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01/26/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120018593 - Cable transport carrier facility as well as a system with a medical imaging facility and a cable transport carrier facility: A cable transport carrier facility is proposed. The cable transport carrier facility is designed for transport of system cables installed on a medical imaging facility and is able to be installed on the medical imaging facility. The cable transport carrier facility has at least one component which is made at... Agent:

20120018594 - Universal tube clamp: A universal tube clamp, having a head portion with an aperture formed therein with set screws to retain another object thereto, and a clamping portion. The clamping portion has an outer perimeter sidewall defining an opening with knurls formed on inside walls, a generally T-shaped slot with a vertical portion... Agent:

20120018595 - Holding device for an electronic device: According to one aspect, the subject application involves a holding device for an electronic device. The holding device includes a first clip adapted to cooperate with a peripheral portion of the electronic device. A second clip opposes the first clip and is separated from the first clip by a first... Agent:

20120018596 - vertical columns of dollies used for filming: The invention relates to improvements to the vertical columns of dollies used for filming, intended for dollies that include a vertical telescopic column having a filming head or camera positioned on the end thereof. The invention includes a movable tube (2) placed externally around the main column (1), which tube... Agent:

20120018597 - Tripod to support photographic equipment with tripod legs that quickly convert from a folded condition to an assembled condition: The present invention relates to the concept of a tripod having three separate legs which can placed on a surface such as the ground and which come together at a joint location at the top portion of the legs to retain a support member to which a piece of photographic... Agent: Tamrac, Inc.

20120018598 - Mounting components within an elevator: A method and an adapter kit for fastening a first elevator component to a second elevator component. The kit comprises a first bracket having two opposing walls interconnected by a web configured for attachment to the first component wherein a slot extending parallel to the web is provided in each... Agent:

20120018599 - Multi-vacuum mount type support device: A multi-vacuum mount type support device includes a multi-end connection bar, multiple supporting arms each having one end thereof horizontally pivotally connected to a respective end of the multi-end connection bar by a respective pivot lock, multiple vacuum mount assemblies vertically pivotally connected to the other ends of the supporting... Agent:

20120018600 - Hangar mounting assembly with adjustable height gages: A mounting assembly for supporting an electrical box between two supports. The mounting assembly includes two elongated members, each elongated member having an end mount. The elongated members are slidably coupled to each other, thereby allowing the mounting assembly to be telescopically extended. Each elongated member also includes an adjustable... Agent:

20120018601 - Display device: A device for displaying an article on a peg-board, including first and second housing portions securable to the front face of the peg-board, a recoil mechanism for a cable, and an adapter plate secured to the cable distal end and securable to an article to be displayed. The housing first... Agent:

20120018602 - Release preventing system for wall cupboards: A release-preventing system for wall cupboards wherein a cupboard (40, 70, 105, 110, 150) is hooked to a support (47, 76, 97, 115, 155) fixed to the wall (48, 77, 98, 114, 154) by means of a hook (41, 73, 91, 125, 162) of a cupboard holding device (40, 90,... Agent: Leonardo S.r.l.

20120018604 - Bracket having overhanging support elements for supporting an electrical box: A bracket for supporting a load from a mounting assembly. The bracket includes an upper portion having a support element and a lower portion having a mount for coupling the load to the bracket. The bracket also includes at least two side supports coupled to the support element and the... Agent:

20120018603 - Temporary attachment device for a mounting assembly: A mounting assembly having a box. The box includes a plurality of walls and an interior. The mounting assembly also includes a temporary retaining device for temporarily retaining the box upon a support surface. The temporary retaining device includes at least two arms for engaging each side of the support... Agent:

20120018605 - Rotatable housing assembly: A rotatable housing assembly for use in mounting slides to equipment racks has components for different mounting options on different sides of the housing, and a retractable pin for use in positioning the housing. In some embodiments the housing is rotatably mounted to a bracket attached to a slide member,... Agent:

20120018606 - Mounting device for data storage devices: A mounting device for data storage devices includes a mounting bracket, a first tray mounted to the mounting bracket, a second tray mounted to the mounting bracket, a first cable, and a cable retainer. The first cable is located on the first tray. The first cable extends through the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120018607 - Molded load bearing surface and method of manufacture: The present invention provides a load bearing surface assembly having an oriented, molded load bearing surface intersecured with a relatively rigid orienting member. The characteristics of the orienting member are selected such that the orienting member provides a rigid edge member for holding the load bearing surface during the orienting... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120018608 - Seat slide position detection device for vehicle: A seat slide position detection device for a vehicle includes a lower rail attached to a vehicle floor. The lower rail has one side and another side opposite to the one side in the width direction. The one side includes a side surface and an upward wall portion extending upward... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20120018609 - Supporting apparatus for thin electronic product: A supporting apparatus for a thin electronic product is composed of a main body having a chamber, a plurality of fillers received in the chamber, an external lateral surface, and a locating portion located on the external lateral surface. The thin electronic product can be visibly fastened to the external... Agent:

20120018610 - Lightlock winch: Stage usable device, such as a moving light, is held on a platform that is raised and lowered by a winch connected to a truss. The winch can be connected inside the truss, outside the truss such as above or below the truss, or in corner blocks of the truss.... Agent: Production Resource Group L.L.C.

20120018611 - Vibration isolation target mounting structure and method: A bonding structure of a vibration isolation target is disclosed. The structure includes: a base; a vibration isolation target mounted to the base; and a vibration isolator bonds together the base and the vibration isolation target. A lift-up portion is formed on one of the base and the vibration isolation... Agent: Denso Corporation

20120018612 - Method and apparatus for a bwr jet pump main wedge clamp: A method and apparatus for vertically lifting and supporting a main wedge of a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) jet pump restrainer assembly, to ensure that the wedge is no longer contacting a restrainer bracket of the restrainer assembly. A main wedge clamp with an upper and lower clamp jaw is... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20120012714 - Dual-arm cable-management system: One embodiment of the present invention employs two articulated cable-management arms, each articulated cable-management arm pivotally mounted, at a first end, to a system frame or rack and pivotally mounted, at a second end, to a component-system enclosure or sliding component-system-enclosure mount. The articulated cable-management arms provide mechanical channels through... Agent:

20120012713 - Slide arrangement for cable drawer: A drawer slide having first and second rails interconnected by a center rail. The center rail includes a spool configured to provide half-speed travel of the center rail relative to the travel of the first rail. The drawer slide is configured for use with a drawer assembly having a drawer... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20120012715 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing a metal clad cable clamp: Embodiments of the invention relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for providing a metal clad cable clamp. In one embodiment, an apparatus or clamp for mounting a cable to a strut can be provided. The clamp can include a clamp body operable to mount to the strut, wherein a portion... Agent: Alcan Products Corporation

20120012716 - Self-secure mount for tubular object: A self-secure mount for a tubular object includes an outer holder and an inner holder. The outer holder includes two spaced apart holding panels and a cornering panel extended between the two holding panels for applying an elastic clipping force between the holding panels. The inner holder includes two spaced... Agent:

20120012717 - Musical instrument stand: The present invention comprises a stand for a musical instrument, such as a guitar. The stand is primarily comprised of a first plate, a second plate, a top holder and two bottom supports. The first plate is attached to the back of the body of the instrument. The second plate... Agent:

20120012718 - Articulated wine aerator: A bracket for a wine aerator, the bracket being removable connectible to a wine bottle and the aerator swings into position to receive wine from the bottle when the bottle is tilted to a pouring position. The wine is aerated as it passes through the aerator and into a receptacle.... Agent:

20120012719 - Adjustable carriage holder for support apparatus: A carriage holder for support of an apparatus includes identical upper and lower support plates having on their outer edge a number of indentations corresponding to the number of apparatus to be supported, said indentations providing aligned radial horizontal grasping surfaces on one side of said apparatus. The carriage holder... Agent:

20120012720 - Mounting device having a mounting frame and method of mounting a mounting device of this kind: The mounting device includes a mounting frame (6) on which there is set a front cladding (2). Through the front cladding (2) there pass securing means (4) anchored to a cross piece (5) of the mounting frame (6), for securing a sanitary element (3). The front cladding (2) comprises at... Agent: Geberit International Ag

20120012721 - Holding device for an operating device: A holding device for an operator control on a front cover of an electrical appliance is designed for attachment to the front cover and has a feedthrough for a rotating shaft of a rotary encoder of the operator control. The holding device is embodied in an annular fashion around the... Agent: E.g.o. Elektro-geratebau Gmbh

20120012722 - Supporting arm: A supporting arm has a mounting seat, a buffering device and a body. The mounting seat is mounted on a table or a wall and has a mounting jacket and a top board. The mounting jacket has a through hole and an abutting face. The top board is detachably connected... Agent: Modernsolid Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120012723 - Lighter-holder for water pipe apparatus and methods: A lighter-holder apparatus for use with a water pipe involving a flexible collar. The flexible collar includes a gripping feature for accommodating a lighter and a hooking feature for facilitating disposition of the apparatus around the water pipe. The hooking feature is coupled with the gripping feature.... Agent:

20120012724 - Incremental angular position and locking system for mounting devices: A mounting system comprising an incremental angular position and locking system. A tilt bracket is configured to operatively connect to a surface, and an adapter bracket is operatively and movably connected to the tilt bracket, with the adapter bracket being configured to operatively connect to an object such as an... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20120012725 - Support mechanism: A support mechanism includes a bracket, a sliding member, a connecting unit, and an elastic member. The sliding member is slidably connected to the bracket. The connecting unit includes a first arm, a second arm pivotally connected to the first arm, a first pivot pivotally connecting a first ends of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120012726 - Hanger assembly: A hanger assembly has a rail having a front portion, a back portion, and a rail opening therethrough. The rail opening has a shape having a larger diameter at the back portion and a smaller diameter at the front portion. A plug conforms to the shape of the opening, has... Agent:

20120012727 - Tubular telecom tower structure: The present invention aims to provide a hollow antenna tower structure for use in a wireless communications net-work. The tower comprises tubular tower sections made of concrete, and having a generally hollowed cross section. The tower further comprises a connecting section 10 located between said conical shaped base section and... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20120012728 - Jet pump slip joint clamps and methods of using the same: Slip joint clamps are installed against guide ears of diffusers at jet pump slip joints. Clamps may prevent vibration and/or movement in the slip joint while not being rigidly attached to the diffuser. Clamps include a compression flipper pressing against a guide ear of the diffuser in a substantially radial... Agent:

20120012729 - Apparatus for transport of equipment and method for manufacture thereof: An apparatus for transporting equipment and a method for the manufacture of the apparatus are disclosed. A damping assembly configured to dampen movement of a first item relative to a second item may include an arm and a shock absorber. The arm may be configured to be located between the... Agent: Toppan Photomasks, Inc.

20120012730 - Hard disc drive counter-vibration system: One implementation of the present invention may take the form of a system for a hard disc drive counter-vibration device that may absorb rotational vibration or gyration of the hard disc drive module. This mounting device may incorporate at least one soft, plastic sphere and a pair of concave dished... Agent: Eldon Technology Limited

20120012731 - Fastenerless engine exhaust component suspension device: An engine exhaust component suspension system comprising one or more engine exhaust component suspension devices is provided for use in supporting replacement or additional exhaust system components and peripherals+installed in an engine exhaust system. The engine exhaust component suspension device is configured to be capable of being fastenerlessly secured to... Agent: Esw Inc.

20120012732 - Helicopter engine mounting system and methods: In an embodiment the invention includes a method of mounting an engine in a rotary wing aircraft. The method includes providing a rotary wing aircraft having an aircraft body supported in flight through an exterior air space by a rotary wing system rotating with an operational rotating frequency (P) with... Agent:

20120012733 - Support for vertically mounted exhaust components: A mounting arrangement for a vertically oriented exhaust system component includes a base member mountable to a vehicle frame with a plurality of upstanding rods fixed to the bas member. At least one clamping band is interconnected with the plurality of rods and can be clamped onto an exhaust component.... Agent: Volvo Group North America, LLC

20120012734 - Support with spacer for plain double face display, with arrangement in sliding system for automatic bending and opening: ‘Support with spacer for plain, double face display, with arrangement in sliding system for automatic folding and opening’, presenting support (1) with version in expansive system, with two facing and joint portions (2) and (3), foldable in buds (5) by means of creases (4), joined through the overlying of their... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120006947 - Wire management article: A wire management article includes a base sheet and a plurality of wire management elements. The base sheet has a major surface from which the wire management elements project. The wire management elements define a plurality of channels. Each channel is configured to retain at least one wire. The wire... Agent:

20120006948 - Clamp for securing components: 2. A clamp for securing components, in particular string-like or linear structural members, like pipelines, hoses, or cables, having at least one clamp part (3), of which the outer contour (4) delimits at least partially a receiving space (5) for receiving the respective component, at least one clamp part (3)... Agent:

20120006949 - Positive lock adjustable seat post: A method and apparatus for a seat post assembly that is adjustable to an upper, intermediate, and lower seat post position using a locking member and a sleeve member coupled to an actuator for securing and releasing an inner tube with respect to an outer tube. The actuator may move... Agent:

20120006950 - Pivoting stand for a display device: A stand provides support for a portable display device such as a tablet computer or e-book reader. In one example, the stand includes a leg having a proximal portion and a distal portion and a support member having a proximal portion and a distal portion. A first hinge at the... Agent:

20120006951 - One-piece support stand: A one-piece support stand is provided for slantingly supporting an object on a work surface, and the support stand includes a central folding line for dividing the support stand into a left support panel and a right support panel interconnected with each other, and each of the support panels being... Agent:

20120006952 - Dual vacuum mount type support device: A dual vacuum mount type support device includes a support arm, two vacuum mount assemblies pivotally connected to the two distal ends of the support arm for securing to the flat surface of a support wall and the flat surface of an object to be supported on the support wall,... Agent:

20120006953 - Spacer fitting repair plate: A reinforcement assembly for a spacer fitting for a utility pole comprising a front plate and back plate assembly having a connection aperture located at a top portion of both the front and back plates. The connection apertures may be configured to have substantially the same diameter as an insulator... Agent:

20120006954 - Hanging systems: A hanger arrangement is disclosed to support an object in the corner of a room. It includes a bracket with a corner portion to form to the walls of the inside corner of a room. The bracket includes a cantilever portion to support the object. The joint angle between the... Agent:

20120006955 - Disk drive assembly: A mounting apparatus includes a mounting bracket and a securing element. The mounting bracket is configured to receive a disk drive. The securing element is slidably mounted to the mounting bracket. The securing element includes a stopping portion. The securing element is configured to slide, along a first direction to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20120006956 - Shelf bracket: A shelf bracket includes a metal rail member with two transversely spaced vertical slots and a bracket member for attachment to the rail member for extending generally outwardly from the rail member on which the shelf can rest. A pair of end tab portions of the bracket member pass through... Agent:

20120006957 - Shelf support bracket and wall standard: A standard and shelf support are provided for supporting one or more shelves at selected elevations from a vertical surface. The standard has a rear wall, and first and second mounting walls being spaced apart and extending from the rear wall. The first and second mounting walls define a channel... Agent: Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company

20120006958 - Disk drive assembly: A mounting apparatus for a disk drive includes a mounting bracket, a securing element, and an elastic element. The mounting bracket is configured to receive a disk drive. The securing element is slidably mounted to the mounting bracket. The securing element is configured to move between a first position and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120006959 - Mounting device: The invention relates to a mounting device (1) with one metallic base plate (2), from which a plurality of mounting eyelets (3) protrude. The mounting device (1) is obtainable by incising a plurality of arc-shaped eyelet blanks (4) while leaving two connection sections (5) per eyelet blank (4) into the... Agent: Reinz-dichtungs-gmbh

20120006960 - Patient single surface system: This invention is directed towards a patient single surface system, PS3, which is a next generation system solution for patient accommodation, diagnosis, treatment, transfer and transport. PS3 provides a single surface for the patient to remain on from the trauma site through diagnosis, treatment and convalescence. Needs addressed by the... Agent:

20120006961 - Apparatus, device, and system for adjustable storage: An apparatus for hanging a storage device comprising a mounting strap, a frontal strap, a lower strap and a connector. The frontal strap is oriented to support the storage device and at least partially wrap around the storage device. The lower strap is configured to at least partially wrap around... Agent:

20120006962 - Supporting stand with angle adjustment function: A supporting stand with an angle adjustment function includes two plates and an angle-adjusting means. The angle-adjusting means includes a locking ring, two protruding rings and an adjusting rod. The locking ring is provided on one plate and has axial grooves. The two protruding rings are provided on the other... Agent:

20120006963 - Seat slide device: A seat slide device includes: a lower rail fixed to a vehicle body; an upper rail fixed to a seat and slidably fit into the lower rail; a lock member including an engaging portion that is engageable with an engaged portion of the lower rail for allowing the upper rail... Agent: Imasen Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

20120006964 - Apparatus and method for replacing a rotted portion of a support post and securing the post to a surface or pier: A post support device that enables a rotted base portion of a wooden support post to be removed in situ and the remaining end of the support post to be secured for regained structural integrity, the device having a base adapted to being attached to the surface, elevation support means... Agent:

20120006965 - Damping device of stay cable: A damping device for a stay cable including a rotating lever, a lever support saddle, a longitudinal connecting member, and a rigid connection rod. When the stay cable vibrates inside or outside the plane thereof, the vibration displacement is transferred to the rotating lever through the rigid connection rod. One... Agent:

20120006966 - Universal trolling motor mount: One trolling motor mount includes a mounting base having a cavity extending therethrough and a motor receiving portion configured to clamp a trolling motor thereon, a bracket, and a lock operably coupled to the base for removably fastening the base to a watercraft. The bracket is pivotably coupled to the... Agent: Rm Industries, Inc.

20120006967 - Bedside pistol supporting device: A pistol supporting device having a base and a support post. The base is shaped to be disposed between a mattress and a box spring so that the base is maintained in a generally horizontal orientation. The support post is constructed of a material that is softer than the material... Agent:

20120006969 - Elevator machine frame with noise reducing configuration: An exemplary elevator machine frame includes a plurality of support surfaces configured to support at least one of a motor or a brake. A plurality of arms between the support surfaces maintain a desired alignment of support surfaces. At least one of the arms has a first cross section taken... Agent:

20120006968 - Valve tester suspension assembly: A valve tester suspension assembly for allowing one person to perform the tasks necessary to test underground valves includes an articulated arm attached to a mobile base such as a vehicle. The articulated arm may be biased such that the biasing assists in supporting the weight of a rotating assembly... Agent:

01/05/2012 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120001031 - Fastening element for elongated material: A fastening element for fastening elongated materials in a motor vehicle with an anchoring part, which engages in the wall, to which the fastening part is attached, is proposed. The anchoring part has two spreading arms and a seal which circularly surrounds the anchoring part.... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.i.

20120001032 - Support disc for supporting high frequency (hf) components: The present invention relates to a support disc for supporting high frequency (HF) components, in particular in HF coaxial cables or coaxial plug-in connections, having a support body with a longitudinal bore additionally comprising at least one cross-sectional bore.... Agent: Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120001034 - Attachment device: An attachment device includes: an attachment attachable to a rack; and a bracket attachable to a switch device and engageable with the attachment, and including a hold portion for holding a cable, wherein the attachment attached to the rack is engaged with the bracket attached to the switch device, whereby... Agent: Fujitsu Component Limited

20120001033 - Equipment mounting apparatus and method: An apparatus and method for mounting electronic equipment onto a pole are disclosed.... Agent:

20120001035 - Bag filling and support stand: The instant invention describes a bag filling device with support structure for retaining a bag. The device comprises support structures which are coupled to a funnel member through a funnel support member. The funnel member is constructed and arranged to traverse between a bag filling resting position and a bag... Agent:

20120001036 - Adjustable refuse bag holder: A refuse bag holder for holding refuse bags in an upright position comprising an adjustable support frame. The support frame has an upper rim, lower platform, and support columns which extend between and connect the upper rim and the lower platform. The support columns are adjustable telescopically to allow the... Agent:

20120001037 - Cable barrier post anchoring device and related method: A line post anchoring device for a roadway cable barrier system includes a lower helical anchor to which a detachable line post socket member is secured. The helical anchor and line post socket of each line post anchoring device have mating coupling sections that are preassembled and hydraulically screwed into... Agent:

20120001038 - Tripod structure of stand: Provided is a tripod structure of a stand, which is combined on a central post of the stand and allows the leg units of the stand to be folded, and includes: an upper tripod unit having a central post orifice and at least three leg unit connection parts evenly arranged... Agent:

20120001040 - Hanger for hollow walls: An anchoring system for use with hollow panels, comprises an anchor member and a separate fixture, which are adapted to be mounted together. The anchor member includes an elongated element, such as a wire, adapted to be inserted into and partly through a hollow panel, such as a wall, and... Agent: Cobra Fixations Cie Ltee - Cobra Anchors Co. Ltd.

20120001039 - Wall-mounted hook: An anchor assembly (A) for use with hollow panels, comprises a holding member, such as a hook (10), and an anchor (12) The anchor (12) is adapted to penetrate a hollow panel, such as a wall (W), and, once the anchor assembly (A) has been installed to the wall (W),... Agent: Cobra Fixations Cie Ltee - Cobra Anchors Co. Ltd.

20120001041 - Fixing mechanism capable of adjusting a hanging angle of an electronic device relative to a pole or a support wall: A fixing mechanism includes a first bending plate, a second bending plate and a fixing part. The second bending plate is connected to the first bending plate at a bending angle. The second bending plate is used for screwing onto an electronic device with the first bending plate. The fixing... Agent:

20120001042 - hanger mounted on a wall: The present invention discloses a hanger to be fixed on wall, comprising a cover, a housing and a fixing piece, wherein the housing is provided with a through hole therein, across which the fixing piece is fixedly connected to the cover, a groove is formed between the housing and the... Agent: Garbath Houseware Co., Ltd.

20120001043 - Storage bin retainer member: A storage bin retaining member for releasable attachment to a support panel having a pair of horizontally spaced openings includes a body having an upper arm portion extending outwardly from each side thereof, a lower support portion extending outwardly from each side thereof and a central portion connecting the upper... Agent: Akro-mils, Inc.

20120001044 - Display tilting device: The display tilting apparatus for rotating the display apparatus upward and downward according to the present invention comprises: a rotary plate rotating upward and downward centering on one eccentric shaft; an upper link member connected to an upper part of the rotary plate, for rotating the rotary plate; a lower... Agent:

20120001045 - Bracket for tablet electronic device: The present invention is to provide a bracket, which comprises a main body having a first end with two sides horizontally pivoted to a first end of a horizontal support element respectively and a second end vertically pivoted to a first end of a vertical support element, so that a... Agent:

20120001046 - Adapter for support profiles: The invention relates to an adapter (1) for support profiles (A), in particular of support arrangements for solar modules, characterized by an assembly head (2) for receiving a support profile (A) comprising at least two opposing legs (4a, 4b) connected by at least one web (3), and at least two... Agent: Energiebau Solarstromsysteme Gmbh

20120001047 - Hanging storage on storage spacers located above each other: The present invention relates to a storage goods carrier (1), particularly a shelf board (1), for storage lifts (19) and storage shelves (19), having at least two support bars (4, 5, 5′) running on opposite side edges (3, 34) of the storage goods carrier (1) in an insertion direction (Z)... Agent:

20120001048 - Stand device for portable electronic device: To provide a stand device capable of improving workability in removing a portable electronic device. A stand device has a pedestal and a lever mechanism. The pedestal is supported movable between a support portion for supporting an electronic device mounted on the support surface and a removal position at which... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120001049 - Latch mechanism: A latch 30 for use in a track assembly 16 for adjusting the position of a vehicle seat 10 has a one-piece construction and operates non-linearly an X-Y plane within a space 20 defined by the first and second track members 17 and 19 of the track assembly 16. A... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20120001050 - Anti-tipover and seismic securement system: A tipover prevention and seismic securement system for securing furniture and appliances from tipping over. The system employs a pair of identical mounts which are engaged to surfaces of the device to be secured and the securing position. A planar belt having apertures therein provides a tether between the two... Agent:

20120001051 - Rebounding post mounting system: A rebounding post mounting system including at least two tube sections with one of the tube sections fixed in position. The at least two tube sections are linked by at least one spring. A tube section not fixed in position deflects relative to the fixed tube section upon an impact... Agent:

20120001052 - Apparatus for holding or suspending various articles from an upwardly facing horizontal edge: An apparatus for suspending articles from an upwardly facing horizontal edge having a bracket member and a clip member, where the two members are permanently or releasably attached. The bracket member preferably includes a generally flat inverted U-shaped portion to be placed over a door; the clip member includes first... Agent:

20120001053 - Adjustment device and method of using: The invention includes an adjusting tool that may have a guide member, a support member, a connector and attaching members. The guide member may be a relatively flat piece attachable to a frame. The support member may have a first portion orthogonal with a second portion and the first portion... Agent:

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