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Supports April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095140 - Piping system: The invention consists in a system for placement of conduits to a property site comprising a conduit receiving channel member which is shaped to receive a selected plurality of conduits. The channel member has one or more access points adapted to enable access to a portion of the channel member.... Agent:

20110095141 - Auxiliary fixture for installation of wall-mounted sanitary fitting: The present invention pertains to an auxiliary fixture for installation of wall-mounted sanitary fitting including a fitting body that has an upright supporting block for allowing a supporting bolt to penetrate, so that the supporting bolt can reserve an appropriate length for adjustably screwing in and retracting to stretch a... Agent:

20110095142 - Anatomic support for hand and wrist: An anatomic support for hand and wrist includes a body having an upper surface, a side surface and an inferior surface. The upper surface has a shape that enables a user that operates a keyboard or the like to place his/her hand on said upper surface so as to have... Agent:

20110095143 - Base structure for monitor: The present invention is related to a base structure which can support a monitor. A fixed portion is firmly disposed on the rear casing of the monitor and contains at least one slide rail. A slide portion can move up and down by means of the slide rail. A spring... Agent:

20110095144 - Support device and method of use: A support device (2) is provided for supporting one or more items (4) in use. The support device includes at least first and second clamping members (6, 8). The clamping members move relative to each other to allow the members to be moved between clamped and unclamped positions. Each clamping... Agent:

20110095145 - Support mechanism: A support mechanism includes a base assembly and a hinge assembly. The base assembly includes a first cover and a second cover attached to the first cover. The first cover forms two first locking members and the second cover forms two restriction members. The hinge assembly includes a bracket and... Agent: Chimei Innolux Corporation

20110095146 - trivet: A modular trivet arrangement includes trivet members including a first bar 1.004, a first footing 1.008 at a first end of the first bar, a second footing at the second end of the first bar 1.010, and one or more transverse bars 1.006, each transverse bar being transverse to the... Agent: Aktiebolaget Electrolux

20110095147 - Apparatus for adjusting the length of a boat lift leg: An apparatus for adjusting the length of a leg of a boat lift is described wherein the length of the leg may either be shortened or lengthened without the necessity of entering the water in which the boat lift is positioned.... Agent:

20110095148 - Replaceable suspension assembly and method of attachment: An apparatus comprising a receptacle defining therethrough a central bore and a pair of opposed slots extending from the central bore. The apparatus has a support surface surrounding in part the central bore and slots. The appartus further has a stud assembly comprising a stud and an engagement pin extending... Agent: Mirion Technologies,inc

20110095149 - Multi-layered structure for suction disc: A multi-layered structure for suction disc is provided, including a disc element unit and a wrapping unit. The disc element unit has a shape of disc and is made of soft material. The bottom of the disc element unit us wrapped by the wrapping unit. The material of wrapping unit... Agent:

20110095150 - Security mount: A security mounts includes a shield surrounding a socket head screw. The shield has a hole in it that generally aligns with the socket portion of the socket head screw. The perimeter of the shield hole has a geometric shape that corresponds to the geometric shape of the cross section... Agent:

20110095151 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket defining a clamping hole, a receiving rack, a connecting member fixed to the receiving rack, a receiving member fixed to the connecting member, and a latching unit. The latching unit includes a pivoting member pivotably mounted to the receiving member, a first resilient member,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095152 - Auxiliary equipment for a furnishing element, and furnishing element provided with said auxiliary equipment: Auxiliary equipment (10) for a panel or a frame of a furnishing element, able to define a support for an object. The equipment (10) comprises an attachment element (12) conformed to be attached to a surface of the panel (11) or frame, and a fastening element (13) mounted movable on... Agent: Metal Costruzioni Di Rusin Srl

20110095153 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket for accommodating a data storage device, a first latch member, a second latch member, and a lock member. The bracket includes a pair of cutouts defined in opposite sides of the bracket. The first latch member is pivotably attached to a first end of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095154 - Clamp for mixed mail sorter: A clamp is designed for accepting a mail piece at a loading station, and for releasably holding the mail piece while the mail piece is moved to an unloading station via a sorting system. The clamp is manipulated in the sorting system, instead of manipulating the mail piece held by... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110095155 - Locking automobile mat hanger and display device: A locking automobile mat hanger and display device consists of two hanger housings that cooperate with an interchangeable adapter insert to secure a plurality of automobile floor mats. The device includes housings having a retaining portion and an adapter insert, whereby the adapter insert and the retaining portion of the... Agent:

20110095156 - Multipurpose hook: Some embodiments generally relate to a hook assembly, including a pivotable hook body adapted to rotate about a pivot axis running in a generally vertical direction. According to some embodiments, the hook assembly can further include at least one hook portion including a generally vertical recess defined by a portion... Agent:

20110095157 - Shipping base with locator pins: A shipping base for use with an appliance or other large product is provided. The base includes locator pins for removably securing the base to the appliance via a friction fit. The locator pins are captured by and extend upwardly from a folded corrugated member to frictionally engage the appliance.... Agent: Sonoco Development, Inc.

20110095158 - Securement of laparoscopic instruments on the sterile surgical field: Apparatus and associated methods involve holding apparatus that provide non-visual feedback to confirm securement of a surgical tool or instrument at a location in the sterile field. In an illustrative example, a surgical team member may be able to securely load and/or unload a laparoscopic instrument in some embodiments with... Agent:

20110095159 - Snap link mount with conformable base: A mounting apparatus having interconnectable articulated elements, the mounting apparatus having a mounting base that is structured for substantially conforming to a surface external of the mounting apparatus; a connector base having a mounting plate; and an interconnectable articulated ball-and-socket joint between the mounting base and the connector base, the... Agent:

20110095160 - Power slide device for vehicle seat: In a power slide device for vehicle seat which moves an upper rail in the forward/rearward direction by rotationally driving a screw rod, by providing a screw rod supporting rail with a pair of load transmitting members that are spaced from each other in the forward/rearward direction and providing the... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20110095161 - Seat rail device: A seat rail device provided with an upper rail 1 engaged with and mounted onto a lower rail 2 such that an upper bottom wall section 11 is located above a lower bottom wall section 21 and also such that an upper sloped wall section 16 is located within a... Agent: Shiroki Corporation

20110095162 - Cable retainer for utility pole base: A cable retainer assembly for use inside utility pole base assembly. The cable retainer is anchored to the foundation using the same bolts as the pole base. The cable retainer discourages pole-to-pole cable theft by securing the copper conductor cables to the foundation and pole base plate below the handhole... Agent: Pelco Products, Inc.

20110095163 - Damping mechanisms and motor assemblies: Damping mechanisms and motor assemblies are provided. In an embodiment, by way of example only, a damping mechanism includes an end cap, a bearing retainer plate, a bearing damper ring, a bearing assembly, and first and second lateral dampers. The bearing damper ring is disposed in an annular cavity inwardly... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110095164 - Protective apparatus for electronic device: A protective apparatus for an electronic device includes a first supporting bracket, a second supporting bracket mounted to the first supporting bracket, and a number of abutting members disposed on the second supporting bracket. The electronic device is received in the second supporting bracket and sandwiched between the plurality of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089294 - Support hanger: A wire hanger includes a flat mounting tab connected to a spiral wire holder, well suited for attachment to an overhead surface such as a ceiling.... Agent:

20110089295 - Adjustable paint bucket stand: In a preferred embodiment, the present invention comprises a device for holding a paint bucket and the like on an inclined surface. The device comprises a generally rectilinear and horizontal support surface having four edges with vertical sidewalls extending upward from each edge of the support surface. At the front... Agent:

20110089296 - Adjustable support: An adjustable support for supporting a device such as a note pad. The support has a fixed cylindrical ball support, the top of the ball support having a part-spherical depression. The support includes a ball on the top of the ball support resting snugly but movably in the depression. A... Agent:

20110089297 - Short-throw projector mounting system: A short-throw projector and Interactive White Board (IWB) mounting system is presented. The mounting system includes a pair of board mounting brackets, such that a section of the board mounting bracket is positionable a predetermined distance from a mounting surface. The mounting system further includes projector mount bracket wherein a... Agent:

20110089298 - Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly: Devices, systems, and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly are provided. In some embodiments, a retrofitted traffic control assembly configured to reinforce a traffic signal assembly in high wind conditions is provided, where the assembly includes a clamping assembly having clamping members that at least partially surround an existing... Agent:

20110089299 - Chassis with rubber pads: A chassis includes a base body and a rubber pad. The base body includes a bottom plate and a side plate perpendicular to the bottom plate. A mounting portion is defined in a junction portion of the bottom plate and the side plate. The rubber pad includes a resisting portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110089300 - Media device mounting system: A mounting system configured to provide a plurality of image adjustments for a media device mounted thereon. A lower adapter plate is operatively connected to a media device top surface, the lower adapter plate being adjustably connected to an upper adapter plate. A support arm assembly is selectively coupled at... Agent: Peerless Industries, Inc.

20110089301 - Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly: Devices, systems, and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly are provided. In some embodiments, a retrofitted traffic control assembly configured to reinforce a traffic signal assembly in high wind conditions is provided, where the assembly includes a clamping assembly having clamping members that at least partially surround an existing... Agent:

20110089302 - Soft pad for attaching objects with suction disc: A soft pad for attaching object with suction disc is provided, including a metal object unit and a wrapping unit. The metal object unit is made of material with good ductility, shaped as a flat plate. The plate includes a fixed region and a bendable region surrounding the fixed region.... Agent:

20110089303 - Lightweight support for photovoltaic facilities: A lightweight support includes a corrugated base body having an elongated rectangular configuration defining an upper longitudinal rim and a lower longitudinal rim. The base body is composed of a first layer made of metal, a second layer which is made of rigid foam and applied onto the first layer,... Agent: Adensis Gmbh

20110089304 - Lift system: A household lift is provided with a stationary base and rack, wherein the movement of the drive gears and an associated movable portion is supported for linear motion parallel to the rack by at least a pair of extensible slides that are oriented at approximately right angles to one another.... Agent:

20110089305 - Vehicle seat slide device: A vehicle seat slide device is provided, wherein a manipulation handle has a grip portion, acting end portions for operating lock/unlock mechanisms, shaft support portions which are between the acting end portions and the grip portion and which are formed to a flat shape to become parallel to vertical walls,... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110089306 - Slide device for vehicle: A vehicle slide device is provided, which can adjustably move the second rail along the first rail without play therebetween in a front-rearward direction with a long adjustment stroke. In the vehicle slide device according to the invention, since a plurality of rolling elements annularly arranged in the attaching portion... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110089307 - Support for hand-held instrument: The present invention is directed to a support for hand-held instruments providing for display of an image sheet in both a deployed or in use position and a raised or stored position. The present invention is available for use across a variety of applications that utilize hand-held instrument where an... Agent:

20110089308 - Controlling vibrations: In order to control vibrations of two parts of a piece of machinery, a variable force may be generated to oppose the vibrations, with the variable force being generated under control of a controller on the basis of an iterative relationship, the iterative relationship being such as to generate the... Agent: Dtr Vms Limited

20110089309 - Seat suspension system: The present invention relates to a suspension system for a vehicle seat. The system comprises a top portion (9) and a first part (1) having a base portion (2), means (3b, 20) to receive the top portion and means (3, 4) to allow movement of the base portion (2) and... Agent: Kab Seating Limited

20110089310 - Magnetic support: A magnetic telescoping support of fixable length having a magnet at a top end for affixing the telescoping support to a metal object to be supported. The telescoping support is fixable in length by a gross discrete means and a fine continuous means. In operation, the magnet is held in... Agent:

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084177 - Knife locking systems: A knife locking system is disclosed herein comprising a housing containing a plurality of cavities, a plurality of lockable cases, and a plurality of pivoting means. The lockable case and pivoting means are coupled together and are located within the cavity of housing for lockably storing a knife or set... Agent:

20110084178 - Conduit hanging device: A conduit hanging device is disclosed. The device has a first clevis element which has a connection section and two branches separate from each other and a connection device for a hanging element. The device further includes a second clevis element which has a holder section for the conduit and... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110084179 - Line fastening device: A line fastening device for fastening a line on a rail body which has a mounting opening is disclosed. The device includes a bracket element that has two spaced-apart legs, each with two rear engagement sections for engaging behind opposing edges of the mounting opening, which are provided on a... Agent: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

20110084180 - Interchangeable self-locking spring loaded quick connect apparatus for wire rope cable and the like: An interchangeable, self-locking, cable gripping and adaptive anchoring apparatus comprising a gripping component and adaptor component. The adaptor component comprises a receiving side for a fitting or anchoring device, and connector side to engage with cable or the like. The gripping component comprises a housing having a cable receiving end... Agent: Feeney, Inc.

20110084181 - I.v. pole universal drainage bag holder (u.d.b.h): This Pole Universal Drainage Bag Holder (U.D.B.H.) is formed from two molded unitary suitable polymeric materials (2) pivoting at its midpoint (Fig. H). It works as a collaboration of the following parts: The Clamp Front Opening (Fig. J.), the Middle Holding Section (Fig. I) and the Clamp Handles (Fig. H).... Agent:

20110084182 - Multi-piece stand for mobile computing device: Some embodiments teach a computing device accessory for a computing device. The computing device accessory can include: (a) a base having: (1) a base plate configured to rest on a surface; and (2) a base rear support coupled to the base plate at a first angle; (b) a top support... Agent: Belkin International, Inc.

20110084183 - Frameless display stand: A card holder has at least one slot into which cards and/or photos may be inserted. The card holder may include two curved slots that may provide vertical stability to a card inserted in one of the curved slots. The card holder may include a straight slot that may be... Agent:

20110084184 - Adjustable height system for wooden legged furniture: A threaded connection incremental height adjustment system for furniture having wooden legs that allows vertical alignment of extensions after tightening for leg extensions that are not circular in cross-section or are circular in cross-section but have patterns or designs that are desired to be aligned vertically.... Agent:

20110084185 - Protective device and method of manufacturing the same: A protective device and its method of manufacture is disclosed where the device includes a spherical portion that has an incision in its upper surface and a sleeve portion that fits snugly over the spherical portion in such a manner so that the device can be placed on a furniture... Agent:

20110084186 - System for attaching column to a structural support: A system for attaching a columnar building member to a structural support member, uses one or more connecting brackets comprising a flat base plate having an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter, with a plurality of apertures disposed along the base plate. A socket extends from the inner perimeter of... Agent:

20110084187 - Mounting system for flat panel display: A mounting system for adjustably mounting a flat panel display to a support medium. The system consists of a frame assembly that can be attached to a support medium. One or more adjustable mounts are attached to the frame assembly, and a flat panel display is attached to the adjustable... Agent: Omnimount Systems, Inc

20110084188 - Tilter for positioning an electronic device: A tilter assembly is disclosed which comprises a pair of springs, each of which is coupled to the tilter body and the center tilt mount, that provide a counterbalance force to support the weight of a user device which is attached to the tilter. A bushing, which is capable of... Agent: Innovative Office Products, Inc.

20110084189 - Wall mounted drink holder: A drink holder which is readily attached to a vertical wall or the like surface.... Agent:

20110084190 - Book rest: The invention provides an improved book rest. The book rest includes a base and a tablet pivotably mounted at one end. A cam body having a contoured shape is positioned in use between the base and the tablet, the cam body being rotatable relative to one of the tablet and... Agent:

20110084191 - Holder for a motor vehicle add-on part and device for holding a motor vehicle add-on part: The invention comprises a holder (1) for a motor vehicle add-on part for installation on a motor vehicle body part (3) which is provided with a receiving opening (2). In this case, one of the supporting elements (4, 5) forms a first supporting element (4) which is of rigid design,... Agent: Blaupunkt Antenna Systems Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110084192 - Aircraft auxiliary power unit suspension system for isolating an aircraft auxiliary power unit: The invention provides an aircraft with an auxiliary power unit isolated from the aircraft. An auxiliary power unit suspension system includes at least one suspension linkage. The suspension linkage terminates with a first low stiffness elastomeric rod end. The low stiffness elastomeric rod end has a low spring rate with... Agent:

20110084193 - Broom stabilizer damper: A stabilizer-damper for stabilizing a broom, mop, or other long-handled device while such device is resting against a countertop or other surface. The stabilizer-damper is a device that provides stabilization to prevent the long-handled device from falling to the floor and also provides a damping effect to lessen the intensity... Agent: Product Harmonics, LLC

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110079685 - Adjustable, telescoping and rotating television mount: An adjustable, telescoping and rotating television mount for mounting a flat panel display screen on any secure, flat horizontal surface of furniture or on a built-in wall entertainment center. The front of the television mount comprises of an adjustable VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) MIS-E, and MIS-F compliant television bracket,... Agent:

20110079686 - All-in-one tripod/monopod: A single-shaft assembly with a base and telescoping sections that form both a tripod and a monopod. The base is a single section with at least two legs individually hinged at the bottom of the section. The legs can be pivoted independently. All legs pivoted outward form a tripod. All... Agent:

20110079687 - Folding a-frame tv stand: A folding A-frame TV stand to be detachably connected to a TV mount so that a television connected to the TV mount can be held above the ground. The folding TV stand includes first and second intersecting legs. The first and second legs are pivotally connected to one another by... Agent:

20110079688 - Folding tv stand assembly: A folding TV stand assembly adapted to be shipped disassembled in a substantially-flat configuration within a compact shipping container and assembled without the use of tools. The TV stand assembly includes a rotatable shelf support, a TV mount to be connected to the back of a television, and an upstanding... Agent:

20110079689 - Sheet material hanger: A hanger for sheet material and method of hanging sheet material. An embodiment of the hanger for sheet material includes a base, a magnet assembly support member adjacent the base, and a magnet assembly. The magnet assembly may include one or more holding members and one or more magnets. Each... Agent:

20110079690 - Bucket engageable holster for plastering tool: A holster for a plaster's hawk. The holster is adapted on a first end to mount upon the lip of a plaster bucket or the belt of a user. Two parallel portions define a space therebetween to frictionally engage the board portion of a hawk. A centrally located gap in... Agent:

20110079691 - Hunting accessory holding devices: A device for holding archery bows and/or other hunting accessories is provided. The hunting accessory holding device includes a base member that attaches to a mounting substrate such as a tree, an arm assembly that is configured to hold the archery bow, and a lift mechanism that connects the arm... Agent:

20110079692 - Support frame with an adjustable mechanism: A support frame with an adjustable mechanism includes a fasten base, a displacement cylinder and an air pressure bar. The fasten base has a guiding cylinder. The displacement cylinder is sleeved with the guiding cylinder and has a relative motion relative to the guiding cylinder. One end of the air... Agent:

20110079693 - Apparatus and method for displaying pictures and flat art objects: An apparatus for mounting an object to a wall includes a backbone, a ledge, and a spacer. The backbone has a means for mounting the backbone parallel to the wall. The ledge is attached to a bottom of the backbone and extends away from the wall. The spacer is located... Agent:

20110079694 - Slider clip and photovoltaic structure mounting system: Described herein is a mounting system and slider clips that support simplified installation of photovoltaic structures. The mounting system comprises a support structure which can be mounted to support columns via an optional tilt table. The support structure comprises a plurality of parallel spaced beams and a plurality of parallel... Agent:

20110079695 - tv set lifter: A TV set lifter comprises a guide rail (8), a guiding component (4), a TV set support (1) and a lifting mechanism (9). The guiding component is connected to the TV set support directly or indirectly and there is a rolling or sliding fit between the guiding component and the... Agent:

20110079696 - Portable beverage holder: A beverage holder that can be attached to a surface and repositioned. The holder has a clamp portion. The clamp portion positioned along a generally vertical axis. The clamp portion has an upper jaw portion, horizontal portion, vertical portion, a second horizontal portion and lower jaw portion. The lower jaw... Agent:

20110079697 - Suspension device and process for mounting same: A suspension device (10) with a carrier segment (12) and with at least one extension arm (14) that can be mounted pivotably thereon for moving in space devices (16, 18) that can be mounted thereon. The carrier segment (12) has a base part (24) for mounting the suspension device (10)... Agent: Dr&#xc4 Ger Medical Ag & Co. Kg

20110079698 - brace: This invention relates to an adjustable brace 1 for supporting a building member 6 relative to a foundation 8. The invention also relates to a foot 4 and an elongate member 2, 3 both forming part of the brace 1. The invention provides a relatively lightweight brace 1 particularly suited... Agent: Precast Bracing Systems Pty Ltd

20110079699 - Seat slide structure for vehicle: A lower rail or an upper rail has a first wall provided at a position on a first one of opposite sides in a widthwise direction thereof, and a second wall provided at a position on the other, second, side in the widthwise direction and disposed opposed to the first... Agent: Delta Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20110079700 - Anchoring system for deck articles and methods of use: An anchor is generally provided with an elongated stem and a leg that extends outwardly from one end of the stem at an angle with respect to a long axis of the stem. The anchor is passed through a portion of a deck or patio area and the leg of... Agent:

20110079701 - Connection device: A connection device includes: a pedestal having a placement face; a connector provided in the placement face of the pedestal; a support provided adjacent to the pedestal and extended in a direction crossing the placement surface of the pedestal and having a face to define a space for placing a... Agent: Hosiden Corporation

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