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12/31/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090321586 - Cable retainer: Device including flexible main sheet, two fold regions, and two flexible flap sheets. Main sheet has first and second opposite sides and edge surrounding sides. Fold regions are located along two spaced-apart portions of edge. Each flap sheet has first and second opposite sides. Flap sheets are integrated with main... Agent: Jay M. Brown

20090321587 - Double clevis hanger: The double clevis hanger is designed to have two clevis (u-brackets) under one support yoke bracket. The two u-bracket under the one yoke bracket is design with an elevation offset, so that the pipes can cross over one another with the use of the least amount of fittings. On the... Agent: Michael Rene' Thackeray

20090321588 - Mounting clamp: The present invention relates to a mounting clamp that does not use threaded fasteners to close the mounting clamp to retain electrical conduit, plumbing pipe, or other construction components within the mounting clamp.... Agent: Douglas E. Warren Attorney At Law

20090321589 - Intravenous fluid container stand and methods for making same: According to one embodiment, an intravenous stand for supporting an intravenous fluid container includes a hanger configured to support one or more intravenous fluid containers. A pole, having a first end and a second end, is coupled to the hanger at the first end and a base at the second.... Agent: Nixon Peabody, LLP

20090321590 - Lift and hold, anti-tipping trash container support system: An anti-tipping container support system for supporting a container above a ground surface, the container comprising a substantially horizontal bar running across an outer wall of the container, the system comprising a support portion fixedly attached to the ground surface in a substantially perpendicular relationship to the ground surface, a... Agent: Vesna N. Rafaty

20090321591 - Supporting mechanism for electronic device: A supporting mechanism for an electronic device includes a connecting bracket configured to connect to the electronic device and a supporting bracket connected to the connecting bracket and configured to support the electronic device. The supporting bracket includes a supporting portion having a receiving space, a locating member received in... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090321592 - Support apparatus for a well bore tool: A rigless support for a downhole operation, such as cutting of an underwater casing in preparation for plug-and-abandonment. The unit has a movable base that can be positioned on a floating structure, such as a barge or a marine vessel and delivered to the site. A pair of piston rams... Agent: Keaty Law Firm, LLC

20090321593 - Camera guiding device: A camera guiding device, in particular for a camcorder or a digital camera, includes a camera holding platform to be fixed thereon, for supporting the camera. At least one horizontal element projects away from the camera holding platform and at least one vertical element projects up from the horizontal element.... Agent: Lerner Greenberg Stemer LLP

20090321594 - Shower curtain mounting device: A shower curtain mounting device includes: a pair of wall brackets each having a mounting body defining a recess having a concave surface; a pair of joints each of which is pivoted to a respective one of the wall brackets and each of which has a tubular rod connecting part,... Agent: Bliss Mcglynn, P.C.

20090321595 - Shelf front display mount: A shelf front mounting system mounts to the front of industry standard shelving. The shelf front mounting system holds product signage or advertising, strips or spines of merchandise product. The shelf front mounting system includes a flexible clip portion having an upper finger for contacting the shelf lower surface near... Agent: Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC (cormark)

20090321596 - Bracket for attaching column to a structural support: A connecting bracket, for attaching a columnar building member to a structural support member, includes a horizontal ring-shaped base surface having an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter, with a plurality of spaced non-uniform apertures disposed along the horizontal ring-shaped surface. A vertical ring-shaped surface extends from the inner perimeter... Agent: Joseph Ehrhardt

20090321597 - Hanger: A hanger mounted to an upright member (20) of a sectional rack for rotating movement around the member. The hanger is kept against getting broken away from the upright member even if any heavy load or object is hung thereon, and also less intrusive to other usages. The hanger is... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090321598 - Luminaire quick mount universal bracket system and method: A luminaire system provides for mounting and accessing a light fixture housing without tools. A universal bracket is coupled to the junction box along the ceiling and engages with a top mounting plate affixed to the housing. One or more slide hooks appended to the universal bracket allows the top... Agent: King & Spalding

20090321599 - Slide rail: A slide rail has a mounting shaft and a sliding mount. The sliding mount is movably mounted around the mounting shaft and has a clamp, a handle, a clamp jaw, a holding bracket and a spring. The clamp is mounted around the mounting shaft. The handle is rotatably connected to... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20090321600 - Shower curtain mounting device: A shower curtain mounting device includes: a pair of wall brackets; a pair of joints, each of which is pivoted and is rotatable about an axis relative to a respective one of the wall brackets and each of which has a tubular rod connecting part; and a shower curtain rod... Agent: Bliss Mcglynn, P.C.

20090321601 - Device for connecting a plurality of waste receptacles: Embodiments of the claimed subject matter provide a device and method for transporting a plurality of waste receptacles. One embodiment of the claimed subject matter is a device for transporting a plurality of coupled waste receptacles. The device comprises a plurality of securing ends, which may include a latch portion... Agent: Murabito, Hao & Barnes, LLP

20090321602 - Rotary supporting structure without drawing: A rotary supporting structure without drawing is provided. A base is designed to have a protrusion to cooperate with a locating hole of an electronic device to make the base rotate between the accommodating position coinciding with the bottom surface of the electronic device and the supporting position intersecting with... Agent: Dr. Banger Shia Int''l Patent Office Of Bang Shia

20090321603 - Support structure for cuttable elements: A support structure for cuttable members includes side members and feet attached to offset toothed cross members. The toothed cross members are adjustable to support a plurality of cuttable members of different lengths, diameters, and/or sizes. A lower toothed cross member acts as a balance point, with the majority of... Agent: Lathrop & Clark LLP

20090321604 - Encasement for a height-adjustable support column: In the encasement of a height-adjustable support column comprising a plurality of encasement elements (12) which are arranged annularly around the support column and which engage each other in a telescopic manner and can be slid relatively to each other in the axial direction of the support column, the encasement... Agent: Mccormick, Paulding & Huber LLP

20090321605 - Laptop stand: The EZ Laptop Stand® is made in 3 different designs called Model A, Model X, and Model U. Model A and Model X are for use on a desktop surface, under any laptop computer, but each one is designed to better accommodate slightly different configurations of laptop computers. Model U... Agent: Scott Petrie

20090321606 - Rail arrangement for guiding a fitting inside guiding rails particularly in aircrafts: The invention relates to a rail arrangement for coupling a displaceable element to a support structure, wherein the rail arrangement comprises a guiding rail and a fitting. In this arrangement the fitting is connectable to the displaceable element, and the guiding rail is connectable to the support structure. The fitting... Agent: Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik

20090321607 - Three point mounting arrangement for a power system: A mounting system for supporting a power system is disclosed. The mounting system may have a support structure including a first end spaced from a second end of the support structure. The mounting system may further have a first mounting assembly attached near the first end of the support structure.... Agent: Caterpillar/finnegan, Henderson, L.L.P.

20090321608 - Transition piece mounting bracket and related method: A mounting bracket assembly includes: a first bracket component having a first pair of laterally spaced securement tabs; a second bracket component having a second pair of laterally spaced securement tabs; wherein said first and second bracket components are engageable with each other such that respective ones of each of... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.

20090321609 - Portable electronics: A portable electronics comprises a main body and a supporting device, and the supporting device is rotatably connected to the main body wherein, the portable electronics further comprises an automatic opening device, which enables the supporting device to rotate automatically to a position to form an angle between the supporting... Agent: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP. (pa)

20090321610 - Supporting member and electronic device including the same: The invention provides a supporting member and an electronic device including the same. The supporting member according to the invention may dispose an object on a target firmly. Furthermore, the supporting member includes a circular body and a plurality of bumps. The circular body has an outer surface and is... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

12/24/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090314902 - Network cable bundling tool: A network cable bundling tool is disclosed, comprising an inner fitting retained within an outer jacket assembly. The outer jacket assembly comprises a first outer jacket half coupled to a substantially identical second outer jacket half, securing the inner fitting therein. The outer jacket assembly comprises a cylindrical housing, an... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20090314903 - Pipe clamps: Pipe clamps may include at least two laterally spaced pipe retaining recesses extending through the body member of the pipe clamps between opposite sides. At one end of the body member is a mounting flange for attaching the pipe clamps to a support structure. Additional pipe clamps having at least... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20090314904 - Pipe clip with vibration-isolating insert: A pipe clip comprises an annular pipe clip body made from a metal strip for accommodating a pipe in order to attach the latter to a wall, ceiling or other support. Vibration-isolating material is applied to the pipe clip body, at least on that side which, in use, faces the... Agent: Browdy And Neimark, P.l.l.c. 624 Ninth Street, Nw

20090314905 - Irrigation system hose support: A hose support for supporting a drop hose in an irrigation system includes a curved hose support body having a generally U-shaped cross-section for supporting a drop hose therein. A water conduit coupling has one end threaded for attaching to a central irrigation water conduit and is fixedly attached to... Agent: William M. Hobby, Iii

20090314906 - Medical support system: A support frame for supporting an intravenous bag and associated equipment, comprises a main pole adapted to be secured to a structure so as to be self-standing. A pivotable pole is adapted to support equipment associated with an intravenous bag. A pivot joint is provided between the main pole and... Agent: Ogilvy Renault LLP

20090314907 - Methods and apparatus for mounting devices: A device mounting apparatus includes a mounting base portion having a plurality of opposing pairs of rails. The mounting base portion is adapted for mounting on a support structure. The apparatus further includes a mounting tab affixed to a device for snap in mounting between a pair of rails, whereby... Agent: Kenneth Watov, Esq. Watov & Kipnes, P.C.

20090314908 - Hanging object retaining device: A device and kit to retain hanging objects that is wall mounted and does not require additional structures mounted to the hanging object. The device can have at least one base configured to be adjacent to the wall and at least one tab extending from and at approximately right angles... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC

20090314909 - Connection device for connecting box to bicycle handlebar: A connection device includes a fixing board connected to a rear end of a box, a main part and a clamping unit. A locking member extends through the front board and a spring contacts against between the locking member and a rear board. Two push rods extend from a lower... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090314910 - Two-part pole bracket: There is disclosed a two-part bracket for holding a pole. The two-part pole bracket has a first part, for holding the pole, and a second part, including a cylindrical hollow sleeve, for attaching to a support surface. The first part has an elongate body with a tubular upper section and... Agent: Fay Sharpe LLP

20090314911 - Cab supporting apparatus of work machine: A cab frame (14) is supported on brackets (12, 13) provided at a plurality of positions of a vehicle body frame (11) with dampers (15). Movement limiting mechanisms (30) for limiting a movement at least in a vertical direction of the cab frame (14) are provided between the brackets (12,... Agent: Fox Rothschild LLP

20090314912 - Rotatable mount for a display: A rotatable display mount for mounting a display device at desired rotational orientation. In one set of embodiments, the rotatable display mount comprises a base plate adapted to operatively connect the display mount to a mounting surface, a sprocket plate operatively connected and rotatable in relation to the base plate,... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20090314913 - Keyboard tray: A keyboard tray includes a chamber accessed through opposite side slots through which slides a slidable mouse tray. The slidable mouse tray and a lower keyboard body include groups of one of guide and reinforcing ribs and guide and reinforcing slots. A mouse cord supporting member can be utilized with... Agent: Miles & Stockbridge PC

20090314914 - Display means: The present invention relates to a display means comprising a stand adapted to secure a screen. The stand comprises a first part which supports against an underlying supportive surface and comprises a bobbin enclosed in a cavity in the first part. The screen can be wounded onto and withdrawn from... Agent: Ohlandt, Greeley, Ruggiero & Perle, LLP

20090314915 - Electronic device: The invention discloses an electronic device comprising a casing and a stand. The stand is detachably disposed on the casing for supporting the electronic device on a plane and rotatably disposed at a first position or a second position with respect to the casing. The casing has a first engaging... Agent: Morris Manning Martin LLP

20090314916 - Seat slide device for vehicle: The present invention provides a seat slide device including bearings for a handle, which enables to assemble the handle for releasing a lock mechanism to the upper rails with greater ease, prevent the occurrence of the noise in handle operation, and absorb dimensional errors in manufacturing between the handle and... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

20090314917 - Field easel with integrated paint/sketch box: A field easel with an integrated sketch box is provided. The sketch box comprises cavities for art supplies, allowing art supplies to be stored inside the cavity and secured with plates covered in memory foam. An easel is hinged to the rear wall of the box such that the easel... Agent: Henry Law Firm Henry Mark Murphey

20090314918 - Precise picture hanger: A hanger having a body that includes a slot located in the body and a hook attached to the body. The body is adapted to hold a picture or a mirror when attached to a wall with a screw located in the slot.... Agent: Michael Ries

20090314919 - Suspension seat mechanism: In a preferred embodiment, a light weight telescoping suspension seat mechanism for a watercraft seat pedestal designed to fit into an existing or new seat pedestal. This suspension seat mechanism contains a combination of roller bearings to allow the seat pedestal to move linearly, but not rotationally. An expanding bushing... Agent: Walker Woodworth

20090314920 - Mounting clip with improved nvh damping: A clip assembly for attaching two component assemblies while reducing NVH characteristics comprising a first clip portion; a second clip portion; and a middle clip portion that connectively spans between the first clip portion and the second clip portion; wherein the middle clip portion comprises a material that absorbs at... Agent: Dobrusin & Thennisch PC

20090314921 - Assemblies and method for securing surface mounted articles to accommodate applied loads: An assembly for dissipating energy generated by a force applied to an article fixed to a ground surface, the assembly comprising at least one expandable member having a first part which is fastened to the ground surface, at least a second part fixed to said device, the expandable member including... Agent: Stites & Harbison PLLC

20090314922 - Frame support for wind turbine: A support for a wind turbine having rear frame extending from a bedplate, where the support includes at least one tension member extending between the rear frame and the bedplate.... Agent: Ge Energy General Electric C/o Ernest G. Cusick

20090314923 - Medical equipment transfer arrangement: An arrangement for transferring a post assembly carrying medical equipment thereon between first and second support structures. The arrangement includes a positioning arm which is supported at one end on the first support structure and at the opposite end is configured for supporting the post assembly. The positioning arm cooperates... Agent: Flynn, Thiel, Boutell & Tanis, P.C.

20090314924 - Processing machine and manufacturing method thereof: The invention concerns a processing machine for the processing of workpieces preferably at least partially made of wood, wooden materials, plastics, metal or the like, comprising at least one load-bearing machine part and at least one processing unit connected to the load-bearing machine part, wherein the load-bearing machine part is... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

12/17/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090308987 - Arcadia stud clip: P

20090308988 - Device to facilitate stationary placement of a paintbrush: An attaching mechanism to attach to a paintbrush. The attaching mechanism comprises a hook so that when the attaching mechanism is attached to a paintbrush, the paintbrush can be hung by the hook on a rim of a paint can.... Agent: Muskin & Cusick LLC

20090308989 - Posture enhancement device: A device for enhancing the posture of a seated person using a personal viewing item can be placed on and supported by at least a portion of the user's lap or some other support surface, such as a table. The posture enhancement device can facilitate or otherwise force the user... Agent: Joseph Bain Novak Druce & Quigg LLP

20090308990 - Bracket with a horizontal displacement compensation capacity: A bracket with a horizontal displacement compensation capacity includes a base, a sliding stand, an elastic element, a displacement compensation linkage assembly, and a support body. The sliding stand slides on the base. Both ends of the elastic element are respectively fixed to the base and the sliding stand. The... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090308991 - Fixed flat panel monitor mounting system: An adjustable flat panel monitor mounting system designed for strength and security is provided. The mounting system allows any VESA compliant flat panel display to be securely mounted to any work-surface. The height can be adjusted from sub-surface to super-surface upon installation and fixed in place with security screws. The... Agent: H. Robert Field

20090308992 - Beer brewing stand: An improved brewing stand enables ease of assembly, repeated assembly and disassembly allowing the brewing stand to be transported from one location to another location. The modular assembly enables a plurality of tiers to be positioned in an infinite number of vertical positions between a bottom of a mast and... Agent: John R Blichmann

20090308993 - Article holder with suction cup: A holder includes a suction cup comprising a circular plate formed of resilient material and a rigid bell wherein the plate includes a central coupling member including outer threads, and the bell includes a hollow cylinder including two opposite openings with the outer threads disposed thereat; a manipulation assembly comprising... Agent: Muncy, Geissler, Olds & Lowe, PLLC

20090308994 - Portable apparatus and method for suspending game or other objects above the ground: A portable support apparatus for supporting game or other objects above the ground between spaced vertical columns comprises a support bracket attached by non-elastic straps to each column and a cross bar extending between the brackets. Each bracket includes a vertical back plate that rests flat against the vertical column... Agent: Waters & Associates

20090308995 - Multi-purpose hanging device adapted for anchoring on a mounting wall: A multi-purpose hanging device is adapted for anchoring on an upright mounting wall, and includes left and right holding frames and front and rear shanks. Each holding frame includes a base segment and front and rear arms extending from front and rear joined regions of the base segment. Left and... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20090308996 - Ladder accessory device: A ladder accessory device includes an arm and a sleeve for engaging a hollow rung of a ladder. While installed, the sleeve is generally stationary within the hollow rung. The arm is generally is free to rotate within the sleeve about a first axis defined by length of the arm.... Agent: Steven P. Koda Koda Law Office

20090308997 - Flat screen display device: l

20090308998 - Shower-head holder adapter: A shower-head holder adapter, preferably for a shower head riser or other bar element, comprises a shower-head holder engagement element and a shower-accessory support element for supporting a showering accessory other than or in addition to a shower head. The engagement element is shaped to be receivable in a shower-head... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson, P.C.

20090308999 - Supporting apparatus of display device: A supporting apparatus of a display device is provided that includes a fixing unit, one or more sliding units, and a device connecting part. The fixing unit may be fixed to a mounting position. The sliding units may be rotatably connected to the fixing unit. The device connecting part may... Agent: Ked & Associates, LLP

20090309000 - Flexible laminated suspension bracket for composite type 4 tanks: A method and apparatus for connecting a vessel to a carrier system includes a vessel having at least one domed end and an annular bracket having an outer peripheral portion including multiple cutouts and swages extending radially outwardly from the outer peripheral portion for fixedly securing the bracket to the... Agent: Fraser Clemens Martin & Miller LLC

20090309001 - Back jack: The Back Jack is an upper body support to be used when a person is working on their hands and knees. The Back Jack has a base with a chest pad on one side and a support rod pivotally mounted on the other side. The chest pad is made of... Agent: Kenneth R. Rice

20090309002 - Terminal apparatus having tilting mechanism: A terminal apparatus includes a portion (12) having an operation portion, a pedestal (20) which holds the main-body base portion (12) so as to be tiltable, a hook (31) which fixes the main-body base portion (12) in a tilting state at plural predetermined angles, a tooth row (224) which has... Agent: Dickinson Wright PLLC James E. Ledbetter, Esq.

20090309003 - Pivot connecting structure: A sliding torque between a pivot portion and a fitting portion may be preferably secured. In an inner mirror device, pivot portions are arranged on both end portions in an axis line direction of a stay formed by a resin material. One pivot portion is fitted in a fitting hole... Agent: Roberts Mlotkowski Safran & Cole, P.C. Intellectual Property Department

20090309004 - Beach umbrella stand including foot operated drive assembly for anchoring and method of use: A beach umbrella stand is provided including a foot operated drive assembly. A pole of a beach umbrella stand has a hollow interior portion housing the foot operated drive assembly. The foot operated drive assembly includes a ratchet assembly operated by a foot pedal. The ratchet assembly further includes an... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20090309005 - Thrust mounting arrangement: Mounting of gas turbine engines in aircraft requires use of thrust struts associated with mountings. It is important should there be failure that a load path is maintained. Furthermore, on a wing or in-situ inspection is highly desirable with respect to reducing maintenance costs. Of particular concern is failure as... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090309006 - Auger hopper support device: A hopper support device supports a hopper on an agricultural granular material conveying auger such that the hopper can be readily separated from the auger or the hopper can remain adequately supported on the auger when the auger is displaced. The hopper support device comprises a frame arranged to receive... Agent: Ade & Company Inc.

12/10/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090302175 - Electronic device: An electronic device of the present invention includes a plate-shaped stand member rotatably attached to a back surface of the housing, and a holding member capable of holding the stand member at a predetermined upright support angle with respect to the back surface of the housing, wherein the holding member... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson P.C.

20090302176 - Screen: A screen includes a screen main body, having flexibility, onto which an image light is projected; a first support and a second support which, extending one along each of a pair of opposed edges of the screen main body, each support one of the pair of edges; an auxiliary support... Agent: Advantedge Law Group, LLC

20090302177 - Instrument stand with variable supporting positions: An instrument stand with variable ground contact positions of its supporting pods is disclosed. It has a standing post mounted with two positioning rings. One of them is fixed, and the other can slide relative to the former. The positioning rings have several supporting bases and several connecting elements that... Agent: Troxell Law Office PLLC Suite 1404

20090302178 - Fastening device, medical instrument and instrument system with such a fastening device: A fastening device (3) for detachably fastening a medical instrument (2A-2E) to a holding structure (1) includes two crossbeams (4A, 4B), two longitudinal beams (5A, 5B) with a claw (6) for extending behind a holding surface (1A) of the holding structure. A guide (7-9) is provided, by which the crossbeams... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20090302179 - Holding device for an add-on part of a motor vehicle: A holding device (2) is provided for fastening an add-on part (1) to a support frame (3) of a vehicle, especially a utility vehicle. The holding device has an upper bracket (5), which is fastened to the support frame (3) in the mounted state of the holding device (2), and... Agent: Mcglew & Tuttle, PC

20090302180 - Deck accessory bracket: The present invention is directed to a deck accessory bracket, once mounted to a vertical structure is suitable for supporting a plurality of clothes line and a variety of objects such as rods, shelving, hanging plants and hanging bird feeders. The mountable backing plate has 2 arms joined to it,... Agent: Lynn Dantuono

20090302181 - Magnetic holding device for a shower device on a rod: A holding device for a shower device has a holder for the shower device that may be attached to and displaced along a hollow rod, the holder surrounding the rod in a collar-like manner. A displaceable carriage having a certain frictional effect and comprising two magnets is disposed in the... Agent: Duane Morris LLP - PhiladelphiaIPDepartment

20090302182 - Shower curtain hanger device: h

20090302183 - Modular solar panel mounting system: A mounting system for frameless solar panels having a plurality of base mounting members and a plurality mounting brackets. Each of the mounting brackets include one or more elongated bars having a center portion, a flat top plane and a flat bottom plane, wherein each of the elongated bars includes... Agent: Brown & Michaels, PC 400 M & T Bank Building

20090302184 - Mounting apparatus for a window decoration and window decoration including the same: A wreath is provided. The wreath includes a candle holder having a support portion, a container having a recess extending from the support portion, and a first threaded portion extending from the support portion away from the container. A support wire formed into a ring shape is fixed to opposite... Agent: Berenato & White, LLC

20090302185 - Systems and methods for elevating an equipment unit: A system may support an equipment unit above a ground surface. The system generally includes a support and a cavity. The support may elevate the equipment unit off of the ground surface. The cavity may be adapted for receiving a fill material to maintain the fillable pad on the ground... Agent: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

20090302186 - Tree stand: The present invention relates to a tree stand having a first stand section including a central tube, the central tube having a first circumference, the central tube of the first stand section having at least one leg affixed to the tube, the leg having a u-shaped slot at an end... Agent: Brian K. Johnson, Esq., LLC.

20090302187 - Streamer support collar: A streamer staff holder is disclosed comprised of an adjustable collar for surrounding a supporting columnar member. Means are provided to selectively tighten or loosen the collar permitting the collar to be mounted on the columnar member. A plurality of spaced apart hollow sleeves are secured to a surface of... Agent: Fraser Clemens Martin & Miller LLC

20090302188 - Breakaway signpost adapter: A sectional I-beam post for use along a roadside in which the post has a first elongate lower section securable via a first slip type coupling to a base anchored in the ground. Slip movement of such coupling is in a direction across the length of the post. The first... Agent: David W. Carrithers Carrithers Law Office, PLLC

20090302189 - Hydraulic unit support structure: A hydraulic unit support structure includes a bracket (40) having a slot (50) and seat surfaces formed around the slot, and a shock-absorbing member (70) attached to the hydraulic unit (10). The shock-absorbing member (70) is fitted into the slot (50) of the bracket so that the hydraulic unit is... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20090302190 - Chip holder, fluidic system and chip holder system: A chip holder for holding a fluidic chip and for providing a fluid connection thereto has a guide adapted such that the fluidic chip can be slid into the chip holder in a guiding direction. The chip holder further has a fastener adapted to press a fluidic connection toward the... Agent: Schoppe, Zimmermann , Stockeler & Zinkler C/o Keating & Bennett, LLP

12/03/2009 > 30 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20090294597 - Floral easel: The present invention relates to an erectable and/or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object, and more particularly but not by way of limitation, to an erectable or collapsible floral easel for holding a floral object. In one aspect, the present invention relates to a floral easel for holding... Agent: Dunlap Codding, P.C.

20090294598 - Coupling assembly for lighting fixtures: Preferably, the coupling assembly (10) comprises at least one pre-loaded elastic element (17) between the clamping means (15, 16) and the bush (11), and/or between the clamping means (15, 16) and the pin (13), and suitable for transferring the action of the clamping means (15, 16) to the bush (11)... Agent: Hedman & Costigan P.C.

20090294599 - Back frame module: A back frame module includes a base plate, two locking plate members, a cable organizing plate, and a stowage plate. The base plate is adapted to be provided on a rear face of a display. The locking plate members, the cable organizing plate, and the stowage plate are selectively connected... Agent: Intellectual Property Law Office Of David Lathrop

20090294600 - Tube clip: A tube clip is mounted to a channel-section track and is used to secure a pipe. The channel-section track includes a pair of upper engagement surfaces having inwardly turned flanges spaced apart by a slot. The tube clip includes an integrally molded, one-piece elongated cylindrical body that extends along a... Agent: Clark Hill, P.C.

20090294601 - Mounting clamp for a floor heating system: When according to the invention, a mounting clamp (1) for a floor heating system and for mounting on a reinforcement net is constructed such that is comprises a frame (2) on a foot plate (9) as well as means for gripping and securing a pipe or cable-like heat generator to... Agent: William J. Sapone Coleman Sudol Sapone P.C.

20090294602 - Snap-in cable hanger clip: A clip for a snap-in cable hanger with a top from which at least two clip arm(s) extend and at least one of the clip arm(s) formed with a clip tab projecting proximate a distal end. The top having a length greater than a diameter of the mounting hole and... Agent: Babcock Ip, PLLC

20090294603 - Quick release hose guide: Disclosed embodiments provide various quick release hose guide designs which can be attached to, or removed from, a work machine with less effort than conventionally required. Exemplary embodiments of the hose guides include a sleeve which slides over a post on the work machine when hydraulic hoses of an attachment... Agent: Westman Champlin & Kelly, P.A.

20090294604 - Pole gripping hook for medical supplies: A bracket slides on a vertical pole and grips the pole at any position to support a multiplicity of devices at various heights and extending in various directions, such as medical devices and medical fluids. The pole may be on wheels as used in hospitals in the delivery of treatment... Agent: Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP

20090294605 - Flat panel tv stand providing floating appearance: A TV stand for a flat panel TV includes a base with plural shelves and a translucent frame on the top shelf A rear support holds the TV juxtaposed with the translucent frame with the bottom of the TV above the top shelf, so that the TV appears as though... Agent: Rogitz & Associates

20090294606 - Fixing mechanism and a computer casing with the fixing mechanism: A fixing mechanism assembled on brackets of a computer casing. The fixing mechanism includes a main portion; a connecting portion disposed on the main portion, the connecting portion movably connecting to the bracket; at least one restriction portion connecting with the connecting portion; and a switching portion connecting between the... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090294607 - Yoke and gps mounted chart holder: A chart holder is attached by a clamp to the yoke tube of an airplane and retains the chart between the yoke and the pilot's eyes and across his line of sight. In a second embodiment, the chart holder is attached to a mounting for holding a GPS unit over... Agent: Robert L. Marsh

20090294608 - Mounting structure: An improved mounting structure for mounting objects, such as PDAs, Palm devices, and like electronic components within a vehicle. The mounting structure includes a uniquely designed two piece mounting arm to which a specially designed mounting plate is connected which can be used in interconnecting an object connector plate with... Agent: James E. Brunton, Esq.

20090294609 - Mount for mounting a device, such as a telephone cradle or a navigation device, to a surface: At least one embodiment of the present invention relates a mount for mounting a device, such as a telephone cradle or a navigation device, to a surface. The mount includes a connection member for connecting the device to the mount, the connection member being arranged to allow adjustment of the... Agent: Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C

20090294611 - Fixing module and case having the fixing module: A fixing module and a case having the fixing module are provided. The case includes a plate having at least one first mounting hole, and a fixing module. The fixing module is used to fix an electronic device to the plate. The electronic device has at least one second mounting... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20090294610 - Picture hanger assembly and method: A support assembly to secure a stereo component to a wall includes a bracket secured to the component. The support assembly further includes a marking element that is received within an opening provided in the bracket. The marking element extends away from the component when positioning the marking element within... Agent: Lando & Anastasi, LLP

20090294613 - Bracket and method for supporting a cubicle wall on a movable wall having horizontal mounting channels: A bracket and method for supporting a cubicle wall on a movable wall having at least one horizontal mounting channel. The bracket has a lower bracket member and at least an upper bracket member that attaches to a movable wall module. A cubicle wall start is then coupled thereto. If... Agent: Weiss & Moy PC

20090294612 - Bracket and method for supporting hanging components on a movable wall having horizontal mounting channels: A bracket, system and method for supporting modular hanging components such as furniture, storage components and other objects on a movable wall having horizontal mounting channels is provided. The bracket has an upper latch portion and a lower portion with bracket openings that align with the mounting openings in a... Agent: Weiss & Moy PC

20090294614 - Adjustable mounting bracket assembly for exterior siding: A self-adjusting base member preferably of a mounting bracket assembly is utilized in conjunction with exterior siding that covers sheathing of an exterior wall. The base member of the assembly has a mounting flange secured to the sheathing and a wall arrangement that projects outward with respect to the sheathing... Agent: Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

20090294615 - Holder apparatus adapted for gripping and operating a sprayer: A holder apparatus comprises a handhold formed on an end thereof for holding; a barrel section extending from another end thereof; a clamping section formed from the front end of the barrel section opposite to the handhold and including two jaw portions joined together, two limited grooves respectively formed in... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20090294616 - Suspension hook: The present invention encompasses an arrangement (1) related to a suspension hook with a discrete anchorage portion fixable via fixing means (3,(3)), to a vertically orientable support (2) and a discrete hook portion (5) coordinated with the anchorage portion. Said anchorage portion (4) displays an elongate surface section (4a) with... Agent: Ladas & Parry LLP

20090294618 - Clamp-type hard disk mount: A clamp-type hard disk (hard disk) mount includes a base having a hard disk contact surface; two clamping arms pivotally connected at rear ends to two fulcrums provided in and near two lateral ends of the base; and two restoring elements disposed in the base. The two clamping arms respectively... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20090294617 - Gripping mechanism for gripping portable object: A holding device. The holding device can hold portable objects such as MP3 players, mobile phones, navigation devices, etc. The holding device has one or more arms, which can grip the portable object. In predetermined orientations, one arm is prevented from moving outward, to prevent the held portable object from... Agent: Townsend And Townsend And Crew, LLP

20090294619 - Projector mount with phillips screw driver angle adjustment: Improvements in a mount for attaching a television of projector to an overhead or ground structure is disclosed. The mount allows for spin, side to side and front to back angle adjustment. The adjustment components are formed from the present projector mount uses metal component having a rack comprising a... Agent: Buhler Associates Buhler, Kirk A.

20090294620 - Hollow hanging rod of a hanger assembly for ceiling fan: A hollow hanging rod includes a tubular section having an axial hole extending through a top open-end thereof, and a bowl-shaped section extending upwardly, curvedly, and expandedly from the top open-end of the tubular section and having a top open-end distal from the top open-end of the tubular section, a... Agent: Osha Liang L.L.P.

20090294621 - Slide rail assembly: A slide rail assembly capable of being mounted to a chassis with an anchor member extending from a sidewall thereof includes a first rail, a retaining member, and a releasing member. The first rail includes a mounting slot defined therein and configured to slidably receive the anchor member. The retaining... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Steven Reiss

20090294622 - Portable drink stand: The present invention is a portable stand that generally comprises of an upper telescopic pipe, a lower telescopic pipe that is movably inserted into the upper telescopic pipe to form a longitudinal shaft, a plurality of expandable legs at the bottom of the longitudinal shaft with a leaf spring mechanism,... Agent: Buus, Kim, Kuo, & Tran, Apc

20090294623 - System, method and apparatus for attaching items to a wall: In another aspect, a tool-less device for securing an article to a wall or other support structure includes an elongate hand-holdable body and a rear portion extending rearward from the body. The rear portion has a helical threaded interface for screwing into the wall or other support structure by hand... Agent: Gordon & Jacobson, P.C.

20090294624 - Guide element: A guide element, which has an independent rigidity in each of three spatial directions and in which great length modifications in relation to the geometric dimensions are achieved by suitable 3-D structures, enabling the durability of the element to be maintained over its entire service life. This permits the production... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation Intellectual Property Department

20090294625 - Cradle arrangement: It is necessary to support and manipulate such bulky items as gas turbine engines through appropriate cradle arrangements. It is necessary to allow robust presentation of the gas turbine engine upon a base such that it can be lifted to a position whereby the engine can be rotated to adjust... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20090294626 - Mounting structure: In an engine room accommodating an engine and a motor, an air cleaner accommodated in a resin case is disposed behind an inverter device, which has an inverter circuit for driving a motor and has a connection portion to which a power cable rising on a rear side of a... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

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