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Supports: racks

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01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150021282 - Solar module mounting system improvements: Systems and methods for mounting one or more solar panel modules are disclosed. First and second support structures can be provided. Each support structure can include a lateral support member extending laterally between two post members, and a clamp movably attached to the lateral support member and movable along a... Agent:

20150021283 - Retail product container display system: A retail product container display system includes at least one product storage lane. The at least one product storage lane comprising a left hand side rail and a right hand side rail and at least two connectors engaged with receptacles therefor on each of the left hand and right hand... Agent: Bruegmann Usa, Inc.

20150021284 - Hanging tray device: A hanging tray for use on a gaming table having a raised rail, a table top and a junction between the rail and the table top is described. The hanging tray includes a main tray, a vertical support section hingedly coupled to the main tray section and movable between a... Agent:

20150021285 - Supporting framework node: A supporting framework, comprising a plurality of nodes and one framework component, the framework component, selected from a group, consisting of one diagonal brace, one panel and combinations thereof, one of the nodes, comprising one connector and one bar, each of the connectors comprising a plurality of mating bores, and... Agent:

20150021286 - System and apparatus for storing and organizing items: A storage system including first and second spaced apart side panels, with top and bottom panels extending between the side panels generally adjacent to the top and bottom of the side panels respectively. The storage system additionally includes a plurality of intermediate panels positioned between the side panels and between... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014260 - Sample display holder: A sample display holder is configured to present a fabric covering. The sample display holder includes a backer board, mechanically coupled to a plurality of joined cellular material sample sections further comprising a rear cellular material sample section mechanically coupled to the backer board and a front cellular material sample... Agent:

20150014261 - Multi-chute gravity feed dispenser display: A set of panels having chutes therebetween. The chutes being defined by curvilinear rails on such panels. The curvilinear rails having stops thereon for stopping the products for viewing.... Agent: Gamon Plus, Inc.

20150014262 - System and method for maintaining a minimum separation between pallets positioned on adjacent racks: A system is provided for maintaining a minimum separation between a first pallet positioned on a first rack and a second pallet positioned on a second rack. The system comprises a double back stop that includes a first back stop attached to the first rack to prevent lateral movement of... Agent:

20150014263 - Modular rack assembly: A rack assembly has two support frames, each support frame having at least one connecting member comprising a short tube welded on the support frame and an insertion tube inserted in the short tube. At least one shelf is positioned between the two support frames, each end of each shelf... Agent: Seville Classics, Inc.

20150014264 - Apparatus for storing a plurality of objects such as trays: Apparatus (10) comprises a base (12), a plurality of posts (14) attached to the base (12), and a platform (16) defining a surface (18) for supporting at least one mail tray. The platform (16) is coupled to the four posts (14) and is moveable therealong between a first position (20)... Agent:

20150014265 - Collapsible rack: A collapsible rack is disclosed. In one embodiment, a collapsible rack has a first supporting member, a second supporting member, a first connecting member and a second connecting member. The first supporting member may include a first pair of supporting rods, a second pair of supporting rods and a first... Agent: Ip Power Holdings Limited

01/08/2015 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150008197 - System for holding in-line two wheeled vehicles: The system for holding a number of in-line two wheeled vehicles has a vertical support column. A lifting bracket has an end that engages a vertical channel of the vertical support. A counter balance system in the vertical support column is connected to the lifting bracket. A horizontal track runs... Agent:

20150008198 - Half-rack crossbar systems: Crossbars span the width between two opposed vertical attachment bars in a half-width electronics rack or cabinet of accommodating height to enable vertical mounting of full-width electronics module in the half-width electronics rack or cabinet. The crossbars are used in opposed spaced-apart pairs with the full-width electronics module mounted vertically... Agent:

20150008199 - Mounting apparatus for storage device: Mounting apparatus includes an enclosure, a tray, and a securing member. The enclosure includes a side plate, and a fixing portion is defined in the enclosure. The tray secures a first storage device and is slidable in a first direction that is substantially parallel to the side plate to engage... Agent:

20150008200 - Upright note holder: A note holder is disclosed that comprises a base; a spine extending from the base and having a base end and an upper end, the upper end being positioned higher than the base end in the vertical plane; and, a plurality of retainers attached to said spine and adapted to... Agent:

20150008201 - Folding garment rack: A foldable garment rack having a collapsible frame that may be mounted on a plurality of wheel assemblies or other support feet. The present foldable garment rack comprises a rigid top frame member pivotally coupled to both a first side frame member and a second side frame member, and a... Agent:

20150008202 - Apparatus and method for the compact support and storage of hanging items: Disclosed is a rack for hanging items for drying and/or storage. The apparatus includes a main support post, a plurality of slip-T joints and a plurality of support arms. The support arms attach to the main support post through the slip-T joints, which allow the support arms to rotate about... Agent:

20150008203 - Shelf extender: A shelf extender that is designed to be connected to a shelf of an existing shelf system to increase a total depth of a shelf of the shelf system. The shelf extender includes a body portion and a connection arrangement. The shelf extender can include one or more legs and/or... Agent:

20150008204 - Tube connector for facilitating a covered connection between two or more tubes: Tube connectors are provided for connecting tubes together to form a framework where the connectors are substantially hidden from view by ends of the tubes. Each connector has a support body and several anchor bodies that are formed integrally with the support body or independent from it. The support body... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150001167 - Security hook device and method: A security system includes a display tray, header panel, hook, hook base cover, and hook end cover. The display tray is to display an item. The display tray includes a slot. The header panel has a tab portion and a head portion. The tab portion is configured to mate with... Agent:

20150001168 - Modified filter rod feeding trays for porous masses: Modified feeding trays for use in the production of segmented filters may be advantageous when handling filter rods that are porous masses. A modified feeding tray may include a rectangular bottom; opposing first and second sidewalls coupled to corresponding first and second edges of the rectangular bottom; a third sidewall... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20150001169 - Combining structure for shelves: A combining structure for shelves has a plurality of bearing portions, connecting rods integrally connected to the periphery of each bearing portion, and each connecting rod extends toward the storage space to form at least one joining end. Multiple vertical supporting tubes are provided having a circumferential wall and two... Agent:

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