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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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05/21/2015 > 123 patent applications in 87 patent subcategories.

20150140236 - A modular articulated doormat: An articulated modular doormat is composed of a series of identical transversal modules mutually connected with means that allow both for translation and rotation between adjacent modules.... Agent: The Wheel Works (pvt) Ltd.

20150140237 - Receiving layer for digital printing methods having nanofibrillated cellulose: A recording material for the ink-jet printing process with a carrier and at least one colour-receiving layer arranged on the carrier in the colour-receiving layer, containing a nanofibrillated cellulose and demonstrating an improved cracking behaviour in the image layer.... Agent: Schoeller Technocell Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150140238 - Sealing material and sealing method using the same: A sealing material is formed of a glass ribbon having a thickness of 1 to 100 μm. The sealing material has both surfaces and side surfaces formed into fire-polished surfaces.... Agent:

20150140239 - Method for modifying an aperture and system for modifying flow through a component: A method for modifying an aperture in a component, a system for modifying flow through a component, and a turbine component are disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate having at least one aperture having an electrically-conductive surface, providing a deposition device including an ESD torch, the ESD torch including... Agent: General Electric Company

20150140240 - Cloth-like textured nonwoven fabric comprising papermaking fibers, calendering roller and method of manufacturing the same: A calendering roller used to manufacture textured nonwoven fabric including papermaking fibers is disclosed. The calendering roller includes a positive pattern that includes a basic element having a ring shape and a repetition of said basic element along multiple rows and columns substantially overall a peripheral surface of the calendaring... Agent:

20150140241 - Method and apparatus for spiral cutting a glass tube using filamentation by burst ultrafast laser pulses: A method of producing a spiral cut transparent tube using laser machining includes using an ultrafast laser beam comprising a burst of laser pulses and focusing the laser beam on the transparent tube to enable relative movement between the laser beam and the transparent tube by moving the laser beam,... Agent: Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

20150140242 - Method for producing a structural component, device for carrying out the method and structural component: A method for producing a structural component from an organometallic sheet includes a first step in which the organometallic sheet is preheated. introduced into a tool and subsequently re-formed. In a second step, a region of the re-formed organometallic sheet is heated. In a third step at least the heated... Agent: Johnson Controls Gmbh

20150140243 - Polymeric foam insulation system for pipes: A pipe insulation system that serves as insulation for a length of pipe contains section of thermoplastic polymer foam that fit circumferentially around a length of pipe, rings of melt barrier material that fit circumferentially around the length of pipe and abut adjacent sections of thermoplastic foam, mesh around the... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150140244 - Heat-insulating wall, and heat-insulating housing and method for producing the same: A heat-insulating housing (21) includes: a wall body; and an open-cell resin body (4) of thermosetting resin with which a heat-insulating space formed by the wall body is filled by integral foaming, the open-cell resin body including: a plurality of cells (47); a cell film portion (42); a cell skeleton... Agent:

20150140245 - Preform for blow molded syringe for use with injectors: A syringe for use in a pressurized injection of a fluid includes a syringe barrel including a polymeric material having undergone expansion via blow molding. A preform for blow molding a blow molded syringe is described, the preform including a proximal end having a retention mechanism adapted to connect to... Agent:

20150140246 - Heat resistant ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer composition and process for its production: Disclosed herein are curable heat resistant ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer-polyamide blend compositions, wherein the ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer has a melting peak temperature of 100° C. or less. The blend compositions comprise 0.1 to 10 weight percent dispersed polyamide, and may be cured to form articles having improved heat resistance... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20150140247 - High-pressure gas hose or storage vessel: Disclosed is a high-pressure gas hose or storage vessel comprising at least one layer of a resin composition comprising (A) 1,2-diol in a side chain-containing vinyl alcohol-based resin, and (B) fluororesin having polar functional group capable of reacting with or forming hydrogen bond(s) with hydroxyl group. The gas-barrier layer comprising... Agent: The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20150140248 - Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article including the same: s

20150140249 - Adhesive composition having high flexibility: The present invention relates to an adhesive composition comprising: an alkyl acrylic acid ester monomer having an alkyl carbon number of 2 to 14; an acrylic acid ester monomer containing a hydroxyl group; and a copolymer obtained by copolymerizing an acrylic acid ester monomer. The present invention also provides the... Agent: Lg Hausys, Ltd

20150140250 - Method of manufacturing corrugated board: A method of manufacturing corrugated board with an integrated adhesive layer on one side overlaid by a peelable release-liner comprising the steps of constructing a laminate comprising a liner stock suitable for adhesive bonding to a cardboard medium, an adhesive layer and a peelable release liner; and applying the laminate... Agent: Gmc Marketing Limited

20150140251 - Forming apparatus and method and object thus made: A method for making objects by forming a thermoformable sheet material includes forming the objects by interaction of a die assembly and a forming assembly. The method further includes, compressing and crushing a first portion of the sheet material by a crushing punch device before forming the objects and maintaining... Agent:

20150140252 - Variable interlayer laminate panels and methods of forming the same: A variable interlayer laminate panel can include resin material derived from other resin panels, enabling use of waste trimmings from the manufacture of the other resin panels. Implementations therefore enable manufacturers to produce high-fashion but waste conscious resin panels that have a high degree of recycled content. In one implementation,... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20150140253 - Rigidly foldable array of three-dimensional bodies: Embodiments disclosed herein relate to rigidly foldable, foldable multi-body arrays or systems that may include three-dimensional bodies connected together by multiple hinges and reconfigurable between unfolded and folded configurations.... Agent:

20150140254 - Method and apparatus for providing liquid-proof seams for corrugated elastic laminates and articles made therefrom: A liquid-proof seamed article including an elastic laminated panel and a corrugated elastic laminated panel joined at the sealing regions of the laminated panels is provided. In exemplary embodiments, both of the laminated panels are corrugated. The laminated panels each include a textile layer and a protective layer. At least... Agent:

20150140255 - Joining of textured sheet materials: A method is provided for joining textured sheet materials. Complementary edges of two sheets of textured sheet material are aligned in an adjacent fashion. A joining element is positioned along at least a portion of the textured surfaces of the two sheets so as to cover at least a portion... Agent:

20150140256 - Shaped composite material: The present invention concerns a shaped composite material and a method for producing it. More specifically, the invention concerns a disc for a disc brake made from ceramic composite materials, usually known as “CMC”, i.e. “Carbon Material Ceramic” or “CCM”, i.e. “Carbon Ceramic Material”. These materials consist of carbon matrices... Agent: Petroceramics S.p.a.

20150140257 - Blank of titanium-doped glass with a high silica content for a mirror substrate for use in euv lithography and method for the production thereof: On the basis of a known method for producing a blank of titanium-doped glass with a high silica content (glass) for a mirror substrate for use in EUV lithography which has a surface region that has an outer contour, is intended to be provided with a reflective coating and is... Agent:

20150140258 - Glazing panel comprising glass sheets linked together via spacers and corresponding production method: The invention concerns a glazing panel comprising first (5) and second (5) glass sheets linked together via at least one spacer (8) which holds them a certain distance apart from one another and, between said glass sheets (5), an inner space (4) comprising at least one first cavity (41), in... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20150140259 - Radio-wave transparent cover and method for manufacturing radio-wave transparent cover: A radio-wave transparent cover is adapted to be arranged on a radio wave path of a radar device. The radio-wave transparent cover includes a transparent member, a decorative layer, a base, and a suppression member. The transparent member is formed of a first resin material. The decorative layer is formed... Agent:

20150140260 - Needle punched carpet: A needle punched carpet for use in a car is disclosed. The needle punched carpet comprises at least a needle punched facing layer defining a top layer and made of staple fibers. The staple fibers comprise hollow fibers having a hollow fiber content that is at least more than 45... Agent:

20150140261 - Vehicle floor mat: A vehicle floor mat includes a sheet of flexible thermoplastic elastomer containing at least one rigid plastic insert. The insert includes Velcro® hooks extending downwardly from its bottom surface for connecting the mat to a vehicle carpet or Velcro® loops on a pad connected to the vehicle floor pan. The... Agent:

20150140262 - Insulation layer structure: An insulation layer structure includes an insulation layer, at least one glass fiber embedded in the insulation layer and at least one opening penetrating through the insulation layer and cutting off the glass fiber. The glass fiber projects from a sidewall of the opening such that the ratio of the... Agent: Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.

20150140263 - Optical element and optical device: An optical element of an embodiment includes an optical element made of a material transparent to light, the optical element including: a back surface facing the front surface; and a connection surface. The front surface includes a recessed surface in a region facing the connection surface. The recessed surface has... Agent:

20150140264 - Variable-density carbon nanotube film: A method for making a variable-density carbon nanotube film is provided. A drawn carbon nanotube film, including a number of carbon nanotubes aligned along an aligned direction, is prepared. A number of thin regions are formed in the drawn carbon nanotube film along the aligned direction by reducing density of... Agent:

20150140265 - Cushioning wrap material and apparatus and methods of making same: A cushioning wrap material includes an elongate layer of expanded sheet material comprising an array of openings, and an elongate layer of interleaf material secured to the layer of expanded sheet material in face-to-face relationship. The expanded sheet material is expanded in length and thickness, and the layer of interleaf... Agent:

20150140266 - Biaxially stretched polypropylene film for capacitors: A biaxially stretched polypropylene film for a capacitor containing an isotactic polypropylene. The weight average molecular weight (Mw) of the isotactic polypropylene as measured by gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is 250,000 to 450,000, the molecular weight distribution Mw/Mn is 7 to 12 and Mz/Mn is 20 to 40, and the... Agent: Oji Holdings Corporation

20150140269 - Composite insulating building panel and system and method for attaching building panels: An insulation panel includes a foam core with a reinforced and vapor-impervious facing disposed on one or both sides of the core. A portion of the facing extends beyond the core and has an adhesive so that the overhanging portion can be secured to an abutting panel to cover a... Agent: Pacific Insulated Panel LLC

20150140268 - Method for manufacturing mold and method for manufacturing molded article having fine uneven structure on surface: A method for manufacturing a mold includes (a) anodizing an aluminum substrate at a voltage of 60 V to 120 V in an electrolytic solution in which two or more species of acid are mixed, and forming an oxide film having a plurality of minute holes on a surface of... Agent:

20150140267 - Surface preparation method: The invention relates to a process for the preparation, by spatial distribution of light intensity, of a surface in relief promoting order and spatial coherence serving as a guide for the organization, on nano- and micrometre scales, of an overlayer on the surface in particular of block copolymers.... Agent: Universite De Bordeaux

20150140270 - Decorative coverings: A decorative fabricated covering includes a first piece of vinyl. A first ink layer is printed on the first piece of vinyl and a textured layer is printed on top of the first ink layer. A second ink layer is printed on a second separate piece of vinyl. The first... Agent: Artscape, Inc.

20150140271 - Optical device and manufacture thereof: The invention provides an optical device and manufacture thereof. The optical device of the invention includes a transparent substrate, a seeding layer, a plurality of nano-rods and a protection layer. The seeding layer is formed to overlay an entrance surface and an exit surface of the transparent substrate. The plurality... Agent:

20150140272 - Extruded surface covering material for covering a boat or yacht deck or another outdoor area and an extruded product comprising such material: The invention relates to an extruded surface covering material for covering a boat or yacht deck or another outdoor area, the surface covering material comprising a synthetic material, where the surface covering material further comprises rigid hollow microballoons with an opaque surface. The invention also relates to an extruded product.... Agent: Flexiteek International A/s

20150140273 - Substrates comprising frothed benefit agents and the method of making the same: The present invention provides a nonwoven substrate comprising a fibrous web defining a surface; and a layer of a benefit agent wherein said benefit agent is selected from an additive composition, an enhancement component and combinations thereof; wherein said benefit agent is frothed and bonded to the fibrous web surface... Agent:

20150140274 - Pre-sintered blank for dental purposes: Pre-sintered blanks based on lithium disilicate glass ceramic are described which are suitable in particular for the preparation of dental restorations.... Agent:

20150140275 - Flexible heat sealed decorative articles having a support layer and methods of making the same: Various decorative articles and methods of manufacturing the same are described. In particular, decorative articles having a support layer and an adhesive. The support layer is positioned between a decorative element and a substrate having a surface disruption. When the support layer is adhered to the substrate by an adhesive,... Agent:

20150140276 - Solid body joining of a carrier body and a cover layer, particularly by anodic bonding: In a method for solid body joining of a carrier body (10) and a cover layer (20), in particular by anodic bonding, the cover layer (20) is pressed with a pressing force against a curved carrier body surface (11), wherein the pressing force during the solid body joining is distributed... Agent:

20150140277 - Anti-scattering structure: An anti-scattering structure which comprises a substrate having a first surface; and a polymer layer of a urea as an anti-scattering layer.... Agent: Silitech Technology Corporation

20150140278 - Composite stretchable member: Provided is a composite stretchable member with a smaller thickness and more uniform pleats. The composite stretchable member is stretchable in a first direction and is provided with a first nonwoven fabric sheet part and a second nonwoven fabric sheet part which are superposed on each other, and a plurality... Agent: Unicharm Corporation A Corporation

20150140279 - Hard coating film and preparation method thereof: The present invention relates to a hard coating film and a preparation method thereof, and, more particularly, to a hard coating film having high hardness and excellent properties and a method of preparing the same. The method is advantageous in that a high-hardness hard coating film, which is not easily... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150140280 - Method of treating surface of metal base metallic material treated by the surface treatment method and method of coating the metallic material: A metal surface treatment method for a metal base material in order to improve the uniformity of a cathodic electrodeposition coating film, the method including: a surface treatment step for forming a chemical conversion film on a metal base material by contacting the metal base material with a metal surface... Agent:

20150140281 - Nestable molded articles, and related assemblies and methods: A man-made, molded article is provided. The article includes a profile including a planar wall, and an adjacent integral molded depression having a contoured wall extending downwardly from the planar wall. The contoured wall includes a bead portion, a cove portion, and a ledge between the bead and cove portions.... Agent:

20150140282 - Process for producing a web substrate having indicia disposed thereon and elastic-like behavior imparted thereto: A process for providing indicia and an elastic-like behavior to a web substrate is disclosed. The process comprises the steps of: providing a web substrate; printing indicia on the web substrate; and, providing the web substrate with a plurality of first regions and a plurality of second regions comprising the... Agent:

20150140283 - Branched interconnected microvascular network in polymers and composites using sacrificial polylactide films, sheets and plates: A thermally degradable polymeric sheet, comprising: a poly(hydroxyalkanoate); and a metal selected from the group consisting of an alkali earth metal and a transition metal; where the volume fraction of the metal in the sheet is at least 0.1 vol %.... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

20150140285 - Forming conductive metal pattern using reactive polymers: A conductive metal pattern is formed in a polymeric layer that has a reactive polymer that comprises (1) pendant groups that are capable of providing pendant sulfonic acid groups upon exposure to radiation, and (2) pendant groups that are capable of reacting in the presence of the sulfonic acid groups... Agent:

20150140286 - Integrated ingot for tsv substrtaes and method for making the same: The disclosure describes a metal-wire-based method for making an integrated ingot, which basically comprises a dielectric matrix and a patterned array of metal wires, and may further comprise other additive elements at desired locations. After sawing the integrated ingot into slices, a plurality of substrates containing through substrate metal pillars... Agent:

20150140289 - Method of patterning a bioresorbable material: A method of patterning a bioresorbable material includes providing a fluoropolymer layer in a first pattern over a layer of bioresorbable material. A patterned bioresorbable material is formed by selectively removing the bioresorbable material in areas not covered by the first pattern of fluoropolymer. The fluoropolymer layer may optionally be... Agent:

20150140290 - Multilayer articles and methods of making and using the same: Multilayer articles comprise a thermoformable substrate, a base layer, and an optional transparent protective layer. Methods of making and using the paint film composites, and shaped articles made thereby, are also disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150140284 - Process for depositing a ceramic coating and product formed thereof: A system and methods for applying a ceramic coating to a component that includes first applying a coating material to a first portion of a component. A removal agent is then applied to a second portion of the component that has an overspray byproduct thereon, and then the ceramic coating... Agent: General Electric Company

20150140288 - System and method for embossing the wire side of a molded fiber article: A system and method for constructing a molded fiber article capable of having detailed indicia embossed thereon is provided. A molded fiber article having a smooth surface with detailed indicia is also provided. The system includes using a wire mesh structure coupled with an embossing plate such that the embossing... Agent:

20150140287 - Transparent conductive electrodes comprising merged metal nanowires, their structure design, and method of making such structures: A method for making a nanowire-based electrode having homogenous optical property and heterogeneous electrical property is disclosed. The method comprises forming a pattern on the electrode using a photolytically process.... Agent:

20150140291 - Device for protecting liquid crystal glass: m

20150140292 - Laser-personalizable security articles: Laser-personalizable security articles include a multi-layer security document and an optically transparent processing tape. The multi-layer security document includes an optically transparent cover layer, a composite image and an imagable layer adjacent to the cover layer. The first surface of the cover layer is at least partially a microstructured surface,... Agent:

20150140293 - Metal-base printed circuit board: A highly thermally conductive printed circuit board prevents electrochemical migration by inhibiting elution of copper ions. The printed circuit board is a metal-base printed circuit board including a metal base plate having an insulating resin layer and a copper foil layer stacked thereon in this order. In the printed circuit... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150140295 - Method of manufacturing three-dimensional shaped object, three-dimensional shaped object, three-dimensional shaped object manufacturing apparatus, method of controlling three-dimensional shaped object manufacturing apparatus, and program for controlling t: A method of manufacturing a three-dimensional shaped object is a method of manufacturing a three-dimensional shaped object with which unit layers are laminated. The method is characterized by including a layer formation step for using a three-dimensional shaping composition that contains a three-dimensional shaping powder composed of a plurality of... Agent:

20150140294 - Preformed thermoplastic pavement marking and method for high skid resistance with maintained high retroreflectivity: The disclosure describes preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material composition comprising an intermix and drop-on combination of glass beads and long term skid resistance aggregate provided in the necessary proportions to achieve high skid resistance of Class S5 while maintaining high retroreflectivity of Class R5 using non-clustered regular glass beads per... Agent:

20150140296 - Resin composition, metal foil provided with resin layer, metal clad laminate, and printed wiring board: To achieve the object, the resin composition used for constituting a resin layer on a metal layer surface of a laminate includes a polyphenylene ether compound and 10 parts by mass to 100 parts by mass of a styrene-butadiene block copolymer and 0.1 parts by mass to 100 parts by... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20150140297 - Surface preparation using optical energy: Subsequent to transforming the texture on the surface of the base material, the fabrication resource then adheres a supplemental material such as paste including glass powder to the transformed texture on the surface. Application of heat to the paste fuses the glass powder of the applied paste into a glass... Agent:

20150140298 - Hot press cushioning material: A hot press cushioning material (14a) includes: a first nonwoven fabric (15) forming an inner layer; and second nonwoven fabrics (16a, 16b) placed on both surfaces of the first nonwoven fabric (15) and forming outer layers. Copolymerized para-aramid fibers having a basis weight of 80 to 400 g/m2 are used... Agent: Yamauchi Corporation

20150140299 - Scratch-resistant boroaluminosilicate glass: Ion exchangeable boroaluminosilicate glasses having high levels of intrinsic scratch resistance are provided. The glasses include the network formers SiO2, B2O3, and Al2O3, and at least one of Li2O, Na2O, and K2O. When ion exchanged these glasses may have a Knoop scratch initiation threshold of at least about 40 Newtons... Agent:

20150140301 - Laminated glass structures having high glass to polymer interlayer adhesion: A thin glass laminate is provided including at least one or two thin glass sheets with at least one polymer interlayer laminated therebetween. The laminate has a high level of adhesion between the two glass sheets and the interlayer, such that the laminate has a pummel value of at least... Agent:

20150140300 - Multi-layer film with improved modulus properties: The invention relates to a multi-layer, preferably co-extruded, plastic film with improved modulus properties, which is suitable, in particular, for producing three-dimensionally shaped articles.... Agent:

20150140303 - Bi-oriented polypropylene film for envelope windows: e

20150140302 - High-resistance laminate and tactile sensor-use front plate: A high-resistance laminate includes a transparent substrate and a high-resistance layer formed upon the transparent substrate. The high-resistance layer contains an oxide that includes tin and titanium as main components. The atomic ratio of the tin to the titanium (Sn/Ti) is 80/20 to 95/5, and the surface resistivity value of... Agent: Senseg Ltd.

20150140304 - Cast silage film with enhanced cling properties: The present invention relates to a cast film comprising at least the following three layers: 1) A first skin layer comprising a homogeneously branched linear low density polyethylene having a density in the range of 0.87 to 0.90 g/cm3 and a melt index greater than 1 g/10 min; 2) a... Agent:

20150140307 - Adhesion method using thin adhesive layers: The invention relates to a method for adhering flexible substrates, the connecting adhesive layer being formed in a thin manner. The invention further relates to a composite substrate, wherein the two substrates are connected by a thin flexible adhesive layer.... Agent:

20150140305 - Carbon aerogel: Methods and compositions for making carbon aerogels from biomass are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of making a carbon aerogel from a biomass involves dielectrically heating a biomass slurry to produce the carbon aerogel. The method further includes heating the carbon aerogel to produce an electrically conducting carbon aerogel.... Agent:

20150140306 - Heat-resistant resin composite, method for producing same, and non-woven fabric for heat-resistant resin composite: Provided is a heat-resistant resin composite excellent in heat resistance and bending properties. This heat-resistant resin composite is constituted of a matrix resin and reinforcing fibers dispersed in the matrix resin. The matrix resin is constituted of a heat-resistant thermoplastic polymer having a glass transition temperature of 100° C. or... Agent: Kuraray Co., Ltd.

20150140308 - Crosslinkable reactive polymers: Crosslinkable reactive polymers comprise -A- and —B— recurring units, arranged randomly along a backbone. The -A- recurring units comprise pendant aromatic sulfonic acid oxime ester groups that are capable of providing pendant aromatic sulfonic acid groups upon irradiation with radiation having a λmax of at least 150 nm and up... Agent:

20150140310 - Insulator material composition and method: An electrical insulator material includes a polymer and a solvent, and has a viscosity in the range of from about 1.0 to about 20.0 cP such that the electrical insulator material can be applied to a surface using an ink jet print head.... Agent:

20150140309 - Process and apparatus for embossing precise microstructures in rigid thermoplastic panels: A process and apparatus for embossing relatively rigid polymeric panels having precise microstructured surfaces on at least one face of the panel including using a continuous press having upper and lower belts; providing tools with the embossing pattern(s); feeding the tools and panels juxtaposed thereon through the press where heat... Agent:

20150140311 - Method for removing odor of artificial leather and artificial leather manufactured using the same: A method is provided for removing a volatile organic compound (VOC) contained in an artificial leather fabric and odor caused by the volatile organic compound by coating the artificial leather fabric with an adsorbent which reacts with a noxious substance containing the volatile organic compound (VOC); and immersing; washing; and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150140312 - Nanoparticle finish for mineral and carbon fibers: A method and product for creating a customizable fabric for specific end-use composites is provided. This method includes creating a three-dimensional matrix on woven fabrics, such as glass or carbon fiber fabrics via the addition of nanoparticles and a coupling agent; and, attaching a functional group compatible to specific resins... Agent:

20150140313 - High-pressure device: The invention relates to a high-pressure device for application of an expandable reaction mixture on a surface, to a method for producing expandable foams, to a device for producing sandwich composite elements, and to a method for producing expanded sandwich composite elements. The high-pressure device includes a mixing head, a... Agent:

20150140314 - Surface treatment method on micro-arc oxidation treated mg alloys: Chemically and mechanically protective oxide film was formed on Mg alloys using micro-arc oxidation (MAO) methods. Further modification of the obtained MAO surfaces was made in various aspects and the processes thereof were described. Firstly, the protection is enhanced by forming super-hydrophobic surfaces, with water contact angle higher than 140°,... Agent: Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Ltd.

20150140315 - Resin foam and foam material: A resin foam having excellent dustproofness not only at ordinary temperatures but also particularly at high temperatures as well as having excellent flexibility. The resin foam has a thickness recovery ratio at high temperatures as defined below of not less than 25%, an average cell diameter of 10 to 200... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20150140316 - Protective coating for low index material: The present disclosure describes a protective coating for a low index material, and a process for preparing a protected low index material. The protective coating partially penetrates the pores of a low index material, providing a seal protecting the pores, and can strengthen the construction by forming a gradient in... Agent:

20150140317 - High surface area catalyst: The present invention relates to the field of catalysts, and more specifically to nanoparticle catalysts. Materials with high porosity which contain nanoparticles can be created by various methods, such as sol-gel synthesis. The invention provides catalytic materials with very high catalytically active surface area, and methods of making and using... Agent:

20150140318 - Anti-powdering and anti-static polymer film for digital printing: A coated polymer film, such as a coated polyester film, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the coated film may be used as a substrate for digital printing. In one embodiment, the coating contains an anionic anti-static agent comprising a sulphonated copolyester resin. In an alternative embodiment, the coating contains an... Agent:

20150140319 - Fuser member and method of manufacture: A fuser member including a substrate and a release layer disposed on the substrate is provided. The fuser member includes a substrate and a release layer disposed on the substrate. The release layer includes non-woven polymer fibers having graphene particles dispersed along the fibers. A method of manufacturing the release... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150140320 - Surface layer and fuser member: Described is a fuser member including a substrate and a release layer disposed on the substrate. The release layer includes a fluoropolymer having a plurality of metal fibers having a diameter of from about 5 nanometers to about 20 microns dispersed throughout the fluoropolymer. A method of manufacturing the fuser... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150140321 - Methodology for improved adhesion for deposited fluorinated transparent conducting oxide films on a substrate: A method and device for improving the adhesion of fluorinated transparent conducting oxide films by incorporating a non-conducting, non-fluorinated adhesion layer between a substrate and a transparent conducting oxide.... Agent:

20150140322 - Organic-inorganic composite resin, coating composition containing the same and application thereof: The present invention provides an organic-inorganic composite resin, which is derived from: (A) an inorganic portion comprising (a1) one or more siloxane monomers of formula (R1)nSi(OR2)4-n, wherein R1, R2 and n are as defined in the specification; (a2) an acidic catalyst, (a3) silica, and (a4) a siloxane oligomer; and (B)... Agent: Eternal Materials Co., Ltd.

20150140323 - Tear resistant paperboard structure and method: A tear-resistant paperboard laminate includes a tear-resistant MD oriented Polyolefin core layer having first and second opposite sides. The tear-resistant paperboard laminate further includes a first paperboard layer bonded to the first side of the tear-resistant MD oriented Polyolefin core layer, with a first bonding medium. The tear-resistant paperboard laminate... Agent:

20150140324 - Adhesive laminate: t

20150140325 - Ion exchangeable high damage resistance glasses: Embodiments of glass composition including at least about 65 mol % SiO2, Al2O3 in the range from about 7 mol % to about 11 mol %, Na2O in the range from about 13 mol % to about 16 mol %; and a non-zero amount of one or more alkali earth... Agent:

20150140326 - Compositions and methods for treating cellulose-based materials with micronized additives: A composition for treating cellulosic materials is provided. The composition comprises a dispersion of micronized additives. The dispersion comprises additive particles with diameters in the range of 0.001 to 25 microns. Also provided is a method for the application of the additive-containing composition to wood, as well as wood products... Agent:

20150140328 - Barrier materials for mirror assemblies: Provided herein is a reflective optical construction containing a fluoropolymer barrier layer, wherein the fluoropolymer is selected from the group consisting of homopolymers and copolymers of at least one tetrafluoropropene or pentafluoropropene, preferably 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene. Also disclosed is a method of forming a reflective optical construction including (a) applying a barrier... Agent:

20150140327 - Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a sandwich type steel sheet having low specific gravity and high stiffness which may be applied to an exterior plate of a vehicle and the like, which require excellent strength, dent resistance and the like. Further, a method of manufacturing the sandwich type steel sheet having a low... Agent:

20150140329 - Adhesive tape for use with paints having low or no volatile organic compounds: An adhesive tape comprising a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, and an adhesive applied to the top or the bottom surface of the substrate. The adhesive comprises a tackifying resin. The tackifying resin comprises a rosin resin, a rosin resin derivative, a terpene resin, a heat... Agent: Shurtape Technologies, LLC

20150140330 - Laminate and method of preventing or reducing electrification of the same: To provide a laminate comprising a substrate and a cured silicone product, wherein the substrate and the cured silicone product are integrated well and the cured silicone product provides superior electrification preventing or reducing properties to the laminate. A laminate comprising: a substrate (L1), a primer layer (L2) formed on... Agent:

20150140331 - Nanoparticles and method of making nanoparticles: Embodiments of the present disclosure include metal boride nanoparticles, methods of making metal boride nanoparticles, methods of using metal boride nanoparticle, metal oxide nanoparticles, methods of making metal oxide nanoparticles, methods of using metal oxide nanoparticle, and the like.... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20150140332 - Production of high-purity lithium fluoride: The present invention relates to a process for preparing high-purity lithium fluoride proceeding from lithium carbonate, and to lithium fluoride having a preferred morphology.... Agent:

20150140333 - Porous substrates, articles, systems and compositions comprising nanofibers and methods of their use and production: Porous and/or curved nanofiber bearing substrate materials are provided having enhanced surface area for a variety of applications including as electrical substrates, semipermeable membranes and barriers, structural lattices for tissue culturing and for composite materials, production of long unbranched nanofibers, and the like. A method of producing nanofibers is disclosed... Agent:

20150140334 - Microparticle, particularly a microparticle for the counterfeit-proof marking of products: A microparticle, particularly a microparticle for the counterfeit-proof marking of products, wherein the microparticle comprises at least one first layer and at least one second layer. The first layer forms an external side of the microparticle and at least one mark preaffixed to this side is arranged at least on... Agent:

20150140335 - Thin film compositions and methods: Certain embodiments of the present invention include a versatile and scalable process, “patterned regrowth,” that allows for the spatially controlled synthesis of lateral junctions between electrically conductive graphene and insulating h-BN, as well as between intrinsic and substitutionally doped graphene. The resulting films form mechanically continuous sheets across these heterojunctions.... Agent:

20150140336 - White glass: A white glass contains, in terms of mole percentage on the basis of the following oxides, from 50 to 80% of SiO2, from 0 to 10% of Al2O3, from 11 to 30% of MgO, from 0 to 15% of Na2O and from 0.5 to 15% of P2O5.... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150140338 - Indicator coatings for metal surfaces: Methods and compositions for treating a substrate are provided. The composition contains a corrosion-inhibiting metal cation and a conjugated compound.... Agent: PCr-desoto International, Inc.

20150140337 - Polymeric article with enhanced ductility and method of making the same: According to one or more embodiments, a polymeric article includes a polymeric composition, which in turn includes a polymeric material in a first weight percent, a non-metallic fibrous material in a second weight percent, and a metallic fiber material in a third weight percent and being intermixed with the non-metallic... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150140339 - Method for producing an adjustment spacer: A method for producing an adjustment shim includes preparing a liquid solution of a non-polymerized resin and a solvent; coating sheets of metal with the liquid solution so as to form a film of resin on at least one face of each of the sheets of metal; stacking the metal... Agent:

20150140340 - Thermal resistant mirror-like coating: This invention discloses a new process of preparing highly reflective coatings with thermal resistance on substrates of metals. The thermal resistant coating layers include a minor-like coating with high reflectivity and a transparent protective coating, which are coated on metallic substrates with surfaces pre-treated by anodizing or thermal resistant primers... Agent:

20150140341 - Magnetic floor surface: The present invention is directed to a method for providing a surface, in particular a floor surface, with a layer of a magnetic and/or magnetizable cover composition, the surface having at least one layer of cementitious material, wherein the method comprises the step of spreading the layer of the cover... Agent:

20150140342 - Boron chain embedded carbon nanotubes: Compositions comprising boron chain embedded carbon nanotubes, methods of making, and methods of using are provided. Electroluminescent compositions comprising the same are also provided.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20150140343 - Adhesive, and transparent substrate using same: m

20150140344 - Coated medical devices: Processes for coating medical devices are provided herein. The processes include contacting a substrate with a sulfur-functional silane and an additional silane. The resulting coating includes a silane layer having improved adherence to the medical device, covering a greater area.... Agent:

20150140345 - Refinish coating system and repairing method for automotive resin glazing: A refinish coating system comprising (I) an intermediate coating composition and (II) a topcoat coating composition is useful for repairing a damage area of a silicone hard coat layer on an automotive resin glazing substrate. The intermediate coating composition (I) comprises (A) a reactive siloxane compound and (B) silica. The... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150140346 - Room-temperature-curable polyorganosiloxane composition and electric/electronic apparatus: This room-temperature-curable polyorganosiloxane composition contains: (A) 100 parts by mass of polyorganosiloxane consisting of: (A1) 10 to 80 parts by mass of a both ends alkoxysilyl group-terminated polyorganosiloxane and (A2) 90 to 20 parts by mass of a partial hydrolysis condensate (the number of Si atoms is 10 to 200)... Agent: Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC

20150140347 - Composition for forming film of metal object, film formed using the same, and method of forming film: A film formation composition for surface treatment of a metal object includes at least one salt selected from a hydrofluoric acid salt, a phosphate, and a nitrate, and at least one hydrogen antifoaming agent selected from a hydrogen foaming inhibitor, a hydrogen bubble adhesion inhibitor, and a base for pH... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150140348 - Adhesive for packaging materials, and packaging material: Disclosed is an adhesive for packaging materials being in a form of an aqueous dispersion including an acid-modified polyolefin resin containing a (meth)acrylic acid ester component, polyvinyl alcohol and an aqueous medium, wherein the content of polyvinyl alcohol is 0.1 to 10 parts by mass in relation to 100 parts... Agent: Unitika Ltd.

20150140349 - Display device including gel material coating layer, and manufacturing and repair methods of the same: A display device comprises a display panel, a window layer and a coating formed of gel material. The window layer is formed on the display panel and the coating layer is formed on the window layer.... Agent:

20150140350 - Alkyl aromatic hydroalkylation for the production of plasticizers: d

20150140351 - Method for fixing a connecting element on a workpiece and component comprising a workpiece with a connecting element fixed on it: A method for fixing on a metal workpiece a connecting element permits the friction-increasing, play-free, reversible connection of workpieces to be joined. The connecting element includes a metal foil which bears on its joining surfaces hard material particles, which are fixed on the metal foil by means of a metallic... Agent:

20150140352 - Semifinished product and high-strength degradable implant formed therefrom: A semifinished product for an implant and implants produced from the semifinished product, the semifinished product comprising or consisting of a region of a magnesium alloy, which is characterized by a grain size gradient of the magnesium alloy between two opposed surfaces from ≦3 μm to ≧8 μm, in each... Agent:

20150140353 - Article formed by plasma spray: An article and method of forming the article are disclosed. The article includes a substrate, an overlay bond coat deposited over the substrate and a topcoat deposited over the bond coat. The bond coat of the article includes a plasma affected region proximate to an interface between the bond coat... Agent: General Electric Company

20150140354 - Heat treatable coated article with low-e coating having zinc stannate based layer between ir reflecting layers and corresponding method: A coated article is provided which may be heat treated (e.g., thermally tempered) in certain example instances. In certain example embodiments, the coated article includes a low-emissivity (low-E) coating having a zinc stannate based layer provided over a silver-based infrared (IR) reflecting layer, where the zinc stannate based layer is... Agent: Centre Luxembourgeois De Recherches Pour Le Verre Et La Ceramique (c.r.v.c.) Sarl

20150140355 - Laminate: A laminate comprising a transparent substrate and a laminated membrane provided on the transparent substrate, wherein the laminated membrane contains, in order from the transparent substrate side, a layer having two layers of a first dielectric layer and a silver layer formed in contact with each other in this order,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150140356 - Thermal barrier coating with controlled defect architecture: Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) particles (40) form a thermal barrier layer (58) on a metal substrate (24). The YSZ particles have a porous interior (52, 54) and a fully melted and solidified outer shell (50). The thermal barrier layer may have porosity greater than 12%, including porosity within the particles... Agent:

20150140357 - Layer for an electrical contact element, layer system and method for producing a layer: A contact layer for an electrical contact is disclosed having bismuth and being tin-free.... Agent: Tyco Electronics Amp Gmbh

20150140358 - Hot-dip galvannealed hot-rolled steel sheet and process for producing same: In a high strength hot-dip galvannealed hot-rolled steel sheet that has an excellent hole expansibility suitable for a stretch flanging and preferably has a high yield ratio and a tensile strength of at least 650 MPa, a hot-rolled steel sheet used as a base material for plating has a chemical... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

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20150132508 - Fabric print media: The present disclosure is drawn to fabric print media and a method of coating a fabric substrate to form a fabric print medium. The fabric print medium can comprise a primer layer applied to the fabric substrate, an ink-fixing layer applied to the primer layer, and an ink-receiving layer applied... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150132509 - Recording material: A printable recording material that contains an opaque supporting substrate; a resin-rich barrier layer; a coating composition with bimodal pore size distribution; and an ink colorant-receiving layer. Also disclosed herein are the method for making such material and the method for producing printed images using said printable recording material.... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150132510 - Heat-sensitive transfer recording medium: There is provided a heat-sensitive transfer recording medium which is able to better suppress the occurrence of abnormal transfer during high-speed printing using a high-speed printer of sublimation transfer type and is able to improve transfer sensitivity in high-speed printing. The heat-sensitive transfer recording medium includes a base (10), a... Agent:

20150132511 - Composite material, heat-absorbing component, and method for producing the composite material: In a known composite material with a fused silica matrix there are regions of silicon-containing phase embedded. In order to provide a composite material which is suitable for producing components for use in high-temperature processes for heat treatment even when exacting requirements are imposed on impermeability to gas and on... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150132512 - Biobased rubber modified biodegradable polymer blends: Compositions of biobased polymer blends of polymers and a polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer are described. In certain embodiments, the copolymer is a multiphase copolymer blend having one phase a glass transition temperature of about −5° C. to about −50° C. Methods of making the compositions of the invention are also described. Also... Agent:

20150132513 - Indoline-nitroxide radical as stabiliser and inhibitor for reaction resins, reaction resins containing same and use thereof: Use of a stable indole-nitroxide radical as a stabilizer and/or inhibitor for resin mixtures and reactive resin mortars is described on the basis of radically curable compounds. Resin mixtures and reactive resin mortars may be made stable in storage very effectively using the indole nitroxide radical and the pot life... Agent:

20150132514 - Polyethylene blend-composition suitable for blown films, and films made therefrom: The instant invention provides a polyethylene blend-composition suitable for blown films, and films made therefrom. The polyethylene blend-composition suitable for blown films comprises the melt blending product of: (a) from 0.5 to 4 percent by weight of a low density polyethylene having a density in the range of from 0.915... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20150132515 - Polypropylene-based film with improved mechanical and sealing properties and method of making same: A polypropylene-based film comprising at least three layers characterized by two skin layers and at least one core layer, wherein the at least one core layer and/or at least one skin layer comprises a polymer blend of: (i) a first propylene-based polymer which comprises (A) at least 60 weight percent... Agent:

20150132516 - Traffic signal housing and road sign obtained using high-strength fibre composite: Provided are a traffic signal housing and a road sign which are higher in weather resistance and lighter in weight as compared with conventional traffic signal housings and road signs using metal plates. A traffic signal housing and a road sign each made of a high-strength fiber composite in which... Agent:

20150132517 - Butt-welded tubular packaging body: The present invention relates to a tubular packaging body formed from a flexible film having a thickness e, the ends of which are butt welded and covered by a plastic reinforcement element located on the inner surface of said tubular body and having a section defined by a width l... Agent:

20150132518 - Chlorine-resistant crosslinkable polyolefin compositions and articles made therefrom: The present invention relates to chlorine resistant crosslinkable silane-containing polyolefin compositions and stabilizer masterbatch compositions, their preparation, and articles made therefrom. These crosslinkable silane-containing compositions contain a mixture of antioxidants, light absorbers and stabilizers that provide resistance to the levels of chlorine used in potable water and to light, thereby... Agent:

20150132519 - Rapidly deployed nano material structures: Structural elements comprised of functionalized material in a rapidly setting resin. The structural elements are rapidly deployable and arranged as structures that provide ballistic and impact resistance. The structures are fabricated using specific molds that shape a specific rapid cure resin-filler mixture.... Agent:

20150132520 - Flat panel display apparatus: A flat panel display apparatus includes: a display panel which displays an image; a window facing the display panel, where a first surface of the window faces the display panel; and a black matrix on a second surface of the window opposite to the first surface of the window.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20150132521 - Low-gloss soft-touch thermoformable paint film laminate: wherein the low-gloss soft-feel layer d) is obtained by applying a liquid coating composition on the at least one intermediate layer c) and drying and curing the liquid coating composition, and wherein the liquid coating composition comprises a polycarbonate diol and a hydroxyl-reactive crosslinker.... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20150132522 - Touch screen shield: A shield that is attachable to a touch sensitive screen is disclosed. The shield may be attached to the touch sensitive screen only at its outer peripheral portion. An air gap is enclosed between the shield and the touch sensitive screen to form a planar air bearing. The shield preferably... Agent:

20150132523 - Traverse wound double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape: A spool of traverse wound double-sided PSA tape and method of making same. The PSA tape includes an adhesive body with an upper adhesive surface releasably adhered to a bottom side of a release liner having a release value. At least one reinforcing strand is disposed longitudinally through the adhesive... Agent: Rayven, Inc.

20150132524 - In-line shear resistant nonwoven textiles comprised of selectively slit and embossed film: A nonwoven industrial textile for conveying in an industrial process, seaming elements and methods of manufacture. The textile comprises at least first and second layers of film. Each layer comprises protrusions separated by land areas and each defining an aperture for a flow path through the layer. For at least... Agent:

20150132525 - Method for manufacturing small-sized sheet, structural element, and method for manufacturing structural element: The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a small-sized physically-strengthened glass sheet having excellent design properties, a structure using the small-sized physically-strengthened glass sheet, and a method for manufacturing the structure. In the cutting step in the method for manufacturing a physically-strengthened glass sheet of the present invention, the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20150132526 - Flexible bamboo chair pad: A bamboo Chair pad that can be manufactured from 100% Anji Mountain bamboo from China. The bamboo is all treated with various protective coatings to add resistance to natural factors including water, sun and dirt. All bamboo chair pads can be manufactured from the harder portions of the bamboo trunk.... Agent:

20150132527 - Handle wafer: A handle wafer which prevents edge cracking during a thinning process and method of using the handle wafer for grinding processes are disclosed. The handle wafer includes a body portion with a bottom surface. A square edge portion is provided about a circumference of the bottom surface.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150132528 - Display board: A display board includes a core structure, which includes a three-dimensional core having a front surface and a back surface, a first rigid board attached to the front surface, a second rigid board attached to the back surface, and respective rigid skins applied to an exposed surface of each of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150132529 - Piezoelectric ceramic, method of manufacturing same, and piezoelectric ceramic speaker using same: A piezoelectric ceramic has a primary phase constituted by ceramic grains of perovskite crystal structure containing Pb, Nb, Zn, Ti, and Zr, and a secondary phase constituted by ZnO grains present sporadically in the primary phase. The piezoelectric ceramic of high kr and high specific dielectric constant can be sintered... Agent:

20150132530 - Touch screen, electronic equipment and method of preventing light leakage of a touch screen: The embodiment of the present invention provides a touch screen, an electronic equipment and a method of preventing light leakage of a touch screen, wherein the touch screen comprises a substrate and a plurality of printing layers, the plurality of printing layers at least include a first printing layer adjacent... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150132531 - Substrate structure and panel structure: A substrate structure including an upper surface, a lower surface and a plurality of side surfaces is provided. The lower surface is opposite to the upper surface. The side surfaces connect to the upper surface and the lower surface. Each side surface has a perpendicular surface, a first corner surface... Agent:

20150132532 - Method of making a sandwich-type composite panel having a cellulose-based core and a living hinge and panel obtained by performing the method: A method of making a sandwich-type composite panel having a cellulose-based core and a living hinge from a stack of material is provided. The stack includes first and second reinforced thermoplastic skins, first and second sheets of thermoplastic adhesive and a cellulose-based cellular core disposed between the sheets and the... Agent:

20150132533 - Textile-reinforced concrete component: A concrete component includes a fiber reinforcement structure (12), formed by a grid arrangement (15). At least some of the rods extending in the X or Y direction are preferably designed as double rods having a joined cross-section or having sub-cross-sections separated from each other by a gap (20). Such... Agent:

20150132534 - Secondary containment mat: Improved secondary containment mats and systems of secondary containment mats may include a top surface and a bottom surface, with a liner material placed between the top and bottom surfaces. Multiple mats may provide a modular structural mat system that may be installed at a drill site, with multiple mats... Agent:

20150132535 - Sandwich panel, method of building such a sandwich panel, a core of such a sandwich panel, and a building built of a plurality of such sandwich panels: The invention relates to a sandwich panel, comprising: —a core, comprising: —a plurality of zigzag-shaped first spacers extending in a first longitudinal direction, each first spacer comprising at each corner thereof a first loop; —a plurality of zigzag-shaped second spacers extending in the first longitudinal direction, each second spacer comprising... Agent: Mct Mesh Contruction Technology Holding B.v.

20150132537 - Conductor, conductive composition and laminate: The present invention relates to a conductor having a substrate and a conductive coating film laminated on the substrate, wherein, the surface resistance value of the conductive coating film is 5×1010Ω/□ or less, the Ra1 of the conductive coating film is 0.7 nm or less, the Ra2 value of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150132538 - Glass laminate construction for optimized breakage performance: A glass laminate includes at least one chemically-strengthened glass sheets with a thickness not exceeding 2.0 mm and a polymer interlayer between the glass sheets. Flaws are created in the surface of one of the glass sheets in order to weaken the glass laminate upon an impact event on a... Agent:

20150132540 - Handle substrates of composite substrates for semiconductors: A composite substrate for a semiconductor includes a handle substrate 11 and a donor substrate bonded to a surface of the handle substrate 11 directly or through a bonding layer. The handle substrate 11 is composed of an insulating polycrystalline material, a surface 15 of the handle substrate 11 has... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20150132536 - High color rendering index and high thermal characteristics of red nitride phosphors: The high color rendering index (CRI) and high thermal properties of the red nitride phosphor are proposed in the invention. The phosphor would keep the original crystal phase and reduce the change of crystal volume by replacing different atoms. In addition, the red nitride phosphor can be excited by an... Agent:

20150132539 - Process for applying a friction reducing coating: A coated device comprising a body, a coating on at least a portion of a surface of the body, wherein the coating comprises, a terminal layer, and at least one underlayer positioned between the terminal layer and the body, the underlayer comprising a hardness of greater than 61 HRc, wherein... Agent:

20150132541 - Forming white metal oxide films by oxide structure modification or subsurface cracking: The embodiments described herein relate to forming white appearing metal oxide films by forming cracks within the metal oxide films. In some embodiments, the methods involve directing a laser beam at a metal oxide film causing portions of the metal oxide film to melt, cool, contract, and crack. The cracks... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150132542 - Composite substrate with a protective layer for preventing metal from diffusing: The present application discloses a composite substrate with a protective layer for preventing metal from diffusing, comprising: a thermally and electrically conductive layer (2) having a melting point of greater than 1000° C., and a GaN mono-crystalline layer (1) located on the thermally and electrically conductive layer (2). At least... Agent:

20150132544 - Ink composition, image forming method, and printed material: An ink composition includes a compound having two or more partial structures represented by the following Formula (A) in a molecule (Component a), a compound selected from the group consisting of a compound represented by the following Formula (B1) and a compound represented by the following Formula (B2) (Component b),... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20150132543 - Marked coating composition and method for its authentication: This invention relates to the field of authentication of coating compositions such as varnishes, inks and paints, and it is particularly useful in the field of authentication of such coating compositions when applied to substrates like banknotes or other valuable documents. It is particularly directed to a marked coating composition.... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20150132545 - Process for preparing an encapsulated particulate solid: A process for preparing an encapsulated particulate solid using an epoxy functional cross-linking agent and a carboxylic acid functional dispersant wherein the cross-linking agent has one or more oligomeric dispersing group and/or the dispersant has an acid value of at least 125 mg KOH/g. The resultant solids are useful in,... Agent: Fujifilm Imaging Colorants Limited

20150132546 - Pattern laminated double wall plastic web from heat shrinkable and non-heat shrinkable films: The present disclosure is concerned with forming and non-forming webs with improved puncture resistance suitable for use in semi-automatic horizontal form fill and seal (HFFS) packaging machines and a process for packaging hard food items with sharp angular surfaces using such webs in such machines. The webs have a double... Agent:

20150132547 - Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and method for improving iron loss properties thereof: A grain-oriented electrical steel sheet, on which magnetic domain refining treatment by strain application has been performed, has an insulating coating with excellent insulation properties and corrosion resistance. The grain-oriented electrical steel sheet is obtained by irradiating a steel sheet with a high-energy beam to apply, to the steel sheet,... Agent:

20150132548 - Structures having graphene sets: Graphite-based devices with a reduced characteristic dimension and methods for forming such devices are provided. One or more thin films are deposited onto a substrate and undesired portions of the deposited thin film or thin films are removed to produce processed elements with reduced characteristic dimensions. Graphene layers are generated... Agent:

20150132549 - Green ceramic tapes and method for their fabrication: “Green”, ceramic tapes intended as building blocks for making complex, fully ceramic components and devices for electronic-, lab-on-chip-, and sensing applications, the manufacture of which comprises in sequence: I. mixing of a ceramic “green” paste, II. homogenisation of a ceramic “green” paste, III. dimensioning and optionally structuring the ceramic “green”... Agent:

20150132550 - Infrared shielding film: x

20150132551 - Method for graded anti-reflective coatings by physical vapor deposition: A method for forming an anti-reflective coating (ARC) includes positioning a substrate below a target and flowing a first gas to deposit a first portion of the graded ARC onto the substrate. The method includes gradually flowing a second gas to deposit a second portion of the graded ARC, and... Agent:

20150132555 - Coated article with low-e coating having low visible transmission: This invention relates to a coated article including a low-emissivity (low-E) coating. In certain example embodiments, the low-E coating is provided on a substrate (e.g., glass substrate) and includes at least first and second infrared (IR) reflecting layers (e.g., silver based layers) that are spaced apart by contact layers (e.g.,... Agent:

20150132553 - Fiber-reinforced composite material: i

20150132552 - Hard coating film: The present invention provides a hard coating film having high hardness and excellent properties. The hard coating film has high hardness and is not easily curled.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150132554 - Optical element, optical system, and optical apparatus: An optical element includes an antireflection film. The antireflection film includes an uppermost layer having a refractive index nd of 1.20 to 1.30, a high refractive index layer having a refractive index of 2.00 to 2.40, and at least one of an intermediate refractive index layer having a refractive index... Agent:

20150132558 - Adhesive tape: An adhesive tape includes an adhesive layer on at least one surface of a foam base material, wherein the foam base material is a foam base material having a thickness of 300 μm or less and an interlaminar strength of 6 to 50 N/cm, and the adhesive layer is an... Agent: Dic Corporation

20150132556 - Flame retardant acoustical fiber product: The present invention includes a moldable, flame retardant acoustical fiber system including a nonwoven, moldable layer of a blend of fibers, with a flame retardant coating applied on both top and bottom sides of the moldable layer. The system also includes a spun bond nonwoven black surface adhered to the... Agent:

20150132557 - Multi-layer absorber: In one aspect, a multi-layer absorber is disclosed, which comprises a proximal layer having a radiation-receiving surface adapted for receiving electromagnetic radiation, and a distal layer disposed adjacent the proximal layer to receive at least a portion of the received radiation, if any, transmitted through said proximal layer, wherein said... Agent: Arc Technologies, Inc.

20150132559 - Nonwoven fabric for reinforcing foam molded articles and product using same: It is provided that a nonwoven fabric for reinforcing foam molded articles which is excellent in the dimensional stability in a cutting/sewing step, in the followability to a mold in a foam molding step, and gives a foam molded article with excellent appearance and durability. A nonwoven fabric for reinforcing... Agent: Toyobo Co., Ltd.

20150132560 - Highly transparent impact-resistant plate laminate and armored or bulletproof glass and articles made with same: The armored or bulletproof glass include a transparent plate laminate, which includes one or more transparent glass ceramic plates made from a green glass body of the Li2O—Al2O3—SiO2 system, optionally one or more additional plates made of plastic material, and optionally one or more glass plates. The glass ceramic plate... Agent:

20150132561 - Polarizing film and method for manufacturing polarizing film: e

20150132562 - Composite coating composition and method of application: An improved coating for rigid and semi-rigid substrates, in particular for equipment used in the oil and gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking industry. The coating is a composite of a relatively thick elastomeric primer coat layer and a harder top coat layer (e.g. epoxy type). The composite has advantageous durability,... Agent:

20150132564 - Composition and process for making a porous inorganic oxide coating: The invention relates to a coating composition for making a porous inorganic oxide coating layer on a substrate, the composition comprising an inorganic oxide precursor as binder, a solvent, and a synthetic polyampholyte as pore forming agent. The size of the pores in the coating can be advantageously controlled by... Agent:

20150132565 - Percolated microstructures for multi-modal transport enhancement in porous active materials: A method of forming a composite material for use in multi-modal transport includes providing three-dimensional graphene having hollow channels, enabling a polymer to wick into the hollow channels of the three-dimensional graphene, curing the polymer to form a cured three-dimensional graphene, adding an active material to the cured three-dimensional graphene... Agent:

20150132563 - Scratch-resistant liquid based coatings for glass: A sol-gel method for forming durable, scratch-resistant coatings on glass substrates. Zirconia coatings, for example, are formed from a solution of zirconium oxychloride octahydrate in an organic, polar, aprotic solvent such as dimethylformamide. Annealed coatings, which optionally include an additive such as graphene, have a low coefficient of friction and... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20150132566 - Fast cure epoxy resins and prepregs obtained therefrom: Fast cure resin system comprise semisolid epoxy resins and finely divided curatives of particle size less than 25 microns. The resins are dry to the touch, can be readily combined with fibrous reinforcement to provide prepregs which can be rapidly cured in a short moulding cycle.... Agent:

20150132567 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive layer for optical film, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-bearing optical film, and image display device: s

20150132568 - Polymeric positive temperature coefficient thermistor: A polymeric positive temperature coefficient thermistor comprises a positive temperature coefficient complex material as a middle layer and an electrode covering a surface of the positive temperature coefficient complex material. The positive temperature coefficient complex material comprises a crystalline polymer, a titanium carbide nanoparticle powder, and a titanium carbide microparticle... Agent:

20150132570 - Alkali-aluminosilicate glass: The present disclosure relates to an alkali-aluminosilicate glass which contains between 47.5 and 55 wt.% SiO2, between 21 and 27.5% Al2O3; and between 12 and 16 wt.% Na2O. The molar ratio of Al2O3 and Na2O amounts to between 1:0.9 and 1:1.2. This glass is characterized by high hardness and high... Agent:

20150132569 - High emissivity materials and structures for hypersonic environments: A hypersonic refractory material, including a refractory leading edge portion for a hypersonic vehicle and a high emissivity oxide coating adhered to the refractory leading edge portion. The high emissivity oxide coating is selected from the group including Sm2O3, Tm2O3, Yb2O3, Gd2O3, and mixtures thereof, and the refractory leading edge... Agent:

20150132571 - Low-emissivity transparent laminated body and building material comprising same: Provided are: a low-emissivity transparent laminated body having a multilayer structure comprising a substrate and a coated layer, wherein the coated layer comprises, sequentially from the substrate, a low-emissivity electrically-conductive layer, a dielectric layer, and a light-absorbing metal layer; and a building material in which same is used.... Agent:

20150132572 - Polycarbonate glazing and method of preparing the same: A polycarbonate glazing includes a polycarbonate substrate and a silicon oxide-containing hard coating layer formed on one surface of the substrate, wherein the polycarbonate glazing has a haze difference (ΔHaze) of about 4.5 or less between before and after abrasion, as measured in accordance with ASTM D1003 after 500-cycle testing... Agent:

20150132573 - Systems and methods for controlling carbon tow width: A technique allowing a portion of carbon fiber tow to maintain a rectangular cross sectional shape or to maintain an imparted desired shape, such as a wider shape with a rectangular cross-sectional profile, through a textile loom is disclosed herein.... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150132574 - Metal detectable fiber and articles formed from the same: A fiber is provided with a polymer having a cross-section and a length. A particulate is distributed in the polymer in an amount to make the fiber detectable by X-ray detection or magnetic detection. The particulate is present in a core, a sheath, or both portions of polymer matrix. A... Agent:

20150132575 - Luminescent fibers, articles including the same, and methods of forming the same: Luminescent fibers, articles including the luminescent fibers, and methods of forming the luminescent fibers are provided herein. In an embodiment, a luminescent fiber includes a regenerated cellulose and a luminescent polycyclic compound. The luminescent polycyclic compound includes a heterocyclic ring. The heterocyclic ring includes two nitrogen atoms therein.... Agent:

20150132576 - Low density glass particles with low boron content: Glass particles comprise glass microbubbles. The glass particles have a size distribution with a d50 in the range of from 15 to 100 microns, and have a true density of less than 0.7 g/cm3. The glass particles comprise, on an equivalent weight basis: from 50 to 70 weight percent silica;... Agent:

20150132577 - Precipitated silica and paper industry/other applications thereof: Precipitated silica specifically useful in the paper industry and in particular in paper-coating applications for inject printing, is characterized by an uptake of DOP oil lower than 260 ml/100 g, a pore volume (Vd25) of greater than 0.8 ml/g formed by pores having a diameter of less than 25 nm,... Agent:

20150132578 - Method of encapsulating poly(alkylene carbonate) and mixture particles thereof, and use thereof: The present invention relates to a poly(alkylene carbonate) capsule in which a heterogeneous resin is applied on a surface of poly(alkylene carbonate), and a method of manufacturing the same, and provides a poly(alkylene carbonate) capsule preventing blocking where particles agglomerate each other when a resin having surface stickiness at a... Agent:

20150132579 - Ion exchangeable transition metal-containing glasses: Ion exchangeable glasses that comprise at least one of a transition metal oxide or a rare earth oxide and have compositions that simultaneously promote a surface layer having a high compressive stress and deep depth of layer or, alternatively, reduced ion exchange time.... Agent:

20150132580 - Thermoplastic polyurethane interlayer: A composition includes an isocyanate, a polyether diol, a branched short chain diol having a backbone including carbon atoms in a range of 1 to 9 and at least one branching group, and a cross-linker having a hydroxyl functionality in a range of 2.2 to 4. A films includes the... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150132581 - Joining dissimilar materials using an epoxy resin composition: An epoxy resin composition is disclosed for joining dissimilar materials. The identified epoxy resin compositions can be used to seal metallic and non-metallic components of a capacitor. Specifically the epoxy resin composition can be applied to joints between a non-metallic capacitor bushing and a metallic tank cover and metallic terminal... Agent: Cooper Technologies Company

20150132582 - Liquid fluoropolymer coating composition, fluoropolymer coated film, and process for forming the same: In a first aspect, a liquid fluoropolymer coating composition includes a fluoropolymer selected from the group consisting of homopolymers and copolymers of vinyl fluoride and homopolymers and copolymers of vinylidene fluoride, a pigment, a dispersing agent including a block acrylic compound or a graft acrylic compound, a viscosity reducing compound... Agent:

20150132583 - Hardcoats comprising alkoxylated multi (meth)acrylate monomers: Presently described are hardcoat compositions comprising at least one first (meth)acrylate monomer comprising at least three (meth)acrylate groups and C2-C4 alkoxy repeat units wherein the monomer has a molecular weight per (meth)acrylate group ranging from about 220 to 375 g/mole and at least one second (meth)acrylate monomer comprising at least... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20150132584 - Flame retardant radiation curable compositions: The invention relates to a flame retardant composition comprising at least one radiation curable oligomer and at least one reactive aliphatic halogenated flame retardant additive and its use to make fire-resistant glass laminates with impact resistance.... Agent:

20150132585 - Phosphor ceramics and methods of making the same: Electric sintering of precursor materials to prepare phosphor ceramics is described herein. The phosphor ceramics prepared by electric sintering may be incorporated into devices such as light-emitting devices, lasers, or for other purposes.... Agent:

20150132587 - Gas barrier film and electronic device using the same: The gas barrier film includes a substrate, and a gas barrier unit being arranged on at least one side of the substrate, wherein the gas barrier unit includes a first barrier layer including an inorganic substance, a second barrier layer obtained by performing a conversion treatment to a coating film... Agent:

20150132586 - Silicone composition with protection against pollutants: Addition-curable encapsulants for electrical and electronic components contain amorphous glass particles doped with silver, and are efficient scavengers of sulfur and sulfur compounds.... Agent:

20150132588 - Coated fiber cement article with crush resistant latex topcoat: A coated fiber cement article in the form of an unattached fiber cement board roofing tile or roofing slate substrate having a first major surface at least a portion of which is covered with a crush resistant final topcoat composition comprising a multistage latex polymer.... Agent:

20150132590 - Active corrosion protection coatings: The present invention is related to a method for protecting a metal substrate against corrosion comprising the step of: —generating a plasma in a gaseous medium by means of a plasma device; —placing the substrate in contact with the plasma, or in a post-plasma area of said plasma; —introducing in... Agent:

20150132589 - Method for producing a multi-layered structural element, and a multi-layered structural element produced according to said method: A multi-layered structural element and a method for producing a multi-layered structural element are disclosed. In an embodiment dielectric green sheets, at least one ply containing an auxiliary material which contains at least one copper oxide and layers containing electrode material are provided and arranged alternately one above another. These... Agent: Epcos Ag

20150132591 - Polyimide precursor, polyimide, polyimide film, polyimide metal laminate, and polyimide solution: m

20150132592 - Curable film-forming compositions comprising catalyst associated with a carrier and methods for coating a substrate: Coating compositions comprising a film-forming resin and catalyst associated with a carrier, wherein at least some of the catalyst can be released from the carrier upon application of shear force is disclosed. Methods of coating a substrate and substrates coated at least in part with such coatings are also disclosed... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20150132593 - Curl resistant barrier films: Multilayer “barrier” films which have excellent Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) performance are prepared using a core layer which comprises a blend of from 92 to 60 weight % of nucleated HDPE and from 8 to 40 weight % LDPE. The films are suitable for the preparation of packages for... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20150132594 - Coating slips for paper and cardboard containing a dextrin with a high amylopectin content: Coating colors having a dextrin having high amylopectin content. When such a dextrin is used in the form of an adhesive, it confers an excellent stability on the adhesive. When the adhesive is subsequently incorporated in the coating color, it makes it possible to adjust the Brookfield viscosity thereof, while... Agent: Roquette Freres

20150132595 - Preparing method of ag nano-particle and hydrophobic spherical ag nano-particle prepared using the same: Provided is a preparing method of an Ag nano-particle for mass-producing Ag nano-particles, the method including: performing a first reaction of a reaction solution containing an Ag precursor and oleylamine at a set first temperature T1; performing a second reaction of the reaction solution at a second temperature T2 set... Agent: Korea Basic Science Institute

20150132596 - Heat-absorbing material and process for producing same: Provided are a heat-absorbing material having high heat resistance and high wavelength selectivity, and a process for producing the same. The heat-absorbing material includes: a heat-resistant metal having the substantially same periodic structure in the light incidence plane as the wavelength of sunlight having a specific wavelength in the wavelength... Agent:

20150132597 - Method and device for producing metal profiles having a closely toleranced chamber dimension: The invention relates to a method and device for producing metal sections having two profile flanges arranged opposite one another and having flange inner faces that are to be kept apart from each other by a closely toleranced final chamber dimension. In order to adapt the chamber dimension from a... Agent: Mannstaedt Gmbh

20150132599 - Electrode of metallic material, and gyrolaser comprising at least one such electrode: e

20150132598 - Exterior dÉcor panel for home appliance and method of manufacturing the same: Manufacturing an exterior decor panel for a home appliance includes laminating a photosensitive dry film on a front surface of a metal sheet, the photosensitive dry film having a higher etch resistance than the metal sheet against an electrolytic solution, photo-masking the photosensitive dry film attached to the metal sheet... Agent:

20150132600 - Method for three-dimensionally bending workpiece and bent product: A method for three-dimensionally bending a workpiece comprises feeding the workpiece by a feeding unit provided at an upstream side of the workpiece, supporting the workpiece by a supporting unit at a downstream side of the feeding unit, processing the workpiece by clamping the workpiece with a three-dimensionally movable unit... Agent:

20150132601 - Superalloy material deposition with interlayer material removal: A method of depositing a multi-layer cladding (40) of superalloy material and an apparatus so formed. A first layer of material (20) is deposited on a substrate (22) such as by laser cladding of superalloy powder (54). The deposited material includes a directionally solidified region (24) and a topmost equiaxed... Agent:

20150132602 - High purity metallic top coat for semiconductor manufacturing components: A method for coating a component for use in a semiconductor chamber for plasma etching includes providing a component for use in a semiconductor manufacturing chamber, loading the component into a deposition chamber, cold spray coating a metal powder onto the component to form a coating on the component, and... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20150132603 - Metal-coated steel strip: A metallic coated steel strip includes a steel strip and a metallic coating on at least one side of the strip. The metallic coating includes an Al—Zn—Mg—Si overlay alloy layer and an intermediate alloy layer between the steel strip and the overlay alloy layer. The intermediate alloy layer has a... Agent:

20150132604 - Multilayered coating for downhole tools with enhanced wear resistance and acidic corrosion resistance: A coating for protecting a base material from wear and corrosion includes a first layer deposited directly onto an outer surface of the base material. In addition, the coating includes a second layer deposited directly onto the first layer. The first layer is positioned between the base material and the... Agent: National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

20150132605 - Composite composition for turbine blade tips, related articles, and methods: A composite composition that includes an MCrAlX alloy and a nano-oxide ceramic is disclosed. In the formula, M includes nickel, cobalt, iron, or a combination thereof, and X includes yttrium, hafnium, or a combination thereof, from about 0.001 percent to about 2 percent by weight of the alloy. The amount... Agent: General Electric Company

20150132606 - Recording layer, information recording medium, and target: The present invention relates to an information recording medium that has good enough recording characteristics even without containing Pd. The information recording medium has a recording layer including an oxide of Mn in which Mn atoms are partially or fully present as Mn with a valence of +4.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150132607 - Flame retardant synthetic leather: (In the formula, AL is a branched or linear aliphatic hydrocarbon group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, and Ar is a phenyl group, riaphthyl group or anthryl group, all of which may have a substituent. “n” is an integer of 1 to 3, and Ar may be bonded to... Agent: Marubishi Oil Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150132608 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes at least a nonmagnetic substrate and a magnetic recording layer. The magnetic recording layer is constituted by a plurality of layers that includes at least a first magnetic recording layer and a second magnetic recording layer. The first magnetic recording layer has a granular... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20150132609 - Perpendicularly magnetized ultrathin film exhibiting high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, method for manufacturing same, and application: Provided are an element structure in which a magnetic layer has a high magnetic anisotropy constant and saturated magnetization properties in a thickness of 1.5 nm or less, and a magnetic device that uses the element structure. A BCC metal nitride/CoFeB/MgO film structure that uses a nitride of a BCC... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

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20150125631 - Optical film and display device using the same (as amended): Disclosed therein are an optical film and a display device comprising the same, where the optical film comprises a first optically anisotropic layer including a liquid crystal compound and a second optically anisotropic layer including a repeating unit having a photoreactive group, thereby securing improved photoreaction rate and excellent liquid... Agent:

20150125632 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition of the present invention can provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive having low time-dependency of dependability and adhesion strength and having excellent interfacial adhesion strength. After being applied to an optical member such as a polarizing plate, the pressure-sensitive... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20150125633 - Artificial lawn: Provided is an artificial lawn that has a high durability and does not undergo fibrillation over a long time. In the artificial lawn, flat filament yarns, which are produced by uniaxially stretching a crystalline plastic material to give a crystal orientation degree of 0.75-0.90, are used as piles (3) to... Agent: Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

20150125635 - Coated article with low-e coating having absorbing layer over functional layer designed to increase outside reflectance: A coated article includes a low-E coating having an absorbing layer located over a functional layer (IR reflecting layer) and designed to cause the coating to have an increased outside reflectance (e.g., in an IG window unit) and good selectivity. In certain embodiments, the absorbing layer is metallic, or substantially... Agent:

20150125634 - Glass vacuum insulating panels and methods: A glass vacuum insulating panel comprises at least one sheet of glass including a first sheet portion with a first plurality of attachment locations and a second sheet portion with a second plurality of attachment locations. The first sheet portion and the second sheet portion each extend along a plane... Agent:

20150125636 - Encapsulation of a stiffener layer in aluminum: The described embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for increasing rigidity of a metal housing while maintaining or reducing a wall thickness of the metal housing. More particularly a method for embedding a stiffener layer within an aluminum substrate is discussed. In one exemplary embodiment the stiffener layer can be... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150125638 - Manufacturing method for generally cylindrical three-dimensional conformal liners: A method for manufacturing a liner, the method including forming a tubular body portion having a top circumferential edge, a bottom circumferential edge, and a weld seam or seams extending from the top circumferential edge to the bottom circumferential edge; stretching the tubular body near the top circumferential edge and... Agent:

20150125637 - Visually identifiable electrical structural wiring system: The present invention provides an identifiable armored cable sheath. In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, there is provided an identifiable armored cable sheath comprising: an armored cable sheath having an outer surface, and a visual indicia applied on the outer surface of the cable sheath in a... Agent:

20150125639 - Biodegradable plastics, method for production thereof and use thereof: The present invention concerns a plastic composition which is biodegradable, and which does not discharge contaminants during incineration or leave plastic fragments after decomposition. According to the invention the composition comprises: (i) 30-50% by weight of a polyester which is biodegradable and/or decayable; (ii) 20-40% by weight of starch from... Agent: Gaia Holding Ab

20150125640 - Multilayer thin film manufacturing method and electronic product: A manufacturing method that forms a multilayer thin film on the inner surface of a housing forming a transparent appearance of an electronic product to provide a deep metal texture and an electronic product having a metal texture provided at the inner surface of the housing. The multilayer thin film... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150125643 - Coating composition and coated metal plate, metal container and metal closure coated with the coating composition: The present invention relates to a polyester coating composition used for forming a coating film of a coated metal plate, a metal container, a metal closure, etc. The coating composition has a crosslinking agent and a curing catalyst incorporated into a mixed polyester resin comprising a mixture of a polyester... Agent: Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

20150125641 - Construct comprising metalized dicyclopentadiene polymer and method for producing same: The present invention comprises a method of forming a thin metal layer on a dicyclopentadiene polymer surface and to constructs comprising the metalized layer.... Agent:

20150125642 - Low voc, water-based coating compositions suitable for protecting metal containing substrates including food and beverage packages: The present invention provides coating compositions and methods of using these compositions to form tough, abrasion resistant, and water resistant coatings on metal-containing substrates. Coating compositions of the present invention are preferably derived from one or more ingredients comprising at least one copolymer, referred to herein as Copolymer I, that... Agent:

20150125644 - Multi-layer, expandable sleeve for a printing press cylinder, particularly for flexographic printing: The invention relates to a multi-layer, expandable sleeve (100) for a printing press cylinder and to a method of manufacturing this expandable sleeve. The sleeve has an inner layer (110) with a hard surface inner jacket (112), which defines a longitudinal axis (A) and the cavity for mounting on the... Agent: Euro-composites S.a.

20150125645 - Crack-resistant polyethylene compositions: A crack-resistant article comprising a diene terpolymer, the diene terpolymer comprising (or consisting essentially of) from 0.01 wt % to 10.0 wt % diene derived units, and 1.0 wt % to 20 wt % of C4 to C10 α-olefin derived units based on the weight of the diene terpolymer, wherein... Agent:

20150125646 - Self-healing thermally conductive polymer materials: Thermally conductive polymer materials having thermally conductive charges and polymer network compositions characterized by the fact that the network is able to reorganize by exchange reactions that allow it to relax stresses and/or flow while maintaining network connectivity. As a result, the polymer network is characterized by its finite viscosity... Agent:

20150125647 - Mat: Described is a mat (1) comprising a supporting layer (2); a plurality of filaments (3) anchored to the layer (2); at least one compacted zone (5) made on the layer (2) wherein the filaments (3) are compacted on the layer (2) and bonded to each other.... Agent:

20150125648 - Insert mat for motor vehicles for placing onto a wall-to-wall carpet structure of the motor vehicle: An insert mat for motor vehicles for placing onto a sound-absorbing wall-to-wall carpet structure of the motor vehicle, having an at least three-layer structure, in which the structure has a decorative layer, which is oriented toward the interior of the vehicle in the proper position of the insert mat and... Agent:

20150125649 - Carpet coating compositions of vinyl acetate having improved wet and/or dry strength: A latex coating composition for a carpet product comprising a first polymer formed from one or more monomers selected from the group consisting of vinyl esters of a C1-C18 alkanoic acid, ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids, esters of ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acids, vinylaromatics, and vinyl halides and a second polymer formed... Agent:

20150125650 - Process for the production of a textile product: A process for the production of a textile product includes placing a flat motif template on a textile substrate, sewing the motif template onto the textile substrate in such a way that a perforation defining a desired motif in the motif template is produced, removing the part of the motif... Agent:

20150125651 - Stitched carbon fiber base material and wet prepreg using same: Each sheet material is formed by arraying carbon fiber lines, each having a predetermined width, in parallel with one another. Meanwhile, an array direction of the carbon fiber lines of each sheet material is set to form an angle in a range from ±30° to ±60° to a weaving advancing... Agent: Ihi Corporation

20150125652 - Underlayment with improved vapor barrier: Underlayment, wall paneling, and beadboard panels, with an improved vapor barrier provided at least partially by a layer of primer applied to at least one of an engineered veneer face and a wood back veneer of a plywood panel. The primer can include polyvinyl acetate and titanium oxide at selected... Agent:

20150125653 - Composition for extrusion-molded bodies: d

20150125654 - Method for manufacturing a t-shaped composite part by resin-transfer molding: A method for manufacturing a T-shaped composite part by resin transfer molding, includes the following steps: making a preform with a planar stack of plies and with two L-shaped stacks of plies; placing the preform so that the L-shaped stacks meet between two cores of a resin transfer molding tool;... Agent:

20150125655 - Laminated composite radius filler with geometric shaped filler element and method of forming the same: A laminated composite radius filler for a composite structure has a stacked ply assembly having a plurality of stacks of laminate radius filler plies cut to a desired width and having a desired ply orientation. The laminated composite radius filler further has a geometric shaped filler element positioned at a... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150125660 - Anti-counterfeit paper: An anti-counterfeit paper including a first paper layer, a second paper layer, an intermediate layer formed between the first paper layer and the second paper layer, and a reflection layer formed on the intermediate layer. The intermediate layer includes a transparent base material and has a thickness in a range... Agent: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

20150125656 - High flow polymer interlayers for laminated glass: An interlayer comprised of a high flow, low molecular weight thermoplastic resin, and at least one plasticizer is disclosed. The use of a high flow, low molecular weight thermoplastic resin, and a plasticizer creates synergy allowing the flow of the interlayer to be increased without sacrificing other characteristics typically associated... Agent: Solutia Inc.

20150125659 - Laminate: The purpose of this embodiment is to provide a laminate equipped with a surface layer excellent in antifouling property that dirt can be easily removed and excoriation resistance. This embodiment is a laminate including a surface layer having a surface formed in a fine relief structure, wherein an elastic modulus... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20150125658 - Release paper and method of manufacture: Release base papers with improved surface properties and more efficient manufacturing potential are made using cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) along with high freeness, less refined pulp. Release papers serve as the backing for common adhesive labels, for industrial film coatings, and also for certain food processing uses. The CNF may be... Agent: University Of Maine System Board Of Trustees

20150125657 - Road surface covering elements for a chassis dynamometer: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing road surface covering elements that can be mounted on rollers of chassis dynamometers, including detection of a surface contour of a road surface covering within an essentially strip-shaped section. The method also includes production of a digital image of the detected section... Agent:

20150125661 - Corrosion mitigation for gearbox: A magnesium component of a rotary wing aircraft is provided including a groove including a first sidewall and a second sidewall arranged on opposing sides of a recessed opening. The first sidewall includes a deposit positioned adjacent the recessed opening. The deposit is formed by cold spraying one or more... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150125662 - Printing plate for reverse offset printing and method for manufacturing same: The present application is relating to a printing plate for reverse offset printing, a method for preparing the same, and a method for forming a bezel pattern using the printing plate. The printing plate for reverse offset printing according to an exemplary embodiment of the present application is effective for... Agent:

20150125663 - Helmet designs utilizing foam structures having graded properties: Disclosed herein is a composite structure for deflecting and spreading kinetic energy transmission after various types of impacts utilizing foam structures having graded properties. The structure has a first composite layer, composed of a discrete reinforcement and a continuous binder. The helmet receives contact of an object that transfers kinetic... Agent:

20150125664 - Topologically structured polymer coating: Sub-micron-structured (nanostructured) polymer film or coatings are made by coating a substrate with a mixture of materials. One of the materials is removed using a selective solvent, leaving pores or other nanostructure. The substrate may be grooved, providing a competing nanostructure. The coating may act as an antireflective coating, optical... Agent: Rolic Ag

20150125665 - Method for producing layered product, layered product, method for producing layered product with device using said layered product, and layered product with device: By preparing a polyimide film with a face at the support side and subjected to a surface treatment; subjecting at least one of a face of the support and the face of the polyimide film which are opposite to each other to a patterning treatment using a coupling agent to... Agent:

20150125666 - Display device and method of manufacturing the same: A display device and method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the display device includes a substrate including a display area and a non-display area surrounding the display area. The display device also includes a first insulating layer formed in the non-display area, a first metal layer... Agent:

20150125667 - Forming conductive metal patterns with reactive polymers: A pattern is formed in a polymeric layer comprising a reactive composition that comprises: (a) a polymer comprising pendant—arylene-X—C(═O)—O— t-alkyl groups that comprise a blocking group that is cleavable to provide pendant—arylene-XH groups, (b) a compound that provides a cleaving acid upon exposure to radiation having a λmax of 150... Agent:

20150125668 - Light-reflection/light-transmission image sheet and method for forming light-reflection/light-transmission image sheet: In order to enable a natural and clear image to appear in both light reflection and light transmission usage modes of a light-reflection/light-transmission image sheet having front and back-side images (3, 4) overlying each other with a sheet-like base material (2) that is reflective and transmissive interposed therebetween, the density... Agent: Photo Craft Co., Ltd

20150125669 - Pre-fabricated marking system and a method for producing said system: This invention concerns a pre-fabricated marking system and a method for producing such a marking system, comprising the steps of a) producing a base layer (4) made of a first meltable composition whereby said first meltable composition comprises a material selected from the group consisting of resin, polymer, filler, softener... Agent: Visutec As

20150125670 - Composite laminate assembly used to form plural individual cards and method of manufacturing the same: A laminated core stock sheet for use in a composite laminate assembly configured for being separated into plural individual cards is provided. The laminated core stock sheet includes a core substrate layer and an intermediate filmic layer coupled to the core substrate layer. The intermediate filmic layer includes plural conductive... Agent:

20150125671 - Production method of recording material, and recording material: A recording material includes applying a first ink including a first polymerized compound using an inkjet method, polymerizing the first polymerized compound using ultraviolet light irradiation to form a first layer, applying a second ink containing a second polymerized compound and metal powder on the area on which the first... Agent:

20150125672 - Ink for inkjet recording, and ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, inkjet recorder, ink-recorded matter and method of producing the ink-recorded matter using the ink: An ink for inkjet recording, which is used for recording on a paper having a concentration of an eluted Ca ion of from 1.0×10−4 to 5.0×10−4 g/g when dipped in pure water. The ink includes at least a pigment, a pigment dispersant, a water-soluble organic solvent and water. The pigment... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150125673 - Metal powder, ultraviolet-curable inkjet composition and recording material: An ultraviolet-curable inkjet composition is a composition discharged using an inkjet method, and includes a polymerized compound and a metal powder consisting of a plurality of particles. The metal powder includes, as the particles, items that are surface-processed using an isocyanate compound.... Agent:

20150125674 - Forming conductive metal patterns using reactive polymers: A conductive pattern is prepared in a polymeric layer that has (a) a reactive polymer comprising pendant tertiary alkyl ester groups, (b) a compound that provides an acid upon exposure to radiation having a λmax of at least 150 nm and up to and including 450 nm, and (c) a... Agent:

20150125675 - Optical adhesive film having excellent peeling effect at high temperatures: The present invention relates to an optical adhesive film which has excellent adhesive strength at room temperature and has improved efficiency in a rework process since peel strength is low at high temperatures. When attaching a touchscreen panel and an LCD by using the adhesive film of the present invention... Agent:

20150125676 - Laminate, and packaging material and press-through pack employing the same: e

20150125679 - Gas barrier film, manufacturing method for gas barrier film, and electronic device: A gas barrier film having a base, a first barrier layer formed on the surface of the base by a vapor growth method, a second barrier layer formed by a conversion treatment of a coating film formed by coating the surface of the first barrier layer with a first silicon... Agent:

20150125677 - Hard coating for cutting tool: Provided is a hard film for a cutting tool formed on a surface of a base material, the hard film being comprised of a nano multi-layered structure comprising a thin layer A, a thin layer B, a thin layer C and a thin layer D or a structure in which... Agent:

20150125678 - Hard film for cutting tool: Provided is a hard film formed on a surface of a base material, the hard film being comprised of a nano multi-layered structure formed by stacking a thin layer A, a thin layer B a thin layer C in order of thin layers A-B-A-C from the base material or being... Agent:

20150125681 - High temperature imaging media for digital image correlation: A thermal barrier coating is provided. The thermal barrier coating is configured to remain adherent to the substrate under high strains, thus allowing the use of non-contacting strain measurement systems, such as digital image correlation. The thermal barrier coating may include a first layer of a partially metallic material configured... Agent:

20150125680 - Substrate and touch panel member using same: The present invention provides a substrate comprising a region where thin films are laminated on a transparent ground substrate, which thin films are, in the order mentioned from the upper surface of the substrate, an ITO thin film (I); an organic thin film (II) having a film thickness of from... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20150125682 - Fuse molded three dimensional article and a method for making the same: A fuse molded modeling three dimensional article having areas of dissimilar or different hardness is described, wherein one of said areas is hard and is plastic, metal, glass, wood, concrete, rock, or mixtures thereof, and another of said areas is a less hard area comprising a controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic... Agent: Kraton Polymers U.s. LLC

20150125683 - Gypsum products comprising silica gel: A gypsum composition, board, and method of producing a gypsum board with increased fire endurance are described. The set gypsum-containing composition can be used to prepare a gypsum board having fire endurance, based on the inclusion of silica gel.... Agent: United States Gypsum Company

20150125685 - Rubber sheet, pneumatic tire using same, and method for producing rubber sheet: The present invention provides a rubber sheet having a thickness of 500 μm or less, wherein a rubber component in a rubber composition to constitute the rubber sheet contains a liquid elastomer having a weight-average molecular weight of from 500 to 100000, and a method for producing a rubber sheet... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20150125684 - Waterproof coating material and building roof having coating film formed therefrom: Provided are a waterproof coating material and a roof having a coating film formed therefrom which have low VOC content, good film curability under low-temperature/high-humidity conditions, high stain resistance, and low water absorbency. The coating material comprises: (A) 100 parts by weight of a polyoxyalkylene polymer (a1) and/or a vinylic... Agent: Kaneka North America LLC.

20150125686 - Structural element and method for the production thereof: A structural element for use as a core layer in a sandwich composite element, wherein the structural element (2) is formed from a plurality of mutually welded body segments (4, 5) made from an extrusion foamed thermoplastic, and wherein the structural element (2) has a first face side (1) for... Agent: Airex Ag Corporation Of Switzerland

20150125687 - Substrate with electrically conductive coating as well as method for producing a substrate with an electrically conductive coating: A method for producing a temperature-resistant, electrically conductive coating on a substrate is provided. The method includes at least the steps of providing a binding agent, the binding agent having an inorganically crosslinked, SiO2-containing binding-agent matrix; producing a dispersion of an electrically conductive pigment in the binding agent by mechanical... Agent:

20150125688 - Resin dispersion, coating material, laminate, and processes for their production: A resin dispersion having, dispersed in water with a 50% particle diameter of at most 0.5 μm, a polymer (C) having a hydrophilic polymer (B) or an acidic group bonded to a propylene/α-olefin copolymer (A) as a copolymer of propylene with an α-olefin other than propylene, wherein the copolymer (A)... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20150125689 - Light-shielding film for optical element and optical element having light-shielding film: A light-shielding film for optical element includes at least a resin and a colorant. The light-shielding film for optical element has an average extinction coefficient of 0.03 or more and 0.15 or less as an average of extinction coefficients of the whole light-shielding film for light having wavelengths ranging from... Agent:

20150125691 - Reflective panel: The invention concerns reflective opaque panels that can be used as facing panels or decorative panels. They consist of a substrate coated with a stack of layers comprising, in the following order, at least (i) a transparent substrate, (ii) a first chromium layer, (iii) a dielectric layer in direct contact... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20150125690 - Transparent conductive film including hybrid undercoating layer, method for manufacturing same, and touch panel using same: Disclosed is a transparent conductive film for a touch panel that uses a single hybrid undercoating layer so as to be capable of index matching and has excellent barrier properties. The conductive film according to the present invention includes: a transparent base material; said hybrid undercoating layer, which is formed... Agent:

20150125692 - Asymmetrical multi-layered membrane for electroacoustic transducers: A multi-layered laminate for producing membranes for electroacoustic transducers, comprises a first layer of a polyether ether ketone film having a heat of crystallisation of at least 15 J/g, a second layer (of a thermoplastic plastic film having a heat of crystallisation of no more than 5 J/g, and an... Agent: Tesa Se

20150125693 - Protective elements made of polyolefin hot-melt adhesives: The use of a hot-melt adhesive as a protective element for objects is disclosed, wherein the hot-melt adhesive contains over 80 wt. % of at least one modified polyolefin copolymer produced from a high-molecular-weight polyolefin copolymer by thermomechanical degradation of the polymer under shear stress and/or heating, wherein the viscosity... Agent:

20150125694 - Nanocomposite based on graphene for reversible storage of hydrogen: A nanocomposite for the reverse storage of hydrogen based on monolayer sheets of polycrystalline or monocrystalline grapheme having a form of a cylindrical spiral roll of polycrystalline or monocrystalline graphene with a preferably constant spacing in the range from 0.2 to 2 nm, whereby the said spiral roll of polycrystalline... Agent: Seco/warwick S.a.

20150125695 - Compositions for surface treatments: A composition having at least one first component containing a perfluorinated aliphatic structure in which no more than six fluorine bearing carbons are connected in any single straight chain segment, in addition a group providing binding functionality to a surface to be treated or containing at least one polymerisable double... Agent:

20150125696 - Melt blowing process, low shrinkage melt blown polymer fibers and fibrous structures, and melt blowable polymer compositions: A melt blowing process comprising: (a) providing a thermoplastic polymer material that includes at least one or a plurality of polyester polymers and at least one or a combination of different meltable metal phosphinates; and (b) melt blowing the thermoplastic polymer material into at least one fiber or a plurality... Agent:

20150125699 - Gallium oxide single crystal and gallium oxide single crystal substrate: Provided is a gallium oxide single crystal and a gallium oxide single crystal substrate that can improve the luminous efficiency. In a gallium oxide single crystal 13, the dislocation density is less than or equal to 3.5×106/cm2. The gallium oxide single crystal 13 is manufactured by the EFG method. Further,... Agent: Namiki Seimitsu Houseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150125700 - Method for manufacturing sr ferrite particle for sintered magnet, method for using sr ferrite particle, sr ferrite sintered magnet and method for manufacturing same, and motor and generator: Provided is a method for producing Sr ferrite particles for sintered magnets, the method includes: a mixing step of mixing an iron compound, a strontium compound, and an alkali metal compound which includes at least one of K and Na as a constituent element and which does not include Cl... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20150125698 - Nanostructured organic materials and a process for the preparation thereof: The invention disclosed nanostructured organic materials and a process for the preparation thereof. Further the present invention herein provides nanostructured organic material comprising divalent zinc metal complex of N,N′-Di-(phenyl-3,5 dicarboxylic acid)-perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic acid diimide doped with hydrazine hydrate, which exhibits increased charge carrier mobility at low operating voltage at atmospheric condition... Agent: Council Of Scientific And Induistrial Research

20150125697 - Saponification product of vinyl ester/ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer and process for producing the same: The present invention provides a saponification product of a vinyl ester/ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer having superior tolerance of the aqueous thickening liquid against mechanical shear. More specifically, the present invention provides a saponification product of a vinyl ester/ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer having the superior tolerance, by... Agent: Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150125701 - Composite component made of plastic: A composite component made of plastic for decorative elements in the interior of motor vehicles consists of at least one support made of galvanizable plastic and at least one decorative insert made of galvanoresistant plastic, which is undetachably joined to the support. The galvanizable plastic of the support is an... Agent: Automobile Patentvewaltungs-und- Verwertungsgesellschaft Mbh

20150125702 - Stabilized matrix-filled liquid radiation curable resin compositions for additive fabrication: Matrix-filled liquid radiation curable resin compositions for additive fabrication are described and claimed. Such resins include a cationically polymerizable component that is an aliphatic epoxide, a multifunctional (meth)acrylate component, a cationic photoinitiator, a free-radical photo initiator, and a matrix of inorganic fillers, wherein the matrix further constitutes prescribed ratios of... Agent:

20150125703 - Fiber-reinforced polyisocyanurate component and a method for production thereof: The present invention relates to fibre-composite components that are produced by impregnating fibres with a reaction resin mixture of polyisocyanates, polyols, trimersation catalysts and optionally additives, and to a method for production thereof.... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20150125704 - Polyisocyanate-based anti-corrosion coating: Anti-corrosion coating for metallic substrates obtainable by reacting an organic polyisocyanate with a compound containing isocyanate-reactive hydrogen atoms at an isocyanate index of between 1000 and 5000% in the presence of a trimerisation catalyst.... Agent:

20150125705 - Display rear shell with waterproof and fireproof properties: The invention relates to a display rear shell with waterproof and fireproof properties comprising a main layer of a pulp made from hardwood in an amount from 80% to 90% by weight of the main layer, a pulp waterproof composition in an amount from 5% to 15% by weight of... Agent: Tongfang Global Limited

20150125706 - Projection screen: A projection screen is provided with a glass layer; a fiber layer disposed on the glass layer; a PVC layer disposed on the fiber layer; and a coating including PMMA, n-Butyl acetate, p-Xylene, mica, quartz, and nanometer silver and disposed on the PVC layer. The projection screen renders a high-definition... Agent:

20150125708 - Surface-treating aqueous solution and treatment methods for forming corrosion-resistant coating film over zinc or zinc alloy deposit: A chromium-free treating liquid and treatment methods which are for imparting to a zinc or zinc alloy deposit a coating film which is highly corrosion-resistant, has a uniform appearance free from sag stains/puddle stains, has no failure concerning thickness unevenness, and has satisfactory adhesion. The surface-treating aqueous solution, which is... Agent: Dispol Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20150125707 - Titania-containing coating composition and coated article: A coating composition is provided comprising (A) 1-50 parts by weight of surface-treated titanium oxide comprising core/shell type microparticles each consisting of a titanium oxide core and a silicon oxide shell, which are treated with two surface treating components having formula (I): R1Si(OR2)3 and formula (II): (R3R42Si)2NH, (B) 100 parts... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20150125709 - Polyester composition, electronic device, and method of forming film: Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a film. 50 wt % to 85 wt % of a first polyester and 50 wt % to 15 wt % of a second polyester are dried and mixed to form a mixture. The first polyester is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), or... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150125710 - Resin for oxygen-absorbing adhesive and oxygen-absorbing adhesive: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a two-component curable oxygen-absorbing resin composition that has both oxygen-absorbing and adhesive properties and cohesive power. The resin for an oxygen-absorbing adhesive is a polyester comprising structural units derived from an acid component (A) and an acid component (B), wherein the... Agent:

20150125711 - Polymer latex blends and applications thereof: Disclosed are blended latex dispersions which can be used as binders in paper coating compositions. Such latex dispersions comprise a first copolymer of a vinyl ester of an alkanoic acid having from 1 to 13 carbon atoms and ethylene; and a second copolymer of (i) styrene and butadiene, (ii) styrene,... Agent:

20150125712 - Compositions and methods for resisting discoloration of wood and treated wood: A solution and method of treating wood to resist discoloration of the wood and the treated wood employ a polydentate monoamino carboxylic acid and/or a diakyl diphosphonic acid. The invention resists discoloration which is believed to be caused by the mobility of organic based chromophoric molecules within the wood which... Agent: Kop-coat, Inc.

20150125713 - Heat treatment to improve joinability of aluminum sheet: In at least one embodiment, an assembly is provided comprising a first member including a 6xxx series aluminum alloy heat treated to have a yield strength of at least 200 MPa and an r/t (bendability) ratio of up to 0.4. One or more members may be secured to the first... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150125715 - Barrier layers comprising ni-inclusive alloys and/or other metallic alloys, double barrier layers, coated articles including double barrier layers, and methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to Ni-inclusive ternary alloy being provided as a barrier layer for protecting an IR reflecting layer comprising silver or the like. The provision of a barrier layer comprising nickel, chromium, and/or molybdenum and/or oxides thereof may improve corrosion resistance, as well as chemical and mechanical durability.... Agent:

20150125714 - Method for producing a metal sheet having oiled zn-al-mg coatings, and corresponding metal sheet: A method for producing a metal sheet is provided. The method includes providing a steel substrate having two faces, depositing a metal coating on each face by dipping the substrate in a bath, cooling the metal coatings, altering layers of magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide formed on the outer surfaces... Agent:

20150125716 - Method for manufacturing galvanized steel sheet for hot stamping, hot-dip galvannealed steel sheet for hot stamping and method for manufacturing same, and hot stamped component: Provided is a method for producing a plated steel sheet with high Si content for hot stamping, which is capable of suppressing the generation of unplated portions, while maintaining high bonding strength in a welded part in cases where a galvanized steel sheet containing a large amount of Si, namely,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20150125717 - Method and apparatus for growing indium oxide (in2o3) single crystals and indium oxide (in203) single crystal: A method and apparatus for growing truly bulk In2O3 single crystals from the melt, as well as melt-grown bulk In2O3 single crystals are disclosed. The growth method comprises a controlled decomposition of initially non-conducting In2O3 starting material (23) during heating-up of a noble metal crucible (4) containing the In2O3 starting... Agent: Forschungsverbund Berlin E.v.

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