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Supports August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110204190 - Elongated structure for movable section: In an elongated structure for a movable section, a plurality of operational linear elements such as conductive wires are arranged in parallel in a belt-like sheath member, and an outer region of the sheath member, which is defined by a bend of the sheath member, has a larger rigidity than... Agent: Dyden Corporation

20110204191 - Cable hanger: A cable hanger having a mounting end for attachment to a support structure and a cable support portion coupled to the mounting end. The cable support portion has at least two spaced parallel legs defining a receiving slot therebetween. Each receiving slot has a closed bottom and an open top... Agent:

20110204192 - Clamp for securing a tubular or hose-shaped object: A clamp for securing a tubular or hose-shaped object on a support. The clamp includes a clamp jacket having first and second ends, wherein a first leg protrudes from the first end of the clamp jacket and a second leg projects from the second end of the clamp jacket. The... Agent: Norma Germany Gmbh

20110204193 - Solar cell module stand and solar power generation system using same: According to one embodiment, a frame member (21) of a solar cell module (2) is fixedly supported in a sandwiched manner between a lower fixing fitting (4) and an upper fixing fitting (3a). A protruding flange (44a) of an upper plate (40) of the lower fixing fitting (4) is pressed... Agent:

20110204194 - Beverage container receptacle and method of installing the same: A beverage container receptacle adapted for installation relative to fixed first and second structures. The receptacle includes a container-holding first part having a container rest and a periphery that defines a void in which is received a portion of the fixed first structure that extends along a first axis. The... Agent:

20110204195 - System for mounting objects to polymeric membranes: A mounting plate utilized to attach an object to a mounting system. The mounting plate includes a base having a top surface and a bottom surface. The bottom surface of the base is bonded to a membrane of the mounting system. A housing is raised from the top surface of... Agent:

20110204196 - Aerial movement system with reactive line: An aerial movement system for supporting an object that includes main reels with associated motors and support lines and an auxiliary reel with an associated motor and auxiliary line wherein upon failure of the main reels, the auxiliary reel switches from a first mode of operation to a second mode... Agent: Cablecam, Inc.

20110204197 - Apparatus and method for calibrating an aerial movement system: An aerial movement system and method for calibrating same includes, generally, registration points and wireless position transceivers proximate the registration points and the object that communicate with a computer and allow for the computer to determine the appropriate amount of support lines to draw in or release.... Agent: Cablecam, Inc.

20110204198 - Method and apparatus for installing a post mount: In one embodiment, the invention is a method and apparatus for installing a post mount. In one embodiment, a support block for use in securing a post mount includes a body having a first end and a second end and an adjustment mechanism formed integrally with the first end of... Agent:

20110204199 - Stand for information processing apparatus: A stand for an information processing apparatus includes a supporting member supporting the information processing apparatus from a side thereof, and a coupling member having protrusions and recesses on a first side thereof, which are spaced at a certain interval and have shapes engageable with each other. The stand also... Agent: Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

20110204200 - Subframe support apparatus: A subframe support apparatus adapted to engage and support a subframe of a vehicle is provided wherein the subframe support apparatus engages and supports the subframe of the vehicle when the vehicle is either raised on a lift and/or on the ground and when a mechanic is working on components... Agent:

20110204201 - Height adjustable seatpost assembly: A height adjustable seatpost assembly is provided with first and second tubes, a ratchet mechanism and a drive source. The first and second tubes are telescopically arranged. The ratchet mechanism includes a ratchet tooth structure and a pawl structure. The pawl structure is engaged with the ratchet tooth structure in... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20110204202 - Systems and methods for supporting tubular members: Apparatus, systems, and methods for supporting tubular members are provided. A support structure can include at least one body having a plurality of openings disposed therethrough. Each opening can have an inner surface that includes at least one circular portion and at least one elliptical portion.... Agent: Aims International, Inc.

20110204203 - Steerable vehicle lighting system: A steerable vehicle lighting system includes a steerable platform assembly and a control assembly. The steerable platform assembly has a body adapted to be mounted to a vehicle, a platform adapted to receive a payload and adapted to rotate with respect to the body, an actuator at least partially placed... Agent:

20110204204 - Torque support for a converter tilting drive: A torque support for a converter tilting drive mounted on a shaft journal. The supports are provided on the gear housing that accommodates the shaft journal to be driven. The supports support the gear housing on the structure carrying the converter. To this end, the supports are embodied in each... Agent: Sms Siemag Ag

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198449 - Air hose support clip to prevent lateral loading: Apparatus for suspending a device such as the end of a depending air brake hose from a railcar. A flexible strap of a synthetic resin such as moldable polyurethane is suspended from the railcar body, for example, by attachment to an apertured fitting on the railcar coupler. Elongated resilient wire... Agent:

20110198451 - Cable hoist and bracket system and method thereof: Systems and methods that enable a cable to be easily terminated at an elevated level are provided. The cable can be a strength member having a number of fiber optic storage loops disposed about its length. These loops can be strategically positioned upon a sidewall of a multi-dwelling building such... Agent: Preformed Line Products Company

20110198450 - Cable hoist dead-end systems and methods: Systems and methods that enable a cable to be easily terminated at an elevated level are provided. The cable can be a strength member having a number of fiber optic storage loops disposed about its length. These loops can be strategically positioned upon a sidewall of a multi-dwelling building such... Agent: Preformed Line Products Company

20110198452 - Twist lock conduit support clip: An improved method, and apparatus for securing a refrigeration lineset, or other conduit into an encapsulating raceway... Agent:

20110198453 - Collapsible disposable toothbrush holder and blank therefor: Collapsible and disposable containers and stands, and blanks for forming such containers and stands, for holding and supporting toothbrushes, the blank being formable into either a flattened structure that can be expanded into the holder or into the expanded holder.... Agent:

20110198454 - Disposable toothbrush holder: Disposable containers and stands for holding and supporting toothbrushes, the holder having an upper component and a lower component that can be snapped together to form the assembled holder.... Agent:

20110198455 - Removable strap mounted instrument stand: A strap mounted instrument stand includes a pair of hingedly connected plates. The stand is movable between a closed position, in which the plates lie against one another in a generally flat configuration, and an open position, in which the plates are disposed at an angle with respect to one... Agent:

20110198456 - Adjustable motorized screen mount: The invention relates to an adjustable motorized screen mount comprising a stand (12), adapted to be placed on a floor or attached to a wall or a ceiling; a bracket (14), adapted to be attached to a screen; and a motor, arranged to rotate a motor output shaft such that,... Agent: Fieldler Innovations International Ab

20110198457 - Mixing stand for viscous building materials: A mixing stand device is disclosed for holding a conventional bucket container of a viscous building material in a proper stationary position for mixing. The present mixing stand device comprises a rigid frame assembly erected and attached upon a base platform in a position that allows a worker to stand... Agent:

20110198458 - Tamper resistant glide: A tamper resistant adjustable glide assembly for furniture is disclosed that comprises a foot, a stem and an insert connected to a leg of the furniture. The foot having a having a top and a bottom, the bottom adapted to engage a floor surface. A stem mount on the top... Agent: The Norix Group

20110198459 - Interlocking, interchangeable support base system: A support system comprises a hub comprising a channel, a leg comprising a finger that slideably engages the channel, and a washer that prevents the finger from disengaging the channel, wherein a multi-dimensional force is exerted that tightens the connection therebetween when the hub, the leg, and the washer are... Agent: L&p Property Management Company

20110198460 - Adjustable display mount: A mounting system for mounting a display device to a surface, the mounting system adjustable in multiple degrees of freedom to selectively position and orientate the attached device relative to the mounting surface and/or other collocated display devices. According to various embodiments, a surface bracket is configured to attach to... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20110198461 - Shelf bracket for a television wall mount: A shelf bracket for a wall mount includes a connecting member including a main body secured to the wall mount and a support member coupled to the connecting member, the support member including a generally “L” shaped main body to support a shelf, wherein at least one of the connecting... Agent:

20110198462 - Handi-hanger: An architecture is presented that provides an easily moveable and repositionable hanger. The hanger permits a user to manipulate and reposition the various parts of the hanger to reconfigure the hanger into a desired architecture. The hanger is rotatable relative to its base, and its individual arms are also individually... Agent:

20110198463 - Arrangement for mounting a support base on a wall: Arrangement for attaching a base (10), a tray, a platform or a similar support to a wall with the help of turning arms (4), (5) attached to the mentioned wall in which case the mentioned base can be moved with the help of the arms (4), (5). The base can... Agent:

20110198464 - Fastening fitting: The invention relates to a multi-part, separable fastening bracket, in particular for releasably attaching a seat or a seat bench to the floor of a motor vehicle. It is sought to refine said fastening bracket in such a way that it is of structurally simple design and requires little maintenance,... Agent:

20110198465 - Aircraft raceway mounting and clamping apparatus: An aircraft raceway mounting apparatus comprising an attachment formation for attachment of the apparatus to an aircraft structure, a raceway receiving formation for receiving a raceway, the raceway receiving formation comprising a snap fit formation for retention of a raceway. An aircraft raceway clamping apparatus comprising a concave raceway receiving... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110198466 - Clamp for attaching a barricade to a balustrade: The present invention relates to an adjustable clamping device that allows a barricade that is in use with an escalator or moving sidewalk to be attached to one another.... Agent:

20110198467 - Adjustable mount holder: An adjustable support which enables any element to be positioned mainly those concerned with visual communications, preferably having a flat form (plasma screen, LCD, TFT, poster advertisement etc.) at any angle and in any position with respect to the initial plane with the normal vector to the screen covering a... Agent: Woxter Tecnology Co. Limited

20110198468 - Height and tilt adjustable keyboard support: The present invention concerns a keyboard support for movably supporting a keyboard with respect to a work surface of a workstation. The keyboard support includes a workstation engaging member adapted to be attached to an underside of the work surface, a keyboard engaging member for supporting a keyboard, and a... Agent: Workrite Ergonomics, Inc.

20110198469 - Hooking device for door decorations: A hooking device for door decorations includes a bracket which can be hung on a top end of the door. The bracket has a first connecting portion and the first connecting portion connects with a flexible sheet. The flexible sheet has a hook body at an end opposite to the... Agent:

20110198470 - Hangaround for organizing portable articles: A Hangaround is a device to organize a plurality of portable items of critical need. It has an attachment section and a holding section integrally made. The attachment section has an opening latch to attach the Hangaround to a support member. The holding section also has an opening latch. The... Agent:

20110198471 - Tactical apparatus and method for mounting a multi-cartridge firing electric discharge weapon: Embodiments include an apparatus having a frame, at least one handle, a control housing, and a mounting plate wherein a plurality of firing cartridges from a multi-cartridge electric discharge weapon may mounted on the mounting plate, permitting an available multi-cartridge electric discharge weapon to be converted from a fixed or... Agent:

20110198472 - Mosguito coil holder: A mosquito coil holder in the form of a clip. The clip has a first and second contact portions each adapted to contact a mosquito coil and to hold a mosquito coil therebetween. First and second support portions support the respective first and second contact portions relative to each other.... Agent:

20110198473 - Can base with vertical seal on side of can: A coaster type device of cup design that will seal on the vertical side of a can and or container, here forth “can”, made of a potentially corrosion prone material that may cause unwanted marks on a surface the can could be placed. The device would be manually applied to... Agent:

20110198474 - Weapon wall mount and locking method and apparatus: A weapon wall mount is provided with the mount having a continuous base plate which matches the silhouette of a weapon. The continuous base plate has equidistantly spaced countersunk holes providing uniform attachment to a wall. The wall having wall studs spaced at least between a range of 12 inches... Agent:

20110198475 - Riser clamp with vibration isolation: A riser clamp (1) has two opposed clamp halves (2, 3), each of said clamp halves (2, 3) having a semicircular section (21,31) opposing the semicircular section of the other clamp half for surrounding a riser pipe. Each of said clamp halves has at the ends of its semicircular section... Agent: J. Van Walraven Holding B.v.

20110198476 - Stirrer stand: A stirrer stand (10) for a submersible motor stirrer (12) composed of at least one base part (14) and a receiving part (16) for the submersible motor stirrer beyond which a guide member extends, which is used for guiding the submersible motor during assembly, the entire stirrer stand being produced... Agent: Ksb Aktiengesellschaft

20110198477 - Machine stand: The subject matter of the invention is a machine stand with an elongated support body and support legs arranged at the ends on the support body, the support body being designed with positive engagement means running in the longitudinal direction, such that attachments, in particular at least one machine holder,... Agent: Metabowerke Gmbh

20110198478 - Multistage adjustable support assembly: A multistage adjustable support assembly includes a connecting sleeve axially formed with an axial hole, which is formed with at least one internal threaded portion, an adjustable threaded post received in the axial hole, peripherally formed with at least one first threaded portion for being screwedly coupled with the internal... Agent: Hiwin Mikrosystem Corp.

20110198479 - Cartridge bottom bracket for a bicycle: A cartridge bottom bracket is for a bicycle having a tubular shell with a bore. The bottom bracket includes a spindle having opposing ends and a sealed cartridge disposed within the shell bore and about a central portion of the spindle so as to define opposing free end portions of... Agent: Aktiebolaget Skf

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110192939 - Methods and apparatus for mounting devices: A device mounting apparatus includes a mounting base portion having a plurality of opposing pairs of rails. The mounting base portion is adapted for mounting on a support structure. The apparatus further includes a mounting tab affixed to a device for snap in mounting between a pair of rails, whereby... Agent:

20110192940 - Pipe locator and support: An plumbing pipe locator and support is provided for fixing plumbing pipes in position relative to studs in a building. The pipe locator and support comprises an elongated supporting strap having upper and lower sides extending along opposing sides of a longitudinal axis. A first plurality of longitudinally aligned, larger... Agent: Securus, Inc.

20110192941 - Multi-purpose roof-top support: A multi-purpose universal support is disclosed that can be configured to support multiple pipes, pipe junctions, vertical strut channels, horizontal strut channels, and thread rods. The disclosed support system allows for quicker installation, easy height adjustments, and a fewer supports than previously known supports.... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20110192942 - Foldable frame: A foldable frame includes two tubes, a rectangular tube and two base parts. The two tubes are pivotably or fixedly connected to the base parts. Two ends of the rectangular tube are connected to two respective extension portions of the two base parts by two pins so that the two... Agent:

20110192943 - Post bracket and post support structure incorporating the same: A post bracket includes a mounting portion, a first flange portion, and a first post support portion. The mounting portion includes a first edge and a second edge opposite the first edge. The first flange portion is disposed at the first edge of the mounting portion and is configured to... Agent:

20110192945 - Adjustable wall hanger: An adjustable wall hanger includes a body including an outer edge that defines a web. An adjustment feature is formed in the web. The adjustment feature includes a plurality of adjustment zones that define a corresponding plurality of orientation positions for the body. The adjustable wall hanger being selectively positionable... Agent: Powers Fasteners, Inc.

20110192944 - Universal connector: A universal connector (5) is provided for connecting an architectural covering to an architectural surface. The connector has an adaptor plate (6) that is substantially circular and has one or more radially outwardly projecting flanges (16) and is arranged to be inserted into a ring-shaped engagement member (7) having one... Agent:

20110192946 - Mounting appratus for slide rail: A mounting apparatus includes a supporting bracket, a locking member, and a holding mechanism. The supporting bracket is fixed to a slide rail and includes two inserting pins extending through the two corresponding through holes of a rack post. The locking member is slidably mounted to the supporting bracket. When... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110192947 - Connection mechanism for connection of armrests to tables or chairs: A connection mechanism is configured in particular for the connection of armrests to cosmetic tables or cosmetic chairs. The mechanism includes a base element (1). The base element (1) has a fastening section (1a) for fastening to a piece of furniture, in particular a piece of furniture for sitting or... Agent: Soleni Classic Gmbh

20110192948 - Shelf bracket for goods shelves: A shelf bracket for goods shelves has a board and a fastener. The board has multiple gaps alternately formed on and recessed from the top edge of the board, each gap having a narrow opening formed in the top edge of the board and multiple hooks formed on and protruding... Agent:

20110192949 - Versatile in-door canopy system: A canopy rod assembly comprises an interior rod having a first shape and being configured to be affixed to a vertical structure. The assembly includes an exterior rod having a second shape and being configured to be affixed to the vertical structure in spaced relation with respect to the interior... Agent:

20110192950 - Clip capable of attracting paint brush: A clip capable of attracting a paint brush includes a first clipping body, a second clipping body, and an elastic holder is disclosed. One side of each of the first clipping body and the second clipping is a clipping section while the other opposite side thereof is a force-exerting part.... Agent:

20110192951 - Portable platform for imaging device: A platform for an imaging device is provided. The platform comprises a (a) clip, (b) a rigid, deformable arm which extends from the clip and which has a resilient foam covering disposed over the surface thereof, and (c) a mount which is disposed on said arm. The mount releasably attaches... Agent:

20110192952 - Angle adjustment device for a vehicle rear view mirror: An angle adjustment device for a vehicle rear view mirror is capable of improving the angle-adjustment capability of the movable board while preventing shaking of the movable board with respect to the fixing seat assembly, thus improving safe driving. The angle adjustment device comprises: a fixing seat assembly, a movable... Agent:

20110192953 - Latching mechanism for holding a removable component in a mount: Disclosed are apparatus and methods for holding a removable component in a rack or similar mount, and more particularly a latching mechanism for holding a radio transceiver in a shock-absorbing mounting rack such as in a vehicle.... Agent: Ultralife Corporation

20110192954 - Anti-pinching structure for supporting frame: The present invention discloses an anti-pinching structure for supporting frame, in which a slidable or rotatable positioning block is disposed on the hinge portion of the connection base and the supporting framework and a hinge unit is disposed on the hinge portion of the connection base and the supporting framework,... Agent: Jarllytec Co., Ltd.

20110192955 - Damped product with insert and method of making the same: One embodiment includes a method including providing a first portion of a product, the first portion of the product having a body and a flange extending therefrom; and casting a material around at least a portion of the flange to enclose the same and to provide a second portion of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, LLC.

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110186694 - Methods and apparatus for mounting devices: A device mounting apparatus includes a mounting base portion having a plurality of opposing pairs of rails. The mounting base portion is adapted for mounting on a support structure. The apparatus further includes a mounting tab affixed to a device for snap in mounting between a pair of rails, whereby... Agent:

20110186693 - Retrofit clamp for mux, umbilicals and iwocs: A clamp for placement about a riser having an assembly with a housing for releasably engaging at least one strap, the strap having a first and second end wherein the first and second ends are releasably attached to the housing, a plate on the housing for selectively engaging the first... Agent:

20110186695 - Communication cable bulkhead assembly: A cable bulkhead device is adapted to provide one or more passageways for cable to extend through a ceiling, such as through a ceiling tile or the like. The device is configured to interact with or otherwise be coupled to a ceiling tile. In normal use, the ceiling tile would... Agent:

20110186696 - Clip and shield device using the same: A shield device includes a clip, which includes a base, two sidewalls and two clamping members. The two sidewalls extend upward from two opposite edges of the base, and the two clamping members extend upward and inward from the top of the sidewalls. The clamping members define a plurality of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110186697 - Apparatus and system to mount objects in proximity to ceiling structure: A mounting apparatus for automatic fire sprinkler systems and other objects to be securely attached to the structure of a ceiling of a building, and additionally relates to a mounting clamp for securely gripping the tee of a suspended ceiling in order to mount an object to be held in... Agent:

20110186698 - Portable arm rest: A portable arm rest with a container holder and, more particularly, a portable arm rest having an flexible counterweight such an internal bladder that contains a material, such as a fluid, that both stabilizes the arm rest and readily conforms the arm rest to different uniform or undulating supporting surfaces.... Agent:

20110186699 - Method and system for on-field positioning measurement instruments: p

20110186700 - Tool rack holder: A tool rack holder has a pasteboard and two brackets. The pasteboard has two aligned mounting holes. The brackets are mounted on the pasteboard, and correspond to the mounting holes, and each has a back board, a cover and a fastener. The back board is attached to the pasteboard and... Agent:

20110186701 - Apparatus for supporting medical equipment: An apparatus for supporting medical devices, in particular operation theatre lamps, on the ceiling of an operation theatre uses a vertical pillar 8 at which bearing heads 3 are selectively mounted. Cantilevers of different lengths may be secured at one bearing head 3.... Agent: S.i.m.e.o.n. Medical Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110186702 - Hanger hook: A hook having a fastener receiver with an axis of radial symmetry and two opposing edges defining a linear axis, where a support extends from the first edge and is angled away by a first angle from a midline plane defined by the linear axis and the axis of radial... Agent: Sonetics Corporation

20110186703 - Mounting apparatus for storage device: A mounting apparatus for a storage device includes a chassis, a carrier and a bracket configured to secure the storage device to the chassis. The carrier includes a handle and a first extending arm, the handle is configured to secure the carrier to the chassis, and a positioning slot is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110186704 - Mudguard mounting structure: There is provided a mudguard mounting structure, superior in versatility and capable of reducing the number of steps for mounting. The present invention is a structure for mounting a mudguard on a rear bumper of a vehicle, in which a mounting member is used to mount the mudguard on the... Agent: Honda Access Corp.

20110186705 - Speaker assembly with rotary fastening mechanism: A speaker fastening mechanism includes a first fastening component installed inside an audio device, a second fastening component installed inside the audio device and disposed on a side of the first fastening component, a speaker unit whereon a first fixing part and a second fixing part are formed, a first... Agent:

20110186706 - Mounting apparatus for disk drive: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a bracket secured to the chassis, and a locking member. The bracket includes a bottom wall, a first sidewall and a second sidewall. The first and second sidewalls are configured for securing a disk drive therebetween. A securing slot is defined in the first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110186707 - Corner picture hanger: Presented is a device for hanging a picture frame in the corner of a room, with a wall attachment bracket, and a tensioning device for pressing the picture frame into contact with the walls of the corner. The tensioning device can be an elastic tubing, a retracting reel, or a... Agent:

20110186708 - Computer system restraint collar: A computer restraint collar provides a rigid arm which extends around the base of a computer monitor or all-in-one computer to secure the same. The arm is attached to a base which is bolted or otherwise secured to a table or desk. The restraint collar better secures the computer against... Agent:

20110186709 - Device for fastening the housing of a refrigerant compressor: Device for fastening the housing (2) of a refrigerant compressor on a container enclosing a cooling volume, wherein the housing (2) can be fastened by means of an arbitrary number of connection elements (3) on a carrier element (1) arranged on the container, wherein at least one connection element (3)... Agent: Acc Austria Gmbh

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