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02/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110042528 - Interface adapter connector for effectively connecting a seismic sway brace or restraint pipe to a support anchor: An interface adaptor connector for effectively connecting one end of a seismic sway brace or restraint pipe, which is fixedly connected to, for example, a water pipe of a building sprinkler system, to a suitable support anchor which is adapted to be fixedly connected to an overhead ceiling or structural... Agent: Steven W. Weinrieb Law Offices Of Steven W. Weinrieb

20110042529 - Routing assembly for wires in electronic assemblies and the like: The present invention provides an assembly for routing and retaining wires or cables in an electronic assembly or the like, including: an elongate member; and a plurality of annular structures disposed in a spaced apart relationship about the elongate member, wherein each of the plurality of annular structures defines a... Agent: Clements Bernard PLLC

20110042530 - Flexipod with flexible bendable legs with a gripping surface: A flexipod is provided. The flexipod device includes at least one flexible, bendable leg with a grippable surface. In one embodiment, the flexible and bendable legs comprise a first continuously flexible and bendable solid core material and a second sheath material which substantially encloses the first core material. Embodiments of... Agent: Raymond L. Owens Patent Legal Staff

20110042531 - Bi-pod/tri-pod stabilizing weight: A stabilizing weight for use with a survey instrument stand includes a pouch having weight receiving openings therein. The pouch includes closure structure positioned to close the weight receiving openings after a plurality of weight elements are positioned in the weight receiving openings. An attaching device is affixed to the... Agent: Robert A. Parsons

20110042532 - Pad hanger: An easel pad hanger comprising: an elongated back plate having a front major surface and a rear major surface; and at least one pad support projecting from the front major surface of the back plate wherein the pad support comprises a shelf portion, a stop portion projecting from the distal... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110042533 - Energy absorbing tool lanyard and attachment assembly therefore: An attachment assembly is provided to secure an object to a lanyard. The attachment assembly is capable of securing objects of different sizes and weights to the lanyard.... Agent: Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi, L.c.

20110042534 - Device and method for assisting removal and/or installation of trunnion roller: A device and/or method for assisting the removal and/or installation of a trunnion roller, the device including: an elongate main body portion including an actuator at one end and an engagement means at the other end for engaging and retaining a trunnion roller; a pivot point disposed at a position... Agent: Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A.

20110042535 - Positioning apparatus for optical instrument: A positioning apparatus for an optical instrument of the present invention includes a base seat, a holder and at least one sliding member. The bottom of the base seat is formed with a sliding groove. The sliding groove has an opening facing downward. The width of the opening is smaller... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20110042536 - Selectively positionable device for securing an instrument: A device for securing an instrument is provided that includes at least one flexible, bendable leg with a grippable surface. In one embodiment, the flexible and bendable legs comprise core with an over-wrapped sheath. The contemplated device may be bended, twisted, or otherwise manipulated to selectively secure the device to... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

20110042537 - Device for gripping and holding pet bottles: The invention relates to a device (1) for gripping and holding PET bottles in filling systems or the like, having a carrier body (3) that can be mounted on a star-shaped element (2) or the like, and spring-loaded gripper arms (7) that can pivot on said carrier body. The aim... Agent: Occhiuti Rohlicek & Tsao, LLP

20110042538 - Corner protector: A corner protector comprising a guard, strap, and plate or rod are disclosed. The second portion and third portion of the guard are substantially orthogonal to the first portion, and to each other. The second portion and third portion meet to define a corner protrusion. The guard has interior extending... Agent: Wilmerhale/boston

20110042539 - Locking and lifting mechanism for safety fence support post: A support post (22) and safety fence assembly (24) in which the post (22) has a telescoping inner and outer tube (34, 36) and is supported on a threaded internal shaft (42) coupled to a floor engaging end (30) and ceiling engaging end (32) preferably formed with claws that have... Agent: Valentine A Cottrill Susan Tandan

20110042540 - Actuating unit of a motor vehicle seat: An actuating unit of a motor vehicle seat comprises an actuating element, a base part, a pivot axis, and a spring. The pivot axis is disposed between the base part and the actuating element and enables a pivoting movement of the actuating element relative to the base part. The spring... Agent: Mccarter & English, LLP Hartford Cityplace I

20110042541 - Collaborative panel system: A modular collaborative panel system intended for use on walls, frames and stands is disclosed. The system uses dry erase boards, chalk or black boards, or other panels having at least one writing surface. The panels have notches or cut-outs on each side so the panels can be mounted to... Agent: Gtc Law Group LLP & Affiliates

20110042542 - Magnet-based mounting systems for frames: A magnet-based frame mounting system comprises a frame plate that is magnetically attractive and a wall plate that is magnetically attractive. The frame plate has a first surface that mechanically mounts within a rear surface of a frame. Correspondingly, the wall plate has a first surface that mechanically mounts directly... Agent: Thomas E. Lees, LLC

20110042543 - Seat tube of a bicycle: A seat tube of a bicycle has a tubular body and a tightening block. The tubular body has an insertion hole and a stationary block. The insertion hole is defined in the tubular body and has an inner surface and a tightening recess. The inner surface is formed in the... Agent:

20110042544 - Supporting mechanism for a long material a supporting unit using this mechanism, and a method for preventing swing of a long piece of material: The supporting mechanism comprises a group of spherical bodies C, four pieces of movable supporting members 1, and coil springs 2. The group of spherical bodies C comprises a first group of spherical bodies C1. The movable supporting members 1 are provided around the second group of spherical bodies C2,... Agent: Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

20110042545 - Anti-tip stability system integral to an imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus having a printer frame, a media tray frame module disposed below the printer frame, and an anti-tip stability system including two alignment posts mounted substantially diagonally on the media tray frame module. The alignment posts have first surfaces and second surfaces where each second surface makes an... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc. Intellectual Property Law Department

20110042546 - Mount for exhaust system components: A mount (50) for mounting an exhaust gas component (30, 32, 16) in an exhaust pipe (34) or in a component housing includes a spring band (54) and a plurality of spring fingers (64). The spring band (54) is configured to contact and substantially pass around an outer surface (52)... Agent: International Engine Intellectual Property Company

20110042547 - Terminal for vibration motor: Disclosed herein is a terminal for a vibration motor. The terminal includes a mounting part secured to a first side of a motor body having at a second side thereof a rotating shaft. A first extension part is bent from the lower end of the mounting part in such a... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20110042548 - Portable electronic device with supporting member: A portable electronic device is disclosed. The portable electronic device includes a main body and a supporting member rotatably connected to the main body. The main body defines a chamber for receiving detachable elements of the portable electronic device therein. The supporting member includes a number of supporting sheets which... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

02/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110036956 - Work table having elevated support members: A work bench having elevated support members. The work bench may comprise a generally rectangular frame defined by two elongated members and two side members; a support base for supporting the generally rectangular frame in a generally horizontal plane; a plurality of cross members disposed in between the two side... Agent: Suiter Swantz PC Llo

20110036957 - Stand: The present invention relates to a stand for supporting a thin display unit, such as a liquid crystal display, upright. In order to provide the stand for the display unit in which a quadrangular rubber pad is attached in a not-easily removable state with a simpler structure, rubber pad attachment... Agent: Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

20110036958 - Portable laboratory stand: A portable laboratory stand is disclosed for use with laboratory tables having rod sockets. The stand does not consume the rod socket, so that the socket is still available for use with a laboratory rod with the stand in place. The stand can be used to support laptops, books, papers,... Agent: Butler, Snow, O'mara, Stevens & Cannada PLLC

20110036959 - Repositionable taxidermy mount apparatus: The repositionable taxidermy mount apparatus is an invention that allows a user to quickly and easily reposition a taxidermy type mounted animal or animal portion. The apparatus provides for motion about a plurality of axes creating the ability to display a taxidermy mounted animal in a multitude of different positions... Agent: Schramm-personal: Active Michael R. Schramm

20110036960 - Connection device: A connection device includes a rotatable member and a securing member. The rotatable member includes a connecting block and a post attached to the connecting block. The post is configured for being secured to a first device. The securing member is configured for being secured to a second device and... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20110036961 - Modular apparatus and assembly: A modular apparatus comprising a mounting rail, a first assembly and a second assembly, wherein the assemblies are arranged on the mounting rail which has a profile configured for attaching the assemblies to a rear wall associated with the assemblies. A space is formed between the rear wall and the... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

20110036962 - Angle-adjustable display with adjusting unit related to body of display in shape: The invention provides an angle-adjustable display with an adjusting unit related to a body of the display in shape. The angle-adjustable display comprises a display body, a connecting rod and an adjusting unit. The connecting rod, at each of its two ends, respectively connects to the display and the adjusting... Agent: Nikolai & Mersereau, P.A.

20110036963 - Bracket and bracket assembly: A modular bracket (10) comprising a mounting portion (11) adapted to be mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface and an arm (13) extending from the mounting portion (11), the arm (13) having a coupling formation (23) at its free end for coupling to a further member having a complementary... Agent: Shoemaker And Mattare, Ltd

20110036964 - Drilling/clamping device: The invention relates to a drilling/clamping device including a base body which can be extracted from the shaft or rod, provided at one end with a drilling head actuated by means of an electric motor housed inside the base body. The base body also includes means for coupling to the... Agent: Sturm & Fix LLP

20110036965 - Electronic device having adjustable table stand: An electronic device includes a main body and a table stand connected to the main body for supporting the main body. The main body comprises a positioning member. The table stand defines at least two positioning holes. The table stand is operable to rotate relative to the main body. The... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

02/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110031356 - Fastener: A fastener is provided for attaching elongated members such as wire, conduit, tubing and the like to a supporting surface such as a post. The fastener includes a body having a bottom or engagement surface, the body including a head with a greater length and a toe with a relatively... Agent: Hovey Williams LLP

20110031357 - Articulating mount: An articulating mount has a hollow support arm with a compression spring inside of it. The spring is on a threaded rod and held at one end by a nut. At the other end, the spring rests against a washer. The washer rests against an indentation in the tube. One... Agent: Patent Group Macdonald, Illig, Jones & Britton LLP

20110031358 - Tripod: A tripod configured with three tripod legs pivotally attached to a tripod plate comprises as components a coupling device, a connecting arrangement for the non-latching engagement of two tripod legs and a locking arrangement, which has a locking piece with a latching action and which has detent elements. In this... Agent: Baker & Daniels LLP

20110031359 - Winding tripod: The present invention discloses a winding tripod, which includes a cradle head and three legs. Each of the legs is connected at one end with the cradle head via a universal joint, and used at the other end for supporting. At least one of the legs therein includes multiple first... Agent: Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP

20110031360 - Adjustment assembly for a satellite antenna: An adjustment assembly for a satellite antenna has a first bracket, a second bracket, a pivotal bolt and an adjustment device. The second bracket is mounted pivotally on the first bracket. The pivotal bolt is mounted through the first bracket and the second bracket and serves as a fulcrum when... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20110031361 - Utensil holder: A utensil holder for holding a utensil proximal a cooking container is provided. The utensil holder includes an integrally formed structure that defines a longitudinal, container engaging recess. The holder further defines a first lateral, utensil engaging recess that has a first pair of longitudinally spaced-apart engaging surfaces configured to... Agent: Olive Law Group, PLLC

20110031362 - Hardware fastening structure for computer: A hardware fastening structure for fastening hardware for computer includes a housing, a bracket, and a fixed frame. The housing includes a bottom plate. The bracket includes a first side-board. A first bolt is extended outward from and substantially perpendicular to the first side-board. The fixed frame includes a bottom... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20110031363 - Trophy mount: A trophy mount for displaying the skull and horn or antler of game animals comprising; a base with one or more holes in the base for attaching the base to a vertical surface, a wing that attaches to the base by means of an upper and lower hinge socket on... Agent: Thomas M. Spear, Jr.

20110031364 - Hinged clamp bracket: A clam-shell bracket for defining a mounting flange on a structural member, such as a hydroformed vehicle cross-member or frame rail, includes a lower body featuring an integrated locating feature with which to preposition the bracket on the structural member, and permanently-attached male threaded fasteners with which to thereafter secure... Agent: Chrysler Group LLC Cims 483-02-19

20110031365 - Methods and apparatus for mounting devices: A device mounting apparatus includes a mounting base portion having a plurality of opposing pairs of rails. The mounting base portion is adapted for mounting on a support structure. The apparatus further includes a mounting tab affixed to a device for snap in mounting between a pair of rails, whereby... Agent: Kenneth Watov, Esq. Watov & Kipnes, P.C.

20110031366 - Apparatus to keep toilet seat at upright position: An apparatus to keep toilet seat at upright position consists of a toilet seat griper, a lever which is fastened onto toilet seat griper at right angle and a heavy weight which can turn forward or backward on lever. An apparatus to keep toilet seat at upright position can be... Agent: Kun Yuan Tong

20110031367 - Hanger assembly for ceiling fan: A hanger assembly for depending a ceiling fan from an overhead includes a hanger bracket securable to an overhead support. A down rod suspended from the hanger bracket has a lower end adapted for engagement with the ceiling fan. A canopy has a central opening through which the down rod... Agent: Michael Winfield Goltry

20110031368 - Hanger assembly for ceiling fan: A hanger assembly for depending a ceiling fan from an overhead includes a hanger bracket securable to an overhead support. A down rod suspended from the hanger bracket has a lower end adapted for engagement with the ceiling fan. A canopy has a central opening through which the down rod... Agent: Michael Winfield Goltry

20110031369 - Ornamental hanger for items: An ornamental hanger constructed with a soft ornamental figure having a bottom portion weighted with a deformable weight so that if the ornamental hanger is pulled of a mantle, or the like, it will not injure a person. The top portion of the figure is filled with a light weight... Agent: Handley Law Firm, PLLC Roger N. Chauza, PC

20110031370 - Handlebar mounting device: A novel handlebar mounting device structured to mount to a mirror mount receiver on a handlebar where a mirror mounting stem supporting a mirror normally resides. The novel handlebar mounting device includes a pivot arm having a pivot base and a coupler interface with therebetween a pivot joint having an... Agent: Charles J Rupnick

20110031371 - Load take-up device for introducing load forces such as cable forces or tension forces of flat structures: A load take-up device for introducing load forces such as cable forces or tension forces of flat structures onto support structures (10, 41), comprising at least one load take-up part (17) anchored or anchorable thereon, said load take-up part forming at least one transfer surface (34) for the engagement of... Agent: Roylance, Abrams, Berdo & Goodman, L.L.P.

20110031372 - Fuel cell system: l

20110031373 - Electronic display mount: The invention is a mount for an electronic display device. The mount comprises a mount member that has a top face and a bottom face. Portions of the mount member are configured to engage portions of a mounting surface within the cockpit of an airplane. The mount also comprises a... Agent: Fsb Fisherbroyles, A Limited Liability Partnership

20110031374 - Mounting plate, mounting system, and mounting method for door actuator arrangements: A mounting plate for a door actuator, adapted to move a door leaf in at least one direction. The mounting plate is configured to be attached to a body and has fastening devices for affixing the door actuator to the mounting plate. At least at one end, the mounting plate... Agent: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane LLP

02/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110024578 - Intravenous or electrical line organizer dispenser: An intravenous or electrical line organizer dispenser is provided. The dispenser comprises a flexible backing support separable into a plurality of sections. Each section, constitutes a line organizer by itself, includes several spaced apart longitudinally channel connectors which are designed to snap-fit intravenous lines or electrical cables thus keeping the... Agent: Whitham, Curtis & Christofferson & Cook, P.C.

20110024579 - Bracket for attaching hoses: A bracket for attaching a hose comprising a strip adapted to surround a hose, an end portion connected to the strip and a locking portion to close the strip about the hose, in which the locking portion is configured to cooperate with a threaded fastening device to fasten the bracket... Agent: Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, P.C.

20110024580 - Bag holder for a t-shirt bag: A bag holder for holding a t-shirt bag includes a holder frame and a holder handle that is secured to the holder frame. The holder frame selectively holds the t-shirt bag and including a first handle restraint that restrains a first bag handle of the t-shirt bag, a second handle... Agent: Roeder & Broder LLP

20110024581 - Drink holder with utility hook: A drink holder with utility hook is provided which comprises a single shaft having a lower end for securely inserting into an outdoor ground, and an upper spiraled section defined by a plurality of convolutions dimensioned to hold a beverage receptacle. A utility hook is formed at the upper end... Agent: James W. Badie, Esq., Law Offices Of James W. Badie

20110024582 - Ground mounted solar module integration system: Embodiments of the present inventions are directed to systems, devices for use with systems, and method of mounting and retaining solar panels. A solar module mounting system may include: a support mechanism including a support post pivotably attached to a support base, and an attachment module for attaching a solar... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20110024583 - Bath fixture mounting system: A bathing system assembly has; an accessory such as a grab bar, a seat or the like; a first mounting bracket affixed to a structural wall; and a second mounting bracket attaching the accessory to a bath wall. The second mounting bracket cooperates with the first mounting bracket for easy... Agent: Carlson, Gaskey & Olds/masco Corporation

20110024584 - Keyboard support mechanism: A keyboard support mechanism containing a novel articulating arm mechanism for permitting vertical movement of the keyboard shelf. The articulating arm mechanism has six major components: (1) a mounting bracket, (2) a mounting bracket support in combination with a swivel bracket, (3) a shelf bracket, (4) an upper arm, (5)... Agent: Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere & Denegre, L.L.P.

20110024586 - Hanging dispensing system: A material dispensing system for hanging from a support is disclosed. The material dispensing system may contain a hanging member that includes an arm and an extension member slidably mounted on the arm. The arm includes a proximal end and a distal end. The rotatable attachment is a pivot point... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc. Tara Pohlkotte

20110024585 - Mounting bracket and wall mountable material dispensing system: Generally, a mounting bracket for mounting a mountable object is disclosed. The mounting bracket includes a baseplate has a substantially flat mounting surface and an opposite outward-facing surface. A ledge extends a first distance from the outward-facing surface to support the mountable object. A mounting bracket locking component adapted to... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc. Tara Pohlkotte

20110024587 - Vacuum mount type support device: A vacuum mount type support device includes a vacuum mount base member having a multilateral upright shaft, a hard vacuum mount cap member having a cup-like body capped on the top side of the rubber disk of the vacuum mount base member and a through hole for the passing of... Agent: Wen-feng Tsai

20110024588 - Fuel tank unit: The fuel tank unit includes a fuel cutoff valve fastened to a support body. The support body and the casing of the fuel cutoff valve are made of first and second resin materials having different rates of fuel swelling. The fuel cutoff valve is fastened to the support body via... Agent: Posz Law Group, PLC

20110024589 - Mounting bracket: An improved mounting bracket that provides an indication to an installer when a mount is not correctly aligned. The mounting bracket comprises a mounting contact portion and at least one side portion integrally connected to the mounting contact portion, with the at least one side portion defining a receiving region... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20110024590 - Hardware for mounting glass panels or similar structures: A hinge for pivotally connecting a first panel to a second panel. The hinge has a first hinge member for connection to the first panel and a second hinge member for connection to the second panel. The hinge has a connector between the first hinge member and the second hinge... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

20110024591 - Jamb mounting bracket and method of use: A jamb mounting bracket for a door or window that includes a jamb flange and a wall flange connected at right angles along an edge. The jamb flange includes one or more keyhole slots extending away from the edge from a narrow portion to an enlarged portion. The jamb flange... Agent: Waters & Associates

20110024593 - Fixture support system and method: A device comprising a chassis, which may be formed with a strut and a hollow housing, the chassis having a groove disposed at an end for receiving a cross member such that the cross member is slidable within the groove. Some embodiments may have a plurality of suspension wires, said... Agent: Peter James Tormey

20110024592 - Mounting mechanism for retaining slide rail to chassis: A mounting mechanism is disclosed. The mounting mechanism includes a chassis with an anchor member, a slide rail defining a mounting slot for receiving the anchor member, and a retaining member fixed to the slide rail. The retaining member includes a main body and an operating portion extending slantingly from... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20110024594 - Fixing mechanism and manipulator using the same: A fixing mechanism includes a fixed member, a movable member, and a driving member. The fixed member has a first claw portion, and the movable member has a second claw portion. The movable member is movably connected to the fixed member via the driving member. The driving member is configured... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20110024595 - Seat track: A lock lever bracket fixed to an upper rail and serving as a lock mechanism for locking the upper rail sliding relative to a lower rail includes shaft support holes which are separated from each other in the slide direction of the upper rail and through which an open rod... Agent: Millen, White, Zelano & Branigan, P.C.

20110024596 - Monopod for camera: The invention relates to a monopod device for use with a camera, which uses one or more constant force helical springs to counterbalance the weight of a camera and lens, as well as a camera tilt mechanism, the combination of which effectively provides weight compensation that significantly reduces the lifting... Agent: Terrance Mason

20110024597 - Support assembly: A support assembly comprises a tubular member having a receiving opening at a first end for receiving an object inserted into the tubular member, a plurality of support legs each pivotably connected to the tubular member and adapted to pivot between a first position where the support legs are unfolded... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20110024598 - Mirror adapter mount: A novel mirror adapter mount for mounting between a handlebar mirror mount and a mirror normally secured thereto. According to one embodiment, the mirror adapter mount having a substantially rigid bracket with a first and second spaced-apart apertures each structured to receive a threaded shaft of the mirror, a threaded... Agent: Charles J Rupnick

20110024599 - Pacifier holder: A pacifier holder includes a deformable, ballasted base, an elongate stem having a lower end attached to the base and which extends upright with respect to the base to an opposed upper end, and the upper end of the elongate stem is formed with a pacifier retaining structure to receive... Agent: Michael Winfield Goltry

20110024600 - Isolation platform: The present invention provides a platform for supporting various equipment and/or structures which assists in isolating such structure from vibrations external to the platform. Generally, the platform comprises upper and lower plates, having depressions comprising a combination of linear and radial surfaces, upon which the upper plate supports the above-mentioned... Agent: Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins LLP

20110024601 - Suspension system having active compensation for vibration: A suspension system for a seat of a vehicle comprises a base, a linkage, and a seat attached to the base via the linkage. A pneumatic shock absorber provides a respective resistance level against movement of the seat with respect to the base based on a corresponding pressure level of... Agent: Duke W. Yee

20110024602 - Motorcycle stand: A motorcycle stand includes first and second legs pivotable relative to one another between a maximum spread configuration, an intermediate spread configuration, and a storage configuration; the legs being generally parallel to one another when at the storage configuration. The motorcycle stand includes a biased plunger operatively coupled to the... Agent: Harshaw Research, Inc.

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