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02/23/2012 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120043432 - Pipe anchor for railroad car: An assembly such as a pipe anchor to be mounted on a structural support member to hold a pipe or other elongate article in a desired location. A base portion includes a cradle having slide channels on a pair of opposite side walls. A clamping body includes flanges that fit... Agent: Gunderson LLC

20120043433 - Bag support funnel: One embodiment of a rectangular funnel for filling bags and of the type having panels leading to an opening for the debris to pass through, as well as legs Allowing the bag to be filled conveniently and the funnel removed with little effort.... Agent:

20120043434 - Powered gate post with slots for positional adjustment: A powered gate assembly includes powered posts that support gates. Each of the powered posts includes a rotating outer housing that includes channels within which are mounted brackets that provide infinite adjustable positions for each of the gates. Each of the gates is attached to the powered posts by adjustable... Agent:

20120043435 - Height adjustment apparatus: A height adjustment unit 10 for raising the height of a chair or bed. The unit 10 comprises a ground engaging support member 12 with an internal thread 18. A height adjustment member 14 is engageable with the thread 18 to be rotatable to a required height. A sheet 56... Agent: Gordon Ellis & Company

20120043436 - Height-adjustable furniture: Disclosed is a height adjustable leg for use with furniture, comprising: first and second tubular sections arranged to telescopically couple; an actuator arranged internally to the first and second sections to maintain a selected height; a bearing arranged between the first and second sections to allow smooth relative movement there... Agent: G.j.m.s. Holdings Limited

20120043437 - Single mount with dual method installation: A dual method of installing a mounting device to a load-bearing surface includes a mounting device having a back member installed closer to the load-bearing surface than a front member on which an object is mounted. A mounting member is either attached to the back member in a first configuration... Agent: Omnimount Systems, Inc.

20120043438 - Substrate support structure, clamp preparation unit, and lithography system: A substrate support structure for clamping a substrate on a surface by means of a capillary layer of a liquid. The surface has an outer edge and includes one or more substrate supporting elements for receiving the substrate to be clamped, wherein the one or more substrate supporting elements are... Agent: Mapper LithographyIPB.v.

20120043439 - Omni-direction rotatable dual-cup suction device: An omni-direction rotatable dual-cup suction device includes two suction cups, which are respectively combined with and in communication with two evacuation structures, so that the two evacuation structures can evacuate air from the suction cups to induce vacuum suction forces. The two suction cups are respectively provided with a mounting... Agent:

20120043440 - Detector extender support systems: A detector extender support system for facilitating ease of accessing battery operated detectors, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, without the use of a ladder or other elevation device. Detector extender support system may generally comprise an extender handle comprising a distal end and a proximal end. The... Agent:

20120043441 - Supporting plate structure for magnetoscale: The invention provides a supporting plate structure for a magnet grid ruler, including a plurality of pieces of supporting plates and at least two sections of ruler shells within which magnetic strips are provided, both ends of each section of the ruler shells are fixedly mounted on two pieces of... Agent: Guangzhou Lokshun Cnc Equipment Ltd

20120043442 - Wall mounting system: A wall hanging system is provided for mounting of heavy, high cantilever load objects to an upright wall, such as a big game trophy comprising a backer board with a central opening. The system includes a bracket secured to the rear face of backer board and having a forwardly extending... Agent:

20120043443 - Platform for patient conveying equipment: A platform adapted to be attached to a piece of conveying equipment such as a gurney. The platform includes a base defining a cavity. The platform further includes a coupling receiver mounted on the top of the base. The coupling receiver receives a support structure of the conveying equipment and... Agent:

20120043444 - Hanger device: Devices and methods for hanger devices are provided. In an exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure, an attachment device is provided. The attachment device comprises a hanger receiving portion, the hanger receiving portion having at least a first surface and a second surface and a receiver located between the first... Agent:

20120043445 - Truncated pyramid shaped shipping base: A shipping base shaped like a square, truncated pyramid for use with a washing machine of the type having an undercarriage suspended below the wash tub. The shipping base has an opening in the top of the truncated pyramid into which the washing machine undercarriage is lowered until the undercarriage... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20120043446 - Revolving and translating tool base: A translating and rotating tool base for equipment and tools having a base plate that can be securely mounted to an existing work surface, a middle plate attached to the base plate by sliding rails so that the middle plate can translate relative to the base, and an upper mounting... Agent: Azer Scientific Inc.

20120043447 - Baked goods decorating and display assembly: A rotating and tilting cake stand comprising a rotation assembly, a base assembly, and a platter. The rotation assembly has a fixed portion and a rotatable portion. A rotation control mechanism controlling the rotation of the rotatable portion relative to the fixed portion. The base assembly has a base portion... Agent:

20120043449 - Clamp assembly: A clamp assembly comprising two brackets. Each bracket may include an elongated end, a curved section adjacent the elongated end, a channel formed by the curved section, and a mating surface adjacent the channel. When the mating surfaces of each bracket are in mating contact with each other, the channels... Agent:

20120043448 - Umbrella holder: An umbrella holder includes a hollow tube for placing an umbrella handle. A fixing mechanism assembled is on the hollow tube and has a rotary button with a threaded rod screwed with a fixing block in the tube for tightening or releasing the umbrella handle, with a stop plate positioning... Agent:

20120043450 - Attachment arrangement for a column holder: An attachment arrangement comprising—two resilient arms (1a, 1b) connected to a device to be attached, the other ends of the resilient arms (1a, 1b) pointing away from each other; —one locking part (7a, 7b) on each resilient arm (1a, 1b), said locking parts (7a, 7b) being T-shaped and adapted to... Agent: Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

20120043451 - Security bracket: The invention is a security bracket assembly for preventing theft of camera lenses from cameras that are on display at retail locations. The bracket assembly carries and partially receives the camera body. The assembly has a forward shield that prevents finger access to the lens release mechanism that allows detachment... Agent:

20120043452 - Apparatus for gripping handheld devices: An apparatus for gripping a handheld device is provided. The apparatus includes a base for affixing the apparatus to a first surface of the handheld device; at least one extension extending from the base at a first end of the extension; and a grip extending from the at least one... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 25 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20120037762 - Cable retaining bracket and fan using same: A cable retaining bracket and a fan using the same are disclosed. The cable retaining bracket can be assembled to a frame, and includes a main body having a first, a second, a third, and a fourth end; a first and a second retaining arm extended from the first and... Agent:

20120037763 - Device for mounting systems and aircraft or spacecraft: The present invention provides a device for mounting systems, for example an electrical or fluid-conveying line, on a structure, in particular of an aircraft or spacecraft, the device comprising: a basic holder which can be fastened to the structure; and at least a first system holder for mounting the systems;... Agent:

20120037764 - Elbow bracket for aeronautical equipment: An elbow bracket for cables or pipes, supported by a structure of an aeronautical device, in which a reinforcing rib of the elbowed main plate is not assembled with the elbowed main plate by welding but by tightening following a twisting of end-pieces traversing slots of the main plate and... Agent: Snecma

20120037765 - Device for holding systems and aircraft or spacecraft: The present invention relates to a device for holding systems, for example an electric or fluid-guiding line, on a structure, in particular an aircraft or spacecraft, comprising: a first holding part, which has a first encompassing portion to encompass the system in portions and a first foot portion; a second... Agent:

20120037766 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management apparatus includes a base mountable on a wall or other surface and a flexible elastic loop having a hanging loop portion adapted to hang on the base for supporting one or more cables through the flexible elastic loop. The base may include a post extending outwardly for... Agent: The Wiremold Company

20120037767 - Multi-functional infant care and organizer system and associated methods: A multi-functional infant care and organizer system includes a base member and an elongate main body member detachably connected to and extending upwardly from the base member. The system also includes unit carrying member that is moveably connected to the main body member and unit member slidably and rotatably connected... Agent:

20120037768 - Leg levelling: A device (10), such as a ladder, scaffold, piece of furniture or a support for any other appliance has at least two legs (12;14), each of which has a slidable leg part (30;32) slidably positioned with respect to another part (18;20) of the device to form a leg having an... Agent:

20120037769 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for mounting a data storage device includes a bracket, a mounting member fixed to the data storage device, a locking member movably attached to the bracket, and a resilient member arranged between the locking member and the bracket. The bracket defines a slide slot. The mounting member... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120037770 - Fixing mechanism for fixing a display device: A fixing mechanism for fixing a display device includes a display casing whereon a hole is formed, a shielding wall connected to a side of the display casing, and a bracket wedged inside the shielding wall in a detachable manner and installed on the side of the display casing. An... Agent:

20120037771 - Apparatus and method for attaching peripheral devices to a computer: A device that forms a physical attachment or connection between a laptop or tablet type portable computer and a peripheral device. The invention according to one structure performs as a clip or holder type device that may be selectively attached to, and variably positioned on, the edge of a laptop... Agent:

20120037773 - Hanging structure of hi-fi set of electronic whiteboard: A hanging structure of a hi-fi set of an electronic whiteboard comprises: a locking area, which is at one side of the hanging structure and has a plurality of locking holes for fixing the hanging structure on the electronic whiteboard; and a snapping area, which is at another side of... Agent:

20120037772 - Locker mounting apparatus for work belts: A mounting apparatus to be coupled to louver vents disposed in locker doors for the purpose of hanging or otherwise supporting work or duty weight bearing belts used by professionals in general, and law enforcement personnel in particular. A planar member adapted to be positioned adjacent the outer surface of... Agent:

20120037774 - Saw horse bracket: A saw horse bracket, comprising: a face oriented in a substantially vertically; a support extending perpendicularly forwardly from the face; the support oriented substantially horizontally, the support having a support aperture; a top extending perpendicularly rearwardly from the face; the top disposed upwardly from the support, the top oriented substantially... Agent: Rockler Companies, Inc.

20120037775 - Tilting support for plasma television sets and similar appliances: A tilting support for plasma television sets and similar appliances combines in a single element the functions of fixing and levelling according to the desired position of the television set on walls, provides greater comfort and easiness to the user, dispensing the use of other elements for the mobility of... Agent:

20120037776 - Adjustable projector bracket assembly: An adjustable projector bracket assembly has a pivoting device, a moving device and an adjusting device. The moving device is slidably connected with the pivoting device and has a bottom. The adjusting device is mounted on the bottom of the moving device and has a projector bracket and at least... Agent: Modernsolid Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120037777 - Video display device with screen angle adjustment mechanism: A video image display apparatus is configured such that a monitor case includes a first gear unit that rotates according to a screen angle of the monitor case, and a clutch mechanism includes: a first torsion coil spring; a second gear unit that is meshed with the first gear unit,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120037778 - Flexible segmented support structure: The present invention provides an elongated segmented binding cord (SBC) for reversibly housing and securing goods to their predetermined location; said SBC is characterized by a main longitudinal axis (MLA), comprising: a. a plurality of N interlockable segments; b. abutments provided at least one first end, and at least one... Agent: Aspect Magnet Technologies Ltd.

20120037779 - Clip and method for the mounting of panels: In a system for mounting panels, a plurality of clips (14) is distributed at spaced intervals along an edge of a first panel (12A), respective first planar limbs of the clips (14) are located, parallelly to the panel (12A) between the panel (12A) and a structural support (10) for the... Agent: Clip-master Limited

20120037780 - Wheel chair lifting/tilting device: The present invention provides a wheel chair lifting/tilting device comprising a horizontal support, at least one lifting support, wherein the at least one lifting support is connected to the horizontal support, and at least one rear wheel stop, wherein the at least one rear wheel stop is positioned relative to... Agent:

20120037781 - Ergonomic support for reading: An ergonomic support for reading documents or books, designed in particular for working at a computer work station or in a reading room, for mounting on computer screen risers (monitor holders, platforms, supports), desks, tables, shelves, bookshelves, cabinets and other furniture. The support may be made in the form of... Agent:

20120037782 - Portable, modular assembly of panels for the erection of furniture on situ: The present modular kit comprises a plurality of members, all or some of which can be used in various arrangements for making furniture. The invention comprises, on one hand, one or more main support members (1) (1a) (1b) (1e) and one or more foot members (4a) (4b) with which the... Agent:

20120037783 - Adjustable security bracket: The invention is a security bracket for a retail display. The security bracket has guide pins extending laterally outwardly from each side of a base member. Sliding blocks are mounted to each pair of guide pins. The sliding block also carries a vertical arm that may be adjusted upwardly or... Agent:

20120037784 - Support structure for display device and display device using same: A support structure for supporting a display panel includes a support and a clamp. The support is rotatably coupled to the display panel. The clamp includes two clamping arms rotatably coupled to the support, a bolt and an adjusting nut. A slot is defined in each clamping arm. The bolt... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120037785 - Spring arm device: The invention provides a spring arm device, comprising: a parallelogram linkage mechanism composed of a mobile side, a fixed side in parallel with the above-mentioned mobile side, an upper arm and a load arm respectively connected with the mobile side and the fixed side; a spring, one end of which... Agent: Movcam Tech. Co., Ltd.

20120037786 - Slide structure, support structure and seismically isolated structure: In a slide structure, a support structure and a seismically isolated structure, a first sliding surface (25) of a sliding member (21) is formed of a sliding body (24) made of synthetic resin. A film (27) made of synthetic resin and having a Young's modulus more than twice as large... Agent:

02/09/2012 > 31 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20120032034 - Lateral storage spool for overhead cable pathway: A system including an overhead cable pathway structure and a cable storage device that mounts overhead to the cable pathway structure. The cable storage device including a storage spool and a cable pathway exit having a curved surface that guides excess cable exiting from the overhead cable pathway structure to... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120032035 - Apparatus for supporting utility lines: An apparatus for supporting utility lines extending between a vehicle and a trailer comprises an elastically deformable rod having a first end and a second end, an attachment feature for attaching utility lines to the apparatus, and a mounting base for mounting the apparatus to a surface. The attachment feature... Agent:

20120032036 - Pipe or cable lead-through blocks: Blocks of a cable, wire or pipe transition that may be placed together to form a structure of a number of the blocks. Each block has a generally rectangular shape and forms a part of the cable, wire or pipe transition together with at least one further block. Each block... Agent: Roxtec Ab

20120032038 - Display support device and display using the same: A display support device includes a fixing base, a connecting member mounted on the fixing base, a frame connected on the connecting member, and an expanding bracket mounted on the frame. The frame includes a hold plate. The hole plate defines two first slots. The expanding bracket includes two first... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120032037 - Musical instrument stand that is operated smoothly and stably and is adjusted quickly: A musical instrument stand includes an upright rod, a support assembly, and a transverse rod. The support assembly includes a base unit mounted on the upright rod, a holding unit mounted on the base unit, a locking unit connected with the base unit and pressing the holding unit, and a... Agent:

20120032040 - Stability support tv anti-tip device: A support device for a flat appliance is disclosed. The support device includes a mounting plate having at least one hole defined therein. The mounting plate is adapted for attachment to a side of the flat appliance with a fastener extending through the at least one hole and into at... Agent: Bush Industries, Inc.

20120032039 - Supporting bracket with positioning column: A supporting bracket has a base and a positioning column. The base is mounted on a bottom bracket to form a stand. The positioning column is attached to the base and has a first positioning piece and a second positioning piece. The first positioning piece is formed on the base... Agent:

20120032041 - Supporting bracket with positioning column and telescopic post with positioning column: A supporting bracket has a base and a positioning column. The base is mounted on a bottom bracket to form a stand. The positioning column is attached to base and has a first positioning piece and a second positioning piece. The first positioning piece us formed on the base and... Agent:

20120032042 - Safety-harness attachment: A safety-harness attachment for attaching a safety harness thereto.... Agent: Cameron International Corporation

20120032043 - Adhesively mounted article support assembly with exposed pull tab: An article support assembly includes a stretch releasable adhesive strip having an adhesive portion and a non-adhesive pull tab portion, and a unitary article support member arranged over at least a portion of the adhesive portion of the stretch releasable adhesive strip. The article support member and pull tab are... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120032044 - Metal-plastic hybrid support structure applicable to a dashboard support of a vehicle: The invention relates to a metal-plastic hybrid support structure applicable to a dashboard support of a vehicle, wherein the hybrid support structure comprises a metal tubular body (10) having a closed cross section profile and suitable length to be assembled between two elements of a frame of an automotive vehicle,... Agent: Barcelona Technical Center, S.l.

20120032045 - Advanced standing seam roof panel bracket: An advanced standing seam roof panel bracket that provides for securing apparatus to a standing seam roof panel is disclosed. The device includes a Pressure Clamping Device that provides the means for removeably securing roofing equipment to the standing seam of the roof panel; and a Plank Support System that... Agent:

20120032046 - Adjusting mechanism and projector having the same: An adjusting mechanism adapted to adjust a position of a projection unit relative to a fixing object is provided. The adjusting mechanism includes a base, a sliding plate, a first screw, and an elastic element. The base is adapted to be fixed to the fixing object. The sliding plate is... Agent: Coretronic Corporation

20120032047 - Adjustable accessory bracket assembly: The present general inventive concept provides an adjustable accessory bracket assembly having an adjustment mechanism to adjust one or more axes of rotation of a bracket assembly in order to adjustably position accessory devices, such as a bracket for a mirror or other accessory device. The adjustable accessory bracket assembly... Agent: Protomet

20120032048 - Adjustable and lockable bushing assembly and component mounting assembly using the same: An adjustable and lockable bushing assembly includes a locking plate and a bushing. The locking plate has a bushing engagement opening that is defined by a plurality of first serrations, and a boss that extends axially therefrom. The bushing engages the locking plate and includes a concentric section, an eccentric... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120032050 - Display panel mounting system and method: A display mounting kit, system, and method are disclosed utilizing first and second primary releasable attachment elements that are secured about the periphery of a display panel and in a substantially corresponding relationship on a mounting surface, respectively. At least one supplementary fastening element having two interlocking component pieces for... Agent:

20120032049 - Gate bracket systems and methods: A bracket system for forming gate assemblies comprising at least two brace members that are rigidly attached to hinge assemblies. The brace members are adapted to be attached to support members to form two corners of a gate box functioning as the structural portion of the gate assembly. The hinge... Agent:

20120032051 - Tube restraint & methods: Devices for restraining tubular segments and methods for storing and accessing tubular segments may include a frame arrangement that has a plurality of parallel cradles for holding tubular segments and movable restraining handles for securing the tubular segments. A spring retention assembly may also be provided that has a spring... Agent: Federal Signal Corporation

20120032052 - Vertical support system for musical instruments: The present invention relates generally to a vertical instrument support system for musical instruments.... Agent:

20120032055 - Directionally adjustable mount with locking parts and methods: A method of locking of and a directionally adjustable mount including a first plate arranged to stabilize an anisotropic device, a second plate arranged to engage the first plate and provide a support, a second supporting member arranged to engage the second plate and to rollably support the first plate... Agent: Sigma Space Corporation

20120032053 - Fixture for securing a thin-walled component: A fixture for securing a thin-walled component includes a support having one or more securing devices for securing the component to the support. An inflatable pressure element is adapted to press, when inflated, against a flexible liner located adjacent the thin wall of the component. The inflated pressure element and... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20120032054 - Stackable holder for an integrated circuit package: A stackable holder for an IC package includes a base portion, a set of confining members that project from an upper surface of the base portion, and a set of abutting members that project from a lower surface of the base portion. The confining members have first ramp surfaces and... Agent:

20120032056 - Cribbing for use in industrial tank cleaning: This invention relates to a cribbing for use in industrial tank cleaning. The cribbing is constructed from elongated wooden chocks. Each chock has notches at predetermined distances from the ends of the chocks, with the notches being located on the upper and lower surfaces of the chocks. The cribbing is... Agent:

20120032057 - Lifting mechanism of vehicle seat: A lifting mechanism of a vehicle seat for adjusting a seating height position of the vehicle seat is provided. The lifting mechanism includes a lifter link having one side that is rotatably shaft-supported to a floor-side member provided on a vehicle floor and the other side that rotatably shaft-supports a... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120032058 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes first and second lower rails, first and second upper rails, first and second lock levers, first and second biasing members, first and second support brackets fixed to the first and second upper rails and including first and second support portions, an operation... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120032059 - Slide rail for an automotive vehicle seat with lateral locking without clearance: s

20120032060 - Seat track: The invention relates to a seat track having a retainer arranged in a space extending in the fore-and-aft direction and the vertical direction between a lower rail and an upper rail and a lower ball and an upper ball rotatably supported on an upper portion and a lower portion of... Agent:

20120032061 - Hands-free reading device: The disclosed hands-free reading device is a particle filled bag having an alcove to support a book or other item comprising readable text in a hands-free reading position. A method of arranging an item for the purposes of reading is also provided.... Agent:

20120032062 - Television mount assembly: A television mount assembly suitable for mounting a television to a wall, especially over fireplaces and other obstacles. The mount assembly secures a television (TV) to a wall via two arms and a spring mechanism thereby allowing it to extend away from the wall while at the same time allowing... Agent:

20120032063 - Vibration reduction support apparatus: Representative embodiments include a support apparatus that can be positioned between a load element and a support element to cushion the load element against vibration with respect to the support element. The apparatus includes a base member and a receiving member. The receiving member has an element engaging surface facing... Agent:

20120032064 - Method and apparatus for a bwr jet pump support system: A method and apparatus for applying a lateral restraining force to a diffuser or an inlet mixer of a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) jet pump restrainer assembly, to pull the diffuser or inlet mixer toward a centerline of a riser pipe. The lateral restraining force may be applied to just... Agent: Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC

02/02/2012 > 24 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20120025034 - Pipe support: A one-piece pipe support having a base and an integral channel that can receive the ends of a pipe clamp in order to fasten the clamp to the base without the use of fasteners, such as bolts, screws, washers, etc.... Agent:

20120025035 - Holding apparatus: A holding apparatus has a main body, a longitudinal clamping member, and second and third clamping members. The first clamping member is slidably disposed on the main body, and the first clamping member has at least one pair of slanted sliding-tracks. The transverse clamping members are slidably disposed on the... Agent:

20120025036 - Holding apparatus: A holding apparatus has a main body, a longitudinal clamping member, and a second and a third clamping members. The first clamping member is slidably disposed on the main body, and the first clamping member has at least one pair of slanted sliding-tracks. The transverse clamping members are slidably disposed... Agent:

20120025037 - Adjustable multi-screen support structure: An adjustable multi-screen support structure includes a mounting unit having an upright rod at the top side of a tubular mounting base thereof and a mounting device at the bottom side of the tubular mounting base for fastening to an external object, multiple screen supports each having a coupling sleeve... Agent:

20120025038 - Mounting bracket: A mounting bracket is provided for attaching a support beam to a vertical support post at a pre-determined angle. The mounting bracket has a cavity for receiving the vertical support post, the cavity being attached to a side of a support plate at the pre-determined angle. The support plate is... Agent: Vanguard Energy Partners, LLC

20120025039 - Cell phone holder and stand: An article for holding and standing a cell phone having a main body; an arm extending upward from said main body; a holder incorporated on an upper terminal end of said arm; a standing leg; and a pivot pin constructed and arranged such that the standing leg is moved from... Agent:

20120025040 - Retractable post assembly with alarm function: A retractable post assembly with alarm function is disclosed. The retractable post assembly includes: a stationary post being a column member; a moveable post being a column member and moveably sleeved with the stationary post; and an alarm device, such as an air whistle, an electrically-controlled buzzer unit, and an... Agent:

20120025041 - Louvre mounting assembly: A sealing member for a louvre mounting assembly is described. The louvre mounting assembly is of the type to allow co-rotation of at least first and second louvre panes between open and closed positions. The sealing member located in an end clip for the first louvre pane of the louvre... Agent: Prodrome Designs Pty Ltd.

20120025042 - Apparatus facilitating mounting of solar panels to a rail assembly: An apparatus for mounting solar panels to a rail. The apparatus has a body configured to be attached to a solar panel support structure, and arms on opposite sides of the body configured to engage the rail. The arms hold the apparatus on the rail and allows the support structure... Agent:

20120025043 - Saddle mounting device: A saddle mounting device includes a support member having a mounting portion formed thereon. A lower base is connected with the support member. The lower base has two guiding flanges diametrically formed thereon. Two gaps are respectively defined between the two guiding flanges. The lower base has two first engaging... Agent: Kalloy Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120025044 - Mounting structure for a continuity testing unit: A mounting structure for a continuity testing unit is provided in which the plurality of continuity testing units can easily be mounted to or removed from a test board without using the bolt or the intricately-shaped pin, and which improves the efficiency of restoring the mounting arrangement of the continuity... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20120025045 - Fastening apparatus for a battery in a motor vehicle, and motor vehicle having a fastening apparatus of this type: A fastening apparatus (1) for a battery (2) in a motor vehicle (29) has a carrier device (31) for carrying the battery (2). A clamping strap (10) encloses the battery (2) at least in sections and has opposite first and second end sections (11; 12). The first end section (11)... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20120025046 - Adjustable bracket compliant with vesa mount of a display for securing input device: The present invention discloses an adjustable bracket compliant with VESA mount of a display for securing input device, which comprises: a first arm plate configured for associating with a securing structure of VESA mount of a display, and having a first sliding structure configured for left and right sliding of... Agent: Otouch Technologies, Co., Ltd.

20120025047 - Mounting arrangement for a pressurized irrigation system: An irrigation mounting arrangement for an irrigation container that is defined by a body portion, a neck member, and a stopper, is disclosed. The irrigation mounting arrangement comprises an upwardly extending base member and a mounting arm mechanism that extends away from the base member. The mounting arm mechanism includes... Agent:

20120025048 - Artist's palette and umbrella clamp: One embodiment of a device for mounting an artist's palette and shade umbrella to a tripod and of the type comprising a body having a clamping aperture on one edge thereof and a means of fastening an artist's palette and umbrella to said body. The body is made of a... Agent:

20120025049 - Corner protector: The present embodiment of the subject inventive matter in one embodiment generally comprises of a corner protector containing at least 2 sides and made out of a clear plastic material. The corner protector of the subject inventive matter may also consist of at least one tab to assist in securing... Agent:

20120025050 - Movable base with control surface: In a further embodiment, a method of controlling a base assembly can be provided. An actuation member can be pumped to deploy one or more wheels to lift a base assembly on said wheels. Further, a pin can be received in a holding portion on a semi-planar contoured surface in... Agent:

20120025051 - Docking station and positioning apparatus: A docking station includes a main body, a pin, an operation element, a locking mechanism, and a lock releasing mechanism. An electronic device is mounted on the main body. The pin is supported on the main body in a protrudable-retractable manner. The operation element is supported on the main body... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120025052 - Aesthetic coasters: An aesthetic coaster (which can also perform other conventional functions, such as paper weights, plant pot bases, art objects, etc.), and a method of making such a coaster, allow the production of a good quality coaster at a reasonable cost. A plastic coaster body having an aesthetic top surface and... Agent: Canadian Spirit Inc.

20120025053 - Suction cup having replaceable sealing surfaces: A suction cup for a tool driven by vacuum is presented, the suction cup in a first or upper end arranged to be brought into fluid flow communication with a vacuum source and in its opposite end arranged to be brought tightly into contact with the surface of an object... Agent: Xerex Ab

20120025054 - Holding apparatus, conveying apparatus, and rotation-transmitting apparatus: A holding apparatus, a conveying apparatus, and a rotation-transmitting apparatus are provided that are capable of holding an object in a tiltable manner. A conveying apparatus according to one form of the present invention includes a pad supported by a supporting member on a hand. A concave portion is formed... Agent:

20120025055 - Adjustable supporting stand: An adjustable supporting stand includes a main body with a receiving room, a slidable module disposed in the receiving room, a supporting holder assembled on the slidable module, a gear set connected to the supporting holder, and an elastic member disposed on the main body. The gear set has at... Agent:

20120025056 - Fixture for protective railing: This invention relates to a concrete embedment fixture for mounting of protective railing. The fixture has a tubular member (3), at least one concrete inlet opening (11, 13) at a bottom end of the tubular member, and a plurality of brace elements (5) attached to an outer periphery of the... Agent:

20120025057 - Body- mounted portable viewing system for electronic devices: The present invention is an apparatus and method for holding portable electronic devices at a comfortable line of vision and adjustable for each user to enjoy reading or web browsing or any other use of these electronic devices. The invention will be mounted on the user's waist belt.... Agent:

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