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Supports: cabinet structure

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11/13/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140333186 - Mounting apparatus: A mounting apparatus includes a panel cage, a first securing member securing a first LCD, a second securing member securing a second LCD, and a cover secured to the panel cage. One of the first securing member and the second securing member is alternatively secured to the panel cage. When... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140333187 - Cooling systems and heat exchangers for cooling computer components: Computer systems having heat exchangers for cooling computer components are disclosed herein. The computer systems include a computer cabinet having an air inlet, an air outlet spaced apart from the air inlet, and a plurality of computer module compartments positioned between the air inlet and the air outlet. The air... Agent:

20140333188 - File storage cabinet: A cabinet for the storage of files, books or papers comprising a floor panel, a vertically-arranged back panel fixed to the rear edge of said floor panel, vertically-arranged side panels fixed to the side edges of both said floor and back panels, a plurality of divider panels fixed to said... Agent:

20140333189 - Colorpoint process: An apparatus and method for creating a realistic granite or other pattern on a substrate, such as a sink, bath, or piece of furniture. The apparatus and method may use gelcoat to create a regular or irregular pattern. The apparatus may use pressurized air or gear pumps to pump paint... Agent:

20140333190 - Integrated control system for service distribution car using wireless communications and service distribution car: Disclosed is a service distribution car including a heating cabinet and a cooling cabinet for providing meals, the service distribution car including: a body comprising a temperature controller for controlling a temperature of receiving space having the heating cabinet and the cooling cabinet; a plurality of driving wheels fixed to... Agent: Myungse Cmk Co., Ltd.

20140333191 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator includes a body, a first door rotatably coupled to one side of the body, and a second door rotatably coupled to the other side of the body. Both the first door and the second door having pocket portions disposed at rear sides of the doors so as to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

11/06/2014 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140327348 - Rotating shelf structure for showcase: Disclosed is a rotating shelf structure for a showcase, which is positioned in the showcase casing and is adapted to allow easy supplementation, from the outside, of a sold product by rotating a shelf that has products placed on display thereon such that a first-in first-out arrangement is possible, and... Agent: Seidae Industrial Co., Ltd

20140327349 - Drawer handle mechanism: A drawer apparatus having a drawer chassis and a drawer adapted to move relative to the drawer chassis from a closed position to an open position. The drawer has first and second lateral sides. A lid assembly is moveable from an upward position to a downward position relative to the... Agent: Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.

20140327350 - Cabinets and mirrors selectively mounted on hinges supporting roomdoors on door frames, hinges for such mountings, and methods for so mounting: A cabinet and a door are each provided with hinge sets having hinge parts secured thereto so that they can be separately mounted on the same hinge parts that are mounted on a door frame and are connected by a hinge pin for each hinge set that support the door... Agent:

20140327351 - Pressing-type unlocking track: A pressing-type unlocking track comprising: a track component with a main slide channel at its up lateral side on which an arresting return passage and a lateral return passage are arranged next to its front end; a driving component with a guide column held in the main slide channel; a... Agent: Nan Juen International Co., Ltd.

20140327352 - Slide assembly with deceleration device: A slide assembly includes a first rail, a second rail, a stop member and a friction member. The first rail includes two sidewalls with a connection wall connected therebetween. The second rail is slidably located between the two sidewalls of the first rail. The stop member is fixed to the... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

20140327353 - Door assembly and refrigerator having the same: A door coupling and rotation assembly and a refrigerator having the same are provided. The refrigerator may include a main body having a storage compartment, at least one door to open and close the storage compartment, and a door coupling and rotation assembly that rotatably couples the at least one... Agent:

20140327354 - Refrigerator and door locking assembly for the same: A door locking assembly for a refrigerator includes a pivoting shaft (20) mounted on the door (80) of a refrigerator along a vertical direction. A rotating member (30) defines a first end (31) pivotably connected with the pivoting shaft (20) and a second end (32). The elastic member (40) defines... Agent: Hefei Midea Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

10/30/2014 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140319978 - Sliding panels system for hiding a flat screen tv: A sliding panels system for hiding a flat screen television, has a wall attachment panel, a pair of post members spaced from one another and attached to the wall attachment panel. Extendable upper and lower rail assemblies attached between the post members. A first side support bracket assembly connected between... Agent:

20140319979 - Showcase having low visibility opening support: This showcase for preserving and displaying objects in a protected environment comprises a base, a box made up of fixed side panels and an upper panel connected to each other in a sealing fashion and defining an abutment framework. At least the upper panel is made of glass, same case... Agent: Goppion S.p.a.

20140319980 - Display case for exhibiting objects: A display case for exhibiting objects is described. The display case has a support base for a display plane and for at least a first shell exhibiting at least a crystal delimiting wall, at least a first linear guide for the support of the first shell, the first linear guide... Agent: Goppion S.p.a.

20140319982 - Ceramic package: Provided is a ceramic package having a cavity in which an electronic component such as a crystal oscillator is mounted, and which realizes even joining of a metallic frame around the opening thereof, as well as reliable sealing of the opening. A ceramic package 1 includes a package main body... Agent:

20140319981 - Thinned housing structure and manufacturing thereof: A thinned housing structure and manufacturing method to arrange a housing rough blank in a mold with multiple discharge ports provided at the bottom; press the housing rough blank with a high pressure press forming method such that residual material of the housing rough blank flowed through the discharge ports... Agent:

20140319983 - Door assembly and clothes treatment apparatus having the same: A clothes treatment apparatus including a cabinet having an opening, a drum placed within the cabinet to accommodate laundry therein, and a door assembly configured to open or close the opening. The door assembly includes a second module having a hollowed region and configured to be selectively open or closed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140319984 - Cabinet ventilation system: The cabinet ventilation system is mounted on top of a cabinet for providing ventilation throughout the entire cabinet by drawing heated air up and out of the interior. The ventilation system is designed with a ventilation hole in the system base that aligns with the cabinet's vent. The ventilation system... Agent:

20140319985 - Movement mechanism and rack housing structure: A movement mechanism includes: a guide member; an installation base that is movably provided on the guide member; and a removable cover base that is removably disposed, next to the installation base, on the guide member.... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140319986 - Movement mechanism and rack housing structure: The invention relates to drive device for a movable furniture part, comprising a lockable ejection device for ejecting the movable furniture part out of a closed position into an open position, wherein the ejection device can be unlocked by pushing the movable furniture part over into an pushed-over position located... Agent:

20140319987 - Piece of furniture with actuating arm arrangement: A piece of furniture has an actuating arrangement for a flap of the piece of furniture. An actuating arm arrangement includes a lever arrangement for moving the flap and a main spring that acts in the closing direction (SR) to hold the flap closed. The piece of furniture also has... Agent:

20140319988 - Self-contained display system for mounting in pallet rack: A self-contained display system cabinet products, for placement in an empty compartment of a pallet rack shelving unit. The display system includes a floor, ceiling and interconnecting side walls and rear wall. Along the left side wall are arranged plural upright pivotable panels which extend from a short distance above... Agent: Bertch Cabinet Mfg. Inc.

20140319989 - Refrigerator having door opening unit: Disclosed is a refrigerator having a door opening unit (100), and more particularly is a refrigerator which provides easier opening of a door that is used to open and close a storage compartment. The refrigerator includes a main body having a storage compartment, a door coupled to the main body... Agent:

20140319990 - Appliance with closure element having an operative device: An appliance that conducts a useful cycle of operation on an article comprises a treating chamber receiving the article and having an access opening. A first closure element selectively closes at least a first portion of the access opening, and a second closure element movable relative to the first closure... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140319991 - Handle assembly for a refrigerator: A handle assembly for mounting to a door of a refrigerator includes a main body member having first and second end portions separated by an intermediate portion. Each of the first and second end portions includes a cavity adapted to receive an end insert formed of soft material. Each of... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20140319992 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator, includes a cabinet having a refrigerating compartment therein; a door pivotably coupled with the cabinet to open or close the refrigerating compartment; and an auxiliary door-opening device. The auxiliary door-opening device includes: a swing arm, a servo driver which is disposed on the cabinet, has an output shaft... Agent: Hefei Midea Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

20140319993 - Refrigerator and household electrical appliance service system using same: A refrigerator includes refrigerator body having a plurality of storage rooms, a plurality of doors that open and close the plurality of storage rooms, and RFID tag that performs proximity communication. In addition, RFID tag is provided on the uppermost door among a plurality of doors. In this way, a... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

10/23/2014 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140312747 - Product vending enclosure and door retrofit: The present invention generally pertains to an enclosure constructed from homopolymer and/or copolymer thermal plastic, preferably polypropylene members and a method of construction therefore. Particularly, such enclosures are utilized in the construction of vending machines, product dispensing machines and the like. The polymer members used for the enclosure material are... Agent: Fastcorp 2, LLC

20140312749 - Device for a system for traffic monitoring of vehicles in road traffic: A device for a system for traffic monitoring of vehicles in road traffic, the device having a first mounting frame and a second mounting frame, which can be secured relative to each other by inner fixing elements. At least the first mounting frame has a cylindrical, especially cuboidal, shape. At... Agent: Jenoptik Robot Gmbh

20140312748 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes a chassis, a securing member, and a bezel. The securing member is secured to a first side plate of the chassis. The bezel includes a pivot tab, and the pivot tab is engaged in the securing member via a through opening defined in a front... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140312750 - Computer system component bay: An apparatus includes a component bay having an operational height and an expanded height. The component bay is moveable between the operational height and the expanded height. A thermal element divides the component bay into one or more compartments, each compartment configured to receive a system component. The component bay... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140312751 - Decorative frame for a domestic appliance, domestic appliance comprising such a decorative frame, and method for producing a decorative frame: A decorative frame for a domestic appliance has an edge-side area and an inner area adjoining the edge-side area inwards. The edge-side area has a thicker section defined by a thickness which is greater than a thickness in the inner area. The thicker section in the edge-side area is realized... Agent:

20140312752 - Longitudinal absorber for downhole tool chassis: A chassis assembly is disclosed for housing at least one circuit board. The chassis has a first chassis part, a second chassis part, and at least three shock absorbers. The first chassis part has a first end and a second end, and a first external surface extending between the first... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20140312753 - Module, living hinge: Provided is a one-piece injection molded part which is used to assemble an optical module, the one-piece injection molded part including: a plurality of plates and a plurality of living hinges. The plurality of plates includes an input faceplate, an output faceplate, a left side plate, a right side plate,... Agent: Afl Telecommunications LLC

20140312754 - Worksurface assembly having cantilevered, vertically adjustable worksurfaces: A worksurface assembly includes a base having an interior, a first support column supported by the base, a first worksurface coupled to the first support column and cantilevered outwardly from the base, a second support column supported by the base and a second worksurface coupled to the second support column... Agent: Herman Miller, Inc.

20140312755 - Pressure release slide latch mechanism: A pressure release slide latch mechanism for a drawer slide assembly comprises an outer slide, an intermediate slide mounted in the outer slide, and an inner slide mounted in the intermediate slide, a channel plate having a track portion and a guide block attached to the outer slide and a... Agent: Hardware Resources, Inc.

20140312756 - Regulating device of drawer panel: A regulating device of drawer panel includes the stationary frame set on drawer side and the adjusting bracket assembled on the stationary frame. The flexible connection of drawer panel can be realized by horizontal regulating components and the adjusting bracket. The longitudinal regulating components that match with the described horizontal... Agent: Guangdong Taiming Metal Products Co. Ltd

20140312757 - Bolster for a safety cabinet: A cabinet including a receptacle having a floor, a front wall, a rear wall, and a pair of opposed sidewalls extending upwardly from the floor. A plurality of bolsters is attached to the floor, each bolster including a lower panel defining at least a first aperture having a longitudinal center... Agent: Apex Brands, Inc.

20140312758 - Tilt-out bin and removable crisper: A storage structure (20) is provided for mounting within a refrigerator compartment (12). The storage structure (20) includes a slide unit (30) attached within the refrigerator compartment (12). The slide unit (30) is removably attached within the refrigerator compartment (12) and includes one or more projections (46) extending outwardly from... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

20140312759 - Food container and refrigerator having the same: A food container allowing the inner space of the food container to be appropriately divided with a minimum number of components and a refrigerator having the same. The food container includes a case defining an accommodation space therein, an inner surface of the case being provided with a stepped portion,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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