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09/29/2011 > 33 patent applications in 27 patent subcategories.

20110233345 - Flexible cable management system: A cable support apparatus is provided. The cable support apparatus includes an elongate spine member, and a plurality of support members each attached to the elongate spine member, each of the plurality of support members defining at least one cable receiving portion therein, wherein at least one of the plurality... Agent:

20110233346 - Video screen mounting system: A video screen mounting system including a vertical post having a mounting wall, a base supporting the vertical post, a cross beam having a body, a mounting leg extending rearwardly from the body, and at least one mounting channel located on one or more of a front, a top, and... Agent:

20110233347 - Hanger: A two-piece hanger for hanging a bag filled with contents without puncturing the bag holds the bag between the two pieces with a cleat-and-groove connection. The hanger includes a hanger piece for hanging from a support and a clamping piece that is removably attachable to the hanger piece. The hanger... Agent:

20110233348 - Bag support system: The present invention is a bag support system designed to universally support plastic shopping bags with integrated loop handles in an upright and open position for re-use as trash bags or receptacles to store and/or sort other materials or components.... Agent:

20110233349 - Support frame: A support frame to support an electronic component of a computer system is provided. The support frame includes four support posts and two pairs of brackets mounted on the support posts. Each bracket includes a bottom surface and two side edges extending from opposite sides of the bottom surface along... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110233350 - Work station with height adjustment lock: A workstation comprises a support and a carriage mounted on the support and movable relative to the support. The carriage supports a work platform. A counter-balance supports the carriage and the work platform. A lock mechanism locks the carriage relative to the support in a desired position. The workstation may... Agent: Rubbermaid Incorporated

20110233351 - Locking arm pedestal system: The locking arm pedestal system includes a clevis assembly pivotally attached to a plurality of pivotal arms. One of the arms is pivotally attached to a telescoping arm housed in a base, the telescoping arm setting the desired height of the clevis assembly. The base is adapted to be mounted... Agent:

20110233352 - Carrier for data storage device: A carrier includes a main bracket. The main bracket includes a first mounting member and a second mounting member. The first mounting member includes a first sidewall and a first front wall. The second mounting member includes a second sidewall and a second front wall. The first front wall is... Agent: Hon Hai Pricision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110233353 - System for mounting a support bracket on a chassis: An apparatus for supporting an object on the frame structure (chassis) of a vehicle includes a U-shaped top bracket and an L-shaped bottom bracket. To mount the apparatus onto the frame structure, the top bracket is first positioned and held against the frame structure. A tongue on the bottom bracket... Agent:

20110233354 - Magnetized beverage container holder: A method for using an insulated holder is provided. The holder includes first and second polarized magnetic materials positioned at the sleeve portion. The first and second polarized magnetic materials each have first and second poles, the first pole of the first polarized magnetic material being positioned opposite and adjacent... Agent: Elward Systems Corporation

20110233355 - Mounting appratus for slide rail: A mounting apparatus is provided for mounting a slide rail to a rack post defining a plurality of through holes. The mounting apparatus includes a supporting bracket slidably mounted to the slide rail, and a resilient latch member. The supporting bracket includes an end plate at the front end with... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110233356 - Locking safety bracket and clutch for blinds: There is disclosed an improved support bracket for mounting a clutch of a roller blind. The clutch of roller blind used with this improved bracket is the type having at least one projecting pin. The support bracket includes a bracket housing having a flat wall with at least one aperture... Agent:

20110233357 - Seat mounted apparatus: An apparatus includes a mounting member including a first planar surface and an opposing second planar surface, a first extension member extending from the first planar surface, and a first accessory holder portion connected to the first extension member.... Agent:

20110233358 - Module attachment apparatus and method: Exemplary systems and methods described herein can be used to secure a rail to a module or the rail to a support using a nut that can be inserted at a desired point of mounting. Another exemplary system describes a flashing to be inserted under a roof shingle, wherein the... Agent:

20110233359 - Assembling device for cabin interior components: Embodiments of the present invention provide a mounting bracket for use in connection with a rail, for assembling cabin interior components into an aircraft.... Agent:

20110233360 - Support bracket: A support bracket comprises a first frame and a second frame. The first frame comprises a bottom surface, two first sidewalls extending from opposite edges of the bottom surface, and two second sidewalls arranged between the two first sidewalls, wherein two gaps are formed in the first frame. The second... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110233361 - Stackable beverage container holder: The present invention includes two embodiments of stackable beverage container holders. In each, the beverage container holder comprises an upper cup-like receptacle for receiving a beverage container and one or more lower ground-penetrating members, for being inserted into sand, earth, or turf and thus retaining the product upright, supporting the... Agent:

20110233362 - Mounting bracket for server: A mounting bracket includes a bottom panel and two guiding rails disposed on the bottom panel. The extending direction of the two guiding rails is parallel to a sliding direction of a server. The two guiding rails is configured to guide the server to slide in the mounting bracket along... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110233363 - Structural composite glulam-steel rig mat: A Structural Composite Glulam-Steel Rig Mat includes a unique steel frame. The unique steel frame includes unique lifting eyes for cranes in the corners of the rig mat and smooth radius steel channel around the perimeter of the rig mat to enable easy handling by forklifts. The unique steel frame... Agent:

20110233364 - Actuator including mechanism for converting rotary motion to linear motion: An active vibration control device is provided that is configured to control the position of a body relative to a reference frame. The control device includes sensors that provide input signals corresponding to movement of the body in at least one direction, a rotary motor configured to control the position... Agent:

20110233366 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a first rail, a second rail slidably movable relative to the first rail, a lock member restricting a movement of the second rail relative to the first rail, a memory member movably supported within an inner void between the first rail and... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233367 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a first rail, a second rail, a lock member, a plurality of engagement bores including a rear end engagement bore, a front end portion of the rear end engagement bore being further positioned in a forward direction than a rear end of... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233368 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a first rail, a second rail slidably movable relative to the first rail, a lock member restricting a movement of the second rail relative to the first rail, a memory member movably supported within an inner void between the first rail and... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233369 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a first rail, a second rail, a lock member, a memory member, a first holding member holding the memory member to move integrally with the second rail in a state where a restriction of the relative movement between the first rail and... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233370 - Seat slide locking apparatus: A slide locking apparatus for a seat includes a first locking section with plural first locking pieces and at least one second locking section group with forward, intermediate, and rear second locking sections. When at least one of the first locking pieces locks with one of the second locking sections,... Agent: Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110233365 - Vehicle seat rail assembly: A vehicle seat rail assembly has a lower rail having a guide groove opening upward in the vertical direction of the vehicle body, that extends in a direction coincident with the longitudinal direction of the vehicle, and supported stationary relative to the vehicle body; an upper rail attached to a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233371 - Slide device for vehicle seat: A slide device for vehicle seat in which rollers are arranged at three positions on a lower rail including front and rear portions thereof. Among the rollers, the rollers located at the front and rear portions of the upper rail are pivotally supported by roller shafts and that are prohibited... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110233372 - Hold-down assembly: A hold-down assembly for retaining a portable electronic unit within an avionics equipment mounting tray includes a shaft, a locking collar, and an actuator knob. The shaft is coupled to pivot with the mounting tray. The locking collar slides along the shaft to engage the portable electronic unit. The actuator... Agent:

20110233373 - Fixing device for a holding pole: In the field of communication technologies, a fixing device for a holding pole is provided, so as to solve the problem of increased mounting cost due to too much manpower occupied by mounting the fixing device for the holding pole. The fixing device for the holding pole includes a first... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20110233374 - Coupling device for securing a child car seat to a vehicle: A device for locking to a vehicle seat having a child car seat mounting system includes a pair of pawl assemblies with hooks that connect to the loops of a child car seat mounting system. The hooks are spring-actuated pawls. The device includes two indicator windows that can respectively display... Agent: Skjp Holdings, LLC

20110233375 - Washer suspension: A link suspension coupled to a system is described which vibrates, which comprises at least four links supporting the system which vibrates by means of one Cardan joint and one foot, one articulation between the Cardan joint and the link, one articulation between each link, one articulation between the foot... Agent: Mabe, S.a. De C.v.

20110233376 - Modular support structure and module thereof for container handling machines: A module (4) in a support structure (5) for container handling machines (2), comprises a connecting bar (6) provided with bearing expansions (7) at its ends, each of the bearing expansions (7) being detachably connectable with a corresponding bearing expansion of another module in such a way as to define... Agent: Sidel S.p.a.

20110233377 - Apparatus for attaching a device to a circular structure: An apparatus for attaching a device to a circular structure is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a clamp body attached to the outer surface of the circular structure using a strap, which can be attached to the clamp body using a spring that maintains an attachment force to... Agent: General Electric Company

09/22/2011 > 21 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20110226912 - Device for accomodating components of telecommunication and data systems technology: The invention relates to a device (1) for accommodating components of telecommunication and data systems technology, comprising at least one support (2) which extends in the longitudinal direction and has a cross-section for accommodating ring or fork contacts or arcuate snap-in elements, the cross-section having a contour, wherein at least... Agent: Adc Gmbh

20110226911 - Pipe spacer: A pipe spacer is provided for spacing at least one pipe in a piping system. The spacer includes a handle with at least one pipe-engaging support member for maintaining an engaged pipe close to a surface in a piping system.... Agent: Supranergie Inc.

20110226913 - Support collar for long articles, in particular cables, pipes and/or the like: A support collar (1) for long articles (10), in particular cables, pipes and/or the like, comprises a sheet-like structure (2) provided with: a flat top end portion (4), having an opening (5); two side portions (6) perpendicular to the top end portion (4) and each having a respective engaging element... Agent: Tec. S.p.a. (italy)

20110226914 - Collapsible support structure for a bag: The invention relates to a collapsible support structure for holding a bag and method for using the support structure to hold open a bag and create a semi-rigid container. In particular, the support structure is configured to hold open the mouth of a flexible plastic bag to facilitate filing the... Agent: Instabol LLC

20110226915 - Garbage container platform: A platform assembly for supporting a garbage container comprising: a frame, where the frame includes four sides and creates a support means for the garbage container; at least two cross-bars, where said cross bars are connected in parallel with two connectors, and said assembly creates a rectangular shape; two anchor... Agent:

20110226916 - Garden edge spike and methods and uses thereof: A garden edge spike includes: a tapered spike portion having a lower spike and an upper C-shaped portion having a plurality of grooves on an outer edge thereof; and a holder, the holder having a holding portion including plural flanges, and a coupling portion that slideably engages one or more... Agent:

20110226917 - Support bracket for mounting an end of a roller blind: There is disclosed a support bracket for mounting an end of a roller blind. The support bracket includes an angular bracket having a flat wall with a blind mounting element for receiving and supporting the end of the blind. A detachable support member is mounted to the flat wall, the... Agent:

20110226918 - Dual-pivoting adjustable support arm: An adjustable arm supports a device housing with respect to a base and allows the position of the device housing to be adjusted as desired. The adjustable arm has rigid segments joined by pivot joints, with passages therethrough to allow wires to be strung through the arm segments and joints... Agent:

20110226919 - Telescoping mounting system for a recessed luminaire: A lighting assembly for a recessed luminaire includes a plaster frame for supporting the recessed luminaire and a pair of telescoping bars for attaching the plaster frame to framing support members. The telescoping bars include a first bar and a second bar, each of the bars having a generally S-shaped... Agent: Juno Manufacturing, LLC

20110226920 - Keyboard adjustment apparatus and associated method: The computer keyboard adjustment apparatus has a support plate that receives a computer keyboard thereon. The support plate, screw dome/wheel and the magnet lock are attached to each other. The magnet lock is anchored to the base. A lock lever is also provided for adjustably, locking the support plate at... Agent:

20110226921 - System and method for securing a rodent control device: The present invention comprises, in one exemplary embodiment, a rodent control device including a clamp system comprised of first and second clamp assemblies, and a rodent bait station having at least one opening formed therein for receiving an attachment device such as a screw. The first clamp assembly preferably includes... Agent: B&g Equipment Company

20110226922 - Suction cup device: A suction cup device includes a suction cup, an adhesive polymer gel layer mounted to a suction surface of the suction cup and a case. A suction surface of the polymer gel layer includes a region on an outer peripheral side and a region on an inner peripheral side placed... Agent: Murakami Corporation

20110226923 - Vacuum suction base: A vacuum suction base includes a base, a fixing mechanism secured on the base, an adjusting cam, and an adjusting bolt. The base includes a suction piece and a column extending upwardly from the centre of the suction piece. The fixing mechanism includes a column housing resisting an edge of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110226924 - Adjustable stand: An adjustable stand, for supporting a device having a lateral surface defining a number of recessed portions, includes a base, a rotating frame, and two connecting axles. The rotating frame includes a chassis and two opposing arms extending arcuately and upward from the chassis, wherein the chassis is rotatably connected... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110226925 - Lifting device for chair: A lifting device for a chair includes an upright support post, a tapered locking sleeve adjustably mounted on the support post, a tapered pressing sleeve mounted on the locking sleeve, a stepping ring having a mounting tube which is mounted on the pressing sleeve, and a dustproof cover abutting a... Agent:

20110226926 - Holder for holding clampingly a flat object: The invention relates to a holder for holding clampingly a flat object such as a photo, greetings card or drawing, wherein the holder is adapted to be fixed clampingly to a structure, wherein the holder has a decorative appearance. The decoration serves here to obtain a more attractive appearance. Although... Agent:

20110226927 - Fixation structure of antenna apparatus: Disclosed is a fixation structure of an antenna apparatus including a base member in which a nut portion is formed, a fixation member which is inserted in the fixation opening and has a shape that can contact with a periphery of the fixation opening when the antenna apparatus is attached... Agent: Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

20110226928 - Multi-staged audible/ visible indicator for progressive overload condition: An elongated assembly, such as a belt or a sling, having a first end and a second end. The first and second ends are configured to accept a tensile load applied thereto. The elongated assembly comprises a first folded region audibly/visibly ruptureable at a first threshold loading condition and a... Agent:

20110226929 - Vibrator isolator system: A vibration isolator system for attaching a payload to a supporting base is provided, the payload having a center of mass and the system consisting of at least three vibration isolating pods. Each pod has two associated, non-parallel, elastic struts. A first end of each strut is attached to the... Agent:

20110226930 - Vehicle seat, in particular commercial vehicle seat: A vehicle seat, particularly a commercial-vehicle seat is provided with a scissor-type stand (3) which is able to vibrate and which is provided with a top frame (7), two first rocker arms (8a) and two second rocker arms (8b), which intersect in pairs at a scissor axis (10) extending in... Agent:

20110226931 - Portable stand and mount for securing a laptop computer to a support frame: A portable stand and mount for securing a laptop computer. The computer is clamped between a fixed clamping member on one side and an adjustable movable clamping member on the other side. The movable clamping member is positioned by screw means mounted on the top surface of the mounting plate... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110220766 - Device support structure: A device support structure is provided. Two corresponding sides of a base of the device support structure extend upwards vertically from the base to form a first sidewall and a second sidewall. The base includes a configuration portion adjacent to the two sidewalls, which includes a front seat and a... Agent:

20110220767 - Pedestal attachable to serving dish with suction cup: An attachable pedestal that can be attached to the underside of a plate, serving platter, bowl, serving dish, or the like. The attachable pedestal includes a pedestal with a base that can rest on a surface, and a suction cup that can be attached to an object thereby adjoining it... Agent:

20110220768 - Portable mounting assembly: A portable mount for providing an elevated equipment mount affixable to an elongated upright structure such as a tree trunk or an upright post. The portable mount is compact and low weight so as to be easily transportable into the field and mounted to an available upright structure. Alternatively, the... Agent:

20110220769 - Support plate for bearings: The invention relates to a support device (60) for fixing a bearing (28) on a bearing shield (13.1, 13.2) of a housing (13) of an electric machine (10). Rotatably mounted in the support device is a rotor (20) with a shaft (27). The support device (60) is substantially flat and... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20110220770 - Mounting apparatus for disk drive: A mounting apparatus is configured for securing a disk drive. The disk drive defines a locking hole. The mounting apparatus includes a bracket, a locking component and a spring member. The bracket includes a chassis side wall defining a through hole. Two pivot pieces are located on the chassis side... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110220771 - Support post clamps for molten metal pumps: An improved post clamp for a molten metal pump includes a support post clamp that supports the weight of a pump superstructure on the top of the support posts. The clamp preferably includes (a) a bottom flange for connecting to the pump superstructure, (b) a cavity for receiving an end... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110215205 - Collapsible waste and recycling bag holder: A portable trash container for holding a removable plastic bag for storing paper, bottles, cans, and like trash. The holder includes rectangular front and rear panels, each having a top, bottom and side edges, (b) two side panels, each having two rectangular, foldable parts with top, bottom and side edges,... Agent:

20110215206 - Portable, lightweight mount for a satellite antenna system: A mount for mobile electronic devices such as a satellite dish antenna system. The mount includes a tripod and an elongated post member supported on it by a universal joint or pivot mechanism. The post member extends along a longitudinal axis and the pivot mechanism allows the post member to... Agent: Winegard Company

20110215207 - Driving column with memory and piece of furniture with such a driving column: A driving column (6), for instance of a piece of furniture (9), comprises a motor (1), a motor board (2), a motor supply cable (3) and a motor plug (4). In the driving column (6) an identification means (5) is integrated either into the motor board (2), the motor supply... Agent:

20110215208 - Musical instrument support stand: A stand for a musical instrument is sturdy, durable and easy to construct. The stand supports a musical instrument, such as a guitar, in a substantially upright, readily accessible manner. In one embodiment, the stand is easy to disassemble for ready transport or store in a low volume configuration. One... Agent:

20110215210 - Mount and leveling system: The present invention involves a projector mount and leveling system for securely connecting and aligning a working unit, such as a projector, to the ceiling of a room. The present invention has a ceiling component with upper and lower sections, the upper section of the ceiling component attaches to a... Agent: Premier Mounts

20110215209 - Supporting tube with a vibration damper: A supporting tube for a vibration damper including an axial supporting surface on which rests an outer cylinder of the vibration damper. A fixing cap which holds a second axial supporting surface for securing the cylinder against loading in the opposing direction. The fixing cap is connected to the supporting... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20110215211 - Apparatus and method for attaching an accessory to a mower: An accessory mount for self-propelled mowers allows accessories to be retrofitted to self-propelled mowers. Self-propelled mowers commonly have wheel assemblies mounted by vertically oriented stems held in vertical hollow tube wheel mounts. The end of the stems of the wheel assemblies extend out the top of the hollow tube wheel... Agent:

20110215212 - Vertical mounting system: A mounting system (10), for mounting a component (62), including a body section (14) for attaching to a vertical surface (12), the body section including a mounting channel (36) and a mounting strip (16) receivable within the mounting channel (36). The mounting strip (16) includes one or more mounting slots... Agent:

20110215213 - Device for supporting photovoltaic cell panels, support system and installed assembly: Device for supporting photovoltaic cell panels, which is formed from a section with a height between 5 and 25 cm, comprising a central portion (1), two gutters (2) symmetrical with respect to the support and running along the section over the entire length thereof, a retaining rail (3) at the... Agent:

20110215216 - Enhanced green / eco-friendly coasters and related apparatus/ accoutrements for adding value to the same: Improved coaster products feature die-cut apertures of many shapes and Sizes alone or in combination with scalloped or mountain-top emulating upper peripheral surface designs and kits for children to build their own coasters.... Agent: Small Axe Corporation

20110215214 - Holder devices and methods of making and using the same: The invention provides holder devices and methods of making and using the same. The holder devices described may be used to hold a wide variety of personal electronic devices, as well as other items. Illustratively, the holder device may include a body portion, at least two holder sides, and an... Agent: Phifer Incorporated

20110215215 - Securement of laparoscopic instruments on the sterile surgical field: Apparatus and associated methods involve holding apparatus that provide non-visual feedback to confirm securement of a surgical tool or instrument at a location in the sterile field. In an illustrative example, a surgical team member may be able to securely load and/or unload a laparoscopic instrument in some embodiments with... Agent:

20110215217 - Stands for mobile communication devices: Stands for mobile communication devices are provided. In one embodiment, a stand for a mobile communication device includes a backing adapted to at least partially cover a back side of a mobile communication device. The backing has a cutout portion formed by at least one inner edge of the backing.... Agent:

20110215218 - Support apparatus: A support apparatus may be formed from a single sheet of generally planar material that is cut to define the requisite frame and subparts, and the spaces to position those subparts during use and storage of the apparatus. The support apparatus, which may function as a sawhorse, may be purchased... Agent:

20110215219 - Rotating structures: An embodiment of the present invention is a rotating structure. An outer ring is placed on a first surface of a trench in a foundation having a ground surface. An inner ring is positioned inside the outer ring on the first surface. A bar assembly is positioned between the outer... Agent:

20110215220 - Catalytic converter fastening for a combustion engine: A catalytic converter fastening is provided for a combustion engine. The catalytic converter fastening includes, but is not limited to an engine block bracket that is releasably connected to an engine block. The engine block bracket fixes the catalytic converter at a distance to the engine block. A catalytic converter... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

09/01/2011 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20110210214 - Hollow wire and methods of use thereof: A hollow wire and method of using the hollow wire to wrap or support a flower stem or floral grouping, and/or use in construction, crafts, hobbies, or other uses in need of wire products.... Agent:

20110210215 - Critical care ekg lead wire or fluid connection organizer: One example embodiment includes a system for securing a portion of a medical device. The system includes a first arm, where the first arm includes a gripper. The system also includes a second arm. The second arm is attached to the first arm, can move relative to the first arm... Agent: Medical Component Solutions, LLC

20110210217 - Mount for releasably receiving a device on a medical apparatus, and a corresponding medical apparatus: A mount for being releasably received on a medical apparatus and for accommodating a device adapted for insertion inside the mount includes at least two side parts including a first side part and a second side part, at least the second side part or at least a portion thereof being... Agent:

20110210216 - System and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material: A system and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material is disclosed. The sheet material may be construction wallboard. The system includes a bracket and an elongate flexible link element. The method includes attaching the bracket to the sheet material, attaching the flexible link element to a support structure such... Agent: Rocksteady, LLC

20110210218 - System and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material: A system and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material is disclosed. The sheet material may be construction wallboard. The system includes a bracket and an elongate flexible link element. The method includes attaching the bracket to the sheet material, attaching the flexible link element to a support structure such... Agent: Rocksteady, LLC

20110210219 - Poster hanging bar: The invention relates to a poster hanging bar for reinforcement of the edge of items such as posters, which are to be suspended on a wall or from a ceiling. A bar is used, which can be made of a metallic material, for the edge reinforcement and the bar is... Agent: Tp Holding Hadsund Aps

20110210221 - Holding arrangement: The invention relates to a fixture for objects for providing a secure, space-saving, individually customizable and clearly arranged retaining system for the objects, such as vials and the like, such as for storage and/or transport of the same, wherein at least the holding device for holding at least one object... Agent:

20110210220 - Mounting apparatus for storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a frame to receive a storage device and a cushion fixed to a rear end of the frame. A number of protrusions extend from an outer side of the cushion away from the frame, to protect the storage device and the frame from vibration.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110210222 - Firestop collar: A metal casing strip for a fire collar to be arranged around a duct has a line of successive tongues and cutouts in the longitudinal direction of the strip. The tongues and cutouts are arranged in the strip in an alternating fashion. The tongues are bendable out of the surface... Agent: J. Van Walraven Holding B. V

20110210223 - Clip and support member: Insertion force for installing a clip to a body panel, and retaining force of the clip after installation, are obtained by an engagement leg section. A click sensation when the clip is installed to the body panel is obtained by a click leg section.... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20110210224 - Shapeable support stand: A shapeable support stand for items such as portable phones and cameras includes a shapeable backing member, a footer member and a spacer member therebetween, the spacer member providing a channel between the backing member and the footer member which is open at both ends and thus can accommodate items... Agent:

20110210225 - Suction device: A suction device includes a suction cup, a vertical bar connected with the suction cup, a first support cap having an opening that the vertical bar can be placed through and a first pair of gaps in the rim of the first support cap, a sleeve connected with the first... Agent:

20110210226 - Method and system for mounting a canvas or sheet substantially in one plane: A system and method for mounting a length of material such as a canvas or sheet delimited by edges substantially in one plane. A plurality of engagement members is attached on the back of the canvas or sheet adjacent corners of the canvas or sheet between two edges or along... Agent: Xpozer B.v.

20110210227 - Tie down assembly: A tie down assembly adapted to be installed within a structure includes a cup and a plate fastened removably to the cup by fasteners. The cup includes a first sidewall, an interior portion, and a plurality of seats that extends within the interior portion. The plate an aperture to receive... Agent:

20110210228 - Apparatus and method for repairing a core spray line pipe weld joint: A clamping device supports or structurally replaces a weld joint between connected pipes. The clamping device includes an upper clamp body and a lower clamp body securable on opposite sides of the connected pipes in facing relation, and at least one clamp bolt connecting the upper and lower clamp bodies... Agent: Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC

20110210229 - Structural rod incorporating a vibration filtration mode: A structural rod has a primary rod that has an axial cavity and a secondary rod inside the axial cavity so that the secondary rod is able to move inside the axial cavity along the direction of the longitudinal axis of the rod. The primary rod has a bearing for... Agent: Airbus Operations (s.a.s)

20110210230 - Fluid-filled type vibration damping device: A fluid-filled type vibration damping device including a resin bracket provided on an outside peripheral face of a second mounting member. The resin bracket includes a mating portion mated within a mating groove of the second mounting member opening in an outside peripheral face of the second mounting member, a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110210231 - Bicycle seat with resilient support: A bicycle seat support that resiliently supports a bicycle seat. The support comprises an upper engagement member adapted to support a bicycle seat, a lower engagement member adapted to engage a bicycle frame, and a compliant support assembly coupling the upper engagement member to the lower engagement member. The compliant... Agent: Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

20110210232 - Support posts for molten metal pumps: An improved post clamp for a molten metal pump includes a support post clamp that supports the weight of a pump superstructure on the top of the support posts. The clamp preferably includes (a) a bottom flange for connecting to the pump superstructure, (b) a cavity for receiving an end... Agent:

20110210233 - Reinforcement system for wind turbine tower: A reinforcement system and a method for reinforcing a tower of a wind turbine are disclosed. The method includes providing a tower, the tower comprising at least one generally cylindrical tower section, the at least one tower section having an exterior wall and an interior wall defining a height and... Agent: General Electric Company

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