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Supports: racks

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02/05/2015 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150034571 - Rack for drying articles.: A flexible material rack which can retract and extend away from roller and be attached to extended arms. The arms and the retractable rack provide a means for the device to take up less space when not in use. When in use, the rack can support clothing articles for drying.... Agent:

20150034572 - Magnetic positioning frame for socket bits: A magnetic positioning frame for socket bits has a track disc, a supporting device and a magnetic device. The track disc has a baseboard, multiple positioning racks, multiple positioning blocks, at least one mounting rack and multiple holding racks. The supporting device is connected to the track disc and has... Agent:

20150034573 - Wall-mounted bicycle rack: A wall-mounted bicycle rack comprising a rod-like element with a wall fixing plate, inserted in a bicycle supporting arm, in the direction of the length of the latter, the bicycle supporting arm being orientable by rotation about the main axis of the rod-like element, means being further provided for the... Agent:

20150034574 - Reinforced shelves for metal shelving units, for supporting on their front electronic labels and/or other peripherals and related manufacturing process: in correspondence or at the ends of said reinforcements (T1, Tn) there are provided at least a pair of apertures (1, 10) for the passage and support of wiring (D), necessary to connect means (P1) on the rear side of said shelves, to means (P2) on the front side of... Agent:

20150034575 - Solar panel mounting structure: A mounting structure for a solar panel assembly, having a plurality of solar panels, includes a plurality of vertical support legs and a grid assembly. The grid assembly includes a plurality of north-south members and the east-west members. The plurality of north-south members include a plurality of elongated slots to... Agent:

20150034576 - Shelf facing systems: An improved shelf facing system allows for easy, quick, safe, and secure storage and alignment of products on a shelf or support surface, and facing of the products on shelving or display system. The facing system provides an apparatus and methods for alignment and storage of various sized products, and... Agent:

20150034577 - Space-efficient, movable, bottle racks: A rack for storing bottles includes a frame member and a plurality of support arms sized and positioned to support a plurality of bottles extending on each side of the frame member. The rack further includes at least one movable member operably engaged to the frame member to permit the... Agent:

20150034578 - Portable water sport board rack: r

20150034579 - Folding shelf carriage: An apparatus for carrying and/or storing shelves which is capable of folding into a compact condition to minimize the footprint of the device when not in use for carrying or storing shelves. The apparatus includes a releasable transverse cross member extending between the side frames to form a base for... Agent: Madix, Inc.

20150034580 - Modular storage in passenger compartments: A modular storage system includes at least two vertical rails having a first rail and a second rail, one or more first adapter configured to attach at least the first rail to one or more mounting point on a rear wall of a vehicle in a vertical orientation, wherein the... Agent:

20150034581 - Curved shower rod assembly having flexible mounting base: An adjustable curved shower curtain rod assembly, attached to the walls to form different sizes of shower area, comprises a telescopic curtain rod and a pair of flexible mounting bases, including a pair of flexible mounting adapters. Each adapter comprises a supporting cover coaxially secured to the mounting bracket through... Agent: Test Rite Products Corp.

01/29/2015 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150027965 - Product stabilizer: A product stabilizer is employed to prevent tipping or shingling of product in a packaging line. The product stabilizer utilizes a linear actuator, coupled to a plurality of arms, to ensure proper spacing between adjacent products in the packaging line.... Agent: Delkor Systems, Inc.

20150027967 - Fiber optic adapter module and tray: A fiber optic adapter module and tray. The fiber optic adapter module supports fiber optic adapters for fiber optic connections. The fiber optic adapter module may be included on an extendible tray portion of a fiber optic equipment tray and selectively configured to be tilted when extended for providing enhanced... Agent:

20150027966 - Supporting apparatus for electrostatic gun: An electrostatic gun supporting apparatus includes a bracket and a positioning assembly. The bracket includes a bottom plate and two supporting plates extending up from two opposite sides of the bottom plate. The positioning assembly includes a positioning plate for mounting an electrostatic gun, and two pins protruding out from... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150027968 - Structure for fixing rack mount kit: A structure installed at an end of a rack mount kit to fix the rack mount kit to a column of a rack, the structure includes: one pair of claws; a first biasing unit configured to bias the one pair of claws in a direction in which the one pair... Agent:

20150027969 - Release latch: A release latch apparatus can include a locking mechanism coupled to a first position of a rocker and a spring mechanism coupled to a second position of the rocker.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150027971 - Accommodation cassette: An accommodation cassette including: a plurality of rear accommodating grooves that are formed at least in the laterally central area of the inner surface of a rear wall connecting the rear edges of right and left side walls and extend laterally and parallel to each other at vertical spacings in... Agent:

20150027970 - Node, support frame, system and method: A node for connecting together at least a first support element, a second support element and a third support element of a support frame such as a solar frame which supports solar reflectors. A method for connecting together at least a first support element, a second support element and a... Agent: Werner Extrusion Solutions LLC

20150027972 - Wall mounted storing constructions: The present invention concerns a wall mounted storing construction or system that could hold a number of storing means. The storing means used may be shelves, hangers for different clothes, such as trousers or coats, shoe holders, rods etc. or for different combinations of these storing means. The storing system... Agent: Inter Ikea Systems B.v.

01/22/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150021282 - Solar module mounting system improvements: Systems and methods for mounting one or more solar panel modules are disclosed. First and second support structures can be provided. Each support structure can include a lateral support member extending laterally between two post members, and a clamp movably attached to the lateral support member and movable along a... Agent:

20150021283 - Retail product container display system: A retail product container display system includes at least one product storage lane. The at least one product storage lane comprising a left hand side rail and a right hand side rail and at least two connectors engaged with receptacles therefor on each of the left hand and right hand... Agent: Bruegmann Usa, Inc.

20150021284 - Hanging tray device: A hanging tray for use on a gaming table having a raised rail, a table top and a junction between the rail and the table top is described. The hanging tray includes a main tray, a vertical support section hingedly coupled to the main tray section and movable between a... Agent:

20150021285 - Supporting framework node: A supporting framework, comprising a plurality of nodes and one framework component, the framework component, selected from a group, consisting of one diagonal brace, one panel and combinations thereof, one of the nodes, comprising one connector and one bar, each of the connectors comprising a plurality of mating bores, and... Agent:

20150021286 - System and apparatus for storing and organizing items: A storage system including first and second spaced apart side panels, with top and bottom panels extending between the side panels generally adjacent to the top and bottom of the side panels respectively. The storage system additionally includes a plurality of intermediate panels positioned between the side panels and between... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150014260 - Sample display holder: A sample display holder is configured to present a fabric covering. The sample display holder includes a backer board, mechanically coupled to a plurality of joined cellular material sample sections further comprising a rear cellular material sample section mechanically coupled to the backer board and a front cellular material sample... Agent:

20150014261 - Multi-chute gravity feed dispenser display: A set of panels having chutes therebetween. The chutes being defined by curvilinear rails on such panels. The curvilinear rails having stops thereon for stopping the products for viewing.... Agent: Gamon Plus, Inc.

20150014262 - System and method for maintaining a minimum separation between pallets positioned on adjacent racks: A system is provided for maintaining a minimum separation between a first pallet positioned on a first rack and a second pallet positioned on a second rack. The system comprises a double back stop that includes a first back stop attached to the first rack to prevent lateral movement of... Agent:

20150014263 - Modular rack assembly: A rack assembly has two support frames, each support frame having at least one connecting member comprising a short tube welded on the support frame and an insertion tube inserted in the short tube. At least one shelf is positioned between the two support frames, each end of each shelf... Agent: Seville Classics, Inc.

20150014264 - Apparatus for storing a plurality of objects such as trays: Apparatus (10) comprises a base (12), a plurality of posts (14) attached to the base (12), and a platform (16) defining a surface (18) for supporting at least one mail tray. The platform (16) is coupled to the four posts (14) and is moveable therealong between a first position (20)... Agent:

20150014265 - Collapsible rack: A collapsible rack is disclosed. In one embodiment, a collapsible rack has a first supporting member, a second supporting member, a first connecting member and a second connecting member. The first supporting member may include a first pair of supporting rods, a second pair of supporting rods and a first... Agent: Ip Power Holdings Limited

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