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Supports July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110180674 - Display mount: A display mount system including a hinge, a leaf and a fastener. The hinge can be attached to the display. The leaf can extend from the hinge. The leaf can include a fastener to connect the leaf to a receiver. The receiver can be a base or a mounting bracket.... Agent:

20110180675 - System and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material: A system and method for stabilizing vertically stacked sheet material is disclosed. The sheet material may be construction wallboard. The system includes a bracket and an elongate flexible link element. The method includes attaching the bracket to the sheet material, attaching the flexible link element to a support structure such... Agent: Rocksteady, LLC

20110180676 - Clipping structure for writing instrument: A clipping structure includes a main body, a clip member, and an urging member for urging the clip member. The main body has a connecting protrusion, whereas the clip member has two lateral parts, between which the connecting protrusion is arranged. Further, the connecting protrusion has receptacles on its outer... Agent: Sakura Color Products Corporation

20110180677 - Structure for mounting a clip for a writing implement: A structure for mounting a clip for a writing implement which has a barrel extending along a longitudinal axis. The structure includes a fastening member made of plastic material integral with the barrel and having a proximal wall and a distal wall with respect to the barrel, the proximal and... Agent: Soci&#xe9 T&#xe9 Bic

20110180678 - Carrying device: Fastening devices disposed on a housing. Each of the fastening devices has a base, a fastening piece, a clamping piece, and an elastic piece. The clamping piece swings toward the base, and then a jamming portion of the clamping piece fastens a fastening portion of the fastening piece such that... Agent: Multistar Industries Co., Ltd.

20110180680 - Solar module frames having water drain: The invention relates to a frame for a solar module, wherein the frame comprises a plurality of aluminum extruded profiles, which form the sides of the frame and which are connected to each other at the corners thereof, wherein at least one aluminum extruded profile comprises at least one hollow... Agent: Sapa Gmbh

20110180679 - Weight plate: A weight plate for securing portable structures employing a low-profile, planar plate having an aperture formed therethrough. The aperture is configured so as to allow the base of the leg of a structure to pass through. The plate is subsequently transposed so as to lock the base of the leg... Agent: Z-shade Co. Ltd.

20110180681 - Writing utensil holder: A holder for holding a writing utensil is disclosed. In one embodiment, the holder comprises a base and a grip. The grip is generally axially aligned with and connected to the base. The base and the grip form an indentation along an axial line of surface intersection. The grip comprises... Agent:

20110180682 - Deployable support unit for reading material: A support unit for supporting readable material at a convenient angle and height for facilitated viewing. The support unit is deployable between a collapsed and generally flat non-deployed position, and a deployed position with a support platen at an adjustably selected angle and height for comfortable viewing. In one embodiment,... Agent:

20110180683 - Versatile flag pole bracket: A versatile flag pole bracket includes two flag pole receptors in a first common horizontal plane and two side mounted windsock receptors in a second common horizontal plane that is spaced from and parallel to the first common vertical plane. The flag pole receptors accommodate a horizontal or an angled... Agent:

20110180684 - Method and apparatus for controlling an elastomeric damper: A method of controlling an elastomeric damper. The damper is heated by passing an electric current through the damper or through a heating element in contact with the damper said heating causing a decrease in stiffness of the damper. The elastomeric damper may comprise an elastomeric material filled with electrically... Agent: Airbus Operations Limited

20110180685 - Shock and vibration damper: The invention relates to a type of shock and vibration isolator which has almost identical rigidity and damping properties in any translatory direction, wherein the device is disposed between a reference object (A) which is subjected to vibrations and shocks, and a means (B) which is only to be subjected... Agent: Techni As

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110174935 - Swivel-coupling hanger assembly: A swivel-coupling hanger assembly includes an coupling element configured to rotate about a defined geometric axis, coupled to an insulating member. The insulating member may include one or more openings receiving at least a portion of the coupling element. The assembly may further include one or more mechanical fasteners received... Agent:

20110174936 - Modular stand with mounting provisions: The stand has modules to form a support base with elongated support members with wheels or legs. The stand can either incorporate two spaced load supporting posts or a single post extending from a spanner module that connects between the elongated support members. When two load support members are employed... Agent:

20110174937 - Mounting device: A mounting device for mounting an object on a support includes a base configured to be coupled to the support, and a slide arm coupled to the base and movable between a retracted position and a plurality of extended positions. The slide arm is movable from any of the plurality... Agent:

20110174938 - Modular low profile swivel mechanism: A swivel mechanism, comprising a base configured to be attached to a screen and further configured to rotate with the screen as the screen is rotated, a hub configured to fit into the base and remain stationary as the screen and the base are rotated and two springs configured to... Agent: Sony Electronics Inc.

20110174939 - Wall mounting device: A wall mounting device for a flat panel display includes a wall bracket and a mounting bracket. The wall bracket is adapted to be directly coupled to a wall and includes a top rail and a bottom rail. The mounting bracket is adapted to be coupled to the flat panel... Agent: Parts Express International, Inc.

20110174940 - Hook for hanging object on a wall: A hook for hanging objects comprises a first plate for mounting to a wall, a holder and a distributor having a second plate and a thin gap between the plates for dissipating the object's weight to prevent the hook from falling off the wall. The holder has a first opening... Agent:

20110174941 - Mounting apparatus and method: A mounter apparatus includes a first block disposed so as to be able to be reciprocated by an actuator in a first direction, the first block has a conical hole having a conical internal wall and an axis parallel to the first direction, a second block disposed so as to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110174942 - Three-in-one (3-in-1) trivet: A coaster tray (trivet) comprising a base tray with removable coasters functioning in three ways: Firstly intact, as a large trivet/tray for protecting surfaces from hot dishes; secondly with tiles removed, as transportable coasters or small trivets for glasses, hot mugs, etc; and thirdly, individual tiles for use as emergency... Agent:

20110174943 - Quick mounting device: A quick mounting device for appliances that utilizes at least one locking mechanism and at least one adjustable locking orientation to provide at least 3 locking factors for facilitating quick mechanical connection between an appliance and a wall, ceiling, floor or other support.... Agent:

20110174944 - Recess video display mounting system: Technologies are described herein for a recess video display mounting system. The recess video display mounting system may be fixed to the front frame of a recess or nook to support the load of a mounted video display. The recess video display mounting system can include a center plate upon... Agent:

20110174945 - Sporting goods support plate: A sporting goods support plate has a single plate that secures to fencing prevalent at diamonds. The plate has a rounded end and a generally square end with at least one slot on the square end. The at least one slot engages an intersection of wire of chain link fence... Agent:

20110174946 - Part fixing structure to resin-made fuel tank and part fixing method thereto: There are provided a part fixing structure and a part fixing method to a resin-made fuel tank which can firmly fix a part to a tank wall without the need of providing a molding die with a convex portion and a recess. A part fixing method for fixing a tank-associated... Agent: Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.

20110174947 - Panel fastening system: The present invention discloses a fastening system for a panel. The fastening system includes: at least two mounting rails which each has a plurality of engaging open cavities formed therein; and a plurality of engaging slide blocks respectively engaging with the engaging open cavities; wherein the panel is disposed on... Agent:

20110174948 - Device for hanging curtain rods: A device for hanging curtain rods is disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes a mounting base, a post coupled to the mounting base, an adjustable sleeve designed to adjustably operatively engage the post, and a front portion coupled to the adjustable sleeve. In another embodiment, a device includes a... Agent: Uniq Dezinz, Inc.

20110174949 - Hanger device: The application discloses a hanger device. The mentioned hanger device comprises a body, a slide-able element, and an elastic element. According to this application, through the hook-shaped portions of the body and the slide-able element, the hanger device can be performed as an adjust-able clip to clipping at a desired... Agent:

20110174950 - Ink-cartridge loading/unloading apparatus: The present invention relates to an ink-cartridge loading/unloading apparatus used in various devices onto which an ink-cartridge is capable of minimizing damage of a flexible printed wiring board of the ink-cartridge. The ink-cartridge loading/unloading apparatus according to the present invention comprises a vertically extending main body having a support portion;... Agent: Inktec Co., Ltd.

20110174951 - Hanger with an insulated hook: e

20110174952 - Display device and stand thereof: A display device includes a display module and a stand. The display module has a display surface. The stand includes a curved sliding rail, a base, and a holder. The curved sliding rail is fixed to the display module. The base is suitable for being disposed at the supporting surface.... Agent:

20110174953 - Ez-mark picture hanging marker: EZ-Mark Picture Hanging Marker consists of a head that has an adhesive coating on one side and a marking device, like a pin or marker on the other side. On the other side of the marking device is an encasement sleeve that protrudes further than the marker. The adhesive coating... Agent:

20110174954 - Bookshelf picture hanger: A shelf picture hanger. This invention has a U-shaped member designed to fit snugly over a shelf. The U-shaped member has a substantially planar top, a substantially planar bottom, and a substantially planar end running between and substantially perpendicular to the top and the bottom. A picture hook is affixed... Agent:

20110174955 - Mounting apparatus for storage device: A mounting apparatus for a storage device comprises a chassis configured for receiving the storage device and a securing member configured for securing the storage device. The chassis defines a positioning pin, for engaging in a positioning slot defined in the storage device, and an elastic piece mounted on the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110168853 - Masonry unit wall pipe support system: A masonry unit wall support system and method for supporting one or more pipes within a masonry unit wall includes a compressible support structure containing one or more holes for one or more pipes. The compressible support structure is compressively inserted into a hollow core cavity of a masonry unit... Agent:

20110168854 - Collapsible frame for supporting a bag: A collapsible frame includes first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth bones. The first bone includes a horizontal segment extending between two vertical segments. The second bone includes a horizontal segment extending between two vertical segments. The third bone includes two lateral segments. The fourth bone includes two lateral segments.... Agent:

20110168855 - Rotating mounting assembly: A rotating mounting assembly comprising an extension member and a downtilt member having hinge tabs that form a plurality of revolving nutplate hinges. The plurality of nutplate hinges coupling the extension member to the downtilt member such that the downtilt member rotates about the nutplate hinges relative to the extension... Agent:

20110168856 - Suction cup device: A suction cup device includes a cup forming unit cooperating with a flat surface to create a volume-variable space, a liftable rod secured to a central portion of the cup forming unit, a bracing shell member having a force-transmitting surrounding wall in engagement with a peripheral portion of the cup... Agent:

20110168857 - Adapter for portable negative pressure wound therapy device: A holder for a therapeutic device for treating wounds of the type having a housing equipped with a fluid mover for one of raising, compressing, or transferring fluid, and a therapeutic member operably connected to the fluid mover and actuated thereby, the therapeutic member operably disposably used on a patient... Agent:

20110168858 - Apparatus for hanging objects: An apparatus for hanging an object from a wall comprises a generally triangular-shaped frame having a horizontal portion, a vertical portion and cross-member between the vertical and horizontal portions. The vertical portion is configured for attachment to a wall stud. The horizontal portion defines an elongate slot that extends a... Agent:

20110168859 - Utility corner shelf bracket: A utility corner shelf bracket which enables easy installation and removal, which are done quickly and without requiring tools, of a utility corner shelf bracket, and placing a shelf upon it, and which it based on bows which are capable of bending on one plane and durable to loads perpendicular... Agent: Microdel Ltd.

20110168860 - Radial arm system for patient care equipment: A patient care equipment support system includes an arm having a first arm portion and a second arm portion that telescopically extends and retracts relative to the first arm portion along a substantially horizontal axis. The first arm portion includes a first end of the arm that is supported for... Agent:

20110168861 - Guitar holding/mounting device: The guitar holding/mounting device is designed to solve current shortcomings of existing products by holding and securing the instrument in place by means of “nesting” the body onto the mount through use of a high strength Neodymium magnet located at the top of the invention positioned behind the guitar body... Agent:

20110168862 - Fish tank rescue brace: A linear brace used to prevent the bowing and complete failure of a glass aquarium when the manufacturer's plastic, center brace fails. Through general steel fabrication techniques, the tubular, mild steel is cut to a specified length determined by the aquarium width. Both ends of the tubular steel are cut... Agent:

20110168863 - Foldable instrument stand: An instrument stand includes a first frame member hingedly engaged with a second frame member; a first strut member hingedly attached to the first frame member; a second strut member hingedly attached to the second frame member; and a pair of elongate foot members respectively attached to the first frame... Agent:

20110168864 - Collapsible music stand extension device: A collapsible device that can be quickly and easily mounted to certain types of music stands to allow viewing of up to six sheets of paper side by side. The device consists principally of four panel sections, two of which, in the expanded position, hang from the top horizontal edge... Agent:

20110168865 - Slant board: An adaptive aid used for reading, writing and with a laptop computer for typing. The Slant Board is comprised of several components that when assembled work in synergy to provide the unique functions of the invention. The folding locking legs are utilized to set the dry erase/magnetic-working surface at a... Agent:

20110168866 - Arrangement for fastening functional units in a vehicle: An arrangement for fastening functional units in a vehicle is disclosed. The arrangement includes a carrier part arranged between a functional unit and the vehicle. The carrier part is designed in one piece and includes, on the side facing the vehicle, mechanical connecting elements which in each case are specific... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20110168867 - Microphone support system: A system for supporting a microphone comprises a microphone clip having a holder, a shock absorber coupled to the holder, and a mount plate coupled to the shock absorber. The shock absorber comprises one or more webs having one or more openings defined therein, and the mount plate defines a... Agent:

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110163208 - Support assemblies for pipes, conduits and tubes: Wall-mounted type support strut assemblies attach pipes, conduit, and tubes to surfaces in a sanitary manner. The strut assemblies repel contaminants, are easy to inspect, and are easy to clean.... Agent: Potential Design, Inc., Dba Food Grade Strut

20110163209 - Mounting clips and sensor installations for motorized vehicle doors: Clips for attaching sensors, cables, or other items to doors, such as retrofitted armored vehicle doors, are provided. In one example embodiment, a clip includes a strip portion, a first attachment arm extending from the strip portion, and a second attachment arm extending from the strip portion. A barb leg... Agent: Control Solutions LLC

20110163210 - Adjustable turnbuckle fire hydrant water meter stand: An adjustable stand to be detachably connected to and provide vertical support for a conventional water meter of the kind that is coupled to a fire hydrant to measure the volume of water consumed by a user by way of the fire hydrant. The water meter stand includes a foot... Agent:

20110163211 - Personal electronic device holder: The present invention provides a portable electronic device holder. A lower adapter support piece supports two lower adapter arms. An upper adapter arm is supported by a adjustable rod. An adjustment fitting is connected to the lower adapter support piece and the adjustable rod is slidingly connected to the adjustment... Agent:

20110163212 - Short throw projector mount: Disclosed is a short throw projector mount having a wall plate (12) having an arcuate front surface (26) and a projector arm (14). The projector arm (14) has a pair of hooks (52) which engage the wall plate. The arm (14) is formed of a parabolic web of material which... Agent:

20110163213 - Mailbox mounting system: A system mounts a mailbox to an upstanding post defining an upper portion of the post. The system includes a plate adapted to mount the mailbox and defining a lower surface and an upper surface of the plate, the upper surface being adapted to support a lower surface of the... Agent:

20110163214 - Mobile device mounting exchange system and method: An attachment assembly for a mobile device case is included. The attachment assembly includes a lock engagement element. A lock assembly is also included, the lock assembly being retainably insertable within the lock engagement element. A base having an opening there through is also included, the base being mountable to... Agent: A.g. Findings & Mfg. Co., Inc.

20110163215 - Pull-out swivel mount: A system for mounting a flat panel television or display to a surface such as a wall. A base plate is configured to operatively connect to a surface, while an adapter plate is configured to operatively connect to a display device. A plurality of connecting arms are used to operatively... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20110163216 - Highly extensible and easily operable telescopic device: A telescopic device includes a first tube, a second tube in which the first tube is telescopically inserted, a third tube in which the second tube is telescopically inserted, a guiding unit for preventing rotation of the second tube in the third tube, a maneuvering unit for retaining the first... Agent:

20110163217 - Seat sliding device: A seat sliding device for preventing accidental operation of the operation member. The lock member 50 fixes (locks) the upper rail 20 fixed to a vehicle seat and the lower rail 30 fixed to the vehicle floor via the front and rear feet so as not to make a relative... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Imasen Denki Seisakusho

20110163218 - Music standza: A portable music stand architecture is presented for solitary practice or for performance. The music stand comprises a base section, two side sections and a back section secured together. An accessory plate assembly is secured to the two side sections and comprises at least one recessed tray for storage of... Agent:

20110163219 - Laptop tray for roll-aboard luggage: An apparatus for supporting a laptop computer includes a generally rectangular support body having a pair of spaced apart longer parallel side rails connected by a bottom rail and a top rail, the bottom rail extending above a plane of the side rails to form a support surface for an... Agent:

20110163220 - Support system for power train of vehicle: A support system for a power train of a vehicle includes a mount insulator mounted to a vehicle body and provided with a coupling member, a mount bracket coupled with the coupling member. The mount bracket includes a first mount bracket portion extending upward from an upper portion of the... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20110163221 - Method for controlling deflection in structural member: A method for controlling deflection caused in a structural member when a force is applied to the structural member is described. The method includes a step of generating rotation torque in the structural member in such a direction as to cancel out the force applied to the structural member. The... Agent: Okuma Corporation

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