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Supports: racks

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07/24/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140202968 - Storage rack, flexible moment frame for reducing seismic damage to stored goods: A storage rack having a flexible moment frame adapted for receiving pallets with stored goods. The frame flexes or floats when a vector, lateral force “V” is applied thereto, such as an earthquake. The frame includes spaced apart vertical posts. A plurality of sets of horizontal load and cross beams... Agent: Hannibal Industries Inc.

20140202969 - Peg board hook: A peg board hook, for insertion into a peg board, the peg board hook includes two tangs, each tang configured complementary, such that tangs from adjacent peg board hooks can be inserted into the same hole.... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140197119 - Corner shelf system for storing and displaying consumer electronic source components: A corner shelf system may include a support assembly and a shelf. The support assembly may include at least two support members coupled at about a 90° angle. The support members may be coupled together by a ratchet mechanism. The about 90° angle at which the support members are coupled... Agent: Mw Products

20140197118 - Mounting apparatus for storage devices: A mounting apparatus includes a chassis, a tray, and a supporting member. The chassis includes a bottom plate and a mounting bracket located on the bottom plate. The tray is used to receive a storage device and rotatably attached to the chassis. The supporting member includes a securing piece, an... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20140197120 - Mobile multiple syringe holder: A syringe holder body holds syringes in apertures passing through the rectangular body due to the action of a pliable layer within the holder body. The holder body may be transported between base units which have track bodies which hold the body locked in place when it is inserted therein.... Agent:

20140197121 - Width-adjustable storage module for cabinets: A modular storage apparatus includes an expandable frame adjustably expandable to fit a storage space in an existing cabinet. The frame has adjustable-width cross members and uprights defining U-shapes, extendable glides attached to the uprights, and an expandable pullout module operably mounted on the glides for movement. The pullout module... Agent: Ornamental Products, LLC

20140197122 - Auto-rack railroad car vehicle wheel chock hanger: A vehicle wheel chock hanger for a vehicle restraint system for an auto-rack railroad car that is configured to hold various different chocks that are configured to secure vehicles in auto-rack railroad cars.... Agent: Standard Car Truck Company

20140197124 - Display connector: A display system is provided and includes a collapsible support structure, a spinner connector receiving and moveable around the collapsible support structure, and a modular panel removably connected to the spinner connector. The collapsible support structure includes a plurality of connecting support pieces, each support piece having a post section... Agent: Atomic Design, Inc.

20140197123 - Display system: A display system is provided and includes a base, a collapsible support structure, a spinner connector, and a modular panel. The collapsible support structure connects with the base, and the spinner connector receives the collapsible support structure. The spinner connector independently moves around the collapsible support structure. The modular panel... Agent: Atomic Design, Inc.

07/10/2014 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140190910 - Adjustable 4-post rack: A rack is provided. The rack includes a vertical post and an equipment rail removably connected to the vertical post.... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20140190911 - Device for securing chopsticks to dishwasher rack: In accordance with one embodiment, a device to be affixed to an automatic dishwasher rack in order to provide a means by which one can secure a number of chopsticks or similarly shaped items such that the items can be cleaned without risk of damaging either the dishwasher or aforementioned... Agent:

20140190912 - Serpentine dispenser with cartridges: A serpentine dispenser for dispensing stacks of nested cans from a cartridge allows cans to be dispensed without slip sheets between individual cans, or internal dispenser walls separating can facings. Jam-free dispenser feeding is achieved by constructing a cartridge holding area wider than the dispenser down chute, such that the... Agent: Giraffx Design, LLC

20140190914 - Merchandise pusher tray with adjustable side barriers: A merchandise pusher tray is provided. The merchandise pusher tray includes a base structure. The base structure is configurable for bar or shelf mounting. The base structure includes a pair of load bearing members for supporting a floor of the base structure. The merchandise pusher tray also includes at least... Agent: Southern Imperial, Inc.

20140190913 - Product securement and management system: A merchandising system that improves the merchandising of product by limiting the number and the frequency with which product can be removed from, for example, a merchandising shelf. The merchandising system may include a base configured to support product and a housing configured to engage the base. The housing may... Agent: Rtc Industries, Inc.

20140190915 - Saddle rack with removable legs: A collapsible saddle rack with detachable legs is provided to enable easy transportation and compact storage. The saddle rack comprises an upper portion formed to support at least one saddle wherein the upper portion is collapsible. The saddle rack includes a lower portion comprising plurality of legs removably connected to... Agent:

20140190917 - Latching system for a merchandising apparatus: A latching system for a gravity fed merchandising apparatus includes a shelf slidably mounted between a first and a second side bracket, the shelf being adapted to move between a vending position and a stocking position. A first latch member is operably mounted to one of the shelf and the... Agent: Fasteners For Retail, Inc.

20140190916 - Support systems and components for same: Support systems for supporting useful articles such as shelves, racks, bars or hooks include a support structure that can be attached to the article. The support structure defines a shaped channel, and an insert component of the system is receivable within the channel and has an exterior surface shaped to... Agent:

20140190918 - Storage rack: A rack has a frame and a plurality of shelves. Each shelf has an enclosing frame member that has two first sides connected by two second sides, a connecting bar that connects the first sides at about the center of the first sides, a plurality of slots provided on the... Agent: Seville Classics Inc.

07/03/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140183146 - Holder for dental and similar accesories: Holders for maintaining personal items such as dental and hygienic products are disclosed. The holders include a series of sections, particularly, holding sections having different geometrical structures related to the different items intended to be hold. In this manner, they may be assembled at the convenience of the user and... Agent:

20140183147 - Bicycle parking apparatus: An improved bicycle parking structure is disclosed, including a parking base having a third tubular shaft and a pair of second tubular shafts, a pair of tubular shaft jackets; featuring a first tubular shaft having a tubular space adapted for extensible and collapsible movement of a second tubular shaft, a... Agent:

20140183148 - Magnetic cookware stands: In exemplary embodiments of the present invention various types of magnetic cookware stands are provided, allowing pots, pans and the like to be stored with their diametral dimension in a substantial vertical position, resting on a side. The cookware stands are provided with embedded magnets or magnetic devices, so as... Agent: Allure Home Creation Co., Inc.

20140183149 - Goods supporting apparatus: A goods supporting apparatus in a vending machine includes a first bracket, a second bracket, a first base, a second base, a rotating axle, a supporting tray, a first supporting plate, and a second supporting plate. Sale items are located on the first bracket and the second bracket. A resisting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140183150 - Wall assembly for goods display: Provided is a wall assembly for goods display constituted by horizontal tracks fixed to a wall body and disposed in a lateral direction at equal intervals, vertical posts disposed on the horizontal tracks and disposed in a vertical direction at equal intervals, an interval adjustment unit configured to couple the... Agent:

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