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Supports: cabinet structure April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110095660 - Bright-surface structure and display with nut suspended in midair: A bright-surface structure with nut suspended in midair is provided. The bright-surface structure comprises a main body, at least one nut and at least one holder. The main body has a coupling region and at least one appearance surface with smooth and bright face. The nut is disposed at the... Agent:

20110095661 - Sealing structure for sealing multiple sections and a drawer of a medical emergency cart: An emergency crash cart includes a sealing structure that enables multiple storage sections of the cart to be locked and sealed simultaneously. The locking structure enables one of the storage sections to be unlocked and unsealed without unlocking or unsealing the other storage sections. The locking structure also can be... Agent: Metro Industries Inc.

20110095662 - Electronic device enclosure: An electronic device enclosure includes a housing, a cover including latching portions, a locking member slidably assembled in the housing, an elastic member and an actuating member assembled in opposite ends of the housing adjacent to the locking member. The locking member includes engaging portions engaging with the latching portions... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095663 - Projector: A projector includes: an outer housing which forms an external case; and a foot attached to the outer housing and brought into contact with an installation surface when the projector is placed on the installation surface, wherein the foot includes a foot main body which contacts the installation surface, and... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110095664 - Computer enclosure with frame for disk drive: A computer enclosure includes a chassis and a frame. The chassis includes a chassis bottom wall and two chassis sidewalls located on the chassis bottom wall. A positioning post is located on each chassis sidewall. Each chassis sidewall defines a positioning hole. The frame includes a mounting bracket and a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110095665 - Vanishing design wall: A vanishing design wall operable to hold pieces of cloth in a substantially assembled position to permit evaluation of a design appearance before sewing the assembly. A preferred embodiment includes a flannel-backed vinyl-faced sheet that may be deployed to form a vertically oriented planar working surface in proximity to a... Agent:

20110095666 - Automatic position-restoring extended slide apparatus: An automatic position-restoring extended slide apparatus includes: a bottom rail; a middle rail and an inner rail, slidably installed in bottom rail; a positioning hole proximate to an end of the inner rail; a control seat at the rear of the bottom rail and having a slide slot, a slot... Agent:

20110095667 - Desk drawer face converter module: The invention is a drawer face converter module for converting a flush mount desk drawer to an overlapping desk drawer. The desk drawer is disposed in a drawer opening having a width and a height. The drawer face converter module includes (i) a forward portion having a width which is... Agent:

20110095668 - Panel attachment for water cooler: A water cooler with a rapidly detachable exterior panel. A water cooler with a detachable panel may have a wrapper with at least one detachable panel, and the wrapper may have multiple apertures to receive fasteners that may receive corresponding rear surface projections located on the rear surface of the... Agent: Mtn Products, Inc.

20110095669 - Refrigerator vacuum insulation application: A refrigerator wall has an outer shell an inner liner, a cavity formed by the outer shell and the inner liner, insulation filling the cavity, and a vacuum insulation panel positioned in the cavity such that at least one edge of the vacuum insulation panel is located in a substantially... Agent:

20110095670 - Automatic door closing device of refrigerator and refrigerator having the same: An automatic door closing device of a refrigerator, which allows a drawer unit to automatically close a storage compartment, and a refrigerator having the same. The automatic door closing device is provided at a front lateral region of the drawer unit, thereby being operated even if a user moves the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110089790 - Refrigerator and method of manufacturing the same: A refrigerator and a method of manufacturing the same include a door that opens and closes a storage chamber. The door includes a frame, and a panel fixed to the frame. An end of the panel is supported by the frame on one or two sides thereof. Accordingly, manufacturing processes... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110089791 - Electronic device having bamboo appearance and bamboo film structure thereof: A bamboo film structure includes an adhesive layer made of glue based on PSB. A bamboo laminate sheet is stuck to a film layer directly by the adhesive layer, instead of being stuck to the nonwoven, fiber fabric and baking and polished in the conventional technique. The conventional bamboo laminate... Agent:

20110089792 - Portable computer housing: An aluminum housing and methods of fabrication are described. The computer housing being suitable for enclosing a computer assembly. The aluminum housing includes an aluminum structural support portion covered by a thermoplastic elastomer material. The aluminum is first textured and anodized before an adhesive film is applied to an unsealed... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110089793 - Washing machine: A washing machine which includes a lid assembly opening/closing a laundry entrance hole, wherein the lid assembly includes a lid frame and a lid inner coupled to an inside of the lid frame and having a hinge unit, is provided. The lid assembly may be easily assembled and maintain a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110089794 - Security apparatus including attachment device: A security apparatus is disclosed. The security apparatus comprises an attachment device comprising a base. A locking head can be configured to secure to the base. The attachment device can be small and strong. The locking head can have a securing element and a locking component, associated with a housing.... Agent: Acco Brands Usa LLC.

20110089795 - Image forming apparatus: The image forming apparatus includes a cover member attached to and detached from a main body in a sliding manner, and achieves power transmission from the main body to driving elements of the cover member through an electronic clutch, thereby simplifying a power transmission structure and improving reliability.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110089796 - Frame assembly for reflective cabinet door: The vertical strip and transverse strip both have an embedding area. The embedding area has a gap, and cushion bars are arranged to two side of an inlet of the gap. The supporting strip is transversely fixed between two vertical strips by screws so as to provide support to the... Agent:

20110089797 - Multi-material cabinet: A strength-enhanced lightweight cabinet system that employs a combination of lightweight composite materials is disclosed. The materials employ a combination of different processes to create a lightweight cabinet system that is structurally sound and functional. In aspects, the combination utilizes two reaction injection molding processes, and one conventional injection molding... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20110089798 - Drawer organizer for disparate handled items: A drawer organizer is provided that includes a platform. The platform has a width, a first side, a second opposing side, a top surface, and a bottom surface. Grooves extend into the platform from the top surface. The grooves are adapted to receive a handle of a handled implement and... Agent:

20110089799 - Modular cardboard container for objects requiring easy inspection, consisting of a stackable interchangeable hollow part or \"tunnel\" and and a pull-out drawer: A container made of bent cardboard and composed of a rectangular tunnel-shaped part in which a drawer is inserted, the drawer having longitudinal walls glued to their respective inner walls with a trapezoidal recess on the two shorter sides for fitting in complementary flaps present at the two sides of... Agent: Assograph Italia S.r.l.

20110089800 - Shelf for an appliance: A spill proof shelf, a refrigerator using the same and a method for assembling a shelf are disclosed. The shelf has a frame, which has a peripheral frame portion for defining a central opening. The shelf further has a plate supported by the peripheral frame portion for providing a containment... Agent:

20110089802 - Energy-free refrigeration door and method for making the same: The present invention provides a refrigeration door, and method for making the same, for controlling condensation, providing thermal insulation, with a desired amount of visible transmittance, without using electricity to heat the door. The energy-free refrigeration door of the present invention includes a door frame housing and an insulating glass... Agent: Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

20110089801 - Integrated hinge assembly: A hinge assembly includes a first member configured to be coupled to a door, a second member configured to be pivotally coupled to the first member, the second member having first and second mounting surfaces, and a mounting bracket configured to be coupled to the body. The mounting bracket may... Agent: Sub-zero, Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110084576 - Modular integrated outdoor locker and system: A modular integrated outdoor locker and system of interconnected locker units with common walls includes a floor base, four posts attached to the floor base, two side wall panels connected to the posts by panel assemblies and one back wall connected to the rear posts. A panel assembly includes an... Agent:

20110084577 - Modular integrated outdoor locker with enhanced cap, and system: A modular integrated outdoor locker with enhanced cap and system of interconnected locker units with common walls includes a floor base, four posts attached to the floor base, two side wall panels connected to the posts by panel assemblies and one back wall connected to the rear posts. A panel... Agent:

20110084578 - Wall-mounted patient egress and patient assist bar: A support apparatus includes a patient assist bar that is coupled to a wall or to some other structure in a room of a healthcare facility, such as a headwall that is configured to be coupled to the room wall. The patient assist bar is pivotable a first axis that... Agent:

20110084579 - Housing of electronic device and manufacturing methord thereof: A housing includes a metal cover defining an opening and a patched member adhered to the cover to patch the opening. The patched member is formed by injecting resin into the opening of the cover in an injection mold for in-mold-decoration. A film is attached to an outer surface of... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110084580 - Network cabinet: A network cabinet is provided comprising a base member, two pairs of vertical frame rail members connected to the base member, and a top cover supported by at least one of the vertical frame rail members. The base member defines an opening and another opening is defined in the top... Agent: Panduit Corp.

20110084581 - Supporting device and washing machine having the same: A supporting device having improved assembly efficiency used to commonly support a washing machine and a drying machine with legs having different sizes, and a washing machine having the same. The supporting device includes a supporting device main body to support a washing machine main body, and supporters installed on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110084582 - Article handling machine equipped with a tiltable electrical cabinet: Article handling machine (1) having a frame (3) for receiving article handling elements, a roof (7) covering said frame (3), and an electrical cabinet (12) for receiving devices for controlling electrical power supplied to said handling elements, characterized in that the electrical cabinet (12) is pivotally mounted on the roof... Agent: Sidel Participations

20110084583 - System for maintaining a large number of handheld electronic devices: A system for maintaining a large number of Handheld Electronic Devices (HEDs) includes a drawer having a divider structure configured to define compartments that are sized to hold the HEDs while the HEDs are stored in the drawer. A 20 port USB hub is provided in the drawer so that... Agent: Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.

20110084584 - Drawer organizer: A drawer organizer includes one or more extendible arms. The arms are positioned to be extendible beyond an outer surface of the peripheral sidewalls of the organizer, and selectably retractable to a position in which they are within a perimeter defined by the sidewalls, The extendible arms are positioned so... Agent: Progressive International Corporation

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080074 - Container with pull-out compartments: A container formed from a corrugated material having a first lower compartment and a second upper compartment. The container having a lower pull-out panel for accessing the lower compartment, and an upper pull-out panel for accessing the upper compartment.... Agent: Menasha Corporation

20110080075 - Convertible food guard system with adjustable side panels: A convertible food guard system with adjustable side panels, as well as features and aspects thereof, provides for the alignment of the leading edge of a side panel with the leading edge of a main viewing panel regardless of whether the convertible food guard system is in a cafeteria mode... Agent:

20110080076 - Drawer containing a sink: A drawer is disclosed which is installed in a cabinet structure containing plumbing comprising water lines and a waste line. The drawer comprises a sink which is disposed in the drawer proximate the top of the drawer near one side of the drawer and the sink comprises a fold-down faucet,... Agent:

20110080077 - Storing apparatus for use with tool cart: A storing apparatus includes an attaching portion, a handle and at least one storing portion. The attaching portion is used for attaching the storage apparatus to a drawer of a tool cart. The handle is operable for moving the drawer. The storing portion is used for storing small stuff such... Agent:

20110080078 - Base plate with sealing blocks: The invention relates to a base plate (2) in a cable distribution cabinet. The base plate (2) is divided into two. The rear half (2a) can be folded down and the other half (2b) can also be inserted from the direction of the lower base chamber (3). The base plate... Agent: Berthold Sicher Gmbh

20110080079 - Adjustable housing frame with industrial rails: An adjustable housing frame with industrial rails includes a fixed plate, two movable plates and at least two positioning pieces. A front side of the fixed plate is provided with a rail. Both ends of the fixed plate are provided with two opposite rails respectively. The two opposite rails are... Agent:

20110080080 - Acceleration device with two energy stores: In an acceleration device including a carrier element movably disposed in a housing together with a first energy store which is connected to the carrier element for moving the carrier element from a locked parking position to an end position while its energy is being discharged, a second energy store,... Agent:

20110080081 - Locking configuration: Locking configuration of an adapter (9) or a thrust element having a pullout guide (4), which is fastened on a furniture body (2) of a piece of furniture (1) in a household appliance, the pullout guide (4) having at least one guide rail (5), which is fastened on the furniture... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110080082 - Sliding rail: A sliding rail has a stationary base, a slider and two plugs. The stationary base is elongated and has two ends, two opposite edges and two channels defined respectively in the edges, and each channel having a top, a bottom and two open ends respectively at the ends of the... Agent: Shin Zu Shing Co., Ltd.

20110080083 - Household appliance: A household appliance that includes a housing having an opening; a door rotatable about a first rotation axis to selectively open or close the opening; and a braking system to damp a rotational movement of the door when the door is opened or closed. The braking system includes a damper... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh

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