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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110121694 - Washing machine: A washing machine comprising a cabinet, a top cover arranged at an upper surface of the cabinet and has a laundry entrance hole, wherein the upper surface of the cabinet opens, and a lid assembly arranged at the top cover and opens/closes the laundry entrance hole is provided. A handle... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110121695 - Storage unit: A storage unit having a frame, drawers and a carrying handle. When the unit is lifted by the handle, or the handle is moved to a position suitable for lifting the storage unit, the handle arms lift the bottom drawer of the stack of drawers which in turn lifts each... Agent: Pdy Systems Lp

20110121696 - Bracket and cabinet using the same: A cabinet includes four pillars, a bracket mounted on the pillars, and an electronic device placed on the wheels. The bracket includes a mounting frame, shafts secured to the mounting frame and wheels on the shafts. When the electronic device is pushed or pulled, the wheels rotate on the shafts,... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110121697 - Swivel organizer: A storage organizer for vanity items includes a cabinet in which an interior space is formed by a first sidewall, a second sidewall opposing the first sidewall, a top wall extending from the first sidewall to the second sidewall, a bottom wall opposing the top wall and extending from the... Agent: For Your Ease Only, Inc.

20110121698 - Washer: The present invention relates to a washer (1) comprising a body (2), having two side walls (3), one rear wall (4) and one front wall (5), at least one inlet port (7) disposed on the front wall (5), and at least one supply line (6), delivering electricity or water, with... Agent: Arcelik Anonim Sirketi

20110121699 - Visual tool system: A system is disclosed for a tool identification method comprising a movable metal storage cabinet and tool profiles positioned the side of a storage cabinet wherein said tool profiles detail the tool contents of the drawers of said storage cabinet.... Agent: Versatility Tool Works & Manufacturing Company

20110121700 - Adjustable toe plate for application in suspended cabinet systems: The present disclosure describes a suspended cabinet system having a base cabinet affixed to a wall with a leveled mounting bracket for suspending the cabinet from the floor surface to provide a level counter top surface regardless of imperfections or uneven floors. Further, an adjustable kick plate may be mounted... Agent:

20110121701 - Engaging structure for closet drawer: An engaging structure of the drawer of a closet includes a fixing element on any one of the two opposite sides of the drawer that have sliding rails. One end of the fixing element is provided with a first guiding part corresponding to the end edge of the lift handle... Agent:

20110121702 - Mounting arrangement for a fan assembly, refrigerator and/or freezer: A mounting arrangement for a fan comprising at least one mounting bracket and at least one fan, wherein the fan is latchable in the mounting bracket by means of at least one latching means. Also, assembly consisting of at least one counterpart; and at least one mounting arrangement, wherein in... Agent: Liebherr-hausgerate Lienz Gmbh

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110115345 - Extendable instrument cabinet: An extendable instrument cabinet includes a rectangular framework and an extension frame assembly. By the extension frame assembly connected to the rectangular framework, the instrument cabinet can enhance its capacity. The extension frame assembly includes an end frame and a side frame. The rectangular framework can be selectively mounted with... Agent:

20110115346 - Organizer/storage system that mounts on top of a computer workstation: An organizer/storage system that mounts on top of a computer workstation for storage of office supplies, devices, or files that makes efficient use of the available space above, or on one or both sides of the computer workstation. The organizer/storage system includes a top platform and side panels, and may... Agent:

20110115349 - Electronic apparatus and associated disassembly release tool: An apparatus comprises an enclosure having exterior walls defining an interior space; a top (10) having an interior surface (12) and a plurality of coupling clips (30) extending from the interior surface; and a base (5) having an inner surface (14). The base has a plurality of clip receiving members... Agent:

20110115347 - Locking assembly and electronic enclosure using same: An enclosure includes a base, a cover mounted on the base, and two locking members assembled on the cover. A plurality of supporting recesses and two supporting portions are defined in the base. A plurality of barbs are formed on the cover to match with the supporting recesses. The locking... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110115348 - Locking device and electronic enclosure using same: A locking enclosure includes a base, a cover mounted on the base, and two locking members assembled on the cover. A plurality of supporting recesses and two supporting portions are defined in the base. A plurality of barbs are formed on the cover to match with the supporting recesses, and... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110115350 - Folding tv cabinet: A folding entertainment cabinet can be assembled and is connectable without tools. Hinged end walls, allowing for foldability, interconnect with rigid front and back walls. A rigid floor and a top removably connect to the unfolded frame structure for a completely rigid assembled cabinet structure. The rigidity of the cabinet... Agent: Avista Group Inc

20110115351 - Modular case goods and components: The present disclosure provides modular case good apparatus including a base unit having a shell including a back panel with a lower edge, two side panels each with a rear edge, each side panel joined to the back panel on opposite ends of said back panel, a front panel joined... Agent: Argc, LLC

20110115352 - Shelf element: A shelf element which is intended to be incorporated in a shelf contains, at each of its corners, an angular profile (1) whose upper and/or lower ends are to be connected to a similar angular profile (1). The shelf element contains at least one plate element (2). The plate element... Agent:

20110115353 - Control mechanism for drawer slide assembly: A drawer slide assembly control mechanism including a cabinet rail and a drawer rail is provided, the control mechanism including a drawer latch bracket associated with one of the drawer and the drawer rail and having an engagement tab extending outwardly therefrom, and a shock-absorbing sub-assembly. The shock-absorbing sub-assembly includes... Agent: Grass America, Inc.

20110115354 - Anti-tip device and cabinet: The invention relates to an anti-tip device, especially for information technology cabinets, comprising a support rail having a root area for support on a floor surface. Said support rail has a displacement section which can be displaced along a guide rail, the support rail being adjustable between a support position,... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110115355 - Appliance door: The present invention relates to a door for an appliance. The door has a front panel and a rear panel and edges extending between the front panel and rear panel to create an internal cavity between the front panel and the rear panel. A filler material is contained in the... Agent:

20110115356 - Shelf for an appliance: A spill proof shelf, a refrigerator using the same and a method for assembling a shelf are disclosed. The shelf has a frame, which has a peripheral frame portion having a pair of sliding channels. The shelf further has a plate, which slides into the peripheral frame portion through the... Agent:

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110109207 - Collapsible food service system: A food service system is formed using a plurality of units capable of being interlocked together in a variety of customizable configurations. The units of the food service system include a food service bar with buffet pan chillers, a work table, a cashier station, and variety of connecting pieces for... Agent: Cambro Manufacturing Company

20110109208 - Domestic appliance including a treatment chamber that can be closed by a door and a filling device: A household appliance includes a treatment chamber having an opening. The opening of the treatment chamber is configured to be closed by a door. The opening of the treatment chamber is bounded by at least one frame member. An external container is configured to hold at least one of an... Agent: Miele & Cie. Kg

20110109209 - Lock mechanism for fixing a slide bar in either of two positions: A lock mechanism for manually or automatically fixing a slide bar in either of two positions. A lock body has a key barrel adapted to rotate a lock cam in a first rotational direction. A latch is biased in a closed position, the latch being adapted to move to an... Agent: Metro Industries Inc.

20110109210 - Method of inserting brittle material in plastic shell and electronic device having the plastic shell: A method of inserting a brittle material into a plastic shell comprises: a) processing the brittle material, so that the brittle material comprises an embedded portion to be embedded into the plastic shell, an exposed portion to be exposed outside the plastic shell, and a positioning portion between the embedded... Agent:

20110109211 - Furniture product with power port feature: A furniture product is provided comprising a power port disposed on an exterior side surface of the furniture product, for providing regulated and unregulated power for electronic devices disposed external to the furniture product. The power port comprises a variable attenuator providing a regulated power output, a regulated power output... Agent:

20110109212 - Sliding mechanism and electronic device having the same: A sliding mechanism comprises a sliding plate, a main plate, a sliding enabling member, a biasing member and a stopping member. The sliding plate has sidewalls and the main plate has peripheral walls corresponding to the sidewalls, respectively. The slide enabling member is coupling the sidewalls to the peripheral walls... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110109214 - Drawer assembly: A drawer assembly is provided and includes a drawer and a sliding guide rail system for opening and closing the drawer within an article of furniture. A support bracket for supporting the drawer is provided at each side of the drawer. The system includes a fixed rail disposed within each... Agent: Harn Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

20110109213 - Fiber tray: A fiber tray for managing and organizing fiber distribution is disclosed. The fiber tray includes a housing and a drawer received in the housing. The housing is secured to an equipment rack. The housing includes inner sides with a glide mechanism extending the length of each inner side. The glide... Agent: Panduit Corp.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110101830 - Secure modular storage assembly: The invention relates to a storage assembly of a type that comprises at least two modules which can be solidly connected to one another, each of said modules being equipped with means for accessing at least one storage space, closure means and means for solidly connecting the modules to one... Agent:

20110101831 - Carrier: A carrier includes a tray for accommodating a data storage device, a bracket fixed to the tray, a retaining member pivotably attached to the bracket at a first end of the retaining member, a lever member pivotably mounted to the bracket, and a first resilient member located between the retaining... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101832 - Securing mechanism and electronic device enclosure using the same: A securing mechanism secures a component in an electronic device enclosure. The component chassis includes a positioning portion and an engaging portion positioned on the component chassis. The securing mechanism includes a fixing bracket and a resilient member fixed on the fixing bracket. The fixing bracket includes a guiding portion... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101834 - Casing with a metallic sheet and a screw sealing an extruded tapped hole in the metallic sheet: A casing includes a metallic sheet and a screw. The metallic sheet is formed with an extruded tapped hole surrounded by an arcuate portion in the metallic sheet and a sleeve integrally with and depending from the arcuate portion. The sleeve has internal threads. On the other hand, the screw... Agent:

20110101835 - Latching mechanism and computer chassis using the same: A computer chassis includes a housing, a sideboard defining a latching hole, and a latching mechanism. The latching mechanism includes a supporting assembly, a first latching member, a second latching member, a rotation shaft, an elastic member, and a pressing assembly. The supporting assembly is mounted in the housing. The... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110101833 - Ratcheting rack-mount kit reinforcement mechanism for storage rack: A storage rack for supporting a server chassis in a storage cabinet. The storage rack includes front and rear vertical support members and one or more rack mount kits for slidably supporting one or more computing devices (e.g., servers). Each rack mount kit may include a pair of rail assemblies,... Agent: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

20110101836 - Domestic appliance access panel: An access panel is disclosed for extending across a lower frontal section of a domestic appliance positioned on a surface. The access panel includes, a substantially rigid middle portion having a top edge and a bottom edge, a flexible top portion attached along at least a portion of the top... Agent: Vinylex Corporation

20110101837 - Storage and retrieval system: The storage and retrieval system includes a frame having at least two columns adjacent to one another. A track is disposed in each column, each track being generally parallel to one another. A plurality of storage units reside and move within the tracks. An actuator coupled to the frame displaces... Agent: Worthwhile Products

20110101838 - Glass appliance cover with bonded hardware: A cover assembly for an appliance includes a glass panel and at least one metallic attachment element bonded to an inner surface of the glass panel via a layer of cured adhesive. The at least one metallic element is configured for mounting to at least one corresponding structure of the... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20110101839 - Closing device for drawers: A closing device that includes a latching member that when moved a given distance utilizes a gear to affect a mechanical advantage that results in an end of a biasing member being moved less than the given distance. The biasing member is used in moving a first drawer slide member... Agent: Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Company

20110101840 - Door-locking device for a household appliance, door arrangement comprising a door-locking device and method for locking a door of a household appliance: A door locking device for a household appliance is provided. The door locking device includes a base member that has a receptacle; a closing element on a door side that is moved into the receptacle when a door of the household appliance is closed; a control unit; an electrical switch... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 Te Gmbh

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