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10/27/2011 > 116 patent applications in 84 patent subcategories.

20110262662 - Cellulose resin film and method for producing the same: There is provided a method for producing a cellulose resin film, with which the deterioration of the entire film and the occurrence of die lines can be prevented. The method for producing a cellulose resin film, including the steps of: discharging two cellulose resins A and B molten in the... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110262661 - Optical performance humidity dependency improving agent for cellulose acylate film: An optical performance humidity dependency improving agent for cellulose acylate film, which contains a compound having a nucleic acid base skeleton, is capable of preventing the fluctuation of Re and Rth of the film against the humidity change in usage environments.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110262663 - Retardation film, fabrication method thereof, and liquid crystal display comprising the same: The present invention relates to a retardation film, a method for manufacturing the same, and a liquid crystal display device comprising the same. More particularly, the present invention relates to a retardation film which comprises 1) an acryl copolymer that comprises an acryl monomer and an aromatic vinyl monomer; and... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20110262664 - Artificial christmas tree: The artificial Christmas tree 10 has a trunk 12 configured in the form of popular or religious inspired figures. The figures may include a Christian cross, Santa Claus, an angel and a reindeer. The artificial tree 10 is provided with a base 14 to support the trunk 12 and artificial... Agent:

20110262665 - Artificial grass fibre and artificial lawn comprising such a fibre: According to the invention, the synthetic fibre is characterised in that the synthetic fibre has a curved section and a thickness/width ratio such that the synthetic fibre will buckle locally upon being subjected to an external load. In this way unnecessary distortion of the fibre—as in the aforesaid prior art... Agent: Ten Cate Thiolon B.v.

20110262666 - Thermal transfer ribbon containing exfoliated layered inorganic nanoparticles or exfoliated layered double hydroxide nanoparticles and manufacturing method thereof: The present invention relates to a thermal transfer ribbon containing exfoliated layered inorganic nanoparticles or exfoliated layered double hydroxides and a manufacturing method thereof, and more particularly to a sublimation thermal transfer ribbon wherein a second adhesive layer, a transfer ink layer and a transfer protective layer are formed on... Agent:

20110262667 - Composite material and production processes: The invention relates to a composite material and to processes for producing it. A composite material according to the invention contains at least one reinforcing component with an at least partially crystal-oriented titanium and/or titanium alloy phase. A composite material of this type has a high strength and rigidity and... Agent:

20110262669 - Bio-based polyethylene terephthalate polymer and method of making same: A bio-based polyethylene terephthalate polymer comprising from about 25 to about 75 weight percent of a terephthalate component and from about 20 to about 50 weight percent of a diol component, wherein at least about one weight percent of at least one of the terephthalate and/or the diol component is... Agent:

20110262668 - Delamination resistant multilayer containers: The present invention provides a multilayer plastic bottle comprising layers of PET and a polyamide such as, for example, MXD6, that is free from occurrence of delamination upon dropping or upon exposure to impact. The present inventors have found that when forming a barrier layer containing an adhesion promoting agent... Agent: Graham Packaging Company, L.p.

20110262670 - Cross-linkable polyethylene resin for pipes made by a single-site catalyst: An ethylene polymer with a density of less than 955 kg/m3 obtained by polymerisation with a single-site catalyst and having a shear thinning index SHI2.7/210 of less than 5 wherein ethylene polymer comprises two components.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110262671 - Multimodal polymer: A multimodal ethylene polymer with a density of less than 950 kg/m3 obtained by polymerization with a single-site catalyst and having an MFR21 in the range of 10 to 20 g/10 min; a shear thinning index SHI2.7/210 of at least 4; and preferably a crosslinkability of at least 60%.... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110262673 - Polymer compositions with improved barrier properties against the permeation of oxygen: m

20110262672 - Silicone polyoxamide process additives for high clarity applications: There is provided a silicone-polyoxamide process additive for use in high clarity applications, articles made using the silicone-polyoxamide process additive, and methods for making these articles.... Agent:

20110262674 - Self-laminating card and assembly: A self-laminating assembly for providing information, such as emergency medical or contact information, or a temporary identification card, for general purposes. Medical data or contact information is entered on a card which is predisposed within the assembly. The card can then be covered with a transparent plastic sheet and folded... Agent:

20110262675 - Photo-curable transfer sheet, process for the preparation of optical information recording medium using the sheet, and optical information recording medium: The present invention provides a photo-curable transfer sheet by which an optical information recording medium having small thickness and high capacity can be advantageously prepared, the photo-curable transfer layer of the sheet cured in the production of the optical information recording medium having excellent adhesion to the reflective layer such... Agent: Bridgestone Corporation

20110262676 - Structure of combined metal casing and plastic member: A structure of combined metal casing and plastic member comprises a metal casing, a plastic member and an adhesive tape bonded between the metal casing and the plastic member. The adhesive tape is prepared by applying an adhesive bonding agent to a narrow elongated absorptive substrate by means of coating,... Agent:

20110262677 - Patch for an underwire brassiere: A patch covers a hole created on a fabric when a wire of an underwire bra breaks through, poking the delicate skin around the breast of a woman. The patch includes an outer layer made of a laminate material, an inner layer made of a high strength material.. The outer... Agent:

20110262678 - Optical information recording medium: An optical information recording medium includes a recording layer, wherein the recording layer includes a thermoplastic resin and inorganic oxide particles dispersed in the thermoplastic resin.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110262679 - Gas barrier film and organnic device using the same: A SiNx film as a barrier film is provided. The film is formed at a low process temperature, has a high water vapor barrier performance and a high light transmittance, and is useful for sealing of a substrate formed by a flexible organic material, such as a plastic substrate. A... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20110262680 - Silicon carbide substrate and method for manufacturing silicon carbide substrate: A sublimation preventing layer is formed to cover a first region of a main surface of a material substrate. First and second single-crystal layers are arranged on the material substrate such that a gap between first and second side surfaces is located over the sublimation preventing layer. The material substrate... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110262681 - Silicon carbide substrate and method for manufacturing silicon carbide substrate: A carbon layer is formed on a first region of a main surface of a material substrate. On the material substrate, first and second single-crystal layers are arranged such that each of a first backside surface of the first single-crystal layer and a second backside surface of the second single-crystal... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110262682 - Knitted geotextile, and geotextile tube constructed thereof: A geotextile for sediment dewatering and containment has a pattern of oriented warp fibers positioned substantially parallel to each other, a pattern of oriented weft inserted fibers positioned substantially parallel to each other and substantially perpendicular to the oriented warp fibers, a nonwoven fleece, and oriented knitting fibers that interconnect... Agent:

20110262683 - Polymer alloy fiber and fiber structure: A polymer alloy fiber includes a polymer alloy consisting of a polylactic acid resin (A), a polyolefin resin (B), and a compatibilizer (C), wherein the compatibilizer (C) is an acrylic elastomer or an styrene elastomer containing at least one functional group selected from the group consisting of anhydride, carboxyl, amino,... Agent: Toray Industries, Inc.

20110262684 - Implant and method for producing the same: An implant having a preferably hollow cylindrical basic structure. A nonwoven fabric is disposed in and/or on the basic structure, the nonwoven fabric preferably comprising biocompatible thermoplastic polyurethane and/or a polymer selected from the group consisting of polylactic acid; polycaprolactone, and a copolymer thereof, and/or a polymer including polyphosphazene. At... Agent: Biotronik Ag

20110262685 - Type of surface-reinforced solid wood section material and its manufacturing method: The present invention relates to a solid wood section material and its manufacturing method. This invention is achieved by the following technical plans: a type of surface-reinforced solid wood product, including a compacted layer and a natural layer connected with fibre, has total density of between 350 and 750 kg/m3,... Agent: Zhejiang Shiyou Timber Co. Ltd.

20110262687 - Engineered plant biomass feedstock particles: A novel class of flowable biomass feedstock particles with unusually large surface areas that can be manufactured in remarkably uniform sizes using low-energy comminution techniques. The feedstock particles are roughly parallelepiped in shape and characterized by a length dimension (L) aligned substantially with the grain direction and defining a substantially... Agent: Forest Concepts, LLC

20110262686 - High tensile strength article with elastomeric layer: The present invention is an article of a film or sheet or a laminate of the film or sheet with nonwoven facing layer(s). The film or sheet is a blended compound of selectively hydrogenated thermoplastic block copolymer, a tackifying resin, and polyolefin and/or polystyrene, that has superior tensile strength and... Agent:

20110262689 - Composition for extrusion-molded bodies: b) a methylhydroxyethyl cellulose having a DS(methyl) of from 0.8 to 2.5, an MS(hydroxyethyl) of from 0.20 to 1.20 and a sum of the DS(methyl) and the MS(hydroxyethyl) of at least 2.00 is useful for producing extrusion-molded bodies for use as a carrier for a catalyst, a catalyst, a heat... Agent:

20110262690 - Composition for extrusion-molded bodies:

20110262688 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes a ceramic block including honeycomb fired bodies. The honeycomb fired bodies includes at least one first-shaped unit having a substantially quadrangular shape in a cross section perpendicular to the longitudinal direction. At least one second-shaped unit has a shape that includes at least a first side,... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110262691 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing the same: A method for manufacturing a honeycomb structure includes extrusion-molding honeycomb molded bodies. The honeycomb molded bodies are fired to form honeycomb fired bodies. A molding frame optionally having a vent portion with air permeability is provided. The honeycomb fired bodies are fixed in the molding frame. A member having an... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110262692 - Manufacturing method for honeycomb-like structural body, and the honeycomb-like structural body: A preform is formed by stacking core elements that are coated with prepregs. By heating the preform at a temperature at which the core elements do not thermally shrink, the prepregs are preliminarily hardened, and prepregs that are in contact with each other are caused to adhered to each other.... Agent:

20110262693 - Solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane comprising porous ceramic support: A solid polymer electrolyte composite membrane and method of manufacturing the same. The composite membrane comprises a porous ceramic support having a top surface and a bottom surface. The porous ceramic support may be formed by laser micromachining a ceramic sheet or may be formed by electrochemically oxidizing a sheet... Agent:

20110262694 - Multiple glazing unit incorporating at least one antireflection film and use of an antireflection film in a multiple glazing unit: A multiple glazing unit with at least three substrates which are held together by a frame structure, in which at least two intermediate gas-filled cavities lie each between two substrates, at least one substrate has, on at least one face in contact with an intermediate gas-filled cavity, an antireflection film... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110262695 - Discreetly defined porous wall structure for transpirational cooling: A wall structure (32, 42, 68, 70, 80) with layers (A, B, C, D, E) of non-random voids (26A, 26B, 28B, 30B) that interconnect to form discretely defined tortuous passages between an interior (21) and an exterior surface (23) of the wall for transpiration cooling of the wall. A coolant... Agent:

20110262697 - Flexible substrate and electronic device: A flexible substrate 10 of the present invention is the flexible substrate comprising a first resin film 1 having flux activity and a second resin film 2 different from the first resin film 1 laminated to said first resin film. The flexible substrate 10 is characterized in that the flexible... Agent:

20110262696 - Medical device including a bacterial cellulose sheet, perforated or microperforated as a mesh: The present invention relates to a medical device comprising a bacterial cellulose sheet having perforations. The invention further relates to a method of making such a medical device.... Agent: Sofradim Production

20110262698 - Control panel, keyboard module and method for the manufacture thereof: A control panel (2) for a keyboard module (1) is proposed, comprising a cost-effective genuine metal optic, said panel not having a shielding effect for antennas and capable of being manufactured and installed in a simple manner. The control panel (2) comprises a polycarbonate film (4) as a surface element,... Agent: Gigaset Communications Gmbh

20110262699 - Low-emissivity structures: A multilayer radiant-barrier structure is formed on one or both sides of a substrate that can be attached to an insulating layer to produce a reflective insulating material. The metallized layer is protected from environmental degradation without interfering with flammability properties that are critical for radiant and reflective insulation materials... Agent: Sigma Laboratories Of Arizona, LLC.

20110262700 - Surface-covered cubic boron nitride sintered body tool and method of manufacturing the same: A surface-covered CBN sintered body tool includes a base material formed with a cubic boron nitride (CBN) sintered body and a surface covering film covering a surface of the base material, and has a nega-land exposing the CBN sintered body in at least a portion thereof and a flank having... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.

20110262701 - Composite product with surface effect: The present invention relates to methods of manufacturing composite products having a surface effect. In some examples described, a composite product has a simulated surface, for example a stone-effect surface formed by pressing a particulate-form surface material (30) and a sheet-form curable material (40) onto a substrate (44) having an... Agent: Acell Group Limited

20110262702 - Single crystalline metal nanoplate and the fabrication method thereof: Disclosed is a fabrication method of a metal nanoplate using metal, metal halide or a mixture thereof as a precursor, wherein the single crystalline metal nanoplate is fabricated on a single crystalline substrate by performing heat treatment on a precursor including metal, metal halide or a mixture thereof and placed... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20110262704 - Flame resistant composite fabrics: A flame resistant composite fabric includes a first flame resistant fabric layer, a second flame resistant fabric layer, and a barrier layer that bonds the first flame resistant fabric layer to the second flame resistant fabric layer. The barrier layer is capable of withstanding temperature of 500° F. for at... Agent:

20110262708 - Light collimating film: Light-collimating films as well as other microstructured film articles are described that comprise a (e.g. UV) cured light transmissive film comprising the reaction product of a polymerizable resin composition. Polymerizable resin compositions are also described that comprise aliphatic urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer(s), bisphenol-A ethoxylated diacrylate(s), and a crosslinker having at least... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110262705 - Microstructures for reducing noise of a fluid dynamic structure: A fluid dynamic structure includes a surface and a microstructure mounted on the surface. The microstructure is defined by a plurality of peaks and valleys (i.e., riblets) and includes a transition region in which each peak and valley changes from a first profile to a second profile along a chord... Agent: General Electric Company Global Research

20110262707 - Multipurpose glove: A multipurpose glove is disclosed which comprises a relatively resilient body for snug fit reception of a user's hand. The body includes a first opening on a first side for receiving the user's hand, a second opening branching from a second side of the body for receiving the user's thumb,... Agent: Joint Protection Products LLC

20110262703 - Process for producing a composite component from plastic, composite component produced by this process and use of such a component: The invention relates to a process for producing a composite component, with the following steps: separate producing a decorative composite made of at least one backing layer and of at least one colorant layer, separate producing a structural composite made of at least one outer layer and of at least... Agent: Webasto Ag

20110262706 - Template for bacterial cellulose implant processed within bioreactor: The present invention relates to an implant comprising: a sheet of bacterial cellulose having a macro-pattern positioned on at least a portion thereof. The invention also relates to a method for making such an implant.... Agent: Sofradim Production

20110262710 - Rheological fluids for particle removal: Methods and apparatus for cleaning a substrate (e.g., wafer) in the fabrication of semiconductor devices utilizing electrorheological (ER) and magnetorheological (MR) fluids to remove contaminant residual particles from the substrate surface are provided.... Agent:

20110262709 - Ultrahydrophobic substrates: Disclosed is a process for modification of a substrate so as to form an ultrahydrophobic surface on the substrate. Also disclosed are surface-modified substrates that can be formed according to the disclosed processes. The process includes attachment of a multitude of nano- and/or submicron-sized structures to a surface to provide... Agent: Clemson University

20110262711 - Curable compositions for three-dimensional printing: Curable, phase-change compositions and inks used for printing three-dimensional objects including a curable monomer, a photoinitiator, a wax and a gellant, where the composition of the cured formulation has a room temperature modulus of from about 0.01 to about 5 Gpa. The curable monomer includes acrylic monomer, polybutadiene adducted with... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110262712 - Method for increasing the working surface area of a photovoltaic (pv) module and associated substrates: A method for processing substrates in the formation of photovoltaic (PV) modules, the substrates having a plurality of thin film layers deposited thereon. The method includes determining the geometric center of the substrate and performing subsequent processing steps for defining individual cells on the substrate using the geometric center of... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20110262713 - Decorative member and injection molding method: A decorative member (1A) includes: a resin layer (2) having a front surface (2b) and a back surface (2a); and a reflective layer (3) formed on the back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2). The back surface (2a) of the resin layer (2) includes a receding surface (21) formed... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110262720 - Cellulosic biolaminate composite assembly and related methods: Cellulosic biolaminate assemblies are provided. In one embodiment, a biolaminate structure is provided comprising a first cellulosic layer, a second cellulosic layer, and a first bio-based polymer. The first bio-based polymer impregnates the first cellulosic layer and the second cellulosic layer. The first cellulosic layer and the second cellulosic layer... Agent: Biovation, LLC.

20110262716 - Magenta dyes and inks for use in ink-jet printing: l

20110262715 - Method of manufacturing a product that contains a scented compound: A method of manufacturing a product that contains a scented compound, a product manufactured by this method and the use of such a product, the method includes at least printing one or more scented compounds, which are added to printing ink (3), varnish (4) and/or adhesive (5), on at least... Agent: Ka Aroma Marketing Oy

20110262717 - Multi-layer film depicting a colour two-dimensional image which is only visible through a polarizing filter and process for making the film: A film (1) depicting a colour two-dimensional image which is only visible through a polarizing filter comprises an optically active layer (2) placed over a polarizing layer (3) and configured to form said image on its face opposite the polarizing layer (3) when said face is seen through the polarizing... Agent: Luxottica S.r.l.

20110262714 - Press felt and method for producing the same: A method to produce a press felt for a fiber web producing and/or processing machine, including the steps of a) providing a load bearing base structure, which is, for example, produced of yarns, b) providing a first and a second non-woven fiber layer, c) imprinting a polymer material pattern onto... Agent:

20110262719 - Tissue product, method of manufacture of a tissue product and apparatus for embossing a tissue ply: A one-ply tissue product includes a first external surface and a second external surface, the first surface having a wet-formed pattern and the second surface having an embossed pattern imitating the wet-formed pattern. Additionally, also multi-ply tissue product is suggested comprising at least two plies including two outer plies, each... Agent: Sca Hygiene Products Ab

20110262718 - Tpu laminated fabric product: A method for manufacturing a TPU laminated fabric product includes the following steps. First step: preparing a roll of TPU film and a roll of releasing film. Second step: attaching the TPU film to the releasing film. Third step: printing a desirable pattern or image on a first surface of... Agent:

20110262721 - Patterned composite product: The present invention relates to methods for forming a composite product having a patterned surface. A substrate including a porous structure (136), a sheet-form material (134) and a patterned sheet (131) are pressed together to form the composite product. In preferred examples, the patterned sheet is permeable to curable material... Agent:

20110262722 - Method of producing laminated body, and laminated body: Provided is a method of producing a laminated body, wherein, while winding off a carrier A from a bobbin, an adhesive is applied to both facing ends thereof, a metal foil B is laid on and bonded to a side to which the adhesive was applied while being wound off... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110262723 - Film label and coating: A film label comprising a film layer with printed material on the front or back surface, where the back surface may be covered with an overprint coating. The overprint coating protects any reverse-printed material, and may be colored or patterned, or both. One exemplary pattern is achieved by alternating coating... Agent:

20110262724 - White ink composition and recorded material using the same: A white ink composition contains a white pigment and fixing resins. The fixing resins include a vinyl chloride resin or a urethane resin, a fluorene resin, and a polyolefin wax.... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110262725 - Solar control glasses: Glass products that can significantly reduce the solar transmission of glass and thus improve the solar control properties for such products used in autos, trucks, homes and buildings. A significant reduction in total solar transmission of the coated glass product by depositing PVD stacked layer coatings on glasses which in... Agent: High Performance Glass Innovations, LLC

20110262726 - Coated article having low-e coating with absorber layer(s): A coated article is provided, having a coating supported by a glass substrate where the coating includes at least one color and/or reflectivity-adjusting absorber layer. The absorber layer(s) allows color tuning, and reduces the glass side reflection of the coated article and/or allows sheet resistance of the coating to be... Agent:

20110262727 - Type of wood section material and its manufacturing method: The present invention relates to a type of wood section material manufacturing method, especially with respect to soft wood section material and its manufacturing method. It belongs to wood processing field. This invention is achieved by the following technical plans: a type of wood section material manufacturing method includes the... Agent: Zhejiang Shiyou Timber Co. Ltd.

20110262728 - Thermal conductive sheet, light-emitting diode mounting substrate, and thermal conductive adhesive sheet: A thermal conductive sheet contains a plate-like boron nitride particle, has a thermal conductivity in a direction perpendicular to the thickness direction of the thermal conductive sheet of 4 W/m·K or more, and has a volume resistivity of 1×1010 Ω·cm or more. The transmittance of light at a wavelength of... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110262730 - Continuous carbon-nanotube-reinforced polymer precursors and carbon fibers: The present invention relates to a continuous, carbon fiber with nanoscale features comprising carbon and carbon nanotubes, wherein the nanotubes are substantially aligned along a longitudinal axis of the fiber. Also provided is a polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor including about 50% to about 99.9% by weight of a melt-spinnable PAN and... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110262729 - Functionalization of nanoscale fibers and functionalized nanoscale fiber films: This disclosure provides articles that include functionalized nanoscale fibers and methods for functionalizing nanoscale fibers. The functionalized nanoscale fibers may be made by oxidizing a network of nanoscale fibers, grafting one or more molecules or polymers to the oxidized nanoscale fibers, and cross-linking at least a portion of the molecules... Agent: Florida State University Research Foundation

20110262731 - Suspension of cellulose fibers, film and method for producing the same: The present invention provides the suspension of cellulose fibers suitable for producing an oxygen gas barrier film. The present invention provides a suspension of cellulose fibers containing cellulose fibers, a polyvalent metal and a volatile base, wherein the cellulose fibers have an average fiber diameter of not more than 200... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110262733 - Fibrous plasticized gypsum composition: A composition comprising purposely oriented lignocellulosic fiber bound to an inorganic hydrate such as gypsum in the absence of water using a polymer. In a preferred embodiment the polymer is polyurethane. A process for producing the composition and a wide variety of applications of the composition are also described.... Agent:

20110262732 - Reinforcement fibers and methods of making and using same: Modified fibers that are texturized fibers coated with resin(s) are disclosed. The invention also discloses structural materials reinforced with the modified fibers including concrete, grout and wallboard products. Concrete products and dry concrete mixes contain cement, resin coated (epoxy, acrylic and so on) coated carbon fibers, and any optional components... Agent:

20110262734 - Stain resistant particles: The present invention relates to a particle having a core and a shell, said core being hollow or comprising an organic polymer composition and said shell comprising an inorganic oxide. The shell has a thickness in the range from 2 to 75 nm and has at least one and no... Agent:

20110262735 - Expandable insert with flexible substrate: An expandable insert assembly, method of making the same, and a vehicle structure are disclosed. A structure may include a wall defining at least a portion of a cavity, with the wall including an installation surface for the insert. The insert may include a substrate configured to be secured to... Agent:

20110262736 - Skinned panel and method of molding thereof: A skinned panel for stably molding a thin skin material and a molding method thereof. An extruding device is configured to extrude a pair of multilayered resin sheets, each of which has a lamination structure of an inner layer made of a foamed resin and an outer layer made of... Agent: Kyoraku Co., Ltd.

20110262737 - Water -based hot-foam adhesive panel: An environmentally friendly water-based hot-foam adhesive panel, having high adhesiveness and containing solvent-free resins, comprises a substrate layer functioning as a base layer, a primer layer coated on the substrate layer and a hot-foam layer coated on the primer layer, which is for use in an electronic or plastic component... Agent: Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

20110262738 - Aqueous organic-inorganic hybrid composition: Disclosed is an organic-inorganic hybrid composition containing a metal oxide (A) having a particle diameter of 1-400 nm and a polymer emulsion particle (B) having a particle diameter of 10-800 nm. The polymer emulsion particle (B) is obtained by polymerizing a hydrolysable silicon compound (b1) and a vinyl monomer (b2)... Agent:

20110262739 - Process for production of transfer-excellent in the resistance to burr generation and transfer sheets: A process for the production of a transfer sheet provided with a protective layer which is more excellent in the resistance to burr generation and in wear resistance and which is also excellent in the ability to follow the curved surface of a substrate; and a transfer sheet (1) comprising... Agent: Nissha Prnting Co., Ltd.

20110262740 - Metal and electronic device coating process for marine use and other environments: The present disclosure relates, in part, to Parylene based conformal coating compositions having improved properties, e.g., improved heat transfer and durability characteristics, as well as a methods and apparatus to coat objects with these compositions, and objects coated with these compositions. In some aspects, coating compositions comprising Parylene and boron... Agent: Northeast Maritime Institute, Inc.

20110262741 - Coextrusion film and method of making a laminated web: A coextrusion film according to a first embodiment of the invention has a monolithic elastic layer of a thermoplastic elastomer having an exposed outer face and an inner face and a support layer lying on, releasably joined to, and separable from the inner face at an interface.... Agent:

20110262742 - Transparent laminated film and method for producing the same: A transparent laminated film is provided with which it is possible to inhibit peeling of thin film layers, even with long-term exposure to sunlight during use and exposure to UV rays during quality evaluation. The film has a thin film layer obtained by lamination of multiple thin films on at... Agent: Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd.

20110262743 - Environmentally friendly adhesive tape paper and adhesive tape made therefrom: The present invention relates to a paper for adhesive tapes having an impregnated paper support containing recycled cellulose fibers as well as to adhesive tapes comprising such a paper for adhesive tapes and an adhesive layer. The recycled cellulose fibers are only slightly ground and originate predominantly from the group... Agent: Neenah Gessner Gmbh

20110262744 - Resin foam and foamed member: The present invention relates to a resin foam having a resin compositional homogeneity throughout the entirety from a surface to an inside thereof, having a surface with a 60° gloss value based on JIS Z 8741 (1997) of 1.5 or more, and having a 25% compressive load based on JIS... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110262745 - Coated recyclable paper or paperboard and methods for their production: A method is provided for producing a wide range of high quality coated recyclable paper or paperboard for use in a variety of applications. In accordance with the process, paper or paperboard is coated with a polymer emulsion in one or more coating stations which are off-line from a paper... Agent:

20110262746 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet including: a base material; and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer formed from a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition that comprises a polyrotaxane (A) having at least two cyclic molecules and a linear-chain molecule passing through opening portions of the cyclic molecules wherein the cyclic molecules have each one or... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110262747 - Adhesives made from interpolymers of ethylene/alpha-olefins: An adhesive composition comprises: (i) at least one ethylene/α-olefin interpolymer, (ii) at least one tackifier; and (iii) an oil or a low molecular weight polymer. Preferably, the ethylene/α-olefin interpolymer has a Mw/Mn from about 1.7 to about 3.5, at least one melting point, Tm, in degrees Celsius, and a density,... Agent: Dow Global Technologies Inc.

20110262748 - Packing material for affinity chromatography: An affinity chromatography packing material includes porous mother particles that include a copolymer of a monomer mixture including a crosslinkable vinyl monomer and an epoxy group-containing vinyl monomer, a ligand being bound to the porous mother particles, and the porous mother particles including a ring-opening epoxy group produced by ring-opening... Agent: Jsr Corporation

20110262749 - Thermal insulator, thermal insulating component, method of manufacturing thermal insulating small fiber and method of manufacturing thermal insulator: The present invention enables easy manufacturing of a thermal insulating fine fiber and the like, for example, having a high degree of freedom in size and shape and excellent thermal insulating properties. In a manufacturing method according to the present invention, a first end of a preform constituted by bundling... Agent:

20110262751 - Engineered plant biomass feedstock particles: A novel class of flowable biomass feedstock particles with unusually large surface areas that can be manufactured in remarkably uniform sizes using low-energy comminution techniques. The feedstock particles are roughly parallelepiped in shape and characterized by a length dimension (L) aligned substantially with the grain direction and defining a substantially... Agent: Forest Concepts, LLC.

20110262750 - Resin material for optical use and optical device: Disclosed is a resin material for optical use, which has refractive index and transparency suitable for optical devices, while having extremely small change in refractive index dependent on temperature. In addition, the resin material for optical use is excellent in forming suitability and heat resistance after a reflow process. Also... Agent:

20110262752 - Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials: A nanocrystal capable of light emission includes a nanoparticle having photoluminescence having quantum yields of greater than 30%.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110262753 - Laminated polyester film: The present invention provides a laminated polyester film which can be suitably used in the applications requiring good adhesion to a prism layer, a light diffusion layer or the like, for example, in a backlight unit for liquid crystal displays, etc. The laminated polyester film of the present invention comprises... Agent:

20110262754 - Architectural articles comprising a fluoropolymeric multilayer optical film and methods of making the same: This disclosure relates to an architectural article comprising a multilayer optical film comprising optically thin polymeric layers, wherein at least one of the optically thin polymeric layers comprises a fluoropolymer, and wherein the multilayer optical film is UV-stable.... Agent:

20110262755 - Gelcoat composition and articles comprising the same: The present invention is concerned with gelcoats comprising unsaturated urethane resins containing both acrylate and allyl ether functional groups, which in embodiments provide a desirable combination of a back up time of less than one hour and a longer interval between back up time and tack-free time. In particular, the... Agent: Scott Bader Company Limited

20110262756 - Configuration for improving bonding and corrosion resistance of reinforcement material: A coating for a reinforcing material, such as metal rebar, that increases the adhesion between the reinforcing material and a matrix, such as a cement-based mortar or concrete, in which the reinforcing material is embedded. The coating may comprise a glass frit mixed with a refractory material, such as dry... Agent:

20110262757 - Method of depositing niobium doped titania film on a substrate and the coated substrate made thereby: A coated article includes a pyrolytic applied transparent electrically conductive oxide film of niobium doped titanium oxide. The article can be made by using a coating mixture having a niobium precursor and a titanium precursor. The coating mixture is directed toward a heated substrate to decompose the coating mixture and... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110262758 - Enamel and ground coat compositions: A composition that upon firing, forms a non-stick enamel layer is disclosed. The composition can be applied to a metal substrate to provide a non-stick, durable coating for cooking surfaces. Also disclosed are methods of forming enamel layers and corresponding coated substrates. Various ground coats and related methods are also... Agent: Ferro Corporation

20110262759 - Low penetration low formaldehyde alkyd composition: Soak-in and strike through on the exposed end grain portions of low density or porous wood substrates including alder, birch, pine, poplar, and soft maple are reduced by applying to the end grain a solvent-borne coating composition containing an (i) alkyd resin having a hydroxyl number less than about 150,... Agent: Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

20110262760 - Bonding wood composites with resin solids-fortified phenol-formaldehyde resin: The invention comprises an aqueous phenol-formaldehyde resole resin liquid fortified with powdered (e.g., spray dried) phenol-formaldehyde resole resin, preparing wood composites, particularly oriented strand board (OSB), waferboard, particleboard, medium density fiber board, and hardboard, using the solids-fortified liquid resin, and related wood composites bonded with the solids-fortified resin.... Agent: Georgia-pacific Chemicals LLC

20110262761 - Device for decorating recipients and utensils used in juices and cocktails: This utility model relates to a new device for decorating containers and utensils used for selected juices and cocktails generally characterized in that it comprises a clip or grip dividing the device into two in its position of use, a) on the upper edge of the clip having a closed... Agent:

20110262762 - Filling material and filling method using the same: A filling material includes a support base member and a metal layer, the metal layer including a first metal layer and a second metal layer and being disposed on one side of the support base member, the first metal layer being an aggregate of nano metal particles and having a... Agent: Napra Co., Ltd.

20110262763 - Multilevel parts from agglomerated spherical metal powder: A method for the manufacture of a multilevel metal part, the method including the steps of: a) compacting agglomerated spherical metal powder to a green multilevel preform such that an open porosity exists, wherein the green multilevel preform fulfils the relation zg=zHVC·a, b) debinding the green preform, c) sintering the... Agent:

20110262764 - Copper foil for printed circuit: Provided is a copper foil for a printed circuit with an electrodeposited ternary-alloy layer composed of copper, cobalt and nickel formed on a surface of the copper foil, wherein the electrodeposited layer comprises dendritic particles grown on the copper foil surface, and the entire surface of the copper foil is... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110262765 - Process of metal plate press-formation with a fine line pattern and method of forming a fine line pattern on a molding die: A metal plate press-forming process with a fine line pattern, in which the metal plate is heated and applied with a gas or liquid pressure in several stages so as to be pressed against a molding die to be formed into a shape and simultaneously to obtain a second fine-line... Agent:

20110262766 - Method of producing a metal foam by oscillations and thus obtained metal foam product: The invention relates to a method of producing a bubbled metal foam, wherein adjusting the size of the bubbles takes place simultaneously with forming the bubbles by means of oscillations induced by longitudinal waves within the formation region of the bubbles. In this way, a decrease in bubble size which... Agent: Bay Zoltan Alkalmazott Kutatasi Kozalapitvany

20110262767 - Surface hardened substrate and method making same: A surface hardened substrate includes a base, a transition layer disposed on a surface of the base, and a hard layer disposed on the transition layer. The transition layer includes at least two kinds of transition metals. The hard layer includes an alloy and a nonmetal. The alloy includes the... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110262768 - Method for producing fittings, lateral grids and shelves for high temperature applicatons and metal component: A method for producing a component of a pullout guide for high-temperature applications includes the method steps of: producing a metal blank; applying a plasma polymer coating to a surface of the blank; heating the coated blank to a temperature of at least 400° C.; and cooling the coated blank,... Agent: Paul Hettich Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110262769 - Surface hardened substrate and method making same: A surface hardened substrate includes a base, a transition layer disposed on a surface of the base, and a hard layer disposed on the transition layer. The transition layer includes at least two kinds of transition metals. The hard layer includes a composite that comprises the at least two kinds... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20110262770 - Thermal barrier coating material, thermal barrier coating, turbine member, and gas turbine: A thermal barrier coating material that exhibits superior high-temperature crystal stability to YSZ, as well as a high degree of toughness and an excellent thermal barrier effect. Also provided are a thermal barrier coating, which has a ceramic layer formed using the thermal barrier coating material and exhibits excellent durability... Agent: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20110262771 - Method for roughening metal surfaces and article manufactured thereby: A method for surface roughening a metal work piece includes disposing a region of the workpiece to be roughened proximate to a counter electrode. The region of the workpiece to be roughened and the counter electrode are subsequently disposed together in an electrolyte. An electric potential with current flow is... Agent: General Electric Company

20110262772 - Method for producing aligned near full density pure carbon nanotube sheets, ribbons, and films from aligned arrays of as grown carbon nanotube carpets/forests and direct transfer to metal and polymer surfaces: Methods for preparing carbon nanotube layers are disclosed herein. Carbon nanotube layers may be films, ribbons, and sheets. The methods comprise preparing an aligned carbon nanotube array and compressing the array with a roller to create a carbon nanotube layer. Another method disclosed herein comprises preparing a carbon nanotube layer... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20110262773 - Ammonothermal method for growth of bulk gallium nitride: A high-quality, large-area seed crystal for ammonothermal GaN growth and method for fabricating. The seed crystal comprises double-side GaN growth on a large-area substrate. The seed crystal is of relatively low defect density and has flat surfaces free of bowing. The seed crystal is useful for producing large-volume, high-quality bulk... Agent: Soraa, Inc

20110262774 - Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head having a wrap around trailing magnetic shield with a tapered side gap: A magnetic write head having write pole and a wrap-around-trailing magnetic shield having side portions that are separated from the write pole by tapered non-magnetic side gap layers. The tapered non-magnetic side gap layers provide a non-magnetic side gap width that increases with increasing distance from the ABS, thereby providing... Agent:

20110262775 - Self-aligned full side shield pmr and method to make it: A magnetic pole suitable for perpendicular magnetic recording is described. This write pole is symmetrically located relative to its side shields and has at least three additional surfaces that are disposed to lie in planes that are normal to the substrate's top surface.... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110262776 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with non-afc soft magnetic underlayer structure: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium is disclosed. The perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a substrate; an intermediate layer disposed on the substrate; at least one soft underlayer (SUL) disposed between the substrate and the intermediate layer, wherein the soft underlayer contacts the intermediate layer and the substrate; and a magnetic... Agent:

10/20/2011 > 103 patent applications in 66 patent subcategories.

20110256324 - Ink jet recording medium: In an ink jet recording medium having at least two ink receiving layers, the total content of boric acid, a borate, and a water-soluble zirconium salt of a lower ink receiving layer located close to a support substrate to the total content of alumina and an alumina hydrate thereof is... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110256325 - Coated glazing: Coated Glazing comprising a pane of glass having an innermost surface and an outermost surface, and a coating layer (e.g. a titania coating and an underlying fluorine-doped tin oxide coating) on the outermost surface of the pane. The glazing has an emissivity of 0.7 or less and its outermost coated... Agent: Pilkington Group Limited

20110256326 - System and method for manufacture of information handling system laminated housings: An information handling system housing is manufactured from a laminate material having a stainless steel exterior and magnesium interior that are encapsulated with injection molding. A thin sheet of stainless steel is formed to have a lip that meets against the magnesium and is secured in place with injection molding... Agent:

20110256327 - System and method for manufacture of information handling system laminated housings: An information handling system housing is manufactured from a laminate material having a stainless steel exterior and magnesium interior that are encapsulated with injection molding. A thin sheet of stainless steel is formed to have a lip that meets against the magnesium and is secured in place with injection molding... Agent:

20110256329 - Near net fused silica articles and method of making: A near-net or net shape fused silica glass article, such as a radome. The article is formed by depositing silica soot onto a mandrel having a shape that corresponds to the shape of the fused silica glass article. In some embodiments, the mandrel is inductively heated to a temperature that... Agent:

20110256330 - Powdered silica, silica container, and method for producing them: A method is provided for producing a silica container arranged with a substrate, having a rotational symmetry, comprised of mainly a silica, and containing gaseous bubbles at least in its peripheral part, and an inner layer, formed on an inner surface of the substrate and comprised of a transparent silica... Agent: Shin-etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.

20110256328 - Three-dimensional decoration kit: A configurable three-dimensional decorative kit is provided having a serving platter and a three-dimensional ceramic decoration removably coupled to a surface of the serving platter. The three-dimensional ceramic decoration depicts a food item or items.... Agent: For Your Ease Only, Inc.

20110256332 - Co-extrudable thermoplastic elastomer compound for blow molded plastic articles: A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is disclosed which is a combination of a non-elastomeric polyolefin and two different non-crosslinked elastomers and optional softening oil. The TPE can be used as an outer layer on at least a portion of the outer surface of a co-extruded, blow-molded polyolefin plastic article to provide... Agent: Polyone Corporation

20110256331 - Ultra-high iv polyester for extrusion blow molding and method for its production: An ultra-high IV polyester suitable for high melt strength end-uses, such as injection blow molding, pipe extrusion, profile extrusion, and extrusion blow molding, is provided, having IV of greater than 0.9; and a process for its production having high IV lift rate during SSP processing.... Agent: Dak Americas LLC

20110256333 - Polypropylene compositions: A mineral-filled, polypropylene composition comprises (i) a coupled, impact propylene polymer, and (ii) at least 0.5 weight percent (wt %) based on the weight of the composition of at least one of calcium carbonate and talc. The compositions are useful in the manufacture of three-layer pipe comprising (A) a first... Agent:

20110256334 - Multi-laminate hermetic barriers and related structures and methods of hermetic sealing: A free-standing multi-laminate hermetic sheet includes a first carrier film, a hermetic inorganic thin film formed over the first carrier film, and a second carrier film formed over the hermetic inorganic thin film. A workpiece can be hermetically sealed using the multi-laminate sheet, which can be applied to the workpiece... Agent:

20110256335 - Carpet, carpet backing and methods: The present invention pertains to carpet and method of making it. In one aspect, the carpet includes (a) a primary backing which has a face and a back surface, (b) a plurality of fibers attached to the primary backing and extending from the face of the primary backing and exposed... Agent:

20110256336 - Composite carbon and manufacturing method therefor: Disclosed is a composite carbon having a novel structure. This composite carbon has fibrous carbon which extends in the direction of the long axis, and multiple carbon nanotubes which are formed on the surface of the fibrous carbon and have a smaller diameter than the diameter of the fibrous carbon.... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20110256337 - Method and mould for making a part of a vessel: s

20110256338 - Films having structured surface and methods for making the same: A film, and method of producing, wherein the film (4) comprises crystalline polylactide, wherein the film is continuous and has an embossed, structured surface (5,6) comprising structure (s) in the form of a negative imprint of a tool roll structured surface, and function wherein the structure (s) of the embossed,... Agent:

20110256339 - Stab and ballistic resistant material and method for preparing the same: A stab and ballistic resistant material, comprising a stab-resistant layer and a ballistic resistant layer, wherein the stab-resistant layer comprises at least one layer, wherein each layer is constituted of two units, each of which is formed from perpendicularly combined high strength and high module unidirectional fiber prepreg strips, adjacent... Agent: Hunan Zhongtai Special Equipment Co., Ltd.

20110256340 - Meshwork made of ribbons: A meshwork made of ribbons (1, 2) is described which are connected with each other by way of a thermoplastic filler material. In order to provide simple constructional conditions it is proposed that the ribbons (1, 2) which are laid in at least two groups and intersect one another in... Agent:

20110256341 - Multilayered polyethylene material and ballistic resistant articles manufactured therefrom: The present invention relates to polyethylene material that has a plurality of unidirectionally oriented polyethylene monolayers cross-plied and compressed at an angle to one another, each polyethylene monolayer composed of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and essentially devoid of resins. The present invention further relates to ballistic resistant articles that... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20110256342 - Film adhesive and anisotropic conductive adhesive: Provided is a film adhesive that has a high flexibility and a high adhesion strength and is easy to prepare by mixing. The film adhesive contains, as essential components, a bisphenol A phenoxy resin having a molecular weight of 30,000 or more, an epoxy resin having a molecular weight of... Agent:

20110256343 - Formed structural assembly and associated preform: A superplastically formed structural assembly is provided, as is an associated preform and method for forming such an assembly. The assembly includes a skin member and a support member that are joined to define a space between the members and between the joints. The assembly can be produced by joining... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110256344 - Glass substrate for semiconductor device component and process for producing glass substrate for semiconductor device component: The above object is accomplished by a glass substrate having an average thermal expansion coefficient of from 10×10−7 to 50×10−7/K within a range of from 50° C. to 300° C., having plural through-holes with a taper angle of from 0.1 to 20° and having a thickness of from 0.01 to... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110256345 - One way see-through shelf set presentation for convenience stores: A one-way see-through shelf set presentation for convenience stores is disclosed. According to one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a sheet of plexiglass separating a secure area and an unsecure area in a convenience store. The apparatus further comprises a vinyl film having perforations and having a shelf set image printed... Agent: E&j Gallo Winery

20110256346 - Systems and methods for forming a protective pad: A protective pad configuration is provided that includes a corrugated energy dispersing plate disposed between an upper and a lower foam member. The corrugated energy dispersing plate provides stiffness along a first direction and flexibility in a second direction to enable pad design that maximizes both athlete protection and mobility.... Agent: Xoathletics, LLC

20110256347 - Method for making diamond composite materials: The invention relates to a method for depositing a diamond coating onto a substrate, said method resulting in the production of a coating characterised by a novel morphology of the diamond in the form of pyramids containing submicronic grains. The method is carried out by chemical vapour deposition by controlling... Agent:

20110256348 - Method for forming a wood composite product, a wood composite product, and an apparatus for the manufacture of a wood composite product: A method for forming a wood composite product by extrusion with a manufacturing apparatus. The temperature profile prevailing in the manufacturing apparatus is adjusted in such a way that the surface of the wood composite product to be formed becomes rough. A wood composite product and an apparatus for manufacturing... Agent: Upm-kymmene Corporation

20110256351 - Anti-counterfeit film with an amphichroic pattern and a preparation method thereof: An anti-counterfeit film comprising an amphichroic pattern is prepared by (1) mixing a polymerizable liquid crystal material of chiral structure and a photoinitiator, blade-coating the mixture on a base film and then drying; (2) partially exposing the resulting material produced in step (1) using a positioned UV lamp, then drying... Agent: Shanghai Fudan Techsun New Technology Co., Ltd.

20110256349 - Films having switchable reflectivity: Compositions, structures and methods that relate to films having switchable reflectivity and anti-reflectivity depending on ambient conditions, such as temperature. A film with switchable reflectivity and anti-reflectivity includes a nanostructured first layer having nanopillars associated with nanowells. A hydrogel occupies at least a portion of the nanowells. As the hydrogel... Agent: Korea University Research And Business Foundation

20110256350 - Functional laminate and functional structure: A functional laminate includes a functional layer including an inorganic layer formed in a predetermined three-dimensional shape, first and second resin layers disposed in close contact with two principal surfaces of the functional layer, respectively, and sandwiching the functional layer therebetween, and first and second supports disposed respectively in contact... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110256354 - Mask layout and method for forming vertical channel transistor in semiconductor device using the same: A method for forming a vertical channel transistor in a semiconductor memory device includes: forming a plurality of pillars over a substrate so that the plurality of pillars are arranged in a first direction and a second direction crossing the first direction, and so that each of the pillars has... Agent: Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

20110256353 - Methods of making polymeric articles and polymeric articles formed thereby: Low durometer polymeric gel articles and methods of making are provided. herein.... Agent: Polyworks, Inc.

20110256352 - Multi-functioning insert: A multi-functional insert, especially a multi-functional insert consisting of a fixation insert (1) made of at least one layer of a flat material that is formed into a spatial shape that contains spatially raised edges (6) and the central part (7), which is compressed, which contains at least one supplementary... Agent:

20110256355 - Low-k dielectric functional imprinting materials: A polymerizable composition includes an organic modified silicate selected from the group consisting of silsesquioxanes having the composition RSiO1.5, partially condensed alkoxysilanes, organically modified silicates having the composition RSiO3 and R2SiO2, and partially condensed orthosilicates having the composition SiOR4, where R is an organic substituent; a decomposable organic compound; a... Agent: Molecular Imprints, Inc.

20110256358 - Ceramic composite components and methods of fabricating the same: A method for fabricating a ceramic composite includes forming a first ceramic composite layer (CCL), positioning a form against the first CCL, positioning a second CCL against the form such that the form is at least partially circumscribed by the first CCL and the second CCL. The method also includes... Agent:

20110256356 - Metallic structures with variable properties: Variable property deposit, at least partially of fine-grained metallic material, optionally containing solid particulates dispersed therein, is disclosed. The electrodeposition conditions in a single plating cell are suitably adjusted to once or repeatedly vary at least one property in the deposit direction. In one embodiment denoted multidimension grading, property variation... Agent: Integran Technologies, Inc.

20110256359 - Method and material for a thermally crosslinkable random copolymer: A structure that comprises a substrate; a cross-linked random free radical copolymer on the substrate; and a self-assembled patterned diblock copolymer film on the random copolymer; wherein the random copolymer is energy neutral with respect to each block of the diblock copolymer film. A method of making the structure is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110256357 - Method of assembly of articles and intermediate created thereby: Articles on flexible webs with different pitches are assembled together by displacing portions between articles of one web out of plane to move the articles on that web to the same pitch as the other web, aligning the two webs to register corresponding articles on the two webs, and assembling... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110256361 - Electronic device housing and method for making the same: An electronic device housing is provided. The electronic device housing includes a substrate, a first metallic coating formed on the substrate, and a second metallic coating formed on a portion of the first metallic coating. The first and second metallic coatings are formed by vacuum sputtering or vacuum vapor deposition.... Agent: Shenzhen Futaihong Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110256362 - Modified fibrous product and method of producing the same: The present invention relates to a modified fibrous product and a method of producing the same. According to the method, transparent areas are generated in the fibrous product, such as in a paper or a cardboard sheet or in a paper or a cardboard web. According to the present invention,... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20110256360 - Reusable body decoration: A reusable body decoration includes a decorative member, a multilayer adhesive adhered to one side of the decorative member, the multilayer adhesive having a first layer having a relatively low peel strength for removably contacting a user's skin and a second layer having a relatively high peel strength for contacting... Agent:

20110256363 - Surface metal film material, method of producing surface metal film material, method of producing metal pattern material, and metal pattern material: A surface metal film material including, in this order, a substrate, a polymer layer that receives a plating catalyst or a precursor thereof, and a metal film formed by plating, wherein, when x μm represents surface roughness (Ra) at the interface between the substrate and the polymer layer, and y... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110256364 - Microporous material: Microporous materials that include thermoplastic organic polyolefin polymer (e.g., ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin, such as polyethylene), particulate filler (e.g., precipitated silica), and a network of interconnecting pores, are described. The microporous materials of the present invention possess controlled volatile material transfer properties. The microporous materials can have a density of... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110256365 - Ceramic powder, ceramic layer and layer system with pyrochlore phase and oxides: A layer system is disclosed. The layer system includes a substrate and a ceramic outer layer. The ceramic outer ceramic layer is produced from a ceramic powder. The ceramic powder include a phrochlore phase according to the empirical formula AxByOz with x, y≈2, z≈7 and a secondary oxide CrOs with... Agent:

20110256366 - Method for coating a sliding element and sliding element, in particular a piston ring or cylinder liner of an internal combustion engine: In a method for coating a sliding element, in particular a piston ring or a cylinder liner of an internal combustion engine, DLC phases are embedded into a hard material layer as said hard material layer is deposited. A sliding element, such as a piston ring or a cylinder liner... Agent:

20110256367 - Prepreg, method for manufacturing prepreg, substrate, and semiconductor device: A prepreg which can meet a demand for thickness reduction is provided. The prepreg has first and second resin layers having different applications, functions, capabilities, or properties, and allows an amount of a resin composition in each of the first and second resin layers to be set appropriately depending on... Agent: Sumitomo Bakelite Company Limited

20110256368 - Protective laminates: Protective laminate films protect an underlying window surface from scratches or other damage. The laminate films generally include a substrate having a scratch resistant coating adhered to one side and an adhesive layer adhered to an opposite side. Adhesion promoter and primer layers may be provided to enhance adhesion of... Agent: Clearplex Corporation

20110256370 - Laminate of metal sheets and polymer: The invention relates to a laminate of metal sheets and fiber-reinforced polymer layers connected thereto. The laminate comprises at least one thick metal sheet with a thickness of at least 1 mm that is connected to the rest of the laminate by means of at least one fiber-reinforced polymer layer,... Agent: Alcoa Inc.

20110256369 - Thin-layered alternating material body support and method of manufacturing same: A body support assembly comprising a first layer comprising a visco-elastic foam (e.g., a non-reticulated foam), a second layer supporting the first layer and comprising a non-visco-elastic foam (e.g., a latex foam), and a third layer supporting the second layer and comprising a visco-elastic foam (e.g., a non-reticulated foam). In... Agent:

20110256371 - Hard carbon coating and method of forming the same: A coating for cutting tools or wear parts has at least one crystalline SixC1-x-y-zNyMz layer formed by means of a PVD method and at least one hard carbon layer, which is diamond or DLC. Si and C are essential components of the SixC1-x-y-zNyMz layer and M is one or more... Agent: Iscar, Ltd.

20110256374 - Composite article made by a process: Disclosed herein is a consolidated or densified composite article comprising polymer, particularly fluoropolymer, and carbon fiber.... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110256372 - Composite building boards with thermoplastic coatings and cementitious precoated fibrous mats: Disclosed is a composite building board construction. The board includes a set gypsum core and a fibrous mat that is pre-coated with a cementitious layer. A thermoplastic coating is then applied over the cementitious layer. Additives can be added to one or more of the layers to provide enhanced performance... Agent: Certainteed Gypsum, Inc.

20110256373 - Melt blends of amorphous cycloolefin polymers and partially crystalline cycloolefin elastomers with improved toughness: A melt-blend resin composition prepared by melt-blending includes from 60 parts to 99 parts per hundred weight resin in the blend of an amorphous cycloolefin polymer composition exhibiting a glass transition temperature in the range of from 30° C. to 200° C.; and from 40 parts to 1 part per... Agent:

20110256375 - Coating layer for solar batteries, and its production process: The invention provides a coating layer for solar batteries which can be formed directly on a protective layer of a solar battery module and used in direct contact with the air. The fluorine-containing coating layer for solar batteries is characterized by having a fluorine content of 5% by weight or... Agent: Tosoh F-tech, Inc.

20110256376 - Composite graphene oxide-polymer laminate and method: A macroscale, self-supporting, composite laminate sheet includes individual, layered graphene oxide sheets and a polymer in spaces between the sheets. This composite product can be fabricated by combining a suspension of individual graphene oxide sheets and a solution of polymer, passing the resulting fluid through a fluid-permeable support, and assembling... Agent: Northwestern University

20110256378 - Cross linking membrane surfaces: The present invention relates, in part, to high energy processes for manufacturing cross-linked polyolefins. The polyolefins described herein are capable of undergoing further processing without compromising their physical properties and dynamic performance.... Agent: Energy Sciences, Inc.

20110256377 - Photovoltaic structures produced with silicon ribbons: Photovoltaic elements can be formed by in-motion processing of a silicon ribbon. In some embodiments, only a single surface of a silicon ribbon is processed in-motion. In other embodiments both surfaces of a silicon ribbon is processed in-motion. In-motion processing can include, but is not limited to, formation of patterned... Agent:

20110256379 - Body assembled with a macroporous hardened cement: An assembled ceramic body having blocks attached to one another by means of a seal, the lateral surface of the ceramic body possibly being coated with a peripheral coating, the seal and/or the peripheral coating including a set cement having less than 10% of inorganic fibers, as a percentage by... Agent: Saint-gobain Centre De Recherches Et D'etudes Europeen

20110256380 - Inter-layer gelatinous body support adhesive and method of manufacturing a body support using the same: A body support assembly including a first layer, a second layer, at least one of the first and second layers comprises a visco-elastic foam, and a gel adhesive bonding the first layer to the second layer. A method of assembling the body support assembly including applying a gelatinous adhesive on... Agent:

20110256381 - Energy efficient roof covering: A roofing for residential and commercial buildings is disclosed, the roofing including a base for application to a building roof structure and exposed to the atmosphere, and a reflective material disposed on the base, a color of the reflective material being changeable upon excitation by solar energy.... Agent:

20110256382 - Non-flammable cushinoning and sealing sheet and method for preparing the same: The present invention also relates to a method for preparing a non-flammable cushioning and sealing sheet that comprises: preparing a polyurethane layer containing melamine polyphosphate and diphenyl cresyl phosphate as a flame retardant; forming a adhesive layer on the one side of the polyurethane layer; and forming a surface coating... Agent: Utis Co., Ltd.

20110256383 - Polymer material comprising a polymer and silver nanoparticles dispersed herein: A polymer material according to the invention comprises a polymer and silver nanoparticles dispersed in the polymer. The silver nanoparticles may be obtained by reducing a silver salt in a dispersing agent in the presence of a dispersion stabilizer with a reducing agent, the dispersion stabilizer being selected from the... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110256384 - Optical element: p

20110256385 - Bonding film-attached substrate and bonding film-attached substrate manufacturing method: A bonding film-attached substrate includes: a substrate whose main component is not silicon dioxide, or that does not have a Si-group skeleton; a silicon oxide film formed on a surface of the substrate and adjacent to the substrate using a vapor-phase deposition method, and that has a thickness of from... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110256386 - Fabrication of large-area hexagonal boron nitride thin films: A hexagonal boron nitride thin film is grown on a metal surface of a growth substrate and then annealed. The hexagonal boron nitride thin film is coated with a protective support layer and released from the metal surface. The boron nitride thin film together with the protective support layer can... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110256388 - Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device: A semiconductor memory device includes a titanium layer and a titanium nitride layer formed on a substrate, a thin layer formed on the titanium nitride layer, and a metal layer formed on the thin layer, wherein the thin layer increases a grain size of the metal layer.... Agent:

20110256387 - Resin composition for surface treatment of steel sheet and surface-treated steel sheet using the same: Provided is a resin composition for surface treatment of a steel sheet including a binder resin, graphene and a solvent. More particularly, as only a small amount of the graphene is included in the resin composition used for surface treatment of a steel sheet, a user-required electrical conductivity can be... Agent: Posco

20110256389 - Compressor anti-corrosion protection coating: A corrosion and abrasion resistant multilayer coating protects a compressor operating in a marine environment. The coating includes a thermal sprayed cermet layer and an organic based sealant layer.... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20110256390 - Fire-resistant glasses having uv-curable intermediate layer: The invention relates to transparent fire-resistant glass elements made from at least two panes, wherein a layer made from a UV-curable material is arranged between each of said panes, to a method for the production thereof and to the use thereof as multiple glass elements in mobile units such as... Agent:

20110256391 - Layered material containing polyvinyl butyral: Use of a layered material comprising a layered material comprising (i) a first layer comprising polyvinylbutyral (PVB, and (ii) a second layer comprising an adhesive, wherein the first layer comprises irradiation-treated areas for making an adhesive label; articles containing the layered material and methods of making the layered material.... Agent:

20110256392 - Protective sheet for back surface of solar cell module: A protective sheet for the back surface of a solar cell module that is lightweight and has excellent water vapor barrier properties. The protective sheet for the back surface of a solar cell module is prepared by laminating a base sheet having excellent electrical insulation properties to at least one... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110256393 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition including: a (meth)acrylate copolymer (A) obtained by copolymerizing a (meth)acrylate and a reactive group-containing monomer, such that a ratio of the reactive group-containing monomer (constituent unit derived from the monomer) in the copolymer ranges from 0.01 to 15 wt %; a polyrotaxane (B) having at least... Agent: Lintec Corporation

20110256394 - Film and adhesive/bonding sheet: When a film that is fixed to a surface of an adherend by means such as adhesion and rolled into a cylinder by heating is grasped by a grasping tool or adhered to a holder in order to remove the film from the surface of the adherend, the grasping tool... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110256395 - Pressure-sensitive adhesives based on natural rubber and polyacrylates: A pressure-sensitive adhesive consisting of a homogeneous mixture of at least one natural rubber component and at least one polyacrylate component displays significantly improved properties in cohesion and aging and weathering resistance compared to the individual components. Particularly good properties are achieved when the adhesive contains x% by weight of... Agent: Tesa Se

20110256396 - Method of minimizing residue adhesion for thermo-reversible dry adhesives: One embodiment of the invention includes a method of joining two substrates with multilayer thermo-reversible dry adhesives and separating the two bonded substrates by completely thermally reversing the adhesion via heating.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20110256397 - Method for attaching nanofiber sheet: A method of attaching a nanofiber sheet (10) having a nanofiber layer (11) comprising a polymeric nanofiber and a base layer (12) located on one side of the nanofiber layer (11) to a surface of an object. The method includes bringing a side of the nanofiber layer (11) of the... Agent: Kao Corporation

20110256398 - Production of non-woven materials from polyhydroxyalkanoate: Methods and compositions for making non-woven materials from polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers are provided. In certain aspects, the invention pertains to an extruded fiber comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer, a wet milled nucleating agent and a plasticizer, wherein the average particle size of the wet-milled nucleating agent is about 20 microns and is... Agent:

20110256399 - Fiber bundle: A fiber bundle is provided that strikes an excellent balance among the properties and performance of the web and articles manufactured using this web, the productivity, proccessability, and cost. The fiber bundle comprising continuous fibers aligned in one direction is characterized in that the continuous fibers have crimps that form... Agent: Es Fibervisions Hong Kong Limited

20110256401 - Process for producing carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes produced thereby: A process of producing a composite having carbon nanotubes is described where the carbon nanotube formation process of producing carbon nanotubes includes controlled heating of plant fiber materials in an oxygen-limited atmosphere. The plant fiber materials may be heated either cyclically or by rapid heating to produce the carbon nanotubes.... Agent:

20110256400 - Process for the preparation of polymer yarns from ultra high molecular weight homopolymers or copolymers, polymer yarns, molded polymer parts and the use of polymer yarns: Polymer yarns prepared from ultra high molecular weight homopolymers or copolymers which includes the steps of preparing a suspension of a homopolymer or copolymer and a spinning or gelling solvent, extruding the suspension with the formation of a gel, spinning the gel to obtain non-stretched filaments or yarns, cooling the... Agent:

20110256402 - Ethylene polymer composition, method for producing the same, and molded article obtained using the same: Provided is an ethylene polymer composition which can be obtained with a solid phase method such as solid phase drawing molding, is suitable for producing a molded article having high strength, and has the following properties. This ethylene polymer composition comprises an ethylene polymer (a) with an intrinsic viscosity [η]... Agent: Mitsui Chemical. Inc

20110256403 - Method of making nano-particles of selected size distribution: A process for forming a nanoparticle composition is provided. The process includes polymerizing conjugated diene monomer in a hydrocarbon solvent to form a first reaction mixture, and charging excess alkenylbenzense monomer and anionic catalyst to form mono-block and diblock polymers. Micelles of said mono-block and diblock polymers are formed, and... Agent:

20110256404 - Nanocrystals with functional ligands: Coated fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles having an organic surface layer of multi-functional surface ligands that include a nanocrystal binding center and one or more covalently attached functional groups or reactive functional groups are described as well as water-dispersible nanoparticles having an organic surface layer or multi-functional surface ligands and methods for... Agent:

20110256405 - Joined structure manufacturing method and joined structure: The present invention is a method of manufacturing a joined structure formed by joining two joining materials. The method includes a joining medium layer forming step and a joining step. In the joining medium layer step, a joining medium layer is formed on a joining surface of at least one... Agent:

20110256406 - Laser weldable thermoplastic polyester composition: A composition for laser welding which comprises (a) 35.5 to 80 weight percent of a non-amorphous polymer selected from the group consisting of poly(butylene terephthalate), poly(ethylene terephthalate), poly(butylene terephthalate) copolymer, poly(ethylene terephthalate) copolymer, and combinations thereof; (b) 10 to 24.5 weight percent of an amorphous polymer selected from a poly(ester)... Agent: Sabic Innovative PlasticsIPB.v.

20110256407 - Method for sintering a frit to a glass plate: A method is described herein for sintering a frit to a glass plate where the sintered frit and glass plate are subsequently sealed to another glass plate to form a sealed glass package. Examples of the sealed glass package include a light-emitting device (e.g., organic light emitting diode (OLED) device),... Agent:

20110256409 - Lithium silicate glass ceramic and glass with zro2 content: Lithium silicate glass ceramics and glasses are described which can advantageously be applied to zirconium oxide ceramics in particular by pressing-on in the viscous state and form a solid bond with these.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20110256408 - Method of making coated article having anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal coating and resulting product: A method is provided for making a coated article including an anti-bacterial and/or anti-fungal coating. In certain example embodiments, the method includes providing a first sputtering target including Zr; providing a second sputtering target including Zn; and co-sputtering from at least the first and second sputtering targets to form a... Agent: Guardian Industries Corp.,

20110256410 - Fire-resistant laminated glass: An improvement of fire-resistant laminated glass is provided, which serves to retard spreading fire and high heat in conflagration, and normally acts as crashworthy glass, wherein plural potash glass sheets are bound as a whole by means of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) and form the laminated glass, in which the PVB... Agent:

20110256411 - Environmental barrier for a refractory substrate containing silicon: In order to protect a substrate having at least a portion adjacent to a surface that is made of a refractory material containing silicon, while the substrate is in use at high temperature in a medium that is oxidizing and wet, there is formed on the surface of the substrate... Agent: Snecma Propulsion Solide

20110256412 - Aluminum nitride film and a substance coated with same: There are provided an aluminum nitride film and a substance, coated with such a film; the film is new in that it has a brightness or lightness L* of 60 or lower; preferably the film has a transmittance of 15% or lower for a visible and near infrared radiation having... Agent: Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110256414 - Method for coating a fiber composite component for an aircraft or spacecraft and fiber composite component produced by said method: In a method for coating a fibre composite component for an aircraft or spacecraft, a surface layer of the fibre composite component, which surface layer has spacing from the fibres introduced in the fibre composite component for the protection thereof, is pretreated, at least in portions to form a primer... Agent:

20110256413 - Process for coating a surface of a substrate made of nonmetallic material with a metal layer: A process for coating a surface of a substrate made of nonmetallic material with a metal layer consisting of providing a substrate made of nonmetallic material; subjecting a surface of said substrate to a treatment for increasing the specific surface area thereof; subjecting the resulting surface to an oxidizing treatment;... Agent: Pegastech

20110256415 - Polypropylene anti-static membrane: A polypropylene anti-static membrane includes a PP (Polypropylene) board, which contains an anti-static agent to prevent from statics, and at least one surface of which is a cloudy surface. When the PP board is used as a base plate for cutting an optical material, such as a polarizer, tool marks... Agent:

20110256416 - Method of forming an article using a powder layer manufacturing process: A method of forming an article using a powder layer manufacturing process includes providing a first support, forming a part of an article up to a level at or beneath the lowest point of a to-be-formed part which has a base spaced from the first support, locating a preformed support... Agent: Materials Solutions

20110256417 - Oxidation resistant nanocrystalline mcral(y) coatings and methods of forming such coatings: The present disclosure relates to an oxidation resistant nanocrystalline coating and a method of forming an oxidation resistant nanocrystalline coating. An oxidation resistant coating comprising an MCrAl(Y) alloy may be deposited on a substrate, wherein M, includes iron, nickel, cobalt, or combinations thereof present greater than 50 wt % of... Agent: Southwest Research Institute

20110256418 - Assembly for preventing galvanic corrosion and method of assembling same: An assembly for limiting corrosion between a first member made of a first material and a second member made of a second material, different from the first material, includes a plurality of cylindrical dimples defined in the first member. The cylindrical dimples are formed as a one-piece structure with the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations, Inc.

20110256419 - Composite member: A composite member suitable for a heat radiation member of a semiconductor element and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. This composite member is a composite of magnesium or a magnesium alloy and SiC, and it has porosity lower than 3%. This composite member can be manufactured by... Agent:

20110256420 - Hot-dip galvanized steel plate and production method thereof: The invention provides a hot-dip galvanized steel plate with high adhesion between a plating layer and base steel, and belongs to the field of manufacturing hot-dip galvanized steel plates. Atomic concentration ratio Al/Zn of Al and Zn in a Fe-Al intermediate transition layer between a base steel and a plating... Agent: Pangang Group Research Institute Co., Ltd.

20110256421 - Metallic coating for single crystal alloys: A metallic coating for use in a high temperature application is created from a nickel base alloy containing from 5.0 to 10.5 wt % aluminum, from 4.0 to 15 wt % chromium, from 2.0 to 8.0 wt % tungsten, from 3.0 to 10 wt % tantalum, and the balance nickel.... Agent: United Technologies Corporation

20110256422 - Merocyanines for producing photoactive layers for organic solar cells and organic photodetectors: The present invention relates to the use of mixtures which comprise, as components K1), one or more merocyanines selected from the group of the compounds of the general formulae I, IIa, IIb, IIIa, IIIb, IIIc, IIId and IIIe, as defined in more detail in the description, as an electron donor... Agent: Basf Se

20110256423 - Head comprising a crystalline alumina layer: A magnetic head produced at low ambient temperatures that comprise a crystalline alumina layer for increasing the durability of the head is provided. According to one embodiment, a magnetic head for at least one of reading and writing data on to a magnetic data storage media. The magnetic head comprises... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110256424 - Perfluoropolyether lubricant and systems comprising same: A surface agent includes two end portions and a middle portion disposed between the end portions. The end portions include a terminal section and a midsection. The terminal section includes at least one surface active functional group. The midsection includes at least one perfluoroethyl ether unit. The middle portion includes... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110256425 - Lubricating film, magnetic disk and magnetic head: s

20110256426 - Vacuum arc evaporation apparatus and method, and magnetic recording medium formed thereby: In a vacuum arc evaporation apparatus, to stably maintain vacuum arc discharge at an arc source when depositing a cathode material on a substrate, namely a magnetic recording medium, an ungrounded anode of a coil-type tube is placed inside an arc source discharge vacuum chamber. A DC arc power supply... Agent: Fuji Electric Co. Ltd.

10/13/2011 > 105 patent applications in 75 patent subcategories.

20110250368 - Printable flame retardant polymeric film: A composition that is configured for use in creating a film. The composition includes a vinyl acetate containing polymer, such as a vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) copolymer, fire retardant additives and at least one additive that is a pigment, a surfactant, a dispersant, a wetting agent, a defoamer, a coupling... Agent: Avery Dennison Corporation

20110250369 - Package, method of manufacturing packages, and method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibrators: This package is a package formed by bonding a plurality of substrates including a first substrate and a second substrate and forming a cavity between the plurality of substrates, including a corrosion-resistant bonding film arranged on opposed surfaces of the first substrate and the second substrate so as to surround... Agent:

20110250370 - Composition and method of producing an elastic band, sheet, strip or fibrillated film: This composition comprises at least two thermoplastic elastomers belonging to two separate classes of thermoplastic elastomer, selected from the following three classes: a thermoplastic elastomer of polyethylene type with a partially or totally vulcanized rubber phase (TPV), an olefinic thermoplastic elastomer of ethylene-propylene copolymer type (TPO), and a thermoplastic elastomer... Agent: Societe Plymouth Francaise

20110250371 - Multi-layer rotationally molded low permeation vessels and method for manufacture thereof: A method to form a multiple walled enclosure with low permeation properties and rugged impact resistance useful as a fuel tank or chemical container. The enclosure is made by rotomolding a first charge of thermosetting polymer into an outer layer, then rotomolding a charge of EVOH or other low permeation... Agent: Centro, Inc.

20110250372 - Polymer-clay nanocomposite and process for preparing the same: A process for producing a nanocomposite of a halogenated elastomer and an inorganic, exfoliated clay includes the in-situ protonation of a modifier, which may be an alkylamine, arylamine or an alkylarylamine. This process can be integrated with a polymer halogenation process. The nanocomposite so formed has improved air barrier properties... Agent:

20110250373 - Polymerization controllers for organic peroxide initiator cured composites: The use of nitroxides to control free radical cured resin systems used in the production of thermosetting materials such as in vacuum infusion, resin transfer molding and cured in place piping systems is disclosed. The invention could also be employed in other resin systems where control of kinetics would be... Agent: Arkema Inc.

20110250374 - Article coated with a composition comprising polyethylene prepared with a single site catalyst: The present invention relates to an article coated with a composition comprising (A) an ethylene homo- or copolymer resin which has been prepared by using a single-site catalyst further characterized in that component (A) has an MFR21, measured according to ISO 1133 at 190° C. and under a load of... Agent: Borealis Ag

20110250375 - Stretch releasable pressure-sensitive adhesives: Pressure-sensitive adhesives and adhesive tapes containing the pressure-sensitive adhesive are described. The pressure-sensitive adhesive contains a crosslinked acrylic copolymer plus inorganic particles that are dispersed or suspended in the crosslinked acrylic copolymer. The pressure-sensitive adhesive and adhesive tapes containing the pressure-sensitive adhesive can be removed after being adhered to a... Agent:

20110250376 - Simple method for producing superhydrophobic carbon nanotube array: The present invention provides efficient methods for producing a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube (CNT) array. The methods comprise providing a vertically aligned CNT array and performing vacuum pyrolysis on the CNT array to produce a superhydrophobic CNT array. These methods have several advantages over the prior art, such as operational simplicity... Agent: California Institute Of Technology

20110250378 - Patterned spunbond fibrous webs and methods of making and using the same: Patterned spunbond fibrous webs include a population of spunbond filaments captured in an identifiable pattern corresponding to a patterned collector surface and bonded together without the use of an adhesive prior to removal from the collector surface. The webs may exhibit a high degree of filament orientation and/or a gradient... Agent:

20110250377 - System and method for plastic overmolding on a metal surface: A plastic-metal hybrid part includes an anodized metal substrate having plastic structures formed on the metal substrate. In a particular embodiment, the metal hybrid part is an electronic device enclosure and plastic structures are mounting features formed on the enclosure. Methods for manufacturing the plastic-metal hybrid part are also disclosed.... Agent:

20110250379 - Cross-grained laminations of extruded plastics for constructing oral prosthetics and method of manufacturing cross-grained laminations of extruded plastics: A method for manufacturing a laminate for making a dental prosthetic is provided. The method includes arranging a first plastic sheet with a first grain orientation on a second plastic sheet with a second grain orientation. The first grain orientation and the second grain orientation form an angle greater than... Agent:

20110250380 - Substrate with carbon nanotubes, and method to transfer carbon nanotubes: A substrate for field emitters uses carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a conductive substrate, the CNTs being erected essentially perpendicular to the substrate and aligned. In a method to transfer a CNT forest from a first substrate to a second substrate, the second substrate is coated with adhesive and the peaks... Agent:

20110250381 - Method of forming a composite article: A method of forming an article on a tool and an article. The tool has one longitudinal direction and one transversal direction. A stack of plies including fibers is arranged so that when positioned on the tool a ply arranged closest to the tool and a ply arranged furthest away... Agent: Saab Ab

20110250382 - Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing honeycomb structure: A honeycomb structure includes at least one pillar-shaped honeycomb unit and a pair of electrodes. The pillar-shaped honeycomb unit includes an outer peripheral wall and cell walls. The cell walls extend along a longitudinal direction of the honeycomb unit to define cells. The cell walls are composed of a ceramic... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110250383 - Shear compliant hexagonal meso-structures having high shear strength and high shear strain: A shear layer for a shear band that is used in a tire is provided that has multiple cells or units having an auxetic configuration and that are constructed from aluminum or titanium alloys. The cells may have an angle of −10°.... Agent:

20110250384 - Sandwich panel, method of forming core material for sandwich panel, and method of forming sandwich panel: According to an aspect of the invention, there is provided a sandwich panel comprising two resin skin sheets, and a resin core material sandwiched between the two resin skin sheets and planarly adhered to each of the two resin skin sheets, said core material consists of an foamed resin with... Agent:

20110250385 - Multifunctional periodic cellular solids and the method of making the same: Methods of making truss-based periodic cellular solids that have improved structural properties and multifunctional design. Many materials (metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, composites and even semiconductors) can be shaped into cellular, truss-like architectures with open, closed or mixed types of porosity and then very uniformly arranged in controlled, three-dimensional space-filling arrays.... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20110250386 - Highly durable composite radiant barrier: A highly durable composite radiant bather for inhibiting radiant heat transfer is disclosed. Such a radiant barrier includes a core material including a mixture of expanded polyethylene foam and a fire retardant material. A layer of a mixture of low density polyethylene and a fire retardant material may be applied... Agent: Lio Energy, LLC

20110250387 - Method for manufacturing a mask having submillimetric apertures for a submillimetric electrically conductive grid, and mask and submillimetric electrically conductive grid: A process for manufacturing a mask having submillimetric openings, in which: for a masking layer, a first solution of colloidal nanoparticles in a first solvent is deposited, the particles having a given glass transition temperature Tg, the drying of the masking layer, known as the first masking layer, is carried... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20110250388 - Side cured light-transmissive display system: An invisible, light-transmissive display system with a light resistant material is provided. The light resistant material has a first side and a second side. Substantially invisible holes penetrate between the first surface and the second surface in a predetermined light-transmissive display pattern. The second surface is exposed to a side... Agent: Apple Inc.

20110250389 - Pre-rip: Sheet packaging material, of the type used for packaging objects on automatic packaging machines where the material is supplied in very long lengths on reels, where said material may be a single or multi layer material, where means are provided for determining where cut-off lines shall be placed, where cut-off... Agent:

20110250390 - Nonwoven fabric having stretchability, and process for producing the same: The invention provides a stretchable nonwoven fabric which has concavo-convex structure on the surface, is bulky and highly flexible, has air permeability, and is capable of displaying stretchability in all directions irrespective of the directions of MD and CD. Specifically, the invention provides a stretchable nonwoven fabric, comprising a fiber... Agent:

20110250391 - Needlepoint system: A process for fabricating needlepoint canvas wherein a blank mesh and a blank interface sheet are first merged using heat. Then a pattern is printed onto the combined mesh and interface composite using a variety of techniques including silk screening and printing with an inkjet style computer controlled printer f.... Agent:

20110250392 - Substrate with planarizing coating and method of making same: A substrate coated with a composition so as to form a planarizing layer defining a planarized surface of the substrate having an RMS surface roughness equal to or less than about 1 nm. The composition comprises in polymerized form at least one or more acrylate containing monomers, oligomers, or resins... Agent:

20110250394 - Diamond coated tool: The present invention provides a diamond coated tool which is resistant to exfoliation at an interface between a base material and a diamond layer. The diamond coated tool of the present invention is a diamond coated tool including a base material and a diamond layer coating a surface of the... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110250393 - Self-assembled films and processes thereof: An apparatus includes a flexible base material and a flexible material formed on the flexible base material. Both the flexible base material and the flexible material have shrinkable and/or stretchable properties. The flexible base material may include a shrinkable polymer (e.g. PVC/PET or “shrink wrap”), which may shrink up to... Agent:

20110250395 - Electrode connection structure, conductive adhesive used therefor, and electronic device: There is provided a connecting structure with high reliability produced at low cost through the production process simplified by connecting connection electrodes, each including an organic film as an oxidation preventing film, to each other using a conductive adhesive. An electrode-connecting structure in which a first connection electrode 2 and... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110250398 - Blank for the production of a dental shaped body and method of producing said shaped body: A blank and method for the production of dental shaped bodies in machining equipment having at least two tools located in the machining chamber of the machining equipment, including a corpus of tooth restoration material, from which the shaped body can be carved by means of at least one of... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

20110250397 - Method of forming an undercut microstructure: A method of forming an undercut microstructure includes: forming an etch mask on a top surface of a substrate; forming, on a top surface of the etch mask, an ion implantation mask having a top surface that is smaller than the top surface of the etch mask and that does... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20110250396 - Positive-type photosensitive resin composition, method for production of resist pattern, semiconductor device, and electronic device: A positive-type photosensitive resin composition includes (A) a phenol resin modified by a compound having an unsaturated hydrocarbon group having 4 to 100 carbon atoms; (B) a compound that produces an acid by light; (C) a thermal crosslinking agent; and (D) a solvent. The positive-type photosensitive resin composition according to... Agent:

20110250399 - Method for producing a form-cut object made of foam: The invention relates to a method for producing a form-cut object made of foam. The invention is is based on the aim of refining a known method for producing a form-cut object made of foam in that it also allows the precise creation of complex shaped form cuts in the... Agent:

20110250400 - Method of fabricating injection-molded product: A method of fabricating an injection-molded product includes: manufacturing an injection-molded material using a mold; forming a metal layer on an inner or outer surface of the injection-molded material; and removing a portion of the metal layer using a laser, and forming a pattern. Since the injection-molded product fabricated through... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110250401 - Method of producing a component of a device, and the resulting components and devices: The present method comprises providing a flexible web substrate (e.g., polymeric flexible web substrates) that forms at least part of a component of a device, coating so as to wet-out on and cover all or a substantial portion of a major surface on one side or both sides of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110250403 - Bonding on silicon substrate: A method and apparatus for bonding on a silicon substrate are disclosed. An apparatus includes a membrane having a lower membrane surface and an upper membrane surface, a transducer having a transducer surface substantially parallel to the upper membrane surface, and an adhesive connecting the membrane to the transducer surface.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110250402 - Localization of near-field resonances in bowtie antennae: influence of adhesion layers: A plasmonic nanostructure for enhanced light excitation is disclosed. The plasmonic nanostructure includes a substrate, an adhesion layer disposed on top of the substrate, a surface plasmon resonance layer, and a cavity that extends into the surface plasmon resonance layer. The surface plasmon resonance layer is configured to concentrate an... Agent: Applied Biosystems, LLC

20110250404 - Digitally injected designs in powder surfaces: Building panels and a method to produce such panels including a solid decorative surface having a decorative wear layer including fibres, binders, colour substance, wear resistant particles and a digital ink print.... Agent: Ceraloc Innovation Belgium Bvba

20110250405 - Decorative and protective system for wares: A copolymer Tradenamed HexiLok is applied in the form of an ink as a decorative and protective outer covering to glassware and other tableware. It serves also as an adhesion coating to which a cross-linked ethylene acrylic acid copolymer is applied, to serve as a shock absorber and shard retention... Agent:

20110250406 - Enhanced magnetic dipole transitions in lanthanide materials for optics and photonics: An optically active material contains a mixture of Lanthanide ions and an optical scattering agent, where the optical scattering agent is selected to enhance magnetic dipole transitions from Lanthanide ions so as to modify emission spectra and/or tune the composite's effective permeability and permittivity.... Agent:

20110250408 - Adhesive product, and transfer tool: A necessary and sufficient adhesive force of an adhesive agent layer is certainly kept while the dot diameter of the adhesive agent is made smaller and the thickness of the adhesive agent layer is made smaller. For the purpose, in an adhesive product, comprising an adhesive agent layer in which... Agent:

20110250412 - Foiled articles and methods of making same: A foiled article and methods of making the foiled article. The foiled article includes a substrate with one or more foiled areas on one or both surfaces of the substrate. The foiled areas are formed by applying a predetermined pattern of toner or ink to the substrate, and bonding a... Agent:

20110250410 - Method and composition for printing tactile marks and security document formed therefrom: Ultraviolet light-curable deposits are printed onto a substrate in a predetermined pattern to make tactile marks (e.g. Braille-like resin dots) for use by people with impaired vision to, for example, recognize the denominations of banknotes. The deposit demonstrates high adhesion due to: (1) presence of 20-80% (wt.) of a low... Agent: Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

20110250411 - Method for making an interactive information device and product produced thereby: A method and product produced by the method for forming an interactive information device with a conductively coated panel includes forming a reduced contrast, increased light transmitting, conductively coated panel by providing a transparent substrate and applying a transparent, conductive layer on at least one surface of the substrate in... Agent:

20110250407 - Method of making a substrate having multi -layered structures: A method of making a substrate having multi-layered structures thereon, the method comprising the steps of (a) applying a mold having an imprint forming surface to the substrate to form an array of imprint structures that projects from the substrate; and (b) applying a lateral force that is substantially normal... Agent: Agency For Science, Technology And Research

20110250409 - Multifunctional, responsive functional layers on solid surfaces and method for the production thereof: A multifunctional, responsive functional layer on a substrate, such as textiles, paper and plastic materials, includes at least one first and a second functional component, of which at least one of the second functional components meets the chemical-functional and constitutional specification for responsive behavior and thereby can be reversibly switched... Agent: Heiq Materials Ag

20110250413 - Bond patterns for fibrous webs: Bond patterns for fibrous webs.... Agent:

20110250414 - Tco coating with a surface plasma resonance effect and manufacturing method thereof: A novel TCO coating and its manufacturing method are disclosed. The TCO coating of the present invention consists of titanium oxide, silicon oxide and metal. The TCO coating is manufactured according to electromagnetic field simulation software basing on the Maxwell Equations. Because the manufacturing method (including steam plating and sputter... Agent: Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratory

20110250416 - Methods of making substrate structures having a weakened intermediate layer: This invention provides composite semiconductor substrates and methods for fabricating such substrates. The composite structures include a semiconductor substrate, a semiconductor superstrate and an intermediate layer interposed between the substrate and the superstrate that comprises a material that undergoes a structural transformation When subject to a suitable heat treatment. The... Agent:

20110250415 - Ultraviolet curable resin composition for transparent color-painted steel sheet, and steel sheet using same: An ultraviolet (UV) curable resin composition is provided which includes 25 to 45 parts by weight of a modified epoxy acrylate oligomer; and 10 to 25 parts by weight of a urethane acrylate oligomer. Further provided is a metal sheet that is transparent and corrosion resistant, impact resistant, scratch resistant,... Agent: Posco

20110250417 - Dimensional lumber structural substitute: Dimensional lumber subjected to structural load regimes, where moment is the dominate load condition, usually fail structurally by initial localized compressive failure located at or near the maximum compressive extreme fiber. Said localized compressive failure, exhibited by buckling failure of maximum compressive fiber, results in an overall increase of section-modulus.... Agent:

20110250419 - Elastomeric laminate materials that do not require mechanical activation: An elastomeric laminate that does not require mechanical activation comprises an elastomeric polymer film layer bonded to one or more other substrate layers. The elastomeric film composition, physical properties of the substrate, and bonding conditions are selected and controlled to form an elastomeric laminate that is stretchable and recoverable without... Agent: Clopay Plastic Products Company, Inc.

20110250418 - Improved coating method: The invention provides a method for the manufacture of a sheet product comprising a substrate having a coating of an adhesion promoter, which comprises applying to said substrate a solution or suspension of an adhesion promoter comprising a polymer bearing carboxylic acid, salt, amide and/or ester groups, said solution or... Agent: Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers Limited

20110250420 - Composite stiffener materials: The present invention relates to composite stiffener materials in the form of a nonwoven sheet of fabric comprising one or more multi-component fibers, wherein at least one component of the one or more multi-component fibers is a thermoplastic material, and each thermoplastic material within a multi-component fiber having two or... Agent:

20110250421 - Extruded thermoplastic resin foam: The extruded thermoplastic resin foam having an apparent density of 20 to 50 kg/m3, a closed cells ratio of 85% or more and a thickness of 10 to 150 mm, and containing a non-halogen organic physical blowing agent, wherein the thermoplastic resin composing the extruded foam contains a mixture of... Agent: Jsp Corporation

20110250422 - Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings: Provided according to some embodiments of the invention are hydrophobic and/or oleophobic silica-based coatings. In some embodiments of the invention, coatings may include a silica matrix having hydrophobic and/or oleophobic functionalized pores encapsulated therein. Also provided according to some embodiments of the invention are methods of forming a coating according... Agent:

20110250423 - Process and system for cutting a brittle-material plate, and window glass for a vehicle: The process for cutting such a brittle-material plate includes a first step for forming a scribe line L2 on a top surface G1 of the plate G, and a second step for relatively moving the irradiation position A of the laser beam on the top surface G1 of the plate... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110250424 - Pathogen-resistant fabrics: A pathogen-resistant fabric comprising one or more photocatalysts capable of generating singlet oxygen from ambient air. The pathogen-resistant fabric may optionally include one or more singlet oxygen traps.... Agent:

20110250425 - Processes for using recycled waste cotton material in producing a textile product and textile products produced from waste cotton material: A process for using recycled waste cotton material to produce a textile product is provided. The process can include collecting different categories of waste cotton material from a variety of textile formation processes. The process can also include selecting specific categories of waste cotton material to be blended together depending... Agent:

20110250426 - Cord having an improved adhesion promoting coating: The invention relates to cord (20) comprising a number of filaments twisted together. The peripheral surface of the cord (20) is at least partially coated with an adhesion promoting coating (24). The adhesion promoting coating (24) comprises at least a first layer comprising a silicon based coating, a titanium based... Agent: Nv Bekaert Sa

20110250427 - Ultrastrong and stiff layered polymer nanocomposites and hierarchical laminate materials thereof: A stiff layered polymer nanocomposite comprising a substrate adapted to receive a plurality of alternating layers of a first material and a second material; wherein the first material and second material are a polyelectrolyte, an organic polymer or an inorganic colloid and said first material and said second material have... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20110250429 - Adhesion promoter for adhesive composites composed of plastic and of a polyisocyanate polyaddition product: The present invention relates to composite elements comprising (i) plastic, adhering to which there is (ii) a polyisocyanate polyaddition product, where the polyisocyanate polyaddition product is obtained via mixing of (a) isocyanate with (b) compounds having groups reactive toward isocyanates, (c) catalysts, (d) if appropriate, blowing agent, and (e) if... Agent:

20110250430 - Method of forming cellular material: Systems, devices and methods are provided that are related to cellular materials that have a precisely-determined arrangement of voids formed using surface transformation. In various embodiments, the cellular materials are suitable for use in various structural, mechanical and/or thermal applications. One aspect of the present subject matter is a method... Agent:

20110250428 - Preparation of cross-linked aerogels and derivatives thereof: Three-dimensional nanoporous aerogels and suitable preparation methods are provided. Nanoporous aerogels may include a carbide material such as a silicon carbide, a metal carbide, or a metalloid carbide. Elemental (e.g., metallic or metalloid) aerogels may also be produced. In some embodiments, a cross-linked aerogel having a conformal coating on a... Agent: Aerogel Technologies, LLC

20110250431 - Gas structural product: A structural product comprising: one or more layers of a component lightened by the presence of cavities and made of steel manufactured article with multiple-cells configuration, that can be obtained from the integration of hermetically sealed tube-like units; a layer of other materials that embeds the lightened component so as... Agent:

20110250432 - Open-pore formed body and method for the production thereof: An open-pore formed body based on inorganic, partially open-pore light granulates is based on at least one material from the group of alkali silicates, alkali-alkali earth silicates, aluminosilicates, borosilicates, and variants in the three material system CaO—SiO2—Al2O3 in combination with additional metal oxides such as TiO2 FeO3 Mn2O3. It has... Agent: Dennert Poraver Gmbh

20110250433 - Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: An acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape according to an embodiment of the present invention has a single-layered pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing an acrylic polymer (A), a (meth)acrylic polymer (B) whose mass average molecular weight (Mw) is such that 1000≦Mw<30000, a fine particle (C), and a bubble (D).... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110250434 - Removable surface covering: The present invention describes a floor decoration kit comprising two elements, on the one hand a removable surface covering (2) and on the other an anchoring sublayer (3) while the composition of said anchoring sublayer (3) is PVC-based and comprises at least 60% by weight of a plasticizer.... Agent: Tarkett Gdl S.a.

20110250435 - Nano-structure coated sheets/films for optical electronic displays and photovoltaic modules: The invention relates to a thin, nano-structured coating that provides optical light efficiency enhancement. The dried coating contains nano-structures that provide a very low haze level of less than 2 percent, and a light transmission improvement of at least 1% over the non-coated substrate. For the nano-structured coating on an... Agent: Arkema France

20110250436 - Method of forming ceramic coatings and ceramic coatings and structures formed thereby: A method of forming a ceramic coating, the resulting ceramic coating, and structures produced by forming the ceramic coating on a ceramic fiber shape. The method includes forming an aqueous mixture containing water, an alumino-silicate precursor, and a dispersion of a ceramic fiber material. The alumino-silicate precursor contains a colloidal... Agent:

20110250437 - Flat metal particle-containing composition and heat ray-shielding material: A flat metal particle-containing composition including flat metal particles containing silver and a metal nobler than the silver, wherein the metal nobler than the silver is located near surfaces of the flat metal particles and wherein an amount of the metal nobler than the silver is 10−3 atomic % to... Agent:

20110250438 - Quick-drying coating compounds: The present invention relates to quick-drying two-component polyurethane coating compositions, to processes for preparing them, and to their use.... Agent: Basf Se

20110250441 - High-barrier composites and method for the production thereof: The invention pertains to a high-barrier composite, comprising a substrate, a first layer made of an exclusively inorganic material, a first layer made of an inorganic-organic hybrid material, and a second layer made of an exclusively inorganic material, characterized in that the layer made of inorganic-organic hybrid material is arranged... Agent:

20110250439 - Intermediate trasnfer member comprising a toughened fluoroplastic composite surface layer: Exemplary embodiments provide an intermediate transfer member used for electrophotographic devices, wherein an outermost layer of the intermediate transfer layer can include a plurality of fluoroelastomer-coated carbon nanotubes dispersed in a fluoroplastic matrix to provide desirable surface properties useful for the intermediate transfer member.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110250440 - Phosphate cement compositions using organic solvent retarders: A method of producing a slow-setting, workable aqueous phosphate cement mixture, including providing a first cementitious constituent, providing a second cementitious constituent adapted to combine with the first cementitious constituent to produce an aqueous phosphate cement mixture, providing a volatile organic retardant, and mixing the first cementitious constituent, the second... Agent:

20110250442 - Fog and abrasion resistant hardcoat for plastics: A transparent laminate comprises an optically clear, cured coating layer including abrasion-resistant nanoparticles, and one or more monomers and/or one or more oligomers that are reacted in the presence of an ultraviolet light photoinitiator. The coating layer also contains a surface portion rich in hydrophilic surfactant so that the coating... Agent: Nanofilm Ltd.

20110250443 - Composite laminate exterior decking material: A protective composite laminate wood grain appearance material shaped in the form of a channel or flat (but not limited too) that is fasten (glued) on top of the existing (structurally sound but cosmetically damaged by UV rays) treated wooden decking planks. The protective composite laminate wood grained appearance material... Agent:

20110250444 - Intermediate transfer member and method of manufacture: p

20110250445 - Multi-layer adhesive interfaces: A multi-layer adhesive interface, comprising at least one film layer and at least one adhesive layer, each adhesive layer being adhered to at least one film layer, the film layers being impermeable to the adhesive of the adhesive layers, wherein at least one of the adhesive or film layers has... Agent: Auxetic Technologies Limited

20110250447 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet to be stuck to the skin: A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet to be stuck to the skin which comprises a support and a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer located on the support, characterized in that the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is formed by curing a composition containing (A) a polyoxyalkylene polymer having at least one alkenyl group per molecule, (B)... Agent: Kaneka Corporation

20110250446 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition or an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in which peeling-off property or tearing-off property occurring by heating is improved while the high adhesiveness to a metallic material is being maintained, will be provided. The pressure-sensitive adhesive composition contains: an acrylic polymer (A); a (meth)acrylic polymer (B) whose... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110250448 - Polypropylene yarn having increased young's modulus and method of making same: The present invention is directed to a monofilament, a yarn, a tape, or a staple fiber, each having 1 to 12,000 Denier per filament, a draw ratio of 2.5:1 to 25:1, and made of a polypropylene composition of a melt blended admixture of about 93% by weight of polypropylene, about... Agent: Nicolon Corporation D/b/a Tencate Geosynthetics North America

20110250449 - Carbon fiber precursor fiber bundle, production method and production device therefor, and carbon fiber and production method therefor: A carbon fiber precursor fiber bundle which permits easy bundling of a plurality of small tows into one bundle, is provided with a dividing capability to divide into the original small tows spontaneously at the time of firing, and is suitable for obtaining a carbon fiber that is excellent in... Agent: Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

20110250450 - Extruded component with antimicrobial glass particles: An extruded component formed from an extruded material having antimicrobial components is disclosed. The extruded material may be formed from polymers and formed into a generally elongated shape. The antibacterial components may be included within at least a portion of the material forming the extruded component. The extruded component may... Agent: Noble Fiber Technologies, LLC

20110250451 - Carbon nanotube films and methods of forming films of carbon nanotubes by dispersing in a superacid: A novel method of forming thin films of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is described. In this method, carbon nanotubes are dispersed in a superacid solution and laid down on a substrate to form a conductive and transparent CNT network film. The superacid, in its deprotonated state, is an anion that has... Agent: Battelle Memorial Institute

20110250452 - Fire retardant compositions and methods and apparatuses for making the same: A method for forming yarn provides for forming an intermediate product being a fire retardant and heat resistant cohesive elongated network of fibers in a single operation by stretching and breaking filaments of a ribbon like tow starting material of longitudinally aligned filaments. The intermediate product may be wool-like with... Agent: Lorica International, Inc.

20110250453 - Photonic crystals composed of polymer particles with interparticulate interaction: What is described is the use of polymer particles for producing photonic crystals, wherein the polymer particles do not film and have, at their contact points in the photonic crystal, linkage sites which allow linkage of the particles by physical or chemical bonding, without reducing the volume of the interstitial... Agent: Basf Se

20110250454 - Preparation of nebivolol: Processes for the synthesis of pharmacologically active 2,2-iminobisethanol derivatives, e.g., 2H-1-benzopyran-2 methanol-α,α′-iminobis(methylene)]bis-[6-fluoro-3,4-dihydro-[2R*[R*[R*(S*)]]]], and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts.... Agent:

20110250455 - Mechanically plated pellets and method of manufacture: Mechanical plating provides a new technique of manufacturing of certain materials containing multiple elements, including amalgams, and novel pellets containing multiple materials. Some embodiments provide new and versatile materials for dosing mercury, metals or other inorganic compounds into lamps. Some embodiments include materials comprising layers of metals or compounds built... Agent:

20110250456 - Composite molded article having two-layer structure: The present invention has an object of providing a molded article of a composite structure obtained by bonding a polar thermoplastic resin, especially polyacetal, with another resin in a simple manner. According to the present invention, a molded article of a composite structure obtained by bonding a polar thermoplastic resin... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20110250457 - In-mold coating composition and in-mold-coated molded product: [SOLUTION] This invention is an in-mold coating composition characterized by comprising components of (A) at least one selected from a urethane oligomer, an epoxy oligomer, a polyester oligomer and a polyether oligomer each having a (meth)acryloyl group, or an unsaturated polyester resin, (B) a monomer capable of copolymerizing with the... Agent: Dai Nippon Toryo Co., Ltd.

20110250458 - Low coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) thermosetting resins for integrated circuit applications: An embodiment of the present invention is a technique to form a resin. A mixture is formed by a curing agent dissolved in the epoxy resin. The epoxy resin contains a first rigid rod mesogen. The curing agent contains a second rigid rod mesogen and one of a hydroxyl, amine,... Agent:

20110250459 - Epoxy resin composition, prepreg, laminate board, and multi-layer board: The epoxy resin composition according to the present invention contains an epoxy resin containing nitrogen and bromine in the molecule, a curing agent having a phenolic hydroxyl group, and a silane compound having no cure acceleration action and having reactivity with the epoxy resin. The bromine content in a resin... Agent:

20110250460 - Transparent adhesive sheet for flat panel display, and flat panel display: The invention provides a transparent adhesive sheet for a flat panel display, which does not permit delamination on the adhesion surface to the glass plate even if a stress such as distortion, bending and the like is applied to the display, and does not produce bubbles in the boundary with... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110250461 - Inorganic fiber webs and methods of making and using: Methods are disclosed in which two or more forming chambers are used to process inorganic fibers by gravity-laying methods. The methods may comprise using a first forming chamber to open inorganic fibers and using a second forming chamber to process the opened inorganic fibers, optionally to blend the opened inorganic... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110250462 - Multilayer, tube-shaped food film: The present invention relates to a multilayer, tube-type food film, in particular sausage casing, wherein the food film is manufactured on a multilayer coextrusion film blow molding system by means of coextruded plastics supplied to a blowing head and stretched biaxially in the triple bubble process. The food film comprises... Agent: Kuhne Anlagenbau Gmbh

20110250463 - Aluminium oxide forming nickel based alloy: e

20110250464 - Directly fabricated nanoparticles for raman scattering: A Raman-active nanoparticle is provided that includes a dish-shape plasmonically active metal base, and a plasmonically active metal pillar disposed on the plasmonically active metal base, where the plasmonically active metal pillar is disposed within the dish-shape plasmonically active metal base and normal to a bottom of the dish-shape plasmonically... Agent:

20110250465 - Multilayer material with enhanced corrosion resistance (variants) and methods for preparing same: The present invention relates to the development of variants of multilayer structural materials with enhanced corrosion resistance, including successively connected outer main layers which directly contact corrosive operating environments on one or both sides of the multilayer material and, disposed therebetween, alternating internal main and internal sacrificial layers. The main... Agent:

20110250466 - Metallic component, in particular rolling bearing, engine or transmission component: A metallic component, in particular a rolling bearing, engine or transmission component, having a component body and at least one functional surface thereof that interacts with another element. Only the functional surface (7) is formed from an amorphous metal (6).... Agent: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110250467 - Methods of three-dimensional electrophoretic deposition for ceramic and cermet applications and systems thereof: A ceramic, metal, or cermet according to one embodiment includes a first layer having a gradient in composition, microstructure and/or density in an x-y plane oriented parallel to a plane of deposition of the first layer. A ceramic according to another embodiment includes a plurality of layers comprising particles of... Agent: Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

20110250468 - Metal foil with carrier: Provided is a metal foil with a carrier as a laminated body in which a carrier A and a metal foil B are placed alternately, wherein the metal foil with a carrier comprises a structure where the adjoining carrier A has an area which covers the entire surface of the... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110250469 - Aluminium composite sheet material: Automotive body sheet in the form of an aluminium composite sheet material wherein a clad sheet is applied to at least one side of a core material, and wherein the core material is of an aluminium alloy selected from the group consisting of aa2xxx, aa5xxx and aa7xxx-series alloys, and wherein... Agent: Aleris Aluminum Duffel Bvba

20110250470 - Brazed object and process for brazing two or more parts: The invention provides a process for brazing two or three parts. A braze with a composition consisting of NiresCraBbPcSid with 20 atomic percent<a<22 atomic percent; 1.2 atomic percent≦b≦3.6 atomic percent; 12.5 atomic percent≦c≦14.5 atomic percent; 0 atomic percent≦d<1.5 atomic percent; incidental impurities≦0.5 atomic percent; and residual Ni is inserted between... Agent: Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110250471 - Ultrahigh strength welded joint and ultrahigh strength welded steel pipe excellent in cold cracking resistance of weld metal, and methods for producing the same: The present invention, in a welded joint of steel sheets and a steel pipe body having a tensile strength of 800 MPa or more (over X100 in API Standards), provides: the welded joint of the steel sheets and the steel pipe produced by forming a steel sheet into a cylindrical... Agent: Nippon Steel Corporation

20110250472 - Shielding gas for mag welding, mag welding method, and welded structure: The shielding gas for MAG welding according to an embodiment is a shielding gas for MAG welding to perform narrow gap welding of a high Cr steel containing 8 wt % to 13 wt % of Cr with one layer-one pass by using a solid wire containing 8 wt %... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

10/06/2011 > 128 patent applications in 88 patent subcategories.

20110244146 - Recording materials for ink-jet printing: A recording material printable with an ink jet printer and having a gel layer for that purpose.... Agent: Fel Sch Jr. Foto- Und Spez- Papiere Gmbh & Co. Kg

20110244147 - Liquid toner digitally printable media: A liquid toner digitally printable media including: a paper substrate; and a toner receiving layer established on at least one surface of the paper substrate. The toner receiving layer includes: pigments, binders, and at least one of cationic polymers and metallic salts. The pigments are from 60 to 95% of... Agent:

20110244148 - Surface coating composition for inkjet media: The instant disclosure relates to a surface coating composition for inkjet media, including: a binder including at least one of water soluble polymers, water dispersible polymers, or combinations thereof; a pigment including at least one of low surface area inorganic pigments, organic pigments, porous inorganic pigments, or combinations thereof; an... Agent:

20110244149 - Image receiver elements with overcoat: An image receiving element has an extruded compliant layer, an extruded image receiving layer, and a topcoat immediately adjacent the extruded image receiving layer. The extruded image receiving layer is non-crosslinked and has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of from about 40° C. to about 80° C. whereas the topcoat... Agent:

20110244151 - Machine applicable note-carried liquid pack: A note-carried liquid pack for application on an article by machine includes a base note layer with printed indicia on a top note face. The note-carried liquid pack also includes first and second fluid-impermeable, substantially transparent laminate layers overlying the base note layer. A first adhesive secures the first laminate... Agent: Express Card And Label Co., Inc.

20110244150 - Unitized engine nacelle structure: The different advantageous embodiments provide an inner barrel structure comprising an outer skin, an inner skin, a number of septa, and a truss core.... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110244152 - Integration of entomological repellent into manufacturing processes of corrugated cardboard products: The integration of insecticide or insect repellent to the adhesive used in the construction of corrugated cardboard boxes/containers and to the application of such repellent to surfaces of at least portions of such boxes/containers. A benefit thus enjoyed is the elimination or minimization of entomological contamination to products, such as... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20110244153 - Method for treating inside surface of glass container and glass container: The inside surface of a glass container is treated by the steps of applying a polysilazane solution to the inside surface of the glass container, drying polysilazane while the glass container in the state of being inverted and inclined 50° to 70° is rotated, and sintering polysilazane, so that foaming... Agent:

20110244154 - Method and cylindrical semi-finished product for producing an optical component: In a known method for producing a dimensionally stable semi-finished product for use in producing fibers from synthetic quartz glass, an SiO2 soot layer is applied to the outer wall of a quartz glass inner cylinder and is subjected to a sintering treatment, wherein a sintering zone moves through the... Agent: Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co Kg

20110244155 - Polymeric material for making a packaging article having oxygen-barrier properties and low light transmission properties: The polymeric material having oxygen barrier properties and low light transmission characteristics, in particular within the UV and visible light wavelengths and comprises (A) a polyester, (B) mineral particles, (C) a polyamide, and (D) at least one transition metal catalyst. Preferably the amount of mineral particles is not more than... Agent: La Seda De Barcelona S.a.

20110244157 - Branched polyester polymers and coatings comprising the same: A polyester prepared by free radical polymerization of an unsaturated polyester prepolymer, wherein the polymerization occurs primarily by reaction of the unsaturation is disclosed. Coatings comprising the same are also disclosed, as are substrates coated at least in part with such coatings.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110244158 - Decorative can body and process for producing the same: The present invention is an invention made to provide decoration with excellent brilliant specular gloss on the outer surface of the barrel portion of the can body in a seamless can or the like heavily used as a storage container for food, drink or the like, to increase the commercial... Agent: Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

20110244156 - High functionality polyesters and coatings comprising the same: A polyester prepared by free radical polymerization of an unsaturated polyester prepolymer, wherein the polymerization occurs primarily by reaction of the unsaturation of said prepolymer is disclosed. Coatings comprising the same are also disclosed, as are substrates coated at least in part with such coating.... Agent: Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

20110244159 - Thermoplastic silicone-based polymer process additives for injection molding applications: There is provided a thermoplastic silicone-based polymer process additive component for use in injection molding applications, articles made using the silicone-based polymer process additive component, and methods for making these articles.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110244160 - Adhesive tape or sheet with release liner: An adhesive tape or sheet with a release liner has; a thermoplastic resin film, a pressure sensitive adhesive layer formed on one side of the thermoplastic resin film, and a release liner positioned on one side of the pressure sensitive adhesive layer, a fatty acid bisamide as well as a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244161 - Material for adhesive-free clinging to smooth surfaces: A material for clinging to smooth, impervious surfaces and supporting other objects thereon. The material includes a body of foamed polyvinyl chloride, having a foam cellular structure of about 80% closed cell foam and up to about 20% open cell foam. A flexible skin is formed on one side, the... Agent:

20110244162 - Price reduction label and price reduction label applying method: A price reduction label includes: a label body, an adhesive material coated on the back surface of the label body in spaced and strip-shape plural rows, a release material coated on the upper surface of the label body in opposing region of the adhesive material, an adhesive region coated with... Agent:

20110244163 - Replaceable wear liner: A replaceable wear liner pad assembly can be used to provide an array of tiles for lining a trough structure, the trough structure being made of a magnetically attractive material. The replaceable wear liner assembly includes magnetic members encapsulated within a resilient polymeric material, the polymeric material being transparent to... Agent:

20110244164 - Dye for optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium: Provided is an optical information recording medium employing an In-Groove recording system, and having a preferable recording characteristic with a high modulation degree and low jitter characteristics. The medium is comprised of a circular-disk shaped substrate 2 having a through hole at a center portion thereof and a spiral guide... Agent: Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

20110244165 - Structures for containing liquid materials and maintaining part alignment during assembly operations: Components may be interconnected using liquid materials such as liquid adhesive and solder. To prevent undesired movement between the components during the assembly process and to prevent the liquid material from flowing into undesired areas, an attachment and dam structure may be provided. The structure may be formed from a... Agent:

20110244166 - Industrial product structure combined with organic material: An industrial product structure combined with organic material is formed in an injection mold which has a mold cavity and at least one injection port to allow an injection material to be injected into the mold cavity. The industrial product formed in the mold includes an organic material layer on... Agent:

20110244167 - Thermal insulation core material and vacuum insulation panel and manufacturing process thereof: A thermal insulation core material and a vacuum insulation panel and a manufacturing process thereof are disclosed. The process for manufacturing a thermal insulation core material comprises: A) stirring and dispersing a mixture of glass fiber cotton and water to obtain a slurry; B) adding water and dilute sulfuric acid... Agent: Chongqing Zaisheng Technology Development Co.,ltd

20110244168 - Mouse pad: A mouse pad includes a fabric and a flat pad. The pad has an upper surface and a lower surface corresponding to each other, and an edge is along the periphery of the upper and lower surfaces. The fabric is smoothly and flatly covered on the upper surface, the lower... Agent: Hades-gaming Corporation

20110244169 - Production apparatus of skin-fitted foam molding member, production method of skin-fitted foam molding member, and skin-fitted foam molding member: A production apparatus 100 of a skin 150—fitted foam molding member 300 of the present invention includes: a first mold 111 where an internal surface 142 of a core material 140 is so disposed as to face a mold face 115 of the first mold 111; a second mold 112... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20110244170 - Thermally formed three-dimensional mesh fabric: A thermally formed three-dimensional mesh fabric comprises a flexible three dimensional permeable sheet and a thermally formed cover. The flexible three dimensional permeable sheet has a surface and a softening temperature. The thermally formed cover is applied to at least a portion of the surface of the three dimensional permeable... Agent:

20110244171 - Low expansion glass substrate for reflection type mask and method for processing same: The present invention relates to a low expansion glass substrate which serves as a substrate of a reflective mask used in a lithography step of semiconductor production steps, wherein two side surfaces positioned to face each other among side surfaces formed along a periphery of the low expansion glass substrate,... Agent: Asahi Glass Company Limited

20110244172 - Methods and systems for recycling carpet and carpets manufactured from recycled material: The present invention pertains to carpet and methods of making and recycling carpet. In one aspect, the carpet includes: a primary backing which has a face and a back surface; a plurality of fibers attached to the primary backing and extending from the face of the primary backing and exposed... Agent:

20110244173 - Air-permeable cushioning floor mat: An air-permeable cushioning floor mat includes a top surface layer, a middle air permeation layer, and a bottom anti-skid layer. The surface layer can be of various variations, including being made of carpet like materials, fabric like materials, or plastic materials. For fabric like materials, knit fabrics and brushed knit... Agent:

20110244174 - Separator hanger for enabling constrained positioning of a packaging fabric insert in an image forming device: A separator hanger has a body with forward and rearward portions and a central portion interconnecting the forward and rearward portions. The rearward portion has side wing sections extending laterally in opposite directions beyond opposite side edges of the central portion with respective elements thereon adapted to extend through first... Agent:

20110244176 - Ceramic clay, ceramic formed article, and ceramic structure, and manufacturing methods thereof: The ceramic clay is available by kneading a forming raw material containing a ceramic forming material. The forming raw material contains, in addition to the ceramic forming material, a layered double hydroxide represented by a predetermined chemical formula in an amount of from 0.01 to 5 mass % based on... Agent: Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

20110244175 - Honeycomb core having a high compression strength and articles made from the same: This invention is directed to a honeycomb core structure having a high compression modulus. The core structure comprises (a) a plurality of interconnected walls having surfaces which define a plurality of honeycomb cells, wherein the cell walls are formed from a nonwoven sheet and (b) a cured resin in an... Agent: E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110244177 - Semi-open structure with tubular cells: In an at least partially semi-open structure having adjoining, generally tubular open cells, and consisting of sheet material delimiting each of the tubular open cells, having a width (W), a length (L) and a thickness (T) and having multiple spaced corrugations (2, 3) extending in generally parallel first directions (DL... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

20110244178 - Insulation structure for resistor grids: An insulation board for a resistor grid and a method of constructing the same are disclosed. The insulation board includes one or more longitudinal voids. Longitudinal structural members are disposed within the longitudinal voids, wherein the cross section of the longitudinal structural members conforms to the profile of the longitudinal... Agent: General Electric Company

20110244179 - Kit of beach towel and associated anchoring device, towels and anchoring devices: Described is a sitting means for use on a ground surface for the purpose of avoiding direct contact with the ground surface, wherein the sitting means comprises a towel (10), the towel (10) comprising at least one opening close to its edge, and at least one anchoring means (31) adapted... Agent:

20110244180 - Heat insulator: A heat insulator that generates no smoke when incinerated, has a low calorific value, and achieves a desired dimension and heat insulation performance is provided. A heat insulator 1 is formed by heat-mixing, in an extruder 11, a paper pellet 7 that is a mixture of a fine paper powder... Agent: Kankyokeieisogokenkyusho Co., Inc.

20110244181 - Composite panel made from cementitious mortar with properties of transparency: The present invention relates to a composite panel made from cementitious mortar characterized in that a plurality of openings pass through its complete width, each of which is filled with a transparent to light material. The invention also relates to methods for producing this panel.... Agent:

20110244182 - Microstructured optical films comprising polymerizable ultraviolet absorber: Polymerizable resin compositions and microstructures comprising the reaction product of such polymerizable resin compositions are described. The microstructures comprise the reaction product of a polymerizable resin composition comprising an organic portion having a refractive index of at least 1.56 wherein the polymerizable resin composition comprises a polymerizable ultraviolet absorbing compound.... Agent:

20110244183 - Resin composition, cured body and multilayer body: The resin composition according to the present invention includes an epoxy resin (A), a curing agent (B), and a silica component (C) in which silica particles are surface treated with a silane coupling agent. The silica component (C) includes a silica component (C1) having a particle diameter of 0.2 to... Agent: Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.

20110244184 - Alkaline etching solution for texturing a silicon wafer surface: An etching solution for texturing a silicon wafer surface is provided. The etching solution may include an aqueous solution of at least one alkaline etching agent and at least one organic compound, wherein the organic compound is a polyalcohol comprising at least four hydroxy groups or a derivative thereof.... Agent: Solarworld Industries America, Inc.

20110244185 - Biaxially oriented polylactic acid film with reduced noise level: Described are biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BOPLA) films with a novel formulation that exhibits a softer feel and quieter sound, without jeopardizing film making stability. The films can be used, for example, in packaging applications. The films can be metallized, or combined with barrier coatings or layers, for improved gas... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110244186 - Biaxially oriented polylactic acid film with reduced noise level and improved moisture barrier: Described are metallized biaxially oriented polylactic acid (BOPLA) films with a novel formulation that exhibits a softer feel and quieter sound, without jeopardizing film making stability. It has been found that when these films are metallized, moisture barrier properties are surprisingly improved compared to conventional metallized BOPLA films. Specifically, the... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110244187 - Internal cavity optics: This disclosure is directed to techniques to manufacture internal cavity optical patterns and to apparatuses manufactured using the manufacturing techniques. Internal cavity optical patterns include small cavities (e.g., microcavities, nanocavities, etc.) spread across a surface of a thin transparent material. The thin material may then be laminated to a second... Agent: Modilis Holdings LLC

20110244188 - Polymerizable fluoromonomer, fluoropolymer, resist material, and method of pattern formation: In the formula, R1 represents a hydrogen atom, methyl group, fluorine atom, or trifluoromethyl group. n is an integer of 0 or 1, and m is that of from 1 to (3+n). R2 and R3 each independently represents a hydrogen atom or a protective group. A resist containing a fluoropolymer... Agent: Central Glass Company , Limited

20110244189 - Super-phobic surface structures: Superlyophobic Surface Structure, including a substrate having a surface; a plurality of nanoscale raised features on the substrate surface, each nanoscale raised feature having a length measured in a direction approximately perpendicular to the substrate surface, each nanoscale raised feature having a raised feature diameter along the length and measured... Agent: Lucent Technologies Inc.

20110244190 - Tilt structure: A tilt structure includes a shaft section formed on a substrate section, a tilt structure film having one end formed on an upper surface of the shaft section, and the other end bonded to the substrate section, and a thin film section provided to the tilt structure film, located on... Agent: Seiko Epson Corporation

20110244192 - Three-dimensional structures and methods of fabricating the same using a printing plate: Methods of fabricating three-dimensional structures comprise: contacting a printing plate face with a suspension comprising particles to arrange the particles at predefined positions on the printing plate face, the predefined positions comprising a first position laterally adjacent to a second position; positioning the printing plate with the printing plate face... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110244191 - Wood cement board and production method thereof: A wood cement board having on a surface thereof a rugged pattern has a plurality of layers laminated each having a cement, a silica-containing material, wood fibers and wood flour, wherein the cement and the silica-containing material are contained at a weight ratio ranging from 3:7 to 7:3, the wood... Agent:

20110244193 - Folded core having a high compression modulus and articles made from the same: This invention is directed to a folded tessellated core structure having a high compression modulus. The core structure comprises a nonwoven sheet and a cured resin in an amount such that the weight of cured resin as a percentage of combined weight of cured resin and nonwoven sheet is at... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110244194 - Laminate material having a decorative appearance and method of manufacture: A laminate material having a decorative appearance has a plurality of layers that are bonded together with at least one of the layers having a first orientation. A portion of at least one of the layers adjacent to an exterior surface of the material is deviated into a second orientation... Agent: Hogue, Inc.

20110244195 - Heat insulator: A heat insulator that generates no smoke when incinerated, has a low calorific value, and achieves a desired dimension and heat insulation performance is provided. A heat insulator 1 is formed by heat-mixing, in an extruder 11, a paper pellet 7 that is a mixture of a fine paper powder... Agent: Kankyokeieisogokenkyusho Co., Inc.

20110244196 - Ink composition for roll printing: An ink composition for roll printing is provided. The ink composition uses a solvent having an evaporation rate (Vt) of at least 0.09 mg/cm2-min and an absorption rate (St) into a blanket of less than 3.5 mg/cm2-min. The use of the highly volatile solvent can minimize swelling of the blanket... Agent: Lg Chem, Ltd

20110244197 - Method of modifying chemically amplified resist pattern, modifier for chemically amplified resist pattern, and resist pattern structure: Disclose herein is a method of modifying a positive-type chemically amplified resist pattern, including the steps of, applying to a surface of a resist pattern, an aqueous solution of a modifier for the positive-type chemically amplified resist pattern, the aqueous solution containing a water-soluble cross-linking agent and a penetration accelerator,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110244199 - Fibrous structures and methods for making same: Fibrous structures that exhibit a novel combination of properties and to methods for making such fibrous structures are provided.... Agent:

20110244198 - Holding sealing material: A holding sealing material includes at least one mat and at least one thread. The at least one mat includes inorganic fibers. The at least one thread is sewn in the at least one mat to provide identification information on the at least one mat.... Agent: Ibiden Co., Ltd.

20110244200 - Decorative film and method for manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to a decorative film comprising a substrate, an intermediate layer, a decorative layer and a protective layer, respectively. The present invention further relates to a method for manufacturing a decorative film comprising a substrate, an intermediate layer, a decorative layer and a protective layer, respectively. The... Agent:

20110244201 - Repositionable medium and stack thereof: A repositionable medium includes a base, a paper, and a first repositionable adhesive. The base has a top surface, a bottom surface, a first end edge, and a second end edge. The paper is fixedly coupled to the top surface of the base proximate to the first end edge. The... Agent:

20110244202 - Fluoropolyimide intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a first optional polyimide substrate layer, and a second layer of a fluoropolyimide polymer.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110244203 - Silane acrylate containing intermediate transfer members: A UV curable intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a first supporting substrate, such as a polyimide substrate layer, and a second surface layer of a mixture of a carbon nanotube component, a photoinitiator component, and an organic inorganic hybrid component.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110244205 - Low density paper and paperboard with two-sided coating: A paper or paperboard including a cellulose substrate and a coating applied to each side of the paperboard substrate to form a coated structure, the coated structure having a basis weight, a caliper thickness and a Parker Print Surf smoothness, the Parker Print Surf smoothness being at most about 2... Agent: Meadwestvaco Corporation

20110244204 - Textile support for bituminous membrane with high dimensional stability, particularly for waterproofing buildings: The present invention concerns a textile support for bituminous membranes, particularly for waterproofing roof surfaces of buildings, characterised by a high dimensional stability. The support comprises at least two layers (1, 2) of non-woven polyester or polymeric material in general and a plurality of longitudinal reinforcing filaments (3). The reinforcing... Agent:

20110244206 - Extruded plastic film filled with metal particles, method of production and uses thereof: e

20110244210 - Graphene sheet and method of preparing the same: An economical method of preparing a large-sized graphene sheet having a desired thickness includes forming a film, the film comprising a graphitizing catalyst; heat-treating a gaseous carbon source in the presence of the graphitizing catalyst to form graphene; and cooling the graphene to form a graphene sheet. A graphene sheet... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110244208 - Resin composition for laser beam welding, article for laser beam welding, and composite molded article: A resin composition for laser beam welding, including an aromatic polysulfone resin, a filler and a crystalline resin, wherein the weight ratio of the aromatic polysulfone resin to the filler being 20 to 99:80 to 1, the filler includes a glass fiber having a monofilament diameter of 10 to 50... Agent: Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited

20110244207 - Thin glass plate and method of manufacturing the same: Provided is a method of manufacturing a thin glass plate, including: pouring a molten glass (Gm) into an overflow groove (2) formed in a top of a forming body (1); allowing the molten glass (Gm) which is overflown from the overflow groove (2) over both sides of the overflow groove... Agent:

20110244209 - Transparent molding composition: A polyamide molding composition which can be used for production of a printable or printed item contains a) at most 90 parts by weight of a polyamide obtained from a lactam or from an amino carboxylic acid having at least 10 carbon atoms; and b) from 10 to 100 parts... Agent: Degussa Ag

20110244211 - Method for producing a reinforced concrete part, and thus-produced part: A method for producing a reinforced concrete part, having a tensioned portion subjected to pull stresses and tending to stretch under the load, and which includes a reinforcing frame with at least one tensioned longitudinal bar rigidly connected to the concrete by an adhesive connection that determines a tangential adhesive... Agent: Societe Civile De Brevets Matiere

20110244213 - Core for composite laminated article and manufacture thereof: Core for a composite laminated article, the core being a sheet having a sandwich structure including a pair of outer foam bodies and a central structural insert therebetween, the structural insert including portions that are inclined to the plane of the sheet and to the through-thickness direction of the sheet.... Agent: Gurit (uk) Ltd.

20110244215 - Electron beam induced modification of membranes by polymers: A method and an apparatus are provided for carrying out integrity tests of at least one filter element, arranged within a filter housing, with porous filter materials. Sensors are provided for measuring the sound generated by a test fluid when it flows through the filter element. The method includes applying... Agent: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Gmbh

20110244212 - Foaming composition for filling, foaming member for filling, and foam for filling: A foaming composition for filling contains a polymer, an organic peroxide, and azodicarbonamide, and a viscosity thereof measured at a temperature of 120° C. and under a pressure of 500 MPa with a flow tester is in a range of 1050 to 4950 Pa·s.... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244214 - Imageable article: An imageable article includes a backside filled resin layer bonded to a back side of a paper substrate. The backside filled resin layer includes: resin selected from the group consisting of low density polyethylene (LDPE), and a combination of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE); and a... Agent:

20110244216 - Thermal barrier coating system and method for the production thereof: Disclosed is a method for producing a coating system on a component, wherein at least one coating is deposited on the component by way of atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and at least one further coating is deposited by way of suspension plasma spraying (SPS). The coatings are particularly advantageously deposited... Agent:

20110244217 - Foamed product and manufacturing method of the same: A foamed product that generates no smoke when incinerated, has a low calorific value, and achieves a desired dimension and thermal insulation performance is provided. A foamed product 1 is formed by heat-mixing, in an extruder 11, a paper pellet 7 that is a mixture of a fine paper powder... Agent: C/o Kankyokeieisogokenkyusho Co., Inc.

20110244219 - Antireflection film for optical element, antireflection paint, and optical element: Provided is an antireflection paint for an optical element, including black primary particles and secondary particles, in which: the black primary particles each have at least a refractive index for a d line (nd) of 2.0 or more; a ratio between a maximum absorptivity of each of the black primary... Agent: Cannon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110244218 - Coating composition, optical film, polarizing plate, and image display apparatus: A coating composition is provided and includes: (a) inorganic particles having an average particle size of 1 to 100 nm; (b) an ionizing radiation-curing material for forming a binder; (c) a photopolymerization initiator; and (d) an organic solvent. The coating composition preferably includes a monomer having at least two hydroxyl... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110244220 - Metals parts containing a protective coating: Metal parts, especially parts made from aluminium, aluminium alloys, steel and stainless steel, are described which comprise a coating containing TiOF2 or titanyl hydroxyfluorides. The coating protects against corrosion. Titanium oxyfluoride and titanyl hydroxyfluorides in the form of a gel are also disclosed, as well as particulate Ti0.85O0.55(OH)1.1F1.2 having a... Agent: Solvay Fluor Gmbh

20110244221 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Provided is the following novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. The pressure-sensitive adhesive tape has a moderately weak adhesion during a time period from a production process (during its production) to the time of the accomplishment of the product as a result of the completion of the production (immediately after the production).... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244224 - Anti-reflection film and infrared optical element: An anti-reflection film provided on a surface of a chalcogenide glass base includes a first thin film layer and a second thin film layer. The first thin film layer is composed of a single layer of Bi2O3 formed by ion beam assisted deposition. The second thin film layer made of... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110244223 - Foamed product and manufacturing method of the same: A foamed product that generates no smoke when incinerated, has a low calorific value, and achieves a desired dimension and thermal insulation performance is provided. A foamed product 1 is formed by heat-mixing, in an extruder 11, a paper pellet 7 that is a mixture of a fine paper powder... Agent: Kankyokeieisogokenkyusho Co., Inc.

20110244222 - Seamless belt: The present invention relates to a belt for an image forming apparatus, including a releasing coating layer containing at least one selected from the group consisting of a paraffin-based hydrocarbon that is also known as a paraffin wax, an isomer thereof or ester compound.... Agent: Kolon Industries, Inc.

20110244225 - Transparent substrate and method for production thereof: A transparent substrate according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: an inorganic glass; and a resin layer, which is obtained by applying a solution of a thermoplastic resin onto one side or both sides of the inorganic glass, wherein: the solution comprises a first thermoplastic resin having a... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244226 - Blended fluorosilicone release materials: Blended release materials including a blend of a fluoro-functional silicone release polymer and a fluoropolymer are described. Exemplary fluoropolymers include fluoroolefin-based polymers and linear fluoropolymers including linear fluoroacryaltes. Articles including such release materials such as release liners, and adhesive articles, including silicone adhesive articles, are also described.... Agent:

20110244228 - Curable polyurethane dispersions: The present invention relates to an aqueous polyurethane or polyurethane-urea dispersion comprising a polyurethane or a polyurethane polyurea dispersed therein, wherein the polyurethane or polyurethane polyurea comprises terminal carboxyl groups and lateral sulfonate and/or carboxylate groups.... Agent: Bayer Materialscience Ag

20110244227 - Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape: Provided is the following novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape that expresses a sufficiently strong adhesion for an adherend. The adhesion of the novel pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in its production process is controlled so as to be moderately weak. Accordingly, a peeling failure and the occurrence of a wrinkle are sufficiently suppressed,... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244230 - Double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for fixing decorative panel: A double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is used for fixing decorative panels and includes a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer containing bubbles and/or hollow microspheres. The pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is preferably formed from an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, particularly an active-energy-ray-curable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. The double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for fixing decorative panels preferably... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244229 - Rolled adhesive tape or sheet: A rolled adhesive tape or sheet which is wound in a rolled configuration having; a thermoplastic resin film, and a pressure sensitive adhesive layer formed on one side of the thermoplastic resin film, a fatty acid bisamide as well as a fatty acid monoamide and/or fatty acid are contained at... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20110244231 - Crosslinkable syrup solute copolymers with aminoalkyl (meth)acryloyl solvent monomers: A pre-adhesive syrup polymer composition is described comprising an acid-functional (meth)acrylate copolymer and an aminoalkyl (meth)acryloyl solvent monomer, which when polymerized, provides a pressure-sensitive adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive articles.... Agent:

20110244232 - Processes for forming adhesive blend compositions: Continuous or continual in-line processes for forming adhesive polymer blend compositions are described, as well as the application of those blends to a variety of substrates. In one or more embodiments, a first polymer component is provided in a first vessel, and a second polymer component is provided in a... Agent:

20110244233 - Radiation-curable insulation composition: Disclosed is a radiation-curable insulation composition. The composition comprises from 5% to 35%, by weight, of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, 30% to 65% of a high density polyethylene, 30% to 60% of a metal hydroxide, 0.5% to 5% of a mercaptobenzimidazole salt, 0.05% to 5% of a phenolic antioxidant, 0.05%... Agent:

20110244234 - Thin film superconducting wire and superconducting cable conductor: A thin film superconducting wire with a copper plating thin film produced on a surface of a laminated structure is inferior in bending properties to a thin film superconducting wire having no copper plating thin film. Therefore, a thin film superconducting wire according to the present invention is a thin... Agent: Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

20110244235 - Growth process for gallium nitride porous nanorods: A GaN nanorod and formation method. Formation includes providing a substrate having a GaN film, depositing SiNx on the GaN film, etching a growth opening through the SiNx and into the GaN film, growing a GaN nanorod through the growth opening, the nanorod having a nanopore running substantially through its... Agent:

20110244239 - Ceramic beads with smooth surfaces and process for producing the same: A subject for the invention is to provide a process for ceramic bead production in which ceramic beads with smooth surfaces are obtained by a simpler method without using a complicated process involving, for example, a DC plasma/radio-frequency plasma combination or a two-stage radio-frequency plasma. Another subject is to provide... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20110244237 - Method for preparing cerium carbonate and cerium oxide: s

20110244238 - Method for producing high-purity sio2 from silicate solutions: The invention relates to a novel method for producing high-purity SiO2 from silicate solutions, a novel high-purity SiO2 with a specific impurity profile and use thereof.... Agent:

20110244236 - Zinc oxide particle, method for producing it, exoergic filler, resin composition, exoergic grease and exoergic coating composition: e

20110244240 - Graft copolymer improving adhesion resistance and impact strength, method of preparing the same, and pvc composition comprising the same:

20110244241 - Adhesion in ectfe/polyester co-extruded structures using tie layers: The invention describes coextruded multi-layer films comprising a first fluoropolymer layer; a second layer comprising a glycidyl acrylate or glycidyl methacrylate or mixtures thereof adhered to the first layer; and a third layer comprising a polyester or polycarbonate adhered to the second layer.... Agent:

20110244243 - Synthetic resin leather and manufacturing method of the same: In one form, the present invention provides a synthetic resin leather adhering a base material via an adhesive layer to the back side of a film composed mostly of thermoplastic polyurethane, and the film has on the surface thereof a surface treatment layer formed by coating with a surface treatment... Agent:

20110244242 - Thermoplastic resin laminate: Provided is a thermoplastic resin laminate including: a thermoplastic transparent resin (A) layer; a thermoplastic resin (B) layer formed of a methyl methacrylate-styrene copolymer and/or an acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer; and a thermoplastic resin (C) layer formed of a polycarbonate-based resin, the (B) layer being laminated on one surface, or each of... Agent: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

20110244244 - Coating composition, process for producing the composition, and laminate having a hard coat layer: [Means for Solution] The coating composition comprises (A) a fine particulate composite metal oxide, (B′) a hydrolyzed product obtained by the hydrolysis of (B) a hydrolyzable organosilicon compound containing (B1) an organosilicon compound that has an epoxy group, such as γ-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane, (C) water, (D1) a low-boiling lowly viscous alcohol having... Agent: Tokuyama Corporation

20110244245 - Epoxy adhesive compositions comprising an adhesion promoter: as an adhesion promoter, wherein R represents an aliphatic or aromatic residue that contains one or more carboxylic acid ester units and/or one or more urethane units and that further contains at least one ether group and n represents an integer of 1 or 2, methods of making them, bonded... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110244248 - Coating and a method of coating: The present invention provides a method of coating at least one surface of a substrate comprising the step of applying a coating comprising fibres onto the at least one surface of the substrate, wherein upon application of the coating on the at least one surface of the substrate, the surface... Agent:

20110244247 - Fluoropolyimide single layered intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a fluoropolyimide polymer.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110244246 - Process for producing a haemocompatible article of complex configuration and article thus obtained: Process for producing a hemocompatible article of complex configuration and article thus obtained. According to the invention, a membrane (1) of e-PTFE, the fibres (3) of which do not have any preferential orientation, is thermoformed.... Agent: Carmat

20110244249 - Cyclo olefin polymer containing intermediate transfer members: An intermediate transfer media, such as a belt, that includes a cyclo olefin polymer.... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20110244250 - Composite materials and method of making: A method for forming improved composite materials using a thermosetting polyester urethane hybrid resin, a closed cavity mold having an internal heat transfer mechanism used in this method, and the composite materials formed by this method having a hybrid of a carbon fiber layer and a fiberglass layer.... Agent:

20110244251 - Methods of forming a conductive transparent oxide film layer for use in a cadmium telluride based thin film photovoltaic device: Methods are generally provided for forming a conductive oxide layer on a substrate. In one particular embodiment, the method can include sputtering a transparent conductive oxide layer on a substrate at a sputtering temperature from about 10° C. to about 100° C. A cap layer including cadmium sulfide can be... Agent: Primestar Solar, Inc.

20110244252 - Solder alloy: A solder alloy having a composition comprising at least two eutectic alloy compositions is provided. A method of joining two workpieces with the use of the solder alloy is also provided.... Agent: Autium Pte Ltd

20110244253 - Device and process for molding a custom handle grip and measurement of its use: A custom grip may be molded on a handle. Examples of handles that may benefit from a custom grip include baseball bats, hockey sticks, pool sticks, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets, golf clubs and the like. The molding of the grip may be a combined synergy of thermal energy resulting from... Agent:

20110244254 - Anticorrosion coatings with reactive polyelectrolyte complex system: The present application is directed to anticorrosion coatings on metal substrates. In particular the coatings are especially suitable for metal containing medical devices and implants. The anticorrosion coatings comprise a combination of anionic and cationic polyelectrolytes which when applied to a metal substrate form a complex. In addition to cationic... Agent:

20110244255 - Metal foil with carrier: Provided is a metal foil with a carrier as a laminated body in which a carrier A and a metal foil B are placed alternately, wherein the carrier A and the metal foil B respectively have a glossy surface, so-called ‘S surface’, and the said surfaces are laminated to face... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110244256 - Anticorrosion coatings containing silver for enhanced corrosion protection and antimicrobial activity: Incorporating antimicrobial metals, such as silver salts, into an anticorrosion coating provides both excellent antimicrobial protection and surprisingly improves the anti corrosion activity as well, proving anti corrosion coatings effective as thin films and well suited for coating medical devices. Suitable binder polymers for the coating include but not limited... Agent:

20110244257 - Method to reprocess polylactic acid resin and articles: Films and formulations that include recycled polylactic acid resin are described. The films and formulations include, for example, 1-10 wt % of an ethylene-acrylate copolymer. The use of the ethylene-acrylate compolymer in the polylactic acid formulations allows for recycling of PLA-based films and articles with minimum degradation, as exhibited by... Agent: Toray Plastics (america), Inc.

20110244259 - Manufacturing process: l

20110244258 - Methods for manufacturing recyclable and repulpable packaging materials: Polymeric formulations which contain aqueous dispersions of acrylic monomers and copolymers and modified polyethylene terephthalate resin are disclosed which are useful as a coating system or treatment for imparting water, oil and grease resistance to underlying cellulosic substrates. The formulations do not contain any fluorochemicals, polyethylene or wax. Moreover, the... Agent: Eco-friendly Solutions, LLC

20110244260 - Cu-ni-si-co copper alloys for electronic materials and manufacturing methods thereof: Provided is a Cu—Ni—Si—Co based copper alloy with which high levels of strength and conductivity are achieved, and that also has excellent permanent fatigue resistance. The copper alloy for electronic materials contains Ni: 1.0-2.5 mass %, Co: 0.5-2.5 mass %, and Si: 0.3-12 mass %, and the remainder comprises Cu... Agent: Jx Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation

20110244261 - Member formed with coating film having tin as its main component, coating film forming method and soldering method: A member having a coating film capable of suppressing whisker generation is provided. The coating film (3) including a plurality of crystalline grains (3a) made of tin or tin alloy is formed above the surface of the base member (1). An intermetallic compound (3b) of tin and the first metal... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110244262 - Metal bonding member and fabrication method of the same: Provided are a metal bonding member having both a high adhesion strength and an excellent heat cycle reliability and a fabrication method of the same. A metal bonding member has a solder layer formed on at least a part of the surface of a metal substrate. The metal bonding member... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110244263 - Patterning using electrolysis: A method of patterning and an article having a patterned structure defined therein are provided. The method comprises the steps of providing a substrate having a patterned conductive metal film disposed thereon. The patterned conductive metal film has at least one raised feature. The patterned conductive metal film defines at... Agent:

20110244264 - Mould for soldering, arrangement of moulds, a method and a component: The use of pre-sintered soldering plates, referred to as PSPs, frequently proceeds without a continuous, cohesive soldering connection between individual grains in the sinter material and between the sinter and base material. A process soldering of prefabricated, perforated, porous or drilled plates or porous, spongy, laminar material that, can be... Agent:

20110244266 - Titanium material and method for producing titanium material: Disclosed are a titanium material having excellent surface characteristics and a method for readily producing a titanium material having excellent surface characteristics. More specifically, provided is a titanium material including a surface film having a multilayer structure provided with at least two layers, namely a surface layer and an inner... Agent: Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.

20110244265 - Welding alignment and spacing article: A welding alignment and spacing article is provided for forming a welding gap between two structures to be welded together. The article includes a body having first and second surfaces that are spaced from each other at a selected spacing distance to define a region of selected body thickness. The... Agent:

20110244267 - Method of manufacturing a carbon material and the carbon material: A method of manufacturing a surface-modified carbon material is provided that can form a layer of a metal or the like on the surface in a simple manner and with adhesion performance. The surface-modified carbon material is also provided. The method is characterized by heat-treating a carbon substrate together with... Agent: Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

20110244268 - Spin transport element: A spin transport element 1 has a first ferromagnet 12A, a second ferromagnet 12B, a channel 7 extending from the first ferromagnet 12A to the second ferromagnet 12B, a magnetic shield S1 covering the channel 7, and an insulating film provided between the channel 7 and the magnetic shield S1.... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110244269 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium: A perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes at least a soft-magnetic underlayer, a non-magnetic underlayer, a ferromagnetic intermediate layer, a non-magnetic intermediate layer, and a perpendicular magnetic recording layer sequentially stacked on a non-magnetic substrate. In an embodiment, the ferromagnetic intermediate layer is formed of a CoCr based alloy, a product... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110244270 - Binder composition for magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium: p

20110244271 - Hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder and method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a hexagonal ferrite magnetic powder comprising discharging a melt of a starting material mixture comprising a glass-forming component and a hexagonal ferrite-forming component through an outlet provided in the bottom surface of the melting vat and supplying it... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110244272 - Hexagonal ferrite magnetic particle and method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording medium: An aspect of the present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a hexagonal ferrite magnetic particle comprising melting an Al-containing starting material mixture to prepare a melt and quenching the melt to obtain an amorphous material; subjecting the amorphous material to heat treatment to cause a hexagonal ferrite magnetic... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110244273 - Magnetic recording disk having pre-patterned surface features and planarized surface: A magnetic recording disk with pre-patterned surface features of elevated lands and recessed grooves or trenches, like a discrete-track media (DTM) or bit-patterned media (BPM) disk, has a planarized surface. A multilayered disk overcoat is used to protect the recording layer, and at least one of the overcoat layers functions... Agent:

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