports (7 and 8) on the elements to be spaced.... Agent:

20120068037 - Multi-layer paper structures and processes of producing the same: Multi-layer paper structures and processes of producing the same are described. An easel includes a backer layer associated with a first web roll, the backer layer comprising a planar portion and a support structure and a display layer associated with a second web roll different from the first web roll,... Agent:

20120068038 - Portable podium: This invention provides to a full size convenient folding portable podium which folds together as a single unit and thus requires no assembly or disassembly.... Agent: Berrien Metal Products, Inc.

20120068039 - Support for an upright structure: A system for supporting a super structure utilizing a plurality of blocks that are connected laterally to one another through tensioning elements. The super structure is supported to at least one of the blocks which are positioned on or near a ground surface. A plurality of piles extend through the... Agent:

20120068040 - Mount for a mobile satellite antenna system with vibration and shock isolation: A vibration and shock isolation mount for a mobile satellite antenna system securable to a transport vehicle such as a truck or boat. The isolation mount includes three isolators attachable between the mobile satellite antenna system and the transport vehicle. The three isolators are spaced substantially evenly about the central... Agent: Winegard Company

20120068041 - Device for protecting the housing of a welding component: The invention relates to a device for protecting the housing (26) of a welding component while changing the position thereof, wherein a drag protection (27) in the form of a plate (28) is provided for fastening and for protecting the housing (26), which plate (28) is provided on an outer... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20120068042 - Portable ceiling fan mounting assembly: A portable ceiling fan mounting assembly adapted for use on the exterior of a parked motorized recreational vehicle is disclosed. The assembly includes an arm to which the ceiling fan and bracket for the fan is mounted. The arm has an electrical plug disposed on one end that connects the... Agent:

20120068045 - Film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein: A film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein are provided. The film-carrying system includes a support base, a film-carrying device and a film. The film-carrying device includes a support connection part, an elastic part, and a film connection part. The support connection part is coupled to the support base... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20120068046 - Film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein: A film-carrying system and a film-carrying device used therein are provided. The film-carrying system includes a support base, a film-carrying device and a film. The film-carrying device includes a support connection part, an elastic part, and a film connection part. The support connection part is coupled to the support base... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20120068044 - Hands free media platform: A hands free media platform apparatus is disclosed. The media platform may include a collar, a pair or arms projecting from the collar, and a platform coupled to the arms. The platform is adapted to hold media so that the media is viewable by a user wearing the apparatus without... Agent:

20120068043 - Personal electronic device holder systems: An assembly for facilitating holding an electronic device, such as a tablet, or the like comprising a cover for detachably receiving and holding the electronic device and a handle mounted on the cover and rotatable about an axis generally perpendicular to the plane of the back of the electronic device.... Agent: Dc Mobile Design, LLC

03/15/2012 > 26 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120061527 - Suspension element of a trailing cable assembly: The invention relates to trailing cable assembly including a hollow-profile rail that is open over a longitudinal gap and a plurality of suspension elements, which can be moved along the rail and to which an electrical power line may be fastened. In order to create such an assembly in which... Agent: Demag Cranes & Components Gmbh

20120061529 - Clip bracket: A mounting system for securing a conduit to a structural object, the system including a first bracket element with a bendable configuration to produce an L-shaped first end portion and having a mounting tongue extending from a base leg, a second bracket element having a central bracket portion and a... Agent:

20120061528 - Method and apparatus for gripping a tubular: A gripping apparatus for engaging a tubular. In one embodiment, the gripping apparatus comprises a collet structure adapted to receive the end of a tubular therein. A barrel is moveably engaged with the collet structure and is moveable from an open position to a made-up position. The collet structure comprises... Agent: Vox Rental Tools, Inc.

20120061530 - Panel positioning mechanism and display device with different positioning modes: A panel positioning mechanism includes a supporting component, and a slot is formed on a side of the supporting component. The panel positioning mechanism further includes a loading component disposed on a side of the supporting component, a rotational spring set connected to the supporting component and the loading component,... Agent:

20120061531 - Holding structure for an electronic device: A holding structure for an electronic device contains a vertically moving desk and a heat-venting holder, wherein the moving desk includes a plate member, and the plate member includes a stopping unit fixed on a rear side thereof and a locking mechanism disposed on a front side thereof; the heat-venting... Agent:

20120061532 - Island leg: A combination wood and metal island leg is disclosed having at least one wood leg element and at least one metal leg element. The wood and metal leg elements are adapted for a vertical coupling to form a combination wood and metal island leg. In one embodiment, a modular leg... Agent:

20120061533 - Multi-layer hold down assembly: A low profile hold down assembly is mounted to the exterior surface of a sidewall of a trailer. The hold down assembly includes a cover member formed from the same material from which the sidewall of the trailer is formed and therefore is aesthetically desirable.... Agent: Wabash National, L.p.

20120061534 - Quick fastening device: The invention relates to a quick fastening device for fastening a guide rail (6) to a horizontally extending rod (3), which comprises one bent end section (4) at each opposite side, wherein the end sections are fixed to posts (2) of a grate-like side part (1), wherein at least one... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120061535 - Method for manufacturing a corner fixing bracket and a corner fixing bracket: A method for manufacturing a corner fixing bracket has: a formation process of a tabular fixing bracket body which bends a generally central part to a predetermined angle; a formation process of plural pin-shaped nails which form plural pin-shaped nails by punching, in both ends parts except a central part... Agent:

20120061536 - Mounting assembly for rack equipment: A mounting assembly for mounting a piece of equipment, such as a power distribution unit to a rack. The mounting assembly includes a mounting bracket attached to the rack, a mounting plate attached to the equipment and a hinge assembly connecting the mounting plate to the first end of the... Agent:

20120061537 - Board mount: A board mount which can be utilized to position a board relative to a building element. In various embodiments, the board mount can include a holder for receiving at least a portion of a drywall board and, in addition, a flexible member which can be inserted intermediate first and second... Agent: Board Mount Inc.

20120061538 - Face plate alignment system: A face plate alignment mounting system is provided and includes a lateral adjustment means that engages a face plate and a drawer front panel, a first nut fastener, and an adjustable fastener. The first nut fastener preferably includes a head portion that is affixed to a front surface of a... Agent:

20120061539 - Assembly for attaching a flexible or rigid canvas to a rigid frame: An assembly for attaching a flexible or rigid canvas (2) comprising eyelets (24) to a support comprises a rigid frame (4, 4′, 5, 6) forming the support, a first attachment means arranged to be directly secured to the canvas (2) and a second attachment means provided within the frame and... Agent: Vts Sa

20120061540 - Quick-release hunting hook: A hunting hook may include a first bend having a front end and a back end located at a top portion of the hunting hook; an elongated member extending downwardly from the back end of the first bend away from the top portion of the hunting hook; a hook shank... Agent:

20120061541 - Hanging structure: A hanging structure includes a back bezel recessed with a bezel recess, a first hanging member, and a second hanging member. The first hanging member movably arranged in the bezel recess includes an ear-shaped hanging part which is axially recessed with an accommodating hole with a first guiding path at... Agent: Hannspree, Inc.

20120061542 - Secure computer tablet enclosure: A secure computer tablet enclosure in accordance with the present invention includes a back plate and a front frame. In their assembly, the front frame is affixed to the back plate using tamper-proof connectors to securely hold the computer tablet between them. This assembly is then engaged to an orienting... Agent:

20120061543 - Adjustable flat-panel display mount: An adjustable flat-panel display mount is described. The display mount includes a mounting plate for mounting with a surface, such as a wall. A front mount is included. The front mount is formed to attach with a television display and affix the television display with the display mount. A swing... Agent:

20120061544 - Ratcheted lift mechanism: The present invention is related generally to hoists, and more particularly to a hoist system for safely raising, storing, and lowering loads.... Agent: Inspire Industries, LLC

20120061545 - Protective cover/sleeve for furniture legs and/or feet: A furniture leg/foot protective cover/sleeve is provided for placing on and/or around furniture legs/feet. The protective cover/sleeve can include a base for engaging a supporting surface, or in an alternative embodiment can be open at the base end. The cover/sleeve is flexibly shaped and preferably extends from a bottom edge... Agent:

20120061546 - Mouse platform with warning track: A mouse pad, keyboard tray, or other surface for use with a computer pointing device, the surface of the mouse pad, keyboard tray, or other surface including a raised bump, barrier, or warning structure about a central area to allow the user to know that the perimeter or edge of... Agent:

20120061547 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes: a lower rail that is fixed on a vehicle floor and extends in a front-rear direction of the vehicle; and an upper rail that is fixed to a seat and is movably supported on the lower rail in the front-rear direction of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120061548 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes: a lower rail that is fixed on a vehicle floor; and an upper rail that is fixed to a seat and is movably supported on the lower rail in the front-rear direction of the vehicle, wherein the lower rail has a lower... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120061549 - Hands-free support for mobile electronic devices: An apparatus used to provide hands-free support for mobile electronic devices, which utilizes a platform, adjustable straps, and a harness, to allow the user to optimize the viewing angle of the supported mobile electronic device without the discomfort and inconvenience of holding the mobile electronic device in their hand. In... Agent:

20120061550 - Wall hanger assembly including security feature and installment aid: An improved hanger for mounting mirrors and pictures mounted in frames, and in particular, heavy mirrors and heavy pictures mounted in frames, the improved hanger having a top end and a bottom end, the top end having a groove disposed parallelledly to the wall on which the mirror or picture... Agent:

20120061551 - Slide rail assembly: A slide rail assembly includes a first rail, a second rail slidably received in the first rail, a mounting bracket fixed to the second rail, a positioning member movably mounted to the mounting bracket, and a releasing member slidably mounted to the second rail. The first rail includes a holding... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120061552 - Component orientation element: A component to be mounted on a vehicle includes a housing, a pair of component mounting passages, defined in the housing, aligning with a pair of respective vehicle mounting passages when the component is any of a plurality of orientations with respect to the vehicle, and a component orientation element,... Agent:

03/08/2012 > 29 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20120056043 - Fastener for mounting ultrasonic sensor module and method for fastening: An ultrasonic sensor module 1 is inserted into an attaching hole 7 provided in a bumper 6 of a vehicle to be thereby temporarily positioned therein, then a fixing ring plate, which is formed by fitting a holding section 4 in a hole 3a of a fixing section 3 and... Agent:

20120056044 - Floral easel: An erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object is disclosed. Methods of shipping a floral easel, methods of using a floral easel, methods of storing a floral easel, and methods of placing a floral object on a floral easel are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120056045 - Line guide: A two piece line guide is shown where the user can remove a pin or screw and rotate one portion of the line guide to open it and allow the user to install, remove or replace a line in the guide. In one embodiment the line guide opens in a... Agent:

20120056046 - Fastening device having a compensating rail for tolerance compensation: A fastening device for fixing lines in the engine compartment of a motor vehicle, in particular lines for the air conditioner. Fastening recesses are provided in the engine compartment, on which the fastening device can be anchored. The fastening device has a clip base for this purpose. A clip head... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120056047 - Soft padeye: A soft padeye is shown and disclosed. The soft padeye has a spindle that runs through the deck of the ship or boat or other surface. The fastener is then screwed on the shaft and secured against the deck securing the fastener and the spindle to the deck. The spindle... Agent:

20120056049 - Clamp device: According to the present invention, a clamp device includes a frame including a supporting portion formed on one end thereof. The supporting portion is adapted for abutting against a handle tube; and a clamping unit including two clamping elements. Each clamping element has a connecting portion on one end, a... Agent:

20120056048 - Fastener retainer brackets: Fastener retainer brackets and related assemblies and methods are disclosed. One example fastener retainer bracket includes a mounting portion and a restricting portion coupled to the mounting portion. The mounting portion defines a plurality of openings structured to receive a plurality of fasteners received in a support structure. The restricting... Agent: Astec International Limited

20120056050 - Screen supporting apparatus: A screen supporting apparatus includes a supporting member and a movable assembly. The supporting member includes a base and an upright supporting rod disposed fixedly on and above the base. The movable assembly includes a mounting member disposed on the supporting rod and including a slideway unit. The sliding member... Agent:

20120056051 - Fastener assembly: A fastener assembly for mounting an object on a wall, according to the invention, includes a substantially planar member having at least one ledge extending substantially perpendicular therefrom, the member being configured to permit at least a portion of the planar member to lie flush against the wall, with the... Agent:

20120056054 - Fastening element and method for fastening an airbag of a vehicle occupant restraint system to a vehicle structure: A fastening element for fastening an airbag of a vehicle occupant restraint system to a vehicle structure is provided. The fastening element comprising fixing means, by way of which the fastening element can be fixed in a fastening opening of the vehicle structure; and at least one feed-through opening for... Agent: Takata-petri Ag

20120056053 - Fixing mechanism: A fixing mechanism used to fasten an object on a case includes a clamping structure, a positioning pillar and a buffering structure. The clamping structure is provided with a through hole and connected to the object. The positioning pillar is connected to the case. The buffering structure is provided with... Agent:

20120056052 - Removable apparatus for mounted in an opening of a casing: A removable apparatus for mounted in an opening of a casing includes an upright substrate, two horizontal plates and two vertical plates. The substrate is dimensioned in correlation with dimension of the opening of the casing. The horizontal and vertical plates are formed around the substrate. Each vertical plate includes... Agent:

20120056055 - Chassis module for fixing electronic devices: A chassis module for fixing electronic devices includes a fixing chassis unit and a first movable chassis unit. The fixing chassis unit has a fixing chassis body and a first fixing retaining structure disposed on a first lateral wall of the fixing chassis body. The first movable chassis unit is... Agent: Lite-on Technology Corporation

20120056056 - Arm for wall mount and wall mount having the same: An arm for a wall mount and a wall mount having the arm are disclosed. The arm for a wall mount and a wall mount having the arm in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention can include: a frame; a first hinge axle rotatably coupled to one end... Agent: Sentronix Co., Ltd.

20120056057 - Micro-adjustable supporting device: A micro-adjustable supporting device includes a mounting seat, a movable unit, and an adjusting unit. The movable unit includes a rotating assembly disposed rotatably in the mounting seat and rotatable about an axis, and a bottom seat assembly disposed under the mounting seat and rotatable about the axis. The adjusting... Agent:

20120056058 - Adjustable scuba tank holder: An adjustable scuba tank holding device fixed to the gunwale or other structure of a water craft used for holding and/or assisting a user on the donning or doffing of the buoyancy control device and compressed air tank. The present invention is adjustable to hold differently sized tanks. The present... Agent:

20120056059 - Method and apparatus for telemetry device installation: An installation system and device, and an installation method, are provided for installing a telemetry device on a mount surface. In general, the installation system includes a telemetry device and an installation device. The installation device includes a mounting bracket, at least one attachment device, a mounting device, and at... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20120056060 - Antler rack assembly: An antler rack assembly that may be used to attach and mount antlers onto a tree or other stationary object in an easy and quick manner. The antler rack assembly according to the present invention allows for the insertion of antlers into spring clips that extend from tubing. The spring... Agent:

20120056061 - Connecting element and associated connection assembly: A first connecting element is used in combination with a second connecting element and comprises mounting equipment for mounting the first connecting element in an environment, a base body, two opposite hook members, each provided with a hook edge for engagement behind two respective directly opposed second hook edges forming... Agent: Vogel's Holding B.v.

20120056062 - Retaining brace having a clamp for grasping bottle necks: The invention relates to a retaining brace (7), comprising a clamp (2) for grasping bottle necks (4a), in particular of PET bottles, in bottling plants, wherein in particular the application range should be expanded in that the retaining brace should be suitable not only for empty containers but also for... Agent: Khs Gmbh

20120056063 - Cup holder: A cup holder includes a case main body defining a housing chamber; a lid member rotatably attached to the case main body between a closed position closing the opening portion and an open position opening the opening portion; a cup retaining member; and a parallel link mechanism connecting the case... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20120056064 - Hanger for suspending at least one object from a support: A hanger for suspending at least one object for a support includes a base having a top surface, a bottom surface and a cap extending from the top surface of the base. Further, the cap is slideably and removably positioned within the at least one slot and the cap mutually... Agent: Zenith Products Corporation

20120056065 - Suspension device: A suspension device for suspending a sign or another article from an elongated object, which suspension device (1) comprises:—a base part (4);—a holder (3) connected to the base part;—two gripping shanks (10, 20) which are pivotally mounted to the base part and pivotable in relation to each other to and... Agent:

20120056066 - Support arrangement for solar modules: A support arrangement for a solar module includes a post having a first surface section. A support structure includes a connecting element presenting a second surface section facing the first surface section in a direction of a joint surface normal of the first and second surface sections. A stop element... Agent: Habdank Pv-montagesysteme Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120056067 - Exhibiting rack: An exhibiting rack for loading a billboard or bulletin board is disclosed. The rack includes a fixed frame and a movable frame. The movable frame is mounted by a board to be exhibited and linearly slidable against the fixed frame. The movable frame is disposed on the fixed frame and... Agent:

20120056068 - Golf flag stick and golf club support: A golf flag stick support comprises a member for attachment to the golf flag stick; a support stake pivotably attached to the member. The support stake has a non-operative position wherein the support stake is substantially parallel to the golf flag stick when the golf flag stick is secured inside... Agent:

20120056069 - Vibration isolation: A support for machinery, and for isolating vibration from the machinery, comprises a plurality of mounts, each mount comprising an elastomeric block for completely supporting the static load of the machinery, and active isolation means comprising inertial shakers arranged to maintain essentially a zero stiffness of the mount to excited... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20120056070 - Compact coulomb damper: A coulomb damper is attached to a component of an exhaust system. The inner surface of the coulomb damper is in intimate contact with the outer surface of the component of the exhaust system. The intimate contact is defined by a pair of weld lines extending along an axial length... Agent: The Pullman Company

20120056071 - Torque support: A torque support is disclosed for transmitting a supporting force of a gear mechanism of a wind power plant to a carrying mechanism. The torque support has a connection piece, the abutment surfaces of which, which are subjected to the supporting force, are arranged in a manner substantially perpendicular to... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

03/01/2012 > 29 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20120049011 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus for binding cables includes a bracket and a clamp adjustably mounted on the bracket. The bracket includes two posts. The clamp includes a support plate, two limiting members and latching members. The support plate defines two through holes through which the posts of the bracket extend.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049012 - System and method for managing operations on a peripheral surface of a building: The invention provides a system for managing operations on a peripheral surface of a building. The system includes one or more cables wrapped around the peripheral surface of the building. Further, the system includes one or more wheeled devices capable of moving on the peripheral surface of the building. The... Agent: King Abdul Aziz City For Science And Technology

20120049013 - Cable/cable tray mount: A cable/cable tray mounting system comprises a plurality of magnets and a strut. The strut includes a plurality of spaced apart mounting apertures. A suspension assembly pivotally secures each magnet of the plurality of magnets to the strut. The plurality of mounting apertures of the strut allow for varying magnetic... Agent:

20120049014 - Adjustable frame to support flexible bodies: The present invention provides a frame having variable dimensions, comprising a plurality of telescoping legs arranged in first and second pairs, with each leg of said first pair being rotatably coupled together and each leg of said second pair being rotatably coupled together; and a scissor link mechanism coupled between... Agent:

20120049015 - Support stand for flat-panel monitor and elevating support for support stand: A support stand comprises an elevating support, a monitor bracket, and a support member; the elevating support comprising a first and a second chasses, a pluralities of supporting blocks, an elastic member, a first and a second pivot subassemblies, a shaft sleeve; a guiding shaft; the first chassis comprises a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049016 - Support stand for flat-panel monitor and elevating support for support stand: A support stand comprises an elevating support; a monitor bracket; and a support member; the elevating support comprising a first and a second chasses, a pluralities of supporting blocks, an elastic member, a first and a second pivot subassemblies, a resisting member, a roller, and a pressing block; the first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120049017 - Mounting panel, system and method for high density fiber optic applications: A mounting plate having at least two L-shaped mounting flanges alternatively offset from a centerline defined to bisect the mounting flanges. A mounting system including a plurality of mounting plates with interlocking mounting flanges positioned horizontally on a mounting frame of one standard rack unit (1.75 inches) height. A mounting... Agent: Ortronics, Inc.

20120049018 - Whiteboard mounting system: The mounting system may be used to support a display on a support surface. The mounting system may include a top rail secured to the support surface. The mounting system may also include a mounting arm hung from the top rail and a support rail attached to the mounting arm... Agent: Tequipment, Inc.

20120049019 - Mounting device for holding object: A mounting device includes an attaching unit having a suction disk assembly and a support arm which has a joint member on a free end thereof. A securing unit has a hollow case and a movable member disposed in the hollow case so as to define a first chamber and... Agent: Supa Technology Co., Ltd.

20120049020 - Holder for variable sizes of tools and implements: A holder for securing objects having a plate for securing to a surface and a pair of opposed grippers rotatably mounted on the plate. The grippers are mirror images of each other and configured with a body, a heel on the butt end of the body and an upwardly arcing... Agent:

20120049021 - Antenna attachment scheme for mounting an antenna to a meter: An antenna attachment scheme is provided, according to one aspect of the invention, for mounting an antenna to a meter. The antenna attachment scheme comprises a housing mountable to a meter. The housing comprises a top surface; an open-end; and a side surface. The side surface of the housing comprising... Agent: General Electric Company

20120049022 - Mounting bracket for a window: A mounting bracket (1, 41, 91, 121) for a roof window has a frame mountable member (2, 2a, 93, 123), a roof mountable member (3, 3a, 94, 124) and a hinge arrangement (22, 34, 95, 125) for mechanically coupling the roof mountable member (3, 3a, 94, 124) and the frame... Agent:

20120049023 - Attachment device for a children's accessory: Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to an attachment device configured for attaching a children's accessory, such as a mobile or audio-visual device, to a children's support device, such as a crib or play yard. In various embodiments, the attachment device includes a strap connected to a movable... Agent: Kids Ii, Inc.

20120049024 - Wall quick mounting device: A quick mounting device for appliances that is quickly and easily engaged and disengaged mechanically and electrically without the use of tools.... Agent:

20120049025 - Microphone mounting apparatus: A microphone is mounted to apparatus in order to receive sound from a sound source. The apparatus has a microphone clamp to secure different microphones to a variety of musical instruments and other sound sources and may be used to directly mount a microphone to a variety of clamping surfaces.... Agent: Shure Acquisition Holdings, Inc.

20120049026 - Mount for cryogenic fast switching mechanism: A mount for a mountable element includes a frame, and a plurality of flexures supported by the frame. The plurality of flexures are configured to be outwardly extended against a restorative bias, so that the element can be inserted therebetween. The mount further includes a plurality of intermediate bonds that... Agent: Raytheon Company

20120049027 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis including a rear plate and a mounting member, a through hole defined in the rear plate, a maintaining piece located on the rear plate at a first side of the through hole, and a securing portion located on the rear plate at a second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120049029 - Single-piece bracket for aeronautical equipment: A bracket for auxiliary equipment of a device, such as cables or pipes, includes a single metal plate that has been cut and then folded, forming elbow connections between the console, a support for attaching equipment, a flange for fastening to the device, and two intermediate ribs. The closed, or... Agent: Snecma

20120049028 - Support bracket for rigid panels: The support bracket for rigid panels is used for the support and/or carriage of large, heavy, rigid panels of construction materials (e.g., drywall, plywood or other processed wood panels, glass, etc.) to elevated levels in building construction or the like. The bracket has a plate having upper and lower grips... Agent:

20120049030 - Portable holding device: A holding device comprising a holder designed to hold an object such as a beverage container, a tray extending laterally outward from the bottom of holder, and a stabilizing member extending downward from the holder and tray. In various exemplary embodiments, the beverage container is a mug with a handle,... Agent:

20120049031 - Clamp mechanism for accessory mounts: A mounting base mechanism for releasably securing an accessory device to a mechanical structure having opposed oppositely angulated clamp surfaces. The mounting base mechanism defines a first clamp surface having clamping engagement with one of the angulated clamp surfaces. A clamp support structure projects laterally from the mounting base mechanism... Agent:

20120049032 - Rotary adjusting hook: A rotary adjusting hook contains a hooking member including a circular first loop fitted on one end thereof, a first vertical segment extending downward from another end thereof, and a hook segment extending outward from the first vertical segment; a first retainer including a circular second loop fitted on one... Agent:

20120049033 - Slidable, rotatable, platter support apparatus and method of use thereof: A slidable, rotatable, platter support apparatus and method of use thereof, wherein the platter support apparatus comprises a single ring having a U-shaped channel therewithin with bearings disposed within the channel, and wherein the channel opens to the bottom portion of the ring. The ring further comprises a gripping material... Agent:

20120049034 - Partition mount with integrated plunger assembly: A partition mount system includes an integrated plunger assembly. The integrated plunger assembly is constructed and arranged to be integrated into an interior of an end of an extension pole, for example a standard telescoping extension pole. Mounting of the plunger in an interior portion of the pole in this... Agent: Zipwall, LLC

20120049035 - Multi-arm gimbal system: The invention provides a gimbal support apparatus to support tools or other payloads for use during performance of tasks using those payloads. The payload can be selectively biased to achieve an optimum position for performance of the task. The gimbal support apparatus comprises rotationally connected gimbal arms that can be... Agent: Equipois, Inc.

20120049036 - Reflector support: A support for a pole reflector, according to the invention, is useful for securing a marking reflector to the ground to delineate the edge of a road, curb or driveway, for example. The support, which has an anchor portion that may be hammered into the ground, includes a cantilevered arm... Agent:

20120049037 - Connecting apparatus: A connecting apparatus for a robot arm and effector includes a mounting member and a carrier connected to the robot arm and the effector, respectively. The mounting member includes a support body, and the carrier is slidable relative to the mounting member. The connecting apparatus further includes at least one... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120049038 - Forklift with anti-vibration mechanism: A mount for mounting a second structure on a first structure is provided. The mount (100) comprises a housing (10) having a first attachment surface for attachment to the first structure. The mount (100) also includes a biasing member (60) having a first end (62) located within the housing (10).... Agent:

20120049039 - Vibration isolation system for a mower: A vibration isolation system for a lawn mower having a chassis supporting a foot platform, a first motion control arm, a second motion control arm and a seat has a first vibration isolation subassembly coupling the foot platform to the chassis. The first vibration isolation subassembly is configured to attenuate... Agent: Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.

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