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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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01/22/2015 > 90 patent applications in 65 patent subcategories.

20150024149 - Polarizing plate, method for manufacturing polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device: The polarizing plate has a high contrast and little image inconsistency (corner inconsistency) as well as curl stability and durability under a high-temperature and high-humidity environment. The polarizing plate is a laminate of a substrate with a hard coat layer and a polarizer. The polarizer is formed by applying a... Agent:

20150024150 - Surface covering panel, surface covering panel assembly and method of installing the same: The present document relates to surface covering panel assembly for installation over a receiving surface and under a top layer. The surface covering panel assembly includes substantially identical surface covering panels. Each one of the surface covering panels includes a sheet member made of a first flexible material, the sheet... Agent:

20150024151 - Low pressure air or vacuum glass edge-sealed with bar frame and groove: A low pressure air or vacuum glass and manufacturing method thereof, the low pressure air or vacuum glass comprising upper glass and lower glass; the upper glass and the lower glass are flat glass or convex glass; the peripheries of the upper glass and the lower glass are provided with... Agent:

20150024152 - Metal components with inert vapor phase coating on internal surfaces: The invention provides metal liquid chromatography components with uniformly coated internal surfaces and methods for achieving the same. The invention addresses the problem of corrosion or interference of metal components in the flow path for LC analyses in which the sample interacts with metal ions or surfaces. The invention also... Agent:

20150024153 - Slip resistant hanger clip: Disclosed is a slip resistant hanger clip for clothes hangers. The purpose of the present invention is to prevent articles of clothing from slipping off of the hanger. The device includes a tubular or cylindrical body with a defined hollow middle portion and a lateral opening that provides access to... Agent:

20150024154 - Label web suitable for activation and cutting: A film including a first surface and an opposite second surface. A first layer includes the first surface. A second layer arranged onto the first layer includes the second surface. The second layer includes thermally activatable material. In a thermal activation process, wherein the temperature of the thermally activatable material... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20150024155 - Ion assisted deposition for rare-earth oxide based thin film coatings on process rings: A method of manufacturing an article comprises providing a ring for an etch reactor. Ion assisted deposition (IAD) is then performed to deposit a protective layer on at least one surface of the ring, wherein the protective layer is a plasma resistant rare earth oxide film having a thickness of... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150024157 - Fouling release coatings: A composition for use in the manufacture of a fouling release coating, e.g. at least one layer of a fouling release coating, comprising at least one curable or crosslinkable polysiloxane and at least one silane terminated polyurethane.... Agent:

20150024156 - In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles: A method of making a molded article having a curved surface, such as plates or serving trays, and the resulting molded articles. The in-mold label (IML) is a laminated film that includes a backing layer, a printed surface incorporating one or more designs thereon, a protective film layer, and one... Agent: Modern Packaging

20150024158 - Light transmitting copolymers: A copolymer which can be formed from a mixture of nylon 6,12 and nylon 6,10 along with other possible components. The nylon copolymer is not only clear (transparent) but also exhibits high dimensional stability in varying environments, limited water absorption, good wear resistance, the ability to accommodate large amounts of... Agent:

20150024159 - Building membrane with porous pressure sensitive adhesive: A breathable multilayer spun bonded polypropylene membrane having a coated pressure sensitive adhesive capable of allowing air and moisture vapor to pass through it. The adhesive is formed of a copolymer comprising a backbone of n-butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, and vinyl acetate which is mixed with a surfactant and emulsified... Agent: Vaproshield, LLC

20150024160 - Composite structures having composite-to-metal joints and method for making the same: A composite structure comprises stacked sets of laminated fiber reinforced resin plies and metal sheets. Edges of the resin plies and metal sheets are interleaved to form a composite-to-metal joint connecting the resin plies with the metal sheets.... Agent:

20150024161 - Disk: A disk (100) having a center hole (100a), the disk (100) being provided with a support-capable structure for making it possible to support a disk (100A) positioned one level above the lowermost part in a stacked state using separation claws (164Ac, 164Bc) protruding radially outward from the center hole (100a).... Agent:

20150024162 - Cutting frame of high cutting efficiency: Disclosed herein is a cutting frame including a plurality of cutters for cutting one or more kinds of rectangular unit pieces having a relatively small size from a rectangular base material at a predetermined inclination, the cutters being mounted or formed in the cutting frame such that the cutters correspond... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150024163 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning continuous polymeric filaments including one selected from a poly(phenylene ether) component, a poly(phenylene ether)-polysiloxane block copolymer, and combinations thereof. The filaments can have a length to diameter ratio that is more than 1,000,000, and a diameter ranging from 50 nanometers to... Agent:

20150024164 - Door with glass insert and method for assembling the same: A door comprising first and second door skins secured to each other to form a cavity therebetween filled with expended foam. Each of the door skins has an opening therethrough for receiving a glass insert and a flange portion. Distal ends of the flange portions of the first and second... Agent:

20150024165 - Transparent armor construction: A transparent armor construction having a laminate structure with at least two layers. The layers are constructed of two different materials selected from the group of glass, ceramic, resin, polymeric material, and plastic and in which the at least two layers include different coefficients of thermal expansion. The layers are... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

20150024166 - Decorative panel having a digitally printed pattern and printing method therefor: Disclosed is a method of producing a pattern for a decorative panel. The method includes applying a clear gel coat on a mold to form a clear layer. The clear layer is cured and then digitally printed with one or more inks so as to produce a pattern on the... Agent: Maax Bath Inc.

20150024167 - Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium: A silver-based magnesium alloy thin film is provided for the semi-reflective coating layer of optical discs. This alloy has moderate to high reflectivity and reasonable corrosion resistance in the ambient environment.... Agent:

20150024171 - Carpet waste composite: A composite material is produced from carpet waste and a binding agent, in intimate association, and may also include wood fiber or chips and/or other additives. A method of manufacturing a composite material includes shredding carpet waste, coating the carpet waste with a binding agent, and subjecting the shredded, coated... Agent:

20150024169 - Method for printing 3d parts and support structures with electrophotography-based additive manufacturing: A method for printing a three-dimensional part and a support structure with an electrophotography-based additive manufacturing system. The method includes developing a support layer of the support structure from a soluble support material with a first electrophotography engine, and transferring the developed support layer from the first electrophotography engine to... Agent:

20150024168 - Model of warm stone floor material: The present invention comprises an engineered architectural material suitable for flooring or cladding walls which is capable of withstanding heat and humidity and methods of manufacturing thereof The architectural material of the present invention is particularly suited for use with natural stone veneers and when constructed in accordance with the... Agent: Skala Stone, Inc.

20150024170 - Window member and image display apparatus including the same: A window member includes flexible base films and a protective film. The flexible base films are stacked upon one another. Each flexible base film is substantially transparent. The protective film is disposed on the flexible base films and is substantially transparent. Each of the flexible base films includes protrusions and... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024172 - Migration resistant single faced corrugated loose fill packaging material: A migration resistant loose fill packaging material according to the present invention includes a plurality of single faced corrugated strips. Each corrugated strip includes a single liner member having an elongate and generally planar configuration, the base member having an upper surface and an opposed lower surface. Each corrugated strip... Agent:

20150024174 - Method of forming a color laser image observable with variable colors, and a document on which such a color laser image is made in this way: The present invention relates to forming color laser images that are observable with variable colors. The gray levels are produced by non-reflective, black volumes in a laserable layer that mask the adjacent subpixels and that cause variable colors to appear depending on the angle of observation of the document. The... Agent:

20150024173 - Photosensitive resin composition, method for manufacturing patterned cured film, and electronic component: The invention provides a photosensitive resin composition comprising (A) an alkali-soluble resin having a phenolic hydroxyl group, (B) a compound that generates an acid by light, and (C) an acrylic resin having a group that crosslinks with the component (A), as well as a method for manufacturing a patterned cured... Agent:

20150024175 - Fiberglass reinforced plastic products having increased weatherability, system and method: Climbing products containing rails decorated using veil products colored, patterned, painted or in combination with marking methods such as company names and logos and resin formulation designed to withstand exposure to UV radiation with minimal change in appearance which create specific appearances for applications, enhance weathering performance, and facilitate processing... Agent: Werner Co.

20150024177 - Method of fabricating single crystal colloidal monolayer on substrate and display device comprising the substrate: Disclosed is a method of fabricating a single crystal colloidal monolayer on a substrate. The method includes preparing a pair of adhesive substrates, arranging powder particles between the substrates, and uniaxially rubbing one of the substrates in any one direction to allow the particles to be close-packed between the substrates,... Agent:

20150024176 - Vehicle photocatalytic air purification apparatus and method: Provided is a photocatalytic air purification vehicle wrap for at least partially covering an exterior surface of a vehicle. The vehicle wrap comprises a film or laminate material comprising a first surface area and a second surface area, the first surface area adapted to adhere to the exterior surface of... Agent: Virgin Breeze

20150024178 - Ink composition, and recorded matter, recording method and recording apparatus using the same: An ink composition contains hollow resin particles and an anti-clearing agent preventing the clearing phenomenon of the hollow resin particles.... Agent:

20150024179 - Manufacturing method and structure of having a porcelain or glass product formed integrally with a label in a mold: A manufacturing method and structure of having a porcelain or glass product formed integrally with a label in a mold includes a male mold, a first female mold and a second female mold. After the first female mold is combined with the male mold, plastics is injected to form a... Agent: Supreme Technic Package Co., Ltd

20150024180 - Ink film constructions: An ink film construction including: (a) a first printing substrate selected from the group consisting of an uncoated fibrous printing substrate, a commodity coated fibrous printing substrate, and a plastic printing substrate; and (b) an ink dot set contained within a square geometric projection projecting on the first printing substrate,... Agent:

20150024182 - Antireflective coatings with self-cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties: Coated article having antireflective property together with self cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties can be prepared with a topmost layer of titanium oxide on an antireflective layer, which can be formed by a sol-gel process. The antireflective layer can comprise a porosity forming agent, or an alkyltrialkoxysilane-based binder. The... Agent:

20150024181 - Medium with ink receiving and opacity control layers: A graphics medium may have an ink receiving layer with at least fifty percent hyrogel by weight and an opacity control layer with a polymer embedded with at least one filler material.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150024183 - Coated cutting tool: The present invention relates to a coated cutting tool comprising a substrate and a multilayered (Ti,Al)N coating. The coating comprises three zones: a first zone (A) closest to the substrate, a second zone (B) adjacent to the first zone and a third outermost zone (C). All three zones each comprises... Agent:

20150024184 - Glass pane construction: The present invention relates to a glass pane construction, particularly bullet proof glass pane, to be used in a motor vehicle, having several transparent panes and layers made of glass, ceramic or synthetic material, which are connected in a layered manner connected to each other in a laminate, electrical controllable... Agent:

20150024189 - Fluorine resin film: A fluorine resin film has a heat ray-shielding function, through which film it is possible to see natural colors of a colorless translucency, without any adverse effect on the high translucency, strong mechanical properties, robust weather resistance, and other properties inherent to a fluorine resin. The film provides mechanical properties,... Agent:

20150024185 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning a plurality of continuous polymeric filaments including a polycarbonate homopolymer component, a polycarbonate copolymer component, and combinations thereof at a rate of at least 300 grams/hour/spinneret.... Agent:

20150024186 - Force spun sub-micron fiber and applications: A process of forming a non-woven web including spinning a plurality of continuous polymeric filaments including a polyetherimide component selected from polyetherimide homopolymers, polyetherimide co-polymers, aromatic polyester homopolymers, aromatic polyester copolymers, and combinations thereof at a rate of at least 300 grams/hour/spinneret. The continuous filaments have a diameter ranging from... Agent:

20150024190 - Marking base composition and marking base using the same: To provide a technique related to a marking base that allows clear marking by ink and is excellent in thermal resistance and chemical resistance. A marking base composition contains inorganic particles of 27 to 50 mass %, an inorganic binder of 5 to 20 mass %, an organic binder of... Agent:

20150024187 - Method of manufacturing plastic article: A process is provided for forming plastic into a predetermined shape from a plastic particulate material, and a heat-activated expandable foam plastic filler material, comprising the steps of: (i) providing first and second complementary mould parts; (ii) heating said first and second mould parts at least on their face portions... Agent:

20150024188 - Polymer-based multilayer gas barrier film: A polymer-based multilayer film including a combination of desirable properties, such as relatively high chemical resistance and relatively good gas barrier properties. Specifically, in various embodiments, a multilayer film may include at least one layer having relatively high chemical resistance and at least one other layer having relatively good gas... Agent:

20150024191 - Reflection-resistant glass articles and methods for making and using same: Described herein are coated glass or glass-ceramic articles having improved reflection resistance. Further described are methods of making and using the improved articles. The coated articles generally include a glass or glass-ceramic substrate and a nanoporous Si-containing coating disposed thereon. The nanoporous Si-containing coating is not a free-standing adhesive film,... Agent:

20150024192 - Absorber and absorbent article using the same: To provide an absorbent body and an absorbent article having excellent deodorization effect. The present invention provides an absorber comprising, a crosslinked polymer mainly composed of acrylic acid and having carboxyl groups thereof being at least partially neutralized as a water-absorbent resin powder, and an antibacterial cationic surfactant, wherein the... Agent: Livedo Corporation

20150024193 - Fluoropolymer non-stick coatings: (a) an aqueous medium, (b) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of at least 290° C., (c) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of no greater than 270° C., and (d) water miscible organic liquid having a boiling... Agent:

20150024194 - Ultra low cure powder coatings: Methods and systems for coating metal substrates are provided. The methods and systems include application of TGIC-reactive carboxyl-functional polyester resins with high acid number formulated to cure at low temperatures of 120° C. to 135° C.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150024195 - Novel cross-linking mechanism for thin organic coatings based on the hantzsch di-hydropyridine synthesis reaction: Disclosed is cross-linking process for cross-linking polymeric chains in a coating composition. In one embodiment the process utilizes a Hantzsch dihydropyridine reaction to form reaction products including cross-linking polymeric resin chains having beta-keto ester functions using a source of aldehyde and a source of ammonia or a primary amine to... Agent:

20150024196 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and moisture-permeable waterproof pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition includes 100 parts by mass of a rubber component containing 40 to 93 mass % of a butyl rubber and 7 to 60 mass % of a polyisobutylene and 82 to 128 parts by mass of a softener having a kinetic viscosity at 40° C. of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150024199 - Removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and optical component: There is provided a removable water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive composition to form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability. There are also provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet capable of exhibiting good curl regulatability, and an optical component having the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet laminated... Agent:

20150024197 - Intrusion resistant thermal laminating film: A thermal laminating film is provided that has superior intrusion resistance that is well suited to addressing security and anti-counterfeiting needs. The film includes a polymer substrate and an adhesive system with a polymer component having a Vicat softening point temperature that is close to a glass transition temperature of... Agent: Transilwrap Company, Inc.

20150024198 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, surface protective sheet, optical surface protective sheet, and optical film with surface protective sheet: [In (C1) to (C3), R1 is a monovalent organic group, each of R2 to R4 is an alkylene group, R5 is a hydrogen or an organic group, and each of a and b is an integer of 0 to 1000 (however, they are not 0 at a time); In (C1),... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150024200 - Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same: The invention is directed to carbon fibers having high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. The invention also provides a method and apparatus for making the carbon fibers. The method comprises advancing a precursor fiber through an oxidation oven wherein the fiber is subjected to controlled stretching in an oxidizing... Agent:

20150024201 - Cylindrical graphene nanoribbon on metal: Three-dimensional (3D) graphene nanoribbons and methods for fabricating 3D graphene nanoribbons that may readily function as solenoid windings and the like. In one embodiment, a method of fabricating a 3D graphene nanoribbon (100) may include coating a side surface (102A) of a 3D insert (102) with a metal (104) appropriate... Agent:

20150024202 - Thread: A stiffening thread for use in increasing the durability of a crease in a panel of fabric comprises at least one ply of thermofusible material having a melting point between 75° C. and 125° C. and at least one carrier ply of material which is not thermofusible, having a melting... Agent:

20150024203 - Method of manufacturing unevenness shaped z-pin and z-pin manufactured using the same and composite structure including the z-pin: Provided are a method of manufacturing a Z-pin having an unevenness shape formed on a surface thereof so as to economically and effectively increase coupling force in the Z-pin for coupling of a composite material laminated structure in a laminated direction, and a Z-pin manufactured using the same and a... Agent: Korea Aerospace Research Institute

20150024208 - Carbon material and method for producing same: By subjecting a carbon material, in which a closed-pore-ratio and an amount of remaining hydrogen in the material are set to be within a proper range, to hot isostatic pressing treatment, a vapor phase growth reaction of graphite is generated in closed pores as nuclei using hydrogen and hydrocarbon generated... Agent:

20150024206 - Coated devices and methods for coating: The present invention relates in a first aspect to a method of coating surfaces of substrates with a lattice-like structure. In particular, the present invention relates to an in vitro method of coating surfaces by binding of epsin or a fragment thereof on the surface and, thereafter, binding of a... Agent: Medizinische Hochschule Hannover

20150024205 - Method of producing polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles, and polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles: A method of producing polycarbonate-based polymer microparticles including forming an emulsion in a system in which a polycarbonate-based polymer (A), a polymer (B) different from the polycarbonate-based polymer (A) and an organic solvent (C) are dissolved and mixed together and which causes phase separation into two phases of a solution... Agent:

20150024207 - Nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide and method for manufacturing same: The present invention provides nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide and a method for manufacturing same, the nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide as a precursor allowing a positive electrode active material having excellent battery characteristics and a high-density to be manufactured. The nickel-cobalt-manganese composite hydroxide is represented by a general formula: Ni1-x-y-zCoxMnyMz(OH)2 (wherein 0<x≦1/3, 0<y≦1/3,... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

20150024204 - Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof: The present invention relates a process of preparing a nanopowder by using a natural source starting material wherein the nano powder is a nano metal or nano alloy or nano metal oxide or nano metal carbide or nano compound or nano composite or nanofluid. The nano product produced by the... Agent:

20150024209 - Modified particle purification method and manufacturing method, modified particles, functional material, optical member, heat transfer member, and coverage rate analysis device and coverage rate analysis method: According to the present invention, a solvent having particles with a primary particle diameter of less than 100 nm to which a surface modification agent is bonded and also having compounds not bonded to the respective surfaces of the particles is made to contact a trap material larger than the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20150024210 - Zircon compatible glasses for down draw: A glass that is down-drawable and ion exchangeable. The glass has a temperature T35kp which the viscosity is 35 kilopoise. T35kp is less than the breakdown temperature Tbreakdown of zircon.... Agent:

20150024211 - Composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition and heat-ray shielding sintered compact and heat-ray shielding laminate using the composition: There is provided a composite tungsten oxide particle dispersion polycarbonate resin composition containing composite tungsten oxide particles expressed by a general formula MxWyOz, metal salt, and polycarbonate resin, wherein the metal salt is a salt of one or more kinds of metal elements selected from Mg, Ni, Zn, In, and... Agent:

20150024214 - Curable coating composition: The present invention relates to a curable coating composition, comprising: (a) a curable coating resin comprising thiol-reactive groups, (b) a thiolated norbornene curing agent for the curable coating resin, the thiolated norbornene curing agent comprising on average at least 1.0 thiol group per molecule, and (c) an accelerator for accelerating... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20150024212 - Hard coating composition: Provided is a hard coating composition with which optical interference and a blue discoloration due to ultraviolet rays do not occur when applied to an ultrahigh refractive index organic glass with a refractive index exceeding 1.67. The hard coating composition is applied to an optical component body formed of an... Agent: Itoh Optical Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150024213 - Liquid coating composition and a coating method using the same: A liquid coating composition to protect electronic elements on a circuit board includes a heat curable resin composition, a photocurable resin, a photoinitiator, a curing agent, and a solvent. The heat curable resin composition includes poly(acrylic acid) oligomer and at least one compound selected from the group consisting of an... Agent:

20150024215 - Silver-plated coated body: Provided is a silver-plated coated body that is excellent in interlayer adhesion and tarnish resistance. The silver-plated coated body has a silver film layer and a topcoat layer as essential layers on a substrate, the topcoat layer containing at least one kind selected from thiourea and thiourea derivatives, and at... Agent:

20150024216 - Fluoropolymer composition: A fluoropolymer composition is provided containing a polymer containing perfluoroolefin units or partially fluorinated olefin units or a combination thereof, polytetrafluoroethylene having a melting point a melting point of 200° C. or more and 300° C. or less, and a crosslinking agent or a crosslinking promoter or a combination thereof.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150024218 - Photocurable sheet-type adhesive composition for optical use: The present invention is a photocurable sheet-shape adhesive for optical use, which contains the following components (A) to (D): (A) 100 parts by mass of a urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer having a weight average molecular weight of 20,000 to 100,000; (B) 3 to 70 parts by mass of a phenoxy resin... Agent:

20150024217 - Polymer, process and composition: There is described an aqueous urethane acrylate copolymer dispersion comprising a) from 10 to 95 wt-% of a polyurethane copolymer, and b) from 5 to 90 wt-% of a polyvinyl copolymer, where vinyl copolymer (b) comprises from 30 parts to 100 parts by weight of biorenewable monomer(s)—such as itaconic acid,... Agent:

20150024219 - Aromatic secondary adhesive compositions containing aminosilane: Compositions having i) at least one mercaptosilane MS, as well as ii) at least one polysilane PS, as well as iii) at least one aromatic secondary aminosilane AS, as well as iv) at least one organotitanium compound.... Agent:

20150024221 - Electronic unit, optical disk unit, display unit, and image pickup unit: An electronic unit includes: an electronic device; and a protective film including an aluminum oxide layer and silicon oxide, the aluminum oxide layer with which the electronic device is covered, and the silicon oxide being scattered on a surface of the aluminum oxide layer.... Agent:

20150024220 - Flexible substrate, method of manufacturing flexible substrate, flexible display device, and method of flexible display device: A method of manufacturing a flexible substrate includes providing a support, forming an auxiliary layer including a silicon-containing material and a gold (Au) particle on the support, forming a polymer thin film on the auxiliary layer, and removing the support after forming the polymer thin film.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150024222 - Method for passivation of strip black plate: A process for passivation of strip steel plate, having the following steps: electrochemical treatment of the black plate by passing the black plate through an electrolyte to form an inert steel surface; rinsing the black plate; and application of an aqueous chromium-free treatment solution to at least one surface of... Agent:

20150024223 - Monolithic integrated lattice mismatched crystal template and preparation method thereof: The present invention provides a monolithic integrated lattice mismatched crystal template and a preparation method thereof by using low-viscosity material, the preparation method for the crystal template includes: providing a first crystal layer with a first lattice constant; growing a buffer layer on the first crystal layer; below the melting... Agent: Shanghai Institute Of Microsystem And Information Technology, Chinese Academy

20150024224 - Paste sealant and sealing method: The paste sealant for molding and sealing a device comprises a copolyamide-series resin and an aqueous medium. The copolyamide-series resin may be a crystalline resin. The copolyamide-series resin may have a melting point or softening point of 75 to 160° C. The copolyamide-series resin may be a multiple copolymer, e.g.,... Agent:

20150024225 - Screen printing film and surface modification method of the same: A screen printing film and a surface modification method of the same are provided. The method includes providing a substrate having a PVA film on at least one surface of the substrate. The surface of the substrate is modified by generating a heating source and a plasma source, wherein a... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150024227 - Block copolymer, process and composition: There is described a block copolymer comprising at least a block [A] and a block [B], where: (a) (i) block [A] comprises from 5 to 95 mole-% per mole-% of the block [A] of itaconate functional moieties; (b) (i) block [B] is substantially free of itaconate functional moieties. Preferably the... Agent:

20150024226 - Laminated body for polarizing plate, polarizing plate comprising the same and liquid crystal display device: An aspect of the present invention relates to a laminated body, which is a laminated body for a polarizing plate as well as comprises a polymer film and a layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing compound, wherein either or both of the polymer film and the layer comprising a sulfonyl group-containing... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150024228 - Board dewatering system and method: A cementitious product with strengthened composite structure is provided. Energy-efficient methods for manufacturing such products are provided as well and include dewatering a partially-set cementitious product by applying vacuum, and also creating a concentration gradient across the product thickness. Systems for manufacturing such products are provided as well.... Agent:

20150024229 - Method of forming an integral grid reinforcement in a part using an electro-hydraulic forming process: A method of reinforcing a part formed from a sheet metal panel that has a predetermined area that requires reinforcement by forming a grid pattern of V-shaped channels in the predetermined area. The grid pattern may be formed by wire electrodes in an electro-hydraulic forming tool having a one-sided die.... Agent:

20150024231 - Graphite composite film: There is provided a graphite composite film including a graphite film and a metal layer formed on a surface of the graphite film, in which peeling-off of the metal layer from the graphite film is suppressed. More specifically, the graphite composite film includes a graphite film and a metal layer... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20150024230 - Method and apparatus for installing wear-resistant liner plates: Liner plates of mild steel layered over with chromium carbide are provided with a bi-planar spacer clip also acting as a lifting eye on the top surfaces thereof and fasteners such as bolts or studs extending from the exposed planar surface of the mild steel layer. A chain and hook... Agent:

20150024232 - Nanowires and method for the production there of: n

20150024233 - Quality control of additive manufactured parts: Methods and apparatuses to fabricate additive manufactured parts with in-process monitoring are described. As parts are formed layer-by-layer, a 3D measurement of each layer or layer group may be acquired. The acquisition of dimensional data may be performed at least partially in parallel with the formation of layers. The dimensional... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150024234 - Method for manufacturing hot-press formed steel-member, and the hot-press formed steel-member: t

20150024235 - Process and device for substrate with increased slip resistance: Disclosed is a process and apparatus for preparing a substrate having a high coefficient of friction on a surface, and the high friction substrate. A pre-process of sanding can be used, followed by thermal wire coating of the sanded surface. The surface can have a static and dynamic coefficient of... Agent:

20150024236 - Soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and high-frequency device component, antenna module, and magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure: A soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and a high-frequency device component, an antenna module, and a magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, include a ferrite crystal grain as a main phase and a soft magnetic metal thin film bound to the ferrite crystal grain by interfacial bonding... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150024237 - Steel sheet for hot stamping, method for production thereof, and hot stamping steel material: A hot stamping steel material, which secures good hydrogen embrittlement resistance even when the steel sheet after hot stamping is subjected to processing leading to remaining of stress, such as piercing and which is easily practicable, wherein the steel sheet has the chemical composition of: C: 0.18 to 0.26%; Si:... Agent:

20150024238 - Hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures and perpendicular magnetic recording media including the same: Hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures and perpendicular magnetic recording media including the hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures, include a ferrite crystal grain and a soft magnetic metal thin film bounded to the ferrite crystal grain by interfacial bonding on an atomic scale and having a thickness of about 5 nm... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

01/15/2015 > 134 patent applications in 99 patent subcategories.

20150017350 - Display kit for gourds, vegetables, and other objects: A press ornament (100) includes an ornamental article (101), a first insertion shaft (102), and a second insertion shaft (103). The first insertion shaft extends distally from the ornamental article in a first direction and the second insertion shaft extends distally from the ornamental article in a second direction. The... Agent: Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

20150017351 - Method for making sculptural interior in a vessel and vessels produced thereby: The invention provides a method of making a vessel having a sculptural interior, comprising attaching a textile core to the air inlet port of an I.S. machine, inserting a gob of molten glass into a mold to surround the textile core, applying compressed air to press the molten glass around... Agent:

20150017352 - Artificial plant assembly: An artificial plant assembly is provided that can be broken down into component parts for efficient shipping. The artificial plant assembly includes a planter, an outer pot secured within the planter, an inner pot having an artificial plant supported therein and wherein the inner pot is securable within the outer... Agent:

20150017353 - Layer composite consisting of a photopolymer film and an adhesive layer: The present invention relates to a layer composite comprising an exposed photopolymer film and an adhesive layer which is connected to the photopolymer film at least in certain regions, wherein the photopolymer film comprises crosslinked polyurethane matrix polymers A), crosslinked writing monomers B) and a monomeric fluoroethane additive C), wherein... Agent:

20150017355 - Articles including anticondensation and/or low-e coatings and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to articles including anticondensation and/or low-E coatings that are exposed to an external environment, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the anticondensation and/or low-E coatings may be survivable in an outside environment. The coatings also may have a sufficiently... Agent:

20150017354 - Solar glass pane: Specification solar glass pane has been designed as a Green Energy Source.... Agent:

20150017356 - Phosphoramidite compositions: A single-use, pre-weighed, pre-packaged solid compressed form of a phosphoramidite. In one embodiment, the single-use pre-weighed pre-packaged solid compressed phosphoramidite is packaged in individual discrete units in a package for direct dispensing into an instrument.... Agent:

20150017357 - Systems and methods of concrete apparatus with incorporated lifter: Systems and methods for a concrete apparatus with incorporated lifter are provided. A concrete apparatus is formed by placing a reinforcement system in a mold. The reinforcement system comprises a lifter. Concrete is poured into the mold such that the lifter protrudes from the poured concrete. After the concrete has... Agent:

20150017358 - Multilayer heat shrinkable film comprising styrene polymer or a blend of styrene polymers: The present invention provides a multilayer heat shrinkable film incorporating an oxygen barrier material and layer comprising a styrene polymer or blend of styrene polymers, where the shrinkage of the film in at least one of MD, TD is at least 30% at 90° C. The invention is further directed... Agent:

20150017359 - Coating compositions with improved adhesion to containers: Aqueous polymer dispersions based on core-shell polymers and the use of these aqueous dispersions to coat food cans are disclosed.... Agent:

20150017361 - Film for tire inner liner, method for manufacturing film for tire inner liner, pneumatic tire, and method for manufacturing pneumatic tire: This disclosure relates to a film for a tire inner liner film that may exhibit uniform excellent physical properties over all directions when applied to a tire, and may secure excellent durability and fatigue resistance in a tire manufacturing process or in an automobile running process, a method for manufacturing... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc

20150017360 - Insulated component of a household appliance, in particular of a dishwasher, and method for manufacturing such a component: i

20150017362 - Thermoplastic and titanium sandwich structures: A method and apparatus for forming a sandwich structure is presented. A sandwich structure comprises a metallic core layer and a thermoplastic layer on a first side of the metallic core layer. The thermoplastic layer is consolidated against the first side of the metallic core layer.... Agent:

20150017363 - Devices for protecting horn and antler tips: Devices for protecting horn and antler tips and, in particular, devices for protecting the tips of palmated and non-palmated antlers and horns of game animal when packaging, transporting and shipping antlers and horns of game animals.... Agent:

20150017364 - Fluororubber composition: A fluororubber composition including a fluororubber having an iodine content of 10 to 90 mol % for the total mole of the polymer end groups and a carbon black (B), wherein a difference (δG′), represented by G′(1%)-G′(100%), is not lower than 120 kPa and not higher than 3,000 kPa, where... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20150017365 - Multimodal polyolefin resin and molded product prepared therefrom: Multimodal polyolefin resin having excellent characteristics such as moldability, mechanical strength, external appearance and a polyolefin resin molded product are disclosed. The polyolefin resin satisfies all requirements of following (1) to (5), (1) density (d): 0.934 to 0.963 g/cm3, (2) melt flow index (MIE, 190° C., 2.16 kg load condition):... Agent: Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.

20150017367 - Bioplastic compositions and related methods: Bioplastic compositions having favorable mechanical and molding characteristics. Methods of forming these compositions and also workpieces formed from these compositions. The compositions comprising a polylactic acid; a polyhydroxyalkanoate; a plurality of clay particles; a plurality of talc particles; and a modifier capable of facilitating mixing between the clay particles and... Agent:

20150017366 - Scratch resistance polypropylene at high flow: Injection molded article comprising at least 60 wt.-% of a heterophasic propylene copolymer, said polymer comprises a matrix being a polypropylene, said polypropylene comprises at least three polypropylene fractions, the three polypropylene fractions differ from each other by the melt flow rate and at least one of the three polypropylene... Agent:

20150017368 - Planar body provided with resin frame and method for producing planar body provided with resin frame: The present invention provides a plate-like body with a resin frame attached thereto, which includes a highly rigid and solid thick wall part where an imaginary inscribed circle inscribed in the resin frame has a diameter of at least of 7 mm, and a process for producing the plate-like body... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150017369 - Method for manufacturing a pre-cut plastic card via laser cutting, having a plastic card, plastic card prelaminate and sticker separable from the plastic card structure: Described herein are methods and apparatuses for manufacturing a pre-cut plastic card structure via laser cutting, having a plastic card, plastic card prelaminate and sticker separable from the plastic card structure. The plastic card prelaminate includes a first plastic sheet, a first adhesive layer arranged below the first plastic sheet,... Agent: Identive Group, Inc.

20150017373 - Adhesive sheet: The adhesive sheet 10 wound into a roll includes: a long release film 11; an adhesive layer 12 provided in a label form on the release film 11; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive film 13 having a label part 13a covering the adhesive layer 12 and provided so as to be... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20150017374 - Adhesive sheet: An adhesive sheet 10 wound into a roll includes: a long release film 11; an adhesive layer 12 provided in a label form on the release film 11; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive film 13 having a label part 13a covering the adhesive layer 12 and provided so as to be... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20150017375 - Adhesive sheet: The adhesive sheet wound into a roll includes: a long release film; an adhesive layer provided in a label form on the release film; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive film having a label part covering the adhesive layer and provided so as to be in contact with the release film around... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20150017371 - In-mold transfer film having an elastic texture and method for manufacturing the same: Also, the present invention provides a method for manufacturing an in-mold transfer film comprising forming a release layer on the upper surface of a substrate layer; forming a printed layer on the upper surface of the release layer; and forming an adhesive layer on the upper surface of the printed... Agent:

20150017372 - Method of manufacturing resin-encapsulated electronic component and apparatus for manufacturing resin-encapsulated electronic component: The present invention is to provide a method of manufacturing a resin-encapsulated electronic component and an apparatus for manufacturing a resin-encapsulated electronic component that enable the manufacture of a resin-encapsulated electronic component including a plate-like member in a simple manner at low cost. The method of manufacturing a resin-encapsulated electronic... Agent: Towa Corporation

20150017370 - Polyimide resin, resin composition and laminated film that use same: wherein n is a natural number and the average calculated from the average molecular weight of the polysiloxane di-amine is within the range of from 5 to 30; R1 and R2 may be the same or different and each represent an alkylene group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms or... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150017376 - Washable carpet tile: This invention relates to tufted floorcovering articles that are washable in commercial, industrial, and/or residential washing machines. In particular, this invention relates to modular carpet tiles that are constructed in such a way as to withstand exposure to at least one wash cycle in an automatic washing machine. The carpet... Agent:

20150017377 - Modular building system: A modular construction member and kit including panels having sides, each side defining a matrix of holes. The matrices of holes are complementary to one another so that when connected to one another by connectors, any one of the connected sides may be coplanar with a side of the other... Agent:

20150017378 - Ceiling tile: The ceiling tile, in one embodiment of the invention, is a laminate of a rigid core layer, such as gypsum, having one surface covered by a display layer of plastic sheet material. An opposite surface of the core layer is covered by a layer of light reflective material. The design... Agent:

20150017380 - Absorbent food pad having discrete airflow passages: An absorbent food pad having one or more apertures that provide discrete airflow passages through the absorbent food pad is provided. The apertures permit the absorbent food pads to be placed below a food product in a container without blocking the flow of air through the container. The absorbent food... Agent:

20150017379 - Transparent window assembly: A transparent window assembly includes a window body defining an opening therethrough; a first hollow frame mounted on the window body at one side of the opening and formed with an engagement groove; a second hollow frame mounted on the window body at the other side of the opening in... Agent: Ace Dragon Corp.

20150017381 - Lightweight, breathable, waterproof, soft shell composite apparel and technical alpine apparel: The apparel is constructed from various combinations of layers of materials with moisture transfer properties. A first liner of moisture transfer fabrics abuts a second layer of structural material such as open-cell foam. The second layer can abut a breathable membrane and/or an insulating material. Finally, carefully selected outer fabric... Agent: Solid Water Holdings

20150017382 - Ornament assembly with attachment clip: An ornament assembly includes an attachment clip, an elongated shaft, and an ornament. The attachment clip includes a first jaw and a second jaw. The first jaw includes a first spine and a first finger extending from the first spine. The second jaw includes a second spine and a second... Agent: Target Brands, Inc.

20150017383 - Pyramidal kagome structure and its fabricating method: The present invention relates to a pyramidal kagome structure and more particularly, to a pyramidal kagome structure having a broaden contact area with a plate member and its fabricating method. According to the invention, a lattice mesh is formed with a plate so that continuous and mass-production is permitted and... Agent:

20150017384 - Cover element: The invention concerns a cover element for covering an opening in an in particular horizontal surface of a drainage body, with an edge region which is configured to support the cover element on the drainage body, and with a cover region which has a grid-like or perforated structure with supporting... Agent:

20150017385 - Passive drag modification system: The present invention is directed to a micro-array surface that provides for drag reduction. An aerodynamic or hydrodynamic wall surface that is configured to modify a fluid boundary layer on the surface is provided. The wall surface has a plurality of cavities defined therein the surface. In various examples, the... Agent:

20150017386 - Nanostructured materials and methods of making the same: Material comprising sub-micrometer particles dispersed in a polymeric matrix. The materials are useful in article, for example, for numerous applications including display applications (e.g., liquid crystal displays (LCD), light emitting diode (LED) displays, or plasma displays); light extraction; electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, ophthalmic lenses; face shielding lenses or films; window... Agent:

20150017387 - Extrusion die for synthetic wood, manufacturing apparatus and method using the same, and synthetic wood manufactured by the same: Disclosed therein are an extrusion die for synthetic wood which can provide a natural wood pattern similar with real wood by forming various wood patterns on the surface of synthetic wood manufactured through extrusion molding, manufacturing apparatus and method using the same, and synthetic wood manufactured by the same. The... Agent:

20150017389 - Mask, glass substrate and manufacturing method thereof: A mask including a light-blocking area, a transparent area and a partial-transparent area is disclosed. The partial-transparent area protrudes from edges of the light-blocking area to admit some of the UV rays to pass through. In addition, a glass substrate and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. By arranging the... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

20150017388 - Material for surface treatment: The present invention relates to a material for surface treatment, including: a main body made of a flexible raw material with capability of adsorbing liquid, and a plurality of protrusions vertically disposed on and protruding from a surface of the main body, wherein the protrusions are presented as polygonal columns... Agent:

20150017390 - Molding method for fiber reinforced composite material and molding apparatus for fiber reinforced composite material: According to a molding method for a fiber reinforced composite material, a cavity forming surface 13 of a second mold 12 with a recessed portion 14 for molding a thick portion is brought into contact with a fiber reinforced composite material 15. The fiber reinforced composite material 15 is heated... Agent:

20150017391 - Method for manufacturing a molded article with insert from a rubber polymer: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a molded article from a first rubber polymer, which molded article comprises an insert from a second rubber polymer. The method comprises the steps of (A) providing an at least partially vulcanized article from the first rubber polymer, the article having a... Agent:

20150017392 - Reflective films, articles and methods of making the same: A reflective film or article including a substrate, a smoothing layer adjoining and extending across at least a portion of the first major surface of the substrate, a tie layer having a first major surface adjoining and extending across at least a portion of the second major surface of the... Agent: 3innovative Properties Company

20150017393 - Window for display device, display device including the same, and manufacturing the same: The present disclosure relates to a curved window, a method for manufacturing the same, and a display device including the same. The curved window for a display device includes a curved polymer resin layer, a high-hardness film over the curved polymer resin layer, and a curved metal film under the... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150017395 - Cut-out laminated sheet and preparation method thereof: A cut-out laminated sheet can be prepared by laminating a protection sheet on a base sheet, followed by a simple two-step shearing process. The cut-out laminated sheet thus prepared features a protruding section that helps improving productivity by making the removal of the protection sheet easy; and thus, can be... Agent: Skc Co., Ltd.

20150017394 - Machine part with laser cladding and method: A machine part for agricultural, turf, mining or construction equipment for processing material is provided. The machine part comprises a base material. A clad material is deposited on the base material to form at least one blunt edge along the body. The clad material comprises a second hardness greater than... Agent: Kondex Corporation

20150017398 - Active-energy-ray-curable ink composition and printed object using said ink composition: Provided is an ink composition having excellent conformability even to a flexible base material to be printed. This active-energy-ray-curable ink composition comprises active-energy-ray-polymerizable monomers and an active-energy-ray polymerization initiator. The active-energy-ray-polymerizable monomers include: monomer A which is a monofunctional monomer having a glass transition point of −30° C. or lower;... Agent:

20150017397 - Forming method and substrate: The present invention provides a method of forming a detection mark from line patterns formed on a substrate, including a first step of deciding a first region for forming the detection mark on the substrate, and a second region which surrounds the first region and in which formation of the... Agent:

20150017396 - Ink for aqueous inkjet recording, inkjet recording method, and inkjet printed matter: An ink for aqueous inkjet recording contains: water; a hydrosoluble organic solvent; a pigment; and polycarbonate-based urethane resin particles, wherein the pigment contains a geminalbis phosphonic acid group and/or a geminalbis phosphonate group.... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150017399 - Method of producing a functionalized surface and surfaces made thereby: A method of photopatterning rewritable reactive groups onto surfaces using typically a plasmachemical deposition of functionalized materials, followed by molecular printing of inks. Subsequent treatment of the reactive groups allows for surface rewriting and also the method allows for the creation of either positive or negative image multifunctional rewritable patterned... Agent:

20150017400 - Use of oils with high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids in plastics and surface coatings: Oil compositions having a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids are described for use in various applications including use as drying oils, in ink compositions and coating compositions. Oil compositions wherein the double bonds of the fatty acids are substantially epoxidized are described and used as plasticizers and thermal stabilizers... Agent:

20150017401 - Textile light-protection material: A textile light-protection material having a micro-filament non-woven fabric with a surface weight of 20 to 300 g/m2, wherein the non-woven fabric has composite filaments that are melt-spun and plaited as a non-woven fabric having a titer of 1.5 to 5 decitex and the composite filaments are split into at... Agent:

20150017402 - Water-based inkjet ink for tampering detection, method for inkjet printing using same, and printed article: A water-based inkjet ink for tampering prevention which readily allows detection of evidence of tampering by visual inspection using a variety of organic solvents on the written content of a printed article for financial securities or the like, a method for inkjet printing using the same, and a printed article.... Agent: Nippon Kayaku Kabushiki Kasha

20150017403 - Curable and patternable inks and method of printing: A curable and patternable ink, a method of using this ink as part of a structure that performs a function in an electronic device, and a soft lithographic method for forming said structure on a substrate for use within the electronic device is disclosed. The curable and patternable ink generally... Agent:

20150017404 - Injection-moulded decorative moulded article with effect pigments and manufacturing method: A decorative moulding and a method for the production thereof. The decorative moulded article has at least one injection-moulded main body made of thermoplastic material; with a deep 3D surface structure on a visible surface and a cover layer of transparent plastic applied at least to the visible surface. The... Agent: Daimler Ag

20150017405 - Dispersion comprising metallic, metal oxide or metal precursor nanoparticles, a polymeric dispersant and a thermally cleavable agent: A dispersion includes metallic, metal oxide, or metal precursor nanoparticles; a thermally cleavable polymeric dispersant an optional dispersion medium; and a thermally cleavable agent. Pastes, coated layers, and patterns may contain the dispersion. A method for producing the specific thermally cleavable dispersant and for producing the metallic nanoparticle dispersions. The... Agent: Agfa-gevaert

20150017406 - Biaxially oriented polyester film for molding: A biaxially oriented polyester film for molding, wherein the film lengthwise-direction and widthwise-direction storage elastic moduli at 100° C. are each greater than or equal to 100 MPa and less than or equal to 1000 MPa, the film lengthwise-direction and width-wise direction storage elastic moduli at 180° C. are each... Agent:

20150017407 - Interlayer hot compaction: A process for the production of a polymeric article comprises: (a) forming a ply having successive layers, namely, (i) a first layer made up of strands of an oriented polymer material; (ii) a second layer of a polymeric material; (iii) a third layer made up of strands of an oriented... Agent:

20150017408 - Synthetic resin laminate: The present invention has an object of providing a synthetic resin laminate that is excellent in shape stability against a high temperature and high humidity environment, surface hardness and the like. The above object is achieved by a synthetic resin laminate, comprising a substrate layer (B) containing polycarbonate; and a... Agent:

20150017409 - Composite member: The gas barrier property of a laminate constituted by a base material containing a resin or a rubber and an oxide glass is improved. A composite member containing an oxide glass 2 formed as a layer densely on a base material 1 containing a resin or a rubber, in which... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150017411 - Spun-laid webs with at least one of lofty, elastic and high strength characteristics: A continuous filament spun-laid web includes a plurality of polymer fibers within the web, the web having a first thickness and the web being free of any thermal or mechanical bonding treatment. Activation of the web results in at least one of an increase from the first thickness prior to... Agent:

20150017410 - Stator winding assembly: A resin binder for use in formaldehyde emission-free stator insulation. The resin binder includes an epoxy, a catalyst, and a polymer material. The polymer material is hydroxyl-terminated. The resin binder is used in mica tape for groundwall insulation for stator windings.... Agent:

20150017412 - Strengthened glass: A tempered glass according to one embodiment of the present invention is a tempered glass having a compression stress layer in a surface thereof, the tempered glass including as a glass composition, in terms of mass %, 45 to 75% of SiO2, 10 to 25% of Al2O3, 0 to 10%... Agent:

20150017413 - Thermoplastic liquid crystal polymer film and method for producing same: A thermoplastic liquid polymer film and a method of producing the same are provided. The method includes preparing a thermoplastic liquid crystal polymer film that has dielectric constants of not larger than 3.25 both in an MD direction and in a TD direction; and performing drawing of the film while... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd

20150017414 - Conducting network composite comprising polyaniline and polypyrrole, and method for preparing the same: According to the present invention, a novel conducting network composite suitable for being used as an energy storage material for various purposes may be provided by a simple and economical method, and since a polyaniline nanofiber having the entangled structure may function as an excellent supporter for forming a network... Agent: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology

20150017415 - Liquid crystalline assembly of metal nanowires in films: Films, such as a film comprising a substrate comprising a substrate surface, and a layer comprising a plurality of nanowires on the substrate, where the plurality of nanowires are aligned substantially normal to the substrate surface. Methods, such as a method comprising depositing a plurality of nanostructures in a fluid... Agent:

20150017416 - Composite tapes and rods having embedded sensing elements: Composite rods and tapes are provided. In one embodiment, a composite rod includes a core, the core including a thermoplastic material and a plurality of continuous fibers embedded in the thermoplastic material. The plurality of continuous fibers have a generally unidirectional orientation within the thermoplastic material. The core further includes... Agent:

20150017417 - Display device: Disclosed is display device including a display panel; a window disposed on the display panel; and an adhesive layer positioned between the display panel and the window, wherein the adhesive layer includes a polymer resin and a woven fiber.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150017418 - Porous framework and method for its manufacture: A method for fabricating a porous framework includes contacting a substrate with a solution containing a plurality of component materials are dissolved in the solution. A solid composite made of the plurality of component materials is electrodeposited onto the substrate. A plurality of electrodepositing voltages is applied to vary a... Agent:

20150017419 - Tagged porous masses: Porous masses that include taggants may provide for product authentication and counterfeit identification, especially products like smoking device filters and smoking devices. In some instances, a tagged porous mass may include a plurality of binder particles; a taggant that comprises at least one taggant component selected from the group consisting... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20150017422 - Construction material containing microencapsulated phase change material, and preparation method thereof: Disclosed is a construction & engineering material containing a microencapsulated phase change material, wherein one or more components of construction & engineering materials are selected from a group of construction & engineering materials such as sand, cement, gravel, admixture, gypsum, aggregate, plaster, fiber, and magnesium, and the PCM microcapsules are... Agent:

20150017421 - Electrically conductive synthetic fiber and fibrous substrate, method of making, and use thereof: Electrically conductive synthetic fiber and fibrous substrate (e.g. synthetic leather) are disclosed. The electrically conductive polymeric fiber and polymeric fibrous substrate are made electrically conductive by the use of an electrically conductive polymer disposed on the fibers and in contact with inorganic desiccant particles located at the surface of the... Agent:

20150017424 - Heat ray shielding material and laminate structure: A heat ray shielding material having a metal particle-containing layer and a fine-particle containing overcoat layer disposed thereon wherein hexagonal to circular tabular metal particles are contained in 60% by number or more relative to total number of the metal particles contained in the metal particle-containing layer, a main plane... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150017423 - Method for producing laminate film containing liquid crystalline compound having high crystallinity: The present invention provides a method for producing a laminate film comprising forming a layer by curing a liquid crystalline composition containing a liquid crystalline compound that has a polymerizable group and is solid at 25° C. and forming, on the layer, a polymer layer from a composition containing a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150017420 - Methods of making large-area carbon coatings: In one aspect, methods of coating a surface with carbon are described herein. In some implementations, a method of coating a surface with carbon comprises electrically charging carbon particles; directing the charged carbon particles toward an electrically charged surface; and contacting the charged carbon particles with the electrically charged surface.... Agent:

20150017427 - Blends for pressure sensitive adhesives used in protective films: There is provided an article comprising: a) a protective film comprising a thermoplastic film having a first side and a second side, and a pressure sensitive adhesive composition adhesively attached to at least one of the first side or the second side of the thermoplastic film, wherein the pressure sensitive... Agent:

20150017426 - Cooling neutralized acrylic acid by means of an absorption chiller: The invention relates to a process for the preparation of water-absorbent polymer particles, comprising the process steps of preparing an aqueous monomer solution comprising at least partially neutralized, monoethylenically unsaturated monomers bearing carboxylic acid groups (α1) and at least one crosslinker (α3), and at least partially neutralizing acrylic acid by... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20150017425 - Lignocellulose materials with coated expanded plastics particles: e

20150017428 - Insulation coating composition for non-oriented electrical sheet, method for manufacturing the same, and non-oriented electrical sheet to which insulation coating composition is applied: Disclosed is an insulating film composition of a non-oriented electrical steel sheet. The insulating film composition of a non-oriented electrical steel sheet according to the present invention comprises a mixed metal phosphate consisting of aluminum phosphate (Al(H3PO4)x=1-3) and cobalt phosphate (Co(H3PO4)3), and an organic/inorganic composite consisting of epoxy resin and... Agent:

20150017429 - Methods and apparatuses for forming large-area carbon coatings: In one aspect, methods of making a carbon coating are described herein. In some implementations, a method of making a carbon coating comprises applying a first adhesive material to a substrate surface to provide an adhesive surface; rolling a carbon source over the adhesive surface to provide a carbon layer... Agent:

20150017430 - Component with a metallurgically bonded coating: The invention relates to a component (1) having a coating (3) that is metallurgically bonded on as well as thermally sprayed on and re-melted. In order to prevent wear phenomena from continuing to occur when force impacts occur in the component (1) and further surface stress occurs, the invention provides... Agent: Thermico Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150017431 - Chemical vapor deposition process for depositing zinc oxide coatings, method for forming a conductive glass article and the coated glass articles produced thereby: A CVD process for depositing a zinc oxide coating is provided. The CVD process includes providing a moving glass substrate. The CVD process also includes forming a gaseous mixture of an alkyl zinc compound and an inert gas as a first stream, providing a first gaseous inorganic oxygen-containing compound in... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20150017432 - Coating layers of a nanocomposite comprising a nano-cellulose material and nanoparticles: The invention provides articles and methods for making such articles including a substrate coated on at least one region thereof with a layer of nanocomposites nano-cellulose materials and nanoparticles.... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Herbrew University Of Jerasalem Ltd.

20150017433 - Composite plasmonic nanostructure for enhanced extinction of electromagnetic waves: The present disclosure explores and fabricates coupled plasmonic nanoparticles of gold (Au), silver (Ag), or aluminum (Al) onto nanorods or nanowires of zinc telluride (ZnTe), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), or other semiconductor materials. Full-wave simulation is performed to obtain an optimum design for maximum light absorption. The nanorods, after being... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

20150017434 - Apparatus, hybrid laminated body, method, and materials for temporary substrate support: A hybrid laminated body is provided that includes a light-transmitting support, a latent release layer disposed upon the light-transmitting support, a joining layer disposed upon the latent release layer, and a thermoplastic priming layer disposed upon the joining layer. The hybrid laminated body can further include a substrate to be... Agent:

20150017435 - Shape-memory material based on a structural adhesive: A composition including at least one curable structural adhesive, and at least one chemically crosslinked elastomer on the bases of a silane-functional polymer, wherein the elastomer is in the form of an interpenetrating polymer network in the structural adhesive. The composition can be used to form a shape-memory material and... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20150017436 - Protective coating for cords: A method for making a belt or rope includes providing a plurality of cords; engaging the plurality of cords with a jacket; and providing an organic-containing material to at least one of the cords and the jacket.... Agent:

20150017437 - Composite rod having an abrasion resistant capping layer: Disclosed are composite rods that include cores and capping layers surrounding the cores. A capping layer may surround and be bonded to a core, and may beneficially provide improved wear resistance to the rod. The capping layer can include a high performance polymer and a hydrophobic lubricant. In addition to... Agent:

20150017438 - Method for processing optical fiber wastes: b) finely comminuting said coarsely comminuted glass fibers with a granular additive having a d50 value within a range of from 0.1 to 5.0 mm as an aggregate to obtain finely comminuted glass fibers, the mixing ratio of glass fibers to additive being from 25/75 to 95/05 by weight.... Agent: Quarzwerke Gmbh

20150017439 - Bio-based polymer blends and methods of making fibers: Polymer blends include bio-based polymers or copolymers with post-consumer and/or post-industrial polymers or copolymers and a compatibilizer. Fibers may be prepared from the polymer blends. In addition, a life cycle analysis of the polymer blends may be superior in at least four of seven categories of the life cycle analysis... Agent:

20150017440 - Quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component and method for producing said quartz glass tube: A quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component that has an inner bore extending along a tube centre axis for the acceptance of a core rod and a tube wall limited by an inner casing surface and an outer casing surface is already known; within said... Agent:

20150017441 - Elastomer composition, and insulated wire and insulated cable using the same: An elastomer composition includes a base polymer including not less than 50 mass % of ethylene-α-olefin copolymer, and a talc that has a mass ratio of silicon to magnesium (Si/Mg) of 0.9 to 1.8 and is mixed in an amount of 100 to 250 parts by mass per 100 parts... Agent:

20150017442 - Apatite crystal: An apatite crystal is a single crystal expressed by a general formula (M2)5(PO4)3X. In this formula, M2 indicates at least one type of element selected from the group consisting of bivalent alkaline-earth metals and Eu, and X indicates at least one type of element or molecule selected from the group... Agent: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20150017444 - Rational assembly of nanoparticle superlattices with designed lattice symmetries: A method for lattice design via multivalent linkers (LDML) is disclosed that introduces a rationally designed symmetry of connections between particles in order to achieve control over the morphology of their assembly. The method affords the inclusion of different programmable interactions within one linker that allow an assembly of different... Agent:

20150017443 - Sintered cobalt ferrites composite material with high magnetostriction: Disclosed herein is a sintered cobalt ferrite composite material comprising of nano and micron sized powders of cobalt ferrite with high magnetostriction. The present invention further discloses preparation of nano and micron sized powders of cobalt ferrite, in particular, the auto combustion process using glycine as fuel for preparing nano... Agent:

20150017445 - Ultrafine nepheline syenite: A useable particulate nepheline syenite having a grain size to provide an Einlehner Abrasive Value of less than about 100 is described. The particulate nepheline syenite is generally free from agglomeration and moisture free. At least 99% of the nepheline syenite particles have a size less than 10 microns... Agent:

20150017446 - Core-first nanoparticle formation process, nanoparticle, and composition: A method is provided for synthesizing a core-shell nanoparticle that includes the following steps: providing a polymeric seed (in a solvent) that includes mono-vinyl monomer cross-liniked with a cross-linking agent to form the core of the nanoparticle, the core has an average diameter of from about nanometers to about 10,000... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150017447 - Electroconductive composite substrates coated with electrodepositable coating compositions and methods of preparing them: (2) a curing agent. The present invention is further directed to a process for coating a plastic, electroconductive substrate comprising electrophoretically depositing on the substrate the curable, electrodepositable coating composition described above, and heating the coated substrate to a temperature less than 250° F. for a time sufficient to cure... Agent:

20150017448 - Adhesive composition for polarizing plate, adhesive film for polarizing plate comprising the same, polarizing plate comprising the same and display device comprising the same: An adhesive composition for a polarizing plate has good initial curing and an adhesive property. The adhesive composition includes (A) a polymerizable functional group-containing monomer capable of providing an anchor effect; (B) an epoxy group-containing compound; (D) a photoacid generator; and (E) at least one of a photopolymerization initiator and... Agent:

20150017449 - Resin composition, prepreg, resin sheet, and metal foil-clad laminate:

20150017450 - Resin composition and semiconductor mounting substrate obtained by molding same: A resin composition which contains at least constituent elements (A)-(E) described below and wherein the epoxy resin (A) contains 80-100% by mass of a bifunctional epoxy resin and component (D) is contained in an amount of 60-85% by mass relative to 100% by mass of the total mass of the... Agent:

20150017451 - Polymer, process and composition: There is described a polymer blend of a first and second polymer comprising: a) a first polymer of: vinyl (co)polymer; alkyd; urethane acrylic copolymer; polyurethane and/or polyester; b) a second copolymer from: b1) optionally at least 10 wt-% of one or derivatives of itaconic acid and/or isomers thereof; b2) up... Agent:

20150017452 - Use of a latently reactive adhesive film for adhesive bonding of eloxated aluminum to plastic: Adhesive bonding of eloxated aluminum to plastic, with a product having at least one layer of a latently reactive adhesive film which has a thermoplastic component having a melting point T(melting) where 35° C.≦T(melting)≦90° C. and contains functional groups that can react with isocyanate and an isocyanate-containing component dispersed in... Agent:

20150017453 - Rubber laminated resin composite: Provided is a rubber laminated resin composite comprising a polyamide-based resin molded product and rubber that is vulcanization bonded to the polyamide-based resin molded product; the polyamide-based resin molded product being molded from a polyamide-based resin that is blended with 0 to 70 wt. % of a filler based on... Agent: Nok Corporation

20150017454 - Chemical mechanical polishing (cmp) composition comprising a protein: Chemical mechanical polishing composition is provided. The composition comprises (A) inorganic particles, organic particles, or a mixture or composite thereof, (B) a protein, and (C) an aqueous medium.... Agent: Basf Se

20150017455 - Composition: A coating composition for coating an underwater structure which is subject to damage from water, the coating composition comprising (1) a cross-linkable polysiloxane; (2) a silane cross-linking agent; and (3) fumed silica.... Agent:

20150017456 - Reducing voids caused by trapped acid on a dielectric surface: When an etchant for metal (e.g., HF) reaches an underlying silicon oxide layer, it may form silanol bonds or other hydrogen bonds that resist rinsing, so that some etchant remains to be trapped under the next deposited layer. Trapped etchant can create voids that eventually degrade the performance of the... Agent:

20150017457 - Transparent conductive film, conductive element, composition, input device, display device and electronic instrument: A transparent conductive film contains a metal filler, a colored compound adsorbed to the surface of the metal filler, and at least one of thiols, sulfides, and disulfides adsorbed to the surface of the metal filler. When the terminal on the metal filler side of the colored compound is not... Agent:

20150017458 - Molded component for slide fasteners, and slide fastener provided with same: Provided is a molded component for slide fasteners, which has a good balance between mechanical strength and platability. This molded component for slide fasteners is made of a resin composition that contains 30-50% by mass of a polyamide and 50-70% by mass of reinforcing fibers, with the total of the... Agent: Ykk Corporation

20150017459 - Polymer, process and composition: There is described a method of preparing a post-modified polymer the method comprising the steps of: (1) polymerising a monomer composition comprising from 2.5 to 75% by weight of the total monomer composition of at least one itaconic anhydride, precursor thereof and/or derivative thereof in a polymerisation method to obtain... Agent:

20150017460 - Polymer, process and composition: There are described q oligomer-polymer composition [optionally substantially free of styrene (<1.5 wt-% of copolymer)] comprising oligomer composition O having a weight average molecular weight of from 1000 to 150,000 g/mol (measured by GPC) and polymer composition P having a weight average molecular weight of at least 80,000 g/mol (measured... Agent:

20150017461 - Method of manufacturing a building panel and a building panel: A method of manufacturing a building panel (10). The method includes applying a first binder and free lignocellulosic or cellulosic particles on a first surface of a carrier for forming a first layer (11), applying a second binder and free lignocellulosic or cellulosic particles on the first layer (11) for... Agent: Valinge Innovation Ab

20150017462 - Cast crmov steel alloys and the method of formation and use in turbines thereof: A cast alloy is generally provided, along with methods of forming the cast alloy and components constructed from the cast alloy (e.g., stationary components of a turbine). The cast alloy can include, by weight, 0.12% to 0.20% carbon, 0.50% to 0.90% manganese, 0.25% to 0.60% silicon, 0.10% to 0.50% nickel,... Agent:

20150017463 - Method for forming fluoride spray coating and fluoride spray coating covered member: [Solution] A method for forming a fluoride spray coating in an implantation structure onto a substrate surface by spraying particles of a fluoride spraying material onto a substrate surface or a pretreated substrate surface, if necessary through an undercoat layer or spray particle dotted parts of carbide cermet, at a... Agent:

20150017464 - Porous sintered body and process for producing porous sintered body: There is provided a porous sintered body 1 which is obtained by sintering a powder 4, and includes hollow cores 5 following a vanished shape of an interlaced or otherwise structured fibriform vanisher material 2; sintered walls 6 obtained by sintering the powder held around the cores and extending longitudinally... Agent: Taisei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

20150017465 - Silver powder and method for producing same: The present invention provides a method for producing a silver powder, the method being capable of producing a silver powder with high productivity and at low cost, the silver powder having an average particle diameter of 0.3 to 2.0 μm and a narrow particle size distribution, and provides a silver... Agent:

20150017466 - Self-aligned tunable metamaterials: A self-aligned tunable metamaterial is formed as a wire mesh. Self-aligned channel grids are formed in layers in a silicon substrate using deep trench formation and a high-temperature anneal. Vertical wells at the channels may also be etched. This may result in a three-dimensional mesh grid of metal and other... Agent:

20150017467 - Ternary or quaternary alloy coating for steam ageing and cured humidity adhesion elongated steel element comprising a ternary or quaternary brass alloy coating and corresponding method: An elongated steel element adapted for the reinforcement of rubber products is covered with a ternary alloy or quaternary alloy coating of copper-M-zinc. M is one or two metals selected out of the group consisting of cobalt, nickel, tin, indium, manganese, iron, bismuth and molybdenum. The copper content inside the... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20150017468 - Coated tool and methods of making and using the coated tool: An example of the coated tool disclosed herein includes a substrate, a metal layer established on the substrate, a continuous metal carbide layer established on the metal layer, and a smooth, continuous, terminated diamond like carbon (DLC) layer established on the metal carbide layer. The DLC layer is to prevent... Agent:

20150017469 - Sheet steel for use as packaging steel and method for producing packaging steel: The invention relates to sheet steel for use as packaging steel, made of a non-alloy or low-alloy and cold-rolled steel having a carbon content of less than 0.1%. According to the invention, in order to use such sheet steel for packaging steel that has good formability and can be produced... Agent:

20150017470 - Brazing method of aluminum material and brazed structure: In order to enable a satisfactory fluxless brazing without needing flux or vacuum facilities, a brazing object including an aluminum alloy material provided with an Al—Si—Mg brazing filler metal is joined by the Al—Si—Mg brazing filler metal without the use of flux by heating the aluminum alloy material, when raising... Agent: Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

20150017472 - Galvanized steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: There is provided a high-strength galvanized steel sheet including, on a mass percent basis, C: more than 0.060% and 0.13% or less, Si: 0.01% or more and 0.7% or less, Mn: 1.0% or more and 3.0% or less, P: 0.005% or more and 0.100% or less, S: 0.010% or less,... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150017474 - High strength galvanized steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: A high strength galvanized steel sheet has a composition including, C: 0.02% or more and 0.30% or less, Si: 0.01% or more and 2.5% or less, Mn: 0.1% or more and 3.0% or less, P: 0.003% or more and 0.08% or less, S: 0.01% or less, Al: 0.001% or more... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150017471 - Hot-rolled steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof: There are provided a high-strength hot-rolled steel sheet securing low-temperature toughness and having excellent stretch flangeability by controlling a structural fraction and a hardness difference among structures, and a manufacturing method thereof. A hot-rolled steel sheet contains: C: 0.01 to 0.2%; Si: 0.001 to 2.5% or less; Mn: 0.10 to... Agent:

20150017473 - Non-magnetic stainless steel wire as an armouring wire for power cables: A non-magnetic stainless steel wire with an adherent corrosion resistant coating is disclosed. The surface of the non-magnetic stainless steel is pre-treated so as to be sufficiently free from oxides and form a good adhesion with the above corrosion resistant coating. The non-magnetic stainless steel wire is used as a... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20150017475 - Processing of metal or alloy objects: Disclosed are methods of processing an object, the object being made of a metal or an alloy, the object having a plurality of open cavities, the method comprising: performing a sealing process on the object to seal the openings of the open cavities, thereby forming a plurality of closed cavities;... Agent:

20150017476 - Base metal for high-toughness clad plate having excellent toughness at welded joint and method of manufacturing the clad plate: A base metal for high-toughness clad plate having excellent toughness at a welded joint contains, in terms of mass %, C: 0.030 to 0.10%, Si: 0.10 to 0.30%, Mn: 1.00 to 1.60%, P: 0.015% or less, S: 0.003% or less, V: less than 0.010%, and at least one selected from... Agent:

20150017477 - Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a printed circuit board, which includes a metal circuit layer electrically connected to an electronic component, a solder layer formed on an upper surface of the metal circuit layer, an intermetallic compound layer formed between the solder layer and the metal circuit layer, and a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150017478 - Method of surface treatment on metal object and metal object with gradual patterns: A method of surface treatment on the surface of a metal object includes a step of preparing multiple releasing sheets, each releasing sheet having at least one hollowed pattern; a step of attaching the releasing sheet on the metal object and the hollow patterns of the releasing sheets forming a... Agent:

20150017479 - Production method for glassy carbon mold: The present invention relates to a production method for a glassy carbon mold, and, more specifically, relates to a production method for a glassy carbon mold including the steps of: placing a mixture having a thermosetting resin, a curing agent, and a viscosity adjusting solvent between a thermosetting resin substrate... Agent:

20150017480 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A magnetic recording medium includes an amorphous buffer layer, a hybrid layer including a barrier layer, and a texture control layer. The magnetic recording medium also includes a heat sink layer, an under layer, and a perpendicular recording layer.... Agent:

20150017481 - Bit patterned growth guiding mechanism: The embodiments disclose a structure, including a first layer selectively etched on a substrate with a seedlayer deposited thereon, a first layer bit patterned growth guiding mechanism on the seedlayer, and a plurality of bit patterned magnetic recording features grown on the seedlayer guided by the growth guiding mechanism.... Agent:

20150017482 - Method for fabricating plasmonic cladding: The embodiments disclose a plasmonic cladding structure including at least one conformal plasmonic cladding structure wrapped around plural stack features of a recording device, wherein the conformal plasmonic cladding structure is configured to create a near-field transducer in close proximity to a recording head of the recording device, at least... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150017483 - Method of fabrication of an anisotropy magnetic layer of a patterned stack: Provided herein is a method including oxidizing tops of features of a patterned magnetic layer to form oxidized tops of the features; removing an excess of an applied first protective material down to at least the oxidized tops of the features to form a planarized layer; and applying a second... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

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20150010719 - Placemat with interchangeable attachments: A convertible placemat comprising a placemat; a removable attachment, where the removable attachment fastens to a top surface of the placemat; and a securing means, where the securing means fastens the removable attachment to the placemat. The removable attachment may illustrate themes and holidays with a variety of shapes like... Agent:

20150010720 - Colored glass: A colored glass, a surface of which is roughened in whole or in part. In the colored glass, an average value of gloss values measured at 9 points in the surface thereof at an incident angle of 60° in accordance with JIS 28741 (1991) is 30 or less, a ratio... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150010721 - Glass ceramic body, layered body, portable electronic device housing, and portable electronic device: There are provided a glass ceramic body having a sufficiently high strength and having a high degree of flexibility in shape which can correspond to a three-dimensional shape, and a layered body having the glass ceramic body. In a glass ceramic body in which flat alumina particles are dispersed in... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150010722 - Ink for ink-jet printing, printed cylindrical containers and method for producing the same: An ink for ink-jet printing used for ink-jet printing images onto the ink non-absorptive surfaces of cylindrical containers, and comprising at least a water-soluble solvent, a coloring material, a surfactant, a thickener and/or a binder resin, the coloring material being contained in an amount of 5 to 20% by weight,... Agent: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

20150010723 - Microsphere articles and transfer articles: There is provided an article comprising at least a first surface having: (a) a first binder layer; (b) a plurality of transparent microspheres at least partially embedded in the first binder layer; wherein the transparent microspheres have refractive indices that are less than a refractive index of the first binder... Agent:

20150010724 - Fluorocarbon, method for preparing fluorocarbon, and use thereof: A fluorocarbon including fluorine and carbon in which d50 in a cumulative particle size distribution is 1.0 nm or greater and 4.0 nm or less. A method for producing the fluorocarbon includes a plasma treatment process of generating radicals by producing inductively coupled plasma (ICP) using a fluorocarbon gas.... Agent:

20150010725 - Label roll including an electronic element: Described herein is a label roll comprising a liner and a plurality of labels affixed to the liner, wherein each edge of a first label that neighbors another label in a release direction of the label roll comprises (i) at least one protuberance that engages with a recess in an... Agent: Identive Group, Inc

20150010726 - Method of manufacturing silicon carbide single crystal and silicon carbide single crystal substrate: Quality of a silicon carbide single crystal is improved. A crucible having first and second sides is prepared. A solid source material for growing silicon carbide with a sublimation method is arranged on the first side. A seed crystal made of silicon carbide is arranged on the second side. The... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20150010727 - Oxide sputtering target and protective film for optical recording medium: The present invention relates to an oxide sputtering target. By using the oxide sputtering target for formation of a protective film for an optical recording medium, a film, which has high storage stability and breakage resistance due to flexibility, can be deposited. Also, it can be utilized for direct-current sputtering... Agent:

20150010728 - Foam product integral with trim cover element: A foam product integral with trim cover element, which is formed by injecting a liquid polyurethane material, with carbon oxide mixed therein, into an inside of the trim cover element, and curing the liquid polyurethane material into a soft foam padding filled in the trim cover element. In this kind... Agent:

20150010729 - Glass cell, liquid crystal element, glass cell manufacturing method, and liquid crystal element manufacturing method: Provided is a glass cell in which the thickness of the interior space has high uniformity. A glass cell (1) includes first and second glass sheets (11, 12) and an intermediate sheet (13). The first and second glass sheets (11, 12) are disposed to face each other at a distance.... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20150010731 - Antifouling layer, antifouling substrate, display device, and input device: An antifouling substrate includes a substrate having a surface and an antifouling layer provided on the surface of the substrate. The antifouling layer contains at least one of a first compound having an ester linkage in a portion other than terminal ends and a second compound having a cyclic hydrocarbon... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20150010730 - Gypsum board suitable for wet or humid areas: Gypsum board having a core, said core having at least one side covered with a non-woven fabric; characterized in that the inner side of the non-woven fabric, which is in contact with the core of the gypsum board, has a surface roughness Ra of from 25 to 60 micrometers, preferably... Agent:

20150010732 - Method for producing a plastics product and device for carrying out the method and also closure product or adhesion product produced by the method and the device: A method for producing a plastics product consisting of a support (30) having protruding stem parts (36) which have at their free end a head part (38) having a wider diameter compared with the respective stem part (36), wherein the stem parts and the head parts are formed in cavities... Agent:

20150010733 - Surface: A process for producing a fluid transfer surface, which process comprises: providing a titanium or titanium alloy surface; subjecting the titanium or titanium alloy surface to surface hardening by interstitial element absorption to provide a hardened surface; and, if required engraving the hardened surface to provide a desired surface topography.... Agent:

20150010734 - Method of forming single face corrugated board: p

20150010735 - Curable resin composition, cured product thereof, printed circuit board comprising the same, and method for producing the cured product: An alkaline development-type curable resin composition having an excellent strength against tearing, breaking, distortion and torsion, and excellent toughness, a cured product of the curable resin composition, a printed circuit board having the cured product, and a process for manufacturing the cured product are disclosed. A curable resin composition is... Agent: Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.

20150010736 - Stretchable tape flag: A stretchable tape flag, wherein a backing layer has a stretchable portion capable of being stretched by hand and has elastic and plastic deformation characteristics on at least one portion; an adhesive layer capable of reapplication and placed on at least part of one side of the backing layer; and... Agent:

20150010737 - Decorative tire and method for producing same: Provided is a decorative tire in which an ink composition including a colorant is directly applied onto the tire surface in order to improve the degree of flexibility in design. This decorative tire has a decorative printed layer formed on the tire surface, the decorative printed layer being a cured... Agent:

20150010738 - Pattern forming method, device, and device manufacturing method: A pattern forming method which includes ejecting, through a nozzle, a liquid material containing a solvent and metal particles, and depositing droplets of the liquid material onto a pattern formation object, to thereby form a pattern thereon, wherein the viscosity of the liquid material before ejection thereof through the nozzle... Agent:

20150010739 - High cte opal glass compositions and glass articles comprising the same: Opal glass compositions and glass articles comprising the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a glass composition includes 55 mol. % to 70 mol. % SiO2 and 9 mol. % to 15 mol. % Al2O3 as glass network formers. The glass composition also includes 10 mol. % to 15 mol.... Agent:

20150010741 - Heat activated shrink films: Shrinkable film layers having a blend of (i) one or more polymers with a high glass transition temperature, and (ii) one or more polymers with a low glass transition temperature are disclosed. Methods for preparing such film layers are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150010740 - Multilayer films and methods of manufacture: Films having shrinkage percentage values based, at least in part, upon the core layer densities of the films are disclosed. Methods for manufacturing such films are also disclosed. In addition, methods for selecting a core layer density of a film to obtain a desired film shrinkage percentage are disclosed.... Agent:

20150010743 - Films including a copolymer, articles and methods: A film including poly(vinylidene fluoride) and a block copolymer with at least two endblock polymeric units that are each derived from a first monoethylenically unsaturated monomer selected from a methacrylate, acrylate, styrene, or combination thereof; and at least one midblock polymeric unit is derived from a second monoethylenically unsaturated monomer... Agent: 3innovative Properties Company

20150010742 - Window for display device and display device including the window panel: A window for a display device includes a polymer resin layer, and a light transmittance film positioned on at least one side of the polymer resin layer, wherein the light transmittance film layer includes a first plastic substrate, a second plastic substrate, and a buffer layer positioned between the first... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150010744 - Liquid crystal polyester amide, liquid crystal polyester amide resin composition, and molded article: A liquid crystal polyester amide of the present invention includes 10 mol % to 65 mol % of a structural unit represented by the following formula (1), 3 mol % to 17.5 mol % of a structural unit represented by the following formula (2), 5 mol % to 20 mol... Agent:

20150010745 - Method of making a polymer article and resulting article: A method of making a polymer article comprises the steps of making a polymer solution by mixing a first compound containing carbodiimide groups with a second compound containing carboxylated groups, applying the polymer solution to a former, wherein the step of applying occurs within 2 hours of the making of... Agent: Nobel Scientific Sdn. Bhd

20150010746 - Resin foam composition and foam, and wallpaper: A resin foam composition comprises, at least, a resin emulsion and cellulose nanofibers.... Agent:

20150010747 - Polypropylene-based resin composition and foam sheet: Provided is a polypropylene-based resin composition which gives uniform and fine cells and from which a foamed sheet and thermoform excellent in appearance, thermoformability, impact resistance, lightness, stiffness, heat resistance, heat insulating properties, oil resistance and the like can be produced. A polypropylene-based resin composition comprising (X) 5 to 99%... Agent: Japan Polypropylene Corporation

20150010748 - Basic compositions including inorganic oxide nanoparticles and an organic base, coated substrates, articles and methods: Basic coating compositions including inorganic oxide nanoparticles and an organic base are described. Methods of coating a substrate with the coating compositions, coated substrates prepared using the methods, and articles that include the coated substrates are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150010749 - Transparent conductive laminate, method for production of same, electronic paper using same and touch panel using same: A transparent electroconductive laminate in which condition [A] and/or [B] is satisfied; and the proportion of the surface resistance value after being subjected to a 1-hour wet heat treatment at 60° C. and a relative humidity of 90% and then being left standing for 3 minutes at 25° C. and... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150010750 - Inorganic fireproof and heat-insulating material and article thereof: Disclosed are an inorganic fireproof and heat-insulating material and an article thereof. The material comprises the following components in weight ratio: 5 parts of A component, 5.5-7 parts of a bonding agent, and 1-1.5 parts of a curing agent, wherein the A component comprises perlite and vermiculite in a weight... Agent:

20150010751 - Anticorrosion sol-gel coating for metal substrate: Method and apparatus for protecting a metal substrate from corrosion. The method comprises generating an acid organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel; providing a polyaniline solution; combining the sol-gel with the polyaniline solution; incorporating a polysiloxane within the organic-inorganic hybrid sol-gel, the polyaniline solution or the combined sol-gel and polyaniline solution; coating the... Agent:

20150010752 - Adhesives comprising poly(isobutylene) copolymers comprising pendent free-radically polymerizable quaternary ammonium substituent: Adhesive compositions comprising a copolymer of isobutylene repeat units and alkene repeat units are described. At least a portion of the alkene repeat units are bonded to a pendent nitrogen atom of a quaternary ammonium salt comprising a free-radically polymerizable substituent. The adhesive optionally comprises other components such as tackifier,... Agent:

20150010753 - Pressure sensitive adhesive composition for protective film having anti-static property and manufacturing process thereof: Provided is an adhesive composition for a protective film including an acrylic emulsion resin capable of providing contamination resistance on the film and low peel strength and minimizing generation of static electricity during peeling of the protective film. The acrylic emulsion resin includes a mixture including 80 to 99.9% by... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd. .

20150010754 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive of the present invention comprises a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer component containing 40 to 99.5% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having an alkyl group of 10 to 18 carbon atoms at an ester end and more than 0 to 50% by weight... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150010755 - Flame retardant thermoplastic of polycarbonate and polypropylene: A composition comprising (A) at least one bisphenol-A polycarbonate resin, (B) at least one polypropylene, preferably a high crystallinity polypropylene, (C) at least one compatibilizer comprising an amine functionalized elastomeric polymer, (D) at least one organic phosphate flame retardant, preferably an organic phosphate that is liquid at room temperature, and,... Agent:

20150010757 - Precipitated silica used as reinforcing filler for elastomers: The invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of precipitated silica which can be used as a reinforcing filler for elastomers. The invention also relates to novel precipitated silicas in the form of powder, granules or, preferably, substantially spherical beads, these silicas being characterized in that they have... Agent:

20150010756 - Strontium titanate powder and method of preparing the same: Crystalline strontium titanate powder (SrTiO3) and a method of preparing strontium titanate powder (SrTiO3) are provided. A method of preparing strontium titanate powder involves providing an aqueous solution comprising a strontium precursor and a titanium precursor, immersing a polymer compound in the aqueous solution, and heating the aqueous solution in... Agent: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

20150010758 - Tablet, method of producing tablet, tablet management device, tablet verification device and program storage medium: A method of producing a tablet in which an uncoated tablet is coated by a coating agent, the method including: a coating process of coating uncoated tablets with a coating agent by spray coating the coating agent onto tablets that are churned and tumbled inside a container, and drying the... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20150010759 - Heat dissipating coating composition and heat dissipating coating film: The present invention provides a heat dissipating coating composition in a liquid or paste form for application to a heat generating article, comprising an infrared absorbing binder resin (A), infrared absorbing inorganic particles (B), and an organic solvent, having such proportions of the component (A) and the component (B) that... Agent:

20150010760 - Fiber-reinforced composite material: e

20150010761 - Cholesteric liquid crystal mixture, film, ir reflection plate, laminate, and laminated glass: A cholesteric liquid crystal mixture containing a compound represented by Z1-Y1-A1-Y3-M1-Y4-A2-Y2-Z2, a compound represented by Z3-Y5-A3-Y7-M2-P, and a tri- or higher functional polymerizable monomer suppresses deposition of a liquid crystal at the time of forming a film, exhibits a wide characteristic reflection bandwidth of the film. Z1 to Z3 represent... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150010762 - Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet: Provided is a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet, with reduced iron loss by magnetic domain refining treatment, exhibiting an excellent noise property and effectively reducing noise generated when stacked in an iron core of a transformer. In a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet including a forsterite film and a tension coating on... Agent:

20150010763 - Method of producing laminate: A method of producing a laminate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes applying an application liquid containing a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin to one side of a resin substrate, followed by drying of the application liquid to form a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin layer. The method includes: passing the... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150010764 - Heat shrinkable film: The present invention refers to a multilayer heat shrinkable film characterized by a combination of desirable properties, such as high shrinkage, good optical properties, excellent sealability and puncture resistance. The invention further is directed to a method of producing said film. The invention is further directed to the use of... Agent:

20150010765 - Polyolefin elastomer formulations: Disclosed are olefin block copolymer formulations comprising polyethylene and polypropylene that provide improved adhesion properties to polypropylene while maintaining desired flexural modulus characteristics and are particularly suited for overmolded goods.... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150010766 - Adhesive film and method of manufacturing the same and display device including the adhesive film: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing an adhesive film including: preparing a transparent adhesion layer, disposing a film mask including a light-transmitting region and a light-shielding region on the transparent adhesion layer, applying ultraviolet (UV) light to the transparent adhesion layer through the film mask to precure an area of... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150010767 - Method of preparing pregelatinized, partially hydrolyzed starch and related methods and products: Disclosed are methods relating to an extruded pregelatinized, partially hydrolyzed starch prepared by mixing at least water, non-pregelatinized starch, and acid to form a starch precursor. The acid can be a weak acid that substantially avoids chelating calcium ions or a strong acid in a small amount. In the method,... Agent:

20150010768 - Single step creosote/borate wood treatment: Disclosed herein are preservative compositions and methods of using the same for reducing insect and microbial decay in wood. Also disclosed are wooden articles that have been treated with the compositions described herein.... Agent:

20150010770 - Chromium-based reflective coating: A chromium-based reflective coating for a polymeric substrate, wherein the coating has a thickness of 200 nm or less and is an alloy of chromium and a dopant material, the dopant material being selected from the hexagonally close-packed transition metals, the alloy having a crystal structure of a primary body-centered... Agent: Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

20150010769 - Method for preparing hollow silver particles and core-shell silver particles: A method for preparing core-shell and hollow silver particles is provided. In the method silver salts and glycine nitrate or starch are mixed with solvent to form precursor solution. The mole percentage of the silver salts over the silver salts plus glycine nitrate or starch is 5 to 50 mol... Agent: National Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

20150010771 - Ferritic stainless steel foil: Provided is stainless steel foil that is suitably used for forming a catalyst carrier for an exhaust gas purifying facility, the catalyst carrier being installed in a vehicle that discharges exhaust gas having a temperature lower than the temperature of exhaust gas of a gasoline-powered automobile. The ferritic stainless steel... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20150010772 - Metallization of fluoroelastomer films: This disclosure relates metalized fluoroelastomer materials such as films. The fluoroelastomer materials bear a conductive metal layer bound to the fluoroelastomer material through a thin layer of titanium. In addition methods of making such materials are provided that include steps of: optionally exposing a fluoroelastomer material to an oxygen plasma,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150010773 - Method for passivating tinplate: The invention relates to a method for passivating the surface of a tinned steel strip which is moved through a coating system at a strip speed of at least 200 m/min. After the steel strip is tinned, the surface is anodically oxidized, and a liquid solution of a chromium-free aftertreatment... Agent:

20150010774 - Methods and apparatuses for mitigating tin whisker growth on tin and tin-plated surfaces by doping tin with germanium: The present disclosure generally relates to the field of tin electroplating. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to methods for mitigating tin whisker formation on tin-plated films and tin-plated surfaces by doping the tin with germanium.... Agent:

20150010775 - Hot stamped steel and method for producing hot stamped steel: A hot stamped steel according to the present invention satisfies an expression of (5×[Si]+[Mn])/[C]>11 when [C] represents an amount of C by mass %, [Si] represents an amount of Si by mass %, and [Mn] represents an amount of Mn by mass %, a metallographic structure after hot stamping includes... Agent:

20150010776 - Coating additive: Various methods including applying a coating material with an additive to an article are disclosed. The coating material may be in a powder form before a thermal spraying used to apply the coating material. The coating material may comprise a chromium nitride, a chromium carbide, a chromium silicide, or a... Agent:

20150010777 - Electrodeposition of platinum/iridium (pt/ir) on pt microelectrodes with improved charge injection properties: Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to electrochemical approaches for synthesis of platinum-iridium alloys with selected platinum-iridium ratio content and subsequently predetermined mechanical properties and electrochemical impedance properties. Such can provide a simple and cost-effective process for preparing these electrodes, as compared to conventional thin film processing techniques. A... Agent: University Of Southern California

20150010778 - Coated articles and methods: Coated articles and methods for applying coatings are described. In some cases, the coating can exhibit desirable properties and characteristics such as durability, corrosion resistance, and high conductivity. The articles may be coated, for example, using an electrodeposition process.... Agent: Xtalic Corporation

20150010779 - Method for producing packaging steel: The invention relates to a method for producing packaging steel consisting of a cold-rolled steel sheet made of unalloyed or low-alloy steel having a carbon content of less than 0.1%. In order to provide high-strength packaging steel that has good formability and high corrosion resistance and can be produced in... Agent:

20150010780 - Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (cpp) magnetoresistive sensor with multilayer reference layer including a crystalline cofex layer and a heusler alloy layer: A current-perpendicular-to-the-plane giant magnetoresistance (CPP-GMR) has a multilayer reference layer containing a Heusler alloy. The multilayer reference layer includes a crystalline non-Heusler alloy ferromagnetic layer on an antiferromagnetic layer, a Heusler alloy layer, and an intermediate crystalline non-Heusler alloy of the form CoFeX, where X is one or more of... Agent:

20150010781 - Recording medium: A recording medium includes a magnetic recording layer formed on a substrate; a protective layer formed on the magnetic recording layer and having a total thickness that is equal to or greater than 1 nm but equal to or less than 2 nm. The protective layer is composed of a... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

01/01/2015 > 106 patent applications in 80 patent subcategories.

20150004333 - Optical film: Provided are an optical film using a cellulose derivative, useful in an image display device, such as a liquid crystal display or the like, a retardation film and a polarization film using the optical film, and a liquid crystal display having excellent view angle characteristics by using these films, while... Agent:

20150004334 - Foldable transparent composite cover window, manufacturing method of the same, and foldable display device containing the same: A foldable transparent composite cover window, a manufacturing method therefore, and a display device including the foldable transparent composite cover window are provided.... Agent:

20150004335 - Methods and apparatuses for creating a visual effect on a rubber article: Various methods and apparatuses for creating a visual effect on a rubber article are disclosed. In one embodiment, a rubber article having a visual effect is provided, the rubber article comprising: a surface having at least one surface feature; and wherein the at least one surface feature comprises a plurality... Agent:

20150004336 - Heat-transfer textile ink: A heat-transfer textile ink product comprising (a) silicone ink base composition; (b) one or more pigments; and (c) a heat-transfer adhesion promoter.... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20150004337 - Method for coating a substrate surface and coated product: The present invention provides a cold sprayed layer of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, zirconium, or of mixtures of two or more of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and zirconium, or of alloys of two or more of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and zirconium, or of alloys of tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, zirconium with other metals,... Agent:

20150004338 - Packaging structure of container: A packaging structure of container is provided with a base layer and an insulating layer joined together to form a flexible packaging structure. The base layer can be made of paper materials or metal materials, and the insulating layer can be made of the foam thermal insulation materials of EPE,... Agent:

20150004339 - Semi-rigid plastic article, carton, or package with select optical element and manufacturing method thereof: A method of manufacturing a decorated semi-rigid plastic article, carton, package, or box, including: defining a select region of a semi-rigid plastic film or sheet according to a design requirement; applying a clear, colored, or highly reflective coating onto the select region, positioning said coating relative to an embossing form,... Agent: New Hip Lik Packaging Products (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150004340 - Housing of electronic device and method for manufacturing the housing: A method to manufacture a housing of an electronic device includes providing a fiber cloth impregnated with resin. Providing a film attached to one side surface of the fiber cloth. Placing the fiber cloth together with the film in a hot-press die to adhere the film to the fiber cloth... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20150004342 - Mass optimized extrusions, assemblies including the same and methods of making and using the same: A number of variations may include a product including an extrusion having an extruded profile including a first section having a first thickness and a second section having a second thickness wherein the second thickness is greater than the first thickness.... Agent:

20150004343 - Polyolefin flame retardant composition and synergists thereof: There is provided herein a flame-retarded polyolefin composition comprising a thermoplastic polyolefin, an inorganic flame retardant filler and a metal phosphonate or metal phosphinate synergist of the general formula (A): where Me is a metal, R1 and R2 are the same or different linear or branched or cyclic alkyls having... Agent:

20150004341 - Thermoplastic polyurethane and associated method and article: A thermoplastic polyurethane is formed by the reaction of a specific hydroxy-diterminated poly(phenylene ether) and an organic diisocyanate. The polyurethane-forming reaction optionally employs diols other than the hydroxy-diterminated poly(phenylene ether). Compared to thermoplastic polyurethanes lacking the residue of the hydroxy-diterminated poly(phenylene ether), the thermoplastic polyurethanes described herein exhibit properties including... Agent:

20150004344 - Polar group-containing olefin copolymer, multinary polar olefin copolymer, olefin resin composition, and adhesive material, laminate, and other application products using same: The present invention relates to a polar group-containing olefin copolymer (A′) which is produced through polymerization using a transition metal catalyst, which has a weight-average molecular weight falling within a specific range and which contains a polar group-containing monomer within a specific range; a multinary polar olefin copolymer (A″) indispensably... Agent: Japan Polyethylene Corporation

20150004345 - Adhesive structure with hybrid adhesive layer: An adhesive structure is disclosed. The adhesive structure includes a first layer, a second layer, and a hybrid adhesive layer for adhering the first layer to the second layer. The hybrid adhesive layer includes two or more adhesive units made of different adhesive materials, and the two or more adhesive... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150004346 - Composite adhesive tape: The specification discloses a composite adhesive tape, containing a thermally reflective and insulative adhesive tape layer; and a rigid adhesive tape layer. Also disclosed is a method of manufacturing a composite adhesive tape, containing the step of laminating a thermally reflective and insulative tape layer with a rigid adhesive tape... Agent:

20150004347 - Aircraft skin attachment system: A method for forming a structural member and a structural member produced thereby includes positioning a first composite section and a second composite section within a tool. The tool has an inner surface and a wall intersection and is supported by a tool platform. The tool platform and a pressure... Agent:

20150004349 - Extrusion coating of elongated substrates: The present disclosure relates to extrusion coating systems, extrusion coated substrates, and processes for making the same. In some aspects, extrusion coating systems as described herein may include an at least partially insulated outlet wall, which may facilitate production of coated substrates exhibiting a very desirable surface texture and appearance.... Agent: Eastman Chemical Company

20150004348 - Panel member for an airframe: The disclosure relates to a composite panel member for an airframe of an aircraft or spacecraft, the composite panel member having a laminated or sandwich structure including: a first outer layer extending over a first side of the panel member; a second outer layer extending over a second side of... Agent:

20150004350 - Recording medium: A recording medium includes a film that has a recording surface on which an image is recorded. The film includes a fold line that is provided in advance at a position where the film is folded when the film is processed into a folder.... Agent:

20150004351 - Liquid and soil repellent compositions for fibers: Included are compositions for fibers which include a clay nanoparticle and a wax. The composition provides the fibers with oil and water repellency.... Agent: Invista North America S.a R.l.

20150004352 - Towel: Disclosed is a towel in which a pouch is not provided and the decoupling of a towel body is possible, so that the towel can sufficiently washed and freely used in various fields. The towel is coupled to a portable terminal, a bag, a purse, a key holder, a diary,... Agent:

20150004353 - Honeycomb structural body: In a cross section, perpendicular to an axial direction of a honeycomb structural body having partition walls and cells, a plurality of sections having a different cell density is formed from a central area toward an outer peripheral area, and a partition wall is formed between the sections adjacent to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150004354 - Method for manufacturing aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure: A method for manufacturing a ceramic honeycomb structure includes kneading titania particles, alumina particles and binder such that raw material paste including the titania particles, the alumina particles and the binder is prepared, extruding the raw material paste through a die for forming a honeycomb structure such that a body... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20150004355 - Void filler usable as a hollow door core: Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a void filler and a hollow door employing the void filler as a door core. Generally, the void filler expands from a compact collapsed state into an expanded state in which the void filler has an open-cell structure including three groups, such as... Agent:

20150004356 - Board structure: A board structure is disclosed in the present invention. First, a chip board is cut into a predetermined size to be sent into an edge sealing machine. In the meantime, sealing materials are laminated onto the two corresponding side surfaces of the chip board, and chamfers are formed at the... Agent:

20150004358 - Free-standing polymer membrane having through-holes and method for manufacturing same: Disclosed is a freestanding polymer membrane having through-holes, comprising at least one through-hole formation area having a plurality of through-holes formed at a predetermined distance and a support area formed around the through-hole formation area to be thicker than the through-hole formation area so as to support the through-hole formation... Agent:

20150004357 - Method and a device for the manufacture of a fibre composite component, and a fibre composite component: A method for the manufacture of a fibre composite component with at least one opening, which is edged by an integral collar, a device for the execution of a method of this type with a mould core, which has at least one convexity for the formation of a component section... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150004360 - Multilayered woven manufacture and use of the multilayer woven manufacture as carriers for dried matrix spot applications: The invention relates to a substantially laminary manufacture comprising 2 substantially laminary layers in contact, wherein the layers comprise a woven, hydrophilic material.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20150004359 - Platinum containing conductive paste: An electroconductive hole plug paste comprising about 60-80 wt % of platinum particles, about 10-20 wt % of Al2O3, and about 10-20 wt % of organic vehicle, based upon 100% total weight of the paste, wherein the organic vehicle includes at least one viscosity-modifying component in an amount sufficient to... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLP

20150004361 - Antimicrobial devices comprising hyper-conductive and dielectric layers: Antimicrobial devices such as molded components can include surfaces which have a microbial field disruptive hyper-conductive layer covered by a dielectric surface layer, to continuously disinfect said surfaces. Also, the present invention relates to generally antimicrobial dressings and more particularly to dermal dressings and bandages providing antiseptic disinfection, comprising typical... Agent:

20150004363 - Coated article and method for making same: A coated article includes a substrate and a diamond-like carbon layer formed on the substrate. The diamond-like carbon layer has a plurality of nano-sized bumps on its outer surface. The nano-sized bumps alter the contact angle between a given fluid and the coated article, thus making the coated article extremely... Agent:

20150004364 - Glass film laminate, method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing glass film: A glass film laminate includes a carrier glass including a rough surface, a smooth surface surrounding the rough surface, the rough surface having a relatively large surface roughness and the smooth surface having a relatively small surface roughness, and a passage rough surface connected to the rough surface; and a... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150004365 - Insulating and thermally conductive sheet: In the present invention, short fibers with electrical insulation properties and thermal conductive properties are electrostatically flocked at high density onto a substrate coated with adhesive, under conditions that allow for high density electrostatic flocking, the erect short fibers are adhered and fixed, binder resin is impregnated and is hardened,... Agent: Toyobo Co., Ltd.

20150004362 - Multilayered coatings with diamond-like carbon: Multilayered coatings include an adhesion base layer that can adhere to a metal substrate, and a top surface layer that has a surface roughness of less than or equal to about Ra 0.0254 μm, wherein at least one of the layers comprises a diamond-like carbon.... Agent:

20150004366 - Substrate with high fracture strength: The invention discloses a substrate with high fracture strength. The substrate according to the present invention includes a plurality of nanostructures. The substrate has a first surface, where the nanostructures protrude from the first surface. Through the formation of the nanostructures, the fracture strength of the substrate is enhanced.... Agent:

20150004367 - Nonwoven web with improved cut edge quality, and process for imparting: A process for producing a nonwoven web material with improved edge quality, and the product thereof, are disclosed. The process may include the steps of forming a batt of polymeric fibers; consolidating the batt in a z-direction and thereby forming a nonwoven web material, conveying the nonwoven web material to... Agent:

20150004368 - Strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material, and a method for production thereof: A strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material has a fibrous structure that is impregnated with a matrix material which contains at least one thermoplastic polymer. At least one of the large faces of the strip-shaped fiber-reinforced composite material has surface shaping. The surface shaping contains at least one indentation which extends from... Agent:

20150004369 - Low solar transmittance coatings: The invention provides low solar transmittance coatings that have particularly low solar transmittance. The coating includes three infrared-reflection film regions, which may each comprise silver. In some cases, the coating is incorporated into a laminated glass assembly.... Agent:

20150004370 - Buffering structure: A buffering structure has a 3-D woven layer, a hot melt adhesive layer, and an absorbing and dispersing layer. The 3-D woven layer has a surface layer with weave, a bottom layer with weave, and a connecting layer continuously curved along a vertical direction or a horizontal direction itself and... Agent:

20150004371 - Composite structural panels and components: Composite panels including core layers of particular geometry and optional first and second skin layers. The components optionally are made from fiberboard material. The core has either a linear geometry or made from discrete elements. In exemplary embodiments, longitudinally extending voids extend through the panel. Electrical or mechanical conduits may... Agent: Noble Environmental Technologies Corporation

20150004372 - Conductive fabric: In a conductive fabric that includes conductive yarn and non-conductive yarn, a fabric end edge in a region that includes an end portion of at least a portion of the conductive yarn is provided in a position recessed farther to an inside of a fabric surface than a fabric end... Agent:

20150004373 - Carbon nanotube-graphene composite, method of forming the same, and electronic device: Provided is a carbon nanotube-graphene composite comprising a substrate, a graphene layer disposed on the substrate, and a patterned layer of aligned carbon nanotubes disposed on the graphene layer.... Agent:

20150004378 - Electrostatic printing: There is provided a method for electrostatic printing comprising providing a print substrate having a layer comprising a polymeric material, the layer comprising a polymeric material having thereon a surface layer comprising an aminofunctional silane; carrying out an electrostatic printing process to transfer an ink onto the surface layer comprising... Agent: Hewlett-packard Indigo B.v.

20150004376 - Method for manufacturing a film laminate, and film laminate formed by the method: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a film laminate and to a film laminated formed by the method. The method comprises the steps of: applying a photocurable composition to a first base film; and irradiating light from a UV LED in order to harden the photocurable composition,... Agent:

20150004375 - Pixel definition layer and manufacturing method thereof, display substrate and display device: A pixel circuit, driving method thereof, organic light-emitting display panel and display apparatus, comprise driving transistor, first storage capacitor, collecting unit, writing unit and light-emitting unit; the collecting unit is used for collecting the threshold voltage of the driving transistor and storing the threshold voltage into the first storage capacitor,... Agent:

20150004377 - Plastic film for printing by dye diffusion thermal transfer printing: The invention relates to a special layer construction and a special film of plastic for the production of such a layer construction which is suitable for printing by means of dye diffusion thermal transfer printing, a process for the production thereof and a security and/or valuable document comprising such a... Agent:

20150004374 - Plasticized uv/eb cured coatings: A plasticized ultraviolet or electron beam (UV/EB) cationically cured coating, such as a release layer or print from UV/EB cured inks, comprises polymers with a reactive plasticizer incorporated therein. The cured coating contains the plasticizing additives permanently attached to the polymer matrix, locking them in place, and permanently flexibilizing the... Agent:

20150004379 - Preparation, purification and use of high-x diblock copolymers: This invention relates to the preparation and purification of high-X (“chi”) diblock copolymers. Such copolymers contain two segments (“blocks”) of polymers with significantly different interaction parameters and can be used in directed self-assembly applications.... Agent:

20150004380 - Composite ornamental object and method of fabrication: This invention provides an ornamental object having therein, but not limited to, a reflective surface (1), a transparent substrate (2), an affixed image (3), and a synthetic resin (4). The process of manufacturing is also included. Specifically, as it relates to such methods used to create ornaments, jewelry, clothing adornment,... Agent:

20150004381 - Toner with improved fusing performance: The present disclosure provides a toner comprising a bioresin and two waxes with improved fuser release.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150004382 - Reducing discoloration of a display stack: In some implementations, an electronic device includes a display stack to display content. The display stack can include a number of substrates coupled using a first optically clear adhesive (OCA) and a second OCA. In an implementation, the first OCA includes an acrylic-containing OCA and the second OCA includes a... Agent:

20150004383 - Substrate provided with a multilayer having thermal properties, which includes four metallic functional layers: A substrate, or a transparent glass substrate, including a thin-film multilayer including an alternation of four functional metallic layers, or functional layers based on silver or on a metal alloy containing silver, and five antireflection coatings, each antireflection coating including at least one antireflection layer, so that each functional metallic... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150004384 - Insulation apparatus and method: A layered insulation apparatus and method of making that contains a multiple layer insulation that has top and bottom outside moisture barrier layers, with at least two flame retardant layer around a center metal layer. The metal layer may be two metal sheets with a scrim there-between. The metal layer... Agent:

20150004385 - Flutable fiber webs with high dust holding capacity: The fiber webs described herein may be incorporated into filter media and filter elements. The fiber webs may exhibit a high dust holding capacity. The fiber webs may also exhibit a low thickness. The fiber webs may be sufficiently flexible and/or deformable so that they may be processed to include... Agent: Hollingsworth & Vose Company

20150004386 - Sheet for packaging edible meat, and casing for packaging edible meat: A sheet for packaging edible meat is provided that includes a layer A and a layer B thermally adhered to each other. In the sheet, the layer A is a wet-laid nonwoven fabric produced by mixing a first core-in-sheath fiber (a) having a core made of polyester and a sheath... Agent:

20150004387 - High-barrier polyethylene terephthalate film: A high-barrier film is provided that includes a biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET) layer having a first side and a second side opposite the first side, a cross-linked acrylic primer layer, and a metal barrier layer. The cross-linked acrylic primer layer is adjacent to the second side of the PET layer... Agent: Flex Films (usa) Inc.

20150004391 - Porous organic polymeric films and preparation: Porous organic polymeric films having multiple discrete cavities can be prepared using a water-in-oil emulsion that includes a cavity stabilizing hydrocolloid on the inner walls of the multiple discrete cavities. The multiple discrete cavities can also include organic catalytic materials for various catalytic reactions, markers materials for security applications, or... Agent:

20150004390 - Tempered glass, tempered glass plate, and glass for tempering: A tempered glass has a compressive stress layer in a surface thereof, includes as a glass composition, in terms of mass %, 50 to 80% of SiO2, 10 to 30% of Al2O3, 0 to 6% of B2O3, 0 to 2% of Li2O, and 5 to 25% of Na2O, and is... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20150004388 - Thermally conductive material: A thermally conductive material according to the present invention is prepared by allowing silicon carbide having an average particle size of 10 μm or more and less than 50 μm, aluminum hydroxide having an average particle size of 1 μm or more and less than 10 μm, and magnesium hydroxide... Agent: Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd.

20150004389 - Viscoelastic foam: Embodiments of the invention provide for viscoelastic polyurethane foams. The foams are made from reaction system which includes (a) an isocyanate reactive component, (b) a isocyanate component, (c) one or more blowing agents, (d) a catalyst component, and (e) a silicone based surfactant. The isocyanate reactive component includes at least... Agent:

20150004392 - Whisker-reinforced hybrid fiber by method of base material infusion into whisker yarn: A hybrid fiber consists of a continuous phase base material that permeates the length of the hybrid fiber and a plurality of fibrils or nanotubes that are dispersed throughout the hybrid fiber interior in the form of a yarn woven from the plurality of fibrils or nanotubes. The method of... Agent:

20150004393 - High strength ceramic fibers and methods of fabrication: A method and apparatus for forming a plurality of fibers from (e.g., CVD) precursors, including a reactor adapted to grow a plurality of individual fibers; and a plurality of independently controllable lasers, each laser of the plurality of lasers growing a respective fiber. A high performance fiber (HPF) structure, including... Agent:

20150004394 - Polypropylene-based resin composition and foam sheet: Provided is a polypropylene-based resin composition which gives uniform and fine cells and from which a foamed sheet and thermoform excellent in appearance, thermoformability, impact resistance, lightness, stiffness, heat resistance, heat insulating properties, oil resistance and the like can be produced. A polypropylene-based resin composition comprising (X) 5 to 99%... Agent: Japan Polypropylene Corporation

20150004395 - Vapor-deposited polyvinyl alcohol film: An object of the present invention is to provide a vapor-deposited film that enables the formation of a pinhole and/or a crack due to flexure thereof in a processing of the vapor-deposited film such as lamination to be suppressed, and the deterioration of the gas barrier property thereof to be... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20150004396 - Epoxy adhesive compositions comprising an adhesion promoter: as an adhesion promoter, wherein R represents an aliphatic or aromatic residue that contains one or more carboxylic acid ester units and/or one or more urethane units and that further contains at least one ether group and n represents an integer of 1 or 2, methods of making them, bonded... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150004398 - Glass article provided with photocatalyst film: The present invention provides a glass article including a photocatalyst film 1 containing silicon oxide particles 6 and titanium oxide particles 5, the glass article having an increased transmittance provided by enhancing the reflection-reducing function of the photocatalyst film 1 while maintaining the film strength and photocatalytic function of the... Agent:

20150004397 - Optical layered body and image display device: Provided is an optical layered body which is extremely high in the stability of the antistatic performance, and has a stable surface resistance even after a durability test. The optical layered body includes an antistatic layer on one face of a light-transmitting substrate, wherein the antistatic layer is formed using... Agent:

20150004399 - Device for rapidly detecting microorganisms: The disclosure includes: a coating composition, comprising a powdered cold-water-soluble gelling agent and surface-modified nanoparticles disposed in the powdered cold-water-soluble gelling agent; a coated film that includes a transparent film coated with the coating composition; and a device for growing microorganisms, including the coated film releasably attached to at least... Agent:

20150004400 - Support assembly for use in semiconductor manufacturing tools with a fusible bond: A support assembly includes a first functional element, a second functional element adjacent to the cooling plate, and an adhesive layer disposed between the cooling plate and the substrate. An intermediate layer is disposed between the cooling plate and the substrate. The intermediate layer has a melting temperature less than... Agent:

20150004401 - Method for forming multilayered coating film: This invention provides a method for forming a multilayered coating film, which comprises applying a first aqueous base coating composition, then applying a second aqueous base coating composition without preheating, then conducting preheating, subsequently applying a clear coating composition, and then curing thus formed three layers of first aqueous base... Agent:

20150004402 - Intumescent coating composition comprising particulate poly(phenylene ether): An intumescent coating composition having improved char yield, while maintaining its physical, mechanical, and esthetic properties comprises (a) particulate poly(phenylene ether), wherein the mean particle size of the poly(phenylene ether) is 1 to 100 micrometers; (b) a film-forming binder; (c) an acid source; (d) a blowing agent; and (e) optionally,... Agent:

20150004403 - Method of manufacturing structural object and structural object: There is provided a method of manufacturing a structural object, including using rapid prototyping technology, forming a structure body from a powder material whose main component is a water-soluble compound. The formed structure body is impregnated with an adhesive that provides adhesive function upon reaction with moisture contained in the... Agent:

20150004404 - Separator: The present invention provides a separator including a separator substrate composed of a polylactic acid film or sheet having tear strength so as not to break or tear during production or processing of the separator. The separator is a separator including a separator substrate and a removable pressure-sensitive adhesive layer... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150004406 - Adhesive tape for preventing aquatic biofouling: Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for preventing adhesion of aquatic organisms excellent in impact resistance and capable of preventing damage to or loss of its antifouling layer due to a colliding object. A pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for preventing adhesion of aquatic organisms of the present invention includes an antifouling... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150004405 - Low temperature vibration damping pressure sensitive adhesives and constructions: This disclosure relates to viscoelastic damping materials and constructions which may demonstrate low temperature performance and adhesion and which may be used in making vibration damping composites. Viscoelastic damping materials and constructions may include polymers or copolymers of monomers according to formula I: CH2═CHR1—COOR2 [I] wherein R1 is H, CH3... Agent:

20150004407 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The pressure-sensitive adhesive of the invention contains a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer component containing 40 to 99.5% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having a branched alkyl group of 6 to 9 carbon atoms at an ester end and more than 0 to 40% by weight... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150004408 - Multilayer thermally restorable article: Provided is a thermally restorable article which has a good filling property when thermally shrunk to improve adhesiveness with a base to be treated, and in which the variation in the thickness of an adhesive layer during extrusion molding can be reduced. A multilayer thermally restorable article includes an adhesive... Agent:

20150004409 - Liquid-crystalline polyester multifilament: A liquid crystalline polyester multifilament has a fusion degree between single fibers of 0 to 20. A method of producing a liquid crystalline polyester multifilament includes at least one step of a melt spinning step and a rewinding step, wherein an anti-fusion agent is deposited on a fiber surface of... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150004410 - Thread and fabric for insect screens: In order to provide a thread (4, 5) for producing fabrics (2) for insect screens (1), comprising a core, the core having a coating (11) which comprises a heat-activatable adhesive for integrally bonding to itself or to other threads of the fabric (2), and said core having a higher melting... Agent:

20150004411 - Semi-conductive polymer composition: The present invention relates to a semi-conductive polymer composition, the present invention provides a semi-conductive polymer composition comprising an ethylene copolymer comprising polar co-monomer units; an olefin homo- or copolymer; and a conductive filler; wherein the olefin homo- or copolymer has a degree of crystallinity below 20%. The invention also... Agent: Borealis Ag

20150004412 - Bicycle frame with internal cable routing and method for making the same: A method of making a portion of a bicycle frame including positioning a low-friction mandrel adjacent a flexible mandrel with a first fibrous material in between. The mandrels are wrapped with second fibrous material, and the mandrels are inserted into a mold. The second fibrous material is cured to produce... Agent:

20150004413 - Composite reinforcer sheathed with a rubber self-adhesive polymer layer: A composite reinforcer capable of adhering directly to a diene rubber matrix, which can be used in particular as a reinforcing element for a tyre, comprises: one or more reinforcing thread(s), for example a thread or cord made of carbon steel; and a layer of a polymer composition which covers... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20150004414 - Collagen structure, and method for producing collagen structure: Provided is a collagen structure characterized by: comprising collagen fibers of 1 to 5 μm in average diameter; and has a water content of 0 to 15 (w/w)% and a collagen density of 50 to 800 mg/cm3. After generating collagen fibers by neutralizing an acidic collagen solution, the resulting solution... Agent:

20150004415 - Electronically conducting carbon and carbon-based material by pyrolysis of dead leaves and other similar natural waste: The present invention disclosed herein is carbon nanomaterial and carbon based nanocomposites by pyrolysis of dead leaves and other similar natural waste material. In particular, the invention relates to synthesis of valuable functional carbon materials and their nanocomposites from different waste materials such as plant dead leaves and their use... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20150004416 - Belt assembly, image-forming apparatus, and method for manufacturing the belt assembly: A belt assembly is disclosed. The belt assembly comprises an incompatible-polymer alloy including at least one crystalline resin which is selected from polyphenylene sulfide, polyetheretherketone, and polyvinylidene difluoride and at least one amorphous resin which is selected from polyethersulfone and polycarbonate, polyphenyleneether, polysulfone, and polyarylate. Wherein the weight ratio between... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150004417 - Fluoroelastomer halloysite nanocomposite: A polymer composite comprising a fluoroelastomer binder. A plurality of halloysite nanotubes are dispersed in the fluoroelastomer binder. Xerographic components employing the polymer composite are disclosed.... Agent:

20150004418 - Ceramic component formed ceramic portions bonded together with a halogen plasma resistant bonding agent: A bonded ceramic component which is resistant to reactive halogen-containing plasmas, said component comprising ceramic portions which are bonded together by a bonding material which includes an oxyfluoride glass-ceramic-comprising transition area between interfaces of the ceramic portions, where the transition area includes from at least 0.1 volume % amorphous phase... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150004419 - Fluorine-containing surface treatment agent and an article treated with the same: The invention provides a surface treatment agent wherein a fluorooxyalkylene group-containing polymer or a fluorooxyalkylene group-containing polymer composition comprising the polymers, which is controlled of a temperature range of vaporization of fluorooxyalkylene group-containing polymer(s). The fluorooxyalkylene group-containing polymer has a fluorooxyalkylene structure represented by —(OCF2)p(OCF2CF2)q— and hydrolysable groups bond to... Agent:

20150004420 - Modified crush resistant latex topcoat composition for fiber cement substrates: A final topcoat coating composition and method employs a multistage latex polymer having acetoacetyl or ketone functionality and a hydrazide, hydrazine or polyamine crosslinking agent that provides a crush resistant final topcoat composition. The compositions may be used to coat a variety of substrates including wood, cement and fiber cement.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20150004421 - Inorganic polysilazane resin: An inorganic polysilazane resin of the present invention has a Si/N ratio (i.e. a ratio of contained silicon atoms to contained nitrogen atoms) of 1.30 or more. The inorganic polysilazane resin having such a high Si content can be produced by, for example, a method in which an inorganic polysilazane... Agent: Az Electronic Materials Usa Corp.

20150004422 - Nano fiber composite sheet and method of manufacturing the same: There is provided a method of manufacturing a nanofiber composite sheet, the method including preparing a base sheet, surface-treating the base sheet, and forming a substrate layer having a nanofiber structure on the surface-treated base sheet.... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150004423 - Resins and radomes including them: Certain embodiments are directed to resins comprising norbornene derivatives for use in structures such as radomes. In some examples, the radome comprises a dielectric constant of less than 2.7, a loss tangent of less than 0.003 and a moisture absorption of less than 1.5%.... Agent:

20150004424 - Coating system: A coating formed on a substrate is provided which coating comprises (a) an organic NIR-transparent pigment and/or an inorganic NIR-reflective pigment; (b) a dye having a transmittance of at least 75% in the range of from 700 to 2500 nm; and (c) optionally an effect pigment; wherein said coating exhibits... Agent: Basf Se

20150004425 - Surface treatment composition: A surface treatment composition includes a solution having a pH within a range of above 4 to 8 that includes metal cations produced in situ from a metal-containing substance having a Ksp no greater than 1×10−6 in a reaction with an acid having a pKa in a range of −3.0... Agent:

20150004427 - Lead-free solder compositions: A solder may include zinc, aluminum, magnesium and gallium. The zinc may be present in an amount from about 82% to 96% by weight of the solder. The aluminum may be present in an amount from about 3% to about 15% by weight of the solder. The magnesium may be... Agent:

20150004426 - Pipeline and manufacturing method thereof: A pipeline is a pipeline having plural weld zones in which ends of plural steel pipes are joined by welding, the plural steel pipes are produced from plural charges of molten steel having one or more steel compositions; yield point elongation is not present on a stress-strain curve obtained when... Agent:

20150004428 - High corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy brazing sheet and channel forming component for vehicular heat exchanger using same: An aluminum alloy brazing sheet having high corrosion resistance is provided, which develops the sacrificial anticorrosion effect in both surfaces of the sheet, which has the brazing function in one of both the surfaces, and which prevents the occurrence of preferential corrosion. A channel forming component for a vehicular heat... Agent: Uacj Corporation

20150004429 - Copper metal alloy: A copper metal alloy, for use in making elements for promoting and/or stimulating vital energy comprises between 60% and 70% in weight of copper (Cu), between 16% and 24% in weight of silver (Ag), between 3% and 6% in weight of zinc (Zn), between 3% and 6% in weight of... Agent: Medika S.r.l.

20150004430 - Three-dimensionally bending machine, bending equipment line, and bent product: A three-dimensionally bending machine comprises a supporting unit to support a workpiece and a feeding unit to feed the workpiece from an upstream side of the workpiece. A heating and cooling unit, provided around the outer circumference of a portion of the workpiece downstream of said supporting unit heats the... Agent:

20150004431 - Anti-corrosion film, metal substrate with anti-corrosion layer and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to an anti-corrosion film, a metal substrate with an anti-corrosion layer and a manufacturing method thereof. The anti-corrosion film is at least one selected from the group consisting of: a Zr-based metallic glass film formed of Formula 1, a Zr—Cu-based metallic glass film formed of Formula... Agent: National Central University

20150004432 - Titanium-nickel alloy thin film, and preparation method of titanium-nickel alloy thin film using multiple sputtering method: In a Ti—Ni alloy thin film, Ti and Ni are mixed and deposited on a base material by putting a Ti target and an Ni target at a predetermined distance from each other in a co-sputtering apparatus and simultaneously sputtering the targets by applying different voltages. A method of fabricating... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

20150004433 - Steel sheet, plated steel sheet, and method for producing the same: A steel sheet includes, by mass %: C: 0.020% to 0.080%; Si: 0.01% to 0.10%; Mn: 0.80% to 1.80%; and Al: more than 0.10% and less than 0.40%; and further includes: Nb: 0.005% to 0.095%; and Ti: 0.005% to 0.095%, in which a total amount of Nb and Ti is... Agent:

20150004434 - Coated articles and methods comprising a rhodium layer: Coated articles and methods for applying coatings including a rhodium layer are described. In some cases, the coating can exhibit desirable properties and characteristics such as durability, corrosion resistance, and high conductivity. The articles may be coated, for example, using an electrodeposition process.... Agent: Xtalic Corporation

20150004435 - Method for growing non-polar m-plane epitaxial layer of wurtzite semiconductors on single crystal oxide substrates: The present invention relates to a method for growing a non-polar m-plane epitaxial layer on a single crystal oxide substrate, which comprises the following steps: providing a single crystal oxide with a perovskite structure; using a plane of the single crystal oxide as a substrate; and forming an m-plane epitaxial... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150004436 - Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus: According to one embodiment, a perpendicular magnetic recording medium has an arrangement obtained by sequentially stacking a nonmagnetic substrate, a soft magnetic underlayer, a nonmagnetic seed layer containing silver grains having an fcc structure and an amorphous germanium grain boundary formed between the silver grains, a reaction barrier layer containing... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150004437 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A magnetic recording medium having a thick magnetic recording layer of excellent magnetic characteristics is provided. The magnetic recording medium includes a non-magnetic substrate and a magnetic recording layer. The magnetic recording layer includes a plurality of first magnetic recording layers located at odd-numbered positions from the non-magnetic substrate, and... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150004438 - Method for forming pattern, method for producing magnetic recording medium using the same, magnetic recording medium, and method for producing stamper: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for forming a pattern including forming an island-like metal underlayer comprised of a first metal, a phase-separated release layer including a first metal, a second metal, and a metal oxide, a mask layer, and a resist layer on a processed layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

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