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04/26/2012 > 84 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20120100315 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These films can exhibit high maximum optical densities, rapid ink drying, low curl, excellent adhesion between the coating layers and the substrate, and negligible ink transfer between stacked ink-jet recording films after imaging. Such films are useful in medical imaging applications.... Agent:

20120100314 - Sheet for signage that includes polyethylene and other materials and method of manufacture of the same: A method of manufacturing a flexible, laminated sheet operable to receive an ink for use as signage includes mixing solidified polyethylene and at least one solidified ink binder together to form a substantially evenly distributed mixture of the same. The method also includes processing the mixture into a flowable coating... Agent: Yjip, Inc.

20120100316 - Halo-free heat transfer label with pigmented adhesive: A pigmented adhesive, halo-free heat transfer label is created when adhesive properties are incorporated into colored inks used to print graphics on labels for items such as apparel. The resulting label has a halo-free graphic applied thereto that eliminates the need for a separate application of adhesive to the label.... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20120100317 - Heat transfer label for decorating a metal container: A heat transfer label assembly includes a heat transfer label including ink and adhesive, and a releasable support joined to the heat transfer label. The adhesive may include at least one of a polyketone resin and a polyamide resin. The heat transfer label may be used to decorate a metal... Agent:

20120100318 - Laser assisted direct bonding: Techniques are described for directly bonding different substrates together. In some examples, a technique includes placing a first surface of a first substrate in contact with a second surface of a second substrate to directly bond the first substrate to the second substrate at a contact location. The contact location... Agent: Medtronic, Inc.

20120100319 - Insulation of a ventilation duct against a wall/ceiling penetration: The invention concerns the insulation of a duct 2, especially an air-conditioning or ventilation duct, which passes through a penetration in a wall 1 or ceiling or the like, and an insulating material 3 is provided all around the outside of the duct 2. In this regard, the insulating material... Agent: Saint-gobain Isover

20120100320 - High barrier packaging laminate, method for manufacturing of the packaging laminate and packaging container: A non-foil packaging laminate for liquid food packaging comprises a first layer of paper situated towards the inner side of the packaging laminate and a second layer of paper situated towards the outer side of the packaging laminate, with the first and second paper layers laminated to each other by... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20120100321 - Woven preforms, fiber reinforced composites, and methods of making thereof: Preforms for use in fiber-reinforced composites, fiber-reinforced composites, and methods for making thereof are disclosed. One method includes interweaving a plurality of warp yarns with a single weft yarn so as to form a tubular woven structure with a central axis. The preform can be woven using an endless or... Agent: Albany Engineered Composites, Inc.

20120100322 - Carbon black with large primary particle size as reheat additive for polyester and polypropylene resins: Reheat characteristics of polyethylene and polypropylene resins, including reheating time and resin color, are improved by adding to the resin carbon black with a primary particle size in the range of 200 to 500 nm as an infrared absorber. Thermal carbon blacks having this primary particle size are preferred over... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.l.

20120100323 - Novel bis(aryloxyalkyl) esters of aromatic polycarboxylic acids and method of preparation: wherein Ar is selected from the group consisting of aryl, monosubstituted aryl and poly-substituted aryl, heteroaryl, monosubstituted heteroaryl and polysubstituted heteroaryl; Ar′ is selected from the group consisting of aryl, monosubstituted aryl and polysubstituted aryl, heteroaryl, monosubstituted heteroaryl and polysubstituted heteroaryl; R is an alkylene radical having 2-20 carbon atoms;... Agent:

20120100324 - Polyimide polyphenylsulfone blends with improved flame resistance: The present disclosure relates to a composition with improved flame resistance, to articles made from the composition, and to methods that include processing the composition. The composition can include from 15 to 85 percent by weight of a polyetherimide (PEI), from 15 to 85 percent by weight of a polyphenylsulfone... Agent:

20120100325 - Wafer processing tape: A wafer processing tape includes a release film having a large length; an adhesive layer formed on a first surface of the release film and having a predetermined planar shape; a pressure-sensitive adhesive film having a label portion and a surrounding portion surrounding outside the label portion; and a support... Agent:

20120100327 - Adhesive cover for consumer devices: Adhesive covers and related methods for covering a surface of a device are provided. In one implementation, the adhesive cover comprises a base layer comprising vinyl or polyolefin, a primer layer applied to a surface of the base layer, a print layer applied to the primer layer, wherein the print... Agent: Skinit, Inc.

20120100326 - Urethane-based pressure sensitive adhesives: Non-silicone, urethane-based adhesives are disclosed which are prepared by the polymerization of reactive oligomers with the general formula X-A-B-A-X, where X is an ethylenically unsaturated group B is a unit free of silicone, and A is a urethane linkage. The adhesives are optically clear, self wetting and removable. Adhesive articles,... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120100328 - Partable roll label: A rolled article includes a roll of material and a holding device positioned on the roll and extending across the free end of the roll, securing the free end against an adjacent portion of the roll surface for preventing the roll from unraveling, the holding device including a base article... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging, Inc.

20120100329 - Article made from overmoulded composite material and relative preparation method: An article made from overmoulded composite material (1) having a glass body (2), consisting of a container or a closing element of a container, and an overmoulded jacket (3) made from thermoplastic resin, characterised in that said glass (2) is a glass of the sodium-calcium or borosilicate type comprising (percentages... Agent: Bormioli Luigi S.p.a.

20120100330 - Liquid and method for removing csd coated film, ferroelectric thin film and method for producing the same: Coated film is removed at an outer peripheral edge of a substrate before heat-treating in CSD method by spraying or dropping liquid for removing CSD coated film including water and organic solvent mixed in a weight ratio of 50:50 to 0:100, in which the organic solvent is one or more... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20120100331 - Self-clinging mat for eating assistance: An eating assistance mat includes a substantially planar sheet of a pliable grippy material with a perimeter and first and second oppositely facing surfaces with a minimum thickness therebetween and defined by the perimeter. The first surface faces a first direction and substantially covers the entirety of the sheet within... Agent:

20120100332 - Self bonding floor tile and manufacturing method thereof: A self bonding floor tile includes a main body and a self bonding layer connected with the main body. The self bonding layer includes an absorbate, a first adhesive and a second adhesive. The first adhesive connects the main body with the self bonding layer. At least a portion of... Agent: Shanghai Jinka Flooring Technology Co., Ltd.

20120100333 - Rubbing cloth for rubbing process of alignment film: A rubbing cloth for the rubbing an alignment film is provided, which comprises a rubbing base film capable of being attached onto an external surface of a rubbing alignment roller; and rubbing hairness fixedly provided on the rubbing base film. A surface faulted by tips of all the rubbing hairness... Agent: Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20120100334 - Waterproof breathable composite materials for fabrication of flexible membranes and other articles: A waterproof breathable material has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and higher tear resistance-to-weight ratio than traditional materials, and may be applied in a wide field of potential uses. A non-woven composite material comprises at least one waterproof breathable (W/B) membrane, a first unidirectional non-woven composite layer having multiple fibers enclosed... Agent: Cubic Tech Corporation

20120100335 - Composite materials: A prepreg comprising a structural layer of packed unidirectional conductive fibres comprising thermosetting resin in the interstices, and a first outer layer of resin comprising thermosetting resin, and being essentially free of unidirectional conductive fibres, which when cured under elevated temperature, produces a cured composite material comprising a cured structural... Agent: Hexcel Composites Limited

20120100337 - Board structure for vehicle and manufacturing method of the same: Provided is a board structure for a vehicle, which includes a durable hinge portion while light weight and high rigidity of the board structure are maintained. The board structure includes: hinge portion 11 formed by squashing a part of honeycomb structure 14 that is charged with thermosetting resin 16 the... Agent: Hayashi Engineering Inc.

20120100336 - Ceramic honeycomb structure with applied inorganic skin: A skin is applied to a ceramic honeycomb. The skin is formed by applying a skin-forming composition and drying it. The skin-forming composition includes a carrier liquid, colloidal silica and/or colloidal alumina, and an inorganic filler. The filler includes an inorganic fiber. The filler may contain low aspect ratio particles... Agent:

20120100338 - Method of and system for two-way see-through banner and window imaging: A two-way see-through banner. The two-way see-through banner includes a first side having a first image printed thereupon, a second side having a second image printed thereupon, and a plurality of perforating holes through the banner. The perforating holes are created only after the first image and the second image... Agent:

20120100340 - Flat substrate with organic basis, use of such a substrate, and method: The invention relates to an organically based flat substrate, wherein the substrate is coated on at least one side and the surface of the coated side has a surface roughness<100 nm. The substrate is used in particular for producing electronic components and/or integrated circuits. According to the method of the... Agent:

20120100339 - Forming methods: This invention relates to methods for forming polymer(s) including heating of a polymer to be formed to a temperature above its glass transition temperature, continuously depositing (preferably by flowing or laying) the polymer onto a moulding surface (herein the “lower moulding surface”) of a first mould, (preferably in a manner... Agent: Manufacturing Systems Limited

20120100341 - Method for producing tio2-sio2 glass body, method for heat-treating tio2-sio2 glass body, tio2-sio2 glass body, and optical base for euvl: The present invention relates to a process for production of a TiO2—SiO2 glass body, comprising: a step of, when an annealing point of a TiO2—SiO2 glass body after transparent vitrification is taken as T1 (° C.), heating the glass body after transparent vitrification at a temperature of T1+400° C. or... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20120100344 - Composite optical element and process for production thereof, and imaging device and optical recording/reproduction device each equipped with the composite optical element: The present invention provides a composite optical element including a resin layer that is less susceptible to yellowing and has small cure shrinkage during formation. The present invention is a composite optical element including a resin layer obtained by polymerizing a resin composition containing a (meth)acrylate compound of a saturated... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120100342 - Composite part as well as a method for manufacturing a composite part: The invention relates to a composite part (1; 24) with a first skin (11), with a second skin (12), with a seam connecting the first and the second skin (12), with a holding profile (2) and with a sub-material (19; 22) with a recess (18), wherein the holding profile (2)... Agent: Faurecia Innenraum Systeme Gmbh

20120100343 - Stringer: A laminated composite stringer having a termination at one end in its longitudinal direction, and including a laminated stack of composite structural plies, wherein internal plies in the stack are terminated consecutively towards the stringer termination to provide a taper of reducing stack thickness. Also, a composite structure comprising a... Agent:

20120100345 - Glass article and method of forming the same: A glass article is provided. The glass article may comprise: a glass body with convex-concave and/or via hole structures formed on at least a part of periphery of the glass body; a plastic layer adhered to the periphery of the glass body with adhesive coated therebetween. The plastic layer may... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20120100346 - Transparent conductive element, information input apparatus, and display apparatus: A transparent conductive element is provided and includes a conductive layer having a first surface and a second surface and a medium layer formed on at least one of the first surface and the second surface. In the transparent conductive element, at least one of the first surface and the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120100347 - Method of making multi-layered product having spaced honeycomb core sections: A process of making a multi-layered product having an interior layer including spaced honeycomb core sections. The interior layer is treated or plastically deformed in selected areas and then folded to create spaced honeycomb sections at desired locations and of desired sizes. A generally flat web of material used to... Agent: Bradford Company

20120100349 - Biodegradable barrier tape: A biodegradable barrier tape in the form of an elongated ribbon of woven plant fibre.... Agent:

20120100348 - Method and apparatus for optimally laser marking articles: The present invention relates to laser marking articles. In particular it relates to laser marking articles by laser ablating a coating applied to the article which reveals the surface of the article underneath, thereby forming the mark by the contrasting appearance between the revealed surface of the article and the... Agent: Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

20120100350 - Top sheet for disposable diaper and sanitary pad with improved skin friendliness: Provided is a top sheet for a disposable diaper and sanitary pad which is prepared by manufacturing a perforated hydrophobic nonwoven having a weight of 25 g/m2 or less, and embossing/laminating the nonwoven and an absorbent material through thermal adhesion or ultrasonic adhesion. Conventional hydrophilic nonwovens commonly used as top... Agent: Upc Ltd.

20120100351 - Bonded fabric constructions with stretchability: Included are bonded laminate constructions that have a modulus which approaches the sum of the modulus of the individual components of the laminate. By reducing variation in the modulus, the stretch or elasticity of the bonded or laminated fabric or garment is maximized. The bonded laminates include a bonding component... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.l.

20120100352 - Printed article: Printed articles are provided. In one aspect a printed article has a first toner image with a first toner particles having a median volume weighted diameter between about 3 um and 9 um and having a first charge-to-mass ratio, a second toner image with second toner particles having a median... Agent:

20120100353 - High-shielding reflective film and method for manufacturing the same: Provided is a high-shielding reflective film, and its manufacturing method. This film is fabricated from an optical reflective film and a polarizer. The optical reflective film and the polarizer are combined by a means of a specific scheme. The optical reflective film is formed by stacking multiple layers of dielectric... Agent: Extend Optronics Corp.

20120100354 - Novel intermediate material intended to limit the microcracking of composite parts: The invention relates to an intermediate product intended for the production of a composite part in combination with a resin matrix, formed by at least two unidirectional sets of reinforcing yarns, the yams of each set extending in a different direction, whereby the sets are interlinked by means of stitching... Agent: Hexcel Reinforcements

20120100355 - Solid state drawing laminated polymer billets: Solid state draw a laminated polymer billet containing two or more polymer compositions laminated to one another to prepare an oriented polymer composition.... Agent:

20120100356 - Multilayer polyolefin blown film: A multilayer blown film with improved strength or toughness comprising a layer comprising a metallocene polyethylene (mPE) having a high melt index ratio (MIR), a layer comprising an mPE having a low MIR, and a layer comprising a HDPE, and/or LDPE. Other embodiments have skin layers and a plurality of... Agent:

20120100358 - Method for preparing molecularly imprinted polymers (mip) through radical polymerisation: The invention relates to a method for preparing molecular imprint polymers (MIP) by radical polymerisation that uses at least one primer including at least two chemical functions capable of forming reactive radicals, thereby providing a locally high radical concentration for priming the polymerisation on or about the imprint entity or... Agent: Universite De Technologie De Compiegne - Utc

20120100359 - Optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, optical film and display device: The present invention provides an optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet in which white turbidity is not caused by humidification and durability is excellent as well. The present invention provides an optical pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet, comprising: a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer in which a moisture ratio after storage under an environment of 60°... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120100357 - Polyethylene resins for sheet and thermoforming applications: This invention relates to coupling of polyethylene resins, more specifically coupling of polyethylene resins for use in extruded profiles, especially extruded profiles for sheet extrusion and cut sheet thermoforming applications and geomembranes. The process involves conveying a HDPE resin through an extruder, wherein the extruder comprises a feed zone, a... Agent:

20120100360 - Chemical resistant coatings: A Chemical Resistant Coating includes a first layer, a second layer, a third layer, and a fourth layer. The first layer is comprised of UV Promoted Polymer Resin. The second layer is comprised of Knytex®-Reinvorced Reinforced Matting. The third layer is comprised of UV Promoted Polymer Resin. The fourth layer... Agent:

20120100361 - Antiseptic composition for engineering wood production, and engineering wood: The present invention provides an antiseptic composition for engineering wood production, which contains epoxyconazole and a thermosetting resin, and engineering wood which is obtained using the antiseptic composition. The antiseptic composition of the present invention enables efficient production of engineering wood such as plywood or laminated veneer lumber (LVL) that... Agent: Sds Biotech K.k.

20120100362 - Process for manufacturing composite materials: A process for the manufacture of a prepreg comprising feeding a layer of unidirectional conductive fibres having a defined width, bringing into contact with a first face of the fibres a first layer of resin comprising thermosetting resin, and compressing the resin and fibres together by passing over one or... Agent: Hexcel Composites Ltd.

20120100363 - Void-containing heat-shrinkable polyester film and process for production thereof: Disclosed is a void-containing heat-shrinkable polyester film which is composed of at least two layers, wherein at least one of the layers is a polyester resin layer comprising a cyclic polyolefin resin and containing voids. The film has an apparent specific gravity of less than 1.00 and has specified heat... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120100364 - Method for arranging fine particles on substrate by physical pressure: Provided is a method of arranging particles on a substrate, the method including: (a) preparing a substrate, a surface of which has depressions or projections capable of fixing the positions and/or orientations of one or more particles; and (b) placing the particles on the substrate and applying a physical pressure... Agent: Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

20120100365 - Thermoplastic resin composition and molded product thereof: The thermoplastic resin composition comprises a plurality of thermoplastic resins having a melt viscosity different from each other and containing a unit which comprises an arylene group and an ether group and/or a carbonyl group; when the thermoplastic resin composition at least comprises a first thermoplastic resin having a melt... Agent:

20120100366 - Wear resistant coatings containing particles having a unique morphology: A composite coating including a plurality of monocrystalline diamond particles having an irregular surface, wherein the surface roughness of said particle is less than about 0.95, a material selected from the group of metals, metal alloys polymer, glass, carbon and combinations thereof and optional additives.... Agent: Diamond Innovations, Inc.

20120100367 - Cellulose microfibrils as air release agent: The present invention relates to the use of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) as an air release agent in viscous compositions that are subjected to a hardening step. The air release agent according to the invention is added prior to or during said hardening step, in particular drying, cooling and/or curing process.... Agent: Borregaard Industries Limited, Norge

20120100368 - Process for preparing adhesive using planetary extruder: A process for preparing a pressure sensitive adhesive using a modified planetary roller extruder is described. The process in accordance with one aspect of the invention is a continuous process that includes introducing primary raw materials comprising a non-thermoplastic elastomer into a planetary roller extruder, introducing a heat-activatable crosslinker into... Agent: Ipg Technologies, Inc.

20120100369 - Transfer sheet and process for producing same: A soil-resistant transfer sheet which comprises, in the following order, a substrate sheet (a), a soil-resistant layer (b), a coating layer (c), and optionally an adhesive layer (d), wherein a surface of the soil-resistant layer, which reveals after the substrate sheet (a) is removed, has a contact angle with water... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20120100370 - Polyester laminated film and transfer foil: A polyester laminated film includes at least a polyester layer, and a highly crystalline polyester layer including a highly crystalline polyester having a crystallinity parameter ΔTcg of 35° C. or lower, wherein both the polyester layer and the highly crystalline polyester layer have a planar orientation coefficient of 0.00 to... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20120100371 - Flame-retardant resin composition: The present invention provides a resin composition that simultaneously (1) supports high productivities, (2) is resistant to bleed out by the flame retardant present in the composition, (3) is resistant to migration of its components to another resin, (4) exhibits a high flame retardancy, and (5) exhibits high flexibility. The... Agent:

20120100372 - Chelate compounds: A method for producing chelate compounds is disclosed. A nitrogen source, an acidic source, and a first element source including sodium, chlorine, potassium, and/or lithium are received in a mixture. A second element source and water can also be received. The chelate compound can be optionally purified.... Agent:

20120100373 - Method of milling particles with nanoparticles and milled free-flowing powder: Methods of milling particles in combination with nanoparticles and the resulting free-flowing powder.... Agent:

20120100374 - Metal nanoparticles and methods for producing and using same: A composition may have metal nanoparticles having a diameter of 20 nanometers or less and have a fusion temperature of less than about 220° C. A method of fabricating the metal nanoparticles may include preparing a solvent, adding a precursor with a metal to the solvent, adding a first surfactant,... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20120100375 - Radiation diffraction colorants: A radiation diffraction material comprising an ordered periodic array of particles held in a polymeric matrix is disclosed; the particles each comprise a core surrounded by a shell of a non-film forming composition that is different from the matrix. Methods for using the material are also disclosed.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120100376 - Expanded polypropylene resin beads and expanded bead molding: Multilayer expanded polypropylene resin beads that are heat moldable at low steam pressure and can provide an expanded mold with sufficient rigidity and heat resistance. The beads are formed from a polypropylene resin and a coating layer formed from a different polypropylene resin. The multilayer expanded resin beads can be... Agent: Jsp Corporation

20120100378 - Paint coating system and method of producing multilayered paint coating: A paint coating system comprises a substrate and a first paint layer disposed on the substrate. The first paint layer is formed from a first composition comprising either a first decomplexing agent or a first organoborane complex. The paint coating system further comprises a second paint layer disposed on the... Agent: Basf Se

20120100377 - Stress cracking-resistant and low-warpage two-component molded parts comprising talcum: The invention relates to ductile and low-warpage, that is to say dimensionally stable, two-component molded parts which are stress cracking-resistant with respect to the influence of chemicals.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120100379 - Fluoroelastomer bonding compositions suitable for high-temperature applications: Bonding compositions are provided herein for bonding a curable fluoroelastomer composition, and preferably a perfluoroelastomer composition, to a substrate during a heat curing process. The compositions include (a) a compound selected from the group consisting of aluminum acrylates, silicon acrylates, ammonia acrylates, and combinations thereof, (b) an adhesive compound; and... Agent: Greene, Tweed Of Delaware, Inc.

20120100380 - Coating compositions and coatings produced from them and featuring high scratch resistance in association with good results in the erichsen cupping test and good antistonechip properties: The present invention additionally provides multistage coating processes using these coating compositions, and also the use of the coating compositions as clearcoat or application of the coating process for automotive OEM finishing, the finishing of surface-mounted automotive components, and automotive refinish.... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20120100381 - Process for joining stainless steel part and silicon carbide ceramic part and composite articles made by same: A process for joining a stainless steel part and a silicon carbide ceramic part comprising: providing a SUS part, a SiC ceramic part, a Mo foil and a Ti foil; placing the SiC ceramic part, the Mo foil, the Ti foil, and the SUS part into a mold, the Mo... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120100382 - Process for depositing a coating on metal or non-metal items, and item obtained therefrom: A process for depositing coatings on metal or non-metal pieces includes phases of arranging at least a piece on which to deposit the surface coating, arranging at least a plasma torch, igniting the plasma torch and supplying the coating material to the plasma torch. An electric arc is established between... Agent:

20120100384 - Laminate: p

20120100383 - Metallized polypropylene film and a process of making the same: This disclosure relates to a multilayer film and a process making such a film. The multilayer film of this disclosure includes (a) a metallizable skin layer having at least one of a grafted isotactic polypropylene, a grafted minirandom copolymer of isotactic polypropylene, a grafted propylene-based elastomer, or any combinations thereof;... Agent:

20120100385 - Process for production of roughly shaped material for engine piston: A production method of a roughly shaped material for an engine piston includes a continuous casting step for obtaining a cast rod (31) having a diameter of 85 mm or less by continuously casting a molten aluminum alloy (30) at a molten alloy temperature of 720° C. or higher, and... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120100386 - Heating yarn and woven or knitted fabric using this heating yarn: A heating yarn includes an insulating yarn and a conductive yarn that is wound around the insulating yarn. The conductive yarn has an insulating core yarn and a plated layer (such as a copper plated layer) formed on a peripheral surface of the core yarn, and the core yarn is... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20120100387 - Structural component and method of manufacture: A structural component is provided comprising a base member comprising at least two sidewalls and a space therebetween, the base member having a predetermined curvilinear configuration formed using hot stretch forming. The structural component comprises at least one reinforcing member linear friction welded to the at least two sidewalls so... Agent: Cyril Bath Company

20120100388 - Process for joining stainless steel part and titanium carbide ceramic part and composite articles made by same: A process for joining a stainless steel part and a titanium carbide ceramic part comprising: providing a SUS part, a TiC ceramic part, a Ti foil and a Fe foil; placing the TiC ceramic part, the Ti foil, the Fe foil, and the SUS part into a mold, the Ti... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120100389 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article includes a substrate, an anti-corrosion layer formed on the substrate and a decorative layer formed on the anti-corrosion layer. The substrate is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. The anti-corrosion layer is an aluminum layer. The coated article has improved corrosion resistance.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120100390 - Weldment and method of manufacturing the same: A weldment includes metal materials that are welded to each other. At least one of the metal materials includes pure copper including an inevitable impurity, more than 2 mass ppm of oxygen, and an additive element selected from the group consisting of Mg, Zr, Nb, Fe, Si, Al, Ca, V,... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20120100391 - Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent plating qualities, plating adhesion and spot weldability and manufacturing method thereof: Provided is a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having excellent plating qualities, plating adhesion and spot weldability, in which an alloy phase is formed at the interface between a base steel sheet and a galvanized layer, and a manufacturing method thereof.... Agent: Posco

20120100392 - Metal laminated structure and method for producing the metal laminated structure: There is provided a metal laminated structure comprising a first metal layer, a second metal layer and a third metal layer, the first metal layer being disposed on one surface of the second metal layer, the third metal layer being disposed on the other surface of the second metal layer,... Agent: A.l.m.t Corp.

20120100393 - Method for producing decorative metallic article having woodgrain metal pattern, and decorative metallic article having woodgrain metal pattern: Provided are a method for producing a decorative metallic article having a wood grain metal pattern and the decorative metallic article having the wood grain metal pattern; the decorative metallic article comprising a sintered copper part produced by sintering a plastic copper containing clay compound, and a sintered silver part... Agent: Aida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.

20120100394 - Coating agent for corrosion-stable paints: at least one uni- and/or multidentate, potentially anionic ligand (L) which is different from the functional group (Gr′), is attached covalently to (GK), and, when the multicoat paint system is thermally cured, does not lose its capacity as a chelating agent. Also disclosed is a process for producing a multicoat... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20120100395 - Indicator system for monitoring a sterilization process: The present invention relates to a device for monitoring integral value of time, temperature comprising at least one layer of polymer comprising a latent pigment capable of undergoing at least one colour change, and an organic acid; or comprising one layer of polymer comprising a latent pigment capable of undergoing... Agent: Basf Se

20120100396 - Method for manufacturing perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A method for manufacturing with high productivity a magnetic recording medium having an MgO film is disclosed which uses a DC sputtering method. The method suppresses oxygen deficiency in the MgO film, and the MgO film has high crystallinity. The method includes at least a process of forming an intermediate... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20120100397 - Glass for substrate, and glass substrate: Glass for a substrate, which comprises, as represented by mol % based on the following oxides, from 62.5 to 69% of SiO2, from 9 to 15.5% of Al2O3, from 8 to 16 of Li2O, from 0 to 8% of Na2O, from 0 to 7% of K2O and from 0 to... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

04/19/2012 > 113 patent applications in 84 patent subcategories.

20120094037 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for optical use: The pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for optical use includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer and has a dielectric constant of from 2 to 8 at a frequency of 1 MHz and a dielectric loss tangent of more than 0 and 0.2 or less at a frequency of 1 MHz. The pressure-sensitive adhesive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120094038 - Use of humidity stable yellow fluorescent pigments in security applications: Yellow and yellow-green fluorescent compounds are provided herein that can be incorporated into carriers (e.g., inks) and applied (e.g., printed) as security features on substrates (e.g., documents). The compounds can be selected based upon their resistance to humidity, and preferably exhibit a high initial fluorescence intensity, and a relatively high... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120094039 - Ink jet recording medium: An ink jet recording medium including a substrate and an ink receiving layer provided on the substrate and composed of two or more layers of at least an upper layer and a lower layer. The ink receiving layer contains polyvinyl alcohol in an amount of 12.7% by mass or more... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120094040 - Spacer tape: A spacer tape (9) for insulating glass (2) with at least two glass panes (3 and 5) consists of a substrate strip (21) and a hose (20) that is connected to the latter. The hose (20) can be pressed together, e.g., folded, so that its dimension, viewed crosswise to the... Agent: Inova Lisec Technologiezentrum Gmbh

20120094041 - Thick walled composite tubular and method of making: A method and apparatus for forming a tubular from a composite material. The composite material includes fibers and epoxy resin that are formed into plies that are wound around an axis to form an annular member. The fibers in each ply are arranged axially and hoopwise. The axially oriented fibers... Agent: Vetco Gray Inc.

20120094043 - Blow molding device: An injecting/blowing device includes a mold for injecting a thin-walled hollow preform capable of being transformed into a more voluminous hollow body. The mold includes a counter mold defining a cavity, a cure located in the cavity, and a preform impression located between the counter mold inner surface and the... Agent: Sa Des Eaux Minerales D'evian Saeme

20120094042 - Heat sealable monoaxially oriented propylene-based film with directional tear: A monoaxially oriented films and methods of making films including a heat sealable layer including propylene homo-polymer or copolymer and 3-15 wt % of at least one elastomer. The oriented films have a refractive index that satisfies the condition 5≦delta n=|n (MD)−n (TD)|×1000≦25, in which n (MD) is a refractive... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20120094044 - Internally-illuminated three-dimensional hollow structure and manufacturing method therefor: The internally-illuminated three-dimensional hollow structure, is provided, wherein a three-dimensional framework is formed from main reinforcements and reinforcing bars, then an undercoating is applied throughout this framework, a synthetic resin tape is provided on a concave part of this framework, and if necessary, a two-sided adhesive tape is stick to... Agent:

20120094045 - Resin molding apparatus, process for manufacturing resin molded product, hollow molded product and container: The resin molding apparatus (200) is capable of rotatably support, around an axis of a neck portion (2), a hollow molded product having a main body having a form of a container and the cylindrical neck portion (2). A pinched portion (4), which is pinched by neck portion pinching parts... Agent: Du Pont-mitsui Polychemicals Co., Ltd.

20120094046 - Housing for electronic device and method for making same: A method for making a housing for an electronic device, including steps of: providing a substrate; forming a base paint layer on an outer surface of the substrate; forming a metallic layer with a metallic appearance on the base paint layer; forming a chemical resistant protective coating on the metallic... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120094047 - Barrier layer for a packaging laminate and packaging laminate comprising such barrier layer: The present invention relates to a barrier layer and a packaging laminate comprising a barrier layer and a method to produce a barrier layer. The barrier layer is manufactured of a cellulose-based hydrolysate. The barrier layer comprises lignin and oligo- or poly-saccharides, where the lignin and oligo- or polysaccharides are... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance Sa

20120094048 - Polyamide resin composition and molded article: Disclosed is a polyamide resin composition having excellent gas barrier properties and heat aging resistance, which contains (A) a polyamide composed of a diamine unit containing a 1,3-bis(aminomethyl)cyclohexane unit and a dicarboxylic unit and at least either of (B) an aromatic secondary amine based compound and (D) a phenol based... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20120094050 - Oxygen scavenging polyester composition: The invention relates to active oxygen-scavenger based polymer resin composition for oxygen barrier, a process for preparing such composition and articles such as bottles or other format of packaging. These compositions have an ability to consume an amount of oxygen and thereby deplete the level of the same from the... Agent: Reliance Industries Limited

20120094049 - Talc as a fire performance modifier in polymer compositions: The use of talc as a fire performance modifier in polymer compositions is disclosed, in which the talc is present in an amount less than 30 percent by weight of the total weight of the polymer composition, and also in amounts ranging from 5 to 30 percent by weight of... Agent:

20120094051 - Elastomeric grip tape: Elastomeric grip tape embodiments are presented including: an elastomeric layer, where the elastomeric layer is a low-abrasion layer having a hardness in a range of approximately 30 to 120 Shore A, and where the elastomeric layer includes a top surface formed having a first texture with a peak-valley depth in... Agent: Duckle Grip & Co

20120094052 - Carpet and method of making same: A carpet that can be installed onto a flooring surface without the requirement for registration between adjacent broadloom carpet pieces. The carpet comprises a design member that comprises a plurality of pattern members that are colorized and that define a void area, which has a substantially uniform color and pile... Agent:

20120094053 - Plug finishing system and tool therefor: A plug finishing system involves forming a counterbore in a cover board above the head of a fastener as it is driven by a specially constructed driver. A plug, which is dimensioned for the counterbore and has a reduced portion, is inserted into the counterbore and positioned so that its... Agent:

20120094054 - Hybrid disc, method and system of forming the disc: A hybrid data disc, method and system of forming the disc are disclosed. The hybrid disc includes a first substrate structure bonded to a second substrate structure, and at least two data layers of different formats for access from different sides of the disc. One example provides the second substrate... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20120094055 - Vehicle interior part: A vehicle interior part may include a base member, a foamed resin material covering a surface of the base member, and a surface cover member covering a surface of the foamed resin material and a periphery of the base member. The base member has a plurality of through holes that... Agent: Kojima Press Industry Co., Ltd.

20120094056 - Composite material and method for producing a composite material: The invention relates to a composite material (10), comprising a metal component (20), in particular a metal foam component, preferably an aluminum foam component, and Lauramid (30) with which the metal component (20) is encapsulated, as well as to a method for producing the composite material (10) in a working... Agent: Albert Handtmann Elteka Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120094057 - Porous anti-slip floor covering: A flooring assembly and method of manufacturing a flooring assembly includes forming a. working surface by depositing a plurality of heated flexible strands of material onto a surface and cooling the plurality of heated flexible strands so that a first end of each strand is directly physically coupled to a... Agent:

20120094058 - Web material for sheathing purposes: Conventional decorative web materials used to sheathe vehicle interior surfaces are difficult to secure in place economically and are often not available in sufficient width to avoid unsightly seams. An improved composite sheathing material structure features a decorative first layer (1), a second layer (5) of foam or other resilient... Agent:

20120094059 - Nylon carpet fibers having bleach resistance: The present invention relates to a nylon yarn of a finely dispersed melt blended polymer alloy having i) a polyamide component selected from polyhexamethyleneadipamide, polycaprolactam and mixtures thereof, and ii) a nylon 11 component; wherein the polyamide component is the major component by weight of the total melt blended polymer... Agent: Invista North America S.a R.l.

20120094060 - Methods and apparatus for digital composites: In exemplary implementations of this invention, a digital material comprising many discrete units is used to fabricate a sparse structure. The units are reversibly joined by elastic connections. Each unit comprises fiber-reinforced composite material. Each unit is small compared to the sparse structure as a whole. Likewise, in a sparse... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120094061 - Formable protector: A sandwich construction including a core having inner and outer surfaces and comprising a sheet material oriented extending between the inner and outer core surfaces in a configuration providing resistance to crushing in a direction between the inner and outer surfaces. The formable protector further includes an outer facing layer... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging, Inc.

20120094062 - Aerogel, composition for preparing the aerogel, aerogel composite, and method of making the same: An aerogel comprising a polymerizing product of an alkylated melamine-formaldehyde copolymer, or of an alkylated melamine-formaldehyde copolymer and an aryl compound substituted with at least one hydroxyl group.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120094063 - Prespray processed form, prespray processing method, and prespray processing apparatus: A boring cutter body (5) is inserted into a circular hole (3) and is rotated and moved in an axial direction, whereby screw-shaped groove parts (11) are formed by using a tool bit (9) provided on a tip end of an outer peripheral portion, and broken surfaces (15) are formed... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

20120094064 - Adhesive label, method of producing the same, and apparatus for producing the same: To obtain large adhesive strength by forming openings with a sufficient size and high precision in a non-adhesive layer of an adhesive label, and exposing an adhesive agent layer through the openings, heat or a physical force is applied to a non-adhesive layer formed on an adhesive agent layer, which... Agent:

20120094066 - Integrated micro-optical systems and cameras including the same: A device having an optical system including first and second substrates, a first optical element on a first surface of the first substrate, and a second optical element on a second surface of the second substrate, the first and second surfaces being parallel and the first and second optical elements... Agent: Digital Optics Corporation East*

20120094065 - Lightweight polypropylene nets manufactured with a beta nucleation additive, the method of manufacturing and uses thereof: Integral polypropylene oriented nets are made by stretching and orienting a polypropylene starting sheet material having a defined pattern of holes or depressions in which the polypropylene is at least 20%, and preferably up to about 80%, beta crystals caused by adding a beta nucleating agent to the polypropylene, preferably... Agent: Tensar Corporation, LLC.

20120094067 - Moisture-permeable water-proof sheet for buiilding materials: The present invention provides a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet for building materials capable of maintaining an excellent nail hole sealing performance to keep waterproof thereof even after being exposed to severe environmental conditions. The moisture-permeable waterproof sheet 1 for building materials of this invention includes a non-woven fabric layer 2 having... Agent:

20120094068 - Covering material for water- or weather-proofing: The invention pertains to a reinforced covering material, comprising a reinforcement layer with apertures therein, and a polyurethane-based layer comprising 20-100% of thermosetting polyurethane, based on the weight of that layer, which polyurethane-based layer is arranged at least one side of the reinforcement layer and extends through the apertures. It... Agent: De Veenvoort B.v.

20120094074 - Dlc film-forming method and dlc film: The present invention provides a DLC film that has good adhesiveness even in a low-temperature environment, and a DLC film-forming method capable of forming this DLC film. The present invention also provides a DLC film that has excellent initial compatibility, and a DLC film-forming method capable of forming this DLC... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20120094070 - Film for film capacitor: A film for film capacitors having a thickness of 10 microns or less, wherein the film has surface properties of (Ra) of 0.2 microns or less, (Rz/Ra) of 10 or less and a dynamic friction coefficient of 1.5 or less, where (Ra) is an arithmetic average roughness and (Rz) is... Agent: Shin-etsu Polymer Co., Ltd.

20120094069 - In-mold label and method for producing the same: Provided is an in-mold label and a method for producing the in-mold label which has a heat-sealable resin layer with a plurality of interlaced and continuous-arranged micro-protrusions. While the in-mold label is combined on a surface of a specific article, the micro-protrusions may provide multiple blister-exhausting paths. As a result,... Agent: Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

20120094072 - Magnetic sheet and production method thereof: A magnetic sheet, which contains: a magnetic layer including a magnetic powder and a resin composition containing the magnetic powder therein; and a convex-concave forming layer, in which the convex-concave forming layer has Bekk smoothness of 70 sec/mL or less. A method for producing a magnetic sheet, which contains: adding... Agent: Sony Chemical & Information Device Corporation

20120094073 - Method for producing grained plastic moldings and plastic molding: A method for producing plastic moldings with a distinct grain/three-dimensional surface structure by grain-imparting negative thermoforming. The plastic molding is subjected to a preheating, and the molding is then pressed into/onto a negative mold that is formed with the negative of the three-dimensional surface structure to be applied. Those portions... Agent: Benecke-kaliko Ag

20120094071 - Transparent electroconductive laminate and transparent touch panel: The present invention provides a transparent electroconductive laminate suitable for use in combination with a display device such as a liquid crystal display, and a transparent touch panel having the transparent electroconductive laminate. The transparent electroconductive laminate comprises a transparent organic polymer substrate 33 having, on at least one surface... Agent: Teijin Limited

20120094075 - Method for depositing a thin film, and resulting material: A method of obtaining a substrate coated on a first face with at least one transparent and electrically conductive thin layer based on at least one oxide, including depositing the at least one thin layer on the substrate and subjecting the at least one thin layer to a heat treatment... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20120094076 - Colored roofing granules with increased solar heat reflectance, solar heat-reflective shingles, and process for producing same: Solar-reflective roofing granules having deep-tone colors are formed by coating base mineral particles with a coating composition including an infrared-reflective pigment. Color is provided by colored infrared pigment, light-interference platelet pigment, or a metal oxide.... Agent:

20120094077 - Aircraft component comprising panels stiffened with stringers having two types of local flarings: Aircraft component which comprises at least one panel (11) of composite material, formed by a skin (13) and a plurality of stiffening stringers (15) which are configured with a core (17) and a base (19) of width (A), said stiffening stringers (15) comprising first local flarings (21) of their bases... Agent:

20120094078 - Heat treatment of thin polymer films: Stretch film is treated by passing a web of tackifier-containing, unbloomed thin polymer film through a heater so that the web is heated to a temperature sufficient to cause tackifier bloom prior to the web reaching a next stage in an in-line process. Also, a pattern can be applied to... Agent: Macro Engineering & Technology, Inc.

20120094079 - Glass ceramic article and method and device for ceramizing glass: The invention relates to a method and to a device for ceramizing green glass in a continuous furnace, with the ceramization being carried out directly on rollers.... Agent:

20120094083 - Light emissive ceramic laminate and method of making same: Disclosed herein are a laminated composite and process for making the same. The laminated composite includes at least one wavelength-converting layer and at least one non-emissive layer, wherein a vertical relief gap pattern defines the composite into a plurality of discrete separable portions, and the discrete separable portions are breakably... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120094080 - Multi-layer plate member bonding structure: A multi-layer plate member bonding structure includes a first plate member having a binding unit protruded from the top surface thereof, a second plate member having one open chamber cut through opposing outer face and bonding face thereof corresponding to the binding unit of the first plate member, and an... Agent:

20120094082 - Multilayer thermoplastic laminated film arrangement and device and method for laminating: The invention relates to a device (14) for laminating a film-tape-like multilayer thermoplastic film arrangement (1), according to the invention comprising heatable press plates (8.1, 8.2) and cooling surfaces (10), wherein a width of said press plates (8.1, 8.2) and cooling surfaces (10) is greater than or equal to a... Agent:

20120094081 - Variable gloss fuser coating material comprised of a polymer matrix with the addition of alumina nano fibers: Exemplary embodiments provide materials, methods, and systems for a fuser member used in electrophotographic devices and processes, wherein the fuser member can include a coating material containing a plurality of nanoceram fibers dispersed in a polymer matrix for providing a desired gloss level of fused toner images.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120094084 - Chemically-strengthened glass laminates: A glass laminate includes at least one chemically-strengthened glass sheet and a polymer interlayer formed over a surface of the sheet. The chemically-strengthened glass sheet has a thickness of less than 2.0 mm, and a near-surface region under a compressive stress. The near surface region extends from a surface of... Agent:

20120094085 - Unitized composite fabrics with cross machine wave-like shaping and methods for making same: Processes for producing a composite material comprising three or more layers, including at least one internal layers that is a roll good element or an in situ produced nonwoven layer includes shaping an assembly of three or more layers into a wave-like form, with at least one of the internal... Agent: Marketing Technology Service, Inc.

20120094086 - Embossed carrier tape and method of production thereof: Provided are an embossed carrier tape having an embossed portion which is excellent in transparency and which has a high shape accuracy and a high buckling strength, and a method of production of the embossed carrier tape. The method of production of an embossed carrier tape comprises (a) a step... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120094087 - Registered structure formation via the application of directed thermal energy to diblock copolymer films: Methods for fabricating sublithographic, nanoscale linear microchannel arrays over surfaces without defined features utilizing self-assembling block copolymers, and films and devices formed from these methods are provided. Embodiments of the methods use a multilayer induced ordering approach to align lamellar films to an underlying base film within trenches, and localized... Agent:

20120094088 - Tape with a longitudinally extending filament: A vehicle is wrapped by a printed adhesive film where the film is also applied over doors and other areas intended not to be covered. The film is cut at the door edge and over the area by adhesively attaching a tape having a release coating on the front surface... Agent:

20120094090 - Method for forming transparent conductive layer pattern: Provided is a low-cost method for easily forming a transparent conductive pattern that has a low electrical resistance and high transparency, and that is highly invisible to the eye. The method for forming a transparent conductive layer pattern includes the steps of (1) detachably forming a transparent conductive layer on... Agent: Dic Corporation

20120094089 - Ultraviolet marking: An apparatus for UV marking a substrate comprises: an ink jet apparatus having UV sensitive ink, the ink jet apparatus being configured to eject the UV sensitive ink; and an extruder producing a wire and insulation in a processing direction. The ink jet apparatus is configured in relation to the... Agent:

20120094091 - In-line printing process on wet non-woven fabric and products thereof: A process for manufacturing a non-woven fabric having on its surface distributed elements having a physical dimension, comprises screen printing on wet fabric a desired shape using a paste that expands under heating by virtue of a puffing agent contained therein.... Agent: N.r. Spuntech Industries Ltd.

20120094092 - Method for defining an electronically conductive metal structure on a three-dimensional element and a device made from the method: A method for defining an electrically conductive metalized structure, which may comprise an electrode or trace, on the surface of a three-dimensional element. The three-dimensional element may comprise a glass microsphere or shell resonator. A laser direct write grayscale photolithographic process is used in conjunction with electrically conductive metal deposition... Agent: Irvine Sensors Corporation

20120094094 - Interlayer hot compaction: A process for the production of a polymeric article comprises the steps of: (a) forming a ply having successive layers, namely (ii) a first layer made up of strands of an oriented polymeric material; (ii) a second layer of a polymeric material; (iii) a third layer made up of strands... Agent: Propex Operating Company LLC.

20120094093 - Particle board with middle layer of defibrated wood particles: The invention relates to a wood particle board (5) and to a process for the manufacture of the same. The process involves the feed-out of a first quantity (9′) of glue-coated wood particles (25), producing a bottom particle mat (10′), feed-out of a second quantity (9″), comprising a homogeneous mixture... Agent:

20120094095 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article is described. The coated article includes a substrate, a combining layer formed on the substrate, a plurality of chromium nitride layers and a plurality of copper-zinc alloy layers formed on the combining layer. The combining layer is a chromium layer. Each chromium nitride layer interleaves with one... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120094096 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article is described. The coated article includes a substrate, a combining layer formed on the substrate, a plurality of chromium nitride layers and a plurality of copper-titanium alloy layers formed on the combining layer. The combining layer is a chromium layer. Each chromium nitride layer interleaves with one... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120094097 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article is described. The coated article includes a substrate, a combining layer formed on the substrate, a plurality of titanium dioxide layers and a plurality of copper-zinc alloy layers formed on the combining layer. The combining layer is a titanium layer. Each titanium dioxide layer interleaves with one... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd .

20120094098 - Coated article and method for making the same: A coated article is described. The coated article includes a substrate, a combining layer formed on the substrate, a plurality of silicon dioxide layers and a plurality of copper-zinc alloy layers formed on the combining layer. The combining layer is a silicon layer. Each silicon dioxide layer interleaves with one... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120094099 - Method and coating for protecting and repairing an airfoil surface: This invention relates to the repair and removal of erosion or impact damage using hand sandable elastomeric coatings on a curved substrate, particularly such surfaces as the leading edge of the airfoil. Specialized applicators and methods of use are also disclosed.... Agent: Hontek Corporation

20120094100 - Light weight glass laminates: Provided herein are light weight glass laminates having ionomeric interlayers and at least one glass layer. In particular, the weight of the glass laminates is reduced by reducing the thickness of the at least one glass layer to about 2.0 mm or less, or to about 1.5 mm or less.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120094101 - Method for treating a surface of a substrate: A method for treating a surface of a substrate. A functional chemical is applied onto the surface of the substrate for improving the adhesion of silicone to the substrate. The functional chemical is applied in an amount of at least 5 mg/m2 onto the surface of the substrate by using... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20120094104 - Ablatable elements for making flexographic printing plates: Flexographic printing plates and other relief images can be formed from a laser-ablatable element having a laser-ablatable layer that is from about 300 to about 4,000 μm thickness. The laser-ablatable layer includes a film-forming material that is a laser-laser-ablatable material or the film-forming material has dispersed therein a laser-ablatable material.... Agent:

20120094103 - Manganese-rich and magnesium-rich aluminium strip: e

20120094102 - Transparent films: The invention relates to an optically transparent polymer film or extrudate product made of a polymer composition comprising a semi-crystalline polyamide having a melting temperature of at least 270° C. or a blend of the semi-crystalline polyamide (A) and a second polymer (B), and optionally at least one additive, wherein... Agent:

20120094105 - Bagasse composite, method for preparing same and interior material using same: Disclosed are a bagasse composite, a method for preparing the composite, and an interior material using the same. More particularly, the composite includes 55-75 wt % of fibers and 25-45 wt % of thermoplastic polymer, wherein the fibers are obtained from bagasse and have a particle size of 40-120 mesh,... Agent:

20120094106 - Layered product: A layered product which is a molded object including a thermoset resin layer, a thermoplastic resin layer, and reinforcing fibers comprising many continuous filaments, wherein the thermoset resin layer has been united with the thermoplastic resin layer at the interface between these layers, the resin of the thermoset resin layer... Agent:

20120094107 - Artificial sports field infill composition: In one embodiment, an infill composition includes a resilient material and a porous material including a number of porous particles. In certain instances, the number of porous particles includes porous ceramic particles.... Agent: Profile Products L.L.C.

20120094108 - Composite of metal and resin and manufacturing method thereof: A composite of metal and resin includes a metal piece and a resin piece. The metal piece includes a surface. Micropores are formed on the surface. The micropores have inlet diameters smaller than bottom diameters thereof. The resin piece is partially inserted into the micropores to combine with the metal... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120094109 - Wood powder-containing resin molded product and method for producing the same: A wood powder-containing resin molded article which can be reduced in weight by reducing an amount of thermoplastic resin, and also has excellent mechanical strength, and a method for producing the same are provided. A wood powder-containing resin molded article 1 is made of a thermoplastic resin containing wood powder,... Agent:

20120094110 - Coatings using dialkyl/dialkenyl ethers as hydrophobing agents, use thereof and metals provided with the coating: The invention relates to the coatings of surfaces using dialkyl/dialkenyl ethers, particularly for purposes of hydrophobizing surfaces, to metals provided with such a coating, including metal compounds or alloys, and to a method of apply coatings to surfaces.... Agent: Sasol Germany Gmbh

20120094111 - Coated article with absorbing layer: A coated article is provided with an absorbing layer(s). The coating is, in certain example embodiments, designed so that significant changes in visible transmission can be made by adjusting thickness of the absorbing layer without significantly affecting certain other characteristics such as certain color values. Such coated articles may be... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120094112 - Gadolinium oxide-doped zirconium oxide overcoat and/or method of making the same: Certain example embodiments relate to a coated article including at least one infrared (IR) reflecting layer in a low-E coating. In certain examples, at least one layer of the coating is of or includes zirconium oxide (e.g., ZrO2) doped with gadolinium and/or gadolinium oxide (e.g., Gd2O3 or other suitable stoichiometry).... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.,

20120094113 - Laminated polyester film: The present invention provide a laminated polyester film which is capable of ensuring a good dimensional stability without being subjected to such a surface saponification treatment with an alkali solution as required for triacetyl cellulose films, is available at low costs, exhibits a good adhesion property to adhesives and a... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20120094114 - Metal foil with electric resistance film and production method thereof: A metal foil comprising an electric resistance film in which the metal foil is made of copper or copper alloy, the surface roughness of at least one surface thereof is set to a 10-point average roughness Rz of 6.0 μm to 8.0 μm, and an electric resistance film is formed... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20120094115 - Coating composition for thick coating: A coating composition has excellent application workability, facilitates thick coating, rarely causes cracks at an initial drying stage, and provides a dried film having excellent tensile properties and adhesiveness. The composition contains an aggregate and an emulsion with a polymer particle dispersed in an aqueous medium. The polymer particle includes... Agent: Toagosei Co., Ltd.

20120094116 - Polyamide blend film: c

20120094117 - Carbon material covered with diamond thin film and method of manufacturing same: A carbon material and a method of manufacturing the carbon material are provided. By affixing diamond particles onto a carbonaceous substrate in a condition in which etching caused by hydrogen radicals is unlikely to occur, the substrate etching rate can be suppressed, and the carbon material is allowed to have... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

20120094118 - Infrared light reflector, infrared light reflecting laminated glass, and laminated glass and laminate have cholesteric liquid crystal layers: To provide an infrared-light reflective plate having improved selective reflectivity characteristics, there is provided an infrared-light reflective plate reflects an infrared-light of equal to or longer than 700 nm including a substrate, and, on at least one of surfaces of the substrate, at least four light-reflective layers, X1, X2, X3... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120094119 - Photocurable adhesive composition, photocurable adhesive layer, and photocurable adhesive sheet: A photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, a photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and a photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including a support and such a photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed on at least one side of the support are provided. The photocurable pressure-sensitive adhesive composition can form an adhesive layer that has sufficient... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120094120 - Enhancing and preserving anti-microbial performance in fibers with pigments: A method for producing fibers with improved color and anti-microbial properties is described. One embodiment includes a method for generating a halogen stable anti-microbial synthetic fiber, the method comprising creating a mixture that includes a polymer, an anti-microbial agent, and a cationic pigment, and extruding the mixture to form an... Agent: Purthread Technologies, Inc.

20120094121 - Copper alloy bonding wire for semiconductor: The present invention is a copper-based bonding wire for use in a semiconductor element. The bonding wire of the present invention can be manufactured with an inexpensive material cost, and has a superior PCT reliability in a high-humidity/temperature environment. Further, the bonding wire of the present invention exhibits: a favorable... Agent: Nippon Steel Materials Co., Ltd.

20120094122 - Fabrication of nanoporous glass fiber for flexible bioscaffolds and other products: Provided herein are novel nanoporous glass fibers, and methods of preparing and using such fibers. In some embodiments, articles are made from particular glass starting materials, such as soda-lime phosphosilicate glass fabricated by melt-quench methods. The articles include nanoporous fibers that can be used alone, or sewn, woven, bundled, and... Agent: Lehigh University

20120094123 - Core wire for guide wire and method for manufacturing the same: This core wire 15 for guide wire is made of a Ti—Ni based alloy and has a wire diameter not larger than 0.5 mm and a Young's modulus not lower than 50 GPa. According to the manufacturing method, first, wire drawing is performed on a raw material M0 so that... Agent:

20120094124 - Electrospun single crystal moo3 nanowires for bio-chem sensing probes: Single crystal MoO3 nanowires were produced using an electrospinning technique. High resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) revealed that the 1-D nanostructures are from 10-20 nm in diameter, on the order of 1-2 μm in length, and have the orthorhombic MoO3 structure. The structure, crystallinity, and sensoric character of these electrostatically... Agent:

20120094126 - Method for producing alkali metal niobate particles, and alkali metal niobate particles: Disclosed are a method of producing fine particulate alkali metal niobate in a liquid phase system, wherein the size and shape of particles of the fine particulate alkali metal niobate can be controlled; and fine particulate alkali metal niobate having a controlled shape and size. Specifically disclosed are a method... Agent: Tohoku University

20120094125 - Preparation of precipitated silica from sodium metabisulfite or sodium sulfite: A method for preparing precipitated silica includes the reaction of sodium metabisulfite or sodium sulfite with sand, wherein a) sand is mixed with sodium metabisulfite or sodium sulfite; b) the mixture thus obtained is melted to produce solid sodium silicate and sulfurous anhydride; c) the solid sodium silicate is dissolved... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20120094127 - Uv absorbers soluble in polar media: The invention relates to triazine-based special organic UV absorbers modified in such a way as to be soluble in polar coating compositions. The invention further relates to coatings, e.g. sol-gel based ones, containing said novel UV absorbers as well as to the use of said coatings for permanently protecting materials,... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20120094129 - Anti-graffiti coatings: A coating composition including a functionalized resin selected from at least one of polyurethanes, epoxies, polyamides, chlorinated polyolefins, acrylics, polyesters, or mixtures or copolymers thereof, wherein the resins comprises at least one of (meth)acryl or acetoacetyl functionality; a (meth)acryl functional compound; and a functionalized silicone compound.... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20120094128 - Coating compositions with anticorrosion properties: Anticorrosive coating compositions comprise a binding polymer and an amorphous aluminum phosphate corrosion inhibiting pigment dispersed therein. The coating composition comprises 1 to 25 percent by weight aluminum phosphate. The binding polymer can include solvent-borne polymers, water-borne polymers, solventless polymers, and combinations thereof. The aluminum phosphate is made by combining... Agent: Bunge Limited Corporation

20120094130 - Coating compositions with anticorrosion properties: Anticorrosive coating compositions comprise a binding polymer and an amorphous aluminum phosphate corrosion inhibiting pigment. The composition comprises from about 1 to 25 percent by weight amorphous aluminum phosphate. The amorphous aluminum phosphate has a water adsorption potential of up to about 25 percent by weight water. The composition provides... Agent: Bunge Fertilizantes S.a.

20120094131 - Protective sheet for solar cell module: Provided is a protective sheet for a solar cell module having a resin sheet, a vapor deposited layer containing an inorganic oxide provided on at least one side thereof, and a fluorine resin layer containing a silane coupling agent laminated on the vapor deposited layer.... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20120094132 - Method of manufacturing a part of a mems system: A method of manufacturing part of a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and such part manufactured by the method are provided. The method comprises preparing first and second base members; imparting liquid repellency for a liquid material to at least part of a bonding film non-formation region of the first base member... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20120094133 - Cataphoresable smoosteel with good resistance to warm and wet environment: m

20120094134 - Poly-4-methyl-1-pentene resin composition and molded articles perpared from the composition: [Means for solving the subject] The subject is attained by the poly-4-methyl-1-pentene resin composition comprising 50 to 99 parts by weight of poly-4-methyl-1-pentene (A), 1 to 50 parts by weight of polyamide (B) and 0.1 to 30 parts by weight of modified poly-4-methyl-1-pentene (C) obtainable by graft modification with an... Agent: Mitsui Chemicals. Inc.

20120094135 - Water reducible coating compositions including carboxy ester ketals, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof: e

20120094136 - Process for preparing organic nanoparticles:

20120094137 - Cationically curable compositions and a primer therefor: The present invention relates to one-part cationically curable compositions with storage stability, wherein cure is independent of external stimuli such as heat and UV irradiation. In particular, the present invention provides for compositions with a long shelf life that will cure only upon application of the composition to the target... Agent: Henkel Ireland Limited

20120094138 - Fire resistant paint and article: A fire resistant paint includes a film-forming binder, a solvent, and a hydrated mineral that imparts fire resistance to the paint. The paint, when applied to a fibrous composite article which comprises at least about 20 wt % lignocellulosic fibers bound together into a consolidated fibrous article, provides the article... Agent: University Of Maine System Board Of Trustees

20120094139 - Kaolin clay pigments: Kaolin clay pigments which contain a minor amount of gypsum provide improved properties of brightness, opacity and bulking to coated sheets.... Agent:

20120094140 - Fine solid solution alloy particles and method for producing same: The alloy fine particles of the present invention are fine particles of a solid solution alloy, in which a plurality of metal elements are mixed at the atomic level. The production method of the present invention is a method for producing alloy fine particles composed of a plurality of metal... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20120094141 - Design method of welding method, welding method and welded joint body: A welding method is provided which makes it possible to obtain a joint body having a sufficient strength by selecting a metal glass and a crystalline metal having given conditions. According to the present invention, there is provided a welding method of applying energy to an interface where a metal... Agent:

20120094142 - Process for producing porous sintered aluminum, and porous sintered aluminum: This method for producing porous sintered aluminum includes: mixing aluminum powder with a sintering aid powder containing a sintering aid element to obtain a raw aluminum mixed powder; forming the raw aluminum mixed powder into a formed object prior to sintering having pores; and heating the formed object prior to... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20120094144 - Build-up welding method and structural material: Capabilities of suppressing erosion caused by liquid droplets and achieving a short operation period and cost reduction are provided. A build-up welding method for a structural material used in an erosive environment includes: removing a portion exposed to the erosive environment from the structural material; and forming a hard layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120094143 - Method for preparing a coating of the surface of medical devices made of nickel-titanium alloy: Provided is a method for plating a biocompatible coating with nano structure on the surface of a nickel-titanium shape memory alloy, particularly a method suitable for plating a coating on the surface of medical devices made of nickel-titanium alloy. The method includes the following steps: heat treating, surface pretreating, ion... Agent:

20120094145 - Process for joining stainless steel part and zirconia ceramic part and composite articles made by same: A process for joining a stainless steel part and a zirconia ceramic part comprising: providing a SUS part, a ZrO2 ceramic part, a Mo foil and a Cu foil; depositing a nickel coating on a surface of the ZrO2 ceramic part; placing the ZrO2 ceramic part, the Mo foil, the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120094146 - Metallic composite material: A roll bonded, composite metallic material utilizing a Magnesium (Mg) core to take advantage of its extreme light weight. The clad composite consist of roll bonded metal layers such as Al, stainless steel, copper and titanium on the surfaces of Mg. A multitude of clad combinations are available to combine... Agent:

20120094147 - Highly corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant member with thermalsprayed layer formed thereon and thermal-sprayed layer forming powder for forming the same: Provided is a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant member where a thermal-sprayed layer having corrosion resistance and wear resistance is formed on a surface of a metallic member which is brought into contact with a resin which generates a highly corrosive gas. Also provided is a thermal-spraying powder. The highly corrosion-resistant and... Agent: Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.

20120094148 - Process for depositing a coating for protection against oxidation and against hot corrosion on a superalloy substrate, and coating obtained: o

20120094149 - Deposition of layer using depositing apparatus with reciprocating susceptor: Atomic layer deposition is performed by reciprocating a susceptor in two directions, subjecting a substrate on the susceptor to two different sequences of processes. By subjecting the susceptor to different sequences of processes, the substrate undergoes different processes that otherwise would have required an additional set of injectors or reactors.... Agent: Synos Technology, Inc.

04/12/2012 > 86 patent applications in 69 patent subcategories.

20120088040 - Alignment film, composition for forming alignment film and liquid crystal display device: Disclosed is a liquid crystal display device including: a first substrate and a second substrate, one of which is transparent; a liquid crystal layer disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate; a group of electrodes for applying an electric field to the liquid crystal layer, which is formed... Agent:

20120088041 - Polarizer protective film, polarizer, and liquid crystal display device: s

20120088042 - Architectural panels with objects embedded in resin interlayer: A decorative architectural glass panel comprises a two or more glass sheets separated by a resin in which one or more decorative objects are suspended. A method of making the glass panel comprises positioning one or more spacers and one or more decorative objects on a first glass sheet, placing... Agent: 3form, Inc.

20120088043 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These compositions and methods can impart excellent adhesion properties between film layers and the transparent support. These films are useful for medical imaging.... Agent:

20120088044 - Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods: Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods are disclosed. These compositions and methods can impart excellent adhesion properties between film layers and the transparent support. These films are useful for medical imaging.... Agent:

20120088045 - Vacuum insulated glass (vig) unit including nano-composite pillars, and/or methods of making the same: Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to composite pillar arrangements for VIG units that include both harder and softer materials. The softer materials are located on the outside or extremities of the central, harder pillar material. In certain example embodiments, a high aspect ratio mineral lamellae is separated by... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.

20120088046 - Glass-containing resin molded product: Provide a glass-containing resin molded product having no skin layer formed on its surface and free from sink marks, warping and other forms of deformation, where such glass-containing resin molded product is characterized in that it is made of one type of resin selected from the group that includes polyethylene... Agent:

20120088047 - Housing and method for manufacturing same: A housing comprises a substrate and a decorative film. The decorative film comprises a transparent film, a metallic coating, a transparent varnish layer, a color layer, a protective layer and an adhesive layer. The metallic coating is formed on an inner surface of the transparent film. The varnish layer is... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120088048 - Process for producing fiber-reinforced composite materials: The present invention relates to binders for the preforming process to which textile structures are subjected when structural materials are produced by the RIM or RTM method, where the binder composed of an amorphous polyimide is spray applied in a solvent onto the textile structure or onto the textile, and... Agent: Basf Se

20120088049 - Decorative stainless steel rolled sheet with embossed pattern and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a decorative stainless steel rolled sheet having an embossed pattern, suitable for use as a surface finish or an interior surface finish of products, wherein a thin stainless steel sheet subjected to surface treatment including nanoceramic coating or PVD ionic coating resulting in various colors and a release... Agent:

20120088050 - Reinforced flame retardant film for blast resistance protection: A flame retardant blast resistant reinforcement film for application to a structural wall or ceiling, the film comprising at least one flame retardant layer, at least one polymeric material layer, at least one energy absorptive or dissipative material layer, and an adhesive layer. The film has a puncture resistance of... Agent: Berry Plastics Corporation

20120088051 - Reconfigurable multilayer laminates and methods: A multilayer laminate including a liner, a film, and an adhesive layer between the liner and film layers is described. The laminate includes a first release layer between the film layer and the adhesive layer, and a second release layer between the liner and the adhesive layer. The release characteristics... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120088053 - Release sheet and pressure-sensitive adhesive article: Disclosed herein is a release sheet including: a base material; and a release agent layer provided on the base material, wherein the release agent layer is formed by curing a material mainly constituted of a diene-based polymer and contains substantially no silicone compound, and wherein Mooney viscosity (ML1+4 (100° C.))... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20120088052 - Water-base acrylic premanufactured waterproofing material and process for obtaining the same: The invention regards a water-base acrylic premanufactured waterproofing material and the procedure for obtaining the same. The material includes a substrate, base or support to give it a continuous structure adapted to receive on its top side a first layer of a water-base acrylic waterproofing composition forming a waterproof film... Agent: Prefacril S.a. De C.v.

20120088054 - Non-pvc film and non-pvc film laminate: The present invention relates to a non-PVC film and film laminate for use in marketing, advertising campaigns, particularly outdoor or other environment impacted promotions and safety applications. The film is in one exemplary embodiment includes two layers, a top layer and a bottom layer. The top layer is a urethane-acrylic... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120088055 - Wear plate: A wear plate system comprises whole hexagonal plates configured to tessellate with each other, part plates which are derived from respective whole plates, and second triangular plates. The plates are provided with holes to receive fasteners for securing the plates to a structure. The holes are located in the plates... Agent: Brian Investments Pty Ltd

20120088056 - Structural longitudinal composite joint for aircraft structure: A structural composite part made of pre-impregnated fiber plies. The edges of two adjacent fiber plies are connected via a longitudinal composite joint made structural by a nanostructure arranged within the composite joint. A method of producing a structural composite part made of pre-impregnated fiber plies. The edges of two... Agent: Saab Ab

20120088058 - Aqueous solution-absorbing mat: A mat for absorbing aqueous solutions has a bottom sheet with a liquid-impervious layer, an top fabric layer overlying the bottom sheet and providing a top surface for the mat, and a superabsorbent polymer located between the bottom sheet and top fabric layer. The bottom sheet is joined to the... Agent:

20120088057 - Clothing product to reduce hypothermia: The present invention provides multilayer structure to be worn by a wearer to reduce the incidence of hypothermia, the multilayer structure comprising a semi-permeable membrane, and a very low absorption fabric coupled to an outside surface of the very low absorption fabric, wherein the very low absorption fabric comprises an... Agent:

20120088059 - Curved plastic object and systems and methods for deburring the same: Curved plastic objects and systems and methods for deburring the same are disclosed. The curved plastic object can be the cap or grill of a headphone or earbud.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120088060 - Machine-readable plastic preform: A plastic preform, comprising a base body, a threaded area disposed on the base body, said threaded area being integrally formed with the base body, said base body having a dome area terminating said base body, wherein the plastic preform includes a marking that is characteristic of at least one... Agent:

20120088061 - Laminate material element for a hook-and-loop closure: A laminate material element for a hook-and-loop closure has a carrier and a textile knitted fabric laminated onto the carrier, which fabric has warp strands that run in the knitting direction, as well as loops incorporated into them, suitable for making a connection with hook-and-loop hooks, whereby the carrier and... Agent: Nordenia Deutschland Gronau Gmbh

20120088062 - Multiaxial polyethylene fabric and laminate: Provided is a multiaxial fabric comprising a first layer comprising a first layer comprising substantially parallel resin-free polyethylene yarns oriented in a first direction; a second layer comprising substantially parallel resin-free polyethylene oriented in a second direction, the first and second directions being skew with respect to each other; a... Agent:

20120088063 - Transparent composites with organic fiber: A composite article comprises a substantially transparent matrix and at least one substantially transparent organic fiber embedded within the matrix. The matrix and the organic fiber may have substantially equivalent refractive indices within a wavelength band of interest.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120088064 - Method for coating a component with film cooling holes and component: During the complete masking of film cooling holes when coating a component with film cooling holes, problems frequently arise when the cooling gas exits from the film cooling hole. The method is provided which proposes that the masking is only carried out sectionally such that part of the coating is... Agent:

20120088065 - Method for manufacturing a membrane material: r

20120088068 - Aramid composite and method for producing the same: Disclosed are an aramid composite which satisfies bulletproof performance required for the related art, is lightweight and exhibits superior adhesive strength, and a method for producing the same. The aramid composite includes an aramid fabric, an adhesive layer and a metal substrate, wherein at least one of the surface of... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20120088070 - Composite ferrite sheet, method of fabricating the composite ferrite sheet, and array of sintered ferrite segments used to form the composite ferrite sheet: A method of fabricating a composite ferrite sheet including the steps of: (a) forming a grooved green ferrite sheet having a non-intersecting grid pattern by pressing a groove forming die including a plurality of first protrusions and a plurality of second protrusions having a triangular cross sectional shape, each protrusion... Agent: Maruwa Co., Ltd.

20120088067 - Non-contact polishing techniques for reducing roughness on glass surfaces: Apparatus, systems and methods for reducing surface roughness on surface of a glass member using a non-contact polishing process are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for processing a glass member suitable for use in a handheld electronic device includes obtaining the glass member and chemically strengthening the glass... Agent:

20120088066 - Superhydrophobic transparent glass (stg) thin film articles: An article having a nanostructured surface and a method of making the same are described. The article can include a substrate and a nanostructured layer bonded to the substrate. The nanostructured layer can include a plurality of spaced apart nanostructured features comprising a contiguous, protrusive material and the nanostructured features... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20120088069 - Window-well egress with artistic surfaces: A rotomolded window-well egress (190) includes a textured or artistic surface on (196) a front side (193), strengthening irregularities (200, 210), in the form of ribs (200) or corrugations (210), molded on a back side (199), and means (202) for preventing the strengthening irregularities (200, 210) from printing out onto... Agent:

20120088072 - Microfabricated particles in composite materials and methods for producing the same: Microfabricated particles are dispersed throughout a matrix to create a composite. The microfabricated particles are engineered to a specific structure and composition to enhance the physical attributes of a composite material.... Agent:

20120088071 - Roofing material with directionally dependent properties and method of making the same: A roofing material has multiple coatings with at least one directionally disposed coating. The roofing material has at least one non-planar surface for exposure to environmental conditions. A first coating is directionally disposed on a portion of the non-planar surface to cover less than all of the non-planar surface. The... Agent: Cool Angle LLC

20120088073 - Method for the production of a sound insulation molding with mass and spring: The invention relates to a method of producing a sound insulation molding with mass (2) and spring (3), wherein both mass (2) and spring (3) are produced on the basis of the same material, in particular polyurethane. For the formation of a mass, reaction substances and fillers are brought into... Agent: Stankiewicz Gmbh

20120088074 - Workpiece with three-dimensional pattern: A workpiece with three-dimensional pattern having a three-dimensional surface and suitable for an electronic device is provided. A multiple three-dimensional micro patterns formed on the three-dimensional surface reflects an environment light to form images with a visual effect. The workpiece with three-dimensional pattern includes a workpiece and an adhesive layer.... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20120088075 - Functional element for attachment to a plastic component, a component assembly, a die button and method: A functional element of metal having a flange of larger diameter forming an attachment surface and having a centering section arranged inside the attachment surface and extending away from the flange, is characterized in that an adhesive which hardens under pressure is arranged around the centering section and adjacent to... Agent:

20120088076 - Sanitary tissue products and methods for making same: Sanitary tissue products having a surface having a surface pattern including at least one line art element and at least one fragmented line art element and methods for making same are provided... Agent:

20120088077 - Injection preform having pattern on surface thereof and method of manufacturing the same: An injection preform having a pattern on a surface thereof and realizing a transparent pattern paint layer for forming a crack pattern in a transparent or semi-transparent substrate, and a method of manufacturing the same. The injection preform preferably includes: a substrate injection molded so as to be transparent or... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120088078 - Optical material, optical element, and method for manufacturing same: An optical material which has a relative permeability different from 1 to light having a wavelength in, for example, the infrared region or shorter than the infrared region and which is stable in structure, and a liquid and a solid (optical element) using the optical material. The optical material is... Agent: Nikon Corporation

20120088079 - Optical-effect-producing medium, use thereof and object having an optically responsive feature produced using said optical-effect-producing medium: There is described an optical-effect-producing medium comprising a carrier medium (1) containing or comprising pigment particles (10) having at least one optically responsive pigment or dye (100) that responds to incident electromagnetic radiation of at least a selected excitation wavelength or wavelength band (λEX) by producing an optical response in... Agent:

20120088081 - Coated article and method of making the same: A coated article includes a substrate and a pattern layer formed on the substrate. The pattern layer includes a plurality of strips. Each area of these strips is in a range of about 0.001 mm2 to about 0.025 mm2 A distance between two adjacent strips is in a range of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120088080 - Paint finish incorporating decorative effects: The present invention relates to a paint finish that incorporates decorative effects such as a laser effect, a splash effect, or a cloud effect, and to a paint process to obtain a paint finish that incorporates decorative effects.... Agent:

20120088082 - Thermoplastic multilayer interlayer polymer film and related glass laminate composite including same: A multilayer interlayer polymer film and a high clarity safety glass laminate made using the same include: (1) a core layer comprising one of an ionomer polymer material and a thermoplastic polyurethane polymer material; (2) at least one intermediate layer laminated to the core layer and comprising the other of... Agent: Liveglass, Inc.

20120088083 - Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article: A coating includes a nano-composite layer including a plurality of stacked films. Each film includes a zirconium nitride layer and a zirconium yttrium nitride layer.... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20120088084 - Conductive circuit containing a polymer composition containing thermally exfoliated graphite oxide and method of making the same: A conductive circuit containing a polymer composite, which contains at least one polymer and a modified graphite oxide material, containing thermally exfoliated graphite oxide having a surface area of from about 300 m2/g to 2600 m2/g, and a method of making the same.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20120088085 - Composite for covers: A composite for a cover, in particular for a mattress or pillow cover, includes an upper material, a lower material, and a filling thread arranged between the upper material and the lower material. The filling thread is incorporated, when stretched, in a direction transversely to the longitudinal direction of the... Agent: Bodet & Horst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120088086 - Process for the production of propylene random copolymers for injection moulding applications: Process for the production of polypropylene random copolymers containing 2.5 to 5.0 wt % of ethylene as comonomer and having an MFR2 in accordance with ISO 1 133 (230° C., 2.16 kg load) of ≧25 g/10 min to 100 g/10 min and a hexane-solubles content, determined according to FDA CFR... Agent: Bore-alis Ag

20120088087 - Amphiphilic polycondensation products and use in combination with polyester or polyester containing surfaces: The present invention relates to hydrophilically terminated amphiphilic polycondensates with a content of from 1 wt. % of copolymerized diol based on hydrogenated and doubly dehydrated aldo- and ketohexoses and use thereof in combination with polyester and polyester-containing surfaces.... Agent: Polyprec Gmbh

20120088088 - Methods of producing silicon carbide fibers, silicon carbide fibers, and articles including same: Methods of producing silicon carbide fibers. The method comprises reacting a continuous carbon fiber material and a silicon-containing gas in a reaction chamber at a temperature ranging from approximately 1500° C. to approximately 2000° C. A partial pressure of oxygen in the reaction chamber is maintained at less than approximately... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20120088089 - Rigidity controlled fiberglass: A multi-layered panel for a vehicle is provided and includes multiple fiberglass layers and an intermediate layer disposed between the fiberglass layers. One of the fiberglass layers includes multiple fiber patterns where each fiber pattern has a strength and/or a flexibility substantially different from the other fiber patterns.... Agent: Cvg Management Corporation

20120088090 - Fingerprint-erasing cured film, method for manufacturing same, display and touch panel using same, and electronic device using these: Fingerprint-erasing cured films for rendering fingerprint depositions on various surfaces quickly less visible or invisible; a manufacturing method therefor; a display or touch panel using the same; and electronic devices using these are provided. A liquid coating film including a solvent and a polymerizable resin composition curable by an activating... Agent: Tsujiden Co., Ltd.

20120088091 - Polymer foams: Polymer foams, including acrylic foams, comprising low amounts of high-surface-area silica are described. Methods of preparing such foams and articles comprising such foams are also described.... Agent:

20120088093 - Method for coating a sliding element and sliding element, in particular a piston ring: The invention relates to a method wherein nanoparticle are first produced and then infused in the coating during the coating process by means of a PVD and/or CVD method. A sliding element comprises a coating formed by means of a PVD and/or CVD method comprising separately produced nanoparticles.... Agent:

20120088095 - Modification of drawn film: The Invention relates to a drawn polymer film, comprising (A) a polymer or polymer blend and at least (B) one additional component with an average particle diameter of between 0.1 and 15 μm, which by means of (C) one or several secondary treatment steps is processed to form a membrane... Agent:

20120088092 - Superoleophilic particles and coatings and methods of making the same: Superoleophilic particles and surfaces and methods of making the same are described. The superoleophilic particles can include porous particles having a hydrophobic coating layer deposited thereon. The coated porous particles are characterized by particle sizes ranging from at least 100 nm to about 10 μm and a plurality of nanopores.... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20120088094 - Thermochromatic pigment covered article and method of making the same: A thermochromatic pigment covered article, comprising a substrate, and a single layer of a combined encapsulated thermochromatic pigment and resin or resin mixture disposed on the substrate. In accordance with the method of the present invention, an encapsulated thermochromatic pigment mixture and a resin or resin mixture are combined and... Agent: World Wide Lines, Inc.

20120088096 - Electromagnetic steel sheet having insulating coating and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention provides an electromagnetic steel sheet having an insulating coating on a surface of the electromagnetic steel sheet, the insulating coating including: a binder solution solid content containing metal phosphate; and a silica or silicate filler having an average particle diameter in a range of 2.0 μm to... Agent:

20120088097 - Nanometallic transportable graphic system: The present invention is a nanometallic transportable graphic system with a metallically infused target surface adhesion layer (TSAL) thermally bonded to a metallically infused protection layer. The metal nanoparticles create a nano-ionic bond force field which enables the transportable graphic apparatus to adhere to any substantially uniform surface capable of... Agent:

20120088098 - Composite material comprising two or more superimposed layers of woods: The invention relates to a composite material having two or more superimposed wood layers. Said layers are joined together by means of a one component polyurethane adhesive containing a prepolymer having free NCO groups and a wood having a volume fraction of libriform fibres in the region of between 50-70%... Agent: Basf Se

20120088100 - Implants coated with low crystalline hydroxyapatite in form of a network or an island and a method for coating the same: The present disclosure relates to a method for coating a surface of a titanium implant with low crystalline hydroxyapatite having network- or island-like morphology and to an implant coated by such method.... Agent: Osstemimplant Co., Ltd.

20120088099 - Ultra-thin hydrophobic and oleophobic layer, method of manufacture and use in watchmaking as an epilame and in mechanical engineering as a barrier film: e

20120088101 - Multilayer interlayer polymer film for fire-screen glazings and related fire-screen products: A multilayer interlayer polymer film for use within and a high clarity and high efficiency fire-screen glazing or related fire-screen product uses a particular ordering of layers. The ordering of layers includes: (1) a core layer comprising one of a sulfur containing thermoplastic polymer material and a fluorine containing thermoplastic... Agent: Liveglass, Inc.

20120088102 - Nonhalogenated flame retardant adhesives and tapes: Flame retardant adhesives and tape articles include a nonhalogenated flame retardant composition comprising a combination of melamine phosphate and melamine cyanurate.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120088103 - Carbon fiber bundle that develops high mechanical performance: Provided is a carbon fiber bundle for obtaining a fiber-reinforced resin having high mechanical characteristics. A carbon fiber bundle formed of single carbon fibers, each of which has no uneven surface structure of 0.6 μm or more in length extending in the longitudinal direction of the single fiber; which has... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd

20120088104 - Acrylonitrile swollen fiber for carbon fiber, precursor fiber bundle, stabilized fiber bundle, carbon fiber bundle and production methods thereof: Provided is a carbon fiber bundle for obtaining a fiber-reinforced plastic having high mechanical characteristics. An acrylonitrile swollen fiber for a carbon fiber having openings of 10 nm or more in width in the circumference direction of the swollen fiber at a ratio in the range of 0.3 openings/μm2 or... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20120088105 - Resin pellet and method for producing the same: A resin pellet of the present invention includes a resin base material and a plurality of microparticles embedded in the resin base material. The resin pellet is covered with the plurality of microparticles on the surface of the resin base material. According to the present invention, it is possible to... Agent: Du Pont-mitsui Polychemicals Co., Ltd.

20120088106 - Hydrophilic coatings, articles, coating compositions and methods: A coating composition which imparts antifog, antireflective, easy-cleaning, and/or antistatic properties to substrates coated therewith. The coating compositions utilize nanoparticles funtionalized with amine groups and/or protected amine groups, and amine-reactive groups.... Agent:

20120088107 - Method of forming self-assembly and uniform fullerene array on surface of substrate: c

20120088108 - Barrier coating composition with organic particles: A moisture vapor and oxygen transmission resistant flexible film has a polymeric base layer and a barrier layer of discrete particles of a first organic polymer dispersed throughout a matrix of a second organic polymer. Preferably, the first and second polymers are water insoluble and water soluble, respectively. The barrier... Agent: Toray Plastics (america) Inc.

20120088109 - Linear polyimide precursor, linear polyimide and heat-cured product thereof, and method for producing them: m

20120088110 - Process for surface preparation of polyamide articles for metal-coating: This invention relates in part to processes wherein a polyamide polymer surface is chemically treated prior to applying a coating containing metal, and such metal coated polyamide articles. Treatment of the polyamide surface with an aqueous base wash after surface preparation with acid results in polyamide surfaces which provide superior... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20120088111 - Aqueous emulsion: i

20120088112 - Biaxially-oriented polyester film for use as wrap-around container label, and wrap-around container label: The invention provides a biaxially-oriented polyester film that comprises a biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film and contains 9000 ppm or less of ethylene terephthalate cyclic trimer, has a molten specific resistance of within 1.0×108Ω·cm, and at least one surface of the film has a surface resistivity of 13 log Ω... Agent: Toyo Boseki Kabushiki Kaisha

20120088113 - Method of dyeing cellulosic substrates: The present invention is related to methods for dyeing a traveling cellulosic substrate. The methods include steps of cationizing a cellulosic substrate followed by applying foam including one or more dyes to the cationized cellulosic substrate.... Agent:

20120088114 - Mold-resistant gypsum panel paper: A mold resistant gypsum panel having improved mold- and fungal-resistance to the gypsum panel facing paper is provided. Mold-resistant gypsum panels include a gypsum core formed from a gypsum slurry that has voids as a result of foaming of the gypsum slurry. A first paper is located on one side... Agent:

20120088115 - Corrosion protection with al / zn-based coatings: Red rust staining of Al/Zn coated steel strip in “acid rain” or “polluted” environments can be minimised by forming the coating as an Al—Zn—Si—Mg alloy coating with an OT:SDAS ratio greater than a value of 0.5:1, where OT is the overlay thickness on a surface of the strip and SDAS... Agent: Bluescope Steel Limited

20120088116 - Bimetallic forging and method: A method of forming a bimetallic forging includes providing a blank comprising at least a first element and a second element of a first metal, and an insert of a second metal. A blank is configured such that the insert may be substantially encapsulated by a shell defined by the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20120088117 - Substrate structure: A substrate structure including a first metal substrate, a second metal substrate, a frame fixture, a first conductive layer, a second conductive layer, a first adhesive layer and a second adhesive layer is provided. The second metal substrate is stacked over the first metal substrate. The frame fixture is disposed... Agent: Subtron Technology Co., Ltd.

20120088118 - Electrodeposited, nanolaminate coatings and claddings for corrosion protection: Described herein are electrodeposited corrosion-resistant multilayer coating and claddings that comprises multiple nanoscale layers that periodically vary in electrodeposited species or electrodeposited microstructures. The coatings may comprise electrodeposited metals, ceramics, polymers or combinations thereof. Also described herein are methods for preparation of the coatings and claddings.... Agent: Modumetal LLC

20120088119 - Welded component, in particular planet wheel carrier, method for producing the component and apparatus for carrying out the method: A welded component comprising two sheet metal components (51, 53) joined by at least one weld seam (55). A first sheet metal component (51) is disk-shaped and a second sheet metal component (53) is pot-shaped, and at least one of the two sheet metal components (51, 53) has a sheet... Agent: Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

20120088120 - Metal-clad laminate and method for production of metal-clad laminate: w

20120088121 - Bilayer protection coating and related method: A turbine component having a protective bilayer coating thereon comprising: a superalloy substrate; and a bilayer protective coating applied to the substrate wherein the bilayer protective coating comprises a first inner layer of platinum and aluminum; and a second outer oxidation-resistant layer applied over the first inner layer, the second... Agent: General Electric Company

20120088122 - Galvanized steel sheet: A galvanized steel sheet includes a surface-treatment film with 50 to 1200 mg/m2, wherein the surface-treatment film is obtained by applying a surface-treatment agent to a surface of a galvanized steel sheet and drying the surface-treatment agent by heating; and the surface-treatment agent is prepared as a mixture having a... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20120088123 - Graphene shell and process of preparing the same: Provided are a process for economically preparing a graphene shell having a desired configuration which is applicable in various fields wherein in the process the thickness of the graphene she can be controlled, and a graphene shell prepared by the process.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120088124 - Colloidal sealant composition: The present invention relates to the addition of biocidal agents to colloidal silicate coating compositions, the compositions being useful for coating structures prepared from Portland cement compositions.... Agent:

20120088125 - Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory: A magnetoresistive element according to an embodiment includes: a base layer; a first magnetic layer formed on the base layer and having a changeable magnetization direction with an easy axis of magnetization in a direction perpendicular to a film plane; a first nonmagnetic layer formed on the first magnetic layer;... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

04/05/2012 > 63 patent applications in 46 patent subcategories.

20120082804 - Optical article having an antistatic layer: Disclosed herein is an optical article having a first optical layer; a second optical layer; and an antistatic layer disposed between the first and second optical layers, the antistatic layer having conducting particles having an aspect ratio greater than about 10. The conducting particles may comprise vanadium oxide particles or... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120082805 - Composition for forming thermoset film having photo alignment properties: A material from which a cured film exhibiting high solvent resistance, liquid crystal-alignment performance, heat resistance and high transparency can be formed. A composition for forming a thermoset film having photo alignment properties, including: a component (A) that is an acrylic copolymer having a photodimerizing moiety and a thermal cross-linking... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20120082806 - Heatable coating with nanomaterials: Coatings and heatable coatings containing electrically conductive nanomaterial; methods for making such a coating; items with such a coating; and methods for applying such a coating. In one aspect, such a coating is a deicing coating. This abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract which will... Agent:

20120082807 - Knit sleeve with knit barrier extension having a barrier therein and method of construction: A knit sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The knit sleeve is constructed including a knit tubular wall and at least one knit tubular extension attached to the wall. Further, a barrier member is disposed in the at least one knit tubular extension. The at least one knit... Agent:

20120082808 - Method for installing heat shielding on a fixed internal structure of a jet engine nacelle: The invention relates to a method for installing heat shielding (31), including a heat cushion (33) covered with a ply (35a) made from a structural material, on a fixed internal structure (29) of a jet engine nacelle, including the following consecutive steps: spreading an adhesive (43) that guarantees good mechanical... Agent: Aircelle

20120082809 - Pockets: Pockets provides users with a convenient, portable device that can attach to a variety of surfaces and contain desired items. This unique product features a square of fabric sewn to resemble a large-scale, traditionally-designed pocket and securing adhesive material, allowing users to affix it to nearly any surface, wherever it... Agent:

20120082810 - Water-resistant coated articles and methods of making same: Coated articles may comprise one or more coating layers, including water resistant coatings. A method comprises applying such coating layers by dip, spray or flow coating. The methods can make coated containers, preferably comprising polyethylene terephthalate, from coated preforms. In some methods, the aqueous solutions, dispersions, or emulsions are substantially... Agent: Advanced Plastics Technologies Luxembourg S.a.

20120082811 - Fluid-assisted injection molded articles and process: Fluid-assisted injection molding articles and processes for producing the articles are described. In one embodiment, a fluid-assisted injection molded article is formed from a polymeric composition containing a polyethylene terephthalate homopolymer in combination with a polyethylene terephthalate copolymer. The polyethylene terephthalate copolymer may comprise a copolymer of polyethylene terephthalate with... Agent: Ticona LLC

20120082812 - Threat-resistant glass block panel: A glass block panel assembled, framed and attached to a substrate such that it resists threats from forced entry, prisoner escape, bullets from guns, bomb blasts, and tornados.... Agent: Pittsburgh Corning Corporation

20120082813 - Fob keeper is a string of material modified as to repair an automobile remote fob case that is broken at the point it attaches to a key ring.: The Fob Keeper can be used with any automobile remote fob case. Neither the number of buttons on the remote fob nor the sizes of the remote fob are a determining factor of the Fob Keepers use. It must be attached on the inside of the remote fob. It is... Agent:

20120082815 - Healthcare form assembly having a plurality of removable strips with adhesive free feature: A healthcare treatment form assembly suitable for use in a patient treatment theater for use in securing treatment appliances to an individual. The form assembly includes a laminated, pressure sensitive assembly having a plurality of uniquely sized strips that can be easily removed and applied by the care giver.... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20120082816 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet provided with a non-toluene-based PSA layer and having superior adhesion properties. A PSA sheet 8 is provided with a release liner 87 having, on at least a first side thereof, a release layer composed of a silicone-based release agent, and a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120082817 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a PSA sheet provided with a release liner having, on at least a first side thereof, a release layer composed of a silicone-based release agent, and a PSA layer provided on the release layer and containing an acrylic polymer synthesized in ethyl acetate as an adhesive... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120082818 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: The present invention provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sheet provided with a non-toluene-based PSA layer and having superior adhesion properties. A PSA sheet 8 is provided with a release liner 87 having, on at least a first side thereof, a release layer composed of a silicone-based release agent, and a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120082814 - Tear-resistant wristband: A wristband is provided. The wristband includes an elongated first body, an elongated second body, and an adhesive coupling system all of which are disposed in layers. The first body, which is the upper layer has an outer surface that is a printing surface. The second body, which is the... Agent: Xpress Systems, LLC

20120082819 - Perforated wallpaper system for use in a locker: An apparatus and system for locker wallpaper panels include perforations and features for adapting the panels to selected locker configurations. The system includes magnets that are configured to affix the wallpaper panels to corresponding surfaces of the locker.... Agent: Cj Lookz, LLC

20120082820 - Lightweight carpet products and method of manufacture thereof: A lightweight carpet product includes a greige carpet having a primary backing and tufted fibers, a secondary backing including a nonwoven textile of synthetic fibers, and a thermoplastic adhesive composition adhered to the greige carpet and the secondary backing. The thermoplastic adhesive composition includes a modified polyethylene terephthalate (PET) having... Agent: Beaulieu Group, LLC

20120082821 - Adhesive label and method of producing the same: An adhesive label (1) includes: a support (2); an adhesive agent layer (5) which is made of an adhesive agent, and formed on one surface of the support (2); a non-adhesive heat-reactive layer (7) which is positioned above the adhesive agent layer (5), the non-adhesive heat-reactive layer (7) including an... Agent:

20120082822 - Crosslinkable graft polymer non-preferentially wetted by polystyrene and polyethylene oxide: Methods for fabricating a random graft PS-r-PEO copolymer and its use as a neutral wetting layer in the fabrication of sublithographic, nanoscale arrays of elements including openings and linear microchannels utilizing self-assembling block copolymers, and films and devices formed from these methods are provided. In some embodiments, the films can... Agent:

20120082823 - Method for bonding bodies and composite body: A method for bonding a first body (2) to a second, panel-shaped body (3) at bonding surfaces (2a, 3a) lying opposite each other, the second body (3) projecting in at least one direction (X) beyond an edge (2′) of the first body (2). The method includes: producing a plurality of... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20120082826 - Gradient coatings with biopolymer-resistant domains: A medical device or analytical device comprising a fluid-impervious surface comprising a base surface, at least one distinct region of the base surface covered by a mixed monolayer film, the mixed monolayer film comprising a species having a functional group Ml and a species having a functional group M2 where... Agent:

20120082825 - Methods of wet etching a self-assembled monolayer patterned substrate and metal patterned articles: Method of patterning a substrate are described including a method of providing a substrate comprising a metalized surface having a self-assembled monolayer patterned region and unpatterned region; and wet etching the metalized surface in a liquid etchant agitated with bubbling gas to remove metal from the unpatterned regions to form... Agent:

20120082824 - Thermal poly rubber (tpr) layered toy: A Thermal Poly Rubber (TPR) toy which is produced from a TPR base toy over which one or more diecut polymer and/or TPR layers are provided so as to produce a TPR toy having a more vibrant appearance, and a textured feel and appearance. The TPR toy reduces or eliminates... Agent:

20120082827 - Wood film and method of molding the same: According to an example embodiment, a wood film includes a patterned wood film, a non-woven fabric attached to a surface of the patterned wood film, and a resin film attached to a surface of the non-woven fabric. According to an example embodiment, a method of molding a wood film includes... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120082828 - Laser pattern mask and method for fabricating the same: The present invention relates to a laser pattern mask, and a method for fabricating the same, which can prevent a laser pattern mask from being damaged by coating a protective film on a surface of a laser pattern mask for patterning an entire layer on a mother substrate at a... Agent:

20120082829 - Toner, printed material, method of preparing printed material and image forming apparatus having varnish application means: A toner including a petroleum wax, wherein the petroleum wax comprises a paraffin wax having a polarity.... Agent:

20120082830 - Alignment of dies: A set of dies for embossing or debossing is disclosed. The set has a female die (4, 80) and a male die (7, 67) each which has a steel backing plate (5, 47, 75). One of the dies is strongly magnetically attracted to a base plate (1, 68) which results... Agent: Watermarx Technology Pty Limited

20120082831 - Nano-porous coatings and making methods: Methods for depositing multiple layers of nanoporous coatings and systems that implement those methods.... Agent: Agiltron, Inc.

20120082832 - Composite article and method therefor: A composite article includes a substrate and a multilayer coating on the substrate. The multilayer coating includes an inner layer near the substrate, and outermost layer on the inner layer, and an intermediate layer between the inner layer and the outermost layer. The inner layer and outermost layer are boron-containing... Agent:

20120082833 - Polyethermide resins useful for high temperature applications, and related processes: wherein each aromatic ring in the structure can be substituted with at least one halogen atom, nitro group, cyano group, alkyl group, cycloalkyl group, or aryl group. Another embodiment relates to a method for preparing a polyetherimide polymer. The method includes the step of reacting metaphenylenediamine bis(4-nitrophthalimide) with a bisphenolic... Agent: General Electric Company

20120082834 - Radiation-absorbing material: Radiation-absorbing, plastics-based material consisting of a polymer matrix with an absorber material or mixture of absorber materials contained therein, wherein the absorber material or mixture of absorber materials is selected from phosphates, condensed phosphates, phosphonates, phosphites and mixed hydroxide-phosphate-oxoanions of copper (Cu), tin (Sn), calcium (Ca) and/or iron (Fe) and... Agent: Chemische Fabrik Budenheim Kg

20120082836 - Resin composition for laser engraving, resin printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate and method for production of relief printing plate: A resin composition for laser engraving contains a hydrophilic polymer and a light-to-heat conversion agent having an absorption maximum wavelength in a range of from 700 to 1,300 nm.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120082835 - Structured organic films: A structured organic film comprising a plurality of segments and a plurality of linkers arranged as a covalent organic framework, wherein the structured organic film may be a multi-segment thick structured organic film.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120082838 - Barrier film or fabric: A multilayer construction includes a barrier layer having first and second major surfaces and including a polyimide material, a first outer layer directly bonded to and in direct contact with the first major surface of the barrier layer, and a second outer layer directly bonded to an in direct contact... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20120082839 - Formed building materials: Formed building materials comprising a sequestered CO2 are provided. The building materials of the invention include a composition comprising a carbonate/bicarbonate component. Additional aspects of the invention include methods of making and using the formed building materials.... Agent:

20120082837 - High water-absorption and anti-bacterial fibers: r

20120082840 - Thermally reversible hot melt adhesive composition containing multifunctional diene and dienophile compounds: The invention relates to a thermally reversible hot melt adhesive that is isocyanate-free, moisture independent, crosslinkable and thermally reversible. The thermally reversible hot melt adhesive may be repeatedly heated and cooled without negatively affecting the performance of the adhesive. The thermally reversible composition may also be used as a primer... Agent: Henkel Corporation

20120082841 - Heat-insulating structure: Disclosed is a heat-insulating structure which can be used, for example, to reduce the cooling loss of an engine. The heat-insulating structure includes a hollow particle layer made of a lot of hollow particles densely packed on a surface of a metallic base material. The hollow particle layer is covered... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20120082842 - Endoscopic device: An endoscope device is provided, which includes at least two component members bonded together through an adhesive layer which is formed by curing an adhesive composition, the adhesive composition containing a main agent containing a bisphenol A epoxy resin, a phenol novolac epoxy resin, and an acrylic rubber, a curing... Agent: Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

20120082843 - Coating compositions exhibiting corrosion resistance properties and related coated substrates: Coating compositions are disclosed that include corrosion resisting particles such that the coating composition can exhibit corrosion resistance properties. Also disclosed are substrates at least partially coated with a coating deposited from such a composition and multi-component composite coatings, wherein at least one coating later is deposited from such a... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20120082844 - Powder magnetic core: A powder magnetic core having a high electrical resistivity and a high magnetic flux density, including at least a composite magnetic particle the composite magnetic particle including: a core particle containing iron as the main component; and an insulating passivation layer formed on the core particle, wherein: the insulating passivation... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120082845 - Zinc-based metal plated steel sheet: A zinc-based metal plated steel sheet is excellent in tribological properties during press forming. An oxide layer containing crystalline 3Zn(OH)2.ZnSO4. xH2O is formed on a plated surface. The oxide layer has a thickness of 10 nm or more. The crystalline oxide layer is composed of 3Zn(OH)2.ZnSO4.3-5H2O.... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20120082846 - Paper sizing composition, sized paper, and method for sizing paper: Embodiments of the present invention provide a paper surface sizing composition, a paper web coated on one or more sides or surfaces with a paper surface sizing composition, and a method for treating one or more sides of the paper web with a paper surface sizing composition to impart benefits... Agent: International Paper Company

20120082847 - Radiation curable poly(isobutylene) adhesive copolymers: The disclose provides pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive sealants prepared from modified, crosslinked isobutylene copolymers, and tape articles prepared therefrom.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120082849 - A sintered product based on alumina and zirconia: A sintered particle has the following chemical analysis, as percentages by weight: ZrO2 partially stabilized with CeO2 and Y2O3: complement to 100%; Al2 10%-60%; additive selected from CaO, a manganese oxide, La2O3, SrO, BaO, and mixtures thereof: 0.2%-6; the quantity of CaO being less than 2%; impurities: <2%; the zirconia... Agent: Saint-gobain Centre De Recherches Et D'etudes Europeen

20120082848 - Nanomaterial having tunable infrared absorption characteristics and associated method of manufacture: A quantum nanomaterial having a bandgap that may be tuned to enable the quantum nanomaterial to detect IR radiation in selected regions including throughout the MWIR region and into the LWIR region is provided. The quantum nanomaterials may include tin telluride (SnTe) nanomaterials and/or lead tin telluride (PbxSn1-xTe) nanomaterials. Additionally,... Agent: The Boeing Company

20120082850 - Organically functionalized polysiloxane nanoparticles, method for the production thereof, and use thereof: The present invention relates to polysiloxane nanoparticles have the following properties: an average particle size d50 (measured using REM recordings) in the range of 10-200 nm, a specific surface area Ao of at least 50 m2/g, a pore volume of at least 0.2 cm3/g, an average pore volume d50 of... Agent:

20120082851 - Hybrid adhesive: A hybrid adhesive incorporating cyanate ester and/or epoxy materials and utilizing atmospheric plasma treatment provides stronger, more reliable joints in structural composite parts.... Agent:

20120082852 - Charging member and method for producing charging member: h

20120082853 - Urethane resin, actinic energy ray curable adhesive, and back protective sheet for solar cell: An actinic energy ray curable adhesive contains a urethane resin (D) and a epoxy resin (E). The urethane resin (D) is prepared by reacting a diol ingredient (A1) having no (meth)acryloyl group, an optional diol ingredient (A2) having no (meth)acryloyl group, no carbonate structure and no alicyclic structure, a polyol... Agent:

20120082854 - Self-stratifying coating: A self-stratifying coating composition is provided. The self-stratifying coating can include a base layer having a telechelic resin with reactive end groups and an alkoxide oligomer. In addition, a top layer having an acrylate and/or methacrylate such as a fluorinated acrylate, a fluorinated methacrylate, a fluorinated hydrocarbon copolymerized with an... Agent: Toyota Motor Corporation

20120082855 - Optical film, polarizing plate, image display device, and method for manufacturing optical film: An optical film contains a transparent base material having thereon a hard coat layer formed of a hard coat layer forming composition containing the specific components, wherein a refractive index of the hard coat layer is 1.45 or more and not more than 1.55; and in the hard coat layer... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120082856 - Interior equipment element for vehicle cabins: An interior equipment element 2 for vehicle cabins, in particular of aircraft. The interior equipment element 2 consists of at least one first portion 7, on the surface of which there is applied.... Agent: Diehl Aircabin Gmbh

20120082857 - Method for forming a protective coating against high-temperature oxidation on a refractory composite material based on silicon and niobium: The invention relates to a method for forming a protective coating against high-temperature oxidation on a surface of a refractory composite material based on silicon and niobium, wherein chromium present on the surface to be protected is reacted with a reactive gas which contains silicon and oxygen in order to... Agent:

20120082858 - Method of manufacturing water-resistant gypsum articles and articles formed thereby: A method of manufacturing a water-resistant gypsum article, comprising sonicating a water-resistance additive in water to form a emulsion; combining the emulsion, calcined gypsum, and gauging water to form a slurry; and forming and setting the slurry to form the water-resistant gypsum article.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Gypsum LLC

20120082859 - Method for passivating a metallic surface with a basic composition: A method for passivating a metallic surface, by treating the surface with a basic aqueous composition comprising one polymer comprising acidic groups, a cationic crosslinker and a volatile basic compound, allows a durable passivation of fragile metal surfaces.... Agent: Basf Se

20120082860 - High modulus crosslinked polyethylene with reduced residual free radical concentration prepared below the melt: The present invention provides an irradiated crosslinked polyethylene containing reduced free radicals, preferably containing substantially no residual free radical. Disclosed is a process of making irradiated crosslinked polyethylene by irradiating the polyethylene in contact with a sensitizing environment at an elevated temperature that is below the melting point, in order... Agent:

20120082861 - Injection molded body having excellent barrier property: A multilayer injection molded article comprising a layer of a barrier resin composition including (A) 10 to 70% by mass of a polyamide resin including a diamine constitutional unit 70 mol % or more of which is derived from m-xylylenediamine and a dicarboxylic acid constitutional unit 70 mol % or... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20120082862 - Elements of a sustainable roofing material: A novel composition of materials that can be extruded into sheets to form panels to create a sustainable roofing system wherein the panels are formed to interlock with like panels in order to provide a substantially weatherproof covering on a roof. The sheet member has a top layer made of... Agent:

20120082863 - Optical film, polarizing plate, image display, and manufacturing method of optical film: An optical film includes: a transparent base material; and a hard coat layer with a refractive index of 1.45 to 1.55, which is formed of a composition containing the following (a), (b) and (c): (a) a compound having two or less functional groups in one molecule, having a mass average... Agent: Fujitifilm Corporation

20120082864 - Process for preparing porous metal-organic frameworks based on aluminum fumarate: The present invention relates to a process for preparing a porous metal-organic framework comprising at least one at least bidentate organic compound coordinated to at least one metal ion, where the at least one metal ion is based on an aluminum ion and the at least one at least bidentate... Agent:

20120082865 - Method for forming a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic recording medium formed thereof: A method for forming magnetic media is provided. The method of forming the magnetic media includes forming a plurality of regions of resist material on a top surface of a substrate which defines a plurality of regions of exposed substrate on the top surface of the substrate between adjacent ones... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20120082866 - Patterned template with 1xn nucleation site to grain growth for uniform grain size recording media: A perpendicular magnetic media includes a substrate, a patterned template, a seed layer and a magnetic layer. The patterned template is formed on the substrate and includes a plurality of growth sites that are evenly spaced apart from each other. The seed layer is formed over the patterned template and... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

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