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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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02/05/2015 > 97 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20150037518 - Method for production control in stretch blow molding of plastic containers and a test preform: A method for production control in stretch blow molding of plastic containers in a blow molding machine, and a test preform for the use therewith, and a blow molding machine for performing the method. At least one test preform with a regular and/or in particular equidistant, printed test pattern is... Agent:

20150037519 - Media composition: Described herein is a media composition. The media composition includes a substrate and an ink receiving layer that includes binder that includes an ethylene-vinyl alcohol co-polymer with a glass transition temperature of 75 degrees Celsius or less, a melting point temperature of 175 degrees Celsius or less, and/or a crystallization... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150037520 - Thermal clear laminate donor element: A thermal transfer donor element has a polymeric support having at least a portion thereof coated with a thermal transferable protective transparent film. This film comprises: (1) a poly(vinyl acetal) in an amount of at least 50-70 weight %, (2) a second polymer, and (3) colloidal silica. In addition, (a)... Agent: Kodak Alaris Inc.

20150037521 - Pocketed cleaning paper system: A device and method for the creation of a multi-layer cleaning paper with pocket for insertion of a hand, finger, or other body part or object. The cleaning paper may be of the disposable form typical of paper towel, toilet paper, or tissue paper. The location of one or more... Agent:

20150037522 - Decorative container cover device: Disclosed is a decorative cover for cleaning product containers. The device includes a cylindrical cover having a decorative ornamentation on its exterior surface. In some embodiments, the cover may also include decorative ornamentation on its interior surface to provide fluidity of content and design. The ornamentation is customizable so that... Agent:

20150037523 - Heat-reflective adhesive product having high abrasion-resistance: Disclosed is an adhesive product useful to protect elongate material, for example, leads and cable harnesses, from ambient heat. The adhesive product has the form generally of a tube when expanded, or of a tape when flattened. The adhesive product has an outer surface and an inner surface, the inner... Agent:

20150037524 - Sustainable injection molded articles: A sustainable thermoplastic composition made by forming a mixture of virgin polypropylene and post-industrial-recycled material (PIR). The PIR may include a thermoplastic, elastomeric-polymer and a spunbond component. The mixture is melt-blended in an extruder. Extruded materials made from the mixture demonstrate little variance in the results of the IZOD Impact... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20150037525 - Method for manufacturing hollow molded article, hollow molded article, and manufacturing apparatus: A hollow molded article is formed by laser welding a container and a lid. The container and lid are each injection molded from a material containing a thermoplastic resin and have gate marks, formed during molding. The thermoplastic resin is oriented in the flow direction in a molten state and... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20150037526 - Adhesives comprising crosslinker with (meth)acrylate group and olefin group and methods: There is provided an article having a release liner and a pressure sensitive adhesive composition disposed along a major surface of the release liner, where the pressure sensitive adhesive composition has at least 50 wt-% of polymerized units derived from alkyl meth(acrylate) monomer(s); and 0.2 to 15 wt-% of at... Agent:

20150037527 - Cover for a three-dimensional printer build surface: A cover for a print bed for a three-dimensional object, and methods of manufacturing the same, are disclosed. The cover may include a polycarbonate substrate having a selectively textured upper surface and a double coated adhesive layer provided to adhere the polycarbonate substrate to a print bed.... Agent: Ideal Jacobs Corporation

20150037528 - Method for making a decorative multilaminar veneer: A method for making a decorative multilaminar veneer with accentuated curvilinear shapes consists of the steps of: obtaining sheets of wood from a log of wood or from a block of multilaminar wood; superimposing and permanently sticking the sheets of wood on top of one another to form a plurality... Agent:

20150037529 - Dippable flock for elastomeric articles: Provided for example is a method of making an lined elastomeric article comprising: (I) applying to a base elastomer layer a foamed or unfoamed composite of flock fibers and aqueous elastomer, wherein (a) if the elastomer base layer polymer component is (i) not predominantly NR or (ii) not predominantly NR... Agent:

20150037530 - Impregnated continuous graphitic fiber tows and composites containing same: An impregnated fiber tow comprising multiple unitary graphene-based continuous graphitic fibers impregnated with a matrix material, wherein at least one of the continuous graphitic fibers comprises at least 90% by weight of graphene planes that are chemically bonded with one another having an inter-planar spacing d002 from 0.3354 nm to... Agent:

20150037531 - Method for making porous mullite-containing composites: Porous aluminum-containing ceramic bodies are treated to form acicular mullite crystals onto the surfaces of their pores. The crystalsare formed by contacting the body with a fluorine-containing gas or a source of both fluorine and silicon atoms to form fluorotopaz at the surface of the pores, and then decomposing the... Agent:

20150037532 - Honeycomb filter: A honeycomb filter includes a plurality of cells, porous cell walls, and an oxidation catalyst. The plurality of cells include exhaust gas introduction cells and exhaust gas emission cells. The oxidation catalyst is supported inside the porous cell walls in an amount of 5 to 60 g/L. The exhaust gas... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150037533 - Method of configuring composite core in a core stiffened structure and a structure incorporating the same: A method of manufacturing a core stiffened structure includes orienting the plurality of core wafers in a non-uniform pattern onto a first face sheet, the non-uniform pattern producing non-uniform spacing between adjacent core wafers; assembling a second face sheet onto the plurality of wafers; and curing an adhesive to create... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150037534 - Method for bending a composite sheet and such a bent composite sheet: The invention relates to a method for bending at least one edge of a composite sheet, which has at least two outer metallic layers and an inner plastic layer, in which the edge of the composite sheet is edge-bent in a first step and is bent into the finished form... Agent: Thyssenkrupp System Engineering Gmbh

20150037537 - Method of reducing the thickness of a sapphire layer: A method of removing material from a sapphire article is described. In particular, the method comprises the step of providing an initial sapphire layer and reducing the thickness of the layer while not significantly increasing the surface roughness of the layer. Cover plates for electronic device and methods of preparing... Agent:

20150037535 - Organic/inorganic composite, manufacturing method therefor, organic/inorganic composite film, manufacturing method therefor, photonic crystal, coating material, thermoplastic composition, microstructure, optical material, antireflection member, and optica: The present invention relates to an organic-inorganic composite comprising an inorganic compound particle and a polymer attached to the inorganic compound particle, wherein a molecular weight distribution of the polymer is 2.3 or less, and a content of the inorganic compound particle is 96% by mass or less with respect... Agent: Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

20150037536 - Release film for ceramic green sheet production process: A release film for a ceramic green sheet production process is provided. The release film comprises a base material and a release agent layer provided at one side of the base material. The release agent layer comprises a cured material of a release agent composition. The release agent composition contains... Agent:

20150037539 - Glass or glass ceramic substrate provided with a decorative coating and method for producing same: Glass or glass ceramic substrates are provided that have a decorative coating. Methods for coating a glass or glass ceramic substrate with a decorative coating are also provided. In the method, a first, textured layer is applied which is filled with a further layer, so that a layer material of... Agent:

20150037538 - Hydraulic transfer film, pattern film, and method of forming a hydraulic transfer film: A hydraulic transfer film includes: a water-soluble substrate, a pattern-forming layer formed on the water-soluble substrate and having a water-soluble region and an oil-soluble region, an oil-soluble pattern layer formed on the pattern-forming layer, an oil-soluble base layer formed on the oil-soluble pattern layer, and an activating layer including a... Agent:

20150037540 - Template, a method of processing a template, a method of producing a pattern, and resist: An aspect of one embodiment, there is provided a template employed in imprinting including a substrate having a main surface, a pattern including a concave portion and a convex portion on the main surface, and a liquid-repellent layer selectively provided on the convex portion, the liquid-repellent layer having liquid-repellency to... Agent:

20150037541 - Natural-path tearstraps and stiffeners for spherical composite pressure bulkheads: A bulkhead employs a substantially spherical dome having a periphery and an apex with an axis perpendicular to the dome at the apex. A first plurality of straps emanate from a periphery of the dome on geodesics defined by a first pair of virtual poles beyond the periphery of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150037542 - Composite material that includes microcellular plastic, and related systems and methods: A composite material includes a core and a shell that covers the core. The core has a volume that includes a first material and a void wherein the first material occupies less than 50% of the core's volume and has a three-dimensional shape that includes a plurality of components each... Agent:

20150037543 - Polymer edge-covered glass articles and methods for making and using same: Described herein are various polymer-covered glass and glass-ceramic articles that exhibit improved adhesion between the polymer and the glass or glass-ceramic, along with methods for their manufacture and use. The improved articles generally include a glass or glass-ceramic substrate, a surface-roughened coating disposed on at least a portion of an... Agent:

20150037545 - Recording medium and recorded matter: The disclosure discloses a non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing print data editing program. The program executes steps including a background patter print data generating, a disposition setting, and a disposition adjusting. In the disposition adjusting, at least one spacing adjustment of column spacing adjustment and row spacing adjustment is performed.... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150037544 - Reflective photomask blank, reflective photomask, and integrated circuit device manufactured by using reflective photomask: A reflective photomask blank, a reflective photomask and an integrated circuit device manufactured by using a reflective photomask, include a multi-layered reflection layer; a capping layer on the multi-layered reflection layer and including a first transition metal; a passivation film contacting at least a portion of the capping layer on... Agent:

20150037546 - Coloring composition for inkjet textile printing, textile printing method, and fabric: A coloring composition for inkjet textile printing, containing water and a dye represented by Formula (I) [R1 represents H, halogen, alkyl, aralkyl, aryl, heteroaryl, alkoxy, or cyano; R2 represents H, halogen, cyano, —COOR6, —COR7, —CONR8R9, or an ionic hydrophilic group; R3 represents alkyl, aralkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl, or heteroaryl; each... Agent:

20150037547 - Random tile installation using non-random installation technique: A modular textile system includes a plurality of modular tiles having a machine direction. Each modular tile includes an indicium that is randomly oriented with respect to the machine direction and/or randomly positioned on the tile. The modular tiles are positioned in an installation with the indicia arranged in a... Agent:

20150037548 - Adherent water vapour permeable air and moisture barrier sheet material: A water vapour-permeable building sheet material, that may be adhered in overlapping relationship against a building structure, includes a water vapour permeable membrane having first and second opposing surfaces, wherein the surface energy of the second opposing surface is less than 35 mN/m; an adhesive layer that is vapour permeable,... Agent: Ewald Doerken Ag

20150037549 - Panel and method of producing same: A method of producing a panel for lining or cladding an aircraft interior, such as an aircraft cargo hold includes arranging at least one resin layer of a thermo-plastic polymer and at least one reinforcement layer of reinforcement fibres upon one another in a stack, wherein each resin layer extends... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150037550 - Silver-containing aqueous ink formulation for producing electrically conductive structures, and ink jet printing method for producing such electrically conductive structures: where the sum of the total proportions in the ink formulation adds up to 100% by weight in each case. It further relates to a process for producing such ink formulations and to a process for producing electrically conductive structures and/or coatings on a substrate, and to the use of... Agent: Bayer Technology Services Gmbh

20150037551 - Coating barrier layer and manufacturing process: Coating barrier layer and manufacturing process, for coating a base substrate, comprising said barrier layer a group of, at least, an inorganic layer and a polymeric layer, where a metal rich interface layer is disposed between the inorganic layer and the polymeric layer.... Agent: Asociaci&#xd3 N De La Industria Navarra (ain)

20150037552 - High cte potassium borosilicate core glasses and glass articles comprising the same: High CTE glass compositions and laminated glass articles formed from the same are described. In one embodiment, a glass composition may include from about 70 mol. % to about 80 mol. % SiO2, from about 0 mol. % to about 8 mol. % Al2O3, and from about 3 mol. %... Agent:

20150037553 - Low cte alkali-free boroaluminosilicate glass compositions and glass articles comprising the same: Low CTE glass compositions and glass articles formed from the same are described. In one embodiment, a glass composition includes from about 60 mol. % to about 66 mol. % SiO2; from about 7 mol. % to about 10 mol. % AI2O3; and from about 14 mol. % to about... Agent:

20150037554 - Methods and apparatus providing a substrate having a coating with an elastic modulus gradient: Methods and apparatus are provide for: a substrate having first and second opposing surfaces, and an elastic modulus; and layer(s) having a thickness between first and second opposing surfaces thereof, the first surface of the layer contacting the second surface of the substrate, forming an interface. The layer may exhibit... Agent:

20150037555 - Polyurethane adhesive film: A thin self-supporting adhesive film is claimed that includes a first polyurethane and a solid surface-deactivated isocyanate.... Agent:

20150037556 - Biaxially oriented matte polypropylene film: A multi-layer biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with a novel formulation which exhibits matte appearance is disclosed. This improved formulation comprises a blend of high density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) or linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) with polypropylene (PP) used in the core layer... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20150037558 - Method for manufacturing a magnetocaloric element, and magnetocaloric element thus obtained: m

20150037559 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive:

20150037560 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive:

20150037557 - Sustainable polymer films: Sustainable film compositions and articles including recycled elastomer. The compositions comprise one or more virgin polymers. Optionally, the films may also include one or more compatibilizers having compatibility with the polymers and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) such as a block copolymer with a hard block and a soft block. Multi-... Agent:

20150037561 - Epoxy resin formulations for textiles, mats and other fibrous reinforcements for composite applications: This invention relates to epoxy resin formulations for preforms to be used in molding processes, especially resin transfer molding processes and to methods for preparing the performs. The epoxy formulation is based on liquid or solid epoxy resins blended, with medium to high molecular weight, phenoxy resins. These formulations are... Agent: Momentive Specialty Chemicals

20150037562 - Polyolefin fiber: The invention relates to a gel-spun fiber comprising a polyolefin polymer forming a fiber body, wherein a stabilizer is present inside the fiber body, characterized in that the amount of said stabilizer is between 0.001 and 10 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the amount of... Agent:

20150037563 - Coating material for a glass or glass ceramic substrate, and coated glass or glass ceramic substrate: A coating material is provided that includes a sol-gel coating system, pigments, and chain-like or fibrous nanoparticles. The coating system is stable at high temperatures and is suitable for glass or glass-ceramic substrates having a low thermal expansion coefficient.... Agent: Schott Ag

20150037564 - Composite material, manufacturing process therefor and uses thereof: A process for producing a composite material comprising the steps of: providing mm-sized particles comprising at least particles of a porous optionally at least partially compressed open-cell melamine formaldehyde resin and mm-sized particles of at least one non-rigid foamed resin; mixing said particles with at least one reactive adhesive in... Agent: Go4hit.bvba

20150037565 - Tamper evident documents and inks: A tamper evident document, a process of preparing the tamper evident document, and a tamper evident ink. The tamper evident document includes a paper substrate having a face for providing information, and a tamper evident ink applied on the face of the paper substrate. The tamper evident ink includes (i)... Agent:

20150037566 - Laminate having a top coat layer containing flaky metal oxide fine particles: The laminate comprises a base layer, a hard coat layer and a top coat layer containing flaky metal oxide fine particles all of which are formed in the mentioned order. The flaky metal oxide fine particles are hardened by at least one method selected from the group consisting of ionizing... Agent: Central Japan Railway Company

20150037567 - Polymethylmethacrylate based hardcoat composition and coated article: A coating composition is disclosed. The coating composition includes a poly(methyl methacrylate) polymer or copolymer having a weight average molecular weight of at least 50,000 grams per mole; monomer comprising at least one of an alkylene diacrylate, alkylene dimethacrylate, cycloalkylene diacrylate, or cycloalkylenedimethacrylate, wherein the at least one of an... Agent:

20150037570 - Anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for self-cleaning properties: The disclosure discloses abrasion resistant, persistently hydrophobic and oleophobic, anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for glass. The coatings described herein have wide application, including for example the front cover glass of solar modules. Methods of applying the coatings using various apparatus are disclosed. Methods for using the coatings in solar energy... Agent:

20150037568 - Conductive hard carbon film and method for forming the same: A film is formed under vacuum by a step of purifying and/or flattening the base material (13) by irradiating the base material (13) with a gas cluster ion beam (4a); by a step of forming an intermediate layer film by evaporating/vaporizing an intermediate layer film forming material, allowing the evaporated/vaporized... Agent: Nomura Plating Co., Ltd.

20150037571 - Glass compositions with improved chemical and mechanical durability: The embodiments described herein relate to chemically and mechanically durable glass compositions and glass articles formed from the same. In another embodiment, a glass composition may include from about 70 mol. % to about 80 mol. % SiO2; from about 3 mol. % to about 13 mol. % alkaline earth... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150037569 - Reflective coating systems for reflector lamps, methods therefor, and lamps equipped therewith: Reflective coating systems, methods for depositing such coating systems, and lamps equipped with such coating systems. The reflective coating systems include an intermediate metallic layer overlying a substrate and consisting of nickel, chromium or a Ni—Cr alloy, a reflective metallic layer containing silver and overlying the intermediate metallic layer, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20150037575 - Curable heat radiation composition: The present invention relates to a curable heat radiation composition which includes two types of fillers with different compressive breaking strengths (except when the two types of fillers are the same substance) and a thermosetting resin, the compressive breaking strength ratio of the two types of fillers [compressive breaking strength... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150037576 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical member: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having a supporting film, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed from a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition on one surface of the supporting film, and a top coat layer on the other surface opposite to the surface having the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the supporting film, wherein the top... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150037577 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical member: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having a supporting film, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed from a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition on one surface of the supporting film, and a top coat layer on the other surface opposite to the surface having the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the supporting film, wherein the top... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150037578 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical member: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet having a supporting film, a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed from a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition on one surface of the supporting film, and a top coat layer on the other surface opposite to the surface having the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of the supporting film, wherein the top... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150037572 - Surface protective film and optical component: Provided is a surface protective film, which has a substrate having a topcoat layer containing a lubricating property imparting component and rarely whitened and an adhesive layer formed of a water dispersible acrylic adhesive composition, and which is excellent in removability etc. A surface protective film having: a substrate; and... Agent:

20150037573 - Surface protective film and optical component: Provided is a surface protective film, which has a substrate having a topcoat layer containing a lubricating property-imparting component and rarely whitened and an adhesive layer formed of a water dispersible acrylic adhesive composition, and which is excellent in appearance characteristics, etc. A surface protective film has a substrate; and... Agent:

20150037574 - Surface protective film and optical component: o

20150037579 - Hot melt adhesive composition for bonding packs of containers: The present invention relates to a hot melt adhesive composition comprising homogeneous linear or substantially linear ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers, block copolymers, tackifying resins and waxes, and their use in the bonding of bundles of containers such as bottles or cans into packs.... Agent:

20150037580 - Process for preparing a filled polymer extrudate: A process for preparing a filled polymer extrudate, with which a flowable composition is made, composed of a carrier fluid and reinforcing agents or filler material (9), or coloring pigments (12 added to them in a first extruder (2) and a polymer melt of a thermoplastic polymer (16) in a... Agent:

20150037581 - Cable having strength member with bonded polymer coatings to create continuously bonded jacketed strength member system: The present disclosure comprises providing a cable core encased in a polymeric layer, cabling a first armor wire layer about the cable core, cabling a second armor wire layer about the first armor wire layer to form the cable, each of the armor wire layers comprising a plurality of strength... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150037582 - Continuous process for coating steel wire cord: Continuous processes for producing a coated steel wire are provided. The processes entail wetting steel wire in an aqueous solution comprising at least 95% water and 0.01 to 5% weight/weight of the carboxylic acid salt of an alkoxy modified silsesquioxane of formula (I), evaporating water from the wet coated steel... Agent: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC

20150037584 - Grinding of an alkali or alkaline earth metal borohydride: A method for grinding a solid composition comprising an alkali or alkaline earth metal borohydride to produce a solid composition having a stable average particle size by grinding the alkali or alkaline earth metal borohydride in the presence of fumed silica, magnesium carbonate, or a combination thereof.... Agent:

20150037585 - Ligand passivated gold nanoparticles: The invention provides novel gold nanoclusters of the formula Au20(SR)15(weak ligand), wherein each R is independently an organic group, and the weak ligand is a weakly associating gold ligand of Formula I as described herein. The nanocluster can have an approximate molecular weight of 6 kDa. Corresponding dimers of the... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20150037583 - Process for the joint production of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate: Process for producing sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate in a continuous mode out of trona comprising: c) feeding crushed trona, an extraction water and an additive in a first leaching tank containing a dissolution solution comprising sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, wherein the additive is selected from the group consisting... Agent:

20150037586 - Hybrid soda-lime silicate and aluminosilicate glass articles: A glass article is provided having from greater than or equal to about 40 mol % to less than or equal to about 68 mol % SiO2, less than or equal to about 11 mol % Al2O3, an R2O:R′O molar ratio of from greater than or equal to about 1:1... Agent:

20150037587 - Solid freeform fabrication of easily removeable support constructions: A support construction for a volume generated by solid freeform fabrication, where the support construction includes layers of supporting materials, such layers comprising a continuous strip of material within such volume such that when the strip is lifted or pulled, the layers of supporting materials including the strip are removed... Agent:

20150037588 - Photosensitive resin composition, cured product thereof, and printed wiring board: Provided is a photosensitive resin composition which has excellent heat resistance, pore explosion resistance, empty foam resistance and crack resistance. A photosensitive resin composition of the present invention contains (A) a carboxyl group-containing resin, (B) a photopolymerization initiator, (C) a diluent solvent, (D) a compound that has two or more... Agent: Taiyo Ink (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

20150037589 - Resin composition, resin varnish, prepreg, metal-clad laminated board and printed wiring board: The present invention relates to a resin composition that becomes a cured product that exhibits force response behavior such that an area surrounded by a tensile stress-strain curve f1(x), when an amount of strain is increased from 0% to 0.3% by pulling at 999 μm/min while plotting the amount of... Agent:

20150037590 - Coating agent compositions, coatings made therefrom and exhibiting high scratch resistance and good polishability, and use thereof: and mixtures of two or more of the foregoing, wherein the compound (B1) is in an amount such that the binder fraction of the compound (B1) is between 5% and 45% by weight, based on the sum of the binder fraction of the compound (B1) and of the compound (B2),... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20150037591 - Multilayer film-forming method and coated article: A method of forming a multilayer coating film with smoothness, distinct image, adhesion and water resistance when a plurality of uncured coating films are cured at once, and especially when cured at low temperature. The method includes the following steps 1-1 to 1-4: step 1-1: coating an article with a... Agent: Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

20150037592 - Polyurethane coating composition: A polymer useful in coating compositions is described. The polymer is preferably an unsaturated polyurethane polymer, which preferably has an iodine value of at least 10. The polymer may be combined with one or more liquid carriers to form a liquid coating composition useful in coating a variety of substrates,... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150037593 - Laminated product, an apparatus and a method for forming a laminated product: There is a method for forming a laminated product having a first substrate and a second substrate. The method may comprise applying a liquid adhesive on a surface of the first substrate for bonding the first substrate to the second substrate. The liquid adhesive located on a circumferential periphery of... Agent: Trimech Technology Pte. Ltd.

20150037594 - Glass composition, sealing material, and sealed package: It is an object to provide a glass composition in which foaming due to a reaction with a nitride film is suppressed. A glass composition contains, in mole percentage based on following oxides, 30% to 90% of TeO2, 0% to 60% of ZnO, 0% to 24% of B2O3, 0% to... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150037596 - Adhesive sheet: An adhesive sheet comprising a hot-melt adhesive layer. The hot-melt type adhesive layer comprises a modified polymer (A) to which a cross-linkable group is bonded and a polyolefin (B). The adhesive sheet can adhere to various adherends and the adhesive becomes less likely to squeeze out from an adherend in... Agent:

20150037595 - Coatings: A coating is disclosed. The coating may be used in an apparatus having a radiation source, e.g. a lithographic apparatus. The coating comprises the elements Si, O, F and, optionally, C and H. An article is also disclosed. The article may be any one of the group consisting of a... Agent: Asml Netherlands B.v.

20150037597 - Three-dimensional copper nanostructure and fabrication method thereof: This invention relates to a method of fabricating a three-dimensional copper nanostructure, including manufacturing a specimen configured to include a SiO2 mask; performing multi-directional slanted plasma etching to form a three-dimensional etching structure layer on the specimen; performing plating so that a multi-directional slanted plasma etched portion of the specimen... Agent: Ajou University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

20150037598 - Crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels: Zwitterionic crosslinking agents, crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels prepared from copolymerization of zwitterionic monomers with the zwitterionic crosslinking agent, methods for making crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels, and devices that include and methods that use the crosslinked zwitterionic hydrogels.... Agent: University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

20150037599 - Method of manufacturing a component: An additive layer manufacture (ALM) machine generates a first electron beam for selectively melting a layer of metal powder, and a second electron beam for detecting defects in the selectively melted layer once it has solidified. The second electron beam has a lower power than the first electron beam so... Agent:

20150037600 - Method for producing a punch rivet join and composite part: A method for producing a punch-riveted connection between a first component and a second component having a flat cross-section, and a composite component that includes the first component and the second component.... Agent:

20150037601 - Method of manufacturing a component: An additive layer manufacture (ALM) machine comprises an energy source (180) for selectively melting a layer of metal powder (500), and an electron beam (110) for determining the shape of the selectively melted solid layer (320) once it has solidified. The shape is determined by detecting backscattered electrons (130) from... Agent:

20150037602 - System and method for high temperature die casting tooling: A die casting and a method for die casting a metal having a melting temperature of at least 1500° F. (815° C.) are disclosed. A molten volume of metal is injected to a casting die which includes a main cavity corresponding to an as-cast structure, a first reservoir, and a... Agent:

20150037603 - Articles including metal structures having maximized bond adhesion and bond reliability, and methods of forming the same: Methods of effecting bond adhesion between metal structures, methods of preparing articles including bonded metal structures, and articles including bonded metal structures are provided herein. In an embodiment, a method of effecting bond adhesion between metal structures includes forming a first metal structure on a substrate. The first metal structure... Agent: Globalfoundries, Inc.

20150037604 - Polymer coated substrate for packaging applications and a method for producing said coated substrate: This relates to a coated substrate for packaging applications and a method for producing the coated substrate.... Agent:

20150037605 - Multilayer structure as reflector with increased mechanical stability: The present invention relates to a multilayer structure as a reflector with increased mechanical stability, which comprises a substrate layer A, a barrier layer B, a metallic reflector layer C, an optional layer D, a plasma polymer layer E, and a covering layer comprising inorganic constituents, and the covering layer... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20150037606 - Electrolytic copper foil, cleaning fluid composition and method for cleaning copper foil: An electrolytic copper foil includes a copper foil body; and a IIA-group metal adhered to a surface of the copper foil body, wherein a signal strength of the IIA group metal is greater than 0.1% based on a signal strength of copper element as 100% analyzed by a secondary ion... Agent: Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20150037607 - Aluminum alloy brazing sheet and method for producing the same: An aluminum alloy brazing sheet makes it possible to implement a stable brazability equal to that achieved by brazing using flux even if an etching treatment is not performed on the brazing site. The aluminum alloy brazing sheet is used to braze aluminum in an inert gas atmosphere without using... Agent:

20150037608 - Silver-plated product: There is provided a silver-plated product wherein a silver plating film having a thickness of not greater than 10 micrometers is formed on a base material of copper or a copper alloy and wherein the surface of the silver plating film has an arithmetic average roughness Ra of not greater... Agent:

20150037609 - Nano-grained multilayer copper alloy sheet having high strength and high electrical conductivity, and method for manufacturing same: In a high strength and high electrical conductive nano crystalline grain multi-layer copper alloy sheet, a plurality of high strength and high electrical conductive nano crystalline grain multi-layer sheets manufactured by roll-bonding an oxygen free copper (OFC) alloy sheet and a deoxidized low-phosphorous copper (DLP) alloy sheet are plastically bonded... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20150037610 - Cold-rolled steel sheet and process for manufacturing same: A high-strength cold-rolled steel sheet includes a composition having controlled amounts of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, titanium, niobium, sol. Aluminum, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, boron, calcium, REM, and iron. A microstructure thereof has a main phase of ferrite of at least 40 area %, and a second phase of a... Agent:

20150037611 - Wiring board, mounting structure using same, and method of manufacturing wiring board: A wiring board (3) according to an embodiment of the present invention includes an inorganic insulating layer (11A); a first resin layer (12A) on one main surface of the inorganic insulating layer (11A); a second resin layer (13A) on another main surface of the inorganic insulating layer (11A); and a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20150037612 - Surface-coated cutting tool and method of manufacturing the same: A surface-coated cutting tool of the present invention includes a base material and a coating film formed on the base material. The coating film includes at least one TiB2 layer. The TiB2 layer has TC (100) that shows a maximum value in an orientation index TC (hkl), or has a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.

20150037613 - Magnetic devices with overcoats: A magnetic device including a magnetic writer; and an overcoat positioned over at least the magnetic writer, the overcoat including tantalum oxide (TayOx), where y ranges from about 1 to 2 and x ranges from about 2 to 5, or mixtures thereof.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150037614 - Composition and method for planarized bit-patterned magnetic media: The present disclosure relates to a planarized bit-patterned magnetic medium that has a magnetic layer, including island regions and trench regions, a first carbon layer applied over the magnetic layer, and a second carbon layer applied over the first carbon layer, wherein the second carbon layer has been removed in... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

01/29/2015 > 100 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20150030788 - Printing substrate with integrated frame: A substrate suitable for use with digital imaging systems such as large-scale digital flatbed printers is provided. This substrate includes a first layer that further includes a durable material suitable for receiving a printed image; a second layer that is attached to the first layer, wherein the second layer further... Agent: Elmer's Products, Inc.

20150030789 - Vacuum insulating glazing, a sealing, and a method of producing vacuum insulating glazing: A vacuum insulating glazing includes first and second glass substrates that are stacked with a gap set at a pressure less than an atmospheric pressure, and the gap is sealed peripherally by a sealing. The sealing includes a metal component and a glass layer that bonds the metal component and... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150030790 - Hanging structures having zome geometry: Hanging structure includes a structure frame, the structure frame having a substantially convex polyhedron shape, the structure frame comprising at least one facet, at least one level and a ratio; a plurality of compressive members being disposed to align along a substantially horizontal alignment on the structure frame and configured... Agent:

20150030791 - Fiber-reinforced composite sheet and integrated molding: n

20150030792 - Polylactic acid formed body having a vapor-deposited film and method of producing the same: A polylactic acid formed body including a polylactic acid base material (1) and a hydrocarbon film (3) vapor-deposited on the surface of the base material by a plasma CVD method. The polylactic acid base material (1) exhibits a sharp X-ray diffraction peak in which a half-width of peak appearing in... Agent: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

20150030793 - Polyester-based resin composition, method for producing same, and molding using resin composition: The present invention provides a polyester-based resin composition containing: a resin component which contains 80 to 98 mass % of polyester resin (A) including aromatic dicarboxylic acid units and diol units, and 20 to 2 mass % of polyamide resin (B) including diamine units and dicarboxylic acid units, the diamine... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20150030794 - Adhesive tape release liner: An adhesive tape includes a base tape layer, an adhesive layer, and a release liner. The adhesive layer is applied to the base tape layer and includes a tacky surface. The release liner is arranged on the tacky surface, and is also configured for removal from the base tape layer... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150030795 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape and tape roll: A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape includes: a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that contains at least a fine particle and/or a bubble and both the surfaces of which are pressure-sensitive adhesive surfaces; and a release liner having both a first release layer that is provided on one surface of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150030796 - Release films via solventless extrusion processes: Described herein are release layers formed via solventless extrusion. The release layers include a polyolefin and an alkyl dimethicone. The release layers exhibit tailorable release properties from pressure-sensitive adhesives. The release layers are simple to make and require no post-treatment in order to impart the observed release properties. The release... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150030797 - Adhesive tape and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is an adhesive tape including: a substrate; and an adhesive layer laminated on one surface or both surfaces of the substrate, wherein one or both of the substrate and the adhesive layer are produced in a nano-web form in which fiber strands are captured by a spinning method. Thus,... Agent:

20150030798 - Composite structural element: A composite structural element is provided herein, which comprises a basal member having voids of a predefined shape that are open to a surface thereof; and filling elements designed to fit into the voids. The predefined shape of the voids and/or an interface between the filling elements and the voids... Agent:

20150030799 - Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same: A display apparatus includes a first substrate including a display region and a peripheral region, where the peripheral region surrounds the display region, a second substrate disposed opposite to the first substrate, a resin layer disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, where the resin layer covers a... Agent:

20150030800 - Vacuum heat insulating material and refrigerator including the same: A vacuum heat insulating material having an improved structure to prevent the heat bridge phenomenon while improving the durability thereof, and a refrigerator having the same, the vacuum heat insulating material including a core material in a vacuum state, a sealing layer surrounding the core material, an inner layer covering... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150030801 - Vacuum heat insulating panel and method for manufacturing same: A vacuum heat insulating panel comprises outer wrapping material and core material. A getter is provided in the core material. The outer wrapping material is made by compounding wrapped material without aluminum foil on one side or both sides. The core material is made of an aggregate of glass fiber... Agent:

20150030802 - Infrared absorption material, method for fabricating the same, and thermal isolation structure employing the same: The disclosure provides an infrared absorption material, a method for fabricating the same, and a thermal isolation structure employing the same. The infrared absorption material includes a tungsten bronze complex having a formula of M1xM2yWOz, wherein 0.6≦x≦0.8, 0.2≦y≦0.33, 0.8≦x+y<1, and 2<z≦3; M1 is Li, or Na; and, M2 is K,... Agent:

20150030803 - Composite laminates having hole patterns produced by controlled fiber placement: A composite laminate has a pattern of holes therein. The holes are formed by laying down plies of unidirectional pre-preg material having varying fiber orientations. The tows are spaced apart and located to form holes through the laminate.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150030804 - Sheetlike composite material: A sheetlike composite material including at least one layer A of a nonwoven thermoplastic fibre web or a thermoplastic film, and at least two unidirectional oriented-fibre layers B and B′, the layers B and B′ having a bidirectional fibre orientation. The layers are not only needled but also stitched to... Agent:

20150030805 - Composite bi-angle and thin-ply laminate tapes and methods for manufacturing and using the same: Various embodiments provide a bi-angle pliable tape for use in forming a composite laminate structure. The bi-angle pliable tape comprises: a longitudinal axis extending in a unidirectional machine direction; a first ply comprising fibers extending in a first orientation, the first orientation being offset relative to the longitudinal axis at... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20150030806 - Sandwich type load bearing panel: A sandwich type load bearing panel (1) with a transversely shear stiff core (3) and a plurality of individual unidirectional plies respectively for a first and a second composite layer (2, 4), bonded each to one of the main surfaces of the core (3). The first composite layer (2) is... Agent:

20150030807 - Crack-resistant composite wooden doors and their manufacturing methods: The present invention belongs to the technical field of architecture decoration wooden door structure, which includes of a type of crack-resistant composite wooden door and its manufacturing method. It includes the core body, panel plate and core plate. The core body includes core frame and the hollow section which enclosed... Agent:

20150030808 - Reinforced foam laminates and methods of reinforcing foam laminates: Foam laminates reinforced by securing a reinforcement member between the layers of the laminate. The reinforcement member is secured between the sheets of foam that comprise the laminate during the lamination process. Spaces in the surface of the reinforcement member allow the foam sheets to bond to one another during... Agent:

20150030809 - Systems and methods for cleanable and slip resistant tile: Disclosed herein are tiles, coatings, and related methods that provide both high cleanability and high slip resistance. The coating can be a surface coating with a unique chemical make-up. The surface coating can also have particles suspended within it. During a firing process, the coating and particles can settle in... Agent:

20150030810 - Porous suction sheet and replaceable surface layer used therein: Provided is a multilayer porous suction sheet having an unprecedented structure to prevent contact between a suction object and a suction surface of a suction unit when the sheet is disposed on the suction surface. The porous suction sheet includes a base layer having air permeability and a surface layer... Agent:

20150030811 - Nonwoven fabric and production method for nonwoven fabric: A nonwoven fabric comprising heat-expanding particles, having bulk and high strength, and a method for producing the nonwoven fabric. The method of producing a nonwoven fabric according to the invention comprises a step of supplying a first sheet-forming material comprising fiber and water onto a belt, to form a first... Agent:

20150030812 - Reinforced wrappable protective textile sleeve and method of construction thereof: A wrappable protective sleeve for providing protection to an elongate member contained therein and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve includes a textile wall having opposite edges extending lengthwise along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends. The edges are wrappable to overlap one another to form an enclosed... Agent:

20150030813 - Splicing tape for continuous roll change and method of manufacture: The present invention relates to a splicing tape (1) for continuous roll change, the splicing tape comprising: a) a first tape component including a first backing layer (2) and a first adhesive layer (3) on a first surface of the first backing layer (2); b) a second tape component including... Agent:

20150030814 - Vehicle interior member: A vehicle interior member includes a main body member having multiple recessed portions and raised portions and being made of a synthetic resin, a first plate-shaped member thermally welded on a front surface of the main body member, and a second plate-shaped member thermally welded on a back surface of... Agent:

20150030815 - Hollow-core floor slabs: The instant invention pertains to various hollow-core slabs used, for example, in various construction applications. The slabs usually include a body with upper and lower shelves joined by two or more substantially vertical ribs and cavities extending longitudinally through the slab body. Two or more reinforcements extending longitudinally through the... Agent:

20150030816 - Reinforced glass article and touch sensor integrated-type cover glass: The present invention provides a strengthened glass article, containing a glass sheet having: a first main surface; a second main surface that is opposite to the first main surface; and an end surface that connects the first main surface and the second main surface, in which the glass sheet is... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150030820 - Active energy ray curable composition, and cured product and use thereof: Provided is an active energy ray-curable composition that is capable of improving adhesiveness of a cured product and of suppressing detachment or peeling of the cured product as well as a cured product and use thereof. The active energy ray-curable composition contains, as active ingredients, an oxetane alcohol represented by... Agent:

20150030818 - Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, inkjet recording device, and ink printed matter: Inkjet ink contains water, hydrosoluble organic materials; and a colorant, wherein the hydrosoluble organic materials account for 30% by weight to 50% by weight of the inkjet ink, wherein the hydrosoluble organic materials contain 3-methoxy-1-butanol, herein the hydrosoluble organic materials contain at least one of 1,3-butane diol, 3-methyl-1,3-butane diol, 1,2-butane... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150030817 - Method for producing a panel having a decor and a three-dimensional structure: The invention relates to a method for producing a panel, in particular a furniture or floor panel, wherein a decor, preferably a wood imitating decor, is applied to at least one surface of a plate-shaped substrate, and wherein the substrate or the decor is provided with an areal, three-dimensional structure.... Agent: Fritz Egger Gmbh & Co. Og

20150030821 - Surface marked articles, related methods and systems: A method of surface marking an article, especially a building product, is provided. One described method includes the steps of laser marking a first graphic design element on a surface of an article and ink-jet printing a second graphic design element in registry with the first graphic design element on... Agent:

20150030819 - Toner, image forming method, and process cartridge: Toner contains a binder resin, a releasing agent, and a tri- or higher metal salt, wherein the toner has a weight average molecular weight (Mw) of from 7,000 to 10,000, a ratio of the weight average molecular weight (Mw) to a number average molecular weight (Mn) of 5 or less,... Agent:

20150030822 - Prepregs and laminates having homogeneous dielectric properties: Prepregs and laminates made from resin compositions having a free resin portion and a resin impregnated reinforcing material portion where the resin includes one or more base resins and one or more high Dk materials wherein the one or more high Dk materials are present in the resin composition in... Agent:

20150030823 - Digital printed duct tape: A duct tape and a method of making a duct tape having a customized, printed design on a surface of the duct tape. The method comprises providing a design for printing on the duct tape, digitally printing the design on the surface of the duct tape, and curing the ink... Agent:

20150030824 - Circuit materials, circuits laminates, and method of manufacture thereof: A circuit subassembly is disclosed comprising a conductive metal layer and a dielectric substrate layer having a dielectric constant of less than about 3.5 and a dissipation factor of less than about 0.006 at 10 GHz, wherein the composition of the dielectric substrate layer comprises about 5 to about 70... Agent:

20150030825 - Pigment dispersion liquid for inkjet ink, active energy beam-curable inkjet ink, and printed product: An object of the present invention is to provide: a pigment dispersion liquid for inkjet ink, which is stable for a long period of storage and which increases repellency to ink ejection surface. Disclosed is a pigment dispersion liquid for inkjet ink, comprising: a pigment; a pigment dispersing agent; and... Agent:

20150030826 - Method for creating a textured bond coat surface: A method for forming a textured bond coat surface (48) for a thermal barrier coating system (44) of a gas turbine component (34). The method includes selectively melting portions of a layer of alloy particles (16) with a patterned energy beam (20) to form successive layers of alloy material (16′,... Agent:

20150030830 - Composite laminated ceramic electronic component: A composite laminated ceramic electronic component that includes co-fired low dielectric-constant ceramic layers and high dielectric-constant ceramic layers. The low dielectric-constant ceramic layers and the high dielectric-constant ceramic layers are each composed of a glass ceramic containing: a first ceramic composed of MgAl2O4 and/or Mg2SiO4; a second ceramic composed of... Agent:

20150030831 - Composite tack film: A composite tack film is provided. The composite tack film includes a) a first polymer layer including a thermally conductive polymer having a melting temperature of less than about 100° C.; b) a second polymer layer adjacent the first polymer layer, the second polymer layer including a visco-elastic, thermally conductive... Agent:

20150030829 - Gas barrier film laminate, adhesive film, and electronic component: The present invention relates to a gas barrier film laminate comprising at least two gas barrier films, the gas barrier film laminate having a configuration in which two adjacent gas barrier films are stacked through a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having a shear load reduction ratio... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20150030827 - Low cte, ion-exchangeable glass compositions and glass articles comprising the same: Glass compositions and glass articles comprising the glass compositions are disclosed. In one embodiment, a glass composition includes from about 65 mol. % to about 70 mol. % SiO2; from about 9 mol. % to about 14 mol. % Al2O3; and from about 0 mol. % to about 11 mol.... Agent: One Incorporated

20150030828 - Matte film and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is matte film including: a film layer that is formed in a nano-web shape by electrospinning a polymer material; an ink layer that is coated on one surface of the film layer: and an adhesive layer that is laminated on the other surface of the film layer through electrospinning.... Agent:

20150030832 - Transparent layered structure and method for producing the same: A transparent layered structure having a high abrasion resistance and a high scratch resistance and a method for producing such a transparent layered structure are provided. A transparent layered structure (1) includes: a plate-like transparent resin base (2); and a transparent protective film (3) located on one surface of the... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150030835 - Anisotropic heat conductive composition and molded product thereof: The present invention relates to an anisotropic heat conductive composition including flake graphite particles and a resin composition for the particles to be dispersed therein. When the particles have a basal plane, a maximum diameter a in a direction of the basal plane, and a thickness c perpendicular to the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20150030838 - Glass sheet: A glass sheet, the composition of which is of the lithium aluminosilicate type and includes at most 1% by weight of sodium oxide, the thickness of which is at most 2 mm, having a surface region under compression obtained by ion exchange and a central region under tension, such that... Agent:

20150030841 - Method for improving the flatness of graphite film, graphite film, and method for producing same: When a raw material graphite film bad in flatness is laminated onto another material, creases and other defects may be caused. In particular, when a graphite film having a large area is laminated, defects such as creases may be often caused. In order to solve such defects, a flatness correction... Agent:

20150030837 - Novel brazing concept: The present invention relates to an intermediate product for joining and coating by brazing comprising a base metal and a blend of boron and silicon, said base metal having a solidus temperature above 1040° C., and the intermediate product has at least partly a surface layer of the blend on... Agent: Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

20150030836 - Polymerizable composition, polymerization product, image display device, and method for producing same: In relation to a polymerizable composition for forming a transparent optical resin layer to be interposed between an image display section of an image display device and a light-transmissive protective section thereof, the present invention provides a polymerizable composition that does not give rise to display defects caused by the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20150030839 - Pressure sensitive adhesive foams and articles therefrom: There is provided a pressure sensitive adhesive foam comprising a foam comprising a non-syntactic foam blend of styrenic block copolymer and acrylic copolymer wherein the pressure-sensitive adhesive foam has an elongation of greater than 600%, wherein the non-syntactic foam blend is a hot melt formed foam. There is also provided... Agent:

20150030833 - Process for preparing an optically clear superhydrophobic coating solution: Optically clear hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings and solutions and methods for preparing them. Branched polysilicate structures having surface hydroxyl groups are formed by at least partially hydrolyzing an alkoxy silane precursor via water and an acid catalyst in a solvent, and catalyzing the hydrolysis product with a base to form... Agent:

20150030834 - Strengthened glass articles having improved survivability: Embodiments are directed to strengthened glass articles comprising a thickness t≦1 mm (1000 μm), an inner region under a central tension CT (in MPa), and at least one compressive stress layer adjacent the inner region and extending within the strengthened glass article from a surface of the strengthened glass article... Agent:

20150030840 - Two-step method for strengthening glass: A method of strengthening an alkali aluminoborosilicate glass. A compressive layer extending from a surface of the glass to a depth of layer is formed by exchanging larger metal cations for smaller metal cations present in the glass. In a second step, metal cations in the glass are exchanged for... Agent:

20150030842 - Porous resin particles, method of manufacturing porous resin particles, and use of porous resin particles: Disclosed are porous resin particles which contain a polymer of a monomer mixture containing, as monomers, at least a monofunctional (meth)acrylic acid ester and a crosslinking monomer. The monofunctional (meth)acrylic acid ester accounts for 1 wt % to 50 wt % of the monomer mixture, and the crosslinking monomer accounts... Agent:

20150030843 - Auto-repairing compositions for overcoat layer, method of producing the same, and display apparatus: Disclosed are an auto-repairing composition for overcoat layer, a method of producing the same, and a display apparatus. The composition for overcoat layer comprising 1-10 wt % of microcapsules based on the total weight of the composition for overcoat layer, said microcapsule including a capsule wall and a capsule core,... Agent:

20150030844 - Structural adhesive and bonding application thereof: A structural adhesive composition that is suitable for high-strength bonding of metals and aerospace structural materials. In one embodiment, the structural adhesive composition based on a two-part system, which is curable at or below 200° F. (93° C.). The two-part system is composed of a resinous part (A) and a... Agent: Cytec Technology Corp.

20150030845 - Pigmented polyimide films and methods thereto: The present disclosure is directed to a base film having a thickness from 8 to 152 microns, a 60 degree gloss value from 2 to 35, an optical density greater than or equal to 2 and a dielectric strength greater than 1400 V/mil. The base film comprises a chemically converted... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150030846 - Crystal film, method for manufacturing crystal film, vapor deposition apparatus and multi-chamber apparatus: To improve the single crystallinity of a stacked film in which a ZrO2 film and a Y2O3 film are stacked or a YSZ film. A crystal film includes a Zr film and a stacked film in which a ZrO2 film and a Y2O3 film formed on the Zr film are... Agent:

20150030847 - Extrusion coating polyethylene with improved drawdown: Use of an antioxidant being a sterically hindered phenol for increasing the drawdown speed of a low density polyethylene in an extrusion coating process.... Agent:

20150030848 - Breathable self-adhesive articles: The invention relates to the use of an adhesive composition comprising at least one silyl-containing polymer, at least one compatible tackifying resin and at least one catalyst, to make a breathable self-adhesive article. The invention also relates to a breathable self-adhesive article comprising at least one breathable substrate coated with... Agent: Bostik Sa

20150030850 - Re-peelable protective adhesive film, and method of manufacturing same: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a re-peelable protective adhesive film having excellent adhesion between a re-peelable adhesive layer and an antistatic layer, having peeling charging preventive properties, and in which air bubbles are unlikely to be incorporated when the film is affixed to a surface of... Agent: Kimoto Co., Ltd.

20150030849 - Smarttouch: This invention covers an adhesive smart device conducive patch that consists of at least an initial layer of structural film, at least one adhesive coating, and a surface of conducive material.... Agent:

20150030851 - Composite reinforcer sheathed with a rubber self-adhesive polymer layer: A composite reinforcer capable of adhering directly to a diene rubber matrix, which can be used in particular as a reinforcing element for a tyre, comprises: one or more reinforcing thread(s), for example a thread or cord made of carbon steel; and a layer of a polymer composition which covers... Agent:

20150030852 - Copolymers for wire and cable applications: Power wire or cables comprise polyethylene compositions prepared by use of a single site catalyst system and in particular comprise copolymers of ethylene and α-olefins prepared by use of metallocene catalyst systems. The polyethylene compositions deliver a unique combination of mechanical properties and processing behaviour. They are particularly suitable for... Agent:

20150030853 - Crosslinkable halogen-free resin composition, crosslinked molded article, insulated wire and cable: A crosslinkable halogen-free resin composition includes a base polymer including at least one type of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and an acid-modified polyolefin resin having a glass-transition temperature (Tg) as measured by DSC of not more than −55° C. at a mass ratio of 70:30 to 99:1, and a metal... Agent:

20150030855 - Phosphor, method for producing phosphor and light emitting device: (wherein, x is 0<x<1, α is 0<α≦3, and β, γ, δ and ω are numbers such that numerical values converted when α is 2 satisfy 5≦β≦9, 1≦γ≦5, 0≦δ≦1.5, and 10≦ω≦20), wherein the phosphor includes particles having a sphericity of 0.65 or more and emits yellow light by being excited by... Agent: Toshiba Materials Co., Ltd.

20150030854 - Vitamin b6-coupled poly(ester amine) as gene carrier and application in cancer gene therapy: The present invention relates to a vitamin B6-coupled poly(ester amine) (VBPEA) as a gene carrier and a method for preparing the gene carrier. Moreover, the present invention relates to a gene delivery complex comprising a therapeutic gene coupled to the gene carrier and a pharmaceutical formulation for gene therapy, which... Agent:

20150030856 - Boron-modified silazanes for synthesis of sibnc ceramics: New methods for synthesizing boron-modified silazanes, their use as polymer-derived ceramic precursors, and polymer-derived ceramics and composites formed therefrom are disclosed. The polymeric ceramic precursors comprise a boron-modified silazane that is a room temperature liquid-phase polymer comprising a backbone having recurring monomeric repeat units comprising boron-nitrogen bonds. Nanocomposites comprising polymer-derived... Agent:

20150030857 - Composite particles, coating powder, coating film, laminate, and method for producing composite particles: An object of the present invention is to provide a particulate composite which is free from fluorosurfactants having a high environmental impact, and can form a coating film that has excellent adhesion to a substrate and is uniformly adhered to the substrate even if containing a small amount of an... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150030858 - Method of pasting film and display device: An object of the present invention is to provide a vacuum suction control mechanism apparatus capable of accurately bonding a film to a bonding object with a simple structure. A vacuum suction control mechanism apparatus according to the present invention includes a first member including a plurality of suction holes... Agent:

20150030859 - Chemical strengthening of anti-reflective coatings (arc): A strengthened film for a substrate such as a glass panel is provided. The strengthened film may be formed by implanting sodium in the film, and then performing an exchange through which the sodium is replaced by potassium. The film may be an anti-reflective coating. Related assemblies and methods are... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150030860 - Intermediate film for laminated glass, and laminated glass: An interlayer film for laminated glass that can improve a sound insulation property of an obtained laminated glass when the interlayer film for laminated glass is used for configuring the laminated glass is provided. The interlayer film for laminated glass according to the present invention includes a first layer and... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150030861 - Ceramic glaze having antimicrobial property: An antimicrobial ceramic glazing composition contains one or more antimicrobial agents disposed therein. Methods for making and using the glazing composition are disclosed, as well as substrates having a fired antimicrobial glaze thereon. The antimicrobial agents comprise metallic oxides, with a subset of the disclosed combinations exhibiting synergistic effect in... Agent:

20150030862 - Mold-resistant paper and gypsum panel, antimicrobial paper coating and related methods: A mold-resistant paper is provided. The paper is coated on at least one surface with an anti-microbial coating which includes polymerized siloxane and a fungicide. An antimicrobial paper coating and related methods are provided as well. A gypsum panel with improved resistance to mold and mildew is provided as well.... Agent: United State Gypsum Company

20150030863 - Ceramic glaze having antimicrobial property: An antimicrobial ceramic glazing composition contains one or more antimicrobial agents disposed therein. Methods for making and using the glazing composition are disclosed, as well as substrates having a fired antimicrobial glaze thereon. The antimicrobial agents comprise metallic oxides, with a subset of the disclosed combinations exhibiting synergistic effect in... Agent:

20150030864 - Method for manufacturing joint member and joint member: There is provided a method for manufacturing a joint member in which a carbon fiber composite material containing a thermoplastic resin as a matrix and a metal are joined, wherein the joint member is manufactured by (i) treating a surface of the metal with a solution containing a specific triazine... Agent: Teijin Limited

20150030865 - Deactivation of microwave interactive material: Microwave energy interactive material is partially coated with thermoset polymeric material. The thermoset polymeric material is cured on a first portion of the microwave energy interactive material. A second portion of the microwave energy interactive material is neither covered by nor protected by the cured thermoset polymeric material. A deactivating... Agent:

20150030866 - Photochromic curable composition: A photochromic curable composition containing, as a radically polymerizable monomer component (A), a (meth)acrylic-amide polymerizable monomer (A1) having 2 to 6 (meth)acryloyloxy groups and 2 to 6 divalent amide groups (—NHCO—), and a non-amide polymerizable monomer (A2) having at least 3 radically polymerizable groups but having no amide bond. From... Agent: Tokuyama Corporation

20150030867 - Polymer compositions, methods of making the same, and articles made therefrom: The present disclosure is directed to compositions and methods for improving the cling performance in stretch-cling films. Compositions include: (a) 80.0 to 99.5 wt. % of a propylene-based elastomer, the propylene-based elastomer comprising at least about 60.0 wt. % propylene-derived units and about 5.0 to about 25.0 wt. % ethylene-derived... Agent:

20150030868 - Semiconductive roller, charging roller and electrophotographic apparatus: The semiconductive roller according to the present invention includes: a roller body having an outer peripheral surface made of a semiconductive rubber composition; and an oxide film covering the outer peripheral surface of the roller body, while the semiconductive rubber composition contains a base polymer and a crosslinking component for... Agent:

20150030869 - Pigment compositions: A pigment composition may include an inorganic particulate material, a multivalent metal salt, and a non ionic dispersant. A substrate may be coated with an aqueous coating composition including the pigment composition. The substrate may be a paper product.... Agent:

20150030870 - Carbon tool steel strip: Provided is a carbon tool steel strip suitable for use in various spring materials, valve materials, and the like, in which press punching properties and fatigue characteristics are enhanced. A carbon tool steel strip having a thickness of 1 mm or less and a carbon tool steel composition containing 0.8-1.2%... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20150030871 - Functionally graded thermal barrier coating system: A functionally graded thermal barrier coating (30) formed as a plurality of layers (34, 36 . . . 44, 46) of materials deposited by a powder deposition process wherein the composition of the various layers changes across a thickness of the coating. A composition gradient may exist within a single... Agent:

20150030872 - Method for imparting tarnish protection or tarnish protection with color appearance to silver, silver alloys, silver films, silver products and other non-precious metals: A method of surface coating a metallic object, including removing substantially all of the existing silver sulfide tarnish if present, ultrasonically cleaning the object with immersion in a solvent, uniformly dispersing selected nanoparticles over the surface of the object by sonicating the object in an ultrasonic bath containing the selected... Agent:

20150030873 - Electrolytic copper foil: An electrolytic copper foil, which is particularly suitable for the application of a lithium ion secondary battery, has a shiny side and a matte side with a roughness of less than 2 μm. Based on the total sum of the texture coefficients of a (111) surface, a (200) surface, a... Agent: Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20150030874 - Luminescent braze preforms: A braze preform is provided that includes a filler metal and a luminescent material that covers at least a portion of the filler metal and that can luminesce when exposed to a black light. The luminescent material may include a luminescent ink and a solvent that are mixed together before... Agent:

20150030875 - Zn-mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent adhesion and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a Zn—Mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent coating adhesion and to a method for manufacturing same. Provided are a Zn—Mg alloy-coated steel sheet with excellent blackening resistance and excellent adhesion and a method for manufacturing same, the steel sheet comprising: a... Agent:

20150030876 - Coating system with nicocraly double protective coating having differing chromium content and alloy: By using a two-layer NiCoCraly coating, the formation of cracks in a thermally grown oxide coating, such as is formed on the basis of the protective effect of the NiCoCraly coating, can be reduced.... Agent:

20150030877 - Method for forming an improved thermal barrier coating (tbc), thermal-barrier-coated article and method for the repair thereof:

20150030878 - Ultrathin shielding film of high shielding effectiveness and manufacturing method thereof: The present application provides an ultrathin shielding film of high shielding effectiveness, comprising two or more solid shielding layers. An electrically-conductive adhesive layer is coated onto the outer surface at one side of the solid shielding layers, and one or more insulation film layers are formed on the outer surface... Agent: Guangzhou Fang Bang Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150030880 - High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet and method for producing same: The steel sheet of the present invention has a certain composition as well as microstructures such that an area ratio of ferrite phase is 95% or more, an average grain size of the ferrite phase is 8 μm or less, and carbides in grains of the ferrite phase have an... Agent: Jef Steel Corporation

20150030879 - Hot rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A semi-manufactured steel material has a chemical composition including, by mass %, C: 0.055% to 0.15%, Si: not more than 0.2%, Mn: not more than 1.3%, P: not more than 0.03%, S: not more than 0.007%, Al: not more than 0.1%, N: not more than 0.01%, and Ti: 0.14% to... Agent:

20150030881 - Method for manufacturing high strength galvanized steel sheet and high strength galvanized steel sheet (as amended): A method for manufacturing a high strength galvanized steel sheet and a high strength galvanized steel sheet are provided. A high strength galvanized steel sheet having a zinc coating layer with an amount of deposition of coating of 20 to 120 g/m2 per one surface on the surface of a... Agent: Jef Steel Corporation

20150030882 - Steel plate for producing light structures and method for producing said plate: The invention relates to a steel plate, the chemical composition of which comprises, the contents being expressed by weight: 0.010%≦C≦0.20%, 0.06%≦Mn≦3%, Si≦1.5%, 0.005%≦Al≦1.5%, S≦0.030%, P≦0.040%, 2.5%≦Ti≦7.2%, (0.45×Ti)−0.35%≦B≦(0.45×Ti)+0.70%, and optionally one or more elements chosen from: Ni≦1%, Mo≦1%, Cr≦3%, Nb≦0.1%, V≦0.1%, the balance of the composition consisting of iron and inevitable... Agent:

20150030883 - Seawater-resistant stainless clad steel: A seawater-resistant stainless clad steel includes a cladding material made of stainless steel having a pitting index represented by Cr[mass %]+3.3Mo[mass %]+16N[mass %], of 35.0 or more and a microstructure in a surface portion thereof including, by area ratio, less than 2.0% of a σ phase, wherein dynamic friction coefficients... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150030885 - Coated article and chemical vapor deposition process: A chemical vapor deposition process and article formed by a chemical vapor deposition process are disclosed. The process includes pretreating a substrate by exposing the substrate to an oxidative environment for a period of time, decomposing a material to form a layer on the substrate, and functionalizing one or both... Agent:

20150030884 - Method for evaluating dispersion of material for light to heat conversion in thermal transfer film and thermal transfer film using the same: c

20150030886 - Magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus: A magnetoresistive element according to an embodiment includes: a nonmagnetic conductive layer; a first magnetic layer connected to the nonmagnetic conductive layer; a second magnetic layer connected to the nonmagnetic conductive layer so as to be distant from the first magnetic layer; a third magnetic layer connected to the nonmagnetic... Agent:

20150030887 - Magnetic devices with molecular overcoats: A data storage device including a substrate; a magnetic structure deposited on the substrate; and a molecular overcoat deposited on the magnetic structure, the molecular overcoat having a thickness of not greater than about 100 Å.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

01/22/2015 > 90 patent applications in 65 patent subcategories.

20150024149 - Polarizing plate, method for manufacturing polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device: The polarizing plate has a high contrast and little image inconsistency (corner inconsistency) as well as curl stability and durability under a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. The polarizing plate is a laminate of a substrate with a hard coat layer and a polarizer. The polarizer is formed by applying a... Agent:

20150024150 - Surface covering panel, surface covering panel assembly and method of installing the same: The present document relates to surface covering panel assembly for installation over a receiving surface and under a top layer. The surface covering panel assembly includes substantially identical surface covering panels. Each one of the surface covering panels includes a sheet member made of a first flexible material, the sheet... Agent:

20150024151 - Low pressure air or vacuum glass edge-sealed with bar frame and groove: A low pressure air or vacuum glass and manufacturing method thereof, the low pressure air or vacuum glass comprising upper glass and lower glass; the upper glass and the lower glass are flat glass or convex glass; the peripheries of the upper glass and the lower glass are provided with... Agent:

20150024152 - Metal components with inert vapor phase coating on internal surfaces: The invention provides metal liquid chromatography components with uniformly coated internal surfaces and methods for achieving the same. The invention addresses the problem of corrosion or interference of metal components in the flow path for LC analyses in which the sample interacts with metal ions or surfaces. The invention also... Agent:

20150024153 - Slip resistant hanger clip: Disclosed is a slip resistant hanger clip for clothes hangers. The purpose of the present invention is to prevent articles of clothing from slipping off of the hanger. The device includes a tubular or cylindrical body with a defined hollow middle portion and a lateral opening that provides access to... Agent:

20150024154 - Label web suitable for activation and cutting: A film including a first surface and an opposite second surface. A first layer includes the first surface. A second layer arranged onto the first layer includes the second surface. The second layer includes thermally activatable material. In a thermal activation process, wherein the temperature of the thermally activatable material... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20150024155 - Ion assisted deposition for rare-earth oxide based thin film coatings on process rings: A method of manufacturing an article comprises providing a ring for an etch reactor. Ion assisted deposition (IAD) is then performed to deposit a protective layer on at least one surface of the ring, wherein the protective layer is a plasma resistant rare earth oxide film having a thickness of... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150024157 - Fouling release coatings: A composition for use in the manufacture of a fouling release coating, e.g. at least one layer of a fouling release coating, comprising at least one curable or crosslinkable polysiloxane and at least one silane terminated polyurethane.... Agent:

20150024156 - In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles: A method of making a molded article having a curved surface, such as plates or serving trays, and the resulting molded articles. The in-mold label (IML) is a laminated film that includes a backing layer, a printed surface incorporating one or more designs thereon, a protective film layer, and one... Agent: Modern Packaging

20150024158 - Light transmitting copolymers: A copolymer which can be formed from a mixture of nylon 6,12 and nylon 6,10 along with other possible components. The nylon copolymer is not only clear (transparent) but also exhibits high dimensional stability in varying environments, limited water absorption, good wear resistance, the ability to accommodate large amounts of... Agent:

20150024159 - Building membrane with porous pressure sensitive adhesive: A breathable multilayer spun bonded polypropylene membrane having a coated pressure sensitive adhesive capable of allowing air and moisture vapor to pass through it. The adhesive is formed of a copolymer comprising a backbone of n-butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, and vinyl acetate which is mixed with a surfactant and emulsified... Agent: Vaproshield, LLC

20150024160 - Composite structures having composite-to-metal joints and method for making the same: A composite structure comprises stacked sets of laminated fiber reinforced resin plies and metal sheets. Edges of the resin plies and metal sheets are interleaved to form a composite-to-metal joint connecting the resin plies with the metal sheets.... Agent:

20150024161 - Disk: A disk (100) having a center hole (100a), the disk (100) being provided with a support-capable structure for making it possible to support a disk (100A) positioned one level above the lowermost part in a stacked state using separation claws (164Ac, 164Bc) protruding radially outward from the center hole (100a).... Agent:

20150024162 - Cutting frame of high cutting efficiency: Disclosed herein is a cutting frame including a plurality of cutters for cutting one or more kinds of rectangular unit pieces having a relatively small size from a rectangular base material at a predetermined inclination, the cutters being mounted or formed in the cutting frame such that the cutters correspond... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150024163 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning continuous polymeric filaments including one selected from a poly(phenylene ether) component, a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer, and combinations thereof. The filaments can have a length to diameter ratio that is more than 1,000,000, and a diameter ranging from 50 nanometers to... Agent:

20150024164 - Door with glass insert and method for assembling the same: A door comprising first and second door skins secured to each other to form a cavity therebetween filled with expended foam. Each of the door skins has an opening therethrough for receiving a glass insert and a flange portion. Distal ends of the flange portions of the first and second... Agent:

20150024165 - Transparent armor construction: A transparent armor construction having a laminate structure with at least two layers. The layers are constructed of two different materials selected from the group of glass, ceramic, resin, polymeric material, and plastic and in which the at least two layers include different coefficients of thermal expansion. The layers are... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20150024166 - Decorative panel having a digitally printed pattern and printing method therefor: Disclosed is a method of producing a pattern for a decorative panel. The method includes applying a clear gel coat on a mold to form a clear layer. The clear layer is cured and then digitally printed with one or more inks so as to produce a pattern on the... Agent: Maax Bath Inc.

20150024167 - Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium: A silver-based magnesium alloy thin film is provided for the semi-reflective coating layer of optical discs. This alloy has moderate to high reflectivity and reasonable corrosion resistance in the ambient environment.... Agent:

20150024171 - Carpet waste composite: A composite material is produced from carpet waste and a binding agent, in intimate association, and may also include wood fiber or chips and/or other additives. A method of manufacturing a composite material includes shredding carpet waste, coating the carpet waste with a binding agent, and subjecting the shredded, coated... Agent:

20150024169 - Method for printing 3d parts and support structures with electrophotography-based additive manufacturing: A method for printing a three-dimensional part and a support structure with an electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system. The method includes developing a support layer of the support structure from a soluble support material with a first electrophotography engine, and transferring the developed support layer from the first electrophotography engine to... Agent:

20150024168 - Model of warm stone floor material: The present invention comprises an engineered architectural material suitable for flooring or cladding walls which is capable of withstanding heat and humidity and methods of manufacturing thereof The architectural material of the present invention is particularly suited for use with natural stone veneers and when constructed in accordance with the... Agent: Skala Stone, Inc.

20150024170 - Window member and image display apparatus including the same: A window member includes flexible base films and a protective film. The flexible base films are stacked upon one another. Each flexible base film is substantially transparent. The protective film is disposed on the flexible base films and is substantially transparent. Each of the flexible base films includes protrusions and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024172 - Migration resistant single faced corrugated loose fill packaging material: A migration resistant loose fill packaging material according to the present invention includes a plurality of single faced corrugated strips. Each corrugated strip includes a single liner member having an elongate and generally planar configuration, the base member having an upper surface and an opposed lower surface. Each corrugated strip... Agent:

20150024174 - Method of forming a color laser image observable with variable colors, and a document on which such a color laser image is made in this way: The present invention relates to forming color laser images that are observable with variable colors. The gray levels are produced by non-reflective, black volumes in a laserable layer that mask the adjacent subpixels and that cause variable colors to appear depending on the angle of observation of the document. The... Agent:

20150024173 - Photosensitive resin composition, method for manufacturing patterned cured film, and electronic component: The invention provides a photosensitive resin composition comprising (A) an alkali-soluble resin having a phenolic hydroxyl group, (B) a compound that generates an acid by light, and (C) an acrylic resin having a group that crosslinks with the component (A), as well as a method for manufacturing a patterned cured... Agent:

20150024175 - Fiberglass reinforced plastic products having increased weatherability, system and method: Climbing products containing rails decorated using veil products colored, patterned, painted or in combination with marking methods such as company names and logos and resin formulation designed to withstand exposure to UV radiation with minimal change in appearance which create specific appearances for applications, enhance weathering performance, and facilitate processing... Agent: Werner Co.

20150024177 - Method of fabricating single crystal colloidal monolayer on substrate and display device comprising the substrate: Disclosed is a method of fabricating a single crystal colloidal monolayer on a substrate. The method includes preparing a pair of adhesive substrates, arranging powder particles between the substrates, and uniaxially rubbing one of the substrates in any one direction to allow the particles to be close-packed between the substrates,... Agent:

20150024176 - Vehicle photocatalytic air purification apparatus and method: Provided is a photocatalytic air purification vehicle wrap for at least partially covering an exterior surface of a vehicle. The vehicle wrap comprises a film or laminate material comprising a first surface area and a second surface area, the first surface area adapted to adhere to the exterior surface of... Agent: Virgin Breeze

20150024178 - Ink composition, and recorded matter, recording method and recording apparatus using the same: An ink composition contains hollow resin particles and an anti-clearing agent preventing the clearing phenomenon of the hollow resin particles.... Agent:

20150024179 - Manufacturing method and structure of having a porcelain or glass product formed integrally with a label in a mold: A manufacturing method and structure of having a porcelain or glass product formed integrally with a label in a mold includes a male mold, a first female mold and a second female mold. After the first female mold is combined with the male mold, plastics is injected to form a... Agent: Supreme Technic Package Co., Ltd

20150024180 - Ink film constructions: An ink film construction including: (a) a first printing substrate selected from the group consisting of an uncoated fibrous printing substrate, a commodity coated fibrous printing substrate, and a plastic printing substrate; and (b) an ink dot set contained within a square geometric projection projecting on the first printing substrate,... Agent:

20150024182 - Antireflective coatings with self-cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties: Coated article having antireflective property together with self cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties can be prepared with a topmost layer of titanium oxide on an antireflective layer, which can be formed by a sol-gel process. The antireflective layer can comprise a porosity forming agent, or an alkyltrialkoxysilane-based binder. The... Agent:

20150024181 - Medium with ink receiving and opacity control layers: A graphics medium may have an ink receiving layer with at least fifty percent hyrogel by weight and an opacity control layer with a polymer embedded with at least one filler material.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150024183 - Coated cutting tool: The present invention relates to a coated cutting tool comprising a substrate and a multilayered (Ti,Al)N coating. The coating comprises three zones: a first zone (A) closest to the substrate, a second zone (B) adjacent to the first zone and a third outermost zone (C). All three zones each comprises... Agent:

20150024184 - Glass pane construction: The present invention relates to a glass pane construction, particularly bullet proof glass pane, to be used in a motor vehicle, having several transparent panes and layers made of glass, ceramic or synthetic material, which are connected in a layered manner connected to each other in a laminate, electrical controllable... Agent:

20150024189 - Fluorine resin film: A fluorine resin film has a heat ray-shielding function, through which film it is possible to see natural colors of a colorless translucency, without any adverse effect on the high translucency, strong mechanical properties, robust weather resistance, and other properties inherent to a fluorine resin. The film provides mechanical properties,... Agent:

20150024185 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning a plurality of continuous polymeric filaments including a polycarbonate homopolymer component, a polycarbonate copolymer component, and combinations thereof at a rate of at least 300 grams/hour/spinneret.... Agent:

20150024186 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning a plurality of continuous polymeric filaments including a polyetherimide component selected from polyetherimide homopolymers, polyetherimide co-polymers, aromatic polyester homopolymers, aromatic polyester copolymers, and combinations thereof at a rate of at least 300 grams/hour/spinneret. The continuous filaments have a diameter ranging from... Agent:

20150024190 - Marking base composition and marking base using the same: To provide a technique related to a marking base that allows clear marking by ink and is excellent in thermal resistance and chemical resistance. A marking base composition contains inorganic particles of 27 to 50 mass %, an inorganic binder of 5 to 20 mass %, an organic binder of... Agent:

20150024187 - Method of manufacturing plastic article: A process is provided for forming plastic into a predetermined shape from a plastic particulate material, and a heat-activated expandable foam plastic filler material, comprising the steps of: (i) providing first and second complementary mould parts; (ii) heating said first and second mould parts at least on their face portions... Agent:

20150024188 - Polymer-based multilayer gas barrier film: A polymer-based multilayer film including a combination of desirable properties, such as relatively high chemical resistance and relatively good gas barrier properties. Specifically, in various embodiments, a multilayer film may include at least one layer having relatively high chemical resistance and at least one other layer having relatively good gas... Agent:

20150024191 - Reflection-resistant glass articles and methods for making and using same: Described herein are coated glass or glass-ceramic articles having improved reflection resistance. Further described are methods of making and using the improved articles. The coated articles generally include a glass or glass-ceramic substrate and a nanoporous Si-containing coating disposed thereon. The nanoporous Si-containing coating is not a free-standing adhesive film,... Agent:

20150024192 - Absorber and absorbent article using the same: To provide an absorbent body and an absorbent article having excellent deodorization effect. The present invention provides an absorber comprising, a crosslinked polymer mainly composed of acrylic acid and having carboxyl groups thereof being at least partially neutralized as a water-absorbent resin powder, and an antibacterial cationic surfactant, wherein the... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20150024193 - Fluoropolymer non-stick coatings: (a) an aqueous medium, (b) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of at least 290° C., (c) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of no greater than 270° C., and (d) water miscible organic liquid having a boiling... Agent:

20150024194 - Ultra low cure powder coatings: Methods and systems for coating metal substrates are provided. The methods and systems include application of TGIC-reactive carboxyl-functional polyester resins with high acid number formulated to cure at low temperatures of 120° C. to 135° C.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150024195 - Novel cross-linking mechanism for thin organic coatings based on the hantzsch di-hydropyridine synthesis reaction: Disclosed is cross-linking process for cross-linking polymeric chains in a coating composition. In one embodiment the process utilizes a Hantzsch dihydropyridine reaction to form reaction products including cross-linking polymeric resin chains having beta-keto ester functions using a source of aldehyde and a source of ammonia or a primary amine to... Agent:

20150024196 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and moisture-permeable waterproof pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition includes 100 parts by mass of a rubber component containing 40 to 93 mass % of a butyl rubber and 7 to 60 mass % of a polyisobutylene and 82 to 128 parts by mass of a softener having a kinetic viscosity at 40° C. of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150024199 - Removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical component: There is provided a removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition to form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability. There are also provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability, and an optical component having the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet laminated... Agent:

20150024197 - Intrusion resistant thermal laminating film: A thermal laminating film is provided that has superior intrusion resistance that is well suited to addressing security and anti-counterfeiting needs. The film includes a polymer substrate and an adhesive system with a polymer component having a Vicat softening point temperature that is close to a glass transition temperature of... Agent: Transilwrap Company, Inc.

20150024198 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, surface protective sheet, optical surface protective sheet, and optical film with surface protective sheet: [In (C1) to (C3), R1 is a monovalent organic group, each of R2 to R4 is an alkylene group, R5 is a hydrogen or an organic group, and each of a and b is an integer of 0 to 1000 (however, they are not 0 at a time); In (C1),... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150024200 - Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same: The invention is directed to carbon fibers having high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. The invention also provides a method and apparatus for making the carbon fibers. The method comprises advancing a precursor fiber through an oxidation oven wherein the fiber is subjected to controlled stretching in an oxidizing... Agent:

20150024201 - Cylindrical graphene nanoribbon on metal: Three-dimensional (3D) graphene nanoribbons and methods for fabricating 3D graphene nanoribbons that may readily function as solenoid windings and the like. In one embodiment, a method of fabricating a 3D graphene nanoribbon (100) may include coating a side surface (102A) of a 3D insert (102) with a metal (104) appropriate... Agent:

20150024202 - Thread: A stiffening thread for use in increasing the durability of a crease in a panel of fabric comprises at least one ply of thermofusible material having a melting point between 75° C. and 125° C. and at least one carrier ply of material which is not thermofusible, having a melting... Agent:

20150024203 - Method of manufacturing unevenness shaped z-pin and z-pin manufactured using the same and composite structure including the z-pin: Provided are a method of manufacturing a Z-pin having an unevenness shape formed on a surface thereof so as to economically and effectively increase coupling force in the Z-pin for coupling of a composite material laminated structure in a laminated direction, and a Z-pin manufactured using the same and a... Agent: Korea Aerospace Research Institute

20150024208 - Carbon material and method for producing same: By subjecting a carbon material, in which a closed-pore-ratio and an amount of remaining hydrogen in the material are set to be within a proper range, to hot isostatic pressing treatment, a vapor phase growth reaction of graphite is generated in closed pores as nuclei using hydrogen and hydrocarbon generated... Agent:

20150024206 - Coated devices and methods for coating: The present invention relates in a first aspect to a method of coating surfaces of substrates with a lattice-like structure. In particular, the present invention relates to an in vitro method of coating surfaces by binding of epsin or a fragment thereof on the surface and, thereafter, binding of a... Agent: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

20150024205 - Method of producing polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles, and polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles: A method of producing polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles including forming an emulsion in a system in which a polycarbonate-based polymer (A), a polymer (B) different from the polycarbonate-based polymer (A) and an organic solvent (C) are dissolved and mixed together and which causes phase separation into two phases of a solution... Agent:

20150024207 - Nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide and method for manufacturing same: The present invention provides nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide and a method for manufacturing same, the nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide as a precursor allowing a positive electrode active material having excellent battery characteristics and a high-density to be manufactured. The nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide is represented by a general formula: Ni1-x-y-zCoxMnyMz(OH)2 (wherein 0<x≦1/3, 0<y≦1/3,... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20150024204 - Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof: The present invention relates a process of preparing a nanopowder by using a natural source starting material wherein the nano powder is a nano metal or nano alloy or nano metal oxide or nano metal carbide or nano compound or nano composite or nanofluid. The nano product produced by the... Agent:

20150024209 - Modified particle purification method and manufacturing method, modified particles, functional material, optical member, heat transfer member, and coverage rate analysis device and coverage rate analysis method: According to the present invention, a solvent having particles with a primary particle diameter of less than 100 nm to which a surface modification agent is bonded and also having compounds not bonded to the respective surfaces of the particles is made to contact a trap material larger than the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150024210 - Zircon compatible glasses for down draw: A glass that is down-drawable and ion exchangeable. The glass has a temperature T35kp which the viscosity is 35 kilopoise. T35kp is less than the breakdown temperature Tbreakdown of zircon.... Agent:

20150024211 - Composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition and heat-ray shielding sintered compact and heat-ray shielding laminate using the composition: There is provided a composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition containing composite tungsten oxide particles expressed by a general formula MxWyOz, metal salt, and polycarbonate resin, wherein the metal salt is a salt of one or more kinds of metal elements selected from Mg, Ni, Zn, In, and... Agent:

20150024214 - Curable coating composition: The present invention relates to a curable coating composition, comprising: (a) a curable coating resin comprising thiol-reactive groups, (b) a thiolated norbornene curing agent for the curable coating resin, the thiolated norbornene curing agent comprising on average at least 1.0 thiol group per molecule, and (c) an accelerator for accelerating... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20150024212 - Hard coating composition: Provided is a hard coating composition with which optical interference and a blue discoloration due to ultraviolet rays do not occur when applied to an ultrahigh refractive index organic glass with a refractive index exceeding 1.67. The hard coating composition is applied to an optical component body formed of an... Agent: Itoh Optical Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150024213 - Liquid coating composition and a coating method using the same: A liquid coating composition to protect electronic elements on a circuit board includes a heat curable resin composition, a photocurable resin, a photoinitiator, a curing agent, and a solvent. The heat curable resin composition includes poly(acrylic acid) oligomer and at least one compound selected from the group consisting of an... Agent:

20150024215 - Silver-plated coated body: Provided is a silver-plated coated body that is excellent in interlayer adhesion and tarnish resistance. The silver-plated coated body has a silver film layer and a topcoat layer as essential layers on a substrate, the topcoat layer containing at least one kind selected from thiourea and thiourea derivatives, and at... Agent:

20150024216 - Fluoropolymer composition: A fluoropolymer composition is provided containing a polymer containing perfluoroolefin units or partially fluorinated olefin units or a combination thereof, polytetrafluoroethylene having a melting point a melting point of 200° C. or more and 300° C. or less, and a crosslinking agent or a crosslinking promoter or a combination thereof.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150024218 - Photocurable sheet-type adhesive composition for optical use: The present invention is a photocurable sheet-shape adhesive for optical use, which contains the following components (A) to (D): (A) 100 parts by mass of a urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer having a weight average molecular weight of 20,000 to 100,000; (B) 3 to 70 parts by mass of a phenoxy resin... Agent:

20150024217 - Polymer, process and composition: There is described an aqueous urethane acrylate copolymer dispersion comprising a) from 10 to 95 wt-% of a polyurethane copolymer, and b) from 5 to 90 wt-% of a polyvinyl copolymer, where vinyl copolymer (b) comprises from 30 parts to 100 parts by weight of biorenewable monomer(s)—such as itaconic acid,... Agent:

20150024219 - Aromatic secondary adhesive compositions containing aminosilane: Compositions having i) at least one mercaptosilane MS, as well as ii) at least one polysilane PS, as well as iii) at least one aromatic secondary aminosilane AS, as well as iv) at least one organotitanium compound.... Agent:

20150024221 - Electronic unit, optical disk unit, display unit, and image pickup unit: An electronic unit includes: an electronic device; and a protective film including an aluminum oxide layer and silicon oxide, the aluminum oxide layer with which the electronic device is covered, and the silicon oxide being scattered on a surface of the aluminum oxide layer.... Agent:

20150024220 - Flexible substrate, method of manufacturing flexible substrate, flexible display device, and method of flexible display device: A method of manufacturing a flexible substrate includes providing a support, forming an auxiliary layer including a silicon-containing material and a gold (Au) particle on the support, forming a polymer thin film on the auxiliary layer, and removing the support after forming the polymer thin film.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024222 - Method for passivation of strip black plate: A process for passivation of strip steel plate, having the following steps: electrochemical treatment of the black plate by passing the black plate through an electrolyte to form an inert steel surface; rinsing the black plate; and application of an aqueous chromium-free treatment solution to at least one surface of... Agent:

20150024223 - Monolithic integrated lattice mismatched crystal template and preparation method thereof: The present invention provides a monolithic integrated lattice mismatched crystal template and a preparation method thereof by using low-viscosity material, the preparation method for the crystal template includes: providing a first crystal layer with a first lattice constant; growing a buffer layer on the first crystal layer; below the melting... Agent: Shanghai Institute Of Microsystem And Information Technology, Chinese Academy

20150024224 - Paste sealant and sealing method: The paste sealant for molding and sealing a device comprises a copolyamide-series resin and an aqueous medium. The copolyamide-series resin may be a crystalline resin. The copolyamide-series resin may have a melting point or softening point of 75 to 160° C. The copolyamide-series resin may be a multiple copolymer, e.g.,... Agent:

20150024225 - Screen printing film and surface modification method of the same: A screen printing film and a surface modification method of the same are provided. The method includes providing a substrate having a PVA film on at least one surface of the substrate. The surface of the substrate is modified by generating a heating source and a plasma source, wherein a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150024227 - Block copolymer, process and composition: There is described a block copolymer comprising at least a block [A] and a block [B], where: (a) (i) block [A] comprises from 5 to 95 mole-% per mole-% of the block [A] of itaconate functional moieties; (b) (i) block [B] is substantially free of itaconate functional moieties. Preferably the... Agent:

20150024226 - Laminated body for polarizing plate, polarizing plate comprising the same and liquid crystal display device: An aspect of the present invention relates to a laminated body, which is a laminated body for a polarizing plate as well as comprises a polymer film and a layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing compound, wherein either or both of the polymer film and the layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150024228 - Board dewatering system and method: A cementitious product with strengthened composite structure is provided. Energy-efficient methods for manufacturing such products are provided as well and include dewatering a partially-set cementitious product by applying vacuum, and also creating a concentration gradient across the product thickness. Systems for manufacturing such products are provided as well.... Agent:

20150024229 - Method of forming an integral grid reinforcement in a part using an electro-hydraulic forming process: A method of reinforcing a part formed from a sheet metal panel that has a predetermined area that requires reinforcement by forming a grid pattern of V-shaped channels in the predetermined area. The grid pattern may be formed by wire electrodes in an electro-hydraulic forming tool having a one-sided die.... Agent:

20150024231 - Graphite composite film: There is provided a graphite composite film including a graphite film and a metal layer formed on a surface of the graphite film, in which peeling-off of the metal layer from the graphite film is suppressed. More specifically, the graphite composite film includes a graphite film and a metal layer... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20150024230 - Method and apparatus for installing wear-resistant liner plates: Liner plates of mild steel layered over with chromium carbide are provided with a bi-planar spacer clip also acting as a lifting eye on the top surfaces thereof and fasteners such as bolts or studs extending from the exposed planar surface of the mild steel layer. A chain and hook... Agent:

20150024232 - Nanowires and method for the production there of: n

20150024233 - Quality control of additive manufactured parts: Methods and apparatuses to fabricate additive manufactured parts with in-process monitoring are described. As parts are formed layer-by-layer, a 3D measurement of each layer or layer group may be acquired. The acquisition of dimensional data may be performed at least partially in parallel with the formation of layers. The dimensional... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150024234 - Method for manufacturing hot-press formed steel-member, and the hot-press formed steel-member: t

20150024235 - Process and device for substrate with increased slip resistance: Disclosed is a process and apparatus for preparing a substrate having a high coefficient of friction on a surface, and the high friction substrate. A pre-process of sanding can be used, followed by thermal wire coating of the sanded surface. The surface can have a static and dynamic coefficient of... Agent:

20150024236 - Soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and high-frequency device component, antenna module, and magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure: A soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and a high-frequency device component, an antenna module, and a magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, include a ferrite crystal grain as a main phase and a soft magnetic metal thin film bound to the ferrite crystal grain by interfacial bonding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150024237 - Steel sheet for hot stamping, method for production thereof, and hot stamping steel material: A hot stamping steel material, which secures good hydrogen embrittlement resistance even when the steel sheet after hot stamping is subjected to processing leading to remaining of stress, such as piercing and which is easily practicable, wherein the steel sheet has the chemical composition of: C: 0.18 to 0.26%; Si:... Agent:

20150024238 - Hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures and perpendicular magnetic recording media including the same: Hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures and perpendicular magnetic recording media including the hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures, include a ferrite crystal grain and a soft magnetic metal thin film bounded to the ferrite crystal grain by interfacial bonding on an atomic scale and having a thickness of about 5 nm... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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