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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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07/10/2014 > 76 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20140193593 - Artificial turf: An artificial turf for a synthetic field system includes a flexible, water-permeable backing, a pile fabric woven into the backing, and a limited layer of water-absorbent, eco-friendly and light reflective infill deposited within voids formed in the pile fabric. The pile fabric is constructed with a plurality of separate, upwardly... Agent:

20140193594 - Metal object with diamond-like carbon film and method for forming diamond-like carbon film: A metallic film formation target which is an object on which a diamond-like carbon film is to be formed is placed in a flow channel through which film formation gas containing methane gas flows. The film formation gas is caused to flow at a predetermined flow rate through the flow... Agent: The University Of Electro-communications

20140193595 - Method of manufacturing glass fiber product and portable electronic device: A manufacturing method of a glass fiber product is disclosed. A glass fiber resin is provided. The glass fiber resin includes a thermoplastic resin, a glass fiber, and an additive. The amount of the thermoplastic resin is between 30 wt % and 70 wt %, the content of the glass... Agent: Getac Technology Corporation

20140193596 - Multilayer polymer structure: layer (L2) comprises at least one polymer composition (C2) comprising at least one functionalized polyolefin (FPO2), said functionalized polyolefin comprising functional groups chosen from carboxylic groups, their esters, their anhydrides and their salts. Process for manufacturing said multilayer structure, which comprises co-extruding polymer compositions (C1) and (C2) so as to... Agent: Solvay Advanced Polymer, L.L.C.

20140193597 - Resin fuel tube: A resin fuel tube is provided, which includes at least one resin layer, wherein the resin layer is made of a resin composition comprising: (A) a polypropylene prepared through polymerization with the use of a metallocene catalyst; and (B) a polypropylene material having a melting point of 137° C. to... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20140193598 - Multilayer adhesive film, in particular for bonding optical sensors: A multilayer pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film having a first acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive layer and an opposing second acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive layer, wherein the first pressure sensitive adhesive layer has a glass transition temperature Tg≧0° C. and a content of a strongly polar acrylate of 7.5 to 15... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140193600 - Blind slat menders: A new device that repairs a broken, cracked or bent wood or faux wood horizontal/venetian window blind slat or shutter slat. The device is a thin transparent square piece of enhanced extrusion lamination film with a clear adhesive on one side. Comprised of two different version types, one WITH and... Agent:

20140193599 - Kind of light-heat dual curing anisotropic conductive adhesive anisotropic conductive film and their preparation methods: A kind of light-heat dual curing anisotropic conductive adhesive includes light curing activated monomer 15.0-18.0%, light-cured resin 4.5-12.5%, thermosetting resin 20.0-25.0%, elastomer 5.0-10.0%, insulating nanoparticles 8.0-15.0%, conductive particles 4.0-18.0%, light curing agent 3.0-5.0% and latent heat curing agent 12.0-16.0%, wherein the components are counted according to weight percentage. The present... Agent:

20140193601 - Method for manufacturing multilayer structure sheet, and optical information recording medium: A method for manufacturing a multilayer structure sheet for manufacturing an optical information recording medium having a multilayer structure with a plurality of recording layers comprises: an adhesive layer forming step of forming an adhesive layer on a first release sheet to obtain a first sheet; a recording layer forming... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140193602 - Precompressed sealing tape: The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has an elastically reexpandable foam strip, a wrapping, which at least partially surrounds the foam strip, and a strip-shaped element, which is made of stiff foam. The strip-shaped element is arranged in an area of the first transverse surface of the foam... Agent: Iso-chemie Gmbh

20140193603 - Metal panel assembly and method for making same: In accordance with the present invention there is provided a method of making a metal part assembly, the method comprising: —providing a first metal part and a second metal part wherein at least one of the first and second metal part comprises a metal panel; —providing an adhesive sheet having... Agent:

20140193604 - Roofing shingle with enhanced shadowline appearance: A roofing shingle may include a shingle body having a buttlap portion with a butt edge and a headlap portion. An exposure zone may extend from the butt edge toward the headlap portion and may be configured to be exposed to the environment when the roofing shingle is installed on... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140193605 - Plastic foamed article: Provided is a plastic foamed article to be attached to an attaching target having a rod-shaped attaching portion having a radial direction, the plastic foamed article including a holding portion for holding the attaching portion in the radial direction in a state attached to the attaching target, the holding portion... Agent: Sekisui Plastics Co., Ltd.

20140193606 - Sapphire component with residual compressive stress: A method comprises shaping an aluminum oxide ceramic material into a component for an electronic device. The component has first and second major surfaces. A selected region of one or both of the first and second major surfaces is heated to an annealing temperature. The selected region is then cooled... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140193607 - White appearing anodized films and methods for forming the same: The embodiments described herein relate to forming anodized films that have a white appearance. In some embodiments, an anodized film having pores with light diffusing pore walls created by varying the current density during an anodizing process is described. In some embodiments, an anodized film having light diffusing micro-cracks created... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140193608 - Structural composite panel with metallic foam core: A structural panel includes a closed-cell foam core formed of a metallic material; a first carbon-fiber panel bonded to a first side of the closed-cell foam core; and a second carbon-fiber panel bonded to a second side of the closed-cell foam core such that the foam core is disposed between... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140193610 - Artificial roofing shingle: An artificial roofing shingle composed of plastic and preferably having a rearward attachment flange, preferably having a flat and non-textured upper surface, and a forward body member, the forward body member having a textured upper surface. The shingle further has a front wall and opposing lateral walls, the bottom of... Agent:

20140193611 - Surface protection film and optical film with surface protection film: There are provided an optical surface protection film capable of permitting even a visual inspection of a coated body having a fine roughness, such as a prism sheet, to be performed under the condition that the protection film is attached to the coated body and excelling in adhesion reliability without... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140193609 - Textured heat transfer label: A textured heat transfer label includes a textured portion formed from a highly cross-linked UV ink and a thermoplastic background ink. The textured heat transferable label can also include metalized portions... Agent:

20140193612 - Nanostructured articles and methods to make the same: Material comprising sub-micrometer particles dispersed in a polymeric matrix. The materials are useful in article, for example, for numerous applications including display applications (e.g., liquid crystal displays (LCD), light emitting diode (LED) displays, or plasma displays); light extraction; electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, ophthalmic lenses; face shielding lenses or films; window... Agent:

20140193613 - Door skin, a method of etching a plate, and an etched plate formed therefrom: The present invention relates to a door skin comprising an exterior surface having outer portions lying on a first plane, spaced grooves recessed from the plane of the outer portions, and tonal portions having a planar area and a plurality of spaced depressions recessed from the plane of said planar... Agent: Masonite Corporation

20140193614 - Method of patterning block copolymer layer and patterned structure: e

20140193615 - Lamination apparatus and method for sheet materials having temperature-sensitive elements, and documents produced thereby: The invention specifies an apparatus for applying a film (7) to a substrate (2) by lamination. This apparatus has a heating device (12, 19), which makes it possible for different regions of the film (7) and/or the substrate (2) to be exposed specifically to different temperatures. It is thus also... Agent: U-nica Technology Ag

20140193616 - Tempered and non-tempered glass coatings having similar optical characteristics: Temperable and non-temperable coatings are provided which have similar optical characteristics. The non-temperable coating is placed on glass that is not to be tempered and provides certain optical characteristics. The temperable coating is placed on a glass substrate and the coated substrate is then tempered. After tempering, the coated tempered... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140193617 - Decorated thermoplastic film and methods for making the same: The present invention is directed to variably decorative thermoplastic films having a graphic design saturated into a laminate or coated substrate, which can be pre-formed using heat and pressure and then placed in injection molds for product molding without impacting the quality of the graphics.... Agent: Zomazz

20140193619 - Hyperbranched polyesters in printing inks: The invention relates to multilayer materials for producing packaging comprising at least two films and also a layer which is printed with a packaging printing ink, said packaging printing ink comprising a certain hyperbranched polyester containing functional groups. The invention further relates to a packaging printing ink which comprises a... Agent: Basf Se

20140193618 - Method and apparatus for accurate registration of composite laminates: Methods, systems and apparatuses for dimensionally registering composite laminates are disclosed, wherein readable elements acting as alignment and identification features are incorporated integrally in laminates.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140193620 - Synthetic fiber insulation with facing: An insulation product includes a fibrous layer and a facing layer. The fibrous layer includes synthetic fibers, has first and second opposing major surfaces, and has an average denier of less than about 3.0. The facing layer includes a paper-backed facing adhered to one of the first and second major... Agent:

20140193621 - Ceramic-and-plastic composite and electronic device using the composite: A ceramic-and-plastic composite includes a ceramic article, a nano-silicon containing coating bonded on a surface of the ceramic article, a glue layer bonded with the nano-silicon containing coating, and at least a plastic article bonded to the glue layer. The nano-silicon containing coating partially permeates into the ceramic article. An... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140193624 - Cutting insert and method for production thereof: c

20140193622 - Grain boundary engineered alpha-alumina coated cutting tool: Cutting tool insert has a substrate and a coating with a total thickness of 5 to 40 μm, the coating being one or more refractory layers of which at least one layer is an α-Al2O3 layer having thickness of 1 to 20 μm. The length of Σ3-type grain boundaries in... Agent: Walter Ag

20140193623 - Surface-coated cutting tool: A surface-coated cutting tool according to the present invention is a surface-coated cutting tool including a base material and a coating film formed on the base material, wherein the coating film includes at least a wear-resistant layer and an adhesion-resistant layer, the wear-resistant layer has a multilayer structure in which... Agent:

20140193625 - Method for producing a component from a composite fiber material and composite fiber material component: A process for the production of a component (1) made of a fiber composite material, and also a component (1) produced in this way, are stated, where a foil composite (7) with a thermoplastic outer foil (6) and with a thermoplastic inner foil (5) is produced, where the modulus of... Agent: Technische Universit&#xc4 T M&#xdc Nchen

20140193628 - Crosslinked, melt-shaped articles and compositions for producing same: Disclosed is a crosslinkable mixture comprising a polyolefin, an alkoxysilane, an organopolysiloxane, a free radical initiator and a liquid polymer modifier. The organopolysiloxane contains two or more hydroxyl end groups. When the crosslinkable mixture is melt-shaped, a unique crosslinked composition is formed. The liquid polymer modifier improves flexibility of the... Agent: Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology LLC

20140193629 - Oxygen scavenging polyester composition: The present disclosure provides a polyester polymer product which contains partially or fully cobalt-neutralized organic sulphonic acid component and which is substantially free of ether and its preparation. The present disclosure also provides an oxygen scavenging composition made from a mixture of the polyester polymer product of the present disclosure,... Agent: Reliance Industries Limited

20140193632 - Photosensitive alkali-soluble silicone resin composition: The present invention relates to a photosensitive alkali-soluble silicone resin composition comprising an alkali-soluble silicone resin (A) which comprises a carboxyl group or a dicarboxylic acid anhydride group in one molecule; an alkali-soluble resin (B) whose acid value is between 10 mgKOH/g and 200 mgKOH/g; and a photoinitiator (C). The... Agent: Asahi Kasei E-materials Corporation

20140193631 - Polyurethane foam: The present invention relates to a polyurethane foam obtained from a polyurethane raw material containing polyol, isocyanate, a foam stabilizer, a catalyst and a foam-forming gas by a mechanical froth method, wherein the polyol contains a castor oil-based polyol having a viscosity at 25° C. of 2,000 mPa·s or less,... Agent: Inoac Corporation

20140193627 - Reinforced glass-ceramic article and enamel suitable for the coating thereof: e

20140193630 - Systems and methods for processing and dispensing filled multi-component materials: Multi-component materials are substantially homogeneous and fully curable and comprise an elastic filler, an isocyanate curing agent, and a polyol resin ingredient that when combined produce a polymeric matrix, polyurethane and/or polyurea, having the filler dispersed therein. The material has a variation in polyisocyanate weight ratio of up to 350%.... Agent: Rhino Linings Corporation

20140193626 - Transparent conductor: A transparent conductor comprising: a graphene layer and a permanent dipole layer on the graphene layer configured to electrostatically dope the graphene layer.... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20140193633 - Non-transparent art paper which prevents ink seepage: A non-transparent paper is described for non-transparent art or graphic design sketches, which prevents seepage of the inks, it accepts any type of gel, water-based, solvent-based, oil-based or mixed inks and solid materials for sketching and drawing, as well as fixatives for the solid materials. This paper consists of... Agent:

20140193635 - Casting component and method for the application of an anticorrosive layer: A casting component and method for the application of an anticorrosive layer to a substrate, such as the casting component, are provided. The casting component for a device for casting a metal melt includes a metallic basic body and a melt contact surface region which is exposed to the metal... Agent: Oskar Frech Gmbh + Co. Kg

20140193634 - Compositions and methods for treating cellulose-based materials with micronized additives: A composition for treating cellulosic materials is provided. The composition comprises a dispersion of micronized additives. The dispersion comprises additive particles with diameters in the range of 0.001 to 25 microns. Also provided is a method for the application of the additive-containing composition to wood, as well as wood products... Agent: Osmose, Inc.

20140193636 - Heat-treatable low-emissivity glass and a production method therefor: A low-emissivity glass which is outstandingly durable and is heat treatable without any changes in its characteristics before and after the heat treatment; and a production method therefor. The heat-treatable low-emissivity glass according to the present invention is characterized in that it comprises: a sunlight-adjusting metal layer which is formed... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140193638 - Pet-c based security laminates and documents: A security laminate (1) including in order a transparent oriented polyester support (2), a subbing layer (3) and an adhesive layer (4) which is coated on top of the subbing layer, wherein the binder of the adhesive layer is based on a mixture of a first and a second polymer... Agent: Agfa-gevaert N.v.

20140193637 - Tool with chromium-containing functional layer: Cutting tool has a substrate and a multilayer coating deposited by PVD. The coating comprises a base layer of one or more identical or different layers of a nitride or carbonitride which contains at least aluminium (Al) and a chromium-containing, oxidic functional layer. Attachment of the chromium-containing functional layer is... Agent: Walter Ag

20140193639 - Metal hydride alloy with catalytic channels: The performance of an ABx type metal hydride alloy is improved by adding an element to the alloy which element is operative to enhance the surface area morphology of the alloy. The alloy may include surface regions of differing morphologies.... Agent: Ovonic Battery Company, Inc.

20140193640 - Islands-in-sea fiber: An islands-in-sea fiber includes island components and a sea component arranged to surround the island components, wherein the island components and the sea component are composed of at least two polymers and are provided on a fiber cross-section in a direction perpendicular to the fiber axis. The islands-in-sea fiber is... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140193642 - Non-caking mine rock dust: A composition for use as rock dust is disclosed. The composition may include a ground inorganic particulate material treated with at least one fatty acid, a salt thereof, or an ester thereof. Also disclosed is a composition including coal dust and mine rock dust, which may include a ground inorganic... Agent: Imery Pigments, Inc.

20140193641 - Polyacrylic acid (salt)-based water absorbent resin powder and method for producing the same: c

20140193643 - High temperature substrate attachment glass: A method of bonding a first substrate to a second substrate includes providing a glass, applying the glass in a layer between the first and second substrates to form an assembly, and heating the assembly to a bonding temperature above a glass transition temperature of the devitrifying glass, selected to... Agent: Lilliputian Systems, Inc.

20140193645 - Hybrid coatings and associated methods of application: A hybrid coating composition including an organosilane component, a metal alkoxide component and a surfactant component, with the metal alkoxide component present in the composition at a molar ratio of about 75:1 with respect to the surfactant component. The hybrid coating composition once cured on a transparent substrate has an... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140193644 - Polyelectrolyte multilayers having salt-controlled internal structures: A method, and an article made therefrom, of: contacting a substrate with a first solution of first polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer of the first polyelectrolyte on the substrate; and contacting the layer of the first polyelectrolyte with a second solution of second polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140193646 - Intermediate film for laminated glasses, and laminated glass: The present invention provides an interlayer film for laminated glass which enables production of laminated glass having a high visible transmittance and excellent heat-shielding properties, and enables the laminated glass to retain the high visible transmittance for a long period of time; and provides laminated glass including the interlayer film.... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140193647 - Coatings for solar applications: The present invention discloses coating compositions comprising: I) at least one highly absorbing material selected from the group consisting of ruthenium, iridium and osmium compounds, and mixtures thereof; II) an inorganic glass binder or a precursor thereof; III) a ceramic filler comprising metal oxides, metal powders and mixtures thereof; and... Agent: Bengurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

20140193648 - Biaxially stretched polyester film and method for producing same: A biaxially stretched polyester film, being a biaxially stretched film including a modified polybutylene terephthalate (modified PBT) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), wherein a mass ratio (modified PBT/PET) between the modified PBT and PET is 20/80 to 5/95, the modified PBT is a PBT containing 5 to 20% by mass of... Agent: Unitika Ltd.

20140193649 - Methods and systems for thermal printing of photonic crystal materials, and thermally printable photonic crystal materials and assemblies: Methods and systems for thermal printing of thermally printable photonic crystal materials and assemblies. The photonic crystal materials and assemblies are responsive to thermal stimuli, wherein temperatures above a thermal threshold results in an optically detectable change in the appearance of the materials and assemblies. Heat is selectively applied to... Agent: Opalux Incorporated

20140193650 - Electroconductive material, and connection method and connection structure using the same: An electroconductive material that includes a metal component containing a first metal and a second metal having a higher melting point than the first metal, and has a configuration in which the first metal is Sn or an alloy containing Sn, and the second metal is a Cu—Cr alloy which... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140193651 - Multilayer hydrogels with ph-responsive swelling and surface wettability: A novel type of ultrathin cationic hydrogel coatings are provided that have high, quick and reversible swelling/shrinkage transitions and surface wettability in response to pH changes. The poly(4-vinyl pyridine) (PVP) hydrogel films are produced by selective cross-linking of PVP copolymers in layer-by-layer (LbL) films assembled by spin-assisted method. These multilayer... Agent: The Uab Research Foundation

20140193652 - Photocurable elastomer compositions: The present invention relates to photocurable elastomer compositions and methods of preparation and use of such compositions for cure-in-place applications such as gaskets. The curable compositions generally include an elastomer component, a monofunctional and/or multifunctional reactant and a photoinitiator that in various aspects may be a visible and/or UV curing... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140193653 - Fibrous substrates adhered with substituted cellulose ester adhesives and methods relating thereto: Fibrous substrates may be adhered to other substrates utilizing substituted cellulose ester adhesives that comprises a cellulose polymer backbone having an organic ester substituent and an inorganic ester substituent that comprises an inorganic, nonmetal atom selected from the group consisting of sulfur, phosphorus, boron, and chlorine.... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20140193654 - Multifunction accessory: A multifunction accessory is adapted to attach to at least two charms. Means of attachment to more than one charm is by, for example, including an opening in the accessory, screw threads, magnet and spring. Decorative combinations including the multifunction accessory has one or two charms and can be worn... Agent:

20140193655 - Copper alloy sheet with excellent heat dissipation and workability in repetitive bending: Provided is a copper alloy plate that is for an FPC substrate and that has superior heat dissipation, repeated bending workability, shape retaining properties, and heat resistance. The copper alloy plate contains at least 0.01 mass % of the total of at least one element selected from the group consisting... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20140193656 - Method of manufacturing fine metal powder and fine metal powder manufactured by using the same: There are disclosed a method of manufacturing fine metal powder and fine metal powder manufactured by using the same. The method of manufacturing fine metal powder includes forming a pattern having a predetermined size and shape on a base substrate, forming a metal film on the pattern, and separating the... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140193657 - Core metal insert with mechanical strengthening and method of making same: An elongate core metal insert for reinforcing a resilient weatherseal includes a main body portion extending along a longitudinal axis, opposed first and second edges, and opposed first and second face surfaces extending between the first and second edges. A plurality of flutes are formed into the first and second... Agent: Scovil Hanna Corporation

20140193658 - Low void solder joint for multiple reflow applications: Methods and apparatus are provided for attaching a heat spreader to a die and includes disposing a solder thermal interface material between a first surface of a die and a first surface of a heat spreader without disposing a liquid flux between the die and the heat spreader to form... Agent: Indium Corporation

20140193659 - Method of manufacturing a sturctural ultra-thin sheet metal part with patch welded reinforcements: A sheet metal component for a vehicle comprising a metal sheet having thickened portions integrated into the metal sheet that reinforces local areas of the sheet metal component. The metal sheet has integrally formed longitudinal members and cross-members. A method of manufacturing a sheet metal component is also disclosed that... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140193660 - Electrolytic copper foil and method for producing the same: An electrolytic copper foil is provided. The electrolytic copper foil has a shiny side and a matte side opposing to the shiny side, wherein the difference in roughness between the shiny side and the matte side is 0.5 μm or less. The electrolytic copper foil has a tensile strength of... Agent: Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20140193661 - Sinter bonded porous metallic coatings: A composite structure includes a substrate with pores of a first mean pore size and a coating on at least one surface of that substrate. This coating has pores of a second mean pore size where the first mean pore size is equal to or greater than said second mean... Agent: Mott Corporation

20140193662 - Stainless steel-and-amorphous alloy composite and method for manufacturing: A stainless steel-and-amorphous alloy composite includes a stainless steel part and an amorphous alloy part. The stainless steel part has nano-pores defined in a surface thereof. The amorphous alloy part is integrally bonded to the surface having the nano-pores. A method for manufacturing the composite is also described.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140193663 - Non-flammable substrate and metallic apron table construction: An embodiment of a metallic table constructed with a Non-Flammable Substrate 101 used as the internal structure for a Metallic Table Top 201, including a Metallic Table Apron 301. The Metallic Table Apron 301 may be joined to the Metallic Table Top 201 by welding, brazing, or other methods without... Agent:

20140193665 - Galvannealed layer and steel sheet comprising the same, and method for producing the same: The galvannealed steel sheet wherein a galvannealed layer is formed on a base steel sheet including a high-strength steel having predetermined component composition; the average amount of Fe in the galvannealed layer is in a range of 8.0 to 12.0%; and the absolute value ΔFe of a difference between the... Agent:

20140193664 - Recoating process and recoated turbine blade: Recoating process and recoated turbine blade are disclosed. The recoating process includes providing a coated turbine blade, then removing a portion of the thermal barrier coating system to form a partially-stripped turbine blade, then applying a bond recoat to the stripped region of the partially-stripped turbine blade; and then applying... Agent: General Electric Company

20140193666 - Aluminium composite material with almgsi core layer: The invention relates to a strip consisting of an aluminum material for producing components with improved bending behavior and exacting shaping requirements, a method for producing the strip and the use of sheets produced from the strip according to the invention. The strip has a core layer of an AlMgSi... Agent: Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products Gmbh

20140193667 - High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent stretch flangeability and precision punchability and manufacturing method thereof: A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent stretch flangeability and precision punchability containing predetermined components and a balance being composed of iron and inevitable impurities, in which in a range of ⅝ to ⅜ in sheet thickness from the surface of the steel sheet, an average value of pole densities... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140193668 - Stainless steel for fuel cell separator: Stainless steel for fuel cell separators are provided which exhibit stable contact resistance characteristics and excellent practical utility. The stainless steel contains not less than 16 mass % of Cr. When the surface configuration of the stainless steel is analyzed with a scanning electron microscope at a spatial resolution of... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

07/03/2014 > 106 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20140186553 - Polarizing plate and optical display including the same: A polarizing plate and an optical display including the same. The polarizing plate includes a polarizer and an adhesive sheet stacked on one surface of the polarizer, wherein the adhesive sheet includes an adhesive and a reinforcing material impregnated into the adhesive.... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186554 - Adhesive for polarizing plate, polarizing plate including adhesive layer, and liquid crystal display: Disclosed are an adhesive for polarizing plates, a polarizing plate including an adhesive layer, and a liquid crystal display. The adhesive includes a (meth)acrylic copolymer, a curing agent, and a silane coupling agent, wherein the (meth)acrylic copolymer has an average molecular weight of at least 800,000 g/mol. The adhesive has... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186555 - Topcoat compositions, coated substrates, and related methods: An aqueous based topcoating formulation is provided to coat various substrates such as those used in offset and electrographic printing devices. The water based coating formulation includes ethylene acrylic acid copolymer, polyethyleneimine, and a suitable crosslinker. The formulation exhibits excellent adhesion to substrates and excellent anchorage with different printing inks.... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140186557 - Light-weight strengthened, low-emittance vacuum-insulated glass (vig) windows: Vacuum-insulated glass windows include two or more glass panes, and glass-bump spacers formed in a surface of one of the panes. The glass-bump spacers consist of the glass material from the body portion of the glass pane. At least one of the glass panes comprises chemically-strengthened glass. Methods of forming... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140186556 - Window having vacuum insulated glass (vig) unit and frame including vacuum insulated structure(s): A window includes a vacuum insulating glass (VIG) window unit in a window frame. The window frame includes at least one vacuum insulated structure (VIS) for improving the insulating functionality of the frame, so that the frame can adequately insulate the periphery of the VIG unit. Such windows may be... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140186558 - Form-member laminated composite materials and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed is a composite form-member including: a hollow metal form-member with holes formed through the inner and the outer surface of the form-member; and a coated layer filling the holes and laminated on the inner and outer surfaces of the form-member, the coated layer is made of an organic fiber... Agent:

20140186560 - Heat exchanger tube precursor and method of producing the same: A heat exchanger tube precursor that allows manufacturing a heat exchanger having high corrosion resistance after brazing treatment is provided. The heat exchanger tube precursor includes: an Al alloy tube; and a flux layer including a Si powder, a Zn-containing flux, a Zn-free flux, and a binder, the flux layer... Agent: Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd.

20140186559 - Self-stiffened skin for aircraft fuselage including stringers with a closed section and associated manufacturing method: Simplification of the manufacture of composite material fuselages for aircraft, as well as mass reduction of fuselage sections and space optimization inside such fuselage sections. To accomplish this, it is proposed to use stringers of a new type which have a closed transverse section, and which are thus able to... Agent:

20140186561 - Aluminium barrier laminate: m

20140186562 - Conductive polyoxymethylene based on stainless steel fibers: Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler, a polyalkylene glycol, and a metal oxide are disclosed that exhibit electrostatic dissipative (ESD) capabilities while also being resistant to degradation upon exposure to aggressive fuels. For instance, the polymer compositions can have a volume resistivity... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140186564 - Flexible tube: A flexible tube includes a polymer composition of a poly vinyl chloride having a molecular weight greater than about 1.0 inherent viscosity (IV) and a bio-based plasticizer. Further, a method of forming a flexible tube is provided. The method includes compounding a poly vinyl chloride having a molecular weight greater... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20140186563 - Stabilized polyester based compositions: A polyester or polyester copolymer based composition, such as a polylactic acid based composition, is provided herein. The polyester or polyester copolymer based composition may include a plasticizer, such as an ether based, an ester based, and/or an ether-ester based plasticizer.... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20140186565 - Uncoated housing and method for manufacturing same: The present invention is an uncoated housing in which a molded product formed from a thermoplastic resin composition (D) containing 20-60% by mass of an acetone insoluble resin component (A), which contains a rubber component (a) with an average particle size of 0.05-0.3 μm and has a coefficient of linear... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20140186566 - Stretch release article: Provided are adhesive articles and assemblies that include a flat and at least partially elastic backing along with a patterned adhesive coating on each side of the backing. When viewed from directions perpendicular to the backing, the adhesive on one side of the backing does not substantially overlap the adhesive... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140186568 - Roll of continuous web of optical film laminate and production method therefor: A method of producing a roll of a continuous web of an optical film laminate, usable in a process of laminating an optical film sheet including a polarizing film and formed to a size corresponding to that an optical panel to a surface of the optical panel being fed to... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140186567 - Trim part with an airbag cover and a method for manufacturing a trim part: The method relates to a trim part with an airbag cover, in particular for use in a motor vehicle, comprising a carrier and a haptics layer which are weakened along a tear line delimiting the airbag cover, and a decor layer of leather which covers the carrier and the haptics... Agent: Faurecia Innenraum Systeme Gmbh

20140186569 - Floor mat with a top cover: A floor mat for preventing slipping on a floor surface comprises a mat resting on a floor surface, a cover sheet placed on the top surface of the mat and a securing mechanism designed to secure the cover sheet to the mat. The mat includes the top surface, a bottom... Agent:

20140186570 - Method for strengthening glass substrate and article manufactured by the same: A method for strengthening glass substrate includes: preheating a glass substrate; spraying a molted salt onto the substrate to form a ion exchange layer; forming a titanium dioxide layer on the ion exchange layer. The ion exchange layer infills some microcracks. The titanium dioxide layer reinforces the infilling of microcracks... Agent:

20140186571 - Round paper towel and napkin product: An apparatus for Round Paper Product and Napkin product is to provide to provide a more practical, attractive, and environmentally sound alternative to standard, square shaped paper towels and napkins featuring a distinct circular shape for easy placement in microwaves. ea... Agent:

20140186572 - Aircraft structure with integrated reinforcing elements: The invention provides an integrated aircraft structure, such as a fuselage, with reinforcing elements in areas of the structure that need them because they have openings or are subjected to high loads. The structure comprises a skin, a plurality of stringers and a plurality of frames with mouseholes for the... Agent:

20140186573 - Synthetic laminated mat: An improved laminated mat which comprises synthetic materials are provided for herein. Embodiments may include a plurality of synthetic boards disposed adjacent to each other to form a top surface. Such a top surface may be configured such that individual boards are replaceable in the event of defects, wear and... Agent: The Modern Group, Ltd.

20140186574 - Method for producing and connecting fibre-reinforced components and aircraft or spacecraft: A method for producing and connecting fibre-reinforced components, in particular for an aircraft or spacecraft. The method includes the steps of: (a) providing a textile planar structure, of which merely a first sub-region is impregnated with a matrix; (b) heating the textile planar structure which is impregnated in part, in... Agent:

20140186575 - Process and apparatus for producing reinforcing-fiber strip substrate having circular-arc part, and layered structure, preform, and fiber-reinforced resin composite material each comprising or produced using the substrate: A process for producing a reinforcing-fiber strip substrate having a circular-arc part includes contacting one surface of a strip-shaped, unidirectional reinforcing-fiber substrate formed by arranging a plurality of reinforcing-fiber strands in one direction in parallel with each other with a flexible member; deforming the unidirectional reinforcing-fiber substrate into a circular-arc... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140186576 - Insulating material containing nanocellulose: A nonwoven web of unmodified or cyanoethylated nanocellulose was found to have greater strength than kraft paper after immersion in oil at high temperature, making it useful as an insulation material for transformers. A mixture of nanocellulose and polymetaphenylene isophthalamide has further improved properties for use as an insulating material.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140186577 - Breathable elastic buffer material structure: A breathable elastic buffer material structure includes two breathable fabrics, a plurality of spaced elastic pillars between the two breathable fabrics and an elastic plate between the two breathable fabrics. The elastic plate has a plurality of spaced through holes and ribs between the through holes. The elastic pillars are... Agent:

20140186578 - Reinforced stringer and method of manufacture thereof: The present invention relates to a stringer, particularly to a stiffening and structural longitudinal element for skin of aircraft airfoil surfaces, characterized in that it incorporates two separate and independent reinforcement areas, one in the foot and the other at the end of the web (head) of the stringer, where... Agent:

20140186579 - Industrial fabric and method of welding seam area using ultrasonic welding: The invention relates to ultrasonic welding of industrial fabrics. Specifically, the invention relates to methods for ultrasonically welding the seam area of industrial fabrics using a textured horn and/or anvil. The fabric edges are overlapped as woven or one or both edges can have some warp or weft yarns raveled... Agent: Albany International Corp.

20140186580 - Surface component for an aircraft and manufacturing method thereof: In order to provide a lightweight structure which can take up relatively large loads, the invention provides for a surface component for an aircraft, having at least one shell and a reinforcement grid structure, wherein the shell has a preliminary buckling structure which, under a load which acts on the... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140186581 - Primer-coated copper foil having superior adhesive strength and method for producing the same: Disclosed herein are a primer-coated copper foil and a method for producing the same. The primer-coated copper foil includes a copper foil layer; and a primer resin layer having a first surface on which the copper foil layer is coated and a second surface as a counter side on which... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140186582 - Algae resistant roofing granules with controlled algaecide leaching rates, algae resistant shingles, and process for producing same: Algae-resistant roofing granules are formed by extruding a mixture of mineral particles and a binder to form porous granule bodies, and algaecide is distributed in the pores. Release of the algaecide is controlled by the structure of the granules.... Agent:

20140186583 - Coating increasing the friction coefficient and production thereof by means of atmospheric pressure plasma coating: The present invention provides an advantageous method for producing a coating (3) increasing the coefficient of friction on a surface (5) of an element (6), wherein the method comprises the following steps: a) activating of hard particles (1) partially or completely covered by a bonding agent (2) in a non-thermal... Agent: Ip Plasma & Brands Gmbh

20140186584 - Shaped product made of fiber-reinforced composite material and having excellent surface appearance: e

20140186585 - Abrasive blasting media and methods of forming and using same: Abrasive blasting media including a shaped abrasive particle and a method of preparing a surface of a workpiece including directing an abrasive matter at a workpiece, the abrasive matter includes a carrier and a plurality of shaped abrasive particles, and preparing a surface of the workpiece with the abrasive matter.... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140186586 - Composite tubular-reinforced integrated structural panels with mutually intersecting stiffeners and fabrication processes: A process for fabricating an integrated panel structures and the structures thereby fabricated are provided with first and second stiffeners positioned on a base skin so that the stiffeners intersect at respective intersecting regions. First and second fiber-reinforced resin-composite overlapping layers are provided on the first and second stiffeners so... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20140186587 - Transparent conductor and apparatus including the same: A transparent conductor including: a base layer, a first coating layer on the base layer and having conductivity, and a second coating layer on the first coating layer is disclosed. The base layer, the first coating layer and the second coating layer have refractive indexes of R1, R2 and R3,... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186588 - Processes to fabricate composite tubular-reinforced panels integrating skin and stringers and the panels thereby fabricated: Processes for fabricating an integrated fiber-reinforced cured resin-composite panel structure include forming a panel preform assembly by (i) positioning pre-cured fiber-reinforced resin-composite tubular stiffeners onto an uncured base skin, and (ii) applying uncured fiber-reinforced resin-composite overlapping layers onto the pre-cured stiffeners so that at least lateral edges of the overlapping... Agent: Embraer S.a.

20140186589 - Sealing film with hidden tab: A sealing film with a hidden tab includes a bottom layer and a top layer. The bottom layer includes a heat sealing layer, an aluminum foil layer, and a polypropylene layer. The top layer includes a nylon layer and a polyethylene terephthalate layer, and is defined with a connection portion... Agent: Taiwan Forever Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186590 - Touch panel integrated with cover glass and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed herein are a touch panel integrated with a cover glass and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method of a touch panel integrated with a cover glass includes: providing a sheet shaped glass substrate; forming grooves in cut regions of the glass substrate; forming a chemical tempered layer on... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140186594 - Patterned radiation-sensing thermoplastic composite panels: A patterned scintillator panel including an extruded scintillator layer comprising a thermoplastic polyolefin and a scintillator material, wherein the scintillator layer comprises a pattern. Also disclosed is a method of making a patterned scintillator panel including forming a scintillator layer by melt extrusion, the scintillator layer comprising thermoplastic particles comprising... Agent:

20140186592 - Photo-sensitive resin composition for bezel of touch screen module and bezel for touch screen module using the same: This invention relates to a photo-sensitive resin composition for a bezel of a touch screen module, including a colorant composed of surface-modified TiO2, a binder resin, a dispersing agent, a photopolymerizable compound, a photoinitiator, and a solvent, and having a viscosity of 2˜30 cps and a solid content of 50˜90... Agent:

20140186593 - Resin composition for printed circuit board, insulating film, prepreg, and printed circuit board: Disclosed herein are a resin composition for a printed circuit board, an insulating film, a prepreg, and a printed circuit board, the resin composition including: a composite epoxy resin containing a bisphenol A type epoxy resin, a cresol novolac epoxy resin, a rubber-modified epoxy resin, a phosphorus based epoxy resin,... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140186591 - Solder mask shape for bot laminate packages: A device is provided. The device may comprise an integrated circuit package. The integrated circuit package may comprise a first layer and a solder mask. The first layer may comprise a top surface wherein the solder mask is disposed on the top surface of the first layer. The solder mask... Agent: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

20140186595 - Method of fabricating display device using maskless exposure apparatus and display device: The present invention relates to a method of fabricating a display device using a maskless exposure apparatus, and the display device, and more particularly, to a method of fabricating a display device by using a maskless exposure apparatus, which is capable of preventing a stain from being viewed, and the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd

20140186596 - Ink: A silver-based ink goes through several changes during the drying and firing process to change from a printable ink to a conductive silver film. The formulation of the ink is selected to optimize this process of changes and to produce a dense silver layer with adhesion to the substrate sufficient... Agent: Dip-tech Ltd.

20140186597 - Adhesive tape: An adhesive tape includes a first adhesive layer and a pair of second adhesive layers respectively formed on two opposite surfaces of the first adhesive layer. The second pressure sensitive adhesive layers are pressure sensitive adhesive layers which provide initial adhesion. The second adhesive layer can be lifted and reused... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186598 - Base-layer consisting of two materials layer with extreme high/low index in low-e coating to improve the neutral color and transmittance performance: Low emissivity coated panels can be fabricated using a base layer having a low refractive index layer on a high refractive index layer. The low refractive index layer can have refractive index less than 1.5, and can include Mg F2, CaF2, SiO2, or BO. The high refractive index layer can... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140186599 - Inorganic fiber molded body and process for producing the same: The inorganic fiber molded body of the present invention is characterized in that the molded body has an extremely light weight, and is free from problems such as scattering of fibers and particulate matters from a surface thereof and environmental pollution such as generation of harmful gases. In addition, the... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140186607 - Adhesive composition for a semiconductor, adhesive film prepared from the composition, and semiconductor device connected by the film: An adhesive film, an adhesive composition, and a semiconductor device wherein, in the adhesive film, a difference between a storage modulus (A) of the adhesive film after 4 cycles and a storage modulus (B) of the adhesive film after 1 cycle is about 3×106 dyne/cm2 or less, the storage modulus... Agent:

20140186605 - Adhesive film for polarizing plate, adhesive composition for the same, polarizing plate including the same, and optical display device including the same: An adhesive film for polarizing plates includes a (meth)acrylic copolymer obtained by polymerizing about 15 wt % to about 30 wt % of a (meth)acrylic monomer having a hetero-alicyclic ring. The adhesive film has a storage modulus (G′) of about 30 kPa or greater as determined from Frequency sweep testing... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186604 - Adhesive film, adhesive composition for the same, and display apparatus including the same: An adhesive film, an adhesive composition for the same, and a display apparatus including the same. The adhesive film includes a urethane functional group, has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of about 30° C. or less, a loss modulus of about 4×104 dyn/cm2 to about 8×104 dyn/cm2 upon frequency sweep... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186603 - Adhesive film, adhesive composition for the same, and display member including the same: An adhesive film, an adhesive composition for the same, and a display member including the same are disclosed. The adhesive film includes a cured product of an adhesive composition, which includes a (meth)acrylic copolymer formed from a monomer mixture including (a1) an alkyl (meth)acrylate having a C1 to C17 alkyl... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186606 - Balanced and low heat shrinkage sequentially biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film and process for producing the same: Described are methods for producing a sequentially biaxially oriented thermoplastic film having balanced machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD) heat shrinkage properties. The methods can include extruding a film, orienting the extruded film in a machine direction, quenching the film, heating the film in an transverse orientation oven and... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20140186608 - Heat ray shielding material: A heat ray shielding material having a metal particles-containing layer that contains at least one type of metal particles, in which the thickness of the metal particles-containing layer is from 10 nm to 80 nm, the metal particles contain tabular metal particles having a hexagonal to circular form in a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140186600 - Low pressure thermoplastic molding materials for fiber-reinforced composite structures: Fiber-reinforced molding materials and a related method of manufacture are provided. The fiber-reinforced molding materials include a fiber-reinforced tape that is moldable into complex structures at relatively low pressures while having high fiber concentrations. The fiber-reinforced tape includes a plurality of discontinuous fiber segments extending unidirectionally within a thermoplastic matrix... Agent: Thercom Holdings, LLC

20140186601 - Microparticle, addition agent and filtering membrane: Provided is an electronic microparticle, including a first copolymer copolymerized from a first monomer and a second monomer or a second copolymer copolymerized from the first monomer, the second monomer and a third monomer. The first monomer includes an alkenyl group and excludes a sulfonic group, a carboxylic group, a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140186602 - Polycarbonate resin for film, method for preparing the same and film including the same: wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, a, b, c, and d are the same as defined in the specification. The polycarbonate resin for film can exhibit excellent scratch resistance, elongation, chemical resistance and heat resistance, and can be used to prepare a film in roll form without any protective film.... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140186609 - Fiber-and-plastic composite and method for making same: A fiber-and-plastic composite includes a fiber composite, a plastic part, and a silane coupling agent layer and an adhesive layer formed between the fiber composite and the plastic parts. The silane coupling agent layer directly bonds with the fiber composite. The adhesive layer directly bonds with the plastic parts. The... Agent:

20140186610 - Panel coating: The disclosure relates to a method for coating of a floor panel and a floor panel produced by the method. The disclosure relates to a method for producing a laminated product, for example a building panel, preferably a floor panel. The method comprises applying a paper on one side of... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Flooring Technology Ab

20140186611 - Polyol formulations for improved green strength of polyisocyanurate rigid foams: Polyesters and polyol formulations comprising polyesters used in the preparation of polyisocyanurate rigid foams with improved green strength properties are provided. In some embodiments, a polyester which is the reaction product of (a) an aromatic component comprising 80 mole percent or greater of terephthalic acid, (b) at least one polyether... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140186612 - Transparent thermoplastic resin composition and molded article produced therefrom: A transparent thermoplastic resin composition includes (A) a rubber-modified vinyl-based copolymer; and (B) a cyanated vinyl-aromatic vinyl-based copolymer, wherein the (A) rubber-modified vinyl-based copolymer includes a rubbery polymer having an average particle size of about 500 Å to about 1,900 Å, the (B) cyanated vinyl-aromatic vinyl-based copolymer has a glass... Agent:

20140186613 - Anti-reflection coatings with self-cleaning properties, substrates including such coatings, and related methods: Methods of making titania coatings having self-cleaning properties, and associated articles are provided. In certain example instances, a substrate supports a layer comprising titanium dioxide. The substrate may support multiple layers. After curing, the resulting coating may reduce the occurrence of fouling.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140186614 - Electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating coating (as amended): An electrical steel sheet with an insulation coating excellent in punchability, coating adhesion property and coating film property after annealing, even without containing any chromium compound in the insulation coating. The insulation coating is formed by applying a surface-treatment agent to at least one side of the electrical steel sheet... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140186615 - Transparent conductive substrate, method of fabricating the same, and touch panel having the same: A transparent conductive substrate, a method of fabricating the same, and a touch panel including the same. The transparent conductive substrate includes a first thin film layer, a second thin film layer and a transparent conductive film which are sequentially provided on a glass substrate. The first thin film layer... Agent: Samsung Corning Precision Materials Co., Ltd.

20140186616 - Composite article and method for making same: A composite article includes a ceramic part, a plastic part, and an adhesive layer connecting the ceramic part to the plastic part. The adhesive layer includes polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, dibutyl phthalate, and sec-butyl acetate.... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186618 - Coated article and method for making same: A coated article includes a substrate, a layer formed on the substrate. The layer containing polytetrafluroethylene and aluminum oxide, and the weight ratio of the aluminum oxide to the polytetrafluroethylene being between about 1:1.5 and 1:1.2. A method for making the coated article is also described.... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186619 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article includes a substrate and an anti-fingerprint film formed on the substrate. The anti-fingerprint film is a mixture layer of tin and polyformaldehyde, a mixture layer of indium and polyformaldehyde, or a polyformaldehyde layer. The anti-fingerprint film has an excellent abrasion resistance. A method for making the coated... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186620 - Fabrication and passivation of silicon surfaces: Embodiments described herein are related to methods for processing substrates such as silicon substrates. In some cases, the method may provide the ability to passivate a silicon surface at relatively low temperatures and/or in the absence of a solvent. Methods described herein may be useful in the fabrication of a... Agent:

20140186617 - Low-emissivity coatings: Embodiments of the present invention include low emissivity (low-E) coatings and methods for forming the coatings. The low-E coating comprises a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) on a glass substrate, where one surface of the SAM is disposed in contact with and covalently bonded to the glass substrate, and one surface of... Agent: Intermolecular, Inc.

20140186621 - Siloxane-urethane foul release coatings: A two-part moisture curable coating compositions capable of forming polyurethane-polysiloxane networks is provided. The coating compositions which are useful in marine antifouling coatings provide a two-part moisture curable composition comprising: (a) a first part comprising at least one multifunctional polyol; (b) a second part comprising: (i) at least one polysiloxane... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140186622 - Composite flame retardant, resin composition and molded article: The composite flame retardant contains (i) 100 parts by weight of magnesium hydroxide particles (A) having an average thickness of 10 to 100 nm, an average width of 2.4 μm or more and an average aspect ratio of 20 to 120 and (ii) 100 to 900 parts by weight of... Agent: Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186623 - A method of preparing metal oxide microtubes: The present invention prescribes a new sol-gel method of preparing and formation of the metal oxide microtubes. According to the method firstly is prepared the precursor sol from metal oxides or mixtures of metal oxides and alkoxides, thereafter from the precursor sol are extruded the fibres, which are gelatinised afterwards... Agent: University Of Tartu

20140186624 - Polyarylene ether ketones: The invention pertains to novel aromatic ether ketone polymers derived from bio-based feed-stocks, comprising recurring units of formula (Rb): wherein: —E is selected from the group consisting of: —each of R, equal to or different from each other, is selected from the group consisting of halogen, alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl,... Agent: Solvay Speciality Polymers Usa, LLC

20140186625 - Composition for acid gas tolerant removal of mercury from a flue gas: Method and compositions useful for removal of mercury from a flue gas stream with relatively high concentrations of acid gas precursors and/or acid gases. The method includes contacting the flue gas stream with a multi-functional agent, where the multi-functional agent includes a salt having a cation of valency 3 or... Agent: Ada Carbon Solutions, LLC

20140186628 - Dip-formed synthetic polyisoprene latex articles with improved intraparticle and interparticle crosslinks: A synthetic polyisoprene latex emulsion has pre-vulcanization composition and post vulcanization composition. The pre-vulcanization composition comprises soluble sulfur with high S8 ring structure that is catalytically broken by a zinc dithiocarbamate. Surfactants present in the pre-vulcanization composition wets synthetic polyisoprene particles and permeates small sized sulfur and accelerator molecules into... Agent: Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

20140186627 - Lignin in particulate form: Lignin in particulate form is provided. The lignin particles have relatively large diameter and relatively low density, compared to known lignin particles. The lignin is formed from black liquor using supersaturation of an ionic solution. Methods of forming the lignin particulate are also provided.... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20140186626 - Modified starch, preparation method and use of the same, and drilling fluid: The present invention provides a modified starch, preparation method and use of the same, also provides a drilling fluid comprising the modified starch which contains bi-substituted starch structural units and tri-substituted starch structural units, wherein, the tri-substituted starch structural units are represented by the following formula (1), the bi-substituted starch... Agent: China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation

20140186629 - Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof, scribe tool, scribing wheel, dresser, rotating tool, orifice for water jet, wiredrawing die, cutting tool, and electron emission source: Nano polycrystalline diamond is composed of carbon, an element of different type which is an element other than carbon and is added to be dispersed in carbon at an atomic level, and an inevitable impurity. The polycrystalline diamond has a crystal grain size not greater than 500 nm. The polycrystalline... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140186630 - Microcapsule particles: The second composition comprises an oil phase. The oil phase comprises: i) one or more multi functional acrylate or methacrylate monomers or oligomers and substantially free of amine acrylate or amine methacrylate monomer or oligomer, and an initiator dispersible in the oil phase; ii) from 0 to 10% by weight... Agent: Appvion, Inc.

20140186631 - Seed used for crystalline silicon ingot casting: The invention discloses a seed used for crystalline silicon ingot casting. A seed according to a preferred embodiment of the invention includes a crystal and an impurity diffusion-resistant layer. The crystal is constituted by at least one grain. The impurity diffusion-resistant layer is formed to overlay an outer surface of... Agent: Sino-american Silicon Products Inc.

20140186632 - Zircon compatible, ion exchangeable glass with high damage resistance: An ion exchangeable glass having a high degree of resistance to damage caused by abrasion, scratching, indentation, and the like. The glass comprises alumina, B2O3, and alkali metal oxides, and contains boron cations having three-fold coordination. The glass, when ion exchanged, has a Vickers crack initiation threshold of at least... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140186633 - Color match verification of multi-layer coatings utilizing precoated color chips: Precoated color chips having a reference colored basecoat and at least one reference effect appearance midcoat partially covering a portion of the basecoat are used to verify the colors of multi-layer automotive coatings when they are applied to automotive components. Visual characteristics of multi-layer automotive coatings may be verified by... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140186634 - Laminated electrocast sleeve and fixation belt: The present invention provides a laminated electrocast sleeve and a fixation belt having drastically enhanced durability. The laminated electrocast sleeve formed of a plurality of metal layers including at least a first metal layer, and a second metal layer provided around the first metal layer through electrocasting, wherein the first... Agent: Synztec Co., Ltd.

20140186635 - Liquid high solids binder composition: The invention described herein pertains to formaldehyde free, thermosetting liquid high solids binder compositions having rapid cure times on thermal curing and slow cure times at ambient temperatures so that the uncured binder compositions and products which comprise the uncured binder compositions have improved shelf lives.... Agent: Knauf Insulation

20140186636 - Barrier layers comprising ni-inclusive ternary alloys, coated articles including barrier layers, and methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to Ni-inclusive ternary alloy being provided as a barrier layer for protecting an IR reflecting layer comprising silver or the like. The provision of a barrier layer comprising nickel, chromium, and/or molybdenum and/or oxides thereof may improve corrosion resistance, as well as chemical and mechanical durability.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140186637 - Organic compound, optical film and method of production thereof: An organic compound has the general structural formula I. In the formula I, Core is a conjugated organic unit capable of forming a rod-like macromolecule, n is a number of the conjugated organic units in the rod-like macromolecule, Gk is a set of ionogenic side-groups, and k is a number... Agent: Crysoptix Kk

20140186638 - Coating method and coating layer of brake hose fitting: Disclosed herein is a method of coating a brake hose fitting. The method includes plating a brake hose fitting with a zinc-nickel (Zn—Ni) alloy including about 6˜12 wt % of nickel (Ni). The method further includes post-treating the plated brake hose fitting with a silicon (Si) solution.... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140186639 - Non-stick ceramic coating composition and process: A method of making a series of new non-stick ceramic coating materials prepared from organic-inorganic hybrid materials, including silica sol, MTMS, FAS and PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) using the sol-gel process. The hybrid materials have good mechanical properties and are fashioned into a main ceramic network and good non-stick properties from organic... Agent: Brocker Business Development Group

20140186640 - Anti-adhesion transparent thin film and method for forming the same: The present invention provides an anti-adhesion transparent thin film, which uses physical vapor deposition to deposit a transparent thin film on the surface of a substrate. The transparent film has the characteristics of high light perviousness, good hardness, excellent acid resistivity, and superior anti-adhesion capability. Furthermore, an oxide layer can... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140186641 - Composite of metal and resin and method for manufacturing same: A magnesium alloy part is inserted into a mold, a resin composition is injected and joined to the part, and a composite is obtained. A part having, formed thereon, a surface layer of a metal oxide, a metal carbonate, or a metal phosphate in use of a usual conversion treatment... Agent: Taisei Plas Co., Ltd.

20140186642 - Degradable flow medium for resin transfer molding processes: A flow medium for assisting a resin to be transferred into a mold accommodating a layered structure of reinforced material is provided. The flow medium is configured such that when the resin is cured the flow medium becomes incorporated within a final composite component comprising the reinforced material embedded within... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140186643 - Light weight gypsum board: The invention generally provides gypsum-containing slurries including stucco, naphthalenesulfonate dispersant, and pregelatinized starch. The naphthalenesulfonate dispersant is present in an amount of about 0.1%-3.0% by weight based on the weight of dry stucco. The pregelatinized starch is present in an amount of at least about 0.5% by weight up to... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140186644 - Moisture resistant coating: Some embodiments of the invention generally relate to a moisture barrier coating that is biodegradable and compostable. Some embodiments also relate to a coating that is dual ovenable. Such coatings may be used to increase moisture resistance and provide non-stick or release characteristics when applied to biodegradable and compostable disposable... Agent:

20140186646 - Compositions and image making media: The invention relates to compositions for forming an aesthetic image that is an work or object for display. The images are made from an image support medium of a compositions that generally includes a polymer in an amount sufficient to enable the image to have at least one aesthetic element.... Agent:

20140186645 - Manufacture of bend insensitive multimode optical fiber: A method of assembling a preform for a bend-insensitive multimode optical fiber (BIMMF), includes providing a multimode core rod, a glass overclad tube, and a trench tube of down-doped quartz glass with a depressed refractive index sufficient to obtain a desired trench depth in a refractive index (RI) profile of... Agent: Ofs Fitel, LLC

20140186647 - Broad particle size distribution powders for forming solid oxide fuel cell components: A raw material powder for forming a layer of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) article includes a broad particle size distribution (BPSD) defined by plotted curve of frequency versus diameter of the raw material powder may be characterized as having a first standard deviation including at least about 78%... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140186648 - Method for imprinting and erasing amorphous metal alloys: The present invention relates to materials, methods and apparatuses for performing imprint lithography using amorphous metallic materials. The amorphous metallic materials can be employed as imprint media and thermoplastic forming processes are applied during the pattern transfer procedure to produce micron scale and nanoscale patterns in the amorphous metallic layer.... Agent: Yale University

20140186649 - Coated article and method for manufacturing the same: A coated article includes a metal substrate, a number of recesses defined in the metal substrate, and a plurality of sealing portions filled in the recesses. The sealing portions include metal, silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, and inorganic oxide pigment. The metal includes aluminum. A method for... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140186650 - Method for producing steel profiles: The invention relates to the field of steel processing and steel production, in particular the production of steel profiles. The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a steel profile, the method comprising the steps of: providing a workpiece (2, 44, 52), in particular a steel blank, preferably a steel... Agent: Origami Steel Corp.

20140186651 - Printed circuit board having copper plated layer with roughness and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a printed circuit board having a copper plated layer with an anchor shaped surface and roughness by forming the copper plated layer having an anisotropic crystalline orientation structure using a plating inhibitor at the time of forming the copper plated layer serving as a circuit wiring and... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140186652 - Process to manufacture a metal foam provided with channels and metal foam thus produced: A manufacturing process for a metal foam provided with at least one channel and intended namely for the manufacture of heat exchangers using a preform of balls. A foundry core constituted by a central core and a coating of a material fusible at low temperature are arranged in a foundry... Agent: Filtrauto

20140186653 - Turbine component having a low residual stress ferromagnetic damping coating: A turbine component having a low residual stress ferromagnetic damping coating. The ferromagnetic damping coating may include a ferromagnetic damping material applied in at least partially molten powder form, which may be directed at a surface of the substrate at an application velocity so that it causes partial plastic deformation... Agent:

20140186654 - Surface treatment method for stainless steel and housing made from the treated stainless steel: A surface treatment method for stainless steel as a colorful and smooth housing includes the steps of: a base layer including titanium is deposited on the stainless steel substrate by multi-arc ion plating. An aluminum transition layer is deposited on the titanium base layer by multi-arc ion plating, and an... Agent:

20140186655 - Press hardened parts and method of producing the same: The present invention is to produce press hardened parts having excellent properties while avoiding a peeling of a plated layer or an intergranular cracking of a base material during a press forming, in such a manner that when a surface-treated steel sheet in which a Zn—Fe-based plated layer is formed... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140186656 - Spallation-resistant thermal barrier coating: A coated article has: a metallic substrate; a bondcoat; and a thermal barrier coating (TBC). The bondcoat has an MCrAlY first layer and an MCrAlY second layer, the second layer having a lower Cr content than the first layer.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140186657 - Storage screens for medical radiography: The present invention concerns a method for the treatment of stimulable phosphors and/or screens for use in diagnosis, in particular medical radiography. The method comprises subjecting the stimulable phosphors and/or screens to an epoxide containing gaseous compound, promptly following their manufacture. By applying the method according to the invention yellowing... Agent: Agfa Healthcare Nv

20140186658 - Interlayer comprising chromium-containing alloy: An apparatus and method are provided for improving perpendicular magnetic recording media. The present invention provides media, and a method of fabricating media in a cost-effective manner, with a reduced ruthenium (Ru) content interlayer structure, while meeting media performance requirements. A perpendicular magnetic recording medium is provided comprising a non-magnetic... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

06/26/2014 > 109 patent applications in 71 patent subcategories.

20140178606 - Cellulose acylate film, polarizer, and liquid crystal display device: P

20140178607 - Liquid crystal additive, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal panel thereof: The present invention provides a liquid crystal additive, a liquid crystal composition and a liquid crystal panel thereof. The liquid crystal additive of the present invention has a higher clear point, so that adding the liquid crystal additive into a liquid crystal composition of a liquid crystal panel can omit... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20140178608 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive: Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive, a polarizing plate, and a liquid crystal display device. The pressure-sensitive adhesive may be used to provide a polarizing plate which has a tensile modulus that varies in a thickness direction, and for example, which has a smaller thickness and a lighter weight, and also... Agent:

20140178609 - Polyoxyalkylene modified vinyl alcohol-based polymer and use thereof: o

20140178611 - Apparatus and methods employing liquid-impregnated surfaces: In certain embodiments, the invention is directed to apparatus comprising a liquid-impregnated surface, said surface comprising an impregnating liquid and a matrix of solid features spaced sufficiently close to stably contain the impregnating liquid therebetween or therewithin, and methods thereof. In some embodiments, one or both of the following holds:... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140178612 - Process for making a flexible multi-panel sterilization assembly: A continuous process for making a multi-panel sterilization assembly, the process including the steps of: providing a moving, continuous base web; providing a plurality of subassemblies; applying the subassemblies in position on the moving, continuous base web to define repeating portions that incorporate the subassemblies and alternating portions that lack... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140178610 - Transfer line exchanger: The present invention provides a transfer line exchanger which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The transfer line exchanger is designed by computer modeling a transfer line exchanger in which the cross section of... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20140178613 - Sealed container, method of manufacturing the same, and vacuum heat insulating body: A sealed container (1) includes: a metal container (3) including an opening portion (5) and a first internal space that is reduced in pressure; a solid matter (4) contained in the first internal space of the metal container; and a sealing member (2) made of glass containing at least alkali... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140178614 - Mono- and multi-layer films and articles made therefrom: Mono- and multi-layer films comprising a polyethylene composition which comprises the reaction product of ethylene and optionally one or more alpha olefin comonomers in the presence of a catalyst composition comprising a multi-metallic procatalyst via a solution polymerization process in at least one reactor; wherein said polyethylene composition is characterized... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140178615 - Ribbed woven material: In some embodiments, the present invention includes ribbed woven materials, methods for increasing the abrasion resistance of a material, methods for providing an indication of wear, ropes configured to provide one or more alerts as a total breaking weight of a rope is approached, woven rope cover systems for rope-like... Agent:

20140178616 - Polyurethane dispersions for coating containers: A food or beverage container coated with a coating composition comprising an aqueous polyurethane dispersion being substantially free of vinyl monomers and polymers and having an iodine value less than 5.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140178617 - Process for the polymerization of propylene: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of polypropylene having: a molecular weight of 450,000-950,000, a molecular weight distribution of 3-6, and xylene soluble content of 2-6 wt %, by converting propylene into the polypropylene without pre-polymerization in the presence of a polymerization catalyst under a condition where... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20140178618 - Display device and cover member: According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display module configured to display an image on a display area, a cover member including a transmissive portion opposed to the display area, and a color portion opposed to a peripheral area on an outside of the display area of the... Agent: Japan Display Inc.

20140178619 - Adhesive layer-equipped transparent plate, display device and processes for their production: An adhesive layer-equipped transparent plate 1 comprising a transparent plate 10 and an adhesive layer 14 formed on one surface of the transparent plate 10, wherein the adhesive layer 14 has a layer portion 18 spreading over the surface of the transparent plate 10 and the seal portion 20 surrounding... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140178620 - Film for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Provided is the following film for a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in which a non-pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is provided on a base material film. In the case where dicing or the like is performed by performing adsorption fixation to a fixing base with a negative pressure, the occurrence of excessive close... Agent:

20140178622 - Gas barrier adhesive sheet, method for producing same, electronic member, and optical member: The present invention is a gas barrier pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet comprising at least one gas barrier layer and at least one pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the at least one pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having a storage modulus at 23° C. of 1.5×104 to 1.0×107 Pa, and the gas barrier pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20140178621 - Paper substrates useful as universal release liners: This invention relates to a paper substrate useful as a universal release liner, as well as methods of making and using the same.... Agent: International Paper Company

20140178623 - Flexible, low profile hearth pad: A hearth pad for live ember protecting a floor. The hearth pad comprises a backing for being placed onto the floor. The backing is made of a flexible sheet material. A plurality of tiles is disposed on the backing and adhered thereto using a flexible adhesive. The tiles are made... Agent:

20140178624 - Base-mediated hydrophobing compositions and processes: Water-resistant gypsum boards and compositions and methods for their manufacture are provided. The methods include forming a mixture of water, hydroxide, and siliconate, adding siloxane to the mixture, adding calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate to the mixture to form an aqueous slurry, curing the aqueous slurry under heat, drying the aqueous slurry,... Agent: Georgia-pacific Gypsum LLC

20140178625 - Decorative piece produced by setting on amorphous metal: The present invention relates to a decorative piece comprising a support produced in a material which does not include plastic deformation and in which at least one hollow is provided, characterised in that said hollow being filled with a first material being an at least partially amorphous alloy forming a... Agent: Omega S.a.

20140178626 - Vacuum thermal insulation material equipped with a getter material for water-fraction and gas adsorption, and production method therefor: The vacuum thermal insulation material of the present invention comprises: a core material part which is hermetically sealed under reduced pressure; a getter part which is provided on one side in the middle of the core part; and an outer skin material part which surrounds the core material part and... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140178627 - Waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for snowboards, alpine boots, hiking boots and the like (as amended): The waterproof/breathable moisture transfer liner for alpine, snowboard and hiking includes an inner liner selected from technically advanced fabrics which are carefully selected. A series of layers are provided outside the inner liner including foam material and insulated nonwoven layers, breathable membranes, a supportive mesh included in a moldable foam,... Agent: Solid Water Holdings

20140178628 - Pet door flap attachment: A pet door flap attachment may be easily installed and removed by a user to allow for cleaning of the attachment. A pet door flap attachment may include at least one covering and a coupling mechanism to removeably couple the at least one covering to a pet door flap.... Agent: Fido Flaps, LLC

20140178630 - Fibre based panels with a wear resistance surface: Building panels with a homogenous decorative surface having a wear layer comprising fibres, binders and wear resistant particles.... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Innovation Ab

20140178629 - Functionalized and multifunctional composite material, method and applications: Open-architecture constituents, such as wood fibers, are coated with an intercalated functional material and bound together to form a solid product, such as a plank. Applications for this material include decking, fencing, and the like. The functional material is applied prior to forming the solid product, either as a coating... Agent:

20140178631 - Shaped product having standing plane, and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a shaped product made of a fiber-reinforced composite material including reinforcing fibers having an average fiber length of 5 to 100 mm and a thermoplastic resin. In the shaped product, a volume fraction of reinforcing fibers is 5 to 80%, a reference plane (S) and a standing... Agent: Teijin Limited

20140178632 - High purity zirconia-based thermally sprayed coatings and processes for the preparation thereof: This invention relates to thermally sprayed coatings of a high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powder, said high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powder comprising from about 0 to about 0.15 weight percent impurity oxides, from about 0 to about 2 weight percent hafnium oxide (hafnia), from about... Agent:

20140178634 - Coloring composition, method for manufacturing a color filter using the same, color filter and solid-state imaging device: There is provided a coloring composition including: a colorant; and a resin, wherein a content of the colorant is 50% by mass or more based on total solids of the coloring composition, and a solid acid number of a resin having a highest solid acid number among all kinds of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140178633 - Composite material and structural components of a motor vehicle: A composite material is shown and described in the form of a laminated material made of flat superimposed layers for production of a structural component, in particular for structural components of a motor vehicle, comprising at least one metal layer and at least one fibre-reinforced plastic layer. In order to... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag

20140178635 - Panel and panel installation structure: The present invention provides a panel having a light-absorbing heat-storing panel body in which the problem of heat storage with light absorption by the panel body is reduced. A panel 51A includes a panel body 52A made of a thermoplastic resin and having light transmissivity and the light-absorbing heat-storing property... Agent: Mitsubishi Engineering-plastics Corporation

20140178636 - Composite material and method of forming the same: Provided is a composite material including a first surface layer, a second surface layer, and a core layer. The first surface layer includes a first fiber material layer and a first resin impregnated therein. The second surface layer includes a second fiber material layer and a second resin impregnated therein.... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20140178639 - Body made of ceramic material: Body made of a ceramic material, the body having as an integral part thereof a surface region reaching from the surface of the body down to a predetermined depth. According to the invention, the surface region is enriched with a magnesium component thereby forming a hydrophilic surface area.... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20140178640 - Chiral liquid crystal polymer layer or pattern comprising randomly distributed craters therein: Described is a chiral liquid crystal polymer (CLCP) layer or pattern which comprises randomly distributed craters of controlled mean diameter and/or density. The density and/or mean diameter of the craters can be controlled, for example, by adjusting the wetting of a substrate by a CLCP precursor composition, the development time... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20140178638 - Floor lining insulation underlay with a slip-inhibiting surface configuration: A floor lining insulation underlay with a slip-inhibiting surface configuration used for floor linings which are produced in large-area form from individual floor lining segments. The floor lining insulation underlay comprising a special surface coating applied to the surface of the insulation underlay. The sliding friction coefficient μ of the... Agent:

20140178637 - Low friction coatings with improved abrasion and wear properties and methods of making: Provided are low friction coatings with improved abrasion, wear resistance and methods of making such coatings. In one form, the coating includes: i) an under layer selected from the group consisting of CrN, TiN, TiAlN, TiAlVN, TiAlVCN, TiSiN, TiSiCN, TiAlSiN and combinations thereof, wherein the under layer ranges in thickness... Agent: Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company

20140178642 - Coated glass or glass ceramic substrate with haptic properties: A coated glass or glass ceramic substrate with a local-area and/or full-area layer having haptic properties is provided. The layer has a haptically perceptible texture and includes texturing inorganic and/or polysiloxane-based particles that are fixed on the substrate by a layer-forming material. The particles cause protrusions on the layer and... Agent: Schott Ag

20140178641 - Methods of coating a surface and articles with coated surface: A method of coating a surface is provided. The method comprises feeding a feedstock to a thermal spray torch, the feedstock comprising a liquid, disposing the feedstock on a substrate by thermal spray under conditions selected to produce a textured surface comprising a hierarchical structure, wherein the hierarchical structure comprises... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178643 - Cycloolefin resin composition, molded article thereof, and mirror: A molded article is formed by molding a cycloolefin resin composition, in which the cycloolefin resin composition contains a cycloolefin resin and silica particles, the silica particles have an average primary particle size of 10 nm to 150 nm, the cycloolefin resin composition has a silica particle content of 15%... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140178644 - Structure and method to fabricate tooling for bumping thin flex circuits: A structure and method for a post plate of a die set that can be used to emboss a plurality of contact pads of a flexible printed circuit during the formation of a printer printhead. In one embodiment, a plurality of post plate posts can be formed, where each post... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140178645 - Three-dimensional woven corner fitting with lap joint preforms: A three-dimensional corner lap joint preform and a method of forming a three-dimensional corner lap joint preform including a woven flange with one or more legs that extend from the flange. The legs may include one or more independently woven portions which allow formation of a corner without darting the... Agent: Albany Engineered Composites, Inc.

20140178646 - Patterned structured transfer tape: A transfer tape is disclosed that includes a carrier, a template layer having a first surface applied to the carrier and having a second surface opposite the first surface, wherein the second surface comprises a non-planar structured surface, a release coating disposed upon the non-planar structured surface of the template... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140178649 - Incrementally-stretched thermoplastic films with enhanced look and feel and methods for making the same: Methods of increasing the perceived thickness and strength of a thermoplastic film include incrementally stretching thermoplastic films in the machine direction. In one or more implementations, methods of incrementally stretching thermoplastic films include reducing the gauge of the films while increasing a loft of at least a portion of the... Agent: The Glad Products Company

20140178648 - Methods for encapsulating nanocrystals and resulting compositions: The present invention provides methods for hermetically sealing luminescent nanocrystals, as well as compositions and containers comprising hermetically sealed luminescent nanocrystals. By hermetically sealing the luminescent nanocrystals, enhanced lifetime and luminescence can be achieved.... Agent: Nanosys, Inc.

20140178647 - Window glass having inlay printing part in bezel area and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed herein are a window glass having an inlay printing part in a bezel area and a method for manufacturing the same. The window glass includes: a glass body providing a display surface in a touch screen module and having a trench intaglio-formed in an inactive area of an edge... Agent:

20140178651 - Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass: The present invention is directed to interlayer film for a laminated glass, which comprises at least a pair of protection layers and a sound-insulating layer sandwiched between the pair of the protection layers, and which has a wedge shape as a cross-sectional shape, a wedge angle θ of 0.1 to... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140178650 - Method and device for producing injection-molded parts by a two-component injection-molding technique and injection-molded part: A method for producing injection-molded parts by a two-component injection-molding technique in which a first material component is injected into a mold cavity and is displaced into peripheral regions of the mold cavity by injecting a second material component. The first material component is injected into a partial region of... Agent: Zahoransky Formenbau Gmbh

20140178652 - Reinforced structural element made of plastic, in particular in the vehicle interior design field: A vehicle structural clement made of plastic has at least one carbon filler reinforced region and at least one fiberglass reinforced region. In a method for producing the vehicle structural element, a pre-heated carbon fiber reinforced region and a pre-heated fiberglass reinforced region are placed in a press and shaped.... Agent:

20140178653 - Production method for composite shaped product having undercut portion: This production method for a composite shaped product having an undercut portion is able to readily manufacture a composite shaped product having a complicated shape having an undercut portion, by including: a step (i) of forming an impregnated precursor by heating and pressurizing a non-impregnated precursor including carbon fibers with... Agent: Teijin Limited

20140178654 - Porous substrate impregnated with an aromatic polyester: A prepreg composite that contains a porous substrate impregnated with an aromatic polyester is provided. In addition to possessing a high degree of heat and moisture resistance, the present inventors have also discovered that the nature of the aromatic polyester can be selectively controlled so that it is soluble in... Agent: Ticona, LLC

20140178655 - Removal device for removal of labels, label and method for applying glue to a label: A removal device for removal of labels, a label and a method for applying glue to a label are provided. The removal device comprises a reception face for receiving glue. The reception face comprises a first region in which at least a first portion is arranged at at least a... Agent: Krones Ag

20140178656 - Halogen-free resin composition, copper clad laminate using the same, and printed circuit board using the same: A halogen-free resin composition includes (A) 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin; (B) 10 to 100 parts by weight of styrene-maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymer; and (C) 5 to 50 parts by weight of bisphenol S. The halogen-free resin composition includes specific ingredients, and is characterized by specific proportions thereof,... Agent: Elite Electronic Material (zhongshan) Co.,ltd

20140178657 - Antireflection coatings: Fluorine-doped antireflection coatings, methods for preparing the coatings and articles comprising the coatings are disclosed. The fluorine-doped antireflection coating comprises a fluorine-doped xerogel coating disposed on a substrate. The index of refraction of the xerogel coating is less than the index of refraction of the substrate, generally between about 1.15... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140178658 - Fuser member: A fuser member having a substrate and a polyimide aerogel layer disposed on the substrate is shown. The polyimide aerogel layer has a porosity of from about 50 percent to about 95 percent. A fluoropolymer surface layer is disposed on the polyimide aerogel layer.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140178659 - Al2o3 or al2o3-contained multilayer coatings for silicon nitride cutting tools by physical vapor deposition and methods of making the same: The present invention provides an Al2O3 coated Si3N4 cutting tool comprising a Si3N4 based substrate body and a coating layer on the substrate body, wherein the coating layer has at least one Al2O3 coating layer consisting of amorphous Al2O3 or nanocrystalline α-, γ-, or κ-Al2O3. The hard and wear resistant... Agent:

20140178660 - Soft tissue having reduced hydrogen bonding: The present invention provides a modified cellulosic fiber having reduced hydrogen bonding capabilities. The modified fiber formed in accordance with the present invention may be useful in the production of tissue products having improved bulk and softness. More importantly, the modified fiber is adaptable to current tissue making processes and... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140178665 - Cross-linked polycarbonate resin with improved chemical and flame resistance: Processes for increasing the chemical resistance of a surface of a formed article are disclosed. The formed article is produced from a polymeric composition comprising a photoactive additive containing photoactive groups derived from a monofunctional benzophenone. The surface of the formed article is then exposed to ultraviolet light to cause... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140178661 - Electrical insulation paper, methods of manufacture, and articles manufactured therefrom: A fibrous substrate comprising a consolidated product of a fiber composition is provided comprising polyimide fibers; fibers selected from aromatic polyamide fibrids or polycarbonate fibers; aromatic polyamide fibers. A process of preparing a fibrous substrate is disclosed, comprising forming a layer from a slurry comprising a suspension solvent; and fiber... Agent:

20140178662 - Multilayer polyarylene sulfide composite: A multilayer composite is described as well as methods for forming the multilayer composite and products that incorporate the multilayer composite. The multilayer composite includes a continuous fiber composite first layer and a second layer that is formed from the melt directly on the continuous fiber composite. The continuous fiber... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140178663 - Strengthened glass and methods for making using heat treatment: Chemically strengthened glass with reduced induced curvature and a method for making utilizing a heat treatment are provided. The method includes providing a substrate, having a width, and characterized by having a glass chemical structure including host alkali ions having an average ionic radius situated in the glass chemical structure.... Agent: Saxon Glass Technologies, Inc.

20140178666 - Vinylidene chloride-based resin composition, manufacturing method thereof, and vinylidene chloride-based resin molded product: A vinylidene chloride-based resin composition enables continuous extrusion molding over a long period of time and has excellent thermal stability. A vinylidene chloride-based resin composition includes particles (A) which are solid at room temperature; a plasticizer (B) which is liquid at room temperature; and a vinylidene chloride-based copolymer, wherein, in... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20140178664 - Yoga towel: A yoga towel particularly suited for practicing hot yoga includes a top water absorbing microfiber layer that is laminated to a bottom water impermeable neoprene layer.... Agent:

20140178667 - Oleophobic laminated article: An article comprising a microporous membrane. A first porous fabric is laminated to a first side of the microporous membrane. A second porous fabric is laminated to a second opposite side of the microporous membrane to form a laminate with the membrane and the first porous fabric. The laminate has... Agent: Bha Altair, LLC

20140178668 - Method for manufacturing a soft foamed assembly which is used as a decorative outer layer: A method for manufacturing a soft foamed assembly includes a first step of providing a mold having an interior formed with a predetermined die cavity, a second step of fixing a polyurethane (PU) synthetic skin in the die cavity of the mold, a third step of filling a polyurethane (PU)... Agent:

20140178669 - Adhesive tape: An adhesive tape is non-permanent before pressing and heating includes a protective layer, an adhesive layer formed on the protective layer, and a plurality of adhesive particles dispersed on the adhesive layer. The adhesive force of the adhesive particles is less than that of the adhesive layer. The adhesive tape... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140178671 - Electrically conductive adhesives comprising silver-coated particles: The present invention relates to adhesives that are suitable for use as electrically conductive materials in the fabrication of electronic devices, integrated circuits, semiconductor devices, passive components, solar cells, solar modules, and/or light emitting diodes. The adhesive of the present invention comprises one or more epoxy resins, silver-coated particles having... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140178670 - Resin composite material and method for manufacturing resin composite material: Provided are a resin composite material containing plate-shaped exfoliated graphite or exfoliated graphite oxide with few folds and wrinkles and having effectively-enhanced mechanical strength such as tensile elastic modulus and a method for manufacturing the resin composite material. The resin composite material is a resin composite material including a synthetic... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd

20140178672 - Reinforced powder paint for composites: A fiber reinforced powder paint provides improved flexural fatigue resistance for composites substrates. Fiber loading in the powder is greater than 40%. Aramid fiber loading in an epoxy based powder paint is exemplified. A composite bow limb coated with the powder paint survives a remarkably greater number of bending cycles... Agent: Mcp Ip, LLC

20140178673 - Coating composition comprising submicron calcium carbonate: Coating composition providing gloss and opacity on application, having a pigment volume concentration of from 5% up to the critical pigment volume concentration and characterised in that comprises at least one ground natural calcium carbonate having a volume median diameter of between 0.05 and 0.3 μm, and at least one... Agent:

20140178679 - Alon coated substrate with optional yttria overlayer: A fluorine plasma resistant coating on a ceramic substrate is disclosed. In one embodiment the composition includes an AlON coating that is about 2 microns thick that overlies a substrate, and having an optional yttria coating layer that is about 3 microns thick overlies the AlON coating.... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140178675 - Composition for encapsulation and encapsulated apparatus including the same: f

20140178677 - Encapsulating sheet: An encapsulating sheet, for encapsulating an optical semiconductor element, includes an embedding layer for embedding the optical semiconductor element, a covering layer disposed at one side in a thickness direction with respect to the embedding layer, and a barrier layer interposed between the embedding layer and the covering layer; having... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140178678 - Encapsulating sheet: An encapsulating sheet, for encapsulating an optical semiconductor element, includes an embedding layer for embedding the optical semiconductor element and a gas barrier layer provided at one side in a thickness direction of the embedding layer, having a thickness of 50 μm or more and 1,000 μm or less, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140178676 - Surface ornament composition for part of fishing tackle or bicycle: A surface ornament composition for a fishing tackle or a bicycle is provided. An inner coating layer is laminated on a part made of fiber reinforced plastics, a silver thin film coating layer is laminated on the inner coating layer and an outer coating layer is laminated on the silver... Agent: Shimano Inc.

20140178674 - Topological insulator structure: A topological insulator structure includes an insulating substrate and a magnetically doped TI quantum well film located on the insulating substrate. A material of the magnetically doped TI quantum well film is represented by a chemical formula of Cry(BixSb1-x)2-yTe3. 0.05<x<0.3, 0<y<0.3, and 1:2<x:y<2:1. The magnetically doped TI quantum well film... Agent: Tsinghua University

20140178680 - Film for flip chip type semiconductor back surface and its use: The present invention relates to a film for flip chip type semiconductor back surface, which is to be disposed on a back surface of a semiconductor element flip chip-connected onto an adherend, the film for flip chip type semiconductor back surface including an adhesive layer and a protective layer laminated... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140178681 - Methods of modulating tackiness: Methods of modulating tackiness of a substrate bearing an adhesive. The method includes modulating the tackiness of a layer of adhesive by subjecting the layer of the adhesive to radiant output from a radiation source. At least a portion of the radiant output has a wavelength of less than 200... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140178682 - Multi-layered pressure-sensitive adhesive article and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a multi-layered PSA article having higher interlayer adhesive strength. The multi-layered PSA article of the present invention comprises a PSA layer (A) formed from a PSA composition (a) comprising as a primary component an acrylic polymer (a) obtained by polymerizing a monomer composition (a), a PSA... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140178683 - Sealing sheet: e

20140178684 - Sealing sheet:

20140178685 - Sizing composition for charges used in thermoplastic polymeric material reinforcement, reinforced polymeric materials and method of manufacture: The invention relates to an aqueous sizing composition for reinforcing charges, preferably glass fibers, comprising a silane coupling agent, an epoxy film forming polymer comprising 2-8 reactive epoxy groups per chain and compatible with thermoplastic polyester matrix resin selected from PET and PBT, and a hypophosphite in an amount of... Agent: 3b-fibreglass Sprl

20140178686 - Filaments and fibers and method for making filaments and fibers: A fiber is disclosed having a central axis or spline and a major outer surface, the fiber made of a base material and poly(vinylidene fluoride), the proportion of base material to poly(vinylidene fluoride) being greater towards the central axis or spline of the fiber than at the major outer surface... Agent: Polysteel Atlantic Limited

20140178687 - Monofilament fibers made from a polyoxymethylene composition: A monofilament fiber as described made from a polyoxymethylene polymer. Polyoxymethylene polymer can be blended with an abrasion additive in order to improve abrasion resistance. The polyoxymethylene polymer may be combined with a thermoplastic elastomer and a coupling agent. The fiber can be used as fishing line, as bristles for... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140178688 - Bernal-stacked graphene layers and methods of making the same: In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of controllably forming Bernal-stacked graphene layers. In some embodiments, the methods comprise: (1) cleaning a surface of a catalyst; (2) annealing the surface of the catalyst; (3) applying a carbon source onto the cleaned and annealed surface of the catalyst in... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140178691 - Strengthened glass and methods for making using differential chemistry: Chemically strengthened glass and a method for making utilizing differential chemistry are provided. The method includes providing a substrate having a glass chemical structure. Host alkali ions are situated in the chemical structure. The substrate has a treatment-rich volume and a treatment-poor volume located as opposed to each other in... Agent: Saxon Glass Technologies, Inc.

20140178690 - Strengthened glass and methods for making using differential density: Chemically strengthened glass and a method for making utilizing differential areal density are provided. The method includes providing a substrate having a glass chemical structure. Host alkali ions are situated in the chemical structure. The substrate has a treatment-rich volume and a treatment-poor volume located as opposed to each other... Agent: Saxon Glass Technologies, Inc.

20140178689 - Strengthened glass and methods for making using differential time: Chemically strengthened glass and a method for making utilizing differential time are provided. The method includes providing a substrate. The substrate includes a glass chemical structure. Host alkali ions are situated in the chemical structure. The substrate has a treatment-rich volume and a treatment-poor volume located as opposed to each... Agent: Saxon Glass Technologies, Inc.

20140178692 - Radiation curable hardcoat with improved weatherability: Disclosed is a transparent, radiation curable acrylate coating composition comprising (a) at least three polyfunctional acrylate derivatives, (b) a photoinitiator selected from the group consisting of phosphine oxides, ketones, and combinations thereof, (c) a nanoscale filler, and (d) a dibenzoyl resorcinol UV absorber, at least one of said acrylate derivatives... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

20140178693 - High thermal conductivity composite for electric insulation, and articles thereof: A thermally-conductive and electrically-insulating composite composition is provided. The composite composition includes an epoxy resin and a filler. The epoxy resin has at least two epoxide groups per molecule, and a reactive diluent. The composite composition includes about 5 volume percent to about 20 volume percent of the filler, based... Agent: General Electric Company

20140178694 - Method for coating a building panel and a building panel: A method for coating a building panel (1, 1′), including applying a first coating fluid including an organic binder on a surface (11) of the building panel (1, 1′) to obtain at least one coating layer (13), and applying barrier components and photocatalytic particles, preferably TiO2, on said at least... Agent: Valinge Photocatalytic Ab

20140178695 - Protein-containing emulsions and adhesives, and manufacture and use thereof: This invention provides emulsions and adhesives comprising proteins that can be isolated from a variety of sources including renewable plant biomass, and methods of making and using such emulsions and adhesives.... Agent: Biopolymer Technologies, Ltd.

20140178697 - Halogen-free resin composition, copper clad laminate using the same, and printed circuit board using the same: A halogen-free resin composition includes (A) 100 parts by weight of epoxy resin; (B) 2 to 15 parts by weight of oxydianiline (ODA); and (C) 2 to 20 parts by weight of amino triazine novolac (ATN) resin. The halogen-free resin composition includes specific ingredients, and is characterized by specific proportions... Agent: Elite Electronic Material (zhongshan) Co.,ltd

20140178696 - Resin composition, copper-clad laminate and printed circuit board for use therewith: A resin composition includes (A) an epoxy resin; (B) a benzoxazine (BZ) resin; (C) a styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) copolymer; and (D) a polyester. The resin composition includes specific ingredients of a polyester and is characterized by specific proportions thereof so as to achieve a low delta Tg value of... Agent: Elite Material Co., Ltd.

20140178699 - Coatings for turbine parts: A method and a turbine part having a coating with a matrix layer that includes a high temperature resistant hydrophobic polysiloxane filler, wherein the coating has superior mechanical strength and temperature resistance.... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20140178698 - Curable silsesquioxane polymers, compositions, articles, and methods: wherein: the oxygen atom at the * is bonded to another Si atom within the three-dimensional branched network; R is an organic group comprising an ethylenically unsaturated group; n is an integer of greater than 3; and the —OH groups are present in an amount of at least 15 wt-%... Agent:

20140178700 - Functional film manufacturing method and functional film: The present invention relates to a functional film and a method for manufacturing the same, the functional film being organically and inorganically laminated to have a desired function such as high gas barrier performance and having high adhesiveness between inorganic and organic layers. The organic layer on top of the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140178701 - Room temperature debonding composition, method and stack: Embodiments in accordance with the present invention provide for materials, methods for using such materials and structures that both incorporate such materials and are made using such methods that can be smoothly debonded at or near room temperature while providing a fixable bond that allows for wafer processing such as... Agent: Promerus, LLC

20140178703 - Electroconductive material, and connection method and connection structure using the same: An electroconductive material that includes a metal component containing a first metal and a second metal having a higher melting point than the first metal, and has a configuration in which the first metal is Sn or an alloy containing Sn, and the second metal is a Cu—Al alloy which... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140178702 - Surface coatings: The invention relates to the use of a mono-, di- or tri-glyceride of citric acid, or a derivative thereof, as a clathrate hydrate adhesion reducer in a surface coating composition. The mono-, di- or tri glyceride of citric acid is preferably a mono-glyceride in which the fatty acid is a... Agent: Bp Exploration Operating Company Limited

20140178704 - Bicycle component comprising a body made from aluminium and a body made from composite material, and method for manufacturing such a component: The invention relates to a bicycle component, for example a rim, comprising a body made from aluminium and a body made from composite material coupled with a first surface portion of the body made from aluminium. Such a first surface portion has been subjected to a deoxidation surface treatment. An... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20140178705 - Aromatic polyester coatings and laminates: A method for coating a non-metallic substrate with a polymer solution that includes an aromatic polyester and a solvent is provided. By selectively controlling the nature of the aromatic polyester, the present inventors have discovered that such polymer solutions can be readily formed, thereby enabling the use of simpler and... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140178706 - Polarizing plates and optical display apparatuses including the polarizing plates: A polarizing plate comprises a polarizer; and at least one optical film on at least one side of the polarizer, wherein the optical film comprises a polyester film, the polyester film has a shrinkage difference between a length shrinkage in a first diagonal direction and a length shrinkage in a... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140178707 - Paper coating or binding formulations and methods of making and using same: A paper coating or binding formulation comprises an aqueous polymer dispersion comprising a copolymer obtained by polymerization of an unsaturated monomer and a carbohydrate derived compound and a tetrasulfonate-based fluorescent whitening agent. The carbohydrate derived compound can be selected from the group consisting of dextrins, maltodextrins, and mixtures thereof. Methods... Agent: Basf Se

20140178708 - Integral workpiece having a duct, and manufacturing method for same: An integral workpiece which has a duct located within a region which extends, for example in an annular manner, and formed about an axis of the workpiece. The workpiece has a form-fitting connection by which, when viewed in a cross section extending through the axis, the duct is closed. The... Agent: Hirschvogel Umformtechnik Gmbh

20140178709 - Aluminum alloy foil for electrode collectors and production method therefor: An object of the present invention is to provide an aluminum alloy foil for an electrode current collector, the foil having a high strength after the drying step while keeping a high electrical conductivity. Disclosed is a method for manufacturing an aluminum alloy foil for electrode current collector, including: maintaining... Agent: Uacj Corporation

20140178710 - Alloying interlayer for electroplated aluminum on aluminum alloys: An aluminum alloy component is protected by an electrodeposited aluminum coating. An electrodeposited intermediate aluminum-transition metal alloy and/or rare earth metal alloy layer between the aluminum alloy substrate and the protective coating enhances coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. The intermediate layer is formed by room temperature electrodeposition in ionic liquids.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140178711 - Corrosion resistant barrier formed by vapor phase tin reflow: A copper substrate for use as a contact having Sn plating, nickel plating and Au plating overlying the substrate. A combination of Sn plating is applied over a copper substrate; nickel plating is applied over the Sn plating; and Au plating is applied over the nickel plating to form a... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140178712 - High yield ratio hot rolled steel sheet which has excellent low temperature impact energy absorption and haz softening resistance and method of production of same: Hot rolled steel sheet which has a maximum tensile strength of 600 MPa or more and has an excellent low temperature impact energy absorption and HAZ softening resistance and a method of production of the same are provided, that is, sheet which contains, by mass %, C: 0.04 to 0.09%,... Agent:

20140178713 - Magnetic read sensor with dual layer insulation: A magnetic read sensor having reduced hard bias free layer spacing and improved insulation robustness between the hard bias layers and the shield and sensor. The read sensor has a novel bi-layer insulation layer that can be made very thin while also providing good electrical insulation to prevent sense current... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140178714 - Method and manufacture process for exchange decoupled first magnetic layer: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium having a dual-layer magnetic film is disclosed. The bottom layer is completely exchange decoupled, and the top layer contains a certain amount of exchange coupling optimized for recording performance. Preferably, the bottom magnetic layer contains stable oxide material (for example, TiO2) and other non-magnetic elements... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

06/19/2014 > 103 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20140170339 - Synthetic ground cover system with impermeable backing and binding infill for erosion control: A synthetic ground cover system for erosion control to be placed atop the ground, including a synthetic grass which comprises a composite of one or more geotextiles tufted with synthetic yarns and an impermeable backing/layer. The synthetic ground cover also includes a sand/soil infill ballast applied to the synthetic grass... Agent: Watershed Geosynthetics, LLC

20140170340 - Water-pressure transfer printing film: A water-pressure transfer printing film that achieves a smooth image surface on the transfer target by allowing print images such as photographs to be transferred without causing the image quality to degrade, wherein such water-pressure transfer printing film is characterized in that it has at least two layers including an... Agent: Aicello Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140170341 - Thermal transfer printable fluid line label tape: w

20140170342 - Vehicle component: A vehicle component (3, 11) for a motor vehicle body has at least one line (6, 7, 12, 13, 14) integrated in the vehicle component (3, 11). The vehicle component (3, 11) is formed from a fiber composite material and the at least one line (6, 7, 11, 12, 13)... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20140170343 - Modular composite pole: A modular composite utility pole has a plurality of sections, each with a tapered hollow tube having a plurality of plies, wherein a first end has a larger diameter than a second end, wherein each section is adapted to join at least one adjoining section at a joint wherein the... Agent:

20140170344 - Multi-layer sheet structure having moisture barrier properties: A multi-layer sheet structure is provided. The multi-layer sheet structure comprises at least one structural layer comprising high impact polystyrene and at least one moisture barrier layer comprising greater than about 30 percent cyclic olefin copolymer by weight of the at least one moisture barrier layer.... Agent: Spartech Corporation

20140170345 - Barrier laminate and novel polymer compound: m

20140170347 - Full graphics in-mold label and applications thereof: An in-mold label includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface. When the in-mold label is molded on to, or into, a plastic product, the first surface faces outward with respect to the plastic product and the second surfaces faces inward with respect to the plastic product.... Agent: Imageworks Interactive

20140170346 - Polymeric energy storage materials: Compositions, coatings, and energy storage fabrications made of support polymers or active waxes in a grafted matrix to an amorphous wax and at least one functional compound and their methods of preparation are presented. Amorphous waxes are typified by paraffin waxes. Functional compounds include various fatty alcohols, fatty acids, ester,... Agent:

20140170348 - Coating material for metal cans and metal can coated with the same: The present invention provides a highly retort-resistant metal can coating material that can form a pinhole-free coating that excels in strength, solvent resistance, impact resistance, processability, etc., and a metal can coated with the coating material. The metal can coating material contains particles of a thermoplastic resin, and the thermoplastic... Agent: Daiwa Can Company

20140170349 - Composite material polyurethane rigid foam decoration roman column: A composite material polyurethane rigid foam decoration Roman column, includes: a column shell, which has an inner space is defined by the column shell closed rounding, wherein, the column shell comprises a column basis part, a column body part provided on the column basis part; and a column cap part... Agent: Finehope Polyurehthane Products Co., Ltd.

20140170350 - Porous sol gels and methods and structures related thereto: A method of forming a porous sol gel, including a dried porous sol gel, is provided comprising forming a sol gel from a sol gel-forming composition comprising a silane solution and a catalyst solution; and non-supercritically drying the sol gel to provide a dried porous sol gel having no springback.... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140170353 - Blow molded composite component and method: Composite components and methods for forming composite components are provided. A method includes inserting a continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic tape into a molding device, and feeding a parison into the molding device. The parison includes a thermoplastic material. The method further includes blow molding the parison within the molding device... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140170352 - Hydrolysis-stable polyurethane for coating elements in maritime applications: A process for producing a polyurethane-coated conduit element includes mixing a) a mixture of aromatic and aliphatic polyisocyanate with, b) at least one polymeric compound having at least two hydrogen atoms which are reactive toward isocyanate, c) at least one chain extender, d) a catalyst, and e) optionally at least... Agent: Basf Se

20140170351 - Hydrolysis-stable polyurethane for use in the off-shore sector: The present invention relates to a process for producing polyurethane-coated conduit elements, in which (a) aliphatic polyisocyanate is mixed with (b) compounds having at least two hydrogen atoms which are reactive toward isocyanate, (c) catalyst and (d) optionally other auxiliaries and/or additives, to form a first reaction mixture, the reaction... Agent: Basf Se

20140170356 - Process for producing mono-rotomoulded articles prepared from blends comprising polyethylene: The present invention discloses a single layer rotomoulded article prepared from a blend of polyethylene, functionalised polyolefin and one or more resins selected from polyetherester or saturated polyester or polycarbonate or polyamide.... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

20140170354 - Transparent thermoplastic container: e

20140170355 - Transparent thermoplastic polyamide container:

20140170357 - Vehicle window assembly with louvered window: A window assembly for a vehicle includes a plurality of window panels arranged with at least one pair of adjacent window panels, with adjacent edge portions of adjacent ones of the window panels joined by a respective molded joining element. The adjacent edge portions joined by a respective molded joining... Agent: Magna Mirrors Of America, Inc.

20140170358 - Double-sided reusable adhesive sheet: A double-sided reusable adhesive sheet which includes a substrate, a first film layer attached to one surface of the substrate, and a second film layer attached to an opposed surface of the substrate, wherein a glass transition temperature of a high temperature curing process of the first and second film... Agent:

20140170359 - Cover layer with outside film layer of an elastic plastic: A cover layer (1) for a panel (3) which has a panel base body (2), such as a floor covering panel, wall panel or ceiling sheathing panel and/or furniture component panel, building panel, covering panel or dry finish panel and/or as a facade element, panel element or board element, trimming... Agent: H&#xfc Lsta-werke H&#xfc Ls Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140170362 - Adhesive composition and masking article for producing precise paint lines: An adhesive article for masking a portion of a substrate surface from a liquid coating applied to the surface includes a support having first and second opposed major surfaces, and a cationic or zwitterionic adhesive composition disposed on at least a portion of at least one of the first and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140170360 - Erasable and replaceable tool label: A reusable and replaceable tool label has a thin rigid body, an adhesive coating, and a removable liner. The thin rigid body is built from first face and a second face, which are connected by a lateral surface. The first face is a writable surface, and is used to record... Agent:

20140170361 - Frp plate and manufacturing method thereof: A FRP plate and manufacturing method thereof are provided in the invention. The FRP plate comprises: a lower layer of polyester carrier film; a mixed layer located on the lower layer of polyester carrier film, which is formed by curing a melted polyester resin in which a glass fiber reinforced... Agent: Suzhou More V Composite Material Co., Ltd

20140170363 - Layered architectural pervious concrete: A layered architectural water pervious concrete is provided. The concrete assembly includes a first layer of water pervious concrete preferably having 15%-25% void space capable of channeling water to the ground and underlying water table. Poured upon the pervious concrete layer, is a non-pervious concrete layer. Joints are formed through... Agent: Intecrete, LLC

20140170364 - Homogeneous and stretchable high modulus material structure: A hybrid fabric comprises in one direction high modulus elongated elements and in another direction low modulus elongated elements and further low modulus elongated elements keep the high modulus elongated elements at a uniform distance. The low modulus elongated dements have an elongation at break of more than 10% in... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20140170365 - Decorative insulative products for construction: A decorative, insulative product configured for application to the interior or exterior surfaces of a building structure is provided. The product includes one or more layers configured to form a rigid, puncture resistant outer protective surface for the product and a base layer configured to support the one or more... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20140170366 - Decorative gate covering: A decorative covering for covering a passageway gate, the covering including a sleeve bounding a gate-receiving area. The sleeve has a front, a back, and a perimeter between the front and back. The gate-receiving area is sized and shaped to receive and cover a gate between the front, back, and... Agent:

20140170367 - Tufted fibrous web: Disclosed is a fibrous web having a first region and at least one discrete integral second region, the second region having at least one portion being a discontinuity exhibiting a linear orientation and defining a longitudinal axis, and at least another portion being a deformation having a plurality of tufted... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140170368 - Aggregation of fibrous columnar structures: Provided is a fibrous columnar structure aggregate including a plurality of fibrous columnar structures on a surface of a substrate, the fibrous columnar structure aggregate having an extremely high adhesion strength between the substrate and the fibrous columnar structures. A fibrous columnar structure aggregate (10) is a fibrous columnar structure... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140170370 - Carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite and method of manufacturing the same: A plate-shaped carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite has a longitudinal length-to-widthwise length ratio of more than 1. The carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite is such that at least two layers that are a first carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composite layer in which carbon fibers are placed in the carbonaceous matrix and are oriented... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140170369 - Chordwise lay-up of fibre sheet material for turbine blades: The present invention relates to a fibre sheet material and method of laying up fibre sheet material to manufacture wind turbine blades. The invention further comprises a blade manufactured by the method as well a use of such a blade. One aspect relates to an oblong fibre sheet material (26)... Agent: Vestas Wind Systems A/s

20140170371 - Fiber-reinforced composite material: A fiber-reinforced composite material (11) is constructed by laminating a plurality of fiber bundle layers formed of a reinforced fiber to form a laminated fiber bundle layer and further impregnating the laminated fiber bundle layer with a matrix. At either side of a neutral surface (16), the number of +θ... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140170374 - Core of sheet structural material and assembly process: A core of sandwich structural material comprising an assembly of several sheets comprising a first sheet and a second sheet that are provided on one of the faces thereof with of periodically distributed polygonal-based pyramid frustums, the superposition of these sheets in the thickness direction forming a three-dimensional network of... Agent:

20140170373 - Grid type element of open polygonal cells: A grid type element (1) of fiber composite structure, comprising a plurality of open polygonal cells (5) made of at least three core segments (16), said open polygonal cells (5) being stringed together alongside said ribs (16) to form a grid structure, and an essentially planar skin sheet (4), said... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20140170372 - Grid type fiber composite structure and method of manufacturing such grid type structure: The invention is related to a grid type fiber composite structure (1) comprising a grid of polygon cell modules (5) comprising at least three substantially u-shaped ribs made of fiber composite layer (8, 13) and a foam core (9) provided inside each cell module (5) for support of said u-shaped... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20140170376 - Distressed flooring: A distressed board. The distressed board may include grooves randomly positioned on a surface of the distressed board, the grooves having a radius greater than about 5 inches. The ratio of the surface scraped area of the distressed board that has been scraped compared to a surface board area that... Agent: Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

20140170379 - Film for forming and forming transfer foil using same: The present invention provides a film for forming which exhibits both excellent dimensional stability in processing and excellent formability as well as excellent appearance of surfaces and can thus be suitably applied to a variety of forming members through forming and used in forming decoration applications. Provided is a film... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20140170377 - Friction reduction for engine components: The present invention relates to techniques for lowering friction between moving surfaces of, for example, an internal combustion engine. Friction reduction is achieved by adding texture modifications to surfaces that come in contact with each other. Texture modifications that reduce friction in accordance with the present invention include dimples of... Agent: The George Washington University

20140170378 - Glass articles and methods for controlled bonding of glass sheets with carriers: Surface modification layers and associated heat treatments, that may be provided on a sheet, a carrier, or both, to control both room-temperature van der Waals (and/or hydrogen) bonding and high temperature covalent bonding between the thin sheet and carrier. The room-temperature bonding is controlled so as to be sufficient to... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140170380 - Tempered glass and method for producing same: A tempered glass of the present invention is a tempered glass having a compression stress layer in a surface thereof, the tempered glass comprising, as a glass composition in terms of mol %, 45 to 75% of SiO2, 3 to 15% of Al2O3, 0 to 12% of Li2O, 0.3 to... Agent:

20140170381 - Anisotropic conductive adhesive film and electronic device: The invention provides an anisotropic conductive adhesive film and an electronic device. The anisotropic conductive adhesive film comprises a base film and microcapsule structures, wherein the microcapsule structures are set on the base film, and each of the microcapsule structures comprises a metallic conductive particle, a normal-temperature curable macromolecular polymer... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20140170382 - Functional film manufacturing method and functional film: A functional film manufacturing method, in manufacturing a functional film having an organic layer on a support and an inorganic layer on the organic layer, comprises steps of preparing a coating material containing an organic compound which has a glass transition temperature of 100° C. or higher and is to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140170383 - Ordered superstructures of octapod-shaped nanocrystals, their process of fabrication and use thereof: This invention relates to the controlled realization of ordered superstructures of octapod-shaped colloidal nanocrystals, formed either in the liquid phase or on a solid substrate. These structures can be applied in many fields of technology.... Agent: Fondazione Istituto Italiano Di Tecnologia

20140170384 - Neutral gray reflective ink: The present disclosure is drawn to an inks, printed articles, and related methods. In one example, the a neutral gray reflective ink can include an aqueous liquid vehicle, iron oxide reflective particles having an average particle size from 3 nm to 180 nm dispersed in the aqueous liquid vehicle, and... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp

20140170385 - Simulated brush stroke system: A laminated assembly comprising a substrate with an image thereon, has a first film with a brush stroke texture embossed therein, a second film with a canvas texture embossed therein to create a final product having the appearance of a piece of fine art.... Agent: D&k Group, Inc.

20140170386 - Slip sheet for fuel cell stack: A slip sheet for a fuel cell stack that includes a plurality of spaced fluid channel support protrusions protruding from a main body, at portions which face fluid channel protrusions of a separator plate in such a manner that the spaced fluid channel support protrusions come into contact with the... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140170387 - Glass plate: A glass plate includes a main flat surface, an edge surface orthogonal to the main flat surface, and a chamfered surface adjacent to the main flat surface and the edge surface. In a cross-sectional surface of the glass plate that is orthogonal to the edge surface and that is orthogonal... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140170388 - Glass plate and method for manufacturing the glass plate: A glass plate includes two main flat surfaces, and a side surface adjacent to the two main flat surfaces. At least one edge part of the side surface includes a chamfered part in a thickness direction of the glass plate. The side surface includes a predetermined portion. In a case... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140170389 - Three dimensional fabrics: Materials and methods for 3D fabrics are disclosed. The 3D fabrics have multiple layers including an outer layer of traditional fabric and a dimensional layer integrated with outer layer. The 3D fabrics have variable depth, typically ranging from between about 0.25 inches to about 2.0 inches. The 3D fabrics are... Agent:

20140170390 - Tempered glass and method of tempering glass: A tempered glass includes a glass substrate and a glue. The glass substrate includes a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, and defines a plurality of strip recesses regularly arrayed on the first surface. The glue is infilled into the strip recesses to be coplanar... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140170391 - Window for display device and display device including the window: Disclosed is a window for a display device that includes a first plastic substrate, a second plastic substrate disposed on one side of the first plastic substrate, and a bonding layer disposed between the first plastic substrate and second plastic substrate and bonding the first plastic substrate and the second... Agent:

20140170392 - Multi-layer phononic crystal thermal insulators: A thermal insulator includes a plurality of layers. At least some of the layers include phononic crystals having a phononic bandgap, wherein heat transporting phonons within a selected range of frequencies are substantially blocked by each phononic crystal layer. The plurality of layers thermally isolate a first region from a... Agent: Elwha LLC

20140170393 - Thermoplastic resin composition and its molded product: A thermoplastic resin composition includes 100 parts by weight of a thermoplastic resin (a) that is a liquid crystalline polyester and/or a polyphenylene sulfide; and 0.001 to 10 parts by weight of a metal complex (b) having a monodentate or a bidentate ligand; and at least one metal and/or its... Agent:

20140170394 - Environmentally-friendly sheet using pla resin: Disclosed is an environmentally-friendly sheet using a PLA resin. The environmentally-friendly sheet using the PLA resin according to the present invention comprises: a back layer; a printed layer which is formed on the upper part of the back layer, wherein a printing pattern is formed on the upper surface thereof;... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140170395 - Durable metallic printing: The present disclosure is drawn to ink sets, printed articles, and related methods. An ink set can comprise a metallic ink and a latex-based overcoat ink. The metallic ink can include a first liquid vehicle and metal particles having an average particle size from 3 nm to 180 nm. The... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, Lp

20140170396 - Method for forming pattern on surface of board and pattern-formed board formed by method: Disclosed herein are a method for forming a pattern on a surface of a board and a pattern-formed board manufactured by the method. The method includes: arranging hot-fix pieces (10) in a predetermined form, thus forming a hot-fix-piece pattern unit (100); maintaining the hot-fix-piece pattern unit (100) and temporarily-adhering temporary... Agent:

20140170397 - Molded article having enhanced aesthetic effect and method and system for making the molded article: According to an embodiment, a molded article, comprises: an insert comprising metal, glass, and combinations comprising at least one of the foregoing; a composition injection molded in a first shot on at least a portion of the insert forming a part; and a thermoplastic material injection molded on at least... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140170398 - Lightweight structural materials: A light-weight material and a method for producing a light-weight material use removable forms to produce an array of interconnected voids within the material. The forms include a plurality of spaced apart and adjoining blocks onto which the material is deposited, and the blocks are constructed of a material that... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20140170399 - Ultra violet light resistant laminate, and process of manufacturing the same: l

20140170400 - Organic resin laminate, methods of making and using the same, and articles comprising the same: An organic resin laminate comprising an organic resin substrate and a multilayer coating system thereon has weather resistance and mar resistance. The multilayer coating system includes an outermost layer (I) which is a hard film resulting from plasma polymerization of an organosilicon compound and an intermediate layer (II) which is... Agent: Exatec, LLC

20140170401 - Tearable polystyrene film laminate for packaging and pouch purposes: The current disclosure relates to a polymeric laminate structure having an outer polystyrene film, either blown or cast, comprised of crystal polystyrene homopolymer, optionally blended with up to about 45 wt-% of high impact polystyrene and/or inorganic fillers.... Agent: Multi-plastics, Inc.

20140170402 - Method for production of a hydroentangled airlaid web and products obtained therefrom: A method to prepare nonwoven webs which have good MD and CD strength, and are water disposable is provided. The method includes hydroentangling an airlaid web of no less than 50% by weight of natural cellulose fibers having a fiber length of no more than 3.5 mm and no more... Agent: Jacob Holm & Sons Ag

20140170403 - Inorganic polymer material, method for forming the same, and inorganic polymer coating produced therefrom: The present disclosure provides a method for forming an inorganic polymer material, including mixing 10 to 80 parts by weight of tetraalkoxysilane and 10 to 80 parts by weight of trialkoxysilane to form a mixture; and performing a reaction at pH of 0 to 4 by adding 5 to 30... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140170404 - Laminate film: A laminate film includes an adhesive layer, an impact dispersion layer that is disposed on the adhesive layer and that is made of a composition which includes a styrene-butadiene block copolymer having styrene repeating units and butadiene repeating units, and a substrate layer that is laminated with the impact dispersion... Agent:

20140170405 - Processes for preparing cured films, the resulting films, and plasma-initiated polymerizable compositions: l

20140170406 - Resin foam and process for producing the same: A resin foam has a thickness recovery rate (23° C., one minute, 50% compression) of 70% or more and a strain recovery rate (80° C., 24 hours, 50% compression) of 80% or more. The thickness recovery rate is determined by compressing the resin foam, holding the resin foam in the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140170407 - Anticorrosion agents for transparent conductive film: Certain mercapotetrazoles and mercaptotriazoles have been found to provide anti-corrosion properties when incorporated into silver nanowire containing films. The effectiveness of such compounds may be enhanced by their introduction into a layer disposed adjacent to a silver nanowire containing layer.... Agent:

20140170408 - Particle toughening for improving fracture toughness: A curable prepreg ply formed by applying two outer resin films to the top and bottom surfaces, respectively, of a layer of resin-impregnated reinforcement fibers. The outer resin films contains insoluble toughening particles, and partially soluble or swellable toughening particles, but the resin matrix which impregnates the reinforcement fibers does... Agent: Cytec Industries Inc

20140170409 - Low-wear fluoropolymer composites: A low-wear fluoropolymer composite body comprises at least one fluoropolymer and additive particles dispersed therein. Also provided is a process for the fabrication of such a fluoropolymer composite body. The composite body exhibits a low wear rate for sliding motion against a hard counterface, and may be formulated with either... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140170410 - Method for applying a coating to a substrate, coating, and use of particles: The present invention relates to a method for applying a coating to a substrate using cold plasma, wherein particles provided with a polymer coating are fed into a cold plasma at less than 3,000 K and the particles activated by this are deposited on a substrate. The present invention furthermore... Agent: Eckart Gmbh

20140170411 - Lamination of polymer thick film conductor compositions: This invention provides a method for using a polymer thick film conductor composition to form an electrical conductor in an electrical circuit, the method subjecting the deposited thick film conductor composition to lamination. The invention also provides a method for reducing the resistance of an electrical conductor formed from a... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140170412 - Insulating composition, substrate including insulating layer using the same, and method for manufacturing the substrate: An insulating composition including a graphene oxide and an insulating material including the same; and a polar solvent having a solvent polarity index (P) of greater than 5.5, a substrate including an insulating layer using the same, and a method for manufacturing the substrate. It is possible to provide an... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20140170414 - Heat-sealing cover film for packaging electronic components: A cover film for heat-sealing to a carrier tape for carrying electronic components is described herein. The cover film comprises a polyester base layer, a first antistatic layer disposed on a first surface of the base layer, an intermediate bi-layer structure comprising a first intermediate layer and a second intermediate... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140170413 - Silver based conductive layer for flexible electronics: Methods for making conducting stacks includes forming a doped or alloyed silver layer sandwiched between two layers of transparent conductive oxide such as indium tin oxide (ITO). The doped silver or silver alloy layer can be thin, such as between 1.5 to 20 nm and thus can be transparent. The... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140170415 - Multicomponent fiber containing a polyarylene sulfide: A multicomponent fiber that contains two or more components arranged in distinct zones across the cross-section of the multicomponent fiber is provided. The components are arranged in a sheath/core configuration in which the core component is substantially surrounded by the sheath component. One of the sheath and the core is... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140170416 - Superabsorbent yarn and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed are to a superabsorbent yarn capable of minimizing the degradation of strength and elongation thereof after coated with a superabsorbent material and minimizing white powders which might be caused and impose processing difficulties during an optical cable manufacturing process and a method for manufacturing the same. The superabsorbent yarn... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140170417 - Multi-layered transparency and method of producing such a multi-layered transparency: A multi-layered transparency (2.1, 2.2) for an aircraft cockpit, particularly a multi-layered window for a helicopter cockpit (1), comprising: one core layer (6) made of a polymer of either PC or mcPA and at least one foil extruded, adhesive interlayer film (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) unilaterally bonded to said at least... Agent: Eurocopter Deutschland Gmbh

20140170418 - Anti-corrosion coating composition and use thereof: Anti-corrosion coatings comprising electroconductive polymers polymerized in the presence of one or more film forming polymers are provided. These coatings can be used with metal substrates such as cold-rolled steel and other metals to inhibit corrosion.... Agent: Axalta Coating SystemsIPCo., LLC

20140170419 - Method of coating a chrome plated part: One variation may include a method including providing a substrate having a layer comprising chrome thereon, the chrome having exposed surface; exposing the layer comprising chrome to a gas comprising ionized oxygen to activate the exposed surface of the chrome to provide an activated surface; applying a coating over the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140170420 - Production method for thermochromatic glass in which use is made of a low-temperature metal-vapour-deposition process, and thermochromatic glass obtained thereby: The present invention relates to a production method for thermochromatic glass in which use is made of a low-temperature metal vapor deposition process, and to thermochromatic glass obtained thereby. More specifically, the invention relates to: a production method for thermochromatic glass in which a low-temperature metal-vapor-deposition process is used in... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140170422 - Low emissivity coating with optimal base layer material and layer stack: A method for making low emissivity panels, including forming a base layer to promote a seed layer for a conductive silver layer. The base layer can be an amorphous layer or a nanocrystalline layer, which can facilitate zinc oxide seed layer growth, together with smoother surface and improved thermal stability.... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140170421 - Low-e panel with improved barrier layer and method for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe low-e panels and methods for forming low-e panels. A transparent substrate is provided. A reflective layer is formed above the transparent substrate. A titanium-yttrium oxide layer is deposited above the transparent substrate, or above the transparent substrate and the reflective layer, which may enhance optical performance.... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140170424 - Gas barrier film and method for producing same: An object is to provide a gas barrier film which has high gas barrier performance and a method for producing a gas barrier film with excellent continuous productivity. A gas barrier film, which is obtained by laminating at least one gas barrier layer on a resin substrate, wherein a hardness... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140170423 - Method for manufacturing a transparent gas barrier film and an organic electroluminescence element comprising such a film: A transparent gas barrier film comprising a substrate having thereon a gas barrier layer comprising at least a low density layer and a high density layer, wherein one or more intermediate density layers are sandwiched between the low density layer and the high density layer.... Agent: Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

20140170426 - Novel fouling control coating compositions: The present application discloses a fouling control cured paint coat comprising a polysiloxane-based binder matrix, said binder matrix having included as a part thereof pendant hydrophilic oligomer/polymer moieties. The application further discloses a marine structure comprising on at least a part of the outer surface thereof an outermost coating of... Agent: Hempel A/s

20140170425 - Titanium-containing ceramic paint and protective coating: Disclosed is a titanium-containing ceramic paint, including 100 parts by weight of silica sol, 50 to 100 parts by weight of organic silane, 0.3 to 1 parts by weight of a catalyst, 5 to 20 parts by weight of titanium powder, and 1 to 5 parts by weight of a... Agent: Innotek Technology (china) Limited

20140170427 - Anticorrosion agents for transparent conductive film: Certain organic acids have been found to provide anti-corrosion properties when incorporated into silver nanowire containing films. The effectiveness of such compounds may be enhanced by their introduction into a layer disposed adjacent to a silver nanowire containing layer.... Agent:

20140170428 - Adhesion to metal surfaces with block copolymers obtained using raft: An aqueous, metal, coating composition (and process for obtaining it) comprising a block copolymer and a polymer P; wherein the block copolymer comprises at least blocks [A]x[B]y, where at least block [A] is obtained by a controlled radical polymerisation of at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer via a reversible addition-fragmentation... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140170429 - Laminates made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tape: Disclosed are laminates from multiple stacked plies of a uni-directional tape in which the tape formed from a plurality of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene gel spun, multi-filament yarns. The resultant laminate contains not more than five percent resin by weight. Related methods of making a laminate of this type are... Agent:

20140170430 - Multi-layer impact resistant bumper: An impact resistant bumper device that is elongated along a longitudinal axis and mountable on a mounting member, the device having a cross-section having an open undersurface configuration comprising: a first layer of a first polymer material; a second layer of a second polymer material; a third layer of a... Agent: Boston Retail Products, Inc.

20140170431 - Gas barrier film laminate and electronic component: The invention relates to a gas barrier film laminate comprising at least two gas barrier films and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the at least two gas barrier films being stacked through the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, at least one of the at least two gas barrier films including a base formed... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20140170432 - Surface-modified, wc-based cemented carbide member, hard-coated, wc-based cemented carbide member, and their production methods: The ion bombardment of Cr, etc. onto a surface of a WC-based cemented carbide substrate in a nitrogen-based gas forms a modified phase having a bcc structure on the substrate surface, and a hard coating containing at least Cr formed thereon has high adhesion to the substrate by the modified... Agent: Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.

20140170433 - Components with near-surface cooling microchannels and methods for providing the same: Methods for providing a near-surface cooling microchannel in a component include forming a near-surface cooling microchannel in a first surface of a pre-sintered preform, disposing the first surface of the pre-sintered preform onto an outer surface of the base article such that an opening of the outer surface of the... Agent: General Electric Company

20140170434 - Two layer ag process for low emissivity coatings: Two layer silver process comprising a silver layer deposited on a doped silver layer can improve the adhesion of the silver layer on a substrate, minimizing agglomeration to provide a high quality silver layer. The doped silver layer can comprise silver and a doping element that has lower enthalpy of... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140170435 - Hollow airfoil with composite cover and foam filler: A hollow article includes a metallic hollow article formed from a having a first major surface, an internal cavity with an opening in the first major surface, and a socket around the opening; a cover of composite material received in the socket and covering the opening; and a filler material... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140170436 - Tin-plated copper-alloy material for terminal having excellent insertion/extraction performance: Tin-plated copper-alloy material for terminal in which: a Sn-based surface layer is formed on a surface of a substrate made of Cu alloy, and a Cu—Sn alloy layer is formed between the Sn-based surface layer and the substrate; the Cu—Sn alloy layer is an alloy layer containing Cu6Sn5 as a... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140170437 - Method of applying zinc complex film, method of coating a brake caliper, and brake caliper thus formed: Disclosed is a method of applying a zinc complex film, including forming a zinc complex film on a surface of a substrate, performing high-frequency curing at about 90˜110° C. for about 18˜22 min, and performing painting and drying as post-treatment. Further disclosed are a method of coating a brake caliper... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140170440 - High strength steel sheet and high strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in shapeability and methods of production of same: High strength steel sheet which secures tensile maximum strength 900 MPa or more high strength while having excellent shapeability, which high strength steel sheet which is excellent in shapeability characterized by having a predetermined composition of ingredients, by the steel sheet structure including a ferrite phase and martensite phase, by... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140170438 - Steel sheet and formed part: A steel sheet, in one example, a press-hardening steel sheet is provided. The steel sheet includes a substrate layer of steel and a corrosion protection layer. The corrosion protection layer is electrogalvanically applied to the substrate layer, which contains zinc and manganese with a component of at least 5% by... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140170439 - Steel sheet with high mechanical strength, ductility and formability properties, production method and use of such sheets: The present invention provides a cold rolled steel sheet. The steel sheet has a strength greater than 1000 MPa, a uniform elongation greater than 12% and a V-bendability greater than 90°. The composition of the steel sheet includes, expressed in per cent by weight, 0.15%≦C≦0.25%, 1.8%≦Mn≦3.0%, 1.2%≦Si≦2%, 0%≦Al≦0.10%, 0%≦Cr≦0.50%, 0%≦Cu≦1%,... Agent:

20140170441 - Tiagn coating layer, tiagn coating method and tiagn coating apparatus: Disclosed is a TiAgN coating layer, which is coated by plasma coating method using nitrogen gas, a Ti source and a Ag source, the coating layer comprising Ag in the coating layer at an amount of about 15 at % or more, a TiAgN coating method, and a TiAgN coating... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140170442 - Extruded cross-banded magnesium oxide construction board: Embodiments of the invention comprise a method of making a construction board (also known as wallboard) and a device for making same. The resulting construction board is formed by mixing of at least magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, and a binding agent into a slurry, adding particulized solid material while funneling... Agent: Temple Investments, LLC

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