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Stock material or miscellaneous articles

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08/07/2014 > 124 patent applications in 95 patent subcategories.

20140220263 - Polarizing plate, fabrication method thereof, and display dvice using the same: A polarizing plate, a fabrication method thereof, and a display device using the same are provided. The polarizing plate includes a polarizing element, a first adhesive layer formed on one surface of the polarizing element, a second adhesive layer formed on the other surface of the polarizing element, a protective... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20140220264 - Adhesive composition: Provided are a pressure sensitive adhesive composition, a protective film, an optical film and a display device. The pressure sensitive adhesive composition shows appropriate low-speed and high-speed peel strengths after formation of a cross-linked structure, and has a superior balance between the two. Accordingly, when the pressure sensitive adhesive composition... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140220266 - Synthetic roofing shingle: A monolayer synthetic or artificial thatch shingle comprising a plurality of tapering extensions extending from a base flange member, the thatch shingle having been formed from a thin sheet of stiff plastic, and the extensions having been formed by removing material from the thin sheet. The base flange member presents... Agent:

20140220265 - Terrain rehab mats: The current invention, Terrain Rehab Mats, consist of three portable mats that are intended to simulate outdoor terrain for the express use of the rehabilitation of older adults at risk for falls. The three mats each have a distinct top layer consisting of either, concrete, gravel or grass and then... Agent:

20140220267 - Elastic alignment and retention system and method: An elastic convex wall alignment and retention system includes a first component, second component, a plurality of elastic convex walls disposed on at least one of the first component and second component each having a convex wall surface, non-convex wall surface and a longitudinal axis and a pair of spaced-apart,... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20140220268 - Glazing panel including glass sheets joined together by means of spacers and corresponding method for manufacturing same: The invention relates to a glass panel including a first (5) and a second (5) glass sheet combined together via at least one spacer (8) that keeps the glass sheets at a certain distance from each other, wherein an inner gap (4) between said glass sheets (5) includes at least... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20140220270 - Casing and protective shell for mobile electronic device: The present invention relates to a casing and protective shell for a mobile electronic device. The casing includes an outer layer having a first side exposed to the outside, and a second side opposite to the first side; a flexible buffer layer having a first side connected to the second... Agent: Inventec Appliances Corp.

20140220269 - Computer webcam lens blocker assembly: e

20140220271 - Tile with magnetic type material and covered with a layer of parchment and process thereof: The present invention relates generally to a tile or panel having at least one magnetic material embedded therein, and fully or partially covered with at least one layer of parchment. The invention also encompasses at least one discrete permanent magnet that is placed at an appropriate location within a panel... Agent:

20140220272 - Heat-emitting composition absorbing microwaves and emitting heat, transfer paper comprising same, far-infrared-emitting ceramic ware comprising same, and preparation method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a heat-emitting composition coated on the surface of a heat-resistant ceramic ware and emitting heat by absorbing microwaves, which includes a heat-emitting metal oxide material and a binding material, a transfer paper for a ceramic ware including same, a far-infrared-emitting ceramic ware including same, and... Agent: Elix Corp.

20140220273 - Polymer composition having a filler content and coextruded sheet obtainable therefrom: The present invention relates to a polymer composition containing polycarbonate with a weight-average molecular weight Mw of from 24,000 to 33,000 and 5.0 wt. % to 20.0 wt. % (based on the total amount of the composition) of glass hollow spheres with an alkalinity of less than 1.0 meq/g. The... Agent: Bayer Intellectual Property Gmbh

20140220274 - Film and film packaging container: A film containing a layer formed from a resin composition containing a polyamide compound (A) and a resin (B), wherein the polyamide compound (A) contains from 25 to 50% by mol of a diamine unit, which contains a particular diamine unit, in an amount of 50% by mol or more;... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc.

20140220275 - Surface treatment method for plastic substrate and housing using the substrate: A surface treatment method for plastic substrate provides an illusion of a three-dimensional weave surface with a high gloss finish. A first shielding sheet with a shielding area, and a plurality of parallel rows of first holes is provided. The first shielding sheet is pasted on a film, and then... Agent:

20140220276 - Enhanced braided sleeve and method of construction thereof: A braided protective sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The sleeve has a wall extending along a longitudinal axis of the sleeve. The wall includes a plurality of braided yarns forming inner and outer surfaces of the sleeve. The inner surface bounds an internal cavity and the outer... Agent: Federal-mogul Powertrain, Inc.

20140220277 - Breathable insulation for corrosion reduction: Apparatuses for insulation and a method for insulating a pipeline are disclosed. An insulation layer may include a flexible polyurethane foam. The foam may be generated by polymerization in a pressurizable chamber at a pressure sufficient to prevent the foam from completely filling the chamber. The foam may be configured... Agent: Work Warm Dba Aeris

20140220278 - Porous material and devices for performing separations, filtrations, and catalysis and ek pumps, and mthods of making and using the same: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a porous monolith polymeric composition having utility in catalysis, chromatography, filtration, and electro-kinetic pumps, devices incorporating such composition and methods or making and using such monoliths. The monoliths are characterized by a substantially homogeneous skeletal core with little shrinkage, few voids and... Agent: Waters Technologies Corporation

20140220279 - Nitrile copolymer rubber composition and cross-linked rubber: A nitrile copolymer rubber composition containing a nitrile copolymer rubber (A) which contains α,β-ethylenically unsaturated nitrile monomer units (a1) 35 to 85 wt %, conjugated diene monomer units which may be at least partially hydrogenated (a2) 15 to 65 wt %, cationic monomer units (a3) 0 to 30 wt %,... Agent:

20140220280 - Process of recycling plastics, products and applications thereof: n

20140220281 - Oxygen scavengers: Described herein are oxygen scavengers, oxygen scavenging polymeric compositions, and oxygen scavenging articles. The polymeric compositions comprising the oxygen scavengers may have utility in packaging, sealing, wrapping, and storing oxygen-sensitive substances, e.g., to preserve freshness of foods, beverages, and the like.... Agent: M&g Usa Corporation

20140220282 - Rotomolded articles comprising a layer of polyolefin and polyester: A rotomoulded article can have one or more layers, including a layer A. The layer A can have from 50 to 99.4 wt % of a polyolefin, from 0.5 to 50 wt % of a polyester, and from 0.1 to 20 wt % of a co- or ter-polymer. The co-... Agent: Total Research & Technology Feluy

20140220283 - Screen saver: A stack of laminated transparent lenses consists of two alternating optically clear materials in intimate contact. The materials are a plastic lens and clear adhesive. The adhesive is uninterrupted. The lens and the adhesive have refraction mismatch of less than 0.2. A tab portion is part of each lens acts... Agent: Racing Optics, Inc.

20140220285 - Component carrier reel splicing tape: A splicing tape for accurately aligning and joining spliced component carrier reels is disclosed. The flexible splice tape allows the components to remain aligned and picked from a component carrier reel without interruption at the union of a first and second reel. The splice tape with an optional stiffening strip... Agent: Electroreel Components, LLC

20140220284 - Polyimide film: A polyimide film suitable for insulating material is prepared by reacting an acid anhydride and diamine compounds comprising p-phenylenediamine. The polyimide film has excellent electric properties such as a coefficient of thermal expansion, an elongation, a intensity, a dielectric strength and a bulk resistance, and suitable for use in a... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20140220286 - Glass laminate using textured adhesive: A method for laminating glass, a laminate assembly, and an adhesive-coated plastic material used in a laminate assembly. Specifically an adhesive, once applied to a plastic layer is grooved or textured to allow formerly trapped air to escape from between layers of a laminate assembly during a laminate process. This... Agent: Southwall Technologies, Inc.

20140220287 - Label laminate and a method and a system for manufacturing a label laminate: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a label laminate. The method includes forming at least one water based adhesive layer on a belt, drying said at least one water based adhesive layer on the belt, unwinding a first material layer, unwinding a second material layer, attaching said at... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20140220288 - Set of profiles for forming profile structures, complex profile, structure made of profiles and method for making structures using profiles: A set of profiles for forming complex profiles comprises two profiles, namely a first profile (10) and a second profile (20), adjoining each other and having walls surrounding a main chamber. Each profile (10, 20) of the set has an outer shape which may be inscribed into a triangle, and... Agent: Aifo Group Zajac Ziecik Stabrawa Spolka Jawna

20140220290 - Disk for fabricating graphene and method of manufacturing the same: A disk used for fabricating graphene, a multilayered plate, and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The disk includes a thermoplastic polymer substrate with a reflection layer disposed on one side of the thermoplastic polymer substrate; and a graphite oxide layer provided on the thermoplastic polymer substrate. The... Agent: Seoul National University R&db Foundation

20140220289 - Optical disk used for fabricating graphene and method of manufacturing the same: An optical disk for fabricating graphene, a multilayered plate for fabricating graphene, and a method of manufacturing the optical disk or multilayered plate are provided. The optical disk includes a thermoplastic polymer substrate with a reflection layer for reflecting incident light, and a graphite oxide layer applied on the thermoplastic... Agent: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

20140220291 - Pair of complementary articles of clothing: A pair of complementary articles of clothing, such as socks, that can be detachably connected to each other. The detachable connection can be made by first and second complementary connecting elements, which are each fastened to the article of clothing by a carrier element, wherein one of the ends of... Agent: St. Antoni LLC

20140220292 - Systems and methods for enhanced protection during blood tubing sealing: Disclosed herein are systems and methods for user protection from blood splatter during blood tubing sealing. Systems and methods described herein utilize a blood splatter safety shield attached to a handheld blood tubing sealer, comprising one or more barriers, wherein at least one barrier runs substantially perpendicular to the handheld... Agent: New York Blood Center

20140220293 - Covers for heaters and methods thereof: A cover for a patio heater that may include a skirt for fitting around a base of the outdoor patio heater, the skirt including a three box pleat with pleats inset with mesh fabric for providing ventilation; a welt cord disposed at a top of the skirt; a neck panel... Agent:

20140220294 - Catalyst supporting body and method of manufacturing the same: A catalyst supporting body has a porous honeycomb base body having a porosity within a range of 40 to 60 vol. %. The body has a plurality of cells partitioned by cell walls arranged in a lattice-like shape. A coated catalyst layer made of a porous body having a void... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140220295 - Preform and method for reinforcing woven fiber nodes: Preforms including fiber reinforced nodes for use in fiber reinforced composite structures and methods for making fiber reinforced composite structures. Preforms with woven fabric elements extending radially from a common node include at least one reinforcing fiber interwoven between at least two elements and passing through the node. A method... Agent: Albany Engineered Composites, Inc.

20140220296 - Sic crystal and wafer cut from crystal with low dislocation density: A method of forming an SiC crystal including placing in an insulated graphite container a seed crystal of SiC, and supporting the seed crystal on a shelf, wherein cushion rings contact the seed crystal on a periphery of top and bottom surfaces of the seed crystal, and where the graphite... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20140220297 - Stack of metallic laminations, metallic lamination and process for forming a lamination stack: Each lamination of the lamination stack comprises at least one assembly of coupling elements, said assembly comprising one insertion clamp, one receiving clamp and at least one receiving window, said coupling elements maintaining the same relative positioning from one another, the insertion clamp and the receiving clamp being defined by... Agent: Whirlpool S.a.

20140220301 - Epitaxial substrate having nano-rugged surface and fabrication thereof: The invention provides an epitaxial substrate and fabrication thereof. The epitaxial substrate according to the invention includes a crystalline substrate. In particular, the crystalline substrate has an epitaxial surface which is nano-rugged and non-patterned. The epitaxial substrate according to the invention thereon benefits a compound semiconductor material in growth of... Agent:

20140220300 - Pre-stressed glass roll: A glass roll includes at least one glass film and one intermediate material one on top of the other in at least two layers onto a winding core. The glass film layers are held in place by the intermediate material layers. The glass roll is produced with a method including... Agent: Schott Ag

20140220298 - Sic crystal with low dislocation density: A method of forming an SiC crystal, the method including: placing a SiC seed in a growth vessel, heating the growth vessel, and evacuating the growth vessel, wherein the seed is levitated as a result of a temperature and pressure gradient, and gas flows from a growth face of the... Agent: Dow Corning Corporation

20140220299 - Single-crystal silicon-carbide substrate and polishing solution: The present invention relates to a single-crystal silicon-carbide substrate provided with a principal surface having an atomic step-and-terrace structure containing atomic steps and terraces derived from a crystal structure, in which the atomic step-and-terrace structure has a proportion of an average line roughness of a front edge portion of the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20140220302 - Silicon nitride substrate and method for producing silicon nitride substrate: A silicon nitride substrate including a phase encompassed of silicon nitride particles, and intergranular phase formed from a sintering aid, wherein a separation layer is formed on the surface of a molded body including silicon nitride powder, sintering aid powder, and organic binder, by using a boron nitride paste containing... Agent:

20140220303 - Door skin, a method of etching a plate for forming a wood grain pattern in the door skin, and an etched plate formed therefrom: The present invention is directed to a door skin having an exterior surface with a wood grain pattern formed therein, and an etched plate for use as an embossing plate or with a molded die set, for forming the woodgrain pattern in the door skin.... Agent: Masonite Corporation

20140220304 - Embossed carpet backing: Disclosed is a floor covering having an embossed polyurethane foam backing layer and methods of making and using same. A bottom surface of the backing layer can be thermo-embossed with a predetermined pattern, and the bottom surface of the backing layer can define at least one fluid pathway in communication... Agent: Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

20140220305 - Article of manufacture and method for its preparation: Provided is an article of manufacture and a method for its production, the article of manufacture including at least one support element including fiber reinforced polyester (FRP), the at least one support element constructed in a form of a base and at least two projections extending from the base, the... Agent: Green Neighborhood Limited Partnership

20140220306 - Transparent film having micro-convexoconcave structure on surface thereof, method for producing the same, and base film used in production of transparent film: The present invention relates to a transparent film having a cured layer, wherein the cured layer having a micro-convexoconcave structure with the average period of a convex section or a concave section of 20 nm to 400 nm is formed on a rough surface of a base film obtained from... Agent:

20140220307 - Method for manufacturing laminated film and laminated film: A method for manufacturing a laminated film according to the present invention is a method for manufacturing a laminated film constituted by laminating a first film and a second film. The method includes a lamination step of pasting together the first film and the second film in a state where... Agent: Shinmarutokushushigyo Co., Ltd.

20140220308 - Graphite film and method for producing graphite film: It is possible to obtain a graphite film with its shape controlled, by performing a sag controlling step of controlling temperatures of a polymer film at both widthwise ends and a temperature of the polymer film in a widthwise middle portion within a temperature range from a starting temperature of... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20140220309 - Glass film with smooth and microcrack-free edge surface and manufacturing method thereof: A glass film has a first and a second surface which are both defined by like edges, wherein the surface of at least two edges which are located opposite one another have an average surface roughness of an maximum of 2 nanometers.... Agent: Schott Ag

20140220310 - Glass film having a defined edge configuration: A glass film has a thickness of less than 1.2 mm, and a first and a second surface, both surfaces being defined by edges having an edge surface. The respective edge surfaces are provided with a microstructure surface, including micro-cracks and fissures which are laterally defined by flanks. At least... Agent: Schott Ag

20140220311 - Rubberized roof underlayment: An underlayment product comprises a fibrous mat having an upper surface and a lower surface. A rubberized asphalt coating is applied to the lower surface of the fibrous mat and extends at least partially into the fibrous mat. In one heavyweight underlayment, an oxidized asphalt coating is applied to the... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20140220313 - Light blocking sheet, method for manufacturing light blocking sheet, and transparent display device: A light blocking sheet includes: a plurality of light transmission portions extending in a first direction and arranged at a distance from each other along a second direction that crosses the first direction; and a plurality of light blocking portions extending in the first direction, each of the plurality of... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140220312 - Solventless stretchable ink composition: An ink composition suitable for ink jet printing, including printing on deformable substrates. In embodiments, the stretchable ink composition is based on a solventless monomer-based ink formulation comprising a mixture of acrylic ester oligomer and monomers of acrylic ester and aromatic acrylate.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140220314 - Stretchable ink composition: An ink composition suitable for ink jet printing, including printing on deformable substrates. In embodiments, the stretchable ink composition is based on an aqueous ink formulation that provides a more cost-efficient ink over formulations and provides robust images, even when printed on deformable substrates. These ink compositions can be used... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140220315 - High-stretch energy curable inks & method of use in heat transfer label applications: Provided are energy curable high-stretch inks and coatings for heat transfer labels. The inks and coatings include monofunctional monomers/oligomers, thermoplastic inert resins, and zero or a limited amount of multifunctional monomers/oligomers and exhibit good stretchability and surface resistance, such as scratch resistance and solvent (water, oil) resistance. Also provided are... Agent: Sun Chemical Corporation

20140220316 - Biochip substrate and method for producing same: A substrate for biochips, which does not induce autofluorescence, which can immobilize a biologically relevant substance(s) easily, which can prevent the undesirable spread of a liquid spot which is added dropwise on the biochips when using the biochips, in which the adhesion between a carbon-containing layer and an aluminum material... Agent: Toyo Aluminium Kabushiki Kaisha

20140220317 - Resin-based panel with encapsulated high-resolution image layer and methods of making same: Implementations of the present invention relate to systems, methods, and apparatus for manufacturing aesthetically pleasing, decorative architectural resin panels having high-resolution image layers. In particular, at least one implementation includes a laminated resin panel having a decorative image layer formed from layered or cross-linked ink free from cracks, splits, or... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20140220318 - Digital overlay: A method to form a protective overlay with wear resistant particles applied in well-defined patterns by applying wear resistant particles on a surface, bonding a part of the wear resistant particles with a binder preferably applied with a digital drop application head and removing the non-bonded wear resistant particles from... Agent: Floor Iptech Ab

20140220319 - Ink jet recording process, ink jet recording apparatus, and recorded matter: An ink jet recording process using a glitter pigment provides satisfactory glitter even on a recording medium having a rough surface. The ink jet recording process includes a glitter image-forming step of forming a glitter image by discharging a glitter ink composition containing a glitter pigment to a recording medium... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20140220320 - Molded parts: A method and apparatus for injection molding plastic parts is described. In one embodiment, at least two materials are simultaneously injected into a mold. The resulting molded part can include at least two different regions. Each region can have distinct physical properties. Positions of the regions within the molded part... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140220323 - Paper sizing composition with salt of calcium (ii) and organic acid, products made thereby, method of using, and method of making: A paper sizing composition is provided, which comprises a water-soluble salt of Ca(II) and at least one organic acid; and starch. Methods of making and using the composition, and methods of making and using the recording sheets which include the composition, are disclosed.... Agent: International Paper Company

20140220321 - Solventless radiation curable stretchable ink composition: A solventless radiation curable stretchable ink composition including an aliphatic urethane monomer or oligomer; an acrylic ester monomer; a photoinitiator; and an optional colorant. A patterned article including a deformable substrate; an image printed on the deformable substrate, the image being formed from a radiation curable stretchable ink composition comprising... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140220322 - Stretchable ink composition: A stretchable ink composition comprising a polyester; a polyurethane elastomer; water; a co-solvent; an optional surfactant; and an optional colorant.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140220324 - Thermal barrier coating having outer layer: A component according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a substrate, a thermal barrier coating deposited on at least a portion of the substrate, and an outer layer deposited on at least a portion of the thermal barrier coating. The outer layer includes a... Agent:

20140220325 - Method to reduce dislocations in sic crystal growth: A method of forming an SiC crystal including placing a seed crystal of SiC in an insulated graphite container; placing a source of Si and C atoms in the insulated graphite container, where the source of Si and C atoms is for transport to the seed crystal to grow the... Agent:

20140220326 - Multi-layer biaxially oriented polymer film: A multi-layer biaxially oriented polymer film comprising a core layer (CL) and at least one sealing layer (SL), said sealing layer(s) (SL) comprise(s) a propylene copolymer composition (P) having a comonomer content in the range of 3.0 to 8.0 wt.-%, the comonomers are C5 to C12 α-olefins, said propylene copolymer... Agent: Borealis Ag

20140220327 - Glass articles having films with moderate adhesion and retained strength: One or more aspects of the disclosure pertain to an article including a film disposed on a glass substrate, which may be strengthened, where the interface between the film and the glass substrate is modified, such that the article has an improved average flexural strength, and the film retains key... Agent: Corning Incorporated

20140220328 - Strands, nettings, dies, and methods of making the same: Netting (1101) comprising an array of polymeric strands (1102,1104), wherein the polymeric strands are periodically joined together at bond regions throughout the array, and wherein at least a plurality (i.e., at least two) of the polymeric strands have a core (1114) of a first polymeric material and a sheath (1103)... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140220329 - Clear graphic cling films: The instant invention provides a polymer composition suitable for clear graphic cling film applications, method of producing the same, articles made therefrom, and methods for making such articles. The polymer composition suitable for clear graphic cling film applications, according to the present invention, comprises: (a) a polyolefin composition selected from... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140220330 - Polymer resin composition, polyimide resin film, preparation method of polyimide resin film, flexible metal laminate, and circuit board: The present invention is related to a polymer resin composition capable of providing an insulating material having a low dielectric constant and excellent mechanical properties, a polyimide resin film obtained by using the polymer resin composition, a preparation method of a polyimide resin film, and a circuit board and a... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20140220331 - Antimicrobial compositions: A surface treatment composition includes a surface treatment agent and an antimicrobial mixture comprising oxidizable antimicrobial particles distributed throughout a film-forming agent.... Agent: Cosilion LLC

20140220332 - Non-steel distance keeper in impact beam: An impact beam (70) comprises a polymer matrix and a reinforcing structure, the structure further comprises a number of metal reinforcing cords (11) and non-metal elongated binding elements (13) or non-metal coated elongated binding elements arranged between the cords for holding the metal reinforcing cords together. Part of the non-metal... Agent: Voestalpine Polynorm Van Niftrik Bv

20140220333 - Foams and flame resistant articles made from foams containing 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (1233zd): The present invention relates to building envelopes and methods of forming a building envelope comprising foams having a polymeric foam structure including a plurality of closed cells therein and trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (1233zd(E)) contained in at least a portion of said cells.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140220334 - Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material and sealing material: An ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material is obtained by foaming a rubber composition containing an ethylene-propylene-diene rubber. The ethylene-propylene-diene rubber foamed material has a permanent compression set obtained by being compressed by 50% at 80° C. for 22 hours to be then released at 23° C. after the elapse of 24... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20140220335 - Polyimide film incorporatin colored polyimide matting power and manufacture thereof: A colored matting powder includes particles containing a polyimide obtained by reacting diamine and dianhydride monomers at a substantially equal molar ratio, and a pigment incorporated with the polyimide, a portion of the pigment being located at an outer surface of the particles. Moreover, a colored polyimide film is also... Agent: Taimide Technology Incorporation

20140220336 - Pressure-sensitive adhesives that minimize plasticizer migration, pressure-sensitive adhesive articles with such pressure-sensitive adhesives, and methods for fabricating such pressure-sensitive adhesives: Pressure-sensitive adhesives that minimize and/or resist plasticizer migration, pressure-sensitive adhesive articles with such pressure-sensitive adhesives, and methods for fabricating such pressure-sensitive adhesives are provided. In an embodiment, a pressure-sensitive adhesive includes a wax chosen from ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer, ethylene-vinyl acetate, or mixtures thereof. The pressure-sensitive adhesive also contains a natural... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140220337 - Adhesive compositions for use in die attach applications: Novel adhesive compositions that can be used in the die attach process. The adhesives include a curable resin component, a curing agent, and a block copolymer additive. The block copolymer additive has a glass transition temperature of at least about 40° C. The block copolymer additive improves the affinity of... Agent: Henkel USIPLLC

20140220338 - Resorbable and biocompatible fibre glass compositions and their uses: Biocompatible and resorbable melt derived glass compositions which include: SiO2 60-70 weight-%, Na2O 5-20 weight-%, CaO 5-25 weight-%, MgO 0-10 weight-%, P2O5 0.5-3.0 weight-%, B2O3 0-15 weight-%, Al2O3 0-5 weight-%, and which contain less than 0.05 weight-% potassium. Biocompatible and resorbable glass fibres manufactured from these glass compositions, medical devices... Agent: Purac Biochem Bv

20140220339 - Carbon fibers having improved strength and modulus and an associated method and apparatus for preparing same: The invention is directed to carbon fibers having high tensile strength and modulus of elasticity. The invention also provides a method and apparatus for making the carbon fibers. The method comprises advancing a precursor fiber through an oxidation oven wherein the fiber is subjected to controlled stretching in an oxidizing... Agent: Hexcel Corporation

20140220340 - Branched nanowires and method of fabrication: A new set of branched nanowire or nanotree structures and their fabrication process. Some structures have one or more of the following distinctions from other branched nanowires: (1) the trunk and branch diameter and branching number density can be changed along the trunk's length; (2) the branch's azimuthal direction can... Agent: The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

20140220341 - Method of fabricating nano wire and nano wire complex: Disclosed are a method of fabricating a nano wire and a nano wire complex. The method of fabricating a nano wire includes forming a plurality of seed particles by allowing a first ion to react with a second ion in a solvent, and forming a metallic nano wire by adding... Agent: Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

20140220342 - Vinyl acetate/vinyl 3,5,5-trimethylhexanoate copolymer binder resins: s

20140220343 - Insulating wire having partial discharge resistance and high partial discharge inception voltage: The present invention relates to an insulating wire and, more particularly, to an insulating wire having partial discharge resistance that exhibits excellent partial discharge resistance and high partial discharge inception voltage and also excellences in the adhesion between the conductor and the insulation layer and the flexibility of the insulation... Agent: Ls Cable & System Ltd.

20140220344 - Siloxane based hollow fibers: The present invention provides inventive hollow fibers having defined gas permability characteristics. Hollow fibers of the present invention are characterized by a PMPCO2 greater than 30,000 Barrer*MPa. Curable compositions and silicone elastomers produced by curing the curable compositions are provided by the present invention. Compositions and methods for making the... Agent: Medarray, Inc.

20140220345 - Composite micropowder and method for manufacturing the same, ceramic paint, and protection coating: Disclosed is a method of forming a composite micropowder, including mixing 100 parts by weight of fluorine-containing polymer, 10 to 140 parts by weight of silane, catalyst, and water, such that the silane is in-situ polymerized in the fluorine-containing polymer to form a polysiloxane, and the fluorine-containing polymer and the... Agent: Grand Tek Advanced Material Science Co., Ltd.

20140220347 - Electrode composition comprising a silicon powder and method of controlling the crystallinity of a silicon powder: An electrode composition comprises a silicon powder comprising non-crystalline and crystalline silicon, where the crystalline silicon is present in the silicon powder at a concentration of no more than about 20 wt. %. An electrode for an electrochemical cell comprises an electrochemically active material comprising non-crystalline silicon and crystalline silicon,... Agent: Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.

20140220348 - Graphene shell and process of preparing the same: Provided is a process for economically preparing a graphene shell having a desired configuration which is applicable in various fields wherein in the process the thickness of the graphene shell can be controlled, and a graphene shell prepared by the process.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140220349 - Metal nickel-imidazolate chiral nano clathrate complex and preparation method thereof: The present invention discloses a metal nickel-imidazolate chiral nano clathrate complex and preparation method thereof. The new type of metal nickel-imidazolate chiral nano clathrate complex of the present invention has the following chemical formula: [Ni14(Im)24].4NO3, in which Im is N-1-methyl-(4-imidazole) methylene imine. The complex can be obtained directly from a... Agent: Golight, Inc.

20140220346 - Modular polymer hydrogel nanoparticles and methods of their manufacture: In certain embodiments, a nano-sized vehicle (e.g., a nanogel comprising nanoparticles) is provided herein for drug delivery with tunable biodistribution, low toxicity, and degradability, and with demonstrated targeting to bone. The composition is useful, for example, in the treatment of bone disease, particularly bone metastases from cancers such as breast,... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140220350 - Multiple emulsions and techniques for the formation of multiple emulsions: Multiple emulsions and techniques for the formation of multiple emulsions are generally described. A multiple emulsion, as used herein, describes larger droplets that contain one or more smaller droplets therein. In some embodiments, the larger droplet or droplets may be suspended in a carrying fluid containing the larger droplets that,... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140220351 - Synthesis of metal oxide and mixed metal oxide solutions: The disclosure provides methods and materials for preparing a titania nanoparticle product. For example, titania nanoparticle products having desirable optical properties such as a desirable refractive index are prepared according to the methods provided herein.... Agent: Svaya Nanotechnologies, Inc.

20140220352 - Ultra violet enhanced response photochromic composition and device: The present invention relates to an optical power-limiting composition for limiting optical power transmission for an entire solar UV spectrum. The composition includes photochromic dye molecules and UV fluorescent nanoparticles in a matrix material. The composition is configured to absorb wavelengths in the entire solar UV spectrum, including wavelengths of... Agent: Kilolambda Technologies Ltd.

20140220353 - Underlay film composition for imprints and method of forming pattern and pattern formation method using the same: e

20140220354 - Branched polyester polymers and soft touch coatings comprising the same: A crosslinkable, branched polyester prepared by free radical polymerization of unsaturated polyester prepolymers, wherein the polymerization occurs primarily by reaction of the unsaturation is disclosed. Coatings comprising the same are also disclosed, as are substrates coated at least in part with such coatings.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20140220355 - Object or an article whose surface is provided with a coating produced using and adhesion promoter: An object having a coating produced using an adhesion promoter, wherein the adhesion promoter comprises at least one, optionally oligomeric, addition product having no terminal C═C double bonds and having hydrolyzable silane groups.... Agent: Byk-chemie Gmbh

20140220356 - Method for bonding a thermoplastic polymer to a thermosetting polymer component: The invention relates to a method for bonding a thermoplastic polymer to a thermosetting polymer component, the thermoplastic polymer having a melting temperature that exceeds the curing temperature of the thermosetting polymer. The method comprises the steps of providing a cured thermosetting polymer component comprising an implant of a thermoplastic... Agent: Fokker Aerostructures B.v.

20140220357 - Barium copper sulfur fluoride transparent conductive thin films and bulk material: A p-type transparent conductive material can comprise a thin film of BCSF on a substrate where the film has a conductivity of at least 1 S/cm. The substrate may be a plastic substrate, such as a polyethersulfone, polyethylene terephthalate, polyimide, or some other suitable plastic or polymeric substrate.... Agent:

20140220358 - Erosion-resistant coating compositions: p

20140220360 - Heat treatable coated article with copper-doped zirconium based layer(s) in coating: In certain example embodiments, a coated article includes a copper-doped zirconium based layer before heat treatment (HT). The coated article is heat treated sufficiently to cause the copper-doped zirconium oxide and/or nitride based layer to result in a copper-doped zirconium oxide based layer that is scratch resistant and/or chemically durable.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140220359 - Heat treatable coated article with tungsten-doped zirconium based layer(s) in coating: In certain example embodiments, a coated article includes a tungsten-doped zirconium based layer before heat treatment (HT). The coated article is heat treated sufficiently to cause the tungsten-doped zirconium oxide and/or nitride based layer to result in a tungsten-doped zirconium oxide based layer that is scratch resistant and/or chemically durable.... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20140220361 - Plasma source and methods for depositing thin film coatings using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition: The present invention provides novel plasma sources useful in the thin film coating arts and methods of using the same. More specifically, the present invention provides novel linear and two dimensional plasma sources that produce linear and two dimensional plasmas, respectively, that are useful for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The... Agent: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

20140220362 - Electrochromic nanocomposite films: The present invention provides an electrochromic nanocomposite film. In an exemplary embodiment, the electrochromic nanocomposite film, includes (1) a solid matrix of oxide based material and (2) transparent conducting oxide (TCO) nanostructures embedded in the matrix. In a further embodiment, the electrochromic nanocomposite film farther includes a substrate upon which... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140220363 - Low firing silver conductor: The invention provides an electroconductive paste comprising metallic particles and an organic vehicle comprising an aldehyde resin and a solvent. The invention also provides an electroconductive paste comprising metallic particles comprising at least two types of metallic particles selected from the group consisting of a first metallic particle having an... Agent: Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC

20140220364 - Dielectric ceramic composition, electronic element, and composite electric element: In order to provide a dielectric ceramic composition capable of sintering at a low temperature, implementing a low relative dielectric constant, providing other excellent properties (such as a relative density and an insulation resistance), performing co-firing of different materials, and suppressing dispersion of Ag in the sintered body when the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20140220365 - Laminated electrode: A laminated electrode disposed on a substrate includes a first layer disposed at a top surface and a second layer directly joined to the first layer. A material of the first layer is gold. A material of the second layer is nickel silicide.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140220366 - Conductive article having silver nanoparticles: A conductive article includes a metal nanoparticle composition formed on a substrate. The metal nanoparticle composition includes silver nanoparticles and a polymer having both carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid groups. The weight ratio of the polymer to silver is 0.0005 to 0.04.... Agent:

20140220367 - Energy curable bonding resin: An energy curable bonding resin composition that prevents corrosion in metallic optical structures including DVDs includes at least one monomer, acrylated epoxidized soya bean oil, and a photoinitiator of among 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl-diphenylphosphine oxide (TPO); Phosphine oxide, phenylbis 2,4,6-trimethyl benzoyl; oligo[2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-[4-(1-methylvinyl)phenyl]propanone]; alpha-hydroxy ketone, difunctional; or combinations thereof.... Agent: Sun Chemical Corporation

20140220368 - Surface coated structures and methods: The present invention relates to a methods and composition in which a D-form or retro-inverso Pseudomonas pilin peptide, optionally having a polyethylene glycol moiety covalently attached to the peptide, is bound to a substrate. The disclosed methods and composition are useful for reducing the frictional coefficient, inhibiting biofilm formation by... Agent: Arch Biophysics, Inc.

20140220369 - Heat-shrinkable multilayer film and heat shrinkable label: The present invention provides a heat shrinkable multilayer film that has excellent adhesiveness between front and back layers and an interlayer, effectively prevents delamination, and is less likely to have white creases on folds. The present invention also provides a heat shrinkable label formed from the heat shrinkable multilayer film.... Agent: Gunze Limited

20140220371 - Tapered spiral welded structure: A method for creating a tapered spiral welded conical structure where the overall shape of the cone is first graphically slit axially and unwrapped, and then a series of construction arcs and lines are created to form the edge lines of a strip that can then be wrapped (rolled) to... Agent: Keystone Tower Systems, Inc.

20140220370 - Tube for the end consumer with minimum interior and exterior oxidation, with grains that may be selectable in size and order; and production process of tubes: The invention set forth in this specification considers implementing a production process through a productive line of a continuous vertical casting machine that produces a direct pre-tube from the melt, which we shall call “new pre-tube”. Later, as a second step, that new pre-tube passes through two simultaneous, synchronized wiredrawing... Agent: Madeco Mills S.a.

20140220372 - Unitized assembly including substructure element integral with fiber metal laminate: A unitized assembly may comprise a fiber metal laminate and at least one additive layer. The fiber metal laminate may have non-metallic plies bonded to metallic plies and may include an innermost metallic ply. The at least one additive layer may be deposited onto the innermost metallic ply by friction... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140220373 - Composite dual blackened copper foil and method of manufacturing the same: A composite dual blackened copper foil includes a copper foil and two blackened layers. The copper foil has a shiny side and a matte side. The blackened layers are formed on the shiny and matte sides respectively. The blackened layers are formed alloy by electroplating in a plating bath consisting... Agent: Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

20140220374 - Material processing through optically transmissive slag: A process for growing a substrate (24) as a melt pool (28) solidifies beneath a molten slag layer (30) An energy beam (36) is used to melt a powder (32) or a hollow feed wire (42) with a powdered alloy core (44) under the slag layer The slag layer is... Agent:

20140220375 - Method for forming a protective coating with enhanced adhesion between layers: A method for forming a protective coating on a substrate comprising, applying a bond coating to the substrate, the bond coating having a first surface roughness, ionizing an inert gas which flows into the surface of the bond coating so as to impart a second surface roughness to the bond... Agent: General Electric Company

20140220376 - Brazing process, braze arrangement, and brazed article: A brazing process, a braze arrangement, and a brazed article are disclosed. The brazing process includes brazing an article with a braze arrangement. The braze arrangement includes a first braze material and a second braze material, the first braze material having a first melting point and the second braze material... Agent: General Electric Company

20140220377 - Method of forming a bonded assembly: A method of forming a bonded assembly (10). The method comprises: providing at least first and second parts (12, 14) of an assembly (10) to be bonded; assembling the first and second parts (12, 14) in a required relative position to define a bond interface region therebetween; sealing part way... Agent: Rolls-royce PLC

20140220378 - Thermal barrier coating systems and processes therefor: Coating systems and processes by which the coating systems can be deposited to be resistant to contaminants, and particularly resistant to infiltration and damage caused by CMAS. The coating systems include inner and outer ceramic layers. The inner ceramic layer consists essentially of zirconia stabilized by about 6 to about... Agent: General Electric Company

20140220379 - Alloy, protective layer and component: Known protective layers having a high Cr content and additionally a silicon form brittle phases which additionally become brittle under the influence of carbon during use. The protective layer hereof has a composition 22% to 24% cobalt (Co), 10.5% to 11.5% aluminum (AI), 0.2% to 0.4% yttrium (Y) and/or at... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140220380 - Slide component and method for production of cladding on a substrate: A slide component, used in internal combustion engines, provided with a metal-based substrate material and a protective liner (R), with the slide component having at least two main elements, the first one composed by an element with high resistance to corrosion, and the second element providing increase of the resistance... Agent: Mahle International Gmbh

20140220381 - Clad sheet for motor vehicle body: The subject of the invention is a composite sheet material made of aluminium alloy for motor vehicle body components, in which a cladding sheet is applied to at least one side of a core, the compositions of the core and of the cladding sheet, in weight percentages, being such as... Agent: Constellium France

20140220382 - High strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in terms of coating adhesiveness and method for manufacturing the same: A high strength galvanized steel sheet excellent in coating adhesiveness is made from a base material that is a high strength steel sheet containing Si, Mn, and Cr. A method includes performing an oxidation treatment on steel containing Si, Mn, and Cr in an oxidation furnace under the condition that... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140220383 - Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and production method therefor: Provided are a high-strength hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent formability and a tensile strength of 440 MPa or more and a method for manufacturing the same. A steel sheet has a microstructure containing a ferrite phase having an area fraction of 60% or more, a pearlite phase having an... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20140220384 - Alloy, protective layer and component: Known protective layers having a high Cr-content and a silicone in addition, form brittle phases that embrittle further under the influence of carbon during use. The protective layer according to the invention is composed of 22% to 26% cobalt (Co), 10.5% to 12% aluminum (Al), 0.2% to 0.4% Yttrium (Y)... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140220385 - Mr enhancing layer (mrel) for spintronic devices: The performance of an MR device has been improved by inserting one or more Magneto-Resistance Enhancing Layers (MRELs) into approximately the center of one or more of the magnetic layers such as an inner pinned (AP1) layer, spin injection layer (SIL), field generation layer (FGL), and a free layer. An... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20140220386 - Substrate for magnetic disk and magnetic disk: A magnetic disk substrate is characterized in that when laser light with a wavelength of 405 nm and a laser power of 25 mW is irradiated with a spot size of 5 μm and scattered light from the substrate is detected, the number of defects detected to have a size... Agent: Hoya Corporation

07/31/2014 > 124 patent applications in 95 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 93 patent applications in 67 patent subcategories.

20140205770 - Cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device: Provide a cellulose acylate film with small photoelastic coefficient, low moisture content and low haze, and a polarizing plate and a liquid crystal display device using the same. Also provided is a cellulose acylate film including at least cellulose acylate and a resin produced by hydrogenating a polymer containing a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140205771 - Bezel sealant, liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display: The present invention provides a bezel sealant for use in a polymer stabilized vertical alignment liquid crystal display. The bezel sealant includes at least the following compositions: epoxy resin 20-60% by weight, curing agent 5-50% by weight, methacrylate resin or acrylate resin 20-60% by weight, photoinitiator 0.1-1% by weight, filler... Agent: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

20140205772 - Circularly foldable daisy display stand: A circularly folding display stand that includes a plurality of sector-like partitioned, that can be compressed into storage mode by folding the partitions together to minimize sector area, and can be opened into a display mode by opening the partitions to maximize sector area.... Agent:

20140205773 - Water-insoluble coloring matter compound, ink using the water-insoluble coloring matter compound, thermal transfer recording sheet and resist composition for color filter: c

20140205774 - Glazing unit with peripheral seal and corresponding manufacturing process: The invention relates to a glazing unit, in particular an insulating glazing unit, comprising at least a first (5) and a second (5) glass sheet joined together via at least one spacer (8) that keeps them a certain distance apart from each other and, between said at least two glass... Agent: Agc Glass Europe

20140205775 - Housing and electronic device using the same: A housing includes a substrate, a transition layer disposed on the substrate, and a color layer disposed on the transition layer. The transition layer is a mixing coating layer of metal carbonitride. The metal contains titanium and one of which selected from the group consisting of aluminum, chromium, and iron.... Agent:

20140205776 - Impregnated cloth: A knitted spacer fabric has a tightly knitted bottom layer, a more loosely knitted upper layer and linking fibres extending across the space between the lower and upper faces. Settable material, e.g. cement, is introduced into the space between the upper and lower faces and can be caused to set... Agent: Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.

20140205777 - Articles of manufacture made from pulp composition: One aspect of the invention relates to an article of manufacture made from a pulp composition comprising an ARF pulp. In one embodiment, the pulp composition made from agricultural renewable fibers (ARF) having low Kappa number with unexpected quality sufficient for papermaking (e.g., high strength parameters and high freeness). In... Agent: Cargill, Incorporated

20140205778 - Polyvinyl chloride resin composition: e

20140205779 - System and method for installation of solid edge banding for cabinetry: A system and method for installation of “solid edge banding” for the exposed edges of kitchen and bath cabinetry to provide a finished look and aesthetic appeal is disclosed. The solid edge banding can be used on framed cabinets, frameless cabinets, cabinets with end skin-panels and shelves. The disclosed system... Agent: Ace Kitchen Direct, LLC

20140205780 - Low alpha particle emission electrically-conductive coating: An electrically conductive paste providing low alpha particle emission is provided. A resin and conductive particles are mixed, and a curing agent is added. A solvent is subsequently added. The electrically conductive paste including a resin compound is formed by mixing the mixture in a high shear mixer. The electrically... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205781 - Silicone espun ptfe composites: The present disclosure provides a composite material comprising a silicone component and an electrospun, porous polymeric component and methods of producing such a composite material. The layers are preferably processed so as to result in some degree of penetration of the silicone component into the pores of the electrospun polymeric... Agent: Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.

20140205782 - Microgel-containing vulcanizable composition based on hydrogenated nitrile rubber: A novel vulcanizable composition is provided, based on at least one hydrogenated nitrile rubber, on at least one peroxide, on at least one unsaturated carboxylic acid and/or salts thereof, and also on specific microgels. These vulcanizable compositions can be used to obtain vulcanized products which can in particular be used... Agent: Lanxess Deutschland Gmbh

20140205783 - Stabilized polyamide: The present invention relates to the use of a polyhydric alcohol in a polyamide polymerization process for giving the modified polyamide obtained increased stability toward heat, light and/or bad weather. The invention also relates to a polyamide modified in this way, and also to polyamide compositions that may be used... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20140205785 - Injection-molded article: Provided is an injection-molded article with excellent external appearance, low warping, heat resistance, and durability to heating and cooling. An injection-molded article for which (1) deflection temperature under load according to ISO 75-1 is 165-220° C., (2) surface gloss at 45° by the JIS Z8741 testing method is 95-110, (3)... Agent: Wintech Polymer Ltd.

20140205784 - Modified hot runner systems for injection blow molding: A preform suitable for blow molding made out of crystallizable polymers made by biaxially stretching the preform by blowing to form a container. The preform having regular or irregular sequence of variations in molecular pre-alignment/orientation and regular or irregular sequence of variations in crystallinity between different locations of the cross-section... Agent: Alliance For Business Solutions A4bs

20140205786 - Polyesters and articles made therefrom: Disclosed herein are polyesters and articles made therefrom. The article comprising a substrate comprising a first surface and a second surface, the second surface in contact with an outside environment, wherein the substrate comprises a polymer comprising poly(trimethylene furandicarboxylate) (PTF), and wherein the polymer provides an improvement in gas barrier... Agent: E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20140205787 - Cushion capable of exhausting heat and moisture: A cushion capable of exhausting heat and moisture includes an airproof bottom fabric, a lumpy foam pad on top of the bottom fabric, and a face fabric on top of the foam pad. The face fabric and the bottom fabric are connected to form a peripheral lamination so that the... Agent: Nova Leather Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20140205788 - Method for manufacturing pile carpet: The invention relates to a method for manufacturing pile carpet or pile carpet tiles, wherein a pile yarn (8) is connected via a pile thread holder (1) to at least a primary backing (7), wherein the pile thread holder (1) comprises a plurality of pile thread guide channels (2) which... Agent: Cttec Bvba

20140205789 - Coated fabrics including expandable graphite: A coated fabric comprising a fabric substrate and a coating on said substrate, the coating comprising a binder and expandable graphite dispersed throughout the binder.... Agent:

20140205790 - Load transfer or connector device for expanded cell confinement structures and methods for doing the same: A device that includes an insertion member, a shank, and a body having a through-hole and a post. The device can be part of a cellular confinement system. A method of transferring load from an expanded cellular confinement structure to a flexible tendon includes inserting an insertion member of a... Agent: Reynolds Presto Products Inc.

20140205791 - Sealing tape: The sealing tape has an elastically recoverable foam strip and a stiff strip-shaped element made of stiff foam, which is arranged underneath the foam strip. The stiff strip-shaped element has greater flexural strength than the foam strip and has two predetermined fold points, so that two side sections of the... Agent: Iso-chemie Gmbh

20140205792 - Apparatus and methods for adhesion: A material engagement element sheet formed from a sheet material (10) incorporates a pattern of material engagement element slots (14), each slot containing an array of material engagement elements (20) which have a tapered distal section (30), a flange section (34) and a proximal section (32) which is attached to... Agent: Microkoll, Inc.

20140205793 - Multiple-resin composite structures and methods of producing the same: Solid, flexible composite structures may include a textile arrangement of at least one textile layer constructed of textile fibers and having a distribution of pores formed therein, with a first resin filling pores having a pore diameter equal to or less than a pore diameter threshold, and a second resin... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140205794 - Honeycomb structural body: A honeycomb structural body has a central part, an outer-circumferential part and a boundary-partition wall. The central part has central basic-cell walls and central reinforced-cell walls. The outer-circumferential part has outer-circumferential basic-cell walls and outer-circumferential reinforced-cell walls. The body satisfies R1/P1≧0.5, R2/P2≧0.5, T10≧T20, T11>T21, T3>T10, T3>T20, T3≧T11 and T3>T21, where... Agent: Denso Corporation

20140205795 - Three dimensional negative poisson's ratio spacer knitted fabric and method for making the same: This present application relates to a three dimensional negative Poisson's ratio spacer knitted fabric and a method for making the same; the fabric includes a first surface layer fabric, a second surface layer fabric, and a spacer yarn layer connecting the first surface layer fabric with the second surface layer... Agent: The Hong Kong Research Institute Of Textiles And Apparel Limited

20140205797 - Biopolymer photonic crystals and method of manufacturing the same: A method of manufacturing a biopolymer photonic crystal includes providing a biopolymer, processing the biopolymer to yield a biopolymer matrix solution, providing a substrate, casting the matrix solution on the substrate, and drying the biopolymer matrix solution to form a solidified biopolymer film. A surface of the film is formed... Agent: Tufts University

20140205796 - Method of forming graphene nanomesh: A graphene nanomesh includes a graphene sheet having a plurality of pores formed therethrough. Each pore has a first diameter defined by an inner edge of the graphene sheet. A plurality of passivation elements are bonded to the inner edge of each pore. The plurality of passivation elements defines a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205799 - Accessory, electronic assembly, control method, and method for forming an accessory: An accessory suitable for an electronic device is provided. The electronic device has a display area. The accessory includes a coupling portion and a cover portion. The coupling portion is suitable to be coupled to the electronic device. The cover portion is connected to the coupling portion and is suitable... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140205798 - Incised composite material for selective, multispectral reflection: Geometrically incised fabrics that control reflectance and transmission in the visible, thermal, nIR, SWIR, and microwave/millimeter bands of the electromagnetic spectrum are provided. The incised fabrics include incised flaps that move about a hinged attachment portion into open and closed configurations. The incised flaps may be oriented in patterns containing... Agent: W.l. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140205802 - Cast product having alumina barrier layer: To provide a cast product having an alumina barrier layer and method for producing the same. A cast product having an alumina barrier layer of the present invention is a cast product in which an alumina barrier layer containing Al2O3 is formed on the surface of a cast body, and... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20140205804 - Elastomeric coatings having hydrophobic and/or oleophobic properties: This disclosure deals with novel formulations to create highly durable hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, oleophobic and/or superoleophobic surfaces that can be nearly transparent. The formulations of this invention can be applied by dip, spray and painting processes.... Agent: Ross Technology Corporation

20140205800 - Externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system: A fiber reinforced polymer strengthening system having a concrete structural member having at least one outer facing surface. At least one pultruded element is located on the outer facing surface of the concrete structural member, the pultruded element containing a matrix material having a Tg of at least about 110°... Agent: Milliken & Company

20140205801 - Hydrophilic laminate and method for manufacturing the same, antifouling laminate, product and method for manufacturing the same, and antifouling method: A hydrophilic laminate, including: a substrate made of a resin; and a hydrophilic resin layer on the substrate made of a resin, wherein the hydrophilic resin layer comprises micro convex portions or micro concave portions in a surface thereof, and wherein a pure water contact angle of the surface of... Agent: Dexerials Corporation

20140205803 - Method for forming identification marks on silicon carbide single crystal substrate, and silicon carbide single crystal substrate: A method for forming an identification mark on a silicon carbide single crystal substrate according to the present invention includes: (a) scanning a principal surface of a silicon carbide single crystal substrate with a laser beam at a first energy density such that a groove is formed in the principal... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

20140205805 - Microscopic roughness structure with protective film and method thereof: In a protective film affixed to a microscopic roughness structure having a microscopically rough structure on the surface, water contact angle of the surface of the microscopic roughness structure is 40° or less, compressive stress obtainable when the adhesive layer of the protective film is compressed to a compression ratio... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20140205806 - Arrangement for joining a silicone part to an adhesible part: An arrangement for joining a silicone part to an adhesible part, with an intermediate element which is joined on a first surface to the silicone part and is bonded on a second surface to an adhesible part, the first surface having an adhesive structure with micro-undercuts which are cast with... Agent: Aton Systems Gmbh

20140205807 - Artificial stone: An artificial stone is disclosed for use in creating a covering for a supporting surface. The artificial stone includes a body for placement on the supporting surface, which is shaped for mating engagement with like stones with intermediate perimeter joints to produce a continuous surface covering. The stone has a... Agent: Oldcastle Building Products Canada Inc.

20140205808 - Utility materials incorporating a microparticle matrix formed with a setting agent: A composition, utility material, and method of making a utility material is disclosed. A composition having an improved setting time may include a plurality of microparticles mixed with a sodium silicate binder and an isocyanate setting agent, where the microparticle composition has a setting time of less than or equal... Agent: Ashtech Industries, LLC

20140205809 - Layered panel: A layered panel in which strength of a hinge can be improved regardless of the kinds of substrates configuring a front wall and a rear wall of the layered panel is provided. A layered panel in accordance with the present invention is a layered panel rotatable about a hinge as... Agent: Kyoraku Co., Ltd.

20140205812 - Combined press lamination and membrane lamination: The invention relates to a method for laminating a substrate with a decoration (104), wherein the substrate comprises a first portion (114) and a second portion (116), wherein the method simultaneously comprises membrane lamination and press lamination, wherein the press lamination is carried out in a first region (118) of... Agent: Faurecia Innenraum Systeme Gmbh

20140205813 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: One objective of the present invention is to provide an image processing apparatus and an image processing method, whereby a difference of gloss at irregular, very small portions can be appropriately reproduced. The image processing apparatus determines, based on image data for an image to be printed on a print... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205810 - Method of making micro-channel structure for micro-wires: A method of making a micro-channel structure and applying a curable ink to the micro-channel structure includes providing a substrate and depositing a single layer of a curable polymer on the substrate, the single curable layer having a layer thickness. One or more micro-channels adapted to receive curable ink are... Agent:

20140205811 - Micro-channel structure for micro-wires: The purpose of this invention is to retain an abhor nut to a power tool while the nut is not in use. More specifically it is intended to keep the abhor nut of an angle grinder attached to the grinder. Grinding abrasives for an angle grinder can be purchased with... Agent:

20140205814 - 3d printed decorative film and products made thereof: A 3D printed decorative film includes a transparent substrate with one-sided or two-sided concave or convex structures and a printing layer. The transparent substrate is a thermoplastic film. The heat softening temperature of concave or convex structures is at least 50° C. higher than that of thermoplastic film. An additional... Agent:

20140205815 - Low gloss, air permeable, abrasion resistant, printable laminate containing an asymmetric membrane and articles made therefrom: Asymmetric expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes that contain multiple layers of ePTFE where at least one layer of ePTFE has a microstructure different from the microstructure of a second ePTFE layer. In exemplary embodiments, the asymmetric membrane contains a first ePTFE layer that has an “open” microstructure and a second ePTFE... Agent: W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

20140205816 - Dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet, semiconductor device, multilayered circuit board and electronic component: According to the present invention, a dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet is provided in which connection between terminals of opposing members and encapsulating of voids between the members can be simultaneously performed and thus excellent workability is achieved. The dicing-tape-integrated adhesive sheet of the present invention has a laminated structure including an... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20140205819 - Adhesive sheet: The present invention relates to an adhesive sheet including a substrate sheet and an adhesive layer, wherein the substrate sheet has a void containing layer capable of the air permeability from the surface contacting with the adhesive layer, the air permeability measured by specific test method is 1×103 to 3×105... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20140205817 - Image transfer kit and method of making same: A process of manufacturing an image transfer kit which enables the production of a desired image on a substrate which subsequently may be used in different decorative applications. The process may include the application of different layers of lacquer, photoclear and inks to a substrate in addition to the ultra-violet... Agent: Bion Design, LLC

20140205818 - Methods of making patterned structures of materials, patterned structures of materials, and methods of using same: A method for forming patterns of organic polymer materials. The method can be used to form a layer with two patterned organic polymer materials. The photoresist and solvents used in the photoresist deposition and removal steps do not substantially affect the organic polymer materials.... Agent: Conrnell University

20140205820 - Composite panel: Composite panel, particularly for forming roof panels of cars and/or industrial vehicles, and method of manufacturing the composite panel, which composite panel includes a core of foamed material, at least one skin layer of nonwoven material, and at least one connecting layer between the core of foamed material and the... Agent: Nwp Inc.

20140205821 - Modified flexible evoh for high performance films: The present invention relates to a film having a combination of good flexibility and excellent barrier properties. The film comprises at least one barrier layer. The barrier layer comprises at least 5 percent, by weight of the layer, of an anhydride and/or carboxylic acid functionalized ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer having a density... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140205822 - Wide-view optical film having reversed wavelength dispersion: An optical compensation film is disclosed herein, which is made by uniaxially or biaxially stretching of a multilayer film including a first polymer film having a refractive index profile satisfying the equations of (nx+ny)/2≧nz and |nx−ny|<0.005 and a second polymer film having a refractive index profile satisfying the equations of... Agent: Akron Polymer Systems, Inc.

20140205823 - Bioriented polyethylene film: The present invention discloses a process for forming a biaxially oriented film. The process includes first selecting a polyolefin resin wherein said polyolefin resin comprises a linear low density polyethylene resin characterized by having from 9 to 35 weight percent of the total weight of linear low density polyethylene resin... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20140205827 - Adhesive film, adhesive composition for the same, and display apparatus including the same: An adhesive film including a compound including a urethane functional group, the adhesive film having a ratio (B/A) of 180° peel strength (B) after leaving the adhesive film at 70° C. for 2 minutes to 180° peel strength (A) at 25° C. of about 5 or more, is disclosed. A... Agent: Cheil Industries Inc.

20140205825 - Multi-stage polymer composition and films and polarizer plates made therefrom: A multi-stage polymer composition comprising a crosslinked core component, one or more intermediate layer components and an outermost layer component in which the refractive index of each of the crosslinked core, the one or more intermediate layers and the outermost layer are within 2% of the refractive index of each... Agent:

20140205828 - Multilayer film including foam layer and gas barrier layer: A multilayer film includes an outer foam layer and a gas barrier layer. The multilayer film may also include at least one tie layer and at least one inner layer, and can be configured to have various film layer constructions. For example, the multilayer film can be configured as a... Agent: Hollister Incorporated

20140205824 - Polyimide film and polyimide laminate thereof: A polyimide film comprising a polyimide and a lithium iron phosphate and a polyimide laminate thereof are disclosed. The weight percentage of the lithium iron phosphate is between 1 wt % and 49 wt %, and the weight percentage of the lithium iron phosphate is based on the total weight... Agent: Mortech Corporation

20140205826 - Process for making a polymeric film: The invention relates to a process to make films and tapes from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) in the solid state. The films and tapes according to the invention have an improved thickness whereby the coefficient of variation of the thickness of the film of at most 6%.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140205831 - Flexible reinforcing fiber yarn pre-impregnated with resin: A pre-impregnated yarn having a bundle made of reinforcing fiber filaments impregnated with a first resin composition infiltrated into the pre-impregnated yarn and at least partially connected via the first resin composition. The first resin composition contains at least two bisphenol A epichlorohydrin resins H1 and H2 in a weight... Agent: Toho Tenax Europe Gmbh

20140205830 - High strength cellulosic filament its use, and method for the production thereof: The present invention relates to high-strength, possibly pigment-containing—for example flame-retardant—regenerated cellulosic filaments having improved textile properties, in particular as regards strength and uniformity, to their use for the production of fabrics, and to a method for the production of these filaments.... Agent: Lenzing Ag

20140205829 - Method for controlling microstructural arrangement of nominally-aligned arrays of carbon nanotubes: A method for controlling the microstructural arrangement of nominally-aligned arrays of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and a foam structure of CNTs are disclosed. The method includes a functionalization of CNT surfaces, for example, a non-covalent functionalization. The non-covalent functionalization of CNT surfaces can be obtained by way of a wetting process,... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20140205832 - Phosphorus containing epoxy compounds and compositions therefrom: Epoxy containing phosphonate monomers, polymers, copolymers, oligomers and co-oligomers and methods for making the same are describes herein. These materials can be used to make polymers, and can be combined with other polymers, oligomers or monomer mixtures to make resins with excellent fire resistance that can be used in a... Agent: Frx Polymers, Inc.

20140205833 - Composite coated substrates and moldable composite materials: A moldable composite material contains flakes of composite material, i.e., flakes of polymeric matrix materials having fibers embedded therein. An improved substrate is provided by providing a substrate and applying a coating onto the substrate, the coating containing the flakes of composite material. A first construction member can be secured... Agent: Gordon Holdings, Inc.

20140205834 - Exhaust gas treatment device: A mounting mat for an exhaust gas treatment device includes a blend of inorganic fibers and organic nanofibrillated fibers. An exhaust gas treatment device includes a housing and a fragile structure mounted within the housing by the mounting mat that is disposed in a gap between the housing and the... Agent: Unifrax I LLC

20140205835 - Base film for dicing sheet and dicing sheet: A base film for a dicing sheet is provided which can suppress dicing debris from generating during the dicing of a cut object without imparting physical energy, such as electron beam or γ ray. The base film for a dicing sheet comprises a resin layer. The resin layer comprises: a... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20140205836 - Rubber composite cord for a tread of a pneumatic tire: A composite cord includes a rubber core and a rubber sheath surrounding, at least in part, the rubber core. A formulation of the core is different from that of the sheath. The rubber core includes at least one diene elastomer and more than 30 phr of a filler A. The... Agent: Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

20140205837 - Single-crystal ingot, apparatus and method for manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a single-crystal ingot manufacturing apparatus, which includes a crucible in which a melt is accommodated, a heater configured to heat the crucible, a heat shield member configured to shield radiant heat from the heater and the melt, and a neck cover configured to encompass a seed crystal unit... Agent:

20140205838 - Polymeric structures comprising a sulfosuccinate: Hydroxyl polymer-containing compositions, especially hydroxyl polymer-containing compositions that can be processed into polymeric structures, especially polymeric structures in the form of fibers are provided.... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140205841 - Granules of graphene oxide by spray drying: Granules of graphene oxide may be produced from a dispersion of nanoscale graphene oxide sheets by a spray drying method. Such granules have a three-dimensional corrugated morphology. The complexity of the corrugations, and the size distribution of the granules can be varied through selection of the spray-drying equipment used, and... Agent:

20140205840 - Method for producing nitride single crystal and autoclave for use in the method: There is provided a novel method for producing a nitride single crystal with both a rapid crystal growth rate and high crystal quality, as well as a novel autoclave that can be used in the method. The invention provides a method for producing a Ga-containing nitride single crystal by an... Agent: Asahi Kasei Kabushiki Kaisha

20140205839 - Pure albumin and its method of preparation and detection: The subject of the present invention is a pure monomeric bovine serum albumin, a method of producing it characterised by the use column chromatography in resin and a method of identifying it using dynamic light scattering.... Agent: Wroclawskie Centrum Badan Eit + Sp Z O.o.

20140205842 - Advanced solid surface acrylic and method: The present application describes compositions for making a cast, thermoformable sheet or slab, wherein the thermoformable sheet or slab demonstrates properties associated with both solid surface and polymeric materials. Additionally, the present application describes a method of welding the compositions described in the present application. Further, the present application describes... Agent: Aristech Acrylics LLC

20140205843 - Use of hydrophobic epoxide resin system for encapsulation of a instrument transformer: Disclosed is the use of a curable composition for padding-free encapsulation of instrument transformers comprising (a) a cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, (b) a polyoxyalkylene diglycidylether (c) an OH-terminated polysiloxane, (d) a cyclic polysiloxane and (e) a non-ionic, fluoroaliphatic surface-active reagent, (f) a filler, (g) a hardener selected from anhydrides, (h) a... Agent:

20140205844 - Method for depositing silicon carbide film: A film deposition method of a silicon carbide thin film having a high transmissivity and high film strength applicable for optical use purposes is provided. The film can be formed safely and efficiently in a short time and on a low heat resistance substrate. The method can include depositing a... Agent: Shincron Co., Ltd.

20140205845 - Stabilization agents for transparent conductive films: Certain phenolic compounds have been found to provide anti-corrosion properties when incorporated into silver nanowire containing films. The effectiveness of such compounds may be enhanced by their introduction into a layer disposed adjacent to a silver nanowire containing layer.... Agent:

20140205846 - Multi-dimensional networks: Described herein are multi-dimensional networks that can include a recurring unit of Formula (I) and a recurring unit of Formula (II), and methods of synthesizing and using the same.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140205847 - Multilayer blown films: Coextruded multilayer blown films are produced comprising: a core layer comprising at least one random polypropylene copolymer; at least one skin or intermediate layer adjacent to said core layer; wherein the coextruded multilayer film has at least about 30% higher machine direction tear, at least about 30% improved tear ratio... Agent: Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

20140205848 - Tire, method for manufacturing thereof, and rubber member for repair used in the method for manufacturing the tire: The present invention provides a tire that can achieve vulcanization at low temperatures and in a short time, and has high peeling resistance, a method for manufacturing thereof, and a rubber member for repair used in the method for manufacturing the tire. The method for manufacturing a tire of the... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20140205849 - Brush polymer coating by in situ polymerization from photoreactive surface: The invention provides compositions that include crosslinking agents having multiple photoactivatable groups, such as diaryl ketones, or a diaryl ketone, such as benzophenone, and at least one polymerizable monomer, such as a zwitterionic monomer. The compositions are useful as surface coating agents that provide brush type polymeric coatings. These polymeric... Agent: Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.

20140205850 - Biological method to reduce wetwood content in green lumber: The present invention relates to a method for reducing wetwood content in green lumber by a treatment with a selected fungal species, such as Phlebiopsis gigantea or Gliocladium roseum, prior to kiln drying. In the laboratory conditions, the biological treated boards reduced wood moisture content (MC) by 22-37% more than... Agent: Fpinnovations

20140205851 - Magnetic contacts for electronics applications: An interconnect structure for electrically joining two surfaces includes magnetic attachment structures and an anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACA). Magnetic attachment structures on a first surface are magnetically attracted to magnetic attachment structures on a second surface. Opposing magnetic attachment structures are joined via an ACA, which conducts electricity when compressed,... Agent:

20140205852 - Method for producing a film element: The invention concerns a process for producing a film element having mutually registered metallic layers (11, 16) and a film element which can be produced by such a process. A first metallic layer (11) provided on a first surface of a flexible single-layer or multi-layer carrier film (10) and a... Agent: Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. Kg

20140205853 - Transparent conductive coating film, transparent conductive ink, and touch panel using transparent conductive coating film or transparent conductive ink: A transparent conductive coating film comprising at least a metal nanowire, wherein the transparent conductive coating film has a ratio of a bent wire in the metal nanowire of 10% or less, a surface resistivity of 150 Ω/□ or less, and a haze value of 1.0% or less.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140205854 - Circuit board material: A circuit board material includes an electrical resistance material layer having a preselected resistivity adhered to the support layer, and a barrier layer adhered to the electrical resistive layer, and a conductive layer adhered to the barrier layer, wherein the barrier layer is plated on the conductive material such that... Agent: Ohmega Technologies, Inc.

20140205855 - High-strength steel sheet excellent in impact resistance and manufacturing method thereof, and high-strength galvanized steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof: [Summary] The present invention provides a high-strength steel sheet excellent in impact resistance. The high-strength steel sheet contains predetermined contents of C, Si, Mn, P, S, Al, Ti, N, and O, with the balance being iron and inevitable impurities, and has a steel sheet structure in which, in a ⅛... Agent: Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

20140205856 - Zincating aluminum: A method of treating aluminum or aluminum alloy includes providing an aluminum or aluminum alloy substrate; depositing a first zincating layer on the substrate by zincate immersion; stripping off the first zincating layer; depositing a second zincating layer on the substrate by zincate immersion; stripping off the second zincating layer;... Agent: Monnaie Royale Canadienne/royal Canadian Mint

20140205857 - Aluminum plated steel sheet having excellent corrosion resistance with respect to alcohol or mixed gasoline of same and appearance and method of production of same: The means for solving this is characterized by defining the Si, Mg, Ca, and Ti ingredients in the aluminum plating layer and controlling the cooling method after hot dip aluminum coating so as to make Mg2Si particles with a long axis of 10 μm or less and an aspect ratio... Agent:

20140205858 - High strength hot dip galvanised steel strip: A high strength hot dip galvanised steel strip having, in mass percent, the following elements: 0.13-0.19% C; 1.70-2.50% Mn; max 0.15% Si; 0.40-1.00% Al; 0.05-0.25% Cr; 0.01-0.05% Nb; max 0.10% P; max 0.004% Ca; max 0.05% S; max 0.007% N; and optionally at least one of the following elements: max... Agent: Tata Steel Ijmuiden B.v.

20140205859 - Electroless silvering ink: An electroless silver plating ink useful in a one step process for coating an article substrate with a bright metallic silver plate, wherein the silvering ink comprises a silver diammine ion, [Ag(NH.sub.3).sub.2].sup.+, in dimethyl sulfoxide.... Agent:

20140205860 - Radio-opaque films of laminate construction: A radio-opaque film with a laminate structure includes one or more layers of radio-opaque material between a pair of containment layers. Each radio-opaque layer may comprise particles of radio-opaque material and a binder, which holds the particles of radio-opaque material together. One or both of the containment layers may impart... Agent: Bloxr Corporation

20140205861 - Reinforced board and method of producing thereof: Reinforced boards and/or walls, and methods of producing thereof. In some non-limiting examples, there is provided a reinforced gypsum board and a process for the production thereof. In one example, the reinforced board may include one or more reinforcing elements, e.g., to enhance the rigidity of the board and/or to... Agent:

20140205862 - Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory: Provided are a magneto resistive effect element with a stable magnetization direction perpendicular to a film plane and with a controlled magnetoresistance ratio, and a magnetic memory using the magneto resistive effect element. Ferromagnetic layers 106 and 107 of the magneto resistive effect element are formed from a ferromagnetic material... Agent: Tohoku University

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