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Supports: cabinet structure

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04/23/2015 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150108880 - Modular furniture system: A modular furniture system that allows modular furniture units to be assembled from a set of boxes is provided. Each box includes a pattern of recesses on one or more panels. The pattern of recesses is configured to accept one or more pegs, and to align with a corresponding pattern... Agent:

20150108881 - Cabinet with display structure showing lock-control state thereof: A cabinet with display structure showing lock-control state thereof contains a cabinet body having a receiving space, a plurality of drawers slidably assembled in the receiving space, a lock-control unit and a display unit. The lock-control unit contains a driving member, a linking-up member and a lock-control member. The driving... Agent:

20150108882 - Inverter housing system: A housing system can comprise a plastic cover (12); a plastic base (14) comprising a floor (20) having sidewalls (22, 24); a first elevation (26); a second elevation (34); a first mounting column (40) located in a transformer end (32) of the plastic base (14) adjacent a major axis first... Agent:

20150108883 - Computer host case structure: A computer host case structure for fastening at least one electronic device is disclosed. The computer host case includes a main body, two pivot structures, an electronic device fastening set, and two pivot axes. The pivot structure includes a notch. Two pivot axes are used for pivotally connecting to the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150108884 - Thermally directed die casting suitable for making hermetically sealed disc drives: A hermetically sealed disc drive comprising at least one aluminum alloy housing component manufactured with a thermally directed die casting press subassembly is disclosed. In one embodiment, the thermally directed die casting press subassembly comprises a thermally directed funnel gate that is skewed to sample molten material from an off-center... Agent: T.h.t. Presses, Inc.

20150108885 - Dishwasher: A door opening unit for automatically opening a door for a dishwasher includes an actuator, a link member that makes a straight motion due to pressurization of the actuator and has a plurality of legs, a plurality of rotation levers that are connected to the plurality of legs of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150108886 - Refrigerator appliance: Refrigerator appliances are provided. A refrigerator appliance includes a cabinet defining a fresh food chamber and a freezer chamber and including a mullion extending between and defining the fresh food chamber and freezer chamber. The refrigerator appliance further includes a door rotatably hinged to the cabinet for accessing the fresh... Agent: General Electric Company

20150108887 - Wheel alignment system cabinet structure: A machine vision vehicle wheel alignment service system console with an integrated internal structure for supporting a vertical post carrying a machine vision sensor cross member. The vertical post is secured at least partially within the confines of a base unit and has a lower end which terminates at a... Agent:

20150108888 - Rubbish collection trolley: A trolley 2 for use in recyclable waste collection in an aircraft or other catering environment is conformal with a normal aircraft trolley. The trolley 2 comprises a horizontal tray 14 18 19 20 21 comprising a plurality of horizontal apertures, each aperture comprising a rubbish bag 19 20 held... Agent:

20150108889 - Door for furniture units and furniture unit comprising said door: A furniture unit comprises a containment element defining a receiving compartment and a door equipped with a first panel defining an outer face of the door, a second panel facing the first panel and defining an inner face of the door, and an outer frame interposed between the first panel... Agent:

20150108890 - Drawer and server using the same: A drawer and a server using the same are provided. The drawer is configured for a node of a server. The drawer includes a bottom plate and a bezel. The bottom plate is configured for disposing a circuit board. The bezel is disposed at one side of the bottom plate.... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150108891 - Drive device for a movable piece of furniture: A drive device includes an ejection element, a housing, a locking element for the ejection element, which locking element is disposed in or on the housing and is movable relative thereto, and a detent element, which is connected to the ejection element and, in the closed position, abuts the locking... Agent:

04/16/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150102710 - Beverage identification tiles: A beverage identification tile is provided that includes a sheet of material and a plurality of beverage type identifiers. The sheet of material has a first face and a second face which have a polygonal shape defined by a plurality of edges. A different beverage type identifier of the plurality... Agent: Sub-zero, Inc.

20150102711 - System and method for retrofitting coin-operated lockers: A method of manufacturing an electromechanical locker system may include providing a set of lockers with coin-operated locks. The coin-operated locks may be removed from the set of lockers. A conduit may be extended along and connected to a frame member from which the coin-operated locks had previously been positioned.... Agent: Best Lockers, LLC

20150102713 - Casing for receiving hard disk drive: A casing for receiving a hard disk drive includes a top wall, a bottom wall, two sidewalls, and an end wall. A number of metal bars protrude from an inner surface of the top wall.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150102712 - Method of forming composite fiber laminate with variable elasticity and device thereof: A method for fabricating a laminated composite work piece includes providing a first layer of carbon fiber. The first layer extends continuously across the entire area of the work piece. A second layer is placed adjacent to the first layer. The second layer includes a first fiber material extending across... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20150102714 - Modular parking place for bicycles: The present invention relates to a modular parking place for bicycles, formed by one or more compartments (2), each intended for housing a bicycle (1), each compartment (2) being formed by two sets of symmetrical profiles parallel to one another, between which a protective cover (3) is arranged on the... Agent:

20150102715 - Drawer locking device: A drawer locking device for a drawer including at least one side wall, the drawer slidingly closable within a cabinet frame, the drawer locking device including: a mounting portion including three walls defining a U-shaped slot including an inner wall, an outer wall, and a top wall forming a space... Agent:

20150102716 - Refrigerator appliance and a method for manufacturing the same: The present subject matter provides a refrigerator appliance and a method for manufacturing the same. The method includes applying a polyurethane elastomer onto a surface of an inner liner of the refrigerator appliance and injecting a polyurethane foam into a cavity defined between an outer case of the refrigerator appliance... Agent: General Electric Company

20150102717 - Food storage system and method: A system for easy organizing and storing of food items within a refrigerator or cooling unit comprising one or more stackable modular assemblies each having a housing unit and one or more slidably insertable drawers having flexible substantially transparent or translucent drawer covers and are configured for containing a variety... Agent:

20150102718 - Shelf assembly and refrigerator comprising the same: A shelf assembly and a refrigerator including the same. The shelf assembly includes: a shelf plate having first to fourth mounting members, and first to fourth brackets each having a fitting slot, in which the first and second brackets are disposed at a left and right side of the shelf... Agent: Hefei Midea Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20150097471 - Water resistant outdoor electronics cabinet: The present invention includes a water resistant outdoor storage cabinet for housing electronics equipment, telecommunications equipment or other water sensitive apparatus sought to be stored outdoors and protected from environmental elements such as extreme heat and cold, wind, snow weight, pest destruction and in particular water ingress. More specifically, the... Agent:

20150097472 - Dishwasher insulation blanket: A dishwasher includes a tub with a sidewall. A vent is attached to the sidewall of the tub. An inlet line is disposed outside the sidewall and is attached to the vent. The inlet line provides water to the tub through the sidewall. An insulation blanket is disposed over the... Agent:

20150097473 - Drive device for a movable furniture part: A drive device for a movable furniture part, with a latching element which is movable in a slotted guide track in the manner of a cardioid, wherein the slotted guide track has a closing section in which the latching element moves during the closing of the movable furniture part, a... Agent:

20150097474 - Bracket for a pilaster: A dowel or peg on the bracket is inserted into a hole on a pilaster and the bracket rests against the pilaster, held in place by gravity and friction. A drawer rail or similar structure may connect two or more brackets so that a drawer or shelf is supported by... Agent: Foxblox, LLC

20150097475 - Spill resistant surfaces having hydrophobic and oleophobic borders: Described herein are methods for creating spill-proof or spill-resistant surfaces through the use of hydrophobic or oleophobic (H—SH) edges, borders and/or boundaries that contain the water and other liquids within the inside edges, borders and/or boundaries. Also described herein are spill-proof/spill-resistant surfaces. Liquid (e.g., water and other aqueous solutions/suspensions) heights... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150091418 - Electronic device housing and method of assembly: A housing for an electronic device is described. The housing has a front housing and a rear housing attached to the front housing. The rear housing has a first opening over a non-removable battery and at least one antenna integrated into an outside surface of the rear housing. The front... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150091419 - Housing for electrical devices: A housing for electrical devices is composed of four sheet metal parts, namely a base part, two side parts and a lid. The base part is bent in a U-shape and has a rectangular bottom plate with two opposing connecting edges. Each of the side parts has a lower connecting... Agent:

20150091420 - Stackable computer housing assembly: A stackable computer housing assembly includes at least two computer housings. Each of the computer housing has a frame body, two first sliding rails and two second sliding rails. The frame body has a top portion and a bottom portion. The two first sliding rails are assembled at the top... Agent: Cooler Master Electronics (hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.

20150091422 - Mobile personal protection equipment station: A mobile personal protection equipment station includes a housing having a plurality of drawer compartments formed therein. The housing has a plurality of wheels disposed on the bottom thereof such that the housing readily moved by rolling on those wheels. A first drawer fits into a first one of the... Agent: Medline Industries, Inc.

20150091421 - Device for accommodating objects and transportation means comprising such a device: A device (1) for accommodating objects, in particular for use in an airplane, includes a housing (5) and a door (18) which is pivotable about a pivot axis (PA) between an open position and a closed position. The door (18) is movable in a direction which extends substantially parallel to... Agent: Zodiac Aircatering Equipment Europe B.v.

20150091423 - Carrying device and self-locking structure thereof: A carrying device and a self-lock structure thereof are provided, which are adapted for a server to bear a human-computer interface device. The carrying device includes a carrying-component and a receiving cage. The self-lock structure consists of a cantilever fixed on the carrying component and an interference portion formed on... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150091424 - Pressure release slide latch mechanism: A pressure release slide latch mechanism for a drawer slide assembly comprises an outer slide, an intermediate slide mounted in the outer slide, and an inner slide mounted in the intermediate slide, a channel plate having a track portion and a guide block attached to the outer slide and a... Agent: Hardware Resources, Inc.

20150091425 - Dual height workstation configuration: A work surface arrangement comprising a support structure extending upward from a base end, a first work surface forming member supported by the support structure at a first vertical height, a second work surface forming member supported by the support structure at a second vertical height and extending to a... Agent:

20150091426 - Connection tray unit for portable terminal: In a CD player, a connection tray is mounted in a cabinet in a shiftable manner among a retracted position, a first projected position, and a second projected position. The connection tray has an upper tray and a lower tray. The upper tray has a first connector, a second connector,... Agent:

20150091428 - Drawer slide: In some example implementations, there is provided a drawer slide assembly. The drawer slide assembly may including an elongate member including a first slot extending through an upper region and a second slot. The drawer slide assembly may further include a first end cap coupled to the first end region... Agent:

20150091427 - Ejection device for a movable furniture part: A lockable ejection device for a movable furniture part includes an ejection element acting on the movable furniture part in an opening direction, a housing and a locking element arranged in or on the housing, by which locking element, at least in the closing direction of the movable furniture part... Agent:

20150091429 - Drawer glide: A drawer glide having, among other things, a cabinet rail that includes a glide member and a wheel housing. The drawer glide further includes a drawer rail having a wheel and a glide lip. In operation, the cabinet rail is positioned on a cabinet and the drawer rail is positioned... Agent: Sauder Woodworking Co.

20150091430 - Removable storage basket and associated methods for storing items within a freezer: A storage basket is configured to hold multiple product units such as blood bags within the cabinet of a freezer. The storage basket includes first and second spaced-apart sidewalls and a plurality of inclined shelves extending between and coupled to these sidewalls. The inclined shelves include a plurality of air... Agent: Thermo Fisher Scientific (asheville) LLC

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