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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150144578 - Storage shelf for internet equipment: The storage shelf of the present invention is comprised generally of a flat horizontal bottom panel having opposed ends and opposed lateral sides; a flat horizontal middle panel parallel to and spaced above the bottom panel having opposed ends and opposed lateral sides; a top horizontal panel parallel to and... Agent:

20150144579 - Glass substrate storage platform: A glass substrate storage and transportation system is provided, including a storage platform and a transportation platform. The storage platform includes a plurality of storage housings for receiving the upright glass substrates. A glass substrate storage platform is also provided. The glass substrate storage and transportation system and the glass... Agent:

20150144580 - Photovoltaic system: A photovoltaic system includes a pole member which stands on an installation surface, a connecting support member disposed on an upper end section of the pole member, a rail member supported by the connecting support member, and a photovoltaic cell module disposed on the rail member, wherein the pole supporting... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150144581 - Beauty product displays: Devices and methods for displaying beauty and other visual products are disclosed. A display system can comprise a frame and a sample portion. Traits such as color and texture of a beauty product can be displayed on the sample portion, and the frame portion can interface with product shelving to... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150136713 - Vertical lift system: A vertical lift system provides an ergonomic system for raising and lowering a lift carriage which contains non-slidable and/or slidable shelves. By having interchangeable modular raceways providing electrical, liquid, vacuum, gas and/or data delivery systems, equipment and appliances can be easily connected to these delivery systems without interfering with the... Agent:

20150136714 - Apparatus and method for equipment mounting and storage: A storage system for mounting equipment includes a plurality of vertical structural side members positioned at corners of the storage system. A plurality of horizontal structural members are coupled to the plurality of vertical structural side members. Specifically, each of the horizontal structural members has a plurality of corners, and... Agent: Ultraframe Holdings, LLC

20150136715 - Footwear rack: A footwear rack has at least one pan configured and sized for supporting a pair of footwear. The pan has a pair of hooks extending rearwardly therefrom and which are releasably attached to slotted hooking columns. The columns have a plurality of slots configured and sized for connecting with the... Agent:

20150136716 - Stand for storing and/or transporting glass panels of large dimensions: A stand for storing and/or transporting glass panels of large dimensions including a horizontal support structure and at least one support frame provided to support the glass panels. The stand comprises at least one securing device for securing the stand to another stand.... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20150136717 - System for preventing fluid damage to vertically stacked vehicles: A system for preventing fluid damage to vertically stacked vehicles includes a vehicle storage platform having a first level and a second level. The first level is defined by first level frame members. The first level includes a first vehicle storage surface configured to retain a portion of a vehicle... Agent:

20150136718 - Tray with adjustable dividers: A rectangular coffee pod tray has two opposing end walls, two opposing sidewalls, a closed bottom and an open top. One end wall has plurality of first slots at predetermined locations and the other end wall has a plurality of second slots. The first and second plurality of slots are... Agent:

20150136719 - Storage bin system: Disclosed is a storage bin apparatus including a bin support, the bin support including a bottom panel and a front stop; and a mounting adapter, the mounting adapter attached to the bin support at a connection point and extending from the connection point away from the front stop, the mounting... Agent:

20150136720 - Display hutch and methods of assembling the same: A display hutch includes a hutch blank and a plurality of shelf blanks The hutch blank includes a back wall and at least two side walls. The back wall includes a plurality of back-wall slots. The at least two side walls include a plurality of side-wall slots. The plurality of... Agent:

20150136721 - Vertical curtain rail assembly: A vertical curtain rail assembly is revealed. The vertical curtain rail assembly includes a sealing member disposed on an end of a rail. A receiving space is formed on one end of the sealing member not connected to the rail and for mounting a positioning plate of an assembling member... Agent: Uni-soleil Ent. Co. Ltd.

20150136722 - Slide rail assembly for rack system: A slide rail assembly for a rack system is installed to a chassis. The chassis includes a first chassis and a second chassis. The slide rail assembly includes an outer rail and an inner rail. The inner rail is movably connected to the outer rail. The first chassis of the... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

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