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12/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100327126 - Stabilization system for high-pressure water jet feed line: A support system (10) for stabilizing a high-pressure feed line (15) in a high-speed water jet food portioner, comprising a rigid span assembly (12) connected at one end to an extendable universal joint (40) that provides rotational motion around two axes (36, 37) as well as linear freedom along a... Agent: Christensen, O'connor, Johnson, Kindness, PLLC

20100327127 - Composite appliance base: A composite appliance base used for manufacture and assembly of various appliances such as a clothes washing machine, clothes dryer, or the like. The composite appliance base includes a heater box, an electric motor mount, a fan shroud, and at least one duct. There are also various inlets which are... Agent: Magna International, Inc.

20100327128 - Support leg: A support apparatus includes a permanently bendable support rod having one of a pair of anchors secured to each end, and a pair of fasteners that cooperate with the anchors for connecting the support rod between an external structure, such as but not limited to a free standing pole or... Agent: Charles J Rupnick

20100327129 - Support stand: A support stand includes a mounting assembly mountable on a table top, a suspension arm coupled to a vertically arranged rod member of the mounting assembly to hold a rotary barrel, a swinging arm pivotally connected with its bottom end to the rotary barrel of the suspension arm, a stretcher... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100327130 - Bearing device: A bearing device comprises a plurality of bearing members and a plurality of connecting members. The length of at least one connecting member having a different length from other connecting members. The connecting members connect the bearing members together, thus adjusting distance between adjacent bearing members by varying the length... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100327131 - Vehicle seat mount: A vehicle seat mount is formed of a support hub adapted for securing a platform thereto, a stabilizer coupled for securing the support hub against rocking on a seat rest portion of the vehicle seat, a rear retaining element projected from the hub and adapted for engaging the vehicle seat... Agent: Charles J Rupnick

20100327132 - Attachments, brackets, and support assemblies: An attachment device which includes: a length of material which is fixed to a body portion of the attachment device at one end thereof via a loop, the other end of the length of material being capable, in use, of being passed around a frame or part thereof to which... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20100327133 - Fixing mechanism for storage device: A fixing mechanism includes a plurality of fixing members, a limiting member, two first supporting members extending from the bracket, two second supporting members formed in the bracket and opposite to the first supporting members, and a latching member adjacent to the second supporting members. The limiting member includes a... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100327134 - Mount with separate device interface: The present invention relates to mounting devices, and in particular to a mount for mounting a device or other object on a suitable support structure such as a slatwall. In one embodiment, the mount comprises a support structure interface engageable with a support structure, the support structure interface comprising a... Agent: Notaro, Michalos & Zaccaria P.C.

20100327135 - Method and apparatus for engaging a rail with various support structures: An assembly for engaging a rail with support structures includes a bracket disposed at an end of the rail. The bracket is configured to rotate between at least first and second positions such that the bracket can present at least first or second different engagement features for engaging with different... Agent: Hewlett-packard Company Intellectual Property Administration

20100327136 - Adjustable mount with position lock: The present invention relates to adjustable mounts, and in particular to an adjustable mount that can be selectively locked in position by way of a position locking mechanism. The mount assembly generally comprises a base coupleable to a structure, a tilt plate coupleable to the device and pivotally connected to... Agent: Notaro, Michalos & Zaccaria P.C.

20100327137 - Variable position workstation: The present invention relates to a framework for supporting pieces of equipment or other objects, and in particular to a variable position workstation for supporting work surfaces and/or electronic equipment such as computers, video displays, keyboards and the like. The workstation structure in one embodiment generally comprises a stand having... Agent: Notaro, Michalos & Zaccaria P.C.

20100327139 - Positively engaged locking system for a vehicle seat: A vehicle seat track assembly includes a first track having first and second spaced apart walls. Each of the first and second walls include a plurality of openings formed therein. A second track is slidably mounted relative to the first track. The vehicle seat track assembly further has a locking... Agent: Macmillan, Sobanski & Todd, LLC

20100327138 - Seat slide device for vechicle: In a vehicle set slide device, a lower rail has a base portion extending in face-to-face relation with a vehicle floor, two first inside portions extending in close contact upward from a center part of the base portion, and lower hook portions extending outward from upper ends of both of... Agent: Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100327140 - Method for use of easy set-up pole and support system: A method for installing a means capable of removably securing a pole, comprising installing a first support, installing a second support, inserting said pole into said first support, and thereafter, inserting said pole into said second support.... Agent: John Karl Buche Buche & Associates, P.C.

20100327141 - Dual-purpose receiving structure selectively applied to desk surface or wall surface: A dual-purpose receiving structure selectively applied to desk surface or wall surface includes a receiving unit, a retaining unit and a pin unit. The receiving unit has a receiving body and an open receiving space formed in the receiving body. The retaining unit has a retaining element disposed on the... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100327143 - Seating and locking system for turbomachinery: A seating and locking system for turbomachinery attached to the customer column housing the turbomachine. The seating and locking system includes two or more actuated pistons that push against a piston seat or locking groove of the turbomachine. The actuated pistons secure the turbomachine within the costumer column to prevent... Agent: Silversky Group LLC

20100327142 - Z-leg shock isolator: An isolator. The novel isolator includes a first mounting structure, a second mounting structure, and a structure for providing a coupling path between the first and second mounting structures, this path having a series of zigzag patterns adapted to attenuate shock and/or vibration energy. The first mounting structure is attached... Agent: Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner / Raytheon

20100327144 - Agricultural implement having apparatus for stowing pto driveline shaft when the pto driveline shaft is not in use: A power take off (PTO) driveline shaft of an agricultural implement may be securely stowed when not in use using a PTO driveline storage device. The storage device is pivotably mounted to the frame of the agricultural implement, such as the hitch, and may be rotated from its own stowed... Agent: Cnh America LLC

12/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100320334 - Device and method for mechanically bonding & grounding painted cable trays: A suspension tray is provided that is adapted to hold a plurality of cables and/or wires that includes a device for electrically bonding and grounding the tray. The tray comprises a series of spokes forming a wire mesh support on which the cables and/or wires are placed. The device (which... Agent: Bryan Cave LLP

20100320335 - Air hose support clip to prevent lateral loading: Apparatus for suspending a device such as the end of a depending air brake hose from a railcar. A flexible strap of a synthetic resin such as moldable polyurethane is suspended from the railcar body, for example, by attachment to an apertured fitting on the railcar coupler. Elongated resilient wire... Agent: John F. A. Earley Iii Harding, Earley, Follmer & Frailey, P.C.

20100320336 - Pc link: A PC link having base, a cable hole defined in the base for receiving the power cable of an electric apparatus, a retaining arm extended from one lateral side of the base and defining with the base a retaining hole and a gap, and an elastically deformable guide portion extended... Agent: Yen Jung Sung

20100320337 - Gift support structure: A structure having a base for supporting vertical struts to display in a generally linear manner Christmas stockings containing gifts thus making each stocking readily identifiable to the gift recipients with improved stability for the structure. This stability is enhanced by angularly offsetting adjoining pairs of the struts relative to... Agent: Langdale & Vallotton, LLP

20100320338 - Holder for a garden hose display: A holder for displaying a garden hose includes a base, a holding board, and a plurality of supporting rods disposed between the base and the holding board. The base has positioning holes at four corners and a center of the base, and a plurality of protrusions disposed in a predetermined... Agent: Yen Jung Sung

20100320339 - Height adjustable stand and flat panel display utilizing the same: A height adjustable stand comprises a base, a connecting member, a height extender, and a positioning mechanism. The base includes a support member protruding therefrom. The connecting member comprises a first surface and a first end frictionally and rotatably connected to the support member. The height extender is slidably connected... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100320340 - Melt-bondable panel mounting brackets, systems, and methods: Panel mounting components and systems for mounting objects, such as decorative architectural resin panels, can include a melt-bondable panel mounting bracket. Melt-bondable panel mounting brackets can include one or more bonding features configured to be pressed or rotated into a resin-based panel, thereby allowing additional components, such as a twist-lock... Agent: Workman Nydegger / 3 Form Workman Nydegger

20100320341 - Universal stands for portable electronic devices: The present invention is directed to universal stands for portable electronic devices. In one embodiment, a stand includes a display platform and a gripping pad attached to the display platform for releasably securing a portable electronic device thereto.... Agent: Hansra Patent Services

20100320342 - Rail mounting apparatus: Rail mounting apparatus including a base having a mount surface including at least one tab for mounting a first edge of the rail relative to the mount surface, a side surface including a guide clip, and a connector guide slot extending from the side surface; a mounting clip including: a... Agent: Hoffman Warnick LLC

20100320343 - Two-level clamp for photovoltaic modules: A clamp for attaching rectangular photovoltaic modules on a module rail is constructed so that the upper edge of a first module can be installed at a greater height than the lower edge of a second module. The upper edge of the first module rests on a first supporting surface... Agent: Henry M Feiereisen, LLC Henry M Feiereisen

20100320344 - Clip for vessel: A vessel clip can stack a plurality of boxes on a usual vessel by providing a shelf function, where a content in each box is visible so as to improve decoration effect, and a candle can be stuck through a candle sticking member without sticking the candle in food directly.... Agent: Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

20100320345 - Hook structure: A hook structure includes a base and a movable hook which is fixed on the base and is provided with a hook board and a hook board seat that are mutually assembled. An elastic member is provided between the hook board and the hook board seat. By the elastic member,... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100320346 - Fixing: The present invention provides a fixing (10) for an item (11). The fixing comprises a first attachment (20) with a front face (23) to be adhesive bonded to a surface (50) of the item to define a bonding interface (51). It also comprises a cover (14), arranged to overlie at... Agent: Rodney L. Skoglund Renner, Kenner, Greive, Bobak,taylor & Weber

20100320347 - Mounting structure for functional component: According to one embodiment, a functional component mounting structure includes: a functional component having: a base body; a functional portion formed on a front surface of the base body; and a latching portion extending from a back surface of the base body; a component receiver having: a base portion having... Agent: Mcginn Intellectual Property Law Group, PLLC

20100320349 - Display device stand: A case for a portable display device is subdivided into two portions which can be slidably mounted on the display device as a protective case. One of the portions is provided with slots which are the width of the display device case thickness so that the device can be inserted... Agent: Kleinberg & Lerner, LLP

20100320348 - Opener and buffer table for test handler: An opener and a buffer table for a test handler are disclosed. The opener includes an opening plate, a plurality of pin blocks forming pairs, and at least one or more interval retaining apparatus for retaining an interval between the pin blocks forming a pair. Each of the pin blocks... Agent: JeffersonIPLaw, LLP

20100320350 - Support plate: The invention relates to a support plate for positioning containers having a base body including at least one pressure element disposed on the base body in a spring-loaded manner, with the pressure element having at least one elongated pressure section extending parallel to a plane of the base body, and... Agent: Hayes Soloway P.C.

20100320351 - Coaster: A coaster or trivet includes a liquid impervious base and a liquid absorbent gel disposed on the base. The gel may comprise a hydrogel including a plurality of gel layers. Each gel layer is a different adhesive property with a first gel layer having a relatively high peel strength for... Agent: Walter A. Hackler, Ph.d. Patent Law Office

20100320352 - Power seat track drive assembly: An adjustment mechanism is disclosed for moving a movable member relative to a fixed member. A threaded screw is fixedly secured to the fixed member. A gear is rotatably disposed about the threaded screw. A housing includes a bore and an opening in a lower surface. A rotatably driven worm... Agent: Magna International, Inc.

20100320353 - Vehicle seat slide device: A vehicle seat slide device includes a lower rail, an upper rail, retainers arranged between both rails, and a plurality of rolling members rollably carried by the retainer and rolled in contact with the both rails. Each retainer is composed of a retainer body and protrusions protruding from the retainer... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100320354 - Mobile easel: A field easel including the following elements is disclosed: (a) a height adjustment element that allows an artist to adjust the height and plane of a media support element, (b) a media support element and (c) one or more connectors which allow the height adjustment element and the media support... Agent: Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

20100320355 - Clipboard: A clipboard includes a main plate having top and bottom faces and lateral sides, and a clip plate of triangular cross section and including a mid-portion provided at one of the lateral sides, top and bottom plate portions extending convergingly from two opposite ends of the mid-portion and having converging... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100320356 - Spherical orienting device and method for manufacturing the same: A spherical orienting device includes a base, first and second actuation shafts, an orientable device, an inner member, a middle member, and an outer member. The first and second actuation shafts are rotatably held by the base for rotary actuation about first and second actuation axes, respectively, which intersect orthogonally... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100320357 - Active suspending: An apparatus has an active suspension including an electromagnetic actuator coupled to a plant in a vehicle. A force bias eliminator is coupled to the plant for causing the actuator to experience a zero-mean load, and a vibration isolation block generates a control signal based on the response of a... Agent: Bose Corporation C/o Donna Griffiths

20100320358 - Two stage vibration isolator: A vibration isolating system is disclosed. The vibration isolating system comprises a passive mechanical system comprising a damping assembly, a first resilient member coupled in series with the damping assembly, and a second resilient member coupled in parallel with the series combination of the damping assembly and the first resilient... Agent: Honeywell/ifl Patent Services

20100320359 - Movement limiting anti-vibration mount: Anti-vibration mount comprising first and second mounting members connected to each other by an elastomer body. The first mounting member comprises a head integral with the elastomer body and a connector rigidly fixed to the head by a connection permitting a degree of relative positioning tolerance between the head and... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100320360 - Equipment support platform: An earth anchored equipment support platform for supporting equipment at a desired elevation above the ground surface where the earth anchor is enclosed and concealed by the equipment support platform includes a top, a bottom and a sidewall joined with and formed along the perimeter of the top. An earth... Agent: Maxey Law Offices, PLLC

12/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100314502 - Adjustable hanger: An adjustable hanger has a receiver having a hole arranged to allow mounting of the receiver on a fixed element, and a body opening in the receiver arranged to accept a connector. An adjustable hanger has a mounting having a hole arranged to allow the mounting to be mounted to... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom, P.C.

20100314503 - Telescoping mast cable storage system: A telescoping mast with a cabling system configured to cover and store cable within the structure of the mast and able to efficiently extend and retract multiple telescoping sections without jar and minimal energy. The telescoping mast has a hollow mast housing. A telescoping section is nested within the interior... Agent: Duane Morris LLP - San Diego

20100314504 - Support apparatus for an exhaust system: A support apparatus for an exhaust includes a first bracket mountable to a vehicle cab, a spherical bearing carried by the first bracket, a second bracket mountable to an exhaust pipe, and a rod fixedly mounted to the second bracket and extending through the spherical bearing, the rod being freely... Agent: Volvo Technology Of America, Corporate Patents

20100314505 - Device for holding lines in an aircraft: The invention relates to a device for holding lines in an aircraft that comprising at least one line inlet, at least one line outlet and at least one holding space for holding at least part of a line section extending between the line inlet and the line outlet, wherein the... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20100314506 - Riser lock unit for sprinklers: A riser lock unit is provided for quick and easy mounting onto an elevated sprinkler riser. The riser lock unit functions to retain or maintain the sprinkler riser in an elevated position, without normal spring-loaded retraction into an underlying sprinkler housing, to facilitate service and/or replacement of a sprinkler nozzle... Agent: Kelly Lowry & Kelley, LLP

20100314507 - Adjustable bag retaining apparatus: Provided is an adjustable bag retaining apparatus comprising a hook or clamp, the hook or clamp capable vertically sliding movement on or in a track, mast, stand, support or hollow sleeve for accomodating bags of different sizes for packing.... Agent: Suzannah K. Sundby Smith, Gambrell & Russel, LLP

20100314508 - Apparatus with flexible tripod and electronic device: A flexible support apparatus, such as a tripod, supporting an electronic device, such as a personal video player. The flexible tripod may include ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. The flexible support apparatus allows the user to view the device in a variety of... Agent: Michael A. Guth

20100314509 - Solar array support methods and systems: Systems and methods for disposing and supporting a solar panel array are disclosed. The embodiments comprise various combinations of cables, support columns, and pod constructions in which to support solar panels. The solar panels can incorporate single or dual tracking capabilities to enhance sunlight capture. The embodiments encourage dual land... Agent: Sheridan Ross PC

20100314510 - Adjustable vehicle support stand: An adjustable vehicle support stand is provided that includes a base, a lower collar secured to the base, a rod, an upper collar and a plate secured to the upper collar. The plate is configured for attachment to a wheel hub of a vehicle. The rod includes a lower portion... Agent: Ulmer & Berne, LLP Attn: Diane Bell

20100314511 - Low profile adhesive mounted fixture button: A low profile fixture button is provided for adhesive attachment to a substrate in a temporary or substantially permanent manner. The fixture button includes a plurality of preferably four over-center spokes substantially in a common plane and carrying a mounting plate having a pressure sensitive adhesive material thereon. The spokes... Agent: Kelly Lowry & Kelley, LLP

20100314512 - Decoration hanger: An exemplary decoration hanger of the present disclosure comprises a mounting portion having an adhering surface, and a clamp portion attached to the mounting portion, the clamp portion comprising a mouth configured to receive a part of a decoration and a tongue resiliently biased towards the mouth to retain a... Agent: Ice Miller LLP

20100314513 - Method and apparatus for overhead equipment mounting: A method and apparatus for overhead equipment mounting is provided. In accordance with at least one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a support tube and a flange. The support tube defines a longitudinal cable access slot and a plurality of support tube perforations. The flange comprises a collar defining a plurality... Agent: The Hecker Law Group

20100314514 - Mounting bracket: A mounting bracket assembly has a stationary bracket to be mounted on a pole or other surface, and an adjustable bracket to be attached to the object to be mounted. The adjustable bracket is then positioned on the stationary bracket to mount the object on the surface or pole. The... Agent: Collard & Roe, P.C.

20100314515 - Adjustable electronic device holder: An apparatus expanding around the perimeter of a box-shaped electronic device, the apparatus having a rectangular frame which is expandable lengthwise and widthwise and brackets for three-dimensional retention of an electronic device.... Agent: Invention Protection Associates, LLC

20100314516 - Easy rack device and method: A device for temporarily supporting a component being attached in a rack which has two front vertical corner members and two rear vertical corner members where each front corner member has openings aligned with openings in the opposing rear corner member. Located within the space defined by the four corner... Agent: Italia Ip

20100314517 - Pole clamp: A pole clamp has two legs wherebetween poles of different diameters may be positioned. One of the legs is configured to grip one side surface of the pole. The other leg of the clamp member has a channel through which a threaded shaft is movable along a longitudinal axis toward... Agent: Louis Woo Law Office Of Louis Woo

20100314518 - Fender structure assemblies for vehicles: An attachment bracket for mounting a fender of a vehicle to a side structural member includes a top portion that connects to the fender. A first vertical leg connects to the side structural member. The first vertical leg extends downwardly from an edge of the top portion. A second vertical... Agent: Dinsmore & Shohl LLP

20100314519 - Universal support: An improved and versatile mounting device, as shown, optionally includes a loop for receiving an adjustable band for supporting a utility, a recess for receiving a rod, and the loop optionally has a hole for receiving a fastener. The band adjusts to accommodate the size of the item being supported... Agent: James A. Watt

20100314520 - Slope adapting mounting arrangements: A slope adapting mounting arrangement includes a mounting coupler and a mounting bracket. The mounting coupler is configured to attach to a fixture and includes opposed first and second projections. The mounting bracket includes a mounting base defining a mounting plane, and first and second side walls extending from the... Agent: Calfee Halter & Griswold, LLP

20100314521 - Flexible arm stowage retainer for vehicle: A stowage retainer is provided for retaining an object, such as a portable electronic device, in a vehicle. The retainer includes a body having at least a bottom wall and side walls. The retainer also includes one or more flexible retention arms extending from the body for retaining a device... Agent: Price, Heneveld, Cooper, Dewitt & Litton, LLP Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20100314522 - Integrated din rail attachment feature for superior attachment: An electronics module includes a base and a cover connected to the base. The base includes a recess adapted to receive an associated mounting rail. At least one fixed rail constraining tab is located adjacent a first edge of the recess and is adapted to engage a first flange of... Agent: Rockwell Automation, Inc./fay

20100314523 - Vehicular seat slide device: A lower rail 3 has a first cut-and-raised piece 22, and an upper rail 4 has a second cut-and-raised piece 23. The first and second cut-and-raised pieces 22, 23 each have a facing surface 22a, 23a that faces and is contactable with the facing surface of the other cut-and-raised piece... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100314524 - Secure accessory attachment system for outdoor free-standing umbrellas: The present invention is a stable, customizable umbrella system which includes one or more surface mount components which may be fixedly or selectively attached to an umbrella support pole.... Agent: Absolute Technology Law Group LLC

20100314525 - Engine mounting system: An equipment engine mounting system/method for mounting an equipment engine to an equipment frame. The equipment engine mounting system includes a first engine mount disposed between the equipment engine and the equipment frame, including a first engine mount nonextensible inner member having an outer bonding surface. The first engine mount... Agent: Lord Corporation Patent & Legal Services

20100314526 - Panel spacer: A panel spacer presents a somewhat spherical body with pyramidal indents in the upper and lower hemispheres separated by a relatively wide equator. The spacers are formed from a conventional resilient polymeric material with the indents providing easy handling and preventing rolling of the spacers when in place for example... Agent: Walter L. Beavers

12/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100308181 - Pipe support base: To provide a pipe support base with good workability which has the solid body, the channel groove formed on one of four side longitudinal surfaces of the solid body, and the engagement member fitting over the surface of the channel groove and designed to function as the rail for the... Agent: Apex Juris, PLLC

20100308182 - Systems and methods of deploying and securing temporary wires and extension cords: An apparatus includes a suspension end, the suspension end configured to link to a supporting fixture, and a mounting end connected to the suspension end, the mounting end comprising one or more hooks from which electrical wires and extension cords are suspended.... Agent: Kenneth F. Kozik

20100308183 - Attachable grommets for hanging pipes: The present invention relates to block style tube and pipe hangers which include polymeric grommets that are used as a dampener or insulator for hanging tubes and pipes and particularly to a post and port arrangement for securing and aligning the silicone grommets during initial mounting and placement. The grommets... Agent: Daniels Patent Law PLLC

20100308184 - Attachable grommets for hanging pipes: The present invention relates to block style tube and pipe hangers which include polymeric grommets that are used as a dampener or insulator for hanging tubes and pipes and particularly to a post and port arrangement for securing and aligning the silicone grommets during initial mounting and placement. The grommets... Agent: Daniels Patent Law PLLC

20100308185 - Monitor support arm: A structure improvement for monitor support arm has a main supporting arm and an extending arm. The main supporting arm has an upper cover and a lower cover. The rear end of the upper cover and the lower cover is pivoted on a connecting seat. The connecting seat is pivoted... Agent: May-chung Huang May-chung Huang

20100308186 - Methods, assemblies and kits for mounting articles to walls: Herein are disclosed methods and assemblies for adhesively mounting an article to two walls that meet at an angle (e.g., a corner). The methods and assemblies use first and second mounting plates that are deflectably and removably attachable to the article, with the first mounting plate being adhesively attachable to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100308187 - Integrated magnetic device and a magnetic board thereof: An integrated magnetic device and a magnetic board thereof are disclosed, which attract portable electronic devices located on the board. The magnetic board includes a body, a magnetic element and a power transmission unit on the body, and a power unit. The magnetic elements of the magnetic board and the... Agent: Nikolai & Mersereau, P.A.

20100308188 - Undermount for height adjustable work surface mechanism: The invention is directed at a work surface mechanism for connecting a primary work surface to a secondary work surface, the work surface mechanism comprising: a track system, located underneath the primary work surface; a main body including primary work surface mounting apparatus for mounting to the track system; a... Agent: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP Anne Kinsman

20100308189 - Latching system for multiple nodes of a computer system: A method and system to support simultaneous unlatching from a rack of two or more adjacently mounted and vertically aligned hardware components. One interface bracket is secured to one vertical rail of the rack, and a second interface bracket is secured to a second vertical rail of the rack on... Agent: Lieberman & Brandsdorfer, LLC

20100308190 - Device for releasable mounting of cabinets or the like to floors in galleys in airplanes: The invention relates to a device for releasable mounting of cabinets or similar installed equipment in galleys (2) of airplanes on seating rails (6) placed in the direction of flight on the cabin floor. Rearrangement is to be made possible with significantly reduced time, in a simple manner, in order... Agent: Kf Ross PC

20100308191 - Dvt pump bracket: A bracket for securing a pump having a plurality of fluid communication tubes and at least one pre-existing mounting opening to pre-existing openings in the frame of a hospital includes a base that has at least one opening aligned with the at least one pre-existing mounting opening of the pump... Agent: Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino L.L.P.

20100308192 - Sensor attachment arrangement: A sensor attachment arrangement with a sensor holder (3) for attachment to a component (6) to which at least one sensor (2) is attached or can be attached. The sensor holder (3) has at least a finger-shape mounting element (4) with a cavity (7) therein in which a strut (8)... Agent: Davis & Bujold, P.l.l.c.

20100308193 - Bi-directional mounting bracket assembly for exterior siding: An bi-directional mounting bracket assembly is utilized in conjunction with exterior siding that covers sheathing of an exterior wall. A base member of the assembly has a mounting flange secured to the sheathing and a wall arrangement that projects outward with respect to the sheathing and from the mounting flange.... Agent: Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

20100308194 - Coaster with moat and physical barrier against crawling arthropods and insects: A device (coaster) for isolating an article from a surface of the coaster that has a moat containing an arthropod-deterring compound and a physical barrier that serves to repel crawling arthropods and insects.... Agent: John Pal Jr

20100308195 - Support assembly for robotic catheter system: A support assembly for supporting a remotely-controlled instrument driver, including a first member, a second member for supporting the instrument driver, and an interface assembly for allowing the second member to rotate relative to the first member about a first axis, and for allowing the second member to rotate relative... Agent: VistaIPLaw Group LLP

20100308196 - Telescopic prop-up pole device: A telescopic prop-up pole device of the present invention is configured to comprise a first pole; a second pole which is drawably inserted into this first pole, while being protruded; and a telescoping adjustment body for adjusting the protruding length of the second pole, the telescoping adjustment body being constituted... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20100308197 - Telescopic support with internal brake: The telescopic support with an internal brake provides a telescoping tube with a selectively actuable and adjustable internal braking mechanism. At least one lower opening is formed through a lower end of a sidewall of an inner hollow tube. A mounting plate is secured within the inner tube adjacent the... Agent: Litman Law Offices, Ltd.

20100308198 - Mounting apparatus using flexible joints with magnetic atachment: The present invention is directed towards flexible assemblies, and in some embodiments, ball and socket joint connectors which, when interconnected, form a flexible assembly. In some embodiments, the ball and socket joint connectors utilize an over-molded strip around the outside of the connector to facilitate in their use for gripping.... Agent: Michael A. Guth

20100308199 - Holder for two-dimensional articles: The holder for two-dimensional articles includes at least two opposed, parallel slots or grooves adapted to grip the opposite edges of a thin, flexible display article (e.g., photo, business or other sign, artwork, etc.). The slots or grooves have a span therebetween slightly less than the span of the article... Agent: Litman Law Offices, Ltd.

20100308200 - Multi-functional portable anchoring system: A portable anchoring apparatus and kit is provided which allows large animals to be safely hitched a safe distance from an anchoring object (e.g., a motor vehicle). Other embodiments of the portable anchoring apparatus and kit include a portable anchored table, a portable anchored large sign, and a portable anchored... Agent: Luedeka, Neely & Graham, P.C.

20100308201 - Seismic damper: A seismic damper includes upper and lower brackets, and a link mechanism. The upper bracket is formed with an upper hole. The lower bracket is formed with lower and intermediate holes. The link mechanism includes a support link, and first, second, and third pivot joints. The support link has first... Agent: Intellectual Property Law Office Of David Lathrop

20100308202 - Electronic device with support: An electronic device, comprising: a back cover, a first support, and a second support; wherein, the back cover forms a receiving groove; the first support comprises a support portion and a connection portion rotationally connected to the back cover; the second support comprises a support portion, at least one hook... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

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20100301175 - Sink brace: A sink brace comprises a first shaft comprising a lip shaft, a mid-shaft, and an anchor shaft. A brace ridge couples to the lip shaft and is configured to couple to a sink lip of a sink. An anchor plate couples to the anchor shaft. The anchor plate comprises a... Agent: The Caldwell Firm, LLC

20100301176 - Device for guiding lines, hoses, or the like: The invention relates to a line guidance device for guiding cables, lines, hoses, and the like between one locally fixed and one movable connection point, wherein the line guiding device has at least one support unit having a substantially band-shaped design, and retaining elements designed in one piece with the... Agent: Smith Law Office

20100301177 - Device for laying a cable harness in an aircraft: A device for bridging a cable harness between two aircraft structure elements of an aircraft includes an elongated connecting rod having a plurality of radial snap-in holes and configured to bridge a space between the two aircraft structure elements and affix to at least one of the two aircraft structure... Agent: Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd. (frankfurt Office)

20100301178 - Building strut system: This invention allows attachment of strut channels 2, pipes, conduit, and mounting of equipment to the interior of buildings and other structures. Attachment to structures such as I-Beams, channels, structural angles, purlins and truss structures are improved. Extended use of self tapping screws 28 and commonly used metal strapping are... Agent: Philip Allen Myers

20100301179 - Gimbal assembly for tool support: A supporting and orienting apparatus that is angularly agile and can balance the weight of tools, and permits quick tool replacement is disclosed. An inner gimbal portion holds the tool at its center of balance and is rotationally disposed within an outer gimbal portion. The gimbal portion combination is rotationally... Agent: Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, LLP

20100301180 - Foldable tool stand: A foldable tool stand includes a main shaft, a pair of base plates affixed to the main shaft and two pairs of legs. The main shaft has a first end, a second end, and positioning members respectively provided at the first end and the second end for securing a machine... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20100301181 - Power supply fixing device: A power supply fixing device can effectively fix a power supply inside a computer case. One end of the power supply fixing device is movably assembled at a plate in the computer case, and a suppress surface is used to suppress the power supply. In addition, by hooking at the... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20100301182 - Retaining device for heat-dissipating apparatus: A retaining device for a heat-dissipating apparatus includes a first and second members, a retaining module and four retaining elements. The first member has at least one positioned slot formed at two ends thereof, a through hole formed at a centre thereof, and at least one locking pin adjacent to... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100301183 - Side arm clamp assembly: A side arm clamp assembly is formed of a molded body having a clip receiver slot, a retention clip formed of a retention portion and an insertion portion that is slidingly receivable into the clip receiver slot. A detent is provided between the clip receiver slot and the insertion portion... Agent: Charles J Rupnick

20100301185 - Pivot mount assembly: A pivot mount assembly for mounting an electronic device (e.g., an Electronic Flight Bag—EFB) in the cockpit of an aircraft, and more specifically on the steering control (i.e., yoke) of the aircraft. The pivot mount assembly preferably includes an upper portion and a lower portion, where the upper portion is... Agent: Tutunjian & Bitetto, P.C.

20100301184 - Removable device configured to secure an instrument and to be mounted on a platform: The present teachings relate to a device configured to secure an instrument and to be removably mounted to a platform. The device can comprise a mounting base platform, a guide rod plate, and a securing means. The guide rod plate can be slidably secured to the mounting base platform, and... Agent: Joshua Stabler

20100301186 - Adjustable support device: An adjustable support device includes a support, a lift mechanism, and a pulley unit. The support includes at least two casings which are slidably connected with each other so as to adjust the length of the support. The lift mechanism includes a threaded rod screwed into a nut for changing... Agent: Min-lon Chuang

20100301187 - Book and document holding device: A device for holding a document or book, comprising, a base, a support surface member pivotally connected to the base and movable between a storage position and an operative position, means for temporarily securing the support surface member in the operative position, a writing ledge adapted to support the document... Agent: Frank J. Bonini Jr. Harding, Earley, Follmer & Frailey, P.C.

20100301188 - Apparatus for holding an ebook reader: An apparatus for holding and support a device such as an Ebook reader is provided.... Agent: Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S C Intellectual Property Department

20100301189 - Suspension arrangement for directional equipment: A suspension arrangement for directional equipment. The arrangement includes a body that supports the equipment and that supports a drive motor with a driving belt sheave, a driven belt sheave coupled to the directional equipment and a drive belt running between the belt sheaves. To prevent random or periodic movements... Agent: Venable LLP

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