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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121141 - Multijoint cable protection and guide device: The invention provides a multijoint cable protection and guide device that steadily protects and guides cables and the like that assume flexed and straight postures. The device includes a flexible belt member in which a plurality of center tubular portions through which cables are inserted and a pair of right... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110121142 - Item hanging hardware: A wall hardware device, a wire guide device, and an item hanging system including one or both of the wall hardware device and the wire guide device. The wall hardware device includes a straight nail and an auxiliary head. The auxiliary head includes a skirt section, a cap section and... Agent: Under The Roof Decorating Inc.

20110121144 - Solar tracker: The invention relates to a solar tracker including a structure formed by means of a plurality of rigid frames formed by pairs of pillars (1 and 2) connected with ties (4) and collaterally with ties forming Saint Andrew's crosses (5), such that those rigid frames which are anchored to the... Agent:

20110121143 - Tracking system: Tracking device (1) for a solar element, having a carrier (8) rotatable around an axis, which is rotatable via a drive element (10), and a coupling element (11) fixable on an anchor (2), which has an axial bearing surface (14, 14′) for the carrier (8) and forms a receptacle (16,... Agent: Schuco International Kg

20110121145 - Modular support assembly: A modular support assembly is provided for supporting a useful and/or decorative article. Each module of the assembly adheres to adjacent module(s) via a magnetic force attraction. The height of the modular assembly can be adjusted, as desired, by the addition/removal of various modules to/from the assembly.... Agent:

20110121146 - Mounting mechanism for storage device: A mounting mechanism for assembling a storage device includes a fixing member, a rotary member rotatably connected to the fixing member, and a pair of brackets extending from the fixing member. A resisting face is formed at a lateral side of the rotary member for engaging with the storage device.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110121147 - Removable attachment bar for a flip-top table: The present invention provides an attachment bar extending from the mechanism of a flip-top table. While maintaining the benefits of standard flip-top tables, attachment bar also achieves many benefits including improved table rigidity and additional locations to secure attachments to the table.... Agent: Dsa International

20110121148 - Apparatus and method for holding a portable electronic device: An apparatus and a method are disclosed for holding a portable electronic device such as a navigation system unit, a multimedia/music player, a cellular phone, and a satellite radio. In one embodiment of the invention, a clamp enables a firm and removable attachment of a novel portable electronic device holder... Agent:

20110121149 - Clamping device: A clamping device for attaching a piece of first moveable equipment to a piece of second moveable equipment comprising a body, a mounting portion, and an attachment portion. The attachment portion comprising an attachment recess disposed within the body for receiving the piece of first movable equipment, and a latch... Agent:

20110121150 - Unit for locking ring sectors on a turbomachine casing, comprising radial passages for gripping it: A unit locking a ring sector attachment device onto an aircraft turbomachine casing, the unit including two clamping arms connected to each other at their aft ends by a connecting arm extending approximately parallel to the general direction between the two clamping arms. The unit also includes a passage enabling... Agent: Snecma

20110121151 - Display mount: A mounting system for mounting a plurality of devices to a surface, including an overhead surface. According to various embodiments, a support arm is configured to operatively attach to a mounting surface and is operatively connected to a plurality of device support assemblies that include a mount bracket a selectively... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20110121152 - Low-profile fastener assemblies, panel mounting systems, and methods: Low-profile fastener assemblies for mounting objects, such as decorative architectural resin panels, to a support structure at a standoff include a standoff barrel, threaded rod, and low-profile cap. The low-profile cap can have a curved profile configured to reduce its height while also allowing for one or more separated recesses... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20110121153 - Strut clamp: An assembly includes a first structure and a clamp configured to clamp the first structure to a second structure. The clamp may include a top portion configured to extend through the slot, where the top portion includes a head, a neck portion coupled to the head and a cylindrical body... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20110121155 - Apparatus for removably securing seats:

20110121154 - Seat sliding device: A seat sliding device for preventing accidental operation of the operation member. The seat sliding device includes a biasing member 60 which biases a lock member 50 in response to the operation of an operation lever 70 in an unlocking pivoting direction and which is tiltable around a shaft 62... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Imasen Denki Seisakusho 1

20110121156 - Portable and collapsible bookstand: A portable and collapsible bookstand apparatus includes a pair of main panels which is connected by a 180 degree foldable device; a pair of book-holding panels which is connected with the pair of main panels respectively by respective 90 degree foldable devices; a pair of bottom panels which is connected... Agent:

20110121157 - Structure for preventing separation of insulator in tm mount: A mount apparatus of a vehicle having a structure for preventing separation of an insulator with a bracket, may include the bracket formed in a cylindrical pipe and covered with a rib at a side thereof, wherein the rib includes a hole, and the insulator coupled into the bracket, including,... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110114800 - Gutter retaining system: A gutter system incorporating a gutter clip and a gutter hanger to affix a gutter to a retaining clip attached to a fascia board of a building, thereby eliminating the need to place holes in the gutter with screws or nails. The gutter hanger is constructed of a single piece... Agent:

20110114801 - Cable support device: g

20110114802 - System for holding cables, hoses, tubes or the like: The invention relates to a system for holding elongated objects, which system comprises holder modules (1), each of which being provided with at least one seat (3) with an arched shape intended to receive an elongated object. The holder modules are provided with mutually co-operating coupling members (5a, 5b) for... Agent:

20110114803 - Circuit support apparatus for medical use and pivot mechanism thereof: The circuit support apparatus of the invention includes a pivot mechanism, two arms and a circuit holder connected to one of the arms. The pivot mechanism includes a stationary ring, a rotary ring correspondingly connecting with the stationary ring and being capable of rotating with respect to the stationary ring,... Agent: Galemed Corporation

20110114804 - Support stand for flat-panel display monitor: A support stand includes a bracket and a base connected with the bracket. The bracket includes a main body, a movable member, and a resilient member. The main body defines a receiving slot therein, and the movable member is partially received in the receiving slot, with opposite ends of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110114805 - Bracket for electronic device: A bracket includes a base, a supporting member and a connecting member. The supporting member is spaced from the base and comprises a supporting portion and an arm pivotally engaging with the supporting portion. The arm is rotatable towards the supporting portion. The connecting member connects the base and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110114806 - Selectively adjustable device for securing a handbag: A selectively adjustable device for securing a handbag on a table is provided. The device is designed to fold into a compact shape and includes at least one surface for receiving a handbag. Other embodiments provided include a secondary arm for allowing accommodation of the device onto a vertically oriented... Agent:

20110114807 - Tree top decoration holder: Taught herein is an adjustable holder for a tree top decoration for use on a Christmas tree. The holder features interchangeable attachments so it can accommodate a wide range of tree top decorations.... Agent:

20110114808 - Extracting apparatus for storage module: The extracting apparatus includes a bracket, a holder extractably mounted to the bracket, a locking member, an elastic member connecting the bracket with the locking member, and a handle pivotably connecting to the bracket. The locking member is pivotably engaged with the bracket. The handle includes a cam, and the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110114809 - Mounting bracket for blind: The invention is a fascia and mounting bracket combination for a blind having a head portion. The mounting bracket and fascia combination includes a mounting bracket having a first locking element and a fascia having a face portion and an extended leg. The extended leg has a proximal end adjacent... Agent:

20110114810 - Mounting device for disk-shaped substrates such as solar wafers: The invention relates to a mounting device for solar wafers (2), comprising at least one comb-like holder (1) having an elongated web (3), on which along the longitudinal extension thereof a plurality of comb elements (4) arranged at equal distances from each other are provided, wherein between the surfaces of... Agent: Jonas & Redmann Automationstechnik Gmbh

20110114811 - Interface apparatus for mounting a portable illumination tool & related illumination assembly: An illumination tool fixture is generally provided. The fixture comprises an illumination tool receiving sleeve and a clamping assembly operatively received at an end thereof. The sleeve is generally characterized by first and second sleeve segments, each having first and second sleeve ends. The second sleeve end includes an interior... Agent: R/m Equipment, Inc.

20110114812 - Holder for a drinking glass: Moisture-absorbing holder for a drinking glass, such as a beer glass, which holder comprises a raised annular wall (2) which is made from a plastic material, which wall has clamping elements (3) on the inside for clamping a drinking glass to be placed therein and has retaining elements (4, 5)... Agent: Van Goolen, Corstiaan Johannes

20110114813 - Free standing support: A load support includes an outer tube and a plunger at least partially slidably disposed within the outer tube. Gravity-set wedging members are disposed between an outer surface of the plunger and an inner surface of the outer tube for setting the plunger and outer tube in place with respect... Agent:

20110114814 - Stand: A stand includes a supporting panel, two first rotating members attached to opposite sides of the supporting panel, two second rotating members rotatably mounted to first ends of the first rotating members, and two supporting members mounted to second ends of the first rotating members to support the two first... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110114815 - Shaft retaining bracket assembly: A shaft retaining bracket assembly (100) and a method (400) of assembling the same is disclosed. A bracket assembly (100) may include an isolator (104) that receives a shaft and absorbs vibrations transmitted therethrough, and an integrally formed bracket (102). The bracket (102) may include a base portion (108) having... Agent:

20110114816 - Constant bearer: With the objective of more easily transmitting the forces of the spring assembly and enabling improved compensation for the changing forces of the main spring assembly, two basic embodiments are proposed as a solution, where, in the first embodiment, an auxiliary spring assembly, as part of the compensating device, and... Agent: Lisega Aktiengesellschaft

20110114817 - Base anchoring structure: A base anchoring structure fixes a base 3 of an apparatus body 2 to a floor F in position. The base is at a lower part of the apparatus body and has casters C to move the apparatus body along the floor. The base anchoring structure includes linear actuators 4... Agent: Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd.

20110114818 - Device for fastening the housing of a refrigerant compressor: A device for fastening the housing (2) of a refrigerant compressor at a container enclosing a cooling volume, wherein the housing (2) can be fastened to a support element (1) located at the container by way of an arbitrary number of connecting elements (3), wherein at least one connecting element... Agent: Acc Austria Gmbh

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110108678 - Exhaust system hanger of vehicle: The present invention relates to an exhaust system hanger of a vehicle, in which two protrusions facing and spaced apart from each other are integrally formed at a center portion between both distal ends of the hanger, and the two protrusions selectively contact each other to increase a spring constant,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20110108679 - Pro fencer brace system: The “Pro Fencer Brace System” is basically a metal insert and clamp that act as a multi-angular receiver for compression or tension bracing on game or livestock fencing.... Agent:

20110108680 - Electrical wire fixing member: Provided is an electrical wire fixing member that can be assembled in a simple manner with the reduced number of parts, and is capable of obtaining a sufficient lap amount, which can further reduce the number of parts. In an electrical wire fixing band 1 that secures an electrical wire... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110108681 - Method and apparatus for facilitating cable terminations of rack mounted equipment: A method and apparatus for facilitating the termination of cables to equipment mounted inside equipment racks or cabinets comprising of one or more cable termination equipment such as patch panels, cable termination strips and terminal blocks, and printed circuit boards fitted with cable termination blocks or fibre optic termination equipment.... Agent:

20110108682 - Bag holding rack for use in conventional dishwashing machine: A rack for holding inverted plastic storage bags includes at least one tine with head bar member for bag rest. Head bar members may include ribs to properly hold and allow for cleaning of the bags. Shielding walls may form a case around the tines and thus protect the bags... Agent:

20110108683 - Mounting apparatus using ball and socket joints with gripping features: The present invention is directed towards ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. In some embodiments, the ball and socket joint connectors are designed and constructed such that the interference fit of the ball and socket causes creep in the material resulting in more even... Agent:

20110108684 - Screen stand with a flat screen: In a screen stand, a flat screen is held in a holder having side bars and crossbars. A faceplate borders on the flat screen. The crossbars are adjustable in their length and their position relative to the side bars. The screen stand has a foot and the holder supports the... Agent: Impuls Verwaltungs-und Beteiligungs Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110108685 - Tripod head with folding handle: A tripod head comprises a mount and an angle adjustment mechanism for adjusting and locking the angle of the mount with respect to a tripod. The mechanism comprises an elongated handle. The handle is adapted to rotate around its longitudinal axis to lock the angle of the mechanism when rotated... Agent:

20110108686 - Suction device with an electrostatic flexible sticking sheet: A suction device includes an electrostatic flexible sheet having a predetermined thickness; an attaching member permanently secured to the sheet and comprising a base, a neck on the base, and an outward extending peripheral flange on a top of the neck; and a holding member comprising a T-shaped recess and... Agent:

20110108687 - Wall mounting for central heating radiators: The present invention provides a system for pivotally mounting a radiator on a wall such that the radiator may be swung away from the wall at the top to facilitate cleaning and the like, the system comprising: a) an upper bracket to releasably hold an upper portion of the radiator... Agent: Easi-rad Limited

20110108688 - Set-top box support kit for lcd wall mounts: A set-top box support kit for LCD wall mounts includes a container, support members and printed instructions. The support members attach to a user's pre-existing LCD wall mount and provide support for a set-top box. The LCD display attaches to the LCD wall mount and the set-top box is supported... Agent: Gazak Ventures Inc.

20110108689 - Connection system for mounting a device onto a support arm: The present invention provides a connection system for attaching and detaching a device to and from a support arm. The connection system is comprised of a key member having a keyed portion. A first section is attachable to a support arm. The first section is dimensioned to receive the keyed... Agent: American Sterilizer Company

20110108690 - Fastening assembly: A fastening assembly for attachment of objects to substrates (16) formed from weak or soft construction materials, such as plasterboard or chipboard, includes a bracket (1) having one or more apertures (3) and one or more longitudinal pins (8) having threaded head portions (10), which thread into corresponding apertures (3)... Agent: Raptorgrip Limited

20110108691 - Device for the display of a tagging item, such as in particular an advertising leaflet, on a shelf of a selling surface: The invention relates to a device for the display of a tagging item. The device exhibits the tagging item vertically. The tagging item notably protrudes externally and at a right angle from the front of the shelf. The device exhibits at least one supporting wing containing at its lower end,... Agent: Joalpe Industria De Expositores, S.a.

20110108692 - Adjustable projector mount: A mount for attaching a projection device to an overhead structure includes a device interface operably attachable to the projection device and a device orientation adjustment structure operably coupled with the device interface. The device orientation adjustment structure has structure defining up to three independent axes for adjustment of projector... Agent:

20110108693 - Lantern holder and method for using same: Described herein are a lantern holder for affixing a lantern to a supporting member such as a rail or fence and a method for using same. The lantern holder includes a mounting portion that is shaped to mount on to the supporting member; first and second bracing portions each extending... Agent: Lyle Thomas Consulting Ltd.

20110108694 - Safety support for curtain: A safety support for a curtain comprises a supporting base having a receiving unit set at one side of the supporting base, and a supporting plate coupling to one side of the supporting base, wherein the supporting plate comprises a connecting unit which is coupled to the receiving unit of... Agent: My Home Global Company

20110108695 - Three-dimensional multi-directional rotation support: The present invention is to provide a three-dimensional multi-directional rotation support, which comprises a fixation base, a first connection base and a second connection base each having a plate with two opposite end edges bent at an angle and extended away from the plate to form a parallel portion respectively,... Agent:

20110108696 - Support for portable electronic device: A support adapted for holding a portable electronic device includes a supporting member, a holding member pivotally connected to the supporting member and holding the portable electronic device, the holding member has an engaging portion extending from a distal end thereof, and a locking member pivotally connected to the supporting... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110108697 - Seat track apparatus: [Solving Means] A lock mechanism 71 includes a lock groove 73 formed on a lower rail 51 and a lock member 75 disposed on an upper rail 61, and the lock member 75 includes a rotation restricting portion 75c which is brought into press-contact with the upper rail 61 from... Agent:

20110108698 - Adjustable display screen desk support: An adjustable display screen support includes a support arm with a mounting assembly at the bottom end for fastening to the top of a desk and a coupling block at the top end for holding a coupling block that has a base frame, an attachment frame hooked on the base... Agent:

20110108699 - Cable fastening device: A cable fastening device comprising at least one connecting piece for fastening a cable to a fastening surface, and at least one binding lug protruding out of the outer surface of the connecting piece, by intermediation of which binding lug one or several cables are fastened to the fastening device,... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110108700 - Duct support assemblies: A duct support assembly (1) is provided for mounting and supporting a duct (4) on a structure, and comprises a single support bracket (3) adapted to be mounted on the structure, and a duct bracket (5) adapted to be secured to the duct (4). The support bracket (3) and the... Agent:

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110101177 - Apparatus and method for reinforcing piping arrangement of reactor core spray system: A reinforcing device includes a clamp that is disposed on an outer side of a welded portion of a core spray system piping and holds the core spray system piping at axially symmetrical points on an outer surface thereof, the piping being located on opposite sides of a weld line... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110101178 - Bottle holder assembly and methods of use: A bottle holder assembly includes a first appendage component configured to be secured about a child's left hand via removable securement of one or more securement fasteners such that a coupling fastener is disposed over a child's palm facing outwards, and the child's fingers are not contained within the first... Agent:

20110101179 - Tv support structure with latching mechanism: A T.V. support structure (100) includes a post support assembly (140). The post support assembly (140) includes a vertically disposed and hollow post (142) and a vertical support clamp assembly (144). A swivel bracket assembly (190) is positioned on top of the clamp assembly (144). The swivel assembly (190) includes... Agent:

20110101180 - Bracket assembly: A bracket assembly includes a bracket, a handle, a positioning member, and the securing clip. The handle is attached to the bracket on a first side. The handle defines an opening. The positioning member includes a base and a post. The base abuts the second side of the bracket opposite... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101181 - Lighting fixture accessory and methods of use: Methods and apparatus for adding a decorative accessory to a hanging light fixture are provided. The accessory comprises at least a first part and a second part of a decorative accessory. The at least the first part and the second part are configured for placement together around a hanging support... Agent:

20110101182 - Holding device for hand-held shower head: A holding device for a hand held shower head includes a holding bracket, an inner disc and a suction disc. The suction disc is directly attached to a predetermined position. The suction disc's bolt inserts through a through hole of the inner disc to connect with a threaded post of... Agent:

20110101183 - Wall mountable holder system: A substrate-mountable holder system comprising: a first portion, a cover, an anchor and at least one fastener, the first portion having a hook extending therefrom and at least one opening for receiving the fastener(s), a cover configured to engage the first portion and hide the fastener(s). The first portion may... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110101184 - Structure for attaching an object to a mast: An apparatus for mounting an object to a mast is presented. The apparatus includes a mast-end component configured to be attached to the mast, and an object-end component configured to be attached to the object. Each of the components has a pivot region which includes a set of extensions, with... Agent: Echostar Technologies L.L.C.

20110101185 - Wall-mounted attaching apparatus: A mount portion has a rectangular outside shape, and has an opening in its center part that can be fitted by hanging on mounting brackets fixed on a wall surface. An installation surface has mount fixing holes in its upper part and mount fixing holes in its lower part. Default... Agent:

20110101186 - Movable pole support: A movable pole support includes an upper block and a lower block, each formed with a pole-receiving bore. The blocks are separated by a number of extension posts that maintain the blocks in a parallel position and spaced-apart to define a gap. The gap is sized to accept the edge... Agent:

20110101187 - Artwork holder with multiple mountings: An artwork holder with multiple mountings includes a projecting threaded boss having a center axis and a diameter, a first bore through the center axis, and a slot through the diameter adapted to retain the line; a support base having a second bore that is aligned with the first bore;... Agent:

20110101188 - Method for hanging party favors and apparatus and kits apparatus related thereto: The present inventions relate to a balloon and streamer hub assembly that allows for the efficient hanging of balloons and streamers in a variety of different environments, as well as kits and methods related thereto. In one aspect, the balloon and streamer hub assembly includes a bowl shaped cover, a... Agent:

20110101189 - Mounting device for internal circlip: A mounting device for internal circlip comprises a device frame composed of a base board, a cylinder fixation board and at least two perpendicular sliding guides located between the base board and the cylinder fixation board and fixed thereof; a core rod fixation board and a sleeve fixation board being... Agent:

20110101190 - Clamp assembly: A clamp assembly including a base member, wherein the base member includes a top surface and a bottom surface, and wherein at least one of the top and bottom surfaces is adapted for fixed or releasable association with a substrate; a first support arm, wherein the first support arm includes... Agent:

20110101191 - Scissor-action support arrangement: A scissor-action carrier for suspending a sign or other display from an overhead inverted “U” shaped channel support track. The scissor-action carrier comprises an elongated first arm and an elongated second arm pivotally connected to one another at a pivot axis. A rotatable wheel is attached to an upper end... Agent: Rose Displays, Ltd.

20110101192 - Multipurpose ball joint assembly and work holding devices: A ball joint assembly and work holding device where the ball joint assembly provides a movable mount for different work holding devices that each provide for holding an item, such as a fire arm, archery bow and/or the like, where the ball joint assembly is for seating on, or mounting... Agent:

20110101193 - Supporting bracket: A supporting bracket includes a fixed member having a stopping tab thereon, a moveable member pivotally connected to the fixed member, a back plate having a first end pivotally connected to the fixed member and an opposite second end, and a locking unit connected to the moveable member. A plurality... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101194 - Longitudinal adjuster with at least one end stop: A longitudinal adjuster, in particular for a vehicle seat, has at least one first seat rail (2) and, at least one second seat rail (3) which is arranged in a manner such that it can be displaced in a sliding manner relative to the first seat rail (2), and at... Agent:

20110101195 - Book rest: A book rest is provided that selectively positions a book at an optimum height and angle for ease of reading. The book rest can also function as a rest for a laptop computer, a writing table and a podium. Preferably, the book rest is collapsible, thereby allowing it to be... Agent:

20110101196 - Bracket with locking mechanism for fluid dispenser: An embodiment of a locking bottle holder includes a bottle support having a base portion, a body portion, and a top portion; and a collar plate having a collar portion with at least one dispenser opening, and a support portion with a first limit pin hole. The locking bottle holder... Agent: Sports Solutions, Inc.

20110101197 - Mounting structure for informing device: A mounting structure for mounting a bottom surface 24 of a case 2 of a revolving light 1 to a top surface 56 of a roof 3 of a vehicle. The mounting structure 57 includes cushioning members 58 interposed between the bottom surface 24 and the top surface 56, first... Agent: Patlite Corporation

20110101198 - \"l\" shaped support device for a hoisting machine in a machine roomless elevator: According to a primary aspect of the invention there is provided a support for an elevator hoisting machine. Whenever “elevator hoisting machine” is referred to in the present disclosure synonomous equipment such as drives, winches, or the like also apply. The above-mentioned support is intended for use in an elevator... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Northern Elevator Corporation

20110101199 - Magnetic soap holder: The device of the present application is essentially a soap-holding device that suspends the bar of soap from the top surface as opposed to placing it down. The primary objective of this device is to receive various bars of soap through the implementation of a magnet, in a way that... Agent:

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