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12/29/2011 > 22 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110315829 - Cable retention device: A cable retention device is disclosed. The device may be used to restrain electrical cables routed along a cable support structure. These support structures are used in both internal and external settings, and the structures provide some physical support and protection to the electrical cables. In some high-power settings, these... Agent: Wanaka Holdings, LLC

20110315830 - Cable fixing member and cable fixing structure: a pair of bracket members that hold a cable therebetween; and a fitting part that fits into the pair of bracket members, wherein the fitting part comprises: a convex portion having an arc-shaped cross sectional face formed in one bracket member of the pair of bracket members; and a concave... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110315831 - Baggie holder: A baggie holder comprising first and second support members, the center portions of which are pivotally connected to each other. Each of the first and second support members comprises two legs, and each leg comprises a roughly vertical member, a foot, and a connecting portion between the foot and the... Agent: Baggie Helper, LLC

20110315832 - Baby bottle holder: A bottle holder assembly for holding a baby bottle comprising: a base; a tubing extending upwardly from the base; a bottle sleeve at the opposite end from the base connected to the tubing; and a mechanism to attach the holder assembly to an object. In one particular embodiment, the mechanism... Agent:

20110315833 - Surface anchor with automatic cover: Surface anchor with automatic cover, for firmly and securely fixing a functional surface element, which includes a surface anchoring device (1) to be cemented in a perforation in the ground, with a tubular surface anchoring structure (3) inside which is attached a coupling device on which is screwed, using a... Agent:

20110315834 - Tripod with an automatic height-adjuster: A tripod (1) for the automatic height adjustment of a device (2) in a height direction (12), including a tripod head (3), tripod legs (4) that are connected to the tripod head (3), a receiver (9) to receive the device (2), and a guide (11) that is connected to the... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110315835 - Compressive stabilizing grate foot: A foot for a pan support of a home appliance is provided. The foot includes an insertion portion at a first end of the foot for inserting into a recess in the pan support; and a lower portion adjacent the insertion portion, the lower portion having a compression edge at... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20110315837 - Fixing structure and fixing method of multi-screen display unit: A fixing structure for a multi-screen display unit which forms a large screen by contiguously disposing a plurality of display units with respect to a mounting pedestal by making a first supporting member provided on the back surface of the display unit be engaged with a second supporting member provided... Agent:

20110315836 - Mounting mechanism for a component of an imaging apparatus, and methods of making and using same: A laser scan unit for an imaging apparatus, including an optical paths having a plurality of optical components for directing and focusing a light beam. A component mounting mechanism is employed having a first member which is substantially fixed and resistant to movement, and a second member having an end... Agent:

20110315838 - Apparatuses and methods for connecting modular office furniture components: Apparatuses and methods for connecting office furniture components are disclosed. One embodiment includes a two-piece bracket that attaches a vertical panel adjacent to and extending upward from the top of a second vertical panel, the bracket forming two channels having openings in opposite directions. Another embodiment includes a two-piece bracket... Agent: Ofs Brands, Inc.

20110315839 - Sucker assembly having a better attachment effect: A sucker assembly includes a sucker (10), a pull bar (13) secured on the sucker, a pressing seat (30) mounted on the pull bar and encompassing the sucker, a control handle (40) pivotally mounted on the pressing seat, and a pivot shaft (45) extending through the control handle, the pressing... Agent:

20110315840 - Universal cam lock mount: The present invention is directed to mounting devices, and in particular to a universal tool-less cam lock mount for releasably mounting an object on a structure, including structures of the type commonly referred to as a “slatwall”. The present mount comprises a mount housing, first and second engagement members, and... Agent:

20110315841 - Mounting assembly: A mounting assembly is configured in a case having an opening and a door panel. The door panel is pivoted to the case so as to cover the opening or uncover the opening by removing the door panel. The mounting assembly includes at least one fixing rod, a stopper member,... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20110315842 - Holder with replaceable load bearing part: A holder includes a base plate adapted to secure to a vertical surface and comprising two locking units on a front surface; and a load bearing assembly comprising a load bearing member, a load bearing element projecting forward from the load bearing element; and a plate member releasably secured to... Agent: Sun-castle Global Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

20110315843 - Supporting arm assembly for a display: A supporting arm assembly has an upper arm, a lower arm, a display-connecting device and a holding device. The lower arm is pivotally connected to the upper arm. The display-connecting device is mounted on the upper arm and has a pivotal pin, a connecting base, a display mount, an engaging... Agent: Modernsolid Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110315844 - Adjustable projector mount: A mount for attaching a projection device to an overhead structure includes a device interface operably attachable to the projection device and a device orientation adjustment structure operably coupled with the device interface. The device orientation adjustment structure has structure defining up to three independent axes for adjustment of projector... Agent:

20110315845 - Holding and attachment device: A holding device is configured to hold an item. In an embodiment, the device comprises a base member and a first holding member pivotably attached to a first side of the base member so as to be rotatable relative to the base member. A second holding member is pivotably attached... Agent:

20110315846 - Alignment mechanism: The present disclosure relates to an adjustment mechanism for aligning a hanging structure, such as a door panel, window, art work, ladder, curtain, or decorative element.... Agent:

20110315847 - Lock mechanism for seat track: The present disclosure provides a track assembly that may include a track, at least one slide mechanism, and a lock mechanism. The at least one slide mechanism may be slidably attached to the track. The lock mechanism may be associated with the at least one slide mechanism and may operate... Agent: Fisher & Company, Incorporated

20110315848 - Number plate holder: The invention relates to a number plate holder (1) for holding a number plate (2) of a vehicle, wherein the number plate holder (1) has at least one distance sensor (5).... Agent:

20110315849 - Drill bracing device: A drill bracing device comprising a set of tracks, including a first track and a second track, with a front portion and a back portion, to fit over a bridge wall, and a press attached to the first track, where the press includes a handle, a mobile grip, and a... Agent:

20110315850 - Apparatus, system and method for an entertainment and gaming machine base: The invention disclosed herein is directed to a system, method and apparatus for a base used in connection with a device. In one embodiment of the invention, the base is used in connection with entertainment and gaming devices such as slot machines, video poker and blackjack, video games, and other... Agent: T.c. Millwork, Inc.

12/22/2011 > 22 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110309207 - Cold-insulated pipe support and installation: The invention relates to a cold-insulated pipe support for a pipeline (R), in particular for a low-temperature pipeline, comprising a pipe receptacle (2) that delimits a receiving space for a pipe section of the pipeline (R) and comprising a holding device (7) for absorbing and transmitting forces and torques acting... Agent: Lisega Aktiengesellschaft

20110309208 - Bag stand: Disclosed is a bag stand including at least three side panels, each side panel having a top end, a bottom end, a left end, a right end, an inner surface, and an outer surface, each side panel having two adjacent side panels, each right end of each side panel connected... Agent: Pratt Industries (u.s.a.), Inc.

20110309209 - Funnel and stand for bag: Disclosed is a bag stand including a hollow stand having an inner surface, an outer surface, a top end, and a bottom end, the hollow stand including at least one side panel, each side panel having two ends, each end of each side panel connected to an adjacent end of... Agent: Pratt Industries (u.s.a.), Inc.

20110309210 - Bag support: Disclosed is a bag support including at least one base, the at least one base being about flat and extending the length of the bag support; and two sides, each adaptable to be oriented at an angle with respect to the base, each side including an about flat flared portion,... Agent: Pratt Industries (u.s.a.), Inc.

20110309211 - Baby bottle pillow holders: A pillow is used and attached with durable elastic bands supporting a baby bottle. As an infant or disabled child lay and nurse, the baby bottle pillow supports the contents and the bottle. Many times the contents of the bottle will dislodge the bottle, hence the straps that balance the... Agent:

20110309212 - Wrist rest: The present invention provides an orthopedic wrist rest where accessories and extensions are reversibly attached, to provide heat, vibration, or structural aspects as light, fans or ionizers.... Agent:

20110309213 - Device for fine adjustment of the counterweight of a telescopic filming crane: Device for fine adjustment of the counterweight of a telescopic filming crane, such as the type of crane with telescopic mechanisms wherein unfolding and retraction thereof is compensated for by means of the displacement of counterweights with the aim of maintaining its equilibrium, comprising electronic means which control a movement... Agent:

20110309214 - Apparatus for affixing an object to a rail: An apparatus for affixing an object to a rail includes, but is not limited to at least one base body, at least one locking body and at least one operating element. The locking body is held so as to be movable relative to the base body and is connected to... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110309215 - Support assembly for photovoltaic panels: A support assembly for supporting photovoltaic panels includes a plurality of support units connected one by one. Each of the plurality of support units includes a support beam, a pair of standing posts, a strengthening bar and at least one horizontal beam. The pair of standing posts, the strengthening bar... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110309216 - Mounting system that securely couples a monitor: A mounting system includes a shaft having a longitudinal axis, the shaft has a first cross-sectional portion and a second cross-sectional portion, the first cross-sectional portion being a semi-circular configuration, and the second cross-sectional portion being a substantially flat. A wall bracket has a first opening adapted to receive the... Agent:

20110309217 - Magnetic attachment system for securing vessels to a shaker: A magnetic attachment system for securing vessels to a shaker includes a vessel holder, adapted to retain the vessel; a magnet, adapted to magnetically attach to the shaker; and an attachment mechanism adapted to retain the holder to the magnet, thereby releasably retaining the vessel to the shaker. The system... Agent:

20110309218 - Lid support device: A lid support device and method for supporting a container lid for a container. The lid support device features a handle connected to a fan shaped lid rest. The lid rest comprises a clip. The clip extends through the container and the container lid to secure the device to the... Agent:

20110309219 - Retaining system: A retaining system according to example embodiments of the present invention may include a base plate that includes a cam and alignment guides, where the cam defines both a locked position and an unlocked position, and a support shoe that includes alignment tabs and a locking tab, where the support... Agent: National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc.

20110309220 - Storage apparatus for containers: A storage apparatus for containers, which have a diameter at one end which is different from the diameter at the other end, comprising supports for two rests, projecting from said supports, for containers positioned side by side transverse to the removal direction, one rest supporting one side of the container... Agent:

20110309221 - Cradle for portable communication device: A cradle for a portable terminal includes a first housing with a keypad mounting area, and a second housing is adapted to be cradled obliquely after being slid back from the first housing while being maintained in opposite to the first housing. First and second members, a first rotary link... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110309222 - Laptop computer support: The present invention is directed to a laptop computer support platform for resting a portable personal computer on. The supporting platform comprising a non rigid base structure having one or several risers to establish an air gap between the non rigid base and the laptop computer. The air gap between... Agent: Bosign Aktiebolag

20110309223 - Mount structure: A mount structure includes a base and a bearer. The base has a slot, and at least one combining block is disposed protruding from the slot. The bearer has a bearing portion and a combining portion. The bearing portion is connected to a display, and the combining portion is installed... Agent: Amtran Technology Co., Ltd

20110309224 - Mount structure: A mount structure includes a base and a bearer. The base has a slot, and at least one combining block is disposed protruding from the slot. The bearer has a bearing portion and a combining portion. The bearing portion is connected to a display, and the combining portion is installed... Agent: Amtran Technology Co., Ltd

20110309225 - Mount structure: A mount structure includes a base and a bearer. The base has a slot, and at least one combining block is disposed protruding from the slot. The bearer has a bearing portion and a combining portion. The bearing portion is connected to a display, and the combining portion is installed... Agent: Amtran Technology Co., Ltd.

20110309226 - Safety anchor device: A safety anchor device for limiting movement of a person or arresting a fall of a person working at height, and in particular to an inflatable safety anchor device that may be positioned at a high point and then inflated with a liquid to provide a dead-weight anchor device. A... Agent: Checkmate Limited

20110309227 - Locking device for locking an object on a support structure: A locking device (2) for locking an object (4) on a support structure (6), which locking device (2) comprises a fork arrangement (8) for engaging the object (4), first locking means (10) for locking the fork arrangement (8) to the Object (4) in a horizontal plane, second locking means (12)... Agent:

20110309228 - Product-lifting display and merchandising system: A product-lifting display and merchandising system is provided which includes a bottom platform formed of solid molded plastic and having one or more feet extending from an underside surface thereof A top deck has a planar horizontal upper surface for supporting a quantity of stacked product thereon. One or more... Agent: Trinity, LLC

12/15/2011 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110303797 - Power pole extender: A power pole extender for extending the length of a base power pole includes a housing having a central divider separating a first channel within the housing from a second channel within the housing. The power pole extender interfaces with the base power pole such that the first and second... Agent: The Wiremold Company

20110303799 - Aircraft conduit harness retention system: A conduit harness retention system has a base, a first spacer, a second spacer and a cap which snap-fit together to retain P-clip harnesses in position spaced from an aircraft fuselage.... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110303798 - Wall storage mounting system: A wall-mountable slatwall system for use with one or more mounting components includes first and second rail members. The first rail member includes a wall engaging portion disposed on a rear side and a rearward oriented first hook portion disposed on a front side. The second rail member includes a... Agent: Waterloo Industries, Inc.

20110303800 - Support apparatus: A support apparatus includes a first substantially horizontal member positioned adjacent to first and second elongated substantially vertical member members. The first substantially horizontal member has a channel formed in its rear side. The channel is sized and configured to receive wiring for display devices. The first substantially horizontal member... Agent: Knoll, Inc.

20110303801 - Sprinkler elevating apparatus and method: A sprinkler elevating apparatus is provided for use on an irrigation device. The sprinkler elevating apparatus includes a sprinkler support body and a midline hose coupling body. The sprinkler support body is configured to support the sprinkler at an elevated position relative to the irrigation device. The midline hose coupling... Agent:

20110303802 - Armrest assembly: An armrest assembly for use with a first control device and a second control device arranged generally in a tandem configuration is disclosed herein. The armrest assembly includes, but is not limited to, a base member configured for mounting to the horizontal surface proximate the first control device in a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110303804 - Stand for a musical instrument: The invention provides a stand for a musical instrument which includes a ground-engaging base, a post which extends from the base and a clamp assembly, attached to the post, which includes a pair of clamping arms, each of which is variably spaced relatively to the other along an axis transverse... Agent:

20110303803 - Support structure for a display device: A support structure for a display device is disclosed. The support structure may include a main rail configured to attach to the display. The main rail can have a first mating element extending along a portion of the length of the main rail and the main rail has a profile.... Agent:

20110303805 - Support system: A mounting system for pivotally mounting a load such as display device to a support arm including a device mounting element for supporting a display, a hoop element defined by a portion of the circumference of a circle, and a support arm mount slidable along relative to, and rotatable about... Agent:

20110303806 - Mobile figure stand: A decoy display stand powered by air flow or wind force is provided including a vertical stake and a horizontal frame. The frame includes vertical support rods and a horizontal bar having a central horizontal frame and two horizontal extension frames. The vertical support rods are disposed at the outer... Agent:

20110303807 - Roof support system: A support foot (1) for supporting a free standing structure on a flat roof includes a holding means (34; 62; 63) for holding a profiled section (40) to which other parts of said structure can be mounted. The support foot comprises a base part (2) with a guiding structure (22).... Agent: J. Van Walraven Holding B.v.

20110303808 - Can holder: A can holder connectable to like configured can holders comprises an upper face and a cavity and two side portions, with the cavity being used to selectively receive objects. One of the side portions includes an extension member and the other side portion includes a socket. The can holder is... Agent:

20110303809 - Clamping device for attachment to a horizontal beam: A clamping structure comprising an elongated rod having a plurality of bends for attaching to a horizontal beam. The clamping structure includes back portions adjacent the back of the beam, lower portions adjacent to the bottom of the beam, one or more top portions adjacent to the top of the... Agent:

20110303810 - Display hanging structure: The present invention is related to a display hanging structure which is for hanging a display on the wall. The display has a rear portion, and the display hanging structure comprises at least two hangers, a shaft and at least one fixing block. The hangers are disposed at rear portion... Agent:

20110303811 - Hand rail mounting system: A hand rail mounting system having a rail with an open end and a barrel with a open end configured to fit about closely about an outer surface of the first rail. The rail may be slidably received within the barrel. A clamp is positioned within the barrel and extends... Agent:

20110303812 - Incrementally extendable telescopic mounting: Incrementally extendable telescopic mounting, the extension of which is determined by a guide lug, integral with a female element and moving inside a multi-segment cam-type guide system, laid out at the periphery of a male element, and by the relative positions of a single cylindrical arc shaped stop having a... Agent:

20110303813 - Connector for panel members: Aspects of the invention are directed to a connector that connects a first flat member and a second flat member. The connector can include a support portion, a first arm, connected to the support portion, and defining a first arm channel. The connector can also include a second arm, connected... Agent:

20110303814 - Systems and methods for interchangeably mounting objects: An interchangeable object mounting system is disclosed. The object mounting system comprises an object receptacle and an object. The object receptacle may be a front-, top-, or side-loading frame. The object has a flange portion adapted to fit into and be secured by the object receptacle, and a forward portion... Agent:

20110303815 - Workpiece support tool and method of temporarily mounting workpieces of varying shapes: An apparatus and method for supporting a workpiece against a wall (wall or ceiling surface) in order to further mount the workpiece, typically on the wall or ceiling. This helping tool allows a single person to hold a workpiece in place(s) at an elevation while working on final installation. The... Agent: Rockler Companies, Inc.

20110303816 - Cable roller, system and/or method for extending and/or retracting a coiled cable: A cable roller, a system and/or a method extend and/or retract a coiled cable. The cable roller, the system and/or the method secure an article to a fixture while allowing manipulation, testing and/or maneuvering of the article with respect to the fixture. A drum attaches to the fixture. The drum... Agent: Sennco Solutions, Inc.

20110303817 - Systems and methods for securing objects to vehicles: Systems and methods for securing objects to vehicles are provided. In some embodiments, a system may include a first and a second standoff apparatus that may be configured to support an object. Each of the first standoff apparatus and second standoff apparatus may include a recoilable device and a connector... Agent:

20110303818 - Lift strut with mechanical spring element: An extendable and retractable lift strut includes a support tube, a guide rod fixedly attached at the support tube, an extension tube that is extendable and retractable relative to the support tube and guide rod, and a biasing element that biases or urges the extension tube towards an extended position... Agent: Grand Rapids Controls Co., LLC

20110303819 - Display stand with wear structure:

12/08/2011 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110297797 - Adjustable cable stop: A cable stop has a base member and an insert. The base member can be mounted to a frame member of an object such as a bicycle, and the insert can be inserted into the base member to accommodate various sizes, shapes and angular orientations required by particular cable systems.... Agent:

20110297798 - Capillary mounting clip: A capillary mounting clip is disclosed. The capillary mounting clip includes a first planar surface, a second planar surface aligned parallel to the first planar surface, a curvilinear capillary mounting surface carried between the first planar surface and the second planar surface wherein the curvilinear capillary clip mounting surface is... Agent: Siemens Industry Inc.

20110297799 - foldable stand for a portable power tool: A foldable stand for supporting an object, the stand being capable of being folded between an unfolded position and a thin flat folded position, comprising a top frame having a generally rectangular planar configuration with front and rear support members interconnected with left and right spaced apart side support members,... Agent: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation

20110297800 - Stand for a surgical microscope with a parallelogram support driven by an energy storing device: A stand for a surgical microscope is suggested that is provided with vertical and horizontal supports; articulation units; and a displacement unit that is attached to one of the articulation units. At least one pivot support is provided and encompassed by the displacement unit. A displacer is provided at the... Agent:

20110297801 - Display support: A display support includes a sliding module and a base module detachably connected to each other. The sliding module includes a first integral-formed frame and a second integral-formed frame movably disposed therein. When using the display support, the sliding module is joined in a receiving portion of the base module.... Agent: Qisda Corporation

20110297802 - Adjustable foot, in particular a rear foot, for an electric household appliance: An adjustable foot including a body integrally fastenable to a casing of the electric household appliance, a stem slidingly carried by the body, floor resting means, first screw means operatively associated with the stem and provided with anti-rotation means, a toothed wheel carried by the body so as to be... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110297803 - Mounting structure of computer: An exemplary mounting structure is adapted for supporting an apparatus of a computer. The mounting structure includes a securing bracket and a connecting bracket. The connecting bracket is mounted on the securing bracket and is slidable along a first axis relative to the securing bracket. The connecting bracket is adapted... Agent: Hon Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110297804 - Enhanced structure for suction apparatus: A suction apparatus is provided, including a suction disc unit, a shell base unit, a push obstruct unit and a flip unit. The top surface of the suction disc unit includes an upward extending traction element, with vertical surfaces forming a first teeth surface and a second teeth surface. The... Agent:

20110297806 - Supporting device for display apparatus: A supporting device of a display apparatus to prevent a wire from separating from a wire hanger. The supporting device to fix the display apparatus to a wall includes a wire part coupled to the display apparatus, a wire hanger mounted to the wall, the wire hanger to hang the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110297805 - Wall mounting for on-board entertainment control units: A standardized wall is provided for mounting control units of system components in an aircraft cabin with a fastening unit and at least one plug unit. The fastening unit is designed for guiding the control unit during an installation movement of the control unit on the wall mounting. The plug... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110297807 - Supporting device for display apparatus: A supporting device of a display apparatus to prevent a wire from separating from a wire hanger. The supporting device to fix the display apparatus to a wall includes a wire part coupled to the display apparatus, a wire hanger mounted to the wall, the wire hanger to hang the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110297808 - Supporting clasp: A supporting clasp which supports a securing member for securing a roof-installed object to be installed on a roof includes a bottom portion having a substantially rectangular shape which is secured onto a roof material through a base member, plate-form installing pieces which extend to the upper side from two... Agent: Yanegijutsukenkyujo Co., Ltd.

20110297809 - Projector mount with micro adjustment: The present invention involves a projector mount and micro adjustment capability which allows a projector to be mounted to fixed object (f ex ceiling), rough adjustment to be made with the ceiling mount and then fine adjustments to be made by a micro adjusting mechanism. The micro adjustor provides for... Agent:

20110297810 - Attachment device for suspended member: The attachment device has a fixing member fixed to an attachment surface, first and second operating parts are configured to be manipulated from one side in the first direction parallel to the attachment surface, a first member fixed movably in the first direction relative to the fixing member, the first... Agent:

20110297811 - Corner clamp and method for providing a suspension point in a three-dimensional space: A corner clamp for clamping thereof between two surfaces substantially at right angles to each other includes a first rigid element having a first outer end for supporting, optionally via a contact member which can be fixed thereto, on a first of the two surfaces; a second rigid element having... Agent:

20110297812 - Turbomachine foot unit: A turbomachine foot unit with a plurality of feet is provided. The plurality of feet is fastened to a turbomachine. The turbomachine stands upright on a horizontal base. The turbomachine foot includes fastening devices for fastening the feet to the base. At least one of the feet is mounted in... Agent: Kao Corporation

12/01/2011 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20110290948 - Pipe-suspension bracket: A bracket (10) includes a body (14) for receiving the pipe and a suspension part (16) connected to the body for suspending a pipe from a profile (12) in several different ways. The suspension part includes an overlie part (18) having a bridge part (22) and two leg-parts (20,21). The... Agent: Flamco B.v.

20110290949 - Fitting assembly having a retaining clip: A fitting assembly adapted for securing an elongate member to a bracket having an open-ended slot into which the fitting assembly is received. The fitting assembly includes a first fitting member adapted for attachment to the elongate member and having an axis and a second fitting member adapted for receipt... Agent:

20110290950 - Stand apparatus: The present invention is a stand apparatus for a display screen (such as a computer monitor or a TV) having an arcuate arm member, a base adapted to accept the arm member and allow for tilting movement of the arm member in relation to the base, and a contoured clamp... Agent:

20110290952 - Apparatus and methods for supporting an elongated member: Apparatus and methods for supporting one or more elongated members are provided. A support member for supporting one or more elongated members can include a body; at least four support arms extending from the body, and at least one curved surface disposed between the support arms. Each curved surface can... Agent: Aims International, Inc.

20110290953 - Cable holder as well as kit and cable management system comprising the same: The present invention relates to a cable holder for guiding a plurality of computer-network cables, including a loop with an inner circumference at least partially adapted to provide a support for the cables. The loop is formed of a first leg and a second leg extending essentially parallel to each... Agent: Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba

20110290951 - Cable management device for bundles of cables in an aircraft: A cable management device accommodates bundles of cables in an aircraft. The cable management device includes a star shaped cable management element and a retaining clamp. The star-shaped cable management element includes a plurality of outer-radial recesses disposed in an outer radius of the star-shaped cable management element that are... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110290954 - Support bracket for mounting wires to floor beams of an aircraft: A support bracket for mounting wires, cables, conduits and the like to floor beams of an aircraft passenger cabin floor without modification to the floor beams, the floor beams having a top flange, a bottom flange, and a vertical web. The support bracket has a support body with cable support... Agent: Inflight Investments Inc.

20110290955 - Cable management apparatus: A cable management member is mounted between two slide rail apparatuses. The cable management member includes an arm assembly and a support member. The arm assembly includes a rear arm, a front arm, and a connecting member pivotably connected to the rear arm and the front arm. First ends of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110290956 - Adjustable bag holding device: A plastic bag holder containing a coiled side wall and lip that creates a cavity for the insertion of items into the plastic bag. The side wall overlaps itself in a coiled pattern and its shape is maintained through a channel created by the lip. The coiled shape allows the... Agent:

20110290957 - Apparatus and method for mounting of cabinets: A mounting post for supporting a plurality of electronic cabinets, each having different bolt patterns, comprising a hollow post configured to receive a hollow mount at the upper end, a stabilizer plate attached to the lower end of the post, and a hollow mount selected from a plurality of hollow... Agent:

20110290958 - Display stands: A display assembly 10 in the form of at least two interconnected display stands 12A, 12B. Each of the stands 12 includes a spaced pair of vertically extending support members 14 mounted on feet 16. A flexible display member 18 extends between the support members 14 and is held taut... Agent:

20110290960 - Stand for a surgical microscope with a parallelogram support and a displacement screw: A stand for a surgical microscope is suggested that is provided with vertical and horizontal supports, articulation units and a displacer for displacing the optics carrier in an X direction extending horizontally and transversely to an oblique pivot axis. The displacer has a pivot support provided with a pivotable parallelogram... Agent:

20110290959 - Stand for a surgical microscope with weight compensation for a microscope holder and add-on units: A stand for a surgical microscope is suggested that is provided with vertical and horizontal supports, articulation units and a displacer for displacing the optics carrier in an X direction extending horizontally and transversely to an oblique pivot axis. A balancing apparatus is provided for balancing an optics carrier held... Agent:

20110290961 - Wheeled bucket stand: A stackable wheeled bucket stand and method is disclosed. The bucket stand includes an elliptical support ring configured to support a bucket, a plurality of leg assemblies, each leg assembly connected to the support ring, and a plurality of wheels, each wheel connected to a leg.... Agent:

20110290963 - Container and universal bracket system: A container [10] is disclosed having a universal bracket system [300] that allows attachment of the container [10] to a plurality of upstanding outdoor supports including posts, angle iron, and signs supported in cylindrical frameworks. In the preferred embodiment, the container [10] has a box [100] with a lid [200]... Agent: Crow-erickson, Inc.

20110290962 - Device for hanging a curtain in front of a window: The device includes two sub-assemblies (1) for mounting the rail (2) for supporting the curtain on the leaves (3) of the window, each sub-assembly having a plate (5) and an offset arm (6). The plate is formed so as to be able to be fixed to the upper edge of... Agent:

20110290964 - Novel enhanced connecting brackets for floating rings: Briefly stated, floating rings which rotate around their vertical axis with predetermined relation to the azimuthal velocity of the sun are prevented from getting out of range by maintaining a desired spatial orientation between at least three fixed rollers circumferentially positioned. The present disclosure keeps floating rings together by encircling... Agent: Pyron Solar Iii, LLC

20110290965 - Mounting system for removably securing an object to a surface: A mounting system is disclosed for removably securing an object to a support surface. The mounting system includes a retaining clip having a rear wall to be secured to the support surface, and a front wall spaced from the rear wall to form a pocket therebetween with an open upper... Agent:

20110290966 - Curtain hanging device: Curtain Hanging Device 1 of the invention comprises Coupler 2 for suspending Curtain A from a curtain rail, wherein Coupler 2 has a catch for hanging from the rail, or Coupler 2 itself forms the catch, and wherein the catch deforms to release Curtain A from the rail when an... Agent:

20110290967 - Adjustable storm inlet filter: System and apparatus for filtering drainage which includes a configurable and adjustable rigid frame, hanger support structures adapted to contact a surface of a drainage structure, and a sediment bag. The frame may be adjusted or configured by modifying the location of connecting fasteners and/or by altering the orientation of... Agent:

20110290968 - Mounting assembly: A mounting assembly configured for mounting to a generally T-shaped rail or similar mount. The mounting assembly comprising a housing, a first arm, and a latching arm assembly. The first arm extending from the housing. The first arm comprising a first jaw. The latching arm assembly connected to the housing.... Agent: Ivus Industries, LLC

20110290969 - Integral clip of plastic material: A plastic, integral clip to affix door seals in automotive door frames, comprising a head, further a resilient flange connected by a first shank segment to said head, a comparatively flat second shank segment which extends from the flange on the side opposite the head and tapers toward the free... Agent: Itw Automotive Products Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110290970 - Auxiliary fastening apparatus: An auxiliary fastening apparatus for engaging with tablet electronic device is provided, including a receiving unit, an angle adjustment mechanism and a support unit. The apparatus may further include an auxiliary belt. The receiving unit is for placing the tablet PC on, and the angle adjustment mechanism and the support... Agent:

20110290971 - Adjustable display bracket: A rotatably adjustable mounting bracket for attachment to a display device and a mounting system affixable to mount surface and providing rotational adjustability of the attached display about an axis substantially perpendicular to the principal plane of the display device. The device mounting bracket including at least one set of... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc

20110290972 - Mounting apparatus for expansion card: A mounting apparatus includes a mounting tray configured for securing an expansion card, a first securing member, a second securing member, a first rotating member and a second rotating member. The first securing member is attached to a first edge of the mounting tray, and a first stopper portion is... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20110290973 - Syringe hanger: A syringe holder is provided for mounting syringe while the syringe is distributing fluid. The syringe holder includes a hook, a main body, and a receiver. The receiver is operatively configured to deploy away from the main body when the syringe is disposed in the receiver.... Agent: Curlin Medical Inc.

20110290974 - Retaining structure having locking apparatus: A retaining structure is described. The retaining structure includes a supporting part and a plurality of locking apparatuses. The supporting part has a plurality of position portions and each of the position portions has an annular portion. The locking apparatuses are deposed between the in the component and the supporting... Agent: Hannstar Display Corporation

20110290975 - Auxiliary securely holding device for electronic appliance: An electronic device holder is revealed. By the electronic device holder, an electronic device is supported in a preset position so that users can operate the electronic device conveniently. The electronic device holder consists of holding units on tow sides thereof and a connection member connecting the two holding units.... Agent: Jow Tong Technology Co., Ltd.

20110290976 - Coaster and drink cover: Embodiments include combination coaster drink covers which serve as an ordinary bar coaster and absorb moisture from the outside of a drink glass, protect the bar surface from moisture, and furthermore serve to cover and adhere to the top of the drink glass, thereby indicating the intention of the drink... Agent:

20110290977 - Led panel holder: An LED panel holder includes a rectangular case (1) comprising a longitudinal groove (1a) on a central portion of back, slots (1d) on one side, hooks (1e) on the other side, the hooks (1e) adapted to lockingly engage with the slots (1d), projecting members (1b, 1c) on top, and recessed... Agent:

20110290978 - Suspension system: A suspension system includes a base frame, a carrier frame and a linkage mounted on the base frame and supporting the carrier frame. The linkage includes a first arm pivotally coupled to the frames and a second arm pivotally coupled to the frames and pivotally coupled to the second arm... Agent:

20110290979 - Infusion management system and holder: Provided are holders for compactly storing infusion management systems to surfaces. In an embodiment the holder apparatus has a head portion for receiving and infusion management system trunk portion and a foot for receiving an apex portion of the infusion management system. The holder apparatus may be mounted to a... Agent:

20110290980 - Composite encapsulated engine mount: A composite encapsulated engine mount includes a rubber bushing having a metal shell received around the bushing. A plastic bracket having a cavity receives the bushing and shell therein. An associated method of forming the mount assembly includes inserting a bushing into a mold, introducing a moldable material into the... Agent:

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