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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110155865 - Sprinkler mounting device: Disclosed therein is a sprinkler mounting device that support units are joined to T-shaped frames and a support bar through screws, thereby providing a strong and firm mounted state and preventing a separation of the support units from the support bar during work even though the mounting device is in... Agent:

20110155866 - Concentric ring gimbal support system: A tool support system is disclose having a yoke; a plurality of concentric rings having at least one ring pivotally connected to the yoke; a tool fastening mechanism to secure a tool in the support system; and one or more rotation components to permit the tool to rotate within a... Agent:

20110155867 - Monitor lift mechanism: A monitor lift mechanism that can be utilized in connection with a desk having a stationary work surface. The monitor lift mechanism is movable between a retracted position in which a monitor is positioned beneath the work surface, and an extended position in which the monitor is positioned above the... Agent: Krueger International, Inc.

20110155868 - Bracket for screen expansion, display, and display assembly: A bracket for screen expansion includes a first arm, and a second arm. The first arm includes a first main body extending horizontally. Two horizontally spaced first assembling holes are defined in the first main body. The second arm is horizontally rotatably mounted to the first arm. The second arm... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155869 - Adjustable support device for monitor: An adjustable support device includes a supporting member having two spaced arms each of which includes a sliding engaging member, a carrier for an article or monitor includes two sliding engaging elements slidably engaged with the sliding engaging members of the arms for allowing the carrier to be moved relative... Agent: Kernan Technology Co., Ltd.

20110155870 - Device for holding packages: A device for holding a plurality of dispensing packages enables the packages to be independently removed and replaced. In one embodiment, the holding device includes a rear wall and a pair of sidewalls extending at an angle from said rear wall. The sidewalls each include a plurality of retaining elements,... Agent: Cnd Products LLC

20110155871 - Mounting apparatus for back panel: A mounting apparatus includes a drive bracket assembly, a back panel, and a securing member. The back panel is mounted to the drive bracket assembly along a first direction. The securing member is slidably mounted on the drive bracket assembly. The securing member secures the back panel to the drive... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155872 - Devices, systems, and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly: Devices, systems, and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly are provided. In some embodiments, a retrofitted traffic control assembly configured to reinforce a traffic signal assembly in high wind conditions is provided. The reinforcement devices include connection assemblies for reinforcing the portion of a traffic control assembly positioned between... Agent:

20110155873 - Mounting system for releasably securing an entertainment module to an automotive headrest: A mounting system (1) for a rear-facing, entertainment module (3) such as a digital VHF/UHF television, 3G Internet device, or DVD/CD/game player. The mounting system (1) has first and second, principal sections (5,7) with the first section (5) being securable to the upright posts (8,8′) of an automotive headrest (4)... Agent: Winegard Company

20110155874 - Sensor arrangement for a vehicle window: A sensor arrangement for a vehicle window includes a mounting frame having an engagement portion, a sensor housing attachable to the mounting frame, a spring-loaded bracket connected to the sensor housing, and a two-arm lever. The lever is pivotably mounted to the bracket, wherein pivoting of the lever causes the... Agent: Leopold Kostal Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110155875 - Keyed twist-lock hook assembly for aperture board: An aperture board assembly includes a panel having an array of apertures, a modular array of receivers attached to the panel, and hook assemblies for detachably engaging the receivers. The modular array is attached to the panel so that each receiver is substantially aligned with a corresponding aperture in the... Agent: Top-wok Metals Co. Ltd.

20110155876 - Device for the clamping attachment of a scale: A device for clamping a scale to an attachment face of a support, the device including a securing element and a clamping element that is secured to a support by the securing element. The clamping element includes a first spring element that is resilient in a first direction toward an... Agent:

20110155877 - Bracket device: A bracket device for removably securing a control box atop a portable amplifier. The portable amplifier is provided with a handle secured to its top by spaced apart securing hardware. The device is in the form of a resilient construct having a U-shaped top portion, a pair of bridging members... Agent:

20110155878 - Fixing device: A fixing device for fixing a first element to a second element is provided. The fixing device includes a post, at least one latching member and an operating member. The post includes a head portion and an end portion. The head portion has a biasing member for generating a compressive... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155879 - Mylar™ ballon display rack: The present invention, provides a display rack configured expressly for neatly displaying Mylar™ balloons. The Mylar Balloon Display Rack is comprised of a heavy duty wall mounted base plate or “back” plate manufactured of shatterproof plastic with other embodiments manufactured of metal. Running the length of the top and the... Agent:

20110155880 - Holder apparatus: Holder apparatus (10) comprises an elongate holder bar (12), a holder element (18) which is slidably mounted on the holder bar (12) and which has a holder (24) for holding an item (30), and adjustment means (50, 52) for adjusting a position of the holder element (18) on the holder... Agent:

20110155881 - Dispenser hook: A dispenser hook for dispensing chemicals and configured to hang on supports. The dispenser hook is designed to withstand the forces applied by a mechanical harvester. The dispenser hook is configured to couple with a dispenser. The dispenser hook has a hook body with a resiliently flexible outer leg and... Agent:

20110155882 - Mounting apparatus for disk drive: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket and a locking member. The bracket is configured for receiving a disk drive and includes a side plate. The side plate defines two through holes. The locking member is secured to the side plate and includes a locking portion and two locking posts. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110155883 - Cam holder system: A cam holder system is described. A cam mechanism allows the holder to accept sheet material and be closed easily, while still maintaining strong holding power. The holder is formed by two or more separate pieces of extruded rigid material that slide together. End caps can be used to hold... Agent: Rose Displays Ltd.

20110155884 - Frictional holding pad: A frictional holding pad removably attaches handheld items, such as a cell phone, to a surface, such as a dash, to allow storage of handheld items on the surface with the pad to prevent the items from shifting or sliding due to the movement of the support surface. A smoother... Agent:

20110155885 - Poster-coaster: A product comprising: a stack having a plurality of coasters, each comprising a material that operates to prevent moisture from penetrating through the coaster; and a material that adheres the coasters to each other so that each coaster may readily be removed from the stack.... Agent:

20110155886 - Tripod-supporting device, tripod, support member for tripod and method for supporting tripod: An attaching means composed of a hole or a groove is formed in the leg of a tripod or another member attached to the legs. A support member inserted in the attaching means is so disposed as to extend in a direction from the attaching means to the ground, toward... Agent: Kansai Kouji Sokuryou Co., Ltd.

20110155887 - Anti-vibration device: An anti-vibration device includes a tubular first attachment member connected to either a vibration generating section or a vibration receiving section; a second attachment member connected to the other of the vibration generating section and the vibration receiving section; a first rubber elastic body elastically interconnecting the first and second... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110155888 - Mobile power unit with pto: A trailer is provided for providing a power source to an implement. The trailer includes an engine connected to a power takeoff shaft, which is connected to an implement requiring an external source of power to run the implement. The trailer includes a mounting member for attaching the trailer to... Agent:

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110147536 - Floral easel: An erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object is disclosed. Methods of shipping a floral easel, methods of using a floral easel, methods of storing a floral easel, and methods of placing a floral object on a floral easel are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110147537 - Light string hanging apparatus: A light string hanger is provided which may be mounted on a building structure without nails or fasteners. The light string hanger includes a body plate having connection points for releasably securing a light string and a support wall extending downwardly from the body plate. In order to mount the... Agent:

20110147538 - Apparatus for flexibly restraining service loops in an oil derrick to prevent entangling of the loops: An apparatus for flexibly restraining service loops in an oil derrick to prevent entangling of the loops, comprising a plurality of identical apparatus wherein each apparatus is positioned at different longitudinal level to restrain the service loops. Each apparatus is comprised of a plurality of interlocking units, wherein each unit... Agent: Delafield Corporation

20110147539 - Apparatus for flexibly restraining service loops in an oil derrick to prevent entangling of the loops: An apparatus for flexibly restraining service loops in an oil derrick to prevent entangling of the loops, comprising a plurality of identical apparatus wherein each apparatus is positioned at different longitudinal level to restrain the service loops. Each apparatus is comprised of a plurality of interlocking units, wherein each unit... Agent: Delafield Corporation

20110147542 - Cable organizer: A cable organizer including a front surface and a rear surface, wherein the front surface and the rear surface define a width therebetween; a first end and a second end, wherein the first end and the second end define a length therebetween; a bottom surface, wherein the bottom surface is... Agent:

20110147541 - Cable strap locating device for a wire harness and a wire harness assembly using the same: A cable strap locating device for a wire harness is disclosed. The device extends along an axial direction and the device includes a head and a tail. The head has a top surface, at least one side surface abutting the top surface, and an opening extending through the head and... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110147540 - Mounting arrangement for connecting components to a machine: A mounting arrangement for connecting components, such as a wiring harness or hydraulic lines, to a machine may include a planar attachment portion, a neck portion extending from the planar attachment portion, and a head portion extending from the neck portion. The head portion includes an end, a main section,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20110147543 - Wire holder and wire bundling structure: A wire holder is provided which allows for reduced number of process steps required in bundling wires. The wire holder is for relative alignment of a plurality of wires upon bundling the wires, and includes a plurality of wall portions formed rotationally symmetric to one another, provided to project in... Agent: Toshiba Mitsubishi-electric Indus. Sys. Corp.

20110147544 - Collapsible garbage bag support: A collapsible bag support to improve collection and disposal of garbage in bags. In one embodiment, the bag support includes a tube or sleeve having a first end and a second end. The tube is configured to receive refuse through the first end and deliver the refuse through the second... Agent:

20110147545 - Portable bag holding device: A portable bag opening device for holding a disposable bag. This device includes a handle, a first bag mouth engaging portion that has an elongated body defining an open slot for receiving part of the bag mouth therein, and at least one bag mouth holding portion for assisting in maintaining... Agent:

20110147546 - Adjustable display arm: An adjustable display arm utilizing a single motion, friction-locking hinge mechanism to allow a user to adjust the display height across a range sufficient to accommodate different-sized users while supporting the weight of an attached flat-panel display. The adjustable display arm can comprise a base assembly, an arm assembly, and... Agent: Humanscale Corporation

20110147547 - Foldable stand: A stand is provided that is foldable or collapsible between one or more erect positions and a folded or collapsed position. This allows the stand to provide the user with several ergonomic positions for supporting a laptop, book, etc, during use, and then subsequently allows the stand to fold or... Agent: Crane Hardware LLC

20110147548 - Ball head for camera tripod capable of finely adjusting front and rear angles through mechanical manipulation: Disclosed is a ball head for a camera tripod. The movement of the ball head is finely adjusted in front, rear, left, and right directions through mechanical manipulation. Since a conventional ball head is mounted with a ball on a tripod, after a user releases the ball head from the... Agent:

20110147549 - Mounting bracket for use with a water heater: A mounting bracket for mounting a temperature sensor, a gas valve, a power delivery unit, a controller and/or any other suitable object or device to a water heater tank. An illustrative but non-limiting example may be found in a mounting bracket that includes a polymeric body that has a sensor... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110147550 - Extracorporeal blood circuit component mounting system: A mounting system for mounting one or more components of an extracorporeal blood circuit to an upstanding mast provided with a pump cart. The system includes a clamp device, a primary arm, a seat, a post, and a locking mechanism. The clamp device is mountable to the mast and pivotably... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20110147552 - Mounting bracket for use with a water heater: A mounting bracket for mounting a temperature sensor, a gas valve, a power delivery unit, a controller and/or any other suitable object or device to a water heater tank or other appliance. An illustrative but non-limiting example may be found in a mounting bracket that includes a polymeric body that... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110147551 - Rail unit for mounting wall furniture: The present document describes a rail unit, used in forming a rail assembly, for installing horizontally on a wall and for hanging pieces of furniture thereon. The rail unit comprises: an elongated body having a mating surface for making contact to the wall and a supporting lip for hanging pieces... Agent: Produits Forestiers Direct Inc.

20110147553 - Fastening device for add-on components on mounting rails: A device (1) for fastening an add-on component (3, 4) to a support part (5), including at least one catching part (8) that can be inserted into an opening (10) of the support part (5) and that can catch behind at least one edge (9) of the support part (5)... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110147554 - Holding device of fitments: A holding device of fitments is disposed to a support on one side of the fitment and comprises a holding plate including a coupling portion extending from one side of a bottom thereof; a connecting set including a disc extending upward from one end thereof, a fitting segment extending downward... Agent:

20110147555 - Variable length standoff assembly: A variable length standoff assembly is configured to mount one or more portions of one or more panels to a frame or support structure, regardless of curvature or angling in the given panel or frame. The variable length standoff assembly includes a connector bar to which one or more variable... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20110147556 - Holding device for medical instruments: A holding device for medical instruments, having a bracket on which at least one medical instrument can be affixed, at least one joint to position the bracket and a weight-relieving system to compensate the bracket load. The holding device is of compact and light structure and for cleaning purposes is... Agent:

20110147557 - Wall mounting apparatus for display apparatus and display apparatus having the same: A wall mount for a display apparatus to vertically move an apparatus body of the display apparatus in an electromotive manner and a display apparatus having the same are provided. A wire is mounted at the rear of the apparatus body. The wall mount includes a plurality of wire hanging... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110147559 - Trivet with server lid: A multifaceted trivet with multifaceted functionality includes a trivet within a basket, a trivet that may serve as a lid and a serving tray. The trivet within a basket provides further insulation by use of the basket. The basket has rotatable handles which allows a heated item to be placed... Agent: Temp-tations, LLC

20110147558 - Insulated foot pad for a tripod: An insulated foot pad for a tripod has an insulated block sandwiched between two plates. The plates are made of a material that is a poor conductor of heat. Tripod legs placed on the foot pads will not sink into the snow on sunny days nor into warm asphalt on... Agent:

20110147560 - Portable desk apparatus and methods: Portable workstation or desk apparatus and methods. In one embodiment, a portable workstation is comprised of a plurality of components including a work surface or upper element, a stem or support element, and an anchor or base element. In one variant, the work surface element (and/or the base element) can... Agent:

20110147561 - Seat rail of motorcycle: Disclosed is a seat rail (30) of a motorcycle having a pair of left and right rail sections (45L, 45R) which do not have a tendency to store water and which have a sufficient rigidity. Each rail section comprises a first groove section (64) and a second groove section (65).... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110147562 - Safety device for a cantilevered beam and boom assembly incorporating the same: A safety device (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600) for a cantilevered beam (86) pivotally mounted adjacent one end thereof to a support surface is adapted to bridge the beam and the support surface (84) and is structured so that when coupled to the beam and support surface, the safety... Agent: Smart Technologies Ulc

20110147563 - Vibration damping of a ceiling mount carrying a surgical microscope: The present invention relates to a ceiling mount for a surgical microscope, including at least two load-bearing sections joined together by a damping interface, said interface including at least two damping layers which are made of damping material and are separated from each other by a bracket plate made of... Agent: Leica Microsystems (schweiz) Ag

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110139942 - Method and system for bracing pipes: A method and system for bracing pipe, conduit and ductwork, which includes a mounting plate attachable to an underside of a structural flooring member, an elongated support member attachable to an underside of the mounting plate, and at least one elongated channel member. The at least one elongated channel member... Agent: Certus Consulting, Inc.

20110139943 - Pig tail spring exhaust hanger: A pig tail spring exhaust hanger includes a pig tail coil having at one end an upper arm and at the other end a lower arm. The upper arm is mounted to the vehicle underbody, and the lower arm is connected to the exhaust system, wherein the orientation of the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110139944 - Hands free baby bottle holder and feeder: A hands free baby bottle holder and feeder which includes a wedge shaped pillow and a U-shaped shaped pillow. A mechanism is for attaching the U-shaped pillow in an inverted position onto the wedge shaped pillow. A C-clamp mechanism on the U-shaped pillow is for holding a baby bottle in... Agent:

20110139945 - Portable characterized, themed audio/video media player holder: A portable electronic device holder adaptable to hold at least one electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device holder comprises of a media holder for securing the at least one electronic device therein, a themed component adaptable to receive the media holder and an attachment means for allowing the electronic... Agent:

20110139946 - Universal flip stand for portable hand-held devices: The stand has an adjustable arm that will allow users to hang the accessory over any headrest. The arm can be adjusted along a hinge to change the length for varying widths of headrest. The arm can also rotate to be angled for placement on a flat surface such as... Agent:

20110139947 - Spherical pivot bearing assembly structure and holder using the same: A spherical pivot bearing assembly structure and a holder using the same are provided. The spherical pivot bearing assembly structure comprises a spherical pivot, a bearing housing, a friction member, an elastic member and a fixing member, wherein the elastic member disposed between the friction member and the elastic member... Agent: Kinpo Electronics, Inc.

20110139948 - Cup holder: A cup holder is provided for installation at a juncture of two adjacent seat backs, wherein each of the seat backs has an arcuate back surface having a most rearward point, an intersection of the most rearward points of the two adjacent seat backs defining a plane. The cup holder... Agent: Caddy Products, Inc.

20110139949 - Foliage holder: A foliage holder for securing a piece of foliage to a support and provide an overhanging element adjacent to or within an open area to attract wildlife.... Agent:

20110139950 - Retention clip with two points of contact: A clip for holding a portable electronic device comprises a retaining structure adapted to receive and retain the portable electronic device and a clip structure coupled to the retaining structure for clipping the retaining structure to something. The clip structure applies forces at two, spaced apart locations, thereby to resist... Agent: Plantronics, Inc.

20110139951 - Fixing assembly: A fixing assembly for fixing a peripheral device having a positioning member is provided. The fixing assembly includes a bracket and a latching mechanism. The bracket is configured for accommodating the peripheral device. The latching mechanism is configured for fixing the peripheral device to the bracket. The bracket defines a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110139952 - Bracket for data storage device: A bracket for mounting a data storage device thereon includes a holding frame and an operating structure. The holding frame includes a substrate and first and second sidewalls extending from two opposite sides of the substrate. A receiving space is defined in the holding frame for receiving the data storage... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110139953 - Hanger system and method: Embodiments of the invention provide a hanger system and method. The hanger system can include a first member and a second member. The first member and the second member can be capable of being moved with respect to each other in order to adjust a first length of the hanger... Agent:

20110139954 - Longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat with spindle and spindle holder: A longitudinal adjuster for a vehicle seat (1) with a spindle (13), which is arranged in a hollow space formed by a pair of rails (5, 7), and with spindle holders (15). The area of connection of at least one of the spindle holders (15a) to one of the rails... Agent:

20110139955 - Vanity display: An aesthetically pleasing vanity display is provided. The vanity display includes a back and a bottom. First and second sides are connected to the back and to the bottom. An arm, connected to the back, is provided for selectively angling the vanity display. At least one adjustable support bar is... Agent:

20110139956 - Temporary support: Equipment is temporarily supported above the ground by a self-supporting, readily erectable and transportable mast. The mast comprises a pneumatically inflatable elongate tube having a first end to which the equipment is coupled and a second end coupled to a ground support tripod. The mast is provided with bracing structure... Agent: Bdz Holdings Ltd

20110139957 - Object support column: An object support column with a vertical tube, a base part arranged at a first end of the vertical tube, a guide bush fastened to a second end of the vertical tube, a telescope tube arranged coaxially in the vertical tube and movable along a center longitudinal axis in the... Agent: Stabilus Gmbh

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110133040 - Suspension system for minimally invasive surgery: A suspension system for supporting surgical devices inside a patient's body cavity comprising an external frame, a plurality of elongated members extending from the external frame and through the patient's skin into the body cavity, and an internal platform located inside the body cavity. The internal platform includes a plurality... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20110133041 - Toothbrush igloo system: Toothbrush Igloo is an igloo-shaped device with an animal caricature on the top that holds a toothbrush in an horizontal position that allows users to easily apply toothpaste without requiring assistance. Users can store their toothbrushes and toothpaste in the rear compartment of the holder in between uses. When preparing... Agent:

20110133042 - Arm rest for manicures: The armrest for manicures is a device supporting the arm and hand during a manicure procedure and includes an elongate container having a profile configured as an isosceles triangle. The container is provided with a removable cap at one end. When filled with warm water, the container will function as... Agent:

20110133043 - Anti-skid sleeve for musical instrument stand: An anti-skid sleeve for a musical instrument stand comprises a body, having a containing portion formed on the top end of the body for insertion of the musical instrument stand and concavely provided on one side face of the body with a receiving portion extending toward the bottom end of... Agent: Remarkable Company

20110133044 - Magnetic textile hanger: An apparatus and method for hanging textiles such as quilts having a rod pocket attached to the back surface thereof are described. In one embodiment, the hanger includes a center tube, two rods which adjustably fit into the center tube, a permanent magnet disposed inside the center tube at its... Agent:

20110133045 - Tree stand support system: A tree stand attachment device for mounting a tree stand to a tree comprising: at least two vertical posts; at least two horizontal posts extending from the at least two vertical posts; at least two v-shaped tree grips attached to the at least two vertical posts, said tree grips abut... Agent:

20110133046 - Wheel sensor mounting device: A device for mounting a sensor assembly on a vehicle assembly. The device includes a substantially circular ring circumferentially engaging the vehicle axle tube and a support block. The support block includes a clamp-engaging segment engaging at least a portion of the circumference of the ring. Further, the support block... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110133047 - Support for a motor vehicle attachment part and device for supporting a motor vehicle attachment part: A support for a motor vehicle attachment part for installation at a chassis section of a motor vehicle provided with a receptacle opening. Two support elements that can be associated with opposite cables of the chassis section, are able to be tensioned toward one another by way of a clamping... Agent: Blaupunkt Antenna Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110133048 - Seat adjuster for sports equipment: A seat adjuster for an article of sports equipment includes a base, a locating frame pivotally connected with the base for connection of a seat, a first locating plate mounted with the base, and a second locating plate pivotally connected with the locating frame so as to be pivotable between... Agent: Healthstream Taiwan Inc.,

20110133049 - Vibration control of an optical table by disturbance response decoupling: This invention discloses an optical table and the vibration control method thereof. Using disturbance response decomposing techniques, a double-layer structure is applied to independently control the ground and load disturbances. This invention can simplify the vibration control and improve system performance.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20110133050 - Adjustable mounting assemblies with locking systems: A locking system for use in adjusting a mounting assembly includes a lock plate and a lock shaft mount. A lock shaft component is rotatably received within an opening of the lock of the lock plate and rotatably supported by the lock shaft mount. With the locking system in a... Agent: Firstgroup America, Inc.

20110133051 - Shaft and post tensioning device: A system for applying tension to a component for use in molten metal processing. Preferably, the component includes an outer core and at least one tension rod positioned partially within the outer core. The component is preferably elongated, such as a support post or an impeller shaft. The tension rod... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110127390 - Articulated human arm support: An upper body appendage support apparatus having an articulating parallelogram support structure connected to an articulating upper body appendage support structure, the latter accommodating a user's forearm, wrist, and/or heel-of-hand. The apparatus analogously jointed to the human arm and moving synchronously therewith.... Agent:

20110127391 - Mobile customized headrest stand: A portable head rest stand for a person sitting in a chair which includes a 4-wheeled base member positioned adjacent to the chair. An adjustable pedestal is mounted upright on the 4-wheeled base member. An adjustable head support assembly is mounted on a top end ring adjuster of the pedestal... Agent:

20110127392 - Collapsible and adjustable electronics support systems: A collapsible and adjustable electronics support with a releasably lockable rotatable base having a link with adjustable drag hinges connecting the releasably lockable rotatable base to a receiver for a polygonal support adapter. One or two tools for adjusting the drag hinges are included with first and second releasably snap-fit... Agent: Qest Group Limited,

20110127393 - Wheel support: A wheel support assembly is mounted to a pivotable system spanning an opening, with the pivotable system mounted to one side of the opening at a pivotable connection and to another side of the opening at a removable connection. The support assembly is disposed proximate the removable connection and spaced... Agent:

20110127394 - Mounting mechanism for storage device: A mounting mechanism for assembling a storage device includes a pair of parallel brackets and a latching member. Each of the brackets defines a sliding slot and a latching hole therein. A space is defined between the brackets for receiving the storage device. The latching member includes a resisting portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110127395 - Vacuum lifter: A vacuum suction device is provided for temporary fixing on a substantially smooth, air-impermeable fixing area, including a supporting cup (3) and a flexible suction plate (4) as well as an actuating mechanism for creating a partial vacuum between the suction plate and the fixing area while dislocating the suction... Agent: Bohle Ag

20110127396 - Wall hanging inventory control and packaging system: A wall hanging inventory control and packaging system comprises a wall bracket secured on a wall and provided with a rail at a top lip of the wall bracket at a side near the wall; and at least one carrier, each of which comprises a body for accommodating an article... Agent:

20110127397 - Mounting system for display equipment: The present invention provides a mounting system for securely mounting display equipment, such as a monitor or a display screen. The mounting system comprises: a support structure (5) to which the display equipment (D) is to be mounted to thereby support the display equipment (D); and a mounting component (1)... Agent:

20110127398 - Item securing hook assembly: Units or hook assemblies arranged and configured to adequately capture and hold personal items which have some type of handle, rope, strap or the like. Preferred embodiments include a mounting plate for attachment to a restroom stall wall, door or the like. The mounting plate includes an upper end and... Agent:

20110127399 - Stand: A stand includes a connecting member, a first supporting member pivotably connected to the connecting member and rotatable along a first direction, two second supporting members pivotably connected to the connecting member and rotatable along a second direction perpendicular to the first direction, and two blocking members pivotably connected to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110127400 - Active vibration isolation system having an inertial reference mass: An active vibration isolation system comprises a platform (1), an inertial reference mass (4), a support unit (10) for supporting the reference mass (4) without mechanical contact, a first sensor (6) for supplying a signal that is representative for the distance between the reference mass (4) and the platform (1),... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20110127401 - Structure for mounting ancillaries on vehicle: A structure for mounting ancillaries on a vehicle wherein one end of a first bracket in a plate form extends downwardly and is fixed to a body frame and the other end of the first bracket supports a reservoir. In addition, the first bracket supports the regulator in the proximity... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110127402 - Rotating platform from wheelchair bound people: A method and apparatus for rotating a wheelchair on a motorized rotatable platform comprising providing a motorized rotatable platform comprising a stationary bottom plate and a rotatable top plate supported by a central conical bearing assembly and a circular ring thrust bearing, wherein rotation of the top plate is accomplished... Agent:

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