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09/30/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100243822 - Power supply cable outlet angle adjustment structure: A power supply cable outlet angle adjustment structure aims to overcome shortcomings of the conventional power supply that cannot adjust cable outlet angle to mate connecting electronic devices. The power supply has an opening on a body to allow a power cable to be threaded through and a pivotal turnable... Agent: Ching-ling Huang

20100243823 - Ceiling-mounted docking device: The present invention provides a docking device for connecting to equipment. The docking device includes a first housing section having a plurality of leg sections extending from a surface thereof. A second housing section is attachable to the leg sections of the first housing section. The first housing section and... Agent: Kusner & Jaffe Highland Place Suite 310

20100243824 - Insert for tube retaining bracket: A retaining bracket for holding conduits may employ a first half or stationary portion defining a semi-circular first conduit holding portion and a semi-circular second conduit holding portion. A second half or movable portion may be foldable onto the stationary portion such that a first arcuate groove and a second... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20100243825 - Tension balancer: A tension balancer which includes an axis body including a latch part, a column shaped main body including a bottom part which has at least two first through holes arranged at equal intervals in a concentric circle from the center, and an open upper part, a spring base housed within... Agent: Nixon Peabody, LLP

20100243826 - Line routing clip: A routing clip for securing a line to a structure comprising: a base for attaching the clip to a structure; and a clamp comprising: a first flexible strap which extends from the base and has one or more projections extending from its side; and a second flexible strap which extends... Agent: Lowe Hauptman Ham & Berner, LLP

20100243827 - Adjustable tilt solar panel support system: An adjustable tilt solar panel support system including a support post, a U-shaped pivot bracket attached to the support post in a generally upright orientation and having a pivot pin hole for accommodating a pivot pin, and further having at least one adjustment opening; a rotational support cradle having a... Agent: Stainbrook & Stainbrook, LLP

20100243828 - Stand column, in particular music stand column or microphone stand column: A stand column includes two tubes having longitudinal axes and curved tube walls surrounding the longitudinal axes. The two tubes include an inner tube guidable in a telescoping manner in an outer tube. A clamping device is structured and arranged to fix the inner tube in various positions with respect... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20100243829 - Hair accessory holder and organizer: A hair accessory organizer for holding many different types of hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is magnetized to hold hair accessories either wholly or partially made of metal. In addition, the hair accessory organizer holds non-metal hair bands and hair accessories. The hair accessory organizer is capable of resting... Agent: Gunn, Lee & Cave, P.C.

20100243830 - Electronic device: An electronic device includes a body and a stand. The body has a fastening structure. The stand is used to support the body and dispose the body at a plane. The stand has a curved surface, and a locating portion is disposed at the curved surface. The body and the... Agent: Thomas, Kayden, Horstemeyer & Risley, LLP

20100243831 - Brackets and bracket system for assembling playground equipment: A bracket system for assembling playground equipment includes a plurality of deck support brackets, at least two vertical frame brackets, at least two horizontal frame brackets, a swing bracket, and at least two ladder brackets. The deck support brackets secure horizontal deck support beams to vertical frame beams at first... Agent: Douglas T. Johnson Miller & Martin

20100243832 - Fixing mechanism for fixing a display device: A fixing mechanism for fixing a display device is disclosed. The fixing mechanism includes a housing whereon a first hole and a protrusion are formed, and a bracket installed on a side of the housing. The bracket includes a connecting part for connecting the housing. A second hole and an... Agent: North America Intellectual Property Corporation

20100243833 - Laser alignment device magnetic support stand: A laser stand for supporting a laser leveling device during construction involving metal studs and leg tracks provides a planar shelf including a first end and a second end, at least one first leg depending from the first end, at least one second leg depending from the second end, and... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd.

20100243834 - Decorative apparatus for an iv pole and method for use of same: The present invention is directed to an adjustable clamp that is configured to hold a decorative ornament to a substantially cylindrical pole, such as, a hospital IV pole. The adjustable clamp may include a base member to hold the decorative ornament to the adjustable clamp. The adjustable clamp may also... Agent: Rg & Associates

20100243835 - Position assurance assembly for an electrical connector: A position assurance assembly includes an elongated fastener, a cover forming a cavity, a first position assurance part, a mounting surface, a second position assurance part and a fastener receptacle. The cover has a hole formed therethrough and is in communication with the cavity. The hole is sized to receive... Agent: Rader Fishman & Grauer PLLC

20100243836 - Vial holder with side gripping and clamping holding: The invention relates to a holder for one or more vials that comprises a rear attachment platen (2) including one or more side clamping means in the form of clamps (4), each clamp being connected to or removably mounted on the platen. Each clamp includes two opposite curved blades (5),... Agent: Steven W Weinrieb Law Ofrfice Of

20100243837 - Anchor point: An anchor point has a foot, an elongated absorbing element, and a coupling feature for attaching a coupling element to the means of absorbing energy. The elongated absorbing element is provided with plates which extend radially and are situated axially at a distance from each other, and a casing that... Agent: Law Offices Of Eric Karich

20100243838 - Press-fit extendable support rod: A press-fit extendable support rod includes an outer pipe and an inner pipe sheatheable along the outer pipe. An end of a rope is fixed to the inner pipe, and another end of the rope is extendable outward. A press-fit buckle device is sheathed to a joint of the inner... Agent: Wang Law Firm, Inc.

20100243839 - Deployment apparatuses: Embodiments of the present invention include a deployment apparatus comprising a deployment object, a deployment arm, a deployment link, a pivot housing, at least two linear guides, and a gas spring. The deployment object is coupled to the deployment arm, which is pivotally coupled to the deployment link. An opposing... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20100243840 - Surgical holding arm and surgical holding device: b

20100243841 - Fixing device for planar display panel: A fixing device for a planar display panel includes a fastening fixture for fixing the planar display panel on a carrier stage in which a plurality of sliding slots are provided. The fastening fixture includes The fastening fixture includes a driving rod capable of being inserted into one of the... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100243842 - Sensor assembly and fixing method thereof: A sensor assembly that is fixed to a fixing subject member includes a bracket that is fixed to a fixing subject member, a spacer that is attached to the bracket and contacts the fixing subject member, and a rotation sensor that is held by the bracket and is sandwiched between... Agent: Foley And Lardner LLP Suite 500

20100243843 - Support structure for supporting video displays: A video support structure for supporting video, a video display system, and a method of securing the support structure are disclosed. The video support structure includes a first support member, a second support member, a portion of the second support member being receivable by a surface or space formed by... Agent: Mcnees Wallace & Nurick LLC

20100243844 - Microelectronic component support with reinforced structure: A microelectronic support assembly has a support member formed from plateable resin, such as liquid crystalline polymer and the support member is configured with a laser to define holes in the support member. These holes and other areas of the support member are plated and the plating forms a plurality... Agent: Molex Incorporated

20100243845 - Tool hanger: A tool hanger includes an elongate flexible member such as a chain, and a plurality of tool supports mounted spaced apart along the member. The tool supports may include hooks, loops, and rings. An upper end of the member is adapted to be mountable to a rigid support to allow... Agent: Antony C. Edwards

20100243846 - Connection base device for connecting various objects: A connection base device for connecting to various objects is provided, including at least a heavy unit, a fix unit and a connection unit. The fix unit is engaged to the bottom of the connection unit. The fix unit and the connection unit clap a part of area of the... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20100243847 - Household appliance: A household appliance, in particular a dish-rinsing or dish-washing machine, with a base support onto which the appliance unit is mounted and which is supported on a floor by means of appliance feet. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a least one appliance-foot support, which is connected to the... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20100243848 - Spring seat and mounting structure for spring seat: A spring seat is mounted to a suspension arm to receive a coil spring of a suspension, a spring seat body is provided with a receiving part for receiving the coil spring and a locking protrusion, which projects from the spring seat body to the side opposite to the receiving... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20100243849 - Telescopically adjustable support brace: A telescopically adjustable support brace includes a first member and a second member operably moveable with respect to the first member in a telescopic manner. The first and second members are adapted to be positioned across two objects for maintaining a fixed distance therebetween. A quick-clamping device includes a collar... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100243850 - Folding support stand for portable electronic devices: The present invention provides a portable support stand for various devices such as laptop computers, tablet PCs and other electronic equipment. The stand has a tripod configuration which promotes stability of the user device. The front legs of the tripod may be adjusted between compact and extended positions, and may... Agent: Design Ip, P.C.

20100243851 - Pan and tilt heads: A pan and tilt head for supporting a payload such as a TV, video or motion picture camera comprising a base and a tiltable support including a platform for receiving a payload pivotally mounted on the base to tilt about a horizontal axis to either side of a neutral position... Agent: Fellers Snider Blankenship Bailey & Tippens

20100243853 - Seat slide apparatus for vehicle: A seat slide apparatus for a vehicle includes a cushioning member provided at one of an operational lever and a lock lever. The cushioning member is configured to contact the other of the operational lever and the lock lever for restricting a contact of an end portion of the operational... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20100243852 - Seat slide rail: A seat slide rail comprising a lower stationary rail having, defined therein, a connecting region for allowing one of said at least two connection portions of said powered drive mechanism to be connected therewith; said upper rail being configured such that the upper portion thereof has an outer surface and... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20100243854 - Presentation pad easel: A folding presentation pad easel, particularly suited for a classroom or teaching environment, utilizes a support spine and a leg element with additional legs to form a rigid triangular base, a supporting column, and a telescopic support, with pivotal supports therebetween. Superior stability is provided as well as a minimum... Agent: Patrick T. Reilly

20100243855 - Wrap bracket clamp assembly: A wrap bracket assembly is provided for securing an elongated member. The assembly includes a bracket with a clamp extending from a base to wrap around the elongated member. The clamp defines an aperture, and includes side edges that extend around the elongated member. The assembly also includes a grommet... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100243856 - Load bearing surface: An elastomeric load bearing surface includes an integral attachment mechanism, wherein portions of the load bearing surface attach to each other to secure the load bearing surface to a support structure. In one embodiment, a molded elastomeric strip includes a tab that wraps around a support structure frame member, and... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

09/23/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100237201 - Mounting structure of coupler for sprinkler: Disclosed herein is a mounting structure of a coupler for a sprinkler. The mounting structure is constructed so that a coupler to which a sprinkler head and a water supply line are connected is fitted into a clamp in a lateral direction and is secured at a predetermined position by... Agent: Jacobson Holman PLLC

20100237202 - Cardboard support insert for a lawn and garden refuse bag: A flat, substantially square, or rectangular, insert with one or more vertical perforations, or fold lines, to facilitate folding for insertion into a soft-sided container such as a bag or a sack. The insert can include two stamped out areas for hand holds. The hand holds can be lined with... Agent: Troutman Sanders LLP 5200 Bank Of America Plaza

20100237203 - Apparatus for collecting and handling yard debris utilizing a reusable receptable: An apparatus for collecting and handling yard debris supports a flexible, reusable receptacle in an open configuration. The apparatus has a frame for supporting the receptacle, the frame having a shape that defines an opening through which the receptacle is draped, at least one straight member defining an opening for... Agent: Melanie Romero

20100237204 - Versatile expansion device: An expansion device, for use for flotation and as a headrest, is formed of flexible corrugated tubing capable of contracting into a compact size for storage, and said tubing capable of expanding for application about the body of the wearer, the expandable tubing including end caps capable of hermetic sealing... Agent: Paul M. Denk

20100237205 - Stabilizing foot: Provided herein is an improved support device for stabilizing an article of furniture, appliance or other equipment. In one arrangement, the device is connectable to the bottom of existing furniture legs eliminating the need to provide customized legs. That is, the overall height of the device is such that a... Agent: Marsh, Fischmann & Breyfogle LLP

20100237206 - Magnetic-based releasable, adjustable camera or other device mount apparatus: An apparatus and method for the magnetic-based, releasable and position adjustable attachment of an article to a support. The device is well suited for use with cameras, spotting scopes, navigational devices, distance finders, sensors, lights and other devices, but is not limited to use with these fields. The apparatus and... Agent: Steven J. Adamson, PC

20100237207 - Paint tray holder for side mount on ladder: A paint tray holder for mounting on the leg of a ladder features a mounting plate engaging a side wall of the paint tray for attachment thereto, and a support arm connected to the mounting plate to extend outwardly away therefrom to a location beneath the paint tray at a... Agent: Ade & Company Inc.

20100237208 - Holder for receiving a lid or a cover: A holder comprising (a) a first portion comprising a base, a first wall and a second wall, said first and second walls extending upwardly from said base such that said first and second walls and base define a space for receiving at least partially a lid or a cover and... Agent: Woodcock Washburn LLP

20100237209 - Accessory mounting systems and mounting methods thereof: An accessory mounting system and mounting method thereof provides an effective solution for sectioning a portion of a room and for organizing tools, objects and cables involved in the activity that gives rise to the need for sectioning or organizing the room. In particular, the present invention provides an accessory... Agent: Mills & Onello LLP

20100237210 - Mounting system: An universal mounting system for mounting a projector or other device to a surface. The mounting system comprises a base configured to operatively connect to the mounting surface. The base includes a periphery continuously disposed about the base and proximate an intermediate portion of the base. At least one arm... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20100237211 - Folding bracket for light bar: A two part bracket for mounting a light bar to an environmental surface. The bracket may comprise two mirror image platforms or members hinged to one another to move from an open condition to a closed or folded condition. Each platform may have a plurality of holes for passing fasteners... Agent: Italia Ip

20100237212 - Retaining means: A retaining means comprising: an elongate mounting means; a gripping means; the gripping means comprising a first and second gripping portion, at least one of which is formed at least in part from a flexibly resilient material; each gripping portion being attached to the mounting means; and the first gripping... Agent: Maier & Maier, PLLC

20100237213 - Hanger means: A hanger means comprises a body member including two hanging ends, a pivoted portion between the hanging ends and two slide rails provided between the pivoted portion and hanging ends respectively; a fastener unit coupled to the pivoted portion for positioning the body member in a horizontal direction; two slide... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100237214 - Portable material exhibiting apparatus: A portable material exhibiting apparatus comprises a base assembly having a pivoting base, the pivoting base being disposed on one side of the base assembly; a retractable rod assembly having one end pivoting to the pivoting base; and an image capturing module having one end pivoting to the other end... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20100237215 - Patient support: A patient support system is described. The patient support enables a weakened or injured patient to support themselves in an upright position. Sitting in an upright position often provides the bed-ridden patient relief from pain, helps circulation and improves breathing. Embodiments are described that may be used with hospital equipment,... Agent: Law Office Of Mark Wisnosky

20100237216 - Power seat height adjuster mechanism: A power seat height adjuster mechanism for a seat of a vehicle includes a motor having an output shaft, a speed reduction mechanism cooperating with the output shaft of the motor to reduce an output speed of the motor, a nut drive mechanism cooperating with the speed reduction mechanism and... Agent: Bliss Mcglynn, P.C.

20100237217 - Folding portfolio: A portfolio including a base panel having a support surface on one side and a pair of support legs on an opposite side. The portfolio also has a lateral panel connected to the base panel and in contact with the support surface. The pair of support legs support the base... Agent: Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, LLP

20100237218 - Vehicle seat, especially motor vehicle seat: A vehicle seat (1) is provided with a base (3), which is connected to a vehicle structure (7). The vehicle seat (1) is adjustable at least between a use position and an easy-entry position. The vehicle seat (1) is guided displaceably in at least one track (5) with at least... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20100237219 - Multi-purpose fishing rod holder: The present invention is directed to a two part rod holder which has a retaining member positionable about a fishing rod and a mounting member for providing support. The mounting member is interchangeable so that a different mounting member can be used for different situations such as mounting to a... Agent: Shoemaker And Mattare, Ltd

20100237220 - Power-plant mounting: A power train substantially contains an internal combustion engine and an adjacent gearbox unit is connected to the vehicle body via a power-plant mounting. The gearbox unit is held by way of a rear end on a carrying bracket via fastening devices and is mounted in a supported manner on... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20100237221 - Support for a turbine: In a support for a turbine, which turbine has an outer casing which is split into an upper section (11) and a lower section (12) in a horizontal parting plane, in which upper section (11) and lower section (12) are screwed to each other on a horizontal flange (13; 13a,... Agent: Cermak Nakajima LLP

20100237222 - Accessory structure for portable electronic devices: An accessory structure for portable electronic device includes a primary member and a resisting member. The primary member includes a seat and a supporting plate. The seat defines a recessed portion. The supporting plate includes a flexible portion allowing the seat to be bent relative to the supporting plate. The... Agent: Altis Law Group, Inc. Attn: Steven Reiss

20100237223 - Replaceable footpad structure for electronic device: A replaceable footpad structure for electronic device has a shell, on which a hanging hole is configured. The footpad structure includes a rotary buckling assembly, a rotary knob and a pad body. The rotary buckling assembly has a seat plate, from which a bolt and an arm are extended. The... Agent: Hdls Patent & Trademark Services

09/16/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100230549 - Panel dock: A panel dock is disclosed, the panel dock comprising a body, a retainer, and a bracket. The retainer is rotably secured to the body and includes a shaft having at least one arm extending from the shaft and at least one finger extending from the shaft. The bracket is attachable... Agent: Keith E. Taber

20100230550 - Conduit holder for use with a metal stud: A conduit holder is constructed to be mounted to an elongated metal beam with upper and lower surfaces and rod-like coupling elements extending therebetween. The conduit holder includes a conduit path defining element with an opening defining an axis. The opening is designed to receive conduit therethrough parallel to the... Agent: Robert A. Parsons

20100230551 - Device and method for suspending and retaining telecommunication and power cables within a building: The present invention relates to devices and methods for suspending and retaining telecommunication cables, power cables, and other items within or outside of a building. According to certain embodiments of the present invention, devices are provided for supporting, suspending and retaining an article within or outside of a building, such... Agent: Bryan Cave LLP

20100230552 - Extension arm with cable management: The present invention pertains to extension arm apparatuses that are adapted to support user devices throughout a range of positions. A given apparatus may include one or more arms that position the user device remotely from a support position. An extension and retraction device such as a gas cylinder is... Agent: Design Ip, P.C.

20100230553 - Portable support method and apparatus: A portable manway cover handling apparatus and method comprises a lightweight support unit having a mounting tab secured to a manway stub flange within stub flange bolt holes by stud bolts projecting from expandable mandrel sleeves. A structural support beam is cantilevered from the mounting tab for attachment of a... Agent: W. Allen Marcontell

20100230554 - Trash bag apparatus and method of use: One possible embodiment of the invention could be a trash bag holder and methodology of operating same, the trash bag holder comprises a resilient strip that is looped to adjustably form a hoop of an desired circumference; a catch mechanism that reversibly fixes the hoop at the desired circumference; a... Agent: Long & Chybik

20100230555 - Universal holding device: These three embodiment(s) possess some/all of basic elements/components/characteristics. They disclose either Open-Circle or U-Shape design(s). Universal Holding Device (Adjustable) (FIG. 1), main body has a removable Support Bracket (22), on right side of lower limb. From here move left, than up to Thumb Screw/Hand Knob (24). Continue up to upper... Agent: Alfred R. Edinger

20100230556 - Wrist saver: A wrist saver for a laptop computer having a monitor screen, a base housing, a keyboard on the base housing and a centered mouse pad on the base housing. The wrist saver includes a four rounded corners rectangular wrist pad having an optimal height between two to three millimeters, so... Agent: Thien Tran/ Access Patent Group, LLC

20100230557 - As accessory for use with a portable device: An accessory for use with a portable device with a top and bottom surface includes a platform for facilitating the use of a mouse; and a jaw incorporating an upper and a lower portion forming, in use, a gap to receive the side of a portable device; wherein the upper... Agent: Workman Nydegger 1000 Eagle Gate Tower

20100230558 - Iv pole for field use: This invention is directed to a pole for supporting an intravenous bag for use in the field on uneven or soft terrain. The pole has a pointed tip which may be pressed into soft ground, mud, tundra or ice. The pole is inexpensive to make, collapsible for storage and may... Agent: David Knubley

20100230559 - Gantry device for use in the assembly or maintenance of heavy parts of a travelling device: The invention relates to a gantry device (10) for use in the assembly or maintenance of heavy parts or machine components or metal parts of a travelling device. The gantry device (10) comprises two lateral bipods (11), every bipod (11) having beam-type, elongate limbs (12) and a connecting element (13)... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20100230560 - Leg device: The leg device includes a base portion, extendable legs rotatable with respect to the base portion, and leg support members for rotatably supporting the extendable legs, wherein the extendable leg includes the first tubular member having a fitting hole portion formed in the vicinity of the upper end thereof. The... Agent: Darby & Darby P.C.

20100230561 - Digital mobile device and stand module thereof: The present invention discloses a digital mobile device and a stand module thereof. The digital mobile device includes a stand module comprising a fixing element and a rotating element. The fixing element is disposed on a side of the digital mobile device and includes an elastic element and a positioning... Agent: Wpat, PC Intellectual Property Attorneys

20100230562 - Furniture foot with ball joint and felt pad: A furniture foot comprises (a) a furniture foot connector; (b) a foot base having a molded portion; (c) a ball joint connecting the furniture foot connector to the foot base; and (d) a felt pad co-molded with the molded portion of the foot base, such that the felt pad protrudes... Agent: Sheldon Mak Rose & Anderson PC

20100230563 - Adjustable support system for undermounted sinks: An adjustable support device for under-mounted sanitary fixtures which enables the installation of rimless and rimmed fixtures to a countertop without the use of counter attaching hardware. The system includes mounting brackets for attachment to under-counter support cabinetry and moveable carriages suspended from the mounting brackets by adjustable lift actuators.... Agent: Peter H. Thimm

20100230564 - Tilt mounting system: An improved adjustable mounting system for mounting a flat panel display to a surface. A mounting bracket is configured to attach to the surface, while an adapter bracket is operatively connected to the mounting bracket and is configured to operatively connect to the flat panel display. At least one carrier... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20100230565 - Surface attachment device: Disclosed is a surface attachment device that can be bonded to a surface. The surface attachment device may store, mix and dispense adhesive to form a bond with a surface. Also disclosed are accessories for use with the surface attachment device and a method of attaching accessories to a surface... Agent: Loctite Corporation

20100230566 - Method and apparatus for mounting a light bar on the roof of a vehicle: A universal mounting for a light bar which is adjustable in a vertical direction as well as pivotable and tiltable along pitch and roll axes, respectively, longitudinal and lateral of the vehicle to enable leveling of the light bar on the roof while attaching the light bar to the vehicle.... Agent: Kenneth J. Lukacher South Winton Court

20100230567 - Surgical appliance post clamp for surgical tables: A clamp for securing a surgical appliance post to a rail mounted on the side of a surgical table which clamp may be placed over and on the rail at any desired location by providing the clamp body with a passageway transverse the body of the clamp and parallel to... Agent: John M. Brandt

20100230568 - Shelf bracket and method of making same: A blank formable into a shelf bracket having a ledge portion positioned in between first and second side portions. The first and second side portions have outer sides. A first bend line is positioned between the ledge portion and the first side member and a second bend line is positioned... Agent: Dunlap Codding, P.C.

20100230569 - Apparatus for increasing the number of utility slots in an awning tube utility track: An apparatus having a track mount sized to be received by an awning tube utility track is described. The apparatus has a track mount and at least two utility tracks coupled with and parallel to the track mount.... Agent: Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman LLP

20100230571 - Externally mounted container holder for automotive vehicle: A container holder for an automotive vehicle includes a relief space configured within an exterior portion of a load-carrying automotive structure, such as a pickup truck box rail, and a generally cup-shaped insert extending within the relief space and supported by the load-carrying structure. Because the present container holder is... Agent: Jerome R. Drouillard

20100230570 - Height adjustable container system: A height adjustable container system which includes a container through which at least one elongated, inner supporting member extends. The supporting member is secured at one end to a mounting system consisting of a ceiling mount and corresponding U-bracket/bolt combination. In one embodiment of the invention, an elongated inner supporting... Agent: Hollstein Keating Cattell Johnson & Goldstein PC Willow Ridge Executive Office Park

20100230572 - Adjustable length lanyard: An adjustment assembly to quickly and efficiently adjust the length of a lanyard used in conjunction with aircraft umbilical connector release mechanisms. The lanyard cable includes at least two retaining mechanisms spaced apart thereon. The adjustment assembly includes a cam portion that retains one of the retaining mechanisms when in... Agent: King & Spalding, LLP

20100230573 - Support tube for motor-vehicle accessory and method and apparatus for making a recess therein: A support tube adapted to carry a motor-vehicle accessory and to slide in a bearing tube provided with a latch element is hollow, cylindrical, centered on an axis, and formed with a plurality of outwardly open notches. These notches are each in turned formed by a flat latch face extending... Agent: Kf Ross PC

20100230574 - Device for fixing rod-like apparatus: The present invention discloses a device for fixing a rod-like apparatus in the field of mechanics. The existing problems of the device for fixing the rod-like apparatus, such as infirm fixation and low reliability, are addressed by using the device of the invention. The fixing device of the invention includes... Agent: Cheng Law Group, PLLC

09/09/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100224737 - Adjustable cable management bar and system: Apparatus, systems and methods are provided for facilitating cable management. More particularly, an adjustable cable management bar is provided including a plurality of mounting brackets, a plurality of fasteners and a support member having a plurality of mounting flanges for translational association with said mounting brackets by means of said... Agent: Mccarter & English, LLP Stamford

20100224738 - Cable support device: A cable support device is adapted to support electrical cable. The device supports cable in a generally horizontal position along the length of a wall, ceiling, beam or other support structure. The support device may also be attached to other structures, such as a bracket suspended from overhead structure by... Agent: Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky And Popeo, P.c

20100224739 - Baby bottle holder: The present invention is a baby bottle holder attachable to a car baby seat such that a baby can feed without the attention of the car's driver. The holder consists of an elongated pouch-like baby bottle holder body constructed of a pliable but non-stretchable sheet material such as a woven... Agent: G. L. Loomis & Associates, Inc.

20100224740 - Bicycle component fixing band: A bicycle component fixing band is provided with a first base part, a second base part, a hinge structure, a releasable connecting structure and a lock pin. The base parts are pivotally connected together at their pivot ends by the hinge structure. The releasable connecting structure releasably couples fastening ends... Agent: GlobalIPCounselors, LLP

20100224741 - Monitor clamping device: A monitor clamping device includes a first board having multiple first hooks and a second board having multiple second hooks, the monitor is clamped between the first and second hooks. Multiple first slots are defined in the second board and multiple first guide plates are connected to the first board.... Agent: Lin & Associates Intellectual Property, Inc.

20100224742 - Stabilising device: The present invention relates to a stabilising device for stabilising an object having a plurality of support elements on a surface, particularly objects that are moved frequently such as garden furniture or the tables or restaurant terraces. The stabilising device comprises a plurality of fluid-containing compartments which are in fluid... Agent: Holland & Knight LLP

20100224743 - Icradle portable media device stand: iCradle Portable Media Device Stand is a portable stand to be used with a portable media device as an accessory for the purposes of viewing any media content including video, listening to music, or utilizing any device-specific software application, hand-free while traveling, in the office, or at home. iCradle is... Agent: William H. Carpenter, Jr.

20100224744 - Universal portable device stand and holder apparatus: An apparatus that securely supports and displays for adjustable viewing of portable electronic devices where the apparatus can be frictionally engaged into any accessible material seam as well as being supportable on flat surfaces.... Agent: The Law Offices Of Anthony L. Meola

20100224745 - Support structure with features for precision leveling: A support structure is provided that can comprise a central support member and leveling devices arranged in a deployed configuration where the leveling devices are radially offset from the central support member. In one embodiment of the support structure, each of the leveling devices can comprise an actuator assembly for... Agent: Marjama Muldoon Blasiak & Sullivan LLP

20100224746 - Durable ice auger mounting system that maximizes mobility and support for auger device: The present invention is an auger transport and mounting system which facilitates the drilling and positioning of ice fishing or other holes in an outdoor surface.... Agent: Absolute Technology Law Group LLC

20100224747 - Door hook: A door hook includes a top member, a back member, a front member, a hook and a leg. The back member is attached to the first end of the top member and the front member is attached to the opposite end of the top member. The leg and hook are... Agent: Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20100224748 - Boat installation frame for transportation tanks: A system to secure a storage unit on a supply vessel surface including a first frame module having a first attachment mechanism configured to releasably engage with a second attachment mechanism of a second frame module, and a first valve disposed on the first frame module, wherein the first valve... Agent: Osha Liang/mi

20100224749 - Bracket for curtain rods and the like: In one embodiment, a bracket for mounting a rod to a surface has a surface-mounting portion and a rod-attachment portion. The surface-mounting portion provides an interface between the bracket and the surface, and attaches to the surface using suitable fasteners such as screws or nails. The rod-attachment portion has an... Agent: Mendelsohn, Drucker, & Associates, P.C.

20100224750 - Loudspeaker tilting adapter: A speaker tilting adapter comprising a speaker supporting plate; a base plate; a connector mechanism for pivotably interconnecting between the support plate and change base plate; and a position fixing mechanism for fixing the tilt position of the speaker adapter. The adapter allows tilting with minimal change in the center... Agent: Yoram Tsivion

20100224751 - Flat panel tv accessory mounting bracket and enclosure: A mounting system that utilizes latches, an enclosure, and bracket bars to ensure secure and precise mounting of decorative flat panel TV frames or other flat panel Other TV accessories to a myriad of VESA-compliant and non-VESA-compliant flat panel LCD/Plasma televisions. The system comprises three major parts. The first part... Agent: Dorothy S. Morse

20100224752 - Instrument stand for attachment to a wire grill surface or the like: The instrument stand, which supports an instrument on a wire rack or similar surface, includes a body, a biasing element and a hook member. The stand is capable of connecting to an instrument, and the biasing element, preferably formed by at least two legs, is also connected to the body,... Agent: Seyfarth Shaw LLP

20100224753 - Mounting construction for an outside mirror unit: Mounting construction for mounting an adjustment instrument to a carrier for an outside mirror unit, comprising first mounting parts on the adjustment instrument and second mounting parts on the carrier, which mounting parts guide the adjustment instrument from a first position to a second position in a direction along the... Agent: Swanson & Bratschun, L.L.C.

20100224754 - Bottom panel for transport refrigeration unit: Provision is made for a single person to easily install a bottom panel for the cover of a transport refrigeration unit. A plurality of forwardly extending tabs are spaced on a rear frame member and corresponding pockets with horizontal slots are similarly spaced near the rear edge of the bottom... Agent: Marjama Muldoon Blasiak & Sullivan LLP

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20100219300 - Stackable cable hanger: A novel cable hanger for supporting at least one cable is provided. The cable hanger comprises a cable support member having first and second ends for supporting one or more cables and a latching element extending from each of the first and second ends of the support member which is... Agent: Valentine A Cottrill Susan Tandan

20100219301 - Grommeted clamp assembly: A grommeted clamp assembly is provided for securing an elongated member to an underlying surface. The grommeted clamp assembly includes a grommet having a generally tubular body with an ovate cross section. An opening extends lengthwise along the body and is sized for receiving an elongated member. The grommet includes... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100219302 - Portable gun and crossbow holder: A portable gun and crossbow holder is intended to be used to support a gun or a crossbow such that the gun or crossbow may be quickly and easily retrieved. The device is comprised of a body, an attachment member, a pair of removable brackets and a pair of straps.... Agent: Gregory T. Zalecki

20100219303 - Structure for connecting display and supporter, display, stand, and attachment: A structure for connecting a display and a supporter, capable of supporting the display even if it is medium-sized or relatively large-sized, and being easily attached and detached. The structure has a structure for connecting the display and a supporter that is connected to the backside of the display and... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100219304 - Photovoltaic module mounting system: A solar array mounting system having unique installation, load distribution, and grounding features, and which is adaptable for mounting solar panels having no external frame. The solar array mounting system includes flexible, pedestal-style feet and structural links connected in a grid formation on the mounting surface. The photovoltaic modules are... Agent: Reed Smith LLP

20100219305 - Clip design for attaching a bracket to an existing bracket or panel: A bracket for coupling a component to a vehicle including a mounting structure defining an aperture is disclosed. The bracket has a first portion including at least one mounting structure clip configured to engage the mounting structure about a periphery of the aperture. The bracket also has a second portion... Agent: Young Basile

20100219306 - Manual roller shade having clutch mechanism, chain guide and universal mounting: A manual roller shade includes a clutch mechanism having a gear train transferring rotation of an input sprocket to rotation of an output member engaging a roller tube. The gear train includes a sun gear, planet gears supported by a carrier and engaging the sun gear, and a ring gear... Agent: Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, Patent Docketing

20100219307 - Wall mountable holder system: A substrate-mountable holder system, comprising: a first portion comprising a base having first and second front surfaces, a rear surface, a top and a bottom, a hook extending from proximate the bottom, a lobe extending rearwardly from a rear surface proximate the top, a pad extending rearwardly from the rear... Agent: Beem Patent Law Firm

20100219308 - Wall mountable holder system: A substrate-mountable holder system comprising: a first portion, a cover, an anchor and at least one fastener, the first portion having a hook extending therefrom and at least one opening for receiving the fastener(s), a cover configured to engage the first portion and hide the fastener(s). The first portion may... Agent: Christopher Rauch Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20100219309 - Fastening device for placement on a mounting rail: A fastening device (21) for placement on a mounting rail having a back-engagement part (22) for insertion into a mounting opening of the mounting rail and for engaging behind edges of the mounting opening of the mounting rail, having a support plate (42) for coming in contact with the mounting... Agent: Davidson, Davidson & Kappel, LLC

20100219311 - Chain locking device for window blind chain: The invention is a chain locking mount for mounting the roller chain portion of a roller blind to a support surface such as a wall or window frame. The mount is configured to prevent the chain from being operated when the mount loosens from the support surface. The mount includes... Agent: Elias Borges

20100219310 - Plumbing fixture mounting bracket assembly: An adjustable mounting bracket assembly for a fixture is disclosed for securely mounting a fixture to construction framing and easily enabling adjustment of the depth of the fixture at any time during or after a wall installation process. A fixture mounting bracket assembly includes a mounting structure having a mounting... Agent: Russ Weinzimmer

20100219313 - Clips: One aspect according to the present invention includes a base portion and a clamp portion. The base portion can be joined to a first member of a vehicle. The clamp portion is formed integrally with the base portion and can joined to a second member of the vehicle. The clamp... Agent: Patterson Thuente Christensen Pedersen, P.A.

20100219312 - Item holder: An item holder includes a hanger and a holder. The hanger includes a hanger body, a protrusion and one or more apertures. The holder includes a holder body, a receiving slot, a securing mechanism, tabs, a holder member and an end-piece. The holder is configured to detachably couple to the... Agent: Haverstock & Owens LLP

20100219314 - Method and device for an adjustable hanger: Methods and devices are for adjustably and securely supporting an object using an adjustable hanger. The hanger includes a movable bracket, a fastener extending through the bracket and an adjustment member engaging the bracket and engaging the fastener. Adjustment of the adjustment member adjusts the position of the hanger relative... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20100219315 - Mounting system for flat panel display: A mounting system for adjustably mounting a flat panel display to a support medium. The system consists of a frame assembly that can be attached to a support medium. One or more adjustable mounts are attached to the frame assembly, and a flat panel display is attached to the adjustable... Agent: Hogan Lovells US LLP

20100219316 - Vibration resistant fastener: A fastener having a capture body including a cavity formed therein and a retainer clip including an elongate capture support and a pawl for engagement with the capture body. The fastener being resistant to vibration and able to be installed and removed without the use of special tools, while providing... Agent: Fraser Clemens Martin & Miller LLC

20100219317 - Anchor assembly with large range of motion suspension members, and restraint systems for suspended components: An anchor assembly structured for use in connection with ceiling or roofing structures for hanging industrial or commercial components, such as, for example, electrical conduits, heating units, water pipes for automatic water sprinkler systems, and the like. The anchor assembly is easy and quick to install, and also provides enhanced... Agent: Steven W. Weinrieb Law Offices Of Steven W. Weinrieb

20100219318 - Wedge support for the display of planar products: A product assembly includes a substantially planar product and a support wedge. The support wedge is formed separately from the substantially planar product and includes a base, two sidewalls, and two internal walls. The two sidewalls each extend from opposite sides of the base and converge toward one another as... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20100219319 - Vehicle seat, manufacturing process for such a vehicle seat, and machine for implementing the manufacturing process: A seat comprising a seat part and a height adjustment mechanism comprising a link having a bore which comprises at least one substantially radial notch, a revolving tube having a fitting portion placed in the bore, said tube externally comprising two axial stops in contact with the link on either... Agent: Miller, Matthias & Hull

20100219320 - Laptop riser: A portable riser for supporting a laptop computer or other article at an angle to a supporting surface. The riser includes a base and lid attached to each other by a double hinge. Arc shaped legs deploy form the riser when the lid is moved from a closed position to... Agent: Wood, Phillips, Katz, Clark & Mortimer

20100219321 - Bookrack: A bookrack includes a book mounting plate for mounting an opened book to be read thereon, and the book mounting plate is supported to be capable of tilting to a left side and a right side in an opening direction of the book. A first spring member energizes the book... Agent: Kubotera & Associates, LLC

20100219322 - Anatomical and adjustable support for reading in bed, sofa and similars: It is an invention that provides to the reader comfortable reading in many positions, and it is a product that follows the anatomy of the body for having its base in format of arc, all support has tips rounded for the comfort of the user. It is a product that... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20100219323 - Wire guide: An object-mounting aid such as a wire guide, comprising a first leg at a proximal end and a second leg at a distal end, with a hinge therebetween, wherein the second leg is longer than the first leg. The hinge may allow the second leg to pivot relative to the... Agent: Beem Patent Law Firm

20100219324 - Base for a food processor: A base for a food processor housing a motor and including controls for operation of the food processor. The base includes an air intake, an air exhaust, and a baffle, wherein the air exhaust and baffle are formed as a part of the bottom of the food processor base and... Agent: Renner Kenner Greive Bobak Taylor & Weber

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