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12/29/2011 > 102 patent applications in 67 patent subcategories.

20110318508 - Ink jet recording medium: An ink jet recording medium including an ink receiving layer on a substrate, wherein the MD/CD, which is a ratio of the fiber orientation in the MD direction to that in the CD direction, is 1.65 or more, and the elongation in water in the CD direction 600 seconds after... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110318509 - Resins for bulk topcoat: A topcoating (14) is disclosed for a face material (12) which exhibits desirable ink anchorage, anti-pinholing properties, moisture/water resistance, optical characteristics and/or anti-blocking properties. In one embodiment, the topcoating comprises a formulation of polyurethane and polyurethane acrylate. Suitably, the polyurethane is an aliphatic polyurethane and/or the polyurethane acrylate is an... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110318510 - Ink jet recording medium: Provided is an ink jet recording medium which is capable of reproducing a wide range of gloss including high luster like metallic luster and substantially no luster due to matting by varying only the amount of applied ink and in which the consumption of a white ink used to adjust... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110318511 - Heat-sensitive recording material and method for producing same: The present invention provides a heat-sensitive recording material that has high gloss and excellent absorption and scratch off properties against sebum soiling; and a method for producing the heat-sensitive recording material. More specifically, the present invention provides a heat-sensitive recording material containing a heat-sensitive recording layer, an intermediate layer, and... Agent: Oji Paper Co., Ltd.

20110318512 - Cover for an eyewear strap: Covers for eyewear straps are provided. In some aspects, a cover may include a first member, a second member associated with the first member and movable toward and away from the first member, and a fastener connected to the first member and the second member for removably connecting the first... Agent:

20110318514 - Ethylene-based polymers and compositions, method of making the same and articles prepared therefrom: The invention provides an ethylene-based interpolymer comprising the following features: a) density from 0.910 to 0.930 g/cc; b) melt index (I2) from 0.1 to 0.5 g/10 min; and c) a high density fraction in an ATREF short chain branch distribution (SCBD) curve, eluting above 92° C., of greater than 10... Agent: Dow Global Technologies, LLC

20110318513 - Method for making a form party by 3d weaving, and resulting form part: A hollow part is obtained by 3D weaving and by impregnation. A preform is made by three-dimensional weaving and by ensuring partial non-interlinking during the weaving, thereby subsequently making it possible to define a cavity within the woven mass, and then to stabilize a shape of the preform during an... Agent: Snecma

20110318517 - Adhesive composition containing grafted polyethylene: The invention relates to an adhesive composition comprising, relative to its total weight: from 1 to 40% of a polyethylene (A) grafted with a functional monomer or a blend of a polyethylene (A1) with a second polymer (A2) different from (A1), said blend of (A1) and (A2) being co-grafted with... Agent: Arkema France

20110318515 - Biomass-derived methyl methacrylate and corresponding manufacturing method, uses and polymers: The invention relates to methyl methacrylate characterized in that at least one portion of the carbons thereof is biologically sourced and, more specifically, in that it contains between 0.2×10−10 and 1.2×10−10 wt.-% of 14C in relation to total carbon weight according to the ASTM D6866 standard. The preparation method comprises... Agent: Arkema France

20110318516 - Cross-linked polyethylene pipe: A cross-linked polyethylene pipe comprising an ethylene polymer with a density of at least 948 kg/m3 obtained by polymerisation with a single-site catalyst and having a shear thinning index SHI2.7/210 of less than 10; and wherein said pipe has a pressure test at 4.8 MPa and 95° C. of at... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110318518 - Injection molding apparatus and methods and products produced therefrom: A product formed by high velocity injection molding. The product may include a body portion formed of a polymer-based resin, wherein upon being formed by high velocity injection molding, the body portion has a gate position, a last fill position, a flow length to wall thickness ratio greater than or... Agent:

20110318519 - Polyester blends exhibiting low temperature toughness: Polymer blends suitable for packaging are disclosed that include one or more impact modifiers; and one or more polyethylene terephthalate homopolymers or copolymers obtained by a melt phase polymerization using a catalyst system comprising aluminum atoms in an amount, for example, from about 3 ppm to about 60 ppm and... Agent: Grupo Petrotemex, S.a. De C.v.

20110318520 - Molded article and method for making the same: A molded article includes a first layer, a second layer and a third layer, the first layer and the third layer are transparent, the first layer has first patterns formed thereon, and the third layer has second patterns formed thereon, the second patterns have the same shape and size as... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110318522 - Cellular cushioning article: A cellular cushioning article is described. The cellular cushioning article may be used to wrap items such as fragile items needing protection during storage or shipping. The article includes a polymeric film including discrete first cells projecting from a major surface of the film. The first cells are arranged in... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110318521 - Disposable neckband for animal identification: A neckband assembly comprising a neckband strap including a weakened zone across the width, and an adhesive positioned on the strap. In one embodiment, the strap comprises at least two weakened zones across the width, and the weakened zones are spaced from each other by a distance that is between... Agent: Wristband Resources, Inc.

20110318523 - Modular anti-fatigue floor mat assembly: Various modular anti-fatigue floor mat assemblies are provided herein. According to one embodiment, the modular floor mat assembly includes at least one of a plurality of generally planar, elongated top mats. The top mats are interchangeable, each mat having substantially the same length and height. The modular floor mat assembly... Agent: Magnet Works, Ltd.

20110318524 - Method for producing a composite component by multi-component injection molding: r

20110318525 - Nanowire fabrication: Techniques for making nanowires with a desired diameter are provided. The nanowires can be grown from catalytic nanoparticles, wherein the nanowires can have substantially same diameter as the catalytic nanoparticles. Since the size or the diameter of the catalytic nanoparticles can be controlled in production of the nanoparticles, the diameter... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20110318526 - Temperature oscillation decoupling element: A shielding device is provided with a shielding element, which can be used for the thermal and acoustic shielding of components in a combustion engine. The mounting of the shielding device is such that thermal, acoustic and vibration transmission from hot, loud and vibrating components in the engine compartment or... Agent:

20110318527 - Structure and method of assembly thereof: A method of forming an assembly including a first workpeice having a surface provided with a mortise and a second workpiece provided with a tenon inserted into the mortise joining the workpieces together in which the second workpiece is disposed in a certain orientation relative to the first workpeice to... Agent:

20110318531 - Heat shield element of a heat shield: A heat shield element for a heat shield including heat shield elements disposed adjacently on a support structure is provided. The heat shield element includes a hot side and a cold side, provided for mounting on the support structure as a closing final heat shield element and includes a heat... Agent:

20110318528 - Manufacturing method for 3d structure of biomaterials using stereolithography technology and products by the same: Disclosed is a manufacturing method for a 3D structure of biomaterials using a stereolithography technology capable of ensuring processability of various biomaterials. The manufacturing method for a 3D structure of biomaterials using a stereolithography technology includes: shaping a 3D sacrificial mold by using the stereolithography device; injecting prepared biomaterials into... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20110318529 - Multi-layer foam structure: Embodiments herein may provide multi-layer structures for straps or utility packs. Embodiments include a multi-layer structure for support elements of a utility pack, such as straps (e.g., backpack straps, duffle bag straps, etc.) and/or panels (e.g., the back panel of a backpack). The multi-layer structure may have improved breathability while... Agent: Columbia Sportswear North America, Inc.

20110318530 - Product having through-hole and laser processing method: A processing method of forming a through-hole in a workpiece by means of a pulsed laser beam includes the steps of providing a removable sacrifice layer on the workpiece, forming a through-hole in the workpiece by the laser beam in a state where the sacrifice layer is provided, and removing... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110318532 - Lining assembly on a skin for a tire vulcanization mould: p

20110318533 - Method of duplicating texture pattern on object's surface by nano imprinting and electroforming and patterned duplication panel using the same: Provided is a method of duplicating a nano-pattern texture of the surface of an object through electroforming using an imprint mold, including selecting the object having the surface texture to be duplicated; disposing the selected object and pre-treating the surface thereof; nano-imprinting the surface of the pretreated object, thus duplicating... Agent: Emot Co., Ltd.

20110318536 - Antler moutning kit: An antler mounting kit is used to display antlers obtained from an animal. The antler mounting kit comprises a body that is formed from a polymer and that replicates natural contours of at least a portion of a head of the animal. A mounting base is fixed relative to the... Agent:

20110318534 - Low viscosity monomer for patterning optical tape: A method for forming an optical tape for data storage from a substrate film includes a step of patterning a curable liquid composition onto a side of the substrate film. Characteristically, the curable liquid composition includes a free radical photoinitiator and a polymerizable component that includes at least one acrylate.... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20110318538 - Polymerizable composition comprising low molecular weight organic component: Polymerizable compositions comprising particularly useful for brightness enhancing films.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110318537 - Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, process for producing relief printing plate and relief printing plate: There are provided a resin composition for laser engraving that can give a relief printing plate having excellent hardness, film elasticity, printing durability, and aqueous ink transfer properties and that has excellent rinsing properties for engraving residue generated when laser-engraving a printing plate and excellent engraving sensitivity in laser engraving,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110318535 - Three-dimensional nanostructures and method for fabricating the same: A three-dimensional nanostructures and a method for fabricating the same, and more particularly to three-dimensional structures of various shapes having high aspect ratio and uniformity in large area and a method of fabricating the same by attaching a target material to the outer surface of patterned polymer structures using an... Agent:

20110318539 - Process for producing film: The present invention provides a method making it possible to stably prepare a transparent film in which a cured layer having a micro protrusion and recess face structure is formed on the surface of a base material film. The preparation method of the present invention includes a step of sandwiching... Agent:

20110318540 - Method for obtaining a part made of a composite for the purpose of limiting the edge effects: The invention relates to method for obtaining a part made of a composite of fibres embedded in a resin matrix which comprises a body and an edge. The method comprises a first step of stacking plies of fibres and further comprises a step of curing the plies. The method further... Agent:

20110318544 - Flexible display panel and method of fabricating the same: In a method of fabricating a flexible display panel, a rigid substrate is provided. A flexible substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface is provided. A plurality of releasing-regions are formed on the first surface, and bonding strength of an area outside the... Agent: Au Optronics Corporation

20110318542 - Fluorine-containing compound, fluorine-containing polymer compound, resist composition and patterning method using same:

20110318543 - Liquid composition, recording method, and recorded matter: where R3 is a hydroxymethyl group; R4 is a methyl group, an ethyl group, or a hydroxymethyl group; and R5 is a hydrogen atom, a C1-4 alkyl group, or a hydroxymethyl group. The water-soluble organic acid and the water-soluble amine form a salt in the composition.... Agent:

20110318541 - Metal ink composition and method for forming the metal line using the same, and conductive pattern formed by using the metal ink composition: The present invention provides a metal ink composition, which includes 20 to 80 parts by weight of cupper nano-particle; 10 to 70 parts by weight of non-aqueous organic solvent; and 2 to 20 parts by weight of additive used for adjustment of the dry speed of coated metal ink when... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110318545 - Metallic decorative sheet, production method of metallic decorative sheet, and production method of insert molded body using metallic decorative sheet: Provided is a production method of a metallic decorative sheet capable of preventing from getting detached at edge portions. The production method of a metallic decorative sheet for insert molding comprises steps of forming a metal thin-film layer 12 on a back surface of a transparent thermoplastic resin film 11;... Agent: Sanwa Screen Co., Ltd.

20110318546 - Monocrystalline semiconductor wafer comprising defect-reduced regions and method for producing it: Monocrystalline semiconductor wafers have defect-reduced regions, the defect-reduced regions having a density of GOI-relevant defects within the range of 0/cm2 to 0.1/cm2 and occupy overall an areal proportion of 10% to 100% of the planar area of the semiconductor wafer, wherein the remaining regions of the semiconductor wafer have a... Agent: Siltronic Ag

20110318547 - Thermal ink jet printing method: A method for printing a decoration image on a substrate with a thermal ink jet printer includes providing a thermal ink jet printer and providing an ink composition for the ink jet printer. The ink composition includes water and a colorant. Both the substrate and the ink are soluble or... Agent: Videojet Technologies Inc.

20110318548 - Adhesive backed absorbent mat: The invention includes an absorbent mat including an absorbent layer having a first surface and an opposing second surface and an adhesive layer on at least a portion of the first surface of the absorbent layer. The opposing second surface is structured and arranged such that the adhesive layer is... Agent: New Pig Corporation

20110318549 - Article having composite coating: A composite article includes a substrate and a powder-derived composite coating on the substrate. The composite coating includes discrete regions of a first material and discrete regions of a second material. At least one of the first material or the second material is a chemical precursor.... Agent:

20110318550 - Electrically conductive substance coated aluminum material and method for manufacturing the same: Provided are an electrically conductive substance coated aluminum material in which an electrically conductive substance ensuring electrical conductivity of a surface is not exfoliated from an aluminum material due to moisture even in a case where the electrically conductive substance coated aluminum material is used under a high humidity condition... Agent: Toyo Aluminium Kabushiki Kaisha

20110318551 - Inkjet recording ink, process for producing the inkjet recording ink, inkjet cartridge, inkjet recording apparatus, and inkjet recorded image: Provided is an inkjet recording ink including: a resin nanoparticle having a core-shell structure containing a core and a shell; a pigment; a water-soluble organic solvent; and water, wherein the core is composed of a poly(meth)acrylate resin, and wherein the shell is composed of a polycarbonate-polyurethane copolymer. Also provided is... Agent:

20110318552 - Solventless laminating adhesive for flexible packaging laminations and laminated structures made with the adhesive: Two-component solventless adhesive compositions for lamination applications and laminated structures, including flexible laminated packaging, comprising at least two substrates, including structures comprising reverse printed ink films and/or metalized films. The adhesive comprises a prepolymer having one or more oligomers with a relatively high molecular weight.... Agent:

20110318554 - Hyperbranched polymer containing thioester groups: There is provided a polymer having a high refractive index without forming a complex with inorganic fine particles, being excellent in the solubility in an organic solvent and the coating properties during film formation, and having a high transparency, and further being capable of dispersing optically homogeneously a functional dye... Agent: Kyushu University

20110318553 - Method and system for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel: A process for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch panel is provided. The process includes: depositing a first transparent layer stack over a substrate with a first dielectric film, a second dielectric film, and a third dielectric film. The first and the third dielectric films have a... Agent: Applied Materials, Inc.

20110318555 - Glass sheets with improved mechanical strength: Transparent glass sheets having increased mechanical strength include an inner layer surrounded by surface compressive layers wherein the difference of the coefficient of thermal expansion of the inner layer and the surface compressive layer is greater than 50×10−7° C.−1 and wherein the surface compressive layer has a compressive stress of... Agent:

20110318556 - Porous polyimide membrane and process for production of same: Disclosed is a porous polyimide membrane of a three-layer structure having two surface layers (a) and (b) and a macrovoid layer interposed between the surface layers (a) and (b), wherein the macrovoid layer has a partition wall joined to the surface layers (a) and (b) and plural macrovoids surrounded by... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20110318561 - Alkali-free glass: An alkali-free glass of the present invention comprises, as a glass composition expressed in terms of oxides by mass %, 45 to 70% of SiO2, 10 to 30% of Al2O3, 11 to 20% of B2O3, less than 0.1% of As2O3, less than 0.1% of Sb2O3, and less than 0.1% of... Agent:

20110318558 - Coating, article coated with coating, and method for manufacturing article: A coating includes a bonding layer comprised of TiNbN, a transition layer comprised of TiSiNbN formed on the bonding layer, and an outmost layer comprised of TiSiNbN formed on the transition layer. The percentage of atomics Ti and Nb in the outmost layer are respectively lower than the percentage of... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd

20110318560 - Film made from heterogenous ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer: A multilayer film is disclosed, comprising at least two layers, wherein a first layer comprises a first interpolymer of ethylene and at least one alpha-olefin, characterized wherein the first interpolymer has a density of less than 0.925 g/cm3, and an average Mv and a valley temperature between the interpolymer and... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110318559 - Films having improved mechanical properties: m

20110318557 - Mdo polypropylene liner: The invention relates to a machine direction oriented plastic film as a release liner for a pressure-sensitive label, wherein the plastic film comprises a polypropylene homopolymer and a hydrocarbon resin. The invention also relates to a method for producing a release liner for pressure-sensitive label. In the method at least... Agent: Upm Raflatac Oy

20110318562 - Multiple function, self-repairing composites with special adhesives: A system for self-repairing matrices such as concrete or cementitous matrices, polymeric matrices, and/or fibrous matrices, including laminates thereof. The system includes repair agents retained in and/or on vessels, such as hollow fibers, within the matrix. Upon impact, the vessel rupture, releasing the chemicals. For multi-layer laminates, the systems provides... Agent:

20110318563 - Nanowire structure and method for making same: A nanowire structure includes a thermoplastic polymer layer defining a surface; and a nanowire film formed on the surface of the thermoplastic polymer layer. The nanowire film includes nanowires laid directly on the surface with the nanowires oriented along a substantially same direction on the surface. A method for making... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110318564 - Aircraft insulating foam: An aircraft insulating foam includes a base foam and a coating. The base foam is an open celled foam with a plurality of interconnected open cells. The interconnected open cells and the outside of the base foam define a surface area. The coating is deposited on the surface area. The... Agent:

20110318565 - Porous ceramic bodies and process for their preparation: A process for producing a porous ceramic body comprises a) mixing a coated porogen with a silicate or an oxide ceramic precursor, wherein the porogen is decomposable to gaseous decomposition products and optionally solid products upon heating, and is coated with a coating agent; b) forming a green body from... Agent: Imerys Ceramics France

20110318566 - Insulated panel for mine safe rooms: A structural insulated panel for use in a mine safe room, which includes a carbon foam core having a high ratio of compressive strength to density, desirable fire retardant properties, and resistance to environmental stress.... Agent:

20110318567 - Anti-reflection/anti-fog coatings: The invention relates to a composition, comprising a) porous silica nanoparticles, b) one or more organic soluble polymer resins, c) one or more UV-cross linkable reactive diluents, d) solvents and e) a UV-initiator system. The invention further relates to the use of the composition for coating transparent substrates, and to... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110318568 - Composite carbon nanotube structure: A composite carbon nanotube structure includes a carbon nanotube film structure and a graphite structure. The carbon nanotube structure defines a number of micropores therein. The graphite structure and the carbon nanotube film structure are composited together. The graphite structure comprising a number of graphite segments filled in the micropores.... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110318569 - Electrically conductive resin foam: The resin foam has a volume resistivity of 1010 Ω·cm or less and a repulsive load at 50% compression of 5 N/cm2 or less. The resin foam preferably has a surface resistivity of 1010 ohms per square or less, preferably has an apparent density of 0.01 to 0.15 g/cm3, and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110318570 - Paint composition, method of forming a paint film using same and the paint film: A paint composition producing paint films which change from an achromatic color to a chromatic color when the angle of incidence of the light with respect to the normal to the paint film plane is changed. The paint composition comprises (A) glitter material which has an angle-dependent interference effect and... Agent: Basf Coatings Japan Ltd.

20110318571 - Tempered glass substrate and method of producing the same: A tempered glass substrate of the present invention is a tempered glass substrate, which has a compression stress layer on a surface thereof, and has a glass composition comprising, in terms of mass %, 40 to 71% of SiO2, 3 to 21% of Al2O3, 0 to 3.5% of Li2O, 7... Agent:

20110318572 - Tempered glass substrate and method of producing the same: A tempered glass substrate of the present invention is a tempered glass substrate, which has a compression stress layer on a surface thereof, and has a glass composition comprising, in terms of mass %, 40 to 71% of SiO2, 3 to 21% of Al2O3, 0 to 3.5% of Li2O, 7... Agent:

20110318573 - Electroconductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: The electroconductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of the present invention is an adhesive tape including a metal foil and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer having an electroconductive filler on at least one side of the metal foil. The electroconductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a surface exposure ratio of the electroconductive filler on... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110318574 - Mold- and moisture-resistant gypsum boards: Mold- and moisture-resistant gypsum boards and methods for making them are disclosed, the method comprising applying a slurry that forms a gypsum core to an upper or a lower facing sheet impregnated with a thermoset resin (e.g., a phenol-formaldehyde resin) in an amount effective to (i) allow water vapor passage... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20110318575 - Fluorinated polymers and lubricious coatings: The invention provides fluorinated polymeric articles formed a composition including a fluoropolymer. The fluoropolymer is formed using a fluorinated monomer that provides the fluoropolymer with most or all of the fluorine atoms not directly covalently attached to an atom of the fluoropolymer backbone. The fluoropolymer can also include a non-fluorinated... Agent:

20110318576 - Method for treating a surface of an elastomer part using multi-energy ions he+ and he2+: The invention relates to a method for treating at least one surface of a solid elastomer part using helium ions. According to the invention, multi-energy ions He+ and He2+ are implanted simultaneously, and the ratio RHe, where RHe=HeVHe2+ with He+ et He2+ expressed in atomic percentage, is less than or... Agent: Quertech Ingenierie

20110318577 - Optical transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive body, optical transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive laminate, and method for producing the same: An optical transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive body and the like having pressure-sensitive adhesive surface (a) and pressure-sensitive adhesive surface (b) having different pressure-sensitive adhesive property from each other, and being formed with an addition reaction type silicone gel, characterized in that pressure-sensitive adhesive performance (Ga) of pressure-sensitive adhesive surface (a) and... Agent: Taica Corporation

20110318578 - Solar control laminate and solar control laminated glass using the same: The object of the present invention is to provide a solar control laminate including tungsten oxide as a solar control agent, in which deterioration by discoloration is suppressed in spite of the inclusion of tungsten oxide. The solar control laminate of the invention includes a solar control layer comprising tungsten... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110318579 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive transfer tape with differentiated adhesion on either side and method for producing the tape: The present invention relates to a pressure-sensitive adhesive transfer tape, taking the form of a carrierless adhesive tape with an adhesive layer comprising a pressure-sensitive adhesive based on a poly(meth)acrylate copolymer with the following monomers: a1) acrylic acid and/or acrylic esters of the following formula: CH2═C(R1)(COOR2), where R1=H or CH3... Agent: Tesa Se

20110318580 - Adhesive tape for manufacturing electronic components: There is provided an adhesive tape for manufacturing electronic components comprising a heat-resistant substrate and an adhesive layer containing an adhesive composition disposed on the heat-resistant substrate, wherein the adhesive composition comprises a phenoxy resin, a curing agent, an energy ray curable acrylic resin and a photoinitiator, and wherein the... Agent: Toray Advanced Materials Korea Inc.

20110318583 - Fine barium titanate powder: wherein R1 is at least one element selected from the group consisting of yttrium (Y) and lanthanoids; R2 is at least one element selected from the group consisting of magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and strontium (Sr); R3 includes phosphorus (P) and niobium (Nb); R4 is at least one element selected... Agent: Hanwha Chemical Corporation

20110318581 - Silica particles and method of producing the same: The invention provides silica particles including primary particles, the primary particles having a volume average particle diameter of from about 80 nm to about 300 nm, a particle size distribution index of from about 1.10 to about 1.40, an average circularity of from about 0.70 to about 0.92, and a... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20110318582 - Sintering support and methods: A sintering support comprising a fully stabilized zirconia outer surface; wherein the sintering support withstands sintering a ceramic part in contact with the outer surface without adhesion between the outer surface and the ceramic part, and methods of making and using the sintering support are disclosed.... Agent:

20110318584 - Silica particles and method for producing the same: s

20110318585 - Metal-and-resin composite and method for making the same: A metal-and-resin composite includes a metal substrate and resin composition formed on the metal substrate. The metal substrate has a surface with nano-pores having an average diameter of about 30-55 nm. The resin composition is integrally bonded to the surface of the metal substrate having the nano-pores and filling the... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110318586 - Innovative flexible packaging forms, method for producing them and use thereof: The invention relates to innovative flexible packaging forms comprising at least 2 different layers of material joined by means of one or more adhesive layers, at least one of these adhesive layers comprising a carbodiimide or a mixture of two or more carbodiimides, to a method for producing them and... Agent: Rhein Chemie Rheinau Gmbh

20110318587 - Radiation shielding with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes and metallized additives: Nanoscopic metallized and nonmetallized nanoscopic silicon containing agents including polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and polyhedral oligomeric silicate provide radiation absorption and in situ formation of nanoscopic glass layers on material surfaces. These property improvements are useful in space-survivable materials, microelectronic packaging, and radiation absorptive paints, coatings and molded articles.... Agent: Hybrid Plastics, Inc.

20110318588 - Polyamic acid and polyimide, processes for the production of same, compositons containing same, and uses thereof: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a polyimide resin which exhibits higher heat resistance than that of a conventional polyimide resin by controlling the geometric configuration of the constituent units. Provided is a polyamic acid which comprises repeating units represented by general formula (1), wherein the 1,4-bismethylenecyclohexane... Agent: Mitsu Chemicals Inc,

20110318590 - Metal layer-attached film for electronic component, method for producing the film, and use thereof: Disclosed are a metal layer-attached film for an electronic component having an adhesive layer excellent in adhesion to a metal and excellent in the productivity, a method for producing the film, and use application of the film. The metal layer-attached film for an electronic component has a metal layer stacked... Agent: Du Pont-mitsui Polychemicals Co., Ltd.

20110318589 - Plasma treated evoh multilayer film: The present invention relates to barrier film structures and, more particularly, to film structures having EVOH and fluoropolymer in skin layer. The addition of fluoropolymer in the skin layer allows trim recycling and improves the metal appearance in the metallization by reducing die lines and scratches. Improved barrier performances have... Agent:

20110318591 - Molded article and method for making the same: A molded article includes a first layer made of soft material, a second layer made of plastic material; and a third layer made of hard material. The first layer and the third layer are respectively joined to the opposite sides of the second layer by injection molding. A method for... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110318592 - Molded article and method for making the same: A molded article includes a first layer, a third layer, a second layer and a sealing layer, the first layer and the third layer are made of soft materials, the second layer and the sealing layer are made of plastic materials. The first layer and the third layer are combined... Agent: Fih (hong Kong) Limited

20110318593 - Cast product having alumina barrier layer: A cast product for use in high temperature atmosphere comprising a cast body of a heat-resistant alloy comprising of, in mass percent, 0.05 to 0.7% of C, over 0% to up to 2.5% of Si, over 0% to up to 3.0% of Mn, 15 to 50% of Cr, 18 to... Agent: Kubota Corporation

20110318595 - Coating composition, (meth)acrylic polymer and monomer mixture for producing the (meth)acrylic polymer: The present invention relates to a coating composition comprising at least one photo-initiator and at least one (meth)acryl-polymer having units that are derived from (meth)acryl-monomers that have at least one double bond and 8 to 40 carbon atoms in the alkyl residue. The present invention furthermore relates to a monomer... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20110318594 - Low titianium dioxide coatings: e

20110318596 - High peel strength article comprising a thermoplastic-metal interpenetrated volume: The present invention provides articles that exhibit exceptional peel strength and have a thermoplastic volume, a metal volume, and an interpenetrated volume that includes both thermoplastic and metal portions. The present invention also provides for methods of producing the articles of the invention.... Agent:

20110318597 - Titanium material for hot rolling and method of producing the same: The present invention provides a titanium material for hot rolling that enables reduction of defects occurring on the surface (in the case of a flat material or strip coil, including not only the flat surfaces but also the side surfaces and edges) owing to the hot rolling, and a method... Agent:

20110318598 - Joined metal member, metal joining method and metal joining apparatus: In a first metal plate 10 in which a first hole 16 is formed, a second metal plate 12 in which a second hole 18 is formed and a third metal plate 11 which is sandwiched between the first metal plate 10 and the second plate 12 and in which... Agent: Yazaki Corporation

20110318600 - Porous metal foil and production method therefor: A porous metal foil of the present invention comprises a two-dimensional network structure composed of metal fibers. This porous metal foil has superior properties and can be obtained in a highly productive and cost effective manner.... Agent: Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

20110318599 - Process for producing high etch gains for electrolytic capacitor manufacturing: Anode foil, preferably aluminum anode foil, is etched using a process of treating the foil in an electrolyte bath composition comprising a sulfate and a halide, such as sodium chloride. The anode foil is etched in the electrolyte bath composition by passing a charge through the bath. The etched anode... Agent:

20110318601 - Process for forming a chromium diffusion portion and articles made therefrom: In one embodiment, a method for forming an article with a diffusion portion comprises: forming a slurry comprising chromium and silicon, applying the slurry to the article, and heating the article to a sufficient temperature and for a sufficient period of time to diffuse chromium and silicon into the article... Agent: General Electric Company

20110318603 - Magnesium alloy member: A magnesium alloy structural member includes a base material composed of a magnesium alloy having an aluminum content of 4.5% by mass to 11% by mass, in which the base material has a pair of first and second surfaces, the first surface and the second surface being opposite each other,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110318602 - Metal-coated polyimide resin substrate with excellent thermal aging resistance properties: [Solution] A metal-coated polyimide resin substrate in which a barrier layer is formed by a wet process after performing surface modification to one surface or both surfaces of a polyimide resin film by a wet process or a dry process or a combination thereof, a seed layer is thereafter formed... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110318604 - High-temperature coatings with pt metal modified gamma-ni + gamma'-ni3al alloy compositions: An alloy including a Pt-group metal, Ni and Al in relative concentration to provide a γ-Ni+γ′-Ni3Al phase constitution, and a coating including the alloy.... Agent: Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

20110318605 - High strength steel sheet having excellent formability:

20110318606 - Zinc-based alloy-plated steel material excellent in resistance to molten-metal embrittlement cracking: [Means for Resolution]A zinc-based alloy-plated steel material excellent in resistance to molten-metal embrittlement cracking, which has a zinc-based alloy-plating layer on the surface of a steel base material that has a chemical composition comprising, as % by mass, C: 0.010 to 0.100%, Si: at most 1.50%, Mn: at most 2.00%,... Agent: Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.

20110318607 - Aluminum alloy reflective film, automobile light, illuminator, ornamentation, and aluminum alloy sputtering target: Provided is an Al alloy reflective film which does not require a protective film in that it has excellent alkali resistance (resistance to alkali corrosion), acid resistance (resistance to acid corrosion) and humidity resistance (resistance to a high-temperature, humid environment) even if there is no protective film, and which contains... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110318608 - Tmr device with novel pinned layer: The invention discloses how the insertion of a layer of CoFeB serves to increase the robustness of an MTF device by smoothing the interface between the tunnel barrier and the pinned layer.... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110318609 - Substrate for suspension, and production process thereof: It is an object of the present invention to provide a substrate for suspension reduced in the generation of cracks in an insulating layer at the boundary region between a region where a metal supporting substrate exists and a region where no metal supporting substrate exist. The present invention solves... Agent:

12/22/2011 > 104 patent applications in 73 patent subcategories.

20110311738 - Process of producing cellulose acylate film, cellulose acylate film, polarizing plate liquid crystal display device and optical compensation film: A process of producing a cellulose acylate film is disclosed. The process comprises a forming step of forming a web of a fluid, comprising a cellulose acylate, aromatic group-containing oligomer and solvent, by casting the fluid onto a support, a stretching step of stretching the web, thereby to align molecules... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110311739 - Thermal transfer ribbon including a uv-crosslinkable protection layer: A composition for a protection layer for a thermal transfer ribbon which is free of solvents and which contains an acrylate oligomer or polymer having a functionality lower than or equal to 3, a di- or triacrylate monomer and a slip agent which are UV-crosslinkable in the presence of a... Agent: Armor

20110311740 - Water storage structure and method for forming the same: Securing water is essential for growth of plants, and a structure that can positively store water is provided. A water storage structure includes a water-repellent layer having a water-repellent surface and a water storage section above the water-repellent layer. The water-repellent layer is composed of a collection of small objects... Agent:

20110311741 - Single-layer or multilayer tubular food packaging film that can be smoked, air-dried, and peeled, especially peeled in a fully automatic manner, and method for the production thereof: The present invention relates to a single-layer or multilayer tubular food packaging film that can be smoked, air-dried and peeled, in particular peeled in a fully automated manner, in particular a sausage casing, for smoked and/or air-dried sausage or meat goods, wherein the polymer-based food film is manufactured of a... Agent: Kune Anlagenbau Gmbh

20110311742 - Multilayer propylene resin sheet and heat-treatable packaging material using same: The multilayer sheet is a multilayer propylene resin sheet composed of at least two layers of an inner layer (1) and an outer layer (2), wherein the inner layer (1) is made of a resin composition (X) containing from 60 to 90 wt % of (A) a propylene resin composition... Agent: Japan Polypropylene Corporation

20110311743 - Resin composition, film, bag product and production process of resin composition: An object of the present invention is to provide a resin composition improved in film formability and/or mechanical property, particularly tensile elastic modulus or tearing strength, of the film. The present invention provides a resin composition including at least (A) an aliphatic polyester-based resin and (C) a starch, the aliphatic... Agent: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

20110311745 - Chemically-modified polybenzimidazole membranous tubes: This invention relates to a chemically-modified polybenzimidazole porous tube. The tube has an outer diameter of 100-1000 microns, a wall thickness of 20-100 microns, and a pore size of 0.1-0.5 nm.... Agent: National University Of Singapore

20110311744 - Heavy metal-free stabilizer composition for halogenated polymers: The present invention relates to a stabilizer composition for halogen-containing polymers which is free from heavy metals, the use thereof in the stabilizing of halogen-containing polymers, in particular against an undesirable pink coloration, and shaped articles comprising this stabilizer composition.... Agent: Chemson Polymer-additive Ag

20110311746 - Scaffolds and methods of forming the same: Various embodiments of scaffolds are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the scaffold includes a tubular polymeric structure, and a controlled gradient of solid-walled microtubules oriented radially or axially in the tubular polymeric structure. In another embodiment, the scaffold includes a nano-fibrous tubular polymeric structure, and an oriented and interconnected microtubular... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110311747 - Drywall joint compound applicator for seam and patch surfacing: A drywall patch is coated with a premeasured amount of joint compound in its wet state making it immediately available for application to a wall surface. The patch with compound is sealed in an airtight wrapper or between unsealed wrapper halves which are in turn sealed in a surrounding airtight... Agent:

20110311750 - Perforated web product: Web products are disclosed which include forming selected perforation designs and patterns. The perforation designs and patterns can be formed in linear or nonlinear fashion, can extend in the cross direction or the machine direction and can be formed to complement or match an embossed or printed design on the... Agent:

20110311748 - Uniquely perforated web product: Web products are disclosed which include forming selected perforation designs and patterns. The perforation designs and patterns can be formed in linear or nonlinear fashion, can extend in the cross direction or the machine direction and can be formed to complement or match an embossed or printed design on the... Agent:

20110311749 - Uniquely perforated web product: Web products are disclosed which include forming selected perforation designs and patterns. The perforation designs and patterns can be formed in linear or nonlinear fashion, can extend in the cross direction or the machine direction and can be formed to complement or match an embossed or printed design on the... Agent:

20110311751 - Uniquely perforated web product: Uniquely perforated web products are disclosed which include forming selected perforation designs and patterns. The perforation designs and patterns can be formed in linear or nonlinear fashion, can extend in the cross direction or the machine direction and can be formed to complement or match an embossed or printed design... Agent:

20110311752 - Optical recording medium, optical recording material and metal complex compound: [Means to Address the Problem]: The optical recording medium has a capability of recording and/or reading high density optical information using a short wavelength laser light having a wavelength of 350 nm to 530 nm. The optical recording medium has a recording layer containing a metal complex compound and formed... Agent: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.

20110311753 - Brake and clutch discs: Carbon fibre-reinforced ceramic brake and clutch discs are manufactured by siliconising incompletely densified carbon-carbon fibre preforms produced by only a single chemical vapour infiltration step and then subjecting the siliconsised densified preform to a carbon impregnation step, e.g. by chemical vapour or liquid infiltration. The method substantially reduces processing times... Agent: Surface Transforms PLC

20110311754 - Ground cover for surrounding an upright element: A cover for surrounding the base of an upright element. The cover has a disc shaped body. The disc shaped body has a central opening in communication with a seam which allows for a user to surround the base of the upright element with the cover. The disc shaped body... Agent:

20110311755 - Impregnated cloth: A knitted spacer fabric having a tightly knitted bottom layer, a more loosely knitted upper layer and linking fibres extending across the space between the lower and upper faces. Settable material, e.g. cement, is introduced into the space between the upper and lower faces and can be caused to set... Agent: Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd.

20110311756 - Packaging material with food dye: The present invention relates to a packaging material, preferably for foodstuffs, for example ice cream in wafers and the like, at least comprising a packaging sheet with an inner side which in a packaged condition, in accordance with requirements, faces towards the packaged goods and with an outer side facing... Agent: Huhtamaki Ronsberg Zn Der Huhtamaki Deutschland Gmbh & Co., Kg

20110311757 - Soil repellency aqueous dispersions, soil repellant soft articles, and methods of making the same: A soil repellency aqueous dispersion for treating various fibers, yarns, and textiles is disclosed. The dispersion provides superior soil resistance when compared to known fluorochemical and silicone fiber treatments. The dispersion comprises clay nanoparticle components and fluorochemicals that can be applied to the fibers, yarns, and textiles using known methods.... Agent: Invista North America S.a.r.i.

20110311758 - Fiber-based carpet cushion with added resilience from vertically oriented fiber construction: A fiber pad having a core non-woven layer is disclosed. The core layer can have an upper surface and a lower surface. The core layer can comprise at least one fiber layer. The at least one fiber layer can comprise a plurality of parallel fibers. Selected groups of the parallel... Agent:

20110311759 - Flame retardant performance in poly (trimethylene) terephthalate: Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) compositions, and articles made therefrom, having improved flame retardancy are provided. The compositions can be used to make carpets that are suitable for installation where flame retardancy is desired.... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110311760 - Clicker keeper: A remote control locator of the present invention is designed to substantially prevent the loss of remote controls by ensuring that they are visible at all times. This unique device comprises a flag-like accessory such as a ribbon that attaches to the desired remote control, thus making the remote control... Agent:

20110311761 - Parallel passage fluid contactor structure: A parallel passage fluid contactor structure for chemical reaction processes has one or more segments, where each segment has a plurality of substantially parallel fluid flow passages oriented in an axial direction; cell walls between each adjacent fluid flow passages and each cell wall has at least two opposite cell... Agent:

20110311762 - Room temperature stable agarose solutions: The present invention provides porous functionalized crosslinked polysaccharide hydrogel coated structures and methods for making the same. The methods include impregnating a porous substrate with a room temperature stable aqueous polysaccharide solution containing, water, a polysaccharide having a concentration in the aqueous solution from about 0.1% to about 20%, a... Agent: Millipore Corporation

20110311763 - Method for producing two-dimensionally patterned carbon nanotube and two-dimensionally patterned carbon nanotube: Disclosed are a method for producing a carbon nanotube (CNT) whereby, in the local synthesis of CNTs, a high resolution, a low cost, easiness in production and mass production capability can be established at the same time; and a two-dimensionally patterned CNT obtained thereby. Specifically disclosed are a method for... Agent: The University Of Tokyo

20110311764 - Multi-scale, multi-functional microstructured material: A microstructure disposed on a surface carried by an object comprising: a first set of microfeatures carried by the object wherein said first set of microfeatures causes the surface of the object to exhibit physical properties differing from physical properties exhibited by a non-microstructured surface; and, a second set of... Agent: Hoowaki, LLC

20110311765 - Resilient cores with convection barriers particularly for inflatable bodies and methods for making the same: Resilient cores preferably for inflatable bodies having resilient slabs that define a plurality of generally columnar holes or resilient arrays of generally columnar solids, methods for making such slabs and arrays, and articles incorporating the same wherein the cores further includes thermal transmission mitigation means for improving a core's resistance... Agent: Cascade Designs, Inc.

20110311766 - Napkin having an integrated ring and method of making the same: A napkin having an integrated napkin ring and a method of making the napkin are provided. The method may include forming an opening in a napkin such that a center of the opening is located in a position offset from the center of the napkin. The method may further include... Agent: Ex-cell Home Fashions, Inc.

20110311768 - Intermediate product intervening in the manufacturing of electronic cards: The invention relates to a card including a digital display arranged in a core defining the central portion of the card. The card further comprises a plastic layer the major portion of which is opaque, and a transparent display portion. In a preferred variant, the plastic layer is covered with... Agent: Nagraid S.a.

20110311767 - Thermal interface materials and methods for their preparation and use: A curable composition contains (A) a polyorganosiloxane base polymer having an average per molecule of at least two aliphatically unsaturated organic groups, optionally (B) a crosslinker having an average per molecule of at least two silicon bonded hydrogen atoms, (C) a catalyst, (D) a thermally conductive filler, and (E) an... Agent:

20110311769 - Antifouling surfaces, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same: Disclosed herein is an article comprising a substrate; a polymer disposed upon the substrate; the polymer having a number average molecular weight of about 2,000 to about 5,000 grams per mole; where each polymer is separated from a neighboring polymer by an average distance of 2.5 Angstroms to 5,000 Angstroms.... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110311771 - Gripping area for a working device: The present invention relates to a gripping area and a surface structure for a working device. In particular, the invention relates to a surface structure for a working device, which has at least one curved surface, on which there is a first surface normal and a second surface normal, which... Agent:

20110311770 - Polylactic acid-based multilayer sheet: A multilayer sheet includes at least three layers, including a layer A as at least one outermost layer and a layer B as an inner layer, in which the layer A includes a polylactic acid and a polybutylene succinate-based resin, wherein the polylactic acid is contained in an amount of... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110311772 - Resin surface layer and method of fabricating the same, composite having the resin surface layer and method of fabricating the same: A resin surface layer and a method of fabricating the same, and a composite having the resin surface layer and a method of fabricating the same are provided. The method of fabricating the resin surface layer includes: (a) providing a base, made of a resin and including a plurality of... Agent: San Fang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

20110311773 - Roof covering having improved tear strength: A roof covering includes a roofing mat formed from fibers of a fiber material. The fibers are coated with a sizing. The roof covering also includes a coating material that coats the mat. The coating material is based on an organic material. The sizing includes a sulfur-containing material that bonds... Agent: Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110311774 - Color-coatings of enhanced solar reflectance and thermal emittance for metallic flakes/aggregate used in roofing applications: Colored metal particles comprising a) metallic base particles; and b) an insolubilized coating material at least partially covering said particles comprising: an IR-reflective pigment; and a silicate-clay matrix formed from the high-temperature interaction between an alkali metal silicate and kaolin clay; and a method for the preparation thereof.... Agent:

20110311778 - Bead-stiffened composite parts: A beaded composite panel is fabricated using composite plies. An opening is formed in each of plies, and each ply is laid up on a bead feature and drawn down over the bead feature in the area of the opening so as to widen the opening into a gap allowing... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110311775 - Constructional element, and a method for producing the element: At least one embodiment of the present invention relates to a constructional element for use in building structures. In at least one embodiment, the element includes a least a first and a second side extending substantially parallel to each other and includes: a continuous board; a continuous insulating layer with... Agent: Givent Ltd.

20110311776 - Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, relief printing plate and method for producing relief printing plate: A resin composition for laser engraving, including: a compound (A) having at least one of a hydrolyzable silyl group or a silanol group; and a binder polymer (B) having a functional group capable of forming a crosslinked structure by reacting with at least one of a hydrolyzable silyl group or... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110311777 - Surface structure for a working device: The present invention relates to a surface structure for a working device. In particular, the invention relates to a surface structure for a working device that has at least one first element with a first height and a second element with a second height, and a third element having a... Agent:

20110311779 - Method for marking a coated substrate: The present invention relates to methods for marking a coated substrate. In particular, the present invention relates to methods for marking a coated substantially cementitious substrate in the form of a cementitious building product. The method comprises the steps of treating at least a portion of an uncoated cementitious substrate... Agent: James Hardie Technology Limited

20110311781 - Method of patterning photosensitive material on a substrate containing a latent acid generator: e

20110311783 - Multilayer adhesive for thermal reversible joining of substrates: One embodiment of the invention includes a multilayer dry adhesive system capable of reversible joining of rigid substrates.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110311782 - Planar component of an aircraft and method for producing the same: The invention relates to a planar component (1) of an aircraft (2) which component defines an area (3) having a material thickness (4). In order to increase the dent resistance in at least part of the area or subareas (7) that are defined by webs (5) having a web height... Agent:

20110311780 - Releasable adhesive sheet: Provided is a releasable pressure sensitive adhesive sheet, which is mainly used for a coating film for an automobile, and which is applicable to a coating film with insufficient curing immediately after drying. Specifically provided is a releasable pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for a curable coating film, which has a... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110311784 - Adhesive composition for the manufacturing of corrugated paper board: An adhesive composition comprising an amount of an adhesive, and an amount of an additive which is selected from the group of homopolymers of acrylic acid, copolymers of acrylic acid, and polyacrylates, polyurethanes, cellulose thickening agent, natural or synthetic gum, natural or synthetic resin, silica or an inorganic minerals having... Agent: Corrutech

20110311785 - System and method for displays: A system and method for creating displays, ornamentation, and connectors. Including displays, signage, ornaments, and connectors, that can easily be modified and manipulated to create different appearances and/or functions quickly and easily.... Agent:

20110311787 - Decomposable composite wood sheets: Various embodiments of decomposable composite sheets and manufacturing methods thereof are described. In one embodiment, the sheet includes an organic substrate and a first layer of a substantially organic backer that is securely affixed to a first side of the substrate. Other embodiments can include a second layer of a... Agent: Sustainable Cards, LLC

20110311786 - Heat-sensitive coating compositions based on resorcinyl triazine derivatives: The present invention provides heat-sensitive coating compositions, which comprise a colour developer of formula (1) or mixtures thereof wherein R can be hydrogen, C1-20-alkyl, C3-8-cycloalkyl, C2-10-alkenyl, aryl or SO3H, and R2 and R3 can be the same or different and can be hydrogen, halogen, C1-20-alkyl, C3-8-cyclo-alkyl, C2-10-alkenyl, aryl, OR6, NR7R8,... Agent: Datalase Ltd

20110311788 - Silphenylene-containing photocurable composition, pattern formation method using same, and optical semiconductor element obtained using the method: Provided is a silphenylene-containing photocurable composition including: (A) a specific silphenylene having both terminals modified with alicyclic epoxy groups, and (C) a photoacid generator that generates acid upon irradiation with light having a wavelength of 240 to 500 nm. Also provided is a pattern formation method including: (i) forming a... Agent: Shin -etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110311789 - Methods for attaching flexible substrates to rigid carriers and resulting devices: Flexible substrates can be temporarily attached to a rigid carrier for processing a surface thereof by depositing a joining material at one or more contact points between a flexible substrate and a rigid carrier, contacting the flexible substrate and the rigid carrier at the one or more contact points; and... Agent: Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Acting For And On Behalf Of Arizona State University

20110311790 - Conductive connecting material, method for connecting terminals using the conductive connecting material, and method for producing a connecting terminal: The present invention provides a conductive connecting material for electrically connecting terminals of electronic members, which has a layered structure comprising: a curable resin composition containing a resin component and a compound having a flux function; and a metal foil selected from a solder foil and a tin foil. Further,... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.

20110311791 - System and method for precision transport, positioning, and assembling of longitudinal nano-structures: A method for assembling multi-component nano-structures that includes dispersing a plurality of nano-structures in a fluid medium, and applying an electric field having an alternating current (AC) component and a direct current (DC) component to the fluid medium containing the plurality of nano-structures. The electric field causes a first nano-structure... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20110311793 - Polyurethane foam article and method of forming same: A polyurethane foam article comprises a first lift, a second lift, and a pass-line therebetween. The polyurethane foam article comprises the reaction product of an isocyanate-reactive resin composition, an isocyanate, and an indicator dye in the presence of a blowing agent. The indicator dye imparts a color in the first... Agent:

20110311792 - Single-sided stretch cling film: Disclosed are single-sided stretch cling films having a cling layer, a release layer, and a core layer. The core layer is located between the cling layer and the release layer. The ding layer includes a blend of an olefin block copolymer and an ethylene-based polymer. The present films exhibit improved... Agent:

20110311794 - Biodegradable complex oxygen barrier film and application thereof: The present invention discloses a biodegradable complex oxygen barrier film and its preparation method and application. The biodegradable complex oxygen barrier film disclosed by the present invention is constituted of at least two support layers and a barrier layer which is deposed between each two support layers. The support layer... Agent:

20110311795 - Thermally fusible interlining nonwoven and production and use thereof: A thermally fusible interlining nonwoven includes a fusing layer (A) having at least one staple fiber nonwoven containing at least 50% by weight of thermoplastic staple fibers having at least one of a melting or softening temperature in a range from 60° C. to 165° C. A layer (B) is... Agent: Carl Freudenberg Kg

20110311796 - Polyimide film: Disclosed is a polyimide film, which is colorless and transparent, and which prevents the distortion of an image and exhibits excellent color reproducibility.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110311797 - Tpo roofing membrane with adhesive ready bottom layer: A method for producing a TPO membrane includes providing on at least a base or lower surface of the TPO membrane a primer or tie layer having a polar component or element and which allows the TPO membrane to adhere to a substrate using a water based or a low... Agent: Worthen Industries

20110311798 - Method of forming a reconstituted wood block: A method of forming a reconstituted wood block can include providing a recovered wood having a high aspect ratio along wood grains of the recovered wood. The recovered wood can be radially crushed or obtained as strips of recovered veneer. The recovered wood can be pretreated to increase resin absorption... Agent:

20110311799 - Insulating panel made from reclaimed foam: An insulating panel and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed are disclosed. The insulating panel is manufactured, at least in part, through the use of reclaimed materials.... Agent:

20110311800 - Microstructure and microstructure production method: A microstructure enabling provision of an anisotropic conductive member capable of reducing wiring defects and a method of producing such microstructure. The microstructure includes through-holes formed in an insulating matrix and filled with a metal and an insulating substance. The through-holes have a density of 1×106 to 1×1010 holes/mm2, a... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110311801 - Low titianium dioxide coatings: m

20110311802 - Aerogel-foam composites: An aerogel-foam composite includes an open cell foam and an aerogel matrix polymer disposed in the open cell foam. The aerogel-foam composite has compression strength of about 15 megaPascals (MPa) or more. The open cell foam may be a polyurethane foam including a carbonate group (—OC(O)O—).... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110311803 - Delayed-tack material: The present invention concerns a substrate carrying a delayed-tack formulation, wherein said delayed-tack formulation becomes tacky on heat activation to allow sealing between the substrate and itself or between the substrate and a further material, so that the resultant seal can be pealed open mechanically without damaging or destroying said... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110311804 - Process for producing a self-healing layer on a part made of a c/c composite: In order to provide a self-healing layer on a composite material part, a composition is applied to the part, the composition containing: a suspension of colloidal silica; boron or a boron compound in powder form; silicon carbide in powder form; and at least one ultra-refractory oxide.... Agent: Snecma Propulsion Solide

20110311805 - Cutting tool: The invention relates to a cutting tool having a substrate base body and a single or multi-layered coating attached thereupon, wherein at least one layer of the coating is a metal oxide layer produced in the PVD process or in the CVD process and the metal oxide layer has a... Agent: Walter Ag

20110311806 - Method for manufacturing panels and panels obtained hereby: A method for manufacturing panels including a substrate on the basis of a pressed material mass, whereby it is started from a material mass to be densified, wherein the density of this material mass, in one or more densifying steps, is at least doubled. Prior to one or more of... Agent:

20110311807 - Flexible substrates having reduced shrinkage and curling: The claimed invention relates to a flexible substrate having reduced shrinkage and curling, wherein said substrate is coated with a coating having a dual cure system, wherein said coating comprises a free radical curable component and a cationically curable component.... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20110311808 - Two layer barrier on polymeric substrate: Plasma treatment apparatus and method for producing a polymeric substrate using an atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma in a treatment space formed between two or more opposing electrodes connected to a power supply using a gas composition in the treatment space comprising a precursor and oxygen. A first layer of... Agent: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.v.

20110311809 - Heat-sensitive adhesive material: A heat-sensitive adhesive material according to the present invention includes a support, and a heat-sensitive adhesive layer on the support, the heat-sensitive adhesive layer comprises a water-dispersible heat-sensitive adhesive containing at least a thermoplastic resin, a solid plasticizer and a tackifier, wherein the thermoplastic resin is obtained by emulsion polymerization... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20110311810 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: Provided is a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that makes it possible to prevent electrification of a non-antistatic protected material during peeling, is reduced in the risk of staining the protected material, and has good removability, and to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer, a pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet. Specifically provided is a pressure-sensitive... Agent:

20110311812 - Method and apparatus for welding wires: A method for welding wires (2) is provided, wherein at least two wires (2) are welded to each other by way of a laser source, wherein at least one wire (2) to be welded is subjected to an annealing process using a hot gas flow prior to the welding process,... Agent:

20110311811 - Pekk composite fibre, method for manufacturing same and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a composite fiber containing a thermoplastic polymeric matrix comprising a polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) in which multi-walled nanotubes, especially carbon nanotubes, are dispersed. It also relates to a process for manufacturing this composite fiber and to the uses thereof.... Agent: Rkema France

20110311814 - Method for the formation of pbse nanowires in non-coordinating solvent: This disclosure concerns a method of making nanowires in a single flask and in non-coordinating solvent involving the reaction of PbO with oleic acid to produce Pb oleate, heating the Pb oleate to a preferred temperature with additional coordinating ligands, injecting a solution of Se to produce a second solution,... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110311815 - Method of making ternary piezoelectric crystals: A ternary single crystal relaxor piezoelectric of PMN-PZ-PT grown from a novel melt using the Vertical Bridgeman method. The ternary single crystals are characterized by a Curie temperature, Tc, of at least 150° C. and a rhombohedral to tetragonal phase transition temperature, Trt, of at least about 110° C. The... Agent: Trs Technologies, Inc.

20110311813 - Self-assembled nanostructures: wherein at least one of R1 to R6 represents a carboxylic acid group, a primary amide group, an ester group, an amidine group, or a salt thereof, at least one other of R1 to R6 is X—Rc, and the remaining of R1 to R6 independently represent H or substituted or... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110311816 - Aromatic polyethersulfone having hydroxyphenyl end groups and method for producing the same: A method of producing an aromatic polyethersulfone (PES) having hydroxyphenyl end groups suitable as an alloying agent includes heating an aromatic polyester sulfone obtained beforehand by polymerization and a dihydric phenol compound and/or water and a basic compound in an aprotic polar solvent. According to this method, a PES having... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110311817 - Conjugate of arm-type polyethyleneglycol with linear polyethyleneimine as gene carrier and synthesis thereof: Disclosed are a gene carrier in which polyethyleneglycol is conjugated with polyethyleneimine and a method for the synthesis thereof. The gene carrier is useful in transferring DNA, siRNA and negatively charged peptides.... Agent: Postech Academy-industry Foundation

20110311820 - Hardfacing composition and article having hardfacing deposit: A hardfacing composition (32) that includes a plurality of hard particles (54) wherein the hard particles (54) include a mode particle size distribution, one particle size distribution smaller than the mode particle size distribution, and an other particle size distribution larger than the mode particle size distribution. There is an... Agent: Kennametal Inc.

20110311821 - Polyamide particles and process for producing same: There is provided a novel polyamide particles having an approximately spherical outer shape, which are spongy particles having through holes in an outer surface part and closed voids in an inside part. The polyamide particles can be produced by dissolving a polyamide in a cyclic amide with heating to obtain... Agent: Ube Industries, Ltd.

20110311819 - System for making products with improved particle morphology and particle distribution and products: A method for improving the physical, functional and organoleptic properties of product particles is described for fiber, protein, carbohydrate and cellulosic materials. The method involves modifying the particles within the product to meet certain particle morphology parameters. Products themselves also are disclosed, and these include corn-originating products, specifically including products... Agent:

20110311818 - Titanium dioxide particles doped with rare earth element: Titanium dioxide particles is doped with a rare earth element. The doping ratio of the rare earth element is within a range more than 0 at % and not more than 5.0 at %, and the rare earth element is substituted for titanium atoms in the unit lattice of titanium... Agent: National Institute For Materials Science

20110311822 - Hollow nanoparticles and nanocomposites and methods of making hollow nanoparticles and nanocomposites: In one aspect, hollow nanoparticles are described herein. In some embodiments, a hollow nanoparticle comprises a metal shell and a cavity substantially defined by the shell, wherein the shell has a thickness greater than or equal to about 5 nm and the cavity has a curved surface. In another aspect,... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20110311823 - Core shell phosphor and method of making the same: A method of making a core-shell phosphor is provided. The method comprises mixing a lanthanum phosphate (LaPO4) core with a shell precursor mixture comprising at least one compound of La, at least one compound of Ce, and at least one compound of Tb to form a core+shell precursor mixture, heating... Agent: General Electric Company

20110311824 - Non-specific adsorption inhibitor, probe-bonded particles, and method for producing the same: wherein n is a real number of 4 to 2,000, R1 and R2 individually represent a hydrogen atom or a group comprising 1 to 11 amino group(s) or imino group(s), or both, provided that the total number of amino groups and imino groups contained in R1 and R2 is 2... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110311825 - Selective etch back process for carbon nanotubes intergration: e

20110311826 - Coating composition: Coating compositions are disclosed which include a copolymer prepared from a reaction mixture comprising an ethylenically unsaturated hydrolysable silane, an ethylenically unsaturated polyoxyalkylene, an ethylenically unsaturated fluorinated polyether and an initiator. The coating composition may also include a curable sol-gel dispersion. The coating compositions can be used to prepare hardcoats.... Agent:

20110311827 - Self-precipitating aqueous particulate composition comprising pigment binder particles: The present invention relates to an acidic, aqueous, particulate composition having a high stability with respect to agglomeration for autophoretic deposition of organic-inorganic hybrid layers on metal surfaces, comprising, in addition to iron(III) ions, fluoride ions and at least one dispersed organic binder (B), pigment-binder particles comprising a pigment portion... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110311828 - Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate, processes for producing the same, liquid crysal display using the same, and related devices and processes; and sputtering target, transparent electroconductive film formed by use of this, transparent e: a source electrode formed over the transparent substrate, a drain electrode formed over the transparent substrate, and a transparent pixel electrode formed over the transparent substrate, wherein the transparent pixel electrode is a transparent electroconductive film which is made mainly of indium oxide, and further comprises one or two or... Agent:

20110311829 - Co2 emission-free construction material made of co2: s

20110311830 - Intumescent compostion: Intumescent composition comprising: A) a binder comprising (i) a resin comprising a polysiloxane chain or a precursor for said chain, (ii) optionally an organic resin, and (iii) at least one type of functional group selected from the group consisting of epoxy, amine, mercaptan, carboxylic acid, acryloyl, isocyanate, alkoxysilyl, and anhydride... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B. V.

20110311832 - Flux and solder material and method of making same: A flux for use in soldering comprises a first constituent and one or more secondary constituents that is selected from solvents, thickeners, and/or metal oxide reducing agents. The flux has a temperature profile in which the flux is in a non-flowable inactive state at temperatures at and below a maximum... Agent: Nordson Corporation

20110311831 - Method for manufacturing substrate for light emitting element package, and light emitting element package: A method for manufacturing a substrate for a light emitting element package provided with a thick metal section formed under a mounting position of a light emitting element, having a lamination step of laminating and integrating a laminate having an insulating adhesive agent which is composed of a resin containing... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110311833 - Protein-containing adhesives, and manufacture and use thereof: The invention provides protein adhesives and methods of making and using such adhesives. The protein adhesives contain ground plant meal or an isolated polypeptide composition obtained from plant biomass.... Agent:

20110311834 - Two-layer flexible substrate, and copper electrolytic solution for producing same: It is an object of the invention to provide a two-layer flexible substrate that excels in folding endurance and free from occurrence of Kirkendall voids or the like even when lead portions of COF are plated with tin and heat treatment is performed. The present invention is directed to a... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110311835 - Titanium slab for hot rolling, and method of producing and method of rolling the same: The present invention provides a titanium slab for hot rolling which can be fed into a general purpose hot-rolling mill for producing strip coil, without passage through a breakdown process such as blooming or a straightening process, and can further suppress surface defect occurrence of the hot-rolled strip coil, and... Agent:

20110311836 - Rolled copper foil: A rolled copper foil consisted of at least either of silicon (Si) and iron (Fe), boron (B), silver (Ag), oxygen (O) of 0.002 mass % or less, and a balance consisted of copper (Cu) and inevitable impurities.... Agent: Hitachi Cable, Ltd.

20110311837 - Covering member for preventing erosion: A covering member to be applied to a substrate made of an iron material or the like that will be eroded by contact with molten aluminum includes a Cr metal film as the lowest layer, a b layer formed of a CrN film, an intermediate layer, and an a layer... Agent: Smc Corporation

20110311838 - Composition for treating surface of metal, method for treating surface of metal using the composition, and coating film for treating surface of metal utilizing the composition and the method: A composition for metal surface treatment capable of forming films and imparting excellent corrosion resistance in relation to metallic materials, in particular, metal formations having complex shapes through a single dipping step. A composition for metal surface treatment contains 5 to 30% by weight of a nonionic and/or cationic water-based... Agent: Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.

20110311839 - Magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing same: A manufacturing method for a magnetic recording medium includes forming a magnetic layer on a base material, forming a recording layer having a textured pattern of the magnetic layer by forming a recessed portion that passes through the magnetic layer, depositing an oxidizing material or a nitriding material on the... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110311840 - Method for manufacturing magnetic recording media: A method for manufacturing discrete track media and patterned media is disclosed which enables a magnetic recording layer having excellent magnetic characteristics to be obtained without imparting damage to a crystal orientation control layer which is at the surface when forming the magnetic recording layer. The method for manufacturing magnetic... Agent: Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

20110311841 - Magnetic disk and method for manufacturing same: Provided are a magnetic disk comprising a granular magnetic recording layer which causes less noise even with a recording capacity thereof of 250 G or more bits per square inch; and a method for manufacturing the same. The magnetic disk according to the present invention comprises: a granular magnetic recording... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

12/15/2011 > 77 patent applications in 59 patent subcategories.

20110305848 - Positive photosensitive resin composition for slit coating and using said composition for forming a pattern: The present invention relates to a positive photosensitive resin composition and a method for forming a pattern using said composition by the slit coating process, and more particularly, to a positive photosensitive resin composition, which exhibiting excellent coating uniformity, high sensitivity, excellent developing properties and high film residual ratio and... Agent: Chi-mei Corporation

20110305849 - Decorative light display: A decorative light display used with a decorative string of lights comprises an inner and an outer flexible circular-shaped substructure, the flexible substructures including a pair of interlocking notches allowing the substructures to be assembled together to form a generally spherically shaped framework; the substructures having inner and outer circumferences,... Agent:

20110305850 - Method for the production of coated rubber particles, coated rubber particles, and solvent-free coating formulation: The invention describes a novel production process for coated particles composed of granulated-rubber material, the coating, the particles coated therewith and the uses of the coated particles. The coating formulation is solvent-free.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110305851 - Reusable printing medium and apparatus and method employing the same: An erasable and/or reusable image receiving medium (62) is disclosed along with a system (10) and/or method for using the same, including a unit (60) and/or method for erasing the reusable medium (62).... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110305852 - Electronic circuit substrate: The sub-substrate 2 is machined using a router as a rotating tool so as to form a notch 5 from a position of a corner where a side surface of a projecting portion and one side of the sub-substrate 2 intersect along one side of the sub-substrate, and the main... Agent: Tdk-lambda Corporation

20110305853 - Substrate provided with a multilayer coating having thermal properties and absorbent layers: The invention relates to multiple glazing comprising at least two substrates, one substrate being coated on an inner face in contact with a gas-filled cavity with a thin-film multilayer coating having reflection properties in the infrared and/or in solar radiation, said coating comprising a single metallic functional layer (140) and... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110305854 - Display frame: An artifact frame comprised of a hollow container bordered on front, rear, left and right sides and bottom to define an interior cavity into which can be placed ornamental material. On the front or back panel, or side or bottom panels, the artifact to be displayed may be mounted. Any... Agent:

20110305855 - Water-degradable paper sheet, and tube for a paper roll consisting of such a sheet: A water-degradable paper sheet has a basis weight of 80 to 400 g/m2 and is dry-formed from paper fibres bound together by a water-soluble binder including starch, the amount of binder in the sheet being 30 to 70%. Additionally, a tube is formed by a cylinder having a wall that... Agent: Georgia-pacific France

20110305856 - Hollow body made of plastic having a barrier layer on its inner surface and a method for manufacturing the same: Furthermore, a method for the production of a hollow body made of plastic having a fluorinated inner surface is presented, in which, for the formation of fluorocarbon and hydrofluorocarbon compounds, the inner surface is exposed to the action of a defined amount of a fluorine-containing treatment gas and the hollow... Agent: L'air Liquide Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

20110305857 - Modified polypropylene for packaging applications: Methods of forming a clear packaging container, polymers for use therein and packaging containers are described herein. The methods generally include providing a propylene based polymer formed from a metallocene catalyst; blending the propylene based polymer with a nonitol-based clarifying agent to form clarified polypropylene; and forming the clarified polypropylene... Agent: Fina Technology, Inc.

20110305858 - Polyethylene and poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) multilayer films: A multilayer film comprising a first layer comprising a poly(hydroxy carboxylic acid) and a second layer adjacent to the first layer comprising more than 50% by weight of polyethylene prepared with a single-site catalyst, preferably a metallocene catalyst.... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110305860 - Blow molded articles and process for making same: Blow molded articles are made from a polymeric composition containing a polyphenylene sulfide resin. The composition can further contain a reinforcing agent, such as glass fibers, and a combination of an organosilane coupling agent and an impact modifier. It was discovered that the combination of the aminosilane coupling agent and... Agent: Ticona LLC

20110305859 - Chlorinated polyethylene composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom: The instant invention is a chlorinated polyethylene composition, method of producing the same, and articles made therefrom. The chlorinated polyethylene composition according to the present invention comprises: (a) a chlorinated polyethylene; (b) less than 10 phr by weight of one or more curing agents; (c) from 50 to 150 phr... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110305862 - Composite polymer modifiers: The invention relates to composite polymer modifiers for thermo-plastic resins, and especially for polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The composite modifier is an intimate blend of mineral filler and polymeric process aid, which is formed by the co-powderization of aqueous emulsions, suspensions or slurries of one or more mineral filler(s) and process... Agent:

20110305861 - Ion exchanger and method of producing the same: e

20110305863 - Thermoplastic resin composition: Provided is a thermoplastic resin composition in which a modified rubber excellent in low temperature resistance is dispersedly added in a polyamide resin matrix to improve the low temperature resistance (cyclic fatigue resistance) of the polyamide resin, the composition maintaining its fluidity even at a high content of modified rubber,... Agent: The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.

20110305864 - Fastening member: A fastening member according to the invention includes right and left sewn areas which are sewn to one member out of a cushion member and a cover material, a hook-and-loop fastener area which is disposed between the right and left sewn areas and which has a plurality of female engagement... Agent: Ykk Corporation

20110305865 - Sound-dampening polyurethane-based composite: A sound- and vibration-dampening (NVH) layered composition may be prepared by spraying or spray-foaming a polyurethane heavy layer, and spray-foaming a flexible polyurethane foam layer, under conditions such that the two layers bond integrally with one another without use of glue or other adhesive. Additional layers, that are the same... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc. (formerly Known As Dow Global Technologies Inc.)

20110305866 - Surfing towel assembly with fasteners: The applicant's invention is a universal surfing towel for the following purposes: One, it can function as a normal beach towel similar to a conventional bath towel with either bamboo or terry cotton material. Two, the towel can be used by any size surfer for changing; one of the two... Agent:

20110305867 - Outdoor recreational covering apparatus with internal weighting system: A system and method to weight a recreational ground covering comprising a top layer and a bottom layer stitched together along at least one edge and leaving at least one edge open. Along each open edge is a connection system, such as Velcro®, snaps, or buttons, which connects the open... Agent:

20110305868 - Composite thermal insulation material: A composite thermal insulating material comprises a layer (3, 9) of thermal insulating material between two layers (5, 13) of material selected from cellular glass and cellular concrete material.... Agent:

20110305869 - Vehicle outer surface component comprising a glass lens: The invention relates to a vehicle outer surface component, which may be assembled on the outer surface of a vehicle, comprising a support structure with an outer skin having a lens of glass or a material similar to glass. According to the invention, a simple and economical production of such... Agent: Webasto Ag

20110305870 - Tear resistant porous extensible web: The present invention pertains to a porous, macroscopically-expanded, three-dimensional, elastomeric web suitable for use in elasticized portions of disposable absorbent articles such as bandages, diapers and pull-up diaper training pants. In a preferred embodiment the web has a continuous first surface and a discontinuous second surface remote from first surface.... Agent:

20110305872 - Non-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-thrombogenic graft-from compositons: A method for preparing and resulting articles of manufacture comprising a substrate having a surface, a bulk beneath the surface, and a grafted polymer layer on the substrate surface, the substrate surface and the grafted polymer layer, in combination, constituting a modified surface having a fibrinogen adsorption of less than... Agent:

20110305871 - Sliding member and process for producing the same: Solution Means: A sliding member comprising a polyamide resin and 10 to 50 wt % of a fibrous filler selected from the group consisting of carbon fibers, aramid fibers, and whiskers, and having fine dents formed in a sliding surface thereof by dimpling using a laser; and a process for... Agent: Nok Corporation

20110305873 - Composition and method for applying a protective coating: A coating composition includes a cermet material having metal carbide phase particles with an average size of less than 5 microns. The coating has an average surface roughness of less than approximately 5 microns. A system for applying a coating to a substrate includes a spray gun configured for use... Agent: General Electric Company

20110305874 - Hydrophobic substrate including a plasma-activated silicon oxycarbide primer: c

20110305875 - Electronic device assembly: Apparatus and methods for assembling an electronic device and components thereof are provided. The electronic device may include a housing and a cover inserted into an opening in the housing. The electronic device may also include a first assembly that may be inserted into the housing through a first end,... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110305877 - Hand-moldable fluid channeling device: The invention includes a hand-moldable fluid channeling device having a malleable metal sheet layer, a flexible polymeric material layer and a flexible adhesive layer positioned between and adjoining the malleable metal sheet layer and the flexible polymeric material layer. The invention also includes a hand-moldable fluid channeling device having a... Agent:

20110305876 - Periodic structured organic films: An ordered structured organic film comprising a plurality of segments and a plurality of linkers arranged as a covalent organic framework, wherein the structured organic film may be a multi-segment thick structured organic film.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110305883 - Adhesive resin compositions, and laminates and flexible printed wiring boards using same: Provided are an adhesive resin composition that is halogen-free, has good adhesiveness, solder heat resistance, and flame retardancy, and has good flow characteristics, and a laminate and a flexible printed wiring board using the same. The adhesive resin composition contains a phosphorus-containing epoxy resin and/or a phosphorus-containing phenoxy resin, a... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110305881 - Articles having non-fouling surfaces and processes for preparing the same including applying a primer coat: Processes are described herein for preparing medical devices and other articles having a low-fouling surface on a substrate comprising a polymeric surface. The polymeric surface material may possess a range of polymeric backbones and substituents while providing the articles with a highly efficient, biocompatible, and non-fouling surface. The processes involve... Agent:

20110305879 - Component: A component that is subject to tribological wear comprises a nano diamond layer on the surface thereof.... Agent: R&#xd6 Sler Holding Gmbh & Co Kg

20110305884 - Fibrous structures: Fibrous structures that exhibit a Geometric Mean Elongation of greater than 15.8% as measured according to the Elongation Test Method are provided.... Agent:

20110305880 - Ink composition for inkjet recording, inkjet recording method and printed material obtained by inkjet recording: b

20110305882 - Method for forming thin film pattern and flat display device having the same: The present disclosure is a method for forming a thin film pattern to form a micron-pattern and a flat display device having the same. The method for forming a thin film pattern includes the steps of forming first to third thin film layers on a substrate in succession, forming a... Agent:

20110305878 - Nonwoven panel and method of construction thereof: A reflective panel and method of construction thereof from post consumer mixed Asian cardboard for forming structural and/or acoustic and/or thermal panels is provided. The method includes providing post consumer mixed Asian cardboard and comminuting the cardboard into predetermined reduced sized pieces. Then, combining the reduced sized pieces with a... Agent:

20110305885 - Heat-resistant resin print treated cloth: A cloth has a pattern made of a resin print composition formed on a surface thereof. The resin print composition contains a resin selected from an acrylic resin and a urethane resin, and a torque is from 0.085 N·m to 0.315 N·m when a twist is applied at 1°/sec for... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110305886 - Floor covering composition containing renewable polymer: A composition is described that includes at least one polyolefin, at least one thermoplastic bio-resin derived from starch or soy or both, and at least one compatibilizer having at least one polyolefin and at least one polar group. Surface coverings and floor coverings, such as laminated floor coverings, having the... Agent: Mannington Mills, Inc.

20110305887 - Laminates formed in part from laminate enhancing agents: A laminate having improved clarity and abrasion-resistant, scuff-, mar- and impact resistance, said laminate comprising an overlay and/or a décor layer formed via the application of a slurry to a respective substrate and/or décor sheet, wherein the slurry comprises a silicone based thermoplastic resin and a mix of laminate enhancing... Agent: Suddekor, LLC

20110305888 - Recycling program and method of encouraging recycling of target waste materials by use of precious metals: A recycling program provides a monetary incentive to encourage recycling of target waste materials, such as paper, glass and plastic products. A precious metal, such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium, is incorporated into the target waste material during manufacturing to provide an incentive for recycling the target material. A... Agent:

20110305889 - Item with at least one thermoprogrammable switching section for applications in contact with materials having high heat transfer coefficients: The present invention provides an article with at least one switching segment. The switching segment comprises a shape-memory compound and an isolating region surrounding the shape memory compound. The present invention also provides a method of producing such an article.... Agent: Helmholtz-zentrum Geesthacht Zentrum Fur Material- Und Kustenforschung Gmbh

20110305890 - Ferrite material having composition gradient for measuring magneto-optical-effect properties and method for evaluating properties of ferrite: A composition gradient ferrite thin film constituted of a plurality of composition gradient ferrite layers which are formed by inclining component composition in the horizontal direction is formed on a single crystal substrate having light transmitting property using a thin film forming method, and a magneto-optical effect is continuously measured... Agent: Jfe Mineral Company, Ltd.

20110305891 - Method and apparatus for manufacturing silicon substrate with excellent productivity and surface quality using continuous casting: The present disclosure provides an apparatus for manufacturing a silicon substrate for solar cells using continuous casting, and a method for manufacturing a silicon substrate using the same. The apparatus includes a raw silicon feeder, a silicon melting unit melting raw silicon to form molten silicon, a molten silicon storage... Agent: Korea Institute Of Energy Research

20110305892 - Porous protective coating for turbine engine components: A method for coating a substrate of a turbine engine component, the method comprising cold spray depositing a metal-based material onto a surface of the substrate, and heating the deposited metal-based material to increase the porosity of the deposited metal-based material.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110305893 - Aluminum alloy-and-resin composite and method for making the same: An aluminum alloy-and-resin composite includes an aluminum alloy substrate and resin composition formed on the substrate. The substrate is subjected to electrochemically etched and formed with nano-pores on its surface. The resin composition integrally couples to the surface of the aluminum alloy substrate by filling the nano-pores. The resin composition... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110305895 - Articles having non-fouling surfaces and processes for preparing the same including pretreatment of articles: Processes are described herein for preparing medical devices and other articles having a low-fouling surface on a substrate comprising a polymeric surface. The polymeric surface material may possess a range of polymeric backbones and substituents while providing the articles with a highly efficient, biocompatible, and non-fouling surface. The processes involve... Agent:

20110305894 - Composite for controlled release of small molecules in aquatic environments: A composite material formulated for slow release of a small molecule in seawater includes a porous inorganic oxide framework and micelles embedded within the pores of the framework. The micelles include a surfactant and a small molecule, the surfactant being present in the composite material at no more than 80... Agent: The Government Of The Us, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20110305896 - Multi-layer sheet structure including an acrylic outer layer: A multi-layer sheet structure, in an exemplary embodiment, includes a first layer of a thermoplastic olefin (TPO) composition that includes polypropylene and a filler, and a second layer that includes a polyolefin composition. The second layer positioned over at least a portion of the first layer. The multi-layer sheet structure... Agent:

20110305897 - Wood chip drying system for drying wood chip and associated method for drying wood chip: A wood chip drying system for drying wood chip includes a furnace, a drier for the wood chip and a recirculation apparatus for the recirculation of exhaust vapors into their drier. The recirculation apparatus has an exhaust vapor heater, and the wood chip drying system is designated to reduce organic... Agent: Kronotec Ag

20110305899 - Method for producing a reflection-reduced pane: Methods for manufacturing a pane are described. The manufactured pane can be a reflection-reducing pane having a variety of transmission capacities and refractive indexes. Such reflection-reducing panes can be used in buildings, vehicles and/or photovoltaic glazing.... Agent:

20110305898 - Non-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-thrombogenic graft compositions: The present invention generally relates to articles of manufacture, such as medical devices, having a non-fouling surface comprising a grafted polymer material. The surface resists the adhesion of biological material.... Agent:

20110305900 - Composition containing polypropylene and/or a propylene copolymer obtained from renewable materials, and uses thereof: The present application relates to a method for manufacturing a propylene polymer, including: a) fermenting and optionally purifying first renewable materials to produce an alcohol or an alcohol mixture, the alcohol or alcohol mixture including at least isopropanol and/or at least a mixture of ethanol and 1-butanol; b) dehydrating the... Agent: Arkema France

20110305901 - Nonwoven highway marking tape and method of manufacturing: A marking tape includes a fibrous, non-woven base material having a first side and a second side opposite the first side. A seal coat saturates a portion of the fibrous, non-woven base material and provides a relatively non-porous coat surface. A carrier coat is applied to the coat surface, and... Agent:

20110305902 - High strength constant compression elastic fibers and fabrics thereof: The present invention relates to high strength fabrics made thereof from thin gauge constant compression elastic fibers. Elastic fibers are disclosed which have a relatively flat modulus curve, for example between 100% and 200% elongation. Garments made with the constant compression elastic fibers have a more comfortable feel to the... Agent: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20110305903 - Sheathed nanotube fiber and method of forming same: Embodiments of the invention provide a cellulose-sheathed carbon nanotube fiber. One aspect of the invention provides a sheathed nanotube fiber comprising: a carbon nanotube fiber; and a cellulose sheath extending co-axially along at least a first portion of a length of the carbon nanotube fiber. Another aspect of the invention... Agent: Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute

20110305904 - Sizing composition for glass fibers: A sizing composition that permits in-line chopping and drying of reinforcement fibers for reinforcing thermoset resins is provided. The size composition includes at least one coupling agent and one or more blocked polyurethane film forming agents. The blocking agent preferably de-blocks at a temperature that permits simultaneous or nearly simultaneous... Agent: Ocv Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110305905 - Industrial salt and apparatus and process for producing industrial salt: To provide a low price industrial salt by reducing facility and operation costs without electro-deposition and crystallization and through reduction in quantity of chemicals used. An industrial salt S obtained by the steps of: extracting a part of combustion gas from a kiln exhaust gas passage running from an inlet... Agent: Taiheiyo Cement Corporation Japanese Corporation

20110305906 - Method for depositing an electrodepositable coating composition onto a substrate using a plurality of liquid streams: The present invention is directed to a method for coating a substrate wherein the substrate is electrically conductive, the method comprising simultaneously applying a plurality of electrically conductive liquid materials to different portions of the substrate wherein at least one of the electrically conductive liquid materials comprises an ionic compound;... Agent:

20110305907 - Coated reinforcement and method for producing same: The invention relates to a coated reinforcement, to a method for producing the same and to the use thereof. In order to provide a coated reinforcement, in particular to be used for large surface area components, the coating of which can be applied easily and without difficultly substantially independently of... Agent:

20110305909 - Articles having non-fouling surfaces and processes for preparing the same without altering bulk physical properties: Processes are described herein for preparing medical devices and other articles having a low-fouling surface on a substrate comprising a polymeric surface. The polymeric surface material may possess a range of polymeric backbones and substituents while providing the articles with a highly efficient, biocompatible, and non-fouling surface. The processes involve... Agent:

20110305908 - Easily replaceable ceramic tile floor: An article for applying to a floor substrate for preparing the floor substrate for laying of ceramic tiles by bonding ceramic tiles to the article. The article comprises a backer board having a lower surface for application to a floor substrate and an upper surface, a sheet, and a releasable... Agent:

20110305910 - Article with self-bonding fully cured elastomer: A rubber-metal bonded article with an adhesion promoter in the rubber selected from neoalkoxy zirconates and polyimides. Articles requiring compressed rubber exhibit improved retention of compressive strain after assembly of the article and activation of the adhesion promoter. Also claimed is a method wherein a rubber composition may be fully... Agent: Gates Corporation

20110305911 - Article having antifouling properties and intended to be used in aquatic applications, particularly marine applications: The present invention relates to an article having antifouling properties and intended to be used in aquatic applications, particularly marine applications, and to a method for slowing down the growth of aquatic organisms on submersible or semi-submersible structures.... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20110305912 - Coating apparatus and method: The invention is directed toward a method and apparatus which can be used to allow the sputter deposition of material onto at least one article to form a coating on the same. The new form of magnetron described herein allows an increase in sputter deposition rates to be achieved at... Agent:

20110305913 - Optically clear uv and hydrolysis resistant polyester film: Biaxially oriented polyester films including polyester polymer, a carbodiimide hydrolysis stabilizer, and a UV absorber are described. The polyester films have a carboxyl end group concentration of 5-20 equivalents per ton, and a haze value of 2% or less. The films exhibit superior transparency and possess stable light transmission characteristics.... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc. Lumirror Division

20110305914 - Multistage preparation of aqueous polymer dispersions for producing composite films: Described is a process for preparing an aqueous polymer dispersion from ethylenically unsaturated, free-radically polymerizable monomers. In a first stage, a first polymer is prepared by free-radical emulsion polymerization. In a second stage, an aqueous polymer dispersion is prepared in the presence of the first polymer. The monomers of the... Agent: Basf Se

20110305915 - Hydroxy polyalkylene glycol function (meth) acrylic comb polymers, their use as shear-thinning agents in coating dispersions and dispersions containing them: Comb polymers useful in paper coating dispersions.... Agent: Coatex S.a.s.

20110305916 - Polymer dispersions of vinylaromatic compounds and acrylate monomers prepared in the presence of seed latex and carbohydrate compounds: Described are aqueous polymer dispersions and methods of making them. The polymer dispersions are obtainable by free-radically initiated emulsion polymerization of 19.9 to 80 parts by weight of vinylaromatic compounds, 19.9 to 80 parts by weight of acrylate monomers selected from C1-C10 alkyl acrylates and C1-C10 alkyl methacrylates, 0.1 to... Agent: Basf Se

20110305917 - Powder-metallurgical body and method for the production thereof: A powder-metallurgical body and a method for producing such a body. The powder-metallurgical body is formed with a seating base for seating a sealing element to produce a seal with respect to fluids, such as liquids and/or gases. The body is redensified in a low region of the seating base.... Agent: Pmg Fuessen Gmbh

20110305918 - Methods for forming sheet metal components having three-sided corners and related components and systems: A sheet metal component that is bent from a sheet metal blank includes at least one three-sided corner. Two edges of the three-sided corner are formed by a first bending member of the sheet metal blank bent about a first inner bending radius Ri,1 and a second bending member of... Agent: Trumpf Laser- Und Systemtechnik Gmbh

20110305919 - Metallic materials with embedded luminescent particles: Formation of an authentication element by deposition of a metal layer with embedded particles on a metal substrate, wherein the embedded particles are configured to convert energy from one wavelength to another. The embedded particles may be upconverters, downconverters, or phosphorescent phosphors, which can be detected and measured with analytical... Agent: Authentix, Inc.

20110305920 - On the production of metal-ceramic compounds: The invention relates to a method for producing a ceramic-metal connection that is repeatedly subjected to great changes in temperature during use, in which the metal and ceramic are brazed to one another two-dimensionally. Here it is provided that the metal and ceramic are arranged against one another in a... Agent:

20110305921 - Protective coating systems for gas turbine engine applications and methods for fabricating the same: Protective coating systems for gas turbine engine applications and methods for fabricating such protective coating systems are provided. An exemplary protective coating system comprises an aluminide-comprising bond coating disposed on a substrate, a thermal barrier coating overlying the aluminide-comprising bond coating, and a silicate layer interposed between the thermal barrier... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110305922 - Method for applying a coating to workpieces and/or materials comprising at least one readily oxidizable nonferrous metal: o

20110305924 - Metallic magnetic powder and manufacturing method of the same, magnetic painting, magnetic powder for magnetic therapy, and magnetic recording medium:

20110305923 - Utilizing polymer structures in planarized magnetic media: Magnetic recording disks and associated fabrication methods are described for utilizing polymer structures in planarized magnetic media. A polymer fill material is deposited on the disk and a removal process is performed on the fill material to planarize the disk. In some embodiments, the fill material is deposited subsequent to... Agent:

12/08/2011 > 99 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20110300312 - Nativity stable structure and kit for same: The present invention provides a nativity stable structure particularly for use with larger nativity figures (24 inches in height, or greater) which is made of tubular and solid metal bars, rods and sheet members and fittings or connectors that can be economically made, shipped, packaged, assembled, such as in a... Agent: Cross Tread Industries, Inc.

20110300313 - Artificial christmas tree air freshening system: A textured, colored artificial Christmas tree pole covering system includes an air freshener and an exterior resembling a natural tree bark.... Agent:

20110300314 - Materials between transparent layers for decoration: t

20110300315 - Recording medium: The invention provides a recording medium capable of inhibiting cracks and also inhibiting peeling off of an ink receiving layer upon folding of the recording medium. The recording medium has a substrate and an ink receiving layer provided on the substrate, wherein the substrate is a resin-coated substrate obtained by... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300316 - Recording medium: The invention provides a recording medium capable of inhibiting occurrence of undertrapping, lowering the visibility of scratches on the outermost surface of the recording medium and inhibiting occurrence of a mottled pattern when recording is conducted. The recording medium has a substrate and an ink receiving layer provided on the... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300317 - Recording medium: A recording medium includes an ink-receiving layer formed by applying a coating liquid onto at least one surface of a substrate and drying the coating liquid, the coating liquid containing hydrated alumina and a binder, in which the hydrated alumina in the coating liquid has an average particle size of... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300318 - Insulated panel system and structure: One embodiment of the present invention provides an insulated panel system for enhanced insulation of an existing structure, the system comprising an additional insulated layer provided on the surface of an existing structurally insulated panel, attachment means for attaching the additional insulated layer to the existing structurally insulated panel, wherein... Agent:

20110300319 - Substrate provided with a multilayer coating having thermal properties and an absorbent layer: The invention relates to multiple glazing comprising at least two substrates, one substrate being coated on an inner face in contact with a gas-filled cavity with a thin-film multilayer coating having reflection properties in the infrared and/or in solar radiation, said coating comprising a single metallic functional layer (140) and... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110300320 - Buffer packing material having air injection path formed with bypass and method for manufacturing the same: A buffer packing material having an air injection path formed with a bypass according to the present invention comprises a lower outer sheet; a lower inner sheet overlapping with an upper portion of the lower outer sheet so that a releasing band is formed in an upper portion of the... Agent: Reco Co., Ltd.

20110300321 - Hydrogenated styrenic block copolymers blends with polypropylene: The present invention comprises a molding composition comprising at least about 70% wt. polypropylene or polypropylene random copolymer; up to about 30 wt. % of a block copolymer composition comprising at least one selectively hydrogenated block copolymer which substantially matches the index of refraction of the polypropylene or polypropylene random... Agent:

20110300322 - Polyolefin graft poly(meth)acrylate copolymer-based adhesion promoter for coating polyolefin surfaces: The invention relates to a novel halogen-free and acid-free, readily soluble adhesion promoter for polyolefins, said promoter containing (meth)acrylate-grafted, amorphous polyolefins.... Agent: Evonik R&#xd6 Hm Gmbh

20110300323 - Production method for a bulk sic single crystal with a large facet and monocrystalline sic substrate with homogeneous resistance distribution: A method is used to produce a bulk SiC single crystal. A seed crystal is arranged in a crystal growth region of a growing crucible. An SiC growth gas phase is produced in the crystal growth region. The bulk SiC single crystal having a central longitudinal mid-axis grows by deposition... Agent: Sicrystal Ag

20110300324 - Optical recording medium and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention provides an optical recording medium realizing reduced manufacturing cost of the optical recording medium. An optical recording medium 10 includes: a substrate 1; a recording layer 2 formed on the substrate 1, containing In, Sn, Pd, and oxygen, and containing oxygen atoms more than stoichiometric composition of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110300325 - Disc shaped high density recording medium: This invention relates to an optical recording medium in which at least a recording layer and a light transmitting layer are sequentially formed on a substrate and in which the light is illuminated from the light transmitting layer side for recording and/or reproducing information signals, said substrate comprising an injection... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110300326 - Adhesive material reel: The bonding-material reel according to the present invention includes a tape for circuit connection having a tape-shaped base material and an adhesive layer formed on one surface of the base material, and a core around which the tape for circuit connection is wound, wherein the tape for circuit connection has... Agent: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

20110300327 - Polyurethane roller coating process for carpet backing: A method for preparing carpet by using polyurethane to anneal secondary backing to a greige, comprising fibers attached to a primary backing. The polyurethane monomers are mixed just prior to application to the greige primary backing allowing the relatively low viscosity polyurethane to penetrate the fibers of the primary backing... Agent:

20110300328 - Three-dimensionally shaped articles and process for producing the same: Process for producing a three-dimensionally shaped article, comprising the steps a) providing a structure containing a plurality of consolidated films or tapes of uni-directionally oriented polymer, b) forming the structure into a three-dimensionally shaped article by applying a force at a temperature below the melting point of the oriented polymer.... Agent:

20110300329 - Airflow pad: An airflow pad is disclosed that includes first and second external facings of paper material extending between edge portions of the panel and having interior portions disposed remotely from the edge portions. A low-density core of paper material disposed between and associating the external facings to provide stiffness to the... Agent: Pregis Innovative Packaging, Inc.

20110300330 - Resin molding method, die device, and resin molded article: Flow gates 5 capable of protruding and retracting are provided in a cavity 9 of a die 2 to control a resin filling path. The generation of welds or orientation lines in a resin flow pattern is allowed only in an area containing uneven portions outside a design surface but... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110300331 - Laminate countertop insert and template: In one aspect, the invention provides an insert that is incorporated into laminated countertops during fabrication of stock countertop material. Once installed, a guide portion of the insert serves as a template for the later removal of a selected cut-out portion of the insert, to leave an opening in the... Agent: Counter-seal Corp.

20110300332 - Acoustic tile: An acoustic tile comprising a perforated support wherein one of the faces is covered on its entire surface with a nonwoven material, characterized in that the material is coated on at least one face by a photocatalytic composition comprising at least one photocatalyst agent.... Agent: Ahlstrom Corporation

20110300333 - Composite manufacturing method: A method of manufacturing a panel, the panel comprising a composite skin and at least one composite stiffener, the method comprising: positioning first and second mandrels on opposite sides of the stiffener; positioning first and second compaction tools on opposite sides of the skin; and compacting the skin between the... Agent: Airbus Operatios Limited

20110300335 - Cordierite membrane on a cordierite monolith: Described herein is a cordierite membrane coated on a monolith substrate formed from cordierite. The membrane coating is formed from cordierite particles which have been processed to have a median particle size diameter of between 1 and 3 microns with a narrow particle size distribution suitable for forming a cordierite... Agent:

20110300334 - Fibrous structural article and manufacturing method thereof: The present fibrous structural article is a material in a plate-like shape and having multiple fibers adhered to one another, and fibers are oriented from one surface side toward the other surface side of the fibrous structural article, and the fibers are arranged in an annual ring centering on a... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300336 - Method and apparatus for applying strips to surfaces: A method of applying a strip to a surface is disclosed. The strip is laid out spaced apart from a path guide. The path guide is referenced with least two longitudinally spaced apart reference guides to guide an applicator transversely spaced from the reference guides over the strip. The strip... Agent: Duro-last Inc.

20110300338 - Graphene nano ribbons and methods of preparing the same: Methods of preparing graphene nano ribbons may include forming a graphene sheet on at least one surface of a substrate, forming a plasma mask having a nano pattern on the graphene sheet, and forming a nano pattern on the graphene sheet by plasma treating a stack structure on which the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110300339 - High aspect ratio adhesive structure and a method of forming the same: A method of forming a high aspect ratio adhesive structure, the method comprising fabricating a porous template comprising at least a first tier and a second tier; introducing a softened polymer into the template; and separating the polymer from the template.... Agent:

20110300337 - Substrate for light-emitting diode: A substrate for light-emitting diode (LED) has a top surface being divided into a plurality of first units and a plurality of second units. The first units respectively have a plurality of first microstructures, and the second units respectively have a plurality of second microstructures different from the first microstructures... Agent:

20110300340 - Floor mat: The invention relates to floor mats for absorbing liquids, comprising a shell made of a flexible, non-woven spunbonded fabric, wherein the shell comprises a first and a second section, wherein the first and the second sections of the shell are connected to each other in some sections in such a... Agent: Absorbest Ab

20110300341 - Novel three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets: Disclosed are cleaning sheets having substantial macroscopic three-dimensionality. Optionally, the macroscopically three-dimensional cleaning sheets can comprise a contractable material (e.g., a scrim material), which when heated and then cooled contracts so as to provide a macroscopic, three-dimensional structure. Macroscopic three-dimensionality is described in terms of “average peak-to-peak distance” and “surface... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20110300342 - Ceramic coating systems and methods: An article has a metallic substrate. The substrate has a first surface region and a plurality of blind recesses along the first surface region. The substrate has perimeter lips at the openings of the plurality of recesses and extending partially over the respective associated recesses. A ceramic coating is along... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110300343 - Composite truss panel having fluted core: A composite truss structure employs a sandwich-in-sandwich construction in which a composite fluted core is sandwiched between two facesheets, and at least one structural foam stiffener is sandwiched within the core or between the facesheets and/or the core.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110300347 - Fabrication of patterned nanofibers: Various methods and systems are provided for the fabrication of patterned nanofibers. In one embodiment, a method includes generating a layer of electrospun nanofibers from a polymer solution and patterning the layer of electrospun nanofibers using ultraviolet (UV) lithography. The patterned electrospun nanofibers may then be thermally treated to form... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20110300344 - Ink set, recorded material and printed material: wherein Z represents atoms necessary to complete a 5- to 8-membered nitrogen-containing heterocycle; Y1, Y2, R11 and R12 each represents a hydrogen or a substituent; G1 and G2 each represents a hydrogen, an alkyl group, an aralkyl group, an alkenyl group, an alkynyl group, an aryl group or a heterocyclic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110300349 - Printable coating: A primer-less coating composition for facestock comprises: a binder being a water-dispersible polymer; an ethylenically unsaturated compound which is aqueous-dispersible and miscible with or bonded to said water-dispersible polymer, wherein said ethylenically unsaturated compound is able to form a covalent bond with an ink; and a crosslinker, wherein said crosslinker... Agent: Innovia Films Limited

20110300346 - Security films and manufacture thereof: Security films of the type used to make tamper-evident adhesive tape, also methods and apparatus for making the films. A polymer substrate film (10) e.g. of HDPE, is plasma treated while passing over a roller (6). Corona discharge is generated between a discharge electrode (4) and the roller (6). The... Agent: Avon Adhesive Products Limited

20110300345 - Surface having superhydrophobic region and superhydrophilic region: According to an example embodiment, a patterned surface includes a micro-structural surface with a micro or nano pattern on a substrate, wherein the micro-structural surface has superhydrophobic regions and superhydrophilic regions.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110300348 - Vapor permeable retroreflective garment: A vapor permeable retroreflective material for use on protective garments. The material may be formed in a non-continuous pattern that provides a high-level of retroreflective brightness, yet also provides adequate permeability to prevent exposure to trapped thermal energy and heated moisture. The non-continuous retroreflective pattern may include retroreflective regions and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110300350 - Performance textile having gas permeable and protective functions: A performance textile having gas permeable and protective functions includes a flexible fabric and a gas permeable fabric arranged on the flexible fabric. The flexible fabric includes a joining surface. The gas permeable fabric has a plurality of contact regions connecting to the joining surface and a plurality of bulged... Agent:

20110300351 - Method for producing decorative paper and decorative paper: A method reduces the needed input of resin during an impregnation of decorative papers. As a result of the application of an aliphatic anionic polyurethane dispersion containing polycarbonate following printing, the quantity of resin absorbed in the impregnation is reduced by the capillary action of the paper fibers. At the... Agent: Okt Germany Gmbh

20110300352 - Aqueous dispersions of silver particles: A method of preparing an aqueous dispersion comprising silver particles of mean diameter from 0.5 to 25 nm by weight and an aqueous carrier liquid, including the steps of i) providing a mixture comprising at least one silver salt, aqueous carrier liquid and a stabiliser for the particles ii) contacting... Agent: Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

20110300353 - Ink for recording, and ink cartridge, ink recorded matter, inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method using the same: There is provided an ink for recording, which contains: a coloring agent; a water-dispersible resin; a wetting agent; a surfactant; and water, wherein a total solid content of the coloring agent and the water-dispersible resin is 10% by mass to 30% with respect to a total mass of the ink,... Agent:

20110300354 - Combined substrate and method for manufacturing same: A base portion is prepared which has a supporting layer made of a material different from silicon carbide, and a silicon carbide layer formed on the supporting layer. Each of first and second silicon carbide single-crystals is connected onto the silicon carbide layer of the base portion. In this way,... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110300355 - Sintered body of low temperature cofired ceramic and multilayer ceramic substrate: In a sintered body of low temperature cofired ceramic constituting ceramic layers of a multilayer ceramic substrate provided with external conductor films, which is obtained by sintering a non-glass low temperature cofired ceramic material, respective crystalline phases of quartz, alumina, and fresnoite are deposited. The ceramic layers are, because of... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110300356 - Heating insulating laminated glass: Disclosed is a heat insulating laminated glass that includes at least two glass plates and an intermediate film member by which the at least two glass plates are laminated together, wherein the intermediate film member has two intermediate films and a functional plastic film sheet arranged between the two intermediate... Agent: Central Glass Company, Limited

20110300357 - Thermal barrier coating system, components coated therewith and method for applying a thermal barrier coating system to components: A thermal barrier coating system on a base material includes a bond coat layer with a lower face in direct contact with the base material and an upper face, a first ceramic layer in direct contact with the upper face of the bond coating layer and a second ceramic layer... Agent: Alstom Technology Ltd

20110300358 - Shape memory alloy/fiber reinforced polymeric composite structures and method for forming: A carbon fiber composite structure including a first plurality of carbon fiber prepreg plies; and a second plurality of sheets of shape memory alloy interleaved with the first plurality of carbon fiber prepreg plies.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110300359 - Painter's canvas including an agent capable of trapping formaldehyde and manufacturing process: c

20110300365 - Composite structural article: The present composite structural article is a material which is in a plate-like shape and has mutually adhered fibers, and a foam that is arranged in a gap among fibers and is adhered to the fibers. The fibers are oriented from one surface side toward the other surface side thereof,... Agent: Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300361 - Double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Disclosed is a double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive tape which has a small total thickness, includes a foam layer, and excels in removability. The double-coated pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a total thickness of 500 μm or less and includes a foam layer; a reinforcing layer; and two surface pressure-sensitive adhesive layers, in... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110300362 - Fire insulation material: A process for the production of a fire insulation material, the process comprising the steps of vibration of a decomposable substance into alkali earth silicate fibres to form the insulation material; a fire insulation material obtainable by the above process, suitably in the form of a mat; a fire insulation... Agent: Firespray International Limited

20110300360 - High dose film dosimeter based on nitro blue tetrazolium and polyvinyl butyral for radiation processing: NBT-PVA film dosimeters performance is affected due to high humidity levels. NBT-PVB film dosimeters with a relatively small effect of high humidity levels on its performance are invented. NBT-PVB film dosimeters are made by using alcoholic solution to dissolve both of NBT and PVB. The films are very useful for... Agent: King Abdulaziz City Science And Technology

20110300363 - High-strength polypropylene-base barrier film for packing purposes, method for the production and the use thereof: The invention relates to a high-strength and brilliant quality barrier film for packing purposes, in particular for food packaging embodied in the form of a multilayer film based on of at least one carrier layer consisting of a biaxially oriented polypropylene film (PP-film) and of a functional layer based on... Agent: Bruckner Maschinenbau Gmbh

20110300364 - Polymer sheet and method for producing same: A polymer sheet according to at least one embodiment of the present invention is a polymer sheet whose main component is oriented nanocrystals of a polymer, and which satisfies the following conditions (I), (II), and (III): (I) having a crystallinity of not less than 70%; (II) having a tensile strength... Agent: Hiroshima University

20110300367 - Optical fiber with photoacid coating: Disclosed is a composition that includes a photo-curable base composition that contains one or more acrylate-containing compounds; a photoinitiator that activates polymerization of the photo-curable base composition upon exposure to light of a suitable wavelength; and a photo-acid generating compound that liberates an acid group following exposure to the light... Agent:

20110300366 - Thermoregulating, cut-resistant yarn and fabric: The present invention relates to a yarn providing a fabric manufactured thereof with good resistance against cutting as well as thermoregulation properties, said yarn comprising cut-resistant fibers and moisture-wicking fibers wherein said cut-resistant fibers and said moisture-wicking fibers are staple fibers. The invention also relates to a fabric containing thereof... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20110300368 - Nano-fibrils in a fuser member: The present teachings provide a fuser member comprising a substrate and a release layer. The release layer is disposed on the substrate and includes a plurality of carbon nanotubes. The carbon nanotubes have a hydroxyphenylmaleimide group covalently bonded to an outer surface of the plurality of carbon nanotubes and a... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110300369 - Method for recycling cured foam insulation for use in insulating cavities of devices requiring thermal insulation: A method of recycling cured foam insulation having an internal cell/bubble structure is described. The method comprises cutting the cured foam cell insulation into foam pieces of predetermined sizes and shape dependent on the dimensions of cavities to be insulated and incorporating the foam pieces therein. A predetermined volume of... Agent:

20110300370 - Coating method and coated article: Provided is a coating method, including the steps of: applying a coating composition including inorganic fine particles and fluororesin particles in an aqueous medium onto a material to be coated; drying the coating composition on the material to be coated to remove the aqueous medium, thereby forming a porous film... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110300371 - Epitaxial substrate and method for producing same: [Solving Means] The present invention is a method of producing an epitaxial substrate, comprising a step of growing an epitaxial layer on a silicon substrate containing carbon as a dopant to form an epitaxial substrate; and, after the formation of the epitaxial substrate, a step of applying a first thermal... Agent:

20110300373 - Molding material and molded article for laser fusion: A molding material and a molded article for laser welding are provided, which comprise a thermoplastic resin (A) comprising a rubber-reinforced resin (A1) obtained by polymerizing a vinyl monomer in a presence of a rubber-like polymer (a), or a composition (A2) of the rubber-reinforced resin (A1) and a (co)polymer (b)... Agent: Techno Polymer Co., Ltd.

20110300372 - Wear protection coating based on a synthetic resin matrix, method for the production thereof and use thereof: The invention relates to a wear protection layer comprising a mixture of non-uniform transparent hard material particles, which are stored in a matrix material and which comprise a Mohs hardness of at least 6 and transparent solid material particles, wherein the transparent solid material particles encompass a bi-modal grain size... Agent: Center For Abrasives And Refractories Research & Development C.a.r.r.d. Gmbh

20110300374 - Method for preparing a coating resistant to contact corrosion on the surface of titanium alloy: The invention relates to a method for preparing a coating resistant to contact corrosion on the surface of titanium alloy, which comprises the following steps: 1. carrying out degreasing and derusting to a titanium alloy part; 2. carrying out etching treatment on the titanium alloy part; 3. carrying out surface... Agent: Jiangsu Linlong New Materials Co., Ltd.

20110300375 - Comminution of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers: The invention pertains to a process for processing fibers of polyethylene having a molecular weight Mw of at least 10.000.000 g/mol and the use of the so-obtained fiber pieces.... Agent: Hd Kunstdtoffe & Kunststofferzeugnisse Gmbh

20110300376 - Reinforcement of paper pulp-based materials using a reactive alkyd oligomer capable of forming a reprocessable reinforcement resin in situ: Disclosed herein are paper pulp-based materials that are reinforced with reprocessable alkyd resins, which are formed in situ with the materials. Also disclosed herein are methods for coating paper pulp-based materials with alkyd resins, and methods of recycling alkyd resin coated paper pulp-based materials.... Agent:

20110300377 - Radiation-curable adhesive composition for optical component and adhesive optical component: A radiation-curable adhesive composition for an optical component includes 100 parts by weight of a specific (meth)acrylic copolymer (A), 0.01 to 10 parts by weight of a specific radiation-curable acrylic compound (B), 1 to 30 parts by weight of a specific radiation-curable acrylic compound (C), 0.1 to 10 parts by... Agent: Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110300378 - Discontinuous short fiber preform and fiber-reinforced aluminum billet and methods of manufacturing the same: Discontinuous fiber preforms, fiber-reinforced metal matrix composites, and methods of making same are disclosed. A fiber preform includes a milled fiber material having a weighted average fiber length of about 0.03 mm to 0.12 mm and/or a percent fiber volume fraction of the fiber preform of about 15% to about... Agent: Triton Systems, Inc.

20110300379 - Method for producing a filament yarn from an aromatic polyamide: A method for producing a filament yarn from a para-aromatic polyamide, having an optically anisotropic aramid spinning solution filtered within a spinneret arrangement by using a filter having passage openings and extruded within the spinneret arrangement through a plurality of spinning orifices. The extruded anisotropic aramid spinning solution is guided... Agent: Teijin Aramid B.v.

20110300380 - Curable carbohydrate binder compositions for light color or white thermosets: The present invention provides aqueous binder compositions that are free of nitrogen-containing Maillard reactants comprise a carbohydrate component of one or more mono- or di-saccharide and an oligosaccharide having at least three saccharide groups, a polymeric polyacid and a bleaching agent provide cured binders from carbohydrates that enable the provision... Agent:

20110300381 - Novel stable aqueous dispersions of high performance thermoplastic polymer nanoparticles and their uses as film generating agents: Novel aqueous dispersions of thermoplastic polymers suitable for generation of films, notably for the sizing of fibers for facilitating their handling and for making composite materials.... Agent: Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (c.n.r.s.)

20110300382 - Fibers and nonwovens made from uncross-linked alkyd oligomers: Disclosed herein are articles produced from the vitrification of uncross-linked alkyd oligomers. The articles include fibers, nonwovens, and articles made from nonwovens such as, for example, diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene articles, drapes, gowns, sheeting, and bandages. Also disclosed herein is a method for making articles composed of uncross-linked alkyd oligomers.... Agent:

20110300383 - Nanoscaled polymer fibers: The invention relates to supports consisting of nanoscalar polymer fibres, polymer tubes or hollow fibres for the application and targeted and/or delayed release of ingredients, in particular, agricultural active ingredients. The invention also relates to a method and a device for the production of supports of this type in a... Agent: Philipps-universitat Marburg

20110300384 - Powder, method for producing same, and resin composition containing same: Provided is a semiconductor sealing material in which the contamination rate of conductive foreign matter is extremely low. Further provided are powder comprising spherical silica powder and/or spherical alumina powder suitable for preparing such a semiconductor sealing material, a method for producing the same, and a resin composition. The powder... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110300385 - Stabilized lithium metal powder for li-ion application, composition and process: The present invention provides a stabilized lithium metal powder having a substantially continuous protective layer of lithium phosphate on the lithium metal powder.... Agent:

20110300386 - Composite hybrid sheathing panel: The invention is a building construction sheathing panel which employs a two component system, which is comprised of semi-flexible or rigid FRP laminate, adhered or otherwise affixed to a thicker and usually more rigid material such as fiber cement board, cement board, magnesium oxide board or calcium silicate board. The... Agent:

20110300387 - Modified polyvinyl alcohol resins and adhesive, polarizer, and display device containing the same: Provided are a modified polyvinyl alcohol-based resin with an acrylic group introduced thereto and including a hydroxyl group formed during the introduction of the acrylic group, an adhesive including the modified polyvinyl alcohol-based resin having excellent adhesion, humidity resistance, and water resistance, an adhesive including a polyvinyl alcohol-based resin, and... Agent:

20110300388 - Functional molded article and method for producing same: Provided are a functional molded article having sufficient flexibility and moldability and also sufficiently having the function of a functional particle, and a method for producing the same. The functional molded article is formed by molding a mixture containing a functional particle, a binder, and a fibrous substance. The method... Agent: Nippon Valqua Industries, Ltd.

20110300389 - Water-based coating composition and method of forming multilayered coating film: An object of the present invention is to provide an aqueous coating composition with excellent finished appearance and removability in bell cleaning, and a method for forming a multilayer coating film having excellent smoothness by a 3-coat-1-bake method including successively applying an aqueous first colored coating composition, an aqueous second... Agent:

20110300390 - Corrosion resistant metallate compostions: A composition for application to a metal substrate comprising at least one metallate compound comprising hexafluorzirconate, zirconyl nitrate, and/or yttrium nitrate is provided. The composition may further comprise additives that promote corrosion resistance of the metal substrate, or the adhesion of subsequent coatings, such as one or more rare earth... Agent:

20110300391 - Multilayer films having reduced curling: Disclosed is a multilayer film. The multilayer film has the general structure of A/B/A/C or B/A/B/C, wherein A is a nucleated high density polyethylene (HDPE) layer, B is a single or multilayer structure, and C is a seal layer. Adding a nucleating agent to HDPE improves the water vapor barrier... Agent:

20110300392 - Method of manufacturing floor panels containing wood/plastic composite, as well as such panels: A method of manufacturing floor panels comprising at least one layer containing wood/plastic composite (WPC) adjacent an upper surface of the panels includes the step of providing a granulate of WPC in which natural fibers are encapsulated in polymer plastics which has been colored to a desired color for the... Agent: Spanolux N.v.-div. Balterio

20110300393 - Dielectric film, process for producing same, and transducer using same: A dielectric film which has high electrical resistance and excellent durability and a process for producing the dielectric film are provided. Also provided is a transducer which has large displacement and excellent durability. The dielectric film includes a three-dimensional crosslinked body that is synthesized from an organic metal compound, a... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20110300394 - Process for preparing stable dispersions of starch particles: In one or more embodiments, the present disclosure provides for a process for preparing a dispersion of starch particles in an aqueous liquid. In one or more embodiments, the process includes introducing a feed starch and the aqueous liquid into a rotor stator mixer, maintaining the feed starch and the... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110300395 - Corrosion protection system for offshore steel structures and a method for its application: A corrosion protection device (7) as sheathing (8) for a metallic component (3), whose positioning is provided in the effective range of an electrolyte (4) in the form of seawater. According to the present invention, the sheathing (8) is formed of a sheet metal which is connected electrically conductively to... Agent:

20110300396 - Protective metal-clad structures: In various embodiments, a metallic structure includes first and second clad structures each comprising a protective layer disposed over a steel layer, a joint joining the steel layers of first and second clad structures, and, directly connecting the protective layers of the first and second clad structures, a layer of... Agent:

20110300397 - Production system and production method of aluminum alloy billet, and aluminum alloy billet: When aluminum alloy billet obtained by continuously casting molten aluminum alloy in the shape of rod is cut into a predetermined length by means of a cutting device, and then the aluminum alloy billet thus cut is loaded into a product carrier container with an identification mark that has been... Agent: Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd.

20110300398 - Method of producing a relief image from a liquid photopolymer resin: A method of producing a relief image from a liquid photopolymerizable resin, said method comprising the steps of a) placing a coverfilm onto an exposure glass; b) casting a liquid photopolymerizable resin layer onto the coverfilm; c) laminating a substrate to a backside of the liquid photopolymerizable resin layer as... Agent:

20110300399 - Tolerance strips: A tolerance strip is formed a strip of resilient material with corrugations, the corrugations extending transversely across the full width of the strip, the corrugations defining crests with troughs between adjacent corrugations, a central portion of the corrugations being of substantially uniform height across the strip, portions of the corrugations... Agent:

20110300400 - Metal member: High aspect-ratio metal members such as a nanopillar, a nanorod, and the like, and a method of producing the same. The present invention provides high aspect-ratio metal members such as a nanopillar or a nanorod, and a method of producing the same, such metal members being produced by filling the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110300401 - Rolled copper foil or electrolytic copper foil for electronic circuit, and method of forming electronic circuit using same: A rolled copper foil or electrolytic copper foil for an electronic circuit to be used for forming a circuit by etching, characterized in comprising a layer of metal of one or more types among a platinum group, gold and silver with an etching rate that is lower than the copper... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110300402 - Steel sheet for container use and method of production of same: Steel sheet for container use able to realize superior corrosion resistance and canmaking ability, wherein at least one side of the steel sheet is provided with a chemical conversion coating film including a mixture of a zirconium oxide compound and a zirconium phosphate compound, the zirconium oxide compound is segregated... Agent:

20110300403 - Fabrication of structural armor: Fabrication techniques for and examples of metallic composite materials with high toughness, high strength, and lightweight for various structural, armor, and structural-armor applications. For example, various advanced materials based on metallic-intermetallic laminate (MIL) composite materials are described, including materials with passive damping features and built-in sensors.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110300405 - Oxidation resistant components and related methods: Oxidation resistant components and methods for creating an aluminum diffusion surface layer within substantially nickel- and cobalt-free components are disclosed. An aluminum-containing slurry may be applied to a component. The component may then be heated to diffuse aluminum into the component and to form an aluminum diffusion surface layer therein.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110300404 - Oxidation resistant components with improved high temperature strength and related methods: An oxidation resistant component with high temperature strength and a method of creating such component are disclosed. A modified base metal may be formed by adding at least two strengthening additives to a base metal, the base metal being substantially free from both nickel and cobalt and comprising from about... Agent: General Electric Company

20110300406 - Painted metal parts with non-hexavalent chromium chemical conversion coating and process: A method including forming a first layer comprising a non-hexavalent chromium chemical conversion coating on a metal surface; and forming a second layer on the first layer through a sol gel process. An apparatus including a metal component having at least one surface; a first layer comprising a chemical conversion... Agent: Allfast Fastening Systems, Inc.

20110300407 - Aluminum-plated steel sheet having superior corrosion resistance, hot press formed product using the same, and method for production thereof: Provided are a coated steel sheet, a hot press formed product using the steel sheet, and a producing method thereof. Conditions for hot-dip coating bath are optimized when an aluminum-coated steel sheet is produced using a hot rolled steel sheet or a cold rolled steel sheet, and processes are controlled... Agent: Posco

20110300408 - Method and device for producing low-wear hard coatings: The present application relates to a method and to a device for producing a low-wear nickel and boron-containing hard coating on a metal surface. In the method according to the invention, boron or boron compound particles are dispersed in a nickel-containing electrolyte by way of gases flowing through the electrolyte.... Agent: Initonem Ag

20110300409 - Magnetic recording head and magnetic recording apparatus: An example magnetic recording head includes: a main magnetic pole; a laminated body; and a pair of electrodes. The laminated body includes a first magnetic layer having a coercivity lower than magnetic field applied by the main magnetic pole, a second magnetic layer having a coercivity lower than the magnetic... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110300410 - Bit-patterned magnetic media formed in filler layer recesses: A recessed field is formed surrounding resist columns that are in a pattern of bit patterned magnetic media. A filler layer is formed in the recessed field. The resist columns are removed to leave recesses in the filler layer that replicate the pattern. Bit patterned magnetic media is formed in... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

12/01/2011 > 112 patent applications in 76 patent subcategories.

20110293856 - Retardation element: The present invention pertains to a retardation element containing a liquid crystalline compound, and at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a compound represented by the following formula (1), a compound represented by the following formula (2) and a compound represented by the following formula (3). In... Agent:

20110293857 - Laminate for laminated glass: e

20110293858 - Security film and process for preparation thereof: Disclosed herein are an anti-counterfeiting film and process for preparation thereof. The anti-counterfeiting film comprises a directional retroreflective layer (1), an optical-angle-based color-changing information layer (2), a reflective layer (3) and a support layer (4) which are combined in this turn. The support layer (4) is made of a polymer... Agent: Shanghai Fudan Techsun New Technology Co. Ltd.

20110293859 - Pre-stressed substrate for photographic paper: A pre-stressed substrate for a photographic paper includes a base paper having a front surface and a back surface; a top pre-stress coat on the front surface, the top pre-stress coat including a first pre-stress mixture containing at least a first pigment, a first binding material including a first water... Agent:

20110293860 - Recording medium: The invention provides a recording medium having excellent ink absorbency and capable of forming a sharp image thereon. The recording medium has a substrate, and a first layer and an outermost layer provided on the substrate in this order, wherein the first layer contains at least one of alumina and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110293861 - Plastic hollow plate: A plastic hollow plate is composed of an upper plate, a lower plate, and plural ribs connected between the upper plate and the lower plate. The ribs are positioned obliquely in parallel so as to shield sunlight. And with plural inclined passages formed between every two adjacent ribs, the plastic... Agent:

20110293862 - Single-layer or multilayer tubular food packaging film that can be smoked and air-dried, and method for the manufacture thereof: The present invention relates to a single-layer or multilayer tubular food packaging film that can be smoked and air-dried, in particular a sausage casing, for smoked and/or air-dried sausage or meat goods, wherein the polymer-based food film is manufactured of a homogeneous molten plastic material in a (co-)extrusion film blow... Agent: Kuhne Anlagenbau Gmbh

20110293864 - Apparatus for inflating and sealing pillows in packaging cushions: A machine which inflates and seals pillows in packaging is compact in overall size, can be conveniently operated to produce varied lengths of strips of inflated pillow-type packaging as needed, can begin production of inflated pillow-type strip packaging immediately after being held out of a production cycle for some period... Agent: Free-flow Packaging International, Inc.

20110293863 - Recipient for containing moist substrate: A recipient for containing moist substrate, which recipient includes a flexible polymer wall having an outer surface and at least one gas exchanging membrane, which gas exchanging membrane is hermetically sealed to the outer surface of the flexible polymer wall along a sealing line. The sealing line defining a hermetically... Agent:

20110293866 - Active implantable device: One aspect relates to a method for connecting a housing of an active implantable medical device to a head part, whereby an uncured joining agent that is arranged, at least in part, between the housing and the head part is transitioned into a cured joining agent to attain a firmly... Agent: W.c. Heraeus Gmbh

20110293865 - Methods for branching pha using thermolysis: Branched PHA compositions, and related methods and articles are disclosed.... Agent: Metabolix, Inc.

20110293867 - Propylene-butene random copolymer produced in the presence of a metallocene catalyst: Propylene copolymer (a) comprising at least 1-butene as a comonomer, (b) having a comonomer content in the range of 1.0 to 3.0 wt.-%, (c) having a xylene soluble fraction equal or below 2.5 wt.-%, and (d) being partially crystallized in the β-modification.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110293868 - Thermoplastic polyamide moulding compositions: The invention relates to thermoplastic polyamide moulding compositions containing: (A) at least 20% by wt. polyamide and/or at least one copolymer containing at least 20% by wt. polyamide structural units; (B) 0.01% by wt. to 2% by wt., relative to the polyamide portion and/or the portion of polyamide structural units,... Agent: Ems-chemie Ag

20110293869 - High melt flow random polypropylene copolymer: The present invention provides polymer compositions, comprising a random propylene copolymer having an MFR2 value of 70 or more (g/10 min), which is in particular suitable for preparing thin-walled packaging products by injection molding.... Agent: Borealis Technology Oy

20110293870 - Composite cover sheet and cover sheet assembly: A composite cover sheet includes a first protective film, a first adhesive layer, a second protective film and a second adhesive layer. The first protective film has a first sticking part and a first movable part. The first protective film is attached to a base sheet through the first adhesive... Agent:

20110293871 - Laminating film and method of using same: The present invention relates to a substantially transparent, linerless, self-wound, pressure sensitive adhesive laminating film which is particularly useful for wide format graphics laminating applications, and a method of using same.... Agent:

20110293872 - Method and apparatus for the manufacture of razor head component, and components thus manufactured: A method of manufacturing a razor head component that includes the steps of: providing a strip of material elongated along a first direction, the strip having first and second edges parallel with the first direction; having a first portion that includes a first edge, a second portion having a second... Agent: Bic-violex Sa

20110293873 - Irregular tessellated building units: An irregular, tessellated building unit comprises x primary elements, wherein x is an integer equal to or greater than 1. The primary element is a rotational tessellation having a plural pairs of sides extending in a generally radial direction from plural vertices, respectively. In each pair, the two sides are... Agent: Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.

20110293874 - Hybrid substrate and method for producing the same: The hybrid substrate of the present invention comprises a ceramic substrate assembly composed of a plurality of ceramic substrates, insulating resin layers disposed respectively on both surfaces of the ceramic substrate assembly such that they are opposed to each other, each of the insulating resin layers being made at least... Agent:

20110293875 - Piece of cloth and cloth product consisting of a large number of pieces of cloth: Provided is a piece of cloth, wherein clothing composed of a soft and lightweight material can be constituted of flat small pieces. A piece of cloth consists of a hexagonal central part, and first and second peripheral edge parts located alternately at the peripheral edges of the central part. The... Agent: Builmatel Co., Ltd.

20110293876 - Biodegradable vehicle panels: The present invention provides biodegradable compositions, resins comprising the same, and composites thereof.... Agent: E2e Materials

20110293877 - Polylactic acid products and their use: The invention is directed to materials comprising polylactic acid (PLA). In accordance with the invention, PLA material is stretched in at least the machine direction at a total stretch ratio of 1:4 or more. These materials have excellent biodegradability and find use in horticulture, in particular for tying up plants... Agent: Lankhorst Pure Composites B.v.

20110293878 - Releasable protective layer on a gasket: Gasket materials having releasable protective layers formed thereon and method of making the same are disclosed. The releasable protective layers provided added strength to the gasket materials to help prevent cracks and chips in the gasket materials that can occur during handling, transporting, and cutting of gasket material. The protective... Agent: Garlock Sealing Technologies, LLC

20110293879 - Assemblies comprising block co-polymer films and nanorods: Provided is an assembly including a block co-polymer film and a plurality of nano-rods; where the plurality of nano-rods are oriented at the surface of the block co-polymer film, substantially perpendicular to at least one interface between block co-polymer domains. Further provided are methods of assembly formation and devices including... Agent: Yissum Research Development Company Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Ltd.

20110293880 - Bamboo artificial board and producing method thereof: The present invention provides a bamboo-based panel comprising a hunk bamboo bundle mat based panel and a bamboo fiber reinforced composite. The bamboo-based panel comprises several pieces of the hunk bamboo bundle mats or oriented bamboo fiber mats (OBFM) which are parallel or cross laid up with each other, the... Agent:

20110293881 - Method for producing laid fibre fabrics, and laid fibre fabrics and their use: The invention relates to a method for producing a fibre layer with a longitudinal direction, wherein the method is based on the fact that fibre bundles having the same or a different fibre fineness which are guided in parallel are guided together in an overspread, overlapping manner and as a... Agent: Sgl Carbon Se

20110293882 - Cordierite compositions for improved extrusion process quality: A green ceramic composition and a green ceramic body. The green composition and the body formed therefrom have sufficiently high wet strength to prevent formation of defects due to differential flow. The composition does not include calcined clays and comprises hydrated clays, cordierite precursors such as alumina, talc, and silica,... Agent:

20110293883 - Cordierite porous ceramic honeycomb articles: Porous ceramic honeycomb articles for use as particulate filters and processes for making the same are described herein. The porous ceramic honeycomb articles include a fired cordierite body. The fired cordierite body has a microcrack parameter (Nb3) of about 0.05 to about 0.25 prior to exposure to a microcracking condition.... Agent:

20110293884 - Three-dimensional nano-structure array: A three-dimensional nano-structure array includes a substrate and a number of three-dimensional nano-structures. The three-dimensional nano-structures are located on a surface of the substrate. Each of the plurality of three-dimensional nano-structures is a stepped bulge. The stepped bulge includes a first cylinder located on the substrate and a second cylinder... Agent: Tsinghua University

20110293885 - Bamboo artificial board unit, manufacturing method thereof and apparatus therefor: The present invention provides a bamboo based panel unit comprising a hunk bamboo bundle mat and an oriented bamboo fiber mat (OBFM). Series of dotted and/or linear shaped cracks are formed on the cylinder wall of a semicircular bamboo tube which is split and whose inner nodes are removed. The... Agent:

20110293886 - Hydrophilic apertured formed film: An apertured formed film particularly suited for use as a topsheet or transfer layer in an absorbent article comprises at least one thermoplastic olefin polymer and a fatty alcohol in an amount sufficient to increase the hydrophilic affinity of the film.... Agent: Tredegar Film Products Corporation

20110293887 - Method and apparatus for imprinting a three-dimensional design into a synthetic material: A method, product, and apparatus for imprinting a three-dimensional design into a textured surface of a synthetic material includes laser-ablating the design into the synthetic material and then imprinting the design. The design is laser-ablated into the textured surface of the synthetic material by vaporizing a portion of the material... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20110293889 - Novel and improved processes for the preparation of paliperidone: The present invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of paliperidone and its intermediates and also relates to an improved process for the preparation of paliperidone compound of formula (I).... Agent: Msn Laboratories Limited

20110293888 - Patterned inorganic layers, radiation based patterning compositions and corresponding methods: Stabilized precursor solutions can be used to form radiation inorganic coating materials. The precursor solutions generally comprise metal suboxide cations, peroxide-based ligands and polyatomic anions. Design of the precursor solutions can be performed to achieve a high level of stability of the precursor solutions. The resulting coating materials can be... Agent:

20110293890 - Low etch pit density (epd) semi-insulating iii-v wafers: Systems and methods of manufacturing wafers are disclosed using a low EPD crystal growth process and a wafer annealing process are provided resulting in III-V/GaAs wafers that provide higher device yields from the wafer. In one exemplary implementation, there is provided a method of manufacturing a group III based material... Agent: Axt, Inc.

20110293893 - Decoration for wall of building: Disclosed herein is a decorative material installed on a building wall. The decorative material of the building wall includes: a plurality of semicircular unit parts (10); and a rectangular base board (20), to which the unit parts are adhered in a certain pattern. Each of the semicircular unit parts (10),... Agent:

20110293892 - Heat-insulating and sound absorbing material for the heat-insulating and sound absorbing structure of a car body: [METHOD FOR SOLVING THE SUBJECT] A heat-insulating and sound absorbing material is provided in the invention. The heat-insulating and sound absorbing material is characterized by an air-flow resistance controlling layer which lies between an air-permeable rigid layer and an air-permeable resilient layer, wherein the air-flow resistance controlling layer is a... Agent:

20110293891 - Photocurable compositions for preparing abs-like articles: The present invention provides a clear, low viscosity photocurable composition including (i) a cationically curable compound (ii) an acrylate-containing compound (iii) a polyol-containing mixture (iv) a cationic photoinitiator and (v) a free radical photoinitiator. The photocurable composition can be cured using rapid prototyping techniques to form opaque-white three-dimensional articles having... Agent: Huntsman International LLC

20110293894 - Ceramic electronic component: e

20110293895 - Composite material for the protection of h2o sensitive devices based on surface functionalized nanozeolites dispersed in a polymeric matrix: The present invention relates to a moisture barrier for the protection of internal environment of sensitive devices comprising a homogeneous dispersion of superficially functionalized containing surface modifying organic group belonging to the same chemical class of at least one functional group of the polymeric compound, to a process for the... Agent: Saes Getters S.p.a.

20110293900 - Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, and resist film and pattern forming method using the same: An actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition comprising (A) a fluorine-containing compound capable of generating an acid upon irradiation with an actinic ray or radiation, wherein the acid has a polarity converting group, and the fluorine content of the fluorine-containing compound (A) is 20% or more based on the molecular... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110293901 - Combination of base layer and ink for inkjet for manufacturing electronic component: A base layer is formed on the surface of metal plate, metal pipe, unbaked ceramic sheet, laminated ceramic green sheet, etc., the base layer causing a gelling reaction with inkjet-ink. The base layer improves ink acceptability for low viscosity inks such as inkjet-ink, and prevents oozing, draining, uneven thickness of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110293898 - Ink set, textile printing method and printed textile: Provided is a pretreatment liquid used when a fabric is pretreated before ink is printed on the fabric, the liquid including water, polyvalent metal ions and first fine polymer particles, wherein the first fine polymer particles are crosslinkable polyurethane and/or crosslinkable polyurethane-polyurea and have a glass transition temperature of −10°... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110293902 - Multi-polymer grip member: A grip member and a method of making such a grip member including at least a polymerized region with two or more polymers. The first and second polymers cooperate to each form a portion of the top surface of the region. The region may be combined with a substrate to... Agent:

20110293899 - Polymer-bonded perylene dyes and compositions containing same: A method of increasing the solubility and/or dispersibility of a perylene dye in a liquid medium. The method comprises binding the perylene dye to a polymer which is soluble in the liquid medium. This abstract is neither intended to define the invention disclosed in this specification nor intended to limit... Agent: Sicpa Holding Sa

20110293897 - Relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving, process for making relief printing plate, and relief printing plate: A relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving is provided that includes above a support, as a crosslinked relief-forming layer, a thermally crosslinked layer of a resin composition for laser engraving that includes (Component A) a compound containing a hydrolyzable silyl group and/or a silanol group and that does not... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110293896 - Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing same, and relief printing plate and process for making same: A resin composition for laser engraving is provided that includes (Component A) a compound having a hydrolyzable silyl group and/or a silanol group, (Component B) a depolymerization catalyst and/or a depolymerization catalyst precursor, and (Component C) a depolymerizable binder polymer. There are also provided a relief printing plate precursor for... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110293903 - Wave soldering apparatus to apply buoyancy, soldering method, and method of forming solder bumps for flip chips on a substrate: The present general inventive concept includes a wave soldering apparatus, a soldering method using the wave soldering apparatus, and a method of forming a solder bump for a flip chip. The wave soldering apparatus includes a solder bath containing a molten solder. A nozzle is arranged in the solder bath... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110293904 - Method for manufacturing a surface element: attaching a pressing tool (10) and application of pressure onto the surface element (6), with a redistribution of printing ink (5) or dyed resin occurring alongside the surface (4) to be imprinted depending on a structure (11, 12) of the pressing tool (10), so that a colour saturation is influenced... Agent: Pergo Ag

20110293906 - Production method: A method for producing a panel is disclosed. The method includes the step of applying steam on a dry powder layer on a core. Thereafter is a heat and pressure applied to the powder layer in order to bond the powder together.... Agent: Valinge Innovation Belgium Bvba

20110293905 - Superbrasvie tools containing uniformly leveled superabrasive particles and associated methods: A superabrasive tools having uniformly leveled superabrasive particles and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, for example, a superabrasive can include a metal matrix configured for bonding superabrasive particles and a plurality superabrasive particles held in the metal matrix at specific positions according to a predetermined pattern, wherein tips... Agent:

20110293907 - Laser parameter adjustment: A method is provided for removing a substrate from a component with a laser. The method includes the steps of: applying a laser to a component at different locations with different power or different laser speed levels so as to remove a portion of a substrate from the component and... Agent:

20110293908 - Multi color, photoactive, color changing compositions and uv dosimeters: A multi color, photoactive, color changing plastic, coating or ink, composition comprising both a photochromic material and a photosensitive chromogenic system is provided which will undergo a sequence of color changes upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Also provided is an ultraviolet indicator or dosimeter comprising the color changing composition.... Agent: Basf Se

20110293909 - Multilayer nitride hard coatings: A wear resistant multilayer nitride hard coating for substrates. The hard coating includes a first layer of titanium aluminum nitride and a second layer comprising a plurality of sublayer groups. Each sublayer group includes a first sublayer of titanium silicon nitride and a second sublayer of titanium aluminum nitride. The... Agent: Kennametal, Inc.

20110293912 - Multi-layer film composite having a polycarbonate layer: The invention relates to a multi-layer film composite having at least one layer made of polycarbonate or copolycarbonate, characterized in that the polycarbonate or copolycarbonate comprises at least one additive of the general formulas (1) to (8), R1 are selected independently of each other from the group made of C10-C25-alkyl,... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110293911 - Nonwoven textile made from short fibers: A method of forming a nonwoven material, the method comprising: receiving fibrous material comprising thermo-plastic fibers; processing the fibrous material to produce short fibers; adding the short fibers to a preformed web; and heating and optionally compressing the preformed web to form a nonwoven material.... Agent: Eman8 Pty Ltd.

20110293910 - Polyimide film: The present invention is directed to a polyimide film with a uniform orientation angle in the transverse direction of the film. A polyimide film characterized by the fact that the width of the fabricated film is ≧1.5 m, 2 points positioned inside by 200 mm from both ends of the... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110293913 - Resin composition: the resin component comprises (B) an ethylene-based copolymer containing a glycidyl group (component B), (C) a modified polyolefin resin modified with an unsaturated carboxylic acid and/or an unsaturated carboxylic acid derivative (component C), and (D) a polyolefin resin having a melt flow rate of 40 to 200 g/10 min (component... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110293916 - Gypsum wallboard and method of making same: A coalescing additive is used in the manufacturing process for gypsum wallboard. Such an additive increases the surface area and density of the slurry at the paper to core interface by coalescing the foam cells away from the paper core interface. This permits a stronger paper to core bond to... Agent: National Gypsum Properties, LLC

20110293915 - High-pressure device: The invention relates to a high-pressure device for application of an expandable reaction mixture on a surface, to a method for producing expandable foams, to a device for producing sandwich composite elements, and to a method for producing expanded sandwich composite elements. The high-pressure device includes a mixing head, a... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110293914 - Shaped foam composite article: The present invention is a method to manufacture shaped foam composite articles comprising a foam core and one or more skin and shaped foam composite articles made therefrom. Specifically, cold formed shaped foam articles having an upper and lower surface having a skin applied to one or both of the... Agent:

20110293917 - Porous inorganic membranes and method of manufacture: A method is provided for making a porous inorganic membrane by using a mixture of an inorganic material, organic polymer particles and a solvent to form a slurry, the particles being non-spherical, distributing the slurry onto a surface, drying the slurry to remove the solvent and firing the dried slurry... Agent:

20110293918 - Producing an item by the selective fusion of polymer powder layers: A method for manufacturing items by the selective fusion of polymer powder layers, particularly rapid prototyping by solid phase sintering a thermoplastic polymer powder by means of a laser, having characteristics of grading and particle distribution is described. Items obtained from such a method are also described.... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20110293919 - Combustion cold spray: Different types of apparatus for fabricating a deposit, method of deposition and an article are presented. The apparatus include a thermal spray gun comprising a combustion chamber, combustion zone, an air injection port, a fuel injection port, a nozzle and a liquid injection port. The combustion zone exists between the... Agent: General Electric Company

20110293922 - Conductive resin composition, method for manufacturing electronic component using same, bonding method, bonding structure, and electronic component: A conductive resin composition which includes (a) a curable resin and (b) hard spherical carbon formed by coating the surface of a spherical base carbon particle with fine carbon particles and/or pitch-derived fine carbon pieces is used to electrically bond two conductive elements. The conductive resin composition is supplied to... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110293920 - Fluoropolymer non-stick coatings: (a) an aqueous medium, (b) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of at least 290° C., (c) melt-fabricable perfluoropolymer dispersed in said aqueous medium and having a melting temperature of no greater than 270° C., and (d) water miscible organic liquid having a boiling... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110293921 - Polymer composition having heat-absorbing properties and improved colour properties: An embodiment of the present invention relates to a composition comprising a) at least one transparent thermoplastic material; b) at least one inorganic IR absorber comprising at least one boride compound present in an amount of from 0.0015 wt. % to 0.015 wt. %, calculated as solids content of boride... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110293923 - Metallic articles having vitreous or glass-ceramic pigmented protective layers having a high chemical resistance: Metallic substrates with a vitreous or glass-ceramic pigmented protective layer are obtainable by applying an alkali metal silicate-containing coating sol to the substrate or a surface thereof and thermally densifying the layer thus obtained, said alkali metal silicate-containing coating sol comprising an oxidic pigment of at least one element selected... Agent: Epg (engineered Nanoproducts Germany) Ag

20110293924 - Housing structure for electronic device and manufacturing method thereof: A housing structure for an electronic device and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The housing structure includes a composite material panel. An inner surface of the composite material panel is coated with a film medium layer. One surface of the film medium layer is adhered to the inner surface... Agent: Kunshan Tong-yin Industrial Electronic Making Co., Ltd.

20110293926 - Lead frame for optical semiconductor devices, method of producing the same, and optical semiconductor device: A lead frame for optical semiconductor devices in which a layer 2 composed of silver or a silver alloy is formed on an electrically-conductive substrate 1, having: a surface layer 4 composed of a metal or alloy thereof excellent in corrosion resistance as an outermost layer, wherein a concentration of... Agent: Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

20110293925 - System, method and apparatus for polymer seals to form positive shut-off for insert molding of liquid silicone rubber: An object is formed on a component with a positive flash shut-off during insert molding operations. The mold has a base with a cavity and a port that delivers a liquid to the cavity. The base has a component support structure for supporting the component and pockets formed on opposite... Agent: Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

20110293927 - Multilayer sheet and methods of making and articles comprising the multilayer sheet: In some embodiments, a multilayer sheet comprises: a first cap layer formed from a first cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; a second cap layer formed from a second cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; and a core layer formed from a core composition comprising polycarbonate... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110293929 - Air oxidizable scratch resistant protective layer for optical coatings: The present invention provides a scratch protecting layer comprising a metal, metal alloy, metal compound or an intermetallic layer deposited on an air contacting surface. The scratch protecting layer is typically from 1 to 3 nanometers thick and not optically absorbing after oxidation occurs. This layer is initially deposited in... Agent: Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

20110293928 - Method for strengthening glass and glass using the same: A method for strengthening glass and a glass using the same are provided. The method for strengthening glass includes the following steps. Firstly, a glass substrate, which has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, is provided. Next, a barrier film is formed on at... Agent: Dongguan Masstop Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.

20110293930 - Multilayer sheet and methods of making and articles comprising the multilayer sheet: In some embodiments, a multilayer sheet comprises: a first cap layer formed from a first cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; a second cap layer formed from a second cap composition comprising polycarbonate and potassium perfluorobutane sulfonate; and a core layer formed from a core composition comprising polycarbonate... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110293932 - Adhesion with nanocrystalline cellulose: Nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) obtained by sulfuric acid hydrolysis is used as an adhesive. Aqueous suspensions of NCC in acid form H-NCC or in a neutralized form in which protons of the acid form are replaced by a monovalent cation such as sodium ion are adhesives.... Agent: Fpinnovations

20110293931 - Single-ply dispersible wet wipes with enhanced dispersibility: A single-ply dispersible wet wipe constructed from a single-ply wipe substrate containing a fibrous substrate and a binder composition is disclosed. The binder composition may be applied substantially to the outer surfaces of the fibrous substrate. The wet wipes also contain a wetting composition containing between about 0.5 and about... Agent:

20110293933 - Adhesive composition and polarizing plate comprising the same: Disclosed are an adhesive composition and a polarizing plate including the same and, more particularly, an adhesive composition including a vinyl-acrylate copolymer including a hydroxyalkylvinylether monomer as a repeating unit, a cross-linking agent, ionic solid, and a silane coupling agent and, in addition, a polarizing plate including the same. Such... Agent: Dongwoo Fine-chem Co., Ltd.

20110293934 - Protein adhesive formulations with amine-epichlorohydrin and isocyanate additives: Disclosed is an adhesive composition comprising a protein component, an AE adduct component and an isocyanate component. Also disclosed is a composite and a method of making a composite comprising a substrate and the adhesive composition of the present invention.... Agent:

20110293936 - Fiber strand and implantable supporting body having a fiber strand: The invention relates to a fiber strand (10) for an implantable supporting body (100) comprising at least two individual fibers (12). The at least two individual fibers (12) are each shorter in their longitudinal extent than the longitudinal extent (14) of the fiber strand, and in their transverse extent they... Agent: Biotronik Vi Patent Ag

20110293935 - Preparation of non-spun silk and corresponding products: A method for preparing a textile can include obtaining silk components, such as non-spun silk components, from a cocoon. The method can also involve assembling the obtained silk components obtained from the cocoon into a pattern, and attaching the non-spun silk components together. The method can still further involve shaping... Agent:

20110293937 - High molecular weight poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether) and process therefor: A poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether) having a high molecular weight and a reduced content of low molecular weight species can be prepared by a method that includes specific conditions for the oxidative polymerization, chelation, and isolation steps. The poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene ether) is particularly useful for the fabrication of fluid separation membranes.... Agent:

20110293938 - Method for producing poly-3-hydroxyalkanoic acid and agglomerates thereof: When industrially separating and purifying poly-3-hydroxyalkanoic acid produced by a microorganism, to obtain poly-3-hydroxyalkanoic acid agglomerates having an arbitrary volume mean particle diameter with favorable productivity and with decreased amount of an organic solvent used is enabled while decreasing contaminants derived from constitutive components of cellular bodies. According to the... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110293939 - Method of making non-hollow, non-fragmented spherical metal or metal alloy particles: The invention is directed to making non-hollow, non-fragmented spherical metal or metal alloy particles.... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company University Of Maryland

20110293940 - Coated, fine metal particles and their production method: A method for producing coated, fine metal particles each having a Ti oxide coating and a silicon oxide coating formed in this order on a metal core particle by mixing powder comprising TiC and TiN with oxide powder of a metal M meeting the relation of ΔGM-O>ΔGTiO2, wherein ΔGM-O represents... Agent: Hitachi Metals, Ltd

20110293941 - Inorganic material made of spherical particles of specific size and having metallic nanoparticles trapped in a mesostructured matrix: An inorganic material is described, which consists of at least two elementary spherical particles, each one of said spherical particles comprising metallic nanoparticles of size ranging between 1 and 300 nm and a mesostructured matrix based on an oxide of at least one element X selected from the group made... Agent: Ifp Energies Nouvelles

20110293942 - Variable temperature/continuous ion exchange process: A method of ion exchanging glass and glass ceramic articles. The method includes immersion of at least one such article in an ion exchange bath having a first end and a second end that are heated to first and second temperatures, respectively. The first and second temperature may either be... Agent:

20110293943 - Fluoropolymer additive for coatings: This invention relates to a composition comprising a solvent-based fluoropolymer and its use as a coating additive, and a coating composition comprising the fluoropolymer. The coating composition comprising the solvent-based fluoropolymer provides desirable properties including uniform spreading, and cleanability and increased contact angle to a coated substrate. There is further... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110293944 - Leather article having improved soil resistance and method of making same: The present invention provides a leather article comprising a leather substrate having thereon at least one primer layer and a top layer, said top layer comprising a cross-linked composition obtainable by cross-linking a composition comprising one or more multi-functional monomers having two or more ethylenically unsaturated groups and optionally one... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110293945 - Vinylidene fluoride resin film: To a resin component composed of a vinylidene fluoride resin and a methacrylic acid ester resin, a predetermined amount of a titanium oxide surface treated with alumina and silica and a predetermined amount of a fatty acid ester of polyethylene glycol and/or its derivative are added to prepare a vinylidene... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110293946 - Composition for use as non-stick coating: A substrate with a non stick surface which is obtained by sequentially applying on the substrate and curing of at least three coating layers. All coating layers comprise a fluorocarbon resin and some other resins, the basecoat layer and the topcoat layer comprise inorganic particles.... Agent: Whitford B.v.

20110293947 - Coating method and structure thereof: The present invention discloses a coating method and a structure thereof applicable to absorb the heat radiation and heat dissipation. The method comprises the steps of: providing a metal material and an insulating material; melting the metal material and the insulating material; atomizing and spraying the metal material on a... Agent: Chenming Mold Ind. Corp.

20110293948 - Method for coating molded articles: This invention discloses a coating method of plastic molded articles, which can form multilayer coating film composed of three layers of water-based primer, water-based base paint and clear paint, the film excelling in adherability to plastic molded articles, water resistance and durability, even when low-temperature baking at not higher than... Agent:

20110293949 - Solvent-based fluoropolymer additives and their use in coating compositions: This invention relates to a composition comprising a solvent-based fluoropolymer and its use as a coating additive, and a coating composition comprising the fluoropolymer. The coating composition comprising the solvent-based fluoropolymer provides desirable properties including uniform spreading, and cleanability and increased contact angle to a coated substrate. There is further... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110293951 - Aqueous siloxane coating composition, making method, surface treating agent, surface treated steel, and coated steel: A cohydrolyzate and/or (partial) cohydrolytic condensate obtained from hydrolysis of (i) an epoxy-containing silane coupling agent, (ii) an organosilicon compound having at least two hydrolyzable silyl groups, and (iv) another hydrolyzable silyl group-containing organosilicon compound in the presence of (iii) an aqueous silica sol is dissolved and/or dispersed in water... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110293952 - Composition and process for sealing the surface of building materials: A composition is described, for filling the pores existing in the surfaces of coatings used in architecture, both for exteriors and for interiors, whose function is protecting the above surfaces against stains, comprising: sodium silicate to form a film; natural or synthetic mineral nano-charges to reduce, when drying, the shrinkage... Agent:

20110293950 - Non-stick ceramic coating composition and process: A series of new non-stick ceramic coating materials prepared from organic-inorganic hybrid materials, including silica sol, MTMS, FAS and PDMS (Polydimethylsiloxane) using the sol-gel process. The hybrid materials have good mechanical properties and are fashioned into a main ceramic network and good non-stick properties from organic non-stick compounds. The non-stick... Agent: Brocker Development B.v.

20110293953 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for polarizer and polarizer formed using same: An object is to provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for a polarizer that is excellent in durability and simultaneously is excellent in prevention of leakage of light, without the use of a high-energy light ray. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for a polarizer contains components (A) to (C) and having a... Agent: Soken Chemical & Engineering Co., Ltd.

20110293954 - Application of high toughness, low viscosity nano-molecular resin for reinforcing pothole patching materials in asphalt and concrete base pavement: Described herein are methods of improving the durability of concrete by the infusion of the concrete with a low-viscosity oligomeric solution, and subsequent curing of the oligomeric solution to form a high toughness polymer. Also described herein are compositions containing concrete and high toughness polymers, and formed articles made from... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20110293955 - Methods of forming a boron nitride, a method of conditioning a ballistic weapon, and a metal article coated with a monomeric boron-nitrogen compound: A method of forming a boron nitride. The method comprises contacting a metal article with a monomeric boron-nitrogen compound and converting the monomeric boron-nitrogen compound to a boron nitride. The boron nitride is formed on the same or a different metal article. The monomeric boron-nitrogen compound is borazine, cycloborazane, trimethylcycloborazane,... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20110293956 - Dry lamination method and laminate obtained by using the same: Provided is a dry lamination method, and a laminate having superior appearance obtained by the method. The method in which an adhesive having a solid matter content of 35 wt % or more diluted in a solvent is applied onto a film according to a gravure process, the solvent is... Agent: Toyo-morton, Ltd.

20110293957 - barrier material and method for making the same: The present invention relates to a biopolymer based barrier coating composition wherein said biopolymer based barrier coating composition comprises a plasticizer, a nano-sized clay and a biopolymer comprising a native starch and/or a de-graded starch and/or a chemically modified starch. The present invention also relates to a method for preparing... Agent: Sheffield Hallam University

20110293958 - Self-healing coatings: A metallic microcapsule containing a polymeric microcapsule having one or more polymeric precursors encapsulated therein; and a metallic shell enclosing a volume containing the polymeric microcapsule is disclosed. Also disclosed is a self-healing coating composition comprising (a) a film-forming binder; and (b) metallic microcapsules, the metallic microcapsules being the same... Agent:

20110293959 - Method for twisting hollow bars: A method for fabricating a hollow bar that forms elements of a grille or railing of a metalwork piece where the bar is twisted manually, machine-assisted or automated machinery, into a spiral form for decorative or ornamental purposes. By providing the hollow bar to be comprised of separate longitudinal parts... Agent:

20110293960 - Rolled copper foil or electrolytic copper foil for electronic circuit, and method of forming electronic circuit using same: Provided is a rolled copper foil or electrolytic copper foil for an electronic circuit to be used for forming a circuit by etching, wherein the copper foil comprises a heat resistance layer composed of zinc or zinc alloy or its oxide formed on an etching side of the rolled copper... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110293961 - Silver-containing alloy plating bath and method for electrolytic plating using same: The present invention provides a silver-containing alloy electrolytic plating bath which can produce silver-containing alloy plated products having excellent resistance to oxidation suitable for electronic members, decoration members, and dental members, and a method for electrolytic plating using the same. Specifically the plating bath is to deposit a silver-containing alloy... Agent: M-tech Japan Co., Ltd.

20110293962 - Solder joints with enhanced electromigration resistance: Electronic assemblies and solders used in electronic assemblies are described. One embodiment includes a die and a substrate, with a solder material positioned between the die and the substrate, the solder comprising at least 91 weight percent Sn, 0.4 to 1.0 weight percent Cu and at least one dopant selected... Agent:

20110293963 - Coatings, turbine engine components, and methods for coating turbine engine components: A coating is disclosed that consists essentially of, by weight, about 27.5% to about 31.5% aluminum, about 0.20% to about 0.60% hafnium, about 0.08% to about 0.30% zirconium, about 0.005% to about 0.100% of two or more reactive elements selected from a group consisting of yttrium, lanthanum, and cerium, and... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110293964 - Optical recording medium and manufacturing method thereof: An optical recording medium includes: an inorganic recording layer; and a protective layer including a composite oxide containing an indium oxide provided on at least one surface of the inorganic recording layer, wherein the composite oxide is represented by the formula [(In2O3)1-X(A)X], wherein A is cerium oxide or gallium oxide... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110293965 - Lubricant and magnetic disk device using same:

20110293966 - Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus: A magnetic recording medium which has been made by forming at least one magnetic layer having a granular structure on a substrate by sputtering, wherein said at least one magnetic recording layer having a granular structure comprises magnetic grains separated from each other by an oxide, and is made by... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110293967 - Multilayer structure with high perpendicular anisotropy for device applications: Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and Hc are enhanced in magnetic devices with a Ta/M1/M2 seed layer where M1 is preferably Ti, and M2 is preferably Cu, and including an overlying (Co/Ni)X multilayer (x is 5 to 50) that is deposited with ultra high Ar pressure of >100 sccm to minimize impinging... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

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