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Supports: cabinet structure August inventions list 08/11

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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110204755 - Product server with breath guard: A product server for holding and displaying food products is disclosed. The product server has a front customer side, a rear employee side and a breath guard. The breath guard comprises a cover on a cabinet of the product server that is moveable between a lowered position covering the food... Agent: Duke Manufacturing Co.

20110204756 - Foldable portable bar: A foldable, portable bar that is lightweight and easily transported and erected on location is provided. The invention can be folded to a compact size for easy storage in a wheeled, hard or soft shell case which takes up a minimum of storage space. Though compact when in storage, the... Agent:

20110204757 - Organizing valet and method of using same: The present invention describes a piece of furniture and a method of using and making the same according to certain embodiments of the invention may include an organizing structure having a housing with an open front portion, a movable false interior wall capable of fastening at least a single electrical... Agent: Blue Angus

20110204758 - Electronic device securement system: Embodiments hereof relate to an electronic device securement system for receiving and securing a portable electronic device to a protective housing. The electronic device is secured within the protective housing via a removable gasket, which is custom molded to stretch around the edges of the electronic device to receive the... Agent: Daymen Photo Marketing Lp

20110204759 - Network element, holding element, profile rail and set: Described is a network element (10) comprising a mechanical frame (12). The frame (12) comprises at least one rail (96). The rail (96) comprises at least one first groove (106). The network element (10) also comprises at least one holding element (100) which is arranged in the first groove (106)... Agent: Nokia Siemens Networks Oy

20110204760 - Cabinet with adjustable shelf: A cabinet having a deep shelf with limited access is described and includes at least two opposite sides carrying track means to permit easy adjustment of the shelf between two or more levels by a single person maneuvering only the one accessible end of the shelf. The cabinet can be... Agent: Cannon Equipment Company

20110204761 - Mounting device for a furniture part and item of furniture: The invention relates to an item of furniture and a device for detachably mounting a furniture part on a guide unit, by means of which the furniture part is accommodated on a furniture body so as to be displaceable, and the guide unit includes a body rail that is associated... Agent: Grass Gmbh

20110204762 - Modular system for a domestic refrigerator: A domestic refrigerator includes a housing having a refrigerated compartment defined therein, and a sliding drawer positioned in the refrigerated compartment. The sliding drawer has a storage chamber defined therein, and a mounting bracket is secured to the sliding drawer and extends into the storage chamber. The domestic refrigerator also... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110198972 - Flat screen armoire: A flat screen armoire is disclosed which includes a flat screen enclosure area defining first and second interior side walls, a lower interior surface and an upper interior surface. A flat screen support bracket is provided including a vertical support member pivotably engaged to the upper and lower interior surfaces... Agent:

20110198973 - Casing structure for electronic equipment: A fan motor is mounted on the upper wall of the casing. The lower surface of this upper wall is formed into an inclined surface in which inclination is formed from the front wall side of the casing toward a back wall across from the front wall. When the fan... Agent: Fanuc Ltd

20110198974 - Cleaning trolley: The present invention refers to a cleaning trolley comprising a base plate supported by rolling members; at least four upright hollow profiles for fixing cross walls arranged on the base plate, wherein each cross wall consists of two separate wall elements removably arranged back-to-back to each other and fixed by... Agent: Ecolab Usa Inc.

20110198975 - Actuation device: The invention relates to an actuation device for pull-outs, shelf boards, flaps, or other such elements to be opened, particularly front elements of particularly kitchen and office furniture, kitchen appliances and flush-mounted appliances, product dispensing devices, and the like, having components comprising a corpus, wherein the element to be opened... Agent: Heinrich J. Kessebohmer

20110198976 - Non-encapsulated refrigerator shelf: A refrigerator includes support rails which are positioned adjacent a back wall for supporting a plurality of removable shelf assemblies. First and second shelf support brackets project from the rails and include rear shelf support flanges spaced from support arms. A shelf panel has a back frame member including at... Agent: Whirlpool Corporation

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110193453 - Frameless food guard system and method: A system and method for a frameless food guard are disclosed. Unlike the prior art, embodiments of a frameless food guard do not comprise a support structure for support of the food guard panel components. Advantageously, one or more of the food guard panel components in a frameless food guard... Agent:

20110193454 - Article of furniture having a drawer and a current consumer: The invention relates to a carrier element that can be attached to a furniture body of a piece of furniture, wherein a current consumer is disposed in or on a furniture part movable in the piece of furniture, particularly a drawer, wherein at least one power supply unit for the... Agent:

20110193455 - Fitting for a corner cabinet: A fitting for a corner cabinet accessible through a door has a support arranged stationarily in the interior of the corner cabinet for securing a shelf. The support has a guide member supporting the shelf and moving the shelf on a predetermined movement path from an inner position inside the... Agent: Heinrich J. Kesseb&#xd6 Hmer Kg

20110193456 - Fitting for corner cabinets: A fitting for a corner cabinet has a support with a guide member supporting and moving a shelf on a path from inside the corner cabinet into a position in front of a door opening. The guide member is pivotably connected to the shelf bottom and to a part of... Agent: Heinrich J. Kessebohmer Kg

20110193457 - dishwasher: The present invention relates to a dishwasher (1) that comprises a body (2), a door (3) allowing access into the body (2), at least two hangers (4) secured oppositely on the ceiling (T) of the body (2), at least two rails (5) each secured to the hangers (4) and at... Agent:

20110193458 - Retaining clip for an actuator of a furniture flap: The invention relates to an actuator, comprising at least one pivotably supported actuating arm for moving a furniture flap, wherein the actuating arm is or can be acted on by a spring device, and wherein a retaining clip is proposed for the empty actuating arm on which no furniture flap... Agent:

20110193459 - Device housing with latching mechanism: A device housing with latching mechanism includes a base, a cover and a latching mechanism. The cover includes a first edge and an opposite second edge. The first edge is rotatably connected to the base, and the second edge is connected to the cover by the latching mechanism. The cover... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110193460 - P-chassis arrangement for positioning a display stack: Methods and apparatus for aligning a display stack with respect to a housing associated with a portable electronic device are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, a chassis arrangement suitable for use in aligning a display stack with respect to a housing includes a first portion, a... Agent:

20110193461 - Articulation structure for sliding shelf stem: An articulation mechanism for a sliding shelf stem of a household appliance is disclosed. The articulation mechanism may operate without the use of an additional piece and may be made only with a stamping on the counter-door itself of the household appliance. The configuration of the articulation mechanism may simplify... Agent: Electrolux Do Brasil Sa

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110187244 - Systems and methods for mattress display devices: A mattress display device includes a mattress, a housing having a mounting flange and a plurality of coil springs, and a rigid panel. The housing may include an opening in its top surface. The mounting flange may be disposed on the housing, and may be configured to attach to a... Agent: Dreamwell, Ltd.

20110187245 - Protection and assembly of outer glass surfaces of an electronic device housing: Improved housings for electronic devices are disclosed. An electronic device housing can make use of at least one outer member (e.g., cover) that can be aligned, protected and/or secured with respect to other portions of the housing for the electronic device. In one embodiment, an electronic device housing can have... Agent:

20110187246 - Dish washer: Dishwasher including a housing (1) having an opening in a front and a hinge shaft (43) for holding dishes to be washed therein, a door (2) rotatably mounted with the hinge shaft (43) for selective opening/closing of the opening in the housing (1), and a falling off preventive unit for... Agent:

20110187247 - Garage storage systems: Cabinets adapted for non-level garage floors and out-of-plumb garage walls with leveling controls operated from inside each cabinet. The cabinets have in common that they are attachable to a garage wall and each has at least one adjustment panel forming a part of the back of the cabinet. Each adjustment... Agent:

20110187248 - Tool cabinet: A tool cabinet has a hollow body and a hanging assembly. The hanging assembly is mounted on one side wall of the body and has a connecting board and two suspending rods. The connecting board is mounted securely on the side wall. The suspending rods are mounted securely and parallelly... Agent:

20110187249 - Drawer and electronic device using the same: A drawer received in an electronic device includes a drawer assembly and a locking assembly. The drawer assembly is detachable attached to the electronic device and can be used as a carrying case for components of the electronic device. The locking assembly includes a rotatable key set on the drawer... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110187250 - Drawer box display container: A Vertical or Horizontal Drawer Box Display Unit, employing File drawer slides that embodies Rail Positioning Cross-circle systems, allowing Drawers to swing from to left to right for vertical Boxes or up to down for horizontal Boxes and back again, forming an open display for viewing when said Drawers are... Agent:

20110187251 - Shock-actuated lock: A lock that is actuated by an actuating force, such as that caused by an earthquake, for locking a door of a compartment or other enclosure. A magnet can be embedded on an inside surface of a door of the compartment. A displaceable component is provided within the compartment. An... Agent:

20110187252 - Drawer and electronic device using the same: A drawer received in an electronic device includes a drawer assembly, two locking assemblies, and a drawer cover. The drawer assembly is for carrying a component of the electronic device, and is operable to move in and out of the electronic device via an opening of the electronic device. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110187253 - Fitting for household appliances and lubricant: The invention relates to a fitting, for example a drawer slide for household appliances, comprising two rails that can move relative to one another and that are slid toward one another by way of rolling elements. In the process, the tracks (6, 8) of the rolling element (4) are lubricated... Agent:

20110187254 - Sliding assembly with damping device: A slide assembly with a damping device includes a first rail, a second rail, a first support frame, a second support frame, a rack and a damper. The second rail is movable longitudinally relative to the first rail. The first support frame is fixed to the first rail, and the... Agent: King Slide Works Co., Ltd.

20110187255 - Home bar door and refrigerator having the same: A refrigerator including a refrigerator body, a door to open and close the front of the refrigerator body, the door having an opening, a home bar door to open and close the opening, and a hinge device provided at the home bar door, wherein the hinge device includes a hinge... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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