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Supports: racks

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04/23/2015 > 3 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20150108074 - Mechandising system and method of use: A merchandising system for a displaying a plurality of products is disclosed. The system includes a base and a proximal member. The base includes a product-supporting surface which defines a longitudinal axis. The proximal member is disposed in mechanical cooperation with a proximal portion of the base. The proximal member... Agent: Display Technologies, Inc.

20150108075 - Product management display system with trackless pusher mechanism: A product management display system for merchandising product on a shelf or tray includes using a trackless pusher mechanism that travels along a surface on which product is placed. In one example, the tray or shelf can include a first product retaining member which prevents products from being pushed off... Agent:

20150108076 - Test tube rack insert device: A test tube rack insert device includes a base configured to be inserted into a test tube receiving chamber in a test tube rack. A semi-cylindrical test tube support member is coupled to the base at an edge of the base. The test tube support member extends perpendicularly from the... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150101997 - Solar panel rooftop mounting and grounding device: Disclosed is a device for securing, mounting, aligning, and grounding solar panels to a roof mounted rail. The device in combination with a t-bolt, a nut, and a solar panel end-clamp or mid-clamp, secure, mount, align, and ground the solar panels to the roof mounted rail. The device can be... Agent:

20150101996 - Support racking for solar panel: A supporting rack for a solar panel with a framework mountable on a surface such as a roof, this framework including two elongate runners extending parallel to each other and a cross-member extending between and connecting the two runners. Upper and lower clamp assemblies detachably and adjustably mount the solar... Agent: Polar Racking Inc

20150101998 - Double-wide drive-in storage rack assembly with dual-rail truss-beam: A double-wide, drive in storage rack assembly for supporting loads on pallets including horizontal truss beams and stiffener panels at load-supporting levels constructed to increase the rigidity of the rack and/or minimize the amount of steel used in the rack. In some examples, the storage rack assembly includes mill-building bracing.... Agent: Steel King Industries, Inc.

20150102000 - Interlocking plant propagation and display tray and method of use and assembly: A plant propagation and display tray that is capable of interlocking alignment with at least one other tray and is capable of receiving and holding at least one plant pot is disclosed. The plant propagation and display tray includes a back wall and a bottom ledge forwardly projecting from the... Agent:

20150102001 - Retail fixtures: A display fixture has a bin with multiple sections. A clip attached to a back panel of the bin has an aperture for receiving a fastener to fasten the bin to a peg board. A back support is mounted to the bin and has a downwardly extending leg that is... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20150101999 - Hanger and a method of hanging articles: A hanger and a method of hanging an article on a hanger are provided. The hanger includes a body portion, an attachment member, and a plurality of support members secured to the body portion at a predetermined angle. The plurality of support members extend away from the body portion in... Agent:

20150102002 - Shelf assembly particularly suitable for wire grid rack systems having racks at fixed vertical spacings: A modular wire grid rack system is provided that includes a pair of storage racks, each storage rack having a plurality of intersecting wire rods, and a plurality of posts connected to the storage racks and separating the storage racks. An intermediate storage assembly is locatable between the pair of... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150096947 - Adjustable wheel rack: In one embodiment, a wheel rack includes a locking frame plate having a first L-shaped plate, a second L-shaped plate, and a stopper plate. A ball seat is fixed to the locking frame plate, and a rod has a first end with a sphere attached thereto. The locking frame plate... Agent: Mvp (hk) Industries, Inc.

20150096948 - Shelf and display device: A gravity-feed shelf for a display device for modular merchandise units includes a first outer wall, a second substantially parallel outer wall and a support between the first and second outer wall. The support includes an inclined rearward portion elevated at a first angle between 5 degrees and 20 degrees... Agent: New Dimensions Research Corporation

20150096949 - Modular garden system: A modular garden system is provided with a rectangular frame including a plurality of rectangular openings spaced apart vertically; a plurality of hooks formed on one side of the frame, each hook including a vertical groove; a plurality of connectors formed on an other side of the frame, each connector... Agent:

20150096950 - Shelving system with rotational functionality: The present disclosure provides enhanced storage systems that facilitate efficient storage of, and access to, a variety of items and products. Exemplary systems according to the present disclosure include mechanism(s) that permit reliable and efficient repositioning of one or more shelves, thereby enhancing utilization and efficiencies associated therewith. Shelving systems... Agent:

20150096951 - Free-standing display fixture: A free-standing display fixture includes a main body having a top edge, a bottom edge, a right side panel, a center panel and a left side panel. Each of the left side panel, the center panel and the right side panel include interior surfaces and the interior surfaces of the... Agent:

20150096952 - Cable management system: Embodiments of the disclosure generally relate to a cable management system for use in the petrochemical industry. In one embodiment, a cable management system is provided. The cable management system includes an arm assembly coupled to a base that is movable relative to a track structure, wherein the arm assembly... Agent:

20150096954 - Shelving structure: A shelving structure may include a predetermined number of shelf boards, rear plates, connecting members, and frame members. The shelf board is a rectangular board with two expanded side edges. The rear plate is a hexagonal plate with corners modified into arc-shaped inward recesses and with U-shaped slots extending inwards... Agent: Sun Yu Ta Co., Ltd.

20150096953 - Tool-free diy shelve: A tool-free DIY shelve may include a body and at least one bearing plate, said bearing plate is disposed onto the body and assembled to the body with the protruding portion of the positioning knob located at the inner side of the vertical section of the “∩” shaped frames. The... Agent: Valor Enterprise Co., Ltd.

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150090675 - Goods feeding device: The functionality and effectiveness of a goods feeding device for a front carton of a plurality of cartons or goods trays of a shelf-ready packaging system arranged one behind the other on a shelf of a display and storage rack, with goods or goods packaging stored therein, is further improved.... Agent:

20150090676 - Award display apparatus: The invention is an award display apparatus comprised of groove-like recessions, a staggered peg system, and a trophy shelf for the secure and upright fitting and display of pin-style medal cases, trophies, plaques, and lanyard-style medal awards. The present invention is wall-mountable and can be made in various sizes and... Agent:

20150090678 - Aluminum frame structure for packaging solar panel: An aluminum frame structure for packaging solar panel, comprising: a vertical support member; an U-shaped member, coupled to the vertical support member while allowing the opening of the U-shaped member to face toward a level direction; and at least one protruding member, disposed inside the U-shaped member, each having at... Agent:

20150090679 - Open bridge rack: An equipment rack includes a frame, a first pair of mounting rails and a second pair of mounting rails. Each pair of mounting rails includes a front mounting rail and a rear mounting rail and the front and rear mounting rails each include a first planar surface defining in part... Agent:

20150090677 - Storage rack assembly with detachable cabinet: An exemplary storage rack assembly includes a rack, a cabinet and a mounting bracket fixed to the rack. The cabinet has an elastic component, and the elastic component has a hook exposed from the cabinet. The mounting bracket defines a sliding groove and a receiving channel communicating with the sliding... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150090680 - Solar panel rack: A solar panel rack may comprise a vertical support, a transverse support, brackets attaching hollow beams to the transverse support, and brackets configured to attach solar panels or solar panel assemblies to the hollow beams. Internal splices may couple collinearly arranged hollow beams in the solar panel rack. Some or... Agent:

20150090681 - Pipeline pig storage rack apparatus: A pipeline pig support rack apparatus includes a frame having a plurality of supports mounted thereon, each extending upwardly from the frame. Each pipeline pig support includes clamps that are comprised of first and second u-shaped members that are attached with a hinge. A bolted connection opposite the hinge is... Agent:

20150090682 - Shelving system: A cover for the base of a shelving system includes a first end and an opposing second end, a generally flat base wall formed at the second end, a first sidewall and an opposing second sidewall, a third sidewall and an opposing fourth sidewall, an internal cavity formed by the... Agent: Zenith Products Corporation

20150090683 - Storage rack and cross-bar support: A cross-bar is provided for a shelving assembly having vertical corner posts joined by horizontal deck beams with the cross-bar extending between deck beams to support the shelving material supported by the beams. The cross-bar has an offset connecting bracket at each end. The offset allows the bracket to fit... Agent:

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