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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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10/02/2014 > 107 patent applications in 84 patent subcategories.

20140295108 - Adhesive composition, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device comprising the same: The present invention discloses an adhesive composition, and a polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device including the same. More particularly, there are provided an adhesive composition which includes an acrylic copolymer having a functional group cross-linkable with isocyanate, a toluene diisocyanate-based cross-linking agent and an organic acid stabilizer, to... Agent: Dongwoo Fine-chem Co., Ltd.

20140295109 - Film with transparent electroconductive membrane and its use: The present invention provides a film with a transparent electroconductive membrane including a transparent base material and a transparent electroconductive membrane. The transparent electroconductive membrane has on its surface crystalline secondary particles having an average particle diameter of 0.1 to 1 μm in an amount of 1 to 100 particles/μm2.... Agent:

20140295110 - Foldable structure: The present invention provides for the first time a foldable structure comprising a resilient frame and a coiling-assist assembly for facilitating coiling the resilient frame while folding. The coiling-assist assembly comprises a releasable grasp coupled to the resilient frame at a pre-determined first location. The releasable grasp temporarily holds the... Agent:

20140295111 - Artificial lawn: Artificial lawn, in particular an artificial grass sports field, comprising a substrate as well as artificial fibres extending from said substrate, whereby the substrate is formed such that it extends between the artificial grass fibres.... Agent: Ten Cate Nederland B.v.

20140295112 - High gloss photo media and method of making same: A high gloss photo media that has a gloss at 20 degrees equal to or greater than 40% includes a photo media substrate that includes a gloss-enhancement film on a front side of a photo base material. A curl control material is on a back side of the photo base... Agent:

20140295114 - Children's placemat: A children's placemat including a pad and a tray is revealed. A projecting edge is disposed around the pad and is projecting from an upper surface of the pad. The tray consists of a rear plate and a loading plate. The rear plate is integrated into a front edge of... Agent:

20140295113 - Composite reinforcement component, structural element, aircraft or spacecraft and method for producing a composite reinforcement component: A composite reinforcement component for an aircraft or spacecraft, including a first element assembly aligned in a first extension plane, and a second element assembly aligned in a second, perpendicular, extension plane, the second element assembly intersecting the first element assembly at an intersection of the first and second extension... Agent:

20140295115 - Housing and electronic device using the same: A housing includes a substrate and a decorative layer deposited on the substrate. The decorative layer includes chromium, iron, aluminum, chromium oxide, ferric oxide, and aluminum oxide. The chromium oxide, ferric oxide, and aluminum oxide distribute evenly among the chromium, iron, and aluminum respectively, such that the chromium, iron, and... Agent:

20140295116 - Package formed from pattern laminated double wall hot formable plastic webs with enhanced puncture resistance: The present disclosure is concerned with packages formed from thermoformable webs with improved puncture resistance suitable for use in semi-automatic horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) packaging machines and a process for packaging hard food items with sharp angular surfaces using such webs in such machines. The webs have a... Agent:

20140295117 - Composite material with pps fibres, epoxy resin and/or furan resin: A composite material having reinforcing fibres and a matrix of matrix material surrounding the reinforcing fibres. The matrix material contains a resin and the reinforcing fibres contain polyphenylene sulfide.... Agent: Thyssenkrupp Uhde Gmbh

20140295118 - Metallized polyethylene laminates: The present disclosure provides a metallized polyethylene laminate comprising: an outer polyethylene layer; a metallized acid copolymer layer; an inner polyethylene layer in contact with the metallized acid copolymer layer; and optionally an extruded polyethylene layer; and a sealant layer of polyethylene.... Agent: Essel Propack Ltd.

20140295119 - Preforms for blow moulding: A preform for blow moulding to form a container, the preform being formed of a thermoplastic material, the preform comprising a neck finish at an open end of the preform, an elongate body section and a closed end, wherein the body section has elongate, longitudinally extending inner and outer surfaces... Agent:

20140295120 - Label mount, label with mount, and production method thereof: A label mount of the present invention is characterized by containing: a release sheet 21; an adhesive layer 22 provided on a surface of the release sheet; and a coat layer 12 provided on the adhesive layer, containing a resin, and particles being harder as compared with the resin.... Agent: Casio Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20140295121 - Label media having multiple adhesives and adhesive free regions for use in an electophotographic printer: Label media having one of more labels with multiple adhesives having different adhesion characteristics and at least one adhesive free zone for use in an electrophotographic printer.... Agent: Lexmark International, Inc.

20140295122 - Method for wafer-level manufacturing of objects and corresponding semi-finished products: The method for manufacturing an object comprises the steps of (a) providing a wafer comprising a multitude of semi-finished objects; (b) separating said wafer into parts referred to as sub- wafers, at least one of said sub-wafers comprising a plurality of said semi-finished objects; (c) processing at least a portion... Agent:

20140295123 - Method for repairing honeycomb core sandwich structural body and repaired product: A method for repairing a honeycomb core sandwich structural body according to the present invention is a method in which a damaged portion that is formed in a honeycomb core sandwich structural body where a honeycomb structured core is held between a first outer skin and a second outer skin... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140295124 - Repair method of repair target portion, and repaired product obtained from repairing: The present invention relates to a repair method using a pre-cured repairing patch, and a repaired product obtained from repairing using the repairing patch, and the present invention securely bonds a repairing patch, where an out-of-plane stiffness is required, to a repair target. In order to cover a repair target... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140295125 - Repair method of repair target portion, repaired product, and repair apparatus: The present invention sufficiently heats a repairing material while preventing change in quality of a base material provided with the repairing material so as to securely bond the repairing material to a repair target portion. The repair method of the present invention, in order to repair a repair target portion... Agent: Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

20140295126 - Method for slicing semiconductor single crystal ingot: An amount of warp of a wafer is not only reduced, but the amount of warp of the wafer is also accurately controlled to a desired amount. The present invention relates to a method for slicing a semiconductor single crystal ingot, by which a cylindrical semiconductor single crystal ingot is... Agent: Sumco Techxiv Corporation

20140295127 - Monolayer touch screen and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention discloses a monolayer touch screen, which comprises: a transparent cover glass; a transparent emboss adhesive layer coated on a surface of the transparent cover glass, wherein the transparent emboss adhesive layer has multiple grooves that are located at non-visible region; a metallic mesh layer embedded in the... Agent: Shenzhen O-film Tech Co., Ltd

20140295128 - Hard and low friction nitride coatings: A hard, wear resistant coating and a method of forming the coating on a substrate to be exposed to hydrocarbons is provided. A substrate is provided in a chamber. A film is deposited onto the substrate by physical vapor deposition (PVD), where the film includes a bulk layer and an... Agent: Galleon International Corporation

20140295129 - Method for producing a plastic trim part: A method for producing a plastic trim part is described. The method has the following steps: laying a polymer film in an injection die, where the polymer film has an opaque or partially opaque imprint or color pigmentation which is decomposition-stable at a temperature of at least 250° C., back... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France A Corporation

20140295130 - Universal medicine bottle attachment: An apparatus for attachment to a medicine container has a label with label surface such that it can be written upon by hand with a writing instrument. An attachment mechanism is provided which will attach the label to a medicine container. The label surface contains thermochromic material to indicate change... Agent:

20140295131 - Composite laminate and method of manufacture: A composite laminate is made by providing at least a first composite ply and a second composite ply, each having longitudinally oriented fibers in a thermoplastic matrix. The second composite ply is disposed on, and in transverse relation to, the first composite ply. Preferably, the second ply is disposed at... Agent: Gordon Holdings, Inc.

20140295132 - Production method of ceramic honeycomb structure, and ceramic honeycomb structure: A method for producing a ceramic honeycomb structure comprising a ceramic honeycomb body having large numbers of longitudinal cells partitioned by porous cell walls having porosity of 50% or more, and a peripheral wall formed on a peripheral surface of the ceramic honeycomb body, comprising the steps of extruding moldable... Agent:

20140295133 - Enhanced perimeter polymeric sheet: The present invention relates to an enhanced perimeter polymer sheet. The enhanced perimeter polymeric sheet is generally comprised of a polymeric film substrate and may have a first enhanced perimeter region proximate to a first edge of the polymeric film substrate. The first enhanced perimeter region may further comprise an... Agent: Poly-america, L.p.

20140295134 - Absorbent foam composites: An absorbent foam composite comprising a foam layer having open slits that define apertures on at least a portion of the foam layer and an absorbent layer. A heat set film may be sandwiched between the foam layer and the absorbent layer and have opened slits that define apertures that... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140295135 - Method of making absorbent foam composites: A method of making absorbent foam composites and absorbent foam composites produced therefrom. The method comprises casting an absorbent foam layer having a first side and a second side opposite the first side onto a barrier layer having a first side and second side opposite the first side, where the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140295136 - Single-crystal 4h-sic substrate and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a single-crystal 4H-SiC substrate includes: preparing a flat 4H-SiC bulk single-crystal substrate; and epitaxially growing a first single-crystal 4H-SiC layer having recesses on the 4H-SiC bulk single-crystal substrate, wherein the first single-crystal 4H-SiC layer has a thickness of X (μm), the recesses have a diameter Y... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140295138 - High performance textured piezoelectric ceramics and method for manufacturing same: A textured PMN-PZT ceramic is created using templated grain growth to align seed crystals in a ceramic matrix powder by tape-casting process. Heat treatment then results in the nucleation and growth of matrix crystals on aligned templates. The resulting textured PMN-PZT ceramic has high longitudinal piezoelectric coefficient and a high... Agent: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

20140295137 - Polymer molecular film and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention provides a polymer molecular film, a photo-electronic element comprising the same and method for manufacturing the same. The polymer molecular film of the invention is formed via a deformation process on a substrate. Particularly, the polymer molecular film includes a plurality of conjugated polymers, therein at least... Agent:

20140295139 - Surface protection film: A surface protection film contains a urethane resin formed by polymerizing an acrylic resin having a hydroxyl group at a side chain and an isocyanate, and has a Martens' hardness of 50 N/mm2 or less and a surface roughness Ra measured based on JIS-B0601 of from 0.05 μm to 1.0... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140295140 - Friction surface: According to the present invention there is provided a polymer friction surface subject to sliding contact with footware worn by a user wherein said friction surface is embossed and said footware having hard, gloss interface with said friction surface.... Agent:

20140295141 - Making the surface of an article visibly line free: Processes that make the surface of an article comprising a semi-crystalline polymer substrate and vapor deposited with metal visibly line free and having a diffuse reflectance less than 2 percent. Articles metalized by these processes.... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140295142 - Structured material: A structured material includes a base member, and a mesostructured member disposed on the surface of the base member. The mesostructured member includes a wall defining cylindrically shaped portions. The base member has a plurality of grooves periodically formed in the surface thereof. The grooves each have a bottom surface... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140295143 - Reduced solar absorptivity applique having spaced riblets with pigmented coloration: A reduced solar aborptivity appliqué having a surface layer for adhering to an surface and high aspect ratio microstructures extending from the surface layer having pigmentation or spectral tailoring.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140295144 - Composite structural body: According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided a composite structural body including a base material; and a film-like structural body formed on a surface of the base material by causing an aerosol to impinge on the base material, the aerosol including fine particles dispersed in a gas,... Agent: Toto Ltd.

20140295145 - Lipophilic laminate, method for manufacturing the same, product, and method for manufacturing the same: A lipophilic laminate, including: a substrate made of a resin; and a lipophilic resin layer on the substrate made of a resin, wherein the lipophilic resin layer includes micro convex portions or micro concave portions in a surface thereof, and wherein an oleic acid contact angle of the surface of... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140295146 - Method of forming an article: A method is described in which a composite tape or sheet is processed such that it has an improved drapability when applied to a former having a complex geometrical form. The tape or sheet is selectively perforated across its width as it is dispensed, with a suction force being subsequently... Agent:

20140295147 - Ink jet recording method and recorded matter: The ink jet recording method according to the invention records an image by discharging liquid droplets of an ink composition from a recording head and allowing the droplets to adhere to a recording medium. The ink composition contains an alkanediol having 6 or less of carbon atoms and having a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140295149 - Liquid repellent composition, liquid repellent polymer, curable composition, coating composition, article having cured film, article having pattern of liquid-philic region and liquid repellent region, and process for producing it: e

20140295148 - Photosensitive resin composition: A photosensitive resin composition includes a carboxyl group-containing photosensitive resin, a photopolymerization initiator, a compound having an ethylenic unsaturated group, a non-reactive diluent, and an epoxy compound. The photopolymerization initiator includes an oxime ester compound and an aminocarbonyl compound having a tertiary amino group.... Agent: Tamura Corporation

20140295150 - Method and apparatus for joining together multiple functional layers of a flexible display: The present invention may relate to provision of a mechanism to join together the various substrate layers of a flexible display with optically clear adhesives that permit improved flexibility of the substrate layer stack and may also optically guide images to locations on a display surface that are not aligned... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140295151 - Print sheet and multifunctional projection screen using same: The invention provides a print sheet and a multifunctional projection screen using the print sheet, wherein the print sheet comprises, on a substrate, sequentially a precoat layer, a dot-printed layer, an easily adhesive layer, and a surface protective layer comprising a crosslink-hardened material of a hardening resin composition; and the... Agent:

20140295152 - Aqueous ink jet ink compositions and uses: Aqueous ink jet ink compositions can be used for ink jet printing colored or invisible images on receiver elements. These compositions contain a polymeric agent comprising core-shell polymeric particles. The core of the particles comprises a hydrophobic polymer having an acid number less than 10. The shell of the particles... Agent:

20140295153 - Phosphor based on a lanthanum cerium terbium phosphate with stabilized brightness, preparation process and use in a luminescent device: The phosphor of the invention is based on a lanthunum cerium terbium phosphate, and it is characterized in that the phosphate consists of particles having a mean size of at most 4 μm, in that it has a lithium content of at most 30 ppm, a boton content of at... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20140295154 - Laminate and composite layer comprising a substrate and a coating, and process and apparatus for preparation thereof: The invention relates to a laminate comprising two plastic films and (optionally in between a metal or metal oxide layer and) a layer of an organic compound other than triazine, the laminate having a lamination strength of about 2 N/inch or more as measured in a 90 degree tensile testing... Agent:

20140295155 - Composite component and process for producing a composite component: A process is provided for producing a composite component having a first component element and a second component element, which are connected with one another by an adhesive connection. The process includes forming an adhesive cavity by applying thermally active plastic material to an adhesive connection side of the first... Agent:

20140295156 - Coated article with dark color: An article is coated with a coating having a dark color. In a preferred embodiment, the coating comprises a nickel or polymer basecoat layer, and a first color layer comprised of oxygen-rich refractory metal oxycarbides, a second color layer comprising oxygen-rich refractory metal oxycarbides and a top layer of refractory... Agent:

20140295157 - Window for display device and display device including the window: A window for a display device includes a first resin layer including silsesquioxane, and a second resin layer disposed on one side of the first resin layer and including a polymer having a coefficient of thermal expansion of about ±20 ppm/° C. relative to the coefficient of thermal expansion of... Agent:

20140295159 - Curable resin composition, film, prepreg, laminate, cured article, and composite article: A curable resin composition which contains an epoxy compound (A1), active ester compound (A2), filler (A3), and alicyclic olefin polymer (A4) containing groups which have reactivity with respect to epoxy groups, wherein a ratio of content of the alicyclic olefin polymer (A4) to 100 parts by weight of said epoxy... Agent: Zeon Corporation

20140295160 - Multi-layer bodies made of polycarbonate with a deep gloss effect: Multi-layer bodies comprising: 1) a base layer comprising at least one thermoplastic; nanoscale carbon black in an amount of from 0.05 to 0.15 wt. %; a demoulding agent based on a fatty acid ester in a concentration of from 0.1 to 0.5 wt. %, 2) at least on one side... Agent:

20140295158 - Window for display device and display device including the window: A window for a display device includes a polymer resin layer including a polymer resin having tensile elongation at break point of greater than or equal to about 20% and a melt flow rate (MFR) of greater than or equal to about 30 g/10 minutes (at 300° C.), and a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140295161 - Chiral or achiral, mesoporous carbon: A composition and a method for producing mesoporous carbon materials with a chiral or achiral organization. In the method, a polymerizable inorganic monomer is reacted in the presence of nanocrystalline cellulose to give a material of inorganic solid with cellulose nanocrystallites organized in a chiral nematic organization. The cellulose can... Agent: Fpinnovations

20140295162 - Metal collecting material: The present invention relates to a metal collecting material formed of an organic polymer fiber base material into which a functional group having a metal adsorbing function is introduced, in which the metal collecting material has a nonwoven fabric form, an opening diameter of 10 to 300 μm, an aperture... Agent: Japan Atomic Energy Agency

20140295163 - Press molded article, and method and apparatus for producing same: The present invention provides: a method and apparatus for producing a press molded article from a sheet that contains carbon fibers and a thermoplastic resin, said method and apparatus having improved production efficiency by reducing the heating time; and a press molded article which contains carbon fibers and a thermoplastic... Agent:

20140295165 - High porosity mesoporous siliceous structures: A process comprising: A) contacting one or more of sources of silicon oxide, selected from water sol-uble.silica sources arid alkali metal silicates, with an aqueous reaction medium, comprising one or more nonionic surfactants and thereby forming mesoporous structures comprising crosslinked silicon oxide units, wherein said cross-linked silicon oxide units have... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140295164 - Water resistant low flame-spread intumescent fire retardant coating: The present disclosure provides compositions formulated to provide water resistant and low flame spread properties when applied as a coating to a surface (e.g., the surface of a wood product). Wood products treated with the composition, as well as methods for applying the composition to a surface are also provided.... Agent: Weyerhaeuser Nr Company

20140295166 - Systems and methods for growth of nanostructures on substrates, including substrates comprising fibers: Systems and methods for the formation of nanostructures, including carbon-based nanostructures, are generally described. In certain embodiments, substrate configurations and associated methods are described.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140295167 - Window film and vehicle using the same: A window film includes a polymer film, at least one carbon nanotube film, a metal layer and a protective layer. The at least one carbon nanotube film is embedded in the polymer film. The metal layer is coated on a surface of the at least one carbon nanotube film. The... Agent:

20140295168 - Electrically insulating resin sheet: An object of the present invention is to provide an electrically insulating resin sheet which is excellent in heat resistance and insulating properties and is able to maintain a predetermined shape even after applying an external force to the sheet to deform the sheet into a predetermined shape and removing... Agent:

20140295169 - Foam sheet using cross-linked polylactic acid, and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a foam sheet using cross-linked polylactic acid and method of manufacturing the same, and more particularly a foam sheet using cross-linked polylactic acid and method of manufacturing the same with not only excellent waterproofing and workability but also relatively high foaming ratio and a uniform... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140295170 - Micro-porous polyolefin composite film having excellent heat resistance and stability and method for producing the same: Provided is a micro-porous polyolefin composite film, the micro-porous polyolefin composite film including a porous coating layer containing a polymer binder and inorganic particles, the polymer binder simultaneously employing an aqueous polymer and a non-aqueous polymer. The contents of the aqueous polymer and the non-aqueous polymer are controlled, and thus... Agent:

20140295171 - Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing ingot: An ingot in which generation of crack is sufficiently suppressed is obtained. The ingot includes: a seed substrate formed of silicon carbide; and a silicon carbide layer grown on the seed substrate and containing nitrogen atoms. The silicon carbide layer has a thickness of 15 mm or more in a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140295172 - Method of forming pnbzt ferroelectric thin film: A method includes: coating a composition for forming a PZT ferroelectric film not containing Nb on a lower electrode 11 formed on a substrate 10, prebaking the composition, and baking the composition to be crystallized and to thereby form a crystallization promoting layer 12 having a thickness 45 to 90... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140295173 - Paper coating formulation: The present invention relates to a laminate comprising coated or uncoated paperboard coated with a film that comprises a polymeric binder, TiO2, and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate. Paper or paperboard coated with a film containing tetrapotassium pyrophosphate shows excellent optical properties.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140295175 - Antifogging article and method for manufacturing the same, water absorbing layer forming composition, and article for transportation apparatus: There are provided an antifogging article having a water absorbing layer which excels in antifogging property, in durability and appearance, a method for manufacturing the same, an article for transportation apparatus having the antifogging article, and a water absorbing layer forming composition. The antifogging article has a substrate and an... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140295174 - Manufacturing process for coated polyester film: wherein the one or more coatings is/are derived from a predominantly inorganic hardcoat coating composition including inorganic particles contained in a polymerisable predominantly inorganic matrix; and wherein the biaxially oriented composite film has been annealed at a temperature Ta (° C.) above Tg where Tg<Ta≦Tg+100 (° C.) for a time... Agent: Dupont Teijin Films U.s. Limited Partnership

20140295177 - Film to keep tire surface clean and simultaneously prime for better adhesion of balance pad: The subject invention relates to a method of preparing a tire inner surface to attain better adhesion of balance pads, puncture sealants, and noise reduction foams. In this method a strip of multi-axially stretchable film is adhered to the inner surface of an uncured tire with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Then... Agent: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

20140295176 - Laminate facing for fiber reinforced materials and composite materials formed therefrom: The present invention provides a laminate material having a polyester film and a layer of polyester fibers cohesively bonded thereto. Generally, a metal layer deposited at least one surface of the laminate. The invention may also include a glass reinforced polymer layer formed on the laminated facer where the polymer... Agent:

20140295178 - Method for producing a particle containing porous silica, porous silica, and a particle containing porous silica: Provided is a process for producing satisfactory particles held in porous silica. The process comprises (a) the step of preparing porous silica, (b) the step of bringing the porous silica into contact with a liquid which contains either a metal or a compound that has the metal as a component... Agent: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140295179 - Transparent conductive film and electric device: According to one embodiment, the transparent conductive film contains a laminated structure including a conductive layer and a transparent polymer layer. The conductive layer contains a metal nanowire and a carbon material including grapheme. The transparent polymer layer contains a transparent polymer having a glass transition temperature of 100° C.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140295180 - Antistatic pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical film: Provided is an antistatic pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and an optical film, excellent in antistatic properties, adhesive properties, heat resistance, and low staining properties, and capable of preventing adhesion of dirt and dust in particular and destruction of electronic components due to static electricity. Disclosed is an antistatic pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140295181 - Multilayer film for decorative moldnig, polyurethane resin, and method for producing decorative molded body: o

20140295182 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for electrochemical device: Provided is a PSA tape for an electrochemical device, which can be peeled off rapidly and will not damage adherend materials or the PSA tape itself, or will not leave adhesive residues, when an adhesion defectiveness occurs during the manufacturing and processing of an electrochemical device, especially an electrolytic capacitor... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140295183 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical film: Provided are a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet that has an antistatic property; suppresses a peeling electrification voltage when a non-antistatic treated adherend is peeled off; has a small adhesive strength occurring at high-speed peeling; has an adhesive strength occurring at low-speed peeling so large as not to cause a problem, such... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140295184 - Polyethylene rope with high strength-strength ratio: A rope including polyethylene elongate elements oriented in the length direction of the rope, where for at least part of the elongate elements the distance of the element to a central longitudinal rope axis varies over the length of the rope. The polyethylene elongate elements including tapes of ultra-high molecular... Agent:

20140295185 - Monofilament fibers comprising at least one filler, and processes for their production: Disclosed herein are monofilament fibers comprising at least one polymeric resin and at least one coated filler, wherein the at least one coated filler has an average particle size of less than or equal to about 3 microns and/or has a top cut of less than or equal to about... Agent: Imerys Pigments, Inc.

20140295186 - Cable comprising a silane crosslinkable polymer composition: The invention relates to a cable comprising a conductor surrounded by at least one crosslinkable layer comprising a polymer composition which comprises (a) a polyolefin bearing hydrolysable silane groups and a silanol condensation catalyst compound, as well as to a production process of such cable.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20140295187 - Composite structure: A composite structure having a number of thermoset resin containing elements and a number of thermoplastic elements and at least one interface between the thermoset resin containing elements and the thermoplastic elements is provided. The thermoset resin containing elements and the thermoplastic elements have functional groups at the interface which... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140295188 - Surface coating system and method: The present invention provides coating systems for surfaces and methods for coating and repairing surfaces.... Agent:

20140295189 - Coverlay for high-frequency circuit substrate: To provide a coverlay for a high-frequency circuit substrate, that uses polyimide film and fluororesin, has excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, and can increase workability during the manufacture of high-frequency circuit substrates. Resolution Means: The coverlay for a high-frequency circuit substrate including a polyimide film and a fluororesin bonded... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140295190 - Methods for preparing thermofused laminates: A backer sheet comprising a natural fiber and impregnated with a water-based acrylate resin is thermofused with a wood cellulose sheet impregnated with the same or different water-based acrylate resin to provide a continuous laminate. The acrylate resin diffuses into the pores of the natural fiber backer sheet and the... Agent:

20140295191 - Reactive uv absorber, making method, coating composition, and coated article: Novel UV absorbers of benzotriazine type having a plurality of (meth)acryloxy groups have a UV absorbing capacity and a high solubility in multifunctional (meth)acrylate. By combing the (meth)acrylic functional UV absorber with various binder precursors such as photo-curable multifunctional (meth)acrylate, there are obtained coating compositions having improved crosslinking density, UV... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20140295192 - Interlayer film for laminated glass and laminated glass: An interlayer film for a laminated glass and a laminated glass, which do not cause an increase in a haze value due to moisture absorption and have excellent moisture resistance are provided. An interlayer film for a laminated glass which contains a polyvinyl acetal resin and a moisture resistance improver... Agent:

20140295193 - Polyester polyol resins compositions: The invention relates to compositions of polyester polyol resins comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic acids glycidyl esters with a defined isomeric composition where the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is at least 50%, preferably above 60% and most preferably above... Agent: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

20140295194 - Heat resistant ferritic steel and method for producing the same: There is provided a heat resistant ferritic steel including a base material including, by mass percent, C: 0.01 to 0.3%, Si: 0.01 to 2%, Mn: 0.01 to 2%, P: at most 0.10%, S: at most 0.03%, Cr: 7.5 to 14.0%, sol.Al: at most 0.3%, and N: 0.005 to 0.15%, the... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140295195 - Biobased resilient floor tile: A biobased resilient tile includes at least one base layer, at least one film layer, and a topcoat. The base layer includes a polymeric binder and a filler. The base layer has at least about 20-95% weight of the filler and at least about 5% weight of recycled material. The... Agent:

20140295196 - Composite film and manufacturing method of the same: A composite film and a manufacturing method of the same are provided. The composite film includes an organic multilayer film and two inorganic gas barrier layers. The organic multilayer film comprises a hydrophobic polymer layer and two hydrophilic polymer layers formed on two opposite surfaces of the hydrophobic polymer layer,... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140295198 - Coating materials comprising glycerol diesters and use thereof in multicoat paint systems: the radicals R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, and R8 independently of one another are hydrogen or a saturated, aliphatic radical having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, with the proviso that the radicals R3, R4 and R5 together contain at least 5 carbon atoms and the radicals R6, R7 and R8... Agent:

20140295197 - Pzt-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition, method of preparing the same, and method of forming pzt-based ferroelectric thin film using the same: In a PZT-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition, a ratio of a PZT precursor to 100 wt % of the composition is 17 to 35 wt % in terms of oxides, a ratio of a diol to 100 wt % of the composition is 16 to 56 wt %, a ratio... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140295199 - Composite metal surface: A composite metal surface that looks metallic, but permits effective transmission of an electromagnetic field. The composite metal surface can be integrated into various electronic equipment, such as telephones, remote controls, battery doors, keyboards, mice, game controllers, cameras, laptops, inductive power supplies, and essentially any other electronic equipment. The composite... Agent: Access Business Group International LLC

20140295200 - Selective coating of exposed copper on silver-plated copper: Silver-plated copper particles in which any exposed copper not plated with silver are coated with a polymer or with a chelating compound capable of preventing oxidation of the exposed copper. A method for preventing oxidation of any exposed copper on silver-plated copper particles and for improving the conductivity of silver-plated... Agent:

20140295201 - Structure for tuning weld heat dissipation: Systems and method for controlling the flow and dissipation of thermal energy away from a weld between two components are provided. in one example embodiment, a structure may comprise a protrusion; a first component thermally coupled to the protrusion; a second component having a lower heat dissipation rate than the... Agent: Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc.

20140295202 - Composite molded casing: The present invention discloses a composite molded casing, which comprises a casing body having a mold line and a decorative layer coated on the surface of the casing body to cover the mold line. The present invention exempts the composite molded casing from complicated secondary machining processes (such as processes... Agent: Nishoku Technology Inc.

20140295204 - Composite structure, for instance a coin: Generally, the present disclosure relates to a composite structure having at least three different components, and a process for manufacturing the same. The structure may be, but need not be, a metal coin. In one embodiment, the structure comprises an outer ring and two inserts stacked on top of each... Agent:

20140295203 - Member mounting method and member assembly: A method for mounting a second member on a first member, wherein a pad layer is provided on the first member, and wherein an annular aperture portion exposing the first member to the bottom and having at least one discontinuous portion is provided in a region of the pad layer... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140295205 - Press-formed product, hot press-forming method and hot press-forming apparatus: A hot press-forming method includes a forming step that clamps a steel sheet heated to a temperature not less than an austenite transformation temperature and press-forms the steel sheet into a desired shape by causing a forming concave of a die and a convex of a punch to be close... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho

20140295206 - Substrate for photosensitive drum: A substrate 41 for a photosensitive drum is formed from an uncut metal tube. In an observation visual field 52 in which an image forming surface 41aa of a surface 41a of the substrate 41 is observed in a visual field having an arbitrary size, a total occupancy area ratio... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140295207 - Textile structure for the reinforcement of a polymer material: A textile structure for the reinforcement of a polymer material The invention relates to textile structure (100) for the reinforcement of a polymer material. The textile structure comprises in a first direction a number of bundles arranged in mutual substantially parallel position. The bundles comprise n metal filaments. The bundles... Agent:

20140295208 - Roll-to-roll fabrication of ordered three-dimensional nanostructure array, related techniques, materials and products: Roll-to-roll fabrication of predetermined or ordered three-dimensional nanostructure arrays is described. Provided methods can comprise imprinting a substrate with a two-dimensional (2-D) pattern by rolling a cylindrical pattern comprising a 2-D array of structures against a substrate. In addition, control or determination of nanostructure parameters via control of process parameters... Agent: The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

20140295209 - Material having pores on surface, and method for manufacturing same: This invention makes it possible to impart bioactivity to a variety of materials by sandblasting to form pores in the surface thereof.... Agent: Kyoto University

20140295210 - High strength hot rolled steel sheet and method for producing the same: (where Ti and V are contents of the elements (by mass %)), the balance including Fe and inevitable impurities, a matrix having a ferrite phase with an area ratio of 95% or more; and a structure where fine carbide is dispersedly precipitated in the matrix, the fine carbide containing Ti... Agent:

20140295211 - Method of forming copper film on mo/sus flexible substrate: This invention relates to a method of forming a copper film on a Mo/SUS flexible substrate, which enables the copper film to be uniformly formed on the Mo/SUS flexible substrate in a short period of time by applying current and in which the copper film becomes thicker in proportion to... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20140295212 - Copper alloy strip for lead frame of led: Provided is a lead frame made of a Cu—Fe-based copper alloy strip to improve the heat dissipation in an LED package. An Ag plating reflective film formed on the lead frame enhances the brightness of the LED package. In the Cu—Fe-based copper alloy strip, arithmetic mean roughness Ra is 0.2... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20140295213 - Method for functionalizing a solid substrate, other than a substrate made of gold, via specific chemical compounds: o

20140295214 - Hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles, magnetic recording powder, and magnetic recording medium: Hexagonal ferrite magnetic particles have an activation volume ranging from 1,000 nm3 to 1,500 nm3, and ΔE10%/kT, thermal stability at 10% magnetization reversal, is equal to or greater than 40.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/25/2014 > 105 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20140287167 - Polymerizable composition, polymer, image-display device, and manufacturing method therefor: Provided is a polymerizable composition for providing a thin image-display device that does not exhibit display problems due to deformation of an image-display unit, allows high-brightness, high-contrast image display, and tolerates heat well. A polymerizable composition for forming a polymer layer interposed between an image-display unit in an image-display device... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140287168 - Apparatus and method for attaching an ornamental tree top fixture: An apparatus can include an elongated shaft having a distal end and a proximal end. An ornamental fixture can be attached to and extend outwardly from the distal end of the elongated shaft. A connector at the proximal end of the elongated shaft is configured to secure the elongated shaft... Agent:

20140287169 - Artificial turf barrier with artificial turf edge: An artificial turf barrier including a lawn barrier, an artificial turf, and a connecting area for the artificial turf. A connecting grid is also provided. A method for manufacturing an artificial turf barrier including a lawn barrier and a connecting grid, the lawn barrier and the connecting grid being formed... Agent:

20140287170 - Reflective liners: An apparatus for processing a semiconductor substrate is described. The apparatus is a process chamber having an optically transparent upper dome and lower dome. Vacuum is maintained in the process chamber during processing. The upper dome is thermally controlled by flowing a thermal control fluid along the upper dome outside... Agent:

20140287171 - Method of and apparatus for forming one or more flanges on or in a hollow continuously wound structural member: A method of and apparatus for forming one or more flanges or formations, which may conveniently be inwardly facing, on or in a hollow continuously wound structural member, such as a hollow pole, the method including the steps of providing a tapered mandrel on which to continuously wind a loop... Agent:

20140287172 - Patch bag having separated tear initiators: A patch bag has a heat-shrinkable patch adhered to a heat-shrinkable bag and a skirt between a heat seal and an edge of the bag. The bag is made from a multilayer film with at least one film layer comprising an incompatible polymer blend so that after shrinking the film... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20140287173 - Reactive two-component hotmelt adhesive composition: A reactive hotmelt adhesive comprising two components A and B each containing one or more polymers A or B having different functional groups, these groups being able to react with one another under the influence of temperature, and i) the mutually reactive functional groups are selected from hydroxyl, amine, carboxylic... Agent:

20140287174 - Agent for the formation of channels in an entrained polymer, entrained polymer containing such an agent, process for producing such an entrained polymer and product containing the same: An entrained polymer includes a base polymer, an active agent, and a channeling agent. The active agent acts on, interacts or reacts with a selected material. The channeling agent is immiscible with the base polymer and is adapted to transmit a selected material through the entrained polymer at a faster... Agent: Csp Technologies, Inc.

20140287176 - Nanotube and finely milled carbon fiber polymer composite compositions and methods of making: Embodiments of the present invention include composite compositions extrusion compounded together comprising a polymer, an amount of nanotubes, and an amount of finely milled carbon fiber having an aspect ratio greater than 1 and less than about 5. The resulting composite materials allow for high carbon loading levels with improved... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140287175 - Products for stress control in electrical power cables: A stress control article for protecting joints and terminations in electrical power cables and for controlling electrical stresses, comprises a cover layer comprised of an electrically insulating, flexible polymeric material; and a stress control layer applied to one side of the cover layer. The stress control layer comprises a stress... Agent: Shawcor Ltd.

20140287177 - Fluoropolymer molded article: Provided is an injection molded article, having a projection area in an injection direction of 1100 cm2 or more, obtained by injection molding a composition containing a heat-meltable fluoropolymer. It is a preferable aspect that the composition including a heat-meltable fluoropolymer is a composition containing a melt moldable tetrafluoroethylene/fluoroalkoxytrifluoroethylene copolymer... Agent: Dupont-mitsui Fluorochemicals Co., Ltd.

20140287178 - Polymer compositions with improved retention of properties under mechanical and thermal stresses: The invention provides a composition comprising the following: A) an ethylene/α-olefin/diene interpolymer; B) an ethylene/α-olefin copolymer with a Mooney Viscosity [ML(1+4) at 125° C.] greater than 40; and C) a peroxide; and wherein the α-olefin of the ethylene/α-olefin copolymer of component B comprises at least four carbon atoms; and wherein... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140287179 - Elastomer molded body for medical instrument: An elastomer molded body for a medical instrument includes an elastomer material containing at least one kind of non-olefin-based elastomer, in which a melting point of the elastomer molded body is higher than a glass transition point of the elastomer molded body and the glass transition point of the elastomer... Agent:

20140287180 - System and method for textile positioning: In various embodiments, the present disclosure relates generally to a method for needling a spiral textile to create a needled preform, the method comprising receiving the spiral textile on a bed plate of a circular needle loom, engaging a positional structure of the spiral textile, rotating the spiral textile around... Agent:

20140287181 - Hydrophilic adhesives and tapes and devices containing the same: Hydrophilic adhesive compositions are disclosed that contain a surfactant that is miscible, but not fully soluble in the polymer matrix of the adhesive. This permits the surfactant to continuously replenish at the surface of the adhesive as other surfactant is removed, such as when it is carried away by an... Agent: Adhesives Research, Inc.

20140287182 - Greetings card and a blank for forming it: The present invention relates to greetings cards generally and to Christmas cards and novelty cards in particular. Greetings cards, usually packaged with an envelope, come in a variety of styles. There are both mass-produced as well as handmade versions that are distributed by hundreds of companies large and small. There... Agent:

20140287183 - Rotationally offset penetration resistant articles: A penetration-resistant article is provided comprising two or more layers of woven fabric. The layers of woven fabric each comprise a first series of fibers aligned in a first direction and a second series of fibers interwoven with the first series of fibers and aligned in a second direction perpendicular... Agent:

20140287184 - Mineral filler compositions, methods for making mineral filler compositions and carpets manufactured from same: Disclosed are mineral filler compositions comprising a calcium carbonate, wherein the composition comprises a mineral content characterized by a weight ratio of calcium to magnesium of at least 10:1, and wherein the composition is at least substantially free of calcium oxide. Also disclosed are methods for making a mineral filler... Agent:

20140287185 - Particulate fillers: Particulate fillers possess no, or very low, amounts of coarse particles. The particulate fillers may be included in compositions, such as polymer compositions including polymer film formed from a polymer composition, such as breathable film. The particulate fillers may be included in spunlaid fiber, and the spunlaid fiber may be... Agent:

20140287186 - Deconstructed carpet and method of manufacture: A deconstructed tufted carpet having an at least partially visible primary backing. In aspects, deconstructed carpet can utilize the primary backing layer as a design element of the overall pattern and styling in order to reduce material use, waste and the ounce weight of the finished carpet and to improve... Agent: Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

20140287187 - Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles: Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles removably engage to vertically disposed mounting surfaces, such as rain gutter downspouts. The mounting clips support arms, hooks, plates, decorations, and brackets for display of banners, flags, security lights, decorative lights, etc., on a downspout or other comparable mounting surface. The mounting clips include... Agent:

20140287188 - Stretched structure of a stretched member: Provided is a stretching structure for stretched member, whereby a frame can be manufactured inexpensively without the use of complex and expensive dies, and a stretched material having an attractive external appearance, particularly the external appearance in back view and side view, is obtained through a simple stretching operation. In... Agent:

20140287189 - Building construction sheathing composites, structures and related methods of use: Sheathing composites and related methods, as can be employed in building construction.... Agent:

20140287192 - Honeycomb structural body: A honeycomb structural body has cells surrounded by cell walls arranged in a lattice-like shape. A cross section is divided into a central section and an outer peripheral section. The outer peripheral section surrounds the central section through a boundary partition wall. The outer peripheral section is lower in a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140287190 - Honeycomb structure: There is disclosed a honeycomb structure constituted by honeycomb segments, where a honeycomb segment 2 has a first end and second end surfaces of a quadrangular shape; the second end surface having an area larger than that of the first one, a first pair of two side surfaces facing each... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287191 - Honeycomb structure: In each honeycomb segment, a first and a second end surfaces are rectangular shapes having the same dimension, and are in a positional relation in which extending directions of long sides of the respective end surfaces are perpendicular to each other, and (X−Y)/2 is from 0.2 to 7 mm, where... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287193 - Covering layer for a sanitary article: A covering layer for a sanitary article includes a base member of non-woven material. The non-woven material is constructed from staple fibres and has a plurality of holes formed therein which have a larger diameter than pores of the non-woven material. The staple fibres have a fibre fineness which is... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20140287194 - Mechanical locking system for floor panels: Building panels, especially floor panels, which are provided with a locking system including several separate strip parts connected to the panel edge. A strip part, configured to lock panels horizontally and to be fixed to a panel edge, including a strip body with an inner part configured to be fixed... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Flooring Technology Ab

20140287195 - Production method and tool for producing an equipment part, and equipment part for a vehicle: The invention rotates to a method for producing an equipment part (1). According to the invention, the equipment part (1) is provided with a decorative skin (2) at least in some sections, wherein the decorative skin (2) is integrated with at least two differently colored and/or different structured material regions... Agent: Johnson Controls Interiors Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140287196 - Method of forming single face corrugated board: e

20140287197 - Wind direction-controlling plate and manufacturing method for wind direction-controlling plate: Provided is a wind direction-controlling plate, which is obtained by molding a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition that has high fluidity when melted and which has excellent external appearance and mechanical properties. A wind direction-controlling plate is manufactured using a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition comprising polybutylene terephthalate resin, polyethylene terephthalate resin... Agent: Win Tech Polymer Ltd.

20140287199 - Coatings for cutting tools: In one aspect, cutting tools are described having coatings adhered thereto which, in some embodiments, can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool, in some embodiments, comprises a substrate and a coating adhered to the substrate, the coating comprising a polycrystalline layer of TiZrAl2O3.... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287200 - Compound, polymer, curable composition, coating composition, article having cured film, article having pattern of liquid-philic region and liquid repellent region, and process for producing it:

20140287201 - Durable, heat resistant, erasable release coatings, release coated substrates, and their methods of manufacture: Methods are generally disclosed for forming and using a release sheet. To form the release sheet, a release coating is applied over a first surface of a base sheet. Generally, the release coating includes a fatty alcohol ester of acrylic acid and a curable monomer, and can also include a... Agent: Neenah Paper, Inc.

20140287198 - Ink jet recording method and recorded matter: An ink jet recording method includes discharging a first ink composition onto a recording medium using a recording head, in which the first ink composition includes a coloring material, an alkane diol with 4 or more to 8 or fewer carbon atoms, a water-soluble solvent, and water; the recording head... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140287202 - Transfer mold manufacturing method, transfer mold manufactured thereby, and component produced by the transfer mold: A transfer mold that is used in production of a component by electroplating and has high workability and superior durability as well as a component produced thereby are provided. A method therefor includes the steps of forming a pattern of a desired component by providing a reverse pattern of the... Agent: Leap Co., Ltd.

20140287203 - Protective cover plate: A protective cover plate mainly comprises a substrate, a printing layer, an ultraviolet layer and an adhesive layer, wherein the printing layer is disposed at a side surface of the substrate. The printing layer is formed with at least a pattern. The pattern protrudes the substrate to form a segmental... Agent: Chien-liang Liu

20140287204 - Flexible laminate film: A flexible, calenderable film exhibiting enhanced durability under external weathering conditions. The film comprises predominantly a base layer of a graft copolymer of vinyl chloride on polyacrylate laminated with an acrylic based protective layer. Importantly, the base layer is devoid or contains minimal plasticiser components to eliminate or reduce UV... Agent: Renolit Cramlington Limited

20140287207 - Ink for ink jet recording, recording apparatus, and recorded medium: f

20140287205 - Phase change ink composition: A phase change ink composition including an amorphous compound; a crystalline compound; an optional synergist; an optional dispersant; and a white colorant having a volume average particle size of from about 25 nanometers to less than 200 nanometers.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140287206 - White ink composition, ink set for forming multiple layers, image forming method and printed matter: The invention provides a white ink composition for inkjet recording, including: titanium dioxide having an average primary particle diameter of from 200 nm to 350 nm; a hydrophilic, layered clay mineral; a water-soluble resin; and water. The invention further provides: an ink set for multilayer formation including the white ink... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140287208 - Blackened composite electroless nickel coatings: In particular, the present invention is directed processes and product related to blackened coatings, blackened electroless nickel coatings, blackened electroless nickel coatings including particulate matter, coatings with cover coats, coatings with voids, and the methods of application and products with such coatings. Examples of parts which it may be beneficial... Agent:

20140287209 - Aluminum titanium nitride coating with adapted morphology for enhanced wear resistance in machining operations and method thereof: The present invention relates to an (AI,Ti)N coating exhibiting at least two different coating portions, A and B, having grain size in nanometer magnitude order characterized in that the coating portion A exhibit larger grain size and higher elastic modulus than the coating portion B. The present invention relates as... Agent:

20140287212 - Biopolyester compositions with good transparency and sliding properties: A composition has been made for biopolyester films, preferably polylactic acid (PLA) films, having a low coefficient of friction for improved sliding properties, while maintaining a low haze value for good transparency. The composition, made from a masterbatch of specific additives, produces a film that achieves a haze of two... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20140287210 - Surface-coated cutting tool: A surface-coated cutting tool with a hard coating layer exhibiting an excellent flaking and chipping resistance in a high-speed heavy and intermittent cutting is provided. The vapor-deposited hard coating layer has a lower layer (Ti compound layer) and an upper layer (α-type Al2O3 layer). Thirty to 70% of Al2O3 crystal... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287211 - Uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film: A uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film includes 251 or more layers in which a first layer and a second layer are alternately laminated, wherein the first layer is composed of a polyester containing a 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid component; the second layer is composed of a thermoplastic resin having an average... Agent: Teijin Dupont Films Japan Limited

20140287214 - Coating material for aluminum die casting mold and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a coating material for an aluminum die casting mold and a method for manufacturing the same. More particularly, the coating material for an aluminum die casting mold is provided, which is formed on a surface of a base material, and which sequentially comprises a Cr(Si) or Ti layer,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140287213 - Cover window for display device, display device comprising the same, and method for manufacturing the same: A cover window for a display device which is bendable and having more than a certain degree of surface hardness, the cover window including a base film and a coating layer on the base film, the coating layer including first and second regions including different degrees of hardness.... Agent:

20140287215 - Film having good barrier properties together with good physical characteristics: The present invention relates to a monolayer film comprising a mixture of a first linear polyethylene having a density in the range of from 0.926 to 0.970 g/cm3; a second LLDPE having a density in the range of from 0.868 to 0.920 g/cm3; and a nucleating agent to get to... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140287216 - Method for producing a continuous web of fibers comprising long natural fibers, and associated apparatus and web: e

20140287219 - Optical element material and method for producing same: wherein R1 is —CH═CH2, —CH2CH2—O—CH═CH2, —CH2—C(CH3)═CH2 or a glycidyl group; R2 and R3 are each independently hydrogen or a C1-4 alkyl group; R4 and R5 are each independently —O—CH═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CH═CH2, —O—CO—CH═CH2, —O—CO—C(CH3)═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CO—CH═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CO—C(CH3)═CH2 or a glycidyl ether group; and R6 and R7 are each independently hydrogen or a C1-4... Agent: Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20140287217 - Rubber-based elastomeric compositions and articles of manufacture produced therewith: Elastomeric materials and articles of manufacture produced using elastomeric materials are disclosed. In an embodiment, a rubber-based elastomeric material includes a diene rubber component, a reinforcing component, and a wax component. The rubber-based elastomeric material is provided in the form of a film having a thickness of at least about... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140287218 - Thermally adhesive polyimide film and method for producing same, and polyimide metal laminate produced using thermally adhesive polyimide film: a

20140287220 - Building board and method for producing building board: A building board includes an inorganic board having a surface covered by an insulating coating film containing a coating film forming material and organic hollow particles, wherein the organic hollow particles have an average particle size in the range of 5 to 50 μm and an average hollow ratio of... Agent: Nichiha Corporation

20140287221 - Coated industrial automation device: According to various embodiments, a coating mixture is capable of being applied on a substrate. The coating mixture includes acidified graphite particles, a suspension of polytetrafluoroethylene resin in water, and silver ion doped microporous particles. When the coating mixture is applied to a surface of the substrate, the coating resists... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140287222 - Buffer material and sealing material: A buffer material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. In the buffer material, the content ratio of a sulfur atom calculated based on the measurement result of a fluorescent X-ray measurement, based on mass, is 1000 ppm or less, the buffer material has a 50%... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287223 - Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material and sealing material: An ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. In the ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material, the content ratio of a sulfur atom calculated based on the measurement result of a fluorescent X-ray measurement, based on mass, is 1000 ppm or less, a rate... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287224 - Metal enhanced fluorescence from metallic nanoburger structures: The present invention provides for metallic nanostructures or nanoburgers comprising a dielectric layer positioned between metallic layers and their use in metal enhanced emissions systems to enhance emissions from fluorophores, including intrinsic and extrinsic; luminophores; bioluminescent species and/or chemiluminescent species. The multilayer nanoburgers exhibit several distinctive properties including significantly enhanced... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

20140287225 - Transparent heat-resistant flame-retardant film: The present invention provides a transparent heat-resistant non-flammable film that has high transparency, heat resistance, and flame retardancy. The transparent heat-resistant non-flammable film according to the present invention includes a transparent heat-resistant protective layer comprising a polysiloxane resin containing a particulate inorganic oxide as a crosslinking agent on at least... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287226 - Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing ingot: There is obtained an ingot in which generation of crack is suppressed. The ingot includes: a seed substrate formed of silicon carbide; and a silicon carbide layer grown on the seed substrate. The silicon carbide layer has a thickness of 15 mm or more in a growth direction. When measuring... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140287228 - Coated body wherein the coating scheme includes a coating layer of tial2o3 and method of making the same: A coated cutting insert and a method for making the same. The coated cutting insert has a substrate with a substrate surface. There is a backing coating scheme on the substrate surface, and a TiAl2O3 coating layer wherein the TiAl2O3 coating layer is deposited using chemical vapor deposition from a... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287229 - Coatings for cutting tools: In one aspect, cutting tools are described having coatings adhered thereto which, in some embodiments, can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool, in some embodiments, comprises a substrate and a coating adhered to the substrate, the coating comprising at least one Zr doped layer... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287227 - Joint material, and jointed body: Disclosed is a jointed body wherein multiple base members are jointed to each other through a jointing layer, and at least one of the base members is a base member of a ceramic material, semiconductor or glass. The joint material layer contains a metal and an oxide. The oxide contains... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140287230 - Nanostructured polymer-inorganic fiber media: A fiber media and a filter device. The fiber media has a plurality of nanofibers formed of a polymer material, having diameters less than 1 micron, and formed into a fiber mat. A barrier layer is disposed on the nanofibers to prevent dissolution of the nanofibers in the fiber mat... Agent: North Carolina State University

20140287231 - Comfy tape: A tape device to be applied to a user may include a first tape portion to be applied to a skin of the user and a second tape portion to be connected to the first tape portion. The first tape portion may be covered by a first film of first... Agent:

20140287235 - Complex comprising crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder: The present invention relates to a complex and a method for manufacturing same, the complex comprising: at least one crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder, in which a metal ion, or a metal ion cluster to which oxygen is bound, and an organic ligand, or the organic ligand and a negative... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20140287234 - Fluorescent substance and method for producing the same: (in the formula, M is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ba, Sr, Ca, Mg, Li, Na and K), and emits luminescence with a peak within 500 to 600 nm when excited by light of 250 to 500 nm. In the emission spectrum of the substance,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287232 - Highly crystallized particles and production method thereof: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for producing highly crystallized particles having a specific surface area of 5 m2/g or more. The raw material composition contains a resin and at least partially amorphous precursor particles. The composition is heat-treated to carbonize the resin and improve the crystallinity... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287236 - Hollow nanoparticles and method for producing same: Hollow nanoparticles having an average particle size of 30 to 300 nm and each including a shell mainly including calcium silicate.... Agent:

20140287233 - Platelet aggregation inducing substance: l

20140287237 - Method of increasing the thickness of colloidal nanosheets and materials consisting of said nanosheets: A process of growth in the thickness of at least one facet of a colloidal inorganic sheet. By sheet is meant a structure having at least one dimension, the thickness, of nanometric size and lateral dimensions great compared to the thickness, typically more than 5 times the thickness. By homostructured... Agent: Nexdot

20140287238 - Phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin having low concentration of free phenol: A phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin having a low concentration of free phenol prepared by distilling residual phenol from a molten novolac resin and replacing at least a portion of the phenol with a solvent having a volatility equal to or less than phenol. Such modified novolac resins are suitable for the... Agent:

20140287239 - Graphene based filler material of superior thermal conductivity for chip attachment in microstructure devices: An integrated circuit chip attachment in a microstructure device is accomplished through the use of an adhesive-based material in which graphene flakes are incorporated. This results in superior thermal conductivity. The spatial orientation of the graphene flakes is controlled, for example by adhering polar molecules to the graphene flakes and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140287240 - Fluorinated ether compound, fluorinated ether composition and coating liquid, and substrate having surface-treated layer and method for its production:

20140287241 - Epoxy resin, curable resin composition and cured product thereof, and printed wiring board: Provided is an epoxy resin allowing a cured product that is less changed in terms of heat resistance due to thermal history and has low thermal expansion, the epoxy resin having high solvent solubility. The epoxy resin is a polyglycidyl ether of a naphthol-novolac resin including, at predetermined proportions, a... Agent: Dic Corporation

20140287242 - Fluorinated water-oil repellency agents: The present invention relates to an active energy ray curable compound (A) comprising: at least one active energy ray curable group, at least one fluorine-containing moiety (a1) and at least one moiety (a2) comprising at least one portion represented by Formula (1): —[C(═O)—CH(R)—O—C(═O)—CH(R)—O]n- wherein n is an integer from 1... Agent: Allnex Belgium, S.a.

20140287243 - Superhydrophobic coatings: A coating composition comprising a colloidal suspension comprising a fluoropolymer and fluorophilic particles in a liquid solvent, wherein the solvent comprises a fluorocarbon, a semifluorous material, or a combination thereof. Also disclosed is a substrate comprising a coated surface, wherein the coated surface comprises a fluorophilic silica particle doped—fluoropolymer film.... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140287245 - Dense composite material, method for manufacturing the same, joined body, and member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses: A dense composite material according to the present invention contains, in descending order of content, silicon carbide, titanium silicon carbide, and titanium carbide as three major constituents. The dense composite material contains 51% to 68% by mass of silicon carbide and no titanium silicide and has an open porosity of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287246 - Fluorinated ether compound, fluorinated ether composition and coating liquid, and substrate having surface-treated layer and method for its production: A fluorinated ether compound which has a poly(oxyperfluoroalkylene) chain (αβ) having a structure of block (α)-block (β) or a structure of block (β)-block (α)-block (β), formed by linking a block (α) comprising at least three C1-3 oxyperfluoroalkylene units of at least one type and a block (β) having C4-15 oxyperfluoroalkylene... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140287244 - Substrate assembly, method of forming the same, and electronic device including the same: A substrate assembly includes a first hexagonal boron nitride sheet directly bonded to a surface of a substrate, and a metal layer on the first hexagonal boron nitride sheet.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140287248 - Fluorinated coatings with lubricious additive: Fluorinated coatings having a lubricious additive, articles with the fluorinated coatings, and methods of making articles with the fluorinated coatings are provided. More specifically, the fluorinated coatings are prepared from a curable coating composition that includes both a fluorinated silane and a fluorinated polyether oil. The curable coating composition is... Agent:

20140287247 - Method of forming a gel having improved thermal stability: A gel having improved thermal stability is the hydro silylation reaction product of (A) an organopolysiloxane having an average of at least 0.1 silicon-bonded alkenyl group per molecule and (B) a cross-linker having an average of at least 2 silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms per molecule. (A) and (B) react via hydrosilylation... Agent:

20140287249 - Method for coating, using a chemical vapour deposition technique, a part with a coating for protecting against oxidation, and coating and part: The invention relates to a method for coating, by means of a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technique, a part with a coating (PAO) for protecting against oxidation. The method enables the preparation of a refractory coating for protecting against oxidation, having a three-dimensional microstructure, which ensures the protection against oxidation... Agent:

20140287250 - Color stabilization of cork and colored woods by the combined use of inorganic and organic uv-absorbers: The instant invention relates to a method for the color stabilization of cork and specific colored woods by the combined use of a small amount of inorganic UV-absorbers and an excess of organic UV-absorbers in a protective coating. A further aspect of the invention is the use of such a... Agent: Basf Se

20140287251 - Pzt-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition, method of preparing the same, and method of forming pzt-based ferroelectric thin film using the same: This PZT-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition comprises: a PZT precursor; a diol; one of polyvinyl pyrrolidones and a polyethylene glycol; water, and a linear monoalcohol having 6 to 12 carbon chains. In this composition, a concentration of the PZT precursor in 100 wt % of the composition is 17 wt... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287252 - Polyester polyol resins compositions: A composition of polyester polyol resins comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters derived from butene oligomers characterized in that the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is maximum 55%, preferably below 40%, and most preferably below 30% weight on total... Agent: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

20140287253 - Slide member and method of manufacturing slide member: A slide member provided with an overlay composed of a Bi-based material. A slide member includes a substrate; and an overlay including Bi or a Bi alloy provided over the substrate. A surface portion (surface-most portion) of the overlay includes an oxide layer in which a bismuth oxide, is scattered.... Agent: Daido Metal Company Ltd.

20140287254 - Heat stable snal and snmg based dielectrics: A transparent dielectric composition comprising tin, oxygen and one of aluminum or magnesium with preferably higher than 15% by weight of aluminum or magnesium offers improved thermal stability over tin oxide with respect to appearance and optical properties under high temperature processes. For example, upon a heat treatment at temperatures... Agent:

20140287255 - Cutting information determination method, and strip-shaped polarizing sheet manufacturing method therewith, optical display unit manufacturing method therewith, strip-shaped polarizing sheet, and polarizing sheet material: Provided are a cutting information determination method that can use a simpler process to improve yield, and a strip-shaped polarizing sheet manufacturing method using such a method, an optical display unit manufacturing method using such a method, a strip-shaped polarizing sheet, and a polarizing sheet material. A cutting position in... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287256 - Coating compositions exhibiting corrosion resistance properties, related coated articles and methods: Disclosed are coating compositions, such as primer compositions, suitable for providing corrosion protection to metal substrates, as well as related coated articles and methods.... Agent:

20140287257 - Chromate-free precoated metal sheet having metallic appearance and water-based coating composition used in the same: A chromate-free coated metal sheet according to the present invention includes: a metal sheet; and a coating film α which contains an organic resin A as a film formation component and a flaky aluminum pigment C having a deactivation-treated surface on at least one surface of the metal sheet; wherein... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140287258 - Method for affixing a metal sheet to a carbon structure using a brazing and soldering process: An assembly comprises a carbon structure (10), a metal sheet (40), a brazing layer (20) disposed on a surface of the carbon structure (10). The brazing layer (20) is formed by brazing a brazing material on the surface of the carbon structure (10), and a solder layer (30) disposed on... Agent: Shenzhen Joint Welding Material Co., Ltd.

20140287259 - Steel foil and method for manufacturing the same: A steel foil according to an aspect of the present invention includes a rolled steel foil; and a Ni having <111>//RD texture plated on an outermost layer of the rolled steel foil. Regarding the steel foil, a <111> pole density in an inverse pole figure of a rolling direction may... Agent:

20140287260 - Treated coated article and process of treating a coated article: A process of treating a coated article and a treated article are disclosed. The process includes providing an article having a MCrAlY coating, applying an aluminide treatment onto the MCrAlY coating to form a treated MCrAlY coating, and outwardly forming β-phase material from the MCrAlY coating into the treatment. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140287261 - Process for producing a protective chromium layer: Process for producing a gastight and crack-free protective chromium layer for substrates composed of iron- and nickel- and titanium-based alloys by means of plasma spraying, where the chromium content in the finished layer is at least 70% by weight and a spray powder composed of three components, namely a first... Agent:

20140287262 - Tin-plated copper-alloy material for terminal having excellent insertion/extraction performance: Tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material in which Sn-based surface layer is formed on a surface of a substrate made of Cu alloy, and a Cu—Sn alloy layer is formed between the Sn-based surface layer and the substrate; the Cu—Sn alloy layer contains Cu6Sn5 as major proportion and has a compound in... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287263 - High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet excellent in mechanical cutting property, and manufacturing method thereof: There is provided a high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and the like excellent in mechanical cutting property, which are capable of obtaining high ductility while ensuring high strength with maximum tensile strength of 900 MPa or more. The high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet has a sheet thickness of 0.6 to... Agent:

20140287264 - Ordered stacked sheets of layered inorganic compounds, nanostructures comprising them, processes for their preparation and uses thereof: Provided is a nanostructure including ordered stacked sheets and processes for its preparation and use.... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

20140287265 - Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium including a substrate and a magnetic recording layer formed on the substrate and including a plurality of projections is obtained. The array of the plurality of projections includes a plurality of domains in which the projections are regularly arranged, and a boundary... Agent:

20140287266 - Pattern forming method and manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium: According to exemplary embodiments, a pattern forming method includes: forming a diblock copolymer coating film by applying coating liquid containing a diblock copolymer including a chain of a first polymer and a chain of a second polymer which is not compatible with the first polymer, and a homopolymer having affinity... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287267 - Tmr device with novel free layer: A TMR sensor with a free layer having a FL1/FL2/FL3 configuration is disclosed in which FL1 is FeCo or a FeCo alloy with a thickness between 2 and 15 Angstroms. The FL2 layer is made of CoFeB or a CoFeB alloy having a thickness from 2 to 10 Angstroms. The... Agent:

20140287268 - Coptcr-based bit patterned magnetic device: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a plurality of spaced apart perpendicular magnetic elements. Each of the magnetic elements includes a respective discrete magnetic domain and each of the magnetic elements includes a magnetic recording layer comprising a Co1-x-yPtxCry alloy material, where 0.05≦x≦0.35 and 0≦y≦0.15.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140287269 - Glass substrate for a magnetic disk and magnetic disk: Provided are a magnetic disk substrate and a method of manufacturing the same, wherein the magnetic disk substrate has very few defects present on its surface with an arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) at a level in the vicinity of 0.1 nm and thus is suitable as a substrate for a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140287270 - Hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder, which has an activation volume ranging from 900 nm3 to 1,600 nm3, and a ratio of a coefficient of plate thickness variation to a coefficient of particle diameter variation, coefficient of plate thickness variation/coefficient of particle diameter coefficient,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140287271 - Magnetic recording medium: The magnetic recording medium comprises protrusions on a surface of a magnetic layer such that when protrusions of equal to or more than 8 nm in height as measured by AFM on the surface of the magnetic layer are divided into protrusions A formed of a spherical material and protrusions... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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