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10/25/2012 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120267989 - Device housing and method for making same: A device housing for an electronic device is provided. The device housing includes a metal main body and at least one metal decorative member. The metal main body has at least one receiving recess defined in an outer surface thereof. The at least one metal decorative member has a top... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120267990 - Automated storage rack and storage product carrier with access control: A storage product carrier for a storage rack includes a plurality of carrier supports spaced one above the other, arranged in pairs on opposite side walls of the storage rack and able to support the storage product carrier which is conveyable by an automatic storage/retrieval device and an access opening... Agent:

20120267991 - Network cabinet: A network cabinet is provided comprising a base member, two pairs of vertical frame rail members connected to the base member, and a top cover supported by at least one of the vertical frame rail members. The base member defines an opening and another opening is defined in the top... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20120267992 - Refrigerator: The present invention relates to a refrigerator. More specifically, the present invention provides a refrigerator comprising a first food storage space and a second food storage space formed separately from each other into two, left and right compartments in a lower part of the main body; a machinery room formed... Agent:

20120267993 - Refrigerator with slidable shelf: A refrigerator includes a sliding rail assembly of a triple rail type, which is slidably installed to a sidewall of a storage compartment, a rail cover to cover the sliding rail assembly, and a sliding shelf removably coupled at one end thereof to the rail cover so as to slide... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

10/18/2012 > 11 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120262037 - Waterproof device: A waterproof device for receiving an electronic device is disclosed. The waterproof device includes a housing including an outer surface. A receiving case including a body and covering portion extends from the body. The body is inside of the housing, and the covering portion abuts the outer surface of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry(shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120262038 - Computer housing structure: A housing structure includes a main cabinet and an engaging mechanism. The main cabinet has an opening formed on one side, and the main cabinet has a side panel and a latch. The opening can be covered up by the side panel, and the latch can be movably arranged on... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120262039 - Enhanced modular drawer structures, systems, and methods: A modular drawer structure comprises a housing having an interior volume defined therein, and a drawer comprising one or more compartments, wherein the drawer is slidably movable with respect to the interior volume of the housing between a first closed position, wherein the compartments are enclosed within the interior volume,... Agent:

20120262040 - Solar panel housing: A housing for a solar panel is provided that includes a tray, the tray including a plate, a pair of side walls extending generally vertical from the plate, a top end cap, a bottom end cap, a lip that extends the interior perimeter of each of the side walls, the... Agent:

20120262041 - Electronic device enclosure: An enclosure includes a main body, a cover for covering the main body, a movable member movably attached to an inner surface of the main body, and a latch member. The main body defines a through hole. The cover defines a through hole aligning with the through hole of the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120262042 - Computer housing structure: A housing structure includes a main cabinet and a fixing mechanism. The main cabinet has an opening formed thereon and includes a side panel and a front panel. A groove is formed on the edge portion of the front panel adjacent to the side panel. A receiving slot is formed... Agent: Silitek Electronic (guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

20120262043 - Ready-to-assemble space organizer kit and methods for using and manufacturing the same: A ready-to-assemble space organizer kit is provided, the kit comprising a plurality of slats including at least a primary slat and at least a secondary slat adapted to intersect with the primary slat within a space defined at least by side walls and a bottom surface. Each slat includes opposite... Agent:

20120262044 - Consumer appliance drawer with improved anti-racking system: A consumer appliance, such as a refrigerator, includes a compartment having opposite sides and a bottom wall. A pull-out drawer is configured above the bottom wall of the compartment. A slide assembly is configured on each opposite side of the compartment and includes a base mounted to the compartment and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120262045 - Drawer assembly and refrigerator having the same: A drawer assembly and a refrigerator having the same are provided. The drawer assembly comprises: a first drawer part having an outcut which is formed in a top of the first drawer part at a transversal rear side of the first drawer part and penetrated through the first drawer part... Agent: Hefei Midea Rongshida Refrigerator Co., Ltd.

20120262046 - Refrigerator: A refrigerator capable of preventing the drooping of a bin when the bin is pulled out of the storage space is provided. The refrigerator does not need to fit a guide device when users push the bin into the storage space, since the bin is completely separated from the guide... Agent:

20120262047 - Refrigerator and/or freezer unit: The present invention relates to a refrigerator/freezer having doors in turn having seals, with the seals in the closed state of the doors sealing the region between the doors, the seal of at least one door movable into a position at least regionally having-larger spacing from the seal of the... Agent: Liebherr-hausgerate Lienz Gmbh

10/11/2012 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20120256525 - Projector suspension device: A projector suspension device includes a casing and a suspension mechanism. The casing defines a space for accommodating an optical projection engine, and the casing has a trough extending into an inside of the casing. The suspension mechanism includes a fixed rod and a movable rod, and the fixed rod... Agent:

20120256526 - Fiber optic cabinet: The present invention relates to a fiber optic telecommunication cabinet for use in fiber optic telecommunication networks. The fiber optic telecommunication cabinet comprises a base and a housing. The housing defines an internal cavity from an open first end that extends longitudinally to a closed second end. The base is... Agent:

20120256527 - Piece of furniture having at least one sliding door: A piece of furniture having at least one sliding door (12), wherein the at least one sliding door (12) is arranged in a displaceable manner with respect to the piece of furniture (10). The piece of furniture (10) has at least one pocket (11) for accommodating the at least one... Agent: Raumplus Besitz- Und Entwicklungs- Gmbh & Co. Kg

10/04/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120248947 - Medication dispensing apparatus having conveyed carriers: A medication dispensing cabinet and an associated medication dispensing drawer assembly are provided in order to controllably convey and dispense medication. A medication dispensing cabinet may include a cabinet body, a plurality of drawers disposed within and configured for slidable extension relative to the cabinet body, a conveyor belt disposed... Agent: Mckesson Automation Inc.

20120248948 - Modular system for display: A versatile modular display, with a compound module with a back lid, a frame which is assembled to the back lid, the frame consisting of an upper side, a lower side, lateral sides and a lid, and a section with cavities which can be assembled unto said frame, the cavities... Agent: Dimension Espacio, S.a. De C.v.

20120248949 - Product exhibition structure and assembly and disassembly method thereof: A collapsible and folding showcase used to load and exhibit products, that is comprised of a base with at least three sides, each side with two extremes, each extreme of a side is jointed with another extreme of another side then forming corners between the extremes; a top with at... Agent:

20120248950 - Hermetically sealed container, image display apparatus, and their manufacturing methods: A hermetic container comprises first and second substrates and bonded by bonding members to form a hermetically sealed space therebetween. Second bonding members placed on both sides of a first bonding member to form the hermetically sealed space between the substrates are sandwiched between the substrates, thereby bonding the substrates... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120248951 - Casing for receiving an extractible hard drive and including a rocking cam for extracting said hard drive: A casing is provided which includes a housing for receiving an extractable element and an extractor member mounted in the vicinity of the housing. The extractor member includes a tilting cam having a bearing end extending into the housing and an actuation end co-operating with a slidable lever having a... Agent: Sagemcom Broadband Sas

20120248952 - Enclosure having collapsible handle: An exemplary enclosure includes a housing, a box slidably inserted into the housing, and a pair of handles pivotably attached on the box. The housing includes ports and the box includes plugs which can be inserted into the ports, respectively. The handle includes a main body pivotably attached to the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120248953 - Self-adjustment suspension apparatus and electronic device with same: An exemplary suspension apparatus for suspending built-in equipment is provided. The suspension apparatus includes a fixing plate having a main plate and a recessed portion formed at the main plate, and a rotator rotatably engaged with the fixing plate. The rotator includes an engagement head and a connection pole; the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120248954 - Equipment enclosure kit and assembly method: An equipment enclosure for housing electronic components includes a front assembly having a front frame, the front assembly defining a front of the enclosure, and a rear assembly having a rear frame. The enclosure further includes at least two side brace members, each side brace member having a first end... Agent: American Power Conversion Corporation

20120248955 - Pull-out guide and domestic appliance: A pull-out guide for a domestic appliance. The pull-out guide includes a stationary guide rail and a running rail movably mounted on the stationary guide rail.... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120248956 - Drawer pull-out guide: A drawer pull-out guide includes a body rail to be fastened to a furniture body and at least one pull-out rail slidably supported relative thereto. The rail is supported so as to be movable between a closed position and an open position. At least one carriage having at least four... Agent:

20120248957 - Food pan guide: A pan guide for use in a food storage apparatus is provided. The pan guide has at least two levels for supporting food storage pans. The levels can be removable. This allows for easy movement of the food pans, to accommodate for temperature changes in the vicinity of the food... Agent:

20120248958 - Articulated freezer drawers: The invention relates generally to an articulating drawer for a bottom mount freezer refrigerator. The drawer can be slideably mounted in the freezer compartment on slides that can include pivots to pivotally mount a drawer front on the slides. A support mechanism can mount a food storage basket for movement... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

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