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12/27/2012 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120326576 - Bezel-less electronic display: A bezel-less display is disclosed that includes an electronic display device and a cover. The electronic display device has an image-displaying portion and another portion adjacent the image-displaying portion along at least one side. The cover is positioned adjacent the electronic display device and includes a first portion positioned adjacent... Agent: Bloomberg Finance L.p.

20120326575 - Display device housing: In a display device housing 2 in which a front panel 5 and a rear panel 8 are mounted to each other in a state in which peripheral portions 10 and 11 of the front panel 5 and the rear panel 8 are joined to each other, a rear rib... Agent:

20120326578 - One-piece protective carrying case: A carrying case for a portable electronic device is disclosed. Generally speaking, the protective case for a portable electronic device comprises a body section having a back surface and upturned sides, and a rim affixed to an edge of the upturned sides of the body sections, the rim defining an... Agent: Uncommon LLC

20120326577 - Waterproof covering member for a panel of an electronic device: A plastic waterproof covering arrangement includes a peripheral edge of arcuate section; a first set of a plurality of concentric structures; a second set of a plurality of concentric structures; and a brace member for separating the first set of concentric structures from the second set of concentric structures; wherein... Agent:

20120326579 - Computer enclosure with pull tab: A computer enclosure includes a chassis, a mounting bracket, and a pull tab. The mounting bracket is mounted to the chassis. The mounting bracket includes a resilient clip. A fastener is located on the resilient clip. The pull tab is located between the chassis and the mounting bracket. The pull... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120326580 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure which is able to resist damage from jolts or bumping includes a frame, a limiting member located in the frame, a cover secured to the frame, a mounting bracket and a blocking member. The frame includes a side plate. The mounting bracket is adapted to receive... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120326581 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes a frame, a limiting member located in the frame, a limiting member located in the frame, a mounting bracket, and a maintaining member. The frame includes a mounting plate. The mounting bracket is adapted to receive a data storage device and includes a first sidewall... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20120326582 - Bezel assembly for computer: A bezel assembly includes a bezel, at least one base member secured to the bezel, and at least one engaging member slidably attached to the at least one base member. The at least one base member includes a side flange substantially perpendicular to the bezel. At least one opening is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120326583 - Container data center: A container data center includes a container, and a number of cabinets arranged in the container. A shockproof device is mounted to the bottom of the cabinet. A supporting apparatus is mounted between the top of the cabinet and the container. The supporting apparatus includes a first sleeve fixed to... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120326584 - Water cooler cover having adjustable and relocatable openings: A cover for a fluid-containing reservoir. The cover comprises a front surface defining a plurality of adjustable openings to access one or more of a control and an outlet of the reservoir, wherein the front surface comprises a plurality of slats, and wherein a position of the slats is adjustable... Agent:

20120326585 - Drawer closer: A cabinet with sliding drawers has a mechanism for applying motive force in a first direction. The motive force is obtained from motion of the mechanism in an opposite second direction. The mechanism includes a cam and a cam follower. The cam includes a first part, a second part and... Agent: Prince Castle LLC.

20120326586 - Lockable pull-out guide: An arrangement includes a drawer and a pull-out guide for the drawer. The drawer has a drawer container and a front panel that can be connected to the drawer container, and the pull-out guide has at least one body rail for fastening to a furniture body and at least one... Agent:

20120326587 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator door includes a front surface panel and a rear surface panel configured such that a foam space is provided between the panels, first and second frames configured to form each side surface of the door and to which the two panels are supportedly attached, an upper cap and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20120326588 - Refrigerator vacuum storage system: A vacuum storage system in a refrigerator includes a bin or drawer unit removably received in a housing. The vacuum storage system may be utilized in a storage configuration or in a vacuum sealing configuration to remove air from one or more food preservation containers having one-way evacuation valves. A... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

12/20/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120319544 - Container data center: A container data center includes a container, and two spaced cabinets arranged in the container. A supporting apparatus is connected between the cabinets. The supporting apparatus includes two connecting members and an operation member. The first ends of the connecting members are fixed to the corresponding cabinets. The second ends... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120319545 - Enclosure of electronic device: An enclosure includes a main body with a sidewall. The sidewall defines a first opening. A three dimensional shaped mesh cover is attached to the sidewall to cover the first opening. The mesh cover defines a second opening aligning with the first opening.... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120319546 - Bench cabinet assembly which can be assembled and disassembled without tools: A bench cabinet which can be assembled and disassembled without tools is provided. The bench cabinet includes a front door panel, a top panel, a bottom panel, and a rear panel. Two sideboards pivotly connected to two sides of the front frame respectively and are foldable to flatly contact to... Agent:

20120319547 - Stackable footwear storage cabinet: A stackable footwear storage cabinet is provided that includes a plurality of components forming a cubic arrangement inclosing an interior space for a drawer with dividers to store footwear in a vertical fashion. Two or more units capable of being interlocked in a vertical stack, counter weighted to prevent tipping... Agent:

20120319548 - Pull-out guide for a drawer: The invention relates to a pull-out guide for a drawer. The pull-out guide has a body rail to be fastened to the furniture body and at least one pull-out rail that can be moved relative to the body rail. The pull-out guide includes a retaining element having a connecting element,... Agent:

20120319549 - Roller mount for drawer glide mechanism: A drawer glide mechanism includes an elongate guide member, a roller mounted to the guide member, the roller mounted about a hollowed out rivet, and a fastener extending through the hollowed out interior of the rivet, through at least a portion of the guide member, and into the drawer, thereby... Agent: Rsi Home Products Management, Inc.

20120319550 - Parts storage drawer system: A parts storage drawer system is described having part bin dividers that are easily adjusted by sliding the divider along a rail or divider. A parts identification card may be coupled to a divider, such as by insertion into a slot within a divider. Furthermore a parts identification car may... Agent:

20120319551 - Sealing system for refrigerator: The present invention discloses a sealing system for a refrigerator and, more particularly, a sealing system located between the doors of a refrigerator and its acclimatized chambers and of the kind that comprises a gasket to be inserted in a receiving channel existing also between the doors of a refrigerator... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20120319552 - Cooling device: The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) comprising a shelf (3) the height of which can be adjusted. The said cooling device (1) comprises a body (2), at least one shelf (3) disposed inside the body (2) whereon the foodstuffs are placed and which can be raised or... Agent:

12/13/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120313493 - Medium processing apparatus: A medium processing apparatus comprises a casing surrounded by a partitioning wall with an opening; a reel on which tape is wound; a fold-back section provided on an opposite side of the medium processing apparatus to the reel, so as to folded back the tape pulled out from the reel;... Agent: Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

20120313494 - Compound motion shelf organizer: A compound motion shelf organizer may include a front module and a rear module. A compound linear motion system may be coupled between the front module and a base. The compound linear motion system may be configured to allow the front module to move horizontally with respect to the base... Agent:

20120313495 - Container data center: A container data center includes a housing, a driving device, a gear device, and a rope. The hosing includes a sidewall, and the gear device and the driving device are received within the housing. The gear device includes a winding member, one end of the rope is connected to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120313496 - Coffee-cartridge storage system: A storage system (10) is provided for storing a plurality of single-serve-beverage cartridges (30). The system 10 comprises a drawer (40) with compartment lanes (50) adapted to allow a plurality of the cartridges to be single-file situated therein. A slide (80) can be used to move the drawer (40) between... Agent: American Innovation Products, Inc.

20120313497 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator having a mid-front plate structure that provides a superior coupling strength with respect to a middle wall while ensuring a simple shape and a high strength. The refrigerator includes a coupling member which is fixed to a front surface of the middle wall such that the mid-front plate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

12/06/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120306329 - Semi-full access and full access framed cabinetry: A semi-full access and full access face frame for a cabinet box is provided, together with a method for making and assembling cabinet boxes. In a semi-full access face frame, the vertical stiles are rotated ninety degrees compared to a traditional face frame. In a full access face frame the... Agent:

20120306330 - Portable bar with interchangeable canopy tops: A folding portable bar with interchangeable canopies is provided, the bar comprises: at least one umbrella comprising at least one post and a plurality of canopies, each of the canopies comprises a design and at least a portion of each of the canopies is constructed of a material that allows... Agent:

20120306331 - Automated teller machines, methods of making and using automated teller machines: Automated teller machines (ATMs) and ATM components are disclosed. Methods of making and using ATMs and ATM components are also disclosed.... Agent:

20120306332 - Mounting device for electronic components in uav helicopters: A mounting device for mounting electronic components of an unmanned helicopter. A solid base plate has a circumferential outer edge. A connecting module is fixedly attached to the circumferential outer edge. The connecting module is configured to reversibly connect a flexible cover to the base plate.... Agent: Saab Ab

20120306333 - Accessory for dishwasher: An accessory for supporting crockery in a dishwasher comprises a generally U-shaped main body having a pair of legs and a connecting portion that connects the pair of legs, at least one of the legs having a free end that is adapted to be releasably attached to a crockery basket... Agent: Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

20120306334 - Sliding dishwasher lid seal: In a dishwasher of the type where an open top wash chamber slides out of a cabinet for loading and a closure is provided in the cabinet to close the chamber during washing, the closure is provided with a water sealing elastomeric gasket containing a magnetic material and the wash... Agent:

20120306335 - Corner-mount electronics cabinet: A cabinet for holding electronic equipment includes a first rear frame, a second rear frame, and a front frame. The second rear frame is oriented substantially orthogonal to the first rear frame. The front frame is secured to both the first rear frame and the second rear frame. The front... Agent: Kendall Howard L.L.C.

20120306336 - Support system for use with an appliance: A support system for use in an appliance includes at least one brace including a locking bar and at least one substantially vertical track configured to support the at least one brace. The at least one track includes a first side wall and a second side wall defining a channel... Agent:

20120306337 - Drawer system: The invention relates to an arrangement, comprising a drawer and a pull-out guide for the drawer, wherein the drawer has a drawer container and a front panel that can be connected to the container and wherein the drawer can be detachably fastened to the pull-out guide by means of fastening... Agent:

20120306338 - Refrigerator: a fixed rail (221) fixed with respect to the storage compartment; and a movable rail (222, 223) connected to the pull-out door (201), movable forward and backward along the fixed rail (221), provided below a center of the pull-out door (201) in a vertical direction, and which supports the container... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120306339 - Device for maintaining bottles in an inverted position: Devices for maintaining bottles in an inverted position generally include a platform having a substantially planar bottom side, and a top side defining a plurality of cylindrical cavities that extend downwardly. The cavities releaseably receive the mouth-end of bottles, so bottles can be stored in the inverted position, thereby maximizing... Agent:

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