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Supports: cabinet structure January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/13

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01/31/2013 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20130026889 - Pop-up monitor with obstacle sensing function: A pop-up monitor with an obstacle sensing function is provided. The pop-up monitor includes a body housing and a monitor frame which is installed to move in a vertical direction with respect to the body housing. The pop-up monitor includes a driving unit, a sensor, and a controller. The driving... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20130026890 - Equipment for displaying information carriers, especially for advertising purposes: The equipment is characterised by that he information carrying device (11; 25; 27, 43, 56) or/and its supporting device (38, 55) is formed by at least two objects (11a, 11b; 25a, 25b; 27a, 27b), which are situated on the two sides of the transparent plate (8; 18; 37, 50) opposite... Agent:

20130026891 - Full depth manifold skin with integrated side trim for domestic kitchen appliance: A manifold skin/side trim combination for a domestic kitchen appliance built into a cabinet is provided. The combination includes a manifold skin having a main skin body having a first surface and a second surface, and an opening in the first surface; and a side trim of the domestic kitchen... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20130026894 - Computer enclosure: An enclosure comprises a chassis, a front panel installed on the chassis, and a cover. The front panel defines an opening. Two mounting board are located on the front panel. Each of the two mounting board defines a first slots. The cover comprises a base wall and two sidewalls located... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20130026893 - Mounting apparauts for side panel of computer: An enclosure comprises a chassis, a side panel and a knob structure. The chassis comprises a rear panel in which a latching hole is defined. The knob structure comprises a mounting member, a sliding member engaged in the mounting member, a positioning member secured to the side panel and a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20130026892 - Variable position supporting channel for computing equipment rack: In one embodiment, the present invention includes an apparatus having a first support member adapted to a first side of a server rack and a second support member adapted to a second side of the server rack. These support members may each include channels configured along the corresponding support member,... Agent:

20130026895 - Washing machine having enhanced coupling structure and control method of the same: A washing machine including a tub which is configured to accommodate water; a rotating tub which is disposed at the inside of the tub; at least one boss which is protruded from the tub and equipped with a coupling hole; a weight balance which is equipped with at least one... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20130026896 - Assembly structure for assembling panel modules with different sizes and panel device therewith: An assembly structure includes a panel installing member, a back cover, a first frame component and a second frame component. The panel installing member is used for holding a first panel module, and a plurality of assembly holes is formed on the panel installing member. The back cover includes a... Agent:

20130026897 - Tray for audio, computer, and video components: Carrying cases are disclosed that include a tray for audio, computer, and/or video components. The tray can include a tray base member coupled to the case and a tray shelf that is movably coupled to the tray base member and configured to support a laptop or other audio, computer, or... Agent:

20130026898 - Cover assembly for an appliance: A cover assembly for an appliance includes a glass panel, at least one attachment element and a perimeter frame. The glass panel has a perimeter edge extending between an inner surface and an outer surface and along a periphery of the glass panel. The attachment element is configured for engaging... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20130026899 - Pull-out guide: A pullout guide comprising: a stationary guide rail; a slide rail movably mounted on the stationary guide rail, the slide rail configured to be pre-tensioned by a self-retractor formed as a driver and movable along a curve guide; and the curve guide being formed by a slot in a metal... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20130026900 - Refrigerator including multiple storage compartments: The present invention provides a refrigerator, comprising: a cabinet that defines a first storage compartment; a first door that is opened or closed to allow or prevent access to an interior of the first storage compartment; a storing device coupled to the first door to define a second storage compartment,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

01/24/2013 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20130020918 - Coplanar closure sliding mechanism for two or three wing wardrobes and the like: A coplanar closure sliding mechanism to be applied to a two or three wing wardrobe and the like, characterized in that said sliding mechanism comprises a rail fixed to a top surface of said wardrobe and thereon a sliding carriage coupled to a support bracket fixed to the wardrobe wing... Agent: Decoma Design S.r.l.

20130020919 - Wire strike assembly: A wire strike assembly for use with a latch mechanism having an adjustment mechanism and locking mechanism to enable the wire strike assembly to be readily adjusted to align with the latch in an efficient and fail safe manner.... Agent:

20130020920 - Cabinet with sliding closure panel: Provided are cabinets, methods of making the cabinets, and methods of using the cabinets. One embodiment of the cabinet includes an enclosure and at least one horizontally slidable closure panel interconnected to the enclosure with a first fully extendible concealed rail slide assembly mounted proximate the enclosure top and a... Agent:

20130020921 - Storage unit: A storage unit includes a top wall, a bottom wall and a peripheral body section joined to the top and bottom walls. The peripheral body section includes a rear wall section, peripheral side wall sections and transversely spaced-apart door jamb sections. The door jamb sections define an opening into said... Agent: Penco Products, Inc.

20130020922 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator with a shelf varied by sliding and pivoting to store thick food items in a storage chamber. The refrigerator includes a main body which has an inner case defining a storage chamber and an outer case defining an external appearance thereof, a first shelf portion arranged at the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/17/2013 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20130015749 - Method for installing a side-by-side domestic appliance combination: The present invention relates to a method for installing a side-by-side domestic appliance combination, in particular a side-by-side refrigerator unit and/or freezer unit combination, which comprises at least two domestic appliances or refrigerator and/or freezer units. In accordance with the invention, the method includes the steps: Arranging the two domestic... Agent: Liebherr-hausgerate Ochsenhausen Gmbh

20130015750 - Protective enclosure including a pry resistant door: A protective enclosure including a housing defining a door opening is provided. A first flange extends from an opening end of a door and is angled relative to a surface of said door inwardly toward an interior storage space of the enclosure. The first flange and the door surface form... Agent:

20130015751 - Medicine cabinet frame and accessories: A fixture includes a medicine cabinet having a cabinet body and a door. The fixture includes a frame which includes a frame body having a recess sized and shaped to receive the door, and an overhang which extends along the upper portion of the door. The fixture can include a... Agent:

20130015752 - Rotatable power-plant case section: A method for rotating a power-plant case section comprises attaching at least one rotary strut, at least one fixed support strut, at least one lifting connector, and at least one rotating connector to a power-plant case section, applying a force to the lifting connector so as to raise the case... Agent: General Electric Company

20130015753 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator is disclosed. The refrigerator is able to store foods at a low temperature and to effectively remove bacteria of the foods stored in a storage room, to maintain the storage room clean.... Agent:

01/10/2013 > 8 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20130009524 - Multiple-door switchgear cabinet: A multiple-door switchgear cabinet includes a cabinet housing containing electrical equipment and being connectable to a power source. Doors attached to the cabinet housing provide access to the electrical equipment and include a first door and secondary doors. The first door, when closed, provides for electrical continuity through a main... Agent:

20130009527 - Cover device for fixing portion: Disclosed is a cover device for a fixing portion, including a coupling hole formed at a side of the fixing portion, and a cover member rotatably coupled with the coupling hole to selectively close the fixing portion, wherein the fixing portion includes a fastening member and a fastening hole, to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20130009525 - Device housing and manufacturing method: A device housing includes a glass panel, a metal frame, and a housing body. The metal frame defines a plurality of through holes, and the glass panel is latched in the metal frame. The housing body includes a base and a reinforcement portion integrally formed together. The base surrounds the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130009526 - Footstand mechanism for adjusting a tilt angle of an electronic device and electronic device therewith: A footstand mechanism for adjusting a tilt angle of an electronic device includes a shaft, a first engaging member, a polygonal block and a second engaging member. The shaft is rotatably disposed on a base of the electronic device, and the first engaging member is disposed on the base and... Agent:

20130009528 - Reversing radar sensor component: A reversing radar Sensor Component presented by the invention includes a sensor, a damping rubber ring sleeved on a peripheral portion of the sensor, a base cover for receiving a front portion of the sensor and damping rubber ring therein, and a top cover capable of being mounted with the... Agent:

20130009529 - Casing and server using the same: A casing includes a casing module and a support module. The casing module includes two side plates spaced apart from each other, a top-plate unit disposed between and perpendicular to the side plates, and a bottom plate spaced apart from and parallel to the top-plate unit. The side plates, the... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130009530 - Dishwasher, especially domestic dishwasher: The invention relates to a dishwasher (1), in particular to a domestic dishwasher, having a washing cavity (2) in which at least one crockery basket (3) is arrangable, wherein the at least one crockery basket (3) can be moved forth and back between an inserted position and a pull out... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20130009531 - Universal rail for multi-furniture construction: A universal rail used for cabinet or furniture construction. The rail is rectangular and has a top, middle and bottom section. Each section has a flange that can be used for various functions. The rail can be positioned either vertically or horizontally depending on the furniture that is to be... Agent:

01/03/2013 > 20 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20130002098 - Modular refrigerated merchandise display system: A method of transporting and assembling components of a merchandise display system having one or more display units. The components of the merchandise display system may be shipped to and received at a merchandising location and may lay flat and stack on top of each other during transportation. The components... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20130002099 - Modular refrigerated merchandise display system: A merchandise display system including one or more display units. The merchandise display system may include a base unit having a refrigeration unit that cools one or more display units. The refrigeration unit may be removable from the base unit. The one or more display units may attach to another... Agent: Pepsico, Inc.

20130002100 - Under-sink receptacle: Apparatus for use in a cabinet is disclosed. The cabinet has a front carrying a door. The apparatus comprises a shuttle that mounts to the cabinet. A bin, having an upper rim and an axis, moves with the shuttle, when said door is open, between a storage position inside the... Agent:

20130002101 - Housing and electronic device using the same: A housing used in an electronic device includes a first casing, a second casing, a key, a latch and an elastic member. The key coupled to the first casing has a first inclined surface. The latch coupled to the first casing has a second inclined surface so as to be... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20130002102 - Electronic device housing and manufacturing method: An electronic device housing is disclosed. The electronic device housing, the electronic device housing comprises a cover comprising a base board, a receiving portion defined in the base board, and a fixing portion in the receiving portion; a silicone rubber membrane; and a panel received in the receiving portion, the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130002103 - Nut utilized in electtronic device and method for assembling the electronic device: An electronic device includes a housing and a nut. The housing defines a fixing hole. The nut is located in the fixing hole. The nut is shaped to fit in the housing and leave a receiving space. Glue is used in the receiving space for fixing the nut to the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20130002104 - Structure and a method for suppressing noise of electronic equipment: A structure and a method for suppressing noise of electronic equipment utilize a noise suppresser to cover a periphery or a surface of the electronic equipment or the circuits thereof. The noise suppresser comprises elements of zirconia and at least one oxide that serves as a stabilizer. By compounding afore... Agent:

20130002105 - Bezel assembly and manufacturing method: A manufacture method for a bezel assembly through an injecting molding machine includes the following steps. A metal front wall is placed on a male mold of the injecting molding machine. The metal front wall is attracted to the male mold. A female mold is coupled onto the male mold.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20130002106 - High-density blade with hot extraction of components for computer system: The invention relates to a blade (10) of components (40) for a computer system, intended to be inserted into a computer system rack and comprising: a frame (20) with means (21) for electrically connecting to the computer rack, and a computer component holder (30) having a plurality of through-slots (31)... Agent: Bull Sas

20130002107 - Cutlery tray, dishwasher basket and dishwasher: The invention in particular is related to a cutlery tray (1) adapted to be attached to a dishwasher basket (2) and designed to receive dishes thereon. In order to ensure high cleaning efficiency and loading flexibility the bottom (3) of the cutlery tray (1) is divided into two support faces... Agent: Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.v.

20130002108 - Liquid concentrate/extract beverage dispenser with replaceable concentrate/extract cartridge: A concentrate/extract cartridge for dispensing a liquid concentrate/extract is provided. The cartridge includes a hollow body and a dispensing tube that contains a pumping device. The cartridge includes a valve having a valve stem that passes through a port of a valve seat connected to the dispensing tube. A piston... Agent: Intelligent Coffee Company, LLC

20130002109 - Mobile electronic device housing: A mobile electronic device housing includes a housing base including a sound redirection chamber, a locking slide cavity, and a support handle cavity. The mobile electronic device housing further includes a housing front panel configured to couple to the housing base including a rectangular top opening, a push button, a... Agent:

20130002110 - Holding device: A holding device includes a case; a base including a placement portion for placing an article, and a fixture holding portion provided on one end side of the placement portion, and rotatably attached relative to the case through a pivot support portion; a slider slidably attached to the base, and... Agent: Nifco Inc.

20130002111 - Detachable combining device: A detachable combining device for covering an electronic module is disclosed in the present invention. The detachable combining device includes a first casing having an engaging portion, a second casing, a buckling component pivotably disposed on the second casing, and a latch slidably disposed on the second casing. The buckling... Agent:

20130002112 - Detachable cabinet with multiple functions: A detachable cabinet with multiple functions is provided. The cabinet includes a folding frame, a top panel and a bottom panel. The folding frame is foldable to save transport costs. Also, the top panel and the bottom panel are connected to the folding frame the notch and the stud. Therefore,... Agent:

20130002113 - Door of a household electrical appliance: An improvement in the door of a household electrical appliance which comprises a bipartite rotary door containing an outer door (10), an intermediary door (20) disposed behind the outer door (10), and an inner rotary door (30). In the second embodiment, the improvement in the door of a household electrical... Agent: Muller Electrodometicos S/a

20130002114 - Flexible display with cover positioning means: A display system (5) is described that comprises a flexible display (7), and two display covers (6) that are hingeable with respect to each other between a stored configuration for fixing the flexible display in a storage position and an open planar configuration for fixing the flexible display in an... Agent: Polymer Vision B.v.

20130002115 - Pull-out guide for drawers: A pull-out guide for drawers has a carcass rail, a drawer rail, and a central rail which is moveably mounted between the carcass rail and the drawer rail. At least one carriage is mounted in moveable manner between at least two rails of the pull-out guide. A synchronization apparatus avoids... Agent:

20130002116 - Weapons storage system and kit: In a weapons storage system or kit for constructing a weapons storage system, sidewalls, and a top wall are provided which, when assembled, form a cabinet. At least one weapons back panel section has a plurality of keyhole shaped apertures in rows and columns substantially throughout the back panel section,... Agent:

20130002117 - Refrigerator shelf assembly: A shelf assembly for use in a refrigerator includes a glass panel having a central region and a perimeter region, with the perimeter region having an upwardly turned spill prevention lip. The upwardly turned spill prevention lip is upwardly turned relative to the central region via a glass forming process.... Agent: Donnelly Corporation

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