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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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09/25/2014 > 105 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20140287167 - Polymerizable composition, polymer, image-display device, and manufacturing method therefor: Provided is a polymerizable composition for providing a thin image-display device that does not exhibit display problems due to deformation of an image-display unit, allows high-brightness, high-contrast image display, and tolerates heat well. A polymerizable composition for forming a polymer layer interposed between an image-display unit in an image-display device... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20140287168 - Apparatus and method for attaching an ornamental tree top fixture: An apparatus can include an elongated shaft having a distal end and a proximal end. An ornamental fixture can be attached to and extend outwardly from the distal end of the elongated shaft. A connector at the proximal end of the elongated shaft is configured to secure the elongated shaft... Agent:

20140287169 - Artificial turf barrier with artificial turf edge: An artificial turf barrier including a lawn barrier, an artificial turf, and a connecting area for the artificial turf. A connecting grid is also provided. A method for manufacturing an artificial turf barrier including a lawn barrier and a connecting grid, the lawn barrier and the connecting grid being formed... Agent:

20140287170 - Reflective liners: An apparatus for processing a semiconductor substrate is described. The apparatus is a process chamber having an optically transparent upper dome and lower dome. Vacuum is maintained in the process chamber during processing. The upper dome is thermally controlled by flowing a thermal control fluid along the upper dome outside... Agent:

20140287171 - Method of and apparatus for forming one or more flanges on or in a hollow continuously wound structural member: A method of and apparatus for forming one or more flanges or formations, which may conveniently be inwardly facing, on or in a hollow continuously wound structural member, such as a hollow pole, the method including the steps of providing a tapered mandrel on which to continuously wind a loop... Agent:

20140287172 - Patch bag having separated tear initiators: A patch bag has a heat-shrinkable patch adhered to a heat-shrinkable bag and a skirt between a heat seal and an edge of the bag. The bag is made from a multilayer film with at least one film layer comprising an incompatible polymer blend so that after shrinking the film... Agent: Cryovac, Inc.

20140287173 - Reactive two-component hotmelt adhesive composition: A reactive hotmelt adhesive comprising two components A and B each containing one or more polymers A or B having different functional groups, these groups being able to react with one another under the influence of temperature, and i) the mutually reactive functional groups are selected from hydroxyl, amine, carboxylic... Agent:

20140287174 - Agent for the formation of channels in an entrained polymer, entrained polymer containing such an agent, process for producing such an entrained polymer and product containing the same: An entrained polymer includes a base polymer, an active agent, and a channeling agent. The active agent acts on, interacts or reacts with a selected material. The channeling agent is immiscible with the base polymer and is adapted to transmit a selected material through the entrained polymer at a faster... Agent: Csp Technologies, Inc.

20140287176 - Nanotube and finely milled carbon fiber polymer composite compositions and methods of making: Embodiments of the present invention include composite compositions extrusion compounded together comprising a polymer, an amount of nanotubes, and an amount of finely milled carbon fiber having an aspect ratio greater than 1 and less than about 5. The resulting composite materials allow for high carbon loading levels with improved... Agent: Entegris, Inc.

20140287175 - Products for stress control in electrical power cables: A stress control article for protecting joints and terminations in electrical power cables and for controlling electrical stresses, comprises a cover layer comprised of an electrically insulating, flexible polymeric material; and a stress control layer applied to one side of the cover layer. The stress control layer comprises a stress... Agent: Shawcor Ltd.

20140287177 - Fluoropolymer molded article: Provided is an injection molded article, having a projection area in an injection direction of 1100 cm2 or more, obtained by injection molding a composition containing a heat-meltable fluoropolymer. It is a preferable aspect that the composition including a heat-meltable fluoropolymer is a composition containing a melt moldable tetrafluoroethylene/fluoroalkoxytrifluoroethylene copolymer... Agent: Dupont-mitsui Fluorochemicals Co., Ltd.

20140287178 - Polymer compositions with improved retention of properties under mechanical and thermal stresses: The invention provides a composition comprising the following: A) an ethylene/α-olefin/diene interpolymer; B) an ethylene/α-olefin copolymer with a Mooney Viscosity [ML(1+4) at 125° C.] greater than 40; and C) a peroxide; and wherein the α-olefin of the ethylene/α-olefin copolymer of component B comprises at least four carbon atoms; and wherein... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140287179 - Elastomer molded body for medical instrument: An elastomer molded body for a medical instrument includes an elastomer material containing at least one kind of non-olefin-based elastomer, in which a melting point of the elastomer molded body is higher than a glass transition point of the elastomer molded body and the glass transition point of the elastomer... Agent:

20140287180 - System and method for textile positioning: In various embodiments, the present disclosure relates generally to a method for needling a spiral textile to create a needled preform, the method comprising receiving the spiral textile on a bed plate of a circular needle loom, engaging a positional structure of the spiral textile, rotating the spiral textile around... Agent:

20140287181 - Hydrophilic adhesives and tapes and devices containing the same: Hydrophilic adhesive compositions are disclosed that contain a surfactant that is miscible, but not fully soluble in the polymer matrix of the adhesive. This permits the surfactant to continuously replenish at the surface of the adhesive as other surfactant is removed, such as when it is carried away by an... Agent: Adhesives Research, Inc.

20140287182 - Greetings card and a blank for forming it: The present invention relates to greetings cards generally and to Christmas cards and novelty cards in particular. Greetings cards, usually packaged with an envelope, come in a variety of styles. There are both mass-produced as well as handmade versions that are distributed by hundreds of companies large and small. There... Agent:

20140287183 - Rotationally offset penetration resistant articles: A penetration-resistant article is provided comprising two or more layers of woven fabric. The layers of woven fabric each comprise a first series of fibers aligned in a first direction and a second series of fibers interwoven with the first series of fibers and aligned in a second direction perpendicular... Agent:

20140287184 - Mineral filler compositions, methods for making mineral filler compositions and carpets manufactured from same: Disclosed are mineral filler compositions comprising a calcium carbonate, wherein the composition comprises a mineral content characterized by a weight ratio of calcium to magnesium of at least 10:1, and wherein the composition is at least substantially free of calcium oxide. Also disclosed are methods for making a mineral filler... Agent:

20140287185 - Particulate fillers: Particulate fillers possess no, or very low, amounts of coarse particles. The particulate fillers may be included in compositions, such as polymer compositions including polymer film formed from a polymer composition, such as breathable film. The particulate fillers may be included in spunlaid fiber, and the spunlaid fiber may be... Agent:

20140287186 - Deconstructed carpet and method of manufacture: A deconstructed tufted carpet having an at least partially visible primary backing. In aspects, deconstructed carpet can utilize the primary backing layer as a design element of the overall pattern and styling in order to reduce material use, waste and the ounce weight of the finished carpet and to improve... Agent: Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

20140287187 - Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles: Mounting clips and decorative mounting articles removably engage to vertically disposed mounting surfaces, such as rain gutter downspouts. The mounting clips support arms, hooks, plates, decorations, and brackets for display of banners, flags, security lights, decorative lights, etc., on a downspout or other comparable mounting surface. The mounting clips include... Agent:

20140287188 - Stretched structure of a stretched member: Provided is a stretching structure for stretched member, whereby a frame can be manufactured inexpensively without the use of complex and expensive dies, and a stretched material having an attractive external appearance, particularly the external appearance in back view and side view, is obtained through a simple stretching operation. In... Agent:

20140287189 - Building construction sheathing composites, structures and related methods of use: Sheathing composites and related methods, as can be employed in building construction.... Agent:

20140287192 - Honeycomb structural body: A honeycomb structural body has cells surrounded by cell walls arranged in a lattice-like shape. A cross section is divided into a central section and an outer peripheral section. The outer peripheral section surrounds the central section through a boundary partition wall. The outer peripheral section is lower in a... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140287190 - Honeycomb structure: There is disclosed a honeycomb structure constituted by honeycomb segments, where a honeycomb segment 2 has a first end and second end surfaces of a quadrangular shape; the second end surface having an area larger than that of the first one, a first pair of two side surfaces facing each... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287191 - Honeycomb structure: In each honeycomb segment, a first and a second end surfaces are rectangular shapes having the same dimension, and are in a positional relation in which extending directions of long sides of the respective end surfaces are perpendicular to each other, and (X−Y)/2 is from 0.2 to 7 mm, where... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287193 - Covering layer for a sanitary article: A covering layer for a sanitary article includes a base member of non-woven material. The non-woven material is constructed from staple fibres and has a plurality of holes formed therein which have a larger diameter than pores of the non-woven material. The staple fibres have a fibre fineness which is... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20140287194 - Mechanical locking system for floor panels: Building panels, especially floor panels, which are provided with a locking system including several separate strip parts connected to the panel edge. A strip part, configured to lock panels horizontally and to be fixed to a panel edge, including a strip body with an inner part configured to be fixed... Agent: V&#xe4 Linge Flooring Technology Ab

20140287195 - Production method and tool for producing an equipment part, and equipment part for a vehicle: The invention rotates to a method for producing an equipment part (1). According to the invention, the equipment part (1) is provided with a decorative skin (2) at least in some sections, wherein the decorative skin (2) is integrated with at least two differently colored and/or different structured material regions... Agent: Johnson Controls Interiors Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140287196 - Method of forming single face corrugated board: e

20140287197 - Wind direction-controlling plate and manufacturing method for wind direction-controlling plate: Provided is a wind direction-controlling plate, which is obtained by molding a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition that has high fluidity when melted and which has excellent external appearance and mechanical properties. A wind direction-controlling plate is manufactured using a polybutylene terephthalate resin composition comprising polybutylene terephthalate resin, polyethylene terephthalate resin... Agent: Win Tech Polymer Ltd.

20140287199 - Coatings for cutting tools: In one aspect, cutting tools are described having coatings adhered thereto which, in some embodiments, can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool, in some embodiments, comprises a substrate and a coating adhered to the substrate, the coating comprising a polycrystalline layer of TiZrAl2O3.... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287200 - Compound, polymer, curable composition, coating composition, article having cured film, article having pattern of liquid-philic region and liquid repellent region, and process for producing it:

20140287201 - Durable, heat resistant, erasable release coatings, release coated substrates, and their methods of manufacture: Methods are generally disclosed for forming and using a release sheet. To form the release sheet, a release coating is applied over a first surface of a base sheet. Generally, the release coating includes a fatty alcohol ester of acrylic acid and a curable monomer, and can also include a... Agent: Neenah Paper, Inc.

20140287198 - Ink jet recording method and recorded matter: An ink jet recording method includes discharging a first ink composition onto a recording medium using a recording head, in which the first ink composition includes a coloring material, an alkane diol with 4 or more to 8 or fewer carbon atoms, a water-soluble solvent, and water; the recording head... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140287202 - Transfer mold manufacturing method, transfer mold manufactured thereby, and component produced by the transfer mold: A transfer mold that is used in production of a component by electroplating and has high workability and superior durability as well as a component produced thereby are provided. A method therefor includes the steps of forming a pattern of a desired component by providing a reverse pattern of the... Agent: Leap Co., Ltd.

20140287203 - Protective cover plate: A protective cover plate mainly comprises a substrate, a printing layer, an ultraviolet layer and an adhesive layer, wherein the printing layer is disposed at a side surface of the substrate. The printing layer is formed with at least a pattern. The pattern protrudes the substrate to form a segmental... Agent: Chien-liang Liu

20140287204 - Flexible laminate film: A flexible, calenderable film exhibiting enhanced durability under external weathering conditions. The film comprises predominantly a base layer of a graft copolymer of vinyl chloride on polyacrylate laminated with an acrylic based protective layer. Importantly, the base layer is devoid or contains minimal plasticiser components to eliminate or reduce UV... Agent: Renolit Cramlington Limited

20140287207 - Ink for ink jet recording, recording apparatus, and recorded medium: f

20140287205 - Phase change ink composition: A phase change ink composition including an amorphous compound; a crystalline compound; an optional synergist; an optional dispersant; and a white colorant having a volume average particle size of from about 25 nanometers to less than 200 nanometers.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140287206 - White ink composition, ink set for forming multiple layers, image forming method and printed matter: The invention provides a white ink composition for inkjet recording, including: titanium dioxide having an average primary particle diameter of from 200 nm to 350 nm; a hydrophilic, layered clay mineral; a water-soluble resin; and water. The invention further provides: an ink set for multilayer formation including the white ink... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140287208 - Blackened composite electroless nickel coatings: In particular, the present invention is directed processes and product related to blackened coatings, blackened electroless nickel coatings, blackened electroless nickel coatings including particulate matter, coatings with cover coats, coatings with voids, and the methods of application and products with such coatings. Examples of parts which it may be beneficial... Agent:

20140287209 - Aluminum titanium nitride coating with adapted morphology for enhanced wear resistance in machining operations and method thereof: The present invention relates to an (AI,Ti)N coating exhibiting at least two different coating portions, A and B, having grain size in nanometer magnitude order characterized in that the coating portion A exhibit larger grain size and higher elastic modulus than the coating portion B. The present invention relates as... Agent:

20140287212 - Biopolyester compositions with good transparency and sliding properties: A composition has been made for biopolyester films, preferably polylactic acid (PLA) films, having a low coefficient of friction for improved sliding properties, while maintaining a low haze value for good transparency. The composition, made from a masterbatch of specific additives, produces a film that achieves a haze of two... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20140287210 - Surface-coated cutting tool: A surface-coated cutting tool with a hard coating layer exhibiting an excellent flaking and chipping resistance in a high-speed heavy and intermittent cutting is provided. The vapor-deposited hard coating layer has a lower layer (Ti compound layer) and an upper layer (α-type Al2O3 layer). Thirty to 70% of Al2O3 crystal... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287211 - Uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film: A uniaxially stretched multi-layer laminate film includes 251 or more layers in which a first layer and a second layer are alternately laminated, wherein the first layer is composed of a polyester containing a 2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylic acid component; the second layer is composed of a thermoplastic resin having an average... Agent: Teijin Dupont Films Japan Limited

20140287214 - Coating material for aluminum die casting mold and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a coating material for an aluminum die casting mold and a method for manufacturing the same. More particularly, the coating material for an aluminum die casting mold is provided, which is formed on a surface of a base material, and which sequentially comprises a Cr(Si) or Ti layer,... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20140287213 - Cover window for display device, display device comprising the same, and method for manufacturing the same: A cover window for a display device which is bendable and having more than a certain degree of surface hardness, the cover window including a base film and a coating layer on the base film, the coating layer including first and second regions including different degrees of hardness.... Agent:

20140287215 - Film having good barrier properties together with good physical characteristics: The present invention relates to a monolayer film comprising a mixture of a first linear polyethylene having a density in the range of from 0.926 to 0.970 g/cm3; a second LLDPE having a density in the range of from 0.868 to 0.920 g/cm3; and a nucleating agent to get to... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140287216 - Method for producing a continuous web of fibers comprising long natural fibers, and associated apparatus and web: e

20140287219 - Optical element material and method for producing same: wherein R1 is —CH═CH2, —CH2CH2—O—CH═CH2, —CH2—C(CH3)═CH2 or a glycidyl group; R2 and R3 are each independently hydrogen or a C1-4 alkyl group; R4 and R5 are each independently —O—CH═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CH═CH2, —O—CO—CH═CH2, —O—CO—C(CH3)═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CO—CH═CH2, —O—CH2CH2—O—CO—C(CH3)═CH2 or a glycidyl ether group; and R6 and R7 are each independently hydrogen or a C1-4... Agent: Maruzen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

20140287217 - Rubber-based elastomeric compositions and articles of manufacture produced therewith: Elastomeric materials and articles of manufacture produced using elastomeric materials are disclosed. In an embodiment, a rubber-based elastomeric material includes a diene rubber component, a reinforcing component, and a wax component. The rubber-based elastomeric material is provided in the form of a film having a thickness of at least about... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140287218 - Thermally adhesive polyimide film and method for producing same, and polyimide metal laminate produced using thermally adhesive polyimide film: a

20140287220 - Building board and method for producing building board: A building board includes an inorganic board having a surface covered by an insulating coating film containing a coating film forming material and organic hollow particles, wherein the organic hollow particles have an average particle size in the range of 5 to 50 μm and an average hollow ratio of... Agent: Nichiha Corporation

20140287221 - Coated industrial automation device: According to various embodiments, a coating mixture is capable of being applied on a substrate. The coating mixture includes acidified graphite particles, a suspension of polytetrafluoroethylene resin in water, and silver ion doped microporous particles. When the coating mixture is applied to a surface of the substrate, the coating resists... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140287222 - Buffer material and sealing material: A buffer material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. In the buffer material, the content ratio of a sulfur atom calculated based on the measurement result of a fluorescent X-ray measurement, based on mass, is 1000 ppm or less, the buffer material has a 50%... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287223 - Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material and sealing material: An ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. In the ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material, the content ratio of a sulfur atom calculated based on the measurement result of a fluorescent X-ray measurement, based on mass, is 1000 ppm or less, a rate... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287224 - Metal enhanced fluorescence from metallic nanoburger structures: The present invention provides for metallic nanostructures or nanoburgers comprising a dielectric layer positioned between metallic layers and their use in metal enhanced emissions systems to enhance emissions from fluorophores, including intrinsic and extrinsic; luminophores; bioluminescent species and/or chemiluminescent species. The multilayer nanoburgers exhibit several distinctive properties including significantly enhanced... Agent: University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

20140287225 - Transparent heat-resistant flame-retardant film: The present invention provides a transparent heat-resistant non-flammable film that has high transparency, heat resistance, and flame retardancy. The transparent heat-resistant non-flammable film according to the present invention includes a transparent heat-resistant protective layer comprising a polysiloxane resin containing a particulate inorganic oxide as a crosslinking agent on at least... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287226 - Ingot, silicon carbide substrate, and method for producing ingot: There is obtained an ingot in which generation of crack is suppressed. The ingot includes: a seed substrate formed of silicon carbide; and a silicon carbide layer grown on the seed substrate. The silicon carbide layer has a thickness of 15 mm or more in a growth direction. When measuring... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20140287228 - Coated body wherein the coating scheme includes a coating layer of tial2o3 and method of making the same: A coated cutting insert and a method for making the same. The coated cutting insert has a substrate with a substrate surface. There is a backing coating scheme on the substrate surface, and a TiAl2O3 coating layer wherein the TiAl2O3 coating layer is deposited using chemical vapor deposition from a... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287229 - Coatings for cutting tools: In one aspect, cutting tools are described having coatings adhered thereto which, in some embodiments, can demonstrate desirable wear resistance and increased cutting lifetimes. A coated cutting tool, in some embodiments, comprises a substrate and a coating adhered to the substrate, the coating comprising at least one Zr doped layer... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140287227 - Joint material, and jointed body: Disclosed is a jointed body wherein multiple base members are jointed to each other through a jointing layer, and at least one of the base members is a base member of a ceramic material, semiconductor or glass. The joint material layer contains a metal and an oxide. The oxide contains... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20140287230 - Nanostructured polymer-inorganic fiber media: A fiber media and a filter device. The fiber media has a plurality of nanofibers formed of a polymer material, having diameters less than 1 micron, and formed into a fiber mat. A barrier layer is disposed on the nanofibers to prevent dissolution of the nanofibers in the fiber mat... Agent: North Carolina State University

20140287231 - Comfy tape: A tape device to be applied to a user may include a first tape portion to be applied to a skin of the user and a second tape portion to be connected to the first tape portion. The first tape portion may be covered by a first film of first... Agent:

20140287235 - Complex comprising crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder: The present invention relates to a complex and a method for manufacturing same, the complex comprising: at least one crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder, in which a metal ion, or a metal ion cluster to which oxygen is bound, and an organic ligand, or the organic ligand and a negative... Agent: Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

20140287234 - Fluorescent substance and method for producing the same: (in the formula, M is at least one element selected from the group consisting of Ba, Sr, Ca, Mg, Li, Na and K), and emits luminescence with a peak within 500 to 600 nm when excited by light of 250 to 500 nm. In the emission spectrum of the substance,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287232 - Highly crystallized particles and production method thereof: According to one embodiment, there is provided a method for producing highly crystallized particles having a specific surface area of 5 m2/g or more. The raw material composition contains a resin and at least partially amorphous precursor particles. The composition is heat-treated to carbonize the resin and improve the crystallinity... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287236 - Hollow nanoparticles and method for producing same: Hollow nanoparticles having an average particle size of 30 to 300 nm and each including a shell mainly including calcium silicate.... Agent:

20140287233 - Platelet aggregation inducing substance: l

20140287237 - Method of increasing the thickness of colloidal nanosheets and materials consisting of said nanosheets: A process of growth in the thickness of at least one facet of a colloidal inorganic sheet. By sheet is meant a structure having at least one dimension, the thickness, of nanometric size and lateral dimensions great compared to the thickness, typically more than 5 times the thickness. By homostructured... Agent: Nexdot

20140287238 - Phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin having low concentration of free phenol: A phenol-formaldehyde novolac resin having a low concentration of free phenol prepared by distilling residual phenol from a molten novolac resin and replacing at least a portion of the phenol with a solvent having a volatility equal to or less than phenol. Such modified novolac resins are suitable for the... Agent:

20140287239 - Graphene based filler material of superior thermal conductivity for chip attachment in microstructure devices: An integrated circuit chip attachment in a microstructure device is accomplished through the use of an adhesive-based material in which graphene flakes are incorporated. This results in superior thermal conductivity. The spatial orientation of the graphene flakes is controlled, for example by adhering polar molecules to the graphene flakes and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

20140287240 - Fluorinated ether compound, fluorinated ether composition and coating liquid, and substrate having surface-treated layer and method for its production:

20140287241 - Epoxy resin, curable resin composition and cured product thereof, and printed wiring board: Provided is an epoxy resin allowing a cured product that is less changed in terms of heat resistance due to thermal history and has low thermal expansion, the epoxy resin having high solvent solubility. The epoxy resin is a polyglycidyl ether of a naphthol-novolac resin including, at predetermined proportions, a... Agent: Dic Corporation

20140287242 - Fluorinated water-oil repellency agents: The present invention relates to an active energy ray curable compound (A) comprising: at least one active energy ray curable group, at least one fluorine-containing moiety (a1) and at least one moiety (a2) comprising at least one portion represented by Formula (1): —[C(═O)—CH(R)—O—C(═O)—CH(R)—O]n- wherein n is an integer from 1... Agent: Allnex Belgium, S.a.

20140287243 - Superhydrophobic coatings: A coating composition comprising a colloidal suspension comprising a fluoropolymer and fluorophilic particles in a liquid solvent, wherein the solvent comprises a fluorocarbon, a semifluorous material, or a combination thereof. Also disclosed is a substrate comprising a coated surface, wherein the coated surface comprises a fluorophilic silica particle doped—fluoropolymer film.... Agent: University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

20140287245 - Dense composite material, method for manufacturing the same, joined body, and member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses: A dense composite material according to the present invention contains, in descending order of content, silicon carbide, titanium silicon carbide, and titanium carbide as three major constituents. The dense composite material contains 51% to 68% by mass of silicon carbide and no titanium silicide and has an open porosity of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140287246 - Fluorinated ether compound, fluorinated ether composition and coating liquid, and substrate having surface-treated layer and method for its production: A fluorinated ether compound which has a poly(oxyperfluoroalkylene) chain (αβ) having a structure of block (α)-block (β) or a structure of block (β)-block (α)-block (β), formed by linking a block (α) comprising at least three C1-3 oxyperfluoroalkylene units of at least one type and a block (β) having C4-15 oxyperfluoroalkylene... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140287244 - Substrate assembly, method of forming the same, and electronic device including the same: A substrate assembly includes a first hexagonal boron nitride sheet directly bonded to a surface of a substrate, and a metal layer on the first hexagonal boron nitride sheet.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140287248 - Fluorinated coatings with lubricious additive: Fluorinated coatings having a lubricious additive, articles with the fluorinated coatings, and methods of making articles with the fluorinated coatings are provided. More specifically, the fluorinated coatings are prepared from a curable coating composition that includes both a fluorinated silane and a fluorinated polyether oil. The curable coating composition is... Agent:

20140287247 - Method of forming a gel having improved thermal stability: A gel having improved thermal stability is the hydro silylation reaction product of (A) an organopolysiloxane having an average of at least 0.1 silicon-bonded alkenyl group per molecule and (B) a cross-linker having an average of at least 2 silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms per molecule. (A) and (B) react via hydrosilylation... Agent:

20140287249 - Method for coating, using a chemical vapour deposition technique, a part with a coating for protecting against oxidation, and coating and part: The invention relates to a method for coating, by means of a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technique, a part with a coating (PAO) for protecting against oxidation. The method enables the preparation of a refractory coating for protecting against oxidation, having a three-dimensional microstructure, which ensures the protection against oxidation... Agent:

20140287250 - Color stabilization of cork and colored woods by the combined use of inorganic and organic uv-absorbers: The instant invention relates to a method for the color stabilization of cork and specific colored woods by the combined use of a small amount of inorganic UV-absorbers and an excess of organic UV-absorbers in a protective coating. A further aspect of the invention is the use of such a... Agent: Basf Se

20140287251 - Pzt-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition, method of preparing the same, and method of forming pzt-based ferroelectric thin film using the same: This PZT-based ferroelectric thin film-forming composition comprises: a PZT precursor; a diol; one of polyvinyl pyrrolidones and a polyethylene glycol; water, and a linear monoalcohol having 6 to 12 carbon chains. In this composition, a concentration of the PZT precursor in 100 wt % of the composition is 17 wt... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287252 - Polyester polyol resins compositions: A composition of polyester polyol resins comprising a mixture of α,α-branched alkane carboxylic glycidyl esters derived from butene oligomers characterized in that the sum of the concentration of the blocked and of the highly branched isomers is maximum 55%, preferably below 40%, and most preferably below 30% weight on total... Agent: Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.

20140287253 - Slide member and method of manufacturing slide member: A slide member provided with an overlay composed of a Bi-based material. A slide member includes a substrate; and an overlay including Bi or a Bi alloy provided over the substrate. A surface portion (surface-most portion) of the overlay includes an oxide layer in which a bismuth oxide, is scattered.... Agent: Daido Metal Company Ltd.

20140287254 - Heat stable snal and snmg based dielectrics: A transparent dielectric composition comprising tin, oxygen and one of aluminum or magnesium with preferably higher than 15% by weight of aluminum or magnesium offers improved thermal stability over tin oxide with respect to appearance and optical properties under high temperature processes. For example, upon a heat treatment at temperatures... Agent:

20140287255 - Cutting information determination method, and strip-shaped polarizing sheet manufacturing method therewith, optical display unit manufacturing method therewith, strip-shaped polarizing sheet, and polarizing sheet material: Provided are a cutting information determination method that can use a simpler process to improve yield, and a strip-shaped polarizing sheet manufacturing method using such a method, an optical display unit manufacturing method using such a method, a strip-shaped polarizing sheet, and a polarizing sheet material. A cutting position in... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140287256 - Coating compositions exhibiting corrosion resistance properties, related coated articles and methods: Disclosed are coating compositions, such as primer compositions, suitable for providing corrosion protection to metal substrates, as well as related coated articles and methods.... Agent:

20140287257 - Chromate-free precoated metal sheet having metallic appearance and water-based coating composition used in the same: A chromate-free coated metal sheet according to the present invention includes: a metal sheet; and a coating film α which contains an organic resin A as a film formation component and a flaky aluminum pigment C having a deactivation-treated surface on at least one surface of the metal sheet; wherein... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140287258 - Method for affixing a metal sheet to a carbon structure using a brazing and soldering process: An assembly comprises a carbon structure (10), a metal sheet (40), a brazing layer (20) disposed on a surface of the carbon structure (10). The brazing layer (20) is formed by brazing a brazing material on the surface of the carbon structure (10), and a solder layer (30) disposed on... Agent: Shenzhen Joint Welding Material Co., Ltd.

20140287259 - Steel foil and method for manufacturing the same: A steel foil according to an aspect of the present invention includes a rolled steel foil; and a Ni having <111>//RD texture plated on an outermost layer of the rolled steel foil. Regarding the steel foil, a <111> pole density in an inverse pole figure of a rolling direction may... Agent:

20140287260 - Treated coated article and process of treating a coated article: A process of treating a coated article and a treated article are disclosed. The process includes providing an article having a MCrAlY coating, applying an aluminide treatment onto the MCrAlY coating to form a treated MCrAlY coating, and outwardly forming β-phase material from the MCrAlY coating into the treatment. The... Agent: General Electric Company

20140287261 - Process for producing a protective chromium layer: Process for producing a gastight and crack-free protective chromium layer for substrates composed of iron- and nickel- and titanium-based alloys by means of plasma spraying, where the chromium content in the finished layer is at least 70% by weight and a spray powder composed of three components, namely a first... Agent:

20140287262 - Tin-plated copper-alloy material for terminal having excellent insertion/extraction performance: Tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material in which Sn-based surface layer is formed on a surface of a substrate made of Cu alloy, and a Cu—Sn alloy layer is formed between the Sn-based surface layer and the substrate; the Cu—Sn alloy layer contains Cu6Sn5 as major proportion and has a compound in... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20140287263 - High-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and high-strength alloyed hot-dip galvanized steel sheet excellent in mechanical cutting property, and manufacturing method thereof: There is provided a high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and the like excellent in mechanical cutting property, which are capable of obtaining high ductility while ensuring high strength with maximum tensile strength of 900 MPa or more. The high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet has a sheet thickness of 0.6 to... Agent:

20140287264 - Ordered stacked sheets of layered inorganic compounds, nanostructures comprising them, processes for their preparation and uses thereof: Provided is a nanostructure including ordered stacked sheets and processes for its preparation and use.... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

20140287265 - Magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium including a substrate and a magnetic recording layer formed on the substrate and including a plurality of projections is obtained. The array of the plurality of projections includes a plurality of domains in which the projections are regularly arranged, and a boundary... Agent:

20140287266 - Pattern forming method and manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium: According to exemplary embodiments, a pattern forming method includes: forming a diblock copolymer coating film by applying coating liquid containing a diblock copolymer including a chain of a first polymer and a chain of a second polymer which is not compatible with the first polymer, and a homopolymer having affinity... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140287267 - Tmr device with novel free layer: A TMR sensor with a free layer having a FL1/FL2/FL3 configuration is disclosed in which FL1 is FeCo or a FeCo alloy with a thickness between 2 and 15 Angstroms. The FL2 layer is made of CoFeB or a CoFeB alloy having a thickness from 2 to 10 Angstroms. The... Agent:

20140287268 - Coptcr-based bit patterned magnetic device: Provided herein is an apparatus, including a plurality of spaced apart perpendicular magnetic elements. Each of the magnetic elements includes a respective discrete magnetic domain and each of the magnetic elements includes a magnetic recording layer comprising a Co1-x-yPtxCry alloy material, where 0.05≦x≦0.35 and 0≦y≦0.15.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140287269 - Glass substrate for a magnetic disk and magnetic disk: Provided are a magnetic disk substrate and a method of manufacturing the same, wherein the magnetic disk substrate has very few defects present on its surface with an arithmetic mean roughness (Ra) at a level in the vicinity of 0.1 nm and thus is suitable as a substrate for a... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140287270 - Hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder, which has an activation volume ranging from 900 nm3 to 1,600 nm3, and a ratio of a coefficient of plate thickness variation to a coefficient of particle diameter variation, coefficient of plate thickness variation/coefficient of particle diameter coefficient,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140287271 - Magnetic recording medium: The magnetic recording medium comprises protrusions on a surface of a magnetic layer such that when protrusions of equal to or more than 8 nm in height as measured by AFM on the surface of the magnetic layer are divided into protrusions A formed of a spherical material and protrusions... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

09/18/2014 > 271 patent applications in 158 patent subcategories.

20140272200 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-attached polarizing film and image display device: A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-attached polarizing film contains a polarizing film containing a polarizer and a transparent protective film provided on at least one side of the polarizer, the polarizing film having a total thickness of 100 μm or less. A pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is provided on the polarizing film and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140272201 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive layer, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, and touch panel: It is an object of the invention to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having high resistance to sebum and high resistance to moisture-induced clouding and also having low dielectric constant. The invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive comprising a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140272202 - Collapsible christmas tree: A collapsible Christmas tree has a main trunk, a base, and multiple string lights. The main trunk is telescopic. The base is detachably mounted on a bottom end of the main trunk. The string lights are connected to the main trunk and the base. Two ends of each string light... Agent:

20140272203 - Decorative panel system: A decorative panel formed from layers comprising a transparent or translucent display panel, a supporting panel, an interchangeable decorative panel disposed between the display panel and the supporting panel, and a retaining band for surrounding the periphery of the panels and retaining the layers in generally abutting relation. The retaining... Agent:

20140272204 - Three dimensional structures useful for fundraising and a method of fundraising: Three dimensional structures useful for fundraising. The three dimensional structures can be structured into an interlocking puzzle configuration, can be essentially stacked, or configured in any manner that is stable and will provide a message to potential donors during a fund raising event. A method of fundraising using such blocks... Agent:

20140272205 - Decorative artificial tree with removable branches: A tree and branch system with a trunk 12, a base 14 and branches 16 is disclosed. The trunk includes a plurality of stems 18 extending from the trunk. Branches include a recess 22 at their proximal end which is sized to receive and overlie at least a portion of... Agent:

20140272207 - Adsorbent for use as a window desiccant: The present application provides an adsorbent strip that prevents window fogging, the strip including no more than 25 weight percent of polymer binder; and at least 75 weight percent of adsorbent particles. Also provided is a window spacer comprising the adsorbent strip and a partial window assembly, including a first... Agent: Micropore, Inc.

20140272206 - Method of making a temperable silkscreen printed article and/or glazing: Certain example embodiments relate to a method of making a coated article and/or glazing (e.g., for automobile, window, and/or other applications). A colored paint that is not technically a frit is used to form a desired pattern. The paint is screen printed on a substrate. Screen printing parameters are selected,... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140272208 - Vacuum glass panel having getter filler and method of manufacturing same: A vacuum glass panel having a getter filler that includes a plurality of fillers having getter functions without the need for a separate getter, thus reducing costs and enhancing durability, and to a method of manufacturing same. The vacuum glass panel according to the present invention includes: an upper glass... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140272211 - Apparatus and methods for reducing particles in semiconductor process chambers: Embodiments of the present disclosure generally provide various apparatus and methods for reducing particles in a semiconductor processing chamber. One embodiment of present disclosure provides a vacuum screen assembly disposed over a vacuum port to prevent particles generated by the vacuum pump from entering substrate processing regions. Another embodiment of... Agent:

20140272210 - Extrusion: An extrusion is provided that may be used in the construction of a framework assembly and that is lighter, stronger and less expensive than previously available extrusions. In various aspects, the extrusion generally has four sides and is quadrangular in cross-section. A web member may extend the inside of the... Agent:

20140272212 - Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning duct boot insulation cover: A silicone or other insulating material is used as a cover for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning boot. The cover is formed to easily fit onto the boot by slipping over the outside of the boot. The cover eliminates the need to wrap the boot with insulation, a time-consuming... Agent:

20140272209 - Textile product having reduced density: Embodiments described herein may take the form of a textile product having one or more regions of reduced density. These reduced density volumes may form one or more features in the product. For example, the reduced density volumes may have better acoustic transmission properties, optical transmission properties, flexibility, and the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272213 - Packaging board, its use and products made thereof: The invention relates to a packaging board comprising a fibrous base and one or more polymer coating layers on one or both sides of the fibrous base. According to the invention the fibrous base contains the combination of an alkyl ketene dimer size, stearic acid anhydride, a wet-strength size and... Agent:

20140272214 - Adhesive compostions with wide service temperature window and use thereof: The invention provides hot melt adhesives comprising (A) a mixture of polymers consisting of (1) an amorphous alpha olefin, (2) an ethylene copolymer that has a Tg value equal to or less than −35° C.; and (3) a styrene block copolymer; and (B) a polyethylene wax grafted with a functional... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140272215 - Glass compositions with improved chemical and mechanical durability: The embodiments described herein relate to chemically and mechanically durable glass compositions and glass articles formed from the same. According to one embodiment, the glass composition may include greater than or equal to about 68 mol. % SiO2 and less than or equal to about 80 mol. % SiO2; greater... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140272216 - Aerated composite materials, methods of production and uses thereof: The invention provides novel aerated composite materials that possess excellent physical and performance characteristics of aerated concretes, and methods of production and uses thereof. These composite materials can be readily produced from widely available, low cost raw materials by a process suitable for large-scale production with improved energy consumption, desirable... Agent:

20140272217 - Methods and structures for thermal management in an electronic device: The described embodiments relate generally to a structure and methods of forming a structure for improving thermal management in an electronic device. The structure including a casing; a cover glass; a multilayer film on an exterior surface of the casing and of the cover glass, adapted to reflect radiation in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272218 - End-fray resistant heat-shrinkable woven sleeve, assembly therewith and methods of construction thereof: A woven sleeve, sleeve assembly and methods of construction thereof are provided. The sleeve has a flexible, abrasion resistant, circumferentially closed and continuous elongate wall extending lengthwise along a central axis between opposite ends. The wall is woven with warp yarns extending generally parallel to the central axis and at... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20140272219 - Adhesive compostions with wide service temperature window and use thereof: The invention provides a hot melt adhesive comprising a polymer mixture of an ethylene vinyl acetate polymer with low vinyl acetate content and a functionalized metallocene catalyzed polyethylene copolymer. The hot melt adhesive has wide service temperature ranges for bonding cellulosic substrates together. The adhesive is well suited for case,... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20140272220 - Reduction in stress cracking of films: Methods and packages for storing film strips while reducing or eliminating stress cracking during storage, including use of packages having an inner surface made from polymeric materials exhibiting various physical properties and including films and pouches that are annealed.... Agent:

20140272221 - Inflatable membrane for fluorescent imaging and improvements in dye materials: An inflatable membrane for use with a three-dimensional (3D) scanning system configured to measure signal intensity of a first and a second wavelength of light may include a matrix material, a pigment for opacity, and a fluorescent material that is transparent to the first and the second wavelengths of light.... Agent: Lantos Technologies, Inc.

20140272222 - Methods and systems for the preparation of molded plastic articles having a structural barrier layer: Disclosed herein are methods and systems for the preparation of a co-injection molded multilayer plastic article. Some methods include co-extruding a combined polymeric stream having an interior core stream encased by an inner stream and an outer stream. One or more pulses in a thickness of the interior core stream... Agent: Kortec, Inc.

20140272225 - Biocompatible fiber textiles for implantation: A biocompatible textile and methods for its use and fabrication are disclosed. The textile may be fabricated from electrospun fibers forming windings on a mandrel, in which the windings form openings having a mesh size between adjacent windings. The textile may also be fabricated by the addition of solvent-soluble particles... Agent: Nanofiber Solutions, LLC

20140272224 - Elongate self-closing sleeve for protecting elongate members having improved sound dampening quality: The present disclosure concerns an elongate self-closing sleeve for protecting elongate members, said sleeve having internal and external opposite faces wherein said sleeve comprises a sound dampening textile substrate and a warp knitted textile stitched to said textile substrate. Said sound dampening textile substrate and said warp knitted textile having... Agent:

20140272223 - Packages for articles of commerce: The present disclosure is directed, in part, to a package for an article of commerce. The package comprises a nonwoven substrate comprising one or more layers of fibers. A plurality of the fibers each comprise a plurality of fibrils extending outwardly from a surface of the fibers in a central... Agent:

20140272228 - Biodegradable pvc film for pharmaceutical packaging and process for its preparation: A process for preparing a bio-degradable PVC based pharmaceutical grade thermo-formable film. The film is stable in aerobic conditions and is bio-degradable under anaerobic conditions. The bio-degradable PVC based pharmaceutical grade film has application in the blister packing of pharmaceutical formulations.... Agent: Bilcare Limited

20140272226 - Compact camera module: A compact camera module that contains a generally planar base on which is mounted a lens barrel is provided. The base, barrel, or both are molded from a polymer composition that includes a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer and a plurality of mineral fibers (also known as “whisker”). The mineral fibers... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140272227 - Method for the continuous production of laminates made of fibre bands and use thereof: The invention relates to a method for the continuous production of laminates made of at least two fibre bands made of fibres which are embedded unidirectionally in a plastic material matrix. Likewise, the invention relates to laminates which are produced in this way and can have a shape memory. The... Agent:

20140272229 - Polyethylene foam and multilayered structure including the same: The present invention relates to polyethylene foam and materials including the same. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a foam including a solid composition including polyethylene, and a gaseous composition including a blowing agent. Various embodiments provide a multilayered structure including the foam, and methods of making and using... Agent: Raven Industries, Inc.

20140272230 - Systems and methods for improving buoyancy in underwater vehicles: Systems and methods for adding buoyancy to an object are described herein. A buoyant material may be enclosed inside a flexible container, heated, and inserted into a free flooded cavity inside the object. The flexible container may then be formed to the shape of the cavity. After the flexible container... Agent: Hadal, Inc.

20140272231 - Tubular film and the use thereof: The invention refers to a tubular film with one or more layers, wherein at least one of the two external sides of the tubular film has a coating at least in sections with at least one polysiloxane and/or a coating and/or covering with at least one migrating compound.... Agent: Buergofol Gmbh

20140272232 - Antithrombic coatings and uses thereof: Provided are multi-layer antithrombic coatings comprising an outermost layer of an antithrombic agent, such as a heparin conjugate, bound to a penultimate polymeric layer comprising cationic polymer species that is bound alternating polymeric layers comprising anionic polymer species and cationic polymer species, and uses thereof.... Agent:

20140272234 - Material composed of superimposed layers which are mutually anchored and separable, particularly for manufacturing, on automated lines, packagings, bags, envelopes, containers or the like: A material includes superimposed layers which are mutually anchored and separable, particularly for manufacturing, on automated lines, packages, bags, envelopes, containers or the like. The material according to the invention comprises at least one first layer made of cellulose material and at least one second layer made of synthetic material.... Agent: Lineapack S.r.l.

20140272233 - Mounting element: A mounting element is provided. The mounting element includes a layer, a first portion of adhesive, a second portion of adhesive, a first removable layer, and a second removable layer.... Agent:

20140272235 - Self-charging electrostatic adhesive assemblies: An adhesive assembly includes a film having a top and bottom surface. An activatable adhesive is disposed on the bottom surface of the film. A release liner is applied to a surface of the adhesive, opposite the film. The release liner and the activatable adhesive being configured to electrostatically charge... Agent:

20140272236 - Dissolvable ink-support sheet material: A sheet material for use as a dissolvable decal comprises a dissolvable paper or polymer layer whose dissolvability in water is enhanced using a temporary water barrier. In one embodiment, the sheet material comprises a dissolvable paper stock layer coated with the temporary water barrier layer in the form of... Agent:

20140272237 - Strippable film assembly and coating for drag reduction: An assembly includes a substrate, a film on the substrate, and a coating on the film. The film includes a material permeable to organic solvents, and the coating includes a material reactive with the film. Alternatively, the assembly may include a substrate including a textured region, and a coating on... Agent: Prc-desoto International, Inc.

20140272238 - Water-shedding flashings: A water-shedding flashing is sized and shaped to drain water away from a building. The flashing includes an elongate flexible membrane including a matrix and hydrophobic material within the matrix. The hydrophobic material within the matrix is present at surfaces of the membrane in quantities to reduce surface adhesion of... Agent: Mitek Holdings, Inc.

20140272239 - Printable book binding structure: A book binding structure which includes at least one adhesive binder strip and a pair of supporting sheets for supporting the binder strip during a binder strip printing process. Opposite ends of the binder strip are supported on separate support sheets, which are coupled together only by way of the... Agent:

20140272240 - Switchable dÉcor: An apparatus for decorating an article includes a decorative sheet member having a first side and a second side, neither of the first and second sides having an adhesive; a fixation sheet member having a third side configured to be attached to a surface of the article, the third side... Agent: Glodesign, Inc.

20140272241 - Portable dynamic load aisle protection system: A portable aisle protection system is provided. The system includes interlocking rectangular plate members capable of interconnecting in an aisle forming relationship. Each of the plate members has a smooth non-compressible top rolling surface, bottom and four sides. The four sides define peripheral edges. Three of the peripheral edges have... Agent:

20140272242 - Pre-made panel for tiled walls: The Pre-Made Panels of Tiles get installed in large panels that can be joined to each other to expand the area of coverage. The Pre-Made Panel of Tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplash areas and shower or wainscot walls. The Pre-Made Panel of Tiles can be installed directly to studs... Agent:

20140272243 - Resin composite structure and method for producing the same: Linking parts are formed on one end of a first resin composite member and on one end of a second resin composite member in order to bond the ends together. For example, the linking parts may be wavy parts containing concave portions and convex portions. In this case, the wavy... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140272244 - Fire retardant roofing system, shingle and layer: Roofing shingle layers, roofing shingles, and roofing systems having fire retardant properties are provided. In certain exemplary embodiments, the roofing shingle layers, roofing shingles, or roofing systems include an expandable fire retardant material. The expandable fire retardant material may comprise expandable graphite, ammonium polyphosphate, or a combination thereof.... Agent:

20140272245 - Composite structure with a flexible section forming a hinge: A composite structure includes a first composite section including a fiber reinforcement and a composite matrix, a second composite section including the fiber reinforcement and the composite matrix, and a flexible section interposed between the first composite section and the second composite section. The flexible section may include the fiber... Agent:

20140272247 - Ribbed balsa: A ribbed balsa sheet including a plurality of end-grain balsa strips arranged side-by-side to define a sheet plane, with the balsa grain oriented perpendicular to the sheet plane, and a number of reinforced resin ribs, each one of the reinforced resin ribs being arranged between an adjacent pair of the... Agent: Milwaukee Composites, Inc.

20140272246 - Textile material joining techniques: Techniques for joining textile materials are provided. In one non-limiting form, a system includes a woven structure having a first woven layer and at least a first section and a second section. The first section includes a first fringe portion and a first set of fibers, and the second section... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272248 - Ceramic matrix composite repair by reactive processing and mechanical interlocking: A method for modifying a ceramic matrix component is disclosed including identifying a non-conforming region of a composite component capable of operating in a gas turbine engine; removing at least a portion of the non-conforming region to create an exposed surface of the composite component; preparing a preform in response... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272250 - Restructured slab: A restructured, recycled or repurposed slab such as stone, wood or the like which includes a primary component and a secondary component which fills a fissure, crack or break in the slab. The secondary component being configured to restore the structural integrity and/or providing a continuous surface. The secondary component... Agent: Restructured Surfaces, LLC

20140272249 - Slurry-based coating restoration: In some examples, a method includes identifying a damaged area in a ceramic matrix composite coating of an in-service component; applying a restoration slurry to the damaged area of the ceramic matrix composite coating, wherein the restoration slurry comprises a liquid carrier and a restoration coating material; drying the restoration... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272252 - Systems and methods for providing insulation: Systems and methods provide a multi-layer insulation (MLI) that includes a plurality of sealed metalized volumes in a stacked arrangement, wherein the plurality of sealed metalized volumes encapsulate a gas therein, with the gas having one of a thermal insulating property, an acoustic insulating property, or a combination insulating property... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140272253 - Method to manufacture cushion composite structure and cushion composite structure manufactured by the same: A method to manufacture cushion composite structure utilizes a mold including a first mold body and a second mold body wherein at least one thereof forms a mold room. The method includes the following steps: injecting foam material into the mold room, placing a compressible core into the mold room,... Agent:

20140272254 - Patterned multilayered stack, and system and method for making the same: A patterned multilayered barrier film for protecting devices from permeation of moisture and gases includes a substrate, a first layer on the substrate acting as a barrier layer, a second layer on the first layer and acting as a decoupling or planarization layer, and a third layer on the second... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140272255 - Elastic feather product: An elastic feather product comprises a stuffed layer, multiple elastic thin layers, and multiple elastic fabric layers. The elastic thin layers are disposed on two opposing surfaces of the stuffed layer and attached to the surfaces of the stuffed layer. The elastic fabric layers are each disposed on one of... Agent:

20140272256 - Rotationally molded product with embedment and related apparatus and method for fabricating same: Various embodiments of a rotationally molded product and related apparatuses and methods are disclosed. For example, a method of encapsulating a foreign object in a rotationally molded product may include forming a pre-layer on a surface of a mold of a rotational molding machine, placing a foreign object on the... Agent: Commonwealth Technology, Inc.

20140272257 - Plastic object with inner pattern: A plastic object with inner pattern is provided, including: a light-transmittable main body, monolithically formed by injection blow molding, having at least an outer surface and an inner surface, wherein the outer surface is smooth and the inner surface has predefined pattern. Because the process used by the present invention... Agent:

20140272258 - Recycled polystyrene sheet: The present invention relates to a recycled polystyrene foamed sheet apparatus for displaying images and a method of making the same.... Agent:

20140272259 - Carpet with a high light reflectance value and method of producing such carpet: Besides a method for manufacturing a carpet, the invention further relates to a carpet with a LRV higher than 30. In particular such carpet comprises yarns are made of PP/PA/PET/PTT/PBT, which are either white based or solution dyed based, and tufted on a white or very light woven or web... Agent: Desso B.v.

20140272260 - Cross-tufting machine and process for carpet manufacturing: A cross-tufting machine and process for manufacturing carpet. The cross-tufting machine includes a sewing head and a tufting gun. The sewing head is movably mounted on support railing and a support platform is provided to support carpet that is to be provided with a tufted secondary pattern. The carpet moves... Agent:

20140272261 - Nonwoven substrates having fibrils: The present invention relates to a nonwoven substrate comprising a layer of fibers, wherein a plurality of the fibers each comprise a plurality of fibrils extending outwardly from a surface of the fibers, and wherein the plurality of fibrils comprise a lipid ester.... Agent:

20140272262 - Recyclable single polymer floorcovering article: This invention relates to tufted floorcovering articles, including carpet tiles and broadloom carpet. In particular, this invention relates to tufted floorcovering articles made from the family of polymers known as polyester. Specifically, this invention relates to tufted carpet tile products made from polyester. The polyester carpet tiles meet commercial performance... Agent: Milliken & Company

20140272263 - Method for continuous production of stain-resistant nylon: Disclosed is a process for making an acid dye stain-resistant nylon resin in a continuous multi stage polymerization process. The process provides an acid dye stain-resistant nylon resin of requisite molecular weight at high production rates and a high sulfur content. Also disclosed are fibers, yarns, and textiles comprising the... Agent: Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

20140272264 - Wing panel for aircraft: A panel for an aircraft wing, having a sandwich structure in which there is arranged a reinforcing part. When the panel is attached to a bracket so as to be articulated to another element, the reinforcing part is provided in order to distribute, over its entire surface, a force transmitted... Agent:

20140272266 - Multi layered covering material and process for making multi layered covering material for elements making furniture more comfortable comprising upholstery, cushions, blankets, and similar elements: Multi layered covering material for upholstery solves above referenced technical problem by combining two materials: one which is friendly to skin or to touch, and prone to stretching or other types of shape change under environmental influence, and one which is not—so friendly material can perform function of being friendly,... Agent: Boxmark Leather D.o.o

20140272267 - Trauma reduction without ballistic performance reduction: Ballistic resistant composite articles that are resistant to both backface deformation and ballistic penetration. Multiple composites are attached to each other such that fibers in each adjacent composite are oriented at different angles. Each composite has an areal density of at least about 100 g/m2 wherein the areal density of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140272268 - High strength tape articles from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene: Tape articles having improved properties are made from ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) multi-filament yarns. The tape articles can have a ratio of the low temperature area under the curve (120° C. to Tm-onset) to the total area under the curve (120° C. to 165° C.) of less than about 0.15... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140272269 - Industrial fabric comprising an extruded mesh and method of making thereof: A structure for use in industrial fabrics such as paper machine clothing and engineered fabrics. The structure is a bicomponent extruded elastomeric netting or mesh having a high degree of both compressibility under an applied normal load and excellent recovery (resiliency or spring back) upon removal of that load.... Agent:

20140272270 - Pad comprising an extruded mesh and method of making thereof: A structure for use in a compressible resilient pad. The structure contains both axially elastomeric strands and relatively inelastic strands co-extruded in various patterns. The structure has a high degree of both compressibility under an applied normal load and excellent recovery (resiliency or spring back) upon removal of that load.... Agent:

20140272271 - Ballistic resistant thermoplastic sheet, process of making and its applications: Woven fabrics are formed from high tenacity fibers or tapes that are loosely interwoven with adhesive coated filaments, to composite articles formed therefrom, and to a continuous process for forming the composite articles.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140272272 - Electrostatic dry adhesives: Electrostatic dry adhesive devices having a microstructured dry adhesive element formed directly into a contact surface of an electrostatic adhesive. The microstructured dry adhesive element, such as in the form of microwedges, can be molded into surface of an electrostatic adhesive. Also provided are associated methods of making such adhesive... Agent:

20140272273 - Variegated building product and method: A method of molding a building product may include providing an injection mold with a plurality of gates located adjacent a perimeter of the injection mold. The method may further include commingling a first material and a second material into a flow. The second material may be a color that... Agent: Certainteed Corporation

20140272274 - High strength joints in ceramic matrix composite preforms: A joint between a first preform component and a second preform component that are constructed for ultimate use in a gas turbine engine is disclosed. A plurality of extended fibers may be integral with the first preform component and be at least partially enveloped by the second preform component. A... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272276 - Cellular ceramic article and method for manufacturing the same: A method and apparatus to treat a dried unfired article comprising a ceramic precursor composition substantially held together by a binder, to be resistant to binder soluble solvent based processing. The method includes depositing a fluid on the article surface, and polymerizing the deposited fluid to form a polymer thin... Agent:

20140272277 - Constrained microlayer cellular material with high stiffness and damping: Composite materials with high damping and high stiffness at relatively low density. These materials include three-dimensional structures of interconnected ligaments, which have multiple concentric layers alternating between stiff constraining layers and soft damping layers, so that bulk deformation of the structure results in high local shear strain and correspondingly high... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20140272275 - Micro-truss materials having in-plane material property variations: A micro-truss sheet having material properties varying across the sheet. The sheet may include a plurality of truss members intersecting at nodes. The diameter of the truss members at one point in the sheet may differ from the diameter of the truss members at another point in the sheet. In... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20140272279 - Honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a honeycomb structure body constituted of a first region which is an inside region and a second region which is an outside region surrounding a periphery of the first region. An open area ratio in the first region is 83% or more and a porosity of... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140272278 - Slip resistant mat and method and system for making same: A system and method for making a slip resistant mat can include assembling parts with predetermined geometries to form a mold that can be used for making slip resistant mats that have channels to account for moisture between the mat and the floor. The unique geometries of the parts which... Agent: Cintas Corporation

20140272280 - Anodized aluminum oxide nanoporous membrane integrated with micro-channel and method of formation thereof: The present invention relates to an Anodized Aluminum Oxide nanoporous membrane integrated with micro channel and method of formation thereof. The invention further relates to formation of AAO pillars that are integrated in the membrane to create micro-channels to enhance mechanical stability and substantially reduce membrane thickness to nanometer range.... Agent:

20140272282 - Thermo-responsive assembly and methods for making and using the same: In an embodiment, an assembly comprises: a glazing layer; a light absorbing layer; and a thermo-responsive layer between the glazing layer and the light absorbing layer, wherein the thermo-responsive layer comprises a matrix polymer having a glass transition temperature and an inorganic filler having a particle size, wherein refractive indices... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140272285 - Insulation window: An insulation window for use with a water heater having a tank and a jacket together at least partially defining a circumferential void therebetween, the insulation window comprising: (a) a rigid polymer core including a continuous wall defining an internal through hole; (b) a first compressible layer overlapping a first... Agent:

20140272284 - Multi zone cementitious product and method: A multi-zone cementitious product, which includes a base zone made of a first cementitious material composition and forming a portion of the product. At least one facing zone is adjacent to and bonded to the base zone, the facing zone made of a second cementitious material composition and forming at... Agent:

20140272286 - Nanoporous membranes and methods for making the same: A method for making a nanoporous membrane is disclosed. The method provides a composite film comprising an atomically thin material layer and a polymer layer, and then bombarding the composite film with energetic particles to form a plurality of pores through at least the atomically thin material layer. The nanoporous... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20140272283 - Techniques to mold parts with injection-formed aperture in gate area: Methods and systems for co-extruding multiple polymeric material flow streams into a mold cavity to produce a molded plastic article having an injection-formed aperture in gate region of the article are disclosed herein. A method includes providing a valve pin having a distal portion with a first diameter and a... Agent:

20140272287 - Energy curable sealants: Curable compositions containing thiol-terminated polythioethers and encapsulated polyepoxy curing agents are disclosed. The compositions exhibit extended pot life.... Agent: Prc-desoto International Incorporated

20140272288 - Entrance mat: A mat comprises a profile bar, a metal strip with a high coefficient of friction, a U-clip, and a rivet rod is disclosed. The profile bar includes a head with a flat surface and a post including a hole. The metal strip includes a surface with a high coefficient of... Agent: Hendrick Screen Company

20140272294 - Decorative panels with recessed patterns and methods of making the same with a flexible die: Implementations of the present invention relate to decorative thermoplastic resin panels, which can include one or more recesses. The recess of the thermoplastic resin panels can have texture or texture patterns that differ from the texture or texture patterns of non-recessed portions or other recesses of the decorative thermoplastic resin... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20140272291 - Fabrication method for hydrophilic aluminum surface and hydrophilic aluminum surface body: A method for fabricating a hydrophilic aluminum surface includes: an activation step of preparing doped aluminum having an activated surface through doping treatment on a part or whole of an aluminum surface with applying reactive gas thereto; and a structure forming step of preparing a hydrophilic aluminum surface through oxidizing... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140272292 - Method for manufacturing carbon fiber component and carbon fiber component manufactured by using this method: A method for manufacturing a carbon fiber component includes: placing a film with a texture on a first side surface into a mold, where a second side surface of the film abuts against an inner wall of the mold; injecting melted carbon fiber composite plastic into the first side surface... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

20140272290 - Polymer anti-glare coatings and methods for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe anti-glare coatings and panels and methods for forming anti-glare coatings and panels. A transparent substrate is provided. A polymer is sputtered onto the transparent substrate to form an anti-glare coating on the transparent substrate.... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272289 - Pressure-wash resistant label: b

20140272293 - Process for producing decorative sheet, decorative sheet, and decorative molded article obtained using same:

20140272295 - Anti-fog nanotextured surfaces and articles containing the same: Disclosed herein are anti-fog, transparent nanotextured surfaces for transparent substrates. Also disclosed are articles comprising substrates having the anti-fog transparent nanotextured surfaces formed thereon.... Agent: Sdc Technologies, Inc.

20140272297 - Delamination resistant coated substrates and methods of preparing the same: An optical device includes a substrate having a surface, a peripheral edge, an area of vision, and a boundary portion of the surface between the peripheral edge and the area of vision. At least a portion of the boundary portion is textured. A coating is applied to the surface of... Agent: Gentex Corporation

20140272298 - Layered coatings for sapphire substrate: A layered coating for a sapphire component is described herein. The sapphire component comprises one or more layers of alumina adhered to the surface of a sapphire member. At least the first layer of alumina adheres to the surface of the sapphire member filling all defects in the surface forming... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272296 - Surface appearance simulation systems and methods: A structural member includes a simulated surface appearance. The structural member includes a substrate, plural intermediate layers, and a top coat. The plural intermediate layers are applied over at least one surface of the substrate, with at least some of the plural intermediate layers configured to cooperate with each other... Agent: Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

20140272300 - Aqueous binders for granular and/or fibrous substrates: This invention relates to an aqueous binder composition containing a) at least one polymer P and b) at least one saccharide compound S, such that an amount of the saccharide compound S is ≧10 and ≦400 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of polymer P, wherein an amount... Agent: Basf Se

20140272299 - Basecoat composition and associated paperboard structure: A paperboard structure including a paperboard substrate having a first major surface and a second major surface and a basecoat applied to the first major surface and/or the second major surface, the basecoat including a pigment component, the pigment component including all pigments in the basecoat, wherein the pigment component... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20140272301 - Structural coatings with dewetting and anti-icing properties, and processes for fabricating these coatings: Durable, impact-resistant structural coatings with dewetting and anti-icing properties are disclosed. The coatings possess a self-similar structure with two feature sizes that are tuned to affect the wetting of water and freezing of water on the surface. Dewetting and anti-icing performance is simultaneously achieved in a structural coating comprising multiple... Agent: Hrl Laboratories, LLC

20140272302 - Architectural finish, recycled aggregate coating and exterior insulated architectural finish system: The invention comprises a product. The product comprises a substrate having a first primary surface and an opposite second primary surface and a layer of cementitious material on the first primary surface. The product further comprises decorative aggregate particles partially embedded in the layer of cementitious material. A method of... Agent:

20140272303 - Building product and method of manufacture and use: A building product and method for manufacturing a building product made from an oriented polymer composition which can be split to provide a surface of the building product with a plurality of visible fibrils to form an aesthetic representative of split wood.... Agent: Eovations, LLC

20140272305 - Apparatus for manufacturing and processing pre-stretch films having strips of increased thickness: A device for producing pre-stretch film includes a die defining a die outlet through which molten polymer is extruded. The polymer is suitable for producing the pre-stretch film. A film producing device is spaced apart from the die. One or more coolant supplies are positioned proximate the film producing device... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140272306 - Apparatus for manufacturing and processing pre-stretch films having strips of increased thickness: A method for maximizing a width of a pre-stretch film includes providing polymer being suitable for producing the pre-stretch film. A pre-stretch film having strips of increased thickness is produced. The method includes coordinating a thickness of the strips of increased thickness with a formation of edge thickening caused by... Agent: Davis-standard, LLC

20140272304 - Composition and method for making a flexible packaging film: Composition and method for making a flexible packaging film having highly loaded with at least one inorganic filler. A blown HDPE film comprising at least 50% by weight inorganic filler is oriented in the machine direction to increase yield and tensile strength, and reduce gauge variation to improve print qualities.... Agent: Frito-lay North America, Inc.

20140272307 - Foam duct tape: An adhesive tape comprises a duct tape layer and a foam mounting tape layer. The duct tape layer comprises a polymer layer having a top surface and a bottom surface, a scrim, and an adhesive layer between the polymer layer and the scrim. The foam mounting tape layer comprises a... Agent: Shurtech Brands, LLC

20140272308 - Graphite-based devices incorporating a graphene layer with a bending angle: A graphite-based device comprising a substrate having a plurality of zones and a plurality of graphene stacks thereon is provided. A first graphene stack in the plurality of graphene stacks is formed in a first zone in the plurality of zones and comprises a non-planar graphene layer having a first... Agent: Solan, LLC

20140272309 - Non-planar graphite based devices and fabrication methods: Non-planar graphite-based devices are provided. A non-planar graphite-based device comprises a substrate with a plurality of zones and one or more graphene stacks formed in a selected zone in the plurality of zones. Each graphene stack in the one or more graphene stacks comprises at least one non-planar graphene layer... Agent: Solan, LLC

20140272310 - Coating interface: In one example, article comprising a substrate defining an outer surface; a plurality of joint conduits formed in the outer surface of the substrate, wherein each conduit of the plurality of joint conduits exhibits an undercut configuration; and a coating formed on the outer surface of the substrate, wherein the... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272311 - Composite sandwich panels and method of forming round corners in composite sandwich panels: A method for forming a curved surface in a planar composite sandwich panel, the method including: providing a sandwich panel having a first outer layer and a second outer layer spaced from the first outer layer by a panel core. The first outer layer, the second outer layer and the... Agent:

20140272312 - Aircraft component and method of making an aircraft component: An aircraft component includes, but is not limited to, a first panel including a first channel and a second panel including a second channel. The second panel is disposed such that the second channel is aligned with the first channel. The aircraft component further includes, but is not limited to,... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20140272314 - Coated article including broadband and omnidirectional anti-reflective transparent coating, and/or method of making the same: Certain example embodiments involve the production of a broadband and at least quasi-omnidirectional antireflective (AR) coating. The concept underlying certain example embodiments is based on well-established and applied mathematical tools, and involves the creation of nanostructures that facilitate these and/or other features. Finite element (FDTD) simulations are performed to validate... Agent:

20140272313 - Embossed micro-structure with cured transfer material: An embossed micro-structure includes an emboss substrate having a cured emboss layer formed thereon. The cured emboss layer has a cured-layer surface opposite the substrate and one or more micro-channels embossed in the cured emboss layer extending from the cured-layer surface into the cured emboss layer toward the substrate. A... Agent:

20140272315 - Method for fabricating negative photoresist etched pits and trenches as controlled optical path and a device fabricated thereby: This invention overcomes the challenge of finding and applying a suitable underfill material in an optical engine by filling the gap between a substrate-mounted optical device (such as a VCSEL/PIN) and a fiber transmitting light to/receiving light from the optical device. The air gap is filled with SU-8 Negative Photoresist... Agent: Tyco Electronics Corporation

20140272316 - Transparent substrate having nano pattern and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a transparent substrate having a nano pattern, and a method of manufacturing the same, which enables the nano pattern to be easily formed on the transparent substrate and has the nano pattern applicable to a large sized substrate by forming a resin layer made of transparent material on... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140272317 - Adhesive joint for joining panels: A first panel defines a first surface characterized by a first base portion and a protuberance extending from the first base portion. A second panel defines a second surface having a second base portion and a depression. The protuberance extends into the depression, and adhesive is disposed on the first... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140272318 - Composites and articles made from nonwoven structures: The present invention generally relates to composites and articles made from nonwoven structures. One aspect of the invention is generally directed to nonwoven structures which are heated and/or pressed to form a substantially rigid article. In some cases, the nonwoven structure may be heated to temperatures greater than the glass... Agent: National Nonwovens Inc.

20140272319 - Thermal and acoustical insulation: A thermal shield material comprises a laminate of a homogeneously blended fiber mat of fiberglass, polyester and bi-component polyester, a plurality of tufts disposed on only one side of the laminate mat, the tufts formed by needling the laminate mat from a single side, first and second pressure sensitive adhesive... Agent: Cta Acoustic, Inc.

20140272320 - Universal barrier system panels: A universal barrier system includes universal barrier components that may be assembled together to shield floors and walls from moisture and provide a thermal break in an operational area of the universal barrier component. A lap zone of the universal barrier component may allow universal barrier components to be assembled... Agent:

20140272322 - Coating device, method of manufacturing display substrate using the same and display substrate manufactured using the same: A coating device includes an upper stage, a lower stage and a spraying part. The upper stage masks an upper surface of a display panel. The lower stage masks a lower surface of the display panel. The spraying part sprays ink to a side surface of the display panel. The... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140272321 - Seep resistant masking material: A masking material and method of forming a masking tape that includes a substrate and an adhesive layer disposed on the substrate. The adhesive layer is preferably thicker than the substrate and formed of a material that has a modulus of elasticity combined with a viscoelastic component that allows the... Agent:

20140272324 - Designed defects in laminate composites: Novel methods and kits for creating defects in composite materials, as well as an engineered part or structure with one or more designed defects, are disclosed. The disclosed inventions advantageously permit the intentional introduction of one or multiple defects of any desired size and shape, either between the same two... Agent: Cal Poly Corporation

20140272326 - Fabrication apparatus for fabricating a layer structure: The invention relates to a fabrication apparatus for fabricating a layer structure comprising at least a patterned first layer on a substrate. A layer structure (6) with an unpatterned first layer is provided on the substrate. A protective material application unit (8) applies protective material at least on parts of... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140272325 - Imagewise priming of non-d2t2 printable substrates for direct d2t2 printing: A method for enabling D2T2 printing onto non-D2T2 printable substrates uses a diffusible primer material provided on a dye-sheet or ribbon. The primer comprises a polymer, a release agent and a plasticizer. The release agent and the plasticizer are diffused into the substrate, while the polymer remains on the dye-sheet... Agent:

20140272327 - Ink for inkjet, ink cartridge using the ink, inkjet recorder and ink recorded matter: An ink for inkjet includes water, and a mixture of hydrosoluble organic materials in an amount of from 40 to 70% by weight. The mixture of hydrosoluble organic materials includes N,N-dimethylacrylamide and/or N,N-diethylacrylamide, the total content of which is from 10 to 70% by weight based on total weight of... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20140272329 - Laser micromachining optical elements in a substrate: Optical elements with small increments in average density are formed in a substrate by laser micromachining using a variable aperture and a pattern mask set of pattern masks each having of shape-defining elements whose density differs among the pattern masks in first density increments. A laser light beam passes through... Agent: Rambus Delaware LLC

20140272328 - Multi-function epoxy casting resin system: Disclosed herein are embodiments of an epoxy casting resin system which can be used to at least partially cover an electronic component or mechanism. In some embodiments, the epoxy resin can have a low viscosity, while maintaining advantageous physical, thermal, and electrical properties. Further described are methods for making embodiments... Agent: Plasma Systems Holdings, Inc.

20140272323 - Nitrided component surface repair: A plunger for fuel injection assembly is provided. The plunger includes a nitrided surface. The nitrided surface includes a damaged area. An electroless material is coated on the damaged area.... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140272330 - Thermally conductive sheet and associated methods: A thermally conductive sheet may include an electrically insulative bottom film, an electrically insulative top film, and an intermediate layer positioned between the bottom film and the top film. The intermediate layer may include a mixture of granulated thermally conductive material and granulated electrically insulating polymer. The granulated electrically insulating... Agent: Lighting Science Group Corporation

20140272331 - Alkali resistant preformed thermoplastic pavement marking composition: The present disclosure describes a preformed or hot applied thermoplastic marking composition comprising at least 5 weight percent of an ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, wherein said composition includes a planar top surface portion and a planar bottom portion that are coplanar to each other, wherein said bottom portion is directly... Agent:

20140272332 - Activated thread curing of liquid adhesives: Structures and methods for providing a liquid adhesive between substrates of a composite structure are described. Methods include providing a liquid adhesive having a thread disposed therein between two substrates of a composite structure. In some embodiments, the thread has a fixed diameter which acts to provide a consistent gap... Agent:

20140272333 - Metamaterial and method for forming a metamaterial using atomic layer deposition: A metamaterial includes a first continuous layer formed with a first material by atomic layer deposition (ALD), a first non-continuous layer formed with a second material by ALD on first upper surface portions of a first upper surface of the first continuous layer, and a second continuous layer formed with... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20140272334 - Multi-layer additive texture laminates and methods: A multi-layer laminate may include a substrate, a printed build layer adjacent the substrate and defining a texture having elevated areas and areas of relief, a printed image layer adjacent the build layer, and a coating layer having a mineral loading and a method for creating a textured laminate may... Agent:

20140272336 - Bound document with transparent overlay sheet: A bound document including a non-transparent image sheet having at least one printed image formed by printing a digital image file and an overlay sheet bearing an overlay image. The image sheet and the overlay sheet are bound together in respective spine areas thereof, so that the image sheet can... Agent:

20140272335 - Low-e glazing performance by seed structure optimization: A bi-layer seed layer can exhibit good seed property for an infrared reflective layer, together with improved thermal stability. The bi-layer seed layer can include a thin zinc oxide layer having a desired crystallographic orientation for a silver infrared reflective layer disposed on a bottom layer having a desired thermal... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272337 - Method of producing a graphic design on a vehicle body and design produced thereby: A method is provided for printing graphic designs in-line during manufacture of a vehicle. The method utilizes an ink jet printing system to apply graphic designs over an uncured base coat of paint on the vehicle surface followed by the application of a protective clear coat over the graphic design.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20140272338 - Method of making a coated article and/or glazing for automobiles and/or the like: Certain example embodiments relate to a method of making a coated article and/or glazing (e.g., for automobile, window, and/or other applications). An opaque paint that is not technically a frit is used to form a desired opaque pattern. The paint is screen printed on a substrate. Screen printing parameters are... Agent:

20140272339 - Fluorescing yellow toner particles and methods of use: A fluorescing yellow polymeric toner particle comprises one or more non-fluorescing yellow colorants, and one or more fluorescing yellow colorants having one or more emission peak wavelengths of at least 480 nm and up to and including 600 nm. These fluorescing yellow polymeric toner particles can be used to provide... Agent:

20140272340 - Cover layer with reduced tensile properties for use of wear-resistant laminate: The present invention relates to a low-tension cover layer intended for a laminate material and comprising a resin-impregnated, printed or unprinted decorative paper or comprising a resin-impregnated overlay paper or comprising a combination of the two, where the resin in each case comprises a mixture of at least one aminoplastic... Agent: Darkor Melamin Impragnierungen Gmbh

20140272342 - Conductive films and devices comprised thereof: Embodiments of films and material layers comprising PEDOT. These embodiments are the result of methods that utilize polymerization processes including vapor phase polymerization (VPP) to form the conductive film comprising PEDOT. In one embodiment, the film can result from a method that includes steps for depositing a coating solution onto... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20140272343 - Moldable nonwoven having high strength to weight ratio for structural components and method of construction thereof: A nonwoven, moldable material and method of construction thereof is provided. The nonwoven material includes at least one nonwoven mat formed from blended and bonded natural cellulosic fibers and Polypropylene containing Maleic Anhydride grafted Polypropylene fibers. A scrim layer is at least partially melted and diffused into the nonwoven mat... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20140272341 - Thermal treated sandwich structure layer to improve adhesive strength: A method and apparatus for cleaning a process chamber are provided. In one embodiment, a process chamber is provided that includes a remote plasma source and a processing chamber. The processing chamber includes a substrate support assembly disposed in the bottom portion of the processing chamber, a gas distribution system... Agent:

20140272349 - Article made of a multilayer composite material and preparation method thereof: a third reinforcement layer (B) arranged between said two structural layers (A), said first, second and third reinforcement layer (B) consisting of a fibrous material, comprising one or more types of fibres selected from the group consisting of glass fibres, natural fibres, carbon fibres, basalt fibres, kevlar fibres, aramid fibres... Agent: Industrialesud S.p.a.

20140272344 - Composite coatings and methods therefor: An article includes a substrate and a coating provided on a surface of the substrate. The coating includes at least one metal silicide layer consisting essentially of MoSi2 or WSi2 or (Mo, W)Si2 or a platinum group metal silicide and at least one layer consisting essentially of Si3N4.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140272350 - Gas barrier film including graphene layer, flexible substrate including the same, and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a gas barrier film, a flexible substrate including the same, and a manufacturing method thereof. More specifically, a barrier film of the present invention relates to a first polymer layer, a gas barrier film including a graphene layer formed on the first polymer layer, a... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140272348 - Heat sealable monoaxially-oriented propylene-based film with directional tear: A monoaxially oriented film including heat sealable layer including an ethylene-propylene impact copolymer and a metallocene-catalyzed propylene-butene elastomer. The heat sealable layer may include a metallocene-catalyzed ethylene-butene elastomer. The film is oriented at least 4 times in the machine direction and exhibits excellent linear directional tear properties in the machine... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20140272345 - Method of growing aluminum oxide onto substrates by use of an aluminum source in an environment containing partial pressure of oxygen to create transparent, scratch-resistant windows: A system and process for inter alia coating a substrate such as glass substrate with a layer of aluminum oxide to create a scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant matrix comprised of a thin scratch-resistant aluminum oxide film deposited on one or more sides of a transparent and shatter-resistant substrate for use in... Agent: Rubicon Technology, Inc.

20140272346 - Method of growing aluminum oxide onto substrates by use of an aluminum source in an oxygen environment to create transparent, scratch resistant windows: A system and process for inter alia coating a substrate such as glass with a layer of aluminum oxide to create a scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant matrix comprised of a thin scratch-resistant aluminum oxide film deposited on one or more sides of a transparent and shatter-resistant substrate for use in consumer... Agent: Rubicon Technology, Inc.

20140272347 - Uv-curable film compositions with improved scratch resistance: Thin walled products having good scratch resistance are disclosed, as are processes for making such products (e.g. films, sheets, and thin walled articles). The product includes a thin layer formed from (A) a cross-linkable polycarbonate resin having endcaps derived from a monohydroxybenzophenone; and (B) if desired, a base polymeric resin.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140272351 - Flame retardant, electrically conductive adhesive materials and related methods: Disclosed are exemplary embodiments of a flame retardant, electrically conductive adhesive material. In an exemplary embodiment, a flame retardant, electrically conductive adhesive material suitable for use as tape generally includes a layer of adhesive. A layer of electrically conductive fabric is on the layer of adhesive. A flame retardant coating... Agent: Laird Technologies, Inc.

20140272352 - Repulpable and recyclable composite packaging articles and related methods: Unexpectedly unique and environmentally friendly composite material structures, storage articles fabricated therefrom, and related methods. The composite structure includes at least one or more fiber-containing layers, such as fiberboard or other layers having fibers from natural and/or synthetic sources, and one or more mineral-containing layers. The mineral-containing layer(s) comprises a... Agent: Smart Planet Technologies, Inc.

20140272353 - Color shift of high lsg low emissivity coating after heat treatment: Low emissivity panels can include a protection layer of silicon nitride on a layer of ZnO on a layer of Zn2SnOx. The low emissivity panels can also include NiNbTiOx as a barrier layer. The low emissivity panels have high light to solar gain, color neutral, together with similar observable color... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272354 - Method to generate high lsg low-emissivity coating with same color after heat treatment: Low emissivity panels can include a separation layer of Zn2SnOx between multiple infrared reflective stacks. The low emissivity panels can also include NiNbTiOx as barrier layer. The low emissivity panels have high light to solar gain, color neutral, together with similar observable color before and after a heat treatment process.... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272355 - Siloxane coating for a display lens assembly for mobile devices: Hard coatings are applied to a lens assembly. In an embodiment, the coated lens assembly (140) includes a first layer (106B) including siloxane; a second layer (106A) including siloxane, wherein the second layer has opposing sides and a hardness greater than the first layer; and a third layer (104) including... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140272356 - Elastomeric materials comprising biodegradable and/or sustainable polymeric components: Elastomeric films and laminates comprising one or more biodegradable and/or sustainable polymers are disclosed. The biodegradable and/or sustainable polymers can be added to the elastomeric film at concentrations up to about 40%, while the film still retains acceptable elastomeric properties. Methods of making elastomeric films or laminates comprising one or... Agent: Clopay Plastic Products Company, Inc.

20140272357 - Film materials comprising biodegradable and/or sustainable polymeric components: Polymer films comprising blends of biodegradable and/or sustainable polymer are disclosed. These films significantly reduce the amount of petroleum-based polymer in the film, while providing cost savings, processing ease and properties desired by consumers. Polymer films comprising blends of biodegradable and/or sustainable polymers that are microporous and breathable are also... Agent: Clopay Plastic Products Company, Inc.

20140272363 - Inorganic fiber molded body: The present invention aims at providing an inorganic fiber molded body that is excellent in scale resistance, thermal shock resistance and mechanical shock resistance, and prevented from suffering from shrinkage when used under high-temperature heating conditions. The inorganic fiber molded body of the present invention is produced by impregnating a... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20140272360 - Kind of nonwoven fabric and its manufacturing apparatus: The invention discloses a kind of nonwoven fabric, which contains the directly-formed fibers disposed in fabric and arranged in a V-shaped pattern, and 65-75% of every fiber is melt-blown and the rest is polyester staple fiber so that it can form continuous, fluffy and resilient fabric structure without large voids;... Agent:

20140272362 - Multicomponent aliphatic polyester blend fibers: The present invention provides multicomponent thermoplastic fibers that are biodegradable and that are capable of forming strong bonds in air bonding processes. In various embodiments, the multicomponent fibers can include a first polymer component that includes a first aliphatic polyester, and a second polymer component also including an aliphatic polyester,... Agent: Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc.

20140272359 - Nonwoven substrates: The present disclosure is directed, in part, to a nonwoven substrate comprising one or more layers of fibers. The nonwoven substrate has a specific surface area in the range of about 0.5m2/g to about 5m2/g.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140272358 - Porous cross-linked polyimide-urea networks: Porous cross-linked polyimide-urea networks are provided. The networks comprise a subunit comprising two anhydride end-capped polyamic acid oligomers in direct connection via a urea linkage. The oligomers (a) each comprise a repeating unit of a dianhydride and a diamine and a terminal anhydride group and (b) are formulated with 2... Agent: Ohio Aerospace Institute

20140272361 - Protective mid-cover textiles: A new class of protective fabrics having good ballistic and fragmentary protection also provide wearable drape, softness, and moisture transport, as well as good UV and abrasion resistance and color acceptance, making them comfortable to wear as garment fabrics. The protective fabrics are constructed from yarns having at least 20%... Agent: Warwick Mills, Inc.

20140272365 - Antistatic liquid crystalline polymer composition: A liquid crystalline polymer composition that contains a conductive filler (e.g., carbon fibers, ionic liquid, etc.) and a plurality of mineral fibers distributed within a liquid crystalline polymer matrix is provided. Through careful selection of the conductive filler and mineral fibers, as well as the manner in which they are... Agent: Ticona LLC

20140272367 - Cable winding tape, in particular for an engine compartment of an automotive vehicle: A cable wrapping tape, in particular for the engine compartment of an automobile, has a strip-like carrier (1) consisting of fabric, said carrier is provided at least on one side with a self-adhering adhesive layer (2) which consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive, wherein the fabric of the carrier (1) consists... Agent:

20140272368 - Cellulose diester films for playing cards: Cellulose diester films that include a cellulose diester; a plasticizer; a colorant; and an opacity additive may be useful for playing cards. In some instances, forming cellulose diester films may include preparing a dope that comprises a cellulose diester, a plasticizer, and a solvent; introducing a colorant and an opacity... Agent: Celanese Acetate LLC

20140272364 - Corrosion inhibiting compositions and coatings including the same: A corrosion inhibiting composition includes a first plurality of carriers and a second plurality of carriers. The first plurality of carriers has a first carrier body which encapsulates a film-forming compound. The second plurality of carriers has a second carrier body encapsulates a corrosion inhibitor. Each of the first and... Agent:

20140272366 - Multilayer films: A multilayer film is prepared from a high impact strength polyethylene (HI polyethylene); a Ziegler Natta catalyzed polyethylene (Z/N polyethylene) and a high pressure low density polyethylene (LD polyethylene) with i) at least one skin layer consists essentially of HI polyethylene and ii) at least one core layer comprises a... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20140272369 - Pervious concrete permeable grout: A water pervious concrete surface is described that is formed of a water pervious layer of concrete having interconnected voids, and a water permeable grout within the voids in the pervious layer. The permeable grout is formed of sand particles bonded in an open matrix with a two-part epoxy resin.... Agent:

20140272370 - Renewable thermoplastic starch-polyolefin compositions comprising compatibilizer and flexible thin films made therefrom: A compatibilized thermoplastic polymer composition having from 5% to 95% bio-based content and comprising thermoplastic starch; polyolefin; and an effective amount of compatibilizer. The compatibilizer can include polar homopolymers and copolymers with inherent polyolefin compatibility; non-polymeric materials with both polar and non-polar functionality; low molecular weight materials with both polar... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140272372 - Layered silicate/polymer composite and a method of forming the same: The present invention relates to a method for forming a layered silicate/polymer composite, the composite comprising individual exfoliated silicate layers separated in a continuous polymer matrix, wherein the polymer is a hydrophobic polymer, the method comprising: exfoliating sheet silicate in water to form a silicate suspension; replacing the water in... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20140272371 - Monofilament yarn for a paper machine clothing fabric: A paper machine clothing (PMC) fabric includes a plurality of monofilament yarns, at least some of which have a composition which is a thermoplastic resin. The thermoplastic resin yarns have physical properties including a water absorption of less than approximately 6% and a loop tenacity of greater than approximately 8.0... Agent: Voith Patent Gmbh

20140272373 - Ceramic matrix composite and method and article of manufacture: A ceramic matrix composite having improved operating characteristics includes a barrier layer.... Agent:

20140272374 - Process for producing composite elements: The present invention relates to a process for producing composite elements comprising at least one rigid foam layer a) and at least one outer layer b), at least comprising: provision of a flowable starting material a*) and application of the flowable starting material a*) to the outer layer b) by... Agent: Basf Se

20140272375 - Electrically conductive and dissipative polyurethane foams: This invention relates to coated polyurethane foams and to a process for preparing coated polyurethane foams. More specifically, these coated polyurethane foams comprise (a) a polyurethane foam substrate, and (b) at least one bilayer of a coating composition on the foam substrate which comprises (1) a layer of a positively... Agent:

20140272376 - Particle stabilized foam, and slurries, product, and methods related thereto: Disclosed are cementitious product, as well as cementitious slurry, and method of forming the product. To reduce density in the cementitious product, foam is included in the slurry and in the method of forming the product. The slurry includes cementitious particles, water, and air bubbles such as from compressed air.... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140272378 - Dense composite material, method for producing the same, and component for semiconductor production equipment: A dense composite material of the present invention contains 37% to 60% by mass of silicon carbide grains, also contains titanium silicide, titanium silicon carbide, and titanium carbide, each in an amount smaller than the mass percent of the silicon carbide grains, and has an open porosity of 1% or... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140272377 - Reactive melt infiltrated-ceramic matrix composite: A method includes providing a ceramic fiber preform with a range of 20 to 40 volume percent fiber which can include silicon carbide fibers; coating the ceramic fiber preform with a boron nitride interface coating; infiltrating the ceramic fiber preform with a ceramic matrix with a range of 20 to... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272379 - Process for foaming thermoplastic elastomers: A foamed article is made by infusing the article of thermoplastic elastomer with a supercritical fluid, then removing the article from the supercritical fluid and either (i) immersing the article in a heated fluid or (ii) irradiating the article with infrared or microwave radiation.... Agent:

20140272380 - Co-extruded plastic film with a foam core and a method for coating the film on a substrate: A co-extruded plastic film structure that has increased rigidity. The film is extruded on a three layer extrusion line with the core layer based on a foamed polymer. The outer layers comprise a polyolefin combined with non-plastic particulate. The film may be coated onto a substrate, such as paper.... Agent: Petoskey Plastics, Inc.

20140272381 - Polystyrene foam products with improved adhesion and water resistance, and methods of making the same: A water-resistant preformed polystyrene foam product with improved adhesive properties is provided. A water-resistant coating for preformed polystyrene products is also provided. The coating can be formulated as a sprayable composition and is easy to apply. Methods for making the coating formulations and water-resistant preformed polystyrene products are also provided.... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140272382 - Composite for packaging a medical device and method of forming the same: A composite having a first layer including an aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane and a second layer. The first layer forms a base that has a plurality of walls extending therefrom to define a cavity for receiving a device, such as a medical device. The second layer is disposed on the first... Agent: Bayer Materialscience LLC

20140272383 - Highly crystalline polyethylene: The present invention relates to methods for making highly crystalline polymeric material, for example, highly crystalline cross-linked and not cross-linked ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The invention also provides methods of making additive-doped highly crystalline polymeric material using high pressure and high temperature crystallization processes, medical implants made thereof, and... Agent: The General Hospital Corporation

20140272384 - Anti-reflection coatings with aqueous particle dispersions and methods for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe coating formulations, such as those used to form optical coatings, panels having optical coatings thereon, and methods for forming optical coatings and panels. The coating formulation includes an aqueous-based suspension of particles. The particles have a sheet-like morphology and a thickness of less than about 10... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272385 - Graphene-polymer composite material and devices utilizing the same: Graphene composite material and devices using the same. The graphene is dispersed in material such as polyurethane, latex, other elastomers, and other polymers to produce a composite material having high heat transfer properties which make it particularly suitable for use in removing heat from LEDs and other electronic devices. Several... Agent: Graphene Technologies, Inc.

20140272386 - Heat ray shielding material: A heat ray shielding material having a metal particles-containing layer that contains at least one type of metal particles, in which the metal particles contain tabular metal particles having a hexagonal to circular form in a ratio of at least 60% by number, the main plane of the hexagonal to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140272387 - Anti-glare coatings with aqueous particle dispersions and methods for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe optical coatings, panels having optical coatings thereon, and methods for forming optical coatings and panels. A substrate is provided. A coating formulation is applied to the substrate. The coating formulation includes an aqueous-based suspension of particles. The particles have a sheet-like morphology and a thickness of... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272388 - Molten metal resistant composite coatings: Composite coating materials comprising a hard carbide phase and a metallic binder that are resistant to molten metals such as aluminum are disclosed. The hard carbide phase of the composite coatings may comprise tungsten carbide, and the metallic binder may comprise a nickel-based alloy. A thin oxide layer comprising oxides... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140272389 - Paper coating formulation: The present invention is a composition comprising an aqueous dispersion of polymeric binder particles containing a substantial absence of phosphate and phosphonate groups; rutile TiO2 having a purity of at least 98% and a substantial absence of inorganic silica; and a dispersant which is a class of low molecular weight... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140272393 - Anti-fret coating system: A method, system and apparatus are disclosed for providing an anti-fret coating system to a component having a wear surface. The method includes applying a dry film lubrication system to a basecoat having a copper based material positioned on a substrate, wherein the dry film lubrication system includes: applying at... Agent:

20140272399 - Coated grain oriented steel: A method of producing a coated grain oriented steel strip, which includes the steps of: forming an insulating layer on the grain oriented steel strip; providing a chromium-free coating mixture that comprises a metal phosphate silica particles and an organosilane; applying the mixture on the insulating layer; and curing the... Agent: Tata Steel Uk Limited

20140272392 - Corrosion inhibiting compositions and methods of making and using: A corrosion inhibiting composition includes one or more of a plurality of carriers, each having a carrier body and an organic corrosion inhibitor, such that the carrier body encapsulates the organic corrosion inhibitor, and the carrier body is formed of a degradable material. Coatings and methods for inhibiting corrosion on... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140272394 - Electrochromic lithium nickel group 6 mixed metal oxides: Multi-layer devices comprising a layer of an electrochromic lithium nickel oxide composition on a first substrate, the lithium nickel oxide composition comprising lithium, nickel and a Group 6 metal selected from molybdenum, tungsten and a combination thereof.... Agent: Kinestral Technologies, Inc.

20140272391 - Hard coatings comprising cubic phase forming compositions: Refractory coatings for cutting tool applications and methods of making the same are described herein which, in some embodiments, permit incorporation of increased levels of aluminum into nitride coatings while reducing or maintaining levels of hexagonal phase in such coatings. Coatings and methods described herein, for example, employ cubic phase... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20140272390 - Low-e panel with improved barrier layer process window and method for forming the same: Embodiments provided herein describe low-e panels and methods for forming low-e panels. A transparent substrate is provided. A reflective layer is formed above the transparent substrate. A barrier layer is formed above the reflective layer. A nitride-containing layer is formed above the barrier layer. The nitride-containing layer has a thickness... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272395 - Low-emissivity glass including spacer layers compatible with heat treatment: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and apparatus for forming low emissivity panels that may include a first reflective layer, a second reflective layer, and a spacer layer disposed between the first reflective layer and the second reflective layer. In some embodiments, the spacer layer may have a thickness of between... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272396 - Thin film devices and methods for preparing thin film devices: A method for preparing a device having a film on a substrate is disclosed. In the method, a film is deposited on a polymeric substrate. The film includes at least one metal. A metal in the film is converted to a metal oxide using microwave radiation. One example device prepared... Agent:

20140272398 - Transparent electrode and electronic device: Provided is a transparent electrode having both sufficient conductivity and light transmittance, as well as an electronic device whose performance is improved by using the transparent electrode. A transparent electrode (1) includes: a nitrogen-containing layer (1a) formed by using a compound containing nitrogen atom; and an electrode layer (1b) formed... Agent:

20140272397 - Zinc oxide-cellulose nanocomposite and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a zinc oxide-cellulose nanocomposite made of cellulose and zinc oxide nanoparticles and to a preparation method thereof. The nanocomposite of the present invention is prepared by producing zinc oxide nanoparticles as seeds on the surface and/or inside of a cellulose film and growing the seeds... Agent:

20140272401 - Adhesive film having good machinability for protecting the surface of a semiconductor wafer: The present invention relates to an adhesive film for protecting a wafer including an adhesive layer formed on one surface of a substrate film. The present invention relates to an adhesive film for protecting the surface of a semiconductor wafer, wherein the surface film has a tensile strength of 2-10... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd.

20140272400 - Automotive panels: A panel construction suitable for automotive parts comprises (a) a first composite fiber mat layer (b) adjacent to and covering a face of the fiber mat, a thermoplastic polymer film and optionally (c) adjacent to and covering the thermoplastic film, a second composite fiber mat layer, where the fiber mats... Agent: Basf Se

20140272402 - Cementitious article comprising hydrophobic finish: Disclosed are cementitious articles with hydrophobic finish. In some embodiments, the article is a waterproof gypsum panel that is surface reinforced with inorganic mineral fibers that face a flexible and hydrophobic cementitious finish possessing beneficial waterproofing properties. The waterproof gypsum panels of the invention are useful in many applications, such... Agent:

20140272404 - Exterior sheathing panel with integrated air/water barrier membrane: An exterior sheathing cementitious panel which prevents water penetration and air leakage is provided. Methods for manufacturing exterior sheathing cementitious panels with a highly efficient integrated air/water barrier membrane are provided as well.... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20140272403 - Formaldehyde-free plywood and preparation thereof: The present invention discloses a method for preparation of formaldehyde-free plywood from scrap plastic alloys. Different scrap plastics are used to prepare plastic alloy film, which is then used as an adhesive material for the preparation of new plywood without formaldehyde emission. The formaldehyde-free plywood according to the present invention... Agent: Research Institute Of Wood Industry, Chinese Academy Of Forestry

20140272405 - Method for preparing and treating a steel substrate: Disclosed are methods for treating metal substrates, including ferrous substrates, such as cold rolled steel and electrogalvanized steel. The methods include contacting the metal substrates with a conditioning composition including a free fluoride source and then depositing a pretreatment composition including a Group IIIB and/or IVB metal on a portion... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140272406 - Protection film for display and manufacturing method thereof: The invention relates to protection film for a display and its manufacturing method to protect a display by mounting on the front surface of a display, and protection film for a display of the invention comprises tempered glass film(110), wherein the one side of flat surface is coated with antifoulant... Agent: Sejong Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

20140272407 - Adhesives comprising epoxy-acid crosslinked groups and methods: Adhesives compositions and methods of preparing adhesive compositions are described. The methods generally comprise a) providing a syrup composition comprising i) a free-radically polymerizable solvent monomer; and ii) a solute (meth)acrylic copolymer; and b) radiation curing the syrup composition in the absence of an ionic photoacid generator. In one embodiment,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140272408 - Water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: Provided is a water-dispersible acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composition capable of forming a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer that can prevent static build-up at the time of peeling (antistatic properties), is superior in removability, in the ability to prevent an increase in peel strength (adhesive strength) over time among the adhesive properties, as... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140272409 - Fiber structures, systems, and methods for fabricating rope structures with improved lubricity: A fiber structure for forming a rope structure has a base matrix of base fiber material and at least one lubricity portion of lubricity material. The lubricity material determines a lubricity of at least a portion of a surface of the fiber structure.... Agent: Samson Rope Technologies

20140272410 - Energy storing fractal and process therefor: A fractal microstructure which includes multi-walled carbon nanotubes suited for customizable volumetric energy and power densities. Electrode monoliths can be formed from a variety of process steps including some or all of RF polymerization, RF coalescence and ripening at intersections, and multi-walled carbon nanotube crosslinking. The resulting nanocomposite is capable... Agent:

20140272411 - High-pressure in-fiber particle production with precise dimensional control: Herein is provided a fiber that includes a cladding material disposed along a longitudinal-axis fiber length and a plurality of discrete and disconnected high-stress domains that are disposed as a sequence along a longitudinal line parallel to the longitudinal fiber axis in at least a portion of the fiber length.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140272412 - System, method and apparatus for making and using flex column void based packing materials: A system, method and apparatus for forming a flex-column includes a three-sided column having a triangular cross-sectional shape, an open first end, an open second end, and three corners, each one of the three sides including a flex line dividing each of the three sides into two portions, at least... Agent: Cal Poly Corporation

20140272413 - Sapphire ribbons and apparatus and method for producing a plurality of sapphire ribbons having improved dimensional stability: The present disclosure is directed to an apparatus and method for forming sapphire ribbons via Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth (EFG). Further, the present disclosure is directed to a plurality of concurrently grown sapphire ribbons having features such as a low dimensional variability and elimination of voiding between the sapphire ribbons concurrently... Agent: Saint-gobain Ceramics & Plastics, Inc.

20140272414 - Electrolytic production of metal oxides: Disclosed is a method of producing metal oxides, comprising electrodepositing a metal oxide from an electrolyte solution onto a substrate to coat at least a portion of the substrate, whereby metal oxide seed particles are released into the solution, and precipitating metal oxide particles from the solution. The precipitated metal... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140272415 - Production of near-stoichiometric spherical tungsten carbide particles: Near-stoichiometric spherical tungsten carbide particles and a method for making near-stoichiometric spherical tungsten carbide particles are disclosed. The method of making these particles may comprise coating a starting powder with a carbon containing compound followed by plasma processing the starting powder in a plasma formed by known ionization techniques using... Agent:

20140272416 - Rutile titanium dioxide microspheres and ordered botryoidal shapes of same: Rutile TiO2 microspheres and microparticles in a botryoidal morphology which form from ordered acicular aggregates of elongated TiO2 crystallites that resemble nano-sized flower bouquets and/or triangular funnels, and process for their preparation by thermally hydrolyzing a soluble TiO2 precursor compound in aqueous solution in the presence of a morphology controlling... Agent: Cristal Inorganic Chemicals Switzerland Ltd

20140272417 - Moldable capsule and method of manufacture: A method to form moldable capsules of a conductively doped resin-based material are created. A resin-based material is extruded/pultruded onto a bundle of conductive material. The resin-based material and the bundle are sectioned into moldable capsules.... Agent: Integral Technologies, Inc.

20140272418 - Bioactive glass scaffolds, and method of making: A glass, glass-ceramic, or ceramic bead is described, with an internal porous scaffold microstructure that is surrounded by an amorphous shield. The shield serves to protect the internal porous microstructure of the shield while increasing the overall strength of the porous microstructure and improve the flowability of the beads either... Agent: Mosci Corp.

20140272419 - Heat sensitive substrates coated with waterborne coating compositions: g

20140272420 - Corrosion-resistant coatings and methods using polyepoxysilane precursors: The disclosure relates to curable polyepoxysilane compounds and compositions, methods related to curing of such compounds via hydrolysis and/or condensation to form coatings on a substrate, and coated articles formed from the curable polyepoxysilane compounds. The polyepoxysilane compounds are silane-functional precursors and can be used as coatings (or pretreatments) on... Agent: Eastern Michigan University

20140272421 - Member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses: A member 10 for semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses, which includes an aluminum electrostatic chuck 12 and a cooling plate 14 bonded together with a thermosetting sheet 16, is provided. The thermosetting sheet 16 is made of a cured epoxy-acrylic adhesive. The adhesive contains (A) an epoxy resin capable of hydrogen transfer... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20140272423 - Anti-corrosion compositions for natural gas recovery or conveying equipmen: Improved anti-corrosion systems are provided for use with hydrocarbon recovery, treatment and distribution equipment, in order to inhibit corrosion on the metal surfaces thereof. The systems include an epoxy resin, a curing agent for the resin, and a surfactant, which is the reaction product of an alkyl benzene sulfonic acid... Agent: Jacam Chemical Company 2013, LLC

20140272422 - Anti-corrosion compositions for natural gas recovery or conveying equipment: Improved anti-corrosion systems are provided for use with hydrocarbon recovery, treatment and distribution equipment, in order to inhibit corrosion on the metal surfaces thereof. The systems include an epoxy resin, a curing agent for the resin, and a surfactant, which is the reaction product of an alkyl benzene sulfonic acid... Agent: Jacam Chemicals, LLC

20140272424 - Fast cure aspartate polysiloxane hybrid coating: The present invention provides a hybrid two component coating composition comprising as component I, (A) an N-alkoxysilylalkyl-aspartic acid ester, (B) a polysiloxane having a molecular weight in the range of from about 400 to 10,000, and optionally (C) at least one hydrolyzable silane; and as component II, (D) a polyisocyanate... Agent:

20140272425 - Moisture-curable hot melt adhesive: A moisture-curable hot melt adhesive which is excellent in light resistance and durability against high temperature and high humidity. The moisture-curable hot melt adhesive includes a urethane prepolymer having an isocyanate group at the end and an acrylic based polymer, wherein the urethane prepolymer contains chemical structures derived from a... Agent:

20140272426 - Photochromic polyurethane laminate: Photochromic polyurethane laminates and methods for the formation of same wherein a photochromic polyurethane layer of the laminate is interposed between two primer coated transparent resin sheets.... Agent:

20140272427 - Reinforced composites and methods of manufacturing the same: Reinforced composites and methods of manufacturing the same are described. According to one aspect, the composite materials may include one or more pre-impregnated materials (“pre-pregs”) as a reinforcing component and a thermoplastic resin body having structural features. The pre-pregs may include fibers mixed with one or more binding materials. At... Agent:

20140272428 - Betaine polymer coatings prepared by living polymerization: A betaine-containing polymer film that can be formed on a substrate surface using living polymerization such as controlled radical polymerization is disclosed.... Agent: Aculon, Inc.

20140272429 - Hybrid structure and methods for forming the same: A method for forming a hybrid structure is provided. The method includes applying a sealant to a first component fabricated from a first material, coupling an isolation sheet to the sealant, and coupling a second component to the isolation sheet. The isolation sheet and the second component are fabricated from... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140272430 - Process of making dispersed polyetherimide micronized particles and process of coating and further forming of these particles products made therefrom: Processes involving wetting fibers with an aqueous dispersion of micronized thermoplastic powders; processes for producing an aqueous dispersion of micronized thermoplastic powders; processes of chemically surface cross-linking micronized particles; and articles of produced therefrom.... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20140272431 - Layered deposition for reactive joining of composites: A method including applying layers of multiple constituents where the constituents are capable of producing a non-equilibrium condition on the contacting surfaces of a ceramic matrix composite component and a gas turbine engine component where one outer coating includes a first constituent and the other outer coating includes a second... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20140272432 - Methods for applying a coating to a substrate in rolled form: Methods for applying a coating to a substrate in rolled form, the substrate including a first edge face and a second edge face opposite the first edge face, the substrate further having a first major surface and a second major surface opposite the first major surface, the first and second... Agent:

20140272435 - Anti-stick surface coatings: The present invention describes anti-stick coatings composed of carboxylic acid, carboxylate salt or thiol functionalized siloxanes. The compounds of this invention can be used as coatings on the surface of wind turbine blades, aircraft wings and fuselage, or on the surface of oil and gas platforms, ships, and other vehicles... Agent: Designer Molecules, Inc.

20140272436 - Bonded body made from different materials and method for producing the same: A water-repellent film is formed on a first joint surface of a first member that contains any one of a macromolecular material, a metallic material, and an inorganic material. The water-repellent film is subjected to an activation treatment, and is thereby converted into a film having a high hydrophilicity and... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140272434 - Coating compositions comprising cyclic carbonate amine resins: The present disclosure describes cyclic carbonate-amine resin coating compositions including an amino functional silicon resin component, where the cyclic carbonate-amine resin coating displays improved oxidation resistance and durability. The coating compositions are isocyanate free and may be cured a low temperatures to provide a durable coating. In specific embodiments, the... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140272433 - Inorganic composite coatings comprising novel functionalized acrylics: Disclosed is a sol-gel coating composition comprising: one or more silane hydrolysis promoting acids; at least one silanol precursor; and an acrylic-based co-polymer comprising nitrogen-containing organic functional groups, and methods of making and using same, as well as metals coated using the compositions.... Agent:

20140272437 - Silane end capped substituted urea resins and coatings thereof: s

20140272438 - Low gloss coatings: A low-gloss coating composition is disclosed. The coating composition comprises a unique blend of particles, including untreated silica and organic treated silica and wax treated silica. The use of these particles in combination provides for a significant reduction in the weight percent of certain particles that can impart a suitable... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140272439 - Low embodied energy wallboard: Low embodied energy wallboards and methods for forming same are disclosed. A wallboard can include at least one industrial material in an amorphous phase and at least one alkali-activating agent. The amorphous phase industrial material can be slag, fly ash, silica fume, and/or lime kiln dust. The alkali-activating agent can... Agent:

20140272440 - Transfer foils utilizing plasma treatment to replace the release layer: A method providing for the replacement of the traditional release layer of transfer foils uses a plasma treatment to chemically modify the foil side surface of a PET substrate of the transfer foils. The chemically modified surface of the PET substrate provides the necessary low surface energy and release characteristics... Agent:

20140272441 - Trivalent chromium-containing composition for aluminum and aluminum alloys: A low sludge trivalent chromium based conversion coating bath is provided which forms corrosion resistant coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys by contact with the bath, which is suitable for use as a rinseable or dry-in place conversion coating for metal, that comprises trivalent chromium cations, fluorometallate anions, guanidinium ions... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140272443 - High-slip stretch film: A multi-layer stretch wrap film has three or more layers, including at least one outer non-cling layer, at least one inner core layer, and at least one outer cling layer, where the film displays enhanced non-cling properties after being stretched.... Agent:

20140272444 - Colored and waterproofed stone using natural raw material, dye solution and waterproofing: m

20140272445 - Dual-phase hot extrusion of metals: The present disclosure provides a method of dual-phase hot metal extrusion comprising (i) providing a load carrier made of a first metal material, wherein the load carrier comprises one or more load chambers containing a second metal material, wherein the melting point of the second metal material is lower than... Agent:

20140272446 - Wear-resistant claddings: In one aspect, articles are described herein comprising wear-resistant claddings. An article described herein, in some embodiments, comprises a metallic substrate and a cladding adhered to the substrate, the cladding including a metal matrix composite layer comprising at least one hard particle tile having a pore structure infiltrated with matrix... Agent: Kannametal Inc.

20140272447 - Method to control void formation in nanomaterials using core/alloy nanoparticles with stainless interfaces: The present invention describes the use of nanoparticle interfaces to chemically process solid nanomaterials into ones with tailorable core-void-shell architectures. The internal void sizes are proportional to the nanoparticle size, the shell thickness and composition, and can be either symmetric or asymmetric depending on the nature of the interface, each... Agent: Syracuse University

20140272448 - High performance material for coiled tubing applications and the method of producing the same: Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to coiled steel tubes and methods of manufacturing coiled steel tubes. In some embodiments, the final microstructures of the coiled steel tubes across all base metal regions, weld joints, and heat affected zones can be homogeneous. Further, the final microstructure of the coiled... Agent: Tenaris Coiled Tubes, LLC

20140272449 - Twisted block: A block suitable for use in paving, edging or wall applications comprises a lower portion having parallel, substantially vertical side faces that are spaced apart by a first width, and an upper portion having parallel, substantially vertical side faces that are spaced apart by a second width. The second width... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC

20140272450 - Near eutectic composition nickel base sandwich braze foil: A braze foil (10) formed of a plurality of layers (12, 14, 16) of differing compositions wherein a combined melt of the foil has a desired braze composition, and wherein each layer is sufficiently ductile to be rolled into foil form, even though the desired braze composition is too strong... Agent: Siemens Energy, Inc.

20140272451 - Variable-density composite articles, preforms and methods: A metal matrix composite article that includes at least first and second regions, first and second reinforcement materials, a metal matrix composite material occupying the second region of the body and comprising a metal matrix material and the second reinforcement component, a preform positioned in the first region of the... Agent:

20140272452 - Electric wire and coil: A electric wire includes a central conductor 1 made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy, a cover layer 2 made of copper and covering the central conductor 1, and a ferromagnetic layer 3 covering the cover layer 2 and blocking the external magnetic field. The thickness of the ferromagnetic layer... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20140272453 - Solar control coatings providing increased absorption or tint: A coated article includes a substrate, a first dielectric layer, a subcritical metallic layer having discontinuous metallic regions, a primer over the subcritical layer, and a second dielectric layer over the primer layer. The primer can be a nickel-chromium alloy. The primer can be a multilayer primer having a first... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140272454 - Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers: Provided is High Productivity Combinatorial (HPC) testing methodology of semiconductor substrates, each including multiple site isolated regions. The site isolated regions are used for testing different compositions and/or structures of barrier layers disposed over silver reflectors. The tested barrier layers may include all or at least two of nickel, chromium,... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272455 - Titanium nickel niobium alloy barrier for low-emissivity coatings: A method for making low emissivity panels, including control the composition of a barrier layer formed on a thin conductive silver layer. The barrier structure can include a ternary alloy of titanium, nickel and niobium, which showed improvements in overall performance than those from binary barrier results. The percentage of... Agent: Intermolecular Inc.

20140272457 - Metal-ceramic joined body: A metal-ceramic joined body is provided in which the surface roughness of the metal is low, and the joined body is unlikely to break. Provided is a metal-ceramic joined body including a metal mainly composed of titanium and a ceramic, in which, regarding the X-ray diffraction peak intensity of a... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140272456 - Spallation-resistant thermal barrier coating: A coated article has: a metallic substrate (22); a bondcoat (30); and a thermal barrier coating (TBC) (28). The bondcoat has a first layer (32) and a second layer (34), the first layer having a lower Cr content than the second layer.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20140272458 - Electrodeposition in ionic liquid electrolytes: Embodiments of the current disclosure are related to electrodeposition.... Agent: Xtalic Corporation

20140272460 - Brazing sheet core alloy for heat exchanger: The present invention provides a new aluminum alloy material which may be used for a core alloy of a corrosion-resistant brazing sheet. This core alloy displays with high strength, and good corrosion resistance for use in heat exchangers. This aluminum alloy material was made by direct chill (DC) casting. The... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140272462 - Clad sheet alloys for brazing applications: This application discloses a multilayer aluminum material comprising an aluminum alloy core and aluminum alloy cladding, wherein the aluminum alloy cladding contains 0.1-1.0 wt % Cu, 0.1-0.5 wt % Fe, 0.1-1.0 wt % Mn, 3-15 wt % Si, 0.005-0.15 wt % Ti and >3-≦7 wt % Zn, remainder Al. The... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140272463 - Clad sheet alloys for brazing applications: This application discloses a multilayer aluminum material having an aluminum alloy core and an aluminum alloy cladding, wherein the aluminum alloy cladding contains ≦1.0 wt % Cu, ≦0.5 wt % Fe, ≦1.0 wt % Mn, ≦15 wt % Si, ≦0.15 wt % Ti, ≦7 wt % Zn and at least... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140272459 - Corrosion resistant aluminum coating on plasma chamber components: Components of semiconductor material processing chambers are disclosed, which may include a substrate and at least one corrosion-resistant coating formed on a surface thereof. The at least one corrosion-resistant coating is a high purity metal coating formed by a cold-spray technique. An anodized layer can be formed on the high... Agent: Lam Research Corporation

20140272461 - Corrosion-resistant brazing sheet package: This application discloses a corrosion-resistant brazing sheet package for use in manufacturing tubing. The brazing sheet package includes a core layer of aluminum-containing alloy comprising from 0.1 wt % to 0.2 wt % of titanium. The core layer has a first side and a second side. The first side of... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140272464 - Method for applying a wear-resistant layer to a turbomachine component: A method for applying a wear protection layer to a continuous flow machine component which has a base material comprising titanium is provided. The method includes the following steps: mixing a solder which comprises an alloy comprising titanium and particles which are distributed in the alloy and have a reaction... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140272465 - Method of heat treatment of silver layers: The subject of the invention is a process for obtaining a material comprising a substrate coated on at least one portion of at least one of its faces with a stack of thin layers comprising at least one silver layer, said process comprising a step of depositing said stack then... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20140272466 - Rolled surfaces having a dulled gloss finish: This application discloses cold rolled surfaces having a dulled gloss finish. The finish has a fairly uniform glossiness with a slightly matted appearance and with minimal directionality. The surfaces are prepared from work rolls having an Ra value of from 0.2 to 0.4 μm and an Rz value of less... Agent: Novelis Inc.

20140272467 - Calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate resistant coating and process of forming a calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate resistant coating: A process of forming a calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate (CMAS) penetration resistant coating, and a CMAS penetration resistant coating are disclosed. The process includes providing a thermal barrier coating having a dopant, and exposing the thermal barrier coating to calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate and gas turbine operating conditions. The exposing forming a calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate penetration resistant layer.... Agent: General Electric Company

20140272468 - Photochromic articles that include photochromic-dichroic materials: The present invention relates to photochromic articles that include a substrate and at least one photochromic material that is adapted to change from an unactivated form to an activated form by exposure to radiation substantially in the wavelength range from 380 to 450 nanometers when measured over a range of... Agent: Transitions Optical, Inc.

20140272469 - Annealing treatment for ion-implanted patterned media: The present disclosure relates to a method for fabricating an ion-implanted bit-patterned medium. The method includes providing a medium, the medium having a magnetic layer and a substrate and the magnetic layer includes migrating components. The method further includes forming a patterned mask layer on the surface of the magnetic... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140272470 - Energy assisted segregation material: Apparatus for recording data and method for making the same. In accordance with some embodiments, a magnetic layer is supported by a substrate and comprises a magnetic magnetic material, a non-magnetic material, and an energy assisted segregation material. The segregation material enhances segregation of the non-magnetic material into grain boundaries... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140272471 - Non-magnetic seed layer method and apparatus: In accordance with one embodiment, an apparatus can be configured that includes a main pole layer of magnetic material; a second layer of magnetic material; a first gap layer of non-magnetic material disposed between the main pole layer and the second layer of magnetic material; a second gap layer of... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140272472 - Method and apparatus for chemical-mechanical polishing: In accordance with certain embodiments, a method can be utilized that includes depositing a backfill material layer over a reader stack; depositing a chemical-mechanical-polishing stop layer above the layer of backfill material; and depositing a sacrificial layer on top of the chemical-mechanical-polishing stop layer.... Agent:

20140272473 - Damping controlled composite magnetic media for heat assisted magnetic recording: A magnetic stack includes a substrate and a magnetic recording layer disposed over the substrate. The magnetic recording layer comprises magnetic crystalline grains and a segregant disposed between grain boundaries of the crystalline grains. One or both of the magnetic crystalline grains and the segregant are doped with a rare... Agent:

20140272474 - Magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium, which comprises a magnetic layer comprising ferromagnetic powder and binder on a nonmagnetic support, wherein the ferromagnetic powder is ferromagnetic hexagonal ferrite powder comprising 3 to 12 weight percent of Al, based on Al2O3 conversion, relative to 100... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

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