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11/24/2011 > 87 patent applications in 57 patent subcategories.

20110287196 - Electro-optical switchable window: A switchable window comprising a coating layer disposed between a first substrate and a second substrate, the coating layer comprising a plurality of liquid crystals, at least one monomer, and at least one oligomer wherein the weight percentage of the at least one oligomer is greater than the weight percentage... Agent:

20110287198 - Alkali-activated binder, alkali-activated mortar, concrete products and wet red clay paving material using binder: The present invention relates to an alkali-activated binder which can be used as a binder for replacing cement, and more particularly, to an alkali-activated binder, and to mortar, concrete, concrete products, and wet loess paving material comprising the binder, in which inorganic sodium-free alkaline materials are contained to reduce the... Agent: Industry Foundation Of Chonnam National University

20110287197 - Containers: The invention provides, in one aspect, a method of making a container having a body and a rim defining an opening for the container, the opening being capable of being closed by a push-on lid, the container being made of a material which is susceptible to deformation when heated. In... Agent: Brittpac Ltd.

20110287199 - Lighter than air balloon made from a biaxially oriented polyester film: A long life balloon formed from a lamination. The lamination includes a polyester film with a total thickness of 4 μm to 12 μm. The polyester film includes a biaxially oriented polyester core layer and at least one amorphous copolyester skin layer. The lamination also includes a sealant layer and... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110287200 - Lighter than air balloon made from a biaxially oriented polyester film: A long life balloon formed from a lamination. The lamination includes a polyester film with a total thickness of 4 μm to 12 μm. The polyester film includes a biaxially oriented polyester core layer and at least one amorphous copolyester skin layer. The lamination also includes a sealant layer and... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110287201 - Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and fluid pipe material: What is offered is: a polyarylene sulfide resin composition which includes 100 mass parts of a polyarylene sulfide resin (A), 0.1 to 8 mass parts of a metal fine particle (B) containing at least one metal species selected from the group consisting of copper, nickel, and zinc, and 0.1 to... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110287202 - Laminated article comprising fluorine-containing resin layer and elastomer layer: The present invention provides a laminated article having improved adhesion of the fluorine-containing resin layer to the elastomer layer. The laminated article comprises a fluorine-containing resin layer (a) formed using a fluorine-containing resin having a carbonyl group, an olefin group or an amino group at an end of a polymer... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110287203 - Articles with super-hydrophobic and/or self-cleaning surfaces and method of making same: Super-hydrophobic and self-cleaning articles produced by imprinting exposed surfaces with suitable fine-grained and/or amorphous metallic embossing dies to transfer a dual surface structure, including ultra-fine features less than or equal to 100 nm embedded in and overlaying a surface topography with macro-surface structures greater than or equal to 1 micron... Agent: Integran Technologies Inc.

20110287204 - Manufacture of ethylene/carboxylic acid vinyl ester copolymers from renewable materials, copolymers obtained and uses: The present application relates to a process for the manufacture of copolymers of ethylene and of at least one vinyl ester, comprising the following steps: a) fermentation of renewable starting materials so as to produce at least one alcohol comprising ethanol; b) dehydration of the alcohol obtained so as to... Agent: Arkema France

20110287205 - Mercaptosilanes: is subjected to a catatyzed reaction with an alkyl polyether R1—H, R7—OH being split off, the molar ratio of the alkyl polyethers R1—H to the silane of the formula II is at least 0.5 and R7—OH is separated off from the reaction mixture continuously or discontinuously. They can be used... Agent:

20110287206 - Polylactic acid-containing resin composition, polylactic acid-containing resin film and methods thereof: Polylactic acid-containing resin composition that includes a polylactic acid; and a (meth)acryl-silicone copolymer that includes a methyl (meth)acrylate; and a reactive silicone, wherein the (meth)acryl-silicone copolymer has a weight average molecular weight of 25,000 or more. Methods for producing a polylactic acid-containing resin composition, polylactic acid-containing resin films, polylactic acid-containing... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110287207 - Reflective decorative assembly: The present invention is an assembly and method for providing a reflective decoration assembly that includes a frame having a pair of opposing frame edges and a plurality of first frame supports, where each frame support is arranged in a plane with at least two other first frame supports, is... Agent:

20110287208 - Composite fabric with rigid member structure: A composite structure is provided including a first fabric and a second fabric. A substantially elongate and substantially rigid first member is spaced apart from and coupled with the first fabric via the second fabric. A resin substantially is infused into the first fabric and the second fabric, and substantially... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110287209 - Magnetic label-stock systems: A magnetic label stock tape that is less prone to damage during handling in labeling machines, storage, shipping, etc.... Agent: Magnum Magnetics Corporation

20110287210 - Bulked continuous filaments with trilobal cross-section and round central void and spinneret plates for producing filament: Briefly described, embodiments of the present disclosure include trilobal bulked continuous filaments (BCFs) with a generally round central void, spinneret plates with a capillary design for producing the BCFs of the present disclosure, articles and carpets produced from the BCFs of the present disclosure, methods of producing the trilobal BCFs... Agent: Invista North America

20110287211 - Wood-based composite panel with reduced top surface edge flare: The present invention provides a wood-based composite panel that is not susceptible to top surface edge swell, and methods of making the panel.... Agent: Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd.

20110287212 - Ornamented composite materials: A method for producing a composite part is provided that includes the steps of obtaining a fibrous mat having an outer surface; stitching an ornamental feature over the outer surface of the fibrous mat; and encapsulating the fibrous mat with the ornamental feature stitched therein in a transparent matrix with... Agent:

20110287213 - Process and apparatus for producing reinforcing-fiber strip substrate having circular-arc part, and layered structure, preform, and fiber-reinforced resin composite material each comprising or produced using the substrate: A process for producing a reinforcing-fiber strip substrate having a circular-arc part includes contacting one surface of a strip-shaped, unidirectional reinforcing-fiber substrate formed by arranging a plurality of reinforcing-fiber strands in one direction in parallel with each other with a flexible member; deforming the unidirectional reinforcing-fiber substrate into a circular-arc... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110287214 - Method for forming a micro-surface structure and for producing a micro-electromechanical component, micro-surface structure and micro-electromechanical component having said micro-surface structure: The present invention relates to a method for forming a micro-surface structure on a substrate, in particular for producing a micro-electromechanical component, a micro-surface structure of this type, a method for producing a micro-electromechanical component having a micro-surface structure of this type and such a micro-electromechanical component. The invention is... Agent:

20110287216 - Low-e housewrap: A low-E housewrap having improved energy efficiency protection against air infiltration and moisture build-up in buildings. The aforementioned low-E housewrap material utilizing existing framing openings or without increasing the wall profile of a building. The present invention provides a low-E housewrap material which may be implemented on traditional 2×4 framing... Agent:

20110287215 - Structure for molecular separations: A process of producing a structure for molecular separations includes providing a plurality of template materials. The template materials are selected from biomolecules, biopolymers, polymers, or combinations thereof. A sieve material, suitable for producing a structure for molecular separations, is provided around the template materials. The template materials are positioned... Agent: Cerahelix

20110287218 - Energy absorbing materials: An indefinite metamaterial where the surface or immediate subsurface region is roughened or disordered has improved coupling of electromagnetic waves incident on the medium. This also means that the amount of energy reflected by the material is reduced. Such a reduction in reflection may reduce the radar observability of a... Agent:

20110287222 - Group 3b nitride crystal: A sapphire substrate on a surface of which a thin film of gallium nitride is formed is prepared as a seed-crystal substrate and placed in a growth vessel. Gallium and sodium metals are weighed to achieve a molar ratio of 25 to 32:68 to 75 and added into the vessel.... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110287221 - Multilayer film and a production method for same: Disclosed is a multi-layer film including a polymer substrate and buffer layers formed on the top surface and the bottom surface of the polymer substrate using a UV-cured and thermally cured product of a UV-curable and thermally curable buffer composition. A method for producing the multi-layer film is also disclosed.... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd.

20110287217 - Superoleophobic substrates and methods of forming same: Superoleophobic substrates and methods of forming same are disclosed. The methods include providing a laser-ablatable substrate comprising glass and directing a laser beam to the substrate surface and laser-ablating at least a portion thereof to form an array of spaced-apart micropillars having sidewalls. The laser beam is provided with sufficient... Agent:

20110287220 - Surface structure of article: In the surface structure of an article 7 according to the present invention, a plurality of convex portions 11 are so disposed on a surface 9 as to have intervals relative to each other and a plurality of fine convex portions 21 having a diameter d and a height h... Agent:

20110287219 - Synthetic quartz glass substrate and making method: A synthetic quartz glass substrate has a surface of 6 inch squares including a central surface area of 132 mm squares. The central surface area of 132 mm squares has a flatness of up to 50 nm. A frame region obtained by subtracting the central surface area of 132 mm... Agent:

20110287223 - Metallic articles with hydrophobic surfaces: Articles containing fine-grained and/or amorphous metallic coatings/layers on at least part of their exposed surfaces are imprinted with surface structures to raise the contact angle for water in the imprinted areas at room temperature by equal to or greater than 10°, when compared to the flat and smooth metallic material... Agent: Integran Technologies Inc.

20110287226 - Electrically insulating body: An electrically insulating body with a complex shape has a thin-walled shell of first insulating material, the shell interior being filled with a second insulating material. The shell is seamless, and for obtaining the complex shape in seamless construction the shell is manufactured with a special method such as blow... Agent:

20110287225 - High performance connectors: High performance connectors, such as electrical connectors intended for use in circuit boards that are to be subjected to reflow soldering or rework or fiber optic connectors to be employed in harsh operating conditions, are manufactured using polymeric compositions containing polyetherketoneketone and mineral nanotubes. These polymeric compositions provide connectors having... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110287224 - Method for producing retardation film, optical film, image display device, liquid crystal display device, and retardation film: There is provided a method for producing a retardation film, the method including conveying a long polymer film being continuously fed in a conveying direction while holding both side edges of the polymer film and stretching the polymer film in a direction transverse to the conveying direction while conveying the... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110287227 - Method for producing a metal-oxide-coated workpiece surface with predeterminable hydrophobic behaviour: It is proposed to produce a workpiece (10) with a metal-oxide-coated surface (9) with a selectable degree of hydrophobic behaviour, by the surface of a substrate material (1) being provided at least in partial regions with a microstructure (2, 3) by mechanical embossing and subsequently being coated. The microstructuring is... Agent:

20110287228 - Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and sheet therefor: Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and a sheet therefore are disclosed. To form the structures, methods for precision bending of a sheet of material along a bend line and a sheet of material formed with bending strap-defining structures, such as slits or grooves, are disclosed. Methods include steps of designing... Agent: Industrial Origami, Inc.

20110287229 - Laminated glass with plastic film insert: In a laminated glass, a plastic film is sandwiched between two sheets of resin intermediate film, and an infrared reflective film is formed in the plastic film by alternatively laminating resin films of different refractive indexes. The plastic film on which the infrared reflective film is formed meets any of... Agent:

20110287230 - Vehicle interior member: A covering material of an instrument panel includes an infrared reflecting layer, which is a lower layer, and a design layer, which is an upper layer. The design layer is applied to the infrared reflecting layer and has a small thickness. An undulating pattern is formed on the outer surface... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110287231 - Heat protection for load bearing component: A load-bearing engine mounting bracket has a main region, which carries the loads and stresses, and a separate region which is load-free and which is exposed to heat from a heat source, e.g., an exhaust pipe. The region is in the form of a heat shield, integrally connected with region... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110287236 - Ink composition, two-pack curing ink composition set, and recording method and recorded matter using these: The present invention provides: an ink composition which contains at least a polymerizable compound, a photopolymerization initiator and a coloring material, and is free from an aqueous solvent, wherein the polymerizable compound comprises at least a urethane oligomer; a two-pack curing ink composition set comprising an ink composition containing a... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110287233 - Laminated plastic substrate, and a production method for the same: The present invention provides a multilayered plastic substrate that simultaneously satisfies improvement in high temperature thermal deformation according to low linear expansion coefficient and excellent dimensional stability and excellent gas barrier property, and is capable of being used instead of a glass substrate that has brittleness and heavy disadvantages without... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20110287234 - Negative resist pattern forming method, developer and negative chemical-amplification resist composition used therefor, and resist pattern: A resist pattern forming method including in the following order, (1) a step of forming a film by using a negative chemical-amplification resist composition capable of undergoing negative conversion by a crosslinking reaction, (2) a step of exposing the film, and (4) a step of developing the exposed film by... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110287235 - Pigment dispersion liquid, curable composition, color filter produced using the same, and solid state imaging device: A color filter or solid state imaging device comprising a colored pattern formed from a curable composition which includes (A) a pigment, (B) a compound having a defined cyclic urea structure and having an acid group or a basic group, (C) a dispersant, (D) a solvent, (E) a radical polymerizable... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110287232 - Ultrasonically bonded multilayer form and methods of making same: The invention provides a water blocking tape for use in a variety of cable designs, such as power cable, data communications cable and telecommunications cable. A water blocking tape according to the invention includes layers of lightweight nonwoven fabric with one or more swellable water blocking compounds, such as water... Agent: Neptco, Inc.

20110287237 - Wear resistant biolaminate composite assembly and related methods: Biolaminate assemblies for use as high pressure laminates are provided. In one embodiment, the biolaminate assembly includes a surface wear layer including polylactic acid and at least one of a plastic and mineral. The surface wear layer is adapted to be laminated or thermoformed to a nonplastic rigid substrate. The... Agent: Biovation, LLC

20110287238 - Methods of forming at least a portion of earth-boring tools, and articles formed by such methods: Methods of forming at least a portion of an earth-boring tool include providing at least one insert in a mold cavity, providing particulate matter in the mold cavity, melting a metal and the hard material to form a molten composition, and casting the molten composition. Other methods include coating at... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110287239 - Multilayered coating for improved erosion resistance: An erosion resistant coating for a substrate includes two or more coating layers affixed to the substrate having an increasing modulus of elasticity and hardness from an innermost layer of the coating adjacent to the substrate to an outermost layer of the coating furthest from the substrate. A method of... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20110287240 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Provided is a novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape having a moderately weak adhesion during a time period from a production process (during its production) to the time of the accomplishment of the product as a result of the completion of the production (immediately after the production). Accordingly, the peeling failure, or... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110287241 - Graphene tapes: Graphene tapes made by forming a film comprising graphene sheets and at least one polymeric binder and heating the film to decompose the polymer. The tapes may be used as electrodes.... Agent: The Trustees Of Princeton University

20110287244 - Hydrophilic film: A hydrophilic film comprising a hydrophilic layer formed with a hydrophilic composition on a polyester film, wherein the hydrophilic composition contains 80% by weight or more of a hydrophilic polymer based on a total solid content of the hydrophilic composition.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110287242 - Moisture-permeable film, production method of same and laminate using same: An object of the present invention is to provide a moisture-permeable film having superior moisture permeability and flexibility at levels enabling the use thereof in the production of textile products such as clothes, while also not being susceptible to the occurrence of decreases in surface quality caused by roughening. The... Agent: Dic Corporation

20110287243 - Multilayer film for electronic circuitry applications and methods relating thereto: The present disclosure relates to a multilayer film for electronic circuitry applications, having advantageous barrier properties against unwanted electron and electromagnetic wave interference, and also protection against dirt or other similar-type unwanted foreign matter interference. The multilayer films of the present disclosure have at least three layers. The first outer... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110287245 - Water-resistant silica-embedded textiles: Water-resistant silica-embedded textiles and methods for production of water-resistant silica-embedded textiles are disclosed. Initially, a silica colloidal solution including hydrophobic fumed silica nanoparticles is obtained. A polycarboxylic acid cross-linking agent and a hypophosphite catalyst are mixed in deionized water and the mixture of the polycarboxylic acid cross-linking agent and the... Agent:

20110287246 - Prepreg and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials: t

20110287247 - Composite particles, process for producing the composite particles, hollow particles, process for producing the hollow particles, and use of the hollow particles: An organic polymer-silicon compound composite particle comprising (a) a core composed of an organic polymer particle containing polyvinyl acetate as a principal component and (b) a shell containing a silicon compound, an average particle size of the organic polymer-silicon compound composite particle being 5 to 150 nm.... Agent: Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110287248 - Foamed plastic sheet: An unmixed plastic sheet, which is made of a thermoplastic material and which is composed of a number of body segments that are adjacent to one another in a plane, interconnected and made of a closed-cell foam material. The body segments are thermoplastically welded to one another at their abutting... Agent:

20110287250 - Adhesive sheet, semiconductor device, and process for producing semiconductor device: An object of the present invention is to provide an adhesive sheet that can fill irregularities due to wiring of a substrate or a wire attached to a semiconductor chip, etc., does not form resin burrs during dicing, and has satisfactory heat resistance and moisture resistance. The present invention relates... Agent:

20110287249 - Anti-erosion layer for aerodynamic components and structures and method for the production thereof: An anti-erosion layer is provided for aerodynamic components or structures and to a method for producing such a layer. Microscale or nanoscale hard material particles are embedded in a binding layer that includes a material that adheres to the aerodynamic component or structure. The anti-erosion layer can be applied by... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110287251 - Nanoparticle-modified fluoropolymer coatings: A fluoropolymer coating that includes nanoparticles for providing the coating with improved release characteristics together with improved abrasion resistance. In one embodiment, the nanoparticles are silica particles that may be incorporated into the coating by adding colloidal silica to the liquid coating formulation that is applied to a substrate, typically... Agent: Whitford Corporation

20110287252 - Thermal barrier coatings and articles made therefrom: A thermally sprayed coating, coating system and coated article are disclosed. The disclosed embodiments of the thermally sprayed coating, coating system and coated article use a customized ceramic powder comprising ceramic powder particles having an average particle size of about 25 to about 75 microns. In particular, the ceramic powder... Agent:

20110287254 - Nitrile rubber article having natural rubber characteristics: An improved process and material for making elastomeric nitrile rubber articles is disclosed. In particular, the process and material formulation can produce nitrile rubber based articles, which exhibit force-strain characteristics that are comparable to those of natural rubber latex articles, while maintaining the tensile strength properties of nitrile rubber. The... Agent:

20110287253 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Provided is the following novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a moderately weak adhesion during a time period from a production process (during its production) to the time of the accomplishment of the product as a result of the completion of the production (immediately after the production).... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110287255 - High performance fibers: Heat-resistant, high strength fibers useful in a wide range of end-use applications are prepared using a polymeric composition containing polyetherketoneketone and mineral nanotubes.... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110287261 - Ddr-type zeolite powder, and process for the production of ddr-type zeolite powder: There is provided a DDR-type zeolite powder composed of fine particles and exhibits a particle size distribution where the majority of the particles have particle diameters converging in the vicinity of the mean particle diameter, and a process for the production of the same. Specifically provided is a process for... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110287258 - Method for dispersing and separating nanotubes: A method for dispersing nanotubes, comprising contacting the nanotubes with an electronic liquid comprising a metal and an amine solvent, a solution of dispersed nanotuhes, comprising individual nanotuhes at a concentration of greater than about 0.01 mgml−1 and a solvent and a nanotube crystal comprising a close packed array of... Agent: Ucl Business PLC

20110287259 - Nanocomposites: The invention describes a nanocomposite particle comprising a nanoparticle having a surface comprising a silver salt, and at least one region of metallic gold on said surface. The invention also provides a nanocomposite material comprising said particles and processes for making the nanocomposite material, either by allowing gold in nanoparticles... Agent: Agency For Science Technology And Research

20110287262 - Nanoparticles, nanocapsules and nanogels: Acid-labile poly(N-vinyl formamide) (“PNVF”) nanocapsules were synthesized by free radical polymerization of N-vinyl formamide with optional active ingredients on the surface of silica nanoparticles. Polymerization in the presence of a novel cross-linker that contains an acid-labile ketal facilitated stable etching of silica nanoparticle templates using sodium hydroxide and recovery of... Agent:

20110287260 - Nanoporous polymer foams: i

20110287256 - Pharmaceutical polypeptide dry powder aerosol formulation and method of preparation: Dispersible powder compositions suitable for inhalation are disclosed, the compositions including a human interleukin mutein (mhIL-4).... Agent:

20110287257 - Precipitated silica used as reinforcing filler for elastomers: The invention relates to a novel process for the preparation of precipitated silica which can be used as a reinforcing filler for elastomers. The invention also relates to novel precipitated silicas in the form of powder, granules or, preferably, substantially spherical beads, these silicas being characterized in that they have... Agent: Rhodia Chimie

20110287263 - Filler material for a floor, and method for producing filler material for a floor: The present invention relates to a filler material for a floor, comprising a natural base material and a mixture containing loess and a resin in powder or pellet form, as well as to a method for producing the filler material. The filler material of the present invention uses the natural... Agent:

20110287264 - Glass composition and member having the same on substrate: A glass composition having high refractive index, softening property at low temperature and small average thermal expansion coefficient, and a member provided with the composition on a substrate, are provided. The glass composition of the present invention has a refractive index (nd) of from 1.88 to 2.20, a glass transition... Agent: Asahi Glass Company,limited

20110287265 - Interlayer for laminated glass and laminated glass: The present invention provides an interlayer for laminated glass which comprises at least one layer composed of an opaque ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin composition or opaque polyvinyl acetal resin composition, and also provides the laminated glass using such interlayers. The interlayer for laminated glass and the laminated glass according to... Agent:

20110287266 - Ablation-type lithographic imaging with silicone acrylate layers: In ablation-type printing plates involving silicone acrylate top layers, curing at high oxygen levels not only substantially reduces or eliminates toning, but does not adversely affect plate durability or printing performance.... Agent: Presstek, Inc.

20110287268 - Article having antisoiling properties and intended to be employed in aquatic uses, in particular marine uses: The present invention relates to an article having antisoiling properties and intended to be employed in aquatic uses, in particular marine uses, and also to a method for delaying the growth of aquatic organisms on submersible or semi-submersible structures.... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20110287267 - Solventless cured release coating-forming organopolysiloxane composition and sheet-form substrate having a cured release coating: A solventless cured release coating-forming organopolysiloxane composition having a viscosity at 25° C. of 50 to 2,000 mPa·s comprising (A) 100 weight parts of an alkenyl-functional diorganopolysiloxane that has a viscosity of 25 to 1,000 mPa·s; (B) 0.5 to 15 weight parts of a diorganopolysiloxane that has a viscosity of... Agent:

20110287269 - Alloy, protective layer and component: A protective layer includes a composition (in wt %) of 24%-26% cobalt (Co), 9%-12% aluminum (Al), 0.1%-0.7% yttrium (Y) and/or at least one equivalent metal from the group comprising scandium and the rare earth elements, 16%-25% chromium (Cr), 1.0%-4.0% rhenium (Re), 0.1%-0.7% phosphorus (P), 0.2%-0.6% silicon (Si), and nickel.... Agent:

20110287270 - Method for forming a boron-containing thin film and multilayer structure: To provide a method for forming a boron-containing thin film, by which a uniform boron thin film with good adhesion can be formed on the surface of a processing object, and also to provide a multilayer structure. An electrolysis apparatus includes an anode 1, a processing object 2 serving as... Agent: The Doshisha

20110287271 - Method for producing a coating powder: A method for producing a coating powder is provided, including the steps of providing a powdery basic composition, comprising binders, and mixing at least one powdery aggregate with the powdery basic composition to produce a finished coating powder, wherein, during mixing, a powdery state of the aggregate and the basic... Agent: Ewald Doerken Ag

20110287272 - Polymer compositions for metal coating, articles made therefrom and process for same: Metal-coated thermoplastic compositions comprising “flat” fibrous reinforcing filler have improved resistance to repeated thermal shock. Disclosed herein are metal coated compositions useful in automotive parts, toys, appliances, power tools, industrial machinery, and the like.... Agent: E.i.du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110287273 - Method for making a sheet of degradable paper, use of said sheet for making a mandrel defining a roll carrier, degradable paper sheet, and mandrel including at least one of said sheets: A method for making a water-degradable paper sheet involves the following: providing at least one strip of a water-soluble binding material in the form of a dry film; providing at least two strips each made of at least one ply of cellulose wadding; placing the strip of water-soluble binding material... Agent: Georgia-pacific France

20110287274 - Radiation curable coating compositions comprising diacrylates: m

20110287275 - Ligno cellulosic materials and the products made therefrom: A process comprising treating a lignocellulosic material preferably pulp in the presence of a transition metal catalyst with a oxidizing agent selected from a group consisting of hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, hypochlorous acid and any combination thereof to form a treated lignocellulosic material having a viscosity equal to or less than... Agent: International Paper Company

20110287276 - Aluminium alloy brazing sheet: To provide an aluminium alloy brazing sheet which can improve erosion resistance while maintaining post-braze strength, brazability, formability, corrosion resistance and other properties even when Mg is added to the core material. The aluminium alloy brazing sheet comprises an Al—Si-based or Al—Si—Zn-based filler material cladded on at least one side... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110287277 - Aluminum alloy brazing sheet: An aluminum alloy brazing sheet includes a core material containing Si, Cu and Mn by a predetermined amount, the balance being Al and inevitable impurities, a sacrificial anode material disposed on one face side of the core material and containing Si, Zn and Mg by a predetermined amount, the balance... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110287278 - Nail deflector: An improved pipe and utility protector comprising a rectangular piece of material composition featuring a down piece having a V-shaped cross-section along a longitudinal centerline, including an angular transition, to an offset mounting flange protruding slightly outward from the crest of the curved V-shape for attaching the embodiment to framing... Agent:

20110287279 - Highly corrosion-resistant porous metal member: A porous metal member composed of an alloy at least containing nickel and tungsten is provided. The alloy may contain 50 to 80 wt % of nickel and 20 to 50 wt % of tungsten and may further contain 10 wt % or less of phosphorus and/or 10 wt %... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110287280 - High-strength cold-rolled steel sheet excellent in bending workability: A cold-rolled steel sheet has a chemical composition of C: 0.12% to 0.3%, Si: 0.5% or less, Mn: less than 1.5%, Al: 0.15% or less, N: 0.01% or less, P: 0.02% or less, and S: 0.01% or less, with the remainder including iron and inevitable impurities and has a martensite... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

20110287281 - Composite component of clad material and synthetic resin part and manufacturing method of the same: A Clad material superimposed aluminum materials on stainless steel materials forms coating film by the electrodeposition coating on each whole surface of stainless steel material and aluminum material. A film of the aluminum material is removed by the irradiation of the laser beam, and the aluminum material of this region... Agent: Corona Kogyo Corporation

20110287282 - Fine structural body, method for manufacturing fine structural body, magnetic memory, charge storage memory and optical information recording medium: There are provided a fine structural body capable of manifesting an unprecedented property; a manufacturing method thereof; and a magnetic memory, a charge storage memory and an optical information recording medium employing such fine structural body. Unlike conventional bulk bodies phase-transited between nonmagnetic semiconductors and paramagnetic metals around about 460K,... Agent:

11/17/2011 > 99 patent applications in 78 patent subcategories.

20110281040 - Liquid crystal display element, positive type radiation sensitive composition, interlayer insulating film for liquid crystal display element, and formation method thereof: P

20110281041 - Vehicle identification number (vin) label: A vehicle identification number (VIN) label is provided. The label includes an adhesive layer; a self-destruct layer positioned on the adhesive layer; a first facestock layer positioned on the self-destruct layer; a second facestock layer positioned on the first facestock layer and defining a first window relative to the first... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110281042 - Surface additives for whiteness improvements to reverse whiteness loss due to calcium chloride: A method for making printing paper comprising preparing an ink receiving surface coating composition which comprises an optical brightening agent (OBA), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and a water soluble divalent salt, wherein the PVOH and OBA are added to the coating prior to the salt, and applying said coating composition onto... Agent: Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.v.

20110281043 - Support structure and related assemblies and methods: A method is provided for producing a support structure including an at least partly reversibly deformable base body with a cut-out. A component can be held in the cut-out by friction. The method includes machining the base body in the braced state, wherein an opening is introduced into the base... Agent: Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

20110281044 - Composite structures with unidirectional fibers: Composite structures may be formed using sheets of unidirectional fiber prepreg. Each of the prepreg sheets may include unidirectional fibers such as glass fibers and a binder such as plastic. The prepreg sheets may be wrapped around the outer surface of a drum. Ring-shaped sections of the wrapped sheets may... Agent:

20110281045 - Hmpsa for debondable self-adhesive label: A hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) composition is provided including a) 25 to 50% of a styrene block copolymer chosen from SIS, SIBS, SEBS or SEPS block copolymers; b) 35 to 75% of a compatible tackifying resin having a softening temperature of between 80 and 150° C. and an acid number... Agent: Bostick S.a.

20110281046 - Elastomer composite materials in low density forms and methods: A bale of elastomer composite is formed of elastomer and filler; the bale having a void volume of at least 3%. In another aspect, a container is provided, at least a portion of the container being occupied by elastomer composite pieces of elastomer and filler, wherein the occupied portion of... Agent:

20110281047 - Self-mating adhesives for aerostats: A method of constructing an aerostat involves using a self-mating adhesive system to bind a first barrier film and a second barrier film together. The adhesive precursors of the self-mating adhesive system are applied to the first and second barrier films at the desired point of bonding between the films.... Agent: Anagram International, Inc.

20110281048 - Resin composition for disposal resin molded product, and disposal resin molded product: Disclosed is a resin composition for disposable resin molded product, and a disposable resin molded product that enables preparation of a disposable resin molded product not only maintaining excellent mechanical properties but also having biodegradability entailing an environment-friendly feature. The resin composition for disposable resin molded product comprises a polyalkylene... Agent:

20110281049 - Aluminum/alkyline or alkali/titanium containing polyesters having improved reheat, color and clarity: c) particles comprising titanium, zirconium, vanadium, niobium, hafnium, tantalum, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, iron, or nickel atoms or combinations thereof, where the particles improve the reheat rate of the polyester composition. The polyester polymer compositions may also contain phosphorus catalyst deactivators/stabilizers. The polyester compositions and the articles made from the compositions... Agent: Grupo Petrotemex, S.a. De C.v.

20110281050 - Pvdf/pvc alloys for plenum cable applications: A cable jacket includes an extruded polymer made from PVDF, PVC and a compatibilizing agent, where a ratio of PVDF, PVC and a compatibilizing agent is substantially 7:3:1.... Agent:

20110281052 - Fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite tubes: A method of forming a fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite tube (P) in which reinforcing fibres (10) and thermoplastic resin matrix material (12) are placed around a mandrel (M) to provide a composite tubular pre-form (20) on the mandrel (M) which is then passed through a heated die (30) to compact... Agent: Crompton Technology Group Ltd.

20110281051 - Use of an expanded graphite in a polymer material: The present patent application relates to the use of expanded graphite, the specific surface of which is comprised between 15 and 30 m2/g and the bulk density of which is less than 0.1 g/cm3, for a mean particle size of greater than 15 μm, in order to confer, on a... Agent: Arkema France

20110281054 - Polyolefin graft poly(meth)acrylate copolymer-based priming agent for polyolefin surfaces: The invention relates to a novel halogen-free and acid-free, readily soluble priming bonding agent for polyolefins, said agent containing (meth)acrylate-grafted, amorphous polyolefins.... Agent: Evonik Roehm Gmbh

20110281053 - Pipes for transporting water containing chlorine: This invention is related to the preparation of polyethylene pipe resins suitable for transporting water containing chlorine.... Agent: Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy

20110281055 - Separable composite labeling articles in sheet or roll form: The disclosure relates to a linear series of connected unitary sheet-like merchandise labeling articles, each of which comprises a labeling tag flatly cojoined along a unifying flat bond zone with a flexible elastic layer that extends away from the tag and includes an elastic fastening loop. Adjacent labeling articles of... Agent: Bedford Industries, Inc.

20110281056 - Preform for optical element and optical element: A preform for an optical element is provided which involves less amount of deformation of glass in molding, and readily improves lifetime of the mold. The present preform for molding an optical glass element 10 exhibits an almost circular shape having a predetermined diameter in top view, exhibits a flattened... Agent: Ohara Inc.

20110281057 - Bulked continuous filaments with hexalobal cross-section and three voids and spinneret plates for producing the filament: Briefly described, embodiments of this disclosure include hexalobal bulked continuous filaments with three axial voids, spinneret plates with a capillary design for producing the hexalobal, tri-void bulked continuous filaments (BCFs) of the present disclosure, articles made from the hexalobal filaments of the present disclosure, methods of making the hexalobal, tri-void... Agent: Invista North America

20110281058 - Net table and individual net dish covers: The invention relates to a novel table and dish cover design. The novel net table and individual dish covers enables individuals to protect a table of food from insects and debris until the food is served. The invention can be used to cover an entire table or individual dishes. The... Agent:

20110281059 - Padding system for protecting a home appliance: A padding system for protecting an outer surface of an appliance. The padding system includes a securing device that is attached to opposed first and second ends of a pad. The securing device consists of a first securing member that is releasably attachable to a second securing member when the... Agent: Sears Brands, L.L.C.

20110281060 - Flexible insulating product: A flexible heat insulation product (1) comprising a flexible heat insulating core layer (4) with a first side (3) and a second side (9), and a flexible facing (2) that is connected to the first side (3) of the insulating core layer (4) by a plurality of elements (7) that... Agent: Rockwool International A/s

20110281061 - Method for producing frp cylinder and frp cylinder: A method is provided for producing a weight-reduced FRP cylinder which can attain high strength, and also such an FRP cylinder is provided. This FRP cylinder producing method, in which a plurality of prepregs formed by impregnating reinforced fibers with thermosetting resin sheets are wound into a cylinder and thermally... Agent: Fujikura Rubber Ltd.

20110281062 - Articles formed from aligned fiber cured in a polyaspartic acid urethane matrix: A freestanding article is provided that uses a cured polyaspartic acid urethane resin to form a hardened matrix impregnating and surrounding a cloth having parallel fibers. This resin provides an article with superior mechanical and weathering properties relative to conventional resins such as epoxies and vinyl esters.... Agent:

20110281063 - Honeycomb core based on carbon fiber paper and articles made from same: This invention relates to a honeycomb core made from paper comprising 20-85 weight percent of carbon fiber floc. The carbon fibers have a non-round cross sectional aspect ratio of at least 1.5:1. The paper has a fiber volume fraction of at least 35%. The arithmetic mean length of the carbon... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110281064 - Sterile drape for attachment to an imaging machine: An embodiment of the present invention provides a kit of parts for use in a surgical procedure performed under image guidance, and particularly under real time image guidance. The kit includes a sterilized drape for use with the chosen imaging machine and which can be used to provide a sterile... Agent:

20110281065 - Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and sheet therefor: Precision-folded, high strength, fatigue-resistant structures and a sheet therefore are disclosed. To form the structures, methods for precision bending of a sheet of material along a bend line and a sheet of material fowled with bending strap-defining structures, such as slits or grooves, are disclosed. Methods include steps of designing... Agent: Industrial Origami, Inc.

20110281066 - Lightweight fire resistant covering for structures: A building panel, a shingle and a flooring tile are all provided including a reticulated foam body having a weather resistant coating made from a material selected from a group consisting of a polymer, a ceramic glaze and mixtures thereof. In addition, a method of producing these products is also... Agent:

20110281069 - Method for finishing surface of preliminary polished glass substrate: A glass substrate obtained by a method including measuring flatness of a glass substrate surface and measuring concentration distribution of dopant in the substrate. Processing conditions of the surface are set up for each site of the substrate based on results from the measuring the flatness and the measuring the... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited.

20110281068 - Nanostructured articles and methods of making nanostructured articles: A nanostructured article comprises a matrix and a nanoscale dispersed phase. The nanostructured article has a random nanostructured anisotropic surface.... Agent:

20110281067 - Surface protective film: Provided is a surface protective film that not only maintains its adhesion for an adherend but also shows a small change over time in rewinding force even when stored in a roll shape. The surface protective film of the present invention includes: a back surface layer; a base material layer;... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110281070 - Structures with surface-embedded additives and related manufacturing methods: Electrically conductive or semiconducting additives are embedded into surfaces of host materials for use in a variety of applications and devices. Resulting surface-embedded structures exhibit improved performance, as well as cost benefits arising from their compositions and manufacturing processes.... Agent: Innova Dynamics, Inc.

20110281071 - Process for incorporating carbon particles into a polyurethane surface layer: The invention relates to a method for introducing electrically conductive carbon particles into a surface layer comprising polyurethane. These carbon particles can in particular be carbon nanotubes. In the method according to the invention, a solution of non-aggregated carbon particles having a mean particle diameter of from 0.3 nm to... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110281072 - Laminable shaped glass article and method of making the same: A laminable shaped glass article includes a flat-surface/curved-surface glass article. A flat-surface/flat-surface glass body is reformed into a curved-surface/curved-surface glass body. One of the curved surfaces of the curved-surface/curved-surface is planarized to form the flat-surface/curved-surface glass article.... Agent:

20110281073 - Insulated fiber cement siding: Disclosed herein are embodiments of foam backing panels for use with lap siding and configured for mounting on a building. Also disclosed are lap siding assemblies and products of lap sidings. One such embodiment of the foam backing panel comprises a rear face configured to contact the building, a front... Agent: Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc.

20110281074 - Decorative member: A decorative member (1A) includes: a resin layer (2) having a front surface (2b) and a back surface (2a); and a reflective layer (3) formed on the back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2). The back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2) includes a receding surface (21) formed... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110281075 - Decorative member: A decorative member composing a casing includes: a resin layer (2) having a front surface (2b) and a back surface (2a); and a reflective layer (3) formed on the back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2). The back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2) includes a receding surface... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110281076 - Natural fiber trim panel: A trim panel formed from natural fibers and a protective material, and a method of forming the trim panel. The natural fibers are environmentally-friendly and the protective material may be sufficiently adhered to the natural fibers without the use of hot melts or adhesives. The protective material is configured to... Agent: Johnson Controls Technology Company

20110281077 - Silicon derivate layers/films produced by silicatein-mediated templating and process for making the same: The present invention concerns a process for preparing products having layers/films of silicon derivates comprising the following steps: a) Preparing a mould made of elastomeric material and having a plurality of grooves with mutual spacing in the range from 1 μm to 1 mm; b) incubating the mould of step... Agent:

20110281078 - Transparent glass substrate and process for manufacturing such a substrate: This transparent glass substrate has at least one face which is provided with a texturing formed by a plurality of geometric features in relief relative to a general plane of the face, this texturing being adapted in order to ensure a transmission of radiation through the substrate greater than the... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110281079 - Double-faced tape: Double-faced masking tape having two areas on each side, one area on each side being coated with adhesive and opposite a non-adhesive non-stick area on the other side and the other non-adhesive area on each side opposite an area coated with adhesive on the other side, the two areas on... Agent:

20110281080 - Folded core based on carbon fiber paper and articles made from same: This invention relates to a folded core structure made from paper comprising 20-85 weight percent of carbon fiber floc. The carbon fibers have a non-circular cross sectional aspect ratio of at least 1.5:1. The paper has a fiber volume fraction of at least 35%. The arithmetic mean length of the... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110281082 - Covered composite lattice support structures and methods associated therewith: Three-dimensional carbon fiber based composite support structures and methods for the manufacture and use thereof are disclosed and described. In one aspect, such a support structure may include a lattice of intersecting support members made of a carbon fiber composite material and a cover of the same carbon fiber composite... Agent: Sigma-tek, L.L.C.

20110281081 - Metallized polymeric film reflective insulation material: A method of thermally insulating an object that requires a Class A standard insulation material, said method comprising suitably locating a metallized polymeric reflective insulation material adjacent said object, wherein said polymeric material is selected from a closed cell foam, polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, expanded polystyrene foam, multi-film layers assembly... Agent:

20110281083 - Stretchable body-contouring protective pads: The present application describes a padding composite that includes at least one substrate connected to cushioning element having middle and distal part, slidably affixed to the substrate.... Agent: Applied Ft Composite Solutions Inc.

20110281086 - Infrared absorbing composition, infrared absorbing ink, recorded article, image recording method, and image detecting method: An infrared absorbing composition including a compound that is represented by formula (1) and has solubility of 30 mg/mL or less in toluene at 25° C., an organic solvent having a solubility parameter of from 7.3 to 12.1, and a resin is disclosed. In formula (1), each of R1 to... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110281085 - Polymer thin film, patterned media, production methods thereof, and surface modifying agents: The method of the present invention is for producing a polymer thin film with a plurality of microdomains regularly arranged in a continuous phase by microphase separation on a substrate, comprising steps for forming a grafted silsesquioxane film on the substrate, and for forming a pattern different in chemical properties... Agent:

20110281087 - Reinforced natural or conglomerated stone plate-like element and multilayered protective coating thereof: e

20110281084 - Variable bond strength adhesive tape: A medical adhesive tape in which a number of bare spots are provided through the tape to vary the strength of the bond of the tape to a surface. The number of bare spots as well as their size and location can be varied to modify the adhesive strength with... Agent:

20110281088 - Moisture absorptive and perspiratory cloth structure: A moisture absorptive and perspiratory cloth structure comprising a cloth substrate comprised of a fabric being made from a moisture absorbent fiber and a moisture or water repelling layer applied to a surface of the cloth substrate. The moisture or water repelling layer comprising a water repelling agent and having... Agent: Swap Loop Technology Company Limited

20110281089 - Aqueous ink composition and recorded article formed by using the same: In an advantage of embodiments of the invention, there is provided an aqueous ink composition at least containing water, silver particles, and a humectant, and the humectant is at least one member selected from glycerols, glycols, and saccharide.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110281090 - Germanium-containing high-refractive-index thin film and production method thereof: There is provided a high refractive-index coating film and a production method of the high refractive-index coating film. The production method comprises producing a coating film containing a germanium compound containing a Ge—Ge bond as a backbone thereof, and baking the coating film under vacuum or in an inert gas... Agent: Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

20110281091 - Method of depositing and electrically conductive titanium oxide coating: A method of depositing an electrically conductive titanium oxide coating on a glass substrate, preferably by atmospheric chemical vapor deposition in a float glass manufacturing process, utilizes a precursor gas mixture including a halogenated, inorganic titanium compound, an organic oxygen containing compound, a reducing gas and one or more inert... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110281092 - Multilayer structured transparent electrically-conductive film and method of manufacturing the same: m

20110281093 - Damage-resistant glass articles and method: A strengthened glass article has opposing first and second compressively stressed surface portions bound to a tensilely stressed core portion, with the first surface portion having a higher level of compressive surface stress than the second surface portion for improved resistance to surface damage, the compressively stressed surface portions being... Agent:

20110281094 - Multilayer modified bituminous roofing product: A dual-compound multi-protective-layer roofing material includes a factory-applied layer of SBS-modified bitumen compound on a lower layer, an APP-modified bituminous on an upper layer, and a carrier sheet disposed between the SBS-modified lower layer and the APP-modified upper layer.... Agent:

20110281095 - Vehicle glazing, method for the production thereof, and use: wherein the transparent body (2) is connected in a positively locking fashion to the transparent pane (1) via the transparent polymer layer (3) over at least one coupling surface and the maximum width and the maximum length of the transparent body is smaller than the minimum width and the minimum... Agent:

20110281096 - Coextruded multi-layer barrier film having at least one film ply of ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer (evoh), method of producing it, and its use: Barrier film for use in packaging, particularly for the packaging of foods and tobacco, in the form of a multi-layer film based on a biaxially oriented polyolefin film having at least one coextruded functional layer or barrier based on ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH), which is produced by simultaneous drawing of... Agent: Bruckner Maschinenbau Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110281097 - Flame resistant textile materials providing protection from near infrared radiation: A flame resistant textile material comprises a textile substrate, a flame retardant finish applied to the textile substrate, and an infrared-absorbing finish applied to the textile substrate.... Agent:

20110281099 - Method of making a float glass convertible into a glass ceramic and float glass made thereby: wherein ΔT=TKGmax−TUEG, and KGmax=maximum crystal growth rate in μm min−1. The float glass has a thickness below an equilibrium thickness, a net width of at least 1 m and has no more than 50 crystals with a size of more than 50 μm, especially no crystals with a size of... Agent:

20110281098 - Method of preparing polyaniline films and highly self-oriented films obtained: The present invention concerns a method for preparing polyanilines by oxidative polymerization of aniline in an aqueous acid medium, comprising at least one synthesis step carried out in the presence of a) a monomer with formula (An) RmRo—C6H3—NHR′ in which Ro, Rm and R′ independently of each other, represent H... Agent:

20110281100 - Waterproof breathable fabric and method of making the same: In various embodiments, a waterproof breathable (WPB) fabric and method of producing the same are provided wherein a WPB membrane is laminated to a first side of a fabric, the laminated fabric is then treated with a treatment agent, and the treated fabric is cured. The treatment agent may include... Agent: Columbia Sportswear North America, Inc.

20110281101 - Combustible structural composites and methods of forming combustible structural composites: Combustible structural composites and methods of forming same are disclosed. In an embodiment, a combustible structural composite includes combustible material comprising a fuel metal and a metal oxide. The fuel metal is present in the combustible material at a weight ratio from 1:9 to 1:1 of the fuel metal to... Agent: Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC

20110281102 - Method for manufacturing porous microstructures, porous microstructures manufactured according to this method, and the use thereof: A method for manufacturing porous microstructures in a silicon semiconductor substrate, porous microstructures manufactured according to this method, and the use thereof.... Agent:

20110281103 - Block copolymers and block copolymer nanoparticle compositions: Copolymers and methods using the copolymers control the stability, the homogeneity of mixtures and the chargeability of a nanoparticle. A block copolymer-nanoparticle composition includes first, second and third block units that each include repeating units of respective monomers. The monomer of the first block unit includes a binding group that... Agent:

20110281104 - Non-sticky erasable media with overcoat: Exemplary embodiments provide an erasable medium having an overcoat layer on a photochromic layer to provide a non-adhesive surface for the erasable medium when exposed to high temperatures, wherein the overcoat layer can include a latex or a mixture of a latex and a wax.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110281106 - Gas barrier sheet and manufacturing method thereof: A gas barrier sheet 1 includes at least a base material 2 and a gas barrier film 3 provided on the base material 2 which allows a ferromagnetic element to be present at the boundary S of the gas barrier film 3 on the side at which the gas barrier... Agent: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

20110281105 - Nanostructured anticorrosion coating, structure including same and method for anticorrosion protection of a substrate: g

20110281107 - Layered thermal barrier coating with blended transition and method of application: A multilayer coating includes a bond coat layer and a first barrier layer applied on the bond coat layer. The first barrier layer has a compositional gradient comprising a majority of a first rare earth stabilized zirconia material proximate the bond coat layer to a majority of a second rare... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110281109 - Coated glass article: A coated glass article, particularly for use as architectural glass, is gold in appearance. The coated glass article includes a glass substrate with an iron oxide coating deposited thereover, the iron oxide coating comprising primarily iron oxide in the form Fe2O3. The coated glass article has an a* value between... Agent:

20110281110 - High temperature stable amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicates: A solid amorphous silica-rich aluminosilicate composition is stable at temperatures up to 1500° C. or above and is capable of sustained use as a coating under high to extreme temperature conditions.... Agent: Applied Thin Films, Inc.

20110281108 - Surface cooling: Exemplary embodiments of a method, system, and apparatus for electro-plating an alloy upon a cathode. For example, a bath which includes disodium tungstate and an iron group substrate in an aqueous solution with a complexant to form complexes which remain in suspension in the bath can be provided. Further, the... Agent: The Univeristy Of Nottingham

20110281111 - Synthesis of pyrochlore nanostructures and uses thereof: A template-free reverse micelle (RM) based method is used to synthesize pyrochlore nanostructures having photocatalytic activity. In one embodiment, the method includes separately mixing together a first acid stabilized aqueous solution including pyrochlore precursor A and a second acid stabilized aqueous solution including pyrochlore precursor B with an organic solution... Agent: Board Of Regents Of The Nevada System Of Higher Education, On Behalf Of The University Of Nevada,

20110281112 - Method for producing cerium dioxide nanopowder by flame spray pyrolysis and cerium dioxide nanopowder produced by the method: Disclosed is a method for producing a cerium dioxide nanopowder by flame spray pyrolysis. The method comprises dissolving a cerium compound in an organic solvent to prepare a precursor solution, atomizing the precursor solution into microdroplets using an ultrasonic atomizer, transferring the microdroplets together with an argon gas as a... Agent:

20110281113 - Hollow carbon microparticle and method for producing same: Elastic and ultra-lightweight hollow carbon fine particles and a method for producing such hollow carbon fine particles are to be provided. In the method, fine droplets are formed from a mixed solution containing a water soluble organic substance and lithium carbonate; composite fine particles of the water soluble organic substance... Agent:

20110281115 - Curable film-forming compositions containing ortho-hydroxyl aromatic functional acrylic polymers: a

20110281114 - Method of making a composite sandwich structure and sandwich structure made thereby: A composite sandwich structure is made by compacting a first multi-ply composite facesheet and assembling a layup, including sandwiching a core between the compacted first facesheet and a second multi-ply composite facesheet. The layup is compacted and the first and second facesheets are co-cured with the core.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110281116 - Diamond like carbon coating of substrate housings: Embodiments of the invention include articles comprising a diamond like carbon coating or doped diamond like carbon coating on one or more surfaces of a plastic substrate or a plastic enclosure. Embodiments of the DLC or doped DLC coatings reduce the gas permeation of the coated plastic or thermoplastic to... Agent:

20110281117 - Curable composition based on epoxy resins and hetero-poly-cyclic polyamines: The invention relates to curable compositions substantially comprising A) at least one epoxy resin, and B) at least one curing agent comprising a hetero-poly-cyclic ring system comprising at least two amino groups.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110281118 - Surface treatment agent for galvanized steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets and production methods thereof: Disclosed is a surface treatment agent for galvanized steel sheets, which comprises epoxy-containing silane derivates, alkyl-containing silane derivates, alkoxy silane derivates and one or more selected from the group consisting of a cationic polymer aqueous dispersion, a non-ionic polymer aqueous dispersion and a water-soluble polymer. Also disclosed is a method... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110281119 - Adhesive composition: s

20110281120 - Paint adhesion by polyvinyl amines in acidic aqueous corrosion protection product containing polymers: The invention relates to an aqueous, chromium-free and curable corrosion protection agent for the first coating of metal surfaces, said agent containing at least one organic polymer or copolymer of at least partially acylated vinyl amines, for improving the properties of adhesion of the cured first coating to the metallic... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20110281121 - Surface treatment and article: Surfaces having hydrophobic/oleophobic properties and methods of making them. The surfaces disclosed may be used, for example, in touch screen applications or other applications that involve contact with human skin.... Agent:

20110281122 - Low loss visible-ir transmitting glass-aluminum oxynitride composites and process: This invention pertains to a composite of AlON and a germanate glass, and to a process for bonding AlON to the glass. The composite includes AlON and glass bonded together and having transmission in the visible and mid-infrared wavelength region. The process includes the step of heating them together above... Agent:

20110281123 - Curable silicone rubber composition: A curable silicone rubber composition comprises (A) an alkenyl-containing organopolysiloxane comprising (A-1) a dialkylpolysiloxane that has an average of at least two alkenyl groups in each molecule and (A-2) an alkenyl-containing, resin-form organopolysiloxane that comprises the SiO4/2 unit, R12R2SiO1/2 unit, and R13SiO1/2 unit wherein R1 is C1-10 alkyl and R2... Agent:

20110281124 - Solution and process for increasing the solderability and corrosion resistance of a metal or metal alloy surface: Described is a new a solution comprising a phosphorous compound and optionally a solderability-enhancing compound and its use in a process for increasing the solderability and corrosion resistance of a metal or metal alloy surface.... Agent:

20110281125 - Biodegradable polymer articles containing oxygen scavenger: The invention provides a biodegradable oxygen absorbing plastic comprising a biodegradable substrate a sufficient concentration of reduced iron particles to adsorb oxygen in significant quantities and reduce the deformation temperature of the substrate substantially below the deformation temperature without iron particles present.... Agent: Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

20110281126 - Resin composite copper foil: This invention relates to a resin composite copper foil capable of applying a copper foil with very small unevenness on a copper foil (matte) surface without deteriorating adhesion force to a resin composition of a copper-clad laminate, and more particularly to a resin composite copper foil comprising a copper foil... Agent:

20110281127 - Preparation method of hydroxyapatite coating layer using aerosol deposition and hydrothermal treatment, and nanostructured hydroxyapatite coating layer prepared by the method: A method of preparing a nano-structured hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HA] coating layer with improved biocompatibility is provided. The preparation method includes: (S1) putting hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HA] powder in a powder chamber, placing a metal substrate in a deposition chamber, and keeping the chamber in vacuum state by using a vacuum pump;... Agent: Korea Institute Of Machinery And Materials

20110281128 - Thermoplastic product and method for the production of a composite product: The disclosure relates to a composite thermoplastic product including a first polar engineering thermoplastic cohesively bound to a second thermoplastic that includes a styrene-based thermoplastic elastomer and a polyolefin. The first thermoplastic can contain a polar thermoplastic polymer cohesively bound to the second thermoplastic. Methods for the production of the... Agent:

20110281130 - Aqueous polymer dispersion obtained from a vinylaromatic compound, conjugated aliphatic diene and ethylenically unsaturated acid: An arylcyclohexene-free or low-arylcyclohexene aqueous polymer dispersion and processes for the preparation thereof by free radical emulsion polymerization from at least three different monomer types are described. A monomeric vinylaromatic compound, a monomeric conjugated aliphatic diene and a monomeric ethylenically unsaturated acid are copolymerized in an aqueous medium in the... Agent: Basf Se

20110281129 - Composition comprising a hydrophobin for gluing paper products:

20110281131 - Decorative trim panel: Decorative trim panels and methods for manufacturer are described. An example decorative planar material usable for producing the decorative trim panels may include a substrate layer, a decorative laminate layer attached to the substrate layer, and a substantially transparent coating layer permanently attached to the decorative laminate layer. The decorative... Agent:

20110281132 - Method for coating particles: The present invention relates to a method for coating primary particles with secondary particles using dual asymmetric centrifugal forces wherein, the primary particles comprise (a) at least one metal, or (b) at least one ceramic; the secondary particles comprise at least one metal or salt thereof; and wherein the secondary... Agent: Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

20110281133 - Metal casting and metal casting process: A metal casting has a metal casting base body into which at least one metal insert body (1) is cast. The metal insert body has anti-twisting part-contours and is connected to the metal casting base body in a positively locking manner by the casting-in. To simplify the production of a... Agent: Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

20110281134 - Sputtering target for forming wiring film of flat panel display: A copper alloy wiring film of a flat panel display of the present invention and a sputtering target for forming the same have a composition including Mg: 0.1 to 5 atom %; either one or both of Mn and Al: 0.1 to 11 atom % in total; and Cu and... Agent: Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

20110281135 - Surface metallizing method, method for preparing plastic article and plastic article made therefrom: The present invention discloses a method for metallizing a plastic surface. The method may comprise the steps of: 1) gasifying the plastic surface to expose the electroless plating promoter; and 2) electroless plating a layer of copper or nickel on the plastic surface, followed by electroplating or a second electroless... Agent: Byd Company Limited

20110281136 - Copper-manganese bonding structure for electronic packages: A copper-manganese bonding structure adopted for use on Under Bump Metallurgy (UBM) at solder joints in packaging technology includes an electronic element, at least one soldering material and at least one manganese bonding material. The electronic element has at least one copper conductive portion. The soldering material corresponds to the... Agent:

20110281137 - Zr-rich bulk amorphous alloy article and method of surface grinding thereof: A method of surface grinding a Zr-rich bulk amorphous alloy article includes providing a substrate; providing a first surface grinder for rough surface grinding; and providing a second surface grinder for finish surface grinding. During the rough surface grinding, the rotating speed is in the range from 20 r/min to... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110281138 - Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method,method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same: One aspect of the present invention is a method of mounting a semiconductor chip having: a step of forming a resin coating on a surface of a path connecting a bonding pad on a surface of a semiconductor chip and an electrode pad formed on a surface of an insulating... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

11/10/2011 > 91 patent applications in 70 patent subcategories.

20110274856 - Coated printable substrates resistant to acidic highlighters and printing solutions: An article in the form of a paper substrate having a first surface and a second surface and an acid-resistant water-swellable substrate coating which provides an ink-receptive porous surface on at least one of the first and second surfaces. The substrate coating has an amount of an acid-resistant coating pigment... Agent: International Paper Company

20110274857 - Continuous fastener element, fastener stringer, and method of manufacturing continuous fastener element: A continuous fastener element including: a coupling head; upper and lower leg portions; and a connecting portion wherein surfaces of the coupling head, the leg portions, and the connecting portion are each formed as a rough surface with a plurality of recesses. Furthermore, a head surface of the coupling head... Agent: Ykk Corporation

20110274858 - Fail-closed adaptive membrane structure: Porous adaptive membrane structures having movable membranes are provided. The structures can be made to change their gas, liquid and/or particulate permeability in response to surrounding environmental conditions. Applications includes protective apparel that is comfortable to wear wherein the level of protection provided is based on conditions in the environment.... Agent:

20110274859 - Fire starter: Applicant desires patent protection for new and innovative fire starter composed of specially folded and shaped paper.... Agent:

20110274860 - High density polymer compositions, a method for their preparation and pressure-resistant pipes made therefrom: (B) from 30 to 70% by weight, based on the combined amount of components (A) and (B), of a high molecular weight copolymer of ethylene and one or more alpha-olefins having from 4 to 10 carbon atoms and having a weight average molecular weight of from 100000 to 1000000 g/mol... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110274861 - Fuel management systems having a fluororubber component in contact with fuel: Disclosed herein is a fuel management system having at least one fluororubber component in contact with fuel wherein said fluororubber component comprises i) a cured fluoroelastomer and ii) 10 to 110 parts by weight of a non-fibrillating polytetrafluoroethylene micropowder per hundred parts by weight fluoroelastomer.... Agent: Dupont Performance Elastomers LLC

20110274862 - Bonded structure, roof structure, laminated sheet for use therein, and method of using laminated sheet: The present invention relates to a bonded matter prepared by bonding a first member to a second member with a laminated sheet, wherein a contractile film constituting the above laminated sheet contracts when the bonded matter is heated, and a part of the laminated sheet is peeled off or the... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110274863 - Thermal insulating tape with fire protecting system and its use in aircraft construction: A thermal insulating tape is configured for fire protection for use in aircraft construction. The insulating tape has a multilayer construction including a flexible carrier tape providing protection against burn-through, the carrier tape being formed as a thermally conductive metal tape. An adhesive film is disposed on a first side... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20110274864 - Magnetic label stock material: A magnetic label stock material (100) for applying magnetic labels (108) to a substrate includes a flexible translucent release tape (102) having magnetic labels (108) adhered thereto with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The magnetic labels (108) are spaced along said tape (102) with light-transmissive gaps therebetween, and the magnetic labels... Agent:

20110274865 - Self-adhered air barrier membrane: Disclosed is a self-adhered, vapor permeable, air barrier membrane that is easy to install. The membrane has a Young's modulus of 3000 to 80,000 psi, most preferably 4000 to 15,000 psi, in the cross-direction and 5000 to 100,000 psi, most preferably 5000 to 20,000 psi, in the machine direction.... Agent:

20110274866 - Inner substrate for manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards: An exemplary inner substrate for manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards is provided. The inner substrate has a number of substrate units and a number of transverse folding portions alternately arranged along a longitudinal direction of the inner substrate. Each of the substrate units is configured for forming a unitary printed... Agent: Foxconn Advanced Technology Inc.

20110274867 - Article produced by the two-component injection-moulding process: The invention relates to an article (1) produced by the two-component injection-moulding process. To improve further an article of the type in question, in a way that is technically simple in production terms, with regard to the visual design and/or with regard to security or identification features that are to... Agent:

20110274868 - Vacuum thermal insulating material and thermal insulating box including the same: There are provided a vacuum thermal insulating material that is excellent in terms of a handling property, a thermal insulating property, creep resistance, and productivity; and a thermal insulating box including the vacuum thermal insulating material. A core material was enclosed and sealed in a wrapping material with a gas... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110274869 - Flame-retardant hollow fiber with silicone-free soft-touch finish: The invention relates to a flame-retardant, modified hollow fiber with a silicone-free soft-touch finish feature, and also to a method for production thereof and the use thereof for fiberfill fiber products, in particular in the fiber filling of clothing, cushions, furniture, insulation, quilts, filters, upholstery (e.g., automobiles), sleeping bags, mattress... Agent:

20110274870 - Structure of touch-fastening anti-skidding material: A touch-fastening anti-skidding material includes a knitted foundation layer and a plurality of synthetic yarns that is secured together by being collectively knitted in the foundation layer. The foundation layer is formed by knitting of pliable base yarns and synthetic yarns. The synthetic yarns are knitted in U-shaped loops and... Agent:

20110274871 - Protective film: A protective film including at least one surface which serves as a protective barrier that releaseably covers at least a portion of an object.... Agent:

20110274872 - Ultra thick bamboo-wood composite panel, ultra thick solid wood composite panel and manufacturing methods thereof: The present invention provides ultra-thick bamboo/wood and solid wood composite panels, comprising core board, surface board and back board; said core board is composed of ultra-thick peeling veneers with the thickness of 6 to 12 mm, both said surface board and back board are made of bamboo or wood; said... Agent: Research Institute Of Wood Industry

20110274873 - Composite panels having improved fluid impermeability: A prepreg composite material that includes a fiber layer and a resin comprising a thermoset resin component, a curing agent and a fibrous micropulp. The micropulp component is an aramid fiber having a volume average length of from 0.01 to 100 micrometers. The prepreg is useful in composite panel construction... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110274874 - Chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide articles: Chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide articles and the methods of making them are disclosed. The chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide articles are composed of multiple parts which are joined together by sintered ceramic joints. The joints strengthen and maintain tolerances at the joints of the articles. The articles may be... Agent: Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials LLC

20110274875 - Passive drag modification system: The present invention is directed to a micro-array surface that provides for drag reduction. An aerodynamic or hydrodynamic wall surface that is configured to modify a fluid boundary layer on the surface is provided. The wall surface has at least one array of micro-cavities formed therein the surface. In various... Agent: The University Of Alabama

20110274876 - Three-dimensional board structure and method for making the same: The present invention is to provide a three-dimensional board structure and method thereof by sequentially coating an adhesive on a plurality of veneers containing plant fibers, sequentially bonding the veneers together to form a multilayer board, penetrating and pressing the multilayer board by using a plurality of spikes arranged on... Agent:

20110274877 - Method for manufacturing metal base laminate: A method for manufacturing a metal base laminate includes the steps of providing a metal board having a first through-hole; forming a stack-up structure on at least one side of the metal board, wherein a resin film layer, a prepreg layer, and a metal foil layer are disposed in sequence... Agent:

20110274879 - Crystal and substrate of conductive gaas, and method for forming the same: An electrically conductive GaAs crystal has an atomic concentration of Si more than 1×1017 cm−3, wherein density of precipitates having sizes of at least 30 nm contained in the crystal is at most 400 cm−2. In this case, it is preferable that the conductive GaAs crystal has a dislocation density... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd

20110274878 - Precursor sol of aluminum oxide, optical member, and method for producing optical member: A precursor sol of aluminum oxide contains a polycondensate formed by the hydrolysis of an aluminum alkoxide or an aluminum salt, a solvent, and an organic aluminum compound having a specific structure. An optical member is produced by a process including a step of immersing an aluminum oxide film in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110274880 - Contact protection device for holding unpackaged foodstuffs: Contact protection device for grasping or holding of unpackaged foodstuffs having the form of a napkin 1 made of flexible material and being provided with a handle area in the form of a protruding crease 5 in the middle section. Reinforcements (6, 7) are provided in the area of the... Agent:

20110274881 - Decorated printed matter and manufacturing method thereof: To prepare a decorated printed matter, which excels in the visibility of the spin line or hairline pattern and which gives an appropriate metallic luster. A decorated printed matter which comprises: a plastic plate 1 with a light permeability, the plastic plate 1 is made of poly carbonate and is... Agent: Create Kabushikigaisha

20110274882 - Patterned nanowires: Nanowires suspended from a substrate surface and methods of making nanowires suspended from a substrate surface are provided. The suspended nanowires are comprised of a variety of materials, including metals and mixtures of metals. Suspended nanowires supply large surface areas for applications such as, for example, energy storage and catalysis.... Agent:

20110274885 - Abrasive inserts: The invention relates to an abrasive insert comprising a layer of PCD or PCBN; and a cemented carbide substrate to which the layer of PCD or PCBN is bonded through an interlayer; the interlayer comprising a bonded mass of superhard abrasive particles and refractory particles wherein an average size of... Agent:

20110274884 - Binding element for manufacturing a binding file and method which makes use of such a binding element for manufacturing the binding file: Binding element for manufacturing a binding file, whereby this binding element is a semi-finished product out of which the binding file can be made, and whereby this binding element is a flat binding element consisting of a support which is formed of a central strip and two plates on either... Agent: Unibind Limited

20110274883 - Latent-reactively glued tpu/pc layer materials: The invention relates to a security and/or valuable document (2) comprising electronic components (4) and/or diffractive security elements, comprising at least one protective layer (4, 5) being arranged on one side or two protective layers (4, 5) being arranged on both sides of the electronic components (4) and/or of the... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110274886 - Fire protection element: A fire protection element, in particular for cladding steel supports, ventilation or cable ducts, is provided with at least one plate formed as a corner member. The plate(s) has/have a gypsum core at least partly sheathed with a nonwoven glass fabric.... Agent: Knauf Gips Kg

20110274887 - Double-cell structure for window shade and manufacture method thereof: The present invention provides a double cell structure for window shade and its manufacture method for forming a substrate of double cell units. The substrate comprises first and second strip material bonded with each other, two lateral sides of the substrate being formed by first and second pleats. The substrate... Agent:

20110274888 - Composite material, method for producing a composite material and adhesive or binding material: The invention relates to a composite material made up of at least one ceramic layer or at least one ceramic substrate and at least one metallization formed by a metallic layer on a surface side of the at least one ceramic substrate.... Agent:

20110274889 - Dry adhesive backed flooring and method for manufacture: A dry adhesive backed flooring for being installed in a flat orientation on a subfloor, the flooring including a sheet flooring material and a double-sided sheet adhesive married to the flooring material. The installed flooring is substantially free of bubbles and wrinkles and the flooring remains substantially flat as initially... Agent: Base King, LLC

20110274892 - Biaxially oriented bio-based polyolefin films and laminates: A laminate film including at least one bio-based polyolefin layer including at least 53 pMC of radiocarbon (14C) content is disclosed. The laminate film may include additional layers such as a second bio-based polyolefin resin-containing layer of at least 53 pMC radiocarbon content, and a metal layer.... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110274891 - Coating and production thereof by inkjet printing methods: The present invention relates to coatings and to a method for surface finishing, in particular for producing durable and stable surface coatings using ink jet printing methods. The coating according to the invention comprises a first layer, which can be produced from one or more ink jet-capable inks, and a... Agent: Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110274893 - Coating composition for marking substrates: Coating composition comprising a char forming compound as a first compound capable of forming a coloured substance upon exposition to energy; at least one latent activator selected from the group consisting of ammonium phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate, ammonium sulfite, ammonium thiosulfate, ammonium sulfamate and ammonium sulfate; and a second compound capable... Agent: Basf Se

20110274894 - Durable in-mold decoration laminates using semi-crystalline polymer as top film: This specification discloses durable In-Mold Decoration (IMD) laminates made by using semi-crystalline polymers as top films. The crystalline structure or content of the semi-crystalline polymer can be optimized with a post process treatment process, which leads to improved chemical resistance and scratch resistance. The post process treatment can be conducted... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110274895 - Method for manufacturing optical disc master and method for manufacturing optical disc: An optical disc master having a resist layer composed of a resist material including an incomplete oxide of a transition metal on a substrate, the oxygen content of the incomplete oxide being smaller than the oxygen content of the stoichiometric composition corresponding to a valence of the transition metal, wherein,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110274896 - Chromophoric or effect-generating multilayer paint coatings having pigment-free coats of paint as filler substitute, the production thereof and use thereof:

20110274897 - Composite component having a cover layer: The invention relates to a composite component of at least (3) different material layers, having the following layer composition: a) a carrier layer or carrier structure of metal and/or fiber-reinforced plastic, b) a bonding agent layer of elastomer, c) a cover layer of carbon fiber-reinforced or mixed carbon fiber-reinforced plastic,... Agent: Daimler Ag

20110274898 - Method for producing sintered magnet and alloy for sintered magnet: The present invention provides a method for producing a sintered magnet, which can have a sufficient sintered density even when the magnet has a low-R composition. The method is for producing a sintered magnet comprising R (R: one or more rare-earth elements), T (T: one or more transition metal elements... Agent:

20110274899 - Multilayer film: Disclosed is a multilayer film which uses a lactic acid polymer as a main raw material and is suppressed in generation of an annoying odor. Specifically disclosed is a multilayer film which comprises at least three layers including a surface layer and an intermediate layer containing a lactic acid polymer... Agent: Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc.

20110274900 - Multilayer thermoplastic sheet materials and thermoformed articles prepared therefrom: The present invention provides multilayer sheet structures especially suited for thermoforming applications such as refrigerator cabinet and door liners comprising a surface non-foamed layer A and a surface foamed layer B having a total sheet thickness of from about 0.5 to about 20 millimeters (“mm”). Improvements in thermoformability, including cycle... Agent:

20110274901 - Multi layer film: The invention is directed to a multi layer film to be used as a flexible packaging material for enclosing and containing one or more compressible products in a sealed condition. The 5 layer film according to the invention consists of I. a first layer comprising low density polyethylene, II. a... Agent: Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

20110274902 - Derived timber material board and a method for producing a derived timber material board: A derived timber material board, having at least three layers made of a derived timer material is provided. At least a middle layer thereof is made of a mixture of derived timber material and a foamed plastic. The middle layer additionally has at least one foamed natural material.... Agent: Kronotec Ag

20110274903 - Weighted fabric articles and related materials and methods: Embodiments of the invention may include one or more high-density textile fibers with a density from about 1 to about 11 g/mL. Some embodiments may include fabrics and/or garments made from such fibers. Embodiments comprising garments can include, for instance, exercise aids for providing extra mass to the wearer. Other... Agent:

20110274904 - Non-fibrous high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape for ballistic applications: A non-fibrous ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape having a width of 1-inch or greater and a modulus of 1,400 grams per denier or greater. The non-fibrous UHMWPE tape is obtained by compression molding ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene powder at a temperature below its melting point and then drawing and... Agent:

20110274905 - Sheet having high water vapor permeability: Sheet that has a moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) of at least 100 g/m2·day measured according to ISO 12572B at 1 bar, 23° C. and 85% relative humidity and that contains a film of a polymer composition containing a polar thermoplastic elastomer, a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) and or... Agent:

20110274906 - Silicon carbide nanofiber and fabrication method of silicon carbide nanofiber using emulsion spinning: Disclosed is: a single crystalline silicon carbide nanofiber having improved thermal and mechanical stability as well as a large specific surface area which is applicable to a system for purifying exhaust gas, silicon carbide fiber filter, diesel particulate filter having a high temperature stability and may be used in the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20110274907 - Curative fibre components: Curative fibre components comprise one or more fibres for filaments of curative suitable to cure curable resins such as thermoset resin. In curative fibre components comprising a plurality of fibres of curative, the fibres can be commingled, such as twisting, to form a thread or yarn. Curative fibre components can... Agent: Advanced Composites Group Limited

20110274908 - Fiber composite: r

20110274911 - Method for introduction of filling materials in liquid form into porous bodies: Method for introduction of filling materials into porous bodies in which the filling materials in liquid form are brought into contact with the porous bodies and are distributed from at least one site within the porous body in this porous body.... Agent:

20110274909 - Pu product and a method for making the same: A PU product and a method for making the same prepare a stereoscopic mold in accordance with a formation of the PU product. Accordingly, a layer of particular material is sprayed in cavities of the stereoscopic mold via a spraying device. Additionally, a PU foaming material is poured into the... Agent:

20110274910 - Reinforced structure of a motor vehicle: A reinforced structure is disclosed which includes a structural component as well as a reinforcing part that is arranged in a cavity of the structural component. The reinforcing part can include a support part and a connection, the support part being arranged in the cavity such that a distance between... Agent: Sika Technology Ag

20110274912 - Agricultural film: An agricultural film 10 comprising a base material film 12 and a porous hydrophilic coating film 14 formed on the base material film 12. The hydrophilic coating film 14 contains boehmite particles, silica particles and a binder, wherein (a) the atomic ratio of Al to Si (Al/Si) is from 0.2... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110274913 - Nanoparticle film and forming method and application thereof: One embodiment of the present invention provides a method for forming a nanoparticle film, which comprises the steps of: preparing a nanoparticle solution, which comprises a solvent and supersaturated nanoparticles with surface ligand molecules; and dip coating a substrate to the nanoparticle solutions to form a first monolayer of the... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20110274914 - Coating composition for forming hydrophilic coating film: A coating composition for forming a hydrophilic coating film, which comprises boehmite particles, silica particles, a binder and water, wherein the crystallite diameter of the boehmite particles, as calculated from the diffraction peak of the (120) plane, is from 20 to 50 nm, the average particle diameter of the silica... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110274915 - Recycled plastic chip panel construction: A recycled plastic chip construction panel includes a thermoplastic sheet base layer, a thermoplastic chip core layer bonded to a first thermoplastic base layer, and a thermoplastic finish layer bonded, on top of the thermoplastic chip core layer, to the thermoplastic sheet base layer and the thermoplastic chip core layer.... Agent:

20110274916 - Tempered glass and glass: A tempered glass of the present invention includes, as a glass composition, in terms of mass %, 45 to 75% of SiO2, 0 to 30% of Al2O3, and 0 to 30% of Li2O+Na2O+K2O and has a β-OH value of 0.3 to 1/mm.... Agent: Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

20110274917 - Medical device having surface lubricity in wet state: A medical device wherein a surface lubricating layer and one of various polymer bases are fixed with each other firmly by a relatively simple technique. The medical device permanently exhibits excellent surface lubricity when in use. The medical device has a lubricating surface when wet, and includes a base layer... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110274918 - Medical device having surface lubricity in wet state: A medical device wherein a metal base and a surface lubricating layer are fixed with each other more firmly. The medical device permanently exhibits excellent surface lubricity when in use. A medical device which has a lubricating surface when wet, is characterized by comprising a base layer which is composed... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20110274919 - High release nip roll assembly: Disclosed herein is a high release nip roll assembly comprising a nip roll with a covering comprising a high release material. The release properties of the nip roll material can permit intermittent contact without the coating adhering to the surface of the roller and wrapping the nip. Also disclosed is... Agent: Bemis Company, Inc.

20110274920 - Tape comprising recycled paper: A masking tape having a crepe paper backing comprising recycled post-consumer waste (PCW) paper. The paper backing comprises at least about 30 wt % PCW paper and retains the desirable resistance to slivering of non-PCW containing masking tapes through selection of an increased dry saturant loading rate of at least... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110274922 - Colored and laminated metal plate for container: A colored laminated metal plate for containers includes a metal plate having one or both surfaces coated with a film for lamination in which a colored adhesive layer is coated to a polyester resin film. The colored adhesive layer contains a polyester resin as a main component and further contains... Agent: Jfe Steel Corporation

20110274921 - Trim component and method of edge folding: A trim component and method of manufacture. The trim component has thermoplastic adhesive disposed proximate an edge portion of the trim component. The adhesive melts at a higher temperature than a curing temperature of a thermoset material of the trim component.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110274923 - Extrusion system comprising a back pressure controlling brake device: The invention relates to an extrusion system for producing cylindrical semi-finished plastic products. The extrusion system comprises an extruder (1) for making available a pressurized plastic melt, at least one extrusion die (7) arranged on the extruder (1) and allowing the melt to leave the extruder (1) as a substantially... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110274924 - Mid-infrared transmitting fiber: A mid-infrared transmitting glass fiber comprising a non-oxide infrared transmitting glass core, and an oxide glass external cladding. In certain embodiments, the non-oxide infrared transmitting glass core comprises chalcogenide glass. In certain embodiments, the mid-infrared transmitting glass fiber further comprises a non-oxide infrared transmitting glass inner cladding.... Agent: Advalue Photonics, Inc.

20110274925 - Poly (n - alkylcarbazole) columnar structure and method for producing the same: A poly(N-alkylcarbazole) columnar structure having electroconductivity is provided. The poly(N-alkylcarbazole) columnar structure having electroconductivity may be produced by electrolytically polymerizing an N-alkylcarbazole in a particular solvent.... Agent: Chisso Corporation

20110274926 - Polycrystalline silicon rod and apparatus for producing the same: [Means for Solution] The polycrystalline silicon rod is obtained by depositing and growing silicon, by the chemical vapor-phase deposition method, on a silicon core member which includes a pair of silicon rods erected on the electrodes and a bridging portion connecting the upper ends of the silicon rods, wherein the... Agent:

20110274927 - Inorganic fiber structure and process for producing same: An inorganic fiber structure comprising inorganic nanofibers having an average fiber diameter of 3 μm or less, in which an entirety including the inside thereof is adhered with an inorganic adhesive, and the porosity thereof is 90% or more, is disclosed. Furthermore, a process for producing an inorganic fiber structure... Agent:

20110274929 - Lithium titanate aggregate and method of preparing the same: A lithium titanate aggregate and a method of preparing the same. In the lithium titanate aggregate, a single primary particle has a median diameter (D50) of about 8×10−2 μm to about 3.1×10−1 μm, and has a spherical shape. In addition, an amount of primary particles having a diameter of about... Agent: Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

20110274928 - Magnetic nanostructures: A magnetic material is disclosed including magnetic nanostructures such as nanodots or nanoribbons. The long range magnetic ordering of the material may depend on one or more structural characteristics of the nano structures.... Agent: University Of Utah

20110274930 - Method for polymerizing a small oligonucleotide, and use of a high-molecular oligonucleotide prepared by the polymerization method: The oligonucleotide polymerization method of the present invention is advantageous in that an oligonucleotide with a small molecular weight can be easily polymerized into high-molecular weight oligonucleotides. Further, the high-molecular oligonucleotide prepared by the method of the present invention can bind to hydrophilic high-molecular materials or inorganic materials, and then... Agent:

20110274931 - Method for controlling the viscosity of a sprayable mixture: The present invention is directed to a method for controlling the viscosity of a sprayable mixture. The sprayable mixture forms a layer of a coating composition on an applied substrate and forms crosslinked network after drying and curing the layer. The dried and cured composition provides the substrate with a... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110274932 - Component comprising an insert part and plastics jacketing, and process for production of the component: e

20110274933 - Laminate, method for producing same, electronic device member, and electronic device: A laminate comprises a gas barrier layer and an inorganic compound layer, the gas barrier layer being formed of a material that includes at least an oxygen atom, a carbon atom, and a silicon atom, the gas barrier layer having an oxygen atom content rate that gradually decreases from the... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110274936 - Fluorine- and silicon-containing treatment agent for concretes: The present invention provides a surface treatment agent comprising a fluorine-containing polymer having repeating units derived from a monomer comprising a fluorine-containing monomer, wherein the fluorine-containing polymer has a silicone moiety possessed by a mercapto group-containing silicone. When a porous substrate is treated under drying at normal temperature, the surface... Agent: Daikin Industries, Ltd.

20110274934 - Primer silicone composition and treated paper or film for release paper or film: A silicone primer is provided comprising an adhesion-providing component which is an alkenyl-containing siloxane of specific structure and/or a compound containing a substituent group having a functional group capable of radical reaction upon exposure to heat and/or UV and a substituent group having a group capable of reaction with alkenyl... Agent:

20110274935 - Silicone composition, release paper or film, and making method: An addition curing silicone composition comprising (A) an organopolysiloxane containing at least two alkenyl groups, (B) an adhesion promoter, (C) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane, and (D) a platinum catalyst is suited for use in release paper or film. The adhesion promoter is a compound which contains per molecule at least one substituent... Agent:

20110274937 - Lead-free solder alloy, fatigue resistant soldering materials containing the solder alloy, and joined products using the soldering materials:

20110274938 - Barrier film structures: A polymeric film structure exhibiting improved barrier properties and which is formed in the absence of a primer. The film structure is produced by coating a surface of a polymeric substrate with a solution of a polyvinyl alcohol-vinyl amine copolymer, an aldehyde-containing crosslinking agent and a crosslinking promoting acid catalyst... Agent:

20110274939 - Hydrophilizing agent for aluminum-containing metal material, hydrophilizing method, and hydrophilized aluminum-containing metal material: A hydrophilizing agent that maintains a favorable wettability for dew condensation even after a long-term use; a hydrophilizing method; and an aluminum-containing metal material treated by the hydrophilizing method and having excellent wettability for dew condensation are provided. The hydrophilizing agent contains a modified polyvinyl alcohol obtained by graft polymerization... Agent: Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.

20110274940 - Graft polymerization method and product obtained thereby: Disclosed is a graft polymerization method which has solved problems involved in use of a solvent, a radical initiator and high-energy radiation when a monomer is graft-polymerized on the surface of a polymer base. The graft polymerization method is characterized in that a polymerization product is obtained by immersing a... Agent:

20110274941 - Active energy ray curable resin composition: It is an object of the present invention to provide an active energy ray curable resin composition exhibiting good adhesion to a polyolefin-based resin base material. More specifically, there is provided an active energy ray curable resin composition comprising: a block copolymer (C) that includes a polymer block (A) composed... Agent: Nippon Paper Chemicals Co., Ltd.

20110274942 - Corrosion resistant aluminum foam products: An aluminum foam product that exhibits superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation in aqueous environments. The invention comprises the incorporation of chemical buffering agents, such as anhydrous borax (Na2B4O7), into the formulation of aluminum foam in amounts that effectively reduce the corrosion and oxidation in aqueous environments.... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20110274943 - Metal material processing method, structure processed using metal material processing method and rotary tool: In a metal material processing method, two metal materials are arranged to face each other in a processing portion, and a distal end of a rod-shaped rotary tool is inserted into the processing portion while rotating the rotary tool, thereby the two metal materials are processed. The distal end of... Agent: Furuya Metal Co., Ltd.

20110274944 - Polymeric article having a surface of different composition than its bulk and of increased bonding strength to a coated metal layer: The present invention provides articles comprised of a single resin system that has a surface and a core of different compositions, the surface having more extractable component and less fillers than the core. This arrangement provides for increased peel strength in articles formed from or including such articles. The present... Agent:

20110274945 - Hot-dip zn-a1-mg-si-cr alloy-coated steel material with excellent corrosion resistance: The present invention provides a Zn—Al—Mg—Cr alloy-coated steel material with excellent corrosion resistance. A molten Zn—Al—Mg—Si—Cr alloy-coated steel material which is a steel material having a Zn—Al—Mg—Cr alloy coating layer and which has an interfacial alloy layer formed of coating layer components and Fe at the coating layer-steel material interface,... Agent: Nippon Steel Corporation

20110274946 - Cast body: A cast body, being a tool for forming or original molding a work piece, or a transfer member for transferring a force or torque onto a tool which contacts the work piece during forming or original molding, wherein the cast body is cast from an iron base alloy which forms... Agent: Shw Casting Technologies Gmbh

20110274947 - Magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium comprising on one surface of a nonmagnetic support a nonmagnetic layer containing a nonmagnetic powder and a binder and a magnetic layer containing a ferromagnetic powder and a binder in this order, as well as comprising a backcoat... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

11/03/2011 > 101 patent applications in 78 patent subcategories.

20110268894 - Fluorine-containing liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition, and liquid crystal electro-optic element: A liquid crystal compound, a liquid crystal composition, and a liquid crystal electric optical device having a low rotational viscosity (γ1) and appropriate elastic constants. A fluorine-containing liquid crystal compound represented by formula (1). R1-(A1-Z1)a-(A2-Z2)b-(A3-Z3)c-A4-(CH2)n-CF═CF—R2 (1), R1 is a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, or an alkyl group, R2 is... Agent: Agc Seimi Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110268895 - Retardation film, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device including the same: The present invention relates to a retardation film, a method for manufacturing the same, and a liquid crystal display device including the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to a retardation film that includes 1) an acryl-based film, and 2) a coating layer of a negative C type material,... Agent:

20110268896 - Organic fluorescent compositions: e

20110268897 - Full color, inkjet-printable, self-laminating label: In one embodiment an opaque white primer layer having top and bottom facial surfaces is interposed between the substrate and topcoat layers such that the bottom facial surface of the primer layer is in direct contact with the top facial surface of the substrate layer and the top facial surface... Agent: Brady Worldwide, Inc.

20110268898 - System provided with panels, and method: A system provided with panels, for instance glass sheets, and with elements (1, 2) which extend along edges of the panels, comprising:—at least a first element (1) which extends along a first edge of at least one panel (P), wherein the first element (1) is manufactured from metal, and is... Agent:

20110268899 - Aqueous silane systems based on bis(trialkoxysilylalkyl)amines: The invention relates to an aqueous composition of bis-amino-functional silicon compounds which is essentially free of organic solvents and releases essentially no further alcohol in the course of crosslinking, and to processes for preparing it and to the use thereof, for example for hydrophobization of metal or glass surfaces.... Agent: Evonik Degussa Gmbh

20110268900 - Three-dimensional effect printing method and electronic device treated using the method: An electronic device includes a housing. The housing includes a transparent substrate, a transparent texture layer, and a colored texture layer. The transparent texture layer is printed on the inner surface of the transparent substrate and has an uneven surface. The colored texture layer is printed on the uneven surface... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110268901 - Process for preparing membranes and membrane structures from a sulfonated block copolymer fluid composition: The present invention relates to an improved method for making sulfonated block copolymers and to methods for making membranes from such block copolymers. In particular, the present invention relates to an improved method for making sulfonated block copolymers having at least two polymer end blocks that are resistant to sulfonation... Agent:

20110268903 - Methods of attaching biological compounds to solid supports using triazine: Disclosed are methods of attaching biologically active compounds to a solid surface, comprising modifying the solid surface using triazine chloride and attaching the biologically active compound to the triazine moiety.... Agent: Illumina, Inc.

20110268902 - Multimodal polymer: A multimodal ethylene polymer with a density of less than 950 kg/m3 obtained by polymerization with a single-site catalyst and having an MFR21 in the range of 2 to 15, a shear thinning index SHI2.7/210 of between 5 and 10.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110268904 - Article for prepping/flattening a floor: An article, system and method for flattening a three dimensional depression within a substrate floor. A straight edge is applied in a progressive X and Y grid fashion across the depression, with varying levels of shims defining contact locations, thereby establishing a floor template identifying common depths of depression at... Agent:

20110268905 - Customizable container identification device: The present disclosure provides a container identification device including a protective top layer having a top surface and a bottom surface, and a marking layer secured to the bottom surface of the protective top layer, wherein a mark is made on the marking layer when a corresponding impression is made... Agent:

20110268906 - Co-extrusion die, method of extruding with the die, and extruded articles made therefrom: A die (20) comprising two die cavities (38,40), with each supplying one polymeric material, a septum (26) separating the two die cavities (38,40), and a die opening (44) through which an extrudate is extruded. The septum (26) has a dispensing edge (36) and a plurality of extrusion channels. First extrusion... Agent:

20110268907 - Decorated device: An decorated device including a first body, a second body, a first decoration layer, and a second decoration layer is provided. The second body is disposed beside the first body. The first decoration layer contacts with the first body. The second decoration layer contacts with the second body, wherein the... Agent: Etansi Inc.

20110268908 - Coin assembly and medal assembly, and method for fabricating the same: A coin assembly and a medal assembly which have triple-structures, respectively, and a method for fabricating the same are disclosed. The coin assembly includes an internal ring; an external ring coupled to an outside of the internal ring; an insert coupled to an inside the internal ring; a first recess... Agent:

20110268909 - Process for packaging tacky polyester resins: A method for packaging plastic material using a film to surround the material, and more particularly to a method for packaging a copolyester, and the resulting package formed thereby. The method is preferably a coextrusion process for packaging an amorphous or semi-crystalline copolyester having a low glass transition temperature by... Agent: Bostik, Inc.

20110268910 - Flexible metamaterial structure based on graphene structures: A flexible graphene-based metamaterial structure is disclosed that can operate at above liquid helium or liquid nitrogen temperatures, up to room temperature or above in applications similar to those for which a superconductor-based material structure is used. The flexible graphene-based metamaterial structure is formed from a flexible substrate, and a... Agent:

20110268911 - Conformal coating of polymer fibers on nonwoven substrates: The present invention describes a novel process for the conformal coating of polymer fibers on nonwoven substrates. This process is based on the modification of polymer fiber surfaces by controlling the degree of etching and oxidation, which improves adhesion of initiators to the surface and facilitates subsequent conformal polymer grafting.... Agent: Pathogen Removal And Diagnostic Technologies, Inc.

20110268912 - Construction panels: A construction panel. The panel includes an insulating member having a first surface and a second surface and a concrete member having a surface that is in substantial contact with the first surface of the insulating member. The panel also includes a structural member having a first portion and a... Agent:

20110268913 - Composite board: A composite board (10) comprising a first (12) and fifth layer (14) of thermoplastic material, a second (16) and fourth layer (18) of metal and a third layer (20) made from a combination of thermoplastic material and a reinforcing filling agent, the third layer including at least one hollow void... Agent:

20110268914 - Two-dimensional layout for use in a complex structure: A method for manufacturing a complex structure from a two-dimensional layout, the method comprising: (a) obtaining a support plate having a pre-determined, patterned recess formed in a surface thereof; (b) depositing a first series of individual flexible interconnects into the recess, the flexible interconnects being aligned parallel to one another... Agent:

20110268915 - Formaldehyde-free protein-containing binder compositions: A wood-containing composite are described that may include a lignocellulosic material, and a formaldehyde-free binder in contact with at least a portion of the lignocellulose material. The binder is formed from a binder composition that includes a soy flour, a polymer, and a crosslinking agent, at least a portion of... Agent:

20110268916 - Double skin composite hybrid structural insulated panel: The invention is a structural insulated panel that can be utilized as a building panel. The structural insulated panel has a two part skin system, comprising a semi-flexible or rigid FRP laminate that is adhered to a thicker and usually more rigid material such as cement board or magnesium oxide... Agent:

20110268918 - Extremely low resistance composition and methods for creating same: The invention pertains to creating new extremely low resistance (“ELR”) materials, which may include high temperature superconducting (“HTS”) materials. In some implementations of the invention, an ELR material may be modified by depositing a layer of modifying material unto the ELR material to form a modified ELR material. The modified... Agent: Ambature, LLC

20110268917 - Stone component assembly system: A furniture system may be provided so that stone components may be more easily assembled and installed. The furniture system may comprise a piece of stone and a piece of wood attached to a side of the piece of stone.... Agent:

20110268919 - Particles with structured surface: Particles with a structural surface which are useful to produce abrasion resistant self-cleaning surfaces contain particulate solid particles having a superstructured overlayer of fine particles. The particles may be prepared by polymerizing a polymerizable siloxane, silane, or mixture thereof in a Pickering emulsion.... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110268920 - Tin-plated product and method for producing same: A tin-plated product formed by electroplating a substrate in a tin plating solution, which contains carbon particles and an aromatic carbonyl compound, to form a coating of a composite material, which contains the carbon particles in a tin layer, on the substrate has a coefficient of friction which is not... Agent: Dowa Metaltech Co., Ltd.

20110268922 - Bonded product and manufacturing method and manufacturing device therefor: Disclosed are a bonded product, and a manufacturing method and manufacturing device therefor. To obtain a bonded product formed of a solidified material of a molten metal which has been poured into a forming mold with a workpiece, all or part of which is already held therein, or formed of... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20110268921 - Decorative resin-based panels: Decorative resin-based panels that provide desirable aesthetics that a designer can use to add to the functional and/or aesthetic characteristics of a given structure or design space. The decorative resin-based panels include one or more of embossed surfaces, fabric interlayers, handmade paper interlayers, spun yarn interlayers, and squared cores.... Agent:

20110268924 - Dual platen molding machine: A dual platen molding machine for constructing a plurality of pre-insulated structural panels is disclosed that includes multiple safety features. The molding machine produces one or more panels that may include one or more c-channels or profiles embedded in expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam to provide structural integrity to the panels,... Agent: Radva Corporation

20110268923 - Resin molding method and resin molding: An object is to provide a resin molding method and a resin molding capable of improving strength while preventing generation of a weld line. The resin molding method includes clamping a mold to form a resin flow path including an extended portion, a restricted portion, a linear gate, and a... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20110268925 - Composite electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film: A composite electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film comprising pluralities of adjacent electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film pieces arranged on a plastic base film, each electromagnetic-wave-absorbing film piece being a plastic film provided with a conductor layer having a large number of substantially parallel, intermittent, linear scratches formed with irregular widths and intervals in plural directions, and... Agent:

20110268927 - Fastening clip assembly: A fastening clip assembly configured to securely fasten to a mounting stud of a panel includes a main clip and a tapered member, such as a tapered locking pin. The main clip may include a central column defining a central passage. The central column may include a ledge. The tapered... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20110268926 - Internal structure for aircraft in composite material: Internal structure for aircraft comprising a skin (1) of composite material, some stringers (2) of composite material integrated into the interior of the aforementioned skin (1) and some frames (3) of composite material, comprising the skin (1) with some zones (4) in which its thickness (20) is greater than the... Agent: Airbus Operations S.l.

20110268928 - Method of sealing hollow multi-walled panels and panels thus obtained: The open edge(s) of a multi-walled panel made of a thermoplastic resin are sealed by selecting a resin film or tape having a width that is greater than the thickness of said panel edge(s), welding the resin layer to the panel edge(s) to provide a projecting portion of said layer... Agent: Mp Masterplast International LLC

20110268929 - Stretch releasable adhesive tape: Adhesive tapes, articles containing the adhesive tapes, methods of making the adhesive tapes, and uses of the adhesive tapes are described. The adhesive tape is stretch releasable and can be used to couple two substrates together. The adhesive tape can be removed easily to separate the two substrates for any... Agent:

20110268930 - Towel with one or more recessed pockets: A towel with one or more recessed pockets is disclosed. A first peripheral edge spans from a first corner of the towel to a second corner of the towel. A second peripheral edge spans from a third corner of the towel to a fourth corner of the towel. The second... Agent:

20110268934 - Label film for deep-drawing processes: t

20110268933 - Non-vinyl resilient flooring product and methods of making same: Described herein is a resilient floor covering made from non-vinyl materials. Also disclosed are related methods for manufacturing the resilient floor coverings described herein.... Agent:

20110268932 - Nonwoven having durable hydrophilic coating: A nonwoven material coated with an amine-polyether silicone. The coating composition may include a wetting agent, an acid, and/or a defoamer. The nonwoven may be incorporated into a disposable absorbent article. The disposable absorbent article may include at least trace amounts of a mineral oil. The coating of the nonwoven... Agent:

20110268931 - Special effect glazing: Disclosed is a transparent plastic automotive panel comprised of a plastic substrate, a non-black ink overlying a portion of the plastic substrate forming a printed substrate and a protective coating system overlying the ink. Also disclosed is a transparent plastic automotive panel comprised of a plastic substrate, a non-black ink... Agent: Exatec, LLC

20110268935 - Antistatic laminate, optical film, polarizing plate, and image display device: A laminate having: a support; and an antistatic layer, wherein the antistatic layer is provided on the support and is made with a composition comprising at least (A) an electrically conductive polymer, and (B) a binder component, the antistatic layer has regions having local concentration of the electrically conductive polymer... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110268936 - Touch screen panel and fabricating method for the same: A touch screen panel, including a substrate having a plurality of sensing patterns thereon, and an anti-reflection layer on the substrate, the anti-reflection layer including at least two inorganic materials and having a stacked structure of at least two layers having different refractive indexes, layers of the anti-reflection layer being... Agent:

20110268937 - Coated panel and method for manufacturing such panel: A coated panel may include at least a substrate and a top layer with a printed motif. The top layer may be provided on the substrate. The top layer may also include a transparent or translucent synthetic material layer, which is provided above the printed motif. The top layer, and... Agent:

20110268938 - Flushable multilayer film: Multilayer film, comprising an at least flushable, thermoplastic layer composite made of at least one layer that can be milled by the influence of water and is resistant to cold water or can only be dissolved slowly therein, of at least one at least partially saponified polyvinyl acetate having a... Agent: Huhtamaki Forchheim, Zweigniederlassung Der Huhtamaki Deutschland Gmbh&co

20110268939 - Optical film comprising birefringent naphthalate copolyester having branched or cyclic c4-c10 alkyl units: The present invention relates to multilayer optical films and birefringent copolyester films. The birefringent copolyester optical layer or birefringent copolyester film comprises a major amount of naphthalate units, ethylene units, and a minor amount of branched or cyclic C4 to C10 alkyl units. Also described are certain copolyester polymeric materials... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110268940 - Ecological felt pad for furniture legs: A felt pad to use under legs of furniture to protect the floor from scratches due to displacement of the furniture. The felt pad comprises two layers joined by an intermediate layer. A first thin layer in contact with the floor comprises virgin fibers, a second thick layer in contact... Agent:

20110268942 - Microporous polyolefin multi layer film and preparing method thereof: The present invention relates to a multi-layered microporous polyolefin film for a battery separator and a method for preparing the same. The microporous multi-layered film of the present invention has a characteristics to have both the low shutdown temperature conferred by the polyethylene and the high melt fracture temperature conferred... Agent: Sk Energy Co., Ltd.

20110268941 - Process for manufacturing substrates provided with a multilayer having thermal properties,in particular for producing heated glazing units: A process for manufacturing at least one substrate, especially transparent glass substrates, each provided with a thin-film multilayer comprising an alternation of “n” metallic functional layers especially of functional layers based on silver or a metal alloy containing silver, and of “(n+1)” antireflection coatings, with n being an integer ≧3,... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110268945 - Improved composite materials: A curable laminate vehicle body shell component (10) comprising thermosetting resin, at least three fibre structural layers (12, 16) and at least one damping layer (14), wherein the ratio of the number of structural layers (12, 16) to damping layers (14) is at least 3:1 and such that, when cured... Agent: Hexcel Composited, Ltd.,

20110268944 - Sliding element: The invention relates to a sliding element with a substrate and at least one layer of a sliding layer material applied onto the substrate. The sliding layer material can consist of an antifriction lacquer comprising at least one cross-linkable binder or at least one high-melting thermoplast material or of a... Agent:

20110268943 - Substrate coating and method of forming the same: A substrate coating and a method of forming the same are provided. The substrate coating includes a first layer formed on a substrate, in which the composition of the first layer includes at least silicon-rich-carbon, and the amount of silicon is about equal to or greater than the amount of... Agent: Winsky Technology Limited

20110268946 - Sliding element in an internal combustion engine, in particular a piston ring: A sliding element in an internal combustion engine has a coating which has the following layers from the outside inwards: a first carbon-based layer, a second carbon-based layer which is harder and/or has a smaller proportion of hydrogen than the first carbon-based layer, a PVD layer and a bonding layer.... Agent:

20110268947 - Mycelium structure with self-attaching coverstock and method: A method of making a molded part, including adding a fungal inoculum with a liquid aggregate to form a mixture. The mixture is inserted into a mold cavity. The mold cavity is covered with a cover. Live mycelium is grown from the mixture that fills the mold cavity and physically... Agent:

20110268949 - Binder for mineral fiber mats: The object of the invention are mineral fiber mats based on mineral fibers and one or more binders, characterized in that at least one binder is a vinyl ester-ethylene copolymer.... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110268948 - Cytocompatible three-dimensional structures fabricated by microstereolithography: Three-dimensional microstereolithographic objects fabricated by microstereolithography are exposed to UV light for one hour to accelerate hardening. The structures are then heated at 175° C. or above for at least 6 hours. The heating temperature may exceed the glass transition temperature, which is the index of thermal softening temperature of... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20110268950 - Electromagnetic wave shielding gel-like composition: A gel-like composition that includes a gel, wherein the gel includes a polymer and an ionic liquid contained in the network of the polymer; and an electromagnetic wave suppressor, wherein the electromagnetic wave suppressor is dispersed in the gel and wherein the thermal conductivity of the gel-like composition is at... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110268953 - Fiber-containing concrete compositions: The invention relates to fiber-containing concrete compositions containing hydraulically setting binders, fillers, one or more fibers, and possibly other additives or admixtures, characterized in that one or more vinylester-ethylene copolymers are contained as additional components.... Agent: Wacker Chemie Ag

20110268951 - Polyethylene film and method for the manufacture thereof: The present invention pertains to a polyethylene film and a process for manufacturing such film. The polyethylene film may have a ratio between the strength in a first direction in the film plane and the strength in a second direction in the film plane perpendicular to the first direction in... Agent: Teijin Aramid B.v.

20110268952 - Polyethylene film with high tensile strength and high tensile energy to break: An UHMWPE film having a tensile strength of at least 2.0 GPa, a tensile energy to break of at least 30 J/g, an Mw of at least 500 000 gram/mole, and a Mw/Mn ratio of at most 6, and a film width of at least 5 mm. The film may... Agent: Teijin Aramid B.v.

20110268954 - Steel cord for reinforcing tire: A steel cord (50) comprises a core layer and an outer layer. The core layer comprises a number of first steel filaments (10) and the outer layer comprises a number of second steel filaments (20). The outer layer is helically twisted around the core layer. The first steel filaments have... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20110268955 - Mycelium structures containing nanocomposite materials and method: A method of making a molded part, including forming a liquid aggregate from a mixture of finely ground aggregate and a fluid. A mixture of a fungal inoculum and the liquid aggregate is formed. Nanoparticles are homogenously distributed throughout the mixture. The mixture is inserted into a mold cavity. Live... Agent:

20110268956 - Method for obtaining ceramic coatings and ceramic coatings obtained: The invention relates to a process for obtaining ceramic coatings and ceramic coatings obtained. This process allows obtaining coatings of ceramic oxides, such as ZrO2, Al2O3, TiO2, Cr2O3, Y2O3, SiO2, CaO, MgO, CeO2, Sc2O3, MnO, and/or complex mixtures thereof, by means of a high frequency pulse detonation technique in which... Agent: Fundacion Inasmet

20110268957 - Needle bonded complex: A process for preparation of a complex for resin impregnation includes the production of a sheet having at least one layer of a fibrous reinforcing structure and a layer of a thickening material that considerably thickens the sheet, the layers associated in a juxtaposed manner. The process also includes needle... Agent: Ocv Intellectual Capital, LLC

20110268958 - Process for forming a non-stick coating based on silicon carbide: The present invention relates to a process for forming a nonstick coating, said coating being formed from grains of silicon carbide, which are surface-coated with a layer of silicon oxide. It also targets the materials having a coating formed by this process.... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

20110268959 - Porous membrane: A membrane including a sheet of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene. The sheet is porous and has a gas permeability of at least 0.2 CFM according to ASTM D737 testing. The gas permeability of the membrane changes by less than 30% when the membrane is exposed to a temperature of 180° C. for... Agent: General Electric Company

20110268960 - Fire-restrictive arrangement in reinforced plastic ships: Flame-retarding arrangement for reinforced-plastic boats which may be of two kinds: Either a solid laminate arrangement formed by various layers of reinforced plastic with flame-retarding additives, with a coating of intumescent paint or a sandwich-type laminate arrangement formed by a core material, which is a fireproof, low-weight, compact or meshed... Agent:

20110268961 - Method for producing air-permeable composite sheet: It is an objective of the present invention to provide a method for producing an air-permeable composite sheet which has excellent mechanical strength and compression resistance as well as PTFE's innate property such as air-permeability, water repellency, heat resistance and chemical resistance; and a filter and a fabrics material containing... Agent:

20110268962 - Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene comprising refractory particles: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene including 0.001 to 10 weight % of refractory particles, wherein the refractory particles have an average particle size (D50) below 300 nm. The average particle size is at least 5 nm, in particular at least 10 nm, and/or at most 150 nm, in particular at most... Agent: Teijin Aramid B.v.

20110268963 - Method of producing structural member having prussian blue-type metal complex nanoparticles, structural member obtained by the method, substrate, electrochromic device, rectifying device, and photo responding device, using the structural member: A method of producing a structural member having Prussian blue-type metal complex nanoparticles, the method including: constructing the structural member stabilized by a particular process in producing the structural member by providing nanoparticles consisting of Prussian blue-type metal complex onto a substrate; and a structural member having Prussian blue-type metal... Agent: National Instutute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

20110268964 - Curing compositions for coating composite materials: The present invention describes the use of a composition which can be cured below 40° C., a method of coating fiber/polymer composites, the preparation of curable compositions, and a modular system for preparing said compositions.... Agent: Basf Coatings Gmbh

20110268965 - Piezoelectric material: e

20110268966 - Biaxially oriented film which could be thermally laminated with paper and other substrates: Multilayer thermoplastic film structures are described which comprise at least two layers. One layer comprises a homopolymer polypropylene and a second layer, which is at least 3 microns thick, comprises a polyolefin material with a melting point of from 90° C. to 105° C. The film structures are particularly suited... Agent: Dow Global Technologies LLC

20110268967 - Process and product of high strength uhmw pe fibers: An improved process for solution spinning of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE) filaments, wherein the 10 wt % solution of the UHMW PE in mineral oil at 250° C. has a Cogswell extensional viscosity and a shear viscosity within select ranges.... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20110268968 - Synthesis of pb alloy and core/shell nanowires: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods of producing nanowires comprising a PbSe core and a PbS shell, and methods of producing nanowires comprising a PbSe core and a PbTe shell. The method for producing the PbSe core/PbS shell nanowires comprise the steps of providing a core/shell growth... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering And Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20110268969 - Fine metal carbide particles and methods of manufacturing the same: There is provided fine metal carbide particles which do not require pulverization of an initial material, a reaction intermediate and a product that causes the contamination with metallic impurities, which can promote a carbonization reaction uniformly at a lower temperature than in the past, and which can be manufactured at... Agent:

20110268970 - Mesoporous nanoparticles: The present invention provides a process for making mesoporous nanoparticles. The process comprises providing an acidic mixture comprising a fluorocarbon surfactant, a second surfactant and a silica precursor. The silica precursor is then reacted to form the mesoporous nanoparticles.... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110268971 - Composition of hydrophobic granular play material and its method of manufacture: A hydrophobic granular play material comprised of a multitude of engineered particle structures. The particle structures have an average maximum diameter of less than three millimeters. Each particle structure has an inner core of first material that is coated with a hydrophobic composition. The inner core can be particles of... Agent:

20110268972 - Elastic particle foam based on polyolefin/styrene polymer mixtures: Expandable, thermoplastic polymer bead material composed of a multiphase polymer mixture which comprises blowing agent and has at least one continuous phase of a thermoplastic polymer, where at least two different disperse phases P1 and P2 are present, disperse in the continuous phase, and also to processes for its production,... Agent: Basf Se

20110268973 - Nanotextured surfaces: The invention describes novel compositions that include a cross linking compound, a polymer and a 1 nm to about a 25 micron sized particle optionally with an oxide layer. In particular, the particle is a silica and one which has been pretreated with a silane.... Agent:

20110268974 - Method and apparatus for coating substrates: According to various embodiments, a coating mixture is capable of being applied on a substrate. The coating mixture includes acidified graphite particles, a suspension of polytetrafluoroethylene resin in water, and silver ion doped microporous particles. When the coating mixture is applied to a surface of the substrate, the coating resists... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20110268975 - Transient migrating phase low temperature joining of co-sintered particulate materials including a chemical reaction: A method joins bodies of two component materials, at least one of which is a particulate, at low temperature. A third component has a lower melting point than either of the components. The third component chemically reacts with one or both of the first two to form material with a... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110268976 - Hermetic sealing material: Sealing materials for use with membrane supports, and in particular to sealing materials that can be used to form a glassy coating on the exterior surface of a membrane support to prevent gases from entering or exiting the support via the support's exterior walls.... Agent:

20110268977 - Electronic component device and method for producing the same: In a method for producing an electronic component device, a heat bonding step is performed in a state in which low melting point metal layers including low melting point metals including, for example, Sn as the main component, are arranged to sandwich, in the thickness direction, a high melting point... Agent: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

20110268978 - Polarizer protection optical film, polarizing plate, and image display device:

20110268979 - Multilayer shrink films, labels made therefrom and use thereof: A multilayer heat shrink film including a core layer including one or more alpha-olefin polymer and at least one skin layer including one or more cyclic olefin copolymers (COC), process for its preparation and uses thereof.... Agent:

20110268980 - Mycelium structure with insert and method: A method of making a molded part, including forming a liquid aggregate. A fungal inoculum and the liquid aggregate are inserted into a mold cavity. A portion of an object is inserted into the mold cavity. The fungal inoculum is grown into live mycelium that operably couples with the object.... Agent:

20110268981 - Hanging ornament for color painting: A hanging ornament for color painting has a substrate, a first ridge area and a second ridge area. The substrate has a first surface, a second surface and a protrudent surface. The first and second surfaces are both sides of the substrate. The protrudent surface protrudes from a partial area... Agent:

20110268982 - Substrate having laser sintered underplate: A substrate includes a metal portion and an underplate that is laser sintered to the metal portion. The metal portion has a melting point that is lower than a sintering temperature of the underplate.... Agent:

20110268983 - Film-forming treatment jig, plasma cvd apparatus, metal plate and osmium film forming method: To provide a film-forming treatment jig for forming a thin film on a plate having a through hole of a micro diameter by a single plasma film-forming treatment. The film-forming treatment jig according to the present invention includes: a holding member 39 for holding the aperture plate in a state... Agent:

20110268984 - Method of controlling surface defects in metal-coated strip: A method of controlling “rough coating” and “pinhole-uncoated” surface defects on a steel strip coated with a aluminum-zinc-silicon alloy. The alloy has 50-60% wt Al, 37-46% wt Zn and 1.2-2.3% wt Si. The method includes heat treating the steel strip in a heat treatment furnace and thereafter hot-dip coating the... Agent: Bluescope Steel Limited

20110268985 - Mixed alloy solder paste: A solder paste comprises an amount of a first solder alloy powder between about 60 wt % to about 92 wt %; an amount of a second solder alloy powder greater than 0 wt % and less than about 12 wt %; and a flux; wherein the first solder alloy... Agent:

20110268986 - Magnesium alloy member and method for producing same: The method of producing a magnesium alloy joined part has the following steps: a joining step of joining a reinforcing material made of metal to a plate material made of magnesium alloy without allowing an organic material to remain at the joined portion and a plastic-working step of performing plastic... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110268987 - Mcralx layer having differing chromium and aluminum content: A two-ply MCrAlX layer is provided. The two-ply MCrAlX layer includes nickel and cobalt, but also Cr, Al and Y, differ significantly, in order to improve both oxidation resistance and thermal-mechanical strength. A layer system including a substrate and the two-ply MCrAlX layer is also provided. The MCrAlX layer includes... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110268988 - Highly corrosion-resistant hot-dip galvanized steel product excellent in surface smoothness and formability and process for producing same: The present invention provides a highly corrosion-resistant plated steel sheet that can achieve excellent surface smoothness and formability and, according to the process of the present invention, a hot-dip galvanized steel product excellent in surface smoothness and formability having on the steel product surface a zinc alloy plating layer composed... Agent: Nippon Steel Corporation

20110268989 - Cobalt-nickel superalloys, and related articles: A cobalt-nickel alloy composition is disclosed comprising, by weight about 30% to about 50% cobalt, about 20% to about 40% nickel, at least about 10% chromium, aluminum; and at least one refractory metal. Moreover, the alloy composition comprises an L12-structured γ′ phase having the formula (Co, Ni)3(Al,Z), wherein Z is... Agent: General Electric Company

20110268990 - Perpendicular magnetic disc: A representative configuration of a perpendicular magnetic disk according to the present invention includes, on abase, a granular magnetic layer 160, and a auxiliary recording layer 180 disposed as an upper layer of the granular magnetic layer 160, wherein the granular magnetic layer 160 has a granular structure in which... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110268991 - Head with high readback resolution: An apparatus that includes a first read shield and a second read shield and a reader stack between the first and second read shields. The first and second read shields each include a thin high permeability layer closest to the reader stack and a low permeability layer and/or a geometric... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110268992 - Tmr or cpp structure with improved exchange properties: An insertion layer is provided between an AFM layer and an AP2 pinned layer in a GMR or TMR element to improve exchange coupling properties by increasing Hex and the Hex/Hc ratio without degrading the MR ratio. The insertion layer may be a 1 to 15 Angstrom thick amorphous magnetic... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110268993 - Silicon/gold seed structure for crystalline alignment in a film stack: A silicon/gold (Si/Au) bilayer seed structure is located in a film stack between an amorphous or crystalline lower layer and an upper layer with a well-defined crystalline structure. The seed structure includes a Si layer on the generally flat surface of the lower layer and a Au layer on the... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110268994 - Glass substrate for information recording medium, polishing colloidal silica slurry for manufacturing the same and information recording medium: The present invention relates to a colloidal silica slurry used in a method for manufacturing a glass substrate for an information recording medium, the method including: a lapping step of lapping a main surface of a circular glass plate; a subsequent cerium oxide polishing step of polishing the main surface... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

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