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Supports: cabinet structure March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110074255 - Storage bin and associated system: A storage assembly includes a bin having side panels, a bottom, a rim, a first reception slot and a second reception slot. The side panels and the bottom define a cavity therebetween. The rim extends from the side panels around a perimeter of an opening to the cavity and in... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20110074256 - Drying locker array for firefighter turnout gear: A locker array apparatus includes a cabinet including a storage region, a plurality of air inlets of the storage region formed in an inlet portion of the cabinet, and a plurality of air outlets of the storage region formed in an outlet portion of the cabinet, the outlet portion being... Agent: Manasek Acquisition Company, LLC

20110074258 - Housing frame of electrical apparatus: A housing frame includes a first and second beams connected to each other through a connection member. The two beams are each obtained by perpendicularly bending a metal plate twice in the longitudinal direction. The second beam is arranged perpendicular to the first beam. The connection member has a connection... Agent:

20110074257 - Support mechanism and electronic device using the same: A support mechanism comprises a support board, a bracket and a stopping mechanism. The support board comprises an end portion and a center portion, the support board end is configured to pivotably connect to a housing. The bracket comprises a first end and a second end, the first end is... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110074260 - Computer casing: A computer casing includes a case, a hard disk bracket and a reinforcement member. The hard disk bracket is fixed in the case. The case includes two side plates opposite to each other. The reinforcement member fixedly interconnects the two side plates. The hard disk bracket is fixed to the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110074259 - Drawing case for electronic information storage medium: A drawing case for an electronic information storage medium comprises a case body; a panel including a holder, a locking tool slot, a first through hole and a plurality of heat dissipation holes; a locking tool mounted in the locking tool slot and connected to an engaging piece that is... Agent:

20110074261 - Dishwasher having a device for opening the door in gaps: A dishwasher includes a washing tub, a latch keeper disposed on the washing tub and mounted on a push rod, and a pivotable door configured to close the washing tub. The door includes a latching mechanism configured to engage the latch keeper in accordance with a closing of the door.... Agent: Miele & Cie. Kg

20110074262 - Tool box: A tool box includes a cabinet which has a rear board. The cabinet is partitioned inside to form multiple housing compartments to hold multiple drawers. The rear board has an attraction element located thereon. Each drawer has a trough and a lid. The trough has a holding space and a... Agent:

20110074263 - Household appliance with a door comprising a braking device: A household appliance including a door that tilts about a tilt axis; a braking device to dampen a tilt motion of the door; and a transferring unit to transfer rotation of the tilt axis to a braking axis during the tilt motion of the door. The braking axis is offset... Agent: Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausger&#xc4 &#xa4 Te Gmbh

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110068663 - System for operation of electrically driven shelving: An electric drive mechanism for a body, wherein the body has a plurality of load bearing track engaging wheels that allow the body to move back and forth along a track. An electric motor drives a non-load bearing drive wheel that is attached with respect to the body so that... Agent:

20110068665 - Housing of portable electronic device: A housing of a portable electronic device includes a main body, a waterproof structure, and a plug retainer. The main body defines a jack hole therein. The waterproof structure is formed on the main body and defines a plurality of waterproof grooves. The plug retainer is received in the waterproof... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110068664 - Waterproof panel frame structure: A waterproof panel frame structure comprises a front housing and a panel supporter. The front housing and the panel supporter are matched with each other to form conjunctive slants at right and left sides which slant inward and to form conjunctive slants at upper and down sides which slant downward.... Agent:

20110068666 - Drive mount: A drive mount includes a first mounting frame and a second mounting frame. The first mounting frame includes a bottom plate which defines a first slot and a second slot therein. The first slot and the second slot intersect and angle from each other. An entrance port is formed between... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110068667 - Hanging hook and modular storage furniture system: A hanging hook for attaching a generally vertical object to a vertical side wall of a piece of storage furniture, comprises: a central portion extending laterally for at least the distance of the width of said object; a first attachment portion at one end of said central portion, the first... Agent: Jetmax Ltd.

20110068668 - Cabinet assembly and method: An improved cabinet assembly includes a plurality of wall panels and at least two generally rectangular horizontal support members to define a parallelepiped configuration. The cabinet comprises a plurality of elongate corner posts, at least one for each corner of the parallelepiped configuration. The corner posts selectively support the wall... Agent:

20110068669 - Furniture drive: Furniture drive for moving a furniture part which is mounted in a vertically adjustable manner, having a drive apparatus, which has an electric motor, for moving the movable furniture part, and having a compensation device which exerts a force which is opposite to the weight force on the movable furniture... Agent:

20110068670 - Apparatus for releasably coupling a drawer to a drawer pull-out guide: Apparatus for releasably coupling a drawer to a rail, which can be pulled out in a longitudinal direction, of a drawer pull-out guide, having a holding part which interacts with a mating holding part in the coupled state in order to establish the releasable connection, wherein at least that region... Agent:

20110068671 - Combination of a hinge for doors or wings and a damping device: Described is a combination of a hinge for doors or wings and a damping device in which the hinge (2) is composed of a first fastening arm (7), a second fastening arm (8) and a connecting system (9) interposed between the first and the second fastening arm (7, 8) in... Agent: Nuova Star S.p.a.

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110062834 - Enclosure for residential and commercial hydrants: An enclosure for protecting and concealing a hydrant is provided. More specifically, the enclosure includes a box for integration into the wall and a replaceable fascia interconnected thereto. The fascia receives a door that is selectively opened and closed to expose the hydrant stored therein. In operation, the fascia and... Agent: Wcm Industries, Inc.

20110062835 - Image forming apparatus including supporting legs: An apparatus or an image forming apparatus including a main body having a first supporting leg configured to be connectable to the main body, a second supporting leg fixed to the main body, and the position of the main body to connect the first supporting leg is selectable. The apparatus... Agent:

20110062836 - Computer enclosure: A computer enclosure includes a panel and a covering piece. The panel defines an expansion slot. A restricting piece is formed on the panel below the expansion slot. A receiving cutout is defined between the restricting piece and the panel. A covering piece includes an elongated portion and an insert... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110062840 - Counterbalance assembly for a dishwasher door and associated method: A dishwasher is provided, comprising a door pivotably attached to a body and having a counterbalance assembly coupled therebetween for facilitating pivoting of the door, wherein the counterbalance assembly includes a biasing member coupled to the body and serially engaged with a flexible element coupled to the door, and a... Agent: Electrolux Home Products, Inc

20110062838 - Drum type washing machine: In one aspect, a drum type washing machine includes a body having a front surface thereof with an entrance opening for entrance/exit of laundry, and a front door rotatably coupled at one end thereof to the front surface of the body and serving to open or close the entrance opening.... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110062839 - Laundry treating apparatus: The laundry treating apparatus includes a cabinet forming an external appearance of the laundry treating apparatus, the cabinet having a laundry entrance opening for introducing laundry therethrough, a door rotatably coupled to the cabinet for opening and closing the laundry entrance opening, a hook provided at the door, and a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110062837 - Washing machine: A washing machine comprising a cabinet open at an upper portion, a top cover coupled to the upper portion of the cabinet and including an opening for loading and unloading laundry therethrough, a lid assembly rotatably coupled to the top cover to open and close the opening, and a first... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110062841 - Storage chest for tools or the like: Storage chests for tools or the like feature swiveling drawers pivotally mounted to avoid jamming due to misalignment in use of a sliding drawer. The chests employ unique locking systems tailored for use with such pivoting drawers, where an actuator is operable to pivot a blocking member inside the chest... Agent:

20110062842 - Furniture drive: The invention relates to a furniture drive for driving a movable piece of furniture, comprising an electric motor, an actuator that can be moved back and forth between two end positions to apply a force on the piece of furniture to be driven, and a gearbox connected between the electric... Agent:

20110062843 - Face frame assembly: A face frame assembly constructed to include an inside stile that extends from a top surface to a bottom surface to increase load bearing capability of the face frame assembly. Additionally, the face frame assembly is fully assembled prior to routing a joining recess used to join the face frame... Agent: Menard, Inc.

20110062844 - Refrigerator: The refrigerator includes the following parts. A heat-insulating main body has openings in a front side. A divider divides inside of the heat-insulating main body into side by side so as to form a first storage compartment and a second storage compartment having a width smaller than a width of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110062845 - Shelf, in particular for refrigerated installations: A shelf for an item of furniture, especially for a refrigerator or the like, includes a panel for supporting articles and a frame capable of enclosing the panel by its actual surrounding part, the frame configured to allow the shelf to be fitted into the body of the furniture. The... Agent: Saint- Gobain Glass France

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110050053 - Device housing: A device housing includes a glass plate, a plastic frame, and an adhesive member. The glass plate is received in the plastic frame. The adhesive member connects the glass plate to the plastic frame. The glass plate, the plastic frame and the adhesive member are integrally formed, and the adhesive... Agent:

20110050054 - Device housing: A device housing includes a glass plate, a plastic frame, a metal member and an adhesive member. The glass plate is received in the plastic frame. The metal member is connected to the plastic frame. The adhesive member connects the glass plate to the plastic frame. The glass plate, the... Agent:

20110050056 - Housing for an electronic device: A housing for an electronic device includes a housing body, a bottom cover, and a locking member. The housing body includes an engaging slot and a through hole. The bottom cover includes an engaging hook for engaging the engaging slot. An inner surface of the housing body or the bottom... Agent:

20110050055 - Method for making device housing and device housing thereof: A method for making a device housing comprises: providing a metal substrate; etching grooves on a portion of the surface of the metal substrate; forming a metallic coating on the surface of the metal substrate and in the grooves; and removing the metallic coating formed on the surface of the... Agent:

20110050052 - Telecommunications enclosures: A telecommunications enclosure includes a frame having a plurality of frame members defining at least one opening. At least one frame member that defines the opening includes a gasket channel positioned on an inner surface of said frame member. The enclosure includes a gasket disposed in the gasket channel and... Agent:

20110050057 - Expansion card guide: In at least some embodiments, an expansion card guide for a computer system includes a frame having lanes for receiving expansion cards and a plurality of chassis attachment features provided on at least one side of said frame for tool-less attachment of the expansion card guide to a chassis of... Agent:

20110050058 - Wall mounted drop-down mirrored vanity: A wall mounted drop-down mirrored vanity wherein the mirrored front panel drops down when opened to produce a shelf for placement of toiletry needs, such as, makeup, razors, hair product, toothbrushes, etc., used especially in confined spaces.... Agent:

20110050059 - Washing machine: A washing machine of the present invention comprises a top cover where a laundry entrance hole is formed through which laundry is put in from above; a lid assembly coupled to the top cover in a rotatable manner and opening and closing the laundry entrance hole; and a stopper being... Agent:

20110050060 - Washing machine: A washing machine according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises a top cover where a laundry entrance hole is formed through which laundry is put in from above; a lid assembly coupled to the top cover in a rotatable manner and opening and closing the laundry entrance hole;... Agent:

20110050061 - Furniture drive with a drive unit: The invention relates to a furniture drive with a drive unit which comprises an electric motor and a roller that is rotatable about an axis, the roller having a surface for attaching or winding up a flexible force transmission means. According to the invention, the radial distance of the surface... Agent:

20110050062 - handle for a household appliance: The present invention relates to a household appliance (1) comprising a door (2) allowing access of the user inside, an outer panel (8) forming the surface of the door (2) in contact with the outside, preferably produced of a thin material like steel sheet, a handle (3) mounted on the... Agent:

20110050063 - Adjustable table stand and device using the same: A device includes a main body and a table stand connected to the main body for supporting the main body. The main body comprises a receiving portion and a plurality of locking grooves. The table stand received in the receiving portion comprises a retaining board and a turning board. The... Agent:

20110050064 - Rollerball leveling leg: A leveling leg for an appliance is provided, including a main shaft and a foot coupled to the main shaft. A recess extends at least partially into the foot and includes an opening through a bottom surface of the foot. A ball is adapted to be received within the recess.... Agent:

20110050065 - Automatic door opening/closing apparatus and refrigerator having the same: Disclosed herein are an automatic door opening/closing apparatus to automatically open or close a door without applying any manual force to the door, and a refrigerator having the same. The automatic door opening/closing apparatus devised to automatically open or close a sliding door that is mounted, in a drawer manner,... Agent:

20110050066 - Refrigerator: Disclosed is a refrigerator including a main body cabinet forming a storage compartment including a front opening, and a drawer type door entering and exiting the storage compartment to open and close the front opening, the drawer type door including: a basket entering and exiting the storage compartment; a door... Agent:

20110050067 - Door hinge assembly for refrigerator and method of assembling the same: A door hinge assembly for a refrigerator includes a refrigerator door pivotally coupled to a main body of the refrigerator and provided with at least one groove and a hinge unit enabling the refrigerator door to pivot. The hinge unit includes a hinge pin providing a pivot axis of the... Agent:

20110050068 - Handle assembly for a domestic appliance: A handle assembly for mounting to a door of an appliance includes a main body member having first and second end portions separated by an intermediate portion. Each of the first and second end portions includes a cavity adapted to receive an end insert formed of soft material. Each of... Agent:

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