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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110073718 - Cable suspension assembly: A cable hanger is disclosed. The cable hanger may include a first latch configured to suspend the cable hanger from a strut and a second latch configured to suspend the cable hanger from the strut. The cable hanger may also include a cable saddle to hold one or more cables.... Agent: Thomas & Betts International, Inc.

20110073719 - Pipe fixing structure for cylinder tube: A bracket (20) that is fixed to a band (10) mounted on an outer peripheral surface (2a) of a cylinder tube (2) supports a pipe (4). The band (10) includes a first tab (11a) projecting outward in a radial direction and a second tab (11b) projecting outward in the radial... Agent:

20110073720 - Method and apparatus for stabilizing a standing infant: An apparatus for stabilizing, with respect to a grounded surface, an infant standing on a horizontal surface, the apparatus comprising: a grounded support structure configured for transmitting a ground force from the grounded surface; an outer support structure, operably coupled to the grounded support structure, configured for receiving the ground... Agent:

20110073721 - Bicycle support device: A bicycle support device includes at least one supporting base and at least one hanging part. The hanging part is telescopically connected to the supporting base and has at least one groove located thereon. At least a part of the groove of the hanging part protrudes from the supporting base... Agent: Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110073722 - Metrology grade light weight tripod: A tripod and a method of stabilizing a collapsible stand are provided. The tripod includes three legs attached to a base that swing open to a predetermined angle against a positive stop. The legs are locked into place in the open position via a leg spreader that forces (or pre-stresses/pre-loads)... Agent:

20110073723 - Joint and foldable structures employing the same: A folding joint mechanism for stackably collapsing elongated structural sections includes a plurality of substantially identical brackets pivotably interconnected and rotatable between an extended and a stowed configuration. In the extended configuration, the brackets abut each other against stop protrusions on the top outside surface of each bracket forming foldable... Agent:

20110073724 - Foldable supporting stand: A foldable supporting stand includes a hub having a center axis, a foot member unit pivotally connected to the hub, and multiple supporting bars each having one connecting end respectively pivotally connected to the hub. The stand includes multiple positioning mechanisms adapted for securing the supporting bars to the hub... Agent: Rexon Industrial Corp., Ltd.

20110073725 - Leg-portion attachment structure and image forming apparatus provided therewith: A leg-portion attachment structure (100) includes: a support member (110) having a substantially quadrilateral outer periphery and an upper surface on which an apparatus main body (1a) is mounted; two attachment plates (140) provided at two opposite sides on a lower surface of the support member (110). Each of the... Agent: Kyocera Mita Corporation

20110073726 - Tool-less installation system and method of u-mounted devices: A device is configured to be secured within an equipment rack of the type having two spaced-apart mounting flanges, with each flange having a plurality of openings formed therein spaced-apart from one another a predetermined distance. The device includes an elongated body having two, opposite ends and two attachment configurations,... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20110073727 - Curtain holder: A curtain holder includes a mounting plate having a flat surface for mounting flush against a vertical surface. A substantially annular body is pivotally mounted to the mounting plate for pivotal movement about a horizontal pivot axis extending parallel to the mounting plate, such that the body moves up and... Agent:

20110073728 - Adjustable mounting apparatus for electrical devices: Adjustable mounting apparatus for securing electrical connectors and equipment to powersports vehicles such as motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and snowmobiles. These mounting brackets are low cost, compact and lightweight. The brackets install easily without the use of fasteners and are adjustable without the use of tools or modification allowing them... Agent:

20110073729 - Ladder storage device: A ladder storage device includes: a ladder end cradle, adapted to releasably, rotatably receive the top end of the ladder when the ladder is in an lowered orientation. When the ladder is received and rotated into a raised orientation, the ladder end cradle retains the top end of the ladder... Agent:

20110073730 - Locking pegboard: The present invention provides a pegboard-type organization system for articles to be displayed or secured in-place. The pegs can be locked onto the board to support either a weight placed thereon or a side-ways pressure applied thereto. The support can be either rigid or elastic, depending on whether gripping or... Agent:

20110073731 - Mounting apparatus for fan: A mounting apparatus includes a first bracket and a second bracket. The first bracket includes a bottom wall and a side wall. The bottom wall defines a bottom wall slot. The second bracket is configured for securing a fan on the side wall of the first bracket and includes a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110073732 - Anesthesia equipment lift: An anesthesia equipment lift which couples to a table to provide an anesthesia equipment mount surface coupled to a lift element which travels from a first location to a second location to position mounted inhalation anesthesia equipment proximate to a patient located on the table surface to perform inhalation anesthesia.... Agent: Intellivet Anesthesia Equipment, LLC.

20110073733 - Slider clip and photovoltaic structure mounting system: Described herein is a mounting system and slider clips that support simplified installation of photovoltaic structures. The mounting system comprises a support structure which can be mounted to support columns via an optional tilt table. The support structure comprises a plurality of parallel spaced beams and a plurality of parallel... Agent:

20110073734 - Bracket of electronic device: A bracket is provided for fixing an electronic device therein. The bracket includes a main frame and a fixing member. The main frame has a connecting portion and two sideboards. The two sideboards are disposed to two ends of the connecting portion respectively and the two sideboards are disposed in... Agent:

20110073735 - Suspendable blow dryer holder: A suspendable blow dryer holder includes a lower frame having a first opening located within the bounds of the lower frame, the first opening dimensioned to accept and secure a barrel of a first blow dryer such that the barrel is pointed at a floor when the suspendable blow dryer... Agent:

20110073736 - Positioning system for a suspended medical device: A positioning system for a suspended medical device includes a positioning adjustment block fixed on a ceiling rail, a latch assembly, and a positioning assembly fixed on a trolley. The latch assembly is in a snap fit with the positioning adjustment block, and the latch assembly is connected to the... Agent: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110073737 - Christmas magic paper tree holder: A Christmas magic paper tree holder having a hollow base, locating blocks radially inwardly extended from the inside wall of the hollow base, locating grooves respectively defined in between each two adjacent locating blocks and met at the center of the hollow base for the insertion of a bottom side... Agent:

20110073738 - Display device: A display device includes: an adjustment mechanism including: a first bearing portion provided in a body; a first pin including a first cam portion provided so as to be concentric with the center axis of the first bearing portion; a first opening portion provided in a stand, the first opening... Agent:

20110073739 - Detachable stand: A detachable stand includes a transverse bar having a first coupling hole and a second coupling hole at each of two distal ends thereof, a pair of upper support rods coupled to the first coupling holes of the transverse bar, a pair of lower support rods coupled to the second... Agent: Rexon Industrial Corp., Ltd.

20110073740 - Book holder: Holder consists of a base connected to fences at each end. Legs, one at each side of the base, are attached to the base at the movable fence end. Deploying legs positions the base in an acceptable book reading angle with the movable fence upward. Books, hard or soft cover,... Agent:

20110073741 - Folding wire easel: A collapsible easel with three legs is provided. First ends of the three legs are attached at an apex. The legs are moveable with respect to one another about the apex. The legs are moveable between collapsed and opened positions. The legs are disposed substantially adjacent one another in the... Agent:

20110073742 - Attachment system for an aircraft seat: A system for attaching an aircraft seat to an aircraft. The system includes a pair of attachment devices. Each device includes a base connected to the seat, attachment means for attaching the seat to the rest of the aircraft, the attachment means being movable between a retracted position for fitting... Agent: Attax

20110073743 - Universal holder and flexible member for mounting, holding and adjustably positioning electronic products and accessories: A universal holder and flexible member for mounting, holding and adjustably positioning hand-held electronic devices and accessories which includes a device gripper for retaining the electronic device. The device holder is attached to a gooseneck arm, the gooseneck arm being flexible, yet rigid enough to support the weight of the... Agent:

20110073744 - Shock and vibration absorbing device and method: A resilient device for absorbing at least one of shock and vibration includes a first portion, and a second portion which extends outwardly from the first portion and curves in a first direction away from the first portion and then recurves in a second direction towards the first portion. The... Agent:

20110073745 - Structural frame for a turbomachine: A structural frame for a turbomachine, such as an intermediate frame or an exhaust frame, the frame including at least two coaxial rings, an inner ring and an outer ring, together with radial arms interconnecting the rings. At least one of these elements includes a plurality of parts that are... Agent: Snecma

20110073746 - Air conditioning bracket/brace: An air-conditioner bracket for supporting an air-conditioner unit may include an opposing pair of side members having a substantially horizontal side surfaces to support the air-conditioning unit, a front member having a substantially horizontal front surface to support the air-conditioning unit, a back member having a substantially horizontal back surface... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068232 - Conduit attachment device for use with a trapeze: A conduit attachment device is disclosed for use with a trapeze for providing for the placement and suspension of apparatus between existing structural members of an overhead structure. In one embodiment, the conduit attachment device includes a body having four sides formed of a continuous sheet with three bends in... Agent:

20110068233 - Vertical cable manager: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a bracket for mounting a vertical cable manager to a rack. The bracket includes a first portion extending in a first direction, a second portion extending from the first portion in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction, and a third... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110068234 - Fastening element for a cable harness: A fastening element for fastening a longitudinally extending article, in particular a cable or a cable loom, which is to be fixed to a component, in particular to a motor vehicle body part, with a wrapping tape. The fastening element comprising a body including a first cheek element, a second... Agent: Newfrey LLC

20110068235 - Support arm positioning tab: A mailbox support attaching to a post includes an arm for supporting a mailbox at a given height, an opening for freely allowing the arm to slide over the post, and a tab flexibly extending into the opening and designed to limit movement of the arm relative to the post... Agent:

20110068236 - Adjustable ground anchor: A mailbox support has an attachment for attaching the mailbox support to the ground, a first plate attached to the attachment, a second plate rotatably attached to the first plate, a fixture attaching to the second plate for supporting the mailbox support and, an abutment for limiting rotation of the... Agent:

20110068237 - System for mounting an object to a surface: A system for mounting an object such as a flat screen television on a surface such as a wall. A mounting template is fastened to the surface and defines multiple sets of openings corresponding to multiple mounting configurations. Wall brackets are removably secured within the openings and are then fastened... Agent: Omnimount Systems, Inc.

20110068238 - Mailbox adjustable mounting bracket: An adjustable support for a mailbox includes an arm, a first bracket for attaching to the arm and having a first projection, a second bracket for attaching to the arm and having a second projection, wherein the first projection and the second projection cooperate to achieve a desired dimension upon... Agent:

20110068239 - Attachment for fastener driven by powder charge setting tool: A connector of frangible material for mounting on the piercing end of a nail-like fastener, connects the fastener to a bracket or clamp. The bracket has a conical frustrum-shaped aperture. The connector has a conical frustrum-shaped leading end that fits into the conical frustrum-shaped aperture in the bracket. The trailing... Agent: Tomarco Contractor Specialties, Inc.

20110068240 - Interface card fixing device: An interface card fixing device for fixing an interface card in a case of a computer device is presented. The interface card fixing device includes a body and a pressing member. The body is fixed on the case, and has an accommodation slot, and a guiding slot crossing the accommodation... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110068241 - Vertical display mounting device: The vertical display mounting device 100 comprises a vertical mounting attachment member 200 and at least one display mount 300 wherein the vertical mounting attachment member 200 may be the combination of a vehicle attachment member 400 and a vertical mounting member 500. The vertical display mounting device 100 may... Agent:

20110068242 - Partition panel system and mounting bracket assembly therefor: A mounting bracket for removably mounting an accessory on a partition panel includes first and second side bracket members having a plurality of hooks configured for close reception in the vertical hanger slots of an associated panel frame. A back member extends between and operably connects the first and second... Agent:

20110068243 - Adjustable apparatus: An adjustable apparatus includes a bracket, an extendable member, a moving member, and a display supporting mount. The extendable member includes a base portion and a resilient tape portion attached to the base portion. The tape portion is secured to the bracket. The moving member is attached on the base... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110068244 - Slider clip and photovoltaic structure mounting system: Described herein is a mounting system and slider clips that support simplified installation of photovoltaic structures. The mounting system comprises a support structure which can be mounted to support columns via an optional tilt table. The support structure comprises a plurality of parallel spaced beams and a plurality of parallel... Agent:

20110068245 - Adjustable and collapsible one-piece display easel: An easel for holding objects such as smartphones, cell phones, business cards, recipes, and calendars. The profile of the easel resembles an asymmetric horizontal figure eight curve. The base of a display object rests on the top inside portion of the shelf or small loop of the figure eight curve... Agent:

20110068246 - Apparatus for holding calendar: A decorative theme plate with a display region, and adapted to releasably engage the receiving plate of an apparatus for holding a calendar.... Agent:

20110068247 - Barbed anchor: An anchor device is disclosed for securing a mounting accessory, such as a wire management device, to a panel or circuit board. The body of the anchor device includes a post having barbs protruding from the post. A hole or recess in the mounting accessory corresponds to the post and... Agent:

20110068248 - Top mount mast antenna reinforcement: A mounting apparatus for a top mount mast antenna includes a secondary mounting bracket positioned below the fender panel to stabilize the antenna attachment screws extending through the antenna base into the fender panel of the automotive vehicle on which the antenna is mounted. The secondary mounting bracket is formed... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062292 - Non-metallic support stanchion: A cable rack arm and support system suitable for underground power and communication service is made from a non-metallic polymer that will not rust or corrode. The cable rack arm is adapted for mounting to existing underground stanchions or for stanchions of a more modern design. Each cable rack arm... Agent:

20110062293 - Cable support system: A cable rack arm and support system suitable for underground power and communication service is made from a non-metallic polymer that will not rust or corrode. The cable rack arm is adapted for mounting to existing underground stanchions or for stanchions of a more modern design. Each cable rack arm... Agent: Underground Devices, Inc.

20110062294 - Display apparatus and method: Some embodiments of a product display apparatus may provide consumers with access to samples of portable electronic devices while maintaining the security of the sample devices. The display apparatus can present the sample devices in a manner that encourages consumers to view and operate the user interface of the samples... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20110062295 - Apparatus and system for supporting a ski: An apparatus and system are disclosed for supporting a ski on a support structure. The apparatus includes a ski support member, a spacer, and a coupling element. The ski support member includes a ski engaging portion and a binder engaging portion. The binder engaging portion is positionable within a receiving... Agent:

20110062296 - Power tool driver holder: The present invention can be used to hold one's screw driving bits directly on the tool so a specific bit can easily be found and employed as needed. Each holder may be produced from a heavy duty plastic or rubber. There may be approximately 8-10 openings for assorted bits, which... Agent:

20110062297 - Adjustable wall cupboard holder: An adjustable wall cupboard holder group (10) for anchoring a cupboard (11) to the wall comprises at least one element resistant to shear forces (20) which collaborates with fixing means (19) for a stable positioning of said wall cupboard holder group (10) on the shoulder (12) of the cupboard.... Agent: Steel Time S.p.a.

20110062298 - Horizontal pit mount interface device: A mounting assembly for an automatic meter reading (AMR) unit includes a body having a head and an elongate stem extending from a bottom surface of the head. The elongate stem is sized and configured to be received in and extend through a hole formed in a cover of a... Agent: Elster Amco Water, Inc.

20110062299 - Car computer/lcd monitor holder: A car computer/LCD monitor holder includes a bracket for holding a car computer/LCD monitor and a vehicle computer/LCD monitor arm mountable on a part inside a car to support the bracket. The bracket includes a platform, two clamping plates slidably mounted in a respective bottom sliding groove on the bottom... Agent:

20110062300 - Adjustable mount assembly for a carrier system: An adjustable mount assembly (100) is provided. The adjustable mount assembly (100) comprises a body (205) and an adjustment member (207) coupled to the body (205). The adjustment member (207) includes a threaded member (316) and a tension bar (210) coupled to the threaded member (316). The adjustable mount assembly... Agent: Rocky Mounts

20110062301 - Flexible adjustable storage system for sea-land shipping containers: A flexible and adjustable storage system for inside a Sea-Land shipping container provides at least two hangers, each hanger having a releasable anchor for attachment to a lashing ring, a flexible member of a vertical support depending from the releasable anchor, at least one rigid horizontal support member having a... Agent:

20110062302 - Clasp with locking function: The present invention relates to a clasp with a locking function to prevent losing portable items such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, PDAs, and MP3s. To overcome the problems of conventional clasps which are easily released while being carried when a force is exerted on them in a certain direction, and... Agent:

20110062303 - Apparatus for supporting a wheel of a vehicle: A first apparatus for supporting a wheel of a vehicle includes a support structure and a support movably mounted on the support structure. At least one locating member and clamping mechanism are mounted to the support structure and the support. The clamping mechanism engages the locating member so that the... Agent:

20110062304 - Display positioning mechanism with different types of hinges and related display device: A display positioning mechanism includes two hinge modules connected to two ends of a supporting component. Each hinge module includes a preload control washer whereon a constraining structure is formed. Each hinge module further includes a loading component. A fixing end of the loading component is fixed on an end... Agent:

20110062305 - System and method for indicating a swept mail sort pocket: Systems and methods for indicating a swept pocket in a mail processing system. A mail processing system includes a plurality of pockets configured to receive and retain processed mail until the processed mail is removed by a user, and a movable paddle disposed in each pocket to retain the processed... Agent:

20110062306 - Active vibration isolation system: The present invention relates to a method for regulating an active vibration isolation system and to an active vibration isolation system, in particular for a vibration isolated positioning of lithography-devices, wafer-handling-systems and/or microscopes, as for instance scanning microscopes. The active vibration isolation system comprises the following components: a support body... Agent: Integrated Dynamics Engineering Gmbh

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110057076 - Cover for cable fitting base: A cover is releasably secured to a fitting base. The fitting base includes a bottom and sidewalls with a top edge. The cover includes a top having a latch receiving area, a bottom opposite the top and a sliding latch. The sliding latch is positioned on the latch receiving area... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110057077 - Pool skimmer mount umbrella support system: An umbrella support system for supporting an umbrella over the water surface of a pool. The system uses the pool's skimmer apparatus to support a pole above the deck and hang the umbrella at the end of the pole. The system includes a modified deck plate placed in the deck,... Agent:

20110057078 - Supporting device: The present invention discloses a tripod, comprising a base; three legs pivotally provided around the base, each comprising a first tube and a second tube, which is telescopically assembled inside the first tube; first lock mechanisms disposed between the first tube and the second tube of each leg and locking... Agent:

20110057079 - Gallon paint can, paint brush, & scraper/wire brush holder for d-rung style extension ladders: A gallon paint can, brush, and scraper/wire brush holder for use with hollow D-rung ladders. The device includes an annular support member defining a recess into which a can, typically a standard one gallon paint can, or other container can be placed. The can, brush and scraper/wire brush are secured... Agent:

20110057080 - Structure for fixing a backplate: A structure for fixing a backplate includes a main body having at least one extended portion, on which at least one retaining arm and at least one locating post are provided. The locating post is located near an outmost portion of an end of the extended portion opposite to the... Agent: Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

20110057081 - Fastening member of a street light device: A fastening member for firmly fasten a street light device on a lamp post is disclosed, The fastening member comprises a sleeve formed integrated with a lower cover of said street light device, an upper jaw, a lower jaw and a plurality of bolts. The sleeve formed with a plurality... Agent: Thermoshuttle Co., Ltd.

20110057082 - Appliance holder: A holder for an appliance is disclosed. The holder is capable of supporting a variety of conventional hair dryers and permitting the flow of air to be directed in any desired direction while leaving the user's hands free for other purposes. The holder can be configured to be mounted on... Agent:

20110057083 - Universal cradle apparatus: A universal cradle apparatus having a pair of substantially rigid jaw structures each configured with a flange structure having a substantially planar mounting surface adapted for being secured to respective cooperating male and female portions of a clamping mechanism formed of telescoping male linear drive shall and mating female linear... Agent:

20110057084 - Infant item holder: An infant item holder for holding one or more infant items. The infant item holder may include a base with a passage. The infant item holder may also include an elongated member that is longer than the passage and includes first and second ends. The elongated member may be positioned... Agent:

20110057085 - Slide structure of vehicle seat: A slide structure of a vehicle seat is capable of maintaining an aesthetic external appearance and a safety of the vehicle seat and has a stationary outer rail which extends in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and includes a substantially C-shaped cross-section an opening portion of which is oriented... Agent:

20110057086 - Slide structure of vehicle seat: There is provided a slide structure of a vehicle seat comprises a stationary outer rail, a movable inner rail, and means for locking said movable inner rail which locks said movable inner rail against said stationary outer rail in the longitudinal direction, said movable inner rail fits with said stationary... Agent:

20110057087 - Portable drawing apparatus: A portable drawing apparatus configured to act as an easel and/or desk includes a pair of upper support members each pivotally connected to a respective lower support member, and also each pivotally connected to a respective rear support member. In an operational configuration, the rear support members can project rearwardly... Agent: Mega Brands International, S.a.r.l., Luxembourg, Zug Branch

20110057088 - Multipurpose support device and method: The invention is directed multipurpose support device for supporting an item such as a laptop computer or a book. The support device has a base that is adapted to be coupled to a structural support, such as a mobile cart, a desk, a sofa or a wall.... Agent:

20110057089 - Tie-down anchor system and method: A family of anchor devices that include a back plate mounted behind a mounting surface with a flange mounted in front of the mounting surface and generally a ring or hook carrier member that engages an anchor ring or a hook. In several embodiments the carrier can rotate without axles... Agent: Black+gray Design+manufacturing Co.

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110049309 - Floral arrangement device with pivotable leaves: The invention relates to a floral arrangement device (100) comprising at least one ring of circularly arranged leaves (120) with a free-standing upper region (121) and a lower region (122), by means of which they are joined to form a stable unit via a support device. According to the invention,... Agent:

20110049310 - Support structure for exhaust pipe: A support structure for an exhaust pipe includes left and right side frames disposed on a lower side of a rear floor and a back panel extending downward from the rear floor joined to rear end portions of the side frames. Reinforcing plates join the back panel on a vehicle... Agent:

20110049311 - Device for fastening and electrically wiring a plurality of electrical units, particularly in a switching cabinet: The invention relates to a device (10) for fastening and electrically wiring a plurality of electrical units, particularly in a switching cabinet (1), the device (10) having a mounting element (14) with one mounting side (16) on which the electrical units can be arranged and fastened, characterized in that the... Agent:

20110049312 - Fastener for elongated component: A fastener for securing pipes or wire bundles to a foundation structure, the fastener including a body a separate pipe or wire clamp. The body has a clamp holder for receiving and holding the clamp. The clamp holder receives the clamp with a gap allowing the clamp to vibrate. Leaf... Agent:

20110049313 - Hair accessory holder and organizer: A hair accessory organizer for holding many different types of hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is magnetized to hold hair accessories either wholly or partially made of metal. In addition, the hair accessory organizer holds non-metal hair bands and hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is capable of resting... Agent:

20110049314 - Detergent container cradle: The present invention relates to a detergent container cradle including a seating surface for supporting a detergent container having an outlet for discharging detergent therefrom, and sidewalls provided at opposite edges of the seating surface to apply pressure to an outside circumferential surface of the detergent container having no outlet... Agent:

20110049315 - Fish and multipurpose hanger: A foldable, portable, lightweight support stand that can be used by hunters and campers to prepare game and hang objects, such as lanterns and trash bags, that must be elevated from the ground. The stand folds down with the removal of one bolt. The folded size is compact enough to... Agent:

20110049316 - Hinge for tonneau cover and mounting assembly: A hinge for a tonneau cover and a mounting assembly includes a right hinge, a left hinge, four connectors, a first clamping device, and a second clamping device. The first clamping device is attached to the right edge of the truck bed, while the second clamping device is attached to... Agent:

20110049318 - Support system for receiving components in telecommunication and data technology: The invention relates to a mount system (3) for accommodating components from telecommunications and data technology, comprising means for accommodating components from telecommunications and data technology and means for fixing the mount system (3) on a mount rack, the means for fixing the mount system (3) being in the form... Agent:

20110049317 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus is provided for holding a data storage device. The mounting apparatus includes a bracket to receive the data storage device, and a latching unit. The bracket includes a first side plate. The latching unit includes a fixing tray fixed to the first side plate, a sliding member... Agent:

20110049319 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus is provided to hold a data storage device including opposite sidewalls. The mounting apparatus includes a fixing board fixed to one of the sidewalls, an installing member, and a resilient member mounted to the installing member. A mounting portion extends from an end of the fixing board.... Agent:

20110049320 - Wine glass marker/charm rack: One or many wine glass marker/charms may be stored on the Rack which is effective by the user manipulating the wine glass marker/charm to clasp the charm onto the rod and the Rack thereby holding the charm in an orderly and secure fashion. The charm is removed by unclasping it... Agent:

20110049321 - Hanger device: A hanger device for retaining an article on a support includes a first fixing member, a second fixing member, a connecting mechanism, and an article retaining mechanism. The first and second fixing members are spaced apart from each other and are adapted to hook onto opposite edges of the support,... Agent:

20110049322 - Novel design for mounting assembly for photovoltaic arrays: A mounting assembly is described. The mounting assembly includes: (a) a pipe having a first threaded end and a second threaded end; (b) a base component having a base portion and a threaded connecting portion; (c) a top component having a top portion and a threaded portion, the top component... Agent:

20110049323 - Structural reinforcer with bonding material on orthoganal surfaces: A reinforcer for installation in a structural member is disclosed. The reinforcer includes a rigid carrier having at least a first surface and a second surface. The first surface is substantially orthogonal to said second surface. Bonding material is disposed both on said first surface and said second surface. The... Agent:

20110049324 - Slide assembly for parking a vehicle: A vehicle slide assembly (10) comprising a first rail assembly (12) and a second rail assembly (14) substantially parallel to the first rail assembly (12). Each rail assembly comprises a guide rail (20) and the slide assembly further comprises a vehicle wheel receiving platform (16, 18) engageable with a guide... Agent:

20110049325 - Adjustable picture hanger: An adjustable picture hanger for suspending an object from a surface. An exemplary embodiment may include a base mounted to a wall, a central plate selectively rotatable with respect to the base, and/or a hook slidable in a slot in the plate. The position of the hook relative to the... Agent:

20110049326 - Cable anchor: A cable anchor utilizes a spring assembly to reduce tensile stresses on a cable over a wide range of tensile forces. Some examples utilize a plurality of springs, with each spring sequentially acting to reduce tensile stresses on the cable as the tensile force increases. Other examples utilize a reel... Agent:

20110049327 - Assemblies, systems, and related methods employing interlocking components to provide at least a portion of an encasement, particularly for bedding and seating applications: Encasement assemblies, systems, and related methods employing interlocking support components to provide at least a portion of an encasement, particularly for bedding and seating applications, are disclosed. In this regard in one embodiment, an assembly for bedding or seating is provided. The assembly includes a base having one or more... Agent:

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