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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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09/04/2014 > 69 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20140248445 - Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing same: A liquid crystal display is provided which is capable of reducing the occurrence of defective display due to variations in the initial alignment direction of a liquid crystal alignment control film in a liquid crystal display of an IPS scheme, realizing the stable liquid crystal alignment, providing excellent mass productivity,... Agent: Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

20140248446 - Image display apparatus: An image display apparatus (10) comprising a backing panel (12), one or more first raised portions (14) located on the backing panel (12), each first raised portion (14) having an image (18) for display secured thereto; one or more second raised portions (16) located on the backing panel (12), each... Agent: The Shadow Gap Company LLP

20140248447 - Single glass panel for fire door and double glazed glass panel for fire door: A single glass panel for a fire door and a double glazed glass panel for a fire door that have a fireproofness with which the glass sheet passes an international standard ISO 0834 flame insulating performance test and are as inexpensive as possible. For example, the single glass panel for... Agent: Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Limited

20140248448 - Filament wound composite tools and related methods: Composite products and related methods are disclosed. In some examples, methods of filament winding composite components and products, such as a sleeve and/or a mandrel for use in down-hole applications, are disclosed. The winding of components can involve using a percentage of fiber roving strands that are blown during manufacture... Agent: Ccdi Composites, Inc.

20140248450 - Composite structure, method for producing same, packaging material and formed product using same, and coating liquid: The method disclosed includes: a step (I) of preparing a dispersion liquid (S) including an aluminum compound (A); a step (II) of mixing the dispersion liquid (S) and a predetermined phosphorus compound (B) so as to prepare a coating liquid (U); a step (III) of applying the coating liquid (U)... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140248449 - Composite structure, packaging material and formed product using same, production methods thereof, and coating liquid: A composite structure disclosed includes a base (X) and a layer (Y). The layer (Y) includes a mixture of a metal oxide (A), a phosphorus compound (B), and a compound (La) (silicon compound). Examples of the phosphorus compound (B) and the compound (La) include a compound containing a site capable... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140248451 - Reinforced polyphthalamide/poly(phenylene ether) composition: Disclosed herein is a reinforced composition comprising: 55 to 80 wt % of a compatibilized blend of a polyphthalamide and a poly(phenylene ether) wherein said compatibilized blend is formed from a mixture of polyphthalamide and poly(phenylene ether) in a ratio of between 1.5:1 and 7.0:1, and a functionalizing agent in... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140248452 - Getter devices containing a combination of getter materials: A getter device containing a combination of getter materials is described. The device has a mixture of cerium oxide, copper oxide and metallic palladium for the removal of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in vacuum applications, particularly suitable to be used in vacuum insulation applications. This combination of getter materials is... Agent: Saes Getters S.p.a.

20140248453 - Metal sheets and plates having friction-reducing textured surfaces and methods of manufacturing same: Metal sheets and plates having friction-reducing textured surfaces and methods of manufacturing these metal sheets and plates are disclosed herein. In an embodiment, there is provided a transportation vessel that includes at least one metal product having at least one surface that is substantially grooved, wherein the substantially grooved surface... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20140248454 - Medical drainage devices with carbon-based structures for inhibiting growth of fibroblasts: Drainage devices for draining a fluid from a patient during treatment of a medical condition body are disclosed. The drainage devices comprise a body defining at least one conduit through the body from a distal end of the body to a proximal end of the body. The body comprises at... Agent: Mobius Therapeutics, LLC

20140248455 - Polyamide resin composition and blow molded article comprising the same: A polyamide resin composition comprising a PA 6/12 (component A), a plasticizer (component B), and a modified polyolefin (component C), the component A comprising units a derived from ε-caprolactam or ε-aminocaproic acid and units b derived from aminododecanoic acid or ω-laurolactam, wherein the content of the units a in the... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20140248456 - Method and apparatus for toxic substance encapsulation: A method of encapsulating a toxin on a contaminated surface includes providing a plastic air-tight substrate having first and second opposing surfaces. An adhesive substance is disposed on the first surface. The first surface of the plastic substrate is applied to the contaminated surface such that the plastic substrate is... Agent:

20140248457 - Catalyzing amino-substituted organosilane ester primers: Methods for bonding a polymer surface (e.g., a fluoropolymer surface) to a substrate, including foam tape substrates, and articles produced thereby. The methods can include using a primer composition having an amidine catalyst in combination with an amino-substituted organosilane ester.... Agent:

20140248458 - Microstructured transfer tapes: Transfer tapes include an optically transparent adhesive layer with a first major surface and a second major surface, with at least one of the major surfaces including a microstructured pattern that is a permanent feature of the adhesive surface. The microstructured surface alters the direction of light. The optically transparent... Agent:

20140248459 - Broadhead collars: Collars are provided to facilitate retaining the blades of a broadhead in their in-flight position during flight. Collars can be used in situations where the preexisting use of an O-ring is used to help facilitate maintaining the blades of a broadhead in their in-flight position during flight. Collars can also... Agent: Out Rage, LLC

20140248460 - Method for concrete crack repair: A method for repairing cracked concrete (8) using expansive mortar (13) comprising the steps of installing a saw cut (10) next to an open shrinkage crack (8) and opening the saw cut (10) with expansive mortar (13) to create a wider saw cut (11) and shift half the saw cut... Agent:

20140248461 - Hygro materials for use in making yarns and fabrics: A process is described wherein pile yarn is woven with cotton weft and warp yarns to produce terry fabrics, such as towels. The fabric is then washed in warm water to dissolve the PVA fiber. The amount of fibers dissolved, depends upon the count of the yarn or yarns used.... Agent: Welspun Uk Ltd.

20140248462 - Stacked noodle for high capacity pull-off for a composite stringer: An apparatus comprising a composite elongate member, a channel, and a number of composite structures. The composite elongate member has a side configured for attachment to a surface of a structure. The channel is on the side and extends along a length of the composite elongate member. The number of... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140248463 - Rigid structure uhmwpe ud and composite and the process of making: Fabrication of ballistic resistant fibrous composites having improved ballistic resistance properties. More particularly, ballistic resistant fibrous composites having enhanced flexural properties, which correlates to low composite backface signature. The composites are useful for the production of hard armor articles, including helmet armor.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140248464 - Ceramic honeycomb structure and its production method: A method for producing a ceramic honeycomb structure comprising a ceramic honeycomb body having large numbers of longitudinal cells partitioned by porous cell walls, and a peripheral wall formed on a peripheral surface of the ceramic honeycomb structure, comprising the steps of extruding a moldable ceramic material to form a... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140248465 - Laminate and method of producing laminate: A laminate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a resin substrate; a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer formed on one side of the resin substrate; and an antistatic layer formed on another side of the resin substrate and comprising a binder resin and a conductive material. The antistatic... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140248466 - Membrane with surface structure: A waterproof membrane, a method for sealing substructures, and a system for reflecting sunlight are disclosed. The waterproof member can include a barrier layer, which contains a thermoplastic material, and wherein an upper face of the barrier layer has an arithmetic mean roughness value Ra in accordance with DIN EN... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20140248467 - Solar heat-reflective roofing granules, solar heat-reflective shingles and process for producing the same: A process for preparing roofing granules includes forming kaolin clay into green granules and sintering the green granules at a temperature of at least 900 degrees Celsius to cure the green granules until the crystalline content of the sintered granules is at least ten percent as determined by x-ray diffraction.... Agent:

20140248468 - Long fiber nonwoven fabric and laminate of fabrics having long fiber nonwoven fabric: The invention aims at providing a light long fiber nonwoven fabric having a sufficient strength, on which irregularly uneven wrinkles (or crimps) having a large difference in height (bulkiness). It also aims at providing a laminate of fabrics including the long fiber nonwoven fabric. The long fiber nonwoven fabric is... Agent: Finetrack

20140248469 - Rigid tipped riblets: A multilayer construction for aerodynamic riblets includes a first layer composed of a material with protuberances, the first layer material exhibiting a first characteristic having long-term durability and a second layer composed of a material, exhibiting a second characteristic with capability for adherence to a surface.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140248470 - Method of producing a plate-like construction with a double-wall structure: A method of producing a plate-like construction having a double-wall structure and its use. According to the present invention, several elongated profiles which have essentially straight central axes are arranged against each other in such a way that adjacent hollow profiles abut each other and together form, in general terms,... Agent: Uponor Infra Oy

20140248471 - Film with layered segments and apparatus and method for making the same: A film having first segments and second segments arranged across the film's width direction is disclosed. The first and second segments are separated from each other by polymer interfaces. The first segments include a first polymeric composition and the second segments include a second polymeric composition. At least some of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140248472 - Sapphire property modification through ion implantation: Systems and methods for strengthening a sapphire part are described herein. One method may take the form of orienting a first surface of a sapphire member relative to an ion implantation device, selecting an ion implantation concentration and directing ions at the first surface of the sapphire member. The ions... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140248473 - Process for producing decorative sheet, decorative sheet, decorative sheet molded product, process for producing in-mold molded article, and in-mold molded article: Disclosed is a process for producing a decorative sheet, the process comprising a discharge step of discharging an ink composition onto a recording medium, a drying step of drying the ink composition above the recording medium by means of heat, and a curing step of curing the ink composition above... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140248474 - Method for applying a superabsorbent polymer onto a fibrous sheet material and a double-or multiply fibrous material containing superabsorbent material: A method is provided for applying a superabsorbent polymer to a fibrous sheet material. The fibrous sheet material may be a nonwoven material or a tissue paper. The method includes applying a crosslinkable polymeric dispersion or solution onto the fibrous sheet material by printing technique and in a separate step... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20140248475 - Biocompatible member and method for forming biocompatible member: There is provided a biocompatible member comprising: a base material; and a film provided on the base material, wherein the biocompatible member includes: 1) a compound having a phosphorylcholine group, and 2) a polymer of a polymerizable compound, or an oligomer or polymer compound, provided that 2) the polymer of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140248476 - Laser-marked polymer workpiece: A laser-marked polymer workpiece is described. The workpiece has a transparent component and an opaque component applied to at least one region of the transparent component. A mark is introduced onto a surface of the opaque component facing the transparent component with at least one laser. The mark is introduced,... Agent:

20140248477 - Buffer film for multi-chip packaging: A buffer film for multi-chip packaging which does not cause out of alignment during multi-chip packaging and ensures favorable connection reliability has a structure in which a heat-resistant resin layer having a linear expansion coefficient of 80 ppm/° C. or less and a flexible resin layer made of a resin... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140248478 - Transparent resin substrate: The transparent resin substrate has a light-transmitting thermoplastic resin underlying sheet 1 and a hard coating formed on one surface of the underlying sheet, wherein the hard coating includes a resin component obtained by curing an urethane acrylate that contains a tri-functional or less functional urethane acrylate and a tetra-functional... Agent: Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20140248479 - Coating having a high corona resistance and production method therefor: A coating for a polymeric insulating material, includes 1 to 10 layers, each of the 1-10 layers having a coat thickness in a range from 0.1 to 100 μm and being wet-chemically produced from at least one precursor selected from the group consisting of silane, siloxane and silicate. The coating... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140248480 - Multilayer film and method of making same: Disclosed herein is a film having an outer layer A in surface contact with a core layer, wherein the outer layer A includes a plastomer, and wherein the outer layer A contains no more than 0.1 wt. % of a C4-C10-based polymer having an Mw<about 5.00×104 g/mol. A method of... Agent:

20140248481 - Flame-retardant waterproof stretchable composite fabric, pillow or mattress protector using said fabric and use of said fabric as a protective screen: The composite fabric is suitable as a flame barrier for different articles, such as mattresses, pillows, seats and upholstered furniture and is made from a plurality of joined breathable layers including at least one textile layer and one impervious layer joined including a knitted textile layer made of cellulose fibres... Agent:

20140248483 - Compositions and methods of making thin wall housings for electronic devices: Provided herein are high flow and ductile thermoplastic resin compositions for the formation of thin wall articles and articles with desirable impact strengths. These compositions are useful in the manufacture of various shaped, formed and/or molded articles.... Agent:

20140248482 - Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture: According to various embodiments, the present teachings provide an intermediate transfer member including a layer having a phosphorous containing polyamideimide having dispersed therein a conductive additive. A method of manufacturing the intermediate transfer member is provided.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140248484 - Process for stretching a film web: The invention relates to a process for the stretching of a starting film web of thermoplastic polymer material, which comprises at least one low-melting polymer component and at least one high-melting polymer component, the process comprising at least the following steps: heating of the starting film web to an at... Agent: Rkw Se

20140248486 - Nonflammable thermal insulating sheet, apparatus for manufacturing same, and method for manufacturing same: A nonflammable insulating sheet and an apparatus and method for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The disclosed nonflammable insulating sheet includes: a glass fiber fabric having a nonflammable coating layer formed on one side or both sides; an aluminum film arranged on one side of the glass fiber fabric; and... Agent:

20140248485 - Synthesis of methylene malonates substantially free of impurities: The present invention provides improved methods for the chemical synthesis of methylene malonates using the Knovenagel synthesis reaction. The method of the invention provides for improved methylene malonates by significantly reducing or eliminating the formation of alternative and/or deleterious side products, significantly reducing or eliminating unwanted consumption of methylene malonates,... Agent: Bioformix Inc.

20140248487 - Cover tape: A cover tape having at least a base material layer, and an adhesive layer that is heat sealed by a resin carrier tape, the cover tape wherein the base material layer has an antistatic layer on a surface thereof that is on the reverse side to the adhesive layer; the... Agent:

20140248488 - 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, resin composition containing 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer, masterbatch thereof, and formed product thereof: [Solution] A resin composition containing a 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer includes 0.01 to 10 parts by mass of a 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer (B) per 100 parts by mass of at least one resin (A) selected from the group consisting of thermoplastic resins and thermosetting resins, wherein the 4-methyl-1-pentene polymer (B) has (B1) an... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

20140248489 - Adhesive, adhesive layer, and adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive of the invention include a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer component including 30 to 99.5% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having an alkyl group of 10 to 18 carbon atoms at an ester end and 0.5 to 50% by weight of a cyclic... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140248490 - Removable water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: p

20140248491 - Extruded component with antimicrobial glass particles: An extruded component formed from an extruded material having antimicrobial components is disclosed. The extruded material may be formed from polymers and formed into a generally elongated shape. The antibacterial components may be included within at least a portion of the material forming the extruded component. The extruded component may... Agent: Noble Fiber Technologies, LLC

20140248492 - Process to prepare adsorbents from organic fertilizer and their applications for removal of acidic gases from wet air streams: The invention is directed to an adsorbent comprising: a) 20-30% porous carbon with incorporated organic nitrogen species; and b) 70-80% inorganic matter. The invention is directed to a method of making an adsorbent which comprises: a) thermally drying dewatered sewage sludge to form granulated organic fertilizer; and b) pyrolyzing said... Agent: Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

20140248493 - Spherical carbon material and process for producing the spherical carbon material: The present invention provides a spherical carbon material in the form of isotropic particles which undergoes a considerably less change in shape even after subjected to carbonization or graphitization, and has a good crystal growth property. The present invention relates to a raw coke spherical carbon material in which an... Agent: Toda Kogyo Corp.

20140248494 - Transparent conductor and method for producing same: A method for producing a transparent conductor includes the step of forming an undercoat layer containing a hole doping compound at a proportion of 0.2 to 20% by weight on the transparent substrate before forming the electrically conductive layer, or the step of forming an overcoat layer containing a hole... Agent: Kyushu University, National University Corporation

20140248495 - Chemically strengthened glass and method for producing same: m

20140248496 - Laminate: A laminate including: a rubber layer (A); and a fluororesin layer (B) laminated on the rubber layer (A), the rubber layer (A) being formed of a rubber composition for vulcanization containing: at least one unvulcanized rubber (a1) selected from acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber and its hydride, styrene-butadiene rubber, chloroprene rubber, butadiene rubber,... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20140248498 - Method for producing optical member and use of ultraviolet ray cured resin composition for same: The present invention relates to a method for producing an optical member, in which at least two optical substrates, of which at least either has a light shielding portion, are bonded to each other using an ultraviolet ray cured resin composition containing (A) a (meth)acrylate and (B) a photopolymerization initiator,... Agent: Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140248497 - Polyurethane resin composition for electrical insulation: The invention provides a polyurethane resin composition for electrical insulation that has excellent compatibility between an isocyanate component and a polyol component, and that exhibits excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance, and insulation properties. The polyurethane resin composition for electrical insulation comprises (1) Part A comprising a polyisocyanate component obtained from... Agent: Sanyu Rec Co., Ltd.

20140248499 - Metalized fibrous composite sheet with olefin coating: A composite sheet comprises a substrate and a multi-layer coating on its outer surface, the coating comprising a metal layer and an outer polymeric layer formed from a precursor comprising a polymerizable composition that includes a olefin group and a moisture curable group, such as an isocyanate or silane group.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140248500 - Composite structure, product using same, and method for producing composite structure: A composite structure disclosed includes a base (X) and a layer (Y) stacked on the base (X). The layer (Y) includes a reaction product (R). The reaction product (R) is a reaction product formed by a reaction at least between a metal oxide (A) and a phosphorus compound (B). A... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20140248501 - Polyether polyol resins compositions: The invention relates to compositions of polyether polyol resins (hydroxyfunctional oligo or poly ether) comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters derived from butene oligomers characterized in that the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is at least 50%, preferably above... Agent:

20140248502 - Acrylic polyol resins compositions: The invention relates to compositions of hydroxyl functional acrylic resins (acrylic polyols) comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters derived from butene oligomers characterized in that the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is maximum 55%, preferably below 40%, and most... Agent: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

20140248503 - Acrylic polyol resins compositions: The invention relates to compositions of hydroxyl functional acrylic resins (acrylic polyols) comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters derived from butene oligomers characterized in that the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is at least 50%, preferably above 60% and... Agent:

20140248504 - Resin composition, resin sheet, cured resin sheet, resin-adhered metal foil and heat dissipation device: The present invention provides a resin composition, including: a filler that includes alumina particles and boron nitride particles; an elastomer having a weight-average molecular weight of from 10,000 to 100,000; and a curable resin. The present invention also provides a resin sheet, a cured resin sheet, a resin-adhered metal foil... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20140248505 - Laminated composite made up of an electronic substrate and a layer arrangement comprising a reaction solder: Laminated composite (10) comprising at least one electronic substrate (11) and an arrangement of layers (20, 30) made up of at least a first layer (20) of a first metal and/or a first metal alloy and of a second layer (30) of a second metal and/or a second metal alloy... Agent:

20140248506 - Graphic formation via material ablation: Techniques for graphic formation via material ablation described. In at least some implementations, a graphic is applied to a surface of an object by ablating layers of the object to form an ablation trench in the shape of the graphic. In at least some embodiments, an object can include a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140248507 - Anti-reflective coating: Anti-reflective coating in various embodiments consists of two or three layers which include one metal layer of a thickness ranging in various embodiments from 2 to 12 nanometers and one or two nonmetallic layers possessing refractive indices and thicknesses in certain ranges wherein the metal layer is placed either between... Agent:

20140248508 - Different material welded structure: Extending portions of a front sub-frame are each formed by stacking two thin plates made of steel, and flange portions of the front sub-frame and flange portions of a rear sub-frame made of aluminum are superimposed on each other, and are friction stir welded, with a seal material applied to... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20140248509 - Coating compositions: Compositions are provided that exhibit an austenitic nickel microstructure. The compositions comprise Ni, Cr, Mo and at least one element selected from the group consisting of Al, Si, and Ti. Feedstock having the composition may be in the form of a cored wire or wires, a solid wire or wires,... Agent: Scoperta, Inc.

20140248510 - Dissimilar-material welded structure and welding method therefor: Friction stir welding is performed in the following manner. In the state in which a probe is rotated in a predetermined rotation direction, the probe is inserted into a flange of a rear sub frame, thereby starting friction stir welding to weld the flange of the rear sub frame and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd

20140248511 - Centrifugally cast composite roll and its production method: A centrifugally cast composite roll comprising an outer layer made of cast iron having a chemical composition comprising, by mass, 2.7-3.5% of C, 1.5-2.5% of Si, 0.4-1.0% of Mn, 3.7-5.1% of Ni, 0.8-2.2% of Cr, 1.5-4.5% of Mo, 2.0-4.5% of V, and 0.5-2.0% of Nb, the balance being Fe and... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140248512 - Functional based repair of superalloy components: A method of repairing or manufacturing a superalloy component (50) by depositing a plurality of layers (22, 24, 26, 28) of additive superalloy material having a property that is different than an underlying original superalloy material (30). The property that is changed between the original material and the additive material... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140248513 - Magnetic recording medium, method for producing the same, and method for producing stamper: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for producing a magnetic recording medium which includes forming a mask layer on a magnetic recording layer, applying metal fine particles on the mask layer, covering the metal fine particles with an overcoat layer, irradiating with energy beams through the overcoat... Agent:

08/28/2014 > 120 patent applications in 84 patent subcategories.

20140242300 - Polarizer, polarizing plate using the same, liquid crystal display device, and method of manufacturing polarizing plate: Provided is a polarizer durable against high-temperature and high-humidity conditions, small in changes in the single plate transmittance, and a liquid crystal display device. A polarizer comprising a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin, a dichroic colorant, and a compound, etc. represented by the formula (1) below, the content of the compound represented... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140242301 - Sealant composition: A sealant composition particularly suitable for a plastic substrate is disclosed. The sealant composition contains: a partially (meth)acrylated epoxy resin, a hydrophobic oligomer having a flexible hydrophobic backbone moiety and at least one functional group co-curable with the partially (meth)acrylated epoxy resin, and a latent epoxy-curing agent.... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140242302 - Laminate, polarizing plate, liquid crystal display device, and method of manufacturing polarizing plate: s

20140242303 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: The present application is relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition of the present application may form a pressure-sensitive adhesive having excellent durability and reliability, stress relaxation and reworkability. In addition, when the pressure-sensitive adhesive composition is used collaterally, for example, a coating process may be efficiently... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140242304 - Artificial turf yarn: An artificial turf comprising a turf yarn prepared from an ethylene-based polymer composition comprising less than or equal to 100 percent by weight of the units derived from ethylene; and less than 30 percent by weight of units derived from one or more α-olefin comonomers; wherein said ethylene-based polymer composition... Agent:

20140242305 - Thermal transfer sheet: Provided is a thermal transfer sheet capable of forming an image having excellent glossiness, and having no printing wrinkle or having a lesser possibility of generating wrinkles. A thermal transfer sheet in which a dyestuff layer or a transcriptive protective layer is formed on one surface of a substrate and... Agent:

20140242306 - Low tg glass gasket for hermetic sealing applications: A glass-coated gasket comprises a gasket main body defining an inner hole and having a first contact surface and a second contact surface opposite the first contact surface, and a glass layer formed over at least a portion of one of the first contact surface and the second contact surface.... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140242307 - Fire insulation material: A fire insulation precursor material formed of cement, in an amount of between 10-30% w/w; and an aluminium or magnesium hydroxide, huntite or hydromagnesite in an amount of between 60-90% w/w. A fire insulation material is provided including the previously mentioned precursor material. Further described are methods of forming a... Agent: Firespray International Limited

20140242308 - Cellulose-based food casing and method of manufacture: The invention relates to a cellulose-based food casing comprising alkenyl succinic anhydride and a method for the manufacture of said cellulose-based food casing.... Agent: Viskoteepak Belgium Nv

20140242309 - Teabags and coffee/beverage pouches made from mono-component, mono-constituent polylactic acid (pla) fibers: A non-woven mono-component, mono-constituent poly lactic acid (PLA) web is disclosed. The web material is useful for production of tea bags and other infusion beverages. The nonwoven network of PLA fibers in mono-component, mono-constituent configuration provides infusion properties, strength and weight properties that surpass current beverage bags and pouches because... Agent:

20140242310 - Extrudable oriented polymer composites: A novel tubular or profile shapes of co-extruded multilayer polymers. These materials contain tens to thousands of layers of micro- to nano-polymer layers. These new shapes contain contiguous layers of milli- to nano-polymer layers in three dimensions and these contiguous layers may be twisted or turned to further expand the... Agent: Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.

20140242311 - Robust planar composite with an intermediate layer of increased vicat softening temperature: The present invention generally relates to a sheetlike composite (3) comprising a layer configuration with the following layers: 0. optionally a layer of thermoplastic KSu (13); 1. a carrier layer (4); ii. a first layer of thermoplastic KSv (35); iii. a barrier layer (5); iv. a second layer of thermoplastic... Agent: Sig Technology Ag

20140242312 - Silicone rubber-based curable composition, method of producing silicone rubber, silicone rubber, molded body and medical tube: A silicone rubber-based curable composition of the present invention contains: a vinyl group-containing organopolysiloxane (A); an organohydrogen polysiloxane (B); silica particles (C); a silane coupling agent (D); and a platinum or platinum compound (E), wherein satisfied is the following requirement X, or both the following requirements X and Y: Requirement... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Company Limited

20140242313 - Insulation moulding and method for its manufacture: A cavity between inner and outer walls of an open-box-shaped mould is filled with a polyurethane reaction mixture, containing an isocyanate and an emulsion of an isocyanate-reactive composition with three polyols and a blowing agent, which is cured to a polyurethane containing polymer. The inner and outer wall are a... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20140242314 - Polymer resins with improved processability and melt fracture characteristics: A metallocene-catalyzed polymer comprising (i) a higher molecular weight component and (ii) a lower molecular weight component wherein the polymer has a polydispersity index of from about 10 to about 26; a zero shear viscosity of from about 5×105 Pa·s to about 2×1014 Pa·s and a smooth-to-matte transition critical stress... Agent: Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

20140242315 - Polybutylene terephthalate resin composition and thin molded article: A polybutylene terephthalate resin composition which is free from bleeding and other problems, and improves the flowability (melt-flowability) while maintaining the characteristics such as mechanical strength or toughness. To 100 parts by weight of a composition composed of 50 to 90% by weight of (A) a polybutylene terephthalate resin and... Agent: Wintech Polymer Ltd.

20140242316 - Laminate composition, film and related methods: An environmentally friendly laminate structure that provides improved print properties, wherein the laminate structure comprises a print film and an overlaminate film. The print film includes a print layer and a support layer. In one embodiment the print film further comprises an adhesive layer. In another embodiment the print film... Agent:

20140242317 - Method and means for protecting a windshield from further damage before repair is possible: The invention could be a windshield repair kit comprising a laminate having a protective barrier film, an adhesive layer, and a peel-able cover, the protective barrier film having at least one side to which the adhesive layer is applied, the adhesive layer being capable of cured in a presence of... Agent:

20140242319 - Labels, label sheet assemblies, and related methods: The present invention relates to self-adhesive labels, label sheet assemblies, and related methods. The label sheet assembly includes a release liner assembly having a detachable portion, and a label releasably coupled to the release liner assembly and overlying the detachable portion. Weakened separation lines, a U-shaped cut, and a transverse... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20140242318 - Substrate structures applied in flexible devices: A substrate structure applied in flexible devices is provided. The substrate structure includes a carrier; a release layer with a first area formed on the carrier, which has a first adhesion force to the carrier; and a flexible substrate with a second area overlying part of the first area of... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140242320 - Multi-ply fibrous structures and methods for making same: Embossed multi-ply fibrous structures and methods for making such embossed multi-ply fibrous structures are provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140242321 - Bridging films for porous thin films: The disclosure provides methods and materials for preparing bridging films. In one aspect, the bridging films are non-porous and are suitable for protecting adjacent porous films. For example, the bridging films contact a porous film and protect the porous film from transfer of gases and/or liquids into the pores of... Agent: Svana Nanotechnologies, Inc.

20140242322 - One component, dual-cure adhesive for use in electronics: The disclosure relates to one-component, dual-cure adhesive compositions that include a combination of moisture curable functionalities and radiation curable functionalities where the adhesive could include (1) a moisture-curable prepolymer and a radiation-curable component; or (2) a moisture curable radiation curable prepolymer including moisture curable functionalities and radiation curable functionalities, and... Agent: H.b. Fuller Company

20140242323 - Reactive hot-melt adhesive for use on electronics: The disclosure relates to a method of making an electronic assembly with a reactive hot-melt adhesive composition that include an atmospheric curing prepolymer and optionally a thermoplastic component with a softening point of at least about 120° C., and the electronic assembly made therewith.... Agent:

20140242324 - Laminate fabrics: The present invention provides laminate fabrics comprising two or more spunlaced fabric layers.... Agent: Precison Fabrics Group, Inc.

20140242325 - Blow molded assembly with an attachment fastener portion, and method thereof: A blow molded assembly includes an attachment fastener portion integrated with a plastic component portion, and is formed by a blow molding process. The attachment fastener portion has a shaft and a base, where the base has at least one aperture and a bearing surface. The shaft extends from the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140242326 - Wood laminate articles comprising substituted cellulose ester adhesives and methods relating thereto: Wood laminates may comprise a plurality of wood substrates and an adhesive disposed between at least a portion of at least two of the wood substrates, the adhesive comprising a substituted cellulose ester that comprises a cellulose polymer backbone having an organic ester substituent and an inorganic ester substituent that... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20140242327 - Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and method for preparing the same: Disclosed herein is a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb, including: a plurality of inner tubes, each of which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material; and an outer shell which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material and which surrounds the plurality of inner tubes.... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20140242328 - Measuring device: A measuring device having at least one corrosion resistant, process-facing surface, wherein at least one joint between a component of an electrically conductive material and a component of an electrically insulating material is sealed with a sealing structure, and wherein the process-facing surface is provided with a coating in such... Agent:

20140242330 - Irregularly formed waterproof panel having hollow protrusion for waterproofing, and waterproofing construction using same: The present invention relates to an irregularly formed waterproof panel having a hollow protrusion for waterproofing, and to a waterproofing construction using same. The present invention provides: an irregularly formed waterproof panel in which a complex waterproofing layer is formed using the irregularly formed waterproof panel having a hollow protrusion... Agent: Archiven Co., Ltd.

20140242329 - Method of thermally drawing structured sheets: A method of drawing a material into sheet form includes forming a preform comprising at least one material as a large aspect ratio block wherein a first transverse dimension of the preform is much greater than a second transverse dimension substantially perpendicular to the first transverse dimension. A furnace having... Agent:

20140242331 - Porous thin film having holes and a production method therefor: The present application relates to a porous thin film having holes, wherein the holes are formed in the top part and/or the bottom part of the thin film and the holes are linked to the pores of the thin film; and the present invention also relates to a production method... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20140242332 - Cover: A cover for a body, including at least one layer having a low emissivity coefficient for radiation associated with radiative heat loss from the body with wavelengths in a first frequency band.... Agent: Sunbubble Limited

20140242335 - Fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin composition and molded article thereof: The present invention is to provide a fiber reinforced polypropylene resin composition which has low shrinkage, excellent grain transferability, flaw resistance and moulded appearance, can provide a moulded article having a smooth and soft tactile sensation on the surface thereof without foaming and has high rigidity, high impact strength and... Agent: Japan Polypropylene Corporation

20140242333 - Packaging material for power storage device: A packaging material for a power storage device includes a base material layer which has at least a first adhesive layer, a metal foil layer, a corrosion prevention-treated layer, a second adhesive layer, and a sealant layer, sequentially laminated on the side of the first surface thereof; and a base... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20140242334 - Structure with surface for seasonal selectiveness of solar irradiation absorption and reflection: Disclosed are various structure surface configurations and related methods. An exemplary structure includes a facade that has grooved cavities that are configured in a manner that reflects summer (cooling season) insolation and absorbs winter (heating season) insolation. The effective absorptivities of the exemplary structure for various cavity reflectance characteristics, i.e.,... Agent:

20140242336 - In-mold transfer film: The present invention provides an in-mold transfer film that has an excellent gloss feel, is free from occurrence of blocking in a process for production of the transfer sheet, and has such a function that the film can be smoothly released from its boundary after completion of the in-mold transfer... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140242337 - Floor covering: A floor covering having a web- or plate-shaped base material made from an elastomer material, wherein the base material is provided with mineral decorative particles, and wherein the density of the mineral decorative particles is not greater than 3 kg/dm3.... Agent:

20140242338 - Web substrate having optimized emboss design: A fibrous structure having a basis weight ranging from between about 15 g/m2 and about 120 g/m2 and at least one embossed ply having a surface thereof is disclosed. The surface has a surface area comprising from about 10.0 percent to about 20.0 percent line embossments. Also, a fibrous structure... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140242339 - Web substrate having optimized emboss design: The present disclosure provides for a fibrous structure having an initial total wet tensile strength of greater than about 118 g/cm and at least one embossed ply having a surface thereof. The surface has a surface area comprising from about 10.0 percent to about 20.0 percent line embossments. Also, a... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140242340 - Web substrate having optimized emboss design: A fibrous structure having a total dry tensile strength of greater than about 59 g/cm and at least one embossed ply having a surface thereof is disclosed. The surface has a surface area comprising from about 10.0 percent to about 20.0 percent line embossments. Also, a fibrous structure having at... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140242341 - Pattern tone reversal: A method for patterning a substrate is disclosed. Depressions are patterned into a resist layer over a substrate. A mask layer is deposited over the resist layer at least partially filling the depressions. The mask layer is etched to expose a top surface of the resist layer and leaving at... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140242342 - Panel and method for manufacturing panels: A floor panel has a core, a print and a wear resistant layer. The core is assembled at least from a plurality of paper sheets, or other carrier sheets, impregnated with a thermosetting resin.... Agent: Unilin, Bvba

20140242343 - Lamination transfer films for forming embedded nanostructures: Transfer films, articles made therewith, and methods of making and using transfer films that include embedded nanostructures are disclosed. The articles include a sacrificial template layer having a first surface and a second surface having a structured surface opposite the first surface and a thermally stable backfill layer applied to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140242345 - Composition for nano-composite layer with superhydrophobic surfaces, nano-composite layer with superhydrophobic surfaces formed therefrom, and preparing method thereof: A method of preparing a nano-composite layer comprising superhydrophobic surfaces, the method comprising: providing a first roll and a second roll with a predetermined gap therebetween; rotating the first roll and the second roll in a direction towards each other, wherein a linear velocity of the first roll is greater... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140242344 - Glassy cholesteric liquid crystalline metal acetylides: A cholesteric liquid crystal. The liquid crystal includes a metal acetylide, of which the metal is a square, planar transition metal. The metal acetylide includes first and second acylphosphine ligands and first and second phenyl acetylene ligands. Each of the first and second phenyl acetylene ligands have a meta- or... Agent: Government Of The United States As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

20140242346 - Method of forming deep-drawn paint film laminated sheet metal and articles made therefrom: A method for painting a complex or compound curved three-dimensional surface of a portion of an article. The method comprises providing a paint film (24); providing sheet metal (26) having opposite major surfaces; laminating the paint film onto a major surface of the sheet metal to form a painted sheet... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140242347 - Graft for directed vascular and lymphatic regeneration and methods to guide endothelial cell assembly: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a therapeutic device (graft) comprising a collagen membrane having an aligned uniaxial or biaxial structure such that mammalian cells plated on the membrane align mainly along the direction of the collagen fibrils. In a further aspect, a graft comprising a substantially tubular body,... Agent:

20140242348 - Edge seal for gas turbine engine ceramic matrix composite component: A gas turbine engine ceramic matrix composite (CMC) component includes first and second outer layers of plies, and an intermediate layer of plies between the first and second outer layers of plies. The intermediate layer of plies is offset relative to the first and second outer layers of plies. The... Agent:

20140242354 - Encapsulation film with thin layer composed of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide and method for forming the same: Provided are an encapsulation film formed by stacking at least one bilayer including a thin layer composed of graphene oxide or reduced graphene oxide and an organic polymer layer and a method for forming the same. Since the encapsulation film is formed by stacking at least one bilayer including a... Agent: Jae-sang Ro

20140242353 - Inkjet ink composition, inkjet recording method, and printed material: The inkjet ink composition includes (Component A) a polymerizable compound, (Component B) a polymerization initiator, and (Component C) a vegetable oil, in which the component B contains a compound represented by the formula (1) or (2).... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140242352 - Inkjet ink, ink storage container, inkjet recording device, and recorded matter: e

20140242349 - Method and system for allignment of graphite nanofibers for enhanced thermal interface material performance: The exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus and a thermal interface material with aligned graphite nanofibers in the thermal interface material to enhance the thermal interface material performance. The thermal interface material having a thickness between a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface.... Agent:

20140242351 - Method for laser marking and resin product: The present disclosure relates to a method for laser marking an object. In the method, a coating material is applied on a surface of a predetermined part of the object made of resin so as to provide a coated region on the object. The coated region is different in color... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140242350 - Process for the production of a layered body and layered bodies without masking obtainable therefrom: A process for the production of a layered body S2 (1), comprising the process steps: i) provision of a layered body S1 (2) comprising a substrate (3) and an electrically conductive layer (4) which is applied to the substrate (3) and comprises an electrically conductive polymer P1; ii) bringing of... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140242358 - Camouflage material and method of making and using same: A camouflage system includes a camouflage surface having a plurality of segments. The camouflage surface includes a first pattern disposed on a first segment of the plurality of segments, the first pattern including a depiction of a first microterrain of a natural environment, a second pattern disposed on a second... Agent: Cabela's Incorporated

20140242356 - Multilayer card comprising a fibrous outer layer: The present application relates to a multilayer card comprising a fibrous outer layer. The fibrous outer layer comprises between about 55 wt % and about 80 wt % of natural fibers, and between about 3 wt % and about 10 wt % of synthetic fibers, and between about 9 wt... Agent: Arjowiggins Security

20140242355 - Reversible camouflage material: A reversible camouflage material including a textile layer having a woodland camouflage print thereon, an infrared suppressing layer, and a textile layer having a desert camouflage print thereon is provided. The infrared suppressing layer may include a polyurethane layer sandwiched between a carbon-containing ePTFE layer and an ePTFE layer. The... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140242357 - Yoga towel and mat: A yoga mat and towel exercising combination comprises a towel having an upper surface and a lower surface, the lower surface having a textured weave over at least a part thereof. A yoga mat is provided and has an upper surface and a lower surface, the upper surface having a... Agent:

20140242359 - Method of forming pattern and composition for crosslinked layer formation to be used in the method: y

20140242360 - Elastomeric materials: Some embodiments of the present invention include elastomeric films with a basis weight of about 40 gsm or less or about 25 gsm or less. Other embodiments include elastomeric laminates comprising the elastomeric film bonded to one or more substrates (such as nonwoven fabrics). Methods of making the elastomeric films... Agent: Clopay Plastics Products Company, Inc.

20140242361 - Roof-greening sheet: Disclosed therein is a sheet for green roof that includes a copper or aluminum thin film or a nonwoven fabric having a predetermined thickness firmly laminated on both sides of a glass fabric having a predetermined area through an adhesive to prevent the root growth of plants and maximizes insulation... Agent: Renew System Co., Ltd

20140242362 - Composition set, conductive substrate and method of producing the same, and conductive adhesive composition: The invention provides a composition set comprising: a conductor layer-forming composition comprising a dispersing medium and inorganic particles comprising a metallic oxide; and a conductive adhesive composition comprising a binder and conductive particles having a number average particle size of from 1 nm to 3000 nm.... Agent:

20140242363 - Durable, germicide-free and antibacterial coating: The presently claimed invention provides a coating solution for an antibacterial coating, and a method for synthesizing the coating solution. The coating solution comprises ethanol, nitric acid, titanium tetraisopropoxide, water, and silver nitrate. Furthermore, a coating method for deposition of the antibacterial coating is also provided. The antibacterial coating of... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

20140242365 - Method and device for manufacturing a barrier layer on a flexible substrate: Method and apparatus for manufacturing a barrier layer (1b) on a substrate. The apparatus comprises an atmospheric pressure glow discharge (APGD) plasma apparatus having at least two electrodes (2, 3) arranged to generate an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma in a treatment space (5) formed between said two electrodes (2,... Agent:

20140242364 - Polycarbonate compositions having good metallizability: The invention relates to blends of special copolycarbonates and special polyetherimides or special polyarylsulfones which have good metallizability and to compositions of said copolycarbonate blends optionally containing additives which are selected from the group of thermo stabilizers and release agents, to the use thereof for producing molded parts and to... Agent:

20140242366 - Organic polymer porous body: There is provided an organic polymer porous body having a first cyclic structure equipped with a 6-membered ring (A) or a 5-membered ring having three bonds; a second cyclic structure equipped with a 6-membered ring (B) having two or three bonds; and a carbon-carbon triple bond that links the first... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20140242367 - Barrier film and methods of making same: A barrier film for blocking moisture and oxygen transmission includes a single layer grown from a precursor of organic silicide by a chemical vapor deposition, having at least silicon (Si) atoms, oxygen (O) atoms and carbon (C) atoms with atomic ratios of C/Si in a range of about 0.1-0.5, and... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20140242372 - Coated film: According to the present invention, there is provide a coated film that is highly excellent in transparency and slipping property, and can be suitably used in the applications in which good transparency and slipping property are needed, for example, such as film members for transparent electrodes for touch panels, etc.... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140242370 - Film for an inner liner for a tire, and method for manufacturing same: This disclosure relates to a film for a tire inner liner including a base film layer including a copolymer or a mixture of 50 wt % to 95 wt % of a polyamide-based resin and 5 wt % to 50 wt % of a polyether-based resin, and an adhesive layer... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140242369 - Hybrid polymer coating for petrous or ceramic substrates, petrous or ceramic substrate, and obtaining method: A coating having a thickness between 0.1 and 2 mm is obtained from a mixture with the following composition: 10-25% by weight of micronized powder; 40-60% by weight of inorganic gravels of petrographic origin of sizes between 0.063-2 mm; 10-40% by weight of a polymerisable base resin selected from polyurethane,... Agent: Silicalia, Sl

20140242368 - Process for producing ion exchange membranes by melt-processing of acidic pfsa ionomers: A process for producing an ion exchange membrane involves melt-processing a mixture of a perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer in its acid form and a specific azole additive. The additive may be a triazole, alkyl triazole, vinyl triazole, fluoro-alkyl triazole, fluoro-vinyl triazole, pyrazole, alkyl pyrazole, vinyl pyrazole, fluoro-alkyl pyrazole, fluoro-vinyl pyrazole, benzimidazole,... Agent: National Research Council Of Canada

20140242371 - Resin foam sheet and resin foam composite material: p

20140242373 - Composite part assembly: A method of joining parts together with a self-piercing rivet that is inserted through a part and partially through a second part. The second part includes a fiber-filled layer and a resin matrix layer that together form a composite part. A self-piercing rivet extends into the second part, but does... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140242374 - Porous metal coating: Various methods, apparatuses and devices relate to porous metal layers on a substrate which are three-dimensionally coated. In one embodiment, a porous metal layer is deposited over a substrate. The porous metal layer can be three-dimensionally coated with a coating material.... Agent: Infineon Technologies Ag

20140242375 - Laminated glass articles with phase-separated claddings and methods for forming the same: Laminated glass articles and methods for making the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a laminated glass article may include a glass core layer and at least one glass cladding layer fused to the glass core layer. The at least one glass cladding layer may be phase separated into a... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140242376 - Polyelectrolyte multilayers having salt-controlled internal structures: A method, and an article made therefrom, of: contacting a substrate with a first solution of a first polyelectrolyte polymer to form a layer of the first polyelectrolyte polymer on the substrate; and contacting the layer of the first polyelectrolyte polymer with a second solution of a second polyelectrolyte polymer... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140242377 - Biobased natural rubber composition and use thereof: Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition which is biobased to the extent of 95% by weight, comprising natural rubber and tackifying resins of biobased raw material, and at least one biobased microparticulate additive which is insoluble in and does not crosslink with the base polymer or the tackifying resins.... Agent: Tesa Se

20140242379 - Ferroelectric film and method for manufacturing the same: e

20140242378 - Polymer sealed in-mold decoration and method of manufacture: An injection molded product formed from an inner layer, or substrate, to which an aesthetic IMD layer is bonded during a first injection molding process, leaving a portion of the substrate exposed about the perimeter(s) of the substrate. A transparent outer layer, or overmold, is then injection molded over the... Agent:

20140242380 - Antifog optical article and manufacturing method thereof: [Solution] A water-absorbing layer consisting primarily of urethane or acrylic resin having a polyoxyethylene chain represented as —(CH2CH2O)n- is formed on a surface of a glass or plastic base material, a water-repellent layer consisting primarily of at least one of amino-modified silicone and mercapto-modified silicone is formed on a surface... Agent: Tokai Optical Co., Ltd.

20140242382 - Coated article with low-e coating having titanium oxide layer and/or nicr based layer(s) to improve color values and/or transmission, and method of making same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to a coated article including a low-E coating. In certain example embodiments, a titanium oxide inclusive bottom layer stack and/or a NiCr-based layer(s) are designed to improve b* coloration values and/or transmission of the coated article. These layer stack portions also are advantageous... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140242381 - Ir reflective multilayer structure and method for manufacturing the same: The disclosure provides an IR reflective multilayer structure, including a transparent substrate, a barrier layer disposed on the transparent substrate, wherein the barrier layer includes tungsten oxide-containing silicon dioxide, tungsten oxide-containing titanium dioxide, tungsten oxide-containing aluminium oxide or combinations thereof, and a heat shielding layer composed of a composite tungsten... Agent:

20140242383 - Ceramic sintered body: A ceramic sintered body includes tungsten carbide, zirconia, and alumina. The content of the tungsten carbide is 20 to 50 vol %, and the content of the zirconia is 5 to 25 vol %. The crystal phase of the zirconia is a tetragonal crystal or a mixture of tetragonal and... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20140242384 - Removable water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides an acrylic water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that can prepare a removable adhesive layer having low contamination of an adherent. The acrylic water-dispersible pressure-sensitive removable adhesive composition according to the present invention comprises an acrylic emulsion polymer (A) comprising an alkyl (meth)acrylate ester and a carboxyl group-containing... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140242385 - Liquid crystalline polymer fibers: A fiber formed from a polymer composition that comprises a liquid crystalline polymer and an aromatic amide oligomer is provided. The present inventors have discovered that the oligomer can act as a flow aid for the polymer, which can provide a variety of different benefits. For example, the use of... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140242386 - Method for making polyamide particles: This disclosure relates to a method of preparing polyamide particles. The method include spray drying a solution containing a polyamide to form polyamide particles having an average diameter of between about 0.5 μm and about 10 μm and at least about 85% of the polyamide particles having a diameter distribution... Agent: Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

20140242387 - Precipitated calcium carbonate particles and use thereof: Use, as an opacifier, of precipitated calcium carbonate particles at least partially in the form of nano fibers or nanochain like agglomerates constituted by at least two interconnected primary particles.... Agent: Solvay Sa

20140242388 - Method of producing metal complex-supporting mesoporous material: A method of producing a metal complex-supporting mesoporous material that can support a metal complex in the pores thereof without causing aggregation of the metal complex. A metal complex-supporting mesoporous material supporting a metal complex in the pores thereof without causing aggregation of the metal complex. A method of producing... Agent: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20140242389 - Process for the thickness growth of colloidal nanosheets and materials composed of said nanosheets: A process of growth in the thickness of at least one facet of a colloidal inorganic sheet, by sheet is meant a structure having at least one dimension, the thickness, of nanometric size and lateral dimensions great compared to the thickness, typically more than 5 times the thickness. The process... Agent: Nexdot

20140242391 - Glass plate to be tempered: To provide a glass plate to be tempered, which has a low thermal expansion coefficient at relatively low temperature, and which can have a sufficiently high surface compression stress by a conventional heat tempering process, even when it is thin. A glass plate to be tempered, which contains B2O3 in... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140242390 - Methods for measuring the asymmetry of a glass-sheet manufacturing process: Methods are provided for measuring the asymmetry of glass-sheet manufacturing processes. The methods include subjecting glass sheets or test samples taken from glass sheets to an ion-exchange process and measuring warp values. Metrics for the asymmetry of the glass-sheet manufacturing process are then obtained from the warp values. In one... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140242392 - Acrylic resin composition and molded product using the same: wherein each of R1 to R2 independently represents an alkylene group having 1-20 carbon atoms, each of R3 to R7 independently represents a hydrogen atom, a fluorine atom, a chlorine atom, a bromine atom, an iodine atom, an alkyl group having 1-9 carbon atoms, an aryl group having 6-12 carbon... Agent: Mgc Filsheet Co., Ltd.

20140242393 - Methods and materials for functional polyionic species and deposition thereof: The invention provides materials and methods for forming coatings on substrates. The coatings are durable and resistant to damage from environmental, chemical, thermal, and/or radiative sources. In some embodiments, the coatings comprise bilayers of electrostatically charged materials. The bilayers are created by alternately applying solutions comprising water-soluble, electrostatically charged materials.... Agent: Svaya Nanotechnoligies, Inc.

20140242394 - Curable resin composition and method for manufacturing cured product using the same: e

20140242395 - Member for vehicle and manufacturing process for the same: A member for vehicle according to the present invention includes a resinous substrate, and a protective film being formed on a surface of the resinous substrate partially at least. The protective film is made by curing a curing-type coating-agent composition containing: Component (A) (e.g., an isocyanuric ring-containing urethane (meth)acrylate compound)... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20140242396 - Moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition, adhesive, and article: It is an object of the present invention to provide a moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition having excellent waterproof properties, drop impact resistance, and flexibility. The present invention provides a moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition containing a urethane prepolymer having an isocyanate group, the urethane prepolymer being produced through a... Agent: Dic Corporation

20140242397 - Environmentally-friendly polyurethane matting and the method of production thereof: The present invention discloses an environmentally-friendly polyurethane matting and a method of production thereof. The environmentally-friendly polyurethane matting comprises a leather surface, a polyurethane middle layer and an anti-slip leather bottom layer. The present invention is applied with the polyurethane instead of silica gel. The polyurethane avoids oil seepage when... Agent:

20140242398 - Insulating glass sealant: A two-part sealant composition, wherein this composition comprises a first part and a second part. The first part comprises a polymer selected from a silane-terminated polyurethane or a silane-terminated polyether, wherein this polymer is present in an amount of up to 100% by weight of the first part of the... Agent: Tremco Illbruck International Gmbh

20140242399 - Polymer, compositions and process for preparing them: There is described a process for preparing an silane-functional oligomer (such as an alkoxysilane polyurethane) suitable for use as a crosslinkable coating component, the process comprising the steps of: 1) reacting an aminoalkyl silane with a cyclic carbonate, lactone or lactam to form a hydroxyl (OH) or imino (NH) functional... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140242400 - Method for manufacturing a hybrid component: The invention refers to a method for manufacturing a hybrid component including the following steps of manufacturing a preform as a first part of the hybrid component, then successively building up on that preform a second part of the component from a metallic powder material by means of an additive... Agent:

20140242401 - Tantalum sputtering target and method for manufacturing same: Provided is a tantalum sputtering target having a (200)-plane orientation ratio of 70% or less and a (222)-plane orientation ratio of 10% or more at the sputtering surface of the tantalum sputtering target. The sputter rate can be increased by controlling the crystalline orientation of the target, and thereby a... Agent:

20140242402 - Flexible composite material: A concrete formwork liner comprising a flexible laminate material, said material including at least one sub-layer of paper bonded to a layer of plastic, wherein the plastic layer makes direct contact with the concrete.... Agent:

20140242403 - Self-polishing antifouling paint composition comprising solid particles of entrapped or encapsulated rosin constituents: The present application discloses novel self-polishing antifouling paint compositions comprising: 30-80% by solids volume of the paint composition of a binder phase; 20-70% by solids volume of the paint composition of a pigment phase, said pigment phase including solid particles consisting of one or more rosin constituents (e.g. rosin, rosin... Agent: Hempel A/s

20140242404 - Additives for use in wood preservation: The present invention relates to a wood preservative formulation comprising a biocidal agent which is a copper or zinc ion complexed with an amino compound selected from the group consisting of ammonia, a water soluble amine or alkanolamine and an aminocarboxylic acid and a stabilizer, as well as to aqueous... Agent: Arch Timber Protection Limited

20140242405 - Friction liner: Grain-refined and amorphous metallic material based friction liners for braking devices as used, e.g., in motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as bicycles and other applications requiring, at least at times, means for decelerating rotating parts are disclosed. Friction liners can have isotropic or anisotropic properties and... Agent: Integran Technologies Inc.

20140242406 - Catalyst device for exhaust gas: A heat-resistant protective layer having heat resistance than a catalyst layer and permeability which allows an exhaust gas to be supplied to the catalyst layer is formed on a surface of the catalyst layer.... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140242407 - In-situ compressed specimen for evaluating mechanical property of copper interconnection micro column and preparation method thereof: An in-situ compressed specimen of copper interconnection micro column, which is a circular metal column formed in a PDMS hole, includes: a specimen part and a fixed end part for fixing the specimen; wherein the fixed end part is a circular or square plate structure, the specimen part is an... Agent: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

20140242408 - Method for manufacturing a metal-ceramic composite structure and metal-ceramic composite structure: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a metal-ceramic composite structure intended to be exposed to high temperatures. The composite structure includes a base metal structure or component, which is on at least one side covered and permanently joined with one or more ceramic tiles.... Agent:

20140242409 - Articles incorporating nickel tungsten alloy deposits having controlled, varying, nanostructure: Bipolar wave current, is used to electrodeposit a nanocrystalline grain size. Polarity Ratio is the ratio of absolute value of time integrated amplitude of negative and positive polarity current. Grain size can be controlled in alloys of two or more components, at least one of which is a metal, and... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140242410 - Electrode for a deposition process, and method for manufacturing same: An electrode for vapor deposition process may include: a body section mounted at a lower portion of the electrode and adapted to be electrically connected to an external electric source; and a head section integrally formed at an upper portion of the body section and coupled to a substrate, wherein... Agent: Dae San Materials Co., Ltd.

20140242411 - High temperature thermal barrier coating:

20140242412 - Multilayer metal member for fixation: The multilayer metal member of the invention includes a metallic base having a first layer 11 which is an electrocast seamless belt made of nickel or a nickel alloy, and a second layer 12 which is an electrocast seamless belt made of a metal having a Young's modulus lower than... Agent:

20140242413 - Decorative part for motor vehicles: The present invention relates to a decorative part, comprising an electroplated layer array applied to a plastic substrate. On the electroplated layer array, a PVD layer array having an adhesive layer, a mixed layer and a color-providing cover layer is provided, wherein the mixed layer provides for durability, in particular... Agent: Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

20140242415 - High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent formability and small material anisotropy with ultimate tensile strength of 980 mpa or more and manufacturing method therefor: Provided is a high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having small material anisotropy and excellent formability with an ultimate tensile strength of 980 MPa or more. The hot-dip galvanized steel sheet includes a hot-dip galvanized layer formed on a surface of a base steel plate. The base steel plate contains, by... Agent:

20140242414 - High-strength steel sheet and high-strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in shape fixability, and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention provides a high-strength steel sheet excellent in shape fixability. The high-strength steel sheet contains C, Si, Mn, P, S, Al, N, and O with predetermined contents, in which a retained austenite phase of 5 to 20% in volume fraction is contained, an amount of solid-solution C contained... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140242416 - High-strength steel sheet and method for manufacturing same: A high strength pressed member has excellent ductility and stretch flangeability and tensile strength of 780-1400 MPa, with a predetermined steel composition and steel microstructure relative to the entire microstructure of steel sheet, where area ratio of martensite 5-70%, area ratio of retained austenite 5-40%, area ratio of bainitic ferrite... Agent:

20140242417 - Method for the photocatalytically active coating of surfaces: A method for the photocatalytically active coating of surfaces is presented and described, as well as an article (1) photocatalytically actively coated according to this method. The object of providing a method for the photocatalytically active coating of, in particular, metallic surfaces, whereby a permanently stable coating is produced without... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

20140242418 - Scalable magnetoresistive element: One embodiment of a magnetoresistive element comprises: a free ferromagnetic layer comprising a reversible magnetization direction directed substantially perpendicular to a film surface in its equilibrium state; a pinned ferromagnetic layer comprising a fixed magnetization direction directed substantially perpendicular to the film surface; a nonmagnetic tunnel barrier layer disposed between... Agent:

20140242419 - Perpendicular recording medium for hard disk drives: There is provided a perpendicular recording medium comprising: a substrate with a seed layer formed thereon; a soft underlayer formed on the seed layer; an orientation control layer formed on the soft underlayer; an intermediate layer formed on the orientation control layer; a flash layer formed on the intermediate layer,... Agent: Showa Denko Hd Singapore Pte Ltd.

08/21/2014 > 111 patent applications in 77 patent subcategories.

20140234557 - Artificial carvable items and methods of manufacture: Embodiments of the invention described herein thus provide a carvable pumpkin that is durable, can be reused, that has enhanced fire retardance, and that has a bright brilliant color that remains intact upon carving. These improvements help ensure that the pumpkins are safer, such that if they catch fire, they... Agent: Fun-kins Limited

20140234559 - Recording medium: A recording medium includes a substrate and ink receiving layers including a first ink receiving layer and a second ink receiving layer in that order. The first ink receiving layer contains first inorganic particles including alumina and silica particles, and a first binder. In the first ink receiving layer, the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140234558 - Thermosensitive recording label: To provide a thermosensitive recording label, which contains a base, an under layer, a thermosensitive coloring layer, a barrier layer, a release layer, and an adhesive layer, where the under layer, the thermosensitive coloring layer, the barrier layer, and the release layer are disposed on one surface of the base... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140234560 - Fire-resistant reinforcement structure, fire-resistant reinforcement architectural member, fire-resistant reinforcement method for architectural member: A fire-resistant reinforcement structure is formed by pouring a thermally expandable fire-resistant material into a gap in and/or the interior of an architectural member, and characterized in that the viscosity of the thermally expandable heat-resistant material at 25° C. before the thermally expandable fire-resistant material is poured into the gap... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140234561 - Multilayer flexible tubing: A flexible tube includes a first layer comprising a polyolefin material having a flexural modulus of not greater than 150 MPa and includes a second layer directly bonded to and in direct contact with the first layer. The second layer comprising a blend of propylenic polymer and styrenic block copolymer.... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20140234562 - Multilayer pressure-sensitive adhesive films with pressure-sensitive adhesives derived from 2-alkyl alkanols: The present invention is directed to a multilayer pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) film, having a first pressure sensitive adhesive layer and at least one opposing layer, characterized in that the first pressure sensitive adhesive layer comprises a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition comprising (co)polymers of: a) (meth)acrylate ester of 2-alkyl alkanols wherein... Agent: 3m Innovation Properties Compnay

20140234563 - Peelable coating: A peelable coating and method of applying to a substrate. The peelable coating comprising: a base layer that can be peelable applied to the substrate; and a pre-manufactured reinforcing layer for applying atop the base layer. The peelable coating base layer can be a liquid applied base layer having a... Agent: Skudo Group Pty Ltd

20140234564 - Weakening of leather skins: A shaped trim part configured to cover an airbag for a motor vehicle, and which includes at least one support which is weakened along an opening line which delimits an opening cover, and a decorative layer composed of leather and arranged on and/or over the support.... Agent: Decoma (germany) Gmbh

20140234565 - Sealing membrane: A sealing membrane includes a waterproof layer; a self-adhesive adherent layer or a fleece or fabric layer which is provided on the bottom of the waterproof layer; and a fleece or fabric layer which is provided on the top of the waterproof layer; the sealing membrane being provided along one... Agent: Schlueter-systems Kg

20140234566 - Spiral laminated structural cone and manufacturing method: A cone-shaped composite article may include an inner sublaminate containing at least four unidirectional plies having an inner stacking sequence with fiber angles of 0, 90, −45, and +45 degrees such that the inner laminate has a quasi-isotropic layup pattern at any location on the inner laminate. The cone-shaped composite... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140234567 - Shake panel and method for forming a shake surface: A shake panel is disclosed having a flexible underlayment layer having a leading edge, an opposite a trailing edge, an upper edge, and an opposite lower edge. A plurality of shakes are provided, each shake having an upper portion affixed to the underlayment layer and a lower portion extending toward... Agent:

20140234568 - Sapphire substrate: A sapphire substrate includes a generally planar surface having a crystallographic orientation selected from the group consisting of a-plane, r-plane, m-plane, and c-plane orientations, and having a nTTV of not greater than about 0.037 μm/cm2, wherein nTTV is total thickness variation normalized for surface area of the generally planar surface,... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140234569 - Decorative hole cover: A device for obscuring or disguising the hole of the core or tube upon which a roll of paper is wound, including an insertion component to be inserted into the hole, and a surface component to partially or completely obscure a hole. The surface component provides a surface for the... Agent:

20140234570 - Method of producing flat cocoon product and flat cocoon product: Provided is a three-dimensional flat cocoon product which is lightweight, has a favorable design and yields a highly uniform flat cocoon throughout the entire area thereof. The method of producing a flat cocoon product includes: expanding an expandable/contractible three-dimensional molding die; molding a flat cocoon by causing silkworms to crawl... Agent:

20140234571 - Coupon geometries that induce failure in gauge area of composite fatigue test coupons: A coupon geometry that reliably fails in the gauge area of the coupon during fatigue testing. The propensity to fail at the gauge area is imparted by using a bow-tie-shaped coupon coupled with similarly shaped tabs. The test coupons have a bow-tie-shaped profile with tapered sides that converge as they... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140234572 - Plastic layer for a smart card: The plastic sheet (22), involved in the formation of a plurality of smart cards which respectively include a plurality of electronic units, is formed of a first material (2), having a first hardness or a first Vicat softening temperature, and of a second material (6) having a second hardness lower... Agent: Nagraid S.a.

20140234573 - Molded and drawn screen: A plastic barrier screen that is molded and drawn; the screen is formed from a process that uses the speed of injection molding to form a part that can be mechanically oriented in a second operation that is equally fast. The plastic barrier screen is first formed from injection molding... Agent:

20140234575 - Layered nonwoven fabric, and method for producing layered nonwoven fabric: A layered nonwoven fabric with excellent feel on the skin and liquid permeability, and a method for producing the layered nonwoven fabric. The layered nonwoven fabric includes an upper layer consisting of a first nonwoven fabric and a lower layer consisting of a second nonwoven fabric. The layered nonwoven fabric... Agent:

20140234576 - Manufacture of laminated glazing: A method for manufacturing a laminated glass panel, which includes at least two glass substrates and at least one intermediate layer made of a polymeric material arranged between the substrates, the method including in the following order: the bending of the substrates; the controlled cooling of the substrates; and the... Agent:

20140234574 - Method of making assemblies including reinforced composite parts with pre-formed rivet receiving buttons and articles made by the method: A composite part defining a button shaped protrusion and including fibers reinforcing a resin matrix throughout the part. The fibers may be in the form of a woven mat or in the form of loose fibers that are deposited in a mold. Methods of making the composite part with a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140234578 - Glass panel including a first glass sheet at least partially coated with an electrically conductive coating: The invention relates to a glass panel (200), including: a first glass sheet (20) at least partially coated with an electrically conductive coating (21), the conductive coating including at least one stack consisting of a metal layer (212) and an insulating layer (213), the metal layer being arranged between the... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20140234577 - Plastic card prelaminate and plastic card including a phone sticker: A plastic card prelaminate and a plastic card including a phone sticker, and methods for manufacturing the same are described herein. A first plastic sheet is provided, having a release layer bonded to the first plastic sheet via an adhesive layer. At least one composite structure is provided, the composite... Agent: Identive Group, Inc.

20140234579 - Composite preventing ice adhesion: The present invention relates to a novel composite preventing ice adhesion. A plurality of micro-roughened surfaces or organometallized micro-roughened surfaces wetted with a hydrophobic, low freezing-point liquid results in a durable, renewable anti-icing composite. The preparation method for novel icing and rain protecting composite is disclosed.... Agent:

20140234582 - Covering member with excellent sliding properties: In order to provide a covered member for which unexpected galling is suppressed in the initial stages when the member is used, and which has excellent sliding properties, a covered member has a hard film on the working surface and has excellent sliding properties, said hard film including an A... Agent: Hitachi Tool Engineering, Ltd.

20140234581 - Method and system for forming shaped glass articles: A method of forming a shaped glass article includes placing a glass sheet on a mold such that a first glass area of the glass sheet corresponds to a first mold surface area of the mold and a second glass area of the glass sheet corresponds to a second mold... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140234580 - Printing sheet and mold sheet for forming printing surface on the printing sheet: A printing sheet 1 comprising a base sheet 5 and an inorganic solidified matter layer 3 laminated on the surface of the base sheet 1, the surface 3a of the inorganic solidified matter layer 3 serving as the printing surface, wherein, in an electron microphotograph magnified by 100 times, the... Agent: Tokuyama Corporation

20140234583 - Inorganic particle scattering film having a good light-extraction performance: Disclosed are an inorganic fine particle scattering film and a manufacturing method thereof, wherein an inorganic fine particle layer comprising pores is formed on a light emitting device interface or a transparent substrate so as to achieve a high light extraction effect through a light scattering effect, and a planarizing... Agent: Ltc Co., Ltd

20140234584 - Articles with thin melt coatings and methods for making same: Articles with thin caliper melt coatings of high molecular weight, high viscosity materials and methods of making such coatings.... Agent:

20140234585 - Food packaging material having uniform coating of oil, method of manufacturing the same, mold for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a food packaging material for packing food, more particularly to a food packaging material having a uniform coating of oil, a method of manufacturing the same, and a mold for manufacturing the same. The food packaging material includes a plurality of grooves formed on one... Agent:

20140234586 - Apparatus for manufacturing heat retaining multi-ply textile and the heat retaining multi-ply textile: An apparatus for manufacturing a heat retaining multi-ply textile includes an adhesive tank; a lower drive roll partially submerged in the tank; an upper drive roll including spaced, longitudinal projections wherein the projections contact the lower drive roll to bring the adhesive onto the projections; two opposite driven rolls; a... Agent:

20140234591 - Film coatings based on polyalkylimine condensation polymers: A coated thermoplastic film and a method of making the coated film, wherein at least one side of the film is coated with a coating composition, the coating composition comprising the reaction product of a polyalkyleneimine having at least primary nitrogens, and an epoxide compound having at least one epoxide... Agent: Jindal Films Americas LLC

20140234590 - Magnetic graphic wall system: The practical application of incorporating magnetic receptive printing media coupled with the use of an underlying specifically referenced magnet allows the multi layering of magnetic media while maintaining the reference of position on the surface. This is achieved by aligning the polarity lines to the benefit of the intended design... Agent:

20140234589 - Methods of patterning block copolymer layers and patterned structures: e

20140234587 - Methods of producing flat top dots on flexographic printing plates, and laminates therefor: Two methods using two respective laminates produce flexographic printing plates with flat top dots from sheet photopolymers. The methods use a preliminary laminate to isolate the photopolymer surface from the ambient air. A third method enables images to be transferred to non-porous surfaces.... Agent: Chemence, Inc.

20140234588 - Solar heat film / solar heat shade and system thereof: A solar Heat system that produces direct heat, and shades the bright sun's rays that come through your existing glass areas, such as windows, doors, etc. The Solar Heat Film can be hung easily on the interior trim of windows, doors, etc. With two pieces of tape, or any other... Agent: Anthony Decologero

20140234592 - Flame protective fabric structure: A flame protective fabric structure (1) comprises a fabric (10) being formed with multiple yarns (20), each yarn (20) made of a fiber blend of at least a first fiber component and a second fiber component. The first fiber component comprises flame resistant viscose fibers (22) in an amount of... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Gmbh

20140234593 - Water activatable sheet, water activatable label using the sheet, method for producing the label, label applying apparatus using the label, and adherend having the label: A water activatable sheet containing a paper material having on at least one surface thereof a porous water absorbing layer that has a liquid absorption volume of from 1 to 10 mL/m2, further having provided on the water absorbing layer an adhesive layer containing an aqueous adhesive coated and solidified... Agent: Yupo Corporation

20140234594 - Decorative film for display device and protective panel: A decorative film that is arranged directly or indirectly on a display surface of a display device, and that includes a display region, which is a central part, having light transmissivity so that the display surface can be visually recognized from outside, and a decorative region, which is an outer... Agent:

20140234595 - Aqueous ink pigment, aqueous ink composition containing the same, and images or printed matter thereof: d

20140234596 - Adhesive structure of optical component, manufacturing method thereof, and image output device: An adhesive structure of an optical component includes a horizontal surface and a vertical surface. In a structure in which an optical component is adhered to a chassis having the horizontal surface and the vertical surface, an adhesive force per unit area of the vertical surface is higher than that... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140234600 - Composite laminate having improved impact strength and the use thereof: A composite laminate having improved impact strength, which comprises: a multilayer carbon fiber fabric, wherein said carbon fiber fabric may be a bidirectional weave or a unidirectional weave; a multilayer nonwoven mat, wherein said nonwoven mat is made of para-aramid; and cured epoxy resin, wherein said cured epoxy resin is... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140234598 - Composite sheet material and method for forming the same: A composite sheet material and method for forming the same is provided that includes a substrate, a matrix, and a cover sheet. The substrate has a first face surface, a second face surface, and a plurality of edges, and includes a thermoplastic material. The matrix is attached to the substrate.... Agent: Xamax Industries, Inc.

20140234599 - Composite sheet, substrate for a display element including same, and display device including same: The present invention relates to a composite sheet, to a substrate for a display element including same, and to a display device including same. More specifically, the composite sheet comprises: a reinforcement-impregnated matrix; a coating layer formed on at least one surface of the matrix; and a barrier layer formed... Agent:

20140234597 - Multicomponent tapes, films or yarns and method of preparation thereof: The invention is directed to coextruded tapes, films, yarns and the likes of polylactic acid (PLA) and methods of preparation thereof. The present invention is directed to an extruded tape, film or yarn comprising a first phase, in particular a first layer, based on PLA and a second phase, in... Agent: Lankhorst Pure Composites B.v.

20140234601 - Process for producing metallized multi-layer bodies from special polycarbonates: The invention relates to a process for producing multi-layer bodies which carry at least one metal layer. The invention further relates to multi-layer products having at least three layers, comprising a substrate layer made of a substrate and containing special copolycarbonates, a metal layer and at least one additional layer.... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140234602 - Multilayer structure offering improved impermeability to gases: A multilayer structure including a substrate and a first stack of a layer of SiO2 and a layer of material of the SiOxNyHz type positioned between the substrate and the layer of SiO2, in which the layer of SiO2 and the layer of material of the SiOxNyHz type have thicknesses... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt

20140234603 - Fiber reinforced plastic profiles having sections with different fiber types: A fiber reinforced plastic profile, in particular for an aircraft or spacecraft, including a stacked ply assembly including a plurality of stacked plies each comprising fiber material, the ply assembly having a profile cross section including at least one first section, at least one second section, and at least one... Agent:

20140234604 - Laminates with bonded webs: Laminates with a layer of bonded nonwoven material attached to a layer of film.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140234605 - Three-dimensional polymeric strand netting, dies, and methods of making the same: Method and extrusion die (1030) for producing a three-dimensional polymeric strand netting, wherein a plurality of the polymeric strands (1070a, 1070b, 1070c) are periodically joined together in a regular pattern at bond regions throughout the array, wherein a majority of the polymeric strands (1070a, 1070b, 1070c) are periodically bonded to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140234607 - Chemically strengthened glass plate and method for manufacturing same: The present invention aims to provide a chemically strengthened glass plate which has a good yield in a cutting process of the chemically strengthened glass plate and has sufficient strength. The chemically strengthened glass plate has a surface compressive stress of not less than 600 MPa at a surface of... Agent:

20140234608 - Colored polymeric molded bodies, and method and device for producing the molded bodies: A method is provided for producing colored molded bodies based on the following steps: (a) plasticising a polymeric material and blending the material with one or more dyes to form a molding compound by means of a gelation unit equipped with a metering apparatus for dyes; (b) optionally temporarily storing... Agent: Kl&#xd6 Ckner Pentaplast Gmbh

20140234606 - Netting, arrays, and dies, and methods of making the same: Nettings and arrays comprising polymeric strands, including dies (1030) and methods to make the same. Nettings and arrays of polymeric strands (1070a,1070b) described herein have a variety of uses, including wound care, tapes, filtration, absorbent articles, pest control articles, geotextile applications, water/vapor management in clothing, reinforcement for non-woven articles, self... Agent:

20140234609 - Tungsten-carbide-based spray powder, and a substrate with a tungsten-carbide-based thermally sprayed layer: The invention relates to a thermal spray powder on a tungsten carbide basis, as well as to a method for the manufacture of such a spray powder for the thermal coating of a substrate, in particular for the thermal coating of a brake disc for a vehicle. In accordance with... Agent: Sulzer Metco Woka Gmbh

20140234610 - Sound absorbing material and sealing material: A sound absorbing material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. The content ratio of sulfur in the sound absorbing material calculated by a fluorescent X-ray measurement, based on mass, is 1000 ppm or less. The sound absorbing material has a 50% compressive load value of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140234612 - Adhesive tape for car: The present invention provides a pressure sensitive adhesive tape comprising: an acrylic foam layer; and rubber-based adhesive layers which are formed on both sides of said acrylic foam layer, wherein the content of gel in said rubber-based adhesive layers is 40% or more. Furthermore, in order to accomplish the object... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140234611 - Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material, producing method thereof, and sealing material: An ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. The ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material has a 50% compressive load value of 0.1 to 2.0 N/cm2 and the content ratio of a sulfur atom calculated based on the measurement result of a fluorescent X-ray... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140234613 - Process for producing a rigid polyurethane-isocyanurate foam: The invention provides a process for producing rigid polyurethane-polyisocyanurate foams using polyols having a high proportion of secondary hydroxyl end groups. The invention further relates to the rigid polyurethane-polyisocyanurate foams thus obtainable and to the use thereof in the production of composite elements from rigid polyurethane-polyisocyanurate foams and suitable outer... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140234614 - Insulating adhesive film, prepreg, laminate, cured article, and composite article: An insulating adhesive by having a plateable layer which is comprised of a plateable layer-use resin composition which contains a polar group-containing alicyclic olefin polymer (A1) and a curing agent (A2) and an adhesive layer which is comprised of an adhesive layer-use resin composition which contains a polar group-containing alicyclic... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20140234615 - Fuel dispenser protectors for digital display screens and graphic panels: A fuel dispenser protector for protecting digital display screens and graphic panels on a fuel dispenser from vandalism and graffiti. The transparent protector includes an adhesive substance connected to the transparent protector. A paper backing covers the adhesive. In a preferred embodiment the transparent is pre-cut to match the size... Agent:

20140234616 - Coating of substrates using hipims: A process and a device for coating a substrate (22) are described. In a vacuum chamber (10), a first magnetron cathode (24) is provided with a sputtering target (28) of a first metal composition comprising predominantly aluminium. A second magnetron cathode (26) is provided with a sputtering target (30) of... Agent:

20140234617 - Insulating film: Provided is an insulating film which is excellent in heat resistance and discharge deterioration resistance and has a long insulation life. The insulating film includes a heat-resistant resin and insulating fine particles dispersed in the heat-resistant resin. The inscribed circles of regions, which are free of the insulating fine particles,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140234618 - Methods to incorporate silver nanowire-based transparent conductors in electronic devices: Disclosed herein are optical stacks that are stable to light exposure by incorporating light-stabilizers.... Agent: Cambrios Technologies Corporation

20140234619 - Poly(arylene ether) composition and articles derived therefrom: A composition useful for forming wire and cable insulation includes particular amounts of a poly(arylene ether), a hydrogenated block copolymer of an alkenyl aromatic compound and a conjugated diene, a polyolefin, and a flame retardant. The flame retardant includes specific amounts of zinc borate, melamine cyanurate, and an organophosphate ester.... Agent:

20140234620 - Halogen-free flame retardant tpu composition for wire and cable: The present disclosure provides a wire or cable comprising a flame retardant-free thermoplastic inner sheath and an outer sheath composition comprising, based on the weight of the composition, (a) 10 wt % to 90 wt % of a TPU based resin, (b) 5 wt % to 90 wt % of... Agent:

20140234621 - Flame retardant resin composition and cable using same: Provided is a flame retardant resin composition including a base resin, calcium carbonate particles that are incorporated at a proportion of 10 parts by mass or more relative to 100 parts by mass of the base resin, a silicone-based compound that is incorporated at a proportion of more than 1... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140234622 - Plasticizer for color retention during heat aging: The present disclosure is directed to a plasticizer, a polymeric composition containing the plasticizer, and conductors coated with the polymeric composition. The plasticizer includes a blend of an epoxidized soybean oil and a trans-esterified epoxidized fatty acid methyl ester. The trans-esterified epoxidized fatty acid methyl ester has an oxirane value... Agent:

20140234623 - Poly(trimethylene arylate) fibers, process for preparing, and fabric prepared therefrom: A fine denier poly(trimethylene arylate) spun drawn fiber is characterized by high denier uniformity. A process for preparing uniform fine denier yarns at spinning speeds of 4000 to 6000 m/min is further disclosed. The poly(trimethylene arylate) fiber hereof comprises 0.1 to 3% by weight of polystyrene dispersed therewithin. Fabrics prepared... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140234625 - Means for manufacturing micro-beads comprising thermoplastic polymer micro-particles: The present invention relates to means for manufacturing micro-beads (polymer micro-particles) comprising thermoplastic polymer and having the average particle size of 10 μm or less, and extending into the nano-range. An original filament comprising a thermoplastic polymer is passed through an orifice under an air pressure (P1) and guided to... Agent: University Of Yamanashi

20140234624 - Microporous coordination complex and method of making the same: Disclosed herein is a three-dimensional coordination complex that includes a plurality of inorganic centers; a plurality of a first bis(bidentate) linker; and a plurality of a second bis(bidentate) linker, where the first and the second bis(bidentate) linkers are have different lengths, and the bidentate binding sites on each linker face... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140234626 - Resin particle and method for producing the same: s

20140234627 - Graphene-based laminate including doped polymer layer: A graphene-based laminate including a doped polymer layer is disclosed. The graphene-based laminate may include a substrate; a graphene layer disposed on the substrate and including at least one layer; and a doped polymer layer disposed on at least one surface of the graphene layer and including an organic dopant.... Agent: Korea Electronics Technology Institute

20140234628 - Conductive belt and electrophotographic apparatus: Provided is a conductive belt in which a time-dependent fluctuation in electrical resistance value is suppressed even in long-term use. The conductive belt is a conductive belt for electrophotography, including: a matrix containing polyester; and a domain containing polyether ester amide, in which the conductive belt further includes a particle... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140234631 - Aluminum resin bonded body and process for producing same: Provided is an aluminum-resin bonded body that expresses excellent bonding strength and does not show a reduction in the strength after a durability test, thus being able to keep the excellent bonding strength over a long period of time. The aluminum-resin bonded body includes: an aluminum substrate formed of aluminum... Agent:

20140234630 - Fluoropolymers containing a copolymerized fluoromonomer and a functional hydrocarbon comonomer and articles made from such fluoropolymers: Disclosed is a copolymer film that includes a first comonomer including a chlorofluoro olefin and a second comonomer that is selected from the group consisting of itaconic acid, 2,3-dihydropyran, D-glucal, glycerine carbonate vinyl ether, 2-hydroxypropyl acrylate, maleic anhydride, vinylidene chloride, and mixtures thereof.... Agent:

20140234629 - High heat polycarbonate and siloxane copolycarbonate blends that provide ductile high heat options for flame retardant applications: Polycarbonate blend compositions are provided. In particular, polycarbonate blend compositions having a combination of a high heat polycarbonate, a polycarbonate polysiloxane copolymer, an anti-drip agent comprising a perfluorinated polyolefin, and a flame retardant additive.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140234633 - Epoxy resin composition and electronic component device: An epoxy resin composition includes: (A) an epoxy resin containing a compound represented by the following Formula (I); (B) a phenol resin containing a compound represented by the following Formula (II); and (C) a dihydroxynaphthalene compound containing a compound represented by the following Formula (III). In Formula (I), R represents... Agent:

20140234632 - Wood substrate furnished with a flame retardant: The invention relates to a wood substrate rendered flame-retardant. The invention provides that on the substrate there is a coating and/or impregnation system with a flame retardant selected from the group consisting of room-temperature-liquid organic halogen compounds and organic phosphorus compounds and organic boron compounds, and that there is also... Agent: Lufthansa Technik Ag

20140234634 - Thermal spray powder and film that contain rare-earth element, and member provided with film: A thermal spray powder of the present invention contains a rare earth element and a diluent element that is not a rare earth element or oxygen, which is at least one element selected, for example, from zinc, silicon, boron, phosphorus, titanium, calcium, strontium, and magnesium. A sintered body of a... Agent: Tokyo Electron Limited

20140234635 - Antifouling film-coated substrate and process for its production: To provide an antifouling film-coated substrate, which has a fluorinated organic silicon compound coating film and which is excellent in the antifouling properties as it has water repellency, oil repellency, etc. and also excellent in the abrasion resistance so that deterioration in the antifouling properties is prevented against repeated wiping... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140234636 - Method for forming bilayer patches: A method for injection molding thin materials (sub-millimeter) having low green strength could make certain manufacturing processes significantly more efficient yet has heretofore been unavailable. Provided herein is a method that enables injection molding of thin materials by using a mold with contact surfaces having a low surface energy release... Agent: Applied Silicone Corporation

20140234637 - Optical article comprising a temporary antifog coating based on sorbitan surfactants: An optical article includes a substrate having a main surface coated with an antireflection coating and, directly contacting the antireflection coating, a precursor coating of an antifog coating obtained through the grafting on the antireflection coating of at least one compound B bearing a polyoxyalkylene group, the coating precursor of... Agent: Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

20140234638 - Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof: A grain-oriented electrical steel sheet to which electron beam irradiation is applied, has a film and a thickness of t (mm), wherein no rust is produced on a surface of the steel sheet after a humidity cabinet test lasting 48 hours at a temperature of 50° C. in an atmosphere... Agent:

20140234640 - Gas barrier film, manufacturing method thereof, and substrate for electronic element using the same: Provided are a gas barrier film which has excellent transparency, surface smoothness, gas barrier property and adhesivity and a manufacturing method thereof, and a substrate for an electronic element using the same. The gas barrier film of the present invention has a sheet substrate which contains a surface-modified cellulose nanofiber... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140234639 - Self binding nano particle mineral pigment: Self binding mineral pigments (such as kaolin clay) having a high surface area and particle size in the nano scale range are provided which are useful in paper coating and filling, ink jet coating formulations, paint compositions, and as a filler in rubbers, plastics and polymers. These self binding pigments... Agent:

20140234641 - Single bath autodeposition coating for combination metal substrates and methods therefor: This invention relates to an autodeposition bath composition comprising a nitrogen containing compound, said bath being suitable for generating a uniform autodeposition coating on two or more of ferrous, aluminum, magnesium and zinciferous multi-metal substrate surfaces, treated either sequentially or simultaneously. The invention also provides autodeposition concentrate compositions for use... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140234642 - Resin compositions for thermosetting powder coating compositions: The invention relates to a resin composition comprising at least an organophosphorous compound and a branched amorphous carboxylic acid functional polyester, said polyester having a Tg of at least 40° C., said polyester comprising at least 1 to 45% mol of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol; a C3 to C5 aliphatic diol AD1 not... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140234643 - Thermal expansion suppressing member and anti-thermally-expansive member: Provided are a thermal expansion suppressing member having negative thermal expansion properties and a metal-based anti-thermally-expansive member having small thermal expansion. More specifically, provided are a thermal expansion suppressing member, including at least an oxide represented by the following general formula (1), and an anti-thermally-expansive member, including a metal having... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140234644 - Reaction product of propylene polymer and wax, graft copolymers derived from polypropylene polymer and wax, hot melt adhesive compositions including the same, and methods of using and making the same: A reaction product and hot melt adhesive compositions that include the reaction product are disclosed. The reaction product includes the reaction product of a first polymer that includes at least one of polypropylene homopolymer and polypropylene-alpha-olefin copolymer, a first wax that includes at least one of polyethylene wax, Fischer Tropsch... Agent: H.b. Fuller Company

20140234645 - Reaction product of propylene polymer and wax, graft copolymers derived from polypropylene polymer and wax, hot melt adhesive compositions including the same, and methods of using and making the same: A reaction product and hot melt adhesive compositions that include the reaction product are disclosed. The reaction product includes the reaction product of a first polymer that includes at least one of polypropylene homopolymer and polypropylene-alpha-olefin copolymer, a first wax that includes at least one of polyethylene wax, Fischer Tropsch... Agent: H,b, Fuller Company

20140234646 - Polymerizable composition, polymerized composition, article, and method of making the same: A polymerizable composition includes: from 10x to 50x moles of at least one hydroxy-functional (meth)acrylate ester having a hydroxyl group; from 0. 1x to 25x moles of at least one metal nitrate compound, wherein the at least one metal nitrate compound comprises at least one metal selected from the group... Agent:

20140234647 - Composition and method of manufacture of hardened wood: There is a hardened wood composition, comprising an acetylated whole wood portion that may have substantially all of its accessible interior volume impregnated with a hardened thermosetting plastic. A method of manufacturing a hardened wood comprising the steps of: acetylating a whole wood portion and impregnating the whole wood portion... Agent:

20140234648 - Micronized wood preservative formulations: The present invention provides wood preservative compositions comprising micronized panicles. In one embodiment, the composition comprises dispersions of micronized metal or metal compounds. In another embodiment, the wood preservative composition comprises an inorganic component comprising a metal or metal compound and organic biocide. When the composition comprises an inorganic component... Agent: Osmose, Inc.

20140234649 - Layered composite of a substrate film and of a layer assembly comprising a sinterable layer made of at least one metal powder and a solder layer: The invention relates to a layered composite (10), in particular for connecting electronic components as joining partners, comprising at least one substrate film (11) and a layer assembly (12) applied to the substrate film. The layer assembly comprises at least one sinterable layer (13), which is applied to the substrate... Agent:

20140234650 - Powder metallurgy composite cam sheet and preparation method thereof: According to the invention, there are disclosed a power metallurgy composite cam sheet and a fabrication method thereof. The power metallurgy composite cam sheet is constructed by combining a power metallurgy cam be composited on a surface of a matrix. The fabrication method of the power metallurgy composite cam sheet... Agent:

20140234651 - Protective coatings and methods of forming same: A multi-layer protective coating for a substrate arranged in or on a vessel and method of forming multi-layer protective coating on a substrate arranged in or on a vessel. Multi-layer protective coating includes a thermal sprayed bonding layer formed on and in contact with a first face of the substrate... Agent: Sulzer Metco (us) Inc.

20140234652 - Coating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component: Coatings as may be used in a gas turbine are provided. A nickel based coating may include 15 to 40 wt % cobalt, 10 to 25 wt % chromium, 5 to 15 wt % aluminum, 0.05 to 1 wt % yttrium and/or at least one of elements from lanthanum series,... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140234653 - Thermal spray powder and film that contain rare-earth element, and member provided with film: A thermal spray powder of the present invention contains a rare earth element and a group 2 element, which belongs to group 2 of the periodic table. The thermal spray powder, which contains a rare earth element and a group 2 element, is formed, for example, from a mixture of... Agent: Fujimi Incorporated

20140234658 - Galvanized steel sheet and method of manufacturing the same: A galvanized steel sheet includes a steel sheet and a plating layer on the surface of the steel sheet, in which the steel sheet includes, as a steel chemical composition, by mass %, C: 0.05 to 0.40%, Si: 0.5 to 3.0% and Mn: 1.5 to 3.0%, a microstructure of the... Agent:

20140234659 - High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent delayed fracture resistance and manufacturing method thereof: A hot-dip galvanizing layer or an alloyed hot dip galvanizing layer is formed on the surface of a base steel sheet in which in volume fraction, 40 to 90% of a ferrite phase and 5% or less of a retained austenite phase are contained, and a ratio of non-recrystallized ferrite... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140234660 - High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet excellent in bake hardenability, and manufacturing method thereof: Steel contains each of C, Si, Mn, P, S, Al, N, O, at a range from ⅛ thickness centered around a ¼ sheet thickness from a surface to ⅜ thickness centered around the ¼ sheet thickness from the surface at a base steel sheet, a structure of the base steel... Agent:

20140234657 - Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof: A hot-dip galvanized steel sheet includes: a steel sheet; and a plated layer on a surface of the steel sheet, a microstructure contains, by volume fraction, equal to or more than 20% and equal to or less than 99% in total of one or two of martensite and bainite, a... Agent:

20140234655 - Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and method for producing same: A high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet has excellent workability, namely, excellent ductility and hole expansion formability, and high yield ratio. The steel sheet has a chemical composition containing by mass %: C: 0.05-0.15%; Si: 0.10-0.90%; Mn: 1.0-1.9%; P: 0.005-0.10%; S: 0.0050% or less; Al: 0.01-0.10%; N: 0.0050% or less; Nb:... Agent:

20140234656 - Steel sheet provided with hot dip galvanized layer excellent in plating wettability and plating adhesion and method of production of same: B layer: Layer which has thickness of 0.001 μm to 0.5 μm, which contains, based on mass of the B layer, one or more of Fe, Si, Mn, P, S, and Al oxides in a total of less than 50 mass %, which contains C, Si, Mn, P, S, and... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140234654 - Thermal spraying material, a thermally sprayed coating, a thermal spraying method and also a thermally coated workpiece: The invention relates to a thermal spraying material (5) for the coating of a surface of a workpiece by means of a thermal spraying method, wherein the spraying material (5) contains zinc. The invention further relates to a thermal spraying method and to a thermally sprayed coating sprayed with the... Agent: Sulzer Metco Ag

20140234661 - Methods to incorporate silver nanowire-based transparent conductors in electronic devices: Disclosed herein are optical stacks that are stable to light exposure by incorporating light-stabilizers and/or oxygen barriers.... Agent: Cambrios Technologies Corporation

20140234663 - Coated articles and methods: Coated articles and methods for applying coatings are described. In some cases, the coating can exhibit desirable properties and characteristics such as durability, corrosion resistance, and high conductivity. The articles may be coated, for example, using an electrodeposition process.... Agent: Xtalic Corporation

20140234662 - Layer system having a two-ply metal layer: Known protective layers having high Cr content and additional silicon form brittle phases, which additionally become brittle under the effect of carbon during use. The protective layer according to the invention comprises a two-part metal layer, which contains tantalum on the outside.... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140234664 - Peeling method, semiconductor device, and peeling apparatus: To improve peelability, yield in a peeling step, and yield in manufacturing a flexible device. A peeling method is employed which includes a first step of forming a peeling layer containing tungsten over a support substrate; a second step of forming, over the peeling layer, a layer to be peeled... Agent: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

20140234665 - Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with template layer formed of nanoparticles embedded in a polymer material: A perpendicular magnetic recording disk includes a template layer below a Ru or Ru alloy underlayer, with a granular Co alloy recording layer formed on the underlayer. substrate. The template layer comprises nanoparticles spaced-apart and partially embedded within a polymer material, with the nanoparticles protruding above the surface of the... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140234666 - Lubricants comprising pfpe terminated with benzene or functional benzene end groups for magnetic recording media structure: A novel lubricant comprising a perfluoropoyether (PFPE) molecule terminated with a benzene molecule or a functional benzene molecule for a magnetic recording media structure is disclosed. The magnetic recording media structure includes a substrate, a magnetic recording layer for recording information disposed over the substrate, a protective overcoat layer for... Agent: Wd Media, Inc.

20140234667 - Glass substrate for information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium having a high level of cleanness and superior smoothness. The manufacturing method includes a step for washing a disk-shaped glass plate with an acid washing liquid, a step for removing at least part... Agent: Hoya Corporation

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