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Supports: cabinet structure

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04/10/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140097729 - Housing having quick-dismounting structure: A housing having a quick-dismounting structure includes a base plate, a covering plate and a switch module. The base plate has a retaining portion. The covering plate has one side against the retaining portion and a switch hole corresponding to the side. The switch module is rotatably disposed in the... Agent: Lite-on Electronics (guangzhou) Limited

20140097728 - Vibration suppresion casing: A vibration suppression casing is suitable for a computing system including a chassis, a mainboard, and an electronic device. The mainboard is disposed in the chassis. The electronic device is disposed in the chassis. The computing system is adapted to generate a vibration wave while running The vibration suppression casing... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140097730 - Air conditioner: An air conditioner is provided. The air conditioner may include a case, a first discharging port provided at a first side of the case and a second discharging port provided at a second side of the case, each selectively discharging air therefrom based on an operation mode of the air... Agent:

20140097731 - Side cabinet and hutch system: A side cabinet and hutch system 10 comprising a hutch assembly 100 and a side cabinet assembly 500 and which is adapted to allow material to be easily and securely stored and retrieved and which is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.... Agent:

20140097732 - Sliding rail assembly: A sliding rail assembly includes an outer rail, a middle rail, and an inner rail that are matched with one another, and a self-locking device matched with the inner rail. The self-locking device includes a fixed block and a sliding block moving with respect to the fixed block, a sliding... Agent:

20140097733 - Refrigerator and filler thereof: A filler to seal a gap between a plurality of doors is provided with a height adjustment portion, thereby enabling a height of the filler to be uniformly maintained regardless of deflection of the door. Accordingly, the filler may be smoothly operated regardless of deflection of the door, and cold... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140097734 - Arc-resistant switchgear enclosure with door latch mechanism: An arc-resistant switchgear enclosure has an interior compartment with a door opening and a vent outlet. The door is mounted to close the door opening. The door receives pins that extend from the enclosure. The pins have stops thereon that are received by a keyhole in the latch member. The... Agent: Central Electric Manufacturing Company

20140097735 - Construction arrangement introduced in a refrigerator: The present utility model patent describes a novel construction arrangement introduced in a refrigerator that is free of snapping sounds. To that end, at least one film (5) made of flexible material, which is specifically disposed between at least one contact interface defined between at least one substantially flat face... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

04/03/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140091684 - Item dispensing apparatus: Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a dispenser configured for storing one or more items and dispensing the stored items to authorized users. According to various embodiments, the dispenser generally includes a housing defining an interior portion dimensioned to receive a plurality of items and an access... Agent: Innovative Product Achievements, LLC

20140091685 - Apparatus for storing and retrieving varying shaped and sized spice bottles or containers: A portable spice rack that comprises a square or rectangular shaped housing and a plurality of spice drawers which are stacked vertically within the housing. The spice drawers provide a plurality of compartments that are uniquely designed to accommodate storing and retrieving varying shaped and sized spice bottles or other... Agent: Youcopia Products Inc.

20140091686 - Magnetic fastener apparatus and related methods: Magnetic fastener apparatus and related methods are disclosed herein. An example electronic device includes a first housing coupled to a second housing to define a cavity. A latch is coupled to the first housing, and a frame defining an opening is coupled to the second housing. A biasing element is... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140091687 - Image reading apparatus and feeding apparatus: An image reading apparatus includes a reader and a casing. The casing includes a first casing, a second casing, a first port and a second port disposed between the first casing and the second casing at a first side of the casing. A width of the second port is less... Agent:

20140091688 - Removable door for electronic device: A door for a electronic device that may be removed by the user.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140091689 - Cover having wallet feature for electronic devices: A safety cover for an electronic device has a tray with a floor, the floor having inner and outer surfaces, ribs on the inner surface, and side walls. The floor includes at least one recess and at least two spaced apart slots extending through the floor. A flexible elastic band... Agent: E. Mishan & Sons, Inc.

20140091690 - Direct access dispensing system: An access and storage system including a storage component configured to store an item therein or thereon in an associated storage position, wherein the storage component is configured to provide a user direct manual access to the item in the storage position. The system further includes a sensor system configured... Agent: Apex Industrial Technologies LLC

20140091691 - Storage and transport case for jewelry and accessories: The present application provides a storage and transport case for jewelry and accessories. The case may include a base having a number of panels, and a top removably attached to an upper portion of the base. The number of panels may be movable from a transport configuration to a display... Agent:

20140091692 - Outdoor unit of air-conditioning apparatus: A casing 10 is included. The casing 10 includes a left side face panel 4 constituting one side face portion of the casing 10 and a part of a front face portion of the casing 10 adjacent to the side face portion, a front face left side panel 2 constituting... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140091693 - Electronic device and elastic slide lock member: An electronic device includes: a housing provided with an opening that accommodates a component; a cover member that covers the opening; a projecting part that projects from an inside face of the housing; a slide knob slidably provided to a surface of the housing; and an elastic slide lock member... Agent:

20140091694 - Furniture drawer locking device: A device for securing closed a drawer of a dresser, cabinet or desk. The device includes a base that is secured to an interior surface of the frame, which cannot be accessed when the drawer is closed within the drawer opening of the frame, and an extending member. The extending... Agent:

20140091695 - Slidable mesh tray & container: A coffee pod tray is provided with a housing having a slide extending along opposing sides of the housing. A tray configured to hold a plurality of coffee pods has a side frame with an exterior side frame moving along the slide of the housing. The tray has a limit... Agent: Pro-mart Industries, Inc.

20140091696 - Sliding and tilting shelves, especially for use in a refrigerated mechandise display: A shelf system for use in displaying and storing merchandise is especially suited for use in a refrigerated or chiller compartment that can be used with other conventional display sections. The shelving system or unit includes a squared frame that is mounted in a refrigeration compartment. Side or knife brackets... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140084760 - Display device: The present invention provides a display device, which comprises a front frame, a back plate, a back frame and a fixing member. The back frame comprises a loading surface used for loading the back plate and a plurality of side edges disposed around the loading surface, and the side edges... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140084761 - Multi-joint fixture system: A multi-joint fixture including a proximal base unit, one or more arms serially connected by electromagnetically lockable ball joints, and a distal hub. The ball joints unlock when not powered. A centering mechanism biases the ball joints toward a neutral position. A control system activates the electromagnetic brake with a... Agent: Surgical Concept Designs LLC

20140084762 - Electronic device and fastening apparatus thereof: A fastening apparatus, applicable for adjusting a fastening state of a first object and a second object by a first magnetic component, includes a first fastening component, an elastic component, a second fastening component and a second magnetic component. The first fastening component is disposed on the first object. The... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140084763 - Assembly for server rack chassis: An assembly includes an enclosure and a guide rail. The enclosure includes first and second top portions, first and second side portions, and a bottom portion, and is a single piece of material such that the first top portion, the first side portion, the bottom portion, the second side portion,... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20140084764 - Locking mechanism for adaptor assembly of a server rack chassis: A locking mechanism includes a latch, a handle, a first link, and a second link. The latch to engage with a recess of a server rack chassis, and to lock an adaptor assembly within the server rack chassis. The handle is connected to the latch, and engages and disengages the... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20140084765 - Convertible furniture system base and modular applications including armchairs, tables, and storage cabinets: The present invention pertains to a modular furniture system in which a flat-foldable or easily assembled and disassembled rigid base structure composed of rectangular-cross-sectioned pieces each with specific dimensions serves variously, once assembled, as the supporting framework for a flat-foldable chair seat-and-backrest module, which configured together with the base structure... Agent:

20140084766 - Cabinet: The invention described herein is a traffic signal cabinet that fits the footprint of existing traffic signal cabinets, provides an easily accessible compartment that holds a BBS, and a segregated compartment for batteries.... Agent: Western Systems, Inc.

20140084767 - Cabinet with sliding door: A cabinet includes a top wall, a bottom wall, two opposite sidewalls, and a sliding door. One of the sidewalls defines an opening. A rail perpendicular to the sidewalls protrudes from an inner surface of each of the top and bottom walls, extends to the opening. The sliding door defines... Agent:

20140084768 - Electronic device, case unit, and locking device: An electronic device includes: a case; an object member held by the case; an operating portion provided in the case side; a biasing member; a pushing member moved by operating the operating portion; a locking member movable between an engagement position where the locking member engages with the object member... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140084769 - Soft close mechanism in a drawer slide assembly and method of use: A linear bearing drawer slide assembly comprised of a spring damper mechanism attached to a fixed member slidingly engaged with a middle member slidingly engaged with a drawer member. The spring damper mechanism is comprised of a base connected to a guide track which includes a longitudinal channel and a... Agent: Hardware Resources, Inc.

20140084772 - Automatic hinge locking assembly for electronic device: In one embodiment an electronic device comprises a housing having a first section and a second section mounted to the first section by a hinge assembly comprising a base, a swing arm mounted to the base and rotatable about a first axis, and a locking assembly, responsive to a rotation... Agent:

20140084770 - Door assembly: A door assembly for use with a computing device that includes a housing that defines an opening to an interior of the housing is disclosed herein. An example of door assembly includes a cover positionable over the opening in a secure closed position to help prohibit access to the interior... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140084771 - Electronic device and movable fixing strucutre thereof: A movable fixing structure is used for causing the first casing to be combined with or detached from the second casing along a first axial direction. The movable fixing structure includes a blocking component, a locating element and a limiting element. The blocking component is movably disposed on the first... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20140084773 - Spray bottle rack: A rotatable storage rack for spray bottles is described wherein the spray bottles are suspended on a rotatable outer ring supported above a fixed base.... Agent:

20140084774 - Furniture apparatuses, and kits, systems, and uses of same: An apparatus for holding a decorative cover. The apparatus includes: a body having front and rear opposite sides, the front side of the body having a front surface having a perimeter, the rear side of the body having a rear surface, and the body having an outwardly facing lateral surface... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 14 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140077667 - Wafer handling station including cassette members with lateral wafer confining brackets and associated methods: A wafer handling station includes a housing defining a chamber, and a wafer cassette assembly positionable in the chamber. The wafer cassette assembly includes a vertical support, and cassette members carried by the vertical support in spaced relation. Each cassette member includes a base coupled to the vertical support, wafer... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd.

20140077669 - Cover for mobile terminal: A case for a mobile terminal is provided to which a stylus pen may be stably coupled. The case may include a mobile terminal receiving portion in which a mobile terminal is received, and a stylus pen receiving portion in which a stylus pen is received. The stylus pen may... Agent:

20140077668 - Friction stir welding parts including one or more expendable portions: A method for friction stir welding is provided. The method may include compressing mating surfaces of first and second parts against one another in a fixture. One of the first part and the second part may include a first expendable portion and one of the first part and the second... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140077670 - Portable computing device: The present application describes various embodiments regarding systems and methods for providing a lightweight and durable portable computing device having a thin profile. The portable computing device can take the form of a laptop computer. The laptop computer can include a uni-body top case having an integrated support system formed... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140077671 - Dish washer: A dish washer comprises a carcass having a washing compartment accessible through an access opening, and a door attached to the carcass for closing the access opening. The door is bounded on its door side facing the washing compartment by a door inner wall, which provides sealing contact surfaces for... Agent: Emz-hanauer Gmbh & Co. Kgaa

20140077672 - Data center rack door: A data center rack door having a curved permeable member is disposed vertically along a front-face of a data center rack. The curved permeable member provides an increase in surface area that provides for additional openings, increasing airflow through the data center rack. The curved permeable member also provides an... Agent:

20140077673 - Enclosure for biometric sensor: An enclosure for a biometric sensor is described. The enclosure comprises a cabinet having a plurality of surfaces. The biometric sensor placed inside the cabinet on a holder fixed on a primary surface from amongst the plurality of the surfaces. A secondary surface from amongst the plurality of surfaces is... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140077674 - Container having movable support member assemblies for supporting dunnage and movable door: A container for holding product therein during shipment and being returned for reuse has a body, horizontal and vertical tracks attached to opposite sides of the body, and a plurality of support member assemblies extending between the tracks. Each support member assembly comprises sliders or end members located at the... Agent: Bradford Company

20140077676 - External storage device enclosure: An external storage device enclosure includes a box-body portion and a cover-body portion. The box-body portion supports a storage device, and has a connection port. The cover-body portion includes a cover-board and a top-board. A first-side of the top-board connects the cover-board. The top-board is pivotally connected to the box-body... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20140077675 - Two-way lock mechanism and related electronic device: A two-way lock mechanism is disclosed in the present invention. The two-way lock mechanism includes a gear, a first sub-gear, a second sub-gear, a third sub-gear, a fourth sub-gear, a first hook, a second hook and a latch. The latch moves a first distance along a first direction to simultaneously... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140077678 - Catching locking mechanism for pieces of furniture: Disclosed is a catching locking mechanism for pieces of furniture, comprising an adjustable wheel that has a catching structure in at least some areas, and a mating catch that cooperates with the catching structure of the adjustable wheel, essentially consists of a sheet metal part, and is designed to be... Agent: Julius Blum Gmbh

20140077677 - Fastening device for mounting a front cover on a drawer: Disclosed is a fastening device for releasably mounting a front cover on a drawer, in particular on a side wall of the drawer, comprising:—at least one furniture fitting that is preassembled on the front cover;—a catching mechanism that is associated with the drawer, automatically retains the furniture fitting when the... Agent: Julius Blum Gmbh

20140077679 - Refrigerator with drawer sealing apparatus: A refrigerator having a drawer sealing apparatus includes a refrigerator main body having a cooling chamber, a case disposed within the cooling chamber and forming an accommodation space with a front opening, a drawer accommodated in the case and having a drawer door for opening and closing the front opening... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140077680 - Refrigerator with stepped liner to hide seam between liner and false wall: A bottom mount refrigerator is provided with refrigerator components housed in a space adjacent the top of the fresh food compartment between a false ceiling and the top wall of the compartment. The top wall includes a stepped portion formed in the liner forming the compartment. The stepped portion is... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

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