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11/24/2011 > 19 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110284701 - Cable tray cable routing system: The present invention is directed to a wall mount bracket that supports a cable tray in a cable routing system. The wall mount bracket includes a back wall and a sidewall. The back wall has a top, a bottom, sides and mounting holes positioned therebetween. The sidewall extends outwardly from... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110284702 - Cable tray cable routing system: The present invention is directed to a cable routing system with a drop down cable routing device that routes cables from the cable routing system. The drop down cable routing device is attached to a cable tray of the cable routing system. The drop down cable routing device includes an... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110284703 - Trash-leaf bag buddy: e

20110284704 - Extendible leg assembly and retaining system: The present disclosure could generally provide a system for use with a furniture or desk assembly having an extendible leg assembly and retaining system. In one embodiment, the system could be easily and safely adjustable, while maintaining a particular height and overall structural integrity of a furniture or desk system... Agent: Paragon Furniture Lp

20110284705 - Disk drive mounting apparatus: A disk drive mounting apparatus, for a computer case comprising a base plate and a side plate formed at one side of the base plate, includes a supporting bracket and a mounting frame. The side plate defines an L-shaped guiding slot therein. The supporting bracket defines a hooking hole therein.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110284706 - Bulk rail bracket: A bulk rail bracket including at least three horizontally-oriented and vertically aligned support shelf rows, wherein each pair of consecutive support shelf rows is positioned such that the two support shelf rows in the pair are spaced by a height that is approximately a multiple of a rack unit size.... Agent:

20110284707 - Over-the-door hangit system: An Over-The-Door Hangit system comprising: at least one strap; at least one bracket; at least one buckle(s); and a plurality of grommets having attachers. The bracket is positioned at a top portion of the door, and is designed to hold the strap securely in place. The buckles are removably-attachable at... Agent:

20110284708 - Universal end clamp: A clamp has a body, a wedged channel nut, and a bolt. The body has a first component extending from the body and configured to engage a module and a second component having a tapered body surface. The wedged channel nut has a first flange and a second flange extending... Agent:

20110284709 - Solar module array pre-assembly method and apparatus: The present invention is directed to an apparatus for pre-assembly of an electrically connected array of solar panels for a solar canopy including a substantially planar base member for resting on a horizontal surface; a substantially planar support member; a track member disposed proximate a bottom portion of the support... Agent: Chevron Energy Solutions Company, A Division Of Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110284710 - Multi-layer impact resistant bumper: the first body layer being extruded or molded such that it has a configuration taken along a section transverse or radial to the longitudinal axis that comprises a center aperture and a pair of recesses laterally adjacent the center aperture and extending along and through the longitudinal length of the... Agent: Boston Retail Products, Inc.

20110284711 - Stack board and server assembly using same: An exemplary stack board includes a base, a supporting platform and pivots connected between the base and the supporting platform. The base defines four guide channels therein. Each guide channel includes an oblique guide groove. The supporting platform is mounted on the base and capable of supporting a server system... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110284712 - Circular coaster for stemmed glass: Disclosed in this specification is a coaster for stemmed glassware that has three sections joined together. The bottom section is circular and is attached to two curved top sections. The top sections are raised to form a pocket for receiving the base of the stemmed glassware. The curved inner edges... Agent:

20110284713 - Vehicle seat: A vehicle seat having an oscillatory scissor-type stand and a damper that is articulated at two parts of the scissor-type stand which are movable relative to one another. One end of the damper is articulated at a pin that extends in transverse direction of the seat and extends between two... Agent: Keiper Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110284714 - Slide assembly for parking a vehicle: A vehicle slide assembly (10) comprising a first rail assembly (12) and a second rail assembly (14) substantially parallel to the first rail assembly (12). Each rail assembly comprises a guide rail (20) and the slide assembly further comprises a vehicle wheel receiving platform (16, 18) engageable with a guide... Agent: Park & Slide Limited

20110284715 - Fender mount for mirror: A mirror mount includes a one-piece molecularly continuous base member and a mirror arm. The mirror arm fastens a mirror to the base member. The base member may also have first and second ends, a side portion, and a reinforcement. The side portion extends between the first and second ends.... Agent:

20110284716 - Tie down assembly: A tie down assembly adapted to be installed within a structure includes a cup and a crossbar that is fastened removably to the cup by a plurality of fasteners. The cup includes a recess forming an interior surface, and a plurality of seats extending from the interior surface. The crossbar... Agent:

20110284717 - Tree stand: An improved stand for clamping rod-like parts, in particular Christmas trees, is characterized by the following features—a plurality of push pins (18, 18a, 18b) is provided in the circumferential direction of the stand,—the push pins (18, 18a, 18b) have elevations (21) spaced apart from one another, between which grooves (28)... Agent:

20110284718 - Power slider: A power slider includes a lower rail and an upper rail which are engaged with each other so as to be mutually slidable along each other, a screw rod which is rotatably supported on one of the lower rail and the upper rail, a feed nut which is supported on... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20110284719 - Anchor for a string line or the like: An anchor (1) has a body portion (2), a curved portion (3) and a clamping portion (4). The anchor (1) is particularly suited to positioning a string line or the like. The curved portion (3) acts to maintain tension in the string line. The clamping portion (4) acts to readily... Agent: Bowtight Pty Ltd.

11/17/2011 > 27 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20110278402 - Alloy insert clamp: A pipe support clamp, a system using the clamp, and a method of supporting a pipe with the clamp are disclosed. The pipe support clamp includes two housings, and a number of high temperature inserts, where at least one high temperature insert is coupled to the first housing and at... Agent: Mueller International, Inc.

20110278403 - Expandable armrest of wheel chair: An expandable armrest of a wheel chair includes a fixed part having a first pivotal portion which includes a first pivotal hole. A movable part is pivotably connected to the first pivotal portion of the fixed part by its second pivotal portion. A first transverse hole and a second transverse... Agent: Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd.

20110278404 - Ratchet stand device: A ratchet stand device includes a base joined to a top member such that congruently aligned openings, allow a post having a plurality of locking teeth on one side wall to be snugly inserted through the aligned openings. A ratchet part is pivotally disposed in a side aperture of the... Agent: Pull'r Holding Company, LLC

20110278405 - Device for supporting a suction element: A device for supporting on a surface a part having a suction element includes a mounting element having a wall mountable on the surface, and a pocket-shaped receptacle for receiving the suction element, such that when the suction element is received in the pocket-shaped receptacle and the wall is attached... Agent:

20110278406 - Device for supporting an object on a surface: A device for supporting an object on a surface has a body including a first portion attachable to a surface so as to attach the body to the surface and a second part having a receptacle for receiving the object, and an element for simultaneously activating the first portion and... Agent:

20110278407 - System and method for mounting a badge on a vehicle: A system and method for mounting a badge to a component of a vehicle is provided. The system comprises a mounting base including first and second fastening apertures defined therein, and a trim ring coupled with the mounting base having an opening defined therein. The badge is adapted to be... Agent:

20110278408 - Locking device: A locking device adapted to lock a component to a locking surface, the locking device comprising a body and a lever, the lever being movable with respect to the body from an open position, in which the locking device is open to receive the component, to a closed position, in... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20110278409 - Mounting system for hanging panels: Mounting systems for securing display panels to walls can include at least one display panel having at least one panel connector attached to the back side thereof, and at least one panel support frame including a plurality of mounting supports that each include at least one panel receiver. The panel... Agent:

20110278411 - Mounting foot for solar modules and mounting system having a plurality of such mounting feet: A mounting foot for solar modules is disclosed. The mounting foot includes a base body having at least one stand space with which the mounting foot can be supported on a substrate, an upper support connected to the base body for a first inclined modular panel and a lower support... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110278410 - Roof bracket apparatus: The roof bracket apparatus provides for affixing an object or structure to an existing roof and to the sturdily contained rafters thereof. The apparatus in no way infringes upon or invades any existing roof surface materials. The surround bracket is comprised of two spaced apart slanted parallelograms with a gap... Agent:

20110278412 - Reversible keyboard support: A keyboard support device having a generally planar support platform including a first keyboard support surface and an opposing second keyboard support surface. The platform includes two side edges and two end edges. Riser elements are formed along each end of the platform. The riser elements may be integrally formed... Agent:

20110278413 - Display panel driving mechanism for electronic device: A display panel driving mechanism for electronic device supports a lower side of a display panel (1), which is arranged on a front plane of an electronic device, to be freely turned around a first shaft (5a) which moves by following a slider (4) driven in to and fro directions.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kenwood

20110278414 - Vertical spring lift systems: A display positioning apparatus is provided for lifting, supporting, and/or positioning a load, such as a display. The apparatus includes a support and a bracket adapted to couple to a display movably coupled to the support along a range of travel. A balance mechanism is operatively coupled to the bracket... Agent: Ergotron, Inc.

20110278415 - Electronic flight bag mounting bracket: A mounting bracket for an electronic flight bag (EFB) includes a frame having a track and a mounting assembly that is having a base and a support that is moveably connected to the base and can be selectively fixed in position on the track. The mounting bracket may allow for... Agent: Electronic Cable Specialists, Inc.

20110278416 - Corner protector: A corner protector can be mated with an article of furniture having a corresponding notch. The corner protector can include a body having an upper surface, a lower surface, a first side, a second side, and a blunted corner. Generally, in the mated configuration the blunted corner is oriented outwardly,... Agent: Kohburg, Inc.

20110278417 - System and methods for smoothly inverting one or more faces of a cubical device: A system and method for inverting a cubical device 100 that inverts one or more faces of the cubical device 100 in a single fluid motion. In an embodiment, the cube faces are split in two face piece assemblies 210, in an alternative embodiment faces have only one invertible section... Agent: The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

20110278418 - Seat: A seat is disclosed, which includes a first body, a second body, a bearing and at least one rolling part. The bearing is connected between the first body and the second body, and the bearing has a plurality of degrees of freedom so that the first body is able to... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20110278420 - Slide device for vehicle seat: A slide device for a vehicle seat provided with: an upper rail that is long in the front-rear direction and fixedly installed on the bottom surface of a seat body; a lower rail that is arranged on the floor of a vehicle body and supports the upper rail such that... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110278419 - Vehicle seat track assembly having a single toothed belt drive mechanism: A drive mechanism for a vehicle seat track assembly includes a housing and a motor having an output shaft. An output speed reducing mechanism is coupled to the output shaft. The motor and the output speed reducing mechanism are mounted to the housing. A toothed drive pulley is rotatably mounted... Agent: Creative Seating Technologies, LLC

20110278421 - Non-hinged portable easel to support and angle an object: Provided is an easel for supporting an object. The easel includes a base member, which includes an opening and a support. One end of the support may be detached from the base member and inserted into the opening. A grip is also provided, and one end of the grip may... Agent:

20110278422 - System for engaging an aircraft seat in a fastening rail: The system for engaging an aircraft seat in a fastening rail of the rest of said aircraft, of the type including a catching means able to be moved between an assembly/disassembly position of the seat and an active position locking said seat in position, via a handling lever that can... Agent: Attax

20110278423 - Post sleeve assembly: A post sleeve provides a substantially permanent base for supporting a post for a fence or sign, and from which one post can be removed and replaced with another post. The sleeve includes a rigid, elongate body and a cavity extending within the body and configured to receive an end... Agent:

20110278424 - Spring arm lift systems: A display positioning apparatus is provided for lifting, supporting, and/or positioning a load, such as a display. The apparatus includes a base and a lift arm adapted to couple to a display, the lift arm pivotally coupled to the base providing a range of travel. A balance mechanism is operatively... Agent: Ergotron, Inc.

20110278425 - Vibration isolation system with a unique low vibration frequency: A vibration isolation system is provided. The vibration isolation system includes a negative stiffness device which is additionally installed in the vibration isolation system which includes a main spring which is connected between a first object (mass) and a second object (a support) to isolate vibrations transmitted between the first... Agent:

20110278427 - Mounting system for an air handling unit: A mounting system for an air handling unit comprising four elongated rods attached at the upper ends to floor joists and at the lower ends to a pair of elongated supports disposed below the air handling unit whereby the rods are adjustable to allow for tilting of the air handling... Agent:

20110278426 - Support bracket for a steering column assembly: A support bracket assembly for a steering column assembly comprises a first bracket part, a second bracket part which is fixed to the vehicle by at least one fastener, and at least one capsule which comprises a main body fixed to the first bracket part by a frangible connector. The... Agent:

20110278428 - Trailer/dolly abs system module: An apparatus and method for mounting a trailer/dolly air brake system module onto a mounting surface of a trailer/dolly using a mounting element. More particularly, a trailer/dolly air brake system module is mounted to an I-beam or C-channel of the trailer/dolly via welding methods, fasteners, or clamps. This allows the... Agent:

11/10/2011 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110272534 - Calyx support for stemmed flowers: An apparatus for supporting the calyx of a flower of a plant having a lockable stem clip from which extend projections for supporting the calyx of the flower.... Agent:

20110272535 - Pipe clamp: A pipe clamp comprises a mounting post having a flexible arm extending laterally therefrom in a semi-circular arc. The arm defines with the mounting post an arcuate recess having spaced apart opposite ends between which different size pipe is selectively insertable into the recess. Opposed flexible fingers extend radially inwardly... Agent:

20110272536 - Composite l-shaped fitting and method and mould for the production thereof: The invention relates to an L-shaped fitting obtained after molding a composite material, including two portions defining an angle therebetween and having holes formed therein for connecting the two portions using an attachment device, and having side reinforcements in the form of brackets. At least one portion has a concave... Agent:

20110272537 - Engagement arrangement: Retention of position and clamping of components is ideally performed with an engagement arrangement which is reconfigurable. Magnetorheological (MR) fluids have been utilised for reconfigurable engagement arrangements but typically require powerful electromagnets to activate the MR fluid. By providing enclosed chambers with a constriction in the form of a passage... Agent:

20110272538 - Secure equipment transfer system: An equipment transfer device is provided that is transferable from one support to another support. The transport device is formed as a housing that has two spaced apart, generally parallel recesses, which form docking cups that are open to the bottom. Each docking cup is configured to receive a docking... Agent: Lifespan Healthcare, LLC.

20110272539 - Handgun holster mounting system: A mounting system for securing a handgun holster to furniture, comprising a holster having a pistol receiving pouch and an attachment element, a mounting bracket having a horizontal plate portion connected to a vertical plate portion, the vertical plate portion having at least one opening, and a fastener for securing... Agent:

20110272540 - Portable air conditioner support arrangement: A portable air conditioner support arrangement for supporting a portable air conditioner in a window frame assembly. The support arrangement comprises an elongated flange-engaging rail having a first end and a second end, with a channel engaging tab arranged on the first end and the second end of the rail.... Agent:

20110272542 - Inside wrap post coupler accommodating beam rivet: A post coupler is provided with a pair of coupler flanges having rivet receiving apertures for receiving rivets extending from horizontal shelf-supporting beams to facilitate vertical shelf placement in a shelving unit unfettered by the vertical disposition of the post couplers. Apertures in the coupler index with apertures in abutting... Agent: Edsal Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20110272543 - Inside wrap post coupler with assembly assist: A post coupler includes coupler flanges, reverse bend flanges extending therealong and tapered end projections extending longitudinally from said coupler flanges defining ends of the coupler, the length of the reverse bend flanges being less than the overall coupler length between ends of the rounded end projections, and the reverse... Agent: Edsal Manufacturing Avenue Co., Inc.

20110272541 - Outside wrap post coupler accommodating beam rivet: A post coupler is provided with a pair of coupler flanges having rivet receiving apertures for receiving rivets extending from horizontal shelf-supporting beams to facilitate vertical shelf placement in a shelving unit unfettered by the vertical disposition of the post couplers. Apertures in the coupler index with apertures in abutting... Agent: Edsal Manufacturing Co., Inc.

20110272544 - Dual tension connector: The Dual Tension Connector (DTC) is a metal connector used for tying a wood or steel railing stanchion to a structural framing member. The DTC is designed to resist force applied to a railing stanchion in any direction. It is a one-piece solution for railing stanchion connections that requires no... Agent:

20110272545 - Bracket assembly for mounting rooftop objects: Disclosed is an apparatus for mounting equipment, such as solar panels, fans, air conditioning units, walkways, signage, facade, or ladders, on corrugated or ribbed metal roofs where the mounting apparatus attempts to provide a leak resistant and stable mounting structure for such equipment. The corrugated or ribbed metal roof includes... Agent:

20110272546 - Condiment container attachment device: A condiment container attachment device (1) for attaching a condiment container (50) to a food or a beverage container (100), the container (100) being of a type having -an upwardly facing opening (110); -at least one inwardly facing first surface (140, 240); and -a bead (130) or downwardly facing skirt... Agent:

20110272547 - Wiring harness fixture: A wiring clip 1 includes: an attaching portion 10 configured to be overlapped with a wiring harness; a locking portion 11 extended vertically from the attaching portion 10 and configured to be locked in a hole provided on a panel; and a pressing portion 12 configured to press the panel... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110272548 - Video bezel seat attachment: A bezel assembly includes a bezel including an outer surface in which a recess is formed for receiving a video monitor, an inner side contoured to engage a seat back frame opposite the outer surface, a retaining lip extending outwardly from the inner side, and an internal rib connected to... Agent: Be Aerospace, Inc.

20110272549 - Support arrangement and refrigerator provided therewith: A refrigerator that includes at least one vertical support that has a vertical guiding groove with a recess and a plurality of vertically staggered steps provided therein, and a horizontal support provided with a peg engaged into the recess of the guiding groove. In the interlocked position of the horizontal... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

20110272550 - Retail product assembly with hanger: A retail product assembly includes a retail product, a bracket coupled thereto and defining an opening between the retail product and the bracket, and a hanger. The hanger includes a hanging portion configured to receive a support structure, a cross bar, a drop portion, and a tapered portion. The cross... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20110272551 - Movable assembly and application to movable devices: Movable device comprising at least one assembly, said assembly comprising: an equilateral tri-angle, said triangle connected at first vertex to top a fixed reference point by means of a pivot, said pivot is stationary; a stationary pivot, said stationary pivots connects said triangle to said fixed reference point; a pair... Agent:

20110272552 - Flag holding device: A flag holding device for securing a flag to a vehicle may include a first portion, a second portion connected to the first portion to form an opening within an interior of the flag holding device, and a flag hole operable to accept a flag pole.... Agent:

20110272553 - Removable gas turbine engine stand: A removable stand assembly for a gas turbine engine includes a first stand removably mountable to a gas turbine engine on one side of a center of gravity of the gas turbine engine and a second stand removably mountable to the gas turbine engine on a second side of the... Agent:

11/03/2011 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110266401 - Electrical winding and termination interface: Methods and devices are provided for supporting a wire having a minimum tolerable bend radius. The device comprises a core portion with a longitudinal axis supporting at least a first portion of the wire and a flange portion attached to the core portion supporting at least a second portion of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110266402 - Ladder apparatus: The present invention is directed to a ladder apparatus capable of being mounted to a vehicle. The ladder apparatus generally comprises a mounting support, a main ladder support for receiving an extension ladder, and a torsion support. The mounting support, the main ladder support and the torsion support are pivotally... Agent:

20110266403 - Folding-type shelf holder: A folding shelf holder is strong and folds easily. A wall side member has a pin as a rotational axis of a shelf side member relative to the wall side member and a rotation limiter limiting rotation of the shelf side member relative to the wall side member. The shelf... Agent: Sugatsune Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110266404 - Wall mounting bath accessory assembly: A wall mounting bath accessory assembly contains a fixing member to be locked to a wall including a groove defined therein so that between the groove and the wall is defined a movable space and an upper locking portion disposed on a top end thereof; a sliding member limited to... Agent:

20110266405 - Storage device mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket, fasteners, and a positioning member. The bracket includes an end member, and a pair of side plates perpendicular to the end member. The positioning member is pivotably attached to the end member. A pair of mounting holes is defined in each side plate. Each... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110266406 - Structure for coupling items such as signs and cameras to a fixed support structure: A structure is provided for coupling items such as signs, birdhouses and cameras to a fixed support structure is disclosed. Various mechanisms for attachment to a variety of supporting structures are described. The structure firmly holds an item in place, and the structure is capable of secure attachment to a... Agent:

20110266407 - Instrument assembly support apparatus: An instrument assembly support apparatus is disclosed. In some embodiments, the instrument assembly support apparatus may be for supporting an instrument assembly. The instrument assembly may include an instrument support arm. In some embodiments, the instrument assembly support apparatus may include a base fixedly mountable onto the external frame, a... Agent:

20110266408 - Method for joining a rubber mount or a rubber-metal mount with a bearing seat and a chassis mount: Method for joining a rubber mount or a rubber-metal mount (3) to a bearing seat (2) of a chassis mount (1), wherein the rubber mount or the rubber-metal mount (3) is pressed into the bearing seat (2), wherein the rubber mount or the rubber-metal mount (3) is adhesively bonded to... Agent: Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

20110266409 - Self-centering vial clamp: A self-centering vial clamp (100) is provided. The self-centering vial clamp (100) includes a clamp body (101) including a vial aperture (110) and two or more jaw slots (111) spaced around the vial aperture (110), two or more clamp jaws (211) spaced around the vial aperture (110), with a clamp... Agent: Hach Company

20110266410 - Suspension systems and methods with independent stiffness and height tuning: A suspension system between two bodies, the suspension system including: a first pressure chamber provided between the bodies; and at least one other pressure chamber provided between the bodies such that the at least one other pressure chamber opposes the action of the first pressure chamber; and a control system... Agent:

20110266411 - Ergonomically balanced and moveable arm support system: An ergonomically balanced arm support system to counterbalance the weight of the human arm is described. The arm support system includes a fastening mechanism, a vertical sliding support attached to the fastening mechanism, and an adjustable counterbalancing device which includes a tension wire. The adjustable counterbalancing device is attached to... Agent:

20110266412 - Support system for power train of vehicle: A vehicle power train support system composed of a plurality of support units including right and left support units. One paired support unit has a mount device mounted on the side members and includes an outer cylinder and a central shaft having an axis extending in a vertical direction of... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20110266413 - Well carcass for an elevator installation: The object is achieved, according to the invention, in that at least one drive shaft (204) extends approximately horizontally between two diagonally opposite corner regions (105) of the well carcass (102) and is connected indirectly or directly to opposite parts, in particular to longitudinal sides (109, 111, 113, 115), of... Agent:

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