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Supports: racks

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05/21/2015 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150136713 - Vertical lift system: A vertical lift system provides an ergonomic system for raising and lowering a lift carriage which contains non-slidable and/or slidable shelves. By having interchangeable modular raceways providing electrical, liquid, vacuum, gas and/or data delivery systems, equipment and appliances can be easily connected to these delivery systems without interfering with the... Agent:

20150136714 - Apparatus and method for equipment mounting and storage: A storage system for mounting equipment includes a plurality of vertical structural side members positioned at corners of the storage system. A plurality of horizontal structural members are coupled to the plurality of vertical structural side members. Specifically, each of the horizontal structural members has a plurality of corners, and... Agent: Ultraframe Holdings, LLC

20150136715 - Footwear rack: A footwear rack has at least one pan configured and sized for supporting a pair of footwear. The pan has a pair of hooks extending rearwardly therefrom and which are releasably attached to slotted hooking columns. The columns have a plurality of slots configured and sized for connecting with the... Agent:

20150136716 - Stand for storing and/or transporting glass panels of large dimensions: A stand for storing and/or transporting glass panels of large dimensions including a horizontal support structure and at least one support frame provided to support the glass panels. The stand comprises at least one securing device for securing the stand to another stand.... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20150136717 - System for preventing fluid damage to vertically stacked vehicles: A system for preventing fluid damage to vertically stacked vehicles includes a vehicle storage platform having a first level and a second level. The first level is defined by first level frame members. The first level includes a first vehicle storage surface configured to retain a portion of a vehicle... Agent:

20150136718 - Tray with adjustable dividers: A rectangular coffee pod tray has two opposing end walls, two opposing sidewalls, a closed bottom and an open top. One end wall has plurality of first slots at predetermined locations and the other end wall has a plurality of second slots. The first and second plurality of slots are... Agent:

20150136719 - Storage bin system: Disclosed is a storage bin apparatus including a bin support, the bin support including a bottom panel and a front stop; and a mounting adapter, the mounting adapter attached to the bin support at a connection point and extending from the connection point away from the front stop, the mounting... Agent:

20150136720 - Display hutch and methods of assembling the same: A display hutch includes a hutch blank and a plurality of shelf blanks The hutch blank includes a back wall and at least two side walls. The back wall includes a plurality of back-wall slots. The at least two side walls include a plurality of side-wall slots. The plurality of... Agent:

20150136721 - Vertical curtain rail assembly: A vertical curtain rail assembly is revealed. The vertical curtain rail assembly includes a sealing member disposed on an end of a rail. A receiving space is formed on one end of the sealing member not connected to the rail and for mounting a positioning plate of an assembling member... Agent: Uni-soleil Ent. Co. Ltd.

20150136722 - Slide rail assembly for rack system: A slide rail assembly for a rack system is installed to a chassis. The chassis includes a first chassis and a second chassis. The slide rail assembly includes an outer rail and an inner rail. The inner rail is movably connected to the outer rail. The first chassis of the... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150129515 - Modular, bypass track and carriage system for overhead- mounted lights and other devices: A track and carriage system including a mounting plate, a first track secured to the mounting plate and receiving a first carriage movable therein, a second track secured to the mounting plate and receiving a second carriage movable therein. The first and second tracks are positioned substantially parallel to one... Agent:

20150129514 - Rack for computer servers: The present invention concerns a rack for computer servers consisting of a carrier structure supporting a plurality of superposed trays extending substantially horizontally, each of said trays being fitted with electronic components organised so as to allow air to flow between the superposed trays and said electronic components, the air... Agent:

20150129516 - Attachment device: An attachment device for connection to a construction member with at least one connection slot or recess is disclosed. Contact ends of two connection members of the device are inserted into the recess separately and then moved into an opposing or back-to-back relationship in the recess. At least one of... Agent:

20150129517 - Modular sloped roof solar mounting system: A mounting system for supporting a plurality of photovoltaic modules on a sloped support surface, such as a sloped roof, is disclosed herein. The mounting system may include one or more support surface attachment devices, each support surface attachment device configured to attach one or more photovoltaic modules to a... Agent:

20150129519 - Holding rack for different types of food serving products: A holding rack allows a cook to remove scoops or Spoodles without searching through a drawer. The holding rack provides quick and easy access to allow the cook to get to the appropriate size scoop or Spoodle by allowing the items to be easily visualized and grasped without having to... Agent:

20150129518 - Storage rack: A storage rack assembly comprising a configurable hanging frame and one or more replaceable support elements is described. The support elements may be detachably affixed to the hanging frame. The support elements can provide a holding support at separate elevated positions along the longitudinal direction of the hanging frame. The... Agent:

20150129520 - Display tray pusher paddle with manual locking device: A product display tray, which is provided with a spring-actuated pusher paddle for urging a column of products forwardly in a display as items are removed from the front of the tray, includes a manually operated locking element pivotally attached to the pusher paddle and normally held in a “release”... Agent:

20150129521 - Weighted pusher rolling shelving assembly: Disclosed is a weighted pusher assembly for advancing merchandise packages by gravity along an inclined shelf surface. The weighted pusher assembly includes a first end comprised of a weighted member, a second end comprised of a fastener and, disposed between the first and second ends, a collapsible member that is... Agent:

20150129522 - Lay flat toothbrush holder: A two element toothbrush holder including a flexible mat. A resiliently rigid and three dimensional divider element has a flat bottom surface supported in width-wise fashion upon the flexible mat, such as in a selected end proximate location. A plurality of notched recesses or channels are formed into an upper... Agent:

20150129524 - Tray and bracket system and related methods: A bracket and tray connection system includes a tray with a plurality of connector holes positioned therein, wherein the tray has an upper surface. A bracket has a base surface positioned proximate to an upper surface of the tray. At least one fastening tab is formed on the base surface... Agent:

20150129523 - Secure guitar stands and racks therefor: A stand for securely and gently cradling a stringed instrument such as a guitar. The stand includes a pair of cradling arms and at least one support member both mounted for movement relative to a base member. A user places the guitar on the generally horizontally oriented support member depressing... Agent:

20150129525 - Convertible display fixture: A display fixture includes a base, a platform, a lattice structure, a raised shelf and a plurality of bins. The base includes an open top, a bottom floor and walls that define an interior space that is divided into sections using a plurality of partitions. The platform is located on... Agent:

20150129526 - Slide rail assembly: A slide rail assembly includes a first rail, a second rail, a third rail, a support member and a resilient member. The second rail is slidably connected to the first rail to which the third rail is connected. The support member is movably connected to the third rail and has... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

20150129527 - Frame structure of solar cell module: The present invention relates to a frame structure of solar cell module, which adopts extruded aluminum as the frame member of solar cell module. At the junctions of the length, width, and height edges, connecting members using the three-axis joining and tenoning technology are used as fixing members. The tenon... Agent: Atomic Energy Council - Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

20150129528 - Collapsible retail display: The collapsible display of the present disclosure and related inventions includes a plurality of pre-assembled parts which can be configured, without the use of tools, to form a reusable, merchandising display fixture. The display is quickly and easily constructed and quickly and easily deconstructed and stored. The entire display, with... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150122749 - Bicycle stand and method of use: A bicycle stand has a base, an upright support structure extending upwardly from the base to a top end, and a spindle engaging post that extends outwardly from the top end of the upright support structure, for engaging a spindle of a bicycle so that the bicycle stand supports the... Agent: Scorpion Bike Stands, LLC

20150122750 - Magnetic hanging frame for socket bits: A magnetic hanging frame for socket bits has a track disc, a holding device and a magnetic device. The track disc has a baseboard, multiple positioning racks, multiple positioning blocks, at least one mounting rack and multiple holding racks. The holding device is connected to the track disc. The magnetic... Agent:

20150122751 - Electrononic equipment building blocks for rack mounting: A rack-mountable module assembly, comprising: a plurality of electronic equipment modules, each having a height in multiples of approximately 1.75 inches and a width in multiples of approximately 1.75 inches; a plurality of connectors configured to form a horizontal row of said plurality of electronic equipment modules, by connecting every... Agent:

20150122752 - Rack mounting kit for telecommunications equipment and rack cross brace: A rack mounting kit is configured to allow mounting of a telecommunications equipment chassis into a rack by a single person. The rack mounting kit includes two complimentary brackets that form a shelf-like feature. The complimentary brackets also include a mating latch for interfacing with a chassis to secure the... Agent:

20150122753 - Apparatus for supporting and displaying paint color cards: A bracket for supporting and displaying a planar object comprises an elongated body member including a planar web and a front wall and a rear wall extending from the longitudinal edges of the web. An end wall extends transversely with respect to and engages the distal ends of the web,... Agent:

20150122754 - Coin holder for cash register: A coin holder is provided which has a base portion and at least one elongate trough defined in the base portion. Each trough is sized and shaped to receive a stack of a particular denomination of coins. A plurality of regularly-spaced grooves is formed in the bottom surface of at... Agent:

20150122755 - Rust-preventing base support for metal containers: Described is a rust-preventing support for a metal can having a base with a flat upper surface and a flange extending vertically from the perimeter of the base. The base is able to be secured around the bottom of a metal can such that the inner surface of the flange... Agent:

20150122756 - Loom bracelet holder, display and transport apparatus: A loom bracelet holder and organizer is made up of two detachable elements a hollow rod and a base into which the rod is mounted. Once assembled the elements facilitate the transport and display of loom bracelets. The elements are easily detachable by merely pulling apart the rod and base... Agent: Jake & Crew LLC

20150122757 - Moveable organizer: A system, method, and moveable organizer The moveable organizer includes a stationary frame member having opposing sides. The moveable organizer further includes one or more trays. Each tray has opposing edges, at least one of the opposing edges carried by the stationary frame around the opposing sides of the stationary... Agent: Three Paths, LLC

20150122758 - Pull-down shelf for furniture: A furniture pull-down shelf has first and second opposed lateral webs delimiting a shelf receptacle. First and second pairs of pivot levers are pivotably secured on first and second opposed furniture sidewalls and on the first and second lateral webs and define first and second four-bar linkages. The first and... Agent:

20150122759 - Rack mounting kit for telecommunications equipment and rack cross brace: A rack mounting kit is configured to allow mounting of a telecommunications equipment chassis into a rack by a single person. The rack mounting kit includes two complimentary brackets that form a shelf-like feature. The complimentary brackets also include a mating latch for interfacing with a chassis to secure the... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150114916 - Weight storage peg for fitness apparatus: A weight storage peg for supporting free weight plates from an exercise superstructure includes a bar extending from a fastener. An exterior surface of the bar is provided by a nylon casting around a cylindrical tube weldment. The nylon casting tapers from a wider portion adjacent the free end to... Agent:

20150114917 - Apparatuses and methods for dishwasher rack emptying: In one embodiment, a dishwasher rack includes: an interior structure divided into separate compartments, each of such compartments sized and configured to hold an individual beverage container; a top side through which the compartments may be loaded; and a bottom side having a floor that includes a first movable grid... Agent:

20150114918 - Roller shelf: A roller track comprising a base, a tray, and a plurality of rollers. The tray is configured to slide into the base, and comprises a first end, a center portion comprising a plurality of notches, and a second end. The first end is removably engaged to a first end of... Agent:

20150114919 - Storage rack: There is a storage rack includes a plurality of lattice posts that include first and second post elements arranged in a Y-axis direction at a first distance, and vertical lattice members connecting the first and second post elements; a post connecting beam that connects the first and second post elements... Agent:

20150114920 - Corrugated display rack with cantilevered shelves: A display rack for displaying articles has a support frame with two walls extending at an angle from a narrow strip at the rear corner of the frame. A tubular reinforcing structure extends along the forward free edge of each wall, and aligned openings are in the strip and the... Agent: International Paper Company

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