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01/31/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080023596 - Device for holding sacks and bags open: The invention relates to a device (1) for holding sacks open, with a frame (2), wherein the frame (2) forms the opening (5) of the device (1) for holding sacks open, and the opening (5) can be closed by means of a cover element (3), which is mounted in a... Agent: Irving M. Fishman

20080023594 - Hollow wire and methods of use thereof: A hollow wire and method of using the hollow wire to wrap or support a flower stem or floral grouping, and/or use in construction, crafts, hobbies, or other uses in need of wire products.... Agent: Dunlap Codding & Rogers, P.C.

20080023595 - Support frame for use with lawn and refuse bags: A C-shaped support frame fits to the upper entry of a lawn and/or refuse bag to hold the bag open for receiving leaves or waste. The support frame includes retention structure in the form of a pair of deflectable beams and associated cutouts, each of U-shape, wherein the bag material... Agent: The Weintraub Group, P.L.C

20080023597 - Enhanced comfort wrist rest assembly: An adjustable wrist rest assembly includes a base housing and a pump assembly residing in the housing. A bladder is provided in fluid communication with the pump where the bladder is configured and arranged to receive a user's wrist region thereon. A optional pump button may be connected to the... Agent: Barlow, Josephs & Holmes, Ltd.

20080023598 - Adjustable tilt supporting apparatus and display with the same: The invention is to provide an adjustable tilt supporting apparatus and an adjustably-tiltable display. In particular, the adjustable tilt supporting apparatus according to the invention replaces the function of traditional hinge with the use of surface friction, thus significantly reduces the use of metal for cost down purpose. Moreover, the... Agent: Hoffman Warnick & D'alessandro, LLC

20080023599 - Video display: A video display comprises a display housing, a pivotal mechanism, a support arm pivotally supporting the display through the pivotal mechanism, and a engagement mechanism. The support arm further has a first lateral surface, a second lateral surface, an accommodation groove located at the lateral surface, and a first pivotal... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080023600 - System and method for mounting user interface devices: A mounting system suitable for use with user interface devices and methods for manufacturing and using same. The mounting system can be installed at any suitable location and, once installed, can receive and engage a selected user interface device. The user interface device thereby can select and present viewing content... Agent: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLPIPProsecution Department

20080023601 - Supporting structure and display device using the same: A supporting structure and a display device using the same are provided. The supporting structure enables the display device to have low electromagnetic interference (EMI). The display device has a display screen and the supporting structure. The supporting structure comprises a base, a low impedance stand and a high impedance... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20080023602 - Vacuum suction cup, especially for a windshield of a mechanical vehicle: A push button or turning type vacuum suction cup, especially for a windshield of mechanical vehicles comprising an elastic suction cup (1), integrally connected with a guiding spindle (2), a dome (3) connected with a guiding bushing (4), a return spring (5), and a guiding pin (6) in a transverse... Agent: Matthias Scholl

20080023603 - Brake device with integrated anti-theft mechanism for garage doors and the like, and door assembly including the same: A brake device for a cable-operated door operated by a tension cable, being mountable onto the cable-operated door and configured for cooperating with the tension cable so as to immobilize the cable-operated door with respect to the fixed structure by means of a braking arm in the event of a... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20080023604 - Bracket for a frame: A bracket for engaging one or more struts and a method of engaging the bracket and strut. The bracket comprises a body portion and one or more arm portions extending from the body portion. The arm portions include at least one pair of grooves that are adapted to releaseably engage... Agent: Troutman Sanders LLP

20080023605 - Scroll hanger: A scroll hanger comprising: a scroll housing, the scroll housing comprising: an upwardly extending member, with a width, an outer surface, and an inner surface; a magnetic material within the upwardly extending member and along the width of the upwardly extending member; an inner magnetically permeable member in communication with... Agent: Law Office Of Michael A. Blake

20080023606 - Separable ball and socket assembly for electronic device mounts: Embodiments of the present invention provide a mounting assembly for mounting an electronic device to a surface. The mounting assembly generally includes a base including a mounting ball and a socket assembly operable to frictionally engage the ball to removably couple the socket assembly to the base. The base may... Agent: Garmin Ltd. C/o Garmin International, Inc.

20080023607 - Magnetic-based releasable, adjustable camera or other device mount apparatus: An apparatus and method for the magnetic-based, releasable and position adjustable attachment of an article to a support. The device is well suited for use with cameras, spotting scopes, navigational devices, distance finders, sensors, lights and other devices, but is not limited to use with these articles. Various embodiments are... Agent: Steven J. Adamson, PC

20080023608 - Suspension device: A suspension device can be used to support a musical instrument for display. The suspension device has a holder and a mounting portion. The holder may be a clamp, is able to clamp and hold a musical instrument in position. The mounting portion has a stationary hook and a movable... Agent: Hershkovitz & Associates

20080023609 - Supporting device: A supporting device for supporting a cloth element, for example a camouflage net. The supporting device (1) comprises a hollow rod (4), at least one supporting element (12) and an attachment device (50). The supporting element (12) is attached at a proximal end (16) to the attachment device (50). The... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20080023610 - Removable absorbent device for automovitve cupholders: An absorbent disc designed to be releasably secured proximate the bottom portion of a conventional vehicle beverage holder. The disc further includes a body having a first and second layer. Intermediate the first and second layer is a third layer that is manufactured from absorbent materials. The disc further includes... Agent: Galasso & Associates, Lp

20080023611 - Adjustable kickstand: An adjustable kickstand, such as a motorcycle kickstand, includes a generally-tubular outer member defining a longitudinal bore by which a second member slides into. The first member or outer member maintains a set bolt by which to slide into pre-set bores within the inner member to adjust the height or... Agent: Doug Ray

20080023612 - Monitor with interchangeable base and monitor mount for point-of-sale applications: A point-of-sale system includes a monitor and interchangeable bases. The monitor is attached to the interchangeable base using a Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mount. The system may also include a monitor support disposed between the monitor and the interchangeable base, in which case the monitor is attached to the... Agent: Hoffmann & Baron, LLP

20080023613 - Vehicle seat track system: A track system for coupling a seat having a seat cushion within a vehicle includes a first track arrangement, a second track arrangement, a motor, and a gear box. The first track arrangement is configured to be coupled to the seat cushion and the vehicle. The second track arrangement is... Agent: Foley & Lardner LLP

20080023614 - Writing board for attachment to arm: An apparatus for securing about a person's arm. In one example, the apparatus includes a base; at least one arm band coupled to the base; an erasable writing surface positioned on the base; and a first removable cover operable to cover the erasable writing surface. The apparatus may also include... Agent: Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, PC

20080023615 - Adjustable art display: An adjustable artwork display for suspending a displayed item, such as a picture, away from a wall surface is disclosed. The mounting bracket comprises a rigid, planar base that includes a rigid extension sleeve projecting away therefrom. At least one rigid extension rod is slidably and rotationally receivable within the... Agent: Marcia A. Devon Devon & Associates

20080023616 - Wire gripper and article suspension system: A wire gripper having a gripping mechanism capable of gripping two wires at a desirable position thereof for suspending a heavy article without a rotation of the article around an axis of each wire is provided. The wire gripper (1) has an inner sleeve (10) and an outer sleeve (40).... Agent: Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Chick, PC

20080023617 - Weight assembly: A weight assembly which includes a container having a first portion and a second portion. In addition, the weight assembly includes a means for attaching the weight assembly to a fastening means, and a fastening means. The first portion and the second portion of the container matingly engage one another... Agent: Frommer Lawrence & Haug

20080023618 - Collapsible engine test stand: A moveable, collapsible engine test stand having adjustable engine supports and additional accessory supports that are all collapsible adjacent the base of the stand for convenient, compact storage. The stand may include accessories such as a radiator, fuel tank, instrument panel, battery, cooling lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses, engine dynamometer... Agent: Ketan S. Vakil, Esq. Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.

01/24/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080017760 - Cable pathway patch panel rack with waterfall base: The present disclosure provides for assemblies and methods for mounting a patch panel rack to a wire cable management pathway. In an exemplary assembly, a waterfall base is mounted with respect to and in between a pair of mounting brackets. Each of the pair of mounting brackets includes a support... Agent: Basam E. Nabulsi Mccarter & English, LLP

20080017763 - Sprinkler booster: A sprinkler support includes a central support bar to which two sprinkler support rings are attached at one end and to which a cross bar is attached. The cross bar is located spaced apart from the ends of the central bar and serves as a foot bar against which a... Agent: Sung I. Oh, Professional Law Corporation

20080017761 - Clamp: In a clamp having a pair of clamp members which sandwich a plurality of pipes having cylindrical cross-sections of different diameters, each of the clamp members including an elastic body having a plurality of concave portions formed therein and a reinforcing plate fixed to an outer side surface of the... Agent: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP

20080017762 - Clip for mounting a fluid delivery device: A clip for mounting a fluid delivery device adjacent a wall of an enclosure is disclosed. In one embodiment, the device includes a base, a hook configured to support the base adjacent the wall, means for attaching a fluid delivery device to the base, and means for rotating the base.... Agent: S.c. Johnson & Son, Inc.

20080017764 - Swivel stand with side slot and suction cup base: A stand for supporting a vibrator/massaging device provides a swiveling and pivoting relationship through a ball joint connection between the massaging device and the base stand. The base stand comprises a suction cup bottom which enables attachment to a variety of flat surfaces. The stand has a receptacle for receiving... Agent: Greensfelder Hemker & Gale PC

20080017765 - Ground-penetrating beverage holder: A beverage support apparatus has first elongate body having a first penetrator at a lower end capable of piercing the ground in a generally vertical manner. A first beverage support is provided on a raised end of the first elongate body. A handle may be disposed on the elongate body... Agent: Marger Johnson & Mccollom, P.C.

20080017766 - Suction base for an apparatus support device: In a suction base for the support of an apparatus, comprising a housing consisting of a hard plastic material and having an opening surrounded by a housing support edge and a suction membrane of PVC disposed in the housing so as to extend across the housing opening and being movable... Agent: Klaus J. Bach & Associates Patents And Trademarks

20080017767 - Portable item holder, display device, and aromatic device: An item holder mountable by suction on a mounting surface including a deformable and transparent body. The body includes an outer surface, an inner surface, and a periphery extending around the body and surrounding the outer surface and the inner surface. The body further includes a compartment having an opening... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20080017768 - Suction-mountable display device having a periphery and a bend adjacent the periphery: A deformable device mountable by suction on a mounting surface including a body having an inner surface and a periphery. The inner surface has a concave portion and a suction portion contiguous with suction created to mount the body on the mounting surface. The inner surface includes a boundary defining... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20080017769 - Vacuum mountable display device: A display device mountable by suction on a generally smooth mounting surface. The display device includes a deformable body having an outer surface, an inner surface having a concave portion, and a periphery extending around the body and surrounding the outer and inner surfaces. The body is deformable from an... Agent: Alston & Bird LLP

20080017770 - Utility brackets for securing components to structures: Utility brackets for attaching system components (e.g. wires or wire bundles) to structures are provided. The utility bracket includes a first portion that supports a product and a second portion for adhering to a support structure. The second portion includes a separation component that separates the second portion from the... Agent: Lee & Hayes, PLLC

20080017771 - Paint can holder: A paint can holder has a paint can support and a rod-like projection projecting from the support away from any paint can supported by the paint can support. The rod-like projection has a free end remote from the support. The rod-like projection is configured such that the rod-like projection may... Agent: Smart And Biggar

20080017772 - Shelf bracket and method of making same: A shelf bracket having a ledge and a plurality of side members, the shelf bracket being formed from a blank. The blank has a plurality of side portions, which can be bent downwardly to create the side members. The blank also has a ledge portion which forms the ledge of... Agent: Dunlap Codding & Rogers, P.C.

20080017773 - Tilt mount lighting assembly: A tilt mount lighting assembly comprises a bracket and a lighting mechanism secured to one end of an elongated frame. The bracket comprises a mounting device, one or more guide plates, a pivot mechanism and a locking device. The elongated frame is located between the guide plates and the pivot... Agent: Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. (main)

20080017774 - Adjustable beverage holder: An adjustable beverage holder for securely supporting a variety of container shapes, sizes and configurations is disclosed. The beverage holder comprises an insulated base member, a vertical backbone, and a handle assembly that is vertically adjustable with respect to the backbone. The handle assembly supports a pair of curved, symmetrically... Agent: James Ray & Associates

20080017775 - Barrier against crawling pests: A barrier for preventing a crawling pest from climbing up furniture includes a disk which is placed under a furniture leg. A tube surrounds the furniture leg and sits on the disk, and the tube consists of a material which is unscalable by the crawling pest. The inner surface of... Agent: Quarles & Brady LLP

20080017776 - Desk for reading and writing: A desk for reading, writing, typing and painting is disclosed. The desk comprises a base plate, a deck, a long sliding track and a sliding positioning element. The base plate comprises a rotatable plate and a sliding hinge. The deck is secured to a tube of the sliding hinge. The... Agent: Yun-fei Wang

20080017777 - Bracket system: An exemplary embodiment of a bracket system for supporting a shelf or countertop includes first and second separate elongated bracket members, each having a connection end and a distal end. The connection end of the first bracket member is adapted for removable attachment to the connection end of the second... Agent: Law Offices Of Larry K. Roberts, Inc.

20080017778 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus for a data storage device (50) includes a bracket (30) for receiving the data storage device, a case (10) for receiving the bracket, and at least one gasket (19) attached on the case and extending therein. When the bracket is slid into the case, the at least... Agent: PCe Industry, Inc. Att. Cheng-ju Chiang Jeffrey T. Knapp

20080017779 - Individual support device for a container provided with a neck and installation provided with transport devices with such a support device: m

20080017780 - Energy transmission control mount: An energy transmission control mount comprises a carrier having a first major surface, an opposite second major surface and an aperture provided therein. Channels are provided adjacent opposite ends of the first surface. Vibration dampening material is provided on the carrier. The vibration dampening material substantially lines the channels and... Agent: Tarolli, Sundheim, Covell & Tummino L.L.P.

20080017781 - Apparatus for absorbing vibrations of components of heavy construction equipment: An apparatus for absorbing vibrations of components of heavy construction equipment is disclosed, which comprises an elastic support ring which has a tightening part at both ends of a longitudinally extended body for thereby absorbing and decreasing vibrations transferred from heavy construction equipment to components by connecting and fixing the... Agent: Ladas & Parry

20080017782 - Height adjusting structure: A height adjusting structure is adapted to support objects and adjust height of the objects, including a supporting body having at least one receiving portion, and at least one side of the receiving portion having a sliding groove with height difference; a shaft tube disposed in the receiving portion and... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

01/17/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080011906 - Connecting structure and method thereof: A connecting structure for connecting a pipe-shaped element including a base and at least a lock element is provided. The base includes a first clamper, a second clamper and a spacer. The first clamper and the second clamper are connected together on one side while a gap is maintained between... Agent: Jianq Chyun Intellectual Property Office

20080011907 - Intravenous line organizer: In accordance with the principles of the present invention, an intravenous line organizer is provided. The intravenous line organizer comprises a clamp provided to encircle and connects the intravenous line organizer to an IV pole at a desired height on the IV pole. In one embodiment, the clamp is an... Agent: Paul E Schaafsma, Novuslp, LLC

20080011908 - Hanger clamp with hanger strap: A hanger for hanging a circular cross-section object, such as a pipe or conduit, includes a top portion that has a channel for receiving a rod therethrough, and a bottom strap portion that supports the pipe and conduit. Ends of the bottom strap are fastenerlessly connected to the top portion... Agent: Renner Otto Boisselle & Sklar, LLP

20080011909 - Drinking straw holder: A drinking straw holder is described for retaining a straw within a drinking container having a rim and an interior for holding a liquid. The holder comprises a body having a first retaining member adapted to fit over an edge of the drinking container and a second retaining member adapted... Agent: Graybeal, Jackson, Haley LLP

20080011910 - Trashcan assembly including bag engaging portion: A trashcan includes a trash bag that has a top end that defines a mouth and a body having a surrounding wall and a top edge that defines a mouth. A bag engaging portion is formed in the surrounding wall proximate the top edge of the body. The bag engaging... Agent: Tillman Wright, PLLC

20080011911 - Bracket for illumination device in optical engine: Provided is a bracket for an illumination device in an optical engine. The bracket, which includes a body to be fixed to a light tunnel, and fixing pieces, connected to but spaced apart from the body, to be fixed to a barrel, comprises: arm parts which independently protrude from both... Agent: Dr. Mark M. Friedman C/o Bill Polkinghorn - Discovery Dispatch

20080011912 - Adjustable mounting device for mounting an optical engine in a display apparatus: An adjustable mounting device includes a base, first and second linearly displaceable support units, and first and second tiltable support units. The first linearly displaceable support unit is mounted movably on the base, and is operable to move along a first axis relative to the base. The first tiltable support... Agent: Bliss Mcglynn, P.C.

20080011913 - Rolling bracket assembly: A rolling bracket assembly for use in transporting loads of various size and shape. The rolling bracket assembly comprises at least one base assembly. The base assembly is adapted for engagement with at least a portion of an underside of a skid and comprises a wheel assembly adapted to ambulate... Agent: Needle & Rosenberg, P.C.

20080011914 - Bottle holder: The invention provides a device and methods for holding a container, such as a bottle, for example, a nail polish bottle, in a vertical or non-vertical position on an irregular or unstable surface.... Agent: Malin Haley And Dimaggio, Pa

20080011915 - Portable and collapsible lectern and bookstand: A portable and collapsible lectern for use as a tabletop lectern when in an open position and for use as a briefcase when in a closed position. The lectern includes a frame having an upper frame member, an intermediate frame member, and a lower frame member. The upper frame member... Agent: Ezra Sutton P.A. Plaza 9 Building

20080011916 - Boat storage stand: A boat support stands. A pair of aligned and mutually opposed beds is pivotally mounted by risers atop a base plate. A cable and spring urge the beds to move together.... Agent: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, Mcnett & Henry LLP

20080011917 - Suction cup with solar cell: A suction cup has a cup portion and a head attached to the cup portion. A solar cell is positioned within the head or the cup portion. The solar cell can be placed in a cavity in the head or cup portion or may be molded or formed into the... Agent: Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

20080011918 - Vacuum-operated vehicle glass handling system: A vacuum-operated vehicle glass handling system includes a plurality of suction cups movably disposed on a frame. A powered vacuum source is fluidly connected to the plurality of suction cups for providing a vacuum at each of the plurality of suction cups. A powered vacuum source includes a pair of... Agent: Fay Sharpe LLP

20080011919 - Fixing device: A fixing device is suitable for fixing an object onto a post, and includes a base and a pair of clip plates. The base connects the object. Each of the clip plates has a pivoting side and a fastening side opposite to the pivoting side, wherein the pivoting sides are... Agent: J C Patents, Inc.

20080011920 - Storage system for sea-land shipping container: A storage system for inside a Sea-Land shipping container provides at least two hanging brackets, each bracket having a vertical beam with a hook at an upper end portion for releasable engagement with a lashing ring carried on a wall inside the Sea-Land shipping container to depend therefrom adjacent the... Agent: Bergman & Jeckle P.l.l.c.

20080011921 - Structure mounting and supporting device and method: There is provided a structure mounting and supporting device that can facilitate mounting a structure on a roof The device allows a plurality of fixing members to be fixed to sheathing, which underlies a roofing material, perpendicularly, while allowing a supporting member fixing and supporting the structure and the fixing... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20080011922 - Compression mount for window coverings: A compression mount assembly is provided for securing a window covering to a window frame by compression forces between vertical sides of the window frame on opposite sides of the window. A housing is coupled to the window covering and a slide translates linearly within a cavity in the housing... Agent: Bradley P. Heisler Heisler & Associates

20080011923 - Mounting method and system: A mounting method and system are disclosed for a mounting device for a piece of equipment having an accessory receptacle. The mounting device may include at least two arms connected together providing at least two rotation axes, a mounting stud for mating with the accessory receptacle and connected to one... Agent: Duckor Spradling Metzger & Wynne A Law Corporation

20080011924 - Rotating shaft structure for a supporting frame: A rotating shaft structure for a supporting frame is used for supporting a thin computer or a plate screen. The rotating shaft structure includes a carrying base, a supporting arm, and a connecting base. The carrying base is fastened on a wall or a column. Bearings are placed into the... Agent: Chin-chu Li

20080011925 - Beverage holder: A beverage holder for securing a beverage container to a support surface is provided. In one example, the beverage holder also insulates the beverage container. The beverage holder has a deformable base, which may be concave in shape. The base is constructed to act as a suction device to releasably... Agent: William J. Kolegraff

20080011926 - Automotive beverage tray holder: A beverage tray holder for holding disposable moulded pulp beverage trays and for use in automobiles comprises a base and a tray-holding member. A spill guard may optionally be included. The tray-holding member is adapted to securely hold a disposable beverage tray for holding four or more beverages, and comprises... Agent: Patterson, Thuente, Skaar & Christensen, P.A.

20080011927 - Apparatus to support a display device: An apparatus to support a display device main body to a ceiling includes a ceiling bracket connectable with the ceiling; a connecting bracket having a swivel hinge coupled with the ceiling bracket to enable the connecting bracket to swivel in a direction perpendicular to a plane of the ceiling bracket;... Agent: Stanzione & Kim, LLP

20080011928 - Hanger assembly: A hanger assembly configured to mount a fan housing in a building including a first support having a lower surface and a second support. The hanger includes a body having a first end engageable with the first support and a second end engageable with the second support. The body is... Agent: Michael Best & Friedrich LLP

20080011929 - Chair & soft floor mount: h

20080011930 - Attaching structure: A design part composing a lamp unit includes a plate part positioned at a cabin side and covering an attaching hole of a roof trim, and a pair of vertically extending parts. The vertically extending part includes a frame part vertically extending from the plate part in a direction perpendicular... Agent: Kratz, Quintos & Hanson, LLP

20080011931 - Stand for supporting a cut tree trunk: A stand for supporting a cut tree trunk has two hinged locking arms which surround the trunk. The arms are connected by handles which lock the arms in position in the fashion of a locking pliers. Four legs each have an opening for receiving the arms and are placed at... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080011932 - Engine core stand arrangement and method of removal and transportation of an engine core: Transportation of larger diameter gas turbine engines can be problematic. In such circumstances it is known to separate the fan assembly (30) from the engine core (1) and other parts to facilitate transportation. Separation of the fan assembly (30) and engine core (1) can require a gantry which adds to... Agent: Oliff & Berridge, PLC

20080011933 - Hose and tubing assemblies and mounting systems and methods: A hose assembly includes a length of hose and a bracket. The bracket includes a rigid insert and a resilient overmold encapsulating at least a portion of the insert and mechanically bonding with at least a portion of an exterior of the hose. A method to produce this assembly may... Agent: The Gates Corporation

01/10/2008 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20080006744 - Adjustable supporting device for monitor: An adjustable supporting device for monitor can be extended to adjust elevation and anchored rapidly to support a loading article. It includes at least a base containing an extendable trough, an extendable post inserting in the extendable trough to proceed an extending displacement or a retracting displacement, and an anchor... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080006745 - Hand-held electronic instrument with stand: An electronic instrument includes a stand having a first rigid leg portion pivotally attached to a housing via a first hinge. The stand further comprises a second rigid leg pivotally attached to the first rigid leg portion via a second hinge. A first pivot control mechanism secures the stand in... Agent: Agilent Technologies Inc.

20080006746 - Collapsible support stand: A collapsible support stand includes a base upon which a weight may be placed for stability. A foundation plate is rotatably attached to the base and is coupled to a telescoping column. The telescoping column includes multiple tubes nestable within one another. The stand also includes a leveling system having... Agent: Banner & Witcoff, Ltd. Attorneys For Client Nos. 003797 & 013797

20080006747 - Bipod for a rifle of optical instrument: A bipod operable for attachment to a bipod mounting plate having at least one transverse slot on a lower surface thereof, the upper surface of the bipod mounting plate including attachment means operable for attaching the mounting plate to a firearm or optical device. The bipod includes a bipod mounting... Agent: Laura N. Tunnell

20080006748 - Turntable and display apparatus: A turntable includes a rotatable member rotatable together with a display portion about a predetermined axis line, a fixed member disposed on one side of the rotatable member in a direction of the axis line, a first friction plate whose rotation about the axis line is restricted by the rotatable... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20080006749 - Multi-purpose utility-stand suitable for laptop-pc's: A multi-purpose utility-stand at once foldable into a low-profile hand-portable unit stowing as easily as a book upon a shelf, the ProviewStand™ is comprised of two similar frame-sections arranged one above the other, and cooperating via a transverse frontal hinge-axis; whereto a separate transverse adjuster-rod is simply selectively repositioned fore/aft... Agent: Georege A. Ferritto

20080006750 - Safety line anchor: A bottom anchor assembly (10) for a substantially vertically-oriented elongate safety line (70) comprises safety line gripping means (20), safety line tensioning means (80) and a bracket (50). The gripping means (20) includes a manually adjustable clamp (20) and the tensioning means (80) includes a hollow shaft (40) through which... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20080006751 - Wall mounting monitor bracket: A wall mounting monitor bracket comprises a sliding base means, at least a movable arm means, and at least a connection means. The movable arm means is hung on the sliding base means via one end, and connected to the connection means via the other end. The other end of... Agent: Troxell Law Office PLLC

20080006752 - Docking device: A docking device comprises a body, a stand two fixing members and two connecting members wherein the body includes an expansion portion with multiple I/O ports and a connecting portion. With the connecting member crossing through the connecting portion of the body the fixing member and the stand, the body... Agent: Rabin & Berdo, PC

20080006753 - Stand for notebooks: The invention relates to a stand (1) suitable for easy viewing of a notebook display (1a). A rest element (2), an intermediary element (3) and an upper element (4) are reciprocally constrained by means of rotating constraints (2b and 4b). The variable inclination of the upper element (4) is obtainable... Agent: Pyle & Piontek Attn: Thomas R. Vigil

20080006754 - Keyboard support: A keyboard support comprises a platform for supporting a keyboard, a bracket placed on a predetermined position for locking and stabling the platform by a lock module, a joint module connected with an end of the bracket to be used for adjusting the up/down angle of the bracket, a sleeve... Agent: Rosenberg, Klein & Lee

20080006755 - Support device for life raft container: Support device (1) for a container enclosing a pneumatic life raft, comprising a support plate (2) and means (3) for stowing the container on the plate which comprises two separate bases (4) located opposite one another, in line with one another and at a distance from one another; the stowing... Agent: John S. Pratt, Esq Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP

20080006756 - Earth anchor: The instant invention, the earth anchor, is comprised of a foundation plate, a connecting column, a strap anchor guide, a strap anchor bolt (pin) and a strap anchor. The foundation plate is an essentially flat metal plate that is permanently affixed to the bottom of the connecting column. The connecting... Agent: Martin S. High

20080006757 - Shock absorbing device for a cable under tension, in particular for rockfall, debris flow and avalanche control works: A shock absorbing device for a cable under tension, in particular for rockfall, debris flow and avalanche control works, is equipped with an elongate, helical deformation element (1), through which the cable (9) can be looped. Both overlapping end areas (2, 3) of the deformation element (1) are guided through... Agent: Brian Roffe, Esq

20080006758 - Seismic and dynamic axial damper applicable to elements preferably having a cylindrical, rectangular or squared section: Axial damper for elements preferably having a cylindrical, rectangular or squared section, essentially consisting of: two identical fixing clamps (A), each consisting of an upper part (a) and a lower part (b) connected to each other by suitable clamping means (c), to be wound around said elements; at least two... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20080006759 - Active vibration isolation system with improved sensor/actuator matching: The invention relates to an active vibration isolation system in which the effective axis of a sensor essentially corresponds to the effective axis of an actuator and the sensor and the actuator are arranged close to one another.... Agent: Demont & Breyer, LLC

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