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11/24/2011 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110285257 - Ergonomically improved arm portal and pass box assembly: An arm portal for ingress and egress within an enclosed, controlled environment, such as an incubator, employs asymmetric orifices to obtain superior arm mobility. The hand/arm portals along with the pass box can be manufactured into a one-piece injection molded assembly that is easily attached to the front face of... Agent:

20110285259 - Computer enclosure: A computer enclosure includes a computer panel, an expansion card shield, and a retaining member. The computer panel defines a slot and has a support piece located above the slot. The expansion card shield includes a main piece covering the slot and a resisting piece abutting on the support piece... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110285258 - Protection shell of a type suitable for supporting a touch tablet personal computer in multiple positions: A protection shell of a type suitable for supporting a touch tablet personal computer in multiple positions includes: a protection bottom cover having a recess on a back portion thereof, the recess being provided with holes at an upper portion thereof and with guiding slots at both sides of a... Agent:

20110285260 - Laundry machine: A laundry machine for treating laundry is disclosed. The laundry machine includes a front gasket (200) having a novel structure capable of effectively pre-venting leakage of wash water or effectively preventing laundry or foreign matter from being introduced between a tub (100) and a drum (300).... Agent:

20110285261 - Rack housing for accommodating a plurality of fanless, plug-in components: A rack housing that accommodates a plurality of fanless, plug-in components includes a plurality of plug-in positions that accommodate the plurality of fanless, plug-in components in a first region of the rack housing bordering a first housing side, at least one installation chamber that accommodates at least one add-on component... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20110285262 - Laundry washing apparatus: The present invention relates to a laundry washing apparatus and particularly to a laundry washing apparatus comprising a base that forms a lower face, front/rear plates that form front and rear directions, side plates that form both sides, and a top plate that forms an upper part, wherein the top... Agent:

20110285263 - Collapsible cabinet: A collapsible cabinet includes a non-rigid casing having a back and four sides wherein a first hinge line is formed between any two adjacent sides of the casing; a rigid back plate fitted onto the back of the casing for support; and a plurality of non-rigid storage units releasably fastened... Agent:

20110285264 - Handling of storage media cartridges: Storage media cartridge handling apparatus (10) is disclosed that comprises: a frame (20) to support first and second laterally spaced arrays (41, 42) of cartridge access locations extending in a front-back direction, and at least one laterally extending further array (50) of cartridge access locations, the cartridge access locations facing... Agent:

20110285265 - Fiber distribution hub with dual swing frames: The present disclosure relates to a telecommunications distribution cabinet having a cabinet housing in which a first swing frame and a second swing frame are pivotably mounted.... Agent: Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

20110285266 - Rack and pinion refrigerator storage system: A rack and pinion storage system for use in a refrigerator compartment defined by a liner includes a pair of supports attached to opposing sidewalls of the liner. First and second gear covers snap-fittingly connect first and second gear wheels to respective first and second mounting brackets extending from a... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

11/17/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110278997 - Modular containment system: Modular containment system having at least one shell having at least one shell panel whereby an operator is able to manipulate equipment contained in a isolated environment, and at least one end panel. The at least one shell and at least one end panel are able to be configurably and... Agent:

20110278998 - Aisle containment system: The aisle containment system is mounted to two rows of equal width cabinets or cabinets varying in width between 600 mm, 700 mm and 800 mm. The aisle containment system includes door assemblies on both ends of the cabinet rows, vertical panels that mount to the cabinets and door frames... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110278999 - Aisle containment system: The aisle containment system is mounted to two rows of equal width cabinets or cabinets varying in width between 600 mm, 700 mm and 800 mm. The aisle containment system includes door assemblies on both ends of the cabinet rows, vertical panels that mount to the cabinets and door frames... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110279000 - Appliance having micro-pattern and method for fabricating structure having micro-pattern for appliance: The present invention relates to an appliance having a micro-pattern (190b) for displaying a pattern or a character, and a method for fabricating a structure having a micro-pattern (190b), and more particularly, to a method for displaying a pattern or a character more effectively. To achieve above object, the appliance... Agent:

20110279001 - Enclosed front personal protection equipment organizer: A cabinet is described that includes a back member, a plurality of side members extending from the back member to form a substantial enclosure, and at least one front member movable with respect to the side members from a first position to a second position. Each front member has a... Agent:

20110279002 - Case of electronic device having antenna pattern embedded therein, and mold therefor and method of manufacturing thereof: There is provided a case of an electronic device having an antenna pattern embedded therein, the case including: a radiator frame injection molded so that a radiator including an antenna pattern part formed of a metal sheet is exposed on one surface thereof; a case frame injection molded upward of... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd

20110279003 - Computer enclosure: A computer enclosure includes a bracket and a locking member. The bracket includes a side plate defining a slide slot. A first pair of positioning mechanisms and a second pair of positioning mechanisms are located on opposite sides of the slide slot. The locking member is configured for securing a... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co.,ltd.

20110279004 - Automatic warewashing machine, in particular a household dishwasher, having an automatically openable door: An automatic warewashing machine includes a washing chamber, a hinged door configured to close the washing chamber, and a force-locking latching mechanism configured to hold the door in a closed position and release the door in response to a pulling force. The force-locking latching mechanism is disposed on the washing... Agent: Miele & Cie. Kg

20110279005 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes an enclosure, a bracket fixed to the enclosure and an air deflecting plate fixed to the bracket. The bracket has an opening large enough to allow storage devices to pass therethrough. The air deflecting plate includes two pivot members defined on an air deflecting plate... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20110279006 - Electronic assembly: An electronic assembly includes a rack, two connecting arms, a case and two guideways. The connecting arms are mounted on opposite sides of the rack, spaced from and facing each other. The case includes a supporting housing and a cover. The supporting housing is sandwiched between the connecting arms, and... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)co., Ltd.

11/10/2011 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20110273065 - Door hold open mechanism for a merchandiser: A merchandiser including a case defining a product display area for supporting and displaying food product. The case includes a case frame that has at least one mullion defining an opening into the product display area, a door that is positioned over the opening and pivotably coupled to the case... Agent: Hussmann Corporation

20110273066 - Device for locking the doors of a showcase: The invention provides a showcase having at least two glass doors, a first door being fastened to a front ferrule and a second door being fastened to a rear ferrule, each of the ferrules moving along a respective rail, said locking device comprising a lock for locking the two doors... Agent: Adler S.a.s.

20110273067 - Enclosure of electronic device with groove: An enclosure of an electronic device includes a chassis and a cover plate. An opening is defined in the chassis. The chassis includes a top plate and a flange substantially perpendicular to the top plate. A groove is defined in the flange. The groove extends along a direction substantially parallel... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110273068 - Computer case: A computer case includes a first fixing board, a second fixing board and a fixing module. The first fixing board and the second fixing board form a space for inserting a removable device. The second fixing board includes a hole. When the removable device is inserted into the space, the... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20110273069 - Case structure and method for pre-forming the same: A case structure and a method for pre-forming the same are described. The pre-forming method includes the following steps. A first case body and a second case body are supplied. Two side plates of the second case body are bent, such that the two side plates respectively form an initial... Agent: Inventec Corporation

20110273070 - Door handle and refrigerator having the same: A refrigerator includes a refrigerator body, a door to open and close the front of the refrigerator body, and a door handle provided at one side of the door. The door handle includes a handle unit having a grip part to allow a user to grip the door handle, an... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110273071 - Refrigerator and door thereof: A door handle includes a front surface part and a side surface part provided on an inner side chassis forming one side surface of a refrigerator door in the longitudinal direction, an inclined plane part formed between the front surface part and the side surface part in the longitudinal direction,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

11/03/2011 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110266929 - Medical supply cabinet with lighting features: A medical supply cabinet having improved features for user access, user control, and illumination is provided. The supply cabinet is provided with a selectively controllable illumination source, such as light-emitting diodes, that provide the operator with visual information regarding access to individual compartments of the supply cabinet.... Agent: Automed Technologies, Inc.

20110266930 - Computer cart: A computer cart has segregated computer storage areas and adapter/cord management areas. This enables the adapters and cords to be stored in an orderly fashion and also prevents the cords and adapters from being accessed or removed from the cart when the computers are being accessed. In one embodiment, extensions... Agent:

20110266931 - Showcase-forming cabinet with locking for at least one sliding glass door: The invention relates to a cabinet forming a showcase, including at least one glass door fastened on a ferrule moving along a rail, and a latch housed in the structure of the cabinet in such a manner that the bolt of the latch is engageable, when the door is in... Agent: Adler S.a.s.

20110266932 - Household appliance comprising a sliding decorative panel on its door: A household appliance (1) comprising a body (2) which is disposed into the furniture, a door (3) which allows access into the body (2) and moves by rotating around a horizontal axis and which is opened by holding a handle, a hinge (4) which connects the door (3) to the... Agent:

20110266933 - Modular computer chassis system and method: Provided in some embodiment is a module locking device including a first member coupled to a computer chassis during use, a second member coupled to the first member via a hinge. The hinge enables the second member to move between a first position that inhibits removal of one or more... Agent:

20110266934 - Housing: The invention relates to a housing, which is used to accommodate in particular electrical switching components, comprising a housing body, a cover, and a seal between the housing body and the cover, wherein the cover is fastened to the housing body using fastening elements. The invention further relates to a... Agent: Rittal Gmbh &

20110266935 - Slide assembly for a dishwasher rack: A dishwasher includes a tub having a retractable upper dish rack secured to the tub by a slide assembly. The slide assembly includes a pair of telescoping cylinder assemblies, each of which includes a number of hollow, cylindrical, metal rods.... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

20110266936 - Motorized moveable shelf assembly for cabinet structures: A robust, motorized moveable shelf assembly having a shelf carriage, a stationary support structure, and a motorized drive assembly that can be retrofitted into an existing cabinet structure or be combined with a cabinet structure in which the shelf carriage can rotationally-move outside and either downward or upward of the... Agent: Control Dynamics Inc.

20110266937 - System and method for an automatically adjusting force engine and assisted storage: A force engine operable to counterbalance a load. The force engine includes one or more energy reservoirs operable to store energy. The one or more energy reservoirs are operable to generate a force to balance the load through the displacement in an operating mode. A traveling member is hingedly connected... Agent:

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