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Supports: racks

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10/02/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140291262 - Panel and bookcase assembly using the same: Disclosed is a panel that includes: a board element formed from a rigid material and having at least one folding groove formed in a first surface thereof; and a surface laminate formed from a flexible material and coupled to a second surface of the board element opposite the first surface... Agent:

20140291263 - Anti-theft display hanger for socket sets: An anti-theft display hanger for socket sets contains a body and at least one support rod. The body includes at least one receiving space for receiving the at least one support rod, and each receiving space has two rotary shafts for connecting with each support rod. The each support rod... Agent:

20140291264 - Storage system for utlizing space between wall studs: A storage system for unfinished walls is disclosed. The storage system for unfinished walls may include at least one storage basket attached between two wall studs in an unfinished wall, wherein the storage basket has a bottom and raised sides. The system may also include at least two fastener holders... Agent:

20140291265 - High and multi-layer warehousing and planting-cultivating rotary machine: A high and multi-layer warehousing and planting-cultivating rotary machine has a multiplicity of stands distributed, and partitioned in multi-layer, and a chain that winds in series, drives the multi-layer stands and is installed in a chain wheel that rotates with respect to a shaft which is mounted to a supporting... Agent:

20140291266 - Combined rack: A combined rack for connecting two sliding rails includes a front plate, a back plate, a left component, a right component and a carrying component. The front plate, the back plate, the left component, the right component and the carrying component together form an accommodation space. The left component and... Agent: Ulike Corporation

09/25/2014 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140284287 - Mounting apparatus for data storage device: A mounting apparatus includes a bracket, a handle, and a latching member. The bracket is configured for receiving a data storage device. The handle is rotatably mounted to the bracket. The latching member is secured to the handle and includes an elastically deformable connecting piece and a latching block extending... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140284288 - Bicycle stand: A stand for maintaining a bicycle in an upright position, wherein the stand consists of non-movable parts comprising a base having a front end, a back end, and a middle portion, wherein each of the front end, back end and middle portion comprise at least one inclined member and wherein... Agent: Design Design

20140284289 - Bottle support insert: s

20140284290 - Product management display system: A merchandise display system having a pusher structure slidably-coupled to a track. The pusher structure comprises a lock arm configured to selectively engage with a ratchet rack to allow for selective unidirectional motion of pusher structure upon application of a manual force to a pusher face of the pusher structure.... Agent:

20140284293 - Shower storage caddy: A shower storage caddy is provided that includes a frame with a top portion, a bottom portion, and two longitudinally extending sides extending therebetween. One or more trays are supported by at least a portion of the frame, each tray extending outward from the frame; and one or more removable... Agent: Ginsey Industries, Inc.

20140284291 - Adjustable storage system for clothing: A system for storing unfolded garments, such as shirts and sweaters, on multiple shelves. The shelves may be curved from side to side and raised in the middle. The shelves may be placed at intermittent variable points along a vertical support member which attaches to a wall or to a... Agent:

20140284292 - Photovoltaic panel support with wheels: A photovoltaic panel support system is provided. The panel support may include a surface frame and a support frame. The surface frame may be mounted to a surface. The support frame may be attached to the surface frame and may support photovoltaic panels. The present invention may further include a... Agent:

20140284294 - Shelving support bracket for a storage rack: A support bracket configured to be detachably connected to a vertical support post of a shelving unit and a crossbeam extending between two shelving units is provided. In one embodiment, the support bracket includes a first body portion having a front surface and a rear surface, a second body portion... Agent: Silverack, LLC

20140284295 - Repositionable wire deck assemblies for a storage rack: Storage systems are described comprising wire shelves and brackets, which are configured to increase the storage capacity of a storage rack by utilizing or converting the space between adjacent shelves into additional storage space is provided. In one embodiment, a storage system utilizes a full-width wire rack and a partial-width... Agent: Silverack, LLC

09/18/2014 > 32 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140263107 - Locking gun rack system with quick deployment: In one embodiment there is provided a long gun rack system. The system includes an L-shaped frame; a butt cap secured to the side to accommodate a butt end of the gun; a handcuff ratchet lock mechanism secured to the frame at a position to accommodate the barrel, the lock... Agent: Covered 6, LLC

20140263108 - Modular stackable equipment rack: A stackable equipment rack system, including separate modular racks, that enables equipment to be mounted in the rack system continuously along the entire height of the rack system, including at the junction between the stacked racks.... Agent: Milestone Av Technologies LLC

20140263109 - Gondola shelf wire routing tray: A gondola shelf wire routing tray includes a trough adapted to receive a wire. A pair of shelf mount tabs are attached to the trough. A wire constraint tab is mounted to the trough and adapted to secure the wire in the trough. The trough is flexible so that the... Agent: Streater LLC

20140263110 - Collapsible hat rack: Disclosed is a collapsible hat rack for efficiently and neatly storing a plurality of hats. In particular, the collapsible hat rack may be made up of a base unit, a pivotable arm, a plurality of rungs, and a stopping mechanism. More specifically, the base unit may be mounted on a... Agent:

20140263111 - Collapsible drying rack: A collapsible drying rack having a flexible base capable of being folded along at least one fold line or axis, and a substantially rigid drying support secured to a portion of the flexible base. The drying support has one or more tines configured to have a first folded position and... Agent: Lifetime Brands, Inc.

20140263112 - Product merchandiser: A retainer assembly for an associated merchandising structure includes a planar divider mounted to the associated merchandising structure with the divider including a first side, a second side, a front end and a rear end. A first retainer is pivotally mounted to a first side of the divider adjacent the... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20140263113 - Fishing rod holder: A fishing rod holder assembly for securing, transporting and dispensing a plurality of fishing rods is disclosed. The invention herein provides a convenient way to secure, transport and dispense fishing rods from a vehicle such as a pickup truck. The fishing rod holder rotates and tilts the fishing rods to... Agent:

20140263114 - Shelf structure for a merchandiser: A shelf for a merchandiser. The shelf includes a skin that defines a support surface of the shelf, and a skeleton structure to which the skin is attached. The skeleton structure includes a first end bracket and a second end bracket that is spaced from and disposed opposite the first... Agent:

20140263115 - Cryocane with racking capability: A kit for performing long term storage of biological matter is provided. The kit includes an elongate rod, extending between opposed first and second ends, and at least one holding point disposed upon the rod between the first and second ends, the holding point comprising a recess defined within a... Agent: Cook Medical Technologies LLC

20140263121 - Dispensing and handling rack system for flexible food and beverage holder: A dispensing and handling system for dispensing, loading and/or handling food and/or beverage carriers having a flexible sheet. The system can include a rack member for storing a plurality of carriers and one or more support members for securing a single carrier in a position for loading beverage containers and/or... Agent: Blue Shoe Innovations, LLC

20140263117 - Jewelry organizer: A jewelry display has a ferromagnetic planar substrate having a front surface opposite a back surface. A wall attachment mechanism is attached to the back surface of the ferromagnetic planar substrate. The wall attachment mechanism is configured to attach the ferromagnetic planar substrate to a substantially vertical surface, such a... Agent:

20140263116 - Jewelry organizer for storing and displaying jewelry, accessories and the like: A system for organizing, storing and displaying jewelry, accessories and the like is described, which includes a first panel, wherein the first panel comprises a front surface and a back surface, the front surface is composed of an impenetrable magnetic material and the back surface is composed a support material.... Agent:

20140263118 - Produce display stand: A monolithic display stand for the point-of-sale display of produce manufactured out of a closed cell foam material and of solid construction, with a raised central region and vertically oriented divider panels. The display stand is used in a retail setting by first being placed onto a table or other... Agent: Jsi Store Fixtures, Inc.

20140263119 - Racquet display system: A racquet display system wherein of the racquets includes a head portion and a handle portion and optionally a throat portion. The head portion of each of the racquets defines a string bed plane. The system includes a first horizontally extending support configured to engage the racquets at first contact... Agent: Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

20140263120 - Portable organizer system: A portable organizer system, comprising a base, a column coupled to the base, a plurality of receivers coupled to the column, wherein each receiver in the plurality of receivers includes a back element adapted to couple to the column and having a lower edge, and an angled planar element sharing... Agent:

20140263122 - System and method for assembling and using assisted storage: A storage system and associated method of assembling the storage system. The storage system includes one or more rails for attaching the storage system to a structure. The storage system further includes one or more arms attached to the one or more rails. The storage system further includes a counterbalance... Agent:

20140263123 - Adjustable tension rod: There is provided an improved adjustable tension rod that allows length adjustment and activation of end cap adjustment without having to move one's holding position on the rod.... Agent: House Of Atlas, LLC

20140263124 - Standing shower caddy: A standing shower caddy includes a frame, a horizontally adjustable shelf, a shelf adjustment mechanism, and a bumper. The horizontally adjustable shelf connects with a substantially vertical support member of the frame. The shelf adjustment mechanism cooperates with at least one of the frame and the horizontally adjustable shelf. The... Agent: Helen Of Troy Limited

20140263125 - Support bracket: A shelving system includes a support post having a mounting surface and a plurality of vertically spaced retention members extending from the mounting surface. A shelf includes a bracket member configured for coupling to a first of the vertically spaced retention members. A support bracket includes an attachment portion configured... Agent:

20140263126 - Uni-body merchandiser: A merchandiser including a case defining a product display area and having a base and a rear wall coupled to the base. The rear wall has a rear wall component that defines a channel. The case further includes a plurality of shoes partially disposed in the rear wall component within... Agent: Hussmann Corporation

20140263127 - Display shelving formed of corrugated fiberboard: A shelving unit includes a crossed core unit having four walls formed of folded corrugated fiberboard. The walls are orthogonally arranged with respect to each other and define four quadrants therebetween. Floating shelves are arranged with at least one shelf disposed in each quadrant. Each of the shelves is formed... Agent:

20140263128 - Convertible gondola shelving: A convertible gondola shelving system comprising a panel having a plurality of holes therethrough and a pair of brackets pivotally attached thereto, said the panel being adapted to attachment to vertical supports by said pair of brackets and being selectively positionable between horizontal and vertical orientations.... Agent:

20140263130 - Modular tool-less furniture: Modular furniture is provided. The modular furniture includes joint and furniture components which allow the furniture to be assembled without tools and which provide increased stability and strength to the furniture. The modular furniture also provides increased attractiveness and user customization while using a limited number of different components.... Agent:

20140263129 - Rack assembly: A rack assembly includes at least four columns, a top frame module and a bottom frame module. The at least four columns are connected between the top and bottom frame modules. The rack assembly can be easily disassembled for reducing the room required in transportation, and the rack assembly can... Agent:

20140263132 - Containment apparatus with movable door: An aisle containment apparatus having a pair of spaced apart upper rails and a pair of spaced apart lower rails positioned spaced apart from and below the pair of upper rails. A side blanking panel is secured to one of the pair of upper rails and to one of the... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140263131 - Ventilated shelf cover with spring clasp: A novel ventilated shelving cover is disclosed that transforms the appearance of wire shelves to cover the white vertical and horizontal bars with a clean sleek decorative trim (crown molding) giving the shelves a custom made look. While also utilizing a custom insert/liner to enhance the functionality by keep items... Agent: Customer Motivators, LLC

20140263133 - Adapter clip: The present disclosure pertains to a divider including an elongated base member having a first surface configured to abut a shelf and an opposite second surface. A divider wall extends from the second surface of the elongated base member. A recess portion is located along the first surface and is... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20140263134 - Dual end divider: A dual ended or reversible divider includes an elongated base member with a first end and an opposite second end. A divider wall extends away from the elongated base member. A first profile portion is positioned adjacent the first end of the elongated base member and is adapted to engage... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20140263137 - Shelving system and improved support post for same: Improved support posts are disclosed for shelving systems comprising one or more shelves spaced and supported by the support posts. Improved shelving systems comprising such support posts also are disclosed. The disclosed support posts have strengthening ribs extending longitudinally along their inside surface. The improved support posts and shelving systems... Agent: Centrex Plastics, LLC

20140263136 - Shelving system and shelf for same: Improved shelves are disclosed for shelving systems comprising one or more such improved shelves and support posts. Elongate elements along the underside of the shelves have post-receiving recesses to receive support posts along the underside of the shelf during storage and shipment. The improved shelves and shelving systems allow greater... Agent: Centrex Plastics, LLC

20140263135 - Shelving unit and method for assembling the shelving: A method of assembling a shelving unit uses corner posts each having opposing inner and outer surfaces having slots therein at shelf engaging locations. The shelves have parallel slats spaced apart along the length of a front and rear connecting rod adjacent opposing ends of the shelf. The outer two... Agent: Pro-mart Industries, Inc.

20140263138 - Modular display, partition, wall and/or space planning system: A modular display, partition, wall, and/or space planning system comprised of interlocking panels which connect to form a stable self-standing, double-sided, self-supporting display structure that utilizes a lateral and/or longitudinal interlocking slot system that solves the problem of the need for additional or any hardware to connect, reinforce, provide stands... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 12 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140251929 - Barrel-shaped foldable and lowerable display arrangement: The invention relates to a display arrangement including a foot which supports a plurality of panels, which are flexibly interconnected by means of connecting elements, a lifting device and a receiving device that can be lowered into the ground. The receiving device is designed to receive the panels, folded together,... Agent: Global Bright Media Werbe Gmbh

20140251930 - Dish drying rack and tray assembly: A dish drying rack and tray assembly is provided to include paper towel supports that fit onto the tray and onto which a roll of paper towels can be secured by means of a rod that passes through the paper towels with pins at either end where the pins can... Agent:

20140251931 - Tester display fixture: A display fixture includes a shelf having a tester product receptacle, at least one first tester product assembly and an elongated channel. The at least one first tester product assembly has a base and a cover. The cover includes a hinge component. The base is located in the tester product... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20140251932 - Containment system for aquatic animals: A system for displaying aquatic animals in a retail environment includes a base having a plurality of shelves, and a plurality of removable containment elements disposed on the shelves, each of the containment elements including a bottom, a top, and side walls extending between the top and the bottom to... Agent: Elive LLC

20140251933 - Shelving assembly: A shelving system includes a retaining wall having a panel of integrally formed flanges extending therefrom in spaced columns and rows, with each flange defining a pocket with the panel. The system includes one or more shelves, with each shelf including a support platform, opposing side panels, and a back... Agent: L&p Property Management Company

20140251934 - Modular shelving assembly with universal design ratio: A modular shelving system includes at least two elongate U-shaped members, wherein each of the elongate U-shaped members includes: an elongate body member; and first and second parallel elongate leg members extending transversely in the same direction away from opposing ends of the elongate body member with space between the... Agent: Sac Acquisition LLC

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