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10/27/2011 > 23 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20110260010 - Rod securing device: A rod securing device includes a securing plate and a first driving arm. The securing plate is capable of receiving a rod. The first driving arm is located in the securing plate. The first driving arm is capable of moving along a first direction. The first driving arm includes a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110260011 - Automotive line bundling system: A system of alternate hose line bundling allows for exclusion of a higher pressure hose line from fasteners directly attached to a vehicle body. Alternatively to mounting to the vehicle body, the higher pressure hose line is coupled to a lower pressure hose line via fasteners which lack mounting features.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110260012 - Sprinkler mounting device: Disclosed therein is a sprinkler mounting device having a mounting bracket that includes a tightening member mounted on the front of a bracket body for opening and closing an open portion by a lever, so that the tightening member can firmly hold a reducer, to which a head is joined,... Agent:

20110260013 - Bag master system: A debris collection device comprising: a graduated columnar member having, a first open end located in a top rim, a second open end located in a bottom rim, an inner surface, and an outer surface. First open end and second open end of the graduated columnar member oppose each other... Agent:

20110260014 - Protective cover support rack for portable electronic devices: A protective cover support rack for electronic devices includes at least a protective cover body, a support lid and a hinge assembly. The protective cover body has an inner rim with an annular U-shaped trough formed thereon to hold and encase the body of an electronic device, and a lower... Agent: E-lead Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110260015 - Visual presenting apparatus: A visual presenting apparatus includes a support column which is mounted via a pivot shaft on a base so as to be pivotable, a friction braking mechanism applying a frictional load to the pivot shaft over a whole range of pivotal movement of the column, a power assist mechanism which... Agent: Elmo Co., Ltd.

20110260016 - Equipment support: A support having a plurality of elongate hollow leg members, each of which is at least partially supporting an apex selectively, detachably mountable to equipment. At least one leg member has a circumferential wall of a thickness along a major portion of its length no more than approximately 0.04 inches.... Agent:

20110260017 - Adjustable support arm: An adjustable support arm utilizing a spring having a dynamic attachment point to support the weight of an attached object. The adjustable support arm can comprise a lower bracket connected to an upper bracket by a parallelogram linkage. A spring is utilized to counterbalance the weight of an attached object.... Agent: Humanscale Corporation

20110260019 - Mechanized or motored retractable enclosure panels and their support brackets: Mechanized or motor activated retractable enclosure-panels and custom brackets for any style open-air-vehicle having roof structures, including cars and boats, is taught. Installation takes less than 20 minutes with no drilling required, in most cases. The system includes brackets to directly rotably support the panels. The brackets are bolted directly... Agent:

20110260018 - Two post rack with floor mounting brackets: A bracket assembly for mounting a rack to a floor includes a bracket. The bracket includes a rack-mounting surface having at least one pair of rack-mounting openings for mounting the bracket to the rack, and a floor-mounting surface extending from the rack-mounting surface. The floor-mounting surface has at least three... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110260020 - Jiggle sign: Disclosed is a support device having a first support element. The first support element has a first surface and a second surface. The first support element connects to a second support element via an elongated holder. The elongated holder has a first and second ends that mount within the support... Agent:

20110260021 - Method for hanging party favors and apparatus and kits related thereto: The present inventions relate to a balloon and streamer hub assembly that allows for the efficient hanging of balloons and streamers in a variety of different environments, as well as kits and methods related thereto. In one aspect, the balloon and streamer hub assembly includes a mounting block, and adhesive... Agent:

20110260022 - Sucker attachment device having direction adjustable function: A sucker attachment device includes a support base, a pivot seat pivotally mounted on the support base, a sucker mounted on the pivot seat, a rotation disk swivelably mounted on the support base, and a receptacle assembly mounted on the rotation disk. The pivot seat has a spherical universal connector... Agent:

20110260023 - Lid holder for a slow cooker: A lid holder for use with a slow cooker. The lid holder has a tray supported on a strap from the rim of the slow cooker. The tray has inner and outer walls between which a lid from the cooker may be interposed. The lid is supported in the tray... Agent:

20110260024 - Structure for positioning operating unit: A positioning structure, which fixes an operating unit (1) by a fixing bracket (4) and an adjusting bracket (2) provided with stoppers (3), easily performs the positioning that prevents the positions of the stoppers (3) from being displaced due to a customer's pressing force acted to the operating unit (1).... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20110260025 - Carpet clamp: The tang portion of a clamp member of the carpet clamp deforms elastically, and thus the portion which holds a wire harness can be moved. Further, the tang portion is pressed (deformed) in the direction of a bottom wall by a groove portion. Thus the tang portion fits to the... Agent: Newfrey LLC

20110260026 - Mounting bracket for display: A mounting bracket for a display includes a first rail and a first clamping mechanism. The first clamping mechanism is slidably mounted to the rail along a first direction. The clamping mechanism includes a first and a second clamping members. The first and second clamping members are telescopically mounted to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110260027 - Solar panel mounting assembly with locking cap: A solar panel mounting assembly including a bracket having a base, a central member extending from the base defining a channel opening in a direction away from the base, and first and second coplanar rails carried on the central member and spaced apart from the base, and a locking cap... Agent: Daetwyler-clean Energy LLC

20110260028 - Chassis, base, and negator spring: A base, a chassis and a negator spring. The negator spring has a first cross sectional area and a second cross sectional area. The negator spring can oppose a force on the chassis.... Agent:

20110260029 - Adjustable umbrella mount: An adjustable mount for an umbrella may include one or more adjustments to allow the umbrella to be secured at different positions both horizontally and vertically. The mount may include a beam that fits into a standard receiver hitch on a vehicle. The mount may be used without the beam... Agent:

20110260030 - Improved device for fixing an antenna to a supporting surface and method for assembling an antenna by means of said fixing device: The invention is a device (1) for fixing an antenna to a supporting surface (S), comprising a base plate (2) arranged against the supporting surface (S) and a fixing element (3) that communicates with an underlying opening (5) made in the supporting surface (S). In this fixing device the fixing... Agent: Calearo Antenne S.p.a.

20110260031 - Multifunctional supply element: In order to enhance its attractiveness and flexibility, the invention proposes that firstly other types of functional elements, such as water spraying elements, loudspeakers, display devices, are connected to the support of the supply element in a fixed or rotatable manner and secondly, that the individual functional elements are supplied... Agent:

20110260032 - Motor base: A motor base comprises a supporting member and an enclosure member. The supporting member has an outer surface and an inner surface, wherein the inner surface defines a through-hole. One side of the through-hole forms an opening portion and another side of the through-hole forms a coupling portion. The enclosure... Agent:

10/20/2011 > 34 patent applications in 25 patent subcategories.

20110253845 - Utensil and napkin support and method: A utensil and napkin holder is disclosed. The utensil and napkin holder may include a holder body. The holder body includes an elongate utensil support member having a longitudinal dimension and a transverse dimension, the longitudinal dimension being substantially longer than the transverse dimension. The utensil support member having one... Agent:

20110253846 - Cable guide unit water-proof device for railway vehicle: A waterproof cable guide device for a railway vehicle, comprises an elastic member of a substantially rectangular prism shape, which has a plurality of through-holes into which the plurality of electric cables are inserted, respectively, the plurality of through-holes penetrating the elastic member in a forward and backward direction, the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110253847 - Cable guide unit water-proof device for railway vehicle: A waterproof cable guide device for a railway vehicle comprises an elastic member having a plurality of through-holes penetrating in a forward and backward direction and screw insertion holes penetrating in the forward and backward direction, the plurality of electric cables being inserted into the plurality of holes, respectively, the... Agent: Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110253848 - Mass transfer column and a crown element for a mass transfer column: The crown element for securing a packing in a mass transfer column comprises an elongate sheet which comprises a roof element, a wall element and a bottom element. A first bending line is formed between the roof element and the wall element and a second bending line is formed between... Agent:

20110253849 - Fastening device for bicycle seat pad and seat tube using the same: The fastening device of the present invention includes a base, two pawl shanks and two positioning rods. The base is formed with two hook portions and two base positioning holes. Each pawl shank is formed with a pawl positioning hole, and each pawl shank includes a pawl section and a... Agent: Yeu Chueh Industry Co., Ltd

20110253850 - Foldable stand for portable handheld electronic device: A foldable stand for portable handheld electronic device, which may comprise: a base into an upper surface of which a groove is formed; a cover pivotably connected to the base for covering the upper surface of the base; a strut pivotably connected to the cover at an upper edge thereof... Agent: Switcheasy Limited

20110253852 - Hand rail mounting bracket for an electrical panel: A bracket for mounting an electrical panel to a handrail has a first portion having a U-shaped portion for receiving the handrail, a second portion having an attachment for attaching to the electrical panel, and a pivotal connection connecting the first portion to the second portion.... Agent:

20110253851 - Side skirt mounting assembly for container chassis: A mounting assembly for securing a bracket, to which a side skirt may be attached to a frame of a wheeled container chassis semi-trailer. The assembly includes a support and at least one resilient securement member. A proximal end of the support may be mounted in a substantially outwardly transverse... Agent: Innovative Trailer Design Technologies Inc.

20110253853 - Hinge reinforcement for a motor vehicle door hinge: A hinge reinforcement for a motor vehicle door hinge for securing a hinge joint to the bearing structure of a motor vehicle body, with a base plate that can be slidably attached to a side of the bearing structure facing away from the hinge joint in a pre-assembly position by... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110253855 - Adjustable mounting bracket for electronic device: A mounting bracket for fixing an electronic device on television set includes a holding portion and a mounting portion. The holding portion includes a holding frame, a rotating frame and a connecting hinge. The mounting portion includes an adjusting strap, a plurality of hook portions, a pair of adjustable buckles,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110253857 - Fastening bracket of deck cross member: The present invention provides a fastening bracket for fastening right and left ends of a deck cross member to respective fitting parts of a vehicle body frame. The fastening bracket includes a body plate to which one of the ends of the deck cross member is connected, a surface contact... Agent: Asteer Co., Ltd.

20110253856 - Mount for a flat panel display: A mount for a flat panel display comprises a substantially flat first component having a coupling for attachment to the flat panel display, and a plurality of spaced apart fixings configured for securing the first component to an upright support so as to maximise the vertical load through the support... Agent:

20110253854 - Wall mountable accessory assembly: Wall mountable accessory assemblies suitable to be mounted in a bathroom are disclosed. As an example, there is a grab bar assembly that has at least one mounting bracket, a grab bar, and a set screw. The bracket includes a rearward portion mountable to the wall and a frontal portion... Agent:

20110253859 - Fastening device for add-on components on mounting rails: Add-on components (3) are to be fastened to a support part (5) with a simple technical set-up and without a need for tools, with a device (1) for fastening an add-on component (3) to a support part (5), including at least one movable holding element (16) that, when it is... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110253858 - Jamb bracket system: The jamb bracket system having a jamb bracket with a plate that is matingly received within a mounting plate groove. The jamb bracket has a pair of attachment plates for connection with a closure assembly. At least one screw is disposed through the jamb bracket and mounting plate to attach... Agent:

20110253861 - Over-the-door hanging apparatus: An apparatus for hanging an article from a door. In one aspect, the invention can be a frame comprising first and second channels in a rear surface of the frame; a first and second mounting plate, each of which comprises a first, second and third edge and a vertical axis;... Agent:

20110253860 - Apparatus and method for securing a watthour electrical meter to a socket box: The instant disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for securing a watthour electrical meter to a socket meter box. A locking ring comprises a divided annular band fitted with tab members configured to accept a variety of ring fasteners. The tab members support a variety of ring fastener and... Agent: Dewalch Technologies, Inc.

20110253862 - Multi-purpose hook: The present invention, hereinafter referred as the Multi-Purpose Hook provides a specially designed tool brace for use when working on scaffolds. The Multi-Purpose Hook is an oval, or circular metal ring, attached to the scaffold by means of a rear contact point where the vertical support of the scaffold joins... Agent:

20110253863 - Mounting device for bicycle control components: A mounting device for mounting first and second bicycle control components to a bicycle handlebar having a handlebar axis. The mounting device generally includes first and second mounting brackets. The first mounting bracket is adjustably mounted to the handlebar about the handlebar axis. One of the first and second bicycle... Agent: Sram, LLC

20110253864 - Temporary shaft support system: A temporary shaft support system is provided that can be used with an enclosure such as food processing equipment. The system may include a holder for engaging a shaft to be supported, and a lift that is supported from the food processing equipment at a position that is higher than... Agent:

20110253865 - Apparatus for positioning a device: An apparatus for positioning a device. The apparatus includes a coupling member, a first arm, a second arm, and a sloped support member. The coupling member defines a first opening and a second opening. The first arm passes through the first opening, and the coupling member is movably connected to... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20110253866 - Swinging support device: A swinging support device is provided which includes: a display device 120 which is opened and closed between a stowage position 121 and a view position 122; an opening and closing mechanism 110 operable to open and close the display device 120; a retaining mechanism 130 for holding the display... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110253867 - Adjustable container holder and method: A container holder adapted to hold a container between two spaced apart prongs is provided herein. The prongs clamp the container with a clamping force large enough to hold the container, but small enough to avoid damaging the container. The prongs may be spaced apart to fit different-sized containers, while... Agent:

20110253868 - Method and apparatus for securing cables and the like: Apparatus for use with a mounting panel having a mounting aperture includes a cable tie mount having a cable tie receiving passage extending therethrough, the mount having a planar central rigid portion and first and second side portions self-biased to reside in the plane of the mount central portion and... Agent: Cable-mates, Inc.

20110253872 - Container holder: Container holders are presented including: a base having an top surface, a bottom surface, a proximal end, a distal end, a first longitudinal edge, and a second longitudinal edge; at least two edge stops each having a cross-section, the at least two edge stops in mechanical communication with the top... Agent:

20110253870 - Multi-position base assembly for tool: A base assembly removably and adjustably receives a tool and includes a base and a wall extending outwardly from the base. First and second openings are disposed in the wall. First and second cutouts are disposed in the wall to receive the tool. A pivot pin is removably received by... Agent: Hubbell Incorporated

20110253871 - Transport device: A label transport device for transporting indicia-bearing labels for identifying electrical and electronic components, comprising a generally rectangular carrier frame member having a generally planar support surface, a generally rectangular planar indicia-bearing label, and a mounting arrangement for mounting the label on the carrier frame, including at least one positioning... Agent: Weidmueller Interface Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110253869 - Truncated pyramid shaped shipping base: A shipping base shaped like a square, truncated pyramid for use with a washing machine of the type having an undercarriage suspended below the wash tub. The shipping base has an opening in the top of the truncated pyramid into which the washing machine undercarriage is lowered until the undercarriage... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20110253873 - Seat base sliding apparatus: The present disclosure discloses a seat base sliding device applied to a seat of a heavy machinery such as a loader, an excavator, or the like. The seat base sliding device includes: a seat base with a lower part is fixed to a floor of a vehicle body and an... Agent: Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.

20110253874 - Coupling system for an aircraft seat: In a coupling system for coupling an aircraft seat in a rail of the rest thereof, of the type including a base to which the rest of the seat is connected and associated with a locking slide able to be moved using a control device under the control of a... Agent:

20110253875 - Pole type member support device and method therefor: A pole type member support device has a conical shaped receptacle. The conical shaped receptacle has an opening formed in a top section thereof. The receptacle is tapered so that the top section of the receptacle is larger than a bottom section. A channel is formed around an outer perimeter... Agent:

20110253876 - Slam it systems: Slam it systems is a ground-planted anchor member for securably supporting pole devices having various size widths. In a preferred embodiment, the anchor member comprises an upper portion comprising a pole receiver and a thumb screw, a middle portion comprising a slide shaft wherein a slide hammer is concentrically mounted... Agent:

20110253877 - System and method for an in-ground arrangement for use with mailboxes, signs or the like: A prefabricated concrete pad having embedded anchoring stud assemblies and anchoring tabs for receiving anchoring stakes therethrough. The studs are preferably notched to cause the studs to break-away during higher speed vehicle impact. During lower speed vehicle impact, the studs stay intact and the concrete pad will tilt thereby allowing... Agent:

20110253878 - Supporting pillar for an aircraft's structural component manufactured by a selective laser melting process: The invention relates to an elongated supporting pillar for a high-strength structural component, wherein the supporting pillar is designed to absorb bending forces that act transversely to a longitudinal direction of extension of the supporting pillar. The supporting pillar comprises a wall which at least partially encloses an elongated cavity... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

10/13/2011 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20110248125 - Removably mountable intravenous tubing holder: A tube holding apparatus includes a mounting block having a block fastening end with a block fastening structure for removably securing the mounting block to a support surface and having a tube engaging end with several tube retaining structures. The block fastening structure includes a first fastener section of hook... Agent:

20110248126 - Systems and methods for supporting a pipe: Systems and methods for supporting one or more pipes are provided. The pipe support system can include a first isolator and a second isolator at least partially disposed about a pipe such that at least a portion of the first and second isolators oppose one another. The pipe support system... Agent: Kellogg Brown & Root LLC

20110248127 - Display: Devices are disclosed having a magnet disposed thereon, operatively configured for retaining a ferrous element thereagainst.... Agent:

20110248128 - Low profile motorize tilt mount: A mount system is adapted to couple a monitor to a supporting surface. The natural tendency of the mount system is to tilt down the monitor, due to the weight of the monitor. However, the weight of the monitor may be at least partially counter-balanced by having to lift its... Agent:

20110248129 - Supporting device of display unit: A supporting device of a display unit includes a stationary bracket securable to a wall, a body coupling device to mount a body of the display unit thereto, and a plurality of connecting devices to connect the stationary bracket with the body coupling device, each connecting device having first and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110248130 - Device structure with an adaptor for fixing the same to a base for fixing a hinge to a piece of furniture: In the device structure with adaptor for fixing of the same to a base for fixing a hinge to a piece of furniture, the adaptor comprises a longitudinal box-shaped element to accommodate the device and means projecting laterally from the box-shaped element for fixing the box-shaped element laterally to the... Agent: Arturo Salice S.p.a.

20110248131 - Two-part roof hook: A two-part roof hook is described, which has a base part (1) and a hook part (2) which can be connected to the base part (1) and which has a connecting element (6) on its end (4) for mounting an assembly. The base part (1) is a cut-off portion (X)... Agent: Haticon Gmbh

20110248132 - Board fixing structure: A protrusion 31 formed at an end edge of a board that is not screw-fixed is inserted into a rectangular opening engaging section 25 formed on a chassis 2, sides of the board are mounted on a screw-fixing section (also serving as a board receiver) 21, and a first and... Agent:

20110248133 - Device for mounting wireless device case: First mounting ring (340) and second mounting ring (360) are fixed to wireless device case (200) using fastening screws (347, 367). First mounting ring (340) and second mounting ring (360) are fitted to measurement display section (104) from above, and co-mounting bolt (301) is passed through rings (340, 360) to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110248134 - Reinforced supporting connectors for tubular grab railings: A reinforced connector assembly for a tubular grab railing has an upper tubing support that is aligned with the grab railing during use and a lower base portion bolted directly to the tubing support fastened to a wall or floor. The tubing support has an opening that divides it into... Agent:

20110248135 - Fixing bracket, fixing method of fixing bracket and fixing structure of fixing bracket: A fixing bracket for fixing a housing on a board includes: a placing portion configured to be placed on the board; an attaching portion configured to be attached to the housing; and a retaining portion which retains the placing portion to the board. The placing portion may include a receiving... Agent:

20110248136 - Protruding positioning pedestal: Disclosed herein is a protruding positioning pedestal having a bottom plate, a bent piece, a fastening component, and a fastening hole. The bent piece is cut from the bottom plate, bent up from the bottom plate, and extended toward the surface of the bottom plate, to form a positioning section... Agent: Au Optronics (suzhou) Corp., Ltd.

20110248137 - Methods and apparatus for mounting solar panels: A method and apparatus for mounting a solar panel to a surface according to various aspects of the present invention is configured to provide attachment of a solar panel to any suitable surface. The mounting system comprises a membrane and a frame coupled with the membrane. The frame is configured... Agent:

20110248138 - Device positioning supports: A device positioning support for selectively positioning a device in one of a plurality of positions comprising a base, a pair of links which are each connected to the base and to a device, a manually operable self-locking release comprising a biasing member which normally biases a first constraint connected... Agent:

20110248139 - Portable computer air cushion: An air-filled cushion for portable computer devices. In the present invention, portable computer devices on top of the air cushion are secured by means of a strap to prevent shifting or falling off while being used. The design of the air cushion accords with ergonomic and height demands, so that... Agent:

20110248140 - Portable configurable modular spatial stabilization and transport system for enabling mounting of at least one portable apparatus in accordance with at least one plural controllable mounting profile: The present invention is directed to a portable configurable modular spatial stabilization and transport system that enables mounting of at least one apparatus (e.g., camera, etc.) in accordance with at least one plural controllable mounting profile, which may be a static profile, securing the apparatus, or one or more mobile... Agent: Myt Works, Inc.

20110248142 - Saw blade gripper: A mechanism for gripping an article including a housing, a piston slidably housed within the housing, a plunger slidably housed within the housing, wherein the plunger is at least partially extendable out from the housing, the plunger including a gripping surface, at least one spring operatively arranged between the piston... Agent:

20110248141 - Steel coil positioning structure: This invention relates to a steel coil positioning structure which at least comprises a positioning seat made of plastic material. The positioning seat comprises at least one base body and two side seat bodies. The base body has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other. The... Agent:

20110248143 - Breakaway device for posts: A device that facilitates the support of a post or shaft in such a way that the post is connected rigidly to a foundation or otherwise connected to a fixed position. If a condition arises that causes the post to become stressed physically the device will allow separation of the... Agent:

20110248144 - Lifting-adjusting assembly for a shaft: A lifting-adjusting assembly for a shaft has an outer device, an inner device and multiple positioning elements. The outer device is adapted to mount around a shaft and has a base and a mounting casing. The mounting casing is mounted around the base and has a chamber, an opening and... Agent:

10/06/2011 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20110240805 - Multi-joint cable protection and guide device: There is provided a multi-joint cable protection and guide device that fits well with a flexible belt member in a flexed posture, that steadily protects and smoothly guides cables that assume the flexed posture, that requires fewer parts and that may be readily connected and disconnected corresponding as desired according... Agent: Tsubakimoto Chain Co.

20110240806 - Modular tank stand: A modular tank stand is lightweight and easily transportable, but also capable of supporting the weight of a large bulk storage container filled with flowable material. The modular tank stand includes a plurality of individual tank stand sections which are interconnectable with one another to form a larger support surface... Agent: Roto Engineering Gmbh I.g.

20110240807 - Musical instrument stand: A musical instrument stand which offers some protection to the instrument by absorbing mild pressure and knocks through being made of a spring material and configured to allow the components of the stand to bend and rotate in different directions, comprises a base for resting on a floor surface, a... Agent:

20110240808 - Apparatus and method for temporary mounting of a hangboard: An assembly for mounting of a hangboard includes first and second brackets each having first and second opposing end regions and a first elongate member having first and second spaced apart connection points configured for attachment to the first end regions of the first and second brackets. A second elongate... Agent:

20110240810 - cup holder: A cup holder comprising, a housing, a carrier member slidably engaged to the housing and movable between a condition where it is housed within the housing and condition where it at least partially extends from the housing, a cup receptacle that is slidably connected to the carrier member and carried... Agent:

20110240809 - Method, apparatus, and system for a low-profile computer adapter card retainer plunger: A method, apparatus, and system are disclosed for a planar adapter card retainer bracket that is removably attachable to a computer chassis and is formed with a plurality of plunger openings. Each plunger opening is configured to receive a respective adapter card retainer plunger. The adapter card retainer plunger is... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20110240811 - Bowfishing reel seat: A reel seat (5) for affixing a fishing reel (80) to an archery bow (1) using a threaded fastener (16) attached to a support shaft (9). The foot (6) of the fishing reel (80) rests upon the shaft (9) and is secured between a cap (7) and a rear bushing... Agent:

20110240812 - Utility bracket: A utility bracket used for the simplified attachment of accessories and equipment to photography/video support systems.... Agent: Transunion Capital Corporation

20110240814 - Display hanger for curtain rod: A hanger is provided for mounting a curtain rod, such as a shower curtain tension rod, on a display. The hanger includes a body and a resilient collar, pivotally connected to the body, for engaging the rod in a “snap-fit” fashion. The body has a first opening adapted to receive... Agent: Ex-cell Home Fashions, Inc.

20110240813 - Fixture wall mount assembly with integral flashing: A fixture mounting assembly includes a mounting bracket for attaching, via a flange, to the outside wall of a building under construction. A mounting block for holding the fixture in place against the wall fits within the mounting bracket. The mounting bracket includes a flashing component extending from the front... Agent:

20110240815 - Snap-on hook and cover for sunshade: A one-piece molded holder clip is provided for retaining an associated sunshade rod. The clip has a body in which a hook element is formed with the body and having a generally C-shaped conformation to receive the rod therein. A sunshade guide surface is formed in the body and extends... Agent:

20110240816 - Universal crib clamp and method of use: A universal clamp for use on a crib and a method of securing the clamp to the crib. The clamp includes a first base and a second base removeably coupled to a crib. The first base includes an aperture and is configured to receive a strap and a recess. The... Agent:

20110240817 - Telescopic tube set for bridge transport system: A telescopic tube set for a bridge transport system is disclosed. The telescopic tube set includes cylindrical tubes each having an upper end, at which an upper ring is mounted, and a lower end, at which a lower ring is mounted, the cylindrical tubes having different diameters, pulleys mounted to... Agent: Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd

20110240818 - Slip-on hook: A slip-on hook, having a hook portion and a body portion connected to the hook portion, is provided. The slip-on hook releasably retains an elongated material of an article. The hook portion of the slip-on hook engages a supporting bar for hanging the article for illustration purposes. The body portion... Agent: Spotless Plastics Pty. Ltd.

20110240819 - Support foot apparatus and methods: Support foot apparatus that include a support foot structure that employs flexible flap members disposed on opposing sides of a central foot member, and that are configured for insertion into corresponding openings of a support foot location defined in an exterior surface of the chassis of an information handling system... Agent:

20110240820 - Low profile seat track system: A seat track system for a seat of a vehicle includes at least one seat track having a lower track member adapted to be fixed to a vehicle structure and an upper track member adapted to be connected to a seat and moveable relative to the lower track member. The... Agent:

20110240821 - Vehicle seat runner and seat comprising such a runner: The vehicle seat runner comprising first and second profiles sliding inside each other and a stop fixed on the first profile to limit the travel of the second profile. The stop passes through a first opening in the first profile and has, inside the runner, a stop face oriented capable... Agent: Faurecia Sieges D'automobile

20110240822 - Support assembly: A sliding support assembly includes a sliding rail assembly and an attachment. The sliding rail assembly includes a fixed member, a sliding arm, and a hinge. The hinge has a positioning extension and a second portion, wherein the second portion is pivotally engaged to the positioning extension. The positioning extension... Agent: Sidelines, Inc.

20110240823 - Balloon holder for helium and air-filled balloons: A balloon holder for helium and air-filled balloons comprises: a base with adequate mass to hold down at least one helium balloon; a housing surrounding the base; a loop member comprised of a sunken portion submerged inside the base and a loop above the base wherein the loop fastens to... Agent:

20110240824 - Apparatus for securing display objects to posts: An apparatus for securing a display object to a post, having an inner member having a body, the body defining an opening sized and shaped to receive the post therein, the body having an outer portion, an adjustable securing mechanism provided in the opening for securing the inner member to... Agent:

20110240825 - Support that includes a detachable element, a method for the detachment of such a detachable element, and method for the manufacture of such a support: A support that includes a detachable element which has one border, of which at least a portion is attached to the support, with the border portions attached to the support all being so attached by weakened attachment seams, where the support also includes at least two lines of weakness that... Agent: Oberthur Technologies

20110240826 - Multimedia device bracket: An apparatus and method for mounting various audio devices to a flat panel display employing mounting holes disposed on a rearward face of the panel of the flat panel display that are otherwise normally employed to couple a support of the flat panel display to the panel of the flat... Agent:

20110240827 - Exhaust hanger band assembly and textile sleeve expansion limiter therefor and method of increasing the tensile strength of an exhaust hanger band: An exhaust hanger band assembly, sleeve therefore, and method of increasing the elongation strength of an exhaust hanger band is provide. The exhaust hanger band assembly includes an elastomeric body configured to operably couple an exhaust member to a frame member of a vehicle. The elastomeric body has an annular... Agent:

20110240828 - Elevator system and installation method: An exemplary mounting arrangement for an elevator machine comprises a first portion (32) and a second portion (34). The first portion and the second portion are moveable relative to each other between a shipping position and a deployed position in which the first portion and the second portion are generally... Agent:

20110240829 - Arrangement for mounting the front technical surface of a vehicle: An arrangement for mounting a substantially vertical mechanical element, as a technical front surface, on a structural transverse element of bodywork of a vehicle such as an upper crossbar, the mechanical element including at least one substantially horizontal portion or structural nozzle bearing on an upper surface of the crossbar.... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20110240830 - Portable electronic device holders: In some cases, a portable electronic device holder may include a holding member, a first arm attached to the holding member, a second arm attached to the holding member, a first mounting member attached to the first arm, and a second mounting member attached to the second arm. In other... Agent: Basic Products, Inc.

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