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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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04/16/2015 > 82 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20150104588 - Artificial flagstone for providing a surface with a natural random look: An artificial flagstone for use in combination with other similar flagstones for covering a surface with a natural random look, the flagstone having a generally hexagonal body comprising a first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth consecutive vertices; a first pair of first and second sides extending radially from the... Agent:

20150104589 - Fabric flower maker: An artificial flower maker including a board or other flat surface, a plurality of arms each positioned along the flat surface and forming a generally circular shape, and a center attachment mechanism for constructing and securing an artificial flower. Each flower is constructed by strategically folding a series of petals... Agent:

20150104590 - Method for marking a metal substrate by means of the incorporation of inorganic luminescent particles: passivation layer by oxidation of the surface of the metal substrate; incorporating inorganic luminescent particles within the metal substrate passivation layer, the average particle size being in the range from 4 to 1,000 nm; and clogging the passivation layer.... Agent:

20150104591 - Removable adherent sheet with polyurethane adherent coating that provides air displacing adhesion properties onto various surfaces and an inkjet, laser or digital press printing receptive top coat for graphic signage and the application thereof: A re-adherable adherent sheet with an inkjet, laser or digital press printing receptive top coat for the purpose of removable graphic signage is provided. A polyurethane adherent layer is provided that allows for repeated, non diminishing, residue free adherence and re-adherence onto various surfaces such as glass, tile, coated metals,... Agent:

20150104592 - Textile: A textile with high weave density which comprises a main-yarn made of a Japanese paper yarn and a sub-yarn thinner than the main-yarn interwoven with each other, wherein the textile has a weave texture structure including warps A and wefts A made of the main-yarn, and warps B and wefts... Agent:

20150104593 - Molding material for package: The present invention provides a molding material for package including a matte-coating layer having excellent formability, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, electrolytic solution resistance and printing property. The molding material for package (1) includes an outer base material layer (13) comprising a heat-resistant resin; an inner sealant layer (16) comprising a... Agent:

20150104594 - Textile reinforcement comprising continuous aramid yarn: wherein R1 is branched or straight-chain C1-C15 alkyl, R2 is H, Li, Na, K or NH4, or branched or straight-chain C1-C15 alkyl, and M is Li, Na, K or NH4. The textile reinforcement may be used for making hoses, tubes, (flexible) pipes, optical fiber cables, power cables, fiber-reinforced composites and... Agent:

20150104595 - Perforated protective film for electronic devices: A protective film for an electronic device is described. The protective film includes a film operable to cover at least a portion of the electronic device, and a plurality of pores directly manufactured in, or cut in the film in locations where sound passes into or out of the electronic... Agent:

20150104596 - Coded cuttable strips for individualizing material samples: Prior art for processing human cell or tissue biopsy specimens implies the individualization of the specimens by marking the specimen containers (e.g. for transportation) and the specimen holders (e.g. plastic cassettes, glass slides) but not the specimen itself. The specimen processing steps include several manual transfers of the specimens between... Agent:

20150104597 - Double component system for polyolefin compatibilization: i

20150104598 - Thermoplastic composition for use in high impact applications: A thermoplastic composition comprising from about 50 to about 99 by weight percent of a nylon 6,6 resin, from about 1 to about 50 by weight percent of a polymer performance modifier and about from 0.01 to about 25 by weight percent of a silicone based additive, wherein the silicone... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.l.

20150104599 - Thermoplastic polycarbonate copolymer compositions, methods of their manufacture, and articles thereof: A thermoplastic composition includes a poly(carbonate-arylate ester); and an organophosphorus compound in an amount effective to provide 0.1 to 1.0 wt % phosphorus based on the total weight of the composition, wherein an article molded from the composition has a smoke density after four minutes (Ds-4) of less than or... Agent: Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

20150104600 - Touch sensor: Disclosed herein is a touch sensor, including: a window substrate; and a bezel layer formed along an edge of the window substrate, wherein the bezel layer includes a print layer and a shield layer, wherein the print layer includes titanium dioxide TiO2 of from 60 to 95 weight %. According... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150104601 - Adhesive article: The present invention comprises adhesive articles, adhesive compositions, and release liners. The release liners include silicone-based release formulations that can provide average and static release forces desirable for converting and handling soft adhesives, particularly adhesives of the type used in the electronics industry. In one embodiment, the silicone-based formulations include... Agent:

20150104602 - Crystal block array and method of manufacture: A novel method of making a crystal block array (configured for coupling with photodetectors as part of an integrated detector module useful in advanced PET scanner systems) is disclosed herein. The novel method comprises a series of cutting, polishing, and assembling steps that utilize reflective sheet material. The crystal block... Agent: Zecotek Imaging Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

20150104603 - Label supply for an easy clip attachment: The present invention relates to a supply of labels for being attached to sausage-shaped products, like sausages. The supply comprises a carrier strip having a longitudinal extension, a flat front side, a flat rear side and two longitudinal edges, and at least one label having a longitudinal extension, a flat... Agent:

20150104604 - Insulated composite fabrics: Among other things, the disclosure features an insulated composite fabric (120) including an inner fabric layer (121), an outer fabric layer (122), and an insulating-filler fabric layer (123) enclosed between the inner and outer fabric layers. The insulating-filler fabric layer is a textile fabric with a raised surface (133) on... Agent:

20150104605 - Honeycomb core structure: A thermoplastic honeycomb core structure comprises from 40 to 90 weight percent of an aliphatic polyamide polymer and from 10 to 60 weight percent of discontinuous fibers distributed evenly throughout the polymer wherein (i) the honeycomb is free of fused cell walls, (ii) the fibers are carbon, glass, para-aramid or... Agent:

20150104606 - Translucent composite stone panels: A translucent composite stone panel can comprise a translucent stone slab of onyx or travertine. The composite stone panel can comprise a length greater than or equal to 1.2 m, a width greater than or equal to 0.6 m, and a thickness in a range of 0.2-1.5 cm. The translucent... Agent:

20150104607 - Custom skin: The specification relates to a skin product for a device and a method of making the skin product. The skin product contains a design layer having a cut-out, and one or more design cut-outs positioned in the cut-out of the design layer. The method for making a skin product involves... Agent: D-brand Inc.

20150104608 - Metal mask and manufacturing method thereof: A manufacturing method of a metal mask including a plurality of pattern openings includes forming a first depression portion by radiating a first laser beam focused on a plane beyond a subject under processing, and then forming the plurality of pattern openings at a bottom part of the first depression... Agent:

20150104609 - Protective cover for a portable or mobile device: A cover device for a portable or mobile device, in particular for mobile phones, having a section configured to allow touch identification technology—such as fingerprint identification—already built into the portable device to work properly.... Agent:

20150104610 - Structure and paint for forming surface coat layer: A structure includes a surface coat layer of which the thickness on a bump such as a weld bead and a weld spatter or an edge portion, possibly formed on the surface of a base, is not greatly different from the thickness on a flat portion. The structure therefore has... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150104611 - Structure and paint for forming surface coat layer: A structure includes a surface coat layer of which the thickness on a bump such as a weld bead and a weld spatter or an edge portion, possibly formed on the surface of a base, is not greatly different from the thickness on a flat portion. The structure therefore has... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150104612 - Method of manufacturing a foam showing a gradient poisson's ratio behaviour: A method of manufacturing a foam having Poisson's ratio which varies across a region of the foam in a gradient distribution from a negative value to a positive value includes the steps of: a) providing an open-cell foam; b) applying a compressive force to a localised region of the foam... Agent:

20150104613 - Offset printing for high-speed corrugation applications: The present application provides systems, apparatus, and methods for providing high quality printed corrugated sheets and webs through the use of a variable sleeve offset press. In one embodiment a method is provided comprising the steps of: printing a paperboard web to provide ink to the linerboard web. The printing... Agent:

20150104614 - Forming longitudinally pleated products: A method of forming a continuous sheet of pleated, hook-form, fastener product includes training a substrate about a pressure roll having an outer surface defining circumferential grooves. As the substrate approaches a nip between the pressure roll and a mold roll calendered with the pressure roll, a portion of the... Agent:

20150104615 - Method for minimizing the appearance of undesirable tool marks during cnc operations: A method for preparing tool paths for use in a computer numerically controlled machine whereby the appearance of undesirable horizontal tool marks are minimized, comprised of identifying a surface texture and resolving the surface texture into at least one contour and identifying an underlying relief. A tool path is then... Agent:

20150104616 - Structure and paint set: A structure includes a surface coat layer of which the thickness on a bump such as a weld bead and a weld spatter or an edge portion, possibly formed on the surface of a base, is not greatly different from the thickness on a flat portion. The structure therefore has... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150104617 - Structure and paint set: A structure includes a surface coat layer of which the thickness on a bump such as a weld bead and a weld spatter or an edge portion, possibly formed on the surface of a base, is not greatly different from the thickness on a flat portion. The structure therefore has... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150104618 - Ceramic color paste, ceramic color, glass having ceramic color, and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a ceramic color paste containing a glass frit, a vehicle, a heat-resistant pigment and a large-diameter heat-resistant particle, in which the large-diameter heat-resistant particle has a particle size larger than the average thickness of a dried coating film for forming a ceramic color.... Agent: Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

20150104619 - Closure element for an abdominal belt: A flexible closure element for a closure of a medical or orthopedic product or sports product includes a first and second elastic cover layer and a sheet-type stabilizing element therebetween. The sheet-type stabilizing element is slotted over a least half of a length of the stabilizing element on at least... Agent: Bauerfeind Ag

20150104620 - Polishing apparatus and polishing method: A polishing apparatus polishes a periphery of a substrate. This polishing apparatus includes a rotary holding mechanism configured to hold the substrate horizontally and rotate the substrate, plural polishing head assemblies provided around the substrate, plural tape supplying and recovering mechanisms configured to supply polishing tapes to the plural polishing... Agent:

20150104621 - Dry application papercrete and block design using basalt: A dry papercrete mix containing a pulp of fiber material such as newsprint and sharp sand, Portland cement and adding additional sand and/or pumice. The resulting dry, granular mix can then be handled stored and used in the manner which is conventional for concrete. The dry papercrete mix can be... Agent:

20150104622 - A polymeric film surface: A surface on a polymeric film having an array of patterned structures, wherein the array of patterned structures influences fluid flow of the surface and causes reduced attachment of a biological material.... Agent:

20150104623 - Patterning method for graphene using hot-embossing imprinting: The present application provides a patterning method of a graphene, including a step of forming a graphene layer on a polymer substrate and a step of forming a nanopattern on the graphene layer by hot embossing imprinting.... Agent:

20150104624 - Uv hardening composition having improved light resistance, three dimensional film and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed are a UV hardening composition having improved light resistance, a three dimensional film, and a method for manufacturing the three dimensional film. Particularly, the UV hardening composition having improved light resistance may be used in interior materials and the like for a vehicle which generally are substantially exposed to... Agent:

20150104625 - Electroconductive composition: Provided is an electroconductive composition which not only shows excellent adhesion to a substrate and can easily form a smooth film, but also is applicable to the formation of a fine-pitched circuit and the like and capable of providing high electroconductivity even when dried at a relatively low temperature. The... Agent: Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150104626 - Porous plate-shaped filler, coating composition, heat-insulating film, and heat-insulating film structure: Provided are a heat-insulating film and a heat-insulating film structure with improved heat insulating effects. Also provided are a porous plate-shaped filler included in the heat-insulating film and a coating composition for forming the heat-insulating film. In a heat-insulating film of the present invention, porous plate-shaped fillers are dispersedly arranged... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20150104627 - Multi-layer polymeric films: Multi-layer polymeric films and methods of forming the same are provided. The film includes a combination of layers forming the core of the film, and a polymeric skin layer forming each of the outer surfaces of the multi-layer film. The combination of layers forming the core of the film includes:... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150104628 - Multi-layer polymeric films containing energy dissipating layers: Multi-layer polymeric films and methods of forming the same are provided. The film includes a combination of layers forming the core of the film, and a polymeric skin layer forming each of the outer surfaces of the multi-layer film. The combination of layers forming the core of the film includes:... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20150104629 - Gypsum wallboard produced using a high water-to-stucco ratio: A gypsum composition, board, and method of producing a gypsum board with increased fire endurance are described. The set gypsum-containing composition can be used to prepare a gypsum board having fire endurance, based on particular water-to-stucco ratios.... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20150104631 - Multilayer shrink film made of polyester with improved processing properties: A film is provided that has three layers. The inventive films are made of semicrystalline or amorphous copolyesters and further include two exterior layers and an interior layer. The exterior layers include neopentyl-glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate, while the interior layer includes 1,4-cyclohexanedimethanol-modified polyethylene terephthalate. The inventive films advantageously provide a shrink... Agent:

20150104630 - Prepreg for printed circuit board, manufacturing method thereof, and printed circuit board including the same: f

20150104632 - System for mounting of components: A mounting system includes a first and second mounting part having a first and second base part with a first and second plurality of first and second locking means respectively, for mounting two components to each other. Each of the locking means is attached to the respective base part and... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150104633 - Method for molding tailored composites: In at least one embodiment, a molding method for producing a molded article is provided. The method may include introducing polymer and fiber separately into an extruder in a first ratio to produce a first extruded material having a first fiber content and in a second ratio to produce a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150104634 - Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam: use as supercapacitors: The application disloses methods of fabricating three-dimensional (3D) graphene crystalline foam, based on mixing a carbon source with a skelet (scaffold) powder. In one embodiment heat and pressure are used to compact the carbon and a metal powder into a close packed structure. In another embodiment a 3D crystalline graphene... Agent:

20150104635 - Coatings for polyoxymethylene polymer molded articles: A coating system for polymer articles made from polyoxymethylene polymers is disclosed. The coating system can include a primer coat, a base coat, and a clear coat.... Agent:

20150104636 - Method for manufacturing transparent conductive film, transparent conductive film, and electronic device: A method for manufacturing a transparent conductive film, said method comprising: forming a compound layer containing a silazane compound on a substrate; supplying energy to the compound layer and thus converting at least a part of the silazane compound into a compound having a siloxane bond to thereby modify the... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150104637 - Method for producing ferroelectric thin film: A method for producing a ferroelectric thin film comprising: coating a composition for forming a ferroelectric thin film on a base electrode of a substrate having a substrate body and the base electrode that has crystal daces oriented in the (111) direction, calcining the coated composition, and subsequently performing firing... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20150104638 - Reinforced mouldings, method for the production thereof, and the use thereof: The invention relates to a method for the production of mouldings reinforced with fibre ribbons and also to correspondingly reinforced mouldings. In addition, the invention relates to uses of the mouldings produced via the method.... Agent:

20150104639 - Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives for no-label look applications: A composition comprising a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising a propylene-based polymer component, wherein the propylene-based polymer component has a MFR of greater than about 1,000 g/10 min to less than about 10,000 g/10 min, and free of or having a low block copolymer content. Also, an adhesive article comprising... Agent:

20150104640 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, tape cassette, and tape printer: There is provided a double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape which includes a first pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed by using any of different types of adhesive samples. Thereby the first pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is adjusted so as to satisfy conditions that, slow peel strength when a printing tape made of a PET... Agent:

20150104641 - Coated overhead conductor: The present invention relates to a surface modified overhead conductor with a coating that allows the conductor to operate at lower temperatures. The coating contains about 5% to about 30% of an inorganic adhesive, about 45% to about 92% of a filler, about 2% to about 20% of one or... Agent: General Cabletechnologies Corporation

20150104642 - Production method of electrically conductive graphene composite fiber: A graphene composite fiber includes graphene sheets and a polymer for aggregating the graphene sheets together. The polymer includes either or both of a hyperbranched polymer and polyvinyl alcohol. The graphene sheets and the polymer are stacked on each other to form a layered structure, and the graphene sheets are... Agent:

20150104643 - Crosslinked hyaluronan derivative, method of preparation thereof, hydrogel and microfibers based thereon: The invention relates to a crosslinked hyaluronan derivative in the form of a hydrogel or microfibers, and to a method of preparation thereof, consisting in a C—C coupling reaction. The C—C coupling reaction is performed via reaction of a hyaluronan derivative carrying a terminal aryl-halide and/or aryl-borate group, and a... Agent:

20150104645 - Magnetic nanoflakes: Magnetic nanoflakes fabricated by surfactant assisted, wet, high energy ball milling of bulk precursors, with or without preceding dry, high energy ball milling, wherein certain nanoflakes indicate hard magnetic properties, crystallographic texture and magnetic anisotropy.... Agent:

20150104644 - Metal-containing trimanganese tetraoxide combined particles and their production process: Metal-containing trimanganese tetraoxide combined particles containing a metal element (excluding lithium and manganese). Such metal-containing trimanganese tetraoxide combined particles can be obtained by a production process comprising a crystallization step of crystalizing a metal-substituted trimanganese tetraoxide not by means of metal-substituted manganese hydroxide from a manganese salt aqueous solution containing... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20150104646 - Nano-material: A fluffy nano-material and method of manufacture are described. At 2000× magnification the fluffy nanomaterial has the appearance of raw, uncarded wool, with individual fiber lengths ranging from approximately four microns to twenty microns. Powder-based nanocatalysts are dispersed in the fluffy nanomaterial. The production of fluffy nanomaterial typically involves flowing... Agent:

20150104647 - Sand composites and methods of using the same to control dust: A composite is characterized by particulates of sand wherein at least a portion of the surface of the particulates is coated with a polycationic polymer. The presence of the polycationic polymer on the surface of the particulates reduces the amount of dust generated during handling and use of the sand.... Agent:

20150104648 - Method and apparatus of growing metal-free and low stress thick film of diamond-like carbon: The presently claimed invention provides a metal-free and low stress thick film of diamond-like carbon (DLC). The diamond-like carbon layer of the present invention has a wide range of applications such as automotive coating, hydrophobic-hydrophilic tuning, solar photovoltaic, decorative coating, protective coating and bio-compatible coating. The presently claimed invention further... Agent:

20150104649 - Laminated sheet and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the laminated sheet: The present invention provides a laminated sheet that can prevent the decrease in adhering strength of a resin composition layer and the deterioration in electrical reliability and in which a back grinding tape can be peeled from a plurality of semiconductor elements collectively after dicing. The laminated sheet has a... Agent:

20150104650 - Adhesive composition for polarizing plate, polarizing plate including the same, and display apparatus including the same: An adhesive composition for polarizing plates includes: (A) a non-(meth)acrylate type epoxy compound; (B) a non-epoxy type (meth)acrylate compound; and (C) a (meth)acrylate group-containing epoxy compound. A polarizing plate includes an adhesive layer formed from the adhesive composition on a polarizer, and a protective film on the adhesive layer. A... Agent:

20150104651 - Epoxy resin, method for producing expoxy resin, epoxy resin composition, cured product thereof, and heat-dissipating resin material: The present invention provides an epoxy resin having a low melting point, low melt viscosity, excellent solvent solubility, and excellent processability. Also, the present invention provides an epoxy resin composition and a cured product thereof having excellent fluidity, processability, flexibility, adhesion, and thermal conductivity. The epoxy resin is represented by... Agent:

20150104652 - Curable polyurea forming composition, method of making, and composite article: A curable composition includes: a) at least one aliphatic polyisocyanate; b) at least one aliphatic polyamine; and c) from 8 to 17 percent by weight of at least one liquid compound, based on the total weight of components a), b) and c) combined. Each liquid compound is independently represented by... Agent:

20150104653 - Jet-black multilayer coating film and forming method thereof: a clear coating film layer formed on said base coating film layer by a clear coating composition which contains a polyester polyol (B-1) obtained by polymerization of a raw composition of a polyol having three or more functions, sebacic acid, and a diol and having a hydroxyl value of 140... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150104654 - Glass laminate, and method for using block copolymer hydrogenation product as binder for glass laminate: A laminated glass may be obtained by integrally bonding glass sheets through an adhesive, the adhesive comprising a hydrogenated block copolymer obtained by introducing an alkoxysilyl group into a hydrogenated block copolymer that is obtained by hydrogenating unsaturated bonds of a block copolymer that comprises at least two polymer blocks... Agent:

20150104655 - Lithium silicate amorphous or crystalline glass overlaying top surface of zirconia and preparation methods thereof: The lithium silicate crystalline or amorphous glass may include 10-15 wt % Li2O, 71.1-85.0 wt % SiO2, 2-5 wt % P2O5 working as nuclear formation agent, 1-5 wt % Al2O3 to increase glass transition temperature and softening temperature, as well as chemical durability of the glass, and 0.01-1.0 wt %... Agent:

20150104656 - Method for bonding polymer film and polymer film, method for bonding polymer film and inorganic material substrate, polymer film laminate, and laminate of polymer film and inorganic material substrate: The present invention provides a method for firmly and inexpensively bonding at low temperature a polymer film to another polymer film or to a glass substrate without the use of an organic adhesive. A method for bonding a polymer film includes a step (S1) for forming a first inorganic material... Agent: Lan Technical Service Co., Ltd.

20150104657 - Lead, wiring member, package part, metal part provided with resin and resin-sealed semiconductor device, and methods for producing same: A semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor, provided with the aims of constraining resin burr formation while having good electric connectivity and joining strength, and LED device, provided with the aim of improving adhesion between silicon resin and leads while having good luminescent characteristics. For these purposes, an organic film... Agent:

20150104658 - Use of multi-stage polymerizate dispersions to coat metal sheets: s

20150104659 - Polymer resin composition for preparing insulating material having reinforced thermal stability: 1 to 5 parts by weight of HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer). An insulating material can be manufactured using the polymer resin composition providing good thermal stability and also an extended lifespan under high temperatures. Such an arrangement is particularly suitable for use in cables for nuclear power plants.... Agent:

20150104660 - Ink coating formulations and polymerizable systems for producing the same: Ink and coating compositions, printing and coating processes, and printed and coated substrates utilizing a polymerizable composition comprising one or more di-activated vinyl compounds, with the proviso that said a di-activated vinyl compound is not a cyanoacrylate. Exemplary compositions include methylene malonates, methylene β-ketoesters, methylene β-diketones, dialkyl disubstituted vinyls, and... Agent: Sirrus, Inc.

20150104661 - Manufacturing method of artificial graphite sheet and product thereof: A manufacturing method of artificial graphite sheet and a product thereof. The artificial graphite sheet manufactured by means of the manufacturing method can be rolled up to minimize the occupied space and facilitate transfer and delivery. The manufacturing method includes steps of: selecting graphite powder (granules) and polymer and mixing... Agent:

20150104662 - Nanoparticle-containing polymer nanowire and method for producing the same: A thin film 103 is formed on a substrate 101 and includes functional nanoparticles and polymers, and further includes a photosensitive pigment as required. The thin film 103 is irradiated with a pulsed laser. This causes a polymer nanowire 109 containing the functional nanoparticles to grow from a surface of... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20150104663 - Olefinically unsaturated radial styrenic block copolymer and an improved vulcanizer-free latex comprising water and said radial styrenic block copolymer: wherein each A is independently a polymer block composed of at least 90 mol. % of an alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbon, each B is independently a polymer block composed of at least 90 mol. % of one or more conjugated dienes, Y is the remnant of a coupling agent, and n... Agent: Kraton Polymers U.s. LLC

20150104664 - Magnetic component, and soft magnetic metal powder used therein and manufacturing method thereof: A magnetic component obtained by molding a soft magnetic metal powder can have a reduced loss factor in the GHz band. The soft magnetic metal powder is characterized by containing iron as a main ingredient, and having an average particle size of not larger than 300 nm, a coercive force... Agent:

20150104665 - Method of manufacturing an article: A method of manufacturing an article (such as a dental restoration) comprising taking an article, comprising at least one product (such as a dental restoration), in an initial state, formed from a powdered material, layer-by-layer and electrochemically processing at least a select region of the at least one product (such... Agent:

20150104666 - Metal-based composite material and method for producing same: A metal-based composite material which has a sufficient radiation absorption function, also has excellent strength, corrosion resistance, processability, impact resistance and heat conductivity, and is inexpensive. A metal-based composite material having such a double-clad structure that a core material is sandwiched between a pair of skin materials each composed of... Agent: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

20150104667 - Cladding material for stainless steel clad steel plate, stainless steel clad steel plate including the same, and method of manufacturing the same: A cladding material for stainless steel clad steel plate, includes, by mass %, 0.03% or less carbon, 1.5% or less silicon, 2.0% or less manganese, 0.04% or less phosphorus, 0.03% or less sulfur, 22.0% to 25.0% nickel, 21.0% to 25.0% chromium, 2.0% to 5.0% molybdenum, 0.15% to 0.25% nitrogen, and... Agent:

20150104668 - Metalized plastic articles and methods thereof: Metalized plastic substrates, and methods thereof are provided herein. The method includes providing a plastic having a plurality of accelerators dispersed in the plastic. The accelerators have a formula ABO3, wherein A is one or more elements selected from Groups 9, 10, and 11 of the Periodic Table of Elements,... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20150104669 - Magnesium alloy member and production method therefor: A high-strength magnesium alloy member is suitable for products in which at least one of bending stress and twisting stress primarily acts. The member has required elongation and 0.2% proof stress, whereby strength and formability are superior, and has higher strength and large compressive residual stress in the vicinity of... Agent: Nhk Sprig Co., Ltd.

04/09/2015 > 71 patent applications in 56 patent subcategories.

20150099073 - Foldable pompon: P

20150099074 - Body bag: The invention comprises a body bag having at least two layers of a sheet material and a paper sheet, with the sheet material being a plastic coated on at least a portion with adhesive, the coating of adhesive cause the sheet material to stick only to itself. The paper sheet... Agent: Bioseal Systems

20150099075 - Sprayed article and making method: A sprayed article is prepared by thermally spraying ceramic particles of rare earth oxide or fluoride or metal particles of W, Mo or Ta onto an outer or inner surface of a cylindrical carbon substrate to form a sprayed coating, and burning out the carbon substrate, thus leaving the ceramic... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150099076 - Process for manufacturing a composite material: A process for manufacturing a composite material comprising a functionalization of the substrate, which comprises treatment of said substrate with at least one first alcoholic solvent, functionalization of a first powder and formation of a first colloidal sol of said functionalized first powder in a second solvent, at least one... Agent: Prayon Sa

20150099078 - High performance compositions and composites: Provided herein are compositions, comprising polysilazane, polysiloxane, and a boron constituent. The compositions may further comprise carbon nanofibers. Also provided is a method for forming the compositions, composites formed from a composition, and a method for forming composites from a composition by mixing the compositions with fibers and curing the... Agent: Burning Bush Technologies, LLC

20150099077 - Polyethylene composition and articles made therefrom: A polyethylene composition comprising a granular polyethylene resin characterized by a resin solid density of from 0.91 to 0.97 g/cm3, a ratio of intraparticle void volume to interparticle void volume of from 0.33 to 0.67, and a total resin porosity, Φtotal, of equal to or greater than 0.45 is provided.... Agent: Dow Global Technololgies LLC

20150099079 - Tube made of hydrophilized silicone: The invention relates to a process for the production of a piece made of silicone including: (a) the blending of 100 parts by weight of an HCR silicone base having a viscosity of greater than 106 mPa.s with from 0.3 to 7 parts by weight, such as from 0.5 to... Agent:

20150099080 - Semiaromatic polyamide comprising a chain ending: e

20150099081 - Composite system for encapsulating electronic arrangements: An adhesive strip, with improved barrier effect, encapsulates electronic arrangements against permeates, whereby the composite system comprises at least (a) an adhesive strip containing at least one pressure-sensitive adhesive substance for direct application on a substrate; and (b) at least one release liner which lies directly upon the pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent:

20150099082 - Printed labels and method of making same: A method of producing stacks of printed, ready-to-use adhesive-backed labels which are separated from one another by release coatings that are in registry with adhesive strips but on opposite sides of each individual label to prevent the labels in the stack from adhering to one another to an excessive degree;... Agent:

20150099083 - Three-dimensional structure: A three-dimensional structure (1), which is made substantially of panel-shaped material blanks (3, 4, 5) is provided wherein adjacent material blanks are or can be each connected to one another by mutually opposing sides. At least two material blanks (3, 4, 5) which adjoin one another by opposing narrow sides... Agent: Delignum S.a.r.l.

20150099084 - Compound component: A component composite that includes a first component, a second component; and at least one connection piece penetrating the first component at least over the entire thickness of the first component and connected at an end thereof to the second component.... Agent:

20150099085 - Piezoelectric ceramic composition: This invention provides for a piezoelectric ceramic composition having a lead-free alkaline niobate piezoelectric ceramic composition with a favorable piezoelectric property. This invention refers to a piezoelectric ceramic composition 10 that is described as composition formula {Lix(K1-yNay)1-x}(Nb1-zSbz)O3 including the additives of the metallic elements Bi and Fe within the range... Agent: Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150099086 - Apertured outer cover for absorbent articles: An outer cover for an absorbent article includes a nonwoven component having a plurality of apertures formed therein and a film bonded to the apertured nonwoven component. The apertures in the nonwoven component are formed by needling prior to the film being bonded to the nonwoven component. A method of... Agent:

20150099087 - Printed encapsulation: A printed encapsulation method and part are provided. Another aspect uses a three-dimensional printing machine to emit material from an ink jet printing head to build up material attached to an insert.... Agent:

20150099088 - Release layer, substrate structure, and method for manufacturing flexible electronic device: Disclosed is a substrate structure for manufacturing a flexible electronic device, including a supporting layer, a release layer covering the supporting layer with a first area, wherein the release layer is an aromatic polyimide, and a flexible layer covering the supporting layer and the release layer with a second area.... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150099089 - Vehicle interior member: A deck board includes a main body member provided with recesses and protrusions, a top base material joined to a top side of the main body member, and a bottom base material joined to a back side of the main body member. A peripheral end of the bottom base material... Agent:

20150099090 - Glass, quartz or metal pile fabric: The invention pertains to the field of technical textiles, and more particularly to the field of textiles used as a carrier, in particular as a carrier for active compounds or compounds to be activated. The invention thus relates to a glass, quartz, or metal pile fabric, as well as to... Agent:

20150099091 - Method of forming a composite thermoplastic material with continuous fiber reinforcement by stamping: A method for forming a thermoplastic composite material with continuous fiber reinforcement by stamping. A flat blank comprising a pre-consolidated stack of plies by automatic fiber placement of fibers referred to as the thermoplastic pre-impregnated fibers is obtained. The flat blank is reheated to a temperature greater than or equal... Agent:

20150099092 - Barbed tape and apparatus for deploying a barbed tape: Some embodiments are directed to a barbed tape formed from a planar strip of flexible material and including a plurality of barbs disposed therealong, the barbs being sufficiently resilient so as to impede, by entanglement with or otherwise, the passage of an object therepast. In some aspects, the tape incorporates... Agent:

20150099093 - Process for making a laminated sheet: A process is provided for making stiff, lightweight laminate materials. At least one sheet of textured lamina having raised pointed structures is forced against a softer plain lamina so as to embed the structures therein. The pointed structures raised from grooves carved into the surface of the sheet material by... Agent:

20150099095 - Coatings, coated surfaces, and methods for production thereof: A substrate having an antimicrobial surface. The texture of the surface which has exposed metal e.g., copper or copper alloy contributes to the antimicrobial properties. Cavities or depressions in the surface can be coated or partially coated with an organic polymer, and the polymer can contain antimicrobial agents. Methods of... Agent:

20150099094 - Gas barrier laminate, method for producing same, member for electronic devices, and electronic device: The present invention provides: a gas barrier laminate comprising a base, a primer layer, and a gas barrier layer, the primer layer and the gas barrier layer being sequentially stacked on at least one side of the base, the primer layer having a modulus of elasticity at 90° C. of... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150099096 - Pre-formed thermoplastic filler for thermoset structure: An apparatus includes a first thermoset layer that includes a first fibrous material embedded in a first thermoset matrix. The apparatus also includes a second thermoset layer that includes a second fibrous material embedded in a second thermoset matrix. The second thermoset layer is coupled to the first thermoset layer... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150099097 - Dissimilar material affixment apparatus, composition, and method: An apparatus, composition, and method for affixment of dissimilar materials, that includes a ceramic longwise member having a distal portion and a proximal portion that has a pilot, also included is a steel receptacle including primary and secondary voids that are co-axial and in communication with one another. The longwise... Agent:

20150099098 - Composite textile: A flexible textile or cloth is provided that can be hardened to a rigid or semi-rigid condition. The textile can incorporate reinforcement fibers to provide improved mechanical properties. The reinforcement fibers can be added in a various configurations without unnecessarily increasing the weight of the textile. Further, the textile can... Agent: Milliken & Company

20150099099 - Performance fabric appliquÉs: An applique comprising an outer perimeter fabric frame of a particular weave, fiber composition and cut coated with a laminating adhesive, and inlayed wife a central fabric panel formed of mesh or other perforated or highly porous material. Lamination causes the adhesive to melt through the mesh central panel and... Agent:

20150099100 - Novel processes for applying materials having a specific pattern onto a substrate surface: Unique and improved methods of applying materials onto various parts to create a pre-defined pattern with improved thickness and control are disclosed. A controlled amount of material is applied at a selected compound surface to produce a predetermined pattern incrementally built-up at a specific region of a surface. The improved... Agent:

20150099101 - Touch panel and method for manufacturing the same: A touch panel includes a first substrate; a mask layer formed on the first substrate, and on a marginal region thereof; a first high density conductive layer covering the mask layer and the first substrate. An adaptive method for manufacturing the touch panel incorporating a HiPIMS-assisted-DC sputtering process is provided... Agent: Tpk America, LLC

20150099102 - Multifunctional reactive inks, methods of use and manufacture thereof: In one embodiment, a material includes a plurality of particles, a solvent system and one or more stabilizing agents; the particles are configured to complete a self-propagating and/or self-sustaining reaction upon initiation thereof. In another embodiment, a method includes dispersing a plurality of particles in solution to form a dispersion... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20150099103 - Variable matrix composite: The present disclosure includes composite materials and/or aircraft components. A method is disclosed for fabricating a composite component with varying properties for at least one of the following: along its length, through its thickness, radially, or in isolated areas. The embodiments may be used with Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding... Agent: Rohr, Inc.

20150099104 - Grain boundary diffusion process for rare-earth magnets: In at least one embodiment, a single sintered magnet is provided having a concentration profile of heavy rare-earth (HRE) elements within a continuously sintered rare-earth (RE) magnet bulk. The concentration profile may include at least one local maximum of HRE element concentration within the bulk such that a coercivity profile... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150099105 - Method and device for compacting and consolidating a thick composite panel having a thermoplastic matrix: A device for compacting and consolidating a stack of fibrous plies pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic polymer, configured to be placed in an oven. The device comprises containment blocks, a flexible compacting plate and a vacuum pump. The containment blocks are supported by a board and demarcate the perimeter of the... Agent:

20150099106 - Polycarbonate resin composition with superior fluidity and molding thereof: A resin composition including 40 parts by weight or more and less than 95 parts by weight of a polycarbonate resin and 5 parts by weight or more and less than 60 parts by weight of a polyester-polyether copolymer as a base resin, wherein the polyester-polyether copolymer is a copolymer... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20150099107 - Reshapable ventilating fabric structure and assembly thereof: The present invention discloses a reshapable ventilating fabric structure and assembly thereof. The reshapable ventilating fabric structure comprises a three-dimensional ventilating sheet and thermoplastic material. The three-dimensional ventilating sheet comprises two ventilating outer layers. The two ventilating outer layers have a plurality of pores. The thermoplastic material is furnished on... Agent: Jade Long John Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20150099108 - Method for producing a hard material layer on a substrate, hard material layer and cutting tool: A process for producing a hard material layer on a substrate includes depositing a TiCNB hard material layer by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) from a gas system including a titanium source, a boron source, at least one nitrogen source and at least one carbon source, in which the carbon source... Agent:

20150099109 - Block copolymers with high flory-huggins interaction parameters for block copolymer lithography: Block copolymers for use in block copolymer lithography, self-assembled films of the block copolymers and methods for polymerizing the block copolymers are provided. The block copolymers are characterized by high Flory-Huggins interaction parameters (χ). The block copolymers can be polymerized from protected hydroxystyrene monomers or from tert-butyl styrene and 2-vinylpyridine... Agent: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

20150099110 - Glass articles and methods for controlled bonding of glass sheets with carriers: Surface modification layers and associated heat treatments, that may be provided on a sheet, a carrier, or both, to control both room-temperature van der Waals (and/or hydrogen) bonding and high temperature covalent bonding between the thin sheet and carrier. The room-temperature bonding is controlled so as to be sufficient to... Agent:

20150099111 - Prepreg tape slitting method and apparatus: Improved methods and apparatus are provided for the production of prepreg slit tape wherein master rolls of prepreg sheet are formed which are capable of being slit, with liner attached, at high precision.... Agent:

20150099113 - Multilayer polyurethane protective films: A multilayer protective film comprising a first layer, a second layer and a PSA layer. The first layer at least comprises a polyester-based polyurethane, a polycarbonate-based polyurethane or a combination or blend of both. The second layer at least comprises a polycaprolactone-based thermoplastic polyurethane. The PSA layer comprises a pressure... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150099112 - Resin foam and foam sealing material: There is provided a resin foam excellent in deformation recovery performance after compressive deformation. The resin foam of the present invention has a stress retention to be defined below of not less than 70%: stress retention (%)=(compressive stress after 60 seconds)/(compressive stress after 0 seconds)×100 wherein a resin foam in... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150099114 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a protective film, an optical device, and a display device. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition may exhibit excellent storage stability, suitable low speed and high speed peel-off strengths after a crosslinking structure is formed, and have an excellent balance between them. Accordingly, the pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent:

20150099115 - Magnetic material composition and coil component: A magnetic material composition includes: magnetic alloy particles such as Fe—Si—Cr or Fe—Si—Al based particles, with a passivation film formed on the surfaces of the particles; and a glass constituent that contains Si, B, and an alkali metal such as K, Na, and Li, and has a softening point of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150099116 - Chiral structure, method of making a chiral structure, and rolled-up structure with modulated curvature: A chiral structure comprises an elongate strip in a rolled configuration about a longitudinal axis, where the rolled configuration is a helical configuration comprising a non-zero helix angle. The elongate strip comprises an amorphous or a polycrystalline material. A rolled-up structure with modulated curvature comprises a sheet comprising an amorphous... Agent:

20150099121 - Carbon material and method for producing same: A properly pre-baked filler is sealed in a graphite vessel and is subsequently subjected to hot isostatic pressing (HIP) treatment, thereby allowing gases such as hydrocarbon and hydrogen to be generated from the filler and precipitating vapor-phase-grown graphite around and inside the filler using the generated gases as a source... Agent: Incubation Alliance, Inc.

20150099118 - Metal-air batteries and electrodes therefore utilizing metal nanoparticle synthesized via a novel mechanicochemical route: Electrodes for metal-air batteries and the metal-air batteries employing such electrodes are provided. The electrodes include metal nanoparticles synthesized via a novel route. The nanoparticle synthesis is facile and reproducible, and provides metal nanoparticles of very small dimension and high purity for a wide range of metals. The electrodes utilizing... Agent:

20150099119 - Particles for electrophoretic displays: This invention relates to coloured polymer, a process for their preparation, electrophoretic fluids comprising such particles, and electrophoretic display devices comprising such fluids.... Agent:

20150099120 - Spherical silicon carbide powder and a method for manufacturing same: A spherical crystalline silicon carbide powder as well as its manufacturing methods are proposed; the new power's mean grain size is 0.5-5 micrometers, its specific volume of interior pores having a mean diameter of 0.003 through 0.1 micrometer is 0.000007 cc/g through 0.01 cc/g, and its specific surface area is... Agent: Shinano Electric Refining Co., Ltd.

20150099117 - Synthesis of metal alloy nanoparticles via a new reagent: Methods for producing nanoparticles of metal alloys and the nanoparticles so produced are provided. The methods include addition of surfactant and cationic metal to a novel reagent complex between zero-valent metal and a hydride. The nanoparticles of zero-valent metal alloys produced by the method include ˜7 nm zero-valent manganese-bismuth useful... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150099122 - Zinc oxide powder and process for manufacturing same: The present invention provides a zinc oxide powder that enables a high degree of orientation, and highly uniform dispersion of an additive substance, to be simultaneously achieved in a green body or a sintered body. The zinc oxide powder of the present invention comprises a plurality of plate-like zinc oxide... Agent:

20150099123 - Carbon based coatings and methods of producing the same: Provided herein is a carbon based coating and methods of producing the same. The carbon based coating comprising an amorphous carbon thin film deposited on a substrate, the carbon based coating characterized in that the carbon based coating imparts enhanced surface durability properties.... Agent:

20150099124 - Crack-resistant glass-ceramic articles and methods for making the same: Glass-ceramics exhibiting a Vickers indentation crack initiation threshold of at least 15 kgf are disclosed. These glass-ceramics may be ion exchangeable or ion exchanged. The glass-ceramics include a crystalline and amorphous phases generated by subjecting a thin precursor glass article to ceramming cycle having an average cooling rate in the... Agent:

20150099125 - Moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition, adhesive, and article: An object of the present invention is to provide a moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition with superior properties such as water resistance, fast-curing properties, and flexibility. The present invention provides a moisture-curable polyurethane hot-melt resin composition containing an isocyanate-containing urethane prepolymer (i) that is a reaction product of polyols (A)... Agent:

20150099126 - Gas barrier film, substrate for electronic device and electronic device: The gas barrier film includes a film base material having optical anisotropy and a gas barrier unit disposed on at least one surface of the film base material, in which the gas barrier unit includes, from the side of the film base material, a first barrier layer containing an inorganic... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150099127 - Adhesive composition for polarizer and polarizer using same: Disclosed herein is an adhesive composition for polarizing plates having increased adhesion by preventing curing inhibition due to moisture. The present invention provides an adhesive composition for polarizing plates, comprising: (A) a radical polymerizable monomer; (B) a cationic polymerizable monomer; (C) an unsaturated dicarboxylic acid anhydride; and (D) an initiator.... Agent:

20150099128 - Linear glycidyl carbamate (gc) resins for highly flexible coatings: This invention relates to coating compositions comprising a linear glycidyl carbamate (GC) resin and a curing agent. The linear GC-resins were synthesized using linear and cycloaliphatic diisocyanates and a combination of diols and optional triols with glycidol. The combination of linear diisocyanates and diols introduces a more linear structure in... Agent:

20150099129 - Methods of improving burnish resistance using curable film-forming compositions demonstrating burnish resistance and low gloss: (2) (a) heating the coated substrate to a temperature and for a time sufficient to cure the curable film-forming composition or (b) allowing a time sufficient to cure the curable film-forming composition under ambient conditions. The present invention is further directed to solventborne, curable film-forming compositions comprising the components (a)... Agent:

20150099130 - Reverse photochromic borosilicate glasses: Borosilicate glasses are disclosed having (in weight %) 66-76% SiO2, 0-8% Al2O3, 10-18% B2O3, 0-4% Li2O, 0-12% Na2O, 0-12% K2O, 1-1.5% Ag, 1.5-2.5% Cl− and 0.01-0.06% of a summed amount of CuO and NiO, wherein the glass composition is bleachable upon exposure to ultraviolet irradiation from a stable state color... Agent:

20150099131 - Solution of aromatic polyamide for manufacturing display element, optical element, illumination element or sensor element: The present disclosure, in one aspect, relates to a polyamide solution including an aromatic polyamide and a solvent, wherein the aromatic polyamide includes at least two types of constitutional units, and a change rate of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of a cast film produced by casting the polyamide solution... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20150099132 - Multiple layer panels having reduced levels of edge defects: A process for producing a multilayer glass laminate panel having two glass sheets with a poly(vinyl butyral) interlayer sandwiched therebetween, the process comprising the steps of: providing two glass sheets; providing a poly(vinyl butyral) interlayer, and inserting the interlayer between the two glass sheets to produce a laminate; removing air... Agent: Solutia Inc.

20150099133 - High temperature hybridized molecular functional group adhesion barrier coating and method: There is provided a high temperature hybridized molecular functional group adhesion barrier coating for a composite structure. The coating has one or more hybridized molecular functional groups attached to a composite surface of the composite structure, wherein the one or more hybridized molecular functional groups are hybridized through a chemical... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150099134 - Moisture resistant polyimide compositions: The invention relates to a moisture resistant composition comprising: a) from 20 to 80 weight percent based on the total weight of the composition of a polyetherimide copolymer made from a monomer mixture comprising 3, 3′ bisphenol-A dianhydride (BPADA), and 4, 4′-diaminodiphenyl sulfone (DDS); b) from 5 to 75 weight... Agent: Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

20150099135 - Magnesium ion batteries and magnesium electrodes employing magnesium nanoparticles synthesized via a novel reagent: Electrodes employing as active material magnesium nanoparticles synthesized by a novel route are provided. The nanoparticle synthesis is facile and reproducible, and provides magnesium nanoparticles of very small dimension and high purity for a wide range of metals. The electrodes utilizing these nanoparticles thus may have superior capability. Magnesium ion... Agent:

20150099136 - Silver powder and method for producing same: A method for producing silver powder wherein a silver solution containing a silver complex and a reductant solution are continuously mixed to provide a reaction liquid, the method including: a step of preparing a silver nucleus solution wherein a silver solution for nucleation which contains a silver complex, a solution... Agent:

20150099137 - Base frame: A base frame includes a base plate, a first side plate, and a second side plate. The base plate has a first edge and a second edge. The base plate includes a plurality of V-shaped reinforcing ribs. Each V-shaped reinforcing rib has a first end and a second end. The... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150099138 - Porous aluminum body, heat transfer material, and heat exchange device: b

20150099139 - Automotive chassis part made from high strength formable hot rolled steel sheet: wherein the steel sheet has a precipitation strengthened and substantially single-phase ferritic microstructure, wherein the volume fraction of the ferrite phase in said microstructure is not lower than 97%, and wherein the precipitates in the microstructure comprise fine precipitates of composite carbides containing Mo and V and optionally Nb.... Agent:

20150099140 - Systems and methods for corrosion-resistant welding electrodes: The invention relates generally to welding and, more specifically, to welding wires for arc welding, such as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW). A disclosed tubular welding wire has a sheath and a core, and the tubular welding wire includes an organic stabilizer component, a... Agent:

20150099141 - Double cold reduction strip for shadow mask and process for producing the same: The present invention discloses a double cold reduction strip for shadow mask and a process for producing the same, comprising the following procedures: converter steelmaking→continuous billet casting→hot rolling→pickling and cold rolling→continuous annealing→double cold reduction→finishing and oiling. The weight percentages of essential elements of the shadow mask strip are: C: ≦0.001%,... Agent:

20150099142 - Sintered oxide compact and circuit board using same: e

20150099143 - Method for production of hard disk substrate and hard disk substrate: Provided are a method for production of a hard disk substrate capable of obtaining a smooth surface of a plating film by electroless NiP plating that is not degraded in corrosion resistance against the acid solution and such a hard disk substrate. According to the present invention, a method for... Agent: Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

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20150093520 - Cyclic olefin compound, photoreactive polymer, and alignment layer comprising the same: Disclosed therein are a cyclic olefin compound, a photoreactive polymer, and an alignment layer comprising the photoreactive polymer, where the cyclic olefin compound can be used to provide the photoreactive polymer having not only excellences in liquid crystal alignment and alignment rate but also readiness for change in the alignment... Agent:

20150093521 - Composition for polarizing film, polarizing film, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display provided with the polarizing film: A composition for a polarization film including a polyolefin component including polypropylene and a polyethylene-polypropylene copolymer; and a dichroic dye.... Agent:

20150093522 - Hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterned surfaces for creation of condensation images: A method for creating a condensation image on a piece of jewelry using chemical patterning techniques which create covalently attached (or other strong chemical bond), ultrathin (less than 10 nm), hydrophobic/hydrophilic monolayer patterns on a surface. These techniques allow the deposition of ultrathin films (e.g. less than 10 nanometers thick)... Agent:

20150093525 - Films for inflatable cusions: Films for inflatable cushions are disclosed. Generally, each of the disclosed films includes a pair of web layers that are aligned to be generally coextensive and that are sealed together by longitudinal and/or transverse seals that cooperatively define the boundaries of inflatable chambers.... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging, Inc.

20150093523 - Heatable coating with nanomaterials: Coatings and heatable coatings containing electrically conductive nanomaterial; methods for making such a coating; items with such a coating; and methods for applying such a coating. In one aspect, such a coating is a deicing coating. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will... Agent:

20150093524 - Structure cover: A structure cover including a plurality of face panels formed from a blank of structure material, with each of the face panels including a tine extending therefrom. The tines are configured to be folded in an inward direction, and provide a self-adjusting stabilizing fit for the structure cover when the... Agent:

20150093526 - Water-soluble film having improved dissolution and stress properties, and packets made therefrom: Disclosed is a pouch having at least one sealed compartment containing a first composition. At least one wall of the at least one sealed compartment is made from a water-soluble film having any suitable thickness. The water-soluble film comprises PVOH polymer such that when the film has a thickness of... Agent:

20150093527 - Insert molded splits in housings: A housing includes first and second housing elements coupled by an insert molded split. The insert molded split includes an injection guide that extends between a first aperture of the first housing element and a second aperture of the second housing element and material injection molded around the injection guide.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093528 - Recyclable thermoplastic packaging: Methods and apparatuses disclosed herein relate to a recyclable thermoplastic unit that includes a casing body composed of a first thermoplastic having a first melting point. The casing body also includes a first locking mechanism that is configured to mate with a second locking mechanism of a sacrifice layer. The... Agent:

20150093529 - Flame-retardant resin composition, flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube, and flame-retardant insulated electric wire: Provided are a halogen-free flame-retardant resin composition containing a metal hydroxide as a flame retardant, the resin composition having good flame retardancy even when a mixing proportion of the metal hydroxide is reduced and having good print quality, a flame-retardant heat-shrinkable tube formed by using the flame-retardant resin composition, and... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, Inc.

20150093530 - Silicone article, a tube and method of forming an article: The disclosure is directed to a silicone article. The silicone article includes a silicone composition, the silicone composition including a silicone matrix component, a fumed silica filler; and a vinyl-terminated silicone polymer having a viscosity of about 500 centipoise to about 5000 centipoise, wherein the silicone article has a turbidity... Agent:

20150093531 - Container for precision member and method for preparing the same: A container for precision members is prepared from a polycarbonate resin, wherein a polycarbonate resin solution prepared by immersing the polycarbonate resin in water and leaving the solution has chloride ions (Cl−), fluoride ions (F−) and sulfate ions (SO42-) in a concentration of about 2 ppb or less, independently of... Agent:

20150093533 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a protective film, an optical element and a display device are provided. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition has excellent storage stability, exhibits proper low-speed and high-speed peel strengths after formation of a cross-linked structure, and also has an excellent balance between the low-speed and high-speed peel strengths.... Agent:

20150093532 - Protective adhesive film product: A protective film product for a portable electronic device includes a protective film, one or more adhesive layers formed on a surface of the protective film, a backing layer disposed on one of the adhesive layers, and a cap sheet disposed on an opposite surface of the protective film. Micro... Agent:

20150093534 - Layer sequence repeater module for a modular disk co-extrusion die and products thereof: A layer sequence repeater module for a co-extrusion die includes a cell formed of a plurality of thin annular disks stacked on top of each other in an axial direction of the co-extrusion die. Each disk includes a plurality of openings aligned with openings in the adjacent disks, thus forming... Agent:

20150093535 - Foam wall structure: A foam wall structure includes a frame, at least one primary support member, a slab of polyiso board and a foam layer. The frame can include: a first member, a second member spaced apart from the first member, and two side members extending between the first and second members. The... Agent:

20150093536 - Polyisobutylene-based encapsulant for use with electronic components: An encapsulant for use with electronic components. The encapsulant includes a polyisobutylene, a tackifier, a polymer, and a thermoplastic elastomer. In one example, the encapsulant is applied to an electronic component at a temperature ranging from about 100° C. to about 150° C. to provide a moisture barrier when the... Agent: Itron, Inc.

20150093538 - Terry product: The invention relates to a terry product consisting of a textile base material and a pile associated with the base material, which is characterized in that the base material and/or the pile comprise(s) at least partially a cellulose fiber selected from the group consisting of viscose fibers, modal fibers, polynosic... Agent:

20150093537 - Textile element: (iii) allowing the thermoplastic coating (14) to cool and rigidify so as to embed at least surface yarns of the plush surface (16) in the thermoplastic coating (14) and thereby form a composite structure at the juncture (J) between the thermoplastic coating (14) and the plush surface (16).... Agent: Stretchline Intellectual Properties Limited

20150093539 - Glass laminate comprising at least one shaped part made of metal: The present application relates to a glass laminate (1) comprising at least two glass plates (2, 3). At least one first polymer film (4) and also at least one shaped part (5) made of metal are arranged between said at least two glass plates (2, 3). The at least one... Agent:

20150093540 - Porous material, manufacturing method of the same, and honeycomb structure: There is disclosed a porous material. The porous material contains aggregates, and a bonding material which bonds the aggregates to one another in a state where pores are formed among the aggregates, the bonding material contains crystalline cordierite, the bonding material further contains a rare earth element or a zirconium... Agent:

20150093541 - Composite staple: A laminate design is provided and includes a substrate formed to define through-holes, an initially uncured pre-preg laminate disposed proximate to the substrate and an initially uncured pre-preg staple. The staple includes a main member and legs extending from the main member and being disposable with the legs extending through... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150093542 - Carrier film for transparent conductive films, and laminate: A carrier film for transparent conductive films, including: a support; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer provided on at least one side of the support, wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has an adhesive surface with an arithmetic mean surface waviness Wa of 70 nm or less opposite to an adhesive surface... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150093543 - Blood compatible surfaces: The disclosure features blood compatible articles and methods of making the articles. The methods include providing a substrate and forming a rough surface on the substrate. The rough surface includes a plurality of three-dimensionally curved features each having a radius of curvature of less than about 50 nm. The surface... Agent:

20150093545 - Composition for a silica based layer, silica based layer, and method of manufacturing a silica based layer: A composition for a silica based layer, a silica based layer, and a method of manufacturing a silica based layer, the composition including a solvent; and a silicon-containing polymer, the silicon-containing polymer having a weight average molecular weight of about 20,000 to about 160,000.... Agent:

20150093544 - Method for printing a three-dimensional structure with smooth surfaces and printed article: The present invention relates to a method for printing a three-dimensional structure with a smooth surface comprising the following steps of depositing multiple droplets of printing material at least partially side by side and one above the other and curing the deposited droplets by light irradiation to build up a... Agent:

20150093546 - Molded body, method of manufacturing the same, seat material for vehicles, and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a molded body including a main portion and a bank portion each of which is formed by foaming and molding a foam material. The main portion is made of urethane material which is softer than the material for the bank portion. At a boundary portion between the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150093547 - Metallized polymeric film reflective insulation material: A method of thermally insulating an object that requires a Class A standard insulation material, said method comprising suitably locating a metallized polymeric reflective insulation material adjacent said object, wherein said polymeric material is selected from a closed cell foam, polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, expanded polystyrene foam, multi-film layers assembly... Agent:

20150093548 - Protective mat with bottom surface having enhanced coefficient of friction: A mat is provided for use on a carpeted floor surface, a hard floor surface, or both, and can have a substantially planar upper body surface suitable for interaction with a chair or other support structure. A slip-resistant layer can be bonded to a substantially planar lower body surface of... Agent:

20150093549 - Formed ligneous body, and method of producing the same: A formed ligneous body which has high degrees of scratch-, water- and weather-proof properties, a decorative design surface with a natural and fine woody grain, and high degrees of aesthetic dignity and ligneous properties. The formed ligneous body includes a surface layer portion 12 fiber cells of which are impregnated... Agent:

20150093550 - Nanostructures from laser-ablated nanohole templates: Solution casting a nanostructure. Preparing a template by ablating nanoholes in a substrate using single-femtosecond laser machining. Replicating the nanoholes by applying a solution of a polymer and a solvent into the template. After the solvent has substantially dissipated, removing the replica from the substrate.... Agent:

20150093551 - Roofing underlayment with nail sealing system: A sheet of roofing underlayment comprises a base layer, a water-impermeable coating layer laminated to one side of the base layer, and a plurality of spaced-apart sealant areas between the coating layer and the base layer, comprising a sealant adapted to form a seal around a fastener penetrating the sheet.... Agent:

20150093552 - Method for printing a three-dimensional structure, method for controlling a print head and a printed article: The present invention relates to a method for printing a three-dimensional structure comprising the steps of providing structural parameters defining the shape of the three-dimensional structure in a first step, converting the structural parameters into an intensity image having multiple pixels which are arranged in a two-dimensional pattern and which... Agent:

20150093553 - Transparency document having white toner: A document includes a transparent substrate; a plurality of color toners and a black toner in a fused image on the substrate; an amount of white toner in the fused image on the substrate; wherein the amount of fused white toner is a non-uniform amount as determined by an covering... Agent:

20150093554 - Low-emissivity coated glass for improving radio frequency signal transmission: Modified low emissivity (low-E) coated glass, so that windows using the processed glass allow uninterrupted use of RF devices within commercial or residential buildings. Glass processed in the manner described herein will not significantly diminish the energy conserving properties of the low-E coated glass. This method and apparatus disrupts the... Agent: Eritek, Inc.

20150093555 - Web substrates having wide color gamut indicia printed thereon: A paper product of the present disclosure having at least one ply is disclosed. At least one outer surface of the web substrate has indicia comprising at least one ink comprising a wax or glycerine disposed therein and substantially affixed thereto. The indicia is defined by CIELab coordinate values disposed... Agent:

20150093556 - Wrappable laminated textile sleeve with enhanced flexibility and method of reducing cracking in a foil layer of a wrappable textile sleeve: A wrappable textile sleeve and method of reducing cracking in a foil layer of a wrappable textile sleeve are provided. The sleeve includes an elongate wall extending along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends with lengthwise extending edges extending along the longitudinal axis between the opposite ends. The wall includes... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20150093557 - Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and method for producing the same: It is a medical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet which includes a urethane substrate, an interlayer adhesive layer, an olefin nonwoven fabric, and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for pasting in order and has a moisture permeability amount of 2000 g/(m2·24 hours) or more, or the like. In the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet,... Agent:

20150093558 - Method and article for constructing a three dimensional decorative object: A method of constructing a three dimensional decorative object from a foil sheet and a fabric overlay is the subject of the invention. The method includes shaping the foil sheet into a three dimensional configuration, providing the foil sheet with an adhesive coating and adhering a fabric overlay to the... Agent:

20150093559 - Composite shape memory materials: A multilayered composite shape memory material includes a coextruded first polymer layer of a first polymer material and a second polymer layer of a second polymer material. The composite shape memory material after thermomechanical programming being capable of undergoing at least one temperature induced shape transition from a temporary shape... Agent:

20150093560 - Porous cellulose body and method for producing same: A porous body that contains cellulose nanofibers having very thin fiber diameters and high hydrophilicity, and has a large specific surface area, and to provide a method of producing the porous body simply with low cost. A method of producing a porous cellulose comprises a process of lyophilizing a mixed... Agent: Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co., Ltd.

20150093561 - Alkali-free glass and alkali-free glass plate using same: The present invention relates to an alkali-free glass having a strain point of from 680 to 735° C., an average thermal expansion coefficient at from 50 to 350° C. of from 30×10−7 to 43×10−7/° C., and a specific gravity of 2.60 or less, and containing, indicated by mol % on... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150093562 - Conductive thermoplastic resin composition: A conductive thermoplastic resin composition includes polyethersulfone resin and a carbon nanotube (CNT)-oriented glass fiber. The conductive thermoplastic resin composition can have high electrical conductivity and remarkably improved mechanical physical properties with a small amount of CNTs.... Agent:

20150093563 - Methods for incorporating ultraviolet light absorbing compounds into anodic oxides: The embodiments described herein relate to anodic oxides and methods for forming anodic oxides. The methods involve incorporating an ultraviolet (UV) light absorbing compounds into anodic oxides to prevent color fading of the anodic oxides caused by exposure to UV light. In some embodiments, the UV light absorbing compound includes... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093564 - Method for making shapeable microcellular poly lactic acid articles: A method for making a shapeable article from poly(lactic acid) includes treating solid poly(lactic acid) that results in the solid poly(lactic acid) having a crystallinity of at least 20% by weight based on the weight of the solid poly(lactic acid) and a gas concentration of 6% to 16% by weight... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20150093565 - Process for the production of coated textiles: A process for the production of coated textiles comprises the steps of: providing a textile substrate having a first side and a second side opposing the first side; contacting at least a part of the first side of the textile substrate with a spreadable polyurethane mechanical foam; applying a reduced... Agent:

20150093566 - Wear resistant coating: A wear resistant coating and a method of forming a wear resistant coating on a substrate. The method includes applying a plurality of round particles to the substrate, each of the plurality of round particles including a round outer layer encapsulating a wear resistant element. The method comprises applying a... Agent:

20150093567 - Car interior sheet using hygiene product and manufacturing method thereof: Disclosed are a car interior sheet manufactured by using a defective product (defective hygiene product) among hygiene products such as tissues or diapers including wet-strength paper made of pulp including plastic or super absorbent polymer (SAP). The car interior sheet is manufactured by attaching surface layers such as a nonwoven... Agent:

20150093568 - Window panel for display device and display device including the same: In an aspect, a window panel for a display device includes a plastic substrate formed of a transparent polyimide, and a first colored hard coating layer disposed at one surface of the plastic substrate is provided.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150093569 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, an optical laminate, a pressure-sensitive adhesive polarizing plate and a display device. When a particular block copolymer forming a micro phase separation region in a crosslinking structure is used, and a cohesive strength of the block copolymer is controlled, a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition having... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150093570 - Antistatic block copolymer pressure sensitive adhesives and articles: An antistatic pressure sensitive adhesive composition, useful in electronic and optical display applications, comprising an antistatic agent and a first block copolymer comprising at least two hard A block polymeric units each independently having a Tg of at least 50° C., and at least one soft B block (meth)acrylic polymeric... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150093571 - Precision cut high energy crystals: Crystals having a modified regular tetrahedron shape are provided. Crystals preferably have four substantially identical triangular faces that define four truncated vertices and six chamfered edges. The six chamfered edges can have an average length of l, and an average width of w, and 8≦l/w≦9.5.... Agent:

20150093572 - Graphene fiber and prepartion method thereof: A graphene fiber and a preparation method thereof, where the graphene fiber is a composite fiber of metal nanowire doped graphene fiber, and principal components of the composite fiber are graphene and metal nanowires, a mass ratio of metal nanowires is 0.1%-50%, the graphene is in a form of sheet,... Agent:

20150093573 - Self-bonding conductive wire: A self-bonding conductive wire and methods in which it is made and used. The wire comprises a conductor, an insulator, and a self-bonding outer coating. The self-bonding outer coating is a polyester polyether block copolymer. The insulator is an ethylene/tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, one or more layers of which may be used... Agent: Rubadue Wire Co., Inc.

20150093574 - Electrospinning of peptide amphiphiles: Provided herein are methods for the manufacture of fibers from solution-phase peptide-based polymers by electrospinning, and compositions produced thereby. In particular embodiments, various embodiments provide electrospinning supramolecular fibers from low concentration peptide amphiphile filaments.... Agent:

20150093576 - Carbon nanotubes and method for preparing the same: o

20150093577 - Conversion of carbonaceous fuels into carbon free energy carriers: A system for converting fuel is provided and includes a first reactor comprising a plurality of ceramic composite particles, the ceramic composite particles comprising at least one metal oxide disposed on a support, wherein the first reactor is configured to reduce the at least one metal oxide with a fuel... Agent:

20150093578 - Method of manufacturing alane including desolvation of an alane -etherate complex: The invention relates to methods of preparing α-alane by desolvating an alane-etherate complex. The methods include electrospraying or electrospinning the alane-etherate complex in order to remove solvent. Solid alane is obtained and can be in either fine particulate form or fiber form. The alane can be encapsulated with a stabilizing... Agent: Intelligent Energy Inc.

20150093579 - Method of preparation of alane-etherate and alane: The invention to preparing alane-etherate and alane by producing an alane-etherate complex using an acid including one or a combination of hydrochloric acid and methanesulfonic acid and a metal tetrahydroaluminate in a solvent including an ether such as diethyl ether. The alane-etherate can be desolvated using a spray desolvation process... Agent: Intelligent Energy Inc.

20150093575 - Superabsorbent polymer with crosslinker: The present invention further relates to a particulate superabsorbent polymer composition comprising a crosslinker composition that is the reaction product selected from (i) saturated amines and/or saturated polyamines with ethylenically unsaturated glycidyl compounds and/or ethylenically unsaturated polyglycidyl compounds, (ii) ethylenically unsaturated amines and/or ethylenically unsaturated polyamines with saturated glycidyl compounds... Agent: Evonik Corporation

20150093580 - Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery and positive electrode including same: There is provided a positive electrode active material capable of achieving a high volume energy density and yet superior rate characteristics when configured as a positive electrode for lithium secondary batteries. This positive electrode active material comprises a plurality of secondary particles each comprising primary particles composed of a lithium-nickel... Agent:

20150093581 - Toughened glass substrate and manufacturing process therefor: An object is to devise a tempered glass substrate that has high mechanical strength and hardly undergoes breakage even though having a large size. A tempered glass substrate has a compressive stress layer in a surface thereof, and includes 1 piece/cm3 or less of devitrified stones containing Zr.... Agent:

20150093582 - Epoxy resin-based gel coat for surface finishing of components made of fibre-reinforced plastics: A composition for the manufacture of a gelcoat includes a main component and a curing component. The main component comprises at least one epoxide resin selected from the group consisting of glycidyl ethers of bisphenol A, glycidyl ethers of bisphenol F, trimethylolpropane triglycidyl ethers, and mixtures thereof, and up to... Agent:

20150093583 - C12a7 electride thin film fabrication method and c12a7 electride thin film: A C12A7 electride thin film fabrication method includes a step of forming an amorphous C12A7 electride thin film on a substrate by vapor deposition under an atmosphere with an oxygen partial pressure of less than 0.1 Pa using a target made of a crystalline C12A7 electride having an electron density... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150093584 - Graphene and fluorpolymer composite: A composition comprises a liquid continuous phase and a plurality of composite particles dispersed therein. The composite particles each comprise a fluorosilane-treated graphene-comprising particle and a fluoropolymer particle.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150093585 - Siloxane hard-coating resin composition: The present application relates to a hard-coating resin composition including a siloxane resin, a preparing method of a siloxane cured hard-coating article using same and an optical film including the siloxane cured hard-coating article.... Agent:

20150093586 - High-toughness coating film and sliding member: Provided is a high-toughness coating film having excellent wear resistance, in particular, resistance to cracking and peeling. A high-toughness coating film (2) includes a composition containing a mixture of metallic chromium, in which nitrogen is dissolved, and Cr2N. A content of the nitrogen in the high-toughness coating film is 2.0... Agent:

20150093587 - Transparent conductive film: A transparent conductive film of the present invention has a configuration wherein a nitrogen-containing first compound layer, a light transmitting metal layer, and a nitrogen-containing second compound layer are laminated in this order on a base material.... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20150093588 - Purge wall for three-dimensional printing: Multi-material, three-dimensional fabrication is improved by the use of a purge wall adjacent to an object to absorb transitional artifacts of material changes. The structure of the purge wall may be selected to reduce build time, and to reduce certain printing artifacts such as warping and delaminating. For example, alternating... Agent:

20150093589 - Method of controlling the corrosion rate of alloy particles, alloy particle with controlled corrosion rate, and articles comprising the particle: A composite particle comprises a core, a shielding layer deposited on the core, and further comprises an interlayer region formed at an interface of the shielding layer and the core, the interlayer region having a reactivity less than that of the core, and the shielding layer having a reactivity less... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20150093590 - Method of manufacturing a part with a high quality surface finish and complex internal geometry: A structural member having an internal geometry capable of receive an object and substantially seamless outer surfaces, and that is obtainable by a method that includes providing several small plates, welding together the small plates, removing the weld residue, and polishing an outer surface of the structural member to achieve... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150093591 - Method for producing pot-shaped components in a shaping process: A method for producing a pot-shaped component from a flat blank. The method comprises the following steps: a) shaping the flat blank in at least one deep-drawing step to form a pot-shaped raw component having a substantially flat bottom area and a circumferential frame, b) shaping said pot-shaped in a... Agent: Adval Tech Holding Ag

20150093592 - Integrated die trim and method: A sheet metal component includes a three dimensionally shaped first surface, a three dimensionally shaped second surface opposite and extending substantially parallel to the first surface and an edge interconnecting and extending about the perimeter of the first and second shaped surfaced. The edge includes a sheared portion formed during... Agent:

20150093593 - Slide member, bicycle component using slide member, fishing tackle component using slide member, and method of manufacturing slide member: A slide member is provided with a base material, a plated slide layer and an intermediate plated layer. The plated slide layer contains a solid lubricant. The intermediate plated layer is disposed between the base material and the plated slide layer, the intermediate plated layer increasing cohesion of the base... Agent:

20150093594 - Solution for reducing the blackening or tarnishing of a metal sheet and metal sheet: The present invention provides an aqueous treatment solution containing sulfate ions SO42− in a concentration greater than or equal to 0.01 mol/l, to treat sheet metal including a steel substrate coated on at least one face with a coating including at least zinc and magnesium to reduce blackening or tarnishing... Agent: Arcelormittal Investigaci&#xd3 N Y Desarrollo, S.l.

20150093595 - Slide member, bicycle component using slide member, and fishing tackle component using slide member: A slide member is provided with a base material and a slide layer. The slide layer is disposed on at least a portion of the base material. The slide layer contains a solid lubricant and a plurality of hard particles, the hard particles being harder than the solid lubricant.... Agent:

20150093597 - Hybrid metal and metal oxide layers with enhanced activity: The invention provides coalesced and un-coalesced organic/inorganic films and methods of use.... Agent:

20150093598 - Magnetic stack including mgo-ti(on) interlayer: A stack includes a substrate and a magnetic recording layer. Disposed between the substrate and magnetic recording layer is an MgO—Ti(ON) layer.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150093599 - Composition for magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium: s

20150093600 - Ferromagnetic hexagonal ferrite powder, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to ferromagnetic hexagonal ferrite powder, the average particle size of which is equal to or less than 20 nm, and which comprises, on a particle number basis, equal to or more than 50% of ellipsoid hexagonal ferrite powders satisfying relation (1): 1.2<major axis... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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20150086730 - Super thin foam gasket and bonding tape: P

20150086731 - Decorative member for vehicle: A vehicular decorative member is curved as a forward-bulging shape, and includes a transparent base, a transferred layer, a metallic layer, and a base layer. The transparent base includes a front face, and a rear face. The transparent base's rear face has an ordinary section, and a recessed section. The... Agent:

20150086732 - Combined receipt and label roll having optimal adhesive patch patterns and a method of manuafacturing thereof: A combined receipt and label roll comprises a core, and a web having a longitudinally-extending axis and wound on the core along the axis. The web includes (i) a substrate having a front side and a back side opposite the front side, (ii) a thermally-sensitive coating disposed on the front... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20150086733 - Process for the manufacture of a polypropylene - paper laminate and a polypropylene - paper laminate: The invention relates to a process for the manufacture of a polypropylene-paper laminate, comprising providing a film of biaxially-orientated polypropylene which does not carry any PVdC coating, and laminating said film to a paper substrate using a UV-curable adhesive; characterised in that said film is substantially free from fatty acid... Agent: A Warne & Co. Ltd.

20150086734 - Use of aqueous polyanion-polyethyleneimine solutions for producing polymer films with oxygen-barrier properties: The use of an aqueous Solution comprising at least one polyanion and at least one high molecular weight polyethyleneimine is described, for providing oxygen barrier properties to a polymer film. The polyanion is a polymer comprising acid groups neutralized with a base selected from the group consisting of inorganic bases... Agent: Basf Se

20150086735 - Modified polymer compositions: A process for the continuous preparation of modified elastomeric polymers includes (i) providing and polymerizing at least one conjugated diene monomer and, optionally, one or more aromatic vinyl monomer in the presence of an anionic initiator and a compound according to Formula I, e.g. 2,2-di-(2-oxolanyl)propane or a derivative thereof, to... Agent:

20150086736 - Polyethylene articles: A polyethylene article comprises crystalline polyethylene in an orthorhombic unit cell. The b-axes of the crystalline polyethylene are substantially aligned with the machine direction of the article. In particular, the Herman's index of the b-axes in the machine direction is greater than zero and greater than the Herman's indices of... Agent:

20150086737 - Moulding compound based on a partially aromatic copolyamide: iii) 0 to 10 wt. % of monomer units based on an olefin different from i) and ii), and iv) 0.1 to 2.5 wt. % of monomer units based on an aliphatically unsaturated dicarboxylic acid anhydride, wherein the sum of the wt. % values of i), ii), iii) and iv)... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20150086738 - Moulding compound based on a partially aromatic copolyamide: wherein a sum of the weight % values of i), ii), iii) and iv) is 100%, and the sum of the parts by wt. of a) and b) is 100; which can is processed into moulded articles with improved thermal aging resistance is provided.... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

20150086739 - Unoriented film based on soft polypropylene: Unoriented film comprising at least one layer of a polymer composition comprising a styrenic based elastomer and a propylene copolymer.... Agent:

20150086743 - Conductive adhesive tape and manufacturing method thereof: Provided is a conductive adhesive tape comprising: a substrate that is formed in a nano-web form having a number of pores by spinning a polymer material by a spinning method; and a conductive adhesive layer that is formed in a non-porous form by directly spinning a conductive adhesive material by... Agent:

20150086741 - Conforming securement articles and methods of use: An article (100) for securing an object to a surface is provided. The article comprises a conformable backing (30) having top and bottom major surfaces and a perimeter edge, an adhesive (36) coated on at least a portion of the bottom major surface of the backing, and a self-supporting carrier... Agent:

20150086740 - Display device and manufacturing method thereof: A flexible display device includes a protection film and a display panel, and the protection film includes a carrier film and an adhesive layer on the carrier film and including a plurality of adhesive dots separated from each other.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150086742 - Label medium and label manufacturing apparatus: A label medium and an apparatus for manufacturing the label medium are provided. The label medium includes a release sheet and an adhesive sheet temporarily adhered to the release sheet. The adhesive sheet has a base layer and an adhesive layer provided on the base layer. The adhesive sheet includes... Agent:

20150086744 - Label with detachable ticket: A label and method for applying same. The label has a remaining portion having a front face, a back face, and an adhesive. The label also has a detachable portion removably coupled to the remaining portion via a weakened connection. The detachable portion has a front face, a back face,... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20150086745 - Composite textiles including spread filaments: An article comprises a multi-directional textile of first reinforcing fiber tows extending in a first direction and second reinforcing fiber tows extending in a second direction. Filaments in the first fiber tows extend past a boundary of the textile and are spread. The tows are embedded in resin.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150086746 - Vinyl ester/ethylene copolymer dispersions prepared by continuous tubular emulsion polymerization for coating carpet products: Disclosed are aqueous compositions suitable for use as binders or adhesives in carpet products. Such compositions, prior to being applied to carpet substrates and cured, comprise vinyl ester/ethylene copolymer dispersions, along with other optional comonomers. The compositions are made by a continuous emulsion polymerisation that utilises a continuous loop reactor... Agent: Celanese Emulsions Gmbh

20150086747 - Polymer reinforced composite plywood and laminates: Various examples are provided for polymer reinforced composite plywood and laminates. In one example, among others, polymer reinforced composite plywood includes a multilayer polymeric film bonded to a first ply of wood veneer and a second ply of wood veneer. A second multilayer polymeric film can be bonded to the... Agent:

20150086748 - Honeycomb structure: In a cross section of a honeycomb structure body, shape of the cells is polygonal, and the honeycomb structure body is constituted so that thickness of partition walls in circumferential region is larger than in central region. In the cross section, when among the cells arranged on a first line... Agent:

20150086750 - Bulk textured material sheeting: A process is provided for making bulk textured material sheeting. As a continuous supply of flat material sheeting is fed, the sheeting is repeatedly impacted with toothed knives, each knife creating a row of raised and generally pointed structures on the sheeting to texture the sheeting.... Agent:

20150086749 - Release film for producing green sheet: A release film for producing a green sheet of the present invention includes a base material having a first surface and a second surface, a release agent layer formed by applying a material containing an active energy ray curable compound (a1) and a polyorganosiloxane (b1) onto a side of the... Agent:

20150086751 - Laminates, and systems and methods for laminating: A frangible laminate includes first, second and third webs, and the second web is positioned between the first and third webs. The forming of the frangible laminate includes adhesively bonding a first plurality of sections of the second web to the first web, applying release material in order to inhibit... Agent:

20150086752 - Apparatus for laminating thermoplastic film materials: A laminate of thermoplastic film materials exhibiting throughgoing porosity and comprising plies A and B, A having an inner surface A1 partly in contact with B and an outer surface A2, and B having an inner surface BI partly in contact with A and an outer surface B2, A and... Agent:

20150086754 - Method for printing a three-dimensional structure, method for controlling a print head and printed article: The present invention relates to a method for printing a three-dimensional structure by depositing a plurality of droplets of printing material onto a substrate, wherein the substrate comprises a main plane and wherein the droplets are deposited in such a manner that layers of printing material are generated which are... Agent:

20150086757 - Methods of patterning a conductor on a substrate: A method of patterning a conductor on a substrate includes providing an inked elastomeric stamp inked with self-assembled monolayer-forming molecules and having a relief pattern with raised features. Then the raised features of the inked stamp contact a metal-coated visible light transparent substrate. Then the metal is etched to form... Agent:

20150086753 - Norbornane-2-spiro-a-cycloalkanone-a'-spiro-2\"-norbornane-5,5\",6,6\"-tetracarboxylic dianhydride, norbornane-2-spiro-a- cycloalkanone-a'-spiro-2\"-norbornane-5,5\",6,6\"-tetracarboxylic acid and ester thereof, method for producing norbornane-2-spiro-a-: m

20150086755 - Photocured product: To provide a photocured product having small mold releasing force. A photocured product obtained by curing with light and containing a surface active agent, wherein a peak area of the ether bond derived peak is 3.0 times or more as large as a peak area of the ester bond derived... Agent:

20150086756 - Tamper evident security labels: Labels and multilayer adhesive assemblies and laminates are described that contain one or more tamper indicating layers. After adhering to a surface of interest, upon attempted removal of the label from the surface or other manipulation of the label, the label separates along the tamper indicating layer. One or both... Agent:

20150086758 - Flame resistant fabrics and garments made from same: Unique blends of fibers that incorporate synthetic cellulosic fibers to render fabrics made with such blends more durable than fabrics made with natural cellulosic fibers such as cotton. While more durable than cotton, the synthetic cellulosic fibers used in the blends are still inexpensive and comfortable to the wearer. Thus,... Agent:

20150086760 - Nonwoven web with highly detailed and functionally advantageous bond pattern: A nonwoven web having an advantageous bond pattern impressed by a bonding pattern on a roller is disclosed. The bonding pattern is selected to have a bonding area percentage from 6 to 14 percent, which provides a desirable level of bonding of filaments and/or fibers for mechanical strength, while retaining... Agent:

20150086759 - Resin panel and forming method: A resin panel of which contact surfaces of a rear wall to be in contact with another member are made unlikely to deform while reducing the weight of the resin panel. The panel includes a rear wall having a plurality of contact surfaces to be in contact with another member,... Agent: Kyoraku Co., Ltd.

20150086761 - Method of fabricating light functional substrate and organic light emitting diode having the same: Provided is a method of fabricating a light functional substrate. The method includes applying particles onto a surface of water contained in a container to form a monolayer constituted by the particles, immersing a substrate into the container, drawing the substrate out of the container to form patterns constituted by... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150086762 - Paint film composites and methods of making and using the same: Paint film composites comprise sheet metal, a color layer, and an optional transparent protective layer. Methods of making and using the paint film composites, and shaped articles made thereby, are also disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150086763 - Cover window for a display device, and a display device including the same: A cover window for a display device includes a base film and a coating layer disposed on the base film. The base film includes a plurality of layers. Each of the plurality of layers includes a folding part and a nonfolding part. Each of the plurality of layers has a... Agent:

20150086764 - Method of forming a composite chassis material using a biopolymer: Methods for manufacturing a composite chassis material using a biopolymer may be used to provide high-strength, low weight, and flame retardant structural elements in information handling systems. A method for manufacturing the composite chassis material using a biopolymer may include selectively adding silica, such as silica fume and/or silica nanoparticles,... Agent:

20150086765 - Thin film heterostructures: Bismuth ferrite-lead titanate heterostructures and methods for their preparation are disclosed. Heterostructures may include a metal coated substrate contacting a first ferroelectric layer made of lead titanate; and a second ferroelectric layer contacting the first ferroelectric layer, the second ferroelectric layer having the composition (BiFeO3)1-x—(PbTiO3)x, wherein 0.25≦x≦0.35.... Agent:

20150086766 - Activated carbon, adsorption material and electrode: A method produces activated carbon, suitable in particular for use in double-layer condensers. The method includes a) producing a mixture of a preferably pulverulent carbon material, a base and a hydrophilic polymer chemically inert to the base, b) pressing the mixture produced in step a) to form a pressing and... Agent:

20150086767 - Adhesive tape: An adhesive tape includes a foam base and an adhesive layer disposed on at least one surface of the foam base. The foam base has a 25% compressive strength of 250 kPa or more. An average bubble diameter in a machine direction and an average bubble diameter in a cross-machine... Agent:

20150086769 - Gypsum composites used in fire resistant building components: A composite product includes gypsum in an amount of 60 to 90% by weight, fibers in an amount of 1.5 to 26% by weight substantially homogeneously distributed through the composite, and a rheology-modifying agent in an amount of 0.5 to 6% by weight. The composite is caused or allowed to... Agent:

20150086768 - Polylactic acid resin sheet for thermal molding use: A sheet for thermoforming made of a polylactic acid resin composition containing a polylactic acid-based resin, a plasticizer, and a crystal nucleating agent, wherein the sheet has a thickness of from 0.1 to 1.5 mm, and wherein Re (cal) calculated by the following formula (A): Re (cal)=Re (obs)/d×10−6 (A), wherein... Agent: Kao Corporation

20150086770 - Process for producing urethane resin particles for slush molding: The present invention is urethane resin particles (C) for slush mold which contain a urethane resin (D) and an additive (N), wherein the particles have a shape factor SF1 of 101 to 200, a shape factor SF2 of 120 to 240, and a central particle diameter of 20 to 500... Agent: Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20150086771 - Scalable nanotube fabrics and methods for making same: The present disclosure provides scalable nanotube fabrics and methods for controlling or otherwise adjusting the nanotube length distribution of a nanotube application solution in order to realize scalable nanotube fabrics. In one aspect of the present disclosure, one or more filtering operations are used to remove relatively long nanotube elements... Agent: Nantero Inc.

20150086772 - Methods of filling wood voids and reducing waste in production of coated wood products: Methods of reducing waste in the production of wood products, particularly a fenestration unit, and methods of coating a solid softwood component, as well as coated wood products are provided.... Agent:

20150086773 - Aerated fiber cement building products and methods of making the same: Disclosed herein are low density fiber cement articles, such as fiber cement building panels and sheets, comprised of multiple overlaying fiber cement substrate layers having small and uniform entrained air pockets and low density fillers distributed throughout. The combination of entrained air pockets and low density fillers provide a low... Agent:

20150086774 - Sealing device with improved adhesion: The present invention relates to a sealing device (1) comprising a barrier layer (2) and an adhesive layer (3), and which is suitable for sealing bases in the building sector. The adhesive layer comprises a polymer P2, the polymer P2 being polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) or a copolymer of ethylene... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20150086775 - Soy-based adhesives with improved lower viscosity: The technology is directed towards soy-based adhesive compositions having improved viscosity properties due to the use of soy flour having a particular particle size distribution. These compositions are useful for making lignocellulosic composites or engineered wood products.... Agent:

20150086776 - Novel brazing concept: The present invention relates to a blend of at least one boron source and at least one silicon source, wherein the blend comprises boron and silicon in a weight ratio boron to silicon within a range from about 5:100 to about 2:1, wherein silicon and boron are present in the... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20150086778 - Gas-barrier film and method of manufacturing the same: The present application relates to gas barrier film having excellent adhesive strength and a method of manufacturing the same. Particularly, the present application is directed to providing a gas barrier film having excellent adhesion performance between an inorganic layer and a protective coating layer under harsh conditions by protective coating... Agent:

20150086777 - Laminated film and method for producing same: The present invention provides a laminated film which is excellent in transparency, suppression of interference pattern upon lamination of a high refractive index hard coat layer, adhesive property to a high refractive index hard coat layer, and adhesion under high temperature and high humidity conditions (adhesion under high temperature and... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150086779 - Floor underlay: A product, generally in sheet form, and suitable for use as an underlay for a floor covering intended for permanent installation, including a layer comprising crumb-rubber material and having a first side and a second side. A coating of a high-grab pressure sensitive adhesive is applied directly to at least... Agent:

20150086780 - Heat conducting sheet: A heat conducting sheet includes a first sheet having heat conductivity, a bonding layer disposed on a part of a first face of the first sheet, and a backing separator disposed on the first face entirely. The backing separator has slight adhesion, so that the first sheet can stick to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150086781 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, an optical member, a polarizing plate and a display device. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition having physical properties required for an optical member using a particular block copolymer and an antioxidant or a photostabilizer, which forms a fine phase change region in a crosslinking structure,... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150086782 - Adhesive film for protecting automobile wheel: The present invention provides an automotive wheel protection pressure-sensitive adhesive film comprising a base layer and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer being formed of an acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive that includes at least a (meth)acrylic-based polymer, a crosslinking agent, and a UV absorber, the (meth)acrylic-based polymer including a... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150086783 - Resin compositions for coating substrates to improve sealing performance: The present invention is directed to compositions useful for sealing substrates and substrates coated therewith. Additionally, methods of sealing and improving sealing performance using such compositions are provided.... Agent:

20150086784 - Method for manufacturing optical fiber base material and optical fiber base material: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing an optical fiber base material and an optical fiber base material, the method including: arranging a rod containing SiO2 family glass for core, in a container; pouring a SiO2 glass raw material solution for cladding layer and a hardener into the container,... Agent: Kohoku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150086786 - Beta zeolite and method for producing same: The present invention provides a beta zeolite that is useful as a catalyst, adsorbent agent, or the like, and that is both microporous and mesoporous. The beta zeolite is characterized by (i) the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio being 8-30, and the SiO2/ZnO ratio being 8-1000, (ii) the micropore surface area being 300-800... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20150086785 - Reinforced polyolefin compositions and related products and methods: A granular particulate anhydrite reinforcing agent for polyolefin compositions may be used at a low concentration to provide enhanced composition properties, and particularly in relation to flexural properties.... Agent:

20150086787 - Positive electrode active material for lithium secondary battery: The present invention provides a positive electrode active material for lithium secondary batteries, comprising domain-oriented agglomerated particles, wherein each of the domain-oriented agglomerated particles comprises a plurality of individually oriented secondary particles such that adjacent secondary particles thereof have mutually different orientation directions, and wherein each of the individually oriented... Agent:

20150086788 - Spectrally selective coatings and associated methods for minimizing the effects of lightning strikes: A coating composition for reducing structural damage to a substrate resulting from interaction between the substrate and lightening plasma is disclosed. The coating composition includes a binder having a plurality of pigment particles that have a size distribution of a first portion of pigment particles that are relatively large compared... Agent:

20150086790 - Conductive resin composition and display device using the same: Disclosed are a conductive resin composition and a display device using the same. The display device includes a display panel, and a frame having conductivity, in which the display panel is mounted, wherein the frame is formed of a conductive resin composition and the conductive resin composition includes a resin... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150086789 - Transparent conductive film: A transparent conductive film includes a film base and a polycrystalline layer of indium tin oxide formed on the film base. The polycrystalline layer has a thickness of 10 nm to 30 nm, an average value of gain size of 180 nm to 270 nm, and a carrier density of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150086791 - Applications of a reversible dry adhesive system: One variation includes a method including using a reversible dry adhesive system to reversibly couple a first substrate to a second substrate. One variation includes a method including using a reversible dry adhesive system to reversibly couple a first substrate to a second substrate during building or reconfiguring a product.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150086792 - Process for coating a glass substrate with an aqueous fluoropolymer coating: The invention relates to an process for coating a glass substrate with an environmentally friendly aqueous, fluoropolymer coating composition. The process involves applying a polyurethane primer to the glass substrate, and partially, but not completely crosslinking this primer coating. An aqueous hydroxyl-functional fluoropolymer coating is then applied to the partially... Agent:

20150086793 - Moldable fire resistant composites: Moldable fire resistant composites and processes for making moldable fire resistant composites are herein disclosed. According to one embodiment, a moldable fire resistant composite includes a first composite layer comprising an intumescent resin and a heat-dissipating component adhered to a second composite layer comprising a halogenated resin and a reinforcing... Agent:

20150086794 - Glass laminate and method for manufacturing electronic device: The present invention has an object to provide a glass laminate in which a glass substrate can be easily peeled even after a long-time treatment under high temperature conditions. The present invention relates to a glass laminate including: an inorganic layer-attached supporting substrate including a supporting substrate and an inorganic... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150086795 - Coated composites: A coated composite material comprising a composite substrate comprises a polymeric matrix with fibre reinforcement, a surface of the composite substrate being coated with a two-phase primer layer E and a coating layer A adhered to said outer surface of the two-phase primer layer E. The two-phase primer layer E... Agent:

20150086796 - Ceramic thermally insulating layer system having an external aluminum-rich layer and method: A layer system is provided that has at least: a substrate, a ceramic layer and an outermost layer, which has an aluminum-rich form, in particular directly on the ceramic layer, and optionally a metallic bonding layer between the substrate and the ceramic layer, and in which the outermost layer has... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150086797 - Corrosion-resistant, chromium-free, self-priming coatings curable by ultraviolet light: Corrosion-resistant, self-priming coatings that are curable by ultraviolet energy and methods for coating surfaces using such coatings have been provided. In an exemplary embodiment, a method for coating a surface includes formulating a chromium-free, self-priming coating, applying the chromium-free, self-priming coating to the surface, and curing the chromium-free, self-priming coating... Agent:

20150086798 - Coating composition: An endless belt comprising a polyimide-based substrate layer. The polyimide-based substrate layer is made by curing a mixture comprising a polyimide precursor and a polyalkylene glycol silicone phosphate. A method of making the polyimide-based substrate layer and a coating composition for making the endless belt are also disclosed.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150086799 - Organic polymer compounds suitable for forming positive a-type retarders and methods of production thereof: An organic polymer solution may include about 0.1%-30% by weight of a specific polymer having rigid rod-like molecules. These molecules may include various cores, spacers, and sides groups to ensure their solubility, viscosity, and cross-linking ability. The rigid rod-like molecules are selected in such a way that they form self-assembling... Agent: Light Polymers Holding

20150086800 - Stress-resistant extrudates: Compositions and articles comprising a stress-resistant component comprising a thermoplastic component and an elongation component. In some examples, the stress-resistant component is comprised as an coating component covering at least one surface of a substrate, such as one comprising a medium density fiberboard (MDF), a particle board, an oriented strand... Agent:

20150086801 - Method for manufacturing complex for carbon dioxide separation, complex for carbon dioxide separation, and module for carbon dioxide separation: A method for manufacturing a complex for carbon dioxide separation, the complex for carbon dioxide separation including a support and a carbon dioxide separation layer on the support, and the method including: applying, on the support, a coating liquid for forming the carbon dioxide separation layer including: a water-absorbing polymer,... Agent:

20150086802 - Medical rubber parts: The present invention provides, medical rubber parts that do not physically and chemically affect the quality of preparations. The present invention relates to a medical rubber part obtained by press-molding an unvulcanized rubber mainly containing a rubber for forming a liquid-contacting portion and an unvulcanized rubber mainly containing a butyl-based... Agent:

20150086803 - Modified phenolic resins for making composite products: Methods for making phenolic resins modified with one or more monosaccharides and methods for making composite products therewith are provided. In at least one specific embodiment, a method for making a composite product can include contacting a plurality of cellulosic sheets with a resin composition that includes a phenolic resin... Agent:

20150086804 - Conical honeycomb body having channels extending radially outward at an angle and honeycomb body assembly: A honeycomb body includes wound and/or stacked layers having a geometric center axis, a cavity rotationally symmetrically around the center axis and an outer lateral surface. Each layer extends approximately concentrically around the axis. At least one of the layers is at least partially structured forming channels through which a... Agent:

20150086805 - Method for forming metal structures: A method of forming a metal structure. The method comprises providing a dispersion of metal nanoparticles and a solution comprising a transient polymer and solvent. The dispersion of metal nanoparticles and the solution are formed by coaxially electrospinning into a fiber comprising the metal nanoparticles and the transient polymer. The... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150086806 - Carrier-attached copper foil: The present invention provides a carrier-attached copper foil, wherein an ultrathin copper foil is not peeled from the carrier prior to the lamination to an insulating substrate, but can be peeled from the carrier after the lamination to the insulating substrate. A carrier-attached copper foil comprising a copper foil carrier,... Agent:

20150086807 - Isothermal processed copper cladded aluminum composite: The present invention provides an isothermal processing method for making an isothermal processed copper clad aluminum composite comprising: providing an aluminum component and a copper component; cleaning the aluminum component and shape finishing the aluminum component; extruding the aluminum component into a core aluminum billet; cleaning the copper component; transforming... Agent:

20150086808 - High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet, high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and high-strength hot-dip galvannealed steel sheet excellent in formability and shape fixability, and methods for manufacturing them: A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet has a specific chemical composition and has a steel microstructure meeting conditions: a total content of bainitic ferrite (BF) and tempered martensite (TM) is 65% (in area percent, hereinafter the same for steel microstructure) or more; a fresh martensite (M) content is 3% to 18%;... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

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